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Chart Topper, Heart Stopper

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A year ago….

“Me? Work on a collaboration with Park Chanyeol?” Baekhyun scoffs, jokingly - if you can call it that - to everyone’s amusement and laughters. “Please, we produce different genres of music. And I definitely have better song titles than him.”


A year ago, a collaboration between them would’ve been impossible but it is true when they say that the future is always unpredictable. Present day Baekhyun, however, breaks into the conference room huffing and not even a little bit happy about the text he just received from his CEO about a collaboration with Park Chanyeol, that he didn’t even know anything about.

What’s with deciding all about his future? A collaboration too, on top of it all! Fine, they are his bosses and they make the final decisions, but still, isn’t his approval needed every now and then, too?

Baekhyun sometimes feels like he’s not even a person in this company but a slave that should always be ready to do what his masters bid him to do. They make him do projects he doesn’t even want to do, like attend variety shows that involve too much physical activities when he isn’t even fit for that. He’s a couch potato that spends all his free time playing games and playing with his dog, Mongryong.

Well, he is a person too! Baekhyun fumes inside. He has feelings and is the one who actually earns half of this company’s yearly revenue for three-going-on-four years now. And who, he believes, deserves to have a say on what’s going to happen on his next comeback!

“Why am I informed of this collaboration just when it’s inevitable already?” Baekhyun asks as soon as he sits down, glaring at everyone sitting around the conference table before taking a seat right by the middle, not even bothering to address them despite bursting in uninvited. “And with Park Chanyeol too? The Park Chanyeol whom I don’t like - mind you - out of all the singers and idols in this goddamn populated entertainment industry?”

“Baekhyun-” His manager, Jongdae, intervenes trying to calm him down but Baekhyun manages to stop whatever the dinosaur-look-alike (that’s what he calls him whenever he’s angry) manager of his was about to say with a look. Jongdae cowers in fear. Even if he served in the marines during his time in the army, he still is no match for an angry Baekhyun.

“Don’t even try, Jongdae. You should’ve informed me too!” Baekhyun calls out before crossing his arms around his chest and glares some more on the other three occupants of the room. “Well, I’m waiting for your excuses this time.” He sasses.

Kim Heechul, his CEO, shivers (secretly to maintain his dignity) at the glare sent to him by their beloved star. “Baekhyun, you have to cal--” he says, but ultimately was still interrupted.

“How did you even agree to this, hyung?” Baekhyun asks. “You know I would never do this if I’ve known that it’s with Yeol.” Baekhyun whines, whines, with his killer pout in tandem. If he directed this to Jongdae, his manager would’ve done everything including kidnapping Park Chanyeol and making him disappear so this collaboration wouldn’t happen. That’s how powerful Byun Baekhyun’s pout is.

And the cute singer is devilishly aware of all of this.

“I--” Heechul pauses, eye caught in those puppy eyes. Fighting hard to look away, Heechul looks at Jessica, who is seated to his right, and clearing his throat says, “Jess, why don’t you explain to Baekhyun why this is the best.” Before taking his phone out of his pocket and directing his attention to it. The more distractions against that pout the better the results would be.

After a moment of silence, in which a startled Jessica is frantically thinking up things to say, Baekhyun sighs. “Okay, let’s hear this reason.” Even if he is pissed off right now, Baekhyun still is a reasonable pup- singer, and still listens to what his superiors have to say.

Thankful that Baekhyun is starting to calm down now, Jessica straightens herself and says. “We understand your apprehensions for agreeing to this project, but we, as your managers and him being your boss,” that word spoken with a particular stress and a little nod to Heechul’s direction, “believe that this will be good for your career.”

The star waits for more but Jessica seems to have nothing else to say after that. Baekhyun grunts in disagreement before turning his gaze to the said boss and giving a nod, after all he is still his boss, to continue where the vice president left off. Encouraged by the nod, the CEO continues their practiced speech - although they didn’t think they would be using their script so early.

Sometimes he even wonders what happened to that naive, innocent child he debuted all those years ago. The Baekhyun of the present is as sassy as one can be. It sometimes gives him headaches.

“We’ve done our research and we all agreed that it is going to be beneficial for you and Park Chanyeol, both.” he says, summoning the CEO in him to stop being intimidated by Baekhyun. “Isn’t it time to put this petty, little feud --- if that is even what you call it --- behind the two of you?” Mr. Kim finishes, looking so satisfied with himself.

“How is that petty?” Baekhyun exclaims, mystified at his hyung calling it petty. This… thing going on between him and Chanyeol has taken years off of his life already, for good and bad reasons. “Do you even know the drama this would cause? The chaos, fanwars, and - I don’t know, the mess in general that’s going to result from this?” The newly-dyed brunette - sign of an impending comeback - star argues back.

He really wouldn’t want himself and his beloved fans to be involved in such a situation, once again. It’s already always messy when his and Chanyeol’s songs clash on charts, what more if they’re both in a song. The mess he’d rather not have. All he wants is a peaceful comeback, damn it. Already feeling pessimistic at this project.

Baekhyun was already busy with studying the songs and dance routines for his next release but was still waiting for the title track to be discussed with him. He was getting impatient too, but now he knows why it was taking his management so long to answer him as they were planning this. Well, it’s not a nice surprise at all.

“Of course, we know the risks of this collaboration but we still think that there are far more gains than the negative impacts it’s going to have.” Jessica says, joining the conversation. She’s the one actually in charge of collaborations and is the one who deals with other companies regarding projects for their artists. “Mr. Park is very talented, and with his fanbase combined with yours, we are sure to reap good rewards.”

Good rewards meaning, in the corporate world, that more money will enter their bank accounts. Baekhyun scoffs disgustingly at this thought.

Baekhyun is about to retort when Jessica butts in. “Both yours and Chanyeol’s reputation combined is already an assurance of a chart-topping song. Imagine how much it’ll sell physically too,” she adds, eyes beaming with the possibility. “You both do have large dedicated fanbases.”

She looks too satisfied and Baekhyun, even with all the respect he has for her, just wants to wipe that look off her face.“How could you even be sure-” He starts to argue but was, once again, cut off.

Will they even let him finish talking?

“We are sure that’s going to happen, because fans of you both wouldn’t want to give the title, ‘Most Supportive Fanbase’, to the other. They would fight for that one, like they always have for the past few years.” Heechul interrupts him passionately, and Baekhyun thinks that if this was an anime his eyes would be burning right now in fervor. Except that with his boss’ current curly hairstyle, it would probably look funny.

“Although I would never understand how your fans work, it is good for business so I’m not complaining.” Heechul ends his mini speech and Baekhyun just rolls his eyes. Typical.

It is so typical of his CEO to see the fans as ATMs, always using them just for his own advantage. That’s why he makes sure his fans know how thankful and happy he is to have them and their support. Baekhyun knows how much they sacrifice too, so he always aims to just be able to pay them back with his hard work. He believes he owes his success to them, to those who took the time and listened to his songs back when he was still just a nobody in the industry.

After being featured in one of the top rating dramas during that time, Baekhyun catapulted to fame and his sales went through the roof. Putting his name besides Earth on Fire (the artists themselves know the name is lame but it pertains to their superpowers that their management has assigned to them which the duo themselves want to forget about already), Chanyeol’s duo with Kyungsoo (who were already a year into their career) side by side in the charts. Sales even went up once competition was added into the equation, along with all the crazy fan drama.

“But you know very well that we - Park Chanyeol and I -” Baekhyun reiterates in case they miss his point, “are not friends.” Baekhyun argues.

“About that,” His CEO slowly starts, “I think it’s about time we put all that animosity behind, right? You’re twenty six now, Baekhyun, it’s time to grow up.” Kim Heechul finishes, eyes twinkling, probably already thinking of all the money he’s about to make.

The small singer is about to complain some more (because holding onto the past is not childish behavior, okay) when he felt his phone vibrating inside his pocket. He picks it up, eyeing the people distracted in their own world before looking on his screen. Baekhyun frowns after reading the text message he just received and ignores the people in the room who started bickering once again after Jongdae (bless his soul) started to fight for him.

Baekhyun returns his attention to his phone and after one last read of that text, he locks it and puts it back in his pocket. He clears his throat to get their attention and with clenched fists he utters the words he least expected to say ever since he stormed inside that door earlier.

“I’ll do it.” He says, voice soft yet still firm. The bickering stops, everyone turns their bulging eyes to him, with mouths open and gaping like fishes, completely dumbfounded at this turn of events. They had thought they would have to beg before Baekhyun agrees to the project.

“A..are you sure, Baekhyun?” Jongdae asks him, clearly confused as to this immediate change in his demeanor. Baekhyun is probably going to regret this sooner or later, but it’s not like he has a choice after that text, so he nods a yes to his manager. He and his manager exchange eye contact while Heechul and Jessica high five each other in celebration.

“I knew you were going to come around, Baekhyun. You’re not my favorite for nothing.” Heechul says, beyond satisfied, not even wondering a little bit as to why his artist’s opinion suddenly changed. Baekhyun just suppresses his annoyance at this. And he thought they were friends at least, not just being a boss and his artist.

“Anyway, I forgot I have another appointment, so may I excuse myself?” Baekhyun questions, and after receiving approval he immediately makes his way out, avoiding Jongdae’s questioning eyes. He himself doesn’t even know what he’s doing. He closes the door to the conference room with the three of them already discussing the new project.

Baekhyun goes straight to the back entrance of their agency building. This place is a bit secretive since it’s hidden by the big trees surrounding their compound. Many artists from their company have their special someones pick them up here before they sashay into their magical land of love and secret relationships. It’s not like Baekhyun is one to judge anyway, seeing as he is also one of those artists waiting for their ride.

Baekhyun straightens up from his crouching position by the door when he sees the approaching black car. He immediately opens the door and gets in the passenger seat, trying hard to ignore the other’s attempt at kissing his cheeks. The driver chuckles at his smaller lover and starts the engine, ignoring the ominous feelings of being followed.

Baekhyun breaks his silence once they’re a couple of blocks away from his agency building with a threat to the other. “This better be worth it,” before turning to the other. Baekhyun can’t help but feel annoyed at that smirk playing on his lips. And he can’t help but get annoyed at himself even more for being so attracted to it too. Get a hold of yourself, Byun. Dammit. “Park Chanyeol.”

“Babe, you know saying my name like that is not good for my health.” Chanyeol says, turning to him once they reach a stop light. “Makes me want to hear you scream it all night.”

Chanyeol deserved the slap on his shoulder that the comment earned him. “Shu..t up!” Baekhyun huffs looking outside the window, feeling his cheeks reddening. You can’t blame him, the taller just got back from an overseas photoshoot for a magazine so he’s missing him a little bit. A little bit too much, really.

It also isn’t helping how Chanyeol just looks so hot while driving. Leaning against the door, Baekhyun slyly observes his boyfriend. Newly dyed brown hair ruffled sexily, aviator shades, finished with a bomber jacket with sleeves pulled up to his forearms showing his leather wrist watch and his very (sexily) prominent veins. Baekhyun may or may not have swallowed at the sight.

He should be annoyed that the other did not even bother to hide his identity - no face masks, no snap backs pulled low over his eyes, no black hoodie. But how, when his boyfriend looks so delectable, it’s a miracle Baekhyun hasn’t jumped on Chanyeol yet.

He has better self-control than that, thank you very much. Clearing his mind, he remembers the reason why he was riled up earlier before those feelings turned into -- okay, not gonna go there.

Turning once again to his boyfriend, he asks. “Seriously, Park Chanyeol, what are you planning on doing?”

“Relax babe.” Chanyeol sends him a teasing smile, eyes full of mischief and Baekhyun just twitches his eye at this. He knows the other is keeping a secret from him, he just can’t figure out why. His musing is interrupted when he suddenly felt a warm hand squeezing his. “Hey, babe, if you continue looking at me like that, this night isn’t going to end up innocent.” He frowns but Chanyeol just laughs at him.

He looks down just in time to see Chanyeol’s much bigger hand intertwine with his slender fingers. Baekhyun takes a moment to admire the perfect fit of their hands before Chanyeol brings it up and gives it a peck. Baekhyun gets silent after that, heart thudding, he looks at his taller boyfriend and sees the love reflected on his honey like gaze. Chanyeol smiles at him, before focusing back on driving.

And at this moment, Baekhyun can’t help but feel the overwhelming love and affection he feels for the other one. He gives a tiny squeeze back and looks outside the window as buildings go past his vision one after another. This comforting atmosphere surrounding them is one of the reasons why Baekhyun likes their arrangement. A secret relationship hidden from the public eye with their pseudo-rivalry-hate fuelled public relationship.

Baekhyun knows the saying goes, ‘the more you hate, the more you love,’ but it’s not like they’re going to figure it out, right?


[BREAKING] Chart rivals Park Chanyeol and Byun Baekhyun confirmed to have a collaboration

Undeniable music chart rivals Park Chanyeol and Byun Baekhyun are reported to work on a song collaboration expected to break the charts. The song will be the title song for Baekhyun’s upcoming album.

In a joint announcement by both of their agencies, Baekhyun and Chanyeol will be working on a love song. It is going to be released in two months after all the album preparations are done. Further details about the song are yet to be revealed.

The two are known for their rivalry on the music charts and for being vocal about the dislike they have for each other. A year ago, Baekhyun even said in an interview that he wouldn’t want to work with the rapper/producer in a project. Maybe this project is a sign that their little rivalry is dwindling down and that a friendship is finally about to form for the top two stars in the industry.


[+11,207, -614] Well, this is going to be interesting…. Did the reporter-nim mean the chart roofs? Because it’s definitely going to be hit.

[+6,519, -64] they better have a good song title for this release or im suing

[+5,519, -506] I can’t wait for this to happen!! I’m a fan of both and I can’t believe I have been blessed enough to witness this in my lifetime.

[+4,321, -365] BAEKHYUN OPPA IS GOING TO BE THE BEST!!!! But why is he with that rapper….


[+3,000, -100] There, there kids….. Don’t fight. Why can’t we just appreciate this moment without you guys fighting.


Baekhyun can’t help but giggle at the comments while reading them. A few hours after he agreed with the project, it seems like his agency already set out to work. Now it’s all over the news - how he and Chanyeol are supposedly going to break the charts and whatnot. It’s flattering and made him happy a little bit. He always checks the responses to his activities but this is just explosive.

Park Chanyeol really does have a magic touch, doesn’t he? Baekhyun blushes at the thought of the magic touch and how it led to his state of nakedness at the moment.

Or he just has the whole Korea obsessed with him, Baekhyun supposes.

This isn’t even going to be the first time their names appear on the same article, having been linked already ever since his career begun. But this is different, with the participation of them two in a project. They would be seen together, singing in one song, and maybe, promoting this together too.

And most of all, he’s kinda scared about how will their fandoms react to this.

Baekhyun, in his three-going-on-four-year career, never imagined this would happen. Especially with how they started, and how they decided to keep up their ‘enemies’ facade back when they started dating. They even agreed to keep it a secret from their managers, only having their bestest friends know about it.

Going back to the article, Baekhyun notices that the amount of comments and upvotes it’s starting to have is slowly increasing. Comments ranging from excitement to shock and even some that are opposed to this, slowly make their way onto the site, garnering some thumbs up, while others - thumbs down. Why are they even awake at this time of night? Baekhyun muses.

“Hmmm.” Baekhyun’s musing was interrupted by a sudden arm wrapping around his waist, pulling his naked body closer to the other’s equally naked chest. (Surprise, surprise - the night really didn’t end up innocent.), feeling the deep rumble of the other’s voice as he gets tucked in against the taller one’s well sculpted chest. Those hours at the gym are definitely not making only Chanyeol’s fans happy.

“What are you doing?” Chanyeol’s gruff voice asks, sleepiness still evident in his tone, which Baekhyun would never admit sent shivers down his spine. Even though he feels a little guilty, as the taller one probably woke up because he wasn’t able to control his laughter after reading the new comments added to the previous ones.

“Just reading.” The singer answers his sleepy boyfriend, fingers splayed over the other’s chest, and starts to play with it. “The article about our collab just got released.”

“Hmmm, and what do people think?”

“They think our song should have a good song title.” Baekhyun laughs once he hears the other groan at his statement.

“My song titles are not that bad, babe.” Chanyeol whines, making Baekhyun laugh out loud.

Baekhyun rolls his eyes, of course, he would whine. Seriously, he’s dating a child. “Yes, they are.”

“At least I’m taller.” Chanyeol argues back, grumbling in pain after receiving a swift kick on his shin from Baekhyun. “Ow, Baek! I’m sorry, no more height jokes, I promise.”

Satisfied, Baekhyun tightens his hold around the other, placing his ear above Chanyeol’s heart to hear it beating. Chanyeol finds this habit of Baekhyun very cute. Two years of dating (secretly) and he still has this little habit of always wanting to hear his heartbeat.

“I don’t know what your fascination about my heartbeat is,” Chanyeol says while nuzzling the puppy-like mop of hair, “But know that it’s beating just for you. Has been for two years now, baby.” Before planting a kiss right at Baekhyun’s crown.

Baekhyun whines at the cheesiness of his boyfriend but nevertheless, he hides his blushing and burning face. “Don’t do that, you can’t do this to me.” Chanyeol grins, feeling his love for the singer in his arms overflowing.

“Hey, Baek.” Chanyeol whispers. Baekhyun leans back to look the other in the eyes and Chanyeol immediately lets go of his waist to stroke Baekhyun’s cheeks. The smaller just stares at him confused, eyes looking for answers. It’s always been a thing of theirs, communicating silently. But this time Chanyeol needs to say what he’s about to say.

“I love you.”

They might be a secret to everyone around them but their feelings are true and as real as it can be. Inside the four walls of this room, Chanyeol can tell Baekhyun he loves him, hold him and make him feel just how much he can make Chanyeol’s life so much better with just one smile.

“I love you too,” Baekhyun says back, perfectly understanding the messages hidden in the silence. As long as they know they are each other’s, everything will be okay. “Bad song naming skills included.” He teases.

Chanyeol laughs before slowly leaning in, and Baekhyun closes his eyes already anticipating what’s going to happen. The moment their lips touch, soft, thin lips against Chanyeol’s thicker ones, Baekhyun swears he sees fireworks behind his eyes. Even if they’ve already kissed a hundred -- hell, a thousand -- times, it always feels like the first time, everytime.

Baekhyun puts his hands on Chanyeol’s neck, pulling him closer. Chanyeol’s hand strokes his face while his left hand sneaks to his waist, bringing their bodies closer. Before falling asleep, however, Baekhyun mumbles, “Until when are we going to keep this a secret, Yeol?”

“Soon, love. Real soon.” And plants one last kiss to Baekhyun’s forehead, as a sign of his simple promise to his angel.


Three years ago…

Baekhyun is fidgeting in the dressing room, trying to calm down his breathing and to clear his mind. Being nervous isn’t going to be good as he’s about to go out there on his first ever guesting on Happy Together. It’s a common knowledge that random questions that seem to catch one off guard are abundant in shows like these, so he needs to clear his mind to be able to think later.

It’s not like he’s not made for this. Baekhyun, ever since he was a child, was basked in the attention of his aunts and uncles during family gatherings. Singing when they told him to, dancing when music was played and even acting when his grandparents needed some entertainment. Then he went to school and, as expected, also became the crush of everyone, capturing the hearts of his classmates and teachers. So his parents weren’t surprised when he auditioned and got in as a trainee.

He’s made for this, Baekhyun undeniably is born to be a star and he’s going to get the top spot meant just for him. Even if it means being nervous for giving the wrong answers.

Although he’s been perfectly coached by his agency on how to answer the possible questions that will be thrown at him, this will be his first one so there should be a leeway for mistakes, right? Not knowing an answer to one question would throw his career in another direction.

“Baekhyun-ssi, who would you say is your ideal crush among celebrities right now?” The famous host asks him, making the entire audience mostly composed of his fans scream their lungs out. Well, this is easy, Baekhyun can answer this. After a while, a hush fell upon them, the whole crowd was anticipating for his answer. So, with a little breath, he opens his mouth to give them what they want.

“Kim Jongin-ssi?” Giving the person his management told him to say, after all they came from the same agency so it’s actually a way of promoting him too. Jongin is younger than him but is an up and coming actor, having starred in many hit dramas already. Not to mention, a very hot and sexy actor. “Although he really is more like a younger brother to me.” Baekhyun winks to the cameras to tease them.

The star chuckles when he hears the crowd ‘aww-ing’ at his answer. “Don’t worry, guys, you’re still the number one in my heart.” Before giving them his (slowly becoming famous) crescent eye smile.

Baekhyun has been trained by his agency on answering questions like these: “Are you dating?”, “Who’s your ideal type?”, “Any celebrity you would want to date?” So he’s been ready for that. A little bit of flirting with his fans, with a huge amount of humor is sure to make him get away from situations like these.

Especially when answers for these are already prepared before hand. “No, I’m loyal to my fans, somebody caring, cute and sweet” and “Omo, I think all of my sunbae-nims and hoobae-nims are datable and ideal in their own ways.” Or a way to subtly promote another agency-mate of his, as long as it’ll reap good results for the agency.

Plus, it’s not like the Korean entertainment industry is exactly nice to those who choose to divulge their dating status. There is that fear of losing his fans, of losing his momentum and ruining his burgeoning career. Big stars are often followed by Dispatch, that paparazzi company that is willing to go through any lengths just to catch them into acts of hanging out with their colleagues or special someone.

But, of course, it isn’t the end for this question. “Is he really just a little brother?” The host teases. “How about Park Chanyeol-ssi? Your names always are side by side on the charts.”

Baekhyun laughs. Damn, this isn’t part of the script. “What about Chanyeol-ssi?”

Chanyeol is another trending name in the industry right now. He’s in a duo with Do Kyungsoo, and together they make a band named Earth on Fire. Being a singer-songwriter with a very deep and beautiful voice that works well with Kyungsoo’s honey-like voice, their popularity is expected. Plus the fact that they’re both very handsome and charming in their own ways. Kyungsoo also sometimes acts in dramas while Chanyeol occasionally walks the runway, thanks to his tall stature.

Ever since he debuted their songs have clashed once or twice on the charts, igniting fan wars from their fans as a result. Chanyeol’s also been dubbed as someone who has Midas’ touch, because everything he touches turns to gold. Dramas he sang the OST in, product endorsements reaching sky high increase in sales and breaking the music chart roofs every time he releases new music.

“Chanyeol-ssi’s not really my type though.” He should’ve expected the hush that went through the whole studio. Laughing awkwardly, he adds, “Well, I don’t really think it’s gonna be a good relationship when our songs sometimes compete in the charts.”

And, well, that was Baekhyun’s first mistake.

“I guess that was Baekhyun-ssi rejecting Chanyeol-ssi?” The host teases, further telling him about how Chanyeol answered affirmatively to a similar question. Well, damn. Baekhyun did not know about that. Panicking, Baekhyun just blurts out the first reason he can think of, “Who even names their songs like that though?”

And his second mistake.

Baekhyun internally sighs when after saying that the hosts and the audience just laughed. It’s not like he meant to badmouth the songwriter in that way, but really, who titles a song, ‘Do it together’, right?

Baekhyun buries himself under his blanket a few weeks after that. His management, Jongdae included, wasn’t happy about it and he got an earful for it. He just wants to forget about it all, really. But since sleep is still evading him and curiosity really kills the cat, he decides to check out the video of Chanyeol’s interview. His gut churns and slowly mortification seeps into him, how could he be such an idiot?

The small singer watches how Chanyeol (who actually looks really good in this video, wow) answered, “Yes, I think Baekhyun-ssi is cute and amazing!” while giving the hosts and the audience his famous grin. Kyungsoo just sitting beside him being amused at this, and how the audience reacted. Some happy while some whining at the answer of his partner.

He clicks on a more recent interview and feels the world slowly crushing down on him. He wishes the earth would just swallow him up and that they never ever cross paths. “But Baekhyun-ssi said in an interview that he wouldn’t date you.” The host in the video asks a slowly turning embarrassed Chanyeol while his owl-eyed friend laughs at him. “Oh then, I’m taking it back too, I don’t want to date him.” Chanyeol on his laptop screen jokes. “He’s too short for me anyway.”


The day Baekhyun dreads (or anticipates) has come when he sees himself being transported to the recording building of Chanyeol’s company. For reasons not told to him, the recording for the song would be done there. Chanyeol hasn’t told him anything about it too, Baekhyun thinks he’s hiding something from him. Any kind of persuasion to tell him these details didn’t work on his boyfriend.

Although he has heard the demo of the song already and liked it, the details such as who composed it is still unknown to Baekhyun. For everyone around them, their managers and their agencies, this will be their first meeting. Baekhyun admits that he has always wanted this to happen, never knowing if it’s gonna happen someday. So he’s jumpy and also shy. It’s one thing that your boyfriend hears your song after it’s been done but to have him there while you work your best….

What if he won’t like it in the end? Will he cancel this collaboration? What if he falls out of love with me? What if-

“Baekhyun, we’re here.” Jongdae interrupts Baekhyun’s internal panic. The singer looks out of the car window and sees the big, glass building of XO entertainment. Baekhyun exhales slowly and opens the door. Chanyeol’s last text to him flashing in his mind, “See you later, baby, can’t wait for you to blow me away. And I meant that innocently. Haha. I love you.”

“Are you excited?” Jongdae asks Baekhyun while walking towards the building to meet up with their CEO. Since this is the first time a collaboration with the two companies is happening - and since they are considered rivals - their boss decided to join them today. Apparently, they’re going to have a meeting with Chanyeol’s CEO first, too. Baekhyun anticipates how their CEOs would interact, they say there were some history between them too which wouldn’t surprise the singer at all.

His Heechul hyung, or boss (sometimes), has always been teasing the XO entertainment’s company as being someone with “no jams.” Kim Jonghyun is younger and more serious than CB entertainment’s CEO. His wide success is credited to his musical talent and perfectionist personality, while Kim Heechul always attacks him on variety shows for being boring and dull which made the public think about them as rivals.

Seriously, he and Heechul hyung shouldn’t attend any more variety shows, Baekhyun thinks.

“Yo, my favorite artist is here!” Baekhyun rolls his eyes at this greeting. As expected of his president to immediately feel at home anywhere. “We are about to meet Park Chanyeol, B. Are you nervous? Excited?” Heechul chatters nonstop after flanking his side.

“I think you’re more excited than him, boss.” Jongdae snickers. “Or are you more excited to see your rival once again?”

“Yah! I am not!” Heechul lets go of Baekhyun and turns to his artist’s cheeky manager. “Although I do want to tease that brat more.” Baekhyun rolls his eyes, why is he so childish?

They enter the conference room first before going to the recording studio to have a little talk and interaction with the singers. Once inside, they see Chanyeol and Jonghyun already seated and discussing something but falling silent when they hear them come in.

Jonghyun immediately stands up followed by Chanyeol, who instantly sought Baekhyun’s eyes the moment he entered. Baekhyun looks away, already feeling the blush creeping on his face, and inaudibly clears his throat (and mind). Heechul makes a commotion by running to Jonghyun and giving him a hug, making the younger of the two groan, and all the other people in the room laugh. Chanyeol sneaks in a wink and a little smile once their eyes accidentally met when no one was looking.

“My dongsaeng, Jonghyun, it is nice to see you again.” Heechul says after letting him go. “Same, hyung. But can you not crush me like that again, I couldn’t breathe for a second.”

“Nonsense!” The older dismisses before putting his arms around Baekhyun, “I think it’s time we have our artists meet each other, this is my pride, Byun Baekhyun.” He introduces, making the said singer blush.

“Hi, CB entertainment’s pride, I’m Park Chanyeol.” Chanyeol says before offering his hand for a shake. Heechul squeals while Jonghyun smiles proudly as their hands shake. Jongdae is also beaming happily in the side. All of them, however, missed the teasing glint in Chanyeol’s eyes and the way Baekhyun rolled his eyes at this affectionately.

After exchanging all the pleasantries needed, they all sat down to discuss the plans with Chanyeol sneaking glances here and there and Baekhyun reciprocating it with glares. Chanyeol needs to behave before their management catches them. Jongdae is already sending him weird glances, Baekhyun is wondering if he saw those weird antics of this giant. Baekhyun hopes he didn’t.

When all of them were about to stand up to head to the recording room, Baekhyun voices out the question he’s always been wondering about. “Before we go, I just wanna ask who was the composer of the song? It’s beautiful.”

Without missing a beat, Jonghyun says. “Oh, it was Chanyeol. I’m glad you liked it, he was so nervous about whether you’ll dislike it or not. I hope the title, ‘Heaven’, is acceptable?” He teases, making his giant talent whine.

To say Baekhyun is shocked is an understatement. This giant has been keeping secrets from me, he is so dead later.

Baekhyun and Chanyeol are left alone inside the room as the others have already gone ahead of them.

“So ‘Heaven’, huh? When were you planning on telling me?” Although his tiny boyfriend is smiling, Chanyeol felt a shiver of fear run through his body at his stare. “There better be a good reason for this.”

Making sure the door is locked, Chanyeol goes to the singer and wraps him in his arms. “It was a surprise.” He says, pouting and shifting into his puppy persona. “Were you? Was it a success, huh?”

Baekhyun pinches the other’s arms around him before nodding slightly and tiptoeing to plant a peck on the other’s lips. “Yes, it was.” Chanyeol beams, an overflowing feeling of being proud radiating through him. “I am so glad the inspiration of my song liked it.”


Two years ago…

Baekhyun does a little cute victory dance when he was able to blend in the crowd without one person screaming his name. Clad in his black Supreme hoodie, hood all the way up, paired with black skinny jeans, and hidden behind a black facemask, the young star makes his way to the concert grounds.

It’s a rare night of freedom (well, he specifically asked - read: begged - his manager that he has to have this night free) for the star. Baekhyun really wanted to attend one of his favorite artist’s concerts but didn’t want to be recognized. He found his seat thirty minutes before the concert started, opting to go there a little late. He spares a minute to glance at his seatmates, one as covered as him busy playing a game on his phone while the one on his other side is talking to his date for the night.

Baekhyun shrugs, different people, different ways of attending a concert. Smiling wildly and looking at the stars (as it is held in an open ground venue), he silently thanks them for this chance to see his favorite artist. This must be what his fans feel like whenever they get tickets to his concert.

“Yesssss.” Baekhyun shouts along with the crowd once the lights were dimmed, signalling the start of the concert. Baekhyun wants to let go of all inhibitions he has, tonight he is free to be a fan and to enjoy it without his agency breathing down his neck.

Midway through the concert Baekhyun hears it, that deep and soothing voice coming from the man to his right. The one who’s sporting the same look as him. Not wanting to be creepy, Baekhyun just keeps side glancing him, hoping to get a glimpse of the man’s face. Not having any luck with it though, but he notes the man’s tall stature. He must be six foot tall or even more with the way he towers over him.

For the rest of the concert, Baekhyun kept on noticing his voice while singing along to the singers onstage. There’s just something on his voice that makes the star want to hear more, even if it makes him confused, believing to have heard it somewhere before. Who is this person and how is his voice this beautiful? Baekhyun’s heart skips a beat at that last thought.

The moment the concert ends Baekhyun turns to his side to confront his seatmate only to see that he’s already started to move. Walking a little bit faster, Baekhyun grabs the arms of the person to stop him. “E-excuse me, Mr…”

The moment their eyes met, they kinda knew who the other was. Baekhyun lets go of his hand and wishes that the earth would open up and swallow him.

“Baekhyun-ssi?” The guy, revealing himself to be Chanyeol once he’s taken off his mask, asks. “It is you!” He beams while Baekhyun just keeps being quiet, silently berating himself for his actions. It is all his voice’s fault!! “Do you want to go somewhere?” Chanyeol offers. “Before anyone recognizes us here.”

They find themselves a little while later in a nondescript coffee shop, each enjoying a cup of hot chocolate while perfectly enjoying each other’s company. Baekhyun sometimes gets moments of just staring at a very animated Chanyeol telling him stories about his life complete with eye crinkling smile. A smile that contrary to being scary (as what his fans always commented) is very adorable in the shorter singer’s eyes.

“You know…” Baekhyun starts gaining the attention of the taller, “You would be the least person I would expect to be at the concert so I’m just surprised that it was you.”

“A good surprise, I hope.” Chanyeol winks before sipping on his hot chocolate. “What do you mean with that though?”

“I didn’t really think it’s your genre…?” Chanyeol’s sudden laughter confuses Baekhyun. “Why are you laughing? Yah!”

“Do you actually listen to our songs, Byun?” Chanyeol asks kindly, a fond look on his eyes. Different from what you would expect from someone who asks that kind of a question.

“Well, honestly, no.”

Chanyeol gasps and pretends to start to leave before Baekhyun clutches on his arms. “Sorry, sorry! It’s just the titles aren’t really... appealing?”

“Haven’t you heard the phrase “don’t judge the book by it’s cover”? Though in this case it should be ‘don’t judge the song by it's awesome title.” Baekhyun is about to explain himself when the songwriter stops him with a chuckle. “Just kidding, Baek. Can I call you that?” Chanyeol pauses for Baek’s answer and continues after receiving a nod. “That’s the reason you mentioned in that interview too. Just which song of mine did you not like the title of?”

Baekhyun blushes before nodding and answering in a meek voice. “I mean, ‘Do it together’ really didn’t go so well with me.”

“It wasn’t even a full song!!” Chanyeol despairs. “It was just a joke between Sehun and me.” Sehun is one of his friends from the company but he does modelling/acting instead. They did this rap song for fun and so that the tall noodle (as Chanyeol likes to call him) can have a background music for one of his dance videos.

“I’m so sorry.” The shorter says, bowing his head in mortification and complete embarrassment.

“No, it’s okay, really. Though… Do you know that you broke my heart with that?” Chanyeol giggles at the shorter’s shocked expression. “I’ve had a crush on you, Mr. Baekhyun. But you chose to break my heart.”

Baekhyun blushes and his heart just won’t stop beating so hard. He feels like his heart wants to escape his body, leave him and maybe end up on the hands of this man sitting in front of him. Because from the moment he heard that voice, he admits, a little part of his heart has been taken.


“Asa!!” Baekhyun smiles, face radiating with so much happiness while scrolling through the charts. His album, the one with his song with Chanyeol, just got released. Seeing it top the charts, although he did hope and wish for it to happen, is still overwhelming to him. Aside from achieving another all-kill, it’s also getting good comments so far, making him happier and easing his nervousness. And it’s even more special because he shares this achievement with his most important person, finally.

“As expected of my babies, always taking care of me.” He coos at his phone, feeling intense gratefulness for the support from his fans and Chanyeol’s too. Baekhyun thought their little animosity towards each other would hinder them from supporting ‘Heaven’ but now Baekhyun knows better than to doubt his fans. How could he be so lucky, really?

He hastily captures a screencap to post on his instagram to thank his fans. People might say monitoring the charts to see the results is being full of himself but Baekhyun doesn’t care. He’s always checking the charts because he knows good results isn’t only his achievement but of those who worked with him behind the scenes.

Sweet fans, a sweet boyfriend, and an ultra sweet career. What more could he ask for?

After finishing his message, full with his aegyo and overflowing elation, he was about to tag Chanyeol in his message when he realized he couldn’t. He can’t thank him like this, he can’t freely express his expression of love and joy because in the public eye they’re not like that.

Well, there’s something Baekhyun could ask for, their freedom.

A few days later, Baekhyun is promoting alone for their song as Chanyeol is shooting for a magazine overseas. Aside from their recent collaboration that yielded good results (the song was beautiful and just thinking about it is making Baekhyun want to fly because of bliss), a recent issue has also sent the whole industry into chaos. Good chaos, anyway.

Jongin, the one he said he’ll date over Chanyeol, and Kyungsoo, the giant’s partner in his duo, are reportedly dating. Having the fans dub them as KaiSoo (Kai taken from one of Jongin’s most prominent roles) and making them torn between feeling sad or happy.

Baekhyun is happy for their best friends but he also kinda wishes they could be like that too. Openly (as open as they can be) dating and with the public knowing that they belong together. Chanyeol belongs to him and he to the giant.

“Now that your ideal type is already taken by Kyungsoo…” the host starts his question, “How about dating Chanyeol?”

The whole audience laughs at the question, including him. If only they knew, nobody would be laughing like this.

“Why are you sad, baby?” Chanyeol’s static voice sounds through the connection. Overseas phone calls are shitty but just hearing his giant’s voice, Baekhyun’s heart already feels lighter. Even if only for a little bit. The singer burrows deeper into his sheets, feeling drained from that interview earlier that day.

“How do you even know I’m sad, you’re not here.” He whines in answer, pouting more when Chanyeol just laughs on the other line. “Yah! You big-eared giant!”

“I can hear it in your voice.” Chanyeol says softly and Baekhyun just melts. How can someone a thousand miles away from him manage to make him smile and be okay. A simple message like this and he keeps on falling in love more. “I know you’re blushing now but can you please answer me.”

“I am not!!” Baekhyun huffs and Chanyeol laughs. The smaller can hear how tired the other feels. Time difference also isn’t helping them in this case. Chanyeol probably woke up earlier just to be able to call him even if he’s as tired as he is.

“So what is it?” Chanyeol softly asks after a couple of minutes of silence. Knowing there’s no escape from this discussion, Baekhyun gathers his breath and, clutching his sheets closer to him, answers his boyfriend.

“Do you ever wonder what would happen if our relationship gets revealed too?”

“Is this because of Kyungsoo and Jongin?”

Baekhyun nods, and realizing the other wasn’t there with him, answers with a meek yes. “It’s just that now everyone knows they’re together, and they can be happy out and about.”

“We’re always out and about.” Chanyeol says, causing Baekhyun to snort.

“Sneaking around with our hoodies pulled all the way over our heads isn’t being ‘out and about,’ Chanyeol.”

A soft hum settles between the two lovers separated by physical distance but never when it comes to their hearts. “A-are you ready, Baekhyun? Because I’ve been… since the beginning.”

Baekhyun sits up as fast as lightning after hearing this. “Y-you… what?”

“I’m ready, I’ve been ready, all I need is for you to be ready too.” Chanyeol’s voice sounds so sure and Baekhyun’s heart thuds faster. “I just want it to be on our own terms, no paparazzi involved.”

“My fans are ready, they love me and I know yours do too.” Chanyeol chuckles. “If the way they defend and support you till the end of the world is any indication. You just need to be ready, babe.”

“I-I am.” Baekhyun murmurs.

“Can’t hear you, baby. Say it a little louder you know this signal is shi--”

“I am ready, Yeol. I love you and I want everyone to know too.”

“I love you too.”


“Baekhyun-ssi?” A sudden question is heard inside the dressing room along with two raps on the door. Baekhyun looks towards the door and sees Kyungsoo standing rather sheepish and immediately breaks into a wide smile.

“Kyungsoo!” The singer with his famous heart shaped smile laughs once he is crushed into the other’s arms, showing his perfect lips.

“Hey.” Kyungsoo adds before returning the hug to his dear friend. “What’s with the -ssi?” Baekhyun questions affronted. “What happened to our friendship?” The famous singer exaggerates, drawing a laugh from Kyungsoo. “You know that I have to be formal in case somebody hears, right?”

“Ah, right! But still…” Baekhyun frowns, turning into an actual representation of a puppy. “There’s no one here, so don’t be so formal with me.”

Kyungsoo’s gaze softens at this adorableness. No wonder he got his best friend wrapped around his (pretty) fingers. After updating each other with their latest activities, as they haven’t been able to hang out lately. Both singers were busy with their recent releases and Kyungsoo even managed to deal with having his relationship out in the open. It has been tough, but here they are still closer than ever.

Their friendship started after a couple of Baekhyun and Chanyeol’s dates. When it was pretty obvious to the both of them that they wanted something more and they were willing to go through with it. The first step had been to introduce each other to their best friends. Baekhyun to Kyungsoo and Chanyeol to Jongin. Funny how they also ended up dating each other.

“Okay, okay, just stop pouting, you big puppy.” Kyungsoo, as expected, rolls his eyes at his friend’s antics. “You and Chanyeol really deserve each other. I can expect more puppy-like offsprings to annoy me in the future.” The shorter of the two teases, making Baekhyun blush and whine at the implication of the statement.

“Anyway, I’m here to wish you luck for your performance later.” Baekhyun who has taken back his seat in front of the mirror suddenly breaks from his stoic expressions and looks nervous. “Do you think your fans will like it? The performance?”

Kyungsoo goes over and taps the other’s shoulders. “Of course, they will, Baek. Everyone loves you and I’m sure our fans will end up loving you too.” He says encouragingly. “After all, Chanyeol is very much in love with you so I’m sure they will be too.”

“I’m just gonna ask, before everything else, do you love Chanyeol?” Kyungsoo starts, tone very serious. “Are you willing to go through anything for him?”

Baekhyun, although thoroughly confused at his friend’s strange behaviour, nods and meets the other’s famous owl-like eyes. “Yes, I do.”

“I love him.”


Baekhyun, for all the times he’s had to perform in front of thousands of audiences before, is fretting with nerves at this moment. While waiting for his performance to come, he decided to wait backstage and watch Earth on Fire own the stage. Chanyeol plays the guitar so mesmerizingly while Kyungsoo croons the thousands of fans watching them. Tiny white lights filling up the stadium, each light equal to one person who loves and believes in them so much.

And each of those tiny white lights is the reason why Baekhyun feels like his heart is on a race. Much as he’s used to perform, it was almost always with an audience where the majority were his fans, but this time it’s not. In fact, these are all Chanyeol and Kyungsoo’s fans, which, if recent developments hadn’t happened, probably would hate him. They probably still do but Baekhyun hopes it is significantly lower than before.

Hearing the last notes slowly fading away, Baekhyun jumps a few times to ease his nerves. Kyungsoo gives him a reassuring hug and a small pat on the back as good luck. Looking at the other side of the stage, away from the eyes of the audience, Chanyeol raises a thumbs up in his direction and mouths words Baekhyun is sure to be, “I love you.”

Knowing that this was all he wanted, Baekhyun takes that tiny step towards the dark stage. Amid the hush and the overwhelming atmosphere of anticipation, being able to feel that Chanyeol is there to back him up and support him, is enough reassurance for him. There’s no need to be afraid - after all, this is their song, and this is their moment to own it.

Once Chanyeol and Baekhyun are already in their respective positions for their performance, the crowd cheers and, as the spotlight focuses on him, Baekhyun raises his mic and gets ready. They are performing ‘Heaven’ for the first time in front of a live audience. They originally weren’t supposed to perform it live, in fact, they had skipped all music show promotions even if they were nominated (and won, of course) almost all of them. A sudden request from Chanyeol to perform it in their concert, however, changed it.

Baekhyun, at first, was hesitant but one pouty look from his boyfriend and the fight was over. Chanyeol left Baekhyun’s apartment that day with a big happy smile on his face before confirming to his management about a last minute change on their set list. Though the catch is that they will only do it once, on the last day, because Baekhyun is busy with other arrangements too.

The singer tried to ask why he suddenly wanted to do this but his tall boyfriend just winked at him, saying it’s a secret. If only he wasn’t going to another country to hold a concert then Baekhyun would’ve probably made him sleep on the couch. This is, in any way, not proof of how weak he is to that puppy pout, nope. So they decided to make it the finale, singing it as the last song on the last day of their concert.

“Hello, angel, you’re like a painting
You’re all I see when I look to the skies
City street lights, even if the lights go out
And the moon disappears, it’s bright because
I have a star that fell from the skies
And it’s you”

The moment Chanyeol sings the first lines, Baekhyun turns around and stares at him. Their eyes meet and the smaller singer is struck by how much emotion is within those orbs staring straight back at him. Baekhyun is mesmerized by Chanyeol, tuning out all the cheers and screams surrounding them, as if they are the only ones in the stadium. In the world, even. Being able to watch him sing with so much passion always makes him fall a little bit more in love. And he realizes as he’s about to sing the next lines that, sharing the same stage as him is a feeling he never thought he needed.

“I keep laughing for some reason every night
Even when I close my eyes, I can’t sleep
I spend the entire night with thoughts of you
Your sparkling smile lets me breathe
Probably you, you”

Every time Baekhyun sings his lines, the thoughts of their relationship always appears at the forefront of his mind. How a simple coincidence in attending the same concert ended up with this loving relationship he has with Chanyeol. A relationship with a soft, dumb and lovable giant that has so much love to give to everyone and he’s lucky he’s been one of the lucky recipients of this love.

Chanyeol, to Baekhyun’s surprise and utter confusion, slowly takes his hand and intertwines their fingers without breaking their eye contact. This simple act sends Baekhyun’s emotions into a whirlwind but he’s also unable to break their gaze, as if some force is pulling his attention to Chanyeol and Chanyeol only.

“I’m sure you have wings hidden behind your back
Anyone can tell you’re my angel
I can fly as long as I’m with you”

Baekhyun thankfully finishes the whole song, hitting all the notes perfectly even when his heart is hammering so much. Chanyeol just squeezes his hand and gives him a reassuring smile. Baekhyun doesn’t know what to do, he can hear everyone whispering, as confused as he is about the current situation right now.

Before he can ask the other what is going on in his mind, Chanyeol brings the microphone to his lips and speaks. “Hey, Baekhyun, remember how we first met?” Baekhyun’s eyes widen before giving a nod after a squeeze to his hand. “It was a surprise for the both of us, how even though you publicly said you didn’t like my music, we ended up in that same venue appreciating the same music.”

“What’s even more amazing is how that night, after talking and getting to know each other, I thought my whole world shifted.” Baekhyun feels his eyes welling up with tears as his boyfriend slowly speaks. Is he doing what I think he’s doing? “We spent a good amount of time inside a tiny cafe, and boy, every time you laughed at my corny jokes, I swear - you steal a piece of my heart.”

“Chan- wha-”

“And when we were walking home one time after one of our usual late night dates,” the crowd gasps but the two lovers on stage didn’t even notice them, so immersed in their own world. “When we were walking under the veil of the dark, with the moon guiding our way, you were walking ahead of me jumping and doing those cute little actions you have a habit of doing, like a puppy.” Baekhyun’s eyes widen when he sees Chanyeol tearing up.

“That’s when I knew, Baek. That’s when I knew that this person walking ahead of me is someone who is going to be very special to me.” Chanyeol sniffs but smiles when Baekhyun reaches up using his other hand to wipe the tear that managed to drop. “You are an angel sent to me from heaven, baby. And I couldn’t be more thankful for you.”

At this point Baekhyun is already crying too. Almost to the point of sobbing, which he was about to do if only he didn’t suddenly hear the sudden thunderous applause. He completely forgot they were on a concert stage, and that there were fans watching that exchange. Shocked, he checks to see how the fans reacted only to see some of them at the same state as him.

“I-...I” Baekhyun gulps and tries again. “Chanyeol, what are you doing?”

“This?” Chanyeol answers, letting Baekhyun’s hand go and slowly cupping his cheeks. “This is me telling the world how much I love you.”

Everyone in the venue breaks out into an applause, some fans even crying at this. It’s one thing to know your idol is dating but having him trust you enough to tell it directly is special and overwhelming. So they cry, and cry for the love that is so beautiful they were lucky enough to witness. They cry for the future, a future where they would make sure to protect these two individuals no matter what happens.

Needless to say, it was all over the news by the moment the concert ended. And a certain manager fainted at the unbelievable news.


“Baekhyun, all set for the award show later?” Jongdae enters the dressing room, not meeting his talent’s eyes. He’s still feeling sad and displeased over the fact that Baekhyun hid this secret from him for two years. He unconsciously pouts at this thought which the singer, of course, notices.

“Jongdae-yah, you know I didn’t mean it like that…” Baekhyun pouts too, already getting teary eyed at the fact that he hurt one of his best friends. But he couldn’t divulge his secret when he and Chanyeol both agreed to keep it within their tight circle only.

Jongdae sighs, not really being able to take it when the other is sad. “It’s okay, I understand.” Baekhyun’s grin is slowly showing itself when, “But no secrets ever again! Do you understand? I don’t need surprises like that ever again!”

“I promise.” Even raising his right hand to add effect.

“Anyway, are you all set?” The manager queries once again. Sora, the make up artist, however, suddenly bursts into the room, disturbing their conversation. “Oh, you’re here! Is Baek ready yet?”

“Of course, why wouldn’t he be?” She answers. “I just need to add something else.” Dabbing some more make up onto the artist’s face, making it glow more.

Baekhyun senses that his friend is agitated ever since he entered the room. Eyes never leaving his phone and always spacing out for a minute before typing furiously. “What’s happening?”

Jongdae raises his head and appraises the other’s look, stalling some time. “You look great, Baek! The media is going to have a feast later.” His phone pings and his attention goes back to it, making Baekhyun’s suspicion rise.

“Jongdae, what is going on?” Sora stops dabbing whatever material she was applying onto his face when she realizes the serious tone of the star.

Jongdae also does as he looks up and meets Baekhyun’s eyes in the mirror. Gulping and as calmly as he can, he starts to say, “the media is probably going to have something else to feast on tonight?”

“Is that a question?” Baekhyun raises his eyebrows, arms still crossed while his manager squirms in his seat. “You remember you are going up against Chanyeol for what… Best OST, was it?” Jongdae begins nonchalantly. At least trying to be one.

Baekhyun frowns at that. “Yes? Why does it matter? We’re also up for best collaboration…” If this was the same situation as before they revealed their relationship, then Baekhyun would understand the commotion. The prospect of them going against each other always gets everyone and their mothers involved. Anything to add more to their ‘rivalry’.

But they ended that one already though. Baekhyun blushes when remembering what happened once again. “He’s not attending the show later,” He starts to say confidently but it slowly diminishes when he sees Jongdae’s expression. “...right?”

“And done!” Sora exclaims after resuming her work earlier. She looks so proud of her work that Baekhyun and Jongdae turn to look at her creation. Jongdae gasps and claps for Sora for a job well done. “Now this is the reason why all eyes will be on oppa!”

“Good job, as always, Sora-ssi.” The small star gasps, eyes full of wonder upon seeing his reflection.“You heard her, Jongdae, it’s expected that people will be looking at me tonight.”

“Stop smirking, Byun, you probably won’t be smiling once you know why they’ll be more interested later.” Jongdae conveys once the make up artist has left the room. “I should probably tell Heechul hyung to add more security later.”

“No? Why? Is there something different later?” Baekhyun asks, still admiring himself in the mirror. “Also hyung, really? Our boss won’t be too happy about us being too cozy with him.” He comments, causing Jongdae to roll his eyes. He can call their boss anything he wants after all the mess he has to clean up for him.

“Park Chanyeol -- your Park Chanyeol -- just confirmed attendance to the award show last minute.” He announces already expecting the flash of panic on the other’s eyes before the -

“He what?!!!”

-that. “Breathe, Baekhyun.” Jongdae calmly coaxes the slowly-panicking singer to relax.

“What d-do you mean he’s attending?” Baekhyun stutters. “He said he wouldn’t go!! That he has a schedule and he won’t be able to!???” Baekhyun is going to strangle his boyfriend later. Well, he’s going to kiss him first since he missed him so much, but after that. Stop distracting yourself, Byun!!!!

“According to his manager, his schedule just got cancelled and he decided to attend the show in exchange.” Jongdae is busy typing on his phone while saying this. “So yeah, I’m just warning you that he’s attending. And that you’ll have more security later just in case.”

“Oh my god! This is not supposed to happen! What the hell is Chanyeol thinking?” Baekhyun screams in the room. He tries calling his boyfriend but he only gets through to voicemail.

“Oppa, I didn’t know this was supposed to be your first appearance with Chanyeol-oppa?” Sora rushes back in and panicking. “We need to make sure you’re perfect!!!”

“How did you even know?” Baekhyun asks, stupefied at the turn of events. Sora stops with her fussing for a moment before she starts comparing different sets of suits for Baekhyun to wear. “Simple. It was all over twitter when I opened it thirty minutes ago. The power of social media makes news travel fast.” She explains. “How about this Gucci suit, oppa? Can you try it on?”

Baekhyun does as he’s told although his mind is still reeling on the possible directions this award show could go. The reactions and commotion that’s about to result from this one. “Ah! That’s right. A lot of pictures also started popping up left and right ever since they came out.” Sora suddenly exclaims.

“What kind of pictures, Sora-yah?” Jongdae asks once he’s finished with talking to their boss. Apparently, his boss is very much okay with this current predicament of theirs. “What kind of… pictures...?” Baekhyun stutters. He thought nothing of their past secret relationship was captured and would be revealed. “Oh, just stuff like how Baekhyun oppa entering this black car, clad in black Chanyeol and Baekhyun oppas going bowling and some even say they saw you snowboarding...”

Baekhyun suddenly chokes and starts to heave. “Oppa, are you okay?” “Baekhyun!” His manager and stylist shout in unison. Baekhyun gives a thumbs up to show he’s okay, slowly taking deep breaths to calm himself down. “I’m okay.”

“Are you sure?” One of them asks and Baekhyun just nods. They continue talking about the pictures Sora mentioned to have been released online. Allegedly, releasing of these pictures were because of Dispatch. They’ve been hiding their pictures but wanted to blackmail their company for pay or release it themselves as an exclusive. Baekhyun and Chanyeol voluntarily revealing their relationship, however, jeopardized everything.

After hearing what Sora has just said, Baekhyun is now a nervous wreck. He didn’t expect that someone had found out about them and even followed them during their night trysts. Just when he thought their secret car rides during the middle of the night will continue to be their little secret. The thought of that just made him sad. Baekhyun’s phone vibrates, interrupting him from his inner thoughts. He reads the message and feels a little bit better.

How come Chanyeol always knows when and just exactly how to make him better?

From: Channie
To: Baekkie

Hey, baby, whatever happens, you know I’m always here, right?
I love you. Don’t worry too much~ <3

A simple message like that manages to bring a smile back on Baekhyun’s beautiful yet frowning face. Why am I so whipped over this giant, goddammit.


Chanyeol parks his black Bentley Flying Spur at the beginning of the red carpet. He’s already anticipating the unending camera flashes he’s about to experience once he leaves the comfort of his car. His manager didn’t really want him to attend this show even after his schedule got cancelled due to reasons unknown to him. But he sees this as the perfect opportunity to show people how much he’s willing to go through for his tiny, little boyfriend.

The singer-song writer gathers all his confidence to be able to face the pack of wolves ready to devour him and his partner. But what the heck, as long as he has Baekhyun’s trust and love, he can get through anything. Seemingly endless red carpet included.

Chanyeol thought he would be walking the red carpet with Kyungsoo but his partner had ditched him for his boyfriend. So much for being best friends and being always there to support each other. The fascination towards himself and Baekhyun has reached new heights ever since they revealed to have been dating secretly.

But the reaction was just something else. It was explosive, for lack of a better word. Everyone started looking for clues from past interviews and concert ments. Of moments between them in same events attended but where they had zero interaction.

Humans, Chanyeol thinks, they truly see anything they want even in something where nothing happened. Even if they were dating secretly, he and Baekhyun have always managed to make sure nothing slipped and that their secret remains as is, until such time that they were ready to reveal it.

His musing is interrupted when he sees Junmyeon, his manager, slowly walking towards his car. Chanyeol switches the ignition off, and prepares himself for one last time. He unplugs his car keys and carefully opens the door, perfectly exiting the car.

“Is he here yet?” Chanyeol asks Junmyeon while watching the current celebrity posing for pictures by the backdrop of the show. “Not yet, but he’s already near.” Junmyeon informs him, watching him with questioning eyes. “Are you sure about this, Yeol?”

“Of course, I am.” The giant answers, a big teasing grin present on his face. “Take care of my baby, hyung!” Slowly doing his own walk down the carpet.

“Hmph. You take care out there with the wolves.” Junmyeon whispers, making sure that he wouldn’t be heard by the said wolves. When he hears the laughter of his favorite star, he enters the car and slowly drives it off the path. Junmyeon can’t help but feel proud over his favorite’s decision.

Chanyeol makes sure to please the media and fans who’ve been waiting for his famous smile - teeth-rich, twitchy and super wide - while posing in the middle of the carpet. He faces them and, holding his fingers up in a V-pose, gives them his cheeky signature pose. Cute, like a giant puppy but still super sexy, if he says so himself.

“Mr. Park!! Mr. Park!!! Look here! Look in my camera.”

“One more pose, Chanyeol-ssi.”

“Where is Byun Baekhyun right now?”

“Why did you decide to reveal your relationship now?”

“Is marriage in the near future for you both?”

The incessant shouts of his name and never ending camera flashes are nothing out of the ordinary for Park Chanyeol. This is just a part of the job even if it could get thoroughly exhausting with the unending stream of questions thrown at him left and right.

But he loves his job, very much so. He loves doing his passions and making other people happy while on it. He loves that he gets to compose, sing and release songs that he hopes touch other people’s lives and somehow makes them feel a little bit better. He loves his fans who always support him and are always there for him with whatever new project he decides to come up with.

The celebrity world is something else, that’s something Chanyeol realized when he first debuted in the singing duo. In the beginning, it was just a wish and a dream for him. He just wanted to be one of those “people” he saw on the television when he was a kid but he never really thought he’s going to end up as one. He was determined to study music in college and, hopefully, write for his favorite singers, he just never thought this would be the result.

And now here he is, Park Chanyeol, the multi-awarded and multi-talented singer (together with his partner). He is the number one celebrity when it comes to popularity, a post that he shares with Baekhyun too. He is a household name, a lot of advertisements being played all over the city have his face on them.

So he smirks, and owns the moment. He is the Park Chanyeol after all. His eyes glint once he sees the familiar black van at the other end of the red carpet. He hopes Baekhyun doesn’t kill him for what he’s about to do as he turns back to where he walked from and approaches the car.

Baekhyun has just arrived at the venue together with Jongdae and Sora. He looks outside the window to see Chanyeol being slowly devoured by all these journalists. Even from inside the car he can still hear the questions thrown in the air. Even if Chanyeol seems to have perfected the face of not caring about these though.

“Are you anticipating winning the daesang, Chanyeol-ssi?”
“How does it feel to have your drama as one of Korea’s biggest hits?”

“Chanyeol-ssi, how is your relationship?”
Okay, that one made even Baekhyun’s ears blush.

“Ahh, ever the famous celebrity, isn’t he?” Jongdae suddenly says, observing the commotion happening outside from the driver’s side. How lucky it is that they ended up arriving after him, the chaos it’s going to be, he laments deep inside. Just the two stars they all wanted to see tonight. “This is because you didn’t get ready immediately, Baek. No one to blame but yourself.”

“Please, like you’re the one going to be in that chaos later.” Baekhyun jokes half-heartedly. He’s nervous yet excited at the same time. Watching his boyfriend own that red carpet has always been his favorite, Chanyeol always looks so out multiplied a million more times.


“Your boyfriend is stealing hearts tonight, oppa. Look at how hot he is.” The only female inside the car says. Baekhyun looks at her and sees a clearly starstruck girl, looking like she’s seen the Prince Charming himself or something. “Yah, my man is off limits!” He exclaims, making Jongdae and Sora laugh.

The three occupants of the car go back to observing the scene outside with Baekhyun using this time to prepare himself for the questions and camera flashes he’s about to face next. They’re probably gonna ask a lot about his new relationship.

“Ah, no, of course not!!” Chanyeol answers, waving his hand like a child while laughing, “I’ll be so honored to actually win it though.” They hear Chanyeol answer that one question, ignoring all the others.

Baekhyun turns to his left to see Sora livestreaming the red carpet event. Baekhyun leans over and watches his boyfriend exude so much of his manly aura he can’t help but melt deep inside. He still got a minute to spare after all since his boyfriend is still there being interviewed.

The singer has always been advised that keeping a good mystery around oneself is the best to build up anticipation and curiosity from the public. And he thinks Chanyeol has perfected this art so well that every time he’s on interviews, the hype around him just gets bigger. Make them wish to know you more cause then they will watch you more, anticipate you more and wish to see more of you, want more of you.

Sora suddenly squeaks and almost drops her phone. Baekhyun looks back to the screen and suddenly he feels like his heart is about to exit his body once again. There on the screen and outside the window, Chanyeol can be seen walking towards his car, towards him.

Baekhyun dreads what’s about to happen but he also feels excited at this new freedom that being open about their relationship brings.

He knows what the taller one is thinking and surprisingly enough he isn’t feeling as nervous as he thought he would be when a moment like this comes.

As Chanyeol’s image on the phone screen gets closer to them, and the real Chanyeol keeps getting one step closer to the van, Baekhyun braces himself for what he's about to do too.

Chanyeol slides his car’s door open, acting all majestic and gentlemanly. Chanyeol offers his hand to a dumbstruck Baekhyun and the smaller one slowly reaches out to this hand. The taller smiles contentedly at this.

“Ready to take the world together?” Chanyeol asks, eyes crinkling.

“Together, hand in hand.” Baekhyun affirms.