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Cersei had just rejected his advances yet again and Jaime was upset. It was the first time in a week he had even gotten her alone, but she pushed him away yet again telling him, "Not now." They hadn't slept together even once since Tommen's death many moons ago. Ever since their son's death, she preferred to spend her days drinking to unconsciousness or plotting revenge over his company. She was also gone long hours at a time visiting the castle dungeons and he could not help but wonder who or what was keeping her so occupied down there. Then when Daenerys and her armies had arrived a fortnight ago he'd seen even less of her.

After the dragon pit meeting only four short days ago Jaime was sure she must be rather upset about the prospect of potentially losing her throne. Daenerys had offered to let Cersei stay on the throne until after the white walkers were defeated, at which point there would be a peaceful transference of power and they would be allowed to live out their days at Casterly Rock if they so chose. The only catch being that Cersei would have to send her armies, as well as the Tarly army that had allied with her, north to fight the white walker threat.

Cersei had however not only declined the offer but laughed in Daenerys face, and accused her of being as mad as her father the mad king, for there were no such things as white walkers and wights. However, she was quickly proven wrong only a few moments later, as Jon Snow arrived, bringing a wight with him. Cersei was visibly terrified and ordered the mountain to kill it, which he could not.

Eventually, the two enemies did manage to come to an agreement. They would band together to fight the white walker threat and then worry about who sat on the throne. Once more dragon glass was gathered to produce weapons that could kill white walkers the armies would all head north to fight them.

He wished she would let him comfort her, about their son's death, about her reign which might be ending once the white walkers were defeated, about anything bothering her. He missed her and her distance hurt him. He was her other half. So why was she shutting him out like this?

So after Cersei's latest rejection, Jaime was more than happy when Bronn arrived at his chambers that evening and suggested they take a trip to the brothel. Not that he would ever betray Cersei, but there was one beautiful young blonde there in particular there that resembled a young Cersei so much that Jaime was sure she must be some distant bastard cousin of his. Jaime did not and would not touch, not ever, but he did enjoy watching. He had taken to paying coin to watch this young blonde with men, all of whom he specified to the madam must be handsome and blonde. It was like watching himself with a younger Cersei.

However, more than that Jaime finally had some good news to share. The prior day the servants Jaime assigned to the task had finally found a pretty young maiden with a castle all of her own, for her father had died and she had no brothers. Jaime was sure Bronn would find her be more than a suitable match.

He would also like Bronn's opinion on what he should do about things. For Cersei was not acting herself ever since their youngest son had committed suicide. She had been colder and she never truly smiled anymore. Bronn was the only one Jaime could talk to about these things, for Brienne was halfway around the world right now as far as Jaime knew. Besides that Jaime sensed she wouldn't be happy to give him advice on how to win Cersei's affections back anyway.

So that evening when Bronn asked Jaime to accompany him, Jaime figured it'd be as good a time as any to tell him the good news as well as get his advice on Cersei. In the morning they'd regroup and head home. If Cersei had ever noticed his absences or heard tell of his brothel visits, she never mentioned it.

This time, however, it was different. Bronn had talked him into going to a further away brothel.

"I've had all the ones at the local brothel, haven't you? I say it's time we try something new. The brothel three hours away has five times the selection, too"

Jaime had reluctantly agreed. He couldn't very well tell Bronn that he never touched any of the women and his only brothel like activity was voyeurism of one particular Cersei like blonde and her handsome blonde customers.

Perhaps if he got himself drunk enough any blonde would do. Besides, he mostly wanted someone to talk to. Maybe Bronn could help him figure out what to say or do to get Cersei back to her normal self. They'd never talked about Cersei, or anything too deep really, but Jaime figured it couldn't hurt to bring it up. Not to mention how nice it was to finally have some good news to share.

So they had ridden to that brothel, ordered a couple beers and sat down.

Jaime had just finished telling Bronn the good news when he heard an all too farmilar voice, "Brother"

Jaime quickly sprung up and began to unstealth his sword. Tyrion had killed his father and he had vowed to kill him if he ever saw him again. Although Jaime had seen him at the dragon pit a few days ago, there had been too many enemies about for him to make his move. Here in this brothel, however, there was no one to stop him. Fortunately, Bronn jumped in between the two brothers before anything could happen.

"He just wants to talk and negotiate with you. He has some information he feels may sway your mind"

Jaime glared at Bronn before continuing, "I talked to him at the dragon pit. There is nothing more to say and nothing that will change my mind. We will send our help to defeat the white walkers as promised, but we will not surrender."

"Ah, my poor, naive, foolish brother. You really believe Cersei intends to send her troops to help with the white walker threat?? Jon and Daenerys believe her lies too, but at least they do not know her. I knew she would never let her armies help us. I tried to tell everyone, but Daenerys said without proof nothing can be done. So I had our dear sweet sister followed. Several spies can attest that she intends to send no help. In fact, she hopes the undead army depletes our forces. "

"Why would I believe anything that comes out of the mouth of you who killed my father? Cersei would not do that."

"He was my father too, and you and I both know he was more than willing to let me die."

"I masterminded your escape, risking the wrath of the women I love. And you betrayed me by killing my father, and you expect me to trust anything you say now?"

"I did not plan to kill him. That night I went to confront him, rage at him for how he always treated me. I was angry, I feel rightfully so. I had the crossbow for self-defense in case he tried anything. You know what I found brother? Shae, in his bed. My Shae. The only women other then Tysha that I ever loved. I lost it. Strangled her to death right in that bed. Then I went and I found him in the privy and of course, you know what happened next."

Jaime wanted to accuse him of lying, but from the look on Tyrion's face, he could tell he was telling the truth. Even so, he did not find it an acceptable excuse.

"It is no excuse. If I'd known there was any chance of you ever doing that you know I would have never plotted your escape."

"So you would rather have let me die then?"

"You would not have died. I had made a deal with father. You know that. You would have been sent to the wall. "

"You and I both discussed that many years ago. As I told you then, I will tell you now, that is no life. Not for me. Worse than death."

"Apparently not worse than helping our enemies to take the throne our sister sits on. Tell me, when you were good and free, why didn't you just stay free? Why join with our enemies and plot to take the throne your very nephew sat on? You never hated Tommen, not as you did Joffrey, so why?"

"Ah yes, a lovely life in exile drinking to my heart's content and fucking random whores every night. As wonderful as that sounds, and I do mean that sincerely dear brother, I needed a bit more out of life. To help the dragon queen gives me a sense of purpose. And it now even has the added bonus of taking from our dear sweet sister what she holds most dear, her precious power. As for Tommen, you and I both know the boy had no real power and was being controlled by our dear sweet sister. "

"Back to the topic at hand though." continued Tyrion. "Our dear sister does plan to betray our agreed upon plan. My spies will inform Daenerys of Cersei's betrayal, very shortly. It is only because of our kinship that I worked to convince them to give me some time. "

"Cersei would not lie. Not to me. She said it right in front of me and everyone else that we would send help to fight the white walkers then she will. If she were lying, she would not have kept it from me. Not for this long."

"Cersei has lied to you a thousand times. Did she ever tell you she was fucking Lancel while you were in captivity?"

"Why would I believe that?"

"Believe it or don't, it is the truth. "

Jaime raised his fist, ready to strike his little brother for the first time ever.

"I'm sorry Jaime. But he tells the truth," butted in Bronn, stepping in between the brothers once again.

"How would you know?"

I was there with him all those years ago, I was just outside the tent where he interrogated Lancel about the hidden wildfire caches. I heard everything. Tyrion threatened to tell you about him and Cersei and the poor boy was terrified. He quickly gave up the info that was sought."

Jaime didn't know who to trust or who to believe. He'd thought Bronn was his friend, but Bronn had known Tyrion first. Perhaps he was plotting with Tyrion to turn him against Cersei.

"You're lying. You're both lying," he stated unsurely.

"She ever tell you why she had to do her walk of shame?" Bronn asked.

"The incest of course."

"You never thought it odd that you weren't charged as well? Or that people weren't calling even more for the removal of Tommen from the throne?"

Jaime had never given it much thought before. At the time of the accusations, he had been far away. And then Myrcella had died in his arms and the accusations against Cersei had paled in comparison. If she were accused of incest with not him, but Lancel, it would certainly explain why he wasn't charged, as well as why there wasn't more of an uproar to remove Tommen from power.

Tyrion spoke next, looking almost regretful, "I'm sorry, but it is the truth. You need to decide how to proceed going forward from here. I know you may need some time, but I can only give you a week at best, and even that is pushing it. I know Cersei will not surrender, not ever. I believe, however, that the Lannister army, as well as the Tarly army, will follow your command over hers. Then it's only Euron's army's and fleets who will not be helping with the White Walker threat. "

"So you would ask me to betray my own house?"

"You know as well as I do that many more lives will be lost if we do not have everyone we can to fight this threat. Just think about it. A week from today, meet back here with me and tell me of your decision. "

"My decision will be the same then as it is now. Unlike you, I will not betray my house"

"Then I shall hope you change your mind. I will be here one week from now awaiting your decision. Stay safe brother," and with those words, Tyrion walked away.