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Wildest Dreams

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He wanted it he knew he wanted it... but why was he having all these thoughts go around in his head. What would mum think? What would my friends think? What would my classmates really think? And also what if I'm not a good enough omega for this amazing alpha?
Kageyama placed himself towering over Hinata who was laying topless on his bed and began to passionately kiss him sliding his tongue along Hinata's bottom lip and eventually pushing his way into his mouth. Both slurping and gasping deeply moans coming from both of them lost in the moment. Kageyama begins taking his top off in a frantic fashion trying not to spend too much time away from his beloved soon to be mate. Continuing where they both left off Kageyama then begins to pull down Hinata's shorts followed by his briefs, Hinata shudders with the action and Kageyama lowers himself to Hinata's tall standing member and begins to lick the tip and slowly allowing it all into his mouth, sucking a slurping Hinata grips the bed sheets underneath him, rising his back from the intensity of the pleasure and letting out soft groans. "hmmm n.. No stop I'm I'm g...gonna..ka...kage ahhhh" at the moment Hinata came into Kageyama's mouth, slurping it all up Hinata sat up "no! Don’t swallow it! Its its err dirty!" Hinata exclaimed. Kageyama looked up at Hinata with a side corner grin. That very grin sends chills down Hinata's spin. This was Hinata's and Kageyama's first time doing anything past kissing and they both felt great! Until the thoughts came rushing back into Hinata's mind he wanted to officially be Kageyama's mate but he was scared.
Kageyama placed both his hands on Hinata's knees spreading his legs revealing his already wet from slick hole, he began to lick up the slick that was dribbling down his thighs causing Hinata to shiver again he carried on to placing a finger over his hole in which began to twitch. Hinata gasped not from pleasure but from fear tears beginning to form but he held it in because he wanted this! He really did he finally wanted to be mated with his alpha. Kageyama proceeded to push his finger deep into Hinata's hole in which caused hinata to let a gasp and clutch tightly at the bed sheets again but so hard this time that it caused his knuckles to go white "deep breaths Hinata just relax I promise I will make you feel good" but Hinata was having none of it he sat up shoving Kageyama off him. Jumping off the bed quickly grabbing his clothes and bag "s..sorry I have to go!" Hinata slammed the bedroom door behind him rushing down the stairs whilst trying to get his clothes back on and ran out the house.
He proceeded to run up the hill not knowing exactly where he was heading, tears pouring out his eyes and down his rosy cheeks he stopped running when he got outside Ukai's shop rustling through his bag trying to find his phone finally finding it he shakaly scrolled through his contacts only just being able to see past his tears until he found the perfect person to call at a time like this!
*ring ring ring ring* "Hello? Hinata?? Is everything okay? You never phone people" shaking and gasping for breath "Suga.... I need someone talk to" tears beginning to fall down his cheeks again "what's happening? Where are you? Are you safe?" Suga turning into the mother he is to everyone from karasuno started to get worried what was wrong with his small baby crow?? "I....I....I'm fine I just I thought I was ready no I am ready I'm just scared I don't know what to do well not like that it's just well yeah even that I have no idea what I'm doing I love him I really do I jus-" He was cut off "look Hinata you need to calm down your not making much sense, just take a deep breath we know how you can get you can over think things and set yourself off.... look where are you? I will send daichi out to get you, I know he won't let me leave the house this late by myself and I'm not happy about you being out at this time either so I know Daichi won't be to pleased either" sniffling Hinata nodded soon realizing Suga isn't there to see that so with his voice breaking he tells Suga that he is outside Ukai's shop and that he will take a seat on the bench on the other side of the road.
Agreeing to wait for Daichi Hinata sits on the bench with his head in his hands. What is wrong with me? He thought to himself I love Kageyama I do so much! so then why... why couldn’t I mate with him? No I know why, because I'm a coward because I cared to much on what other people think. But im also scared. What if I'm not a good enough omega for him? what if he could do better?... I'm sure he could... NO! I will be his omega and I will do him proud! He sits up proudly looking up to the sky and in that split second he was drowning in his thoughts again what have I done?!?! I just ran out on him I just left him without saying what if he thinks he has done something wrong what if he is sad right now? And that’s my fault...Hinata begins breathing heavy tears forming in his eyes again sharp chest pains are shooting through him his head is spinning..
He grabs his shirt by his chest and his breathing gets heavier and heavier by the second. He couldn’t breath he was gasping for air his whole body shaking face completely wet from tears. "Hinata!" Slowly looking up to where he heard his voice being called from

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Suga's parents had both moved out of town due to them getting job promotions but there was no way in hell Suga was going to go with them and leave his alpha behind! And there was no way Daichi was going to let his omega leave his side without putting up a fight. Luckily Daichi didn't need to put up much of a fight as Suga's parents had both agreed that he can stay as long as he stayed with a friend and that he was well looked after, well there was no one better he could live with other then his alpha who had sworn to always look after him, keep him out of harms way, get him anything he needed and most importantly never let him worry.

Suga always had problems with anxiety and always over thinking the littlest of things. Now omegas go through a thing called a drop which can be extremely dangerous if not knowing what to do for them or if they are on there own! He has only ever come close to dropping once but lucky enough Daichi was there to avoid him from the situation at hand! Daichi used to live with just his nan who was a kind caring and generous beta and himself in a beautiful house big enough for a family of 5 so it wasn't massive but it was far from small. Sadly his nan passed away in her sleep just over a year ago but in her will she left Daichi the house and enough money to keep him going until he had left school and maybe even part way into college until he finds a job of his own. This place was perfect for his omega and maybe even there children when they get older.

Suga had been living with Daichi for around 6 months now and they couldn't be any happier they had a home they could call there own and there love and passion for each other still going strong. It was so relaxing they would get up at the same time in the morning shower together eat breakfast together leave for school at the same time together and walk home together. There evenings would consist of Suga making dinner whilst Daichi cleaned there home. They would eat dinner together do home work and then snuggle on the sofa to a film until Suga fell asleep and then Daichi would always carry him to bed and so on and so on.

Right now at this moment in time Suga was far from relaxed he was pacing up and down the hallway in and out of the kitchen and in and out of the living room clutching his mobile phone in one hand and biting his nails of the other hand. ~what could be going on? He has been ages~ he thought to himself, and at that moment Suga heard a bang at the door he new he shouldn't just open the door to just anyone as there are a lot of hungry alphas out there and Daichi would beat himself up if anything was to happen to his omega whilst he wasn't around but in this case he knew it was Daichi (they have a certain knock that would indicate it was each other) Suga rushed to the door almost tripping over his own legs and what appeared before him when he opened the door made him gasp, it was Daichi and in his arms was a small orange haired omega unconscious. "Oh my God what happened to Hinata??" Suga worridly said. Daichi made his was into the house and laid Hinata down on the sofa and covered him with a blanket that was conveniently placed on the back. He stood up and looked at Suga with a worried expression.


[Back when Hinata was on the bench]

D...D.. Daichi is that you? Hinata said with blurry eyes from his tears

It was Daichi he rushed over to Hinata and knelt down beside him placing one hand on Hinata's shoulder.

"Look Hinata you need to calm down take deep breaths your turning yourself into a state" Daichi said worridly

Hinata was trying to calm himself down by taking deep breaths but he just couldnt seem to inhale any air. Whilst gasping for breath he tried to speak.. "I...I...I'm a bad omega" he grabs at his own chest for support but no luck he felt himself going dizzy and Daichi noticed that Hinata had stated to wobble. Before Hinata knew it he saw black and his body fell forward Daichi quickly caught him. This had stopped Hinata gasping for breath but now Daichi was worried as to what could of happened to his team mate and where the hell was kageyama!?!?! Daichi thought to himself but the thing that was important right now was getting this little omega indoors and safe. The evening was to much of a risk for omegas to be out by themselves and Daichi knew all to well on what goes though an alphas mind when an omega that isn't yet mated walks on by. Before him and Suga was mated he would often get the urge to take him right then and there on the volleyball court in the middle of the match and not give a damn who was there watching.

Daichi picks Hinata up bridal style and starts his walk back home. Hinata was so light it was if he was carrying a bag of feathers there was no way if he was to get attacked that he would be able to fight anyone off he was so skinny ~maybe he could jump out the way?~ Daichi chuckled to himself ~this is no time for jokes I need to get him to Suga he will know what to do~


[Present time]


Suga is looking down at a curled up little Hinata who looks so peaceful you wouldn't believe that only moments ago he was having a panic attack. He stokes Hinata's hair back whilst whispering words of comfort as he is waking up.

His eyes are flickering open and the first thing he sees is Suga looking at him with a soft and sweet smile he instantly sits up and wraps his arms around Suga's neck and starts crying.

"Now now Hinata what's all this about hmm" Suga pulls Hinata so that his arms are on both of his shoulders and he is looking right at him. Hinata looks down tears dripping on his clenched fists "I I'm a bad omega I couldn't even m..mate with my alpha..I..I got scared and I panicked and I just ran out on him!" Hinata looks Suga straight in the eyes "I think he must feel that it's his fault and I..I don't want him to because it's me... its all my fault" more tears start streaming down Hinata's cheeks. Suga let's him cry it out and listens to the whole story before he grabs a box of tissues from the side in which Hinata accepts and starts to wipe his tears away. " Look Hinata have you even spoken to Kageyama since you ran out? Because you would have no idea what he is thinking if you haven't and plus kageyama really isn't the type of guy to take something like that to heart" looking up at Suga with wide eyes Hinata jumps to his feet "your right! He is an idiot" laughing comes from the living room door " Hinata it really doesn't take you long does it?" Daichi chuckles some more "Suga Hinata I made some hot chocolate why don't you both come to the kitchen and choose the amount of marshmallows you want" Suga then chuckles to himself swinging one arm around Hinata "yeah let's do that and Hinata you are welcome to stay the night"

After enjoying a laugh with Daichi and Suga over a hot chocolate topped with a mountain of marshmallows and bathing in there massive bath tube that Hinata swore he could swim in! He climbs into a bed in one of the guest rooms turns the lights off ~tomorrow I will talk to Kageyama and explain everything to him~

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It’s was morning and Hinata was laying curled up under
The duvet.

With a slight creak of the bedroom door Suga
Walked in “wakey wakey Hinata” Suga yells whilst opening the curtains to expose the beaming bright sunlight which filled the whole room.

Hinata groaned and sat up squinting
And rubbing his eyes “What time is it...” Hinata whined out

“it’s 7am”
Suga beamed out with a massive smile on his face.

Hinata shot out of bed and got dressed at lightening speed

and just as he ran to the door Daichi called out to him

“Hinata you need to have breakfast first!”

“No time!” he yelled back

and with that he shot out the door.

Suga made his way into the kitchen to where Daichi was sitting and gave him a cheeky smirk and with that Daichi picked Suga up bridal style and ran to the bedroom.

Meanwhile Hinata was racing against his breath running faster then his legs could actually keep up

~ I feel bad for racing out the house with out saying good bye or thanking them for letting me stay but I have to get there before everyone else I need to talk to him I need to tell him I’m sorry and that I really do want to be his mate... I'm such and idiot ~

Hinata still running came to a sudden halt at the gymnasium doors, they were open..

And there he was

Warming up and practicing some spikes by himself.

Hinata took long deep breaths to steady his breathing after running the whole way here.

He takes his shoes off and slowly makes his way through the doors ~deep breaths you can do this just tell him how you really feel and everyth-~

Hinata's thought were cut short

"Hinata!" Kageyama yelled

Hinata stilled in his spot and looked down knees trembling he slowly opened his mouth and went to speak


Hinata was grabbed in a tight embrace which confused and made him jump

"Don't speak boke I get it... I was moving to fast and you got scared it's not your fault and I don't blame you for running out"

Hinata looked up to Kageyama with watery eyes and a quivering lip

"I...I'm sorry Tobio"

Kageyama let go of the tight embrace that he had Hinata in a gentle put his hands on each side of the small boys face, he looked tenderly into his eyes and gave a small grin

"Don't you ever apologize to me Okay? We will talk about it another time.. for now let's just enjoy the moment"

Tears started trickling down Hinatas face but they was sad tears they was happy ones

How could he be so stupid to think that Kageyama would hate him now..

Kageyama wiped away Hinata's tears with his thumbs

And with that Kageyama placed a gentle kiss on Hinata's forehead, Hinata giggled and looked up putting his weight on his toes he kisses Kageyama on the lips not a long kiss just a gentle loving kiss making them both blush and whipping there heads to the side to look at the floor.

They both laughed and stood in the middle of the gymnasium. They both went into a tight long cuddle which was interrupted by some one coughing at the door

Tsukishima and Yamaguchi was stood at the entrance

Hinata and Kageyama quickly broke from there tight cuddle and ran to grab the trolly of volleyballs

Tsukishima sighed "it's funny how they act as if we didn't just see them being all lovey gross" Yamaguchi laughed and Tsukki's remark.


Once everyone had arrived into the gymnasium it didn't take them long to make 2 teams and start practicing.

"Nice recieve"

"One touch"

"Chance ball"


"Hinata boke!"

After they had finished practicing coach Ukai blew his whistle to get everyone to gather around.

In which they all sat In a half circle around the coach.

"right as you all know next week we are going to Tokyo to have a practice match against Nekoma, we will need the permission forms from all your parents by tomorrow. Accept you 2"

he pointed at Daichi and Suga

"as the school is already away of your living situation. Right that is all for this morning I will see you all again this afternoon when school ends.. until then" Ukai then bowed and left the gymnasium.

Everyone got up and gathered there stuff ready to leave and go to lesson.

Tsukishima tutted at Yamaguchi as they was getting ready to leave

"S...something wrong Tsukki?"

"Don't think I didn't see what you was doing" Tsukki smirked

"What do you mean?" Yamaguchi looked up in confusion and a slight blush on his cheeks

"Look if you like him why don't you just ask him to court you? It's painfully obvious and I'm pretty sure everyone else knows you do too."

Yamaguchi stops in his tracks with wide eyes and his whole face flushed red..

"W...what do you mean! I...i Don't know what your talking about!" Yamaguchi stutters out.

"You couldn't keep your eyes off Tanaka the whole time coach was talking.. it was embarissing" Tsukki said with no emotion

Everyone has left the gymnasium by now apart from these 2

Yamaguchi looks down to his feet and his shoulders start to shake.

Tsukishima stops in his tracks and looks at Yamaguchi from the corner of his eye

"Hmmmm?" Tsukki hummed

He turned to face Yamaguchi who in which was now visibly crying

"HUH?" Tsukki was stunned what was wrong with his best friend?

Yamaguchi started to wipe his tears away with his sleeve whilst mumbling something under his breath..

Tsukki frowned down at him "What I can't hear you when your mumbling like that"

Yamaguchi looked up to Tsukki his eyes still very watery
" can I?" he looks down and begins to rub his eyes harder which got instantly stopped by a tight hand grabbing his arm

"T...tsukki?" Yamaguchi managed to get out

Tsukishima was now holding his arm and glaring down at Yamaguchi

"I sware to god Tadashi if you say you are a bad omega just because that's what your parents tell you then I will punch you."

Yamaguchi looks up into Tsukki's eyes once again

Tsukki sighs "Look Yamaguchi I've been telling you, you need to leave home for awhile now.. why haven't you done it? You hate yourself more and more every day.. And I know you would be happy with Tanaka. You just need to get the courage to ask him.."

Yamaguchi sniffles "B...but -"

"Hey what are guys still doing in here I need to lock up"

They both stopped stunned and turned around slowly revealing who just shouted from the door.

"T...Tanaka" Yamaguchi stutters

Tanaka frowns when he realises that his team mate has a red blotchy face and watery red eyes

"Yamaguchi is everything alright??" He begins to step into the gymnasium and on that note Yamaguchi shakes his head and runs past Tanaka and out through the gymnasium doors.

Tanaka looked at Tsukki who was just blankly looking at where Yamaguchi had just ran

"Go after him" Tsukki said coldly

"What?" Tanaka said in confused

"Just go." Tsukki said bluntly

And with that Tanaka frowned and ran out the doors and after Yamaguchi

Tsukishima who was left standing alone, looked down to the floor and gave a little smirk.

Chapter Text

Yamaguchi was running through the school, tear filled eyes, heavy breathing and his heart racing.

This poor little omega had always been worried of what people thought of him, he could never truly be himself in front of anyone, well apart from Tsukki that is. He defiantly couldn’t be himself around his parents who are both alphas.

His parents were almost ashamed to have Yamaguchi as a son.

Although they weren’t always like that.

Growing up Yamaguchi had everything he could ever needed and wanted, he was spoiled so to speak.

His parents would take him out to the park when he was little, buy him ice cream, sweets, chocolate I mean this kid never gained weight he was always active. They would take him to the cinema whenever there was a film he wanted to see, anything that he saw and wanted his parents would buy him it.

He never acted like a spoiled child though he was always calm and collective. Well-spoken and well mannered.

He didn’t have many friends, though he had always wanted to join a sports club but was always too scared to go by himself because the other kids frightened to him.

Yamaguchi befriended Tsukishima when he stuck up for him when a group of kids had pushed him to the ground making fun of his freckles and shouting slurs about his family, ever since that day Yamaguchi has looked up to Tsukishima and spent most of his childhood days with him, he was even more pleased when they started playing volleyball together and went to the same high school.

Everything had changed when Yamaguchi was 14...

He started presenting as an omega, although he did try to hide it for a while.

Then his first heat came.

He and Tsukki were walking back from school one evening after finishing off volleyball practice, half way through a conversation Yamaguchi came to a sudden halt in what he was saying and in his pace of walking, to Tsukki's surprise he turned to look at his friend and what he saw sent shivers down his spine.
He had broken out into sweats and was breathing heavy, his hand was clutched tightly around the strap of his bag which was running across his chest, he fell hard onto his knees and begged Tsukki to make it stop.

The next thing he knew he was waking up in his bed. He could hear his parents shouting at each other from downstairs

"I blame you for this! Your filthy mother was an omega"

"if anyone is to blame it's you! For birthing the brat and bringing him into the world"

"how dare you! You are half to blame for this problem!"

"what an embarrassment.... my son an omega"

"he will just bring shame on to the family"

"well we just don’t tell anyone and we pass him off as a beta child"

"I don’t want anything to do with him... I am so disappointed"

Yamaguchi had cried the most he had ever cried that night, he was hurt, alone, unwanted.... he was a male omega that had let his family down. Why did he have to be born an omega why wasn’t he an alpha or even a beta?? It really seemed like the world was against him, and it didn’t get any easier for him.

He would come home from school and get ignored by his own mother and his father was working away a lot so he hardly ever saw him but when he did, he wished he hadn't.
His father was very much like his mother and would ignore him, unless he had a drink then it was a whole different story. His father would constantly tell him that he is worthless, a mistake, an unwanted child, a good for nothing, a slut, a bad omega and that no one would ever want to bond with such a disgrace.

He had heard this so many times that he started to believe it.

He started shutting himself off and would try his hardest not to become a nuisance to anyone. Which is probably why he was the quietest one in his class and the quietest one on the volleyball team.

Even though he was upset he didn’t get to be on the court and play as a main... he wasn’t going to say anything, he was just happy that he had somewhere he felt safe and felt needed at times.

Tanaka was an alpha he had fallen head over heels for, he was constantly on his mind, he couldn’t help but look at him whenever he had the chance to, just being in his presence made his heart beat a million to the second. Yamaguchi did try his hardest not to make it seem obvious but of course Tsukki noticed! How could he not? Tsukki was Yamaguchi's best friend!

It was a bit of a shock to the poor omegas system when Tsukki had caught him out on the cute little glances he was giving Tanaka, but when Tsukki told Yamaguchi that he should just tell him all the memories of everything his parents ever said to him came rushing back all in one hit and it really didn’t help the fact that he looked like a weak mess in front of Tanaka ~they were right I am a disgrace~ was all that ran through his head before he ran out of the gymnasium.

He was still running and running and running until his legs buckled beneath him. Now being on his hands and knees gasping for breath he was clear from everyone. He had run so long and so far, that he ended up in a park just around the corner from where he lives. Once he had caught his breath he sat up and leaned back on to his hands he looked up to the sky and saw an infinite number of glistening stars it was beautiful and there was a slight breeze that was softly blowing his hair to one side. ~ when did it get so late? How long was I a stupid blubbering mess for and how long have I been running? ~ He inhaled through his nose enjoying the peace and quiet, it really did help clear his mind.
Once he had calmed down he stood up brushed himself down and swung his bag to his side.

Just as he began to walk he felt a hand grab his shoulder he turned in a quick motion to see who it was

"well well well what do we have here then? I thought I could smell an omega in distress"

Yamaguchi looking up with wide eyes and what stood before him instantly made him cowedly bow his head.

It was a rather tall unknown alpha male that he didn’t recognize, he still had ahold of Yamaguchi's shoulder in which he tried shrugging off but to no use. The man leaned in closer to the shivering omegas face and whispered

"how about I warm you up and make you feel better on this cold winter afternoon hmmmm"

Yamaguchi whimpered underneath him

"e..erm its fine I'll be going now"

He pulled away and began to walk off until his wrist was grabbed and he was yanked back into the alphas hold

"look don’t struggle I will make you feel good I promise" the alpha winks

Yamaguchi started struggling more to get out of the tight hold he was trapped in


He was scared, what was going to happen? He tried wriggling out of the hold but there was no use he couldn’t get free at all, the alpha placed his nose in the crook of Yamaguchi's neck taking a good hard sniff of his sent glands

"ohhh but you do smell good I could just eat you all up"

At that moment Yamaguchi froze and tears starting falling down his stone still face drenching his cheeks ~ no no no no no what am I going to do? I.....i... ~ and at that thought he was forced to the ground smacking his face on the grass bank and the alpha on top of him

"no please please stop I can't...... I won't report you just let me go please"

The man grabs at Yamaguchi's belt and starts to tug on it to loosen it off whilst undoing is own and at that very moment I foot comes flying towards the alphas face sending him flying off of Yamaguchi.

"what the fuck do you think you're doing?!?! Just what was you planning you sick fuck"

The alpha quickly got up and ran away.


The hero with an amazing kick turns to Yamaguchi who is still laying on the floor he was shaking like a leaf tears still falling from his tightly squeezed eyes and whimpering the words "help me help me" in such a soft gentle voice but still shaky, his face hidden into the grass one hand holding his shirt and the other holding onto the grass for dear life. He ran over to Yamaguchi and grabbed him to sit up in his arms

"Tadashi can you hear me? Tadashi you're okay now please stop shaking please"

But he doesn’t stop. He runs his hand through Yamaguchi's hair to get it out of his face and starts making shhh noises to try and relax him, it's starting to work slowly but surely.

"where do you live? I will take you home"

"No! Not ther..."

Yamaguchi's head slowly rolled to the side he had stopped crying, stopped shivering and stopped whimpering, he was out cold.


He pulled his phone out of his back pocket scrolled through his contacts and pressed call. He placed the phoned against his ear and pushed it into his shoulder to keep it in place and he picked Yamaguchi up bridal style and began to walk


"Suga....its Tanaka I need your help"

Chapter Text

Suga freezes in the spot that he is standing in and lets his phone slip out of his hand and hit the floor

Daichi walks into the room and see's Suga standing there staring blankly ahead, he starts to slightly shake and it was at that very moment Daichi ran over to him and placed his hands on either side of his shoulders

"Suga?...what is it? What's wrong?"

Suga looks up into Daichi's eyes

"That was Tanaka...... he err he said th..that Yamaguchi has been attacked and"

He rests his head on Daichi's chest and tears start to form in his eyes, Daichi wraps his arms around Suga and brings him in tight

"and he said that it wasn’t good and he's unconscious and that he needs to come here right away!"

Daichi started to grit his teeth ~who the hell would attack Yamaguchi? ~ and at that very thought a banging came at the front door. Suga rushed to open it and there stood a shaking Tanaka holding Yamaguchi bridal style, Suga's eye widened and he let them in leading them to the living room so he could place Yamaguchi on the sofa.

Tanaka walked over to place a very unconscious Yamaguchi down, after doing so Suga walked over to place a blanket over him ~damn this feels like déjà vu~ he thought to himself but his thoughts were cut short when he noticed some markings on Yamaguchi.

He had bruising around one of his wrists, a very nasty size bruise on the side of his head a couple of grazes over his arms and face and his white school shirt had some traces of blood on it.

Suga gasped and stood back covering his mouth with his hand. Tears were starting to trickle down his cheeks. Daichi stepped over to see what the commotion was about and once he saw he whipped his head around to face Tanaka

"What the hell happened?!?!"

Tanaka had his head down, his eyes were squeezed shut and his fists were clenched, it was safe to say that he was shaking with rage. He looked up at both Daichi and Suga and through gritted teeth

"can we talk in a different room to him......please"

Daichi walked over to Suga and put an arm around his shoulders

"come on let's go to the kitchen"

All three of them walked to the kitchen, Suga put the kettle on whilst Daichi and Tanaka seated themselves around the dining table. Suga bought over the coffee and placed it in front of them and took a seat next to Daichi. After wiping his tears away Suga spoke in a soft voice

"Tanaka. What happened? We need to know the FULL story"

Tanaka placed both his hands around the hot cup of coffee, looked down and took a deep breath just before he began.

"well I'm not really sure where to begin but... I guess it began when I went back to the gymnasium to lock up, I saw that Tsukishima and Yamaguchi were still in there. Well Yamaguchi looked like he had been crying and so I asked what was going on and....I dunno it happened so fast."

Suga was frowning

"what happened so fast?"

Tanaka looked up to Suga and then back down to his coffee and continued with his explanation

"well it was like within the couple minutes I was there Yamaguchi just broke and ran out of the gymnasium I had no idea what was said between them, but he told me that I should go after him.... he made out that it was important that I was the run that ran after him."

Suga and Daichi glanced at each other with a little smirk ~oh how Tanaka is naive~

"so, I didn’t really question it and I ran after him but he was nowhere to be seen. I looked all around the school I checked in all the classrooms and I even checked the boy's toilets he was just know where to be seen. So that’s when I decided to search around outside of school, but I swear I couldn’t even smell his scent anywhere which surprised me because an omega in distress gives off a very over powering smell"

He looked up at them both and leaned slightly forward

"that’s when I began to really worry... how far had he of run and to where? And then..."

He looked back down frowning at his coffee and bit his bottom lip, his hands clenched tightly around his cup. Daichi sat up and cleared his throat

"look Tanaka I can imagine how hard this is right now... but we are really going to have to know what it was exactly that you saw"

Tanaka knew that this part was the most important part but he was just finding it hard to re live what he witnessed at that moment, but he continued

"I started making my way to near where he lives and I heard some muffled yelling coming from a nearby park. I wasn’t just going to ignore it so I went in to check it out. What I saw happening...... "

He paused for a moment shaking his head

"I couldn’t believe it. It was disgusting. Yamaguchi was.... he... he was b..being attacked by an Alpha twice the size of him.... I don’t just mean attacked as beaten up."

Suga whimpered and curled in closer to Daichi who had put his arm around him for comfort. Daichi hummed

"so, what you're saying is, this alpha that was attacking Yamaguchi was trying to force himself upon him?"

Tanaka clenched his fists so hard that his knuckles began to turn white and he gave a very slow nod. At that point Suga was a blubbering ball of mess.

"when I noticed what was happening I saw red and I legged it over to them and booted the guy in the face, that managed to get him off of him and I would have ripped his throat out but the coward ran away. I was about to run after him but I heard Yamaguchi behind me whimpering on the floor clutching at his chest. Of course, I ran straight up to him and knelt down, as I grabbed him into my arms.... I....I noticed that he had been pretty badly man handled before I had got there. I think he smacked his face on the floor because of the markings and his nose was bleeding, he begged me not to take him home and then passed out, and well you know the rest."

Daichi stood from the table causing the chair he was sitting on make a horrible screech across the floor

"we need to call his parents"

"NO! Dai-san you don’t understand.... the way he was when he begged me not to take him home, it made me feel on edge. I just.... I just think there's a lot going on with him then he's giving off."

Daichi frowned at Tanaka but gave him a soft nod

"fine we will wait until he is awake and we will talk to him"

Suga sniffles and wipes his tears away with his sleeves

"I... I ...I don’t know what to say... But Tanaka you saved Yamaguchi from what could have potentially been a life scaring incident and I'm just so so so thankful you were there."
Suga managed to choke out before whimpering again.




A couple hours later Tanaka, Suga and Daichi had calmed down and were still discussing things in the kitchen when all of a sudden they heard screaming coming from the living room, they all shot up and ran towards the noise. Yamaguchi was having terrors in his sleep and was kicking and throwing his arms about.

Suga ran up to him and tried holding him still

"Yamaguchi stop! Your safe now it's me Suga"

He places his hand gently on Yamaguchi's cheek and whispers gentle words to him, it didn’t take long for him to calm down. He slowly opened his eyes and saw Suga with a soft smile looking down at him, he started to push on himself to sit up but quickly stops in action

"ahh ow!"

He grabs his bruised wrist as a pain shot through it, quickly remembering the situation beforehand he shot his head up to look around and saw Daichi and Tanaka also standing there in the room with them. His eyes widened and his lip began to quiver

"I'm sorry"

All three frowned at him. Tanaka stepped forward

"what are you even sorry for? How is what happened to you any of your fault?"

Yamaguchi looked down he could feel the burn of the tears forming in his eyes

"if I w.. wasn't such an idiot...such a stupid omega then.... then none of this would of happened"

Tanaka snapped

"are you for real? What on earth would make you say you’re a stupid omega? What does being an omega even have anything to do with this?"

"Tanaka's right, this could of happened to anyone"

Suga said whilst rubbing small circles on his back, Daichi stepped in

"your just very lucky that Tanaka made it to you on time"

Yamaguchi looked over to Tanaka who was blushing at this point

"th...thank you, I don’t know what I can do to re pay you."

Tanaka did a slight chuckle

"well for now let's keep it as an 'you owe me one' yeah?"

He carries on chuckling, Yamaguchi gave a weak but sincere smile


Yamaguchi winched and grabbed his wrist again

"don’t worry it's not broken, I think it's just a sprain I have a support you can put around it I'll get grab that for you now"

And with that Suga gets up and leaves the living room. There was silent in the room and it began to get a little awkward, Daichi looks between Yamaguchi and Tanaka and decides to leave them both to talk between themselves.

"erm I'm gonna go see what's taking Suga so long"

He says scratching his head and leaves the room. He bumping into Suga in the hallway and grabbed him by the waist.

"come on Hun let's leave them two to talk"

Tanaka walked over to sit at the side of Yamaguchi, he put a hand on his knee and smiled at him making his face go a deep red, no not just him both of them were blushing a deep red. Tanaka took a deep breath

"so back there you told me not to take you back home.... was there a reason for that?"

Yamaguchi looked up at him with worried eyes

" I just didn’t want to worry them is all"

Tanaka's slanted his lip to the side

"hmmm okay but they will notice something has happened to you. I mean come on your covered in bruises and marks there's no way they wouldn’t."

"look I'm fine seriously don’t worry about me I have this covered. I will just say I fell down the stairs at school, its better then them worrying about me and I don’t want to cause a fuss."

Tanaka isn't convinced that Yamaguchi is being completely honest, but he wasn’t going to start questioning him now, he knew he must be under a lot of stress and needed to rest, so he just smiles and nods at him. They sit there talking for a little while about volleyball practice (it’s the only thing Tanaka could think of to take Yamaguchi's mind off of things) Suga walks in holding the wrist support and Daichi follows in behind him. Yamaguchi winched a little bit whilst Suga was putting the support on him. He stands up and starts to gather his bag.

"erm what are you doing"

Suga tilted his head confused, Yamaguchi looked up at him with the same confused look

"I was going to get ready to go home...?"

Tanaka stood up at lightning speed

"go home? You have got to be kidding me you can't walk home by yourself its late and its dark out.... there's just no way!"

Yamaguchi stepped back a bit and looked a little panicked ~I have to go home if I don’t then.... ~

"I have to go home I have things I need to do, if you will excuse me"

He goes to walk past Tanaka but he puts an arm up against his chest.

"I'm sorry Yamaguchi, after what happened I can't let you go by yourself. Let me walk you home"

Alarms were going off in Yamaguchi's head ~no no no no no he can't walk me home what if they were to see him? My parents would

"I ah erm okay but only to the corner I don’t need walking all the way"

He smiles up at him. And with a grunt in return they head towards the front door, just before opening it Yamaguchi bows towards Daichi and Suga and with that they both left.

The walk home was a silent one it was a little chilly out so Tanaka had wrapped his hoodie around Yamaguchi, it smelt of the alpha, it was a strong scent of leather and hard wood, smelling the hoodie a little made him slightly purr but quiet enough that Tanaka wouldn’t hear... or do he thought, Tanaka was looking at him with a goofy smile which made him blush and look down to the floor. He chuckled a little and they carried on walking

Fast approaching the said corner Yamaguchi turns to Tanaka

"okay well this is me, you don’t have to walk me to the door I'm fine from here"

Tanaka sighs in frustration but nods anyway, Yamaguchi turns around about to walk off towards his house when


Tanaka shouted for him, he spun around quickly


Yamaguchi looked confused

"I erm I just remembered I don’t have your contact, maybe you could err"

Tanaka stood scratching the back of his head and blushing slightly, Yamaguchi beams a smile

"yeah sure here you go"

They both place their phones up next to each other and with a beep their contacts were transferred. Both shutting their phones and placing them back in there pocket they give each other a shy smile.

Yamaguchi turned back around and made his was to his house, he got his key out and quietly unlocked and opened the door stepping through he continued quietly shutting the door behind him. Tanaka watched and made sure he made his way all the way in and when he was sure he leant against the wall behind him, he grabbed his phone out of his pocket flipped it open and looked at his newly saved contact, he smiled slightly and hummed a little before flipping it back down and putting it back in his pocket.

And with that he made a slight jog back to his own home.

Chapter Text

11pm that very evening  

Tanaka was laying on his bed staring up at the ceiling. 

~ Man, what a day! I really wasn’t expecting it to be so.... hectic, I swear I could have ripped that guys throat out, argh just thinking about him angers me, if I see him again I won't hold back. I hope Yamaguchi is alright now. I wonder what he's doing... ~ 

He sat up and swung both his legs round off the bed. He lent forward resting his elbows on his knees and placed his hands together and slowly placed is forehead on his thumbs. He sat there for a little while in deep thought. 

~ what is this feeling? Why do I feel so protective over him? I mean yeah, I like him but... I just thought he was cute. Who wouldn’t think he was cute though? His hair is silky and soft looking, it falls perfectly round his face and that cute little strand that just stands there looking like it's trying to pick up signal~ 

He chuckled slightly to himself  

~ and his adorable freckles, my god his freckles... it's like Suga has a beauty spot but with Yamaguchi it's like "here have louds just to state that you are the most beautiful person created" ~ 

Tanaka lifted his head slightly and frowned in confusion  

~ wait what the hell am I thinking? Does thinking about him like that make me a creep? Ahhh it can't be helped he's just so precious! Not just in his looks though, his personality is defiantly one to be inspired by, he's so caring and nice to everyone, I don’t think I've ever heard him say a bad word about anyone... not even Tsukishima and he's a dickhead. ~ 

Tanaka looked up placing his arms either side of him to push himself up, he walks over to a picture on his wall. It’s of the whole Karasuno team stood at the side of each other, Daichi with his arm over Suga's shoulder both with big smiles, next to Suga stood Asahi with a cheesy smile and one hand behind his head, then there was Noya his mouth wide open and his tongue out with both his eyes squeezed tight followed by Ennoshita, Kinoshita and Narita all looking professional with upright postures facing forward, then there was Kageyama slightly leaning to the side with a shocked expression looking to his left where Hinata was in mid jump (almost like a star jump) with a massive smile plastered on his face and on the other side of Hinata was Tsukishima with a pissed off expression also looking towards Hinata. Yamaguchi was next to Tsukishima almost looking embarrassed to be having his picture taken, one of his arms going across his midsection holding his elbow to his other arm that was by his side, and lastly stood Tanaka with both his hands in his pockets giving a half frown expression to the camera. 

Tanaka was just looking at the picture on his wall for a couple seconds before placing his index finger over Yamaguchi's face and slowly slid it down, he tilted his head slightly and smirked 

~ I like him ~ 

He walked over to his desk, picked his phone up and searched through his contacts until he came across the one he was looking for  



Tanaka: hey Yamaguchi I was just wondering... we don’t have school tomorrow and I ermmmm just wondered if you wanted to maybe do something.... like go to the festival? 


Tanaka hit send and threw his phone onto the bed. 

~ what if he doesn’t like me back? What if he says no? Then I just look like an idiot.... as always ~ 

He started pacing around his room waiting for a reply, the suspense was real. 








Tanaka dived onto his bed grabbing his phone and flipping it up  


Yamaguchi:  yes! That sounds amazing! See you then :)


Tanaka sighed with relief clutching the phone to his chest. He rolls over onto his back and smiles 


~ YES! ~ 

Chapter Text

Day of the festival



"Ryuuuuuuuuuuuu! Wake up! You have a guest"

Tanaka rolled over and mumbled something that wasn’t quite understandable and pulled the duvet over his head. The next thing he knew someone was jumping on his bed pulling at the blanket in which he reacted with another mumble and rolled back over, the bouncing stopped and Tanaka slowly opened one eye to see who was there but just when he was about to get a glimpse his pillow was snatched from beneath his head and was now being repeatedly pummeled into his face.

"okay okay I'm up I'm up! Just stop!"

He half laughed and looked up, stood before him was his best friend Noya with both his hands resting on his waist and a smile plastered across his face. Well doesn’t he look accomplished.

"why are you here so early?"

Tanaka asks whilst yawning and rubbing his eyes

"early? It isn't early its 11am! Your sister let me in just as she was leaving to get ready for her drumming practice, I didn’t know she was performing at the festival?!"

Noya tilted his head when he saw that Tanaka was glaring at him.

"what time does the festival start again?"

He said to Noya. He puts his finger on his chin and hums slightly before answering Tanaka

"pretty sure the parade starts at 2pm and then all the stalls open at 3pm, and the fireworks... I'm not really sure when they start"

Noya began to chuckle. Tanaka stood up and grabbed his phone noticing that he had a message from Yamaguchi


Yamaguchi: Good morning, sorry I completely forgot but I'm meeting up with Tsukki this morning to go shopping for a Yukata for the festival. I can meet you at the main gate entrance after the parade? :)


Tanaka: Sure thing, see you then.


Tanaka flipped his phone down and looked over to Noya who was now sat on his bed reading a manga.

"erm Noya I have a date today..."

"is it Yamaguchi?"

Noya interrupted him, still flicking through the manga. Tanaka stood there with a dumbfounded look upon his face

"er er how did.... How did you know?"

Noya sighed and closed the book, he sat up and gave Tanaka the 'really' look

"the whole team knew you two liked each other.... probably before either of you knew to be honest"

Noya started laughing, He stood there confused but just shrugged it off. Suddenly Noya jumped off the bed and hoped over to stand right in front of him

"which reminds me! Asahi asked me to court him yesterday! He was a right nervous mess but I made it easier for him and cut him short by just saying yes! I've been waiting ages for him to ask me, to be honest I never thought he would... he got me this as a courting gift"

He reaches into his shirt and pulls out a chain that was around his neck and on that chain was a little metal feather

"his exact words were 'if it wasn’t for you flying all over the court then we would have never been able to leave the ground' cheesy, right?!"

Noya smiled and blushed slightly whilst tucking the necklace back into his top, Tanaka smirked at the happy little omega. He put his hand on Noya's shoulder

"let's eat and get ready for the festival"

Noya smiles at up at him

"sounds like a plan! I bought my Yukata with me so I can get changed here!"

And with that they went and made some food.




Daichi and Suga



"Daiiiiiiiiii! Can you please bring me a towel!!"

Daichi grabs a towel from the bedroom cupboard and walks into the bathroom where Suga was taking a shower, to Daichi's disappointment the shower curtain was across and he couldn’t get a good look of his beautiful omega in all his natural glory, and he knew if he was to take a little peak then Suga would more than likely hit him. Suga thanked him for the towel and was about to wash the shampoo out of his hair when he noticed Daichi was still in the bathroom, he peeked his head round the curtain and gave the Alpha a little glare

"you can leave the room now..."

Daichi let out a little groan and left the room, Suga grinned to himself and finished off in the shower. When he was done he stepped out and wrapped the towel around his whole body and tucked it under his armpits, he made his way into the bedroom where Daichi was putting on his Yukata. Suga's jaw dropped a little at the sight of his alpha in a Yukata ~ damn can he get anymore sexy ~ he thought to himself. He made his way over to his dresser leaning over to get his hairbrush his towel fell down and was now laying on the floor revealing Suga's semi wet naked body, Daichi spun around on his heels after seeing what had happened behind him through the mirror and made a slow approach towards the omega

"no no no don’t even think about it we have to get ready!"

Suga waving his hands in a quick motion slowly moving backwards, Daichi gave a little smirk

"just let me touch you a little bit... thats all!"


"come on just a little"


"coooooome onnnnnn please"

"no because I know what your like"

At this point Daichi was chasing Suga around the bedroom, he went to escape by crawling across the bed but Daichi managed to grab his ankle, feeling defeated Suga looked at him

"fine.... but just a little!"


Daichi crawled on top of Suga who was lying flat on his back and started kissing up his neck taking a few moments to smell his scent glands ~ ahhh perfect, caramel and marshmallow ~ he places little kisses up the side of his face making his way to his beauty spot, he pulls himself up slightly so that he was looking into Suga's eyes, he places his thumb gently on his beauty stop and strokes it slightly, this causes the omega to purr and rub his face into the alphas hand. Daichi gives a soft smile

"how are you so perfect?"

Suga blushes and covers his face with both his hands, Daichi moves the omegas hands out the way and pins his arms above his head holding them there in place, he then began to passionately kiss Suga on the lips and slowly made his way down his chin causing Suga to tilt his head up. He started to make a trail of sloppy kisses down his neck all the way to his chest causing the omega to shiver


Daichi smirks and lets out a little growl

"okay okay that’s enough"

Suga begins to struggle's and manages to free himself from Daichi's hold, he jumps off the bed and makes his way over to the wardrobe

"whats wrong?"

Daichi asks worriedly

"oh, nothing is wrong... it's just...I... erm... well you know"

Daichi shakes his head

"no, I don’t follow. Is everything alright?"

"pfft...oh god...pff....pffft"

Suga tried to stop himself from laughing but to no use he was now in hysterics, Daichi tilted his head to one side still not sure what was up with his mate

"Dai its nothing to worry about hahaha it's just pffft.... I hahaha"

The alpha just starred and waited patiently for the omega to calm down

"okay I think I'm good, what I was trying to say was... of course nothing is wrong it's just that.... you were turning me on Daichi! I mean look at you! My alpha in a Yukata and all over me! kissing me everywhere... plus I could smell your pheromones and they was defiantly screaming 'take this omega right here right now'… and well I kinda liked it...but! We have to get ready for the festival!"

Daichi looked at him bewildered but he knew he was right, they did need to get ready. Suga slipped into his Yukata and turned to Daichi and put his arms out in a way of saying 'how do I look?' The alpha looked him up and down and then darted towards him grabbing his shoulders he bent down slightly and grabbed Suga's nipple in his mouth and quickly nibbled it.

"u... uh...uhh ahh"

Suga flinched away

"what the hell Daichi?!"

The alpha chuckled

"sorry sorry sorry... it's just... Your nipple was out I couldn’t help myself hahaha"

The omega turned bright red and with a huff he turned back round to face the mirror, Daichi still giggling in the background Suga carried on getting himself ready. Once they were both ready they left the house and made their way to the parade.




Kageyama and Hinata




Kageyama: Hinata boke! You better be getting ready!


Hinata: I am! Bakageyama! You better be as well!


Kageyama: I am!


Hinata: what time are we meeting?


Kageyama: I will walk to yours to get you and we will make our way together... 


Hinata: okay sounds good to me


Kageyama: I love you.


Hinata: :O


Kageyama: Boke!!!


Hinata: hehehe I love you too


Hinata flips his phone down and continues getting into his Yukata, once he's ready he sits down at his desk and grabs a volleyball magazine from the side ~ I think I've read this enough times that I could recite it backwards ~ the little omega started to doze off in his seat when suddenly there was a knock at his bedroom door


Hinata yelled, and in came his little sister Natsu

"Brother your boyfriend is at the door!"

Hinata blushed at this, he stood up and made his way downstairs. He opened the door and there stood his alpha in a black Yukata ~ oh my god. Amazing! He looks amazing! I never thought that Kageyama could look any better than what he already does, but wow he looks handsome I can feel my heart going gwah!! ~ Both of them standing there looking like awkward blushing idiots. Kageyama holds out his hand towards Hinata

"shall we?"

Hinata gave a massive smile and grabbed the alphas hand


They then walked hand in hand to the festival.




At the festival




Tanaka stood waiting at the main entrance by himself, lots of people were coming in and out of the gate and he was trying to see through everyone but didn’t have much luck.

He felt a sudden little tap on his shoulder he turned around and saw Yamaguchi stood there giving a little wave, he was wearing a dark blue Yukata with lighter blue stripes across it. ~ wow Yamaguchi looks absolutely stunning in a Yukata how am I ever going to keep my eyes off him ~

"oh, Yamaguchi you look really good in a Yukata"

"so do you! it really suites you"

Tanaka looks up to see Yamaguchi also smiling, he goes to smile back but he got distracted

"erm Yamaguchi how did you get that cut on your lip?"

The omega quickly places a finger across the cut on his lip

"oh this? I fell out of bed this morning and hit my face on the draws"

he said whilst chuckling nervously with a hand behind his head, Tanaka frowned but thought nothing more of it. They both made their way through the gate and dropped some money in the donation pot.

It looked amazing! There was rows and rows of stalls one side selling lots of random things like teddies, good luck charms, fortunes, jewelry, fans and much more. The other side was things that you could win and at the far back there was stands that were selling different types of food. There was multi coloured lanterns hanging everywhere, paper dragons dangling from near on every stall, sake barrels scattered in different places, children running about wearing masks on the side of their head waving around sparklers. The sound of laughter and everyone having a good time, it really was a beautiful sight. They both wondered around for a while playing different games such as apple bobbing and catching a rubber duck with a mini fishing line to win a prize, sadly Tanaka wasn’t very good at either of them but it didn't matter because Yamaguchi was having a good time laughing at Tanaka's struggles and it made Tanaka happy knowing Yamaguchi was having a good time.

time was flying by and it was getting really dark but that made the whole place look ten times better, it was so colourful. A man on one of the stalls called Tanaka and Yamaguchi over

"hello you lovely people, your both looking good! Could I interest you in any of this jewelry, I'm sure these bracelets will suite your mate here"

The man pointed to Yamaguchi, the omega blushed and looked down

"oh erm he's not my mate... I mean. I"

Tanaka was cut off

"oh, sorry my bad my bad"

The man started laughing. Yamaguchi started looking around awkwardly

"oh Tanaka! Tsukki is over there I'm just gonna go say hi, I'll be right back"

Tanaka nodded and carried on talking to the man at the stall once he was done he turned around and made his way over to the tall blonde

"oi Tsukishima where's Yamaguchi?"

The towering omega turned around to look at Tanaka with a pissed off face

"huh? Yamaguchi isn't with me..."

Tanaka felt his heart sink, he started looking all around him but the omega was nowhere to be seen ~ no, no, no, no, where is he? What if something happens to him? He was literally right by my side a minute ago. ~ He looked up to Tsukki

"we need to find him! He can't be on his own!"

Tsukki frowned at him and pushed his glasses up slightly with his index finger

"is that so? And why not?"

"because of what happened to him yesterday!"

"yesterday? You mean he told you about his parents?"

Tanaka looked at him confused

"parents? Wh..what do you mean?"

Tsukki sighed and was about to explain but was interrupted

"look we don’t have time to stand around and chat we need to find him!"

They both nodded at each other and turned around to go in different directions.

Tanaka was running through the crowd dodging all the small children and stopping every now and then to get a good look around.


The shouting came from a distance. He spun around and saw Daichi, Suga, Asahi, Noya, Kageyama and Hinata he ran over to them in a panicked state. Suga looked at him worriedly

"Tanaka what's the matter you look all flushed"

He caught his breath back and began to explain the situation. Daichi and Suga looked at each other and gave a short nod

"okay we will help you look for him, let's all split up, we all have our phones on us, right? Kageyama...Hinata you go look over by the food stall...Asahi! you and Noya go look by the sake stand. Suga and myself will go to the prize stand"

And with that they all split up to search for the lost omega.

~ where could he have gone? How is he nowhere to be seen? Please be okay please be okay ~

Tanaka's thoughts were cut when he heard a quiet whimpering from round behind the toilets. He walked around to see what was happening ~ please don’t be him please don’t be him ~ he thought to himself but to his horror it was him. He was being held up against the wall by his throat, it seems to be an alpha a little taller than himself but not an alpha that he recognized.

"oi! What the hell are you doing?!"

Tanaka stormed up to them, Yamaguchi turned his head slightly tears were falling down his cheeks and his lip was bust open in the same place he noticed was cut earlier and a little trail of blood was trickling down his chin. Tanaka saw red and was about to approach them but the alpha made a low growl which caused him to stop the approach

"hahaha so you must be the alpha that gave this stupid little omega his hoodie am I right?... of course I am! you stink of leather and wood... Just one question though... why this useless piece of trash?"

He says whilst squeezing tighter on the grip he had around Yamaguchi's throat causing the omega to gasp for breath. Tanaka growled at the alpha


The alpha laughed at Tanaka with a crazed look in his eyes

"why should I? He's my son after all, I can do what the hell I like."

He turned and bought his face closer to Yamaguchi who was taking small strained breaths over the tight hold that his dad still had around his neck.

"why don’t you stop pestering alphas you little slut can't you see your worthless... You will just get in the way and cause them trouble. I thought that alpha I hired yesterday would put you right off them but noooo you're still a disgusting whore"

He spat in his sons face and raised his clenched fist

~ alpha he hired yesterday? Wait... he hired the guy in the park that I kicked off Yamaguchi to do.... THAT to his own son? ~

that was it!

Before the fist reached the omegas face the alpha was tackled to the floor, Yamaguchi dropped to his knees coughing trying to catch his breath. Tanaka was on top of the alpha throwing punches left and right to each side of his face, said alpha managed to flip Tanaka off and climb on top of him, he managed to get one punch in before he was jumped on

"what the hell! Get off me germ!"

Tanaka looked up and saw that Yamaguchi had jumped on top of his dad, his arms wrapped around his neck trying to pull him off of him, the alpha swung his arm back and elbowed the omega in the side of the face causing him to fall and hit his head on the concrete floor the omega laid there still, not moving at all. Tanaka managed to shove the alpha off of him and gave him one quick kick to the face causing him to retreat, he stood up and spat out some blood

"you haven't seen the last of me!"

He stumbled backwards and made his way out of sight.

Tanaka turned around quickly and ran over to Yamaguchi who was still out cold, ~ no, no, no, please don’t do this to me, please be okay ~ he knelt down at the side of him and placed his arm around his head sitting him up slightly, he uses the sleeve of his Yukata to wipe away the blood that was dripping down his chin

"Tadashi...please open your eyes"

And at that very moment his eyes start to flicker open he looks up at Tanaka and gives a soft smile

"thank you"

He manages to mumble out ~oh thank god ~ he pulls Yamaguchi into a tight embrace and whispers into his ear how scared he was and that he thought he had lost him, the omega pulls back and gives him a cheesy smile

"well thanks to you I'm okay"

They both stood up and sighed at the same time causing them to both laugh

"you can explain everything to me another time but right now there getting ready for the fireworks display and I really want to watch them with you! Shall we?"

Tanaka holds out his hand and Yamaguchi gratefully links his arm within his and they walk off to find a good spot. They decided that the bottom of the grass bank situated at the side of a running lake was the best place, before they sat down Tanaka grabbed Yamaguchi's hand


The omega turned around surprised

"everything okay?"

The alpha took a deep breath and rummaged his hand into his Yukata pulling out a thin strapped brown leather bracelet with silver metal letters across it that read the word 'BRAVE'

"I...err I'm not really sure on how to go about this but.... Tadashi"

Yamaguchi blushed at the use of his first name

"when you first joined Karasuno I couldn’t keep my eyes off of you, at first I thought it's just a crush and I tried to think nothing of it, but as time went on and I got to know you and I saw how truly amazing you really are..... I knew deep down it was something more than a little crush...I....fell...... I fell in love with you Tadashi. I never thought I would have a high hope in hell... being with you because... well look at me. I'm loud, immature, I'm not that funny and I'm not...I'm not a good enough alpha for you. I'm always late getting to you when you need someone the most, but what I'm saying is...... I would do anything! For you and I promise to always take care of you and I will always have your back. So.... really what I'm trying to say is...well...I'm....I'm asking to court you. I Bought you this gift because no matter what your going through your always smiling and you're always putting on a brave face. You’re an amazing omega and I would love to have you at my side."

Tanaka looked up from the bracelet he was holding and wasn’t quite expecting to see what was in front of him, Yamaguchi was staring at him with tears streaming down his face

~ I fucked up ~

"Your crying! I erm I'm sorry I didn’t think"



"yes I will court you"

Tanaka beamed a massive smile and placed the bracelet on Yamaguchi's wrist








The fireworks started making both of them to jump, they both looked at each other and giggled. Tanaka placed his hand gently on Yamaguchi's cheek with his fingers slightly running through his hair causing the omega to close his eyes in comfort, he leant in slowly and placed his lips carefully on Yamaguchi's in which the omega accepted. It was long and it was meaningful, the love between the alpha and omega was real. Tanaka pulled away and Yamaguchi began to blush causing Tanaka to smile.

Little did they know that the rest of the volleyball team was stood at the top of the grass bank smiling like a bunch of idiots looking down at the newly courted members.

Chapter Text


Yamaguchi: hey Tsukki! Did you and Akiteru have a good time at the festival yesterday? I stayed at Daichi and Suga's place last night, Suga accidently drank someone's sake and got really drunk (it was quite funny actually) although he scared Daichi a few times haha he ended up inviting everyone to stay the night, (lucky bought a bag with our clothes in) were all up making breakfast but Suga's still in bed sleeping. When you're ready why don’t you come over? Also, Tanaka asked me to court him last night and I said YES! It was really romantic! He gave this whole speech and we kissed! And there were fireworks in the background and everything! :) oh and he got me a leather bracelet that says brave on it!


Tsukki: you message to much for someone in the morning....


Yamaguchi: but Tsukki!!


Tsukki: Congratulations. I'll be over once I have finished my homework.


Yamaguchi flips his phone down and proceeds to help make breakfast alongside Noya, Hinata, Ennoshita, Narita and Kinoshita whilst Asahi, Kageyama, Tanaka and Daichi sat around the dining table.

"waaaaaaahhh Daichi!!"

Everyone stops what they're doing and looks up.

"well that’s my Que"

Daichi stood and made his way upstairs, he enters the bedroom and makes his way over to Suga who was laying on the bed holding his head

"everything okay?"

He said stroking the omegas cheek

" its not Daichi. My head feels like it's been split in half and I feel sick...."

Daichi sighs and chuckles slightly

"well that’s what you get for getting drunk last night"

Suga slowly sat up looking puzzled

"drunk? I didn’t get drunk. I'm not even old enough to buy alcohol.... ow ow ow"

The omega raised his hand to his forehead and squeezed his eyes shut. Daichi lent forward and bought Suga into his chest giving him a very light cuddle.

"well you complained about being extremely thirsty and grabbed a cup of someone's sake by mistake and downed the whole thing in one go, and well... you started acting strange... playing up in a sense hahaha you started stumbling everywhere and telling everyone you loved them and how much of a proud mama you are"

Suga blushed the brightest red to this news

"that’s not all... you then climbed on top of tables and started to dance... not just normal dancing.... the way you dance for me... and when you started stripping your clothes off is when I had to jump in and stop you, I had to carry you all the way home"

Daichi began to laugh, Suga pulled himself out of the cuddle

"oh no no no how embarrassing!"

The omega cried out whilst covering his face with his hands.

"oh, and you also invited..."


Daichi was cut short.

"That’s enough I don’t want to hear anymore of how much of an idiot I was last night, I'm going downstairs and getting some aspirin"

"wait Suga your naked! You can't..."

"oh shut up Daichi! I can walk around naked in my own home"

He began to walk down the stairs, Daichi ran out of the bedroom and tried to catch up to him

"wait! Suga you can't!"

As Suga walked into the kitchen he was greeted by the faces of the whole volleyball team minus Tsukki.

"ahhhhhhh oh my god!!!"

The omega screamed whilst cupping his manhood and ran back up the stairs passing Daichi on route, everyone in the kitchen started looking at each other with shocked expressions.

Suga slammed the bedroom door behind him and crawled under the duvet cover, Daichi quietly opened the door and slowly approached the human sushi roll that was on the bed. The omega was whimpering under the duvet

"why didn’t you tell me Dai? Why didn’t you say that everyone was here?!?!"

Daichi took a step back

"wahhh? I did try! You just didn’t listen to me... you invited them all to stay the night"

Suga threw the duvet off of himself and huffed, blowing part of his hair out of his face. Daichi grinned at him

"look, I don’t think they will say anything. Put some clothes on and make your way back downstairs, I'll wait for you in the kitchen."

With that he left leaving Suga to get on with what he needed to do.

A couple of minutes past and Suga made his way back into the kitchen, everyone was sat around the table tucking into their breakfast, he sat himself next to Daichi and awkwardly looked around. Hinata stood up and bought a plate of food over to Suga along with a glass of water and some aspirin, he smiled at Suga as he placed said items in front of him

"look Suga don’t be embarrassed we didn’t see anything"

The orange haired omega assured him. Suga smiled up at him and nodded, they all continued to eat their food.

When finished everyone made their way into the living room, there was a knock at the door, Daichi got up to answer it

"ohh its you Tsukki, come on in"

"thank you, oh erm I think I was being followed here but I'm not quite sure... Where's Yamaguchi?"

"he's in the living room, please..."

He holds his arm out leading Tsukki to the living room. It didn’t take him long to look for him as he came bouncing over with a massive grin on his face


"shut up Yamaguchi"

"sorry Tsukki"

At that moment there was another knock on the door, which was alright because Daichi hadn't moved that far away since he did just let Tsukki in.

He opened the door and there stood a medium built man about the same height as himself, he wore a perfectly fitted dark blue suit and was holding a brief case, he had short dark brown hair that was gelled to the side, dark brown eyes and a couple of freckles across his nose, he had a business aura about him and he stank of copper and wood chip... defiantly an alpha. ~is this a salesman~ his thoughts were cut short

"is Tadashi here?"

Daichi looked at him skeptically

"who's asking?"

"oh, sorry I should have introduced myself, my name is Yamaguchi Hiroten I'm Tadashi's father, he didn’t come home last night and my wife and I was worried about him."

"Daii who's at the door?"

Suga walks up behind him. The man at the door looked past Daichi and right at Suga giving him the dirtiest look someone could give another

"argh male omegas seem to be everywhere these days..."

Daichi shot a glare to the man at the door

"what did you just say?"

The man gave a short laugh and looked back at Daichi

"oh I'm sorry are you friends with it?"

Daichi gave an inner growl towards the man

"actually, yeah he's my mate. Problem with that?"

The man began to laugh hysterically and stepped forward trying to enter the house in which Daichi stood in the way, this caused Suga to step back a bit. The rest of the team heard the commotion and made their way into the hallway to see what was going on


Yamaguchi shouted from behind everyone causing them all to look at him, Tanaka stood in front of Yamaguchi

"what are you doing here?"

He growled at the man.

"I am here to collect my son."

He let out some threatening pheromones causing all the omegas to bow their heads which irritated the alphas

"what's your problem?"

Kageyama stepped forward

"I don’t appreciate you letting out your pheromones making my partner and friends bow their heads"

The man at the door became serious and pushed past Daichi heading towards Yamaguchi with his arm reached out in front of him but Suga jumped in front of him


He quivered in front of the alpha and looked down when the man gave off more pheromones


He back handed Suga round the face causing the omega to yelp and fall to the side grabbing his cheek


Daichi grabbed the man from behind and tried dragging the Alpha out the house which wasn’t easy as he started to throw his body about and was kicking his legs up

"get off of me!!"

He yelled, but there was no way in hell that he was going to get away with hitting his omega. Daichi through the man out the door causing him to land on the ground, Daichi gave a loud growl towards the man. He spat towards Daichi's feet causing the alpha to lose it, he jumps on top of him and began to throw punches repeatedly to his face. With no signs of stopping Ennoshita, Kinoshita and Narita came rushing out the house to pull Daichi off the very unconscious man. That was proven to be quite difficult even though there was three of them. Once Daichi was off the man he was breathing heavy and still had an angered look in his face. Suga came out and rubbed Daichi's back

"Daichi I'm okay.... thank you"

Daichi turned around and grabbed his omega in a tight embrace. The rest of the team were still stood in the hallway slightly confused as to what just happened. Narita was on the phone to the ambulance service. Once the crew got there it was Ennoshita who explained to them what had happened was in self-defense. The paramedics put the alpha on the stretcher and went on their way.

"I think I can explain everything"

Yamaguchi spoke up. Tanaka turned to face him and gave him a kiss on the forehead

"let's go back to the living room"

They all seated themselves down, apart from Yamaguchi who was still standing

"first I'd like to apologize for my dad's behavior"

He grabbed his hands and looked down

"you don’t need to apologize on behalf of that jerk's behavior"

Noya spoke up, Yamaguchi gave him a soft smile but looked down again

"ermmm I don’t really know where to begin, I've never really spoke about my home life before so I'll just explain from the start..."

He takes a deep shaky breath

"both my parents are alphas and when I was little I had the best childhood... the best upbringing anyone could ever ask for...but.... when I presented as an omega they couldn’t believe it. They were disgusted. My dad never liked omegas and he especially hated male omegas.... he always said that they were filthy and undesirable creatures, and my mum was exactly the same. The day they found out about me my parents argued all night, I could hear them from my bedroom...they were saying such awful things and....well I cried myself to sleep that night... My mother ignores my whole existence... and usually my dad does too...well apart from when he's had a drink, then that’s a whole new story. He used to get his belt and pin me across the table and would whip the hell out of my back until it was bleeding and I was no longer responsive..."

He bit his lip and took a moment before he carried on

"when my heats came around.... they were the worst times."

A single tear fell down his cheek but he carried on

"my heats have always been very painful and I can barely cope with them. They used to lock me in the basement where I had to lay on the hard-wooden floor with no food and one bottle of water to last me days, I ended up getting lots of splinters from the floor where I was in so much pain I couldn't stand up, I was never allowed to relieve myself because that brought greater punishment..."

His cheeks were now completely wet from tears, he took a couple shakier breaths before continuing

"Tsukki is.... well was the only one who knew what was happening at home and he always told me that I need to leave... he even offered for me to stay at his until I found my feet"

Everyone turned to Tsukki as if to say 'so you do have feelings' in which he looked back at them with a glare

"but I always refused his offer and lied to him saying that everything was getting better at home... when truth is it never got better. A couple of days ago I got attacked in the park by an alpha... he ermmm he errrr"

Yamaguchi looked to his hands and twiddled his thumbs

"we get it... you don't need to go into greater detail"

Asahi spoke.

"so, when you told me that it was a small run in with your dad you also lied to me about that too"

Tsukki said with slight irritation in his voice, Yamaguchi was still looking down at his hands and gave a slight nod


"I'm so sorry I didn’t want to lie to anyone I just didn't want people to worry about me. Last night at the festival my dad attacked me as I was about to approach Tsukki, he dragged me behind the toilets where no one was and choked me but luckily Tanaka got there in time.... because I generally thought that he was going to kill me... my dad also admitted that he hired the alpha in the park to attack me to put me off going near other alphas... I'm really sorry everyone I didn't mean to put a damper on anyone's day but I think it was about time that I told someone because now I feel like I can tell someone at school and they can help me with finding somewhere to live."

"live with me."

Everyone turned to Tanaka with shocked expressions


"live with me Yamaguchi"

The omega stood very still staring at Tanaka, he couldn’t believe what he had just said

"I'm serious... it's just me and my sister and I'm sure she won't live with me"

Yamaguchi put his hands up to his face covering his mouth and nose, tears started to fall down his cheeks all over again and he gave Tanaka a few small nods. Tanaka smiled and walked over to him wrapping his arms tightly around him and whispered in his ear

"I will never let ANYONE! Hurt you again"

The room was filled with very emotional omegas, slightly irritated alphas and 3 shocked betas, So to brighten the mood Suga suggested that they all go for a pic nik, and everyone including Tsukki was up for the idea. They all ran into the kitchen to prepare bits to take with them.

There was a quick change in the atmosphere everyone was laughing and giggling, Asahi was preparing the sushi, Kageyama was making little sandwiches whilst Hinata was annoying him, Daichi and Suga were preparing bottles of juice to take with them, Tsukki, Ennoshita, and Narita were cutting up some vegetables, Kinoshita and Noya were making a fruit salad and Tanaka was packing all the cutlery into the basket. Yamaguchi stood there looking at everyone doing their own thing, he felt like a massive weight had been lifted off his shoulders, and now just maybe he could live a normal life. He gave a cute little smile and walked over to help Tanaka pack the basket.

Once everything was packed and ready they all left the house making their way to a park that wasn’t too far away from the house. Daichi laid out the blanket across the grass whilst Suga was unloading the basket. Tsukki whipped his phone out and started playing music on a relatively low level... well low enough everyone could still hear each other talking. Everyone sat down in a messy circle and started to chow down on all the food.

"you three aren't going to be at school tomorrow, are you?"

Noya says with his mouth slightly full of sushi.

"no. Ennoshita, Narita and myself are going on a short holiday with our families"

Kinoshita explained. Hinata jumped up in excitement

"wow your families know each other? And go on holidays together?"

"haha yeah they have been friends with one another since before we were born!"

Everyone was looking at them with amazement

"well we will miss you guys whilst your gone!"

Suga smiled at the three betas.

"oi boke! That was my sandwich"

"no bakageyama! It was clearly mine"

"give it back!"

"make me!"

Hinata and Kageyama started to playfully wrestle each other down the grass bank, Kageyama looked like he had the upper hand that was until Hinata managed to jump on top of him causing them both to topple over, after a few moments had passed they stopped play fighting realizing that they had lost the sandwich they were arguing over in the first place, they both looked at each other and started laughing. Hinata was sat on top of Kageyama who was lying on his back in defeat, the omega quickly gave the alpha a little kiss on his nose then jumped up and ran back to everyone else, this caused Kageyama to blush intensely so he waited a couple of minutes until he made his way back.

Noya was trying to feed Asahi sushi but he was never that great at using chop sticks and well the alpha was covered in fish and rice, this caused Suga and Daichi to crack up laughing. In the background Tsukki and Yamaguchi was having a conversation of their own, Tsukki lifted his fist up slightly and Yamaguchi grinned up at him and gave him a fist bump.

The smell of the grass was affecting Narita's allergies causing him to sneeze at least 8 times in a row, Ennoshita and Kinoshita began to laugh at this and decided to grab hand falls of grass to throw at him in which he pleaded waving his hands in front of him, but to no use he was now covered in grass. Tanaka was pointing and laughing at the two betas mischievous behavior towards the third.

About 2 hours had passed and they all decided it was time to pack up and leave. Everyone helped gather the stuff and take it back to Daichi and Suga's place before they went their own ways.

"see you later guys thank you for letting us stay the night!"

Noya shouted and waved walking off with Asahi.

"stop pushing..."

"I'm not pushing your just in the way!"

"how am I in the way??"

"thank you for taking care of us"

Kageyama bowed and grabbed Hinata by the collar before walking off, the omega smiled and waved goodbye.

"thank you for having us, we won't see you for 2 weeks now, so let's go for lunch when we get back? "

Ennoshita offered

"yeah that sounds good"

Suga smiles The three betas bowed

"ermm I'm going to leave with them, they live in the same direction as me so..."

Daichi nodded

"okay Tsukki see you tomorrow"

The omega nodded and placed his head phones in place.

Tanaka and Yamaguchi were hand in hand and approached Suga and Daichi

"thank you so much for having us the night, I'm sorry again for what happened with my dad"

Daichi sighed

"don’t worry about it. Not that you care but I'm sorry for nearly killing him..."

Tanaka chuckled

"well it was going to be one of us hahaha"

Suga walked up to Yamaguchi and rubbed either side of his arms

"if you need to talk to anyone were always here for you"

Yamaguchi smiled back at him


Daichi placed a hand on Tanaka shoulder


Everyone cracked up laughing. Yamaguchi and Tanaka left and Suga was looking up at Daichi grinning

"hmmmmm yes? can I help you Suga? You look like you want something..."

"oh, do I? Maybe your right..."

He pressed himself against the alphas chest, looking up at him he bites his bottom lip whilst undoing his shirt buttons. Daichi started to get flustered at his omega teasing him

"Right that’s it!"

Daichi grabs Suga flings him over his shoulder and makes his way up the stairs

"were taking this to the bedroom!"

Suga chuckles

"oh no a big bad alpha has taken me hostage"

He teases.

"that’s not all I'm going to do"

Chapter Text

Kageyama and Hinata were taking a slow walk back when Hinata stops all of a sudden

"ermmmm....Kageyama I..."

Kageyama stops walking and turns around

"what's up?"

he looked at the orange haired boy surprised, Hinata started blushing, he didn’t quite know how to put it

"when we get back to yours...I want to... I mean... Can we.... can we, do it?"

Kageyama had absolutely no idea what he was going on about

"what? you want me to throw you some tosses?"

The omega sighed to himself and frowned up at Kageyama

"no... that’s not quite what I mean.... I want to.... have....ahhhh never mind"

He started walking again with a quicker pace this time walking past Kageyama who was still standing still

"hey boke! Wait up"

He did a short sprint and caught up to Hinata who looked slightly annoyed

"what's up? Have I done something to annoy you?"

Hinata stopped again and turned to face Kageyama

"no... no you haven't done anything to annoy me....... Your just an idiot"

He chuckled slightly to himself

"then please just talk to me"

He grabbed Hinata and pulled him into a cuddle

"okay well.... I think I'm ready to do THAT with you"

Kageyama stood there wide eyed

"w... w... wait you mean?... ar... are you sure?"

Hinata nodded his head quickly and looked up to the alpha with a wide smile

"I'm sure"

Kageyama grabbed Hinata's hand and proceeded to walk faster back to his. Once arriving at the alphas home, they made their way up to the bedroom. Hinata could feel his heart beating faster and the nerves were starting to kick in

"erm could I please use your shower first?"

"sure, go right ahead"

When Hinata left the room Kageyama checked his draws that were at the side of his bed for lube and a condom, thankfully he had an unopened pack in there that they didn’t get to open last time they tried.

~oh my god keep calm, I don’t want to hurt him, I have to be careful with him~

He pulled his shirt over his head and placed it on his desk chair followed by his belt and trousers, before he could remove his boxers Hinata entered the room. He had a white towel wrapped around his waist and his hair was dripping wet and sticking to his forehead, he smelt like Kageyama's body wash which was Lynx Africa. The omega was looking down and blushing. Kageyama smiled at the site, he slowly made his way over to him and placed his hand gently on his cheek causing the omega to look up at him embarrassingly.

"would you like to lay on the bed?"

Kageyama asked.

The smaller nodded and made his way over.

He sat on the edge of the bed with his hands cupped in his lap, the nerves were still taking over but he was determined to push past them. Kageyama took his boxers off and made his way over to him softly pushing him so that he was laying on his back, he lent over the omegas body and started to passionately kiss him. When Kageyama pulled away Hinata was looking up at him with a nervous smile

"don’t be scared Hinata, I'll take care of you, and if at any point you want to stop I will"

The omega smiled

"Kageyama I want to... bond."

The alpha sat up slightly

"but Suga said that the best time to bond would be when you're in heat, otherwise there could be complications or it could be stressful on your body."
Kageyama gave him a worried look

"I will be alright."

Kageyama was slightly skeptical but he nodded because he knew this is what Hinata wanted.

He started making a slow trail of kisses down Hinata's neck causing the omega to shiver, he carried on until he got to his nipple, he circled his tongue around the little nub until he finally felt it was right to place his mouth around it and give a gentle bite, this caused the omega to gasp

"ah..ahhh Kageyama stop, it feels weird"

The alpha breathed an almost silent laugh and began to trail kisses down his stomach. Reaching the towel Kageyama removes it reveling Hinata's growing member, the alpha smirks with delight

~ I must be doing something right ~

He began to kiss down the inside of Hinata's thigh taking slight nibbles on the way, this caused the omega to moan. Kageyama got to the destination he wanted to be, he placed his mouth over the growing member and began to suck, Hinata placed his hands on top of Kageyama's head trying to push him off

"hnnnngh it its dirty"

But Kageyama didn’t stop he carried on until the member grew harder

"nnh nh I I'm gonna...."

But before Hinata could finish what he was going to say he had already came, Kageyama sat up licking his lips

"that was quick huh"

Hinata sat up quickly

"oh my god! Did you swallow it?!?"

Kageyama gave a single nod, Hinata blushed and covered his face with his hands

"lay back down and raise your hips slightly"

The omega did what he was told to do. Kageyama grabbed the lube off the side and poured some into his hand and on Hinata's entrance in which he flinched from it being cold

"sorry it’s cold, this might feel a bit uncomfortable but if you just bear with it, it should start to feel good."

And with that Kageyama placed a finger at the entrance and began to enter slowly, the omega jump at first but then he was okay, when Kageyama thought it was okay he added a 2nd which made Hinata flinch and grab a hold of the duvet he was laying on.

"does it hurt?"

" it just feels weird"

"shall I carry on?"

The omega nods and so Kageyama carries on stretching his boyfriend so that he wasn’t going to get hurt. ~ I think that should be enough now ~ he grabs a condom from the side, rips the foil and puts it on himself, he then grabs his painfully hard member and places it by the entrance of his beloved omega, he slowly pushes his self in and he gets to about half way until Hinata is beginning to sound uncomfortable

"is everything okay? Do you want me to stop?"

Hinata nods his head

"j... just for a minute"

The omegas eyes were watery and he was breathing heavy

"o... okay I think I'm ready"

Kageyama nodded and started to thrust himself in more, little by little until he was finally at the hilt.

"I'm all the way in"

He breathed heavily and looked at his omega who had tears trickling down his face

"errr are you okay? Does it hurt?"

Hinata nodded

"but only a little bit, you can move"

Kageyama leaned over and gave Hinata a kiss, slowly pushing his tongue past his lips in which the smaller accepted. When they parted Kageyama began to thrust in and out of Hinata causing him to moan mixed sounds of pain and pleasure

"hnnnngh ahhh I... I can't... sl...slow dow......uhhh ahh hnnnngh"

Kageyama smirked

~what the hell was that just now? Kageyama just...~

"think I just found your sweet spot"

Hinata started to tremble in pleasure which made Kageyama speed up.

"Hinata turn over and raise your hips"

The omega did what he was told. He was on his knees resting his body weight on his elbows, Kageyama pushed himself back inside Hinata causing him to moan. The alpha could feel his knot beginning to form

~ shit I don’t think I can hold back ~

he started to slam himself harder into the smaller causing him to moan in pure ecstasy

"do it Tobio... bond with me"

the sound of hearing Hinata say his given name sent Kageyama wild, he pulled the omega back by his shoulders and wrapped one arm around his front, he began to kiss the back of Hinata's neck

"Tobio... I'm gonna..."

And at that moment Kageyama's knot had formed and he bit the back of Hinata's neck forming the bond


They both came at the same time. Tears were falling down Hinata's face, they both rolled onto their sides waiting out Kageyama's knot

"Hinata...what's wrong did I hurt you?"

Hinata was now crying

"no.... it's just, the bonding part was really intense, it's a lot to take in ya'know?"

Kageyama smiled at him

"yeah I know, I felt it too"

Once Kageyama's knot went down he slipped himself out of Hinata and laid on his back, the omega rolled over to him and placed his head on HIS alphas chest, Kageyama put one arm around him and they stayed like that for the rest of the afternoon/night.


The next day at school

Everyone minus the 3 betas who were on holiday and Yamaguchi because he didn’t have his volleyball kit were in the gymnasium practicing before they went to Tokyo in a couple days. Hinata was running and jumping around as always but this time he was sweating and getting out of breath a lot more than usual. Ukai blew his whistle to get everyone's attention, they all gather around him

"okay everyone we go to Tokyo in a couple days and"

He pauses and starts to sniff the air

"erm you guys start to clear the gym up. Not you Suga I need to talk to you in private."

Ukai and Suga walk off to the side

"something wrong coach?"

Suga asks with a worried look on his face

"yeah actually I can smell a fresh bond and an omega in slight distress"

He looks over to Hinata who was in the background talking with Kageyama, he looked slightly off balance and he still hadn't managed to catch his breath back and Kageyama was looking at him worriedly

"I think they must have bonded last night whilst Hinata wasn’t in heat, could you take him to the infirmary please. It's not good for him to be running around like that"

Suga nodded at the coach and walked over to Hinata

"hey Hinata could you come with me please"

Hinata looked at the 3rd year with a tired expression


On the walk to the infirmary Suga moved the back of Hinata's collar away from his neck revealing a freshly sore bond mark

"oh Hinata why did you bond when you wasn’t in heat?"

"it felt right"

Suga sighed

"well your lucky nothing serious happened to you and that your just fatigued"

Hinata lost his balance slightly but Suga managed to save him

"see? Now let's get you to the infirmary, you will be alright after a couple hours sleep"

Hinata nodded.

They got to the infirmary and Hinata fell asleep as soon as he got into one of the beds. The nurse agreed to take good care of him and said she will send him back to his lessons when he is fit enough. Suga went back to the gym and explained everything to Kageyama

"but don’t worry Kageyama he will be just fine"

He smiles at the alpha in which he responds with a nod and they continue to clean the gym.

Chapter Text

After changing out of his volleyball kit back into his school uniform Kageyama made his way to the infirmary, just hoping his little omega was coping well. When he got there, he slid the door open quietly just in case he was still sleeping, which he was. The nurse approached him

"you must be Kageyama Tobio?"

She asked with a smile.

She was a short average built beta woman with plain facial features, she had brown shoulder length hair that flicked outwards either side, her voice didn’t sound like it belonged to her it was rather husky and she smelt like she may have sprayed too much perfume as the whole room stank of lavender.

Kageyama bowed

"thank you for taking care of Hinata"

The nurse blushed and waved a hand

"oh no don’t you worry about that, it is my job after all. Please take a seat"

She guided Kageyama around the bed in which Hinata was sleeping on to a chair just placed to the side. He had a slight look of concern on his face as he sat next to the bed.

"no need to look worried Tobio he is just fine, I will need to ask you a few questions and give you a few tips if you don’t mind?"

Kageyama shock his head.

"okay great! Firstly, when you created the bong mark I understand he wasn’t in head am I correct?"


"okay, do you know the effects it could have on an omega to bond whilst not in heat?"

Kageyama looked over at Hinata and back to the nurse

"I just knew that it was safer to bond whilst in heat, I didn’t think it would have major effects"

The nurse looked at Kageyama with a saddened look, clearly the alpha blames himself for not knowing what effects it could or could have had the omega.

"well if an omega bonds whilst not in heat it could cause a lot of complications. All of their muscles can give up on them right there and then, they could get really sick and start vomiting blood. When I worked part time at the hospital I had to deal with an omega who had been bonded out of heat, it was a young girl she thought she was ready as well, but it turned out her body wasn’t and she went into shock and her heart rate was slipping the longer she was laying in the hospital bed. Luckily when her alpha was allowed in the room her heart rate became regular and she woke up. Do you know why she was in that state?"

Kageyama was looking at the nurse with wide eyes


The nurse hummed

"the omega girl went through a drop, it happened so quickly that it couldn’t be prevented. Now I'm not saying this is what all omega's go through because each omega is different, you can be very lucky and just come out with feeling..."

The nurse sat back and put a finger on her chin trying to think of the right thing to say


Kageyama put his hand over Hinata's

"what's happening with Hinata?"

The nurse smiled

"well you have a very strong omega I must say! He's just feeling a bit weak and his bond mark is a little sore, but I will give him cream for that, also you will need to spend every moment with him for the next week. I will inform your teachers of this matter so you can go to each other's lessons in which you're not in together."

Kageyama nodded at the woman

"do both your parents know you bonded?"

"oh erm no...."

The nurse sighed

"okay well it’s a good job I didn’t call Hinata's mother then, you will both need to inform your parents of this as soon as you can. Hinata will be waking up soon, he might feel a little sleepy still but he will be good to go back to his classes. I will go speak to the teachers now and when I come back you both can leave"

Kageyama stood and bowed as she left the room. He sat back down grabbing a hold of Hinata's hand and placed his forehead against his knuckles

"I am so sorry"

"what for?"

Kageyama jumped out of his seat. Hinata was looking up at him with a smile

"did I scare you?"

He laughed

"yes, you did boke!"

He wrapped his arms around the shorter

"how are you feeling?"

Hinata lent back slightly and raised both his arms up to stretch

"I'm feeling much better now that I've had a nap"

Kageyama tutted at him but then gave him a soft smile.

The nurse returned a moment later

"oh, good your awake, are you feeling any better?"

"yeah much better, thank you for letting me sleep here"

The nurse smiled at him and walked over to her desk where she went into her draw and pulled something out, she placed it in Hinata's hand

"this is cream for your bond mark, it’s a little sore. your alpha has quite a bite on him"

Kageyama looked to the ground blushing, Hinata chuckled and the nurse was grinning

"you both are free to go to your lessons now, if you start feeling strange do not! Hesitate to come back here"

Hinata climbed off the bed

"oh, I have your uniform with me"

"oh, right I will get changed in here before I leave"

He pulled the curtain across so he could get changed, once he had they both bowed to the nurse and left for their lesson, luckily it was English in which they were in the same class.

Time felt like it was going so slow for both Kageyama and Hinata as they sat at their desks not really understanding what the teacher was going on about. Soon as the bell rang they rushed out into the hallway


The teacher called out to them, but they just ignored him. Speeding to their lockers they turned a corner and almost collided into Suga but stopped just in time.

"oh, sorry Suga!"

Suga frowned at them

"don’t run in the hallway, you could hurt yourself or as you almost found out, hurt someone else"

He huffed at them. Both of them bowed and apologized.

"anyway, I don’t suppose either of you have seen Tsukki? I really need to talk to him!"

The two first years looked at each other and shrugged

"no sorry Suga"

The smaller one answered.

Suga sighed

"okay no worries but if you do see him could you tell him I'm looking for him?"

They both nodded and turned to make their way to the lockers, Suga set off in the opposite direction.
The 3rd year searched the halls, the roof, the fields and even the boy's toilets

~ where could he be? ~

he saw Yamaguchi leaving his classroom and start to walk towards him

"oh, Yamaguchi where's Tsukishima?"

"oh, hi Suga, Tsukki is in the classroom still, he said something about writing down some notes before leaving"

"oh, okay thank you"

He nodded towards Yamaguchi and made his way to Tsukki's class. He slid the door open, the tall blonde was the only one sat in the classroom with his headphones on writing in his textbook, he hadn't notice Suga enter the room until he dragged a chair to sit in front of him. He looked up to see the silver haired boy smiling at him


He removed his head phones

"hey Tsukki, I've been looking for you. I've been meaning to ask you something."

Tsukki tilted his head


Suga opened his bag and pulled out a piece of paper with Hinata's, Noya's and Yamaguchi's name on it and to the side of each name there were dates

"I would like to know the date of your next heat"


Tsukki questioned him

"well I think it’s a good idea to keep tabs on all the omega's heat cycle's and plus it would help us know for when we go to Tokyo"

Tsukki was looking at him with a blank expression for a couple of seconds

"I err recently had my heat.... about a month ago..."

Suga looked at him a little confused

"oh, I don’t remember you take any time off school? Anyway, if that’s the case then what is the date of your next one?"

"yeah... erm I can't remember the exact date, I.... err wrote it down somewhere at home"

"okay well when you find out or if you remember please let me know so I can jot it down"

Suga smiled at him before standing up and leaving. Tsukki put his head phones back on and continued with his notes.

When lunch was over everyone had a free period where they could choose if they wanted to go home and study or stay in school, but of course the Karasuno volleyball team choose to do practice. That being said Hinata did have to sit out a few times and Yamaguchi still didn’t have his kit so he was just watching from the side lines. When practice was over coach Ukai and Takeda sensei wanted to discuss the Tokyo trip with everyone

"okay boys, we will be staying in Tokyo for a total of 2 nights where we will be doing practice matches against Nekoma. They're our rival's but their coach has agreed to do training together. I believe you have the details on transport and such..."

Ukai looked towards Takeda

"oh, right yes. So, we will be leaving the day after tomorrow. I will be driving us there in the mini bus. We are going to need all of you to be at the school early, we are looking at leaving around 7am and we should arrive in Tokyo around 10am. Nekoma is part boarding school so we will be staying in their guest dorms for the 2 nights we are there. Yamaguchi, we are aware of your situation but seeing as you are now under the same care as Tanaka we will need you to take a form home and get Tanaka's sister to sign it for you. If any of you have any questions feel free to ask"

He looked around at everyone, no one seemed to have anything to say

"okay well on that note I need to get back to the office, I have papers to mark."

Takeda left closing the gymnasium doors behind him.

Now that practice was over and everyone had finished cleaning up they all left and went in their different directions home.

Kageyama and Hinata were walking back to the omegas home

"are you nervous?"

Hinata looked up at the alpha

"what? Of telling my mum we oh I dunno! I think she will be alright about it but part of me thinks if she isn't then what do I do?"

Kageyama hummed and looked up slightly at the dark clouds

"I think it might rain. We should hurry back to yours"

Hinata agreed and they made a quick pace back. Once they got to their destination and in through the door it started raining hard.

"look at that! We just made it!"

"Shouyou is that you?!"

His mother called from the kitchen

"yeah mum! Kageyama is with me too"

They both took off their shoes and walked into the kitchen where the short woman stood with a bright pink apron on, her strawberry blonde hair tied up in a bun and a tired but cute looking face just like Hinata's.

"you didn’t get caught in that rain, did you?"

"no, we made it home just in time!"

"oh good!"

She places her hand on Hinata's cheek and smiles at him

"well don’t just stand there take a seat ill dish some dinner up, I made English stew"

Sitting around the table Hinata's mum placed a bowl of the home-made stew in front of both of them, it smelt amazing! She then sat opposite them

"well tuck in"

"mum I need to talk to you about something..."

"well I'm sure it can wait until you have eaten."

Hinata nodded and placed his hands together

"thank you for the meal"

Kageyama did the same and they all tucked into their dinner. Once finished Hinata pushed his bowl to the side and thanked his mum again for the food.


"you bonded with each other"

"how did you know?"

Hinata looked at his mother with a shocked expression, Kageyama also sat there shocked and feeling slightly awkward.

"Shou what kind of mother would I be if I didn't notice that there was something different with her son?"

Hinata blushed and looked down

"who am I to judge? I am however a little sad that you didn’t talk to me about it first, I know how you feel about Tobio, I was exactly like you when I met your father. I hope you didn’t do it in secret because you thought I would disapprove..."

Hinata looked up at him mum

"I'm sorry I didn’t talk to you about it first, it was sort of a spare of the moment thing. I felt it was.... right."

Hinata's mum smiled at him

"well then that’s all that matters right? And you will take care of my son?"

She aimed at Kageyama

"yes ma'am"

She smiled at them both

"I have to stay by Hin...Shouyou's side constantly for a week because we did it out of heat and it could be dangerous for him if I leave"

The woman tilted her head

"oh, I know this, I bonded with his father out of heat. It felt"

She gave Hinata a smile


The omega looked up at his mum, tears prickling his eyes

"thank you mum"

After helping his mum with the dishes Kageyama and Hinata made their way upstairs to his bedroom.

"where's your sister?"

"oh, Natsu has dinner before I get home and is in bed by the time I arrive"

Kageyama raised his head in understanding.

They both got changed out of their uniform, well except for Kageyama, he strips to his boxers as he didn’t grab a change of clothes for the night's stay and there's no way he could fit into Hinata's clothes, not that Hinata minded. He loved the sight of his alpha topless even if it did make his face burn from blushing. They both lay on the bed and talk about volleyball for a while until it changed to Hinata teasing Kageyama, which he was having none of! He climbed on top of Hinata sitting on his legs so he couldn’t use them to kick him off and started tickling his hips and ribs

"oh.... god pffffft stop stop stop! Hahahahaha"

He was trying to push Kageyama off him, so he grabbed both the omegas arms and pinned them above his head, he was well and truly restricted. The alpha moved his head so his face was just above Hinata's stomach

"oh no..."

Hinata tried rocking his body to escape but with no luck he knew what was coming

"please Bakageyama! Anything but THAT!"




"no please no"


"no!.....ahhhhhhh hahahaha no please stop no ahhhhhh"

Kageyama was giving Hinata a belly buzz of a life time. Hinata was laughing so much that tears fell from the corner of his eyes

"hahaha pl.... please stop.... I can't.... I can't take it anymore"

Kageyama sat up letting go of Hinata's arms

"hahaha that’s what you get for teasing me"

Hinata was breathing heavy trying to get his breath back, Kageyama lent over him and placed a long loving kiss on his forehead before rolling off of him and onto his back. Hinata sat up and glared at Kageyama

"that wasn’t funny!"

"oh shh, just come here"

the alpha raised his arm to pull Hinata into his chest.

"I love you boke"

He squeezed Hinata close to him, Hinata smiled

"hmmmm.... I love you too"


Tsukki was sat at his desk doing course work


Tsukki sighed and pulled his head phones off, he turned around to see his brother standing at his bedroom door

"you know Akiteru, you yelled my name so loud I could hear you over my music"

"well I had to make sure you heard me"

Tsukki tutted at him and went to put his head phones back on

"no wait! I have your prescription"

He chucked a small package at him

"oh thanks...."

in the package there was a tray of tablets, he popped one out and went to take it

"Kei.... you're not abusing them, are you?"

Tsukki glared up at his brother

"I didn’t take one this morning so I'm taking it now."

Akiteru leaned on the door frame

"you wouldn’t lie to me, would you?"

"you mean like you once lied to me in the past..."

His brother looked at him in shock, Tsukki sighed

"no... I'm not."

his brother made his way into the bedroom and placed himself on Tsukki's bed

"I was just on the phone to Saeko, she was talking about going to Tadashi's father's place to collect some of his stuff, she was wondering if I would go with her, I said yes of course... I'm not going to let her go by herself."

Tsukki smirks and turns himself back round to his desk

"funny how my best friend and brother have both fallen for Tanaka's"

Akiteru leaned forward not quite hearing what his younger brother had said

"sorry what was that?"

"oh, nothing."

His brother frowned at him

"well okay then, I'm gonna be heading out now, I'll see you later on this evening."

He stood and left the room.

Tsukki sighed in relief

~ I thought he would never leave ~

Tsukki grabbed the tray of tablets and opened his top draw throwing them into a pile of empty trays.

Chapter Text

The night was over and the morning was young, Tanaka woke up to the sound of his alarm going off, he groaned and lazily reached an arm over to smack it. Shutting it off he rolls over to see Yamaguchi still asleep next to him. He looked so peaceful, his hair was a mess but his face looked so gentle and he was making an ever so quiet purring noise. Tanaka smiled at him and placed a soft kiss on his forehead. He slowly flickered his eyes open and hummed to the gentle touch


Tanaka said tilting his head to the side

Yamaguchi yawned and stretched himself out making a bit of a louder purr this time, he blushed and covered his face

"please pretend you didn’t hear that"


The alpha chuckled at him

"it was cute!"

Yamaguchi sighed and sat up

"what time is it?"

"it's 11am were late for school we slept in"

Yamaguchi's eyes widened

"what?!? Oh god"

He jumped out of bed frantically gathering his school uniform. Tanaka started laughing at him

"what's so funny?!!"

The omega screeched at him

"I'm just kidding it's 6am"

Yamaguchi looked at the alpha on the bed who was now laughing uncontrollably.

He dropped his uniform on the floor and made a slow walk back over to the bed, grabbing one of their pillows he repeatedly hit it over Tanaka's head

"ahhh why do people always hit me over the head hahahaha"

With no signs of stopping Yamaguchi carries on

"why would you do that to me?! I almost had a heart attack!"

Tanaka grabs the omega around the waist and throws him back on to the bed

"ohhh shh it was funny"

He places loads of small kisses all over Yamaguchi's face. They both started giggling until they were interrupted by a knock at the door. They both sat up

"come in!"

Tanaka calls out

The door slides open revealing Tanaka's sister Saeko holding 2 big bags one in either hand, she walks in and places both of them on the floor next to the wardrobe.

"wooo they were heavy!"

They both frowned at her

"what's all this?"

The alpha made his was over to the bags

"its most of Tadashi's things, well the things he needs anyway"

Yamaguchi stood up with a shocked expression


The female alpha began to chuckle

"me and a few others went over to your father's place to collect your stuff, he wasn't there though it was just your mum. She said that Hiroten was still in the hospital. Seems like Daichi really did a number on him eh? Oh! That reminds me!"

She left the room and returned with a smaller bag

"I hear you have been missing this"

She hands the bag over to Yamaguchi

He opened it up and pulls out his volleyball kit, with watery eyes he looks up to Saeko

"thank you so much! How can I repay you?"

She smiles at him

"just keep doing what you're doing, you seem to be doing something right!"

The omega tilts his head

"what do you mean?"

"well Ryu can't stop smiling these days"

She winks at her younger brother

"okay that’s enough you can leave now!"

Tanaka says whilst literally kicking his sister out his room


And with that she stuck her tongue out and left.

Yamaguchi was sat on the edge of his bed clutching at his volleyball kit smiling, you could almost see sparkles around his body from where he was so happy. Tanaka started unpacking the bags and finding new homes for everything

"today is Independence Day at school, which means it's only a half day and we get to choose what we want to study for the half that were there, I'm pretty sure were all going for practice though. You can join in now that you have your kit"

He smiles over

"yeah your right! I've been feeling a bit sad that I've had to miss out"

Tanaka walks over and gives the omega a gentle kiss on the lips

"you don’t have to be sad anymore"

They both got ready and made their way to school where they bumped into Daichi and Suga at the main gate. The four of them made their way to the club room to get changed before making their way to the gymnasium.

Upon arriving, coach Ukai was already giving the three first years a hard time, getting them to do dives down the side of the court. Noya was laughing at how bad the three were and Asahi had a hand behind his head doing a slight chuckle.

"whaaa Yamaguchi you have your kit back!"

Hinata yelled from across the gym, Yamaguchi smiles and nods at him.

They continue with their practice, Hinata is still a little wobbly on his feet but doesn’t have to sit out as much even though Kageyama keeps insisting he does. Tsukki is struggling with receives more than normal today, Noya is flying all around the court as usual, Tanaka and Asahi are getting perfect spikes in, Suga is supporting both teams even though he's meant to be going against them, Yamaguchi pulls off a perfect float serve and Daichi is observing how everyone's game play is. After a couple hours pass coach Ukai blows his whistle and calls everyone over

"okay boys we go to Tokyo tomorrow, make sure you pack everything you need for the 2 nights, Yamaguchi I have your form I will hand that to Takeda. Hinata you need to remember to take it easy on this trip. We will be leaving early so please make sure none of you idiots are late because we will leave without you. That is all, I will see you all in the morning"

Everyone bows and Ukai leaves the gym.

"hey instead of going home is everyone up for going to the park?"

Suga suggested to everyone

"ahh Hinata and myself can't come as I need to tell my parents about our bond..."

"but we can join up with guys after! Right?"

Hinata interrupted

"ah er yeah sure"

Kageyama said with uncertainty

"okay great! Well I have my phone on me so just contact me when your done and I will let you know what park were in"

Suga smiles at the mated members

Everyone leaves the gym and heads to the clubroom to get changed. Once changed Kageyama and Hinata separate from the other seven and make their way to the alphas home.

"so... what are your parents like? I've never actually met them"

Hinata said nervously

"oh yeah your right, there's no need to be nervous. They can be strict but their.... nice. My father is an alpha male.."

"and your mum?"

Hinata interrupted him once again

"my mum... my mum is a male omega but I call him dad"

Hinata looked up to him with a shocked expression

"oh awesome! I didn’t expect your to be a male omega!"

Kageyama looked at Hinata confused

"why not?"

The smaller put a finger on his chin and hummed

"well I guess because your so bwah and whaah that I thought both your parents would be alphas"

Kageyama let a little smile slip

"well surprise! haha I think you will get on really well with my dad"

"what are their names? And what do they do for a living?"

"slow down boke! How many questions you gonna ask?"

Hinata grins at him with sparkling eyes, Kageyama looks up and sighs

"well my father's name is Kageyama Mikado and my dad's name is Kageyama Kirami, they both work together. My father owns a nightclub and my dad works behind the bar. That’s why you haven't met them, because they always work night shifts"

Hinata raised his head in understanding.

Fastly approaching Kageyama's home Hinata begins to feel the nerves

"ahh erm I don’t know if I can do this my hearts going all blahh and what if they don’t like me?"

Kageyama put his arm around the worried omega

"don’t be silly boke, what's not to like?"

They both walked up the path to the front door, Kageyama began to search through his school bad to find his key when the door swung open


Kageyama was captured into a tight hug from a beautiful male that was wearing a dark red onesie. He had shiny dark blue hair that waved to the side, it wasn’t much longer then Suga's, his eyes were a beautiful blue, it was almost like looking into a shimmering ocean, he was slim and slightly taller than Kageyama, he smelt like freshly cut grass and his voice was soft.

"hey dad"

Kageyama blushed

"I've missed you! It feels like I don’t get to see this cute face enough"

He said whilst pinching the alphas cheek

"dad this is Hinata Shouyou"

Hinata appears from behind Kageyama with a shy wave, the male steps forward to shake the shorters hand

"hello Shouyou my names Kirami"

He accepts the hand shake

"oh, you bonded with my son?"

Hinata looks up in shock


Kirami closes his eyes and smiles

"don’t worry! I'm not the one to be worried about"

The beautiful blue eyes looked over to Kageyama

"Tobio your father is in the front room, shall we?"

The alpha nods and they make their way in the house removing their shoes on the way through. Sitting in a single chair was a taller male, even with him sitting down you could tell he was much taller, he was wearing a black suit with a white shirt and a dark green tie, his hair was dark brown and gelled back, his eyes were dark and narrow just like Kageyama's, and his face was rather plain and worn looking. Defiantly an alpha, he smelt just like Kageyama but with a hint of rubber.

He stood up making his way over and placed a hand on Kageyama's shoulder

"it's good to see you son."

"good to see you too. Father this is Hinata Shouyou"

The taller looked down and reached his hand out, Hinata does the same

"nice to meet you Shouyou my names Mikado, you smell just like Tobio's favorite sweet, rhubarb and custard...and...."

The taller alpha paused

"your bonded?"

He frowned at Hinata

The omega shivered and looked down

"now now Mikado there's no need to let of pheromones, I'm sure they're both here to talk about it with us"

The older omega placed himself in front of the taller alpha and smiled, he then turned to Hinata and Kageyama

"please sit"

They both placed themselves on a sofa opposite to the single chair where the older alpha sat

"so, you bonded without talking to me and your dad first? that's pretty irresponsible don't you think?"

"it's not like I didn’t want to talk to you both first, it was a spare of the moment thing and we both felt like it was right"

His father tutted

"saying it was a spare of the moment thing is not good enough Tobio. You should have spoken to us about it first, and I would have liked to of met Shouyou first."

Hinata looked down and gripped his knees

"I'm sorry if I have annoyed you Mr. Kageyama, it really was my fault I told him to do it..."

Kageyama looked at his mate

"no. Hinata wasn’t the only one to blame... if I didn't want to bond with him and spend the rest of my life with him then I wouldn't have done it, I want to spend the rest of my life protecting him and I want the boke to be at my side forever, to annoy me forever. Because I love him."

Mikado looked at his mate who stood to the side of the chair smiling. Mikado sighed

"very well... if this is what you want then I can't stand in the way. I fell in love with your dad when I first met him in school"

Kageyama looked towards his father

"thank you for understanding. Oh, I also have to stay by Hinata's side constantly for a week because we bonded out of heat"

His father stood up


His dad quickly grabbed Mikado's arm

"now now dear no need to get angry, we also bonded out of heat"


Kirami looked down


The older omega tilted his head and cuddled tighter to the alphas arm

"but you didn’t, and it all worked out in the end and look, Shouyou is fine he just needs our Tobio right now"

Mikado looked over to his son and mate who were sat so close to each other that Hinata might as well of been sitting on Kageyama's lap.

"your right. Tobio, you have our approval. Take care of your omega."

They both stand up and bow at the same time

"thank you Mr. Kageyama"

"please, call me Mikado"

Hinata smiles back at him


Kirami makes his way up to Hinata

"welcome to the family"

The smaller omega beams a massive smile

"we have to go now, we promised our team mates we would meet them in the park"

Both Mikado and Kirami nod and see the boys out.

Once they left it was like a weight had been lifted of their shoulders

"waaahh Kageyama I was so worried in there!"

Kageyama put an arm around Hinata

"no need, it worked out in the end"

He winked at him.

"oh, I should contact Suga"

He pulls his phone out of his bag and taps away at the keyboard

"shall we?"

Kageyama holds out his hand in which Hinata laced his fingers within his


*At The Park*


They found a spot at the top of a grass bank that over looked a mossy green pond.

Tsukki being the only one that has an updated touch screen phone has been forced to play some music out loud for everyone to chill to. Suga had pulled a notepad out of his bag and decided to play hangman with Daichi, although Daichi had no idea of any of the words Suga was thinking of and he swore blind that Suga was making some of them up so he could win. Tanaka was sat resting up against a tree with Yamaguchi perched between his legs resting on his chest, it would have been a cute little scene but Yamaguchi's flick of hair that stood tall on top of his head kept tickling Tanaka's nose causing him to sneeze, and every now and then Yamaguchi was leaning back on purpose just to tease the alpha. Tsukki was sat to the side of them with his legs crossed flicking through his phone deciding on what songs to play next. Asahi was running back and forth past everyone with Noya on his back, every now and then spinning himself in circles. Noya was loving it every minute of it, his laughter could be heard from the other end of the park, in which it did

"hey guys! We heard you before we saw you"

Hinata laughed, walking towards everyone hand in hand with Kageyama

"hey you two, how did it go?"

Suga stood

"it was a little rocky but they both approved of us"

Kageyama explained

"awww yay well that’s good!"

Suga said hugging them.

They both sat to the other side of Tanaka and Yamaguchi.

Asahi lowered himself to let Noya jump off of him

"phew I am beat"

The alpha laid on the floor. Noya jumped on top of him and giggled making Asahi also laugh, Suga looked over to them both and started giggling himself causing Daichi to also giggle as he loved the sound of his omegas laugh, it makes him feel warm inside.

Tsukki stands up to stretch after sitting cross legged for so long but his attempt to stand almost failed as he started to wobble, Yamaguchi quickly stood up to catch the blondes balance

"Tsukki! Are you okay?"

Tsukki groaned at it him

"I'm fine. My legs are just a bit dead for sitting in the same spo..."

He was cut off by an intense shiver, Yamaguchi looked at him worriedly

"Tsukki what's wrong?"

He grabbed the taller omegas arm, this caused everyone to look over in worry

"it's nothing.... I'm just.... cold"

"well if you put on a little weight you wouldn’t feel the cold as much!"

Daichi called out to him

Tsukki sighed

"yeah your probably righ.."

The tall omega was cut of once again, but this time it was a sharp pain that went right across his groin. He pushed himself to speak again not making it obvious he was in discomfort

"probably right. I think I'm gonna go home as I didn’t bring a jacket with me"

"err are you sure you will be alright walking by yourself? Do you want me and Tanaka to walk with you?"

Yamaguchi frowned at the still shivering blonde

"no, I will be fine. See you guys tomorrow"

He grabbed his headphones out of his bag putting them in place and made his way out of the park. Yamaguchi still stood there watching him walk away, he was worried about his best friend. Tanaka came up behind him and wrapped his arms around the omegas waist and placed his head on his shoulders

"don’t worry about him, I'm sure he's fine."

Yamaguchi rested his head back onto the alphas and hummed in uncertainty

"hey guys seeing as the music has gone now shall we take a stroll around the pond before we head off to our own homes?"

Suga suggested to everyone in which the all responded with a nod.

On the walk around the park Noya was looking up at Asahi grinning, this caused the alpha to blush

"so cute, but I feel as if you want something"

Asahi grinned at him

"actually, yeah, I do. Asahi could I stay at yours tonight please?"

The alpha smiled and wrapped his arms around Noya

"of course you can"

Noya blushes at Asahi's reply

After the walk everyone had separated in different directions to go home. Noya had to go back to his first to collect his bags he packed for the Tokyo trip, he decided to meet Asahi back at his. When arriving at his he let himself in

"I'm home!"

No reply

He takes his shoes off and makes his way further into the house

"I'm home!"

No reply

He makes his way upstairs

"I'm home!"

No reply

~ no one's here.... again ~

He makes his way into his room grabbing a fully packed duffle bag. He doesn’t stay long. As he gets his shoes on to leave he sighs and gently shuts the door behind him and makes his way to his alphas. Asahi didn’t live to far from him so it only took the omega 10 minutes to get to there. Once he arrived he let himself in

"I'm here!"

He called out whilst taking his shoes off

Asahi came walking out of the kitchen holding a plate in one hand and a flannel in the other

"hey Noya, my mums not here tonight so we have the place to ourselves, she left dinner in the fridge though so I'm just heating it up, come on through"

He makes his way back into the kitchen, Noya smiles and bounces his way through. They sat down at the kitchen island and began eating their dinner, it was pork cutlet bowls, Noya's favorite. They chatted over dinner and at one-point Asahi chocked on his ice tea because Noya made him laugh by how incapable he was with chopsticks.
Once they had finished in the kitchen and Noya had stopped ragging at how he couldn’t eat his favorite dinner fast enough with crappy chopstick they made their way into the living room

"Asahi, I need to talk to you..."

All dread and fear came over the alpha

~ is he breaking up with me? Do I not make him happy? ~

Asahi nodded and sat down on the sofa

"okay.... wh... what's up?"

Noya placed himself at the side of him

"I think we"

"your breaking up with me, aren't you?"


"please Noya whatever I've done I'm sorry! I... I..."

"wait Asahi shut up"

"no! Look I can change, I don’t want to lose you!"

"huh!? No... I"

"you mean everything to me and I"


The alpha looked at him stunned

"wait, what?"

Noya blushed and his mannerisms became somewhat shy

"I said, I want to spend my next heat with you Asahi"

The taller sat there with the goofiest grin on his face

"of course! I would love to!"

He grabs Noya's face and kisses him gently on the nose, this causes the omega to giggle

"I don’t think I'm ready to bond yet though, please don’t take it the wrong way!"

"of course I won't take it the wrong way! We will do it whenever you're ready"

He smiles at the shorter

"thank you"

He smiles back.

"well we should probably have an early night, we need to be at the school really early tomorrow"

"ahhhh but Asahi I really wanted to cuddle and watch a film with you"

The omega crossed his arms and pouted, the alpha rolled his eyes and sighed


Asahi put Noya's favorite film on, Frozen. Of course, no one else knows that this is the omegas favorite film and that he has Olaf pajama's and sings along to all the songs perfectly.

They lay on the sofa cuddling and within 20 minutes Noya is out like a light purring. Asahi smiles at him and pulls him in tighter before falling asleep himself.

Chapter Text

6.30am outside Karasuno

Daichi, Suga, Asahi, Noya, Kageyama, Hinata, Tanaka, Yamaguchi and coach Ukai were standing by the main gate looking like standing corpses. Kageyama was swaying back and forth almost falling asleep whilst standing, he never really has been a morning person. There must have been about 20 luggage bags scattered on the floor with everyone's stuff in for their two nights in Tokyo

"did you really need all this stuff"

Ukai groaned. Everyone just responded with a nod. There really was no use trying to get many words out of the team this early.

Takeda pulled up in the mini bus and touted the horn, causing everyone to jump out their skin. They all gathered their belongings and began to load the bus, Takeda jumped out to help everyone

"where's Tsukishima?"

He asked coach Ukai, but before he could answer the tall blonde came walking through the front gate with his older brother, who was also carrying bags of his own

"Takeda sensei, I was wondering if I could get a lift with you guys, my college volleyball team are staying just around the corner from Nekoma high and I wasn’t able to make it with them when they left yesterday."

Akiteru explained

"I don’t see why that would be a problem"

Takeda smiled at him.

After packing up the bus everyone got in and seated themselves rather quickly. Ukai was sat at the side of Takeda, Suga and Daichi were sat together near the front, Asahi and Noya were seated to the side of them, Tanaka and Yamaguchi were seated behind Asahi and Noya, next to Tanaka and Yamaguchi was Kageyama and Hinata and behind them sat Tsukki and Akiteru

"it's going to be quite a long drive, so just relax, sleep if you really want"

Takeda yelled back to everyone

It didn’t take long for Kageyama and Hinata to fall asleep. Yamaguchi placed his head on Tanaka's lap and slowly began to close his eyes, the alpha started to gently run his finger through the omegas hair causing him to purr

"stop trying to get me to purr! It's embarrassing"

"but it's cute"

"no, it's not! People will hear me"

Yamaguchi started blushing

"okay okay ill stop"

Tanaka giggles

Suga rested his head on Daichi's shoulder

"say Dai, whilst were in Tokyo, if we get the time we should do a bit of site seeing"

"as much as that sounds like a good idea, I don’t think we will get the time"

"well we will have to sneak out at night then"

Suga chuckles slightly.
Daichi looked at his omega with a disapproved look, but really, he loved the mischievous side of him.

Asahi and Noya were having a thumb war, even though the alphas thumbs are bigger, Noya is faster than him and keeps winning

"ahhh I'm bored of this game, you suck at it Asahi"

The alpha hums in response

"okay let's have a staring contest, first one to blink loses"

"okay let's do it!"

They both stare into each other's eyes for no longer then 10 seconds before Noya starts twitching. Asahi slightly grins at him.


Noya blinked

"one more time"

They stare at each other again, this time only 5 seconds past and Noya blinked

"ha! You lose, geez Noya this time you suck"

"no! I didn’t know we started, do it again!"

Asahi shakes his head

"nope I'm the winner"

The alpha sticks his tongue out

"okay, new game. See who can hold their breath the longest. Okay go!"

They both began to hold their breath. Asahi didn’t last very long and breathed out a massive sigh, but Noya was still going strong. A little while had past and the omega began to turn blue

"ahhh Noya you need to breath!"

Noya shook his head

"breath dammit!"

Asahi nudged the omega, he let out a massive sigh and began to take deep breaths


Noya pants out. Asahi put his hand to his face and shook his head whilst grinning

Tsukki was rummaging through his hand luggage for his headphones

"going to be unsocial I see..."

The beta commented

Tsukki looked at him with a blank expression

"I would rather listen to music then have to listen to the king snoring..."

And with that he puts his headphones on, presses play and looks out the window
Akiteru sighed and rested his head back.


10am in Tokyo


Takeda pulls the mini bus over in front of Nekoma high's front gate

"were here everyone!"

Ukai calls out, waking Kageyama and Hinata into a frightened state, everyone began to laugh.

They all jumped off the bus and looked with amazement at the size of the school

"wooooow it looks so posh!"

Hinata yells out and Kageyama nods in agreement

"thank you for the lift!"

Akiteru calls out, waving to everyone whilst disappearing into the distance.

"ahhh coach Nekomata Yasufumi, thank you for having us"

Takeda sensei bowed at the man walking down the stairs in front of the main entrance

"isn't he a little old to be a coach?"

Noya whispered to Asahi

Suga slapped the back of the smaller omegas head.

"no need to thank me, come this way, I'll show you to the guest dorms"

Everyone picked up their luggage and followed the older. Once they had arrived at the dorms they placed their belongings in lockers which they all got separate keys for. They got changed into their volleyball kits and made their way to the gymnasium. There was already 6 members of the Nekoma high volleyball team in there, doing there stretches. When noticing their guests walking in they all stood in a side line, bowed and welcomed their guests.

"let me introduce you to our members"

The older said, guiding Karasuno to the other side of the net

"this is Kai Nobuyuki wing spiker, Yamamoto Taketora other wing spiker, Yaku Morisuke libero, Inuoka So middle blocker, Haiba Lev other middle blocker, Kozume Kenma setter and..."

Nekomata frowned and looked around

"where is Kuroo?"

He looked towards Kenma, who shrugged

"he said something about helping his 'bro' with something"

The pudding head replied

The older beta sighed and rubbed his forehead

~ is he ever gonna be on time? ~

"sorry about this, the captain seems to be running late."

Ukai laughed in response

"don’t mind! Ill introduce you to our team"

The Karasuno team shuffled themselves into a neater side line

"this is Sugawara Koshi setter, Asahi Azumane wing spiker and ace, Tanaka Ryunosuke our other wing spiker, Nishinoya Yu libero, Kageyama Tobio other setter, Yamaguchi Tadashi part time middle blocker and our pinch server, Hinata Shouyou middle blocker, Tsukishima Kei our other middle blocker and Daichi Sawamura wing spiker, defense specialist and captain."

"thank you for having us"

They all bow.

Karasuno started doing some stretches before they start a match against their old rivals.

"coach I forgot to bring me flask with me, is it okay if I go and grab it?"

Tsukki says whilst jogging up to Ukai

"just be quick we will be starting soon"

The blonde nodded and jogged out the gym. Ukai frowned at him as he left

~ strange ~

They carried on with their stretches until Nekomata blew on his whistle

"okay boys, get in to position. For a warm up we will do first to 15"

He then blows on his whistle. The match doesn’t start well for Karasuno, it didn’t take Nekoma long to be 5 points ahead, leaving Karasuno still on 0. Just as Asahi was about to serve the doors to the gym open, revealing a tall dark-haired Alpha

"sorry I'm late!"

He called out

"Kuroo! What took you so long?!"

Nekomata scowled at him.

"I was just helping my bro out, he was having problems finding a courting gift for the 'angel of all omegas' as he puts it hahaha"

"look I don’t care what problems your 'bro' has, you were meant to be here an hour ago! Now hurry and warm up so we can put you in the match"

The alpha nodded and made his way to the side

"pssst Kenma!"

The short omega looked over to him with an unimpressed look


"where's my slice?"

"what do you mean?"

"don’t give me that! I can smell the strawberry shortcake a mile away! You better have saved me some!"

Kenma looked at the alpha confused

"Kuroo... do you really think that we would bring cake to a volleyball game?"

Kuroo raised his hands in defeat

"okay okay whatever you say"

Kenma rolls his eyes and focuses back on the game he's in

~ I know there's strawberry short cake. ~

The alpha finishes his stretches and joins the game. The score is now 12-9 to Nekoma. A further 10 minutes pass and the whistle blows, leaving the score on 15-11
The Karasuno team patted each other on the backs

"don’t mind, don’t mind, it was just a warm up, we will get them next time"

Suga smiles at everyone

Hinata started to wobble but quickly sorted himself out and stood up straight. Kageyama didn’t notice it, but he felt uneasy for some reason. He looked over to Hinata who was slightly out of breath but smiling at him, the alpha squinted and hummed to himself. The team grabbed their flasks and downed half their water, leaving them panting afterwards

~ nope, something doesn’t seem right ~

Kageyama approached Hinata and placed his hand on his shoulder

"is everything okay?"

Hinata looked up at him

"yeah everything's fine"

He smiles. The alpha isn't having any of it

"Dai-san I think Hinata needs to sit out of the next match"

"wait what?! Bakageyama I'm fine!"

"I know you're not! I can feel it through the bond boke!"

Hinata frowned at him

"you can't just tell me to sit out the next match!"

"no, he can't, but I can"

"wahh but Suga...."

"no buts! Come on"

The silver haired omega places his hands on Hinata's shoulders and guides him to the bench. With a huff the smaller sits down and crosses his arms

"don’t worry, Tsukki can take your place"

"but Tsukki isn't even here!"

As if on que, the door to the gymnasium opens and Tsukki returns looking slightly dazed

"take your time Tsukishima."

Kageyama glared at him

"what's that king?!"

They both glared at each other, until they were interrupted by the sound of the volleyball being dropped.

Everyone looked over to see Kuroo with his arms still placed in front of him as if holding an invisible ball. Tsukki was caught in the alphas gaze, it was like time had frozen and it was only the blonde and the dark haired in the room. Their minds went fuzzy and everything was a blur, their bodies began to tingle, there was a slight ringing in their ears. Both of their heart beats were loud, well, loud to each other, and each beat was in sync. They both continued to stare into each other's eyes with shocked expressions. Kuroo's eyes began to dilate and Tsukki began to shiver. The omega looked down and tutted, tears burning at his eyes, but he refused to let them fall.

"if you would excuse me."

The tall omega turned around and walked out the gym

"what the hell was all that about!"

Noya whined.

Yamaguchi had a sad frown, looking to where his best friend had left from

~ Tsukki... ~

The tall blonde was rushing through the hall way back to the guest dorms

~ no, no, no. Why? Why does this have to happen? I hate it. I hate the fact that I'm an omega. I wish I was born a beta, then maybe I could live a normal life... then maybe I could have control over my own body, my own feelings. Why him? I don't even know who he is. I thought it was just a myth. Even so, why does he have to be... ~


The omega was cut off from all trail of thoughts, due to a sharp pain shooting from his groin and across his abdomen. He crouched over clutching at his stomach, taking quick breaths through clenched teeth.

~ dammit ~

He tried to straighten himself up the best he could and carried on walking towards the dorms.

~ this pain is becoming unbearable ~

Once he got to the dorm he slid the door open and closed it behind him. He felt a shiver run up his spine, his mind and body were telling him to go back, go back to the gymnasium, go back to THAT alpha. He placed his forehead and a clenched fist on the wall

~ stop. Just this once, just this one time, let me have control over my own body. ~

He turns his back to the wall and slides himself down. He pulled his legs up, hiding his face against his raised knees.

Chapter Text

Everyone in the gym were looking around confused as to what just happened. Kuroo dropped to his knees with a loud thud and grabbed his head, the rest of the Nekoma team rushed over to him. Yaku knelt down beside him and put his hand on the alphas shoulder

"Kuroo... is everything okay?"

The small omega asked concerned

"I...I... need to go see him."

Yaku frowned at the taller and looked up to his team mates, Kuroo was acting out of character and he didn't know why. Kenma stepped towards him

"Kuroo... was he the cake?"

"cake? What do you mean cake?"

Lev spoke up.

Kuroo raised his head to face Kenma and nodded slightly. The team were looking at each other, they had no idea what was going on but it seems his best friend knows very well. The pudding head boy knelt at the side of Yaku in front of Kuroo

"you can't seriously think he's..."

"he is."

"but you said you never believed in that, and that it's just a myth that’s been told for centuries. You thought and I quote 'it's just a load of crap'"

"not anymore"

The alpha interrupted

The rest of the team still stood there, they really had no idea what was going on. Kuroo stood up slowly and brushed his knees. Suga's motherly instincts kicked in

"erm is everything okay over there"

The silver haired omega called out from the other side of the net.

The Nekoma team looked over in shock but accepted his kindness, Yaku walked over to the net

"our captain is having a bit of an issue at the moment, were not quite sure exactly what's going on"

Suga hummed in response. The rest of the Karasuno team walked over to coach Ukai who was in the middle of discussing something with Takeda sensei

"er coach, maybe I should go see if Tsukki is okay"

Yamaguchi was worried for his best friend.

"rather then you go and miss out on practice, I'll go and check on him"

Takeda smiled and made his way out the gym. Yamaguchi looked down and started to pick at his thumb nail. Tanaka made his way over to him and put his arm over the omegas shoulder, giving him a tight squeeze of reassurance.
Kenma had managed to convince Kuroo that he needs to clear his head first before running off and doing something reckless, so he decides to stay and practice with everyone. Coach Ukai blew his whistle to get the Karasuno team back in to position and the match begins.

Takeda was walking up to the guest dorms and he could hear some shuffling going on inside. He slides the door open and Tsukki was pulling out a futon, he jumps when he realizes he has company.

"oh, Takeda sensei"

He bows towards the older omega

"is everything okay Tsukishima? You arrived back in the gym and then left pretty quickly"

The blonde had to think on the spot of an excuse that would sound legit enough for his behavior back there, he couldn’t say what he thought really did happen between him and THAT alpha

"truth is sensei, I didn’t get much sleep last night, I was up late doing homework. I think if I rest for a little bit now I should be okay by lunch"

Tsukki lied through his teeth, but to him that was a much better excuse then what really happened. There was no way in hell he was going to accept how his inner omega made him feel.
Takeda had a sympathetic look on his face but nodded at him

"okay well once you have slept and feel better come and join us"

He smiles and leaves the room shutting the door behind him. Tsukki sighed in relief

~ I hope he didn’t suspect anything ~

When Takeda had arrived back at the gym he made his way up to coach Ukai and explained everything to him, he looked at him a bit skeptical but accepted the information anyway.

Hinata had been allowed to rejoin them in the match and the score was 23-21 to Nekoma. Things weren't going to well for Karasuno but it's all a learning process for the boys, tomorrow they will be given tips and proper training.

During the match Noya had decided to play around a little. Spotting Nekoma's libero at the center back, he stuck his tongue out at him when he knew he was looking over, this threw Yaku off and caused him to miss the ball, giving a point to Karasuno. The omega apologized to his team

"don’t worry Yaku, I saw exactly what happened"

Kuroo stuck his tongue out at the shorter

They continue on, this time Kuroo had his own little plan. As Tora went to smack the ball over the net Kuroo put himself in Daichi's view and winked at Suga. This then caused Daichi to miss the ball. He stood up straight and frowned

"did you just wink at our setter?"

The alpha slightly growled. Kuroo shrugged his shoulders and smiled playfully

"don’t mind don’t mind Dai, I've got this"

The silver haired omega winked

Yamaguchi was about to serve, but just before he did Suga whipped himself in front of the net, looked at the other team who were now all looking at him. He flicked his hair slightly and gave the team the most majestic smile and a little wave, that did the trick! The whole Nekoma team even the omegas were struck by Suga's beauty, and at that moment they heard the ball hit the floor behind them. The whistle blew and Ukai stepped forward

"great game guys, but don’t think we didn’t see what you were all up to"

The teams look at each other from the corners of their eyes and burst out laughing. They walked over to the net and shook hands with their opponents, thanking them for the match.

The school bell rang

"okay boys, I have spoken to the teachers and they have agreed you can have the whole day for practice tomorrow due to having our Karasuno guests here. Right now though your lessons start in 20 minutes so make your way to the club room to get changed and I will see you in the morning"

Coach Nekomata nods and walks over to coach Ukai and Takeda sensei

"our boys need to go to their lessons for the rest of the day. They have opened up the dining hall early so you can have your lunch before Nekoma take their break."

"thank you very much, we appreciate it"

Takeda bows to the older

They make their way through the school and to the dining hall. Yamaguchi and Tanaka were having a quiet conversation between themselves

"maybe I should look for Tsukki"

"I think you should have some lunch first"

"I haven't got much of an appetite to be honest"

"look I know your worried for your best friend, but you really need to eat before we go back and do more practice"

"yeah, I know, it's just Tsukki hasn’t been his normal self for quite some time now and he never talks to anyone about his problems or what's on his mind, it's just if there is something wrong with him and I haven't realized it.... then I'm a really crappy friend"

"don’t be silly! You are a brilliant friend and he's lucky to have you, I'm sure if there was something serious with him then he would tell you. You have known each other since you were kids after all. Right?"

"hmmm yeah I guess..."

"well then, stop beating yourself up over what could be nothing"


Yamaguchi smiles at Tanaka

Once everyone had arrived at the dining hall lunch was already prepared and spread out across a long table big enough to fit the team around. The smell of all the food was over powering, but in a good way. There was bowls of rice, ramen, pork cutlets and plates with sushi wraps on. Everyone seated themselves and started tucking into all the food, it wasn’t a pretty sight. There was food going everywhere, arms stretched across the table, most of them were talking with their mouths full. This was a group of boys after all.

"if you're not gonna eat that bakageyama I will!"

"keep your hands off boke!"

"ahhh these damn chop sticks!!"

"look Noya ill teach you AGAIN!"

"Dai could you pass me the salt?"

The door opens and Yamaguchi stands from the table


Tanaka almost chokes on his food and begins to laugh

"oh my god hahaha.... pass the salt!...hahahaha as if on que Tsukishima walks through the door"

He continues to laugh, tears now forming. Yamaguchi looked down and frowned at the alpha, everyone stopped eating to look over at the tall blonde

"erm, sorry about earlier and any inconvenience I may have caused. I didn’t get enough sleep last night and it all caught up with me"

Tsukki bows.

"don’t mind Tsukki, there's a seat next to Yamaguchi, try and have something to eat you might feel better after."

Suga said, welcoming him into the dining hall.

Tsukki takes a seat next to Yamaguchi and grabs a bowl of rice

"Tsukki is everything alright?"

"yes Yamaguchi, like I said I was tired."

"you would tell me if something was wrong right?"

"shut up Yamaguchi"

"sorry Tsukki"

After everyone had finished eating they helped take all the plates and bowls back. Ukai looks up at the clock reading 2pm

"okay so we have permission to use the gymnasium for the rest of the day, so you can go and practice freely but we need to be back at the guest dorms by 9pm and lights are out at 10.30pm. Right let's make our way back to the gymnasium."

Once arriving at the gymnasium Noya and Asahi ran to the storage cupboard and brought out the volleyball net and stands, Kageyama and Hinata rushed over to get the trolley of volleyballs and everyone else was helping to set up the benches and score board. A couple hours had passed by and Ukai had already suggested to everyone that they call it a day but everyone wanted to carry on. Noya suggested teaching everyone how to dive properly.

"okay guys, you're doing pretty good but Tsukishima you need to work on it a little more and Yamaguchi you need to stop being afraid of landing on the floor. Come on guys it's not that hard"

"neither is using chop sticks"

Tsukki commented, making everyone laugh but not Noya, he just placed his hands on his hips and huffed

"ahhh don’t be like that Noya, we love you really"

Suga smiled at him.

The boys continue with trying to get better with their dives. Tsukki sets himself up ready to do another dive when he is instantly stopped as he crouched

"well come on then Tsukishima!"

Noya yelled out. Tsukki gritted his teeth and continued with the dive, he stood up with a slight wobble but not noticeable to anyone else.

"if you would excuse me I need the rest room"

They weren’t paying much attention as the blonde left the gymnasium.

He entered the toilets and walked up to the sink splashing water on his face

~ how long will this go on for? Just stop already. ~

He grabbed a towel to wipe his face dry. The door to the toilets opened and Tsukki felt a shiver run up his spine, grabbing his glasses and putting them in place, he looked into the mirror to see who was behind him. There stood a tall very handsome dark-haired alpha

~ oh great. Perfect timing.... ~

He turned around and was face to face with Kuroo, who was looking at him with a shocked expression

"oh...err... sorry I didn’t mean to intrude.... Tsukki right?"

"no, it's Tsukishima, Yamaguchi calls me Tsukki. Now if you would excuse me I need to get back to practice"

"hey wait!"

Tsukki paused and turned his head to face the alpha

"can I help you?"

He says bluntly

"back there in the gym this morning, you know what that was right?"

Tsukki glared at Kuroo

"yes, I know exactly what it was, but it doesn’t mean anything! Just because I'm and omega doesn’t mean I have to...."

"but were..."


Kuroo looked at the omega a bit taken back by his out burst

"I don’t even know who you are!"

"you can call me Kuroo..."

"I would rather not call you anything. So please move out the way"

The blonde goes to move past the alpha

"no wait!"

Kuroo grabs Tsukki's arm.

Tsukki crouched over and started shivering clutching at his stomach

~ shit. ~

"hey! are you okay?!"

Tsukki looked up with tear filled eyes

"let go..."

Kuroo's grip loosened and Tsukki choose the opportunity to pull his arm away and quickly evacuate the toilets.

~ no no no. Why now? This can't be happening! I need to get to the lockers quick! ~

The pain across his abdomen was worse than it had ever been, his heart was racing and he started to sweat. He managed to get there, get his key out and shakily try to open his locker, it took him a few attempts but he managed to get it open, he pulled his bag out and began searching through it frantically

~ oh god no! Where are they? Please don’t say I forgot them! ~

His breathing became quick paced and almost hard. He grabbed his phone and was about to dial but he fell to his knees and crouched over


He looked up slightly to see that Kuroo had caught up to him. The alpha stopped a couple of feet away from him

"ahh.... Tsukki are.... are you in h... heat?"

The alphas breathing became deep and his eyes started to dilate


~ I need to get away, quick! ~

The blonde shakily stood up, dropping his glasses on the floor and made a dash for the nearest fire exit. He ran to the nearest place he could hide, behind a tree at the side of the schools race track.

Kuroo shook his head, picked up the glasses and ran after the omega. He wasn't hard to find; the smell of strawberry shortcake was over powering and had a sweeter scent then before. When Kuroo walked around the tree the sight he saw was one he wished he hadn't. Tsukki was curled up on the floor in a fetus position, sweat was dripping off his forehead, he was violently shaking and tears were falling down the side of his face. Kuroo quickly knelt at the side of him with a worried expression

" hurts"

Kuroo started to growl. He didn’t want this omega to be in pain, every part of his body was screaming to help him, to stop him hurting, but why was this omega hurting so much? it didn’t seem right

"Ts...Tsukki w... why are y... you in so much p... pain?"

it took every fiber in the alphas body not to take this omega right here, right now. He got closer to Tsukki and placed a hand on his shoulder

"d... don’t... touch... me."

The omega whimpered out. The alpha placed his nose on Tsukki's neck just above his scent glands and inhaled deeply, slowly losing control he places a hand on the blonde's cheek

~ I need to stop ~

he sat himself up quickly and bit on his own arm as hard as he could, causing it to trickle a line of blood, he slapped himself round the face and shook his head

"how can I help you Tsukki? I dunno what to do!"

Tsukki looked up at him through blurred vision

~ oh my god alpha just take me now! ~

Tsukki tutted at his own thoughts

~ what am I even thinking? ~

"m... my ph... phone. C... call Ak... Akiteru."

He gasps and closes himself in tighter. Kuroo grabbed Tsukki's phone and scrolled to Akiteru's number, he hits call and it rings for about a minute.


"ah no, this is Kuroo I'm Tsukki's…......... friend. He err he's collapsed and I think he's in heat..."

"I'll borrow a friend's car and I'll be right there!"

And with that he hung up.

Kuroo rushed back over to Tsukki who seemed to just be getting worse and worse, he started to slowly close his eyes

"no! Don’t close your eyes!"

Tsukki whipped his eyes back open and started to shiver again. A moment went by until they heard shouting from a distance


Akiteru came rushing over, he knelt down at the side of his younger brother and pulled his head onto his knee

"Kei, you shouldn’t be in heat, you said you haven't long had a heat."

Tsukki lowered his head

"Kei.... tell me the truth, have you been abusing the heat suppressants?"

The omega looked up to his brother and tears fell down his cheeks

"how many heats have you missed?"

"…....... tsk"

He grabbed his stomach and whimpered, it felt like his whole body was on file


"uh ah.... I... I've m... missed....3"

Both Akiteru and Kuroo gasped in shock and looked at the whimpering omega with worry. The beta turned to Kuroo

"help me get him to the car, I need to take him to the hospital"

The alpha nodded and picked Tsukki up bridal style. The omega rested his head on Kuroo's shoulder and placed his nose on the alphas scent glands

~ this smell... its so intoxicating. He smells just like old spice. I can't think straight ~

Rushing him over to the car, Kuroo places him in the back seat laying down and shuts the car door. Akiteru put his window down

"thank you for looking after my brother, please inform Takeda sensei and coach Ukai that I have taken him"

Kuroo nodded and watched the car drive off, he looked to the glasses that were in his hands

~ please be alright ~

Chapter Text

Kuroo gritted his teeth, shoved the glasses in his pocket and made a run towards the gymnasium.

Upon arriving he bursts through the doors causing the Karasuno team to jump and look over in worry. He crouched over placing his hands on his knees trying to catch his breath. Takeda walked over to him

"is everything okay?"

The Alpha shook his head

"it's Tsukishima..."

Hearing his words, the team made their way over to the Nekoma member

"what about Tsukki?"

Yamaguchi said shakily

The alpha caught his breath and stood up straight

"his brother has just rushed him to the hospital"

"what?! Why?"

Daichi stepped forward

"I bumped into him in the toilets and he was acting strange so I followed him to his lockers and I found him crouched over on the floor, when he saw me he ran outside dropping his glasses on the way and so I ran after him again and he was on the floor in a state. He kept saying he was in pain and he looked horrible! I'm pretty sure he came on heat, he told me to call Akiteru I think his name was and when he got to us Tsukishima admitted to abusing the heat suppressants and that he had missed 3 heats!"

Yamaguchi starts shaking and goes to make a run for the door but Tanaka grabs him

"Yamaguchi what are you doing?"

"get off of me!"

The omega begins to shove Tanaka off him but he doesn’t let go

"Yamaguchi calm down"

"no, I will NOT! Calm down! I need to see him!"

"you don’t even know where the hospital is"

Tanaka still had a hold of Yamaguchi, the omega spun himself around and started doing light punched on the alphas shoulders

"I told you! I knew it! I knew there was something going on with him. Let go of me!"

Tanaka still being stubborn didn’t let go. Tears were beginning to fall down Yamaguchi's cheeks and he was still trying to get out the alphas grip, but he wasn’t going to let go of him, he wasn’t going to risk his omega getting lost or hurt in the middle of Tokyo. The omega becoming tired rested his head on Tanaka's chest, his shoulders began to shake and he was now crying heavily. The alpha gave off some pheromones to relax the upset omega

"why?... why didn’t he talk to me?"

He managed to choke out.
Tanaka put his hand on the back of Yamaguchi's head

"I'm not sure. Let's go back to the dorms so you can calm down"

The two left the gymnasium closing the doors behind them. Everyone looked back at Kuroo who was deep in thought and oblivious as to what just went on between the two Karasuno mates.

"I asked Tsukishima before we left for Tokyo when his next heat was... he said he wasn’t due one any time soon because he hadn't long had one"

The silver haired omega looked down

"but why would that idiot abuse his suppressants?"

Kageyama spoke up

"surely, he knows he needed to take a break and to have a heat, right?"

Hinata tilted his head

"I think he was doing it on purpose... "

Noya stepped forward

"you can't be serious? Tsukishima is smart, he would know what sort of effects that could have on his body if he abused them."

Asahi frowned

"Suga, you said you spoke to him about when his heat is due?"

Daichi walked over to the omega

"yeah and he just said that he couldn’t remember when his next heat was due, but he wrote it down somewhere at home... it didn’t seem right though, because I don’t remember him taking any time off school"

"okay boys listen up"

Ukai gathered the boys around him

"it's very unfortunate what has happened with Tsukishima and I can't really explain why he was doing what he was doing because I don’t know myself, but what I do know is we need to wait. Takeda will be the one that goes to the hospital tomorrow and get as much information as he can, for now you all need to remember we are here for two nights and remember the reason we are here. I think we should call it a day, please head back to the dorms, and thank you for letting us know"

Ukai bows towards Kuroo and pulls Takeda to the side. The rest of the team made their way back to the guest dorms.


Akiteru is now stuck in traffic, he turns his head to check on Tsukki. The omega is curled up on the back seat, shaking, hair completely drenched with sweat, clutching his stomach and whimpering in pain

~ dammit hang in there Kei ~

After finally getting out of the traffic and arriving at the hospital, Akiteru pulls over and jumps out the car rushing through the entrance doors and to the front desk

"you need to help me! It's my brother, he's been abusing his heat suppressants and he's in unbearable pain!"

The beta women he spoke to quickly picked up the desk phone and called for help. The doctors brought out a stretcher to the car and placed Tsukki on it in which he cried out in pain as they wheeled him into the special unit.
Akiteru sat down in the waiting room. It was quiet, it was horrible, he just wanted to be at his brother's side, he wanted to make sure he was going to be okay and he had so many questions, but all he could do was wait.


It felt like time had frozen for the beta, he was sat in a room on his own, 4 white walls surrounding him, a little TV on in the corner which had the news on and a couple other chairs that were vacant. His mind had gone blank from over thinking, causing him to have a head acke. He looked over to the TV and saw the time

~ wow have I really been sitting here for 2 hours... ~

The door to the waiting room opened revealing a short beta woman with a brown bob cut hair style, a warn look on her face and she was wearing purple scrubs.

"are you Tsukishima Akiteru?"

The woman had a soft voice

"ahh er yeah, how is he?"

Akiteru stood from his seat. The beta woman looked at him with a sad face

"he's better than what he was but he's still not in a good way, we did some blood tests and he has an extreme amount X.O in his blood stream, X.O is the type of heat suppressants that he has been taking, it's obviously not good to be over taking any sort of prescription medication and it is extremely dangerous for an omega to take more than what is needed of heat suppressants, it's important to stop taking them and have a heat when a heat is due. Now you said that he has missed 3 heats am I right?"

"y... yes"

The nurse sighed

"we are going to need to detox him but we need you to sign the agreement. During the detox he will be uncomfortable, he will cry out in pain and he will also vomit a lot, so it will be good to keep him hydrated and on an IV. We will obviously need to keep him over night so we can keep an eye on him and he will be allowed visitors in the morning."

Akiteru felt sick from everything the nurse had just said but he nodded and signed the agreement

"will he be okay?"

"after the treatment he will be just fine, but he will have to stay off the suppressants and have a heat, it might be a good idea to make sure he is with his mate during the heat"

"Kei doesn’t have a mate."

"oh really? That’s strange"

"how so?"

"well his body was showing all the signs that he has one. Sorry I must have been mistaken, it's just it seemed like someone may have triggered his heat to come at full force."

Akiteru looked at her slightly confused but they both just brushed it off and took it as his heat was a long time coming.

"if you would excuse me"

The nurse bowed and turned on her heels

Akiteru sat back down in the chair and pulled out his phone


The Karasuno team had set their futons up in the same room and were chatting among themselves

"I hope Tsukishima will be alright"

Suga said leaning against Daichi's arm

"so do I"

"how could I not notice something going on with one of my sons?"

Daichi leaned his head forward slightly

"your what Suga?"

Suga frowned


"you said one of your sons"

"did I?"

"yeah, you did haha"

"oh... I didn’t even realize"

they both snickered with each other

"well I'm sure Takeda sensei will fill us in tomorrow once he's been to the hospital"

"hmmm yeah your right"

Suga looked up and smiled at the alpha. Daichi leaned down slightly and gave the omega a little peck on the lips. They snuggled into a single futon and drifted off to sleep.

Hinata and Kageyama were sat on the floor chucking a ball between themselves

"what was that guy called again? The one that came and told us about Tsukishima"

"Kuroo... I think?"

"ahhh, why do you think he was with him?"

"I have no idea boke"



"will you let me train properly tomorrow?"

"it all depends if you feel up to it, but not like you will pay much attention to me if I tell you to sit out anyway"

"I sat out today bakageyama!"

"yeah because Suga made you..."

They both looked at each other with sulky expressions

"okay fine... if I don’t feel 100% up to it I will sit out when I need to"

Hinata smiled over to Kageyama, the alpha sighed and then smiled back

"come here!"

The alpha holds out an arm and Hinata crawls over to him and sits in between his legs, back up against the alphas chest. Kageyama put his lips on the back of Hinata's neck just below the bond mark and gives it a soft kiss causing the omega to purr slightly, he then run the tip of his tongue across it


Hinata sat up, turning his body around to face Kageyama and gave him a slight slap on the arm. The alpha gave him a cheeky grin

"I don't know what you're thinking Bakageyama but we are doing NOTHING! whilst we are in Tokyo! and further more were in a room full of our friends!"

"yeah, I know, I know, I just wanted to tease you a little bit"

Hinata huffed at him but Kageyama just chuckled and pulled him back for a cuddle.

Asahi and Noya were on separate futons laying on their stomachs pulling faces at each other. Asahi started laughing because Noya does a perfect impression of a monkey

"Asahi, can I ask you a question?"

"yeah sure"

"can I..."

"wait what are you doing?"

Asahi interrupted him


"you said can I ask a question"

"that’s right."

"and you did so..."

Noya gave Asahi evils

"I swear sometimes I wanna..."



"ahhh that’s two questions now!"

"Asahi, I swear."

"hahaha I'm sorry Noya I couldn’t help it"

The alpha rubs the back of his head, Noya frowns at him

"can I continue?"


"no, you know what! Forget it"

Noya rolls on his side and puts his back towards Asahi

"no, no, no, I'm sorry! Continue"

Asahi says whilst climbing into the same futon as the omega, he wraps his arms around the smaller

"don’t worry, my question was answered"

Asahi frowned

"what do you mean?"

"I was going to ask for a hug"

The smaller grinned up at him. The alpha laughed slightly and pulled the omega in closer

Yamaguchi was sat in the corner of the room, knees bent up to his chest and he was spacing out. Tanaka was sat at the side of him trying to get him to talk, but he wasn't having much luck

"Yamaguchi please just talk to me, I know your upset but he's in safe hands now"


"please I'm really starting to worry about you."


"why don’t you message his brother?"


The alpha sighed and reached over to grab Yamaguchi's phone

"oh, you have a message from Akiteru"

Yamaguchi turned his head slightly

"it says 'hey Tadashi, you probably heard about Kei being rushed into hospital, he has been abusing his heat suppressants for a while now and he kept it a secret from everyone. They are going to be detoxing him over night so it's going to be a rough ride for him, they said he can have visitors tomorrow. I hope you haven't been blaming yourself for not realising because I didn’t even realise and I live with him. I will keep you updated'"

Tanaka finished reading the message out and looked up to Yamaguchi, tears had fallen down the omegas cheeks and he had a saddened look. Tanaka put his arms around him and bought him into a tight embrace

"I'm sorry Tanaka.... I didn’t mean to hit you, or ignore you. I was just... scared"

"look you was upset, I don’t care about that. I'm just happy you're finally talking to me, now that we know what's happening with Tsukishima will you please get some rest?"

Yamaguchi nodded and curled up against Tanaka

~ how could Tsukki not tell me what was happening with him?! I thought I was his best friend! the amount of times he has helped me in the past and given me support in the weird way that Tsukki does, how could he then not tell me... ~


Kuroo was at home in his room sitting at his computer desk. Resting his head in his hand he stared at the computer screen

~ how the hell am I meant to focus on this science homework when all I'm thinking about is that bloody omega!? I want him to be okay, I want to see him, hold him, tell him that I'm here for him. The thing is I don’t even know who HE is... I haven't even had a proper conversation with him. ~

He leans over and opens the top draw pulling Tsukki's glasses out, he twiddles them between his fingers and gives a little smirk

~ I've always had a thing for glasses... but there's something about that boy, his height, his blonde hair, his attractive face, his sass, his lips, oh my god his lips! What I would give to be able to meet his lips with mine, to stroke his face, and to sleep next to someone that smells like strawberry shortcake ~

The alpha sat up straight and shook his head

~ what am I thinking? ~

He shuts his computer down feeling defeated that he couldn't even do a third of his homework. He makes his way over to his bed and lays on his back looking up at the periodic table that he had stuck to his ceiling. He starts to get lost in his thoughts once again

~ our scientific age demands that we provide definitions, measurements and statistics in order to be taken seriously. Yet most of the important things in life cannot be precisely defined or measured. Can we define or measure love, beauty, friendship, or decency? ~

He reached over to turn his lamp off

~ I will go see him tomorrow. ~


The next morning at Nekoma high

The Karasuno team make their way to the gymnasium. When they arrived Tora, Yaku, Lev, Kenma, Inuoka and coach Nekomata were already there. Each team bowed towards each other

"where the hell is Kuroo?!"

Coach Nekomata asked annoyed. Kenma stepped forward

"I went to get Kuroo on the walk to school today but when I got there he wasn’t feeling well, he was running a temperature and said his body hurts"

The coach sighed

"very well..."

He blows on his whistle and gets everyone to gather around

"today we will have a warm up match like yesterday then we will partner up each team's position with the other team's position, for example... Yaku we will partner you up with Nishinoya to give each other tips and same goes for Kenma he will be put with Sugawara and Kageyama and so on and so on. Let's begin"

He blows on his whistle and the match begins.


At the hospital Akiteru slowly opens his eyes and groans, he had been asleep in the same position on the waiting room chair all night.
The beta nurse walks into the room

"oh, your awake Mr Tsukishima"

"please, just call me Akiteru"

The nurse smiled at him

"Akiteru, I came in a few hours ago but you were asleep and I didn’t want to disturb you, its Kei..."

He stood up quickly

"what's wrong? Is he okay? Dammit I shouldn’t have fallen asleep!"

"calm down Akiteru, Kei is just fine."

The beta dropped his shoulders in relief

"I came to talk to you about his situation actually"

They were interrupted by a knock on the door. Takeda sensei walks in to the room

"oh, sorry. Am I interrupting something?"

The omega bows

"actually no, it's nice to see a familiar face"

Akiteru commented. The nurse looked back at the beta

"am I okay to carry on?"

"yeah that’s fine, Takeda will also need to know so he can go back and report to everyone else"

The nurse bows

"okay so Kei's treatment is complete, he is fully detoxed from the X.O that was in his system. He had quite a rough night last night, he vomited quite a bit and only got about 4 hours sleep but he looks better and he's not in any pain anymore. Right now, he is just resting. We hooked him up to a new IV in which can come out this afternoon, also we are prescribing him with a 7-day Y.Q suppressant which will allow his body to re-start in a way, after 7 days he will come in to heat. We would like to keep him in again tonight just to keep an eye on him to make sure the Y.Q agrees with his body type and if all goes well he is free to leave the following morning."

the nurse smiles at Akiteru

"oh, thank god."

Takeda walks over to the beta and puts a hand on his shoulder

"I'm glad to hear he is doing fine. If you would excuse me I must get back and let everyone know"

Everyone bows and Takeda leaves.

"can I go and see him?"

"yes, you can, please follow me"

They both walk to the room in which Tsukki was in, knocking on the door before entering. The omega was laying on the bed hooked up to the IV wearing one of the hospital robes, he looked drained but he looked a lot! Better than he did last night.

"I will leave you both to talk"

The nurse bows before leaving the room and shutting the door behind herself. Akiteru made his way up to the bed. The omega sat himself up slightly


"I already know what you're going to say. That I'm an idiot and I should never have done it and that your disappointed in me..."

"actually, no. I wasn’t going to say any of those things I just want to know why?"

"you wouldn’t understand."

Tsukki looks down to his lap

"try me?"


"Kei, you know you can talk to me, right? I just don’t get it..."

"exactly! you don’t get it! and you won't ever get it. Look it's over now and I regret it I was stupid and I won't do it again"

"I was worried about you Kei, I thought I was going to lose you..."


"I'm serious!"

Tsukki looked at his older brother and raised his eyebrows as he could see how truly worried he was

"I'm sorry..."

A moment passed and there was a knock on the door, the nurse walked in

"sorry to bother you but you have a guest, he said his names Kuroo"

~ great. ~

The omega rolled his eyes

"shall I tell him to come back later?"

"no, it's fine, let him in"

The nurse nodded and leaned herself out the door slightly. Kuroo stepped into the room

"could you please leave us alone to talk"

the omega requested. They both nodded and left the room

"what are you doing here?"

Kuroo sighed and walked over to the side of the bed

"I have something for you, I think you might want it"

The alpha pulls Tsukki's glasses out from his pocket and hands them to him. The blonde puts them in place

"well at least I can see the hell hole I'm in now"

"look, I know I'm probably the last person you want to see right now"


"but I just want to talk to you"

Tsukki frowned at the alpha but he thought he would hear him out anyway

"what do you want to talk about?"

"I was thinking about you all night, I can't actually stop thinking about you"

"that’s only because..."

"that’s not just it. Yeah that’s a part of it but there's more to it"

Kuroo interrupted him

"like what?"

"like, I think I would have fallen for you despite our second genders..."

"pfft despite second genders, what a joke"

"what do you mean?"

"well that’s what it always leads down to in the end, everything! It always leads down to the second gender. Being an omega is awful! but you would have no idea Mr alpha, you can talk so light heartily about second genders when in reality if your second gender isn't an alpha or beta then your looked down upon, treated differently, more fragile, weak and not in control of your own body."

"wait, Tsukishima are you saying you started abusing the suppressants because your ashamed of being an omega?"

Tsukki gritted his teeth and clenched his fists around the blanket

"if so then you're stupid!"

the omega shot the alpha a shocked look


"you heard me! if second gender is all you think about then your being narrow minded. you're basically saying that all omegas are weak... does that mean you think that your team mates are weak? Now I'm pretty sure you don’t really think that. My best friend is an omega and I have never once thought being an omega is going to stop him doing what he wants! He is one of the best players on our team. Yeah, he would rather sit and play console games all day but he is the heart and brain of Nekoma volleyball team. I'm not going to treat you different because you're an omega... that doesn't mean anything to me! And you think omegas are the only ones that don't have control over their bodies?!? what a load of crap! I could barely control myself around you yesterday!"

Tsukki was still looking at the alpha in shock, then gave him a side smirk

"you're the only one that has ever spoken to me like that..."

Kuroo sat back a little

"oh, I'm sorry if..."

"no! I kinda... liked it, and... your right"

Tsukki interrupted blushing slightly

"the scientist is not a person who gives the right answers; he is one who asks the right questions. Tsukishima, can we start again? tomorrow if you're feeling spry I would like to take you on a date and get to know you"

"a date? But I don't even know your given name and you know mine."

"I will tell you my given name once you agree to go on a date with me"

the alpha smirks

~ this guy... ~

"…... fine, I'll go on a date with you"

the alpha beams a massive smile

"Tsukishima Kei. My name is Kuroo Tetsuro, your fated mate"

Chapter Text

Takeda arrives back at Nekoma high and enters the gym, he walks past the teams practice match and approaches coach Ukai, they begin to talk quietly amongst themselves and after a nod between them Ukai blows on his whistle grabbing everyone's attention. The boys stop what they're doing and face the older.

"we have information on Tsukishima, Takeda if you will"

The older omega takes a step forward

"I went to the hospital to see how Tsukishima was doing and I bumped into his brother as he was being informed by the nurse on his condition. Tsukishima went through a detox overnight and is clear from the suppressants that was in his system. He is doing so much better and is now in good health, although, he will not be coming back to Nekoma high as they need to keep an eye on him again tonight. For those of you who are worried about him rest assured he is doing fine"

Takeda smiles at everyone and bows before stepping back. The Karasuno boys all sigh in relief. Tanaka walks over to Yamaguchi and puts an arm over his shoulders

"see, Tsukishima is fine, you can relax a bit now"


"what's wrong?"

"oh nothing..."

Tanaka frowns at him

"okay well, shall we get back to practice?"


They do a small jog over to everyone

"okay boys, it's time to partner up with your opposing positions. Team 1. Sugawara, Kageyama and Kenma. Team 2. Nishinoya and Yaku. Team 3. Taketora, Nobuyuki, Asahi, Daichi and Tanaka. Team 3. Lev, Inuoka, Hinata and Yamaguchi. We will give you 1 hour to train with each other and give advice where it is needed."

Coach Nekomata blows on his whistle and everyone gathers in to their groups.

Nishinoya and Yaku looked at each other



"oh sorry, you first!"

Noya nodded. Yaku smirked at him

"I don’t think there's anything I could advise you on..."

"what's that supposed to mean"

Noya frowned and stepped forward, Yaku waved both his hands in front of him

"no, no, no, not like that, I mean you're already a really good libero"


Noya blushed

"th...thank you"

Yaku smiled at him

"there is something I want you to teach me though"

"oh? What's that then?"

"that thing you did when you were doing your stretches... rolling something..."

Noya smiled and pointed at himself with his thumb


They both started laughing and Noya started teaching Yaku the ways of the thunder.

Suga, Kageyama and Kenma stood in a sort of circle and were tossing the ball to each other but rather than passing to the left or right all the time they were switching it up and tossing at random. There wasn’t much of a conversation going on, Kenma was too shy to be the first one to talk, Kageyama wasn’t good at talking with new people and he didn’t want to come off rude and Suga, well he was just enjoying the peace and quiet so he had no intentions of bringing up a topic to talk about, plus the three were already really good at what they did.

Taketora, Nobuyuki, Asahi, Daichi and Tanaka were taking it in turns tossing the ball so they could all spike it over the net. It was going well, every now and then Tanaka and Taketora growled at each other but it was never serious, well that was until Tora stepped over the line a little

"so, who's the cute omega with freckles?"

Taketora spoke


Tanaka stepped forward looking over to Yamaguchi, who like everyone else on his team was jumping up to stop spikes

"oh, he does have good thighs, doesn’t he?!"

Tanaka whipped his head around at Taketora's comment

"what did you just say?"

"think I might go and talk to him ya know? I wouldn’t mind having a piec..."

The alpha was cut off by Tanaka grabbing his shirt and growling, Daichi stepped in-between them

"actually, that freckled omega is already being courted by our Tanaka here"

Daichi gestures towards the slightly raged alpha, Taketora raised his eyebrows

"oh, sorry. Why didn’t you say anything sooner? I wouldn’t have said what I said if I had known."

He bows towards Tanaka

"pffft don’t worry about it, he is beautiful"

Daichi sighed at Tanaka and raised a hand to his own forehead

"right son, lets carry on"

Daichi paused for a second

~ wait... did I just call Tanaka son? ~

He chuckled to himself

"oh dear..."

"what's up Dai-san?"

Tanaka approached

"oh, er nothing, lets carry on"


Nekomata blows on his whistle

"okay boys gather around. It's time for lunch, afterwards we will be doing a beep test to enhance your stamina. Please make your way to the dining hall."

The boys start exiting the gymnasium

"Ukai, I will be gathering Tsukishima's stuff together and taking them to the hospital for him, I should be back after lunch"

Takeda smiles at the alpha in which he responds with a nod

~ be safe ~

In the dining hall the boys were already tucking into their food. It was bad enough when the Karasuno team were in there eating together but now with team Nekoma also there it got a bit messy. More arms were stretching across the table, it was loud, drinks were getting knocked over and there was a lot of laughter. Daichi and Suga were laughing between themselves, Tanaka and Yamaguchi were having a quiet chat, Yaku had a semi scared expression watching Noya trying to use chopsticks and the rest of the teams were talking to each other.


At the hospital, Kuroo was still in the room with Tsukki who was now getting the IV removed

"okay Tsukishima, you won't be needing the IV anymore but we will need to keep you in tonight, as we said we need to make sure the Y.Q agrees with your body and if all goes well you can leave in the morning"

"okay, thank you"

The nurse smiles at him and leaves the room
Kuroo walks around the side of the bed

"so, for our date tomorrow I will meet you outside the hospital entrance at 10am"

"you have school..."

"that’s alright, Kenma covered for me today so he can cover for me again tomorrow"

"that’s all well and good but there is one thing..."

Kuroo gave a skeptic look

"what's that?"

"you will need to convince my brother to let me go"

"I'm sure I can do that"

He smiles. Tsukki gave a look of 'suuure'

There was a knock at the door, Kuroo walked around and opened it revealing Takeda sensei

"oh, hello! I brought you your things, I'm sure you would like a change of clothes and seeing as you won't be coming back to Nekoma someone had to bring them to you"

"thank you, Takeda sensei"

"how are you feeling?"

"a lot better, I'm not in pain anymore. I was stupid for what I did and I'm sorry if I worried anyone"

"we was all worried about you Tsukishima, you gave Yamaguchi quite the fright, he was going to charge up here to see you but Tanaka stopped him because he wasn’t acting his usual self"

"he wasn’t?"

"no, he started getting a little bit aggressive towards Tanaka and he was shaking"

Tsukki looked down

"I should make talking to Yamaguchi a priority when we get back home"

"probably best. Okay well I should get going, I'm glad you're doing better, see you!"

The small omega waves and leaves the room

Akiteru appears behind the door

"okay to come in?"

Both the alpha and omega nod

"so, Kei, I spoke to my friend who I borrowed the car off, he said that he will go in the mini bus back with the college and I can take you home in the car. The nurse also told me when you get your heat in 7 days that it won't last as long as usual"

"they only last 3 days anyway"

The omega replied

"yeah, I'm aware of your short heats I explained that to the nurse, she said you will get pre-heat and then your actual heat will more than likely last the one night and that its going to be an intense heat"

Tsukki sighed

"well Tsukishima I need to get going I will err see you tomorrow... Akiteru could I speak to you outside quickly"

Kuroo bowed towards the beta


The both walk out the room and slightly down the hall

"I would like to take Tsukishima on a date tomorrow if he's feeling better"

"absolutely not"

"I had a feeling you would say that it's just... he's my fated mate and..."

"wait, what?"

The beta looked confused

"yeah, that’s right, and I would really like to get to know him better and I can understand why you would be scared to let him out of your sight but I will take proper care of him and I will keep him safe"

Akiteru sighed and brushed his hand through his hair

"well Kei doesn’t really like many people and if he has agreed to go on a date with you then I don’t want to stand in the way. You said you were fated mates and yet you managed to keep calm around him when he was vulnerable?"

"I would never want to hurt him I would rather hurt myself. I want to care for him, protect him and have him by my side. Please let me take him out tomorrow"



Kuroo jumps up with excitement

"yeah... but I will be picking him up from where ever you are at 6pm"

"thank you so much!"

The alpha bowed, turned on his heels and did a sort of skip out of sight.


Today was a long hard day of training for both team Karasuno and team Nekoma. They ended their training on a good note and even some of them exchanged contacts. The Karasuno boys were in the guest dorms for the last night of their trip, there wasn’t much talking as most of them had already fallen asleep, all aside from Daichi and Suga.

"pssst, Daichi"


The alpha rolled over

"so, how about we do it?"

Suga winks at him

"we can't do that with our friends around!"

"sure we can they will never know!"

"Suga are you mad? We will defiantly get caught"

"not if were quiet"

"haha but your never quiet when we do it"

"wait, what? What do you think I'm talking about Dai?"


"what!? Oh my god no! Hahaha"

The alpha looked at the silver haired slightly confused

"I'm talking about sneaking out and exploring a bit of Tokyo you dummy"

"oh, in that case defiantly not."

"awww but Daiiiii"

Suga gave his best puppy dog eyes, Daichi rolled his own

"Fine! But only for an hour or 2, and don’t run off without me!"

"what am I? A kid?"

"you know what I mean"

Suga tutted but agreed to it anyway.

They quietly shuffled through their bags to get out their casual wear clothes and proceeded to get changed quietly making sure they didn’t wake anyone up

Daichi was wearing black straight leg jeans with black and white converse and a dark blue polo shirt followed by his black Karasuno jacket.

Suga was wearing dark gray skinny jeans with all white converse high tops, a black vest top and his black Karasuno jacket.

They tip toed past the sleeping crows and silently slid the door shut behind them. The corridor they were walking through was dark and they didn’t know their way around the school but eventually they came across an exit. Silently opening and closing the door behind them they did a quick jog across the back field and climbed over a fence

"okay now that we have managed to get out of the premises, where did you actually want to go?"

"isn't it obvious Daichi? I want to go shopping!!"

The alpha just stared at him, Suga pouted

"come on it will be fun! We will jump on a train and go to Tokyo sky tree!"

Daichi rolled his eyes but grabbed a hold of Suga's hand

"come on then"


The train station was busy, but this was Tokyo after all, it wasn’t anything like Miyagi. Tokyo was a city that never stops, the streets are always filled with people, lights are always on, cars pass by as they would during the day, all the shops were open and where ever you went you could hear some sort of music or arcade area.
Once they got off the train and existed the station they saw the sky tree

"wow Dai it's a lot bigger than I thought it would be!" #

Suga's smile spread across his whole face
They made their way through an entrance and it was amazing! There were multiple floors with different types of shops, sweet stalls, ramen bars, pubs, restaurants and loads of people.

"let's shop!!!"

"okay but let's not go to crazy, we do have to sneak back in with the stuff"



After about an hour of shopping Daichi's face did not look amused, he was carrying 3 shopping bags in one hand and 2 in the other.

"did you really need all this stuff?"

Suga turned to him with a frown

"all this stuff? I've been taking it easy..."

"easy? 5 bags of shopping in one hour is not taking it easy"

The omega began to laugh

"maybe your right. Can we go outside and sit down my feet are killing me and I could do with some fresh air"

"everything okay?"

"yeah everything is fine it's just the drink I had earlier is making me feel a bit funny..."

"drink you had earlier?"

"yeah there was a guy standing outside the place next to that shop, you know the one that had that really nice top in the window, I wish I had got that top now it was on an offer and when am I actually going to come back here..."

"Suga, back to topic"

"haha oh yeah! What was I saying? Oh no that’s right the top"

"no Suga the drink!"

"ohhh, the drink yeah, some really nice guy had a tray of drinks and he said they were on offer so I bought 3 little glasses because I was thirsty and the glasses were tiny... like how is that really going to clench my thirst?"

Daichi was looking at Suga with a worried wide-eyed expression

"Suga, you really are going to give me a heart attack one day"

"whaa why?"

"that was Sake..."

"what? No it wasn’t"

"it was... that place next to the nice top shop was a bar, the little glasses were normal size for Sake and you had 3?!"

The omega was looking back at him with no expression

"oh, I'm sorry, what was that?"

"ahh, geez"

The alpha ran a hand through his hair, he picked up the bags in which he dropped whilst Suga was explaining what he had drank and they made their way outside placing Suga on a bench. The omega started taking his jacket off

"what are you doing? Put your jacket back on you will catch a cold!"

"but daiiiii I'm hot!"

"just keep it on, you just think your hot"

Even though Suga's cheeks had turned a pinky colour Daichi knew that it was just the effects of the Sake

"right, I think it's time we make our way back so you can go to bed"

The omega huffed and pouted whilst crossing his arms


They both made their way around the corner and towards the train station, walking past a street full of arcades with loud music coming from them

"ohhh lets go down there and dance!"

Suga ran off and made his way past the crowd and into the very packed arcades

"what? No! Suga come back!"

Losing sight of the silver haired omega Daichi panicked and ran after him.

~ where is he? Where is he? Where is he? ~

It wasn’t easy for the alpha to make his way through the crowd whilst holding bags of shopping

Searching for a good 10 minutes and not having much luck Daichi started to panic, the further he walked he could swear he walked in to the red light district

~ oh god please don’t be here ~

But much to Daichi's dismay Suga was up on an outdoor stage with a few other people dancing to the nightclubs music. The alpha was frightened that Suga could have been in danger but seeing how much fun the omega was having dancing around put a little smile on his face

~ I will just leave him for a couple minutes ~

He sat down on a nearby bench where he could still see his omega and put the shopping bags either side of him.

Suga was having a blast, with a smile on his face and showing off all his little moves, he was really living in the moment, that was until he got interrupted. A tall alpha wearing black baggy jeans, black tank top and a massive gold chain dangling from his neck tapped Suga on the shoulder, he turned around and looked up to the tall man, he had short black hair, narrow eyes, a scar on his cheek and a smirk across his face

"hello sweet cheeks, let me dance with you? We don’t get many sexy omegas around these ends. where you from?"

Suga stepped back a bit

"oh, err actually I was just leaving"

He goes to walk away but the alpha grabs his wrist and turns him back around

"how about you be a good omega and kneel for me"

The alpha gave off pheromones to intimidate the omega, this caused Suga to feel weak, he shivered and bowed his head to the side. Within a split second said alpha went flying across the stage, Suga whipped his head around and saw Daichi standing there with a clenched fist, he was panting hard, growling and had an angered look on his face. The other alpha stood up holding his face and glared at Daichi

"what the fuck? Do you even know who I am? Who the hell are you?"

"I am this omegas alpha! And I don’t give a damn who you are! How dare you give off your mutated pheromones to intimidate him!"

The other alpha spat out some blood and went to throw a punch towards Daichi who managed to dodge it, Daichi grabbed the alpha by his shirt and threw him against the wall and raised his fist to punch him again

"Daiiii stop!!!"

Suga grabbed at Daichi's raised arm, he loosened his grip and turned to Suga who had tears falling down his cheeks. The other alpha shuffled away from them

"your fucking crazy!"

He shouted back at them before he went back in to the nightclub

"Koushi are you okay?"

Daichi wipes the omegas tears away with his thumb. The omega does a couple quick nods

"let's get out of here"

He grabs Suga's arm and they leave the area and make a slow walk back to the train station.


After getting off the train Suga was still a bit wobbly on his feet and sneaking in was proven more difficult than they had thought. Once they got into the school and slid the dorm room doors open they quietly got undressed and changed in to their night wear

"you know if you're going to sneak out you could at least sneak back in quietly and not stink of Sake!"

Noya spoke out

"you knew we snuck out?"


Came from the rest of the team

The silver haired omega looked shocked but started laughing alongside Daichi.

Once they had gotten themselves into their futon they started whispering to each other

"sorry for getting a little bit tipsy"

"don’t worry about it, you had fun"

"yeah that’s true, but I just caused you trouble in the end"

"that other alpha caused trouble not you"

Suga cuddled up to Daichi

"thank you for being there for me, I love you"

"I love you too"

Daichi pulled the omega in tighter

"oh, one more thing Dai"


"where's the shopping?"


Chapter Text

Everything went well with Tsukki overnight and the Y.Q suppressants were working and doing the job, the omegas body didn’t under go any abnormalities and he was fit enough to be discharged this morning. The nurse offered for him to use the hospital shower room in which he accepted, once he had finished he proceeded to get himself dressed

He wore black skinny jeans with black and white converse, a black and white striped top and a plain black zip up jacket which he wore undone.

He left the changing rooms and made his way back in to the room he had been staying in. Akiteru took the omegas bag off him and swung it over his own shoulder and gathered up the rest of Tsukki's belongings, he turned to look back at his brother

"what time are you meeting Kuroo?"

"10am at the main entrance"

"okay well you should probably get going, where is it you're going exactly?"

"I'm not sure, probably just for lunch and dinner somewhere"

"okay, well I will pick you up at 6pm so be sure to message me where you are, and if anything happens contact me straight away, okay?"

The omega nodded.

The nurse walks in holding a pen and clip board

"I see your all packed and ready to go, can’t wait to get out of this place I bet"

the nurse smiles at both the brothers and they both simultaneously nodded at her

"okay well I will need you to sign here before you leave and this is to take with you"

She hands Tsukki a piece of paper with all the details about the Y.Q tablets and additional information about his heat to come

"give that a read through when you can. Your pre-heat will come in about 5 days and your actual heat will arrive on the 6th day, make sure you have plenty of food and water in the room with you and it's probably best to make yourself a nest this time round, it will come as a bit of a slap in the face, but with the right essentials you should be fine. Oh, and my number is at the bottom of the paper so feel free to contact me if you have any worries or issues"

She smiles at the taller

"thank you very much for everything"

Tsukki bows towards the nurse, she smiles and leads them both out of the room

"okay Kei I’m gonna make my way back to the car with your stuff, don’t forget to message me!"

"I won't, I won't"

he waves a hand in the air at his brother whilst walking out the entrance. Kuroo was already waiting outside leaning with one leg arched up and his foot resting on the wall behind him, he spots Tsukki causing him to eagerly stand on both his feet and wave

He was wearing dark red skinny jeans with black high-top trainers, a white button up shirt with the top 2 buttons left undone and a black hoodie with the sleeves rolled up revealing 3 black leather bracelets around his left wrist.

Tsukki walked over to the alpha

"Tsukishima, you look really hot in your casual clothes"

"thanks, you don't look half bad yourself"

"hahaha thanks, shall we?"

Kuroo asks whilst picking up his black leather bag from the floor and swinging it over his head, placing the strap across his chest

"where are we going?"

"you will have to see"

The alpha winks at him, Tsukki tuts and rolls his eyes

they made a slow walk to the train station which was only around the corner and they sat on the train in what felt like forever for Tsukki, he always hated public transport, it meant having to deal with people for longer than what he ever wanted to. Once they arrived at their destination they walked for 10 minutes around the corner

"okay, our destination is right around the corner but I want it to be a surprise, so you need to close your eyes until we get there, don’t worry ill guide you"

Tsukki sighed but agreed to it anyway. Closing his eyes Kuroo grabs his wrist and pulls him in the right direction

"okay were here, but before you open your eyes I just want to apologize if you find it childish, I just wanted to be able to chill out and have a good time"

Tsukki frowns but slowly opens his eyes

"I hope this is okay for our date?"

But Kuroo got no response instead he was just staring at Tsukki who if you looked closely enough had sparkles in his eyes, his jaw slightly dropped as he looked up slightly from the entrance at the big bulk letters on the sign which read 'DINOSAUR WORLD' Kuroo snapped his fingers in front of Tsukki's face to grab his attention

"earth to glasses, is everything okay?"

The omega slowly turned his head to face the alpha

"I... I didn’t know this place even existed?"

"oh, it hasn’t been here very long, maybe about a year but it’s very popular with adults and children and it always has good reviews on the website"

Tsukki gave a soft smile

They made their way up to the ticket booth and Kuroo paid for both of them, they got given a Dinosaur world wrist band each.

As they walked through the entrance Tsukki was astonished at the sight that was surrounding him

There were roller coaster rides in the shape of Pterodactyl's that went right over his head with people screaming on them, on his right were 2 giant T-rex Dinosaurs that were slightly moving and roaring at the entrance of a massive arcade, on his left was the biggest Dinosaur museum he had ever seen, which contained information and facts from the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous time periods. The further he walked in to the park he saw that there were more Dinosaur rides, people that were dressed up as Troodon Dinosaurs walking around and running after some children, stalls that were selling all sorts of items from Dinosaur posters to Dinosaur teddies and if you looked down at the floor there were painted Dinosaur footprints that leads you to an outdoor restaurant, the smell of peoples scents were all mixed in with one another. If this is what they have just at the entrance, then Tsukki was more than excited to go exploring this wonderful land.

Kuroo puts his hand on Tsukki's shoulder making him jump slightly and return to the real world

"sorry, didn’t mean to make you jump"

"oh, it's okay. This place is amazing!"

The alpha smiled at him

"well, I'm glad you like it. There's an area just behind the arcades of loads of Dinosaur sculptures if you wanted to go check that out first?"

The omega nods at him a little too eagerly then he wanted to but Kuroo didn’t seem to notice the screaming Dinosaur nerd inside of him

The sculpture area was a one direction maze. As they made their way around Tsukki had his phone out and was taking loads of pictures of his surroundings. They made their way to the Dilophosaurus section

"did you know that the Dilophosaurus was one of the largest carnivores of its time at about 7 meters long"

Kuroo looked at Tsukki with a surprised expression

"so, you know a lot about Dinosaurs then?"

"I know my fair share"

"please, carry on"

"the Dilophosaurus can be distinguished by its features..."

Kuroo was looking and smiling as the omega spoke so passionately, the alpha no longer could hear Tsukki's words, he was too busy admiring the beauty in front of him, his scent, his knowledge, his character and the way talking about the things he loves causes his lips to curl in to a small smile revealing a little dimple.

Tsukki stopped talking and stared at Kuroo

"oh, sorry it's just you looked so happy"

The omega blushed and looked down

"shall we carry on?"


They both carry on their stroll around the maze, Kuroo insisted that they took a couple of selfies and by couple he meant 27 in which Tsukki sighed about but he didn't really care as it was because of this alpha that he was having the time of his life, although he would never admit that.

when they got to the end of the maze they both heard a growling noise, Kuroo looked towards Tsukki and started chuckling

"w... was that your stomach?"

The alpha continued to chuckle, Tsukki blushed and put an arm other his stomach

"I don't know what you're talking about..."

His stomach growls again but this time it was louder, causing the omega to blush

"well, what do you expect? I have been living off hospital food..."

The alpha smiled at him

"okay, let's go to the restaurant, my treat"

When they got there, they sat at a table just at the side of a massive Diplodocus statue. They both grabbed a menu each and sat in silence trying to pick what to have, the list of foods they did was long and all of it came in Dinosaur shapes, food you wouldn’t think you could make a shape out of was on this menu and yet it was shaped to whatever Dinosaur you wanted. A young waitress came over to take their order. She was beautiful, she was an omega girl who stood about the same height as Hinata, she had long black hair that was back in a pony tail, big blue eyes, a beauty spot on her top lip and red lipstick, she was wearing dark green jeans with a dark green polo shirt that had a picture of a T-rex on the back of it.

"can I take your order?"

Her voice was sweet

"yeah, I'll have the Dino-MIGHT please"

The alpha closed the menu and handed it back to the waitress

"and I'll have the Dino-TASTIC please"

The omega passes the menu back, she smiled and bowed before taking their order to the bar

"so, are you having a good time?"

"I'm very much enjoying it"



"Tsukishima, you don’t need to be so uptight with me, just relax"

"I'm sorry, I'm just not used to people taking much interest in me and treating me to days out"

"well I'm very interested in you, and I want to get to know you better, how about"

"your orders"

They were interrupted by their food arriving, and everything really was shaped like Dinosaurs

"please enjoy"

They both thanked the waitress, she bowed and skipped off to serve another table. They started eating their meal

"oh, yeah, as I was saying, how about we play Q&A?"


"yeah, I'll ask you questions and you have to answer them"

"ahhh, I dunno"

"come on, it will be fun!"

Tsukki sighed but agreed to play along, it’s the least he could do for the alpha that’s treating him to a meal.

"favorite colour?"

"what sort of question is that?"

The alpha frowned at him

"just play along"

Tsukki rolled his eyes

"okay, green"

"favorite number?"


"favorite song ever?"

"hmmm, I don’t think I have a favorite song of all time"

"at the moment?"

"erm, I dunno if I can pick one"

"okay, moving on then, what’s your favorite food?"

"strawberry shortcake"

"wait, your favorite food is what your scent is?!"

"my what?"

"your scent"

"I smell like a strawberry shortcake?"

The alpha laughed, nearly choking on his food

"okay, other than volleyball what are your hobbies?"

"my hobbies? That’s embarrassing can we move on?"

"what? No! I need to know now!"



"argh, fine. I write songs and play the acoustic guitar"

Kuroo nearly spat out his food in shock

"that’s so cool!!"

The omega blushed and carried on eating his meal

"promise to write me a song one day!"



"don’t be such a baby, you gonna carry on asking me questions or not?"

"yeah, yeah, yeah, what is something you hate the most?"

"having to correct people on how to pronounce my given name."

"ahhh, that’s right! The first character of your name can also be read as Hotaru right?"


"hmmm, I can see how that could get annoying"

"your telling me"

"can I call you Tsukki?"


"I'm going to anyway"

"I thought as much"

They carry on eating until Tsukki couldn’t eat anymore

"you should really eat more, you're really skinny"

Kuroo put a hand on Tsukki's wrist, the sudden skin contact made Tsukki shiver

"oh, I'm sorry"

The alpha quickly whipped back his hand

"no, it's fine, I just wasn’t expecting it is all. It felt weird but... in a good way?"

Kuroo smiled at him

"shall we go to the arcades? I'm pro on the claw machines!"



After 20 minutes on the claw machine and no luck, Kuroo started hissing at the machine and shaking it

"it's rigged I swear!"

"I don’t think its rigged, I think you’re just that bad"

Kuroo looked at the omega with an unimpressed expression

"look, this time for sure!"

He puts another coin in to the machine and maneuvers the claw, it picks up the item and slowly lifts it up

"see! Look! Told you!"

As the claw reaches the top it drops the item back down

"ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I swear to god!"

Kuroo starts shaking the machine in rage

"pfffffft......hahahahahahahahaha.... oh god.... hahahahahahahahahaha"

The alpha stands up straight and looks at Tsukki who was in a fit of laughter, he was crouched over and waving a hand in the air

"what's so funny?"

"it's just... hahahaha... you got so... pffffft hahaha... so happy and the BOOM! Fail!! Hahahahaha"

Tears started to form in Tsukki's eyes where he was laughing so much, Kuroo pouted at him

"no need to be so salty"

The omega laughed louder, Kuroo just stood and waited for his funny 5 minutes to pass. Once it was over Tsukki stood up straight wiped his tears away and puts his glasses back in place

"ahem, sorry about that"

The omega blushes and looks to the side

"no need to say sorry, you have a really sweet laugh, it was nice to see you unwind"

Kuroo puts an arm around Tsukki's shoulder in which he responds with a tut

"shall we go on some rides?"

The omega nods in excitement, not too much excitement though, he didn’t want to seem overly eager


The ride they decided to go on was the Pterodactyl rollercoaster, now Kuroo wasn’t a massive fan of rollercoasters they made him feel sick and light headed, he also has a fear of heights but he didn’t want to admit any of this to Tsukki, what kind of alpha would he be if he said he was scared to go on a child's ride. They made their way through the entrance gate of the ride, Kuroo took a deep breath and started to tremble slightly, Tsukki turned around to face him which made the alpha stand up straight and look behind him as if nothing was wrong when in reality he didn’t want Tsukki to see how frightened he really was. When they sat on the ride and the barriers came over their heads that’s when Kuroo's nerves really kicked in, he started breathing fast and a little drop of sweat ran down the side of his face. As the ride was just setting off Tsukki held out his hand in front of the alpha, he looks up to see the omega doing a slight smile

"do you really think I didn’t notice you was scared?"

The alpha raised his eyebrows

"but how?"

"I'm not stupid, I could hear your teeth chattering from behind me in the que"

"ahh, oh..."

"take my hand, close your eyes, you will be alright"

Kuroo smiles at him and takes his hand, he grips it tightly but not tight enough to hurt and he closes his eyes. The ride sets off and once it gets to the top it pauses for about 10 seconds, it was enough time to see the whole park and it really was amazing. Tsukki was amazed by everything and he could imagine coming here again sometime. The ride drops and does a circle around the park, the children and adults on the ride were screaming in excitement

"look mummy! It’s a Diplophosaurus!"

~ Dilophosaurus ~

Tsukki corrected the child in his head

He looked over to Kuroo who's eyes were squeezed tightly shut

~ he went on the right just to please me ~

He gave a soft smile

Once the ride was over Kuroo couldn’t get off it quick enough and he did a little sprint to the exit, turning around he sees Tsukki walking down the path smirking at him

"you okay there? Scaredy cat"

He chuckles, Kuroo just sighs slightly

"actually, I need to go to the toilet, would you mind waiting here for me?"


Tsukki walks over to a bench that was shaped like a Camarasaurus and slumps himself down

~ This place really is amazing, if it wasn’t for Kuroo I never would have known about it. He's not actually a bad guy, I mean he went through all this trouble bringing me here and treating me to something to eat, he even listened to me rabbit on about Dinosaurs even though he's probably not all that interested. He even went on that ride even though he was scared, did he really do that to please me? does he really like me that much? ~

"Tsukki! Sorry I took so long!"

"oh, er that’s fine I was just relaxing"

"I saw some stalls on the way to the toilet, you can win keychains! Let's do!"

The omega rolled his eyes

~ such a child ~


They made their way over to a stall with hundreds of keychains spread across the table, to win a prize all you had to do was knock a coconut off the stand it was sitting on, you get given 3 balls each, sounds simple enough but that was proven otherwise when Kuroo attempted it. Each throw he did the ball hit the coconut but it didn’t budge, he started to get angry

"this is rigged to!!"

"no Kuroo, it's just you're not very good at games like this, there's obviously a knack to it"

"oh, yeah? Then if you think your any better why don’t you try?"

The omega shrugged his shoulders and picked up the 3 balls, with the first throw he knocks the coconut from its stand



The alphas mouth was wide open he was shocked to say the least

"but, how?"

"I told you, there's a knack to it"

The omega bows and thanks the man behind the stall for the key chain

"here you go, it can remind you that you suck"

Kuroo placed his hand out accepting the key chain


He pulls his phone out his pocket to check the time

"oh, wow! Is that the time already? We should get going!"

"get going to where?"

"well its almost 5pm and the parade starts"


"yeah, come on!"

The alpha grabs Tsukki's hand and does a quick jog to the other side of the park, they stumble across a load of people who were standing around waiting for something, Tsukki frowned looking around and within a split second a flare went off and the sound of drums echoed through the park followed by moving floats with mechanical Dinosaurs on them, a wow slipped Tsukki's lips and Kuroo smiled at him. It was amazing, the parade went on for 30 minutes, there was hundreds of different type Dinosaurs, a marching band, people dressed up, people throwing sweets out into the crowd and people holding buckets so you can donate to the parks research team. Tsukki watched the whole parade with a massive smile plastered across his face, he was loving every moment of it. When the parade finished they struggled to get out the crowd but once they did Kuroo dragged Tsukki to the side

“so… I got you a Dinosaur present and if it’s your favorite type of Dinosaur then you have to agree to court me”

The omega smirked at him

“I highly doubt that you will get it right, I haven’t even...”

Tsukki was interrupted by the alpha shuffling through his bag and pulling out a Chungkingosaurus teddy

“wha! B…but how did, how did you know?”

“Tsukki, the whole time we have been here I haven’t been able to take my eyes off of you, the way your face lit up just that extra little bit and I could almost see the sparkles in your eyes whenever you saw this Dinosaur, I knew, but that’s not all I knew… I knew that I wanted to see that face a lot more, I wanted you to look at me with that face. You are such an amazing person, your funny, kind, honest, good looking, smart and your everything I could ever want in a partner. When I first saw you in the gymnasium there was a split second before my body told me that we are fated mates, that split second I thought wow! Look at him, he’s beautiful. On the rollercoaster you could have laughed at me for being an alpha that’s afraid of heights but you didn’t, instead you gave me your hand to hold and made me feel safe. Tsukki to me you are the perfect arrangement of atoms and I would love to spend the rest of my life getting to know you and become one of your favorite people, please allow me to be a part of your life?”

Tsukki takes a step closer to the alpha and grabs the Dinosaur out of his hands and places his free hand on the side of Kuroo’s neck, leaning in and giving a soft gentle kiss on the alphas lips. He takes a step back and looks at Kuroo through watery eyes

“y…yes, I will court you”

The omega blushes, Kuroo looks at him, he doesn’t respond straight away, his body was still in shock from the delicate kiss Tsukki had just placed on his lips

“I should message my brother telling him where I am”

“no need, I already messaged him”

“you have his number?”

“yeah he insisted on exchanging contacts when he saw me outside the hospital this morning”

“I see”

The omega uses his index finger to push his glasses back into place

They both walk hand in hand through and out of the park, they stand at a road situated to the side of Dinosaur world waiting for Akiteru to arrive. Kuroo looks at Tsukki and pouts

“I wish you didn’t have to go back so soon; I just want to spend more time with you”

“well maybe you can visit me when your next free?”

“trust me, once I get the chance I will be on that train and by your side in no time”

They exchange contacts and give each other a shy smile. Akiteru pulls up down the side of the road, Tsukki turns to Kuroo and gives him a quick hug before getting in to the back of the car, he gives the alpha a wave before they set off. Kuroo smiles, puts his hood up and places his hands in his pockets before taking a slow stroll back to his.

“so, are you courting?”

Akiteru asks his younger brother

“dunno what you’re talking about”

The beta looks at the omega through the rear view mirror and smiles at him, Tsukki gives a small smirk.

Looking at the Dinosaur world wrist band he still had on, he smiles.

It was dark, the roads were quiet and the journey back to Miyagi had finally approached.

Chapter Text

The alarm had been going off for quite some time, Tanaka rolled over hitting it to shut it off, as he rolled back over he realised something wasn’t quite right, his omega wasn’t lying in bed next to him. He sat up quickly in panic but was soon relieved when he saw that Yamaguchi was standing by the mirror getting ready for school. The alpha put one arm behind his hand then grabbed his elbow with the other hand and made a yarning stretch sound he then raises both his arms up and begins to stretch forward groaning, Yamaguchi looked over at him and frowned

“I couldn’t tell if you were in pain or just generally making your morning grunts…”

“bit of both to be honest”

The alpha swings his legs around and off the bed, he jumps up and makes his way over to the omega placing his arm around his waist and gently kissing him on the cheek, Yamaguchi gave a shy smile and kissed him back but on the lips this time.

“how are you this morning?”

“I’m okay, I guess”

“still upset with Tsukishima?”

The omega sighed and nodded, he grabbed his school bag off the side and packed it with the things he needed for the day. Tanaka watched him as he gathered the things he needed, once he was done he put his bag over his shoulder and went to walk out the door

“not gonna wait for me today?”

Yamaguchi turned around in shock

“oh, god your right, sorry I was side tracked”

Tanaka dramatically fell on the bed with the back of his hand placed on his forehead

“ohhhh, my mate forgot about me, I feel like crying, how could he?”

Yamaguchi laughed and made his way over to the bed where his alpha was fake crying and began to tickle him. Tanaka has always been crazy ticklish so he surrenders within 5 seconds, but soon as Yamaguchi stops tickling him he takes that to his advantage and tackles the omega by pouncing on top of him and placing lots of little kisses all over his face causing him to giggle and gently try to push him off. After they had finished messing around and Tanaka got himself ready they both made their way to the kitchen for some breakfast. The alpha pulled out two bowls from the cupboard and placed them on the table where Yamaguchi was sat, he began to pour some cereal in one bowl

“don’t worry about pouring me some, I’m not hungry”

The alpha looked up at Yamaguchi, sighed and put the box of cereal down

“look, Yamaguchi, you need to eat, you barely ate the whole time we were in Tokyo and you didn’t have dinner last night either, you could at least eat breakfast”

“Tanaka were running late anyway I’ll just have a big lunch at school”

“we have practice this morning, so you need to keep your strength up”

“I will be fine! Like I said ill have a big lunch, no big deal!”


The alpha puts his arms up in defeat and continues to do his own breakfast, placing the second bowl back in the cupboard he sits and eats his own. Once finished he grabs his bag and heads towards the door to get his shoes on, Yamaguchi follows closely

The weather outside was getting colder every day and the morning breeze had quite a bite to it. Tanaka and Yamaguchi were walking side by side and usually their holding hands, chatting away and laughing about thee most random of things, but not today, today was a silent walk and Yamaguchi was walking slightly ahead of Tanaka, it was almost awkward but the alpha knew exactly why the omega was in an off mood.

They arrive at the school and head straight to the clubroom to get changed. They both open their lockers and pull out their Volleyball kits, as they were about to get undressed the clubroom door opens and Tsukki walks in, Tanaka greets the tall blonde but Yamaguchi just looks back in to his locker and continues to get dressed. The atmosphere was awkward and Tanaka could really feel the tension. Tsukki walks over to Yamaguchi

“Yamaguchi, can I talk to you?”

The omega slams his locker door and walks past Tsukki and out the clubroom, Tanaka runs after him. Tsukki was left alone standing in the middle of the clubroom looking down, he felt like a piece of his heart had just broke.

Once Tsukki had gotten himself changed he joined everyone else in the gymnasium, he was greeted with open arms and no one mentioned what had happened in Tokyo, just that they were happy he’s back with them.

Practice had begun and it didn’t take everyone long to start to feel uncomfortable and sense the tension in the air, the alphas were finding it extremely hard to concentrate due to two omegas in the gym that were stressed, their scents were driving them crazy. The alphas just wanted to make sure the two omegas were okay but they knew it was none of their business and it was something the two needed to sort out between themselves.

“if you would excuse me, I’m not really feeling up for practice this morning”

Yamaguchi bows before leaving the gymnasium

Everyone looked around confused at each other

“I’m sorry guys, I’m gonna go after him”

Tanaka bows before going after the omega

In the clubroom Yamaguchi is getting himself changed back into his school uniform and within moments Tanaka walks in

“Yamaguchi you need to talk to him”

“and I will at some point”

Just as the omega was about to shut his locker door his vision went blurry and everything started to waver a little bit, but it only lasted a brief second and it sorted itself out, Yamaguchi shook his head slightly and shut the locker door

“sorry if I seem off with you Tanaka, honestly I just have stuff on my mind, I’m gonna make my way to class I’ll see you after school at the main gate?”


Yamaguchi kisses the alpha on the cheek before heading to the door, it opened before he got to it and the rest of the volleyball team were outside making their way in, the omega squeezes past them and as he gets to Tsukki he puts his head down and walks past.

Noya makes his way up to Tanaka

“what’s going on?”

“I’m not actually 100% sure to be honest”

“I think I know”

Tsukki steps forward

“care to explain?”

Daichi speaks up, the omega nods

“as I’m sure your all well aware of what happened to me in Tokyo, well I kept everything I was doing to myself a secret from everyone, including Yamaguchi and I was constantly acting is if nothing was wrong even to him. He’s mad at me, no, he’s angry with me, and he has every right to be. I need to talk to him but he won’t listen.”

Suga puts his arm around the taller

“well you’re going to have to make him listen, he’s your best friend so your gonna have to explain everything to him, including why”

“Suga’s right”

Asahi spoke up and everyone nodded in agreement


The tall blonde nodded and proceeded to get himself dressed. Once he was ready he bows to everyone and then leaves.

Yamaguchi is gritting his teeth and walking at a fast pace to his classroom, as he gets there he goes to open the door but hears someone calling his name, he turns around and see’s Tsukki making a slow jog up to him

“Yamaguchi, please can we talk?”

“maybe later”

“please, I want to talk to you now”

The smaller omega sighed and walked past Tsukki, the taller followed him and they made their way to the roof.

They were both stood facing each other and the cold breeze was blowing through their hair, it was quiet until Tsukki stepped forward

“look, Yamaguchi, I’m sorry”

“sorry?!?! I don’t get it Tsukki! How could you just say I’m sorry and think everything will be fine?”

“I know it won’t be as easy as that, I just thought it would be a good start”

“NO! you know what would have been a good start!?! To have told me from the beginning that something was wrong! How could you keep something like that a secret from me? You know everything about me! I’m supposed to be your best friend!”

“you are my best friend… I just”


The blonde looked down

“I was just too scared to let you down, you always said that you looked up to me and thought I was cool and yet I was going through a crisis with myself, it was all me, all self-hate, it was no one else to blame and I didn’t want people to think I was weak. I regret doing what I did and I regret not coming to talk to you about it. I want to be able to look past this and be your best friend again and I promise to come to you in the future if I have any problems and you can still come to me when you need to talk to someone. Please forgive me”

The blonde bows and Yamaguchi is looking at him with tears in his eyes.


Tsukki looks at the other with a shocked expression


“I’m sorry Tsukki, I just need some time away from you.”

He goes to walk past the taller but begins to lose balance and sway to the side, Tsukki jumps to his side and catches him


“I’m fine…”

Yamaguchi pulls his arm free from the other and walks through the door leaving Tsukki’s sight. The blonde was left standing on top of the roof alone the cold breeze flowing through his hair and his heart felt like it had formed yet another crack.

Yamaguchi decides to leave school for the day and make his way back home

~ I love Tsukki like he’s my brother he really does mean the world to me but why didn’t he just tell me? I used to think I was a weak and useless omega and he helped me through that, so why didn’t he think I could help him through his troubles? Does he really not think I can help him? Does he think I’m useless? The stupid part is that I want to run back to school and tell him it’s okay let’s go back to normal, but I’ve made an idiot of myself by yelling at him and storming off ~

The omega shakes his head and before he knew it he was home, he shuffled through his bag searching for the key but the door opened before he found it, revealing Saeko

“oh, Saeko, what are you doing home?”

“ahh college is undergoing some reconstruction and its effecting the classroom were in, we had the choice to study in the library or at home so I chose home. Why aren’t you at school? Hmmmm?”

The omega looked down

“I have some stuff going on…”

Saeko grabs the omega by the arm and leads him into the house giving him a couple seconds by the door to take his shoes off and into the kitchen.

“sit down, let’s talk”

The omega places himself at the table and stays quiet, the alpha sits herself opposite him

“so, what’s going on?”

“I’m having friendship issues”


“how did you know?!”

“hahaha well I talk to Akiteru a lot ya know? He’s been telling me that Kei has been dying to talk to you about everything and that he’s making it a priority to speak to you as soon as he can.”

“he said that?”

The alpha nodded at him, the omega sighed and felt the guilt growing in him

“look, for now try not to worry about it and you can talk to him properly tomorrow”

Yamaguchi nodded at her.

They continue to talk between themselves and have a laugh, Saeko was telling Yamaguchi about college life and drumming practice she also slipped in a little hint that she may or may not have a thing for Akiteru and Yamaguchi was talking about how the Tokyo trip went and all the new things he had learnt. They were interrupted by Yamaguchi’s stomach growling

“hahahaha, Ryu did tell me that you haven’t been eating properly, let me make you something to eat”

Saeko stood up and made her way to the cupboard, Yamaguchi blushed and grinned slightly. She reached up into the cupboard to grab a pack of instant rice

“you know, this rice isn’t too bad to say…”

She was interrupted by the screeching of the chair on the floor and a loud thud, she whipped her head round to see what it was and was caught off guard with the sight of Yamaguchi collapsed on the floor, she rushed over and knelt down at the side of him slowly rocking his shoulder to wake him up, he slowly opens his eyes

“oh, sorry, I just felt a bit weak”

“are you okay to stand?”

The omega nodded and went to sit up but wavered slightly and laid back down, the alpha looked at him worriedly before she put his arm around her shoulder and lifted him up, she dragged him to the sofa and laid him down, he was still pretty out of it

~ shit, shit, shit ~

She pulled her phone out of her pocket and searched down for Tanaka’s number, she pressed call and waited but there was no answer, she tutted and looked over to Yamaguchi who was unconscious and decided to go to the school and pick Tanaka up, she grabbed her car keys, put on her shoes and made her way


She parked the car outside the school and made her way through the front gates, luckily, she spots someone she knew


The tall blonde turns around confused as to who’s calling for him using his given name


He turns to see Saeko running over to him, pausing and catching her breath

“Kei, Tadashi collapsed, where’s Ryu?”

“what? Why? Where is he?”

“he’s at mine, I think it’s because he hasn’t been eating”

“why hasn’t he been eating?”

The she alpha looked at him with a frown

“because he’s been worried sick about you! Dummy!”

The omega looked at her shocked

“please let me go see him…”

She handed Tsukki the house keys and told him to hurry up. Tsukki grabbed the keys from her and jogged out the school


When he arrived at Tanaka’s house he shakily opened the front door and placed his shoes by the shoe rack, he walked into the living room to see Yamaguchi lying on the sofa, he walked over and knelt down beside him


He places his hand under his head and raises it up slightly. Yamaguchi slowly opens his eyes


The blonde sighs

“you’re an idiot Yamaguchi, why haven’t you been eating?”

“it’s not like I’ve purposely not been eating, it’s just I…”

“right, that’s it”

Tsukki’s omega instincts kicked in and his only thought was that he had to take care of him. He made his way in to the kitchen, popped the apron on and started sprucing something up together.

He walked back into the living room holding a bowl of vegetable soup, he got Yamaguchi to sit up and he placed the tray on his lap

“thank you Tsukki”

The blonde places himself on the floor beside Yamaguchi

“I really want things to be sorted between us, I don’t want you to worry yourself sick”

“yeah, I know. Tsukki I’m sorry for the way I’ve been acting it’s just I was so annoyed that you didn’t come to me when you had a problem and I always come to you. I want you to be able to trust me and feel comfortable enough to actually speak to me about things. I was so scared when I found out you had been rushed to hospital that I didn’t know what to do with myself”

“I understand that Yamaguchi I really do, I promise to talk to you about things in the future and I’m so sorry”

The freckled omega sipped at his soup and nodded slightly

“oh, which reminds me, I’m courting someone.”

Yamaguchi spat out his soup and almost choked

“your what? Who? When? How?”

“I’m courting someone, Kuroo from Nekoma, we started courting yesterday and I’m not really sure how to answer the last one… were fated mates”

“fated mates!!!”

Tsukki winced from the sound of Yamaguchi yelling


“oh my god Tsukki!! That’s amazing!”


Yamaguchi smiled at Tsukki

“so, do you looooooooove him?”

“shut up Yamaguchi”

“sorry Tsukki”

Chapter Text

Running and running and running

The cold breeze smashing against him, lungs burning, face turning red, heavy breathing.

He reaches the front door and smashes it open making a loud thud against the wall


Tanaka swings himself around the door frame and there he was, his omega sat up on the sofa with a startled expression


The alpha ran up to him practically pouncing on him and smothering his neck against the omegas, once he was done he sat back to take a good look at him, he was looking at Tanaka was a shocked expression

“did you just scent mark me?”

Tanaka gasped and covered his mouth

“oh my god, I did I’m sorry”

The alpha looked embarrassed as to what he just did, Yamaguchi turned a bright shade of pink and chuckled

“don’t mind! It was cute, but now you have to let me sent mark you!”

Tanaka leaned towards Yamaguchi revealing his scent glands, the omega places his own against the alpha and gently rubbed. The omega began to purr and shiver slightly, the two mates haven’t yet been physical with one another and it was becoming slightly apparent. Yamaguchi pulls back slightly and looks lovingly into Tanaka’s eyes


Tsukki cleared his throat reminding the two mates that he was in fact still present

The two mates quickly shuffled apart, now it wasn’t only Yamaguchi blushing a shade of pink.

“so, have you guys worked things out now?”

Both the omegas nodded towards Tanaka

“actually, Tsukki has a mate now!”

“what?! Really? Someone wanted to be your mate?”

Yamaguchi jabbed Tanaka in the ribs with his elbow, the alpha grabs his side and pretends to be in an extreme amount of pain, Tsukki looked at him and tutted

“sorry Tsukishima, I didn’t mean it to sound offensive, it’s just that you don’t really like anyone”

“I didn’t take it to offense, and to be honest I didn’t really have much of a say in it”

Tanaka frowned at him, hoping that his team mate wasn’t being forced into an arranged courtship

“there fated mates”

Yamaguchi glistened

“your fated mates?! That’s crazy! I thought that stuff was just a myth”

“so did I”

Tsukki responded in a monotone voice

“well that’s great news! I’m happy for you”

“but, you must like him Tsukki or you wouldn’t have agreed to court him, right?”

Tsukki blushed slightly, which was quite rare for this omega, he didn’t really get shy or show his emotions much, but this omega had changed since the Tokyo trip, he’s more… in touch with himself.

“yeah, I do like him”

Yamaguchi glistened once again, he was happy that his best friend has finally found someone and hopefully that someone can bring him out of his shell.
The boys continue chatting with each other until they hear a car down outside

“shit, I still have shoes on”

Tanaka hastily takes his shoes off and runs to put them by the door then runs back to the living room placing himself at the side of Yamaguchi again. Saeko walked through the already open front door, taking her shoes off she then makes her way to the living room, leaning on the door frame she sighs

“Ryu, you know you didn’t have to run all the way back home, right? I brought the car with me…”

Tanaka placed his hand behind his head and began to laugh, Saeko just tutted at him

“oh, Tadashi your awake now huh? Feeling any better?”

The omega smiled and nodded at her

“well that’s good, I’m gonna go prepare dinner, were having Vegetable hot pot”

She stuck her tongue out and left the boys to it, although it didn’t take her long to start screaming


Tsukki stood up from where he was sitting and placed his bag over his shoulder

“well, on that note I’m gonna go…”

“hahaha okay Tsukki see you tomorrow”

He bows and then leaves


Back at school Daichi and Suga had just left their lesson and it was now time for lunch. On the walk towards the dining hall Suga was muttering something under his breath, Daichi looked at him with one raised eyebrow

“what’s the matter Suga?”

The omega looked up to his alpha with a slight glare


Not for one minute did he believe that, also the sense of stress was leaking through their bond and it had Daichi slightly on edge

“actually, no its not nothing its defiantly something”


“not one, not two but three!! of my sons have walked out of school today… what about their grades Daichi?! Well… I suppose I don’t really need to worry about Tsukishima’s grades nor Yamaguchi’s but Tanaka hasn’t exactly got a good reputation for having outstanding grades argh what am I gonna do with them?!?”

“well Suga, there not actually your sons so you don’t need to worry too much about their grades”

“sons? I know they’re not my sons I never said they was…”

“wha? Yes, you did, just then you said not one, not two but three of my sons”

“I did?”

“you seem to be making a habit out of it actually”

The alpha begins to chuckle

“well, whatever, I’m just saying how could they be so reckless?”

“I’m sure it was for good reasons, you can have words with them tomorrow”

The omega hummed in response. They arrived at the dining hall and saw that Asahi and Noya were already there. When they spotted the two 3rd years they waved them over. Daichi and Suga joining them at the table, pull out their own bento’s from their bags.

“Noya, did you actually bring a fork with you? Hahaha”

Noya glared at Daichi

“yes, yes I did.”

Asahi, Daichi and Suga began laughing, Noya rolled his eyes but joined in with the laughter

“oh, look, seems like Kageyama and Hinata are bickering over something again”

The other three look over to see the two mates grabbing trays to place their lunch on and having a slight heated ‘discussion’

“look BaKageyama I’m telling you, I did jump for the ball, it was your toss that didn’t reach”

“my toss was perfect thank you very much.”

“if it was perfect then I would have spiked it”

“you didn’t jump on time!”

“yes. I. Did.”


The orange haired turned around after having his lunch placed on his tray and made his way to a table, as he was walking another leg came between his causing him to fall quite harshly to the ground and the tray he had in his hands made a loud clanking noise echo around the dining hall as it hit the floor. Everyone in the hall fell silent and looked over to see what the commotion was. When Hinata looked up he saw a fairly tall beta boy standing there, he had short black hair, a plain face and was really skinny. He was laughing and looking quite full of himself. To his left was another beta boy who looked very similar to Ennoshita apart from he was shorter and had an angrier expression, and to his right was a short beta girl with long blonde hair worn down to her waist with a red hair clip keeping her fringe to the side, big beautiful brown eyes and bright red lipstick which was obviously against the schools dress code. As Hinata went to stand back up the main beta boy placed his foot on the omegas shoulder shoving him back down to the ground

“now, now, don’t wanna be standing up to fast, you might have hurt yourself”

The side beta boy and girl started sniggering


The sound of an angry alpha rang through the dining hall. Kageyama made a stomping slow walk towards the middle beta

“what’s the big idea?!”

He scowled at him, the beta raised his hand slightly

“oh, nothing, this dumb omega tripped over his own feet is all, I was making sure he was alright”

“who the hell are you calling a dumb omega?!”

Kageyama grabbed the beta by the front of his shirt making his face come closer to his, the beta smirked and tilted his head to the side

“and what you gonna do about it?”

Kageyama raised his head back and whipped it forward in a quick motion, head butting the beta boy in the face, the sound of the beta’s nose cracking was heard across the hall. The beta fell to the fall with blood streaming from his newly broken nose but quickly jumped back up and went to swing for Kageyama, but his fist was caught by another

“D… Daichi?”

Kageyama stepped back slightly

Suga rushed over to Hinata’s side holding his hand out to help him up, in which Hinata gratefully accepted. Daichi still had the beta’s fist in his hand, he lent in closer to the beta and growled at him, letting off intimidating pheromones. Every omega in the hall including Hinata, Suga and Noya bowed their heads slightly. The beta was starting to tremble

“Don’t you dare think about touching one of my son’s EVER again”

The beta flinched before Daichi released his grip he had around his fist, he stumbled back and went to make a run for it but bumped into Asahi who had Noya by his side

“ahhh, what’s the matter? Running away now are we?”

Noya’s input caused the other beta boy and girl to step forward in a protective manner

“and what do you two think your planning?”

Suga stepped towards them causing both betas to halt


Everyone turned around to see the principal standing there in an angered state.


They all shuffled quietly to the principal’s office

After sitting in there for an hour, having got separate statements from everyone they all got suspended from school until further notice. Without making a fuss they all left and made their way to their own homes to break the news to their parents


Daichi and Suga were making a slow walk home, they didn’t have to worry about telling their parents about the whole ordeal but that didn’t stop Suga feeling down

“it was only earlier I was complaining that Yamaguchi, Tsukishima and Tanaka all left school early and here I am getting kicked out and not being able to return until I receive an email… like what the hell???”

Daichi tilted his head towards the omega, he knew he was going to beat himself up about it for a little while so why not try and cheer him up now with a slight confession? He swung his arm over the omegas shoulder

“I think I know how you feel”

“hmmm? About what?”

“the team?”

“yeah, your gonna have to elaborate Dai”

“they really are our son’s, aren’t they? I mean I feel like I’m their dad. Earlier on I felt myself get so protective over them, my instinct just told me I needed to but in. I just got so angry when I saw someone trip and shove Hinata to the floor”


The alpha hummed and looked at the omega, who was now gleaming a massive smile and if you looked close enough had love heart shaped pupils. Daichi smiled, Suga didn’t even have to say anything, he just knew that he was happy that he now sees the team in the same perspective as the omega.

“oh, I should probably message Tsukishima, Tanaka and Yamaguchi letting them know what happened”

“you do that”

The alpha smiled and their walk home was full of smiles and laughter.


When Asahi had arrived home, his mum had left a note on the kitchen table explaining that she’s away on a work business trip and that if something was urgent to phone her and left her work number at the bottom of the note. Asahi sighed with relief that he managed to dodge that bullet. The alpha made his way to the fridge and of course his loving mother had prepared him meals for the next couple of days, all he had to do was heat them up and she even made extra in case Noya decided to come over. Asahi smiled before taking out one of the meals and heating it up.

There was a knock at the door, Asahi frowned before turning around and answering it. Noya was stood at the door slightly out of breath

“hey, Asahi could I spend the night?”

The alpha smiled, of course he was going to say yes, he loved having his omega around him, and if it was up to him he would be around him 24/7. Asahi’s smile was short lived when Noya walked into the house taking his shoes off

“Noya… what’s…”

“Don’t worry about it, what’s for dinner I’m starving seeing as we didn’t get to finish our lunch”

The omega laughed whilst walking past Asahi, the alpha sighed but didn’t want to pressure the omega. They both sat and ate what the alpha’s mum had prepared for them both.


Noya has a slightly different home life, when he arrived home he placed his shoes in front of the door and sniffed at the air

~ smoke? She must be home ~

The omega made his way through the house and to the kitchen where a beautiful omega woman was sat at the table with one leg crossed over the other and a lit cigarette in her hand. she was quite a bit taller than Noya, she was wearing a skin tight red dress that complimented her perfectly curved body, her long brown wavy hair with blonde high lights ran just past her shoulders, her big brown eyes were exactly like Noya’s and they stood out more due to the golden eye shadow she was wearing, her lips were small but perfectly shaped, almost like a love heart, her smell… well you couldn’t quite tell as the smell of smoke over powered it and she was wearing a collar around her neck.


The women blew out a cloud of smoke before answering

“don’t act so surprised to see me, come sit down”

Noya grabbed at the strap of his bag which ran across his chest

“I got a call from your school, they said you have been suspended. Is that true?”

The omega boy nodded and looked down, the women stubbed her cigarette out in the ash tray before standing, making her way over to Noya, he looked up at her and almost as quick as lightening her hand made its way across his face, his head whipped to the side and tears burned at his eyes.

“you stupid boy! What was you thinking?”

Noya stayed facing the ground

“why are you home mum? Shouldn’t you be sleeping with one of your clients?”

The woman’s face turned sour

“why you little!”

Noya backed away and looked at her with a slightly angered face

“well its true! Why do you care what happened to me at school today? You haven’t cared through most of my life what I’m doing, so why now?”

“care?!? Of course I care you little brat, the reason I do what I do is so that you have a roof over your head”

“bullshit! You was whoring yourself out before you even had me! Hence why you don’t know who my father is!”

Noya received another slap across the face from his mother

“never meeting your father would have been a blessing! Then I never would have had you!”

Noya’s shoulders slumped and he stood there in shock. Getting slapped in the same spot stung but it didn’t sting as much as the words that just left his mother’s mouth. The woman looked shocked at herself

“oh, Yuu, I didn’t mean that”

She held her arms out and went to hug the smaller but he stepped back, tears falling down his cheeks, he shook his head and ran for the door, quickly putting his shoes back on and slamming the door behind him. He ran, tears flying off his face as the wind blew against him. This was exactly why he was always at Asahi’s house.


Hinata waited outside Kageyama’s house as he told his parents everything that had happened.
The omega started shivering from the chilly breeze, he crossed his arms over himself and you could see his breath

“oi Boke!”

Hinata turned around to see Kageyama doing a slow jog towards him

“how did it go?”

They both started walking towards Hinata’s home

“they were a bit annoyed at first, but when I explained the reason why, my father understood quicker than my dad which was odd because its normally the other way around”

They both shrugged it off and continued to make their way to the omegas home

Hinata’s mum was already standing by the front door

“your mum looks pissed”

The omega looked up to the alpha

“yeah, thanks for that…”

As they both walked up to the woman Hinata was about to speak but got interrupted

“I am so annoyed!”

“I’m sorry…”

The woman frowned at him

“not at you! At the boy who shoved you! How dare someone shove my baby!”

The boys looked at the woman shocked

“what? You thought I was going to be mad at you? For what exactly? You got shoved to the ground and your alpha and friends stuck up for you, what’s to be mad at?”

She wrapped her arms around both the boys

“I’m just glad your both alright, now come in, its cold out here”

She turned around and made her way back in to the house, the mates looked at each other and sighed in relief, chuckling slightly they made their way in to the warm cosy home.


Tanaka and Yamaguchi were cuddled up under a blanket on the sofa in the living room watching anime, it was perfect for them, they were both secretly anime nerds and they found out about each other’s obsession when Yamaguchi quoted a character from ‘Fairy tail’ and Tanaka turned in to a fan boy, jumping around waving his hands about screaming oh my god. So, of course, ‘Fairy tail’ was what they were watching.

The omega sighed, the alpha looked at him worriedly

“what’s up?”

“ahh, its nothing”

“no, tell me”

“well, it’s just… Freed obviously has a crush on Laxus…”

“Freed and Laxus?”


The omegas lips slanted a little bit

“yeah, I see that. I ship them”

Yamaguchi shocked, turned to look at Tanaka and tilted his head

“you… ship them?”

The alpha nodded

“oh. My. God!!!”

The alpha looked at his omega confused


Yamaguchi couldn’t hold back and wrapped his arms around Tanaka

“I ship them too!!”

They both laughed about it

“oh, my phones flashing”

The omega reached over and read the message

“oh no…”


“there was a fight at school and Suga, Daichi, Kageyama, Hinata, Asahi, Noya and three others have been suspended until further notice”

“I wonder what happened”

“I dunno, I guess they will tell us when they next see us”

They both start laughing at the fact that pretty much the whole volleyball team have been suspended.

Once they both stopped laughing Tanaka looked at Yamaguchi lovingly and smiled slightly, Yamaguchi blushed. The alpha leaned in placing a hand on the omegas cheek and connecting their lips gently, when he pulled away Yamaguchi was looking at him with almost tired eyes. The omega leaned in this time giving Tanaka a bit more of a passionate kiss in which the alpha happily went along with. He pushed Yamaguchi slightly, laying him on his back but still keeping their lips connected. The alpha became shocked when the omega bit his bottom lip lightly, giving him a smirk, the alpha could barely hold back. He started to passionately kiss the omega, pushing his tongue past his lips, it was happily accepted and their tongues were circling each other’s. Tanaka pulled away slightly and started placing soft kisses down the omegas neck and over his scent glands. Slowly making his way to his chest, he starts to open the youngers shirt buttons and places kisses along each bit of skin as it is revealed. Yamaguchi’s breath quickens and he gasps when Tanaka takes one of his nipples in his mouth and starts to nibble on it, the omega closes his eyes and arches his back slightly

“w… wait… we… we can’t.”

Tanaka stops what he’s doing

“why not?”

The omega sits up and tries to cover himself back up but fails

“because your sister is in the next room preparing our dinner”

The alpha looked petrified

“oh, god your right! What was I thinking?!”

The alpha’s face turning a deep red, Yamaguchi giggles at him and places a kiss on his cheek, the alpha smiled at him and placed a kiss on his forehead. They shuffled to sort themselves out and grabbed the blanket to cuddle up under once again. Yamaguchi rests his head on Tanaka’s shoulder as they continue to watch ‘Fairy tail’

Chapter Text

Kuroo: Tsukki!!! It’s been sooo long :)


Tsukki: it hasn’t been that long…


Kuroo: feels like it :/


Tsukki: I guess…


Kuroo: how are things?


Tsukki: well, there was a fight at school and pretty much the whole volleyball team got suspended.


Kuroo: are you okay???


Tsukki: yeah, I wasn’t there when it happened, I was at Tanaka’s place and then I went home to do some course work


Kuroo: I’m glad


Tsukki: about what?


Kuroo: you not being at school when there was a fight, if you got hurt I would have to come all the way down there to knock some kid out…


Tsukki: don’t be stupid. Anyway, it’s been a couple days since they got suspended, so maybe they can come back soon.


Kuroo: hopefully. Why you up so late anyway?


Tsukki: its only 11pm


Kuroo: don’t you have school tomorrow?


Tsukki: it’s a half day tomorrow, but I’m not going in


Kuroo: why not?!


Tsukki: because…


Kuroo: because what?


Tsukki: because I’m not


Kuroo: but why?


Tsukki: if I was by your side right now…


Kuroo: Tsukki wait, I need to prepare myself before you say something cute


Tsukki: I would punch you.


Kuroo: oh


Tsukki: lol


Kuroo: but seriously, why aren’t you going to school tomorrow?


Tsukki: you’re not gonna drop it, are you?


Kuroo: nope


Tsukki: -.-


Kuroo: :)


Tsukki: because tomorrow at some point I’m due my pre- heat…


Kuroo: oh, I see, well then that’s fair enough. Are you going to be okay?


Tsukki: I will be fine


Kuroo: would you like me there?


Tsukki: no


Kuroo: wow didn’t even give it time to think :’(


Tsukki: sorry


Kuroo: don’t be I’m only messing :)


Tsukki: it’s not that I don’t want you there


Kuroo: Tsukki, really, you don’t need to explain


Tsukki: it’s complicated…


Kuroo: is everything okay? Your starting to make me worry


Tsukki: it’s hard to explain


Kuroo: just explain it, I won’t judge you at all. Tsukki I want you to be able to talk to me.


Tsukki: I’m scared…


Kuroo: I’m calling you


Tsukki: no don’t. Everyone else is asleep and I don’t want to wake them


Kuroo: why are you scared :/


Tsukki: I don’t know why I’m even telling you this, but I feel as if I can


Kuroo: because you can, I’m your mate, you can tell me anything


Tsukki: I’m scared to go in to heat… my heats have always been short and intense and I hate it, I hate it so much that I was willing to go to extreme lengths to stop them happening, I messed with my body in the process and I regret that now I really do… I let people down and I let myself down, I was a bloody idiot for doing what I did and now the reality has hit me and I don’t know how I’m going to cope. What if I have a bad heat? Its only meant to last one day and that doesn’t seem that bad but the nurse said it will be more intense than normal, MORE INTENSES?!?! How am I even going to deal with that?


Tsukki: I just realised what I sent you, sorry just ignore me


Tsukki: I’m being stupid, I didn’t mean to worry you, let’s just forget I said that


Tsukki: anyway, why you up so late?












Tsukki: you must have fallen asleep, goodnight Kuroo






Kuroo: I’ve just finished packing my bag, I’m coming to Sendai


Tsukki: what?!?!


Kuroo: I will get on a train tomorrow and I should get to you around mid-day


Tsukki: you cant…


Kuroo: look, Tsukki, there is no way in hell I’m gonna let you go through this by yourself. My mate messages me saying he’s scared, bearing in mind my mate isn’t the sort of guy to ever admit anything to do with how he feels or tell anyone his problems. If you don’t want me to do anything to you then I won’t, but I can at least be there for you, to grab water for you, make sure you eat, clean you up, to hold and to comfort you. You don’t need to do this by yourself anymore, I am here for you and I always will be!


Tsukki: I don’t know what to say


Kuroo: you don’t have to say anything! I will see you tomorrow :)


Tsukki: Thank you


Kuroo: now get some sleep :)


Tsukki: Goodnight Kuroo


Kuroo: Goodnight Tsukki :)


Tsukki pressed the lock button on his phone and placed it under his pillow, he takes his glasses off and puts them on the side cabinet. With a slight grin he closes his eyes and falls into a deep sleep.



Kuroo searches through his contacts until he finds ‘Pudding head’ he presses the send message option



Kuroo: hey Kenma I’m not gonna be around for the next couple of days, cover for me?


Pudding head: don’t I always?


Kuroo: this is why you are my best friend :)


Pudding head: I will say your suffering from chronic diarrhea   


Kuroo: you wouldn’t…


Pudding head: I would


Kuroo: wouldn’t


Pudding head: would.


Kuroo: okay fine.


Pudding head: :)


Kuroo sighs and flips his phone down. He rolls on to his back and spreads his arms out  


~ I would do anything for Tsukki ~



The next morning Tsukki wakes up to the sound of his alarm on his phone going off, when he checks the time it read 10am


~ ahhh man I slept in ~


He groans before getting himself out of bed. Feeling a bit flustered he walks to the bathroom and splashes water on his face, once he finished freshening up he walks back to his bedroom for his glasses and then makes his way to the kitchen where Akiteru was frying some eggs. He pulls a chair out from under the table and slumps down in to it, resting his head on his hand he feels his eye lids getting heavy, within moments Akiteru places a plate in front of the omega causing him to quickly open his eyes


“how can you still be sleepy after the lay in you just had?”


The beta laughs at him, Tsukki just shrugs his shoulders and starts to pick at his food


“mum left this morning for her 3 day get away, she told me to tell you that she loves you and to behave while she’s away”


Tsukki nodded at his brother and carried on chewing his food


“oh, Kuroo is coming over to help me through my heat”


“I know, he messaged me last night”


The omega looked at his brother with an unimpressed expression and continued eating his breakfast


“have you got everything you need?”


“everything I need?”


“yeah, you know…”




“condoms Kei. Have you got condoms?”


The omega had a slightly disgusted look on his face


“oh god, Akiteru…”


“what? I just care for my baby brother! I don’t want you having pups this young!”


“I’m not having this conversation with you, plus we won’t be doing anything like that, he’s just coming over to comfort me.”


Akiteru looked at Tsukki with a blank expression, there was no way an alpha could control himself around an omega in his full-blown heat let alone a fated mate.


“okay, whatever you say”


Tsukki rolled his eyes at him and they continued chatting about other things, such as volleyball, school, exams, Yamaguchi and even a little bit about Saeko


About an hour had passed and there was a knock at the door, Tsukki excused himself from the table to answer it. As he opened the door he was shocked to see Kuroo standing in front of him wearing red track suit bottoms, a hoodie to match and a plain black top underneath. The alpha drops the bag he had over his right shoulder and swung his arms around the omega




The omega was taken back by Kuroo’s action


“Kuroo? Your… er… early?”


The alpha stepped out of the embrace he had the blonde in


“I know, but I just couldn’t wait to see you”


Kuroo gleamed a massive smile, Tsukki just smirked at him and made his way back through to the kitchen, Kuroo quickly picked his bag back up, took his shoes off and followed the direction in which the omega just went in. As Kuroo stepped in to the kitchen he was welcomed by Akiteru and offered something to eat, in which he kindly turned down as he had eaten on the train journey. Tsukki and Kuroo bowed towards the beta before leaving and going to Tsukki’s room. Kuroo’s eyes widened by all the stuff the omega had in his room and yet it was still well kept.


“your bedroom is amazing. Ohhh!!”


The alpha spotted an acoustic guitar in the corner of the room and picked it up


“please play me a song!”




“ahhh, come on!”


Tsukki sighed at him


“maybe later”


Kuroo’s eyes widened in excitement and he places the guitar back down.


“where shall I put my bag?”


The omega reached out towards the alpha to take his bag from him, he placed it at the side of his wardrobe, keeping it out the way. Kuroo slumps himself on the bed


“so, is there anything you want to do?”


“actually yeah, I wanna go for a walk, I keep getting hot flushes and its nice and cold outside”


The alpha nodded at him


“sounds good to me, you can show me around a little”


“yeah, I just need to get dressed”




There was a split second where it was awkward


“oh, do you want me to leave?”


The omega blushed slightly


“n…no its fine”


Tsukki turned towards his wardrobe pulling out a pair of black skinny jeans, a yellow round neck top and a black short sleeved shirt to go over it, he then made his way to the small chest of draws and pulled out a pair of socks and some boxers. Kuroo was fiddling with Tsukki’s headphones trying to untangle the wire. The omega began to undress out of his pyjamas. He started by removing his top, by doing so it caught Kuroo’s attention, he looked over to the blonde and was observing every beautiful inch of his bare upper half, from his flat stomach to his light pink nipples and the way his chest moved almost in slow motion with every breath he took. The alpha had to look away, he felt his heart rate start to speed up and hoped to god he would be able to control himself tomorrow. After Tsukki finished getting ready he looked over to Kuroo who was still fiddling with his headphones even though there was no longer a knot in the wire.


“shall we?”


The alpha looked up, placed the headphones on the side and nodded.


Soon as they left the house the cold breeze hit them causing Kuroo to shiver slightly


“Tsukki, it’s quite cold out maybe you should have put a jacket on, you might get ill”


“its fine, my body’s really hot at the moment so I can barely feel it”


They walked for a little while and Kuroo was amazed by the lack of people on the streets, being somewhere so quiet was all too knew for the alpha. They came up to a bench that overlooks a lake, and decide to sit and chat for a while.


“you know Tsukki, it doesn’t even feel like I’ve been here long, but it’s started to get dark…”


“oh, yeah, your right. Have we really been out most of the day?”


“guess so”


The alpha starts laughing, Tsukki looks over to the alpha and watches how happy he looks


~ isn’t this boring compared to your Tokyo lifestyle? ~


Kuroo stops laughing and looks over to Tsukki with a questionable face


“everything okay?”


The omega snapped out of his slight day dream


“oh, er… yeah”


“what was you thinking about?”


“not much”




“just, this must be quite boring for you. I mean Tokyo is so busy and there’s always something to do and yet here is just so quiet and”


“I don’t care where I am as long as I’m with you. It’s nice to be able to get away from the chaos and chill with the person you want to be around”


Tsukki blushed and looked down










Tsukki leaned forward with wide eyes as his heart rate started to quicken, and he swore that the whole street could hear it pounding against his chest. He stood up quickly


“I have to go”


Kuroo looked up from where he was sitting with a worried expression


“everything okay?”


Tsukki’s breathing became a bit shaky


“ye… yeah… I… I… have to go… h… home”


He started walking in a quick pace


“Tsukki wait!”


The alpha jogged after him and grabbed his arm, the omega turned to look at him with watery eyes, Kuroo stood back slightly


“is it… your pre- heat?”


As the words left the alphas mouth he could then smell it, this omega needed to get home and fast! He grabbed Tsukki’s hand and reassured him that it was going to be okay. They both sprinted down the road and round the corners until they reached his home. He slams the front door open and runs to his room, shutting the door behind him. Kuroo places his hands on his hips and leans over slightly trying to catch his breath back. Akiteru walks out from the living room looking concerned


“what’s going on?”


“Tsukki… pre…heat”


The alpha managed to spit out. Akiteru looked at him slightly relieved


“come sit in the living room with me for a bit, he’s gone to do something very important”


Kuroo didn’t want to question the beta about it too much and just followed him in to the living room.


Tsukki was rushing around his bedroom gathering all sorts of random items and placing them on his bed, he then grabbed extra pillows, cushions and blankets from the cupboard and made a sort of den around and over his bed, he then grabs the dinosaur teddy that Kuroo gave him as a courting gift and brings it up to his face smelling it. He walks over to put it on his bed but as he does his knees go weak and he falls to the floor, his body temperature rising more and more he starts to break out in to a slight sweat, his breathing hitches slightly. It didn’t last too long. Whilst his body was at a calm he took the opportunity to climb in to the nest he had made, he curled up on his side hugging the teddy. His forehead was slightly sweaty, his heart was on and off with the quick paces and his body was starting to tremble. He squeezed his eyes shut


~ I’m not ready, I’m not ready, I’m not ready ~

Chapter Text

Akiteru walks in to the living room with a bag on his shoulder, he looks over to Kuroo who was slouching on the sofa with his arms crossed, he had fallen asleep a few hours ago. The beta places his bag down and walks over to the alpha, shaking his shoulder to wake him up. Kuroo groans and starts to slowly open his eyes, looking up at Akiteru he quickly sits up straight

“sorry, how long have I been asleep?”

“a couple hours or so”

“ahhh, my bad, how’s Tsukki?”

Akiteru smiles at him

“Kei is fine, I just checked on him and I think it’s time for you to go to him”

The alpha stands and re adjusts his clothing

“before you do go in there, take these”

Akiteru rummages through the bag he placed on the floor and hands Kuroo a small box, the alpha looks at the item

“oh, I won’t be needing these, I’m not here for that, I’m just here to comfort him”

“well, just in case”

The alpha just nodded, not really knowing what to say back

“I will be staying at a friend’s house tonight, so you will have the place to yourselves. I have prepared bottles of water and placed them in the fridge and there’s some protein bars in the cupboard above the toaster. I’m trusting you, please look after my little brother, and if there is anything you need just call me”

“I promise to take good care of him, thank you for allowing me to be here”

The alpha bows before Akiteru grabs his bag and leaves the house.

Kuroo turns around and takes a deep breath, he slowly makes his way to Tsukki’s room and as he reaches the door he could already smell the scent of an omegas early heat stage. He shakes his head to regain focus and slowly opens the door. He walks in to the bedroom and shuts the door behind him. The smell of Tsukki was hitting Kuroo quite hard, so he braced himself before turning around. Once he felt ready he turned to see a gorgeous pitiful sight of an omega laying wrapped up in his nest. He was laying on his front with his face in the pillow and fists clenched around two cushions that were placed on either side of his head. He was trembling ever so slightly and making quiet whimpering sounds. Kuroo looked at him with love struck eyes and a slight smile, he walked over to the side of the omegas nest and placed the small box Akiteru had given him on the chest of draws.


The omega slowly turns his head from the pillow and looks at Kuroo through watery eyes. The alpha sighs playfully

“can I enter your nest?”

Tsukki frowns in thought for a split second before nodding. Kuroo knew it was a big deal for someone to interfere with an omegas nest so he slowly places himself at the edge of the bed making sure that Tsukki could slowly get used to someone touching his. Once he is sure that Tsukki is fine with his presence he slowly runs his fingers through the omegas short blonde hair, it was slightly wet at the roots from sweat but that didn’t bother Kuroo at all, he knew that Tsukki was going to get a lot worse than this.

“Tsukki, your starting to heat up, we should really sort you out. Look, you still have your shoes on!”

Kuroo stands up and makes his way to the end of the bed and starts to take Tsukki’s shoes off and place them at the end of the bed, he then makes his way around the bed to help the omega take his tops off

“are you able to sit up for me?”

The omega nods and slowly sits up. Kuroo begins by taking off the black shirt, folding it up and placing it on his lap, he then grabs the bottom of his yellow shirt

“raise your arms for me”

The omega follows his instructions without saying a word. He pulls it up and over his head, by doing this his scent glands were fully exposed, the alpha quickly placed his hand over his nose and turned away. The omega apologized but Kuroo just waved his hand in a way to say, ‘don’t worry, its fine’

Once the alpha had composed himself he turned back around to face Tsukki and smiled at him.

He was sat there topless and Kuroo couldn’t help but think that this omega is the most beautiful thing he has ever seen. He smiles once again causing Tsukki to blush.

“I… erm… do you need help with your jeans?”

At this point the alpha didn’t know whose job it was to help him with the bottom half. The omega shook his head and began to take his jeans off himself, Kuroo grabbed them off him once he was done and placed them with the other folded bits of clothing. Kuroo leaned forward and took Tsukki’s glasses off, placing them on the side.

The omega was now in just his boxers, he lays himself down on his side and brings his knees up to his chest. Kuroo sits himself at the top of the bed and pulls Tsukki closer to him, placing the omegas head on his lap, he was trembling slightly and Kuroo felt slightly sorry for him because he knew that it wasn’t just the heat causing him to tremble but the fact he was also scared. The alpha runs his fingers through the omegas slightly sweatier hair, he closed his eyes and started making a quiet purring sound. Kuroo leans his head back to try and get some more rest before his heat fully hits.


Strawberry short cake


Kuroo whipped his eyes open, the thoughts, the smell, the atmosphere. A black wave of nausea circled around the him and he threw himself off the bed and shuffled himself as far back as he could go until his back hit the wall, he covered his mouth and nose with his hand, trying to control his quick paced breathing and rapid heartbeat. When he looked up he saw Tsukki rolling around on the bed whimpering and moaning slightly, the omega had finally hit full heat and his scent was having a strong effect on the alpha. Tsukki looked over from where he way laying right in to Kuroo’s eyes, the alpha raised his eyebrows and got up off the floor, making his way over to helpless omega.

Tsukki was a trembling sweaty mess and he knew exactly what he wanted. He got on his knees and reached out for Kuroo, the alpha steps towards him, his mind going hazy. The omega pulled Kuroo by his top bringing him closer, and plants a kiss upon his lips, pushing his tongue past the alphas lips in which he accepted without a second thought, Kuroo places his hand and on the side of Tsukki’s neck and pushes him on to his back. Kuroo now leaning over him, their tongues battle for dominance.

~ I need to stop, I can’t stop, I need to……. STOP! ~

Kuroo throws himself back once again, leaving Tsukki lying there confused. He shakes his head and tries to talk, his mouth opens but no words come out, he slaps himself around the face and gains slightly more focus

“Tsukki, I can’t do anything to you, I said I’ll be here to comfort you”

Tsukki sits up and looks at him, tears falling down his cheeks, Kuroo rushes back to him and places his hands on either side of his face, looking him in the eyes

“don’t cry Tsukki, I’m not going anywhere, I will be here through the whole thing!”

He uses his thumbs to wipe away the omegas tears.

Kuroo gets Tsukki to lay back down and make himself comfortable

~ I researched how to take care of an omega in heat… but why?... why can’t I remember any of it?!? Think Tetsurou think ~

The alpha runs his fingers through his hair and starts to pace around the room, and just like a light bulb lighting up he remembers something. He strips the top half of himself making him completely bare from the waist up, he walks back to the bed and pulls Tsukki up on to him, placing the omegas head on his chest so he could listen to his heart beat. The omega begins to purr and the smell of the alpha makes his body start to tingle, he reaches his hand down and made his way under the elastic of his boxers, gripping his painfully hard member he begins to thrust into his hand. Watching Tsukki do this caused the alpha to start growling from his chest, noticing the arousal of his mate Tsukki makes his was up to Kuroo’s neck and begins to sent mark him. The alpha let out enticing pheromones causing Tsukki to shiver and cum in his hand. Kuroo laid the panting blonde on his back and removed his boxers from him, he left the room to grabs wet and dry towels to clean him up.

When Kuroo re-entered the room the sight of his naked omega almost pushed him over the edge, he ran to the kitchen to take deep clear breaths, whilst he was there he grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and a protein bar from the cupboard.

Kuroo made his way back to the bedroom and placed the bottle of water and protein bar on the side, he sits on the bottom half of the bed with the towels and places one underneath Tsukki’s hip

“I’m going to clean you up, is that alright?”

The blonde just responds with a whimper and Kuroo proceeds to clean him

He spreads Tsukki’s knees apart revealing his still very hard member and slick running down his thighs, Kuroo’s chest starts to rumble and his pupils begin to dilate. This omega needed an alpha and Kuroo was more than willing to take him, ravish him, make him moan, make him scream his name. He leans forward running his tongue along the inner of Tsukki’s thighs, slurping up the sweet omega juice causing the blonde to moan and raise his hips up slightly, Kuroo’s tongue and warm breath against his skin was sending him wild. His mouth reaches the rock-hard member and as he was about to take the whole thing in his mouth he sat up quickly, realising what he was just doing he bites his own arm   

“I’m so sorry Tsukki, I got carried away”

The alpha managed to mumble, trying to restrain himself was becoming more and more of a challenge then he had thought. He grabs the towels and begins to clean the trembling omega.

~ sort yourself out Tetsurou, you have got this ~

A few hours have passed and within that Tsukki had relieved himself multiple times and Kuroo has pushed his alpha instinct as far to the side as it can go.

Right now, the mates are both laying on the bed, Kuroo on his back and Tsukki leaning on his bare chest resting until the next wave hits.

Kuroo sits the omega up and reaches for the bottle of water, handing it to him. He takes small sips before his body shivers and he drops the bottle causing it to spill everywhere

“Tsukki? You okay?”

The younger begins to tremble and throws himself on top of Kuroo, placing a leg either side of his waist, he begins to dry hump him whilst gripping his hard member, thrusting in to his hand for the sixth time.

“A…alpha… I… need you… p… please”

Kuroo sat there with wide eyes, this helpless omega was on top of him and he had to remain calm, which was proven next to impossible. Tsukki looked at him with a pleading face

“j… just your… h… hand, h… help me”

Kuroo looks away and bites hard on his bottom lip

~ control it, control it, control it ~

He looks back at Tsukki who is still begging for a helping hand, he takes a deep breath, which probably wasn’t a good idea as clouds of euphoria rush through his mind and he struggled to keep the dirty thoughts away. He grabs Tsukki’s member and the heat from the alphas hand sent the omega wild, he whipped his head back and made a seductive moan, Kuroo began to stroke up and down, it didn’t take long for the omega to spill his juices over his mates chest and stomach.

The touch of an alpha is something that Tsukki had never experienced before and he loved it, he wanted more. Kuroo grabbed one of the clean towels that was on the bed to clean himself and Tsukki with, as he went to clean the blonde he retreated, the alpha sighed

“Tsukki, I need to clean you up, come here”

The omega playfully shook his head and started to pull at the elastic on Kuroo’s track suit bottoms, the alpha quickly sat up

“no, no, no you can’t”

Tsukki looks at him and bites his lip before he fully yanks the bottoms down, his eyes widen by the size of Kuroo’s man hood, the alpha blushes

~ shit. I need to stop him ~

Tsukki licks his lips before he puts the whole thing in his mouth

“oh Christ”

Kuroo whips his head back and groans.

He carries on sucking and slurping, Kuroo grabs at the omegas hair in a weak attempt to stop him but with no luck he lets go

“s… stop… I’m gonna”

But before the omega could move away his mouth was filled with Kuroo’s seed, some begin to dribble from the side of his mouth, he raises his hand to wipe it away and licks the residue from his thumb, all whilst looking Kuroo dead in the eyes with a smirk. This sends the alpha over the edge, he pushes Tsukki on to his back and starts to place kisses from his belly button, making his was up to his mouth, pushing his tongue past his lips. They passionately made out for quite some time until the alpha started growling

“p… put it… in”

The omega begged

Kuroo’s mind had now been fully taken over by the alpha within him, he pulled his track suit bottoms and boxers off, throwing them on the floor and returned his full attention to the pleading omega. He spreads his legs apart and runs gentle nibbles down the inside of his thigh causing the omega to squirm and breath heavy. He sits up and begins to prepare Tsukki by entering him a finger at a time

“oh, god. Alpha! Just put it in!”

The omega begged again

As Kuroo positioned himself at Tsukki’s entrance he gasps and sat back

~ what am I doing? SHIT, SHIT, SHIT, Shit... shit… shit ~

His mind went hazy, the smell of the omega was driving him mad and he couldn’t hold back any longer. Whilst he still had some sort of level headedness he reached over grabbing the small box Akiteru had given him earlier, he ripped it open and pulled out a condom, tearing the silver packet, he rolls it down on to himself and looks back up to the begging blonde.

“I hope you know there’s no going back after the first thrust”

The omega smirked and raised one eyebrow

“just put it in”

And without further ado Kuroo lined himself up at Tsukki’s entrance and thrusts himself all the way in to the hilt, the omegas eyes widened and his back arched, tears were running down each side of his face and he whimpered, Kuroo didn’t move, he tried to compose himself by controlling his thoughts and breathing

“sorry! Did I hurt you?”

The omega was trembling but he shook his head in response, he raised his arms up towards the alpha


Kuroo’s eyes widened at his omega moaning his given name. It was like a trigger inside of the older and it just got twitched to ‘full alpha mode’ he began thrusting in and out of Tsukki in a fast motion, the omega was crying out moans of pain and pleasure

Bed creaking, sweat, growls, moans and groans in the air. They were at it for so long that it started getting light outside

“ugh, Tsukki, you feel so god damn good!”

The omega was a mess on the bed getting absolutely destroyed by the alpha, he gripped the bed sheets underneath him so tight that his knuckles turned white

“I... nghhhh… gonna… c… cum!”

The alpha slowed down teasing him slightly

“again? How many times would that make it now? Three? Does it feel that good having me inside you?”

The omega whimpered and begged him to do it faster and harder, tears of pleasure and a wobbly bottom lip made Kuroo give him exactly what he wanted

“kn… knot me alpha!”

He could feel his knot beginning to form anyway, so that wasn’t going to be a problem. As the knot formed Tsukki could feel it start to stretch inside of him


They both came at the same time and Kuroo slumped himself on top of Tsukki. Not being able to pull out just yet they lay in that position for a little be longer, the alpha making sure he’s not putting too much weight on the omega.

Tsukki’s heart rate slowed, his temperature went down and he managed to sort out his breathing pattern. Kuroo’s knot went down, he pulled himself out and rolled on to his back heaving a massive sigh

“That. Was. Amazing!”

The alpha turned his head to face his mate, he looked pale and completely drained but also relieved

Kuroo rolled on to his side and pulled Tsukki’s head closer to his, placing a gentle kiss upon his lips

“let’s clean-up”

The omega nodded and tried to sit up, but his hips felt weak and he failed to do so. Kuroo let out a little chuckle and Tsukki frowned at him

“it’s not funny…”

“ahhhh!, you managed to talk without moaning in-between!”

The alpha teased, Tsukki threw a cushion at his head and they both started laughing

“well, seeing as your heat is at a calm, lets quickly get you cleaned up before another wave comes”

“yes please, I feel gross, and whys the bed so wet?”

The alpha grabbed towels and sat at the side of his mate

“because you dropped a whole bottle of water right before you beg…”

Tsukki frowned at him

“right before your heat hit hard.”

The alpha tried to cover himself, but Tsukki was too tired to care anyway, he just wanted to get cleaned up before the next blast of heat comes.

Kuroo began to clean Tsukki everywhere! Legs, arse, manhood, stomach, chest and even try to dry his hair from all the sweat. During this process Tsukki was a blushing mess, he felt so embarrassed but at the same time at ease. Kuroo started to look a bit sad and Tsukki frowned at him

“what’s wrong?”

“Tsukki, I am so so sorry”

“what for?”

“I came here to comfort you and the alpha in me took over… I failed yo…”

“I wanted it”

The omega interrupted him, Kuroo looked up at him shocked

“if I didn’t want it then I would have told you before you came here, I would have said I don’t want to have sex with you.”

“but at first you didn’t want me to be here during your heat”

“that’s because I didn’t want you to see how scared I was.”


“no buts! I’m glad you’re here, I’m glad we had sex, I’m glad you’re looking after me and I’m glad you’re MY! fated mate”

Tsukki looked shocked at himself for what he just said, but he meant it, every word of it. Kuroo threw his arms around the omega and squeezed him tightly

“I’m so happy I met you when I did, I’m so happy I ran after you when I did and I’m so happy I didn’t give up”

Tsukki blushed at the alphas words.

“Kuroo, thank you, for everything you have done for me, I really want to rest before the next wave, seeing as my heat has lasted all night and its now…”

Tsukki searched for his phone and noticed it was still under his pillow from the other night


Kuroo jumped back

“Tsukki? What is it?”

“is that the time?!?!”



“oh, I guess we was doing it for a good few hours”

The alpha chuckles, one of Tsukki’s eyes begins to twitch causing the alpha to laugh harder

“no wonder I’m so tired, I’ve been up all night being pounded in to!”

The omega sighs and falls on to his back, it didn’t take him long till his eyes were shut and he was purring, Kuroo smiled at him and laid beside him, wrapping his arm around, he closed his eyes and fell asleep to.

*20 mins later*

“K… Kuroo”

The alpha slowly opened his eyes and realised Tsukki wasn’t lying beside him, he sat up quickly and saw that the omega was on the floor on all fours presenting himself

~ oh shit ~

Kuroo grabs the small box and grabs the last condom out of the box of 6 and rips the silver foil off placing it on himself, he rushes over to Tsukki, his body was burning up and he was craving an alphas touch. Within seconds Kuroo was holding the omegas hips, thrusting in and out of him causing him to whimper in pleasure


Kuroo’s eyes traced all the way up Tsukki’s spine eyeing up the back of his neck, he growls and leans forward, he sniffs at the blonde’s scent glands, it was like ecstasy this omega smelt edible, he trailed his nose to the back of his neck


Tsukki’s watery eyes widened, he slowly turns his head and couldn’t believe what he was seeing

Kuroo was biting his arm so hard he caused blood to run down to his elbow and tears were falling down his cheeks

“K… Kuroo?”

The alpha pulled his arm away from his face and even though there was tears he had a massive smile on his face

“I can’t do that to you Tsukki, I can’t force a bond on to you, I love you too much”

“you… you what?”

The omega started breathing slightly heavier

“I love you”

The alpha admitted through happy tears, it took every fibre in his body to not bite the omega and make him become his and his alone. Tsukki pulled himself away from Kuroo and knelt in front of him, cupping his face in his hands

“I love you to”

Both of them now happy crying, they place a long loving kiss on each other’s lips and then place their foreheads against each other and started laughing

A moment passes and Tsukki’s body began to shiver, he pushed Kuroo on to his back and mounts on top of him, directing the alphas manhood in place of his entrance, he slowly lowers himself on it. He flinches and whimpers of the feel of the large member entering him, he begins bouncing himself up and down. Panting, huffing, grunting, moaning and groaning, all these sounds were echoing around the room

“I need to… to… cum”

“cum for me Tsukki”

The alpha grabs the omegas painfully hard member and moves his hand up and down, causing the omega to whimper loudly

“I… I can’t… I can’t cum?”

As much as the omega wanted to, NEEDED to, he just couldn’t. He closes his eyes, his body becomes limp and he sways to the side, Kuroo quickly grabbed him


The omega didn’t respond, instead his eyes remained closed and his body was like jelly. Kuroo quickly picked him up bridal style and placed him on the bed. He ran to the kitchen to grab another bottle of water from the fridge and darted back to the bedroom, he rushed over to the bed and placed his hand under Tsukki’s head

“Kei! Kei please open your eyes”

The omega rolled his head to the side and opened his eyes slightly

“oh, thank god. I need you to sit up for me and drink some water, can you do that for me?”

Tsukki nodded slightly and Kuroo helped him to sit up. He opened the bottle and held it to the omegas lips, pouring bits of water in at a time making sure he was actually swallowing it, he turned to look at Kuroo through tired eyes and gave a soft smile

“I think… I think it’s over”

Kuroo sighed in relief

~ to be honest, I don’t think Tsukki’s body could handle much more ~

“In that case, let me run you a bath”

The older makes his way to the bathroom and begins to run both taps and adds a splash of bubble bath. He walks back in to the bedroom and once again picks Tsukki up bridal style and carries him to the bathroom, he slowly puts him in to the bath and turns both taps off, he then makes his way back to the bedroom, opens a window and begins stripping the bed sheets and throwing them in to a messy pile by the door followed by the used towels and both their clothes they had previously warn. He grabs Tsukki’s shoes and puts them by the front door, and on the way back to the bedroom he opens the cupboard and pulls out fresh bed sheets and pillow cases. He quickly checks on his omega in the bath making sure he hadn’t fallen asleep and then continues to the bedroom. Once he had changed the sheets and made the bed he pulled out a blue and white striped onesie from the wardrobe and placed it on the bed, followed by a pair of boxers from the draws.

He walks back to the bathroom to see that the omega had now in fact fallen asleep, he does a quiet sigh and walks over to the tub

“Kei, you need to wake up, we need to get you cleaned up”

Tsukki shuffled forward leaving enough space for Kuroo to slip in behind him. He leant back on the alphas chest and rested his head on his shoulder, Kuroo grabbed a sponge and wrapped his arms around the omega, cleaning his arms and chest, Tsukki begins to let out a quiet purr and Kuroo smiles at the soothing sound. Once he had finished cleaning the youngers body, he steps out the bath and wraps a towel around his waist, he grabs the shower head and begins to wash Tsukki’s hair.

After he was all cleaned up Kuroo carried him back to the bedroom and got him dressed in to his pyjamas, he shuffled through his own bag and pulled out a pair of boxers, a plain white top and a pair of dark green skinny jeans. After getting himself dressed he looks over to Tsukki who was sat on the edge of the bed staring in to space, his head nodding forward slightly and then back up, he eyes were almost shut

“everything okay?”

“hmmm? Oh, yeah, I’m just really tired and all my muscles hurt”

“then why don’t you get some sleep?”

Kuroo walks over to him, laying him down and pulling the duvet over him, he kneels down and places a kiss on his temple.

“o… okay”

And within seconds Tsukki was fast asleep purring away

Kuroo grabs the pile of laundry and makes his way to the kitchen, placing it all in the washing machine he adds the powder and softener, turns it on and waits for it to finish. In the meantime, he checks the fridge and cupboards for something he could make them to eat for when he wakes up.

He pulls out a large container from the fridge with a note attached to it



If your reading this then Kei has probably finished his heat,
all you need to do is warm it up.
Thank you for looking after my brother,
I’m sure he has found himself a great mate




Kuroo smiles and removes the packaging, placing the contents in a large wok and turning the stove to a low heat and sets a timer. He pulls a chair out from under the table and slumps in to it. He leans forward on to the table, placing his head on top of his arms and slowly starts to doze off.



Beep Beep Beep Beep

Beep Beep Beep Beep


Beep Beep Beep Beep



The timer went off 30 minutes later and Kuroo sat up quickly, he made his way over to the heated food and gave it a stir, all the while he was yawning from exhaustion. He heard the door creak behind him, he turned around to see Tsukki leaning on the door frame smiling and looking more… him.

“heeeey stripes! How you feeling?”

“fine, but my hips feel sore”

The alpha began to blush

“why did you put me in this?”

Tsukki pulled at the onesie

“because it’s cute”

The omega sighed in response

“what you cooking?”

“oh, I’m actually just heating it up. Your brother left it for us, its beef stew”

The omega laughed through his nose

“what’s so funny?”

“oh, my brother has always been like this”

“like what?”

Tsukki sat at the table and Kuroo dished them up a bowl each and they began eating

“he’s always looked out for me”


“well both my parents are betas and their first born was also a beta so they figured they were only going to have beta children, but when I presented as an omega at a young age my dad left”

“what? Why?”

“I guess, he didn’t want to have an omega child”

“that’s the reason he left? Because one of his children is an omega?”

The omega nodded at him and continued to eat

“and ever since he left, Akiteru has stepped up to be a male role model for me. Every time I had a heat he would make sure everything was prepared for me, he would pick up my medication and heat suppressants, I always lost weight really quick and even more so during my heats, he always made sure to prepare food for me and just pretty much everything a dad or a mum would do, he did it. My mum was pretty sad when my dad left because it was so sudden, he just packed his bags and walked out. Akiteru has been there for her to”

“that’s really sad, I’m sor”

“you don’t need to apologize, it’s a way of life, and I’m not bothered by it anymore”

“do you still have contact with him?”

“no, but Akiteru has seen him around, he stops for a chat but it never lasts longer than 5 minutes”

“guy seems like a dick head”

The omega laughs

“well, he is, but I really couldn’t care less if I’m honest. Tell me about your home life”

Kuroo puts a finger to his chin

“there’s not much to it really”

Tsukki looks at him with a blank expression

“okay, okay, well… I’m adopted”

The omega raises his eyebrows


The alpha laughs

“okay, well my real parents died in a car crash when I was a baby so I don’t remember them, and I was adopted by two male omegas, because for obvious reasons they couldn’t conceive a child with each other they looked in to adoption and chose me”

Kuroo beamed a massive smile

“they raised me well and I had a really good upbringing. When I presented as an alpha I was 13, and well they both knew that it could become a problem but they kept me anyway, when I turned 15 they decided they wanted to go traveling, but I didn’t want to leave my friends and life I had behind so I asked them if I could stay, they was upset at first but they understood and now I live in a 1 bedroom apartment that they pay for and they come back to visit me every so often.”

“that must get quite lonely?”

“nahhh, not really, my bro crashes at my place a lot so…”

“you have a brother?”

“well he’s not my real brother but he acts like one, and he’s always got my back”

“what’s his name?”

“Bokuto Koutarou, maybe you will meet him one day”

“yeah maybe”

The alpha smiled at him

“what’s the time anyway?”

The alpha pulled his phone out his pocket

“it’s 1 in the afternoon”

Tsukki’s eyes widened


Kuroo smirked and grabbed both the bowls and washed them up

“shall we go in the living room and watch TV?”


The omega stood up and followed the alpha out the kitchen.

Kuroo sat with his back against the arm of the sofa, stretching his legs out, he pats on the sofa between his legs and Tsukki climbs himself in-between them and rests his back against his chest. Kuroo reaches for the TV remote and puts the discovery channel on, the blonde reaches forward slightly grabbing a sofa throw, he leans back and covers them both.

Wrapped in each other’s arms, both their scents calming one another, they both fell in to a peaceful sleep.    

Chapter Text

At the Tanaka residence



The smell of coffee was enticing Yamaguchi to follow the source, the source of life, the source of happiness or… it could just be the fact that the half dead omega shuffling from his and Tanaka’s room was just about keeping his eyes open and he knew that the cure would be in the kitchen, but what he didn’t expect to see when he arrived in the kitchen was a young man sat at the table, wrapped up in a pink dressing gown, cupping his hands around a mug of black coffee that was still hot telling by the steam roaming from it.


The omega managed to mumble out as he made his way further in to the kitchen

“oh, hey Tadashi”

“wh… what are you?”

“I spent the night here, I left Kei and Kuroo to deal with his heat in peace”

Yamaguchi frowned towards the beta

“is that such a good idea? I mean…”

“trust me its fine, Kuroo is a good guy and I know he will do well by Kei”


The omega made his way to the kettle, feeling that it was still hot, he poured himself a nice cup of black coffee and added one sugar, he placed the cup on the table and sat opposite Akiteru

“how is Tsukki?”

“he was okay when I left him, and I’m positive he is okay now”

“what makes you so sure? You left him on his own with an alpha”

Akiteru sighed and pulled out his phone, a few taps later he shows Yamaguchi the screen. It was a picture of Tsukki curled up asleep on Kuroo’s chest with a message underneath thanking the beta for preparing them food. Yamaguchi sat back and sighed in relief

“so, I guess it’s over now”

The omega said with hope in his voice

“seems that way”

He places his phone back in the pocket of the dressing gown

“pink really suites you ya know”

“oh this?”

The beta starts pulling at the gown

“I should probably get changed out of this before”


Akiteru was interrupted by a growl of an alpha. Yamaguchi stood from where he was sitting and turned to face the source of the growl. Tanaka was standing in the doorway with a scowl upon his face.

“erm, I can explain”

The beta quickly stood

“yeah… you can! Explain. What the hell are you doing here in my sisters dressing gown?!”

“T… Tanaka, c... could you p… please stop… g... growling”

He didn’t even realise his growling was affecting his precious omega, he stopped almost immediately and wrapped his arms around his mate

“I’m sorry, I didn’t realise, do you forgive me?”

Yamaguchi pushes past the slight trembling and gives a little nod, the alpha smiles and places a kiss on his forehead. Tanaka turned back around to face Akiteru

“so, you and my si…”

The alpha was interrupted by getting sent flying half way across the kitchen from a drop kick professionally done by Saeko

“Ryu! Why don’t you stay out of other people’s business?!?”

Akiteru and Yamaguchi were standing there shell shocked. Tanaka sat up and rubbed the back of his head

“was there any need to send me flying?”

The alpha was gradually getting up from the floor

“probably not, but it was fun”

Both alphas just glared at each other until Yamaguchi stepped in-between them

“erm, coffee??”

They both looked at the shy omega whose face was turning slightly red, then back at each other and started laughing.

The four of them sat around the kitchen table with their hands each cupped around a coffee and there was an awkward silence


The omega looked around at everyone who was staring blankly in to their coffees

“I’m actually not good with awkward silences could someone please talk”

Yamaguchi spoke up again, everyone looked at him with a slanted smile

“Tadashi, why don’t you come around later so you can properly meet Kuroo? He’s a really nice guy and I’m sure Kei would like it if you got on with his mate”

“I’m up for, you should come as well Tanaka”

The omega turned to face his mate, who was still slightly scowling towards the beta


Saeko sighed

“look, Ryu, Akiteru spent the night here because his brother YOUR team mate was in heat last night, and he was accompanied by his alpha, now do you really think that Akiteru would have wanted to be there?! He didn’t sleep in the same bed as me, he slept in the spare futon and what does it matter anyway?! I can have the person I like stay over whenever the hell I want!”

Akiteru raised his eye brows and sat forward slightly

“wait, Saeko, you like me?”

Yamaguchi started giggling

“wasn’t it obvious? Hehehe”

The she alphas eyes widened and her face turned as pink as the dressing gown Akiteru was wearing

“y… yes”

The beta smiled towards her and she returned one back

“okay, okay, okay enough with the lovey dovey shit, I’m hungry what’s for breakfast?”

“you mean lunch? We slept in rather late Tanaka”

Yamaguchi smiles towards his mate

“oh, it must have been all the cuddles this morning and the sound of your purring keeps me at peace”


The omega blushed

“alright! Enough of the lovey dovey shit!”

Saeko spouted and stuck her tongue out. Everyone started laughing and Saeko got up to make everyone something to eat



*a couple hours later*



Akiteru arrives back home, he opens the door to smell fresh laundry, he takes his shoes off and makes his way to the kitchen.

What he wasn’t expecting to see was Kuroo unloading the washing machine and placing the items in to a plastic laundry basket


Kuroo jumped up and spun around

“oh, I didn’t hear you come in”

Akiteru grinned and placed his bag down

“what are you doing?”

Kuroo frowned and looked around slightly

“the laundry?”

Akiteru laughed

“yeah, I see that, I mean why?”

“ohhh, well I thought it’s the least I could do”

“you really didn’t have to”

“ahhh, no its fine, its fine, where do you keep your pegs? I’ll go hang the stuff up on the line”

“bottom draw”

Kuroo walked over to the draws and pulled out a pack of clothing pegs and placed them on top of the laundry that was in the basket. He grabbed both sides, lifted it up and made his way to the back door, Akiteru did a little jog over to open the door for him.

Kuroo placed the basket down and started throwing the bed sheets over the washing line and pegging them, Akiteru also helped him

“how is Kei?”

“he’s good, it was intense for him and I know he’s gotta be tired, I mean damn I feel like a walking zombie”

Akiteru pulled a face that said, ‘I’m not really sure I want to know’

“he’s still asleep on the sofa, so I thought I would clean-up”

“that’s very nice of you”

“well it’s the least I could do”

“I’m glad Kei has met someone like you, although the commute must be a nightmare”

“well I’ve only done it once and it didn’t seem too bad, plus no matter where he is I’ll travel to him”

Akiteru smiled at him

They finished pegging up the laundry and made their way back in to the house, both of them jumped when they saw Tsukki casually sat at the table drinking a coffee. The omega frowned at them


They both looked at each other and proceeded in to the kitchen

“oh, nothing Kei, I didn’t realise you was awake”

His brother sat down at the side of him

“how was your heat? Is everything okay?”

Tsukki smirked and put his cup down, Kuroo sat himself down at the other side of him

“yeah actually, my heat was great! I had the time of my life”

Kuroo looked a bit shocked at what his mate had just said

“well, I’m glad it went well…”

Tsukki smirked at his brother and sat back in his chair

“well? Oh, it went better then well, it was amazing! I mean it was a good job that you gave Kuroo those condoms, we ended up using all of them”

Kuroo began turning white and his forehead began to form sweat, Akiteru looked slightly scared

“okay Kei, I don’t really wanna know”

“oh, really?”

The omega sat forward

“cause I can tell you all about it if you like? Kuroo has a massiv”

“ahhhhhhhhhh la la la la la”

The pale sweaty alpha waved his hands to cut Tsukki off

Akiteru was frowning, not really knowing on how to react

“but Akiteru, didn’t you need those condoms where you were last night?”

“alright Kei I get it, you’re trying to embarrass me, to make me leave the room so you and your mate have space”

“that’s not what I’m doing at all”

“then what are you doing?”

“I’m just trying to make you feel awkward in general…”

“but why?”

“I dunno?”

~ do these two always act like this? ~

The alpha sat forward

“anyway, Tsukki are you feeling better now you have slept some?”

The omega nodded and took a sip of his coffee, Kuroo smiled and rubbed his mates shoulder

“Tadashi and Ryu are coming around for dinner today, Tadashi wants to meet Kuroo properly”

“okay, how long until there here?”

“I guess anytime from now”

“I should get out of this bloody onesie then”

The omega stands and glares at Kuroo, the alpha couldn’t help but chuckle

Tsukki made his way to his bedroom and got himself changed in to a pair of black skinny jeans and a plain white vest top.

There was a knock at the front door as he was making his way to the kitchen, he opened it up to see Tanaka and Yamaguchi standing there with linked arms


Yamaguchi threw his arms around the tall blonde, and as expected he just stood there looking unimpressed

Yamaguchi released his hold on Tsukki and smiled up at him

“come in...”

The two mates followed behind the blonde as he led them both to the kitchen where Akiteru and Kuroo were chatting amongst themselves

“Kuroo, this is Yamaguchi Tadashi, and his mate Tanaka Ryuunosuke”

Tsukki gestured to the two.

Kuroo stood up and bowed towards them

“nice to meet you both I’m Kuroo Tetsurou”

Akiteru stood up and pulled the other two chairs out

“sit down guys, I’ll start on dinner”

Kuroo was sat next to Tsukki who was sat opposite Yamaguchi and Tanaka was sat next to Yamaguchi opposite Kuroo.

Yamaguchi wanted to know more about Kuroo and didn’t hesitate to ask a ‘few’ questions

“so, Kuroo, your Nekoma’s captain?”

“that’s right”

“so, you’re a 3rd year”


“what position do you play?”

“middle blocker”

“what’s your favourite food?”

“oh, errr grilled salted mackerel pike”

Tanaka started laughing

“that would explain why you like Tsukishima”

Yamaguchi jabbed him in the ribs with his elbow, Tsukki just rolled his eyes

“sorry about him Kuroo, Tanaka can be a bit… out spoken…”

“hahaha don’t worry about it”

“I’m also sorry if you think I’m interrogating you, it’s just I want to know what sort of mate Tsukki has”

“well that’s fair enough, he is your best friend after all”

“yeah, well I mind, can we change the subject now”

The blonde interrupted them

Akiteru carried on cooking, leaving the four boys to talk between themselves. Once dinner was done he gave them all a plate each and put a massive bowl of egg noodles in the middle of the table for everyone to serve their own dish. Everyone put their hands together and thanked Akiteru for the food.

There was a lot of chatting and a lot of laughter whilst the five ate.

A few hours past after dinner and Yamaguchi stood up, walked over to Kuroo and bowed

“it was nice meeting you, please look after Tsukki”

Tanaka stood up

“it’s getting late we should probably get going we have practice early tomorrow”

Yamaguchi nodded towards the alpha

“thank you for having us”

They both bowed and left

Akiteru started washing up and Kuroo walked over to him, grabbing the sponge from his hand

“you cooked! We will do the dishes”

“you sure?”

“of course!”

“okay, thanks”

The beta smiled towards Tsukki before leaving the kitchen, the omega rolled his eyes

“you don’t have to do that”

“no, but I wanted to”

Tsukki made his way over to where Kuroo was washing up, he grabbed a tea towel and started drying what the alpha had just cleaned.

“look at us! Just like a married couple”

“shut up”

Kuroo giggled to himself.

Feeling mischievous he grabs a hand full of bubbles and blows them all over Tsukki, the omega looked at him in slight disgust/shock.

“you didn’t just do that…”

“oh, but I did”

The alpha winks at him

Tsukki starts to spin the tea towel that he had in his hands

“oh, no”

“oooooh yeah!”

Tsukki started chasing Kuroo around the kitchen table

“nooooo please don’t whip me”

“it’s happening…”

Before the blonde could flick his wrist to whip Kuroo with the towel, the alpha dives towards him causing them both to fall to the floor.


Tsukki was now laying on his back with Kuroo on top of him

“your heavy ya know!”

The alpha couldn’t help but to start laughing

“what’s so funny?”

Kuroo sat up slightly and looked in to the omegas eyes

“god, I love you”

Tsukki raised his eyebrows and his cheeks began to turn red

“wh… what are you saying, get off me”

The alpha places a kiss on his nose before he stands up and holds out his hand to help the omega up.

Tsukki brushes his clothes down and glares at Kuroo who was smiling at him, the blonde slouched his shoulders and started laughing.

They both finished doing the dishes and made their way to the bedroom

“we should probably sleep if you have practice early”

Tsukki hummed in response

Kuroo stripped down to his boxers

“so, I can sleep like this yeah?”

He winks towards his mate, Tsukki turns to him, eyes widening


Kuroo frowned towards him


Tsukki cleared his throat


The alpha started laughing

“I’ll sleep like this then”

He crawls in to the bed pulling the cover over him but leaving it open enough for Tsukki to climb in next to him. The omega scans the room quickly and strips down to his boxers and climbs in next to him. Kuroo grabs the omega and pulls him in close, placing his head on his chest and running his fingers through the short blonde locks. He places a kiss on the youngers forehead





The next morning in the gym



The team had already been there for 2 hours and they decided to take a break

As they made their way over to grab their water bottles off the bench the gym doors open, everyone turned to see who it was


Tanaka and Noya ran up to the she alpha and omega, they both bowed before the team

Suga walked over to them

“welcome back! How was your two week study trip?”

“it was busy, but Yachi and myself had fun”

“ahhh well that’s good”

Suga smiled at the mates.

The whole team bowed towards the two females


The two bowed back.

Yachi shakily stepped forward

“ah, I err have some n… news for you all”

The team gathered around the small blonde, curious as to what she has to say

“my mum has been working on a new design for an event poster and err w…well it’s going to be a fund raising for the Sendai gymnasium”

Hinata stepped forward

“so, does your mum need help or something?”

“n…not quite”

Kiyoko stepped forward

“basically, what Yachi is trying to say is, Karasuno’s male volleyball team has been nominated along with another volleyball team from a different school to choreograph a dance and perform it at the event to help raise money, the two different teams will be going against each other to win”

The whole team looked like they were in a state of shock until they all simultaneously shouted


Causing Yachi to jump and hide slightly behind Kiyoko

Daichi stepped forward

“but wait, were a volleyball team, none of us know how to dance!”


Asahi quickly slammed his hand across Noya’s mouth and looked at him whilst rapidly shaking his head

Everyone turned to the two mates confused

Suga stepped towards them

“something you’re not telling us? Asahi”

The alpha puts his hand behind his head and nervously chuckled


“he’s lying!”

Asahi shot a quick look towards the libero

“he’s a fantastic dancer! He dances allllllll the time, all sorts of styles too! His mum works away a lot so to pass time he practices different routines until he perfects them! And he always beats me on the dance mats!”

Asahi shot Noya a look of ‘how could you?’

Everyone was looking at Asahi as shocked as he was looking at his mate

Hinata jumped in front of the tall alpha

“Asahi-san, that is sooooo cool!!”

Asahi begins to blush

“I…I errr”

Tsukki steps towards the two girls

“can’t we just say no?”

“there would be one problem with that”

Kageyama steps forward

“which is?”

Kiyoko smiles at the boys

“if you don’t perform the dance to help raise money, then Karasuno won’t ever be allowed to play a match at Sendai gymnasium.”

The whole team turned in shock


The two girls started laughing, Yachi stepped forward

“I’m sure it will be fun!”

Kageyama frowns alongside Tsukki, the tall blonde sighs

“I really don’t want to be dancing on stage…”

“me either”

Daichi slaps both the first years in the back

“well, your gonna have to suck it up!”

Tanaka and Yamaguchi were looking at each other smiling before they turned to everyone else

“Tanaka and myself don’t think it’s a bad idea”

“yeah, I think it would be quite hot watching Yamaguchi dancing on stage”

The freckled omega glared at the alpha and he started laughing

Suga returned his attention back to the girls

“wait, you said we would be competing against another school, so sort of like a dance off?”

Yachi smiled at the silver haired omega and nodded

Hinata bounced forward

“who is the other school?”

Yachi blushed

“ohh errr”

She looked at her alpha, Kiyoko stepped forward

“Aoba Johsai”


You could almost see the steam radiating off Kageyama, his eyes narrowed in anger

“we must beat Oikawa!!”

The whole team agreed. Tsukki sighed and rolled his eyes

Suga smiled and turned to everyone

“so, we need to figure out a song to dance to then”


Kageyama mumbled, everyone turned to him


Hinata asked confused

“but why?”

“because knowing Oikawa that’s what there gonna be dancing to”

They all sat around for an hour discussing, well, arguing over which song they will be performing to.

Once decided they all stood up in a circle and placed their hands in the middle, one on top of the other

“Karasuno fight!”

They all cheered with determination, although Suga was stood looking up at the ceiling with sparkles in his eyes and a clenched fist by his chest. Daichi approached him

“Suga, everything alright?”

The whole team looked over in curiosity

“Dai, you know what this means right?”

Daichi frowned at his omega, he had no idea what it meant. Suga turned to his alpha with a massive smile


The alpha instantly had a face of exhaustion


“yeah! We need outfits!”

They all agreed to let Suga oversee outfit design and he arranged with the omegas to go shopping tomorrow whilst the alphas started on rehearsing.


Once practice was over they all decided to go home and prepare for what tomorrow brings.


Kuroo waited for Tsukki outside the main gate of his school, holding his bag with all his stuff in it

“told you I would wait until you finished practice before I left”

He yelled towards the tall blonde walking towards him

“I’ll walk you to the train station”

“sounds good to me”

Kuroo grabbed a hold of Tsukki’s hand for the walk

“so, how was practice?”

“well, you would never guess what”


“there was the net right”

The omega began to chuckle, Kuroo smiled at him


“and volleyballs”


“yeah, that’s pretty much it”

Kuroo started laughing

“okay, sarcasm much!”

Tsukki winked at him

“seriously though”

“practice went alright up until we found out that we need to partake in a dance competition against Aoba Johsai”

“is that for the fund-raising event?”

“how did you know?”

“I’ve seen posters about it”

“oh, yeah, I’m really not up for it though, it’s not my kind of scene”

“I think you would look soooo cute! Dancing up on stage”


“yeah! I will have to come and watch it when you perform”

“no, that’s quite alright”

“I’m gonna anyway”

Tsukki sighed at him


They arrived at the train station and Kuroo purchased his ticket, he turned to Tsukki who was looking down fiddling with his thumbs

“what’s wrong?”

“oh, err, nothing”

Kuroo sighed and gently grabbed Tsukki’s chin, making him look up, he placed a gentle kiss on his lips

“I… I don’t want you to go”

Kuroo grabbed him in a tight embrace

“I don’t want to go either”

Tsukki wrapped his arms around the alpha and placed his head on his shoulders

“but I’ll come back as soon as possible, I promise”

He places a kiss on the omegas head.

Tsukki leans back and smiles sadly at Kuroo, the alpha rubs his cheek with his thumb

“I like this side of you, it’s cute”

Tsukki rolls his eyes and smiles slightly. Kuroo places another gentle kiss on his lips before leaving

“message me when your home!”

The omega nods and waves. Kuroo boarded the train and slouched in one of the seats, he rests his head back on the window and sighs sadly

Tsukki put his head phones on and shoved his hands in his pockets, walking down the street his eyes begin to water, his tears fell down his cheeks like rain drops trickling down a window, he smiles and wipes away his tears on his sleeve


~ I’ll miss him ~

Chapter Text

Two and a half hours later and Kuroo was finally on his home turf, the busy busy streets of Tokyo.

It was 4pm when he finally arrived, shops were packed as ever, people rushing past one another and cars going every which way.

Lucky for him, he didn’t live to far from the train station

He walked up some metal stairs and past three apartments until he got to his, he opened the door and threw his bag down where he took his shoes off

Making his way in to the very small living room, he turned on the heating.

He got under the Kotatsu for even more warmth and pulled his phone out from his pocket




*send message*


Kuroo: hey Tsukki I just got home, it’s really cold and I already miss you


Tsukki: do you have a Kotatsu? And I miss you too


Kuroo: yeah, I’m sat under it now, what you up to?


Tsukki: homework


Kuroo: sounds like fun! Keep up the good work ;)


Tsukki: I will


Tsukki: Kuroo?


Kuroo: yeah?


Tsukki: nothing don’t worry


Kuroo: you can’t do that! You have to tell me!


Tsukki: I wish you was here…


Kuroo: so do I, but it won’t be long until I see you again I promise! As soon as I can I will get on a train :)


Tsukki: can’t wait


Kuroo: :)


Tsukki: do you have plans for the rest of your afternoon/evening?


Kuroo: I plan on catching up on some TV I’ve missed and I need to get hold of Kenma and tell him I’m home. What about you?


Tsukki: well once I have finished my homework I plan on annoying Akiteru a bit


Kuroo: your so cruel to your brother!


Tsukki: I am?


Kuroo: lol Tsukki I love you hahaha


Tsukki: that was random



There was a sudden knock at the front door


Kuroo swung his head back

“how did you know it was me?”

Came the voice from the other side of the door



Kuroo: sorry Tsukki, something has just come up! I’ll message you later on tonight :)


Tsukki: okay



Kuroo put his phone down on the floor and reluctantly made his way to the front door, heaving a sigh before opening it.

Stood there was Bokuto in his school uniform holding a crate of beer

“I come bearing gifts!”

Kuroo shut the door on him and went to walk away

“Kuroo!! Bro!!! let me in! please!! Its cold out here!!”

Kuroo sighed once again before opening the door and making his way back to the living room and under the Kotatsu

Bokuto slipped his shoes off and followed in behind him, he placed the crate of beer on the table and sat opposite Kuroo

“how did you get beer?”

“from a shop”

“you didn’t pay for them, did you?”

“whaaaaa?? Yes I did!”

“there’s no way you went in to a shop, in your school uniform and bought beer…”


“so, how did you really get the beer?”

“there was a delivery at a shop near here, so I thought why not..”

“so you took it from the back of a lorry?”




“well pass me one then”

Bokuto smiles at him and rips open the crate, passing Kuroo a beer.

They both crack one open, take a big gulp and simultaneously


Kuroo put his beer on the table and frowned at the black and silver haired alpha

“so, why are you here?”

“can’t a bro want to see his bro for no reason?”


“alright… I wanted to talk about Akaashi!!!”

“thought as much, so what about him? Did he say yeah?”

“yeah!!! And we have been out on a few dates as well”

“well that’s good! I told you Akaashi likes you, I could tell it since he was a 1st year, I was surprised you took a year to ask him to court you”

“I guess I didn’t believe he would like someone like me”

“well then you’re stupid”



Almost two hours had past and the crate of beer was nearly empty

There was a lot of chatter, a lot of laughter and a lot of spilt drinks.

These two got on like a house on fire and some people would generally think that they were real brothers

As much as they both annoy each other, there is defiantly a strong bromance between them.

“say, Bo?”


“your phone has been flashing for the past 10 minutes”

“it has? Oh damn…”

Bokuto crawls over, grabs his phone and squinted at the screen

“oh, it’s Akaashi!! He said can I meet him! He wants to meet me!!”

Kuroo grinned at the massive smile Bokuto had plastered across his face, but it was short lived as it appeared that’s not all that Akaashi had said. Bokuto’s smile soon turned in to a frown, he jumps up and makes a run to the door, rushing to get his shoes on


“I have to go!”

Kuroo quickly jumped to his feet

“what’s going on?”

“Akaashi wanted me to meet him because he thought he was being followed!”

“what?! do you want me to come with…”

Before Kuroo could finish his sentence Bokuto was gone.

Kuroo stumbled back to the living room and picked up his phone, searching for Akaashi’s contact, he pressed call and placed his phone to his ear

~ pick up, pick up, pick up ~

‘you have reached the voicemail, please leave a message after the beep’


Kuroo paced the living room



Kuroo: aer you fee t talkl


Tsukki: in Japanese?


Kuroo: sorry, I’ve had sbit tl dink


Tsukki: do you need me to call you?


Kuroo: give me a shlecond



Kuroo chucked his phone on the sofa and made his way to the bathroom. He ran both taps and splashed his face to sober himself up, followed by a slap to both sides of his face

“wooo, that ought to do it”

He made his way back to the living room, picking up his phone and continuing where he left off



Kuroo: okay I’ve sorted myself out now, sorry about that


Tsukki: everything okay?


Kuroo: Bokuto came over with some beer and we drank quite a bit


Tsukki: I see


Kuroo: but something bad might have happened :/


Tsukki: what?


Kuroo: Bokuto and his mate were messaging…. Sort of and he thought he was being followed and now he’s not answering his phone


Tsukki: Bokuto? Or his mate?


Kuroo: Akaashi his mate and now Bokuto has gone after him


Tsukki: well have you tried calling Bokuto to see if he has got to him yet?







Tsukki: Kuroo?


Kuroo: I’ll message you in a bit


Tsukki: lol



~ how did I not think of that? ~

Kuroo searched through his contacts and called Bokuto; however, before the phone had a chance to ring there was a banging at the front door, causing him to jump. Kuroo rushes to open it and standing there was an unpleasant surprise

Bokuto was stood with Akaashi’s arm over his shoulders, the omega was looking down, slightly wavering

“is everythi”

Kuroo cut himself off when he saw a trickle of blood run down the side of Akaashi’s face and drip off his chin

“come in”

Kuroo leaded them both to the living room.

Bokuto helped Akaashi sit down on the sofa

“what the hell happened?”

“he got attacked by 2 alphas”


Akaashi looked up at the two standing alphas

“please don’t make a fuss… I’m alri”

The omega closed his eyes and fell forward, almost falling off the sofa if it wasn’t for Bokuto catching him

“Akaashi! You need to open your eyes! You hit your head, Akaashi!”

Kuroo had a worried expression on his face, but not almost as worried as Bokuto looked holding his unconscious omega

“bring him in to the bedroom, he can rest on my bed, we need to clean his wound”

Bokuto nodded and picked Akaashi up bridal style and carried him to the bedroom.

Placing him gently on the bed he turned to Kuroo who was grabbing something out of the cupboard

“what are you doing?”

“I have a first aid kit in here somewhere, I made sure to get one because Kenma is for ever getting injuries, hard to believe the least active person ever! Hurts himself all the time”

Kuroo started chuckling but Bokuto was worried about his mate to even crack a smile

The dark-haired alpha made his way over to the 2nd year laying on the bed

“can I?”

Bokuto nodded towards him

As Kuroo opened up the first aid kit, grabbing what he needed from it and made his way to the top half of Akaashi, Bokuto started growling. Kuroo whipped his head around and frowned

“sorry Kuroo, I don’t know what came over me, please carry on”

Kuroo rolled his eyes and proceeded with the treatment

Akaashi wacked his head quite hard and there was a massive graze on his temple, which had now been cleaned and bandaged.

Bokuto looked exhausted

“thank you Kuroo”

“don’t worry about it, he will be alright we just need to let him rest”

The black and silver haired alpha nodded

“let’s go back in the living room and you can tell me what happened”

Both alphas placed themselves back under the Kotatsu

“so, explain from the beginning what actually happened…”

“well, I made my way to where Akaashi said he was and he wasn’t there and so obviously I panicked, I grabbed my phone out to call him and I heard yelling from a back alley, so I ran following where it came from, and there he was! these two alphas looked like they were trying to steal his phone and he just wasn’t letting go! Like why didn’t he just let go?!? It would have saved him from getting hurt.”

“how exactly did he get hurt?”

“well I ran in there and rugby tackled one of them and repeatedly punched him in the face and the other one jumped on top of me, I Just heard Akaashi yelling for him to get off me and as I turned around he jumped on the alphas back and the alpha instantly threw him off, but he threw him so hard that his whole body smacked in to the wall, his body went limp and he fell to the floor. I saw red and I don’t really know what happened to the alphas but when I came around Akaashi was trying to pick himself up but kept falling down, so I grabbed his arm, put it around my shoulders and we made our way here”

“I think you killed the alphas…”


“I’m only joking, but you definitely scared them off”

Kuroo began to laugh followed by a chuckle from Bokuto

“oh, that reminds me”

Kuroo got his phone out and started tapping away



Kuroo: Tsukki!!!


Tsukki: Kuroo…


Kuroo: staying at yours has made me realise how hectic it is here in Tokyo I tell ya


Tsukki: trust me, it has its days… did you managed to get hold of your friends?


Kuroo: yeah Akaashi is resting in my bed and Bokuto is sat with me in the living room


Tsukki: you have another omega in your bed? I see how it is


Kuroo: oh god, Tsukki that sounded so bad, it’s not what it sounds like!


Tsukki: relax I’m only joking lol


Kuroo: I love you


Tsukki: I’m sure you do


Kuroo: awhh say it back!!


Tsukki: it back


Kuroo: lol


Tsukki: I love you


Kuroo: oh my god! You love me! XD


Tsukki: shut up


Kuroo: haha okay


Tsukki: I’m gonna go sleep now, I’ll message you in the morning


Kuroo: okay, goodnight Tsukki


Tsukki: night



When Kuroo looked away from his phone back up to Bokuto he frowned and leaned to his right slightly, seeing that Bokuto was now in fact asleep

~ well, whilst he’s sleeping with his mouth open and there’s a nice bit of drool I might as well take a picture ~


Kuroo stands up and makes his way to his bedroom to check up on Akaashi

When he opened the door, the omega was sat up looking slightly dazed

“oh, Akaashi your awake, how are you feeling?”

“I’m okay, how did I get in your bed?”

“you passed out, so I told Bokuto to bring you in here to rest”

“and I take it you’re the one who cleaned my wound and put the bandage on”


“thought as much, there’s no way that Bokuto could of done it this neat. Speaking of Bokuto, where is he?”

“oh, he fell asleep, shall I go get him for you?”

“yes please”

Kuroo nodded before leaving the room.

He made his way over to Bokuto’s side and lightly kicked him in the back a few times, the alpha grunted


“your omegas awake, and he wants to see you”

Bokuto sat up quickly

“oh, right”

The black and silver haired alpha made his way to the bedroom whilst Kuroo turned the TV on and slouched in to the sofa.

Bokuto opened the bedroom door slowly, revealing Akaashi looking at him with a soft smile

“ahhh Akaashi!!! I was so worried about yoooooooou”

The alpha jumped on the bed, wrapping his arms around the omega

“I’m fine Bokuto”

The alpha sat back and smiled at him



“I’m sorry I didn’t get to you in time, I’m such a bad alph”

“shhhhhh, don’t be stupid, don’t ever say what you were just about to say, I was reckless, so it was my fault”

“I’m sorry…”

“don’t be! Where is my phone?”

“I think they took it”


The omega looked sad and lowered his head

“what’s wrong?”

“I haven’t got my phone anymore…”

“we can just get you a knew one!”

“that’s not the point”

“then what is?”

“on my phone I saved the first ever lovey goodnight message you sent me a couple days after we started courting”

“I will send you another one!”

“it also had our first ever selfie we took together on our first date”

The omega looked down again, Bokuto’s brows furrowed

“I don’t know what to say”

“it’s okay…”


The omega jumped back, shocked at Bokuto’s sudden outburst


“you can stay at mine tonight and I will take a selfie on my phone and it can mark the first night you stayed at mine! And once you get a new phone I will send you the picture!”

The omega smiles at his big goof ball of a mate

“I’d like that”


Akaashi smiles at Bokuto smiling like an idiot

“shall we go?”

“yeah, but I would like to thank Kuroo for letting me rest in his bed first”


Both the mates made their way in to the living room, Kuroo turned to look at them slightly

Akaashi bows towards him

“Kuroo, I would like to thank you for cleaning and wrapping up my wound, I would also like to thank you for letting me rest in your bed”

Kuroo stands up and waves his hand in front of him

“don’t worry about it”

The dark-haired alpha smiled at him

“well bro, me and Akaashi are gonna get going now”

“okay bro, I’ll see you out”   



After seeing them out he goes back to the living room to grab his phone and then to his bedroom, he slumps himself on his bed and looks at a picture of him and Tsukki that is his wallpaper, he smiled like an idiot

“oh yeah! I need to message Kenma!”

He scrolls through his contacts and clicks the options to message the setter



Kuroo: Kenma!! I’m home!


Pudding head: how did you know I was awake?


Kuroo: because I guarantee that you’re playing a console game and your stuck on a boss level







Pudding head: what do you want?...


Kuroo: just to tell you I’m home


Pudding head: and…


Kuroo: I also wanted to tell you all about my time away XD


Pudding head: thought as much, come around tomorrow


Kuroo: I was gonna anyway lol


Pudding head: goodnight Kuroo


Kuroo: goodnight Kenma



Kuroo rolled on to his side and fell asleep almost instantly

Chapter Text

It was a cold morning, everyone on the streets were wearing coats, hats, scarfs and gloves, even with all those layers you could still see their breath

Suga had been stood outside a coffee shop called ‘Coco Beans’ that Yachi had recently got a part time job in for the past 15 minutes.

He was wearing a smart grey coat that fell all the way down to just above his knees, black skinny jeans and white high-top trainers, followed by a light blue scarf.

His nose had gone red from the cold breeze and he was blowing on his hands for extra warmth.


The silver haired omega turned to see who had just called out his name

When he looked he saw Hinata wrapped in a white coat with a singular pink stripe running down each of the sleeves, black straight legged jeans, black and white converse, a white beanie hat with a pink stripe running up the folded seam and a pink scarf to follow. Noya at the side of him wearing white skinny jeans, black high-top trainers and... a black polo top

“Noya! Where is your coat”

Suga’s voice was stern, much like a mother to their child.

“oh, I don’t actually have a coat, but I’m okay, I can barely feel the cold”

“hey guys! Sorry I’m late!”

The three-omegas turned around to see Yamaguchi wearing a dark green parker coat with a brown fluffy hood that he had up, dark green skinny jeans and all black converse, jogging towards them, his breath was visible a mile away.

They all waved to greet him

Suga looked back at Noya and frowned

“why don’t you have a coat?”

“erm, I dunno, I guess I never really thought to ask for one”

“even so, you could have worn your Karasuno jacket at least!”

Noya looked down feeling slightly uncomfortable

“don’t worry! I will buy you a coat today!”

“oh, no, no, no, no, I couldn’t let you do that!”

“tuff! Also, Yamaguchi where’s Tsukishima?”

Yamaguchi looked to the corner of his eyes and began to twiddle his thumbs

“oh, well err, ya see, I did knock for him, but he said he’s not coming”

“I’m not having that!”

Suga whips out his phone and starts angrily typing out a message



Sugawara: Tsukishima! You are late! Hurry up!


Tsukishima: yeah, you see shopping isn’t really MY thing, so I think I’m just going to stay home and catch up on some coursework.


Suga looked up from his phone, slightly higher than the other three’s heads and took a deep inhale through his nose before whipping his head back down and proceeding to type


Sugawara: Tsukishima, I’m only going to say this once. If you don’t get your lanky arse down here this instant I’m gonna $%£!&$%*&”%”^((!”%5









Tsukishima: I’ll be there in 10 minutes



The silver haired omega smugly looked up, shut his phone and placed it in his pocket

“he said he won’t be long, we might as well make our way inside. Soon as Yachi finishes her shift she will be joining us with the shopping, so let’s go and have a nice hot drink whilst we wait”

The others nodded towards the team mum and made their way inside

Placing themselves around a table and taking their coats off, all except Noya, they grabbed a menu each

“Hello, could I interest you in any ah oh!”

Yachi was surprised when she looked up from her little note book to see some of the volleyball team sat there.

“hey! Yachi-san!”

Hinata greeted her with a smile


“sorry did we surprise you?”

Suga smiled at the younger

“oh, er yeah, but now thinking about it, I remember you saying you would stop by today”

She laughed nervously

“could I interest you in some drinks?”

“yes please, Yamaguchi, Hinata and myself would like a black coffee and Noya would like a hot chocolate”

“wait… I didn’t order a hot chocolate?”

“well that’s what you’re having! You need to warm yourself up!”

“o… okay”

Yachi smiled at Suga and wrote down their orders

“would you be ordering any food, or shall I come back?”

Noya perked up

“actually, I could do with something to it!”

“okay, what would you like?”

Yachi smiled at him

“what do you have that doesn’t involve chopsticks?”

“oh, er hahaha I guess there’s pastries and err cake?”

The four boys perked up by the sound of cake

“oh, maybe we should order on Tsukki’s behalf aswell?”

Yamaguchi said shyly

Suga nodded at him and proceeded with the order.

The door opens letting in a cold breeze briefly before it shuts. Tsukki was stood there with a long black coat, black skinny jeans, black trainers, black gloves and a black scarf wrapped over his mouth

“Tsukki!! Over here”

The blonde rolled his eyes and made his way over to the table, he takes his layers off and sits in-between Suga and Yamaguchi

“you look colourful today…”

Noya snickered to himself, Tsukki’s response was just a sigh, he could not be arsed with today

Yachi came back over with a tray full of everyone’s drinks and placed them in front of them

Everyone thanked her, and she bowed before running off and placing 5 slices of cakes on individual little plates.

When she came back over she placed the slices in front of everyone  

A chocolate fudge slice for Noya and Hinata, a slice of carrot cake for Suga, a slice of apple crumble for Yamaguchi and a slice of strawberry shortcake for Tsukki.

Everyone smiled at the size of the slice they each got, even Tsukki’s lips twitched


Once they had finished eating their cakes Suga looked over to see Yachi untying her apron from the back and folding it up

“okay, it looks like Yachi has finished her shift we should probably get ready to leave, first thing were gonna do is shop for a new coat for Noya”

“I’m fine without a coat”

“just be quiet. Anyway, let’s wait outside”

The five omegas minus Noya got their coats and bits on and waited outside for the younger team manger to come out

“so, remind me again why I had to come shopping?”

Suga frowned at the tall blonde

“because us omegas get to pick the outfits that we will be wearing for the performance whilst our alphas are back at the gymnasium figuring out a routine”

“you say our alphas, but my alpha isn’t there”

Suga looked down slightly then over to Yamaguchi for help, the freckled omega nodded

“well Tsukki, it’s been a while since we have been able to hang out properly, so can you just enjoy it this once?”

Tsukki looked over at Yamaguchi who was pulling a slightly sad face. He sighed to himself


As much as Tsukki makes out he hates everything and everyone, he would do just about anything for his childhood friend.

“h…hey, sorry I took so long”

The boys turned around to see their younger manger standing there with her hand behind her head. Hinata jumped in front of her

“don’t worry Yachi!”

She smiled towards the middle blocker

“right! First things first! We need to find Noya a coat!”

Noya sighed towards Suga but didn’t bother saying anything as he knew it was a battle he would lose.

If only going in to a shop and finding a coat for the omega was as easy as it sounded

Hinata liked all the brightly coloured coats and made out that they would all suit the libero

Suga wasn’t happy with any of the designs

Tsukki hated being in every single shop they went in

Yamaguchi kept getting side tracked by things he could buy Tanaka

Yachi just followed Suga close by

Noya… well he was still determined to not let the team mum buy him a coat

“argh, this is useless can I just go home?”

Suga glared at Tsukki for the 6th time that day


Yamaguchi chuckled to himself

Yachi made her way over to Noya

“you know what I think would suit you?”


“a leather jacket”

“whaa? Really?”

The female nodded happily

Suga nodded in agreement

After going in 15 different shops just to find Noya a coat, they finally got him a jacket from a place called ‘Leather and Boot’

It was a hoodless jacket that came to his waist, a zip on the side and a couple of small spikey studs on his shoulder

“Noya! This looks perfect on you!”

Hinata screeched excitedly

“thank you Suga for buying me this jacket, I will have to repay you someday”

“ohhh, don’t be silly, plus its Daichi you have to thank”

Suga winked at the younger  

Finally, with that out the way the omegas then started to shop for outfits

Again, not another simple task…

After 20 minutes of shopping Yachi went missing, only to be found by the chocolate fountain at the entrance of the shopping centre

Noya getting distracted by how good he looks in every reflection he came across

Tsukki got distracted by the ‘SONY’ store and spending about half an hour in there debating whether to get a new pair of headphones, in which he decided against

Yamaguchi, Hinata and Suga got distracted talking to an omegan man wearing sexy lingerie, that wasn’t extremely revealing, just nice enough to attract attention

“I work in a club just down the road, and were having a massive party tonight, here take a leaflet”

The man handed one to each of them

“oh, were not actually old enough to enter your club”

Suga smiled at the man and grabbed the leaflets of Yamaguchi and Hinata and handed them back to the man

“that’s such a shame, were always looking to hire good looking omegas like yourselves.”

“thank you but no thanks, come on Yamaguchi, Hinata we need to find the others”

The three bowed to the man and walked off leaving him smiling and waving as they left.

Once the omegas had re-joined each other they continued with their shop.

“hmmm, I was just thinking”

Hinata tilted his head towards the silver haired omega

“thinking about what?”

“the guy that we were just talking to, his outfit was very sexy, right?”

“yeah, I really liked it!”

“what guy?”

“ahhh, Noya you should have seen him! His hair flowed just past his shoulders, he was wearing bright red lipstick and he had short black latex shorts on with a black crop top that showed his sexy slim body!”

“Hinata, don’t forget about his black sexy boots! They came up to his knees and the heel must have been about 5 inches!”

Suga just had to get his say in, it did involve shoes after all

“so basically, a stripper?”

Suga tilted his head to the second year and placed a finger on his own chin

“I think he was just a dancer, he looked to respectful, even in what he was wearing”

Yamaguchi nodded in agreement

Noya rolled his eyes

“okay, so why did you randomly think about that?”

“well, it’s given me an idea for an outfit”

Tsukki whipped his head around

“why does it feel like I’m not gonna like where this is going?”

“ohhh shhh Tsukishima, it will be fine. I know the perfect place, let’s go!”

Everyone looked at each other sceptically and hesitantly followed Suga to where ever he was leading them

Turns out it was a place called ‘Lace and cut’

The six omegas stood outside the shop looking up at the sign, five of them looking quite shocked and the other with a massive smile plastered on his face. Hinata leant forward

“erm Suga, what exactly is this place?”

“oh, it’s just a erm clothes store”

“doesn’t look like just a clothes store”

Tsukki bluntly expressed his thoughts

“well, it’s a clothes store as long as you don’t go upstairs”

Suga stuck his tongue out at the tall blonde, Tsukki’s eyes widened

“okay, that’s it I’m going home”

Yamaguchi grabbed Tsukki’s arm as he was about to walk away

“come on Tsukki, you have come this far, how bad can it be?”

The omega sighed and followed in after everyone else.

“ahhhh Koushi!! It’s been so long!”

Everyone turned to see who had just greeted Suga so energetically

It was a beta girl who was the same size as Suga, she had silver hair just like his and it was plated down both sides, she wore a black blouse with black trousers. Her arms swung around the 3rd year

“how have you been?”

“hey Kiki, I’ve been good thank you, what about yourself?”

“ahhh, same old same old. So, what brings you here?”

“well, Karasuno volleyball team have to put on a performance at the fund-raising event for Sendai gymnasium, and I thought this would be the best place to buy the outfits for the omegas, oh! How rude of me!”

Suga turned to face everyone else who were blushes harshly and not knowing where to put their faces

“Kiki this is Hinata, Noya, Tsukishima, Yamaguchi and the cute little girl at the back is Yachi, everyone this is Kiki, our parents are friends, so we have known each other since we were kids, Kiki is 3 years older than me”

Kiki, the team and Yachi all bowed towards each other

“nice to meet you all! You all look so out of place, trust me if you went upstairs that’s where the real fright is!”

The beta laughed to herself followed by a chuckle from Suga

The team and Yachi looked at each other confused

“anyway, Koushi! What was your idea!”

“oh, yeah! So, it’s like this…”

Suga began to explain the idea of the outfit in great detail, both the omega and beta were nodding in agreement to each other

“so, like this, with it coming sort of like this?”

Kiki was hand gesturing on herself to make sure she had the right idea

“yeah, yeah, exactly like that, but when it comes down to the bottom half we will need short shorts because we don’t want it to seem inappropriate we just want it to look semi sexy? Does that make sense?”

“yeah, that makes perfect sense! Well give me 10 minutes and I’ll do a quick sketch and you can tell me if it’s alright and if it is I will take all your measurements and get cracking!”

“sounds good to me”

Suga smiled and Kiki skipped off to the back room. The silver haired omega turned around and explained what was happening to the rest of them.

“whatever you do, don’t tell Daichi that I took you to this shop, okay?”

They all nodded in agreement and Suga smiled at them

Kiki came skipping back out of the back room towards the waiting omegas holding an art pad to her chest

“okay, so I have the design, I hope it’s what you pictured!”

She turned the art pad around to show everyone, the teams jaws dropped, Yachi raised her eyebrows and covered her mouth with her hand and Suga had a massive smile on his face

“oh my god Kiki! That’s exactly how I imagined it! Let me take a picture of it quickly!”

Suga got his phone out and snapped a picture of the design

“I’m glad you like it! I just need to get all your measurements; shall we start with the tallest?”

She looked over to Tsukki who shook his head

“no way, there’s no way in hell I’m wearing that! No way sorry!”

Noya and Hinata looked at each other and back to Kiki

“we like it”

Yamaguchi was a bit hesitant and he placed his hand on his elbow

“I erm I like it too, but I don’t think I could pull it off”

Yachi stepped forward

“Suga, isn’t it a bit revealing?”

The silver haired omega shook his head

“no, you see this bit, we would have shorts on so…”

Yachi raised her eye brows and then nodded. Tsukki sighed

“I’m still not wearing that, there’s just no way!”

“oh, come on Tsukki, it’s not that bad! I’m body conscious but I’m still up for wearing it”

“Yamaguchi, it would suit you, but it really isn’t the sort of thing I would ever be willing to wear, I wouldn’t be able to pull it off”

“you can’t be serious! You have the perfect body for it! Your tall, slim… a bit too slim but”


Suga walked over to Tsukki

“look Tsukishima, we need to beat Aoba Johsai and by doing so we need to look amazing, Yamaguchi is right you will look soooo good in this design!”

Tsukki sighed in defeat



Suga clapped his hands and pushed the tall omega towards Kiki for the measurements.

After all the male omegas had been measured they made their way to the gymnasium where the alphas had started on coming up with a routine. As they walked through the gymnasium doors the sight they all saw was hilarious. Asahi was stood there crouched over in hysterics laughing and pointing at Tanaka who was laying on the floor in a puddle of his own sweat, Daichi was bent over trying to catch his breath, Kageyama was looking pissed off with himself and Kiyoko was chuckling behind her notebook. The omegas made their way in and smiled at Asahi

“oh, hey! How was shopping?”

Suga waved at Daichi and then looked at Asahi

“shopping was fun as always, I would ask how the dancing is going but…”

“haha yeah well it’s been entertaining, turns out Tanaka has two left feet, Kageyama can’t use his feet as well as he can use his hands and Daichi… well it turns out that Daichi is pretty good at dancing!”

Suga raised his eyebrows and looked over to his alpha who was still trying to catch his breath but managed to show a thumbs up

“so, Suga, I remember you saying that you wanted this performance to show off the omegas, so I put together something for the alphas to do in the back row, giving you guys a chance to step forward and take the lime light, would you like to see what we have so far?”

“yeah that would be amazing!”

Asahi nodded towards the omega and turned back to the alphas

“okay guys, from the top!”

Everyone stood in place and Asahi nodded towards Kiyoko to play the music, she nodded back and hit play on the speaker they had borrowed from the music room. The alphas started dancing the routine that Asahi had taught them, and the omegas were stood in shock at how amazing Asahi is at dancing. Suga was stood dribbling over the moves Daichi was pulling off, who would have known this muscular built alpha could move his body like that! Hinata was laughing behind his hand at Kageyama miss placing his steps, Yamaguchi and Tsukki were laughing at Tanaka who had fallen over a few times during the complicated foot sequence and Yachi was sat next to Kiyoko looking through the notes the alpha had been taking whilst they were shopping.

Once they had finished what they had put together so far, Asahi approached Suga

“so, what do you think?”

“I like exactly where you’re going with this, clearly it still needs work but yeah I like it”

The omega smiled and turned to Tsukki

“Tsukishima can you do a slut drop?”

The tall blonde raised his eyebrows

“can I what?!”

“you know like this”

The omega slowly raised his arms above his head, holding his own hands he drops to the floor and seductively raises himself back up circling his hips slightly

Kageyama started laughing and pointing at Daichi

“Dai-san, your nose is bleeding!”

“ahh, ohhh”

Kiyoko runs over with tissues for the alpha

“oh, oh, oh! I think I can do that!”

Hinata bounces up to Suga and performs the perfect slut drop. Kageyama’s nose also began to bleed, Daichi smiled at Kageyama

“haha, look who has a nose bleed now!”

“sh… shut up”

Kageyama grabs some tissues off Kiyoko. Daichi frowns at the bald alpha

“Tanaka, why is your nose bleeding?”

Tanaka was looking up towards the ceiling with sparkles in his eyes

“just imagining Yamaguchi doing a slut drop really does it for me”

All the alphas began to laugh, Yamaguchi blushed and looked down. Tsukki rolled his eyes

“no. I don’t think I can do that”

Suga smiled at him

“try it”


“do it”

“I can’t do it!”


“ahh man why do I always have to do things I don’t want to do?”

“its life, now do it”

Tsukki drops his bag and performs a perfect slut drop, even down to the sexual hip movement. Everyone’s jaw dropped with amazement

“happy now?”

Everyone in the gymnasium nodded enthusiastically and Tsukki frowned at them all and shook his head.

“okay, Suga, Noya, Hinata, Tsukishima, Yamaguchi, I’ve been thinking of a routine you guys can do”

The omegas nodded towards Asahi and got themselves ready to do some practicing

The practicing didn’t go as easy as Asahi had hoped. The omegas were all over the place and they kept bumping in to the alphas and if it wasn’t the omegas it was the alphas. Asahi sighed with a smile

“maybe we should give it a break for today?”

Everyone nodded and tried to catch their breath back

Daichi approached Suga with a smile

“so, did you guys find an outfit?”

“oh, yeah! Let me show you”

Suga smiled and ran off to his bag grabbing his phone out and running back to Daichi to show him the picture he took of the design. Daichi raises his eyebrows and then frowns almost instantly

“you went to Kiki’s?”

“oh, erm, yeah?”

“you took everyone to Kiki’s?”

Suga looked down slightly

“you’re not wearing THAT! On stage”


“you heard me!”

“well, I’m sorry Daichi, but you can’t tell me what I can and can’t wear!”

“yes, I can! That is inappropriate!”

“no, it’s not! Because this bit would…”


“you’re not even listening to me! We would have shor”


Daichi growled letting off pheromones and turned his back towards Suga


Asahi growled towards the captain

“Asahi, what the hell?”

As he turned he didn’t need an answer as to why he was being growled at by his fellow team mate. What he saw was clearer than words

All the omegas were on their knees shaking whilst looking down, the alphas were standing in a line in front of them. Daichi’s eyes widened in realisation

“oh, shit.”

The pheromones that Daichi had given off were threatening to the omegas and him being the team captain, a leader of them in a sense made it a great deal worse, but it was going to affect a certain omega more than the others, an omega bonded to the alpha of intimidation…

Daichi swung himself around to look at Suga and he felt his heart shatter like glass

Suga was stood looking at the floor with wide eyes, tears were running down his cheeks, his arms were crossed over himself and he was trembling like a leaf. Daichi went to take a step to the quivering omega but got stopped by the growls of the other alphas in the gymnasium. He shook his head and managed to get his pheromones under control. Once he had the other alphas helped the omegas off the floor.

Kageyama wrapped his arms around Hinata, who nodded that he was okay, Asahi pulled Noya in for a tight hug, Kiyoko kissed Yachi on the cheek, Tanaka put his arm around Yamaguchi pulling him close in to his side, he notices Tsukki just standing there looking slightly uncomfortable, so he grabbed the blondes arm and pulled him in close to his other side. Any other time Tsukki would have pushed him away but he gladly accepted the comfort.

Daichi felt awful for what he just accidently caused, he turned back to Suga

“Koushi, I am so, so, so, sorry. I really didn’t mean to do that, I slipped and lost control, I’m a fucking idiot.”

He places his hand on the side of Suga’s cheek in which the omega slapped it away. The actions didn’t only shock Daichi but shocked everyone else. The silver haired omega looked up at Daichi with tear filled eyes

“how… how could you do that to me Dai?”

The omega sniffed, he turned to grab his bag and coat then walked out of the gymnasium.

You could almost hear the sound of Daichi’s heart shatter even more.

Everyone looked at each other worried. Kiyoko made her way other to the frozen captain

“Daichi, you should run after him. Were fine to clean up here…go!”

Daichi nodded and apologised again to everyone before bowing and running after his omega.

Suga was upset and walking at a quick pace, so quick that he was almost home

Daichi was running as fast as he could to catch up to the setter, when he finally saw him


The omega turned around and saw Daichi running up to him, he rolled eyes and turned around continuing to walk as the alpha got to him

“I don’t want to talk to you.”

Suga sniffed and wiped away his tears with his sleeve

“I am so sorry, I never meant to do that to you!”

The silver haired stopped in his tracks and looked at the apologetic alpha

“Dai. You didn’t just affect me! You affected our sons and daughters as well, how could you do that?!”

“I know, I really didn’t mean to!”

Suga huffed and carried on walking, Daichi grabbed him by the elbow to stop him but he yanked his arm back and continued to walk. They arrived at their front door, Suga grabbed the key out of his bag and hurriedly put it in the lock and let himself in. He ran up to the bathroom slamming the door and locking it behind him. Cupboard doors were slammed open and all the towels were ripped out and thrown in to the bath tub, the omega climbed in, raised his knees to his chest and cried softly. Daichi knocked on the bathroom door before grabbing the handle and realising his very upset omega had locked it

“Suga, please, just let me explain”

There was no answer and the alpha felt like a complete dickhead. He sighed and ran his fingers through his hair before going downstairs and in to the kitchen.

Quite some time went by and Suga slowly opened his eyes

~ oh, I must have fallen asleep ~

He sat himself up and realised he had made himself a sort of nest in the bath tub

“oh, dear”

Suga chuckled to himself before stepping out of the tub. He took his coat off and slung it over the curtain rail before turning to look at himself in the mirror, his eyes were slightly red and sore from the crying

“argh, what a mess”

He began to pull on his cheeks, the taps were turned on almost instantly and water was splashed on the omegas face. He looked back up at himself

“that’s a bit better… I guess”

He sighed and looked down.






Suga frowned and looked over to his bag, he shuffled over and grabbed his phone

“a message from Daichi huh… can’t he just come talk to me?”

~ oh yeah… I yelled at him ~

Suga sniggered before opening the message



Dai: Suga please come to the kitchen, I would like to talk to you properly



Suga placed his phone on the side, unlocked the door and made his way downstairs to the kitchen

As he walked in there was no sign of the alpha but Suga gasped at the sight and covered his mouth with his hand

The kitchen table had a red cloth covering it, two long lit candles either side, rose petals sprinkled across, two empty plates and music was playing quietly in the background of Suga’s favourite artist. The smell of pork cooking in the oven was emitting around the kitchen


Daichi came up behind the omega making him jump

“Dai, what is all this?”

“I wanted to say sorry properly”

The alpha guided Suga in to the kitchen and pulled the seat out for him to sit on. He then grabbed the oven gloves, got the pork out the oven and finished preparing the dinner before placing the servings in front of them. The alpha sat down opposite the omega who was still in shock by all the hard work he had gone to for just an apology

“Suga, earlier on in the gymnasium, I slipped, I made a massive mistake and I never meant to let off any pheromones what so ever, and I especially didn’t want it to affect you the way it did, and I feel like such a horrible captain making it affect everyone else as well. If I could go back and change what I did I would without a second thought. Koushi, you mean the absolute world to me and I behaved in a manner I wish you would have never seen, I’m a horrible alpha and I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.”

Suga was looking at the alpha through tear filled eyes

“Dai, of course I forgive you, I was just having a moment, I was in shock and I was pissed off that you affected our pups in such a way, I’ve had some time to think and I understand why you got angry, but if you was to just listen to me when I was talking you would of understood that the outfit isn’t as bad as what it seems, do you really think I would want the omegas to wear something so revealing? I wouldn’t even be comfortable with wearing something like that let alone the others. The outfit is just a basic sketch and I have asked for extra things.”

“Suga, I am so sorry I judged to quickly without given you a chance to explain”

“its fine, and don’t you ever! Say you’re a horrible alpha! Ever! Okay? If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be who I am today, I love you so much Daichi”

The omega got up from where he was sitting, ran over to Daichi and wrapped his arms around his neck, the alpha pulled him on to his knee and held him tightly, they looked in to each other’s eyes lovingly before placing a passionate kiss on each other’s lips

“god, I love you so much Koushi”

“and I love you Dai”

They smiled at each other before Suga made his way back to his seat

“this looks absolutely amazing! You really didn’t have to go through all this trouble!”

“it was no trouble at all, your worth it”

Suga blushed and smiled at his alpha before tucking in to the well-made grub

After finishing their dinner Daichi pulled out a raspberry trifle from the fridge

“you have pudding as well?”

The alpha nodded towards the gleaming omega

Daichi ate his pretty fast, he stood up making his way over to the setter and placed a kiss on top of his head

“I’ll go run you a nice hot bubble bath”

“aww Dai, who would have known the alpha in charge was actually a big softie”

The omega winked at him

“shhh, don’t tell anyone”

Daichi stuck his tongue out at his mate before running up the stairs

Suga smiled to himself and went to continue eating his pudding when all of a sudden, his eyes widened

~ oh no! ~

Suga ran up the stairs to see Daichi staring at the bath tub

“I can explain!”

“Suga, did you… make a nest in the bath?”

The omega blushed profoundly

“I… er…it”

Suga was interrupted by his mates burst of laughter, the omega pouted at him

“what’s so funny?”

“Suga, you are just the cutest thing!”

They both burst in to laughter and Daichi wrapped his arms around his mate

“go get ready for your bath it will be done soon, here take your phone and bits with you”

The silver haired nodded and skipped off to the bedroom.

Daichi had ran a steamy hot bubble bath with Suga’s favourite oils, when the omega made his way back to the bathroom he was naked and posing on the door frame, the alpha turned around and his jaw almost dropped off his face

“you… I… the… your… b… bath is done”

Suga smirked at the sappy lump

“join me?”

Daichi’s eyebrows almost raised off his face, this alpha was really falling apart at the sight of his beautiful omega

“S… sure”

The alpha quickly stripped himself down quicker than a flash of lightening

“after you”

Daichi lowered himself in to the bath and Suga sat in between his legs resting his back on his alphas chest, Daichi wrapped his arms around the smaller and whispered in his ear

“I love your body Koushi”

Suga shivered at the breath on his neck and ear, he turned himself to face the alpha and wrapped his arms around his neck

“prove it”

He winks at the taller and places a gentle kiss on his cheek before pulling away and biting his bottom lip. The alpha rapidly nodded his head

It was safe to say a lot of water was spilt that night.

Chapter Text

Asahi and Noya were in Asahi’s bedroom talking about the events of the day, it was quite late in the evening so the alpha offered for Noya to stay the night in which he eagerly accepted


The boys looked at each other with a big smile before making their way downstairs and in to the Kitchen where Asahi’s mum had laid out dinner for the three of them. Asahi’s mum is a beta, she’s beautiful, tall, slim, short bobbed hair, young face and her personality matched her looks, she was amazing. Noya almost resented Asahi for having such a caring parent in his life. The women turned to face the mates and smiled at them both, hand gesturing for them to sit down.

“it’s been a while since I have been able to sit and eat dinner with my son and his mate, how are you Yu?”

Noya smiled at the women

“I’ve been good, how about yourself?”

The three began to eat their dinner the beta made for them, it was pork cutlet bowls, Noya’s favourite! She remembered everything that the omega likes, and dislikes and she even placed a fork at the side of the dish

“I’ve been busy as ever! They want me to go on yet another business trip in two weeks for five days! I’m not sure if I will go though, I miss spending time with my boys”

Noya blushed at her words. Asahi looked at his mum

“if you don’t go won’t you be in trouble?”

The beta shook her head

“not really no, I’ve been pulling my weight a lot more the usual recently because they have a new job offer with better pay”

The boys raised their eyebrows and nodded in understanding towards her, she smiled and continued talking to Noya.

They finished their dinner and the beta gathered the bowls and cutlery and placed them by the sink before sitting back down opposite the omega

“how’s life at home?”

The libero was taking back a little bit by the random question thrown at him

“oh, erm, yeah it’s alright”

The women gave a sceptic look and hummed to herself

“well, if anything is up you will tell me yeah?”


“I saw her the other day”

The omega looked slightly confused


“your mum”


“yeah, she was stood outside a night club, looked like she was waiting for someone”

“sounds about right”

Asahi looked towards Noya with a slightly saddened look. He was one of the very few people that knew Noya inside and out, but he always kept quiet about his home life, although it never stopped him from thinking it wasn’t really all okay there.

“Noya shall we go back upstairs?”

“yeah sure! Thank you for the meal”

“yeah, thanks mum”

She smiled and waved the boys off before going to wash the dishes.

As they got in to the alphas bedroom Noya slumped himself on Asahi’s bed

“ahhh, your mum is so nice!”

The alpha smiled towards the omega

“yeah, she’s great”

He sat himself on the edge of the bed and ran his fingers through Noya’s hair

“when we spoke about my mum earlier it reminded me that she messaged me earlier when we were out shopping”

“what did she say?”

“she said she wants to know me better, she wants to be able to have a mother and son bond, so she invited me round for dinner tomorrow, but I’m not sure if I’m gonna go”

“why not?”


The omega looked down slightly

“because she’s a liar. She doesn’t want to get to know me, if she did then she would have done it sooner…”

“Noya, I don’t want you to feel like I’m forcing you to go, but I think it would be good on your part if you at least gave it a go?”

Noya hummed slightly

“I guess…”

“and if it doesn’t go well then at least you can say you tried, right?”

The omega sat up and looked at Asahi lovingly

“okay, if I decide to go, then will you at least come pick me up when were done?”

“of course! If that’s what you want, I will wait outside for you”

The alpha smiled towards the relieved looking omega

“okay, I’ll go”

Noya grabbed his phone from the side and messaged his mum back saying that he will come around for dinner but only for a couple hours. After he sent the message he placed his phone back on the side and snuggled closer to Asahi who wrapped his arms around the whole of the omega

“shall we put a film on and get in to bed?”

Noya giddily nodded in response, Asahi knew all too well as to why the omega was so happy about putting a film on. He placed the special addition of FROZEN in to the DVD player and climbed in to the bed at the side of his omega. Noya snuggled himself closer in to Asahi’s chest and began to purr. Very much like Yamaguchi, Noya often let out purrs he never realised he was doing, but that was one of the many things that Asahi loved about him.



“Kageyama, thank you for letting me spend the night here! Also your cooking is getting better maybe you should be a chef! My belly was all like waaaahhh and the food tasted so fwaaah”

The alpha blushed slightly, luckily Hinata couldn’t see that as the two of them were laying on Kageyama’s bed, Hinata laying on his chest and the alpha running his fingers through his orange locks. Kageyama loves these quiet relaxing moments with his omega as they don’t often get to have them, he is also another alpha that is a sucker for hearing the purr of his omega and an easy way to set Hinata off on purring is to play with his hair or to gently stroke his ear lobes. The way they found out about the ear lobes was one day Hinata was watching K-pop videos and noticed that one of the boys had both his ears pierced and he had asked Kageyama if that would suit him, when Kageyama grabbed at the omegas ears it made him shiver and purr all at the same time, and therefore the alpha found yet another weakness!

Hinata looked up Kageyama with a questionable face


The alpha hummed in response

“are you okay with the outfits for the omegas?”

Kageyama looked up with a frown and then back down to the orange haired

“I am okay with them as long as there not to revealing, and as long as you feel comfortable wearing it”

Hinata smiled at him and snuggled back in to his chest






The loud sound that came from downstairs caused the mates to jump off the bed and Kageyama instinctively threw his arm in front of Hinata for protection

“w… what was that?”

“I don’t know, stay here and I’ll go check it out”

The alpha made his way slowly along the dark hallway and down the stairs. He didn’t want to switch the lights on straight away and draw attention to where he had just come from.

The sound of things falling off of shelves and a loud thud came from the living room followed by a groan, Kageyama frowned as he switched the light on to the said room


The omega was laying on the floor with his arms above his head and one of his legs on the arm chair

“ooooh, if it isn’t my baby boy!!!”

The alpha frowned at him

“are you okay? Are you…. Drunk?”

The red-faced omega looked at him whilst trying to hold back laughter


It didn’t work, he burst out laughing within a second. Kageyama walked over to him and held out his hand to help him up. After his dad had stood up he fell back down but this time on the arm chair, assuming this was what he was aiming for in the first place?

“K… Kageyama?”

The alpha turned to see Hinata peaking round the door frame

“It’s okay, it’s just dad, he’s drunk”

Hinata made his was in to the living room to see what was fully going on.

“erm, Mr Kageyama, are you alright?”

“Shouyou!! Baby! look how cute you are!”

The older omega slowly got himself off the arm chair and stumbled over to the younger

“how many times have I told you?! Call me Kirami!”

Hinata blushed and nodded. The older omega smiled and pinched at Hinata’s cheeks

“My son is soooo lucky to have found a mate like you!”

“okay, dad that’s enough, what happened? Why aren’t you at work and why are you a mess?”

The older stood in shock

“welllll ya see the thing is! I may have had a little too much to drink? Maybe? Your father put me in a taxi and sent me home! How rude right?!”

“Well, you are meant to be serving the drinks not drinking them”

“ohhh, Tobio your always sooooo seriously… I mean serious!... do I? yeah I do!”

Kageyama sighed, already feeling fed up of being around a drunk person let alone his dad

“Kirami, do you need a glass of water?”

“oh, Hinata you cutie, no I’m fine thanks, but there is some wine in the cupboard if you want some!”

Kageyama frowned towards his dad

“oh, don’t look at me like that Tobio I’m only joking!”

Hinata laughed at Kirami and again Kageyama sighed

“you know Tobio your just like your father!”


“yeah for real, actually you both remind me of your father and myself when we were young, although it was a different situation for us”

The older laughed

“please tell me about how you two first met and how you got together”

Kirami smiled at Hinata and pointed towards the sofa for them both to sit down

“I don’t actually know the full story”

Kageyama looked over to his dad who was smiling

“well, I shall tell you!”

both boys sat impatiently waiting for the older omega to begin his story

“well, I first met Mikado in school, he was a bad boy type and I was more of the quiet get on with my work type, don’t get me wrong I still knew how to unwind and have fun but I was the total opposite to your father. I guess you could say I fell in love with him the moment I saw him”

Hinata leaned forward slightly, intrigued by the story

“one day he approached me with a group of his friends and they were laughing behind him, so I thought their here to pick a fight but instead Mikado asked to court me and presented me with a silver chain, it was safe to say I stood there in shock! We barely had a full-length conversation let alone start dating! Well I took a risk and said yes, we started meeting up after school, he would never let me go to his but he was always around mine. I thought to myself that maybe he was embarrassed of me or ashamed because I’m a male omega, back then omegas were looked down upon quite a bit let alone a rare male omega at that point”

Hinata’s eyes began to burn, he felt sorry for the Kirami in the past. Kageyama sat up

“so, then what happened?”

“well, this is where it got complicated and a bit rough around the edges?”

The mates frowned towards the older

“well, I had enough one day, and I asked the teacher for his address, well they weren’t allowed to actually give me his address but they did give me the area in which he lived in. So, one day when he didn’t come in to school I decided that I was going to go to the neighbourhood in which he lived. When I arrived there I was scared, I had never been in an area that was so intimidating I felt really out of place. I decided it was probably best that I left the area and just confronted Mikado when I next saw him, but…”

Hinata’s eyebrows raised

“but what?”

Kirami had a saddened smile

“I bumped in to the wrong crowd shall we say, and they dragged me down a side road and ‘roughened me up’ in a way”

Kageyama clenched his fists

“what do you mean?”

The older laughed slightly

“like I said, male omegas were rare, so they wanted to know exactly what one was but because I put up a fight so did they, I was left at the side of the road pretty beat and the last thing I saw was a black figure come towards me”

Hinata’s eyes began to water

“ahhhh, Shouyou don’t cry! It’s a happy story in the end! The next thing I knew I woke up in a bed that was in this massive mansion! I couldn’t believe my eyes! My wounds were cleaned and wrapped and I felt amazing. A doctor even came in and said that he’s the family doctor and that he had dealt with worse blah blah blah, obviously at that point I was confused, family doctor? What family? Turns out it was the Kageyama’s family doctor”

The older smiled towards them

“I can’t really go in to great detail about everything else, but the people that attacked me were apparently dealt with and Mikado made an agreement of some sort with his family and he moved out and in with me”

Kirami beamed a massive smile

“when we left school, and was old enough we moved here, got married and opened up a nightclub in which Mikado and myself run together! I love Mikado very much, he left a lot behind for me to keep me safe and make me happy”

“and I wouldn’t change it for the world!”

The three in the living room jumped and turned to see Mikado standing by the living room door

The older omega jumped up and wrapped his arms around the older alphas neck

“Hunni!! What ya doing home?”

“I came to see how you are”

“what about the nightclub?”

“I shut it early, your more important”

Kirami smiled and gave the alpha a kiss on the nose


Kirami turned around

“oh, shhhh Tobio, I’ve seen the way you act around Shouyou!”

Kageyama blushed a bright red before standing up, grabbing Hinata’s wrist and walking back up to his bedroom. Hinata smiled at the olders on the way out.

Kageyama slumped himself on the bed with a sigh, Hinata bounced over to him

“your parents story is sooooo cute!”

The alpha rolled his eyes

Hinata sat on Kageyama’s lap with a leg either side of his hips and placed a long loving kiss on his lips

“I hope we can be as happy as them when we get older”

The alpha smiled at the soppy orange haired omega

“of course we will”

And with that he placed a kiss on Hinata’s forehead and rolled them both over so that they were laying comfortably on the bed before grabbing the duvet, cuddling up and falling asleep.




Yachi: I’m really sorry I couldn’t stay around yours tonight :’( xxx

Kiyoko: don’t worry about it, I can understand that your mum will want to see you :) xxx


Yachi: I know you understand, you always do that’s why you’re the best! :) xxx


Kiyoko: :) oh! I got a message from Suga and he said that him and Daichi have made up and that Daichi is really sorry about how he acted, also, I spoke with Ennoshita and he said that Narita, Kinoshita and himself are really enjoying their holiday and they don’t want to come back next week, but because they have missed out on a lot they have agreed to do the stage set up, so things like sound checks and lighting :) tomorrow I think the boys are arriving at the gymnasium around 1pm and they will be doing one hour of volleyball practice and two hours of the dance rehearsal, so we will need to get there early to set things up :) xxx


Yachi: I’m glad they made up! I can see from both sides of their argument I just hope that we can sort something out :3 oh well that’s good! I’m glad that they don’t get left out of it all :) okay so meet you outside the school gate at 12? xxx


Kiyoko: no xxx


Yachi: no? :/ xxx


Kiyoko: I don’t want to wait that long to see you, so I will meet you outside yours at 9am and we will walk to school together, then we get to spend more time with each other before the team turn up xxx


Yachi: ahhhh you had me worried for a second! That sounds good to me! :D xxx


Kiyoko: I’m glad :) xxx


Yachi: I wish you was here, I really want cuddles :’( xxx


Kiyoko: I will stay around yours tomorrow night and give you all the cuddles you want :) xxx


Yachi: YAYYYYY!!! Xxx


Kiyoko: but for now, you should probably get some sleep, I will see you in the morning :) I love you! Goodnight xxx


Yachi: I love you! Goodnight xxx




Tanaka and Yamaguchi were sat in the alphas bedroom doing coursework and talking about what had happened earlier today. The alpha wasn’t mad at Daichi for affecting everyone the way he did because he knew that it was an accident and that he would never want his team to feel that way and Yamaguchi wasn’t bothered by it either because he believed the same thing, plus if Daichi generally meant to let off pheromones to intimate someone then it would have been a hell of a lot worse.

Tanaka was reading the Harry Potter book that Yamaguchi had lent him to improve his English reading and understanding, although it had taken the alpha two weeks to read one chapter and that was with him reading every night. He shut the book and sighed to himself, Yamaguchi looked up from his Japanese literature course work and smiled at the alpha

“how’s it going?”

“why is English so hard?”

The omega chuckled to himself

“you’re lucky I didn’t lend you the lord of the rings”

“Harry was treated like crap!”

“yeah, but he makes friends”

“I hope this book has a happy ending when I eventually finish it”

“haha you know there’s seven books, right? And a few specials”

The alpha looked at Yamaguchi with a shocked expression


“yeah! I can’t believe you haven’t even seen the films!”

“well, it isn’t really my type of thing”

The both burst in to laughter

“Tanaka, about earlier, I just want to thank you for looking after Tsukki, I didn’t ask you to and you just did it”

“well, at the end of the day Tsukishima is *cough cough* ya know?”

Yamaguchi frowned towards the older

“I’m sorry, what was that?”

Tanaka’s body started to twitch as he looked around the room

“I said he’s well ya know *cough* ya know?”

The omega sat back slightly and grinned

“no, I’m sorry I don’t quite follow”

The alpha frowned at him

“why do I get a feeling you do follow…”

The omega giggled and shook his head slightly

“at the end of the day Tsukishima is a team mate and if it wasn’t for his lanky arse and his brain then we wouldn’t be as strong as we are now, as much as he is irritating he is a friend just like everyone else is to me, so when shit comes to shove I will do anything”

Yamaguchi beamed a massive smile

“why are you looking at me like that?”

“because you said that all so fast, but I still heard you say that Tsukki is your friend”

The alpha pouted towards his overly happy mate and they both began to laugh

“Yamaguchi, can I ask you something?”


“can you slut drop?”

The omega blushed a deep red

“oh, er… I… er… I dunno”


“what?! no I can’t”


“oh my god”

The omega stood up and shyly walked to part of the room that had space, holding his elbow and still blushing, he lets go and raises his arms before seductively dropping to the floor and then raising himself up with the sexy hip movement. Realising that he managed to pull it off he winks at the drooling alpha and that sent him wild! He jumped up and shoved Yamaguchi to the wall behind him whilst passionately kissing him and running his hands up and down his sides trying to undress him. Yamaguchi shivered from the touch of his alpha and placed his hands on the side of Tanaka’s face whilst pushing him towards the bed, not letting the connection of their lips separate. Once they pulled away from each other they looked lovingly in to each other’s eyes before realising that they can’t go any further as Saeko and Tsukki were sat in the Kitchen. The omega placed a gentle kiss upon Tanaka’s lips before rolling off him and making his way back over to the small table that they were previously doing coursework on.



Tsukki and Saeko had been sat in the kitchen for the past couple of hours talking with one another over coffee

“so, do you like my brother more than a friend?”

Saeko sat up and looked slightly shocked by Tsukki’s random question

“ye… yeah I do”

“I see, you know he’s a beta…”

“I’m fully aware of that”

“you won’t be able to bond with him”

Saeko looked at the omega

“couples don’t always need to bond Kei, and there are other ways to show your love for one another”

“so, you love him?”

The alpha raised her eyebrows and looked shocked at what she just admitted

“Kei, I care about Akiteru hell of a lot and I would like us to be able to court one day”

“say you did end up being with each other, what if you were to come across your fated mate?”

Saeko started laughing and grabbed a lollipop from one of the draws before sitting back down, she placed it in her mouth and looked Tsukki dead in the eyes before removing it

“you know Kei, the chance of an alpha or an omega finding there fated mate is extremely low, its next to impossible even, and you are the only person that I know that actually found theirs, so I wouldn’t worry too much about that if I was you”

The omega hummed in response before standing up and grabbing his bag, Saeko frowned at him

“are you leaving?”


“it’s quite late why don’t you stay here the night?”

“no, its fine”

“at least let me give you a lift”

“I would rather walk, plus I get to listen to my music that way”

The alpha really wasn’t happy about the omega walking home by himself but she knew he was as stubborn as Akiteru so she just let him go, although she did make sure to call the beta letting him know his brother was on his way home and asked for him to let her know when he had arrived.




The next day at the gymnasium



Everyone had arrived and was already in their gym clothes

Daichi called for everyone to gather around so he could speak to them all at the same time

“first things first, I would like to say sorry for what I caused yesterday, I really really really didn’t mean to do that to you all. I didn’t realise I had done it until it was too late, and I regret with all my heart that it happened. I was shocked by the outfit design and I didn’t give my mate a chance to explain, I jumped the gun… I hope you all can find it in your hearts to forgive me”

The alpha bowed before everyone. The team looked at each other for a brief moment before laughing, Asahi stepped forward

“Daichi, of course we forgive you!”

Tanaka slapped the team dad on the back

“stand up straight, there’s no need to bow to us”

Hinata perked up and placed himself in front of the alpha

“we know you didn’t mean it”

Daichi stood up straight and looked towards everyone, they were all nodding in agreement and this caused Daichi’s eyes to water. He spun on his heels so he wasn’t facing the team and wiped his eyes with his sleeve.

They began with their volleyball practice, which went extremely well and then it was time for them to practice their dance routine, the part Asahi had been dreading all day

It was the first time that coach Ukai and Takeda sensei had seen what they had put together so far. Ukai couldn’t stop laughing at the tumbling mess and Takeda worried that one of them might get injured.

Time had flown by and before they knew it, it was time to clear the gym and make their way to their lessons. Coach Ukai had asked them a few questions about the routine and Yamaguchi had blurted out that Tsukki can do a slut drop and then soon regretted it by the death stare the tall blonde had given him, Ukai cracked up laughing and well Takeda wasn’t amused to say the least. Asahi had managed to figure out a spot for the slut drop to be put in and that pleased all the omegas except for Tsukki. Even though the dance practice didn’t go as well as planned it was still better then yesterday’s attempt which was a good sign.

After clearing up the gymnasium the team and the mangers got changed in to their school uniforms and proceeded with their academic day.

Chapter Text

It was a cold afternoon and school had finished two hours ago, Noya decided he wasn’t going to go back to Asahi’s to change out of his school uniform, instead he wondered around a quiet park thinking to himself, about his mum, her previous lies and whether she really did want to start a relationship. All these things were pondering around his mind until he finally decided to make his way home, his original home, the home where he wasn’t raised as such but more survived in.

Upon arriving the omega takes a deep breath before grabbing his key from his pocket and unlocking the front door. He took his jacket and shoes off, placing them in the appropriate places before turning and making his way through the house. He stopped at an unfamiliar smell a smell that he has never remembered smelling before in his life, well not in this house anyway. He followed the scent that led him to the kitchen where he saw his mum dressed in a pair of blue jeans, a long sleeved black top and a blue apron, her hair was tied in a bun and she was cooking dinner. Noya frowned before clearing his throat to grab her attention, she jumped round and smiled towards the omega

“oh! Yu, you made me jump”

He frowned towards the woman as she made her way over to him with open arms but before she could embrace him he took a step back and frowned at the ground. Her lips slanted to the side and her head tilted slightly

“don’t worry, I understand.”

She made her way back to the oven, placing the oven gloves on and pulling out a steak pie she had made. Noya was confused to say the least, not only was his mum dressed appropriately but she had also cleaned the house and prepared dinner. The omega was constantly pinching his arm making sure that he wasn’t dreaming that this was all real and that the woman in front of him was actually his mum.

She dishes up the dinner and places the plates on the table, Noya pulled a chair out and sat down opposite her

“mum, how many times… I can’t use”

“chopstick! I know, that’s why I grabbed a fork before sitting down”

She smiled before handing it over to the omega, his eyebrows raised, and he leant over to grab it from her

“let me try and teach you!”

She places her own chopsticks in-between her fingers and teaches Noya in four easy steps. No one has ever been able to teach the omega how to even hold chopsticks in the right way let alone pick food up with them, but this time it was different. Noya spent a couple minutes watching his mum how to do it and low and behold the omega had finally grasped the wizardry of chopsticks. She smiled towards her son and nodded towards him indicating for him to try and eat his dinner with them

“see, it wasn’t so hard was it?”

“maybe if you had taught me when I was younger I wouldn’t have such a hard time picking something so simple up”

The woman’s face saddened

“Yu, I am really sorry, I have been a horrible mum… NO! I haven’t even been a mum to you! I am a horrible human being, but I want to change! I really do, I have left my past life behind me and I want to form a mother and son bond. I can understand if you say no but if you could find it deep in your heart…”

“it won’t be that easy…”

“I know it won’t and I’m willing to try for however long it takes!”

“you would leave me in this house alone for days when I was only 7 years old, no heating, sometimes no electric and I had no idea on how to cook. The neighbours used to bring food around… I have had to suffer through heats because my mum never sat me down and had talks with me. I had to learn everything on my own, I can’t even tell my friends what is going on with my life off the court because I’m too ashamed.”

The woman’s eyes began to water and before long tears were trailing down her cheeks

“Yu, I… I really don’t know what to say, there isn’t anything I can say to change the past, but I want to have a bright future with you, I really do!”

There is one thing that Noya has never been good around and that’s people crying, he looked at his mum with an earnest expression

“I guess I’m willing to give it a go…”

The women perked up and smiled a genuinely beautiful smile through tears

“that makes me s… so happy”

The omega sighed in slight defeat

“but it’s going to take some time mum, we can’t go around acting like nothing happened, you really need to prove to me that you mean what you say”

She nodded eagerly

“I completely understand that, I really do!”

They both stayed quiet for a while whilst they were finishing off their food

“Yu, tell me how schools going”

“school itself is a pain in the arse as usual, my grades aren’t the worst but there still not great”

“well, I’m sure you can achieve whatever school throughs at you!”

“well, I’m better at receiving things!”

Noya began to chuckle but his mum just looked at him confused

“because I’m a libero…”

“a what?”

The omegas face saddened and he felt his heart sink

“I play volleyball mum…”

“well, that’s great! I would love to see one of your matches sometime”


“are you always on the court?”

Noya just stared at his mum

~ how could she not know that I’m a volleyball player ~

“90% of the time I’m on the court”

“that’s amazing Yu! I’m so proud of you!”

That struck a nerve in the omega

“wh… what did you just s… say?”

“that I’m so proud of you! Even with the upbringing you had you still managed to keep going, keep smiling and you’re even a regular in sports! That’s amazing!”

Noya had never heard those words, never has he heard someone tell him that he has done them proud. He felt his breath shake with emotions, he was… happy

“th… thank you”

His mum beams a massive smile towards him

They continue chatting for quite a while and there was even some laughter here and there

“Yu, I don’t know where you get your sense of humour from! You have had me in stitches”

“well, I do have some great friends so…”

“I see, I would like to meet them sometime. Would you like a drink?”


The woman stood making her way to the kettle and pulled out two cups

“are you staying out tonight or”

The woman was interrupted by a knock at the door, she frowned and leaned back slightly

“who could that be at this hour?”

“don’t worry I’ll get it”

Noya stood and made his way to the door.

He opened it to see a tall well-built alpha wearing a black suit with a white shirt, his hair was gelled back, and he looked quite old in the face, the omega frowned at him

“who are you?”

The man smiled down at him

“oh, sorry did I come at a bad time?”

Noya frowned once again and went to speak before getting interrupted

“Yu!! Who is it?”

The woman made her way down the hall

“oh, Jin… I told you I was busy tonight, I have my son over”

Noya turned to his mum

“who’s Jin?”

“ahh, Yu I didn’t want to tell you straight away, but this is my partner Jin, Jin this is my son Yu”

“please to meet you Yu”

“erm, you too”

“please Jin come in I was just making a coffee”

The alpha nodded and waited for Noya to give the all clear and they all made their way back in to the kitchen.

“sorry for intruding Maaya, I forgot you was having your son over today”

She turned around placing two cups of coffee on the table

“don’t worry about it”

Noya picked up the coffee and took a small sip all whilst glaring at the unknown alpha

“so, how did you meet each other?”

The alpha looked at the omega and smiled

“I saw your mother sat on a bench by the lake and I couldn’t help but approach her, she was beautiful, and it was like the sun was bouncing off her skin”

Maaya giggled at the comment   

“oh, stop your embarrassing me” 

Noya looked slightly sickened by the alphas words

The omega took a few more sips of his drink and began to feel slightly dizzy, his vision started to blur, and he was wobbling where he was standing. He drops the cup on the floor and the sound of it smashing echoed the kitchen. Both Maaya and the alpha turned to him and he was staggering over to the table, he places both his hands on the table for balance and he hangs his head slightly


Was the only thing he managed to slur out.

“Yu, is everything okay?”

“I… can’t I feel… dizzy… I… I feel weak”

He sways himself backwards and leans on the wall behind him, vision still blurring and his stomach beginning to churn  

“good! That is exactly how I like my omegas to be!”

The alpha slams his hand on the wall behind Noya, just missing his head. The omega looked up in confusion just about seeing the alphas face

“h… huh?”

“Yu, I am so sorry!”

The omega slowly turned his head to face his mum

“wha… what’s going o… on?”

“once Jin found out that I have an omega son he promised to clear all my debts as long as he could have one night with you, I am so so so sorry”

The woman began to cry

~ liar ~

“I didn’t want to lie to you”

~ liar ~

“I am sorry”

~ LIAR!! ~

Noya tried to shove the alpha off him but failed in doing so, instead he fell to the ground with the man on top of him

“don’t worry boy I will treat you nicely! It’s just once night”

The omega tried to get up to run away but had no luck when he found the alphas hand on the back of his head followed by his face getting smashed in to the floor beneath him, he cried out in pain

“stop struggling!”

The alpha quickly grabbed at Noya’s belt buckle and began to un-do it, Noya’s eyes widened


He struggled out of the grip and began to crawl away until the alpha grabbed his ankle dragging him back so he was laying underneath him on his back, tears were running down his cheeks and he carried on struggling to get away. The alpha pinned Noya’s arms above his head and lowered himself down close to the omegas neck, taking a big sniff, he let off an inner growl

“oh, you smell so good, just like pine cones and vanilla! Maybe I should bond with you and make you carry my pups”

Noya’s eyes widened once again as the alpha opened his mouth and he could feel his warm breath on his neck


From the sound of the front door crashing open to the alpha being sent flying across the kitchen floor all happened so fast it was hard to comprehend. Noya heard the sound of his mother screaming before running out the house and all that he could see through blurred vision was two black silhouettes that looked like they were fighting. The omegas head felt heavy, his body began to shake, his vision got worse and he started to breath heavy. A moment went past and from what Noya could tell there was only one person left in the house with him. The blurry figure came rushing over to his still shaking body and raised his head up slightly


~ where am I? ~


~ is someone shouting for me?... Who is that? I can’t see… ~


The omega opened his eyes a little wider to try and focus

“Yu! Thank god!”


“yeah, I’m here, I’m not going anywhere!”


The omegas head fell back and his eyes were fully shut, his body started trembling again and his breathing was hitched, Asahi pulled his phone from his pocket and called for an ambulance

“hello, emergency service how can I help?”

“erm, it’s my omega, I think, I think he’s dropping, he’s unconscious and I… I”

“Sir, we are going to have to ask you to calm down, please tell us the address in which you are, and we will send an ambulance out immediately”

Asahi gave all the information over and stayed on the phone until the ambulance had arrived. Two paramedics came rushing through the house and placed themselves on the floor at either side of the omega. Asahi stood biting his thumb nail whilst the paramedics placed an oxygen mask over Noya’s face to even out his breathing, they proceeded with checks and took instant blood samples

“Asahi, you were the one on the phone to my colleague yes?”

The alpha with wide eyes nodded

“well you will be pleased to know that your omega hasn’t dropped”

Asahi let out his breath that he didn’t even know he was holding in

“he has how ever been drugged, but luckily it’s a weak drug and will be out of his system within a couple of hours, we have controlled his breathing and wrapped a bandage around his head as it looks like he took quite a blow to it. There is no need to bring him to the hospital just keep an eye on him, make sure he drinks plenty of water and if he does seem to act out of character do bring him in, but everything should be fine. Is there somewhere we can move him, so he will be more comfortable?”

Asahi nodded and guided them to the living room, so they could place him on the sofa.

Before the paramedics left they shook Asahi’s hand and told him that he should report the issue to the police. He shut and locked the door behind them and made his way back in to the living room where the sleeping omega was laid comfortably on the sofa. He sat himself on the edge where his mate was laying and delve in to a deep void of thoughts

~ If I hadn’t of got here when I did it would have been too late; how could his own mother do that to him? I feel sick, my mate almost… almost ~

The alpha shakes his head to try and rid the horrible thoughts circling around his mind. He sits for what feels like forever until there was slight movement coming from the side of him, he looked over to Noya who was staring at him with a shocked/disgusted look and tears running down his cheeks

“Asahi, I’m so sorry!”

Asahi frowned and quickly wrapped his arms around his mate, holding him tightly as he cried in to his alpha’s chest

“why are you sorry? You didn’t do anything wrong”

He ran circles over the shorter’s back whilst still holding him close, Noya looked up at him, his face was so sad it broke the alphas heart

“if I wasn’t such an idiot, if… if I didn’t trust her… I… I”

“shhh, you’re not to blame, it was partly my fault for telling you to give it a go”

The omega shook his head quickly and grabbed at the front of Asahi’s shirt



“I was thinking that I wouldn’t know what I would have done if I had turned up late, if I wasn’t waiting outside for you, If I hadn’t of heard your screams, I never ever want anything like this to happen to you ever again and the thought of you living here for much longer is driving me crazy. I don’t want you to feel as if I’m forcing you or anything like that, but I need to ask you a serious question.”

The omega pulled himself out of the tight embrace

“a… are you going to b… break up with me… be… because now you know… ab… about my home life?”

Tears began to fall down his cheeks again

“ha, no, quite the opposite actually.”

Noya frowned at the alpha and encouraged him to carry on with what he was saying

“I would like to bond with you”

The omegas eyebrows raised, and he placed his hand on his chest

“wahh?! I… I…”

“you can say no, because I know you said you wanted to spend your next heat with me, and you didn’t want to bond yet, but I want to be with you for the end of time, my eyes just look at you, my heart is all yours and I want to keep you safe… forever”

“I to want to bond with you…”

The omega blushed a bright red before Asahi grabbed his face gently and kissed him on the lips, Noya closed his eyes enjoying the touch of his alphas lips upon his own, as Asahi pulled back he looked at his mate lovingly

“oh, and move in with me”


The alpha chuckled

“I’ve already contacted my mum whilst you were asleep and explained everything that had happened, I asked for her permission and of course she said yes, she already thinks of you as a son, and I would love for my bed to feel the warmth it has when you sleep in it… every night. The amazing spark you have, your sense of humour, your morning mood swings, the passion you have for Disney films, your amazing scent, the way you purr and even the way you use my tooth brush even though you know I find it gross, I want to have this every single day. I want you.”

Noya looked at his very in love alpha and nodded his head before jumping on top of him and kissing him all over the face, he wobbled slightly, and Asahi held him for support

“you need to take it easy, the drug needs to leave your system”


They spent the next hour packing up two suit cases full of Noya’s belongings, he didn’t have much to pack and a lot of his clothing was already at Asahi’s where he stayed there a lot anyway. They made a slow walk back to the alphas house and he kept looking at his omega checking that he was alright, when they arrived at the front door it was swung open by Asahi’s mum and she wrapped her arms around Noya and then placed both her hands on the side of his face

“are you okay? How are you feeling? Quickly get inside I will make you a hot chocolate!”

She scurries off back in to the house and the mates followed in behind her. Asahi took the cases upstairs and Noya got under the blanket in the living room. A hot water bottle was placed on top of the omegas lap and he looked up to see Asahi’s mum smiling at him

“hot water bottles and chocolate always make me feel better, I’ve put your drink on the table”

“thank you”

He smiled at the women before she left the room, Asahi made his way in to the living room and sat beside his omega who was wrapped in a blanket and hugging the hot water bottle that was just given to him

~ I will protect him until the end of time, I won’t let anything like that happen to him ever again even if it kills me, that man… If I ever see him again he won’t get away with just a broken nose and busted lip… I will absolutely kil ~

Asahi was cut off from all his thoughts when Noya had tapped him on his shoulder, he turned to look at his mate who was smiling at him

“thank you, Asahi, for choosing me, I have loved you since the moment I met you and I am the happiest person alive knowing I got what I wanted the most.”

The omega closed his eyes and beamed a massive smile, the alpha was shocked by the sudden words but then smiled at his mate

~ after what he just experienced he still manages to pull off that beautiful smile of his, he truly amazes me ~

Chapter Text



“rude, I didn’t even say anything yet!”

Iwaizumi looked over to Oikawa who was skipping down the stairs of the stage in the gymnasium

“what do you want?”

Oikawa pouted towards the alpha

“I was just gonna say that I have set the speaker up”

“why do I feel as if that wasn’t all you were gonna say?”

The omega shrugged and walked over to Watari who was tying his trainers tighter and slapped him on the back

“ready to rehearse Watachi?”

The beta nodded softly

The doors to the gymnasium opened and Oikawa smirked

“well if it isn’t the meme team arriving early for once!”

Mattsun and Hanamaki looked at each from the corner of their eyes and shrugged before making their way in to the hall

The omega turned to face Yahaba

“where’s Mad dog?”  

“he said he was running late, but he will be here soon”

Oikawa put his hands on his hip and sighed. Iwaizumi made his way over to the sulking omega

“we really need to get our act together with this routine otherwise we won’t have a shot at beating Karasuno at the fund raising.”

“rumour has it that they might actually have a shot at beating us at the event anyway”

Oikawa turned towards Hanamaki and frowned

“what do ya mean?”

“well I heard a group of girls talking the other day and apparently they are friends with some girls from Karasuno…”


“well, the girls from Karasuno have been spying on them whilst they practice their routine and the big guy with the man bun has got some moves!”

Iwaizumi pushed forward

“their Ace? Really?”

“apparently so”

Oikawa but his finger to his chin and hummed quietly

“do they know the song they are dancing to?”

Mattsun stepped forward

“yeah! We know the song”

“what is it then?”

“not telling…”


The two giggled between themselves

“you have! To tell me!”



Iwaizumi began to laugh at the omega

“chill out Shittykawa, why do we need to know anyway?”

“because! We need to make sure our song is better!”

“look, we didn’t even agree on the song were gonna be dancing to anyway. We’re doing this song because you wanted to! And there’s no winning against you when your dead set on something! So, I’m not willing to change the song now when we don’t have long until we have to perform it in front of hundreds of people.”

The omega huffed and rolled his eyes


Iwaizumi walked over to the speaker

“right, so let’s get started on what we have so far, and if anyone has ideas then……. What the hell Shittykawa?! You didn’t set the speaker up!”

The omega bit his lip, Watari frowned

“set the speaker up? He wasn’t doing that anyway… he was taking a picture of you as you were bent over tying your trainers”

Oikawa’s jaw dropped, and he looked over to the beta with wide eyes

“Watachi! How could you!”


“ahhhh nooooo”

Mattsun and Hanamaki burst in to laughter, Oikawa made a run for the door with the alpha quickly approaching behind him

“I’m sorry Iwa-Chan!”

As the omega swung the gymnasium doors open Kyoutani was stood there chewing on a meat bun

“Mad dog-Chan? I thought you was running late?”

Before replying to the captain, he rips a piece of the meat bun off with his teeth and chews it loudly

“I was, there was a long line at the food stand”

Oikawa rolled his head back


The omega turned around and tapped Iwaizumi on the shoulder before making his way back to the centre of the gym

“Mad dog-Chan, you really need to get here on time, especially because you have shown no signs of interest in this and we really need you to participate as much as everyone else! Or is it…”

The alpha frowned

“is it what?”

Oikawa smirked before making a slow walk towards him

“is it, you can’t really dance?”

Yahaba in the background raised his eyebrows, Kyoutani frowned towards the captain

“I can dance.”

“oh really? Why don’t I believe you?”


The alpha threw his bag and jacket on the floor and stomped towards the centre of the gym

“play any song of your choosing and ill prove it!”

Oikawa glared with an evil grin towards the 2nd year and ran to connect his phone to the speaker. After plugging everything in he plays BTS-MIC DROP. The alpha rolls his eyes


Turns out the alpha had already recited the routine that BTS themselves perform in the official music video and got it down perfectly! Once the music had stopped the alpha looked over to Oikawa with one raised eye brow. The omega was looking at the 2nd year with a shocked expression and for once he was speechless, Kyoutani turned to look at everyone else who was also pulling the same face, apart from Yahaba; he was smiling. Kyoutani blushed slightly before clicking his tongue and sitting on the bench. Iwaizumi approached the other alpha and gripped tight at his shoulder

“say, Kyoutani, how’s about you teach me that foot work you did just after the chorus?”

“er, ah… sure”

Both the alphas make their way to the middle of the hall and Kyoutani shows Iwaizumi how he did the foot work in 6 complicated steps and the description that came out of the 2nd years mouth made no sense, but somehow Iwaizumi understood it all and mirrored back exactly what he just taught him. Oikawa looked at the alpha whilst biting his lip, Hanamaki wormed his way in-between the two alphas and whispered in to Iwaizumi’s ear

“your mate looks a little flushed”

“huh? What?”

The alpha turns towards the setter who was quite clearly a bright shade of red, he takes advantage of this moment and winks so only Oikawa can see it, the omega gasps and takes a step backwards

“not fair Iwa-Chan!!”  

Everyone in the gym started laughing

“Yo, guys! We just finished clearing up the stage, so we can practice on it now”

It had taken Kindaichi and Kunimi an hour to clear the stage as it was left with all the props on from the drama club. The team bowed and thanked the two for their hard work. The four omegas Oikawa, Hanamaki, Kunimi and Yahaba are the only ones that have some sort of routine planned out but Kunimi was and still is feeling insecure about the dance he must do on stage, he explained when it first got put together that he ‘just didn’t feel sexy enough’ but the whole team convinced him otherwise. The omega stood up on the stage with the other three, but he looked out of place and he was staring at the floor. As the music started each omega did their solo bit and when it came to Kunimi he just looked towards the others, then to the rest of the team who were watching and made his way off the stage, Oikawa paused the music and tilted his head in confusion.


“I’m sorry Oikawa senpai, I just don’t feel confident about how I look doing the dance”

“if its getting to you that bad… then we can just change it”

“wahh? I couldn’t ask you to do that!”

“you didn’t ask me, I offered… I wouldn’t want you feeling conscious whilst performing and plus this is meant to be fun! Right?”

“yeah, I guess”

Kindaichi walked over to Kunimi and placed his hands on the smaller’s shoulders

“Kunimi, you have nothing to worry about. You look amazing when you’re up on that stage and dancing, I know your enjoying yourself deep down. Plus! You can do a killer slut drop!”


Kunimi blushed and he blushed hard! Oikawa screeched and ran down the stage stairs

“Kunimi! You can slut drop?!”


“what? yeah you can! And its super sexy!”

“shut up Kindaichi! Please…”

Oikawa wrapped his arm around the 1st years shoulders


“I… er… fine.”


Oikawa claps his hands and takes a step back away from the younger. Kunimi closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. He caresses his own body as he raises his hands above his head and seductively drops to the floor, placing his hands on his knees he spreads his legs apart and slowly raises himself up with a circular motion to his hips, he flicks his hair, winks towards Kindaichi and bites his lip. Everyone’s jaws drop and Kindaichi very quickly covered his private region with his hands and turns around embarrassed, Mattsun bursts in to laughter and points at the 1st year alpha

“oh my god! Kindaichi got a boner!”

“wha! No, I haven’t” shut up!”

The whole gym was filled with laughter and Kunimi covered his face with his hands

“wow! Kunimi, you looked super-hot!”

Oikawa couldn’t help but get giddy over the 1st years sexual side. Iwaizumi looked towards his mate

“don’t even think about it Shittykawa”

“awwww, but Iwa-Chan!”

“no way!”

“but putting a slut drop in to the routine will just make it that 100% better!”



“anyway, I have just thought of a whole routine we could do to the song choice”

Everyone turned to Kyoutani and Mattsun shook his head

“there’s no way you have just thought of a whole! Routine in the space of ten minutes”

“I have”

The team didn’t believe him until he got Oikawa to plug his phone back in to the speaker and play the song that they are going to perform to. He danced a whole routine that fit perfectly well with each beat drop and he had even thought of each and everyone’s different rolls. The whole team were surprised to say the least but went along with it anyway. They all practiced for a further two hours and everyone picked up the routine rather quickly, Oikawa flipped the switch off to the speaker and unplugged his phone

“let’s take a quick break”

Everyone made their way off the stage but as Yahaba went to take a step forward he hadn’t realised that his shoes had become untied and he tripped over himself and went flying to the edge of the stage, Kyoutani whipped his head around to see what was happening, as he saw the omega in mid-air he ran to the edge catching him in his arms. The omega now being held bridal style by the alpha looks in to his eyes, their faces barely apart, he breaths softly on the alphas neck and it sends a shiver down his spine, the omega smiles and whispers

“th… thank you”

Kyoutani turns bright red and places him back on his feet

“n… no problem”

Watari jogs over to them

“is everything okay? you didn’t get hurt right?”

They both snap back in to reality and nod towards the beta. After having a quick break and a drink of water the team continue practicing their routine and it was coming together quickly, it was if they had been practicing it for months not just a couple of hours. Oikawa’s stomach began to growl

“ahhh man, I’m starving! Iwa-Chan treat me to food”

“don’t I always?”

The omega smiled at his mate and linked his arm within his

“were done for the day! Same time tomorrow! Byeeee”

Mattsun and Hanamaki looked at each other and smirked

“shall we invite Watari back to ours to annoy him?”

“I think that’s the best idea you have had yet!”

“hey! Watari over here”

The beta jogged over to the mates and they spoke between themselves before saying their goodbyes and leaving. Kunimi looked up to Kindaichi

“my mum has asked me to go food shopping before going home, will you help me?”

“yeah, of course”

The mates smiled at each other before waving at the remaining two and leaving. Kyoutani turned to Yahaba who was clearing the rest of the stuff they had been using away

“hey, Yahaba”


“do you er… maybe… want to”

“what’s the matter?”

“well, we have been courting for about 2 months now and we haven’t been to each other’s homes”

“ahhh, your right!”

“so, I was wondering if you wanted to spend the night at mine tonight? My dad won’t be home he’s working a night shift”

The omega blushed at the invitation but smiled and nodded, Kyoutani wrapped his arm around Yahaba’s waist and squeezed tightly before continuing to clear up the gym.

The walk back to Kyoutani’s was a long and cold one, the alpha made sure to hold Yahaba close to him to keep him warm and he even gave his jacket to him for extra warmth, even though the omega had declined the offer he got wrapped up in it anyway.

Once the mates had got back to Kyoutani’s, the alpha showed Yahaba around his home.

He lived in a small bottom floor flat with his dad who is also an alpha. The hallway was quite narrow, and the living room was small along with the kitchen and bathroom, the alpha led him to his bedroom which was also quite small but surprisingly bigger than the living room. They dropped their bags off by his bed and the omega placed himself on the edge of the bed looking around the room. A small area on the wall caught his attention, it was a collection of photos pegged to some string that ran in crosses against the wall. The omega stood and made his way over to the collection amazed at how artsy the pictures were laid out and presented, he turned to Kyoutani

“did you create this?”

“yeah, why?”

The omega turned back and scanned his eyes over how well made it was

“I just didn’t expect you to be the sort of person that had an artistic side to you, it’s beautiful!”

The alpha blushed

“oh, I didn’t know you had an older brother!”


Kyoutani made his way over to his mates side

“oh, that’s my dad”

The omega swung himself around in shock

“your dad!?! But he looks so young! Is this an old photo?”

“erm, its about 3 weeks old”

“3 weeks?!”

“yeah my dad was 14 years old when he had me”

“14? But that’s… that’s so young!”

“yeah, I know”

“what about your mum? Is she still on the scene? Oh! I’m sorry, that’s if you don’t mind me asking”

The omega looked down in embarrassment and the alpha chuckled slightly

“I don’t mind you asking!”

Kyoutani pointed to a small picture that was pegged to the top right of the string. It was a picture of a girl that looked no older the 13 in a gold leotard, skin coloured tights, hair up in a tight bun and she was in an Arabesque position.

“that’s my mum, she went to dance school and she was an award winner, every time she entered a competition she would win with flying colours, she met my dad one day after school… he went to a sports school around the corner from her school and they hit it off straight away, they got closer and closer and they even bonded when her first heat came. They found out when it was too late that she was pregnant with me, obviously the families didn’t approve and wanted her to abort me, but like I said it was too late and so she ran off with my dad and lived with my uncle.”

“so, is she still dancing now?”

“in heaven maybe, she passed away due to complications when she was giving birth to me. It broke my dads heart and the feel of the bond vanishing ripped him apart”

“oh my god, that’s so sad, I’m so sorry”

The alpha smiled at the saddened omega

“you don’t need to be! My dads a good guy and he swore to look after me with his life! And that’s exactly what he does! When he lost my mum, he decided to transfer schools and so he attended medical school to become a surgeon. He works six days a week and sometimes gets called in to do night shifts, we may live in the small apartment, but we have everything we need, and I have everything I could ever want”

The alpha looks at Yahaba with a smile and places a kiss on his forehead, the omega snuggles himself in to his chest and begins to purr.

A couple hours had passed and in that time the mates had eaten dinner, studied for their Historical Japanese language test and gone over the dance routine.

Yahaba had just finished with the shower and made his way back in to the bedroom with a towel wrapped around him, Kyoutani looked wide eyed at the omega in his almost natural beauty. He had to cough to bring himself back to reality before dirty thoughts crossed his mind. The alpha stood up and kissed his mate on the cheek before making his way to the bathroom. Yahaba opened one of the draws and pulled out one of Kyoutani’s tops, he dropped the towel and placed the top on, it was slightly too big for him and it fell past his hips. He made his way over to the bed with a book and began to read it whilst waiting for the alpha to finish his shower.

Whilst Kyoutani was in the shower he was trying to control his thoughts but all he could think about was how sexy his omega looked in just the towel and his body still slightly wet from being in the shower. He shook his head and washed his face roughly, when he got out the shower he wrapped a white towel around his waist and made his way to the bedroom with a shiver from how cold it was in the hallway. As he walked in to the bedroom he saw the omega on the bed in one of his tops

~ oh damn, can Yahaba get anymore sexy? ~

he made an inner growl sound from his chest, this caught the omegas attention and he looked up from his book to see the alpha standing there, his jaw dropped as he eyed up the alpha

~ oh my god, Kyoutani’s legs are so muscular, dancing and playing volleyball would do that to you I guess and ugghh if that towel dropped… what am I thinking? Stop Shigeru pull yourself together! ~

The omegas eyes made their way further up the alphas body

~ his stomach and chest are so ripped, I am one lucky omega. ~

“Kyoutani, your…”

The omega cut himself off as he made eye contact with the alpha, he frowned towards Yahaba

“what’s wrong?”

“it’s… err… it’s just this is… it’s the first time I’ve seen you… without eyeliner on!”

The alpha quickly covered his face with his hands

“you hate it?”

The omega stood up and walked across the bed to his mate, moved his hands and smiled at him

“you have your mother’s eyes, there beautiful!”

The alpha blushed and grabbed his mate in a tight embrace causing them to both fall on the bed, Yahaba underneath Kyoutani he blushes a deep red before purring, the alpha smiles at the sound he calls perfect and passionately kisses his mate. The alpha growls playfully and that sends a shiver down Yahaba’s spine, he raises his head backwards slightly revealing part of his neck, Kyoutani places small sloppy kisses from his jaw all the way to his collarbone before lifting his head up quickly

“sorry, I was getting carried away! I told you I would wait until you’re ready, and I don’t want our first time to feel rushed, I don’t want to hurt you and I want to wait until you are 100% ready.”

Yahaba smirks at his alpha and wraps his arms around his neck followed by his legs around his waist, he pulls his mate closer and whispers in his ear

“why wait?”

Gasps and moans were heard throughout the whole night, the neighbours wouldn’t have got any peace and Kyoutani thanked the lord his dad wasn’t home that night.

Chapter Text

“I think we ended up winding him up a little too much last night”

“dude, I did tell you to stop”

“no, you didn’t”

“well, I was thinking it”

“no, you weren’t”

“yes I was!”

“why lie?”

“I’m not lying!”

“hahaha Makki! I could tell through our bond that you wanted to egg him on some more!”

Mattsun and Hanamaki looked dead serious in to each other’s eyes before bursting in to laughter

“okay, okay, okay you got me. Did he really need to storm out though?”

“I don’t think pinching his nipples and putting on a baby voice saying, ‘feed me mumma’ was his kind of thing, you wanna hope that he doesn’t tell Oikawa that you were pestering him”

Again, they both burst in to laughter before straightening themselves up and opening the door to the gymnasium. Kindaichi, Kunimi, Yahaba, Kyoutani and Iwaizumi were taking orders from the 2nd year alpha and practicing their dance routine. Makki yawned as they entered the gym bringing everyone’s attention to them, Iwaizumi sighed

“you guys really need to get here on time for once…”

Mattsun raised his hand causing Iwaizumi to raise one eye brow


The alpha cleared his throat before continuing

“doesn’t seem like were the only late ones… I don’t see Oikawa or Watari anywhere”

Sarcastically spoken just enough to annoy Iwaizumi, he grunts and makes his way over to the meme team

“actually, Oikawa and Watari were both here an hour ago but Watari seemed pissed off so Oikawa took him for a walk to talk to him… don’t suppose you know what’s up with him? Hmmm?”

Iwaizumi smirked slightly and both Mattsun and Makki stood up straight and looked at each other before turning back to the Ace and shaking their heads. The three walked to the centre of the gym and proceeded to practice. Everything was going to plan although there were moments the team didn’t know what to do when it came down to Oikawa’s parts, but they continued to go along with it anyway. A thud to the floor caught everyone’s attention and they all looked over to see Yahaba on the floor rubbing his back, he looked up to everyone and did a sheepish smile

“sorry about that, my legs kind of gave way?”

Kyoutani walked over to the omega and held his hand out, Yahaba gratefully accepted the help and he got pulled back on to his feet. Kyoutani’s face looked worried as his spoke to the 2nd year

“is everything okay?”

Yahaba turned bright red before leaning forward to whisper in the alphas ear

“my hip is weak from last night…”

Kyoutani’s eyebrows raised as he stepped back slightly

“you should sit out for a bit, at least till Oikawa is back”

The omega nodded and shuffled over to the benches. The alpha turned around to face the rest of the team and clapped his hands to get everyone’s attentions once again. 20 minutes had passed and the doors to the gymnasium opened revealing a happier looking Watari and a slightly pissed off Oikawa, the meme team shuffled back slightly

“not so fast!”

Oikawa pointed to the mates and they stopped in their tracks and put their hands behind their heads and chuckled slightly

“Shittykawa… what’s going on?”

“I’m glad you asked Iwa-Chan”

The omega pointed towards the two at the back

“these two thought it would be funny to invite my pup around theirs last night and wind him up to the point he felt uncomfortable and stormed out!”

“your pup?... any way what do you mean make him feel uncomfortable?”

Iwaizumi turned to the mates and glared at them both.

“we were only playing”

“yeah, it wasn’t anything serious”

“we can’t help it if he can’t handle banta”

“we didn’t mean to make him feel uncomfortable though”

“yeah, it was just a joke”

They both bowed towards the beta and apologised at the same time, Watari waved his hand

“don’t worry about it”

Oikawa pouted with one eyebrow raised, he then held his hands up and shrugged

“okay, well whatever. Shall we continue with the routine?”

Everyone nodded. As Oikawa made his way to the centre he noticed Yahaba sat on the bench, so he took a slow walk over to the omega and sat beside him

“are you injured?”

“oh, err no, well… sort of?”

The younger blushed and looked down, Oikawa tilted his head in confusion

“sort of?”

“it’s embarrassing…”

“how so?”

Yahaba’s eyes wondered up to look at the team who were all practicing their foot sequences

“Kindaichi! You’re an idiot! Its left, left, left, right and then you turn!”

“r… right!”

“Mattsun! How shit can you be?!”

“well I’m not a pro dancer!”

“Watari! Are you even trying?!”

“sorry, Kyoutani…”


Yahaba smiled and shock his head, he then turned back to Oikawa who was still looking slightly confused at him

“Kyoutani and I have been courting for a little while now”

“yeah I know”

The younger turned in shock

“wait, what? you already knew?”

“well, of course I did”

The setter started laughing

“oh… okay”

“so, what’s that got to do with anything?”

Yahaba started twiddling his thumbs

“well, I stayed at Kyoutani’s for the first-time last night and…”

“and now your arse hurts?”

The younger turned to Oikawa stunned as to what just came out of his mouth

“erm… no it’s not that… it’s just my legs gave way as I was dancing”

“ohhh, so it’s your hips that hurt?”


The younger looked down in embarrassment

“why are you acting all shy about it? Ya know the first time me and Iwa-Chan did it I couldn’t even walk for three whole days! He can be such a brute sometimes…”

“so, what do you do about it?”

Oikawa smirked at the younger

“you don’t really do anything about it, your body just adjusts over time and after a while you won’t get the morning after pains, although sometimes when you have an intense connection with each other it can trigger some pains after, but there pains you can deal with easily, there like ‘ahhh this hurts but that just mean I had a good time’ sort of pain… does that make sense?”

“err, yeah I guess”

The two omegas on the bench stared at the teams horrifying attempt to calm Kyoutani down from yelling at them all

“your heats…”

“what about them?”

Oikawa looked at Yahaba with a slanted smile

“just make sure when you and Mad dog decide to spend one of your heats together that… he prepares you properly, set ground rules before hand and use a condom!”

“wahh mum! We don’t need to talk about safe sex!”

“fine, fine, just make sure you keep it all in mind!”

“yeah, I will”

Oikawa smiled at the younger before slapping his back

“best get in the line-up then!”

Yahaba nodded and took a small jog over to everyone else, Oikawa stood proudly from the bench with his hands on his hips, that was until his eyes widened

~ did Yahaba just call me mum? ~

The setter looked down with a smile that turned in to a small chuckle before running his fingers through his hair and jogging over to the team.

After an hour had passed Kindaichi had finally figured out the complicated foot sequence and was pulling it off like a pro alongside Mattsun and Iwaizumi. Watari had a solo scene where he was able to show of the fact that he can do a back flip, Kunimi and Makki have a scene with each other where they stand backwards and hold hands whilst leaning forward, which turns in to a slight spin where they then separate. The first few times the omegas tried pulling it off there was a lot of bumps and crashes in to the other team members or off the stage, which is now why they practice on the court rather then the stage itself. Of course, Oikawa’s nailed his solo at the beginning of the routine and Yahaba has a short scene with Kyoutani where the alpha lifts the omega in to the air and catches him just before he hits the ground, it’s enough to make the crowd gasp as it looks like the omega will hit the ground before anyone can catch him.

“I think it may be time we practiced on the stage”

The team looked towards Oikawa


“I don’t think were ready for that”

“yeah Kunimi is right, we’ve only just managed to do the routine without messing up”

“Kindaichi has a point, don’t you think we should go through it at least three more times before we step up on the stage?”

Oikawa smirked

“you guys are too worried, we will be fine. We have got this!”

Everyone looked at their captain in disbelief but nodded and slowly made their way on to the stage. Kyoutani turned to his mate

“don’t worry, I won’t drop you”

Yahaba nervously nodded towards the alpha, he trusted him with his life and he hasn’t dropped him yet during the other times he had been thrown in the air but there was something about doing it on stage that had him worried

~ he won’t drop me, he won’t drop me, he won’t drop me ~

Makki looked at Kunimi before smiling and nodding towards him, he didn’t have to say anything Kunimi just knew that Makki was going to try his best with the spin and make sure they both don’t go flying off the stage.

Iwaizumi and Mattsun sighed before tightening up their shoe laces and making their way on to the stage.

Everyone got themselves in to position and Watari pressed play on the speaker. The music began and so did their routine.

Oikawa struts his stuff towards Iwaizumi and performs his solo perfectly, the alphas lined up for their complicated foot sequence that ended up being a little rough around the edges, Kunimi and Makki pulled off their spin and Kyoutani caught Yahaba just before he touched the ground. More of the routine was danced and it wasn’t perfect, but it was a great improvement from the last time they had done it on the stage.

Once the music had stopped Oikawa clapped his hands and turned to face everyone

“see! Now that wasn’t so bad was it?”

“well, our foot sequence didn’t go quite to plan…”

“yeah but Mattsun, no one got hurt and it just needs brushing up a little bit!”

“I generally thought I was going to die, no offense Kyoutani! I trusted you! But being so close to the edge of the stage when you threw me up I actually thought I was going to fall… can we maybe do the throw and drop further back?”

Kyoutani nodded towards his omega, as long as his mate felt safe he was willing to do anything so changing the routine just a little bit wouldn’t hurt.

Oikawa smiled at Iwaizumi

“you seemed like you were blushing at my solo Iwa-Chan”

“it can’t be helped”

“how so?”

“well, you got your own way again and added a slut drop so…”

“so Iwa-Chan can’t resist me”

The omega winked towards his mate

“shut up Shittykawa”


Oikawa pouted and turned back to the rest of the team

“I think from now on we should practice on th…”

Everyone’s eye brows raised, and the omega was cut off due to seeing his team slowly get further away from him without them even moving, once he had realised that he had in fact taken a step backwards and was now falling off the stage he panicked, his arms were flying in circles to keep his balance and Iwaizumi ran forwards to catch him but failed in doing so, the whole team winched at the sound of a load thud hitting the floor and a squeal from Oikawa echoed the gym. Iwaizumi jumped off the stage and knelt beside the omega who was now laying on his side holding his bad knee up to his chest and whimpering with his eyes squeezed shut, it didn’t take long for the rest of the team to rush down the stairs of the stage and circle around the setter. Iwaizumi placed his hand on his mates shoulder


A whimper from the omega made the alphas heart drop, Kindaichi stepped towards the omega but retreated slightly when Iwaizumi let out a slight growl

“Iwaizumi, it sounded like he hit his knee pretty hard you should take him to the infirmary where they can strap it up for him.”

The alpha nodded and picked his mate up bridal style and carried him to the doors in which Mattsun had opened for him. Once they had left the team looked at each other concerned, Kunimi sighed quietly

“I knew it was a bad idea to practice on the stage”

Everyone followed the statement with a nod. Makki stepped forward

“well, there’s not much point in practicing the routine so shall we set the net up?”

Everyone grunted before going off and grabbing the trolley of volleyballs.


“ow, ow, ow, ow, ow”

“I’m sorry Tooru but I need to make sure that I strap it up tighter then usual if you want it to be better before your performance”

Iwaizumi stood to the side of the bed looking pissed off at the school nurse, but he knew that she was causing him pain for a good cause, so he kept quiet.

“ye… yeah I know”

Oikawa swung his head back and ran his fingers through his hair, Iwaizumi grabbed his hand and sent a reassuring smile his mates way, the omega looked at him and gave a tired smile. One thing Iwaizumi hates the most isn’t seeing his omega in pain, its when his omega is in pain and acting like he isn’t, but this time the setter wasn’t pretending or acting like everything was okay… this time he really was in pain and Iwaizumi just knew that it was an awful amount, he felt guilty that he wasn’t able to catch him in time

“stop it”

The alpha looked over to his mate


“your blaming yourself for something that couldn’t be helped. It wasn’t your fault that I fell off the stage it was mine, I should have been looking where I was going”

“I saw you going though and I just couldn’t get to yo…”

“just stop”

Iwaizumi frowned, and Oikawa smiled at him

“I’m fine!”


The omega chuckled.

Once the nurse had finished strapping up Oikawa’s knee she explained to the boys that he needed to go home and rest, so Iwaizumi accompanied him on a slow walk back the omegas place.

“you don’t need to walk me home Iwa-Chan I’ll be fine”

“you’re actually holding on to my arm whilst limping, I don’t think you will be fine”

“I’ll show you!”

Oikawa let go of the alphas arm and took a step forward but soon lost his balance and fell forward, luckily this time Iwaizumi was able to catch him

“will you stop dicking about!”

“hahaha fine. Walk me home”

Oikawa’s parents are never home, so it wasn’t weird that Iwaizumi had his own key to the omegas apartment and would let himself in when ever he liked, he also stays the night so often that his parents don’t need to worry where he is when he doesn’t come home.

Iwaizumi unlocked the front door and helped Oikawa take his shoes off before entering, as they made there way in to the living room the mates shivered

“geez did you forget to put the heating on Shittykawa?”

The omega responded by sticking his tongue out, Iwaizumi shook his head and sighed

“go lay on the sofa and keep you leg up so you can rest your knee, I’m gonna go put the heating on”

Oikawa shuffled to the sofa and flopped himself down on to it pulling the blanket that was resting on the back over him, he sighed, and you could faintly see his breath, he shivered once again and rubbed his hands together. Iwaizumi walked in to the living room holding a pillow and a duvet, he asked Oikawa to lift his leg up and he sat himself down on the sofa next to him with the omegas legs going across his, he pulled the duvet over them and rubbed gentle circles around the setter’s knee. The touch from the alpha relieved Oikawa of all pain, it was like magic.

The omega was warming up quickly and his eyes began to slowly fall shut, Iwaizumi looked at him and smiled when he had realised his mate had fallen asleep and was now purring softly.

~ as much as he annoys the shit out of me, I wouldn’t have him any other way ~

Back at Aoba Johsai’s gym the remaining team mates had just finished volleyball practice and were clearing up the court.

“hey, what we gonna do with Oikawa’s and Iwaizumi’s stuff? I think Oikawa left his phone on the speaker aswell…”

Mattsun turned to Kunimi

“Watari lives close to Oikawa”

“yeah, I do, I’ll drop their stuff round to them before I head home”





Kunimi frowned before running over to his bag and answering his phone

“what? really? Again… why can’t you go whilst I’m at school? Will I get any this time? Okay, I’m sorry… okay bye”

Makki hummed and looked at Mattsun with a sceptical expression before approaching Kunimi in a playful way and wrapping his arm around the youngers shoulder

“what was all that about then huh?”

“oh, er… nothing”

Kunimi looked towards Kindaichi

“will you come with me to the super market again please?”


“erm, guys we need to go now, is that okay?”

Everyone nodded and waved before they left

Watari grabbed the olders belongings and left behind them, Yahaba and Kyoutani were sweeping the floor and Makki turned to Mattsun once again

“something feels kind of… off?”

“what do you mean?”

“did you not hear his phone call?”

“no, I wasn’t listening in like you do”

“pffft, your worse than me sometimes!”

“anyway, what was said?”

“he said something about having some this time and then he quickly apologized, when he got off the phone he asked Kindaichi to go with him to the super market”


Makki looked at Mattsun with a blank expression

“really?... what if he isn’t allowed to eat at home?”

“what?! where did you get that from, I think your jumping the gun a bit”

The alpha began to laugh

“you go to the super market to get food dickhead, and he just said will he get some this time…”

“I still think your over thinking things and since when do you give a crap about this sort of stuff?”

“I don’t usually but he is a team mate at the end of the day.”

“look, I think if something was going on at home then Kindaichi would have taken him in by now… Kindaichi seems like a wuss but I think if shit came to shove and his omega was in danger then he would stand his ground”

“yeah… your right. I think one day I will spy on him though!”

“ahhh sweet Jesus”

Mattsun chuckled to himself and it wasn’t long until Makki started chuckling as well

“ahhh, well shall we go home? Since were no longer being active I’m cold and I want warming up”

The omega winked at his mate, Mattsun puffed out his chest

“I shall be your warmer!”

They both giggled and left the gym without saying goodbye.

“it always seems to just be us two left”

Yahaba smiled and Kyoutani smirked at him

“just means more alone time”

“you know Oikawa knew that were courting”


“I’m not sure…”

“is it a problem?”

“ahh, errr no of course not, I just thought we wasn’t gonna tell anyone yet”

The alpha frowned

“what’s wrong with telling people?”


“are you ashamed?”

“no! of course not!”

“then what’s the problem?”

The omega looked down and everted his eyes away from the alpha

“fine, if your gonna be like that!”

Kyoutani threw the mop that he had in his hands just missing Yahaba, it caused the omega to jump and look up. Kyoutani was storming towards the door 

“no! wait!”

Yahaba ran after the alpha and grabbed his arms to stop him from walking, he turned around to see that the omega had tears running down his cheeks. Kyoutani was taken back and his heart sank

“why are you crying?”

“b… because I don’t want us to break up!”

“why would we break up?”

“because… because everyone in my family that has told people that their courting someone before 5 months is up has ended badly, I don’t just mean they had a massive row I mean it ended horribly… I know it sounds stupid! But I swear it’s like some sort of curse! and now that Oikawa knows about us I… I”

Kyoutani wrapped his arms around the omega and rested his chin on his head

“stop crying, that won’t happen I promise.”

He pulled the omega back by his shoulder and looked in to his watery eyes

“when I asked to court you, I promised you that I would protect you with my life and look after you no matter what, didn’t I?”

Yahaba sniffed and nodded slightly

“and I won’t go back on my word, you can be the first to break your family curse, how about that? I love you okay”

“I love you too”

“now stop being silly, who cares if people find out about us, heck I recon the whole team probably know anyway”

“wha… what makes you say that?”

“because I’m different”


“yeah, ever since you accepted my courting offer I have tried harder to better myself and work along side our team mates as a member and not just someone who thinks their better. You have changed me for the better and I want to become a man for you… also I can’t take my eyes off you the whole time your around so…”

Yahaba smiled at his mate

“but shh, you can’t tell anyone I have a soft side okay?”

The omega laughed

“okay, I promise”

Kyoutani kissed his mate on the forehead before picking his and his mates bag up and leaving the gym with his arm wrapped around his omegas waist.

Yahaba thought back on everything he went through before he joined Aoba Johsai, before he met Kyoutani and realised that now he is one of the happiest people alive and it’s all because of the alpha holding him so tight.

“hey, Kyoutani”


“this dance…lets beat Karasuno!”



“wahhh? How did everyone sneeze at the same time?”

Coach Ukai looked at the team who were all sniffling. Suga waved his hand

“sorry coach!”

Ukai sighed with a grin

“anyway, that’s enough volleyball practice for one day, isn’t it about time you practice your dance routine?”

As Ukai asked the question Kiyoko and Yachi walked in carry the speaker from the music room, Tanaka ran over to help them carry it. The girls pointed to where the alpha needed to carry it and the three of them proceeded to set it all up, everyone else walked over to the benches and grabbed their water flasks and downed near enough the whole bottle before tightening up their shoe laces. Ukai and Takeda pulled the net down and cleared the rest of the gym equipment away to make room for the team to be able to practice their routine. The team stood in their starting positions, Asahi nodded at Yachi and she pressed play on the speaker.

The dance routine was next to perfect and everyone cheered with each other when they had finished, Asahi sighed in relief. It may have taken longer then it should have but everyone now knows what there doing and with a few brush ups they will be all set for the fund raising. Suga gathered up the omegas

“so, I got a call from Kiki this morning and she said that our outfits are done, and we are free to go and collect them any time, so I was thinking that we head over as soon as we can”

Three of the omegas nodded towards the setter with a smile, Tsukki rolled his eyes and sighed.

“oh, Dai, have you sorted out your outfits yet?”

Daichi turned from talking to Asahi to look at Suga with a semi guilty smile, the omega pouted at him

“well, your just gonna have to order them then, we don’t have very long, and we don’t have time to go shopping now!”

The alpha nodded in defeat towards his mate and turned back to Asahi who was looking slightly scared. Noya pulled Suga to the side to talk to him in private

“erm, Suga, how long are we going to be out for? I don’t really want to be out for long”


“I just don’t feel too well so I would rather be at Asahi’s”

“at Asahi’s? wouldn’t it be better if you go home and rest?”


Suga frowned at the Libero

“is everything okay?”

“ye… yeah, I’m gonna go get changed so we can go to Kiki’s”

The older watched worriedly at Noya as he walked out the gym but was soon distracted by a slap to the back from Tanaka

“Suga, we were just saying how we will skip out on volleyball practice tomorrow and do the dance routine instead and this time you guys can do a dress rehearsal”

The setter smiled and nodded at the alpha. Kiyoko cleared her throat

“the music club said we can keep the speaker for a few days as they are all going on a school trip so they won’t be needing it”

Coach Ukai nodded at the manger

“okay, I won’t bother coming in tomorrow as all your doing is dancing so gather all your stuff and scram”

The team left the gym and made their way to the club room to get changed, after that the alpha’s made their way to Tanaka’s to order their outfits, Kiyoko walked Yachi to her part time job and the omegas made their way to Kiki’s.


Kiki jumped and wrapped her arms around the omega as he stepped foot through the door

“hey Kiki, I’m excited to see how you have done the outfits”

“I’m excited too! I hope they are what you were expecting”

She guided the omegas in to the back room where she had hung up each of their outfits in the changing rooms, she pointed to each room and guided each omega in to the right one.

Suga squealed with happiness when he tried his on, Hinata laughed when he put his on, Noya stared stunned in the mirror with his on, Yamaguchi blushed a deep red when he saw what he looked like and Tsukki was less than impressed and wanted to take it off almost instantly, but Suga wanted to see what everyone looked like first, so he demanded they all step foot out of their changing rooms.

First to step out was Hinata and he showed off his outfit almost as much as he showed off his Karasuno jacket when he received it.

“oh my god Hinata! You look soooo cute! Kageyama is going to die when he sees you in this!”

Hinata blushed and stood at the side of Suga. Next out was Yamaguchi

“aww the innocent one no longer looks innocent!”

“I er, don’t think I can pull this off very well… I mean, you can see all my freckles…”

“and? Your freckles are super cute! Now come stand over here!”

Next out was Noya, he was pulling at all the fabric trying to feel comfortable

“look, let me help you!”

Suga approached the younger and sorted him out so he was in the outfit properly

“there we go! Aww Noya you look so good!”

The setter clapped his hands in excitement

Next was Tsukki…

Yamaguchi frowned and stepped forward



The setter frowned

“Tsukishima, get your arse out of that dressing room.”

“this is awful.”

“get out!”

Tsukki sighed and pulled the curtain back and shyly stepped out, everyone’s expressions changed to a stunned one. Noya’s jaw fell open

“damn Tsukishima! Wha… where have you been hiding that figure?!”

The taller frowned at the Libero, Hinata was nodding eagerly

“Tsukishima your long legs are so… so”


Yamaguchi butted in, Tsukki sighed and looked over to Suga for approval and was shocked when he saw the setters face, he had water eyes and was blushing, he wiped his eyes with his palm

“sorry, I was just… I was in shock. Tsukishima, you are stunning! If Kuroo see’s you I don’t think he is going to hold back!”

The setter was acting like a proud mum seeing their pup off to college on their first day

“can I get changed now?”

“can I come and see?”

Suga turned around


Kiki walked around the corner and gasped as she saw them all stood in their outfits

“oh my god!! You all look super sexy! How are your alphas going to keep their hands off you!”

She giggled before turning to Suga

“Suga I swear you look good in everything from here!”


He pulled the girl to the side

“not too loud, I don’t really want them to know that I come here often”

Kiki’s eyes widened, and she hummed in understanding

“so, how much do I owe you for all this?”

The girl smiled at the omega

“it’s on me, just make sure you win”

She winked before walking back to her desk. Suga bowed and thanked her loudly, he turned back to everyone else and instructed them to get changed. They left the store holding a bag each with their outfits in them.

“Dai messaged me saying that their outfits are all ordered now, and everyone has gone back to their own homes. So, I’ll see you all tomorrow, it’s a dress rehearsal so don’t forget your outfits!”

The older waved and walked off, and so everyone else went their separate ways also.

Hinata decided he was going to go back to Kageyama’s and when he got there he was welcomed by Kirami

“Shouyou! Cutie, come on in!”

Hinata smiled as he steps foot in the house and takes his shoes off

“Tobio is helping Mikado with dinner, so you can keep me company in the living room”


As they walk in to the living room Hinata notices that the music channel is on and playing right now was 4MINUTE-CRAZY

“oh, you like K-pop?”

Kirami turns to the orange head

“of course, I do! I often try dancing along to the video’s but I’m no good!”

“I will teach you a knew move I learnt quite recently!”

“oh, one you have just learnt for your routine?”

The younger nodded

“it’s called a slut drop”

The older omega looked shocked at the younger

“a what?”

The younger giggled but explained it wasn’t as bad as it sounds and showed the older how to do it

“oh! That! Our dancers in the club do that against a pole!”

Next thing you know Hinata and Kirami were slut dropping every time the chorus to 4MINUTE-CRAZY came along. Mikado and Kageyama walked in to the living room wondering why the music was on so loud and the sight of their omegas slut dropping stunned them both, Hinata spotted the two standing by the door and instantly stopped dancing and stared at them, Kirami frowned at Hinata in confusion until he looked over to where the younger was staring and instantly knew why he had suddenly stopped. Both omegas now blushing, Kirami mutes the TV

“oh, erm… how long have you guys been standing there?”

Mikado frowned

“long enough”

Hinata blushed a brighter red and looked over to Kageyama who was still stood there in shock

“hey, Kageyama, I thought id come over before going home, but you were busy making dinner, so I kept your dad company…”

“erm, father, is it okay if I stop helping you with dinner?”

“that’s fine son”

Kageyama walked in to the room grabbing Hinata’s arm and walking upstairs, he waved at Kirami before leaving. Mikado turned to Kirami with one raised eyebrow


“why was you dancing like our dancers from the club?”

“I was just having some fun!”

The omega crossed his arms and pouted, Mikado walked over to him and wrapped his arms around his waist

“you need to dance like that for me”

The alpha winked and passionately kissed his mate, he pulled away and made his way back to the kitchen, leaving Kirami standing in the middle of the room… shocked.

Kageyama threw Hinata on the bed and the omega looked at him angrily

“are you annoyed with me Bakageyama!?!”

“annoyed?! Annoyed?!”

“what the hell is wrong with you?”

“you turned me on Hinata!”

The omega blushed

“I what?”

Kageyama grunted

Hinata sat up and leaned towards the alpha

“well, I guess I should help you out then”

Kageyama frowned at him

“help me out?”

The omega nodded and pulled Kageyama closer to him by his waist, he unzipped his trouser bottoms and pulled them down followed by his boxers exposing his grown member, Hinata licked his lips and winked up at Kageyama who’s eyes had widened.



At the Tanaka residence


Yamaguchi was helping Saeko out with dinner and Tanaka was making the table.

“how’s your dance routine going?”

“were doing really good actually, I collected my outfit today and we have dress rehearsal tomorrow”

“oh, tomorrow! That reminds me, I’m leaving early in the morning and I won’t be back until the next day”

Tanaka looked up from the table

“where you going?”

“the club are doing a hike and I thought I’d tag along”

Tanaka burst in to laughter and Saeko frowned at him

“what’s so funny?”

“well hahaha I just couldn’t hahaha imagine you surviving a hike! Hahaha”

“well I will prove you wrong once I complete it won’t I!”

“yeah, whatever”

After the three of them finished their dinner Saeko put a romantic comedy film on in the living room, something Tanaka and Yamaguchi really wasn’t interested in watching so they made their way to their room. Tanaka had been begging Yamaguchi since he got home to see the outfit, but the omega wasn’t having any of it.

“you will see it tomorrow, so just drop it”

“but, I really really really really really really really want to see you in it”

Yamaguchi sighed

“if I put it on do you promise to not laugh?”

“I promise!”

Yamaguchi grunted in defeat


The omega stood up from the bed and made his way over to the bag he had left by the wardrobe and started pulling out some of the fabrics, which wasn’t a lot.

“okay, don’t look I’m about to get changed in to it”

Tanaka turns himself around on the bed with his back towards his mate. Yamaguchi didn’t tell the alpha when he had changed in to the outfit, instead he just looked down at himself and ran his fingers over his body

~ this is awful, freckles everywhere and there all on show… I look gross, everyone is gonna laugh at me… I ~

“oh, my, god.”

Yamaguchi was cut off from his thoughts when he looked up and saw Tanaka with his jaw almost on the ground, he felt his face go red and he looked to the ground. The alpha stood up and made his way over to his mate

“what’s the matter? Why do you look so sad?”

“be… because”

The omega placed his hands over his face to hide the tears that he was forcibly holding back, now trickling down his cheeks. His shoulders began to shake slightly, and a noise escaped the omegas lips, a noise that sounded so sad that it made the alpha jolt forward and wrap his arms tightly around his mate

“why are you crying?”

“because I… I look horrible!”

Tanaka put his hands on either side of Yamaguchi’s shoulders and pushed him back slightly

“you can’t be serious?”

The omega nodded

“my freckles are on show and… and I have scars, this body isn’t attractive… it’s disgusting and”

“stop! Just stop right there! I don’t want to hear that from you! I hate liars”

Yamaguchi looked up at his mate through tear filled eyes


“liars… I hate them!”

“but, I haven’t lied to you?”

The younger looked up in confusion

“you just lied to me, you said that your body isn’t attractive and that its disgusting, well I’m sorry but that’s a lie. I am in love with everything about you, and to me your body is a temple and I worship it! You know you drive me crazy right? Everything about you is perfect, yeah people have flaws and insecurities, but I love everything about you… everything! Jesus Christ, you drive me crazy on normal days, I crave to be close to you every minute of every day, heck I want to bond with you as soon as possible! You need to stop being insecure and appreciate yourself as much as I appreciate you. So what if you have scars? Your scars tell a story of bravery, you survived every bit of shit that was thrown at you! Why do you think I got you a bracelet that said brave on it? Because I generally believe that”

Yamaguchi was looking in to the eyes of his alpha, more tears falling down his cheeks, Tanaka’s expression changed to a shocked one

“sorry, did I say to much? It’s just I love you so much and I want you to know how much of a precious person you are”

Tanaka frowned towards his mate who was still looking at him

“Yamaguchi, please say something”

“yo… you want to bond with me?”

Tanaka stepped back, putting his hand behind his head, he smiled

“well, yeah! Of course, I do”

The next thing the alpha knew, Yamaguchi had jumped, wrapped his arms around his neck and they were now both falling towards the bed. Tanaka landed on his back with his mate on top of him, he smiled at the fact the omega was snuggling in to his chest and so he ran his fingers through his hair and stroked his bare back with his other hand

“I love you Tadashi”

With no response Tanaka looked down worriedly but to his pleasure he saw that Yamaguchi had in fact fallen asleep and was now purring

~ this… is exactly what I love ~


“leave me alone!”

“but Kei, I only asked to show me the outfit, what’s wrong with that?”

“because I don’t want to show you? Leave me alone I’m going to my room”

Tsukki slammed the door in Akiteru’s face, threw his bags in the corner of the room and slumped on his bed. He placed his headphones back on his head and pulled his phone from his pocket, as he went to change the artist he received a message

~ brilliant timing Kuroo… ~


Kuroo: Tsukki! I miss you! How has your day bean?

Tsukki: you do realise you spelt been as a baked bean right?


Kuroo: dammit, my bad. How has your day BEEN?


Tsukki: Ive had better days


Kuroo: I swear you normally have ‘better days’ what’s up?


Tsukki: its nothing, what have you been up to today?


Kuroo: well, I had to bring Kenma back to mine because he fell off a curb and grazed his knee


Tsukki: how did he mange that?


Kuroo: he wasn’t paying attention to where he was going because he got a new game for his PSP next thing I knew I was talking to myself and when I turned around he was on the floor, but get this… he didn’t even batter an eye he was still playing his bloody game lol


Tsukki: okay, that’s quite funny. It reminds me of a time Yamaguchi and I were walking to school and he was telling me about this anime he had started, and he wasn’t looking at where he was going, and he walked straight in to a lamp post… I don’t mean he knocked the lamp post… I mean he full pelt whole body smashed in to a lamp post… he then brushed it off like nothing had happened and carried on talking about this bloody anime even though his nose was bleeding… he was just talking through the blood. I laughed for about an hour and was late for lesson…


Kuroo: omg! That’s brilliant! What was the anime?


Tsukki: I can’t remember what he said the name was now, but there was something to do with gangs, a pissed off guy, a guy that knew how to get every little bit of information he needed, Russians… oh and a woman with out a head who rides a motorbike?


Kuroo: okay well that sounds awesome!


Tsukki: well he was excited about it, so it must be good lol


Kuroo: how’s your dance routine going?


Tsukki: argh don’t even get me started…


Kuroo: you haven’t got long left now!


Tsukki: don’t remind me :/


Kuroo: I’m gonna make sure I get to see it!


Tsukki: why would you travel all this way to come see one dance?


Kuroo: because I get to see you dance obviously!


Tsukki: it’s not going to be special


Kuroo: hell yeah it will! So, what are you wearing for it?


Tsukki: ahhh man


Kuroo: ???


Tsukki: it’s soooo embarrassing


Kuroo: how so?


Tsukki: it’s a little revealing and erm… yeah


Kuroo: how revealing?


Tsukki: didn’t curiosity kill the cat? Lol it’s like more skin then clothing…


Kuroo: -.-


Tsukki: ???


Kuroo: nothing


Tsukki: you going to be one of them and tell me I can’t wear it?


Kuroo: no


Tsukki: then what’s your problem?


Kuroo: I’m worried


Tsukki: about what?


Kuroo: I’m worried I’m not gonna be able to keep my hands off you ;)


Tsukki: oh dear…


Kuroo: so, I’ll be staying at yours for a few nights if that’s okay?


Tsukki: obviously


Kuroo: yay! I’m looking forward to seeing you again! I hate that I live so far


Tsukki: I guess it makes seeing each other even more special


Kuroo: aww Tsukki!! Your soooo romantic!


Tsukki: I’m really not…


Kuroo: lol whatever you say haha


Tsukki: I’m going to go, I’ve got course work to do… as usual and I need to put my phone on charge


Kuroo: okay! I will speak with you tomorrow :) I love you <3


Tsukki: love you too


Tsukki closed his messaged before leaning and putting his phone on charge, he placed his headphones on the side and walked over to his desk.

~ I wish he didn’t live so far either ~

Chapter Text


“Suga, please calm down”


The setter stormed out of the kitchen and in to the living room, Daichi followed close behind him. The omega swung himself to face the alpha in a dramatic manner


“if you keep yelling like that you will wake the neighbours”


Daichi sighed and made a cautious walk over to his mate and wrapped his arms around the raging omega

“calm down, I’m sure you would have found out about it when he felt ready to tell you”

“that’s not the point…”

Daichi leaned back to look at his mate

“then what is?”

“I… I feel as if my pups don’t talk to me anymore…”

“of course, they talk to you…”

“no, I mean they don’t tell me their problems anymore”

“don’t be silly, I’m sure there’s a perfectly good explanation for this situation”

Suga pouted and slumped himself on to the sofa

“pass me the blanket… I’m cold.”

Daichi smiled, grabbed the blanket and wrapped his mate up like a Sushi roll


Hours earlier


Yamaguchi was tossing and turning in bed, it was cold, and something didn’t feel quite right. When he opened his eyes he noticed that the alpha he normally wakes up next to wasn’t there, he frowned before looking over to the alarm clock which read 9am

~ oh damn, I slept in… ~

He rolled on to his back before yawning and stretching so wide that he almost took up the whole bed, he sighed and rolled himself out of bed. He shuffled over to the wardrobe and grabbed Tanaka’s dressing gown, before he put it on he glanced over to the mirror and his eyes widened

~ oh shit! I slept in the outfit ~

The omega sighed and stripped himself down, he grabbed blue pyjamas that had white clouds printed all over them and put them on followed by the dressing gown, the omega grabbed the outfit from the floor and made his way to the kitchen. When he got there, he flipped the kettle on and placed his outfit in the washing machine.

~ where the hell is Tanaka? ~

The still tired omega yawned and rubbed his eyes as he pulled a mug out from the cupboard, when he finished making himself a coffee he sat at the kitchen table with his hands cupped around the hot mug. His eyes began to feel heavy and before he knew it he had drifted off, only briefly though because at that moment the sound of the front door being slammed open woke him up, he stood quickly but was instantly relieved when he saw his mate standing in the doorway of the kitchen wearing a big puffy coat, scarf, beanie hat and was holding 2 carrier bags. The omega shivered from the cold breeze Tanaka had brought with him

“good morning Yamaguchi, you alright?”

“ahh, erm, yeah? Where have you been?”

“well I got a phone call from Ennoshita, the three of them are back off their holiday now and so I went to go see them, also I got a message from Noya saying he needed to talk to me, so I popped over to Asahi’s for an hour”

“to Asahi’s?”

Tanaka looked at his confused mate

“yeah, long story”

“are you going to tell me?”

“of course, I will but you can’t tell anyone… he doesn’t want everyone to know just yet”


“but before that!”

Tanaka raised his arms to show the carrier bags

“I went to the shop and got us breakfast!”

Yamaguchi smiled at his mate and sat back down to drink his coffee.

About an hour had passed and Tanaka had burnt everything that he bought for breakfast, but Yamaguchi insisted on eating it… after he had finished laughing anyway. Whilst they sat at the table eating bits of burnt food they spoke about how it went with seeing Ennoshita, Kinoshita and Narita and how nice it was to see them again

“so, when I left those three I did make my way to the shop, but then I got a call from Noya and he said he really wanted to talk to me”

“is it bad?”

“well, it isn’t good”

Tanaka’s lips slanted to the side

“he’s now living with Asahi because life at home wasn’t good”

“oh really? How come?”

“his mum had been neglecting him and he didn’t tell anyone… she’s a prostitute and was never home and when she was she always had a different man with her…and then she lied to him…”

“she lied?”

Tanaka gritted his teeth

“she pretended that she had sorted her life out and that she wanted to have a relationship with him, but then an alpha came around… she drugged Noya… her own son! And then the alpha attacked him…”

Yamaguchi’s eyes began to water

“please tell me nothing bad happened to him”

“luckily Asahi made it to him just in time”

“oh, thank god for that!”

“I’m a little pissed off though”


“because I’m meant to be his best friend and he never told me anything and I never noticed…”

Yamaguchi stood up and wrapped his arms around the alphas shoulders

“don’t start blaming yourself, I never told anyone not even Tsukki what was going on at home… I mean he knew there was some sort violence going on, but he never knew to what extent. When stuff like that is happening at home… you become scared and you don’t want to tell anyone because you feel as if you will be judged and then it gets to a point where you lose your voice and it becomes something normal. After a while I began to believe that that was my life and I had to put up with it… Noya is lucky to have an alpha that was there to safe him as am I”

The omega smiled at his mate

“your amazing Yamaguchi, I love you”

Tanaka stood up and wrapped his arms around the younger, Yamaguchi smiled at his mate and then made his way to the washing machine, he pulled his outfit out and placed it on the heater. The two of them threw away the rest of their breakfast and washed up the plates and cutlery before heading up stairs to get dressed for school. Tanaka watched as Yamaguchi was unbuttoning his pyjama top, the omega turned to him

“you will catch flies if you leave your mouth open that wide”

Tanaka closed his mouth quickly

“I can’t help it, you’re just so sexy”

Yamaguchi turned bright red and turned his back towards the alpha. With a quiet couple of steps in a quick motion Tanaka had his arms wrapped around his omegas waist from behind and he began kissing the side of his neck, he moved his hands to the buttons on the omegas pyjama top and started to unbutton them, when it was fully open he slowly pulled it off his shoulders and trailed small sloppy kisses down each bit of his skin as it was revealed. Kisses and nibbles were made all the way from the top to the bottom of his back, the alpha made his way back up to his mates neck running his hand down the youngers chest and stomach until he stops at the waist band of the pyjama bottoms, he takes a deep inhale of his neck causing the omega to shiver, and when he thought it was all good he made his way under the waist band and the elastic to his boxers until he finds his mates growing member. Yamaguchi rolls his head back in to the crease of his alphas neck

“Ta… Tanaka we c…ca”

The alpha places his lips an inch away from Yamaguchi’s ear and whispers

“we have the house to ourselves”

The omegas chest noticeably raised as his breathing got deeper, he turned around and with both his hands grabbed his mates face and dived in to a passionate kiss that radiated a spark between them. Tanaka not losing connection of the kiss started yanking at his layers dropping each bit of clothing on the floor, he guided his mate to the bed and gently laid him down on his back pulling off the rest of his clothing and his mates, Yamaguchi’s eyes widened at the size of the alphas nether region and gulped silently.

Tanaka crawled on to the bed so that he was hovering of his omega, their bodies a few inches apart and their faces mirroring the same expression, a blush… a blush so deep that they both smiled at each other

“Yamaguchi, you are so beautiful”

He placed a soft kiss upon the omegas lips and then looked back in to his mates eyes

“I just want to kiss you everywhere”

And that is exactly what he began to do. Lips, neck, shoulder, down his arm, back up his arm and down his chest. Yamaguchi purred from excitement and this made Tanaka beam a massive smile, he made his way further down his body and eventually stopping at his grown member, the alphas deep breaths were making Yamaguchi fidget underneath him, with a smirk Tanaka licked the lip before allowing the whole thing in his mouth. The omegas eyebrows raised, and his eyes widened

~ oh god, what’s he doing?! ~

“Tan…Tanaka wh”

The alpha seemed to be doing a good job as the omegas words got cut short and were replaced with gasps and moans of pleasure. Tanaka sat up and licked his lips, Yamaguchi quickly sat up with his eyes wide and staring in to his alphas

“did you?”



He covered his face from embarrassment and Tanaka smiled at him, he moved up close to him and moved his mates hands out of the way

“don’t cover your face, you’re too precious not to look at”

“but you… you just… my… doesn’t it taste bad?”

“why would it taste bad? It’s a part of you”

“yeah, but that’s just gross”

The mates chuckled for a moment before Tanaka laid his mate back down and started kissing him once again, this time running his fingers through the omegas hair and making him purr again.

Tanaka runs his index finger from Yamaguchi’s knee all the way down his inner thigh and to his entrance, the omega blushes before he grabs the alphas hand


Tanaka looked up at his mate

“is there something wrong?”

Yamaguchi blushed even deeper and looked away

“nothing is wrong… it’s just… I’ve never done this before”

“neither have I, you will be my first”

Yamaguchi looked at his mate in shock

~ wait, what? he’s never slept with anyone before? ~

“I… will be your first? There’s no way…”

“what you tryna say?”

“oh, no I didn’t mean it like that… I”

“I’m just joking, I haven’t slept with anyone because I’ve been waiting for the right person to share that connection with”

Yamaguchi’s eyes began to water as he realised what that meant, that he was in fact the one Tanaka wanted to share that connection with and that he also wanted to share that connection with him. Although there were things he was worried about

“I feel the same way, but I’ve never… never had… well been able to…”

Tanaka frowned at his mate

“what’s wrong?”

“its embarrassing…”

“don’t be embarrassed, you can tell me”

“I’m scared that it will hurt… I’ve never… played… down there”

Yamaguchi went red and turned away from his alpha

“never? But your heats?”

The omegas lips slanted, and he looked sad before he turned to face his mate

“when I confessed to everyone about my home life I also said about my heats… I’ve always had bad heats, they always caused me pain, made me feel ill and there just unbearable… my dad used to lock me up and make me sleep on the hard-wooden floor with nothing around me until it was over… he has cameras in the room he locked me in so if I ever went to relieve myself from the pain… I would get punished”

“oh, fuck yeah… I’m sorry it must have slipped my mind. I just remember being so angry when I found out that I just wanted you to forget about it, so I forgot about it myself… I’m so so so sorry”

“you don’t need to be sorry, its fine! I want to forget about it to, I’m sorry if I have put a damper on the mood…”

“no of course you haven’t! if you’re not ready we can wait, we will do it whenever you feel comfortable”

“Tanaka… I’m comfortable to do it with you now, I’m just a little worried… I don’t want to disappoint you.”

Tanaka wrapped his arms around his mate and pulled him in close to his chest

“don’t be stupid, you could never disappoint me”

Yamaguchi sat back

“okay, I’m ready”

Tanaka smiled and laid his mate back down. He caressed the omegas body helping him relax, kissing him everywhere and also giving him slight bites in places. He parted his mates knees and positioned himself in-between them, Yamaguchi’s breath was shaky but he was excited. The alphas hand ran down the insides of his thigh making his way to his mates entrance, one finger placed over he looked to Yamaguchi who was biting his lip and nodded, he received a nod back which gave Tanaka the all clear. One finger entered, and Yamaguchi jolted, this caused Tanaka to look up worried, but the omega just waved his hand for him to carry on, which is exactly what he did. Adding a second finger and waiting for Yamaguchi to get used to it, then moving slightly to help loosen him up a bit. Once Tanaka thought he was prepared enough he removed his fingers making his mate sigh in relief

“Yamaguchi, are you sure you’re ready?”

He didn’t receive a verbal reply, instead his eyes were closed, and he just nodded quickly.

The alpha positioned his painfully hard member at his mates entrance, but instead of slowly pushing his way in he leaned over Yamaguchi and kissed him on the lips


The omega opened his eyes slowly

“hold my hand, if it hurts squeeze my hand and I’ll stop pushing”

Yamaguchi smiled at his mate and held his hand out, the alpha entwined his fingers around the youngers and gave a small squeeze of reassurance.

He pushes at the entrance slowly and the omegas lips began to wobble, he pushes himself half way in and Yamaguchi gasps and his eyes shoot wide open, Tanaka worried stops

“are you okay?”

The youngers breath was hitched, and he couldn’t make his words travel past his lips, almost like they were stuck in his throat, he frowns before nodding.

“just breath, remember to squeeze my hand if it hurts. I’m gonna push the rest in now okay?”

“o… ok… okay”

With a quick motion Tanaka thrusts the rest of his member inside his mate. Yamaguchi whimpers, his back arched and a single tear rolls down the side of his face. With closed eyes the omega felt his alphas thumb gently wipe away his tear, he opened his eyes to see Tanaka hovered over him with watery eyes and a soppy smile spread across his face

“we have become one Tadashi”

Yamaguchi’s eyes widened, and they began to water again but this time from happiness, he smiled and made a cute chuckle whilst using his index finger to wipe away a slipped tear. The alpha leaned his face closer to his mates and kissed the corner of his eye

“I love you so much”

The omega beamed a massive smile and wrapped his arms around his mate

“I love you too!”

When Yamaguchi let go Tanaka moved slightly and the younger winced with one eye squeezed shut

“I won’t move until you’re ready”

The omega nodded

“I… I’m ready…”

Tanaka grabbed Yamaguchi’s hand and stroked across his knuckles with his thumb, he placed a kiss on his hand and entwined his fingers within his. Slow movements and tiny thrusts making sure his omega was still comfortable, Yamaguchi letting out quiet moans from pain and pleasure

“a… are you okay?”

Tanaka’s words were broken as he was thrusting in and out of his mate, Yamaguchi nodded

“hmmm… ye… yeah… I… It… it feels weird”


“n…no… not bad its… ughhh… ah”

Yamaguchi’s back arched as it appeared the alpha had hit his sweat spot

“wh… what was that?”

“what this?”

The alpha thrusts in deeper making sure to hit the same spot, Yamaguchi’s eyes widened, and he moaned in ecstasy. Keeping the same rhythm Tanaka begins to sweat down his chest and back, his breathing became heavy. Moans, groans and gasps echo around the bedroom

“Ta… Tanaka I’m”

“me too, together?”

Yamaguchi felt himself stretch as Tanaka’s knot formed. They both shiver and moaned simultaneously. Tanaka slumped himself on top of his omega and they were both sweating and breathing heavy, Yamaguchi placed his hand on the back of his alphas head


Tanaka nodded his head rapidly

They laid in the same position for a further ten minutes waiting for Tanaka’s knot to go down, once it did he rolled himself off his mate and on to his back. The alpha turned to his mate

“we should probably jump in the shower… Yamaguchi?”

The omega had fallen asleep, face so gentle and purring. Tanaka smiled, jumped off the bed and left the room, when he returned he had a warm bowl of water, sponges and a towel. He hand washed the whole of the omegas body making sure he was thoroughly clean and being gentle enough not to wake him. Once he was done he placed some boxers on him and kissed his forehead, Yamaguchi’s eyes slowly fluttered open

“I fell asleep? Oh my god! I’m so sorry… did you clean me up?”


Tanaka smiled at his mate, the omega turned red

“how embarrassing!!”

The alpha laughed and waved his hand

“it’s not a problem. I’m gonna go jump in the shower”

Yamaguchi nodded and looked to the ground, as Tanaka was about to leave he turned quickly

“oh and Yamaguchi”


“that was amazing, I love you”

The omega smiled and looked away, Tanaka smiled and walked out


With Yachi


Just a few hours until she needed to be at the gymnasium. It was the only chance she had to finish off some errands before she became extremely busy again. The weather was cold but bearable, she was wearing her school uniform and had a big puffy white coat on over the top, the streets were quite crowded, and she often found herself dodging people who were in a rush and didn’t notice that she was there. She finally arrived at her destination, as she pushed the shop door open the bell above chimed

“Good morning, welcome to Kiki’s boutique! Is there somethi… wait! Haven’t we met before?”

Yachi nervously made her way through the shop and to the desk where Kiki was standing

“yeah, I came in with Sugawara not too long ago”

“oh, your one of Koushi’s team managers, right?”

Yachi nodded

“how can I help? Is it their outfits? Has something gone wrong?”

“oh, no no no, its nothing like that. I was actually here to ask you a favour”

Kiki leaned back and put her finger on her chin

“a favour hmmm? What sort of favour?”

Yachi stayed talking to Kiki for an hour, once she was done she left the shop with a smile and made her way to school.


At Karasuno


The third years were all in exams, the second years didn’t have to be in school for another hour and the first years were studying in different areas. Kageyama was asleep in an English lecture and Hinata was in math class frowning at all the letters on the chalk board trying to comprehend why the hell they decided letters would go well with numbers. Tsukki was sat in the library at a table by himself with his head phones on, he was interrupted from his coursework when a bag was slumped on the table to the side of him, he looked up to see his best friend standing there smiling. He removed his head phones and placed them around his neck

“hey Tsukki!!”


He pulled a chair out opposite the blonde and sat down

“how are you?”

Tsukki put his pen down and looked up at his friend

“I’m okay”

“good! Did you remember your outfit for the dress rehearsal?”

“no, I left it at home because… well who gives a rat’s arse right?”

Yamaguchi looked at him in shock

“Suga will kick off at you”

The blonde just shrugged and picked his pen back up

“so, you seem to be in a good mood today”

Yamaguchi blushed

“yeah… well… I kinda am”

He smiled, Tsukki looked at him in slight disgust

“you and Tanaka huh?”

“what about us?”

Tsukki smirked

“don’t play dumb… you finally had sex with him, right?”

“wahhh!?! I dunno what your talking about, we… we… yes.”


“why are you laughing?”

“because it’s about time, right?”

Yamaguchi blushed and nodded slightly, Tsukki looked a him with a blank expression and then sighed

“so… how was it?”

Yamaguchi beamed a massive smile and spoke for the next 20 minutes on how it went and grossed Tsukki out with some of the details he was going in to, but Tsukki being the best friend he is just listened to everything he had to say

“sounds like you had a blast”

“uggh, Tsukki it was so good!”

The blonde just rolled his eyes and continued to write in his text book

“oh, I have some gossip”

“I don’t really care”

“oh, okay”

A moment of silence went by before Tsukki looked up

“what’s the gossip?”

Yamaguchi smiled at sat forward

“okay, but you can’t tell anyone!”

Tsukki nodded

“well, turns out Noya is now living with Asahi!”

Tsukki just looked at Yamaguchi with a plain face, Yamaguchi frowned at him

“okay, I’m just gonna tell you the story and you can pretend to act interested”

Tsukki rolled his eyes but put his pen down and listened

“so, it turns out that his home life wasn’t very good, he was neglected and that his mum lied to him about making a mother and son relationship and that she had cleared herself up and all that crap… apparently not though, an alpha came around when he was there having dinner and tried…”

Yamaguchi looked down before continuing and Tsukki frowned at him


“sorry, an alpha came around and he promised to clear Noya’s mum’s debt if he could have one night with Noya because he’s a male omega and so she spiked his drink and he attacked him… but Asahi was waiting outside for him for when he finished with his mum and heard all the commotion and got to him in time”

Tsukki was looking rather shocked at the story

“is he okay?”

Yamaguchi smirked towards the blonde

“do you care?”

“…… no”


Tsukki sighed

“Yeah, Noya is fine, apparently he’s really happy living with Asahi”

The blonde smiled slightly, and Yamaguchi caught the little smile and smiled himself. The shorter pulled out some textbooks and joined Tsukki in doing some coursework. Once an hour had passed they packed their books away and gathered their bags

“wait, is that your outfit?”


“you said you left it at home…”

“like hell I want to face Suga if I had actually left my outfit at home”

Yamaguchi chuckled and they both made their way to the clubroom.

Suga, Hinata and Noya were already in the clubroom getting changed when Yamaguchi and Tsukki walked in, both made there way to where they always get changed. Once everyone was in their outfits they looked at each and Suga had the biggest smile on his face

“You know Tsukishima, I still can’t get over your legs”

Tsukki blushed at Suga’s words

“we can’t leave the clubroom looking like this… it’s a bit revealing.”

Suga chuckled

“you know when we do the performance there will be more people there then there is in this school”

Tsukki’s eyebrows raised as realization hit him, he grunted and Suga smiled

“don’t worry”

Suga walked over to the cabinet and pulled out a pile of coats

“put these on and we will make a walk to the gym”

Everyone put on the coats and made their way out of the clubroom, Noya stopped suddenly and Hinata frowned at him

“what’s up?”

“I don’t think I can walk down the stairs in these heels…”

Hinata’s mouth made an O shape before holding his arm out for the libero to hold on to, Noya smiled and linked his arms within the first years. The omegas entered the gym to see all the alphas in their outfits, which luckily all arrived this morning. The alphas turned to see the other team mates in long trench coats that fell to their ankles and all that was on show was their heels. Tanaka stepped forward

“does Tsukishima need to be any taller? Like… really?”

The blonde rolled his eyes and crossed his arms, Suga skipped up to Daichi and held out his leg

“you like me heels don’t ya Dai”

The omega winked at him and Daichi coughed to cover up his embarrassment, Asahi was looking at the mates from the corner of his eyes and grins before stepping forward to get everyone’s attention

“so, we only have a couple of days to the performance, I think we have done really well… also the other guys seem to be professionals when it comes to the lightening and stage set up!”

Everyone looks over to the stage and see’s Ennoshita moving the speaker to the side, Narita moving all the wires and Kinoshita checking all the lights making sure they work. The rest of the team who hadn’t seen them yet waved and greeted them, the betas smiled and bowed before carrying on with what they were doing.   

“so, I think we should practice on the stage seeing as were all in our outfits”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

Suga was the first one to open his coat and put it on the side, Daichi chocked on air from the sight of his precious omega dressed in what he was in front of other people, but he played it off by turning and acting like he was just clearing his throat. Hinata and Yamaguchi were next to take their coats off, Kageyama just starred at his mate with a mouth wide enough to catch flies, Hinata bopped over to him and tilted his head to both sides like a baby bird

“what’s the matter Bakageyama?”


Kageyama turned around in a huff and Hinata just shrugged his shoulders and made his way on to the stage with Suga. Tanaka walked up to Yamaguchi and placed his hands on the omegas hips

“you look stunning”

“th… thanks”

The omega blushed and made his way up on to the stage. Noya was next and Asahi just could not believe his eyes, he would have never imagined Noya being alright with wearing something like that, his omega who wished for a world where all people wear is a onesie, Olaf onesies to be more precise. He knew deep down that Suga was responsible for the outfits and that Noya would be wearing it to make him happy, but still Asahi looked at his mate in amazement because oh my god he looked amazing. Is that really Noya? Asahi walked over to his mate with adoring eyes

“Noya, I don’t even know what to say. I will admit something though…”

Noya frowned


“I never realised I had a heel kink”

Noya’s eyes widened and his jaw dropped

“y… you… I never thought I would hear you say ANYTHING like THAT”

The omega began to laugh whilst walking off to the stage and waving at Asahi. The alpha scratches the back of his head and chuckles.

Last but no least was Tsukki, even though he was reluctant to take his coat off he did and as he was about to make his way on to the stage he noticed everyone starring googly eyed at him, he raised an eyebrow at his team


Suga walked over to the tall blonde and looked him up and down whilst circling him

“Tsukishima! I’ve said this before but I’m gonna say it again… Your legs are amazing! Like I knew you had good legs anyway but my god! Your legs when you wear heels!”

Hinata pouted

“yeah, as much as I don’t want to admit it you do have stunning legs”

“Tsukki you have legs for days!”

“shut up Yamaguchi”

“Yamaguchi isn’t lying though! Your legs are super sexy”

Tsukki made a disgusted look at Noya. Did he just get a compliment from the libero? Something Tsukki really wasn’t used to but he shrugged it off and got himself in to position on stage. Narita was stood to the side of Kinoshita and they were both taking sneaky peaks at Tsukki’s legs from behind. Ennoshita walked up to both of them

“what are you doing?”

An unamused look plastered over the betas face, the two looked at him in a guilty manner. Narita leant forward to whisper

“its Tsukishima’s legs man. I can’t stop looking at them…”

Kinoshita also leant forward

“he’s right you know, I mean I thought our volleyball shorts were short but that outfit and those heels, he has killer legs”

Ennoshita sighed in disapproval

“you know if he was to hear what you both are saying about him… you would probably lose your heads!”

“that’s why we’re whispering…”

“not very quietly!”

The three betas turned to Tsukki who had one eye twitching towards them, they had also noticed the rest of the team looking at them with red faces trying not to laugh. All three betas stood up right and looked around nervously, Tsukki sighed and faced forward.

They practiced their routine for a solid two hours, eventually the lights display was amazing, the sound control was just right, and the routine was perfect. The team cheered after their final run through and high fived each other. They were all over the moon with how well they have done and there were a lot of smiles and laughter. If it wasn’t for Asahi and his choreography the team would have been at a loss. Noya stumbled forward slightly

“can we please take these heels off now? My feet are killing me!”

The alphas laughed but the omegas all nodded in agreement apart from Suga, he was enjoying himself a bit too much with teasing Daichi, the alphas kink for heels was strong and has always been a sucker for seeing his mate in heels as it doesn’t happen very often. As the alphas made their way off the stage the omegas began to follow but a twinge in the bottom of Yamaguchi’s back caused him to tumble forward slightly, luckily enough Suga was to his side in a flash and managed to catch him but as the setter stepped back he bumped in to Noya who was just making his way down the steps, the libero lost his footing and went flying towards the ground, on root he managed to grab Hinata and took him down with him. A loud thump sounded the gym as both omegas smashed in to the ground, the whole team turned in shock and ran over to the very still omegas laying on the floor. Asahi pushed past everyone as he noticed both of them not moving, but as he got to them his mate quickly jumped up and pulled a praying mantis stance causing everyone to jump and step back slightly

“wow, that could have really hurt if I wasn’t a libero”

The second year began to laugh, Kageyama knelt beside Hinata who rolled over holding his head

“Hinata boke, are you okay?”

“ye… yeah, I’m pretty used to hitting my head”

Kageyama sighed and helped his mate up. The team began to chuckle and Ennoshita jumped off the stage

“Narita and Kinoshita are gonna clear the stage, I’ll take Noya and Hinata to the infirmary. Even though they seem fine they did hit their heads after all”

The team nodded, Asahi and Kageyama helped their mates take their heels off before Ennoshita guided them out of the gym.

Suga turned to Daichi and looked him up and down until he finally looked him in the eyes and bit his lip, the alpha puffed his chest out

“Suga and myself have got some business to deal with at home, so were gonna be leaving first”

Suga seductively walked up to his mate and placed his hand on his shoulder

“I don’t think we do Dai”


Suga yelped as his alpha swung him over his shoulder and walked out the gym. Tsukki scrunched his nose up


Yamaguchi smiled towards his best friend

“oh, don’t be like that Tsukki, its just a natural reaction… I’m sure if Kuroo was to see you now he would be doing the same thing”

The blonde turned slowly to look at him

“I think not”

Yamaguchi smirked towards him and then looked over at Tanaka who hadn’t taken his eyes off his omega since he entered the gym. Yamaguchi winked towards his mate, causing him to place his hands together and pray like a Buddha, the omega laughed and looked back at Tsukki who yet again had his nose scrunched, he pushed his glasses up his nose before making his way over to grab his coat and left the gym to get changed.

Kageyama and Asahi grabbed their mates heels and stopped all of a sudden, they stood up with horror in their faces

~ boke Hinata didn’t put his coat on when he went to the infirmary ~

~ Noya hasn’t got his coat! ~

Both alphas frantically ran to the coats and out of the gym. Tanaka looked at Yamaguchi who also looked confused  

“what’s all that about?”

The alpha wrapped his arm around Yamaguchi’s waist, the omega pouted

“I have no idea”

The omega turned to look at Tanaka, the smell of leather and wood was making him weak at the knees, the last time Tanaka was this close it wasn’t so innocent. The alpha turned to look at his mate who was staring at him with a loving gaze, the second year smiled and kissed his mate on the nose


“get a room!”

The mates turned to look at Kinoshita and Narita who were over dramatically acting grossed out by the pair. Tanaka grinned

“we have one! Your just in it.”

Yamaguchi giggled until the sound of someone shouting, ‘BACK OFF’ caught everyone’s attention


The omega darted as fast as he could in heels out of the gym followed by Tanaka, Narita and Kinoshita. Tsukki was backed up against the wall at the bottom of the stairs that lead to the clubroom by two males, a beta and an alpha

“come on, just open the coat a little bit”

“no, I’m quite alright thanks, now if you wouldn’t mind”

Tsukki went to walk away but as he went to take a step up the stairs the alpha grabbed his wrist, pinning him back against the wall and ripping open his coat. The omega squirmed and tried to get out of the alphas grip when suddenly, the alpha had something frown at his head

“ahh, what the fuck?!”

The alpha looked to the floor at the item that was just thrown at his head

~ a heel? ~

The alpha turned in anger and suddenly Yamaguchi was by his side shoving him off the tall blonde, the beta grabbed him and held his arms behind his back. The omega struggled against the tight grip he was being held in, the alpha turned around and went to back hand Yamaguchi, the omega flinched waiting for impact


The alpha stopped his hand in mid air and looked up to see a raging Tanaka followed by Kinoshita and Narita stomping towards them. The beta quickly shoved Yamaguchi in to Tsukki and grabbed the alphas wrist and they both ran off. The three ran over to the two victimized omegas, Tanaka wrapped his arms around Yamaguchi

“are you okay?”

The omega nodded and looked over to Tsukki who just looked pissed off as always


“hmmm? Oh, don’t worry about me. I don’t give a shit”

The blonde covered himself back up and made his way up the stairs, it was silent apart from the sound of Tsukki’s heels clanking on the metal stair case. Yamaguchi took the shoe he had on off and picked up the shoe he threw.

“I’m gonna go get changed, I’ll meet you at the front entrance”

Tanaka nodded and kissed his mate on the forehead, he nodded towards Kinoshita and Narita and the three made their way back in to the gym. Yamaguchi opened the door to the clubroom and Tsukki was already changed back in to his school uniform.

“that was quick”

“yeah, well I don’t particularly like being in female clothing”

“that’s fair”

The shorter made his way to his own clothes and began to get changed. Tsukki packed his outfit away and zipped up his red bag, placing it on his shoulder he makes his way to the door

“I’ll see you tomorrow”



“are you sure you’re okay?”

“yeah I’m fine”

Yamaguchi hesitantly nodded, Tsukki frowned and then left.

As Tsukki made his way down the stairs he saw Kiyoko and Yachi making their way towards the gym. Kiyoko was holding a piece of paper and pointing at it as she was talking to Yachi. Tsukki frowned but shook it off and carried on walking. He placed his head phones on and hit play on his phone. There was nothing better for Tsukki then music to destress him, but to his annoyance his phone started vibrating, he sighed whilst pulling his phone out of his pocket


Incoming call Kuroo


Tsukki pressed decline and placed his phone back in his pocket after pressing play on one of his favourite songs. The omega had walked for about two minutes and his phone started vibrating again

~ ugggh I swear to god ~

He pulled his phone out


Incoming call Kuroo


He rolled his eyes and yet again declined it. The music began to play again and Tsukki sighed in relief, as he continued walking home his phone vibrated again but this time it was only a short one, Tsukki frowned as he pulled his phone out

~ and now he sent a message? ~

The omega hummed a slight laugh before opening the message


Kuroo: Tsukki, answer the phone!


Tsukki: I’m walking home at the moment, I’ll call you when I get in


Kuroo: on your own?


The omega frowned not quite understanding why he seems panicked


Tsukki: yeah? …..


Kuroo: Yamaguchi messaged me saying you was attacked!


The omega sighed at the fact that they exchanged numbers at the dinner they had that time, and was slightly annoyed that Kuroo was panicking over an issue that wasn’t actually an issue


Tsukki: words sure can get twisted or read wrong cant they? I’m almost home, I will call you when I get in. oh and do me a favour and don’t reply to this message… I’m trying to listen to music


Kuroo: okay


Kuroo: shit sorry


Kuroo: dammit!


Tsukki’s eyes narrowed but then he chuckled to himself, he placed his phone in his pocket and walked around the corner to his house.

When he arrived, he took his shoes off and placed his bags on the coat hooks, he then shuffled to his bedroom and flopped on the bed. He pulled his phone from his pocket and removed his head phones. Rolling on to his stomach he messages Kuroo telling him he’s home and that he’s going to call him now in which the alpha replies with a thumbs up emoji. Tsukki pressed call and hits the loud speaker button


“Tsukki!! Are you alright? You got attacked?! Did they hurt you? Do I need to kill a man?”

“hahaha! No, it wasn’t quite an attack, I think Yamaguchi made it sound worse then what it actually was”

“so, what happened?”

“we had a dress rehearsal today…”



“oh, sorry, I was just picturing you in your outfit”

“you don’t even know what my outfit is…”

“yeah but you said its revealing…”

“it is, but you still can’t picture something you don’t know anything about”

“your right… I’m just picturing you naked”


“hahahahahaha sorry Tsukki, carry on.”

“I’m gonna hang up”

“no, no, no, I’ll stop, I’ll stop! Please carry on”

“well I got cornered by two guys and they wanted to see what I looked like under the trench coat I was wearing, I said no obviously, and they got a little hands on, but that was it nothing bad happened”

“I’m gonna kill a man”

“oh, dear haha”

“well, as long as you’re alright”

“I am”

“good. I can’t wait to see you! Feels like it has been sooooooo long!”

“because it has been”

“has anything interesting happened?”

“nahhh, not really… actually yeah I guess there is something”


“do you remember Asahi and Nishinoya?”

“yeah, sort of… man bun and rolling thunder?”

“haha yeah that’s them”

“what about them?”

“well, Nishinoya was getting neglected at home by his mum, then she lied or something and pretended she had sorted herself out and wanted to have a mother and son relationship… but she had an alpha come around because he promised to clear her debts if he could spend one night with Nishinoya…”

“oh shit!”

“but Asahi got to him in time and now he lives with him”

“wow, talk about gossip”

“I don’t gossip… so that’s just information.”

“hahah yeah sure okay”

“anyway, my phone is dying so I will have to put it on charge and message you later”

“okay my sweet”


“ahhhh come on! Pet names are cute!”

“goodbye Kuroo…”



Kuroo looked at his phone

~ salty… he hung up on me?! ~

Kuroo sighed and slouched further in to his sofa

“what’s the matter bro?”

Kuroo looked at Bokuto through the corner of his eyes. The silver haired alpha was laying across the arm chair with his legs dangling over the side and he was tapping away on his phone

“when are you going home?”

Bokuto dropped his phone on his chest

“well, that’s mean!”

Kuroo sighed

“I miss him Bo”

The silver haired alpha swung himself around so that he was sat up right

“well, you get to see him soon, right?!”

“yeeee but I want to see him now…”

Bokuto sent Kuroo a slanted smile

“you need a beer!”

Kuroo rolled his eyes

~ oh! I should message captain thighs about his little crow! ~

The bed head alpha grabbed his phone and pulled up Daichi’s contact details


Top Cat: Sir thighs a lot. I’m sorry to hear about your baby crow! I hope he’s okay!


Thighs: what did you call me? My baby crow?


Top Cat: Sir thighs a lot! Lol well your just saved as thighs in my contacts


Thighs: that’s weird…


Top Cat: try telling me you don’t have a weird name saved for me!


Thighs: …. Anyway, what are you talking about?


Top Cat: I’m talking about Nishinoya getting neglected and then attacked by an alpha who wanted to spend the night with him in agreement of clearing his mum’s debt


Daichi looked up from his phone in shock, Suga was sat at the kitchen table resting his head on his hand smiling at his mate

“what’s up Dai?”

The alpha worriedly looked at Suga, knowing full well that shit was about to go down when he tells him

~ oh hell. ~


 Present time


Suga had fallen asleep due to how warm he got whilst wrapped up in the blanket, Daichi knew that was a weakness of his mates, get him warm and he will fall asleep, he needed to calm his mate down somehow. Daichi left the setter to sleep on the sofa whilst he made his way back to the kitchen, he flipped the kettle on and made himself a coffee before sitting down and messaging Asahi about the information that he had just been told. Asahi and Daichi exchanged messages for a further 20 minutes and Asahi had confirmed the whole thing but also explained that Noya was going to tell Suga about it after the performance because he didn’t want to worry him because he knew what he would get like. Nothing was said about how Kuroo knew but they just assumed how he found out.

Word just spreads.

Chapter Text

Convincing Kenma to tag along with Kuroo to Miyagi was seeming next to impossible, but the alpha wasn’t giving up. Snatching the PSP from the omegas hand whilst he was in a boss fight got his attention quick enough. Kuroo held the gaming device above his head so that his best friend couldn’t reach it not matter how much he tried jumping. Kenma frowned and blew a strand of hair that had fallen out of place, Kuroo smirked at him

“so, will you come with us?”

Kenma frowned towards the taller


Kuroo dropped his arm from above his head and chucked the device on the bed

“yeah, Bokuto and Akaashi are coming too, they’ve booked a hotel, so you could stay with them?”

“I don’t think their gonna want me to intrude”

Kuroo guiltily smiled as he scratched his cheek

“yeah, about that… they booked 2 rooms… 1 for them and 1 for you”

Kenma’s blank expression towards his best friend said enough. Kuroo had already planned on dragging Kenma kicking and screaming if he had to. The omega sulked as he grabbed a backpack and shoved a load of clothes inside followed by other bits that he would need for the trip. He shoved the bag on his back and opened his bedroom door

“I need to tell my mum where were going…”

“oh, don’t worry about that! I already spoke to her”

The alpha smiled

Kenma sighed and proceeded to leave his bedroom.

When they got outside it was only a 10-minute walk to the train station where they saw Bokuto and Akaashi waiting for them at the entrance with their bags on their backs.

Akaashi was dressed smart with a long grey coat on to his knees, black scarf, black skinny jeans and grey high-top trainers. Bokuto wasn’t dressed so much for the cold weather, instead he was wearing dark blue straight leg jeans, a black vest top and a black zip up hoodie that he had half zipped up.

“aren’t you called bro?”

Kuroo approached Bokuto

“naahhh, why?”

“well, you’re not exactly dressed for warmth”

“says you!”

Bokuto almost yells gesturing his hands up and down in Kuroo’s direction.

Kuroo was in black skinny jeans, white high-top trainers, black vest top and a red zip up hoodie.

Akaashi sighed at the two arguing over what each other were wearing

“how is it that the two youngest dress appropriately for the weather?”

Akaashi gestured to Kenma who was wearing his Nekoma gym gear. Red tracksuit bottoms with NEKOMA written down the side, a plain black top, a Red jacket that had a white hood and a thick white scarf

“hmmm? I’m just in my gym clothes…”

“well at least its warm and you have a scarf.”

The two alphas sulked and made their way in to the train station followed by Akaashi and Kenma.

Once they were on the train traveling towards Miyagi Akaashi looked at his watch

“what time did you say the event starts?”

Kuroo pulled out the leaflet with all the details on from his hoodie pocket


Bokuto frowned

“why so late?”

“Tsukki said something about lighting and stuff”

The two mates nodded in understanding and Kenma just had his head down playing his PSP.

A few hours had passed and the 4 were relieved to be off the train. They made their way out of the train station and began their walk down the street. Akaashi and Bokuto were looking around amazed as to how quiet it was, the small sidewalks, lack of cars on the road and people in sight. It was like a completely new world to them. Kenma was still oblivious to his surroundings as he was still trying to defeat the boss on his game that he was trying beat earlier.

When they eventually got to their destination they each paid the admission fee and walked through.

Akaashi stopped walking and the other three turned to look at him

“what’s up?”

“I see why there was no one on the streets now”

The three turned back around to look in the direction the setter was looking in

Crowds and crowds of people, hundreds possibly thousands were surrounding themselves around a massive stage, a stage much bigger then any of the ones in the schools. Music was playing in the background, some people were sat at benches drinking and eating, stalls were up, a massive banner that ran across the second entrance which read ‘Sendai gymnasium fund raising event’. The smell of alphas, betas, omegas, food, alcoholic beverages and party bangers surrounded the four as they walked further in. The whole thing was overwhelming to say the least and Kuroo looked at Kenma who had now put his PSP away

“how you feeling kitten?”

Kenma with slightly wider eyes then normal looked up to the alpha

“I’m fine”

“are you going to be okay?”

“ye… yeah I’ll be fine”

“okay, just make sure to stay close to us alright?”

Bokuto grabbed a hold of Akaashi’s hand and Kuroo made sure Kenma was close before they made their way through the crowd.

Eventually after a few pushes and shoves they got to the front of the stage. They all turned around to see a mass of people behind them and instantly knew that there was no way they were going to be able to get back through once the show had actually started. Kuroo continued to look around until he spotted exactly what he was looking for, his mate. He beamed a massive smile and waved his hand in the air to get his attention, Tsukki looked over and turned to Yamaguchi saying something to him before he turned back around and made his way over to the alpha.

When he finally got to him Kuroo embraced him in a massive hug

“Tsukki I have missed you so much!”

The omega stood froze for a split second before he eventually wrapped his arms around his alpha

“I’ve missed you too”

Kuroo frowned towards his mate

“Tsukki… errr… you got taller?”

The omega smirked

“yeah actually, by 5 inches”

He says looking down to his heels. Kuroo looked down and instantly shot his head back up to look at Tsukki with a blush

“y… you… your wearing heels?!?!”

“haha yeah, well it wasn’t actually by choice”

Kuroo tried to compose himself the best he could before he realised something

“you said your outfit was revealing?”

“yeah it is…”

“I don’t think you can class a zipped-up trench coat as revealing”

The alpha began to laugh

“you laugh now… but this is just to keep us covered before we perform”

Kuroo’s eyes widened in shock and excitement. The alpha blinked and shook his head quickly

“oh yeah! How rude of me!”

Kuroo turns around to look at three males who were looking towards the mates

“this is my best friend Kenma, my bro Bokuto and his mate Akaashi”

Tsukki stood there in shock before bowing and greeting them. The omega grabbed Kuroo by the arm and pulled him to the side as much as he could with a crowd around him and whispered in his ear

“the first time I meet your friends and I’m dressed like this? Do you know how embarrassing this is for me anyway”?

Kuroo looked at his mate apologetically  

“I’m so sorry Tsukki, I didn’t see the harm”


The omega looked away clearly pissed off but then he looked back at his mate, to be honest he didn’t care, he was just happy to be back with his alpha

“it’s fine…”


The blonde turns around and instantly gets tackled by Yamaguchi, he waves and greets Kuroo and followed behind him was the rest of the team making their way to the front of the stage.

“testing, testing, 1 2 3”

The crowd stopped talking and all eyes were on the stage where a young-looking beta woman was standing by the mic. She was wearing a black and white female suite and her brown hair was up in a pony tail.

“welcome everyone and thank you for coming. As you all know we are here to raise money for the Sendai gymnasium. All the money that was collected at the gates will be donated, we have volunteers on the stalls and every bit of money they bring in will also be donated, along with the extra bit of sponsored money our performers have gathered. Speaking of performers, it seems that K-pop is a popular genre that has been chosen. Without further ado, dancing to BOOMBAYAH by BLACKPINK please welcome the volleyball team from Aoba Johsai!”

The crowd cheered as they walked on to the stage.

The omegas Oikawa, Makki, Yahaba and Kunimi wearing white waist coats with nothing underneath, mint green skinny jeans and white high-top trainers. the alphas Iwaizumi, Mattsun, Kyoutani and Kindaichi wearing a mint green bow tie on the top half with nothing else, showing off there beautifully ripped muscles, white straight legged jeans and mint green high-top trainers. Last but not least, their only beta Watari, who was wearing a white vest top, skinny jeans that had one green leg and one black leg, followed by white high-top trainers that had green and black markings over them. 

The team stood in a line, from left to right it was Mattsun, Kunimi, Kyoutani, Watari, Yahaba, Kindaichi and Makki. Oikawa and Iwaizumi were stood in front of them but at each end of the stage. The music started, and Oikawa made his way down the stage to his mate mouthing the lyrics and stroking his chin as he approached him, he then turned and grinded himself down the alpha in to a slut drop. The mates danced their way back in to a line where they performed a complicated foot sequence, perfectly timed and not a single person out of place. They all split off in their pairs waiting for the chorus and as it kicked in the alphas swung their omegas around their bodies and up in the air, so they did a star jump as they landed. Once the chorus ended Watari jumped in to the middle of the stage from which seemed like nowhere, almost like magic how he appeared. He swung his body around the floor in to a breakdance, ending it with a backflip and skipping back in to line.

Team Karasuno were in the crowd gob smacked of how perfectly timed everything was and even more amazed when they saw Watari’s solo. Suga turned to Daichi pulling him low enough to talk in to his ear

“I didn’t think Aoba Johsai would be able to dance like that! I mean I had a hunch about Oikawa but…”

Daichi looked at Suga with a slanted smiled and shrugged. The mates turned to look at the rest of the team but got worried when they saw all their expressions. Expression of worry and nerves were plastered across their faces, the mates looked back at each other with even more of a worried look before looking back at the stage.

Makki and Kunimi were in the middle of swinging each other around and spinning off in to different directions leaving enough space for Yahaba and Kyoutani to step forward. The alpha lifted Yahaba bridal style and span around, in mid spin he threw Yahaba crazy high in the air, whilst he was in the air he did a double flip and Kyoutani caught him just as he was an inch away from the floor. The whole crowd flinched thinking he was going to plummet straight to the ground, but because of Kyoutani’s strength and perfect timing that didn’t happen. The alpha bought Yahaba to his fit and the song ended. The teamed stood in a line and bowed, the crowd went crazy with cheers and clapping. Oikawa looked up and spotted Karasuno stood in the front line, he made eye contact with Kageyama and winked before laughing and joining the rest of his team leaving the stage.

Kageyama grunted and Tanaka slapped his back

“pay no attention to it, were about to show them up anyway”

The beta woman made her way back on the stage bringing the mic with her

“wow! What a performance from Aoba Johsai! Well done boys! Okay performing to UP & DOWN by EXID please welcome Karasuno’s volleyball team!”

The crowd cheered, Tsukki quickly turned to Kuroo giving him a quick kiss on the cheek before leaving, the alpha placed his hand on his cheek and smiled as he watched Tsukki walk off with his team.

Ennoshita, Kinoshita and Narita made their way to the back of the stage to take over on the sound and lighting. The five omegas Suga, Hinata, Noya, Yamaguchi and Tsukki stood in a line wearing their trench coats. The crowd were discussing amongst themselves about their outfit choice and how its weird wearing a long coat for a dance performance. The four alphas Daichi, Asahi, Tanaka and Kageyama wearing an orange waist coat with nothing on underneath it, black skinny jeans and orange high-top trainers all stood in a line behind the omegas.

As the music started the omegas whipped off their trench coats chucking them to the side of the stage, revealing what they were really wearing for the performance. Which was all black 5-inch heels with thin straps that wrapped all the way around to just above their ankles, an orange and black tartan sailors mini skirt with black short shorts underneath that you could barely see and a crop top that showed most of their stomach and the straps were half way down their shoulders exposing most of the top part of their chest, the top was exactly the same pattern and colour as their skirt. 

All five omegas turned to the side and simultaneously raised their arms and lowered themselves down in to a slow-motion slut drop, circling their hips seductively before they raise themselves back up.

Kuroo’s eyes widened as he watched his mate in the sexy attire dancing seductively with a half-smile on his face


The alpha shuffled, Bokuto looked to his side

“something wrong bro?”

Bokuto’s worry towards the alpha caused Akaashi and Kenma to also turn. Kuroo looked up from a slight crouching position

“I… got a boner…”

Bokuto burst out laughing

“I hahahahah I can see why bro hahahaha you got yourself a fine arse looker there!”

Akaashi nodded slightly

“I agree, he’s got amazing legs”

Bokuto turns to his mate

“that may be so, but yours are better!”

He places a kiss on the omegas cheek. Kenma looks at Kuroo from the corner of his eyes

“your mate is… beautiful Kuroo”

Kuroo blushes and re adjusts his clothing before standing up straight

“I know”

He stares back at the stage watching Karasuno dance with a sparkle in his eyes.

The alphas were now at the front of the stage performing an extra complicated foot sequence that Asahi had spent so long teaching them. Asahi had his hair down and it was flowing back and forth with every movement, he was sending everyone in the crowd crazy screaming for him, and every now and then you would catch Noya smirking at him, well of course the omega has a weakness for his alphas hair being down. When ever the chorus hit, the omegas would make there way to the front, place their hands on their sides and roll their hips in time with the music.

The team stepped to each side of the stage. Suga, Daichi, Tanaka and Yamaguchi on the left. Asahi, Noya, Kageyama and Hinata on the right. The omegas were grinding up and down their alphas whilst the alphas caressed their mates bodies. Tsukki was in the middle of the stage sexually running his hands down his body and moving his hips in a circle lowering himself to the ground and back up. The team quickly joined back with each other a proceeded to do a synchronized routine and as the song ended they raised their hands in the air.

The crowd went crazy! Screams, cheers, clapping and even whistles spread across the audience.

The omegas grabbed their coats and placed them on before leaving the stage, as they left they received glares from Aoba Johsai which they ignored and made their way to the front of the crowd. Kuroo grabbed Tsukki by the elbows and was looking down, the omega looked worried and thoughts ran across his mind

~ is he annoyed with me? Was it to much? ~

Kuroo looked up with a bright red face

“Tsukki! You were amazing up there! You looked sexy as fuck!”


The alpha turned to see Suga’s disapproved look, Kuroo bowed towards him and looked back at his mate

“you were beautiful”

Tsukki’s eyes widened and he blushed a deep red, he turned away


The beta woman made her way back on to the stage

“well wasn’t that a show!?! Please give another round of applause to Karasuno! For our next act we have two singers! Singing COME BACK HOME by 2NE1, please welcome to the stage Shimizu Kiyoko and Yachi Hitoka!!”

The team turned in shock and you could tell that they all thought the same thing

~ WHAT?!? ~

The two girls made their way on to the stage holding a mic each

Suga fell on Daichi with his hand on his heart, the alpha turned to his mate

“Suga?! Is everything alright?”

The omegas eyes were watery, and he shook his head

“wh… what are they wearing?”


Daichi looked back to the stage and his eyes widened almost instantly. A sight the team parents did not want to see

Both the girls had matching outfits, army pattern boots that came just past the ankle with a 6-inch light brown heel, a very short black pencil skirt and an army patterned bra, most of their skin was exposed and their hair was flicked over the top and fell down one side.

Daichi looked back at Suga who was looking at the two girls horrified

“D… Dai… they got those outfits from Kiki’s…”

The alpha nodded his head

“yeah… I know, you have one just like it”

Suga turned to his alpha and slapped his chest

“that’s not the point Daichi! What are they doing?! Their meant to be innocent!”

The music began, and Shimizu was the first to sing, the teams eyes widened, and smiles were plastered across their faces, even Suga and Daichi were smiling. who would have known she has such a powerful voice? when the chorus hit Yachi took over in vocals and amazed everyone but shocked the captain and setter when the two girls went back to back and started grinding up and down each other, Yachi held her arm out and did an enticing beckon with her hand. The team’s jaws dropped and Suga semi passed out from shock of his female pups acting sexual, Daichi caught him with one arm and stood in shock not taking his eyes off his pups.

Kuroo turned to Tsukki

“your managers have some moves!”

“I didn’t even know they were performing today, it’s come as a bit of a shock to everyone”

“yeah, bless your team mum though, he looks like he wants to jump on the stage and throw his trench coat over them”

The alpha began to laugh and Tsukki smirked at his comment. The alpha turned to speak with Kenma but frowned when he wasn’t there


The alpha and his mate turned


“where’s Kenma?”

“I dunno? I thought you were keeping an eye on him”

Kuroo felt his heart sink, he swung around to Tsukki

“I have to find Kenma! I’ll be right back!”

The omega nodded to his mate and turned to Yamaguchi

Meanwhile Kenma was getting shoved and pushed through the crowd whilst he was trying to find an opening he could run through to escape, but with no luck his anxiety was kicking in and he kept flinching as elbows were coming towards him and people were stepping on his feet. The omegas breath started to thicken making it hard for him to breath, his eyes became blurry and his whole body felt tight, he started swaying to one side when suddenly someone grabbed his shoulder and pulled him from the crowd. Once he was out and he could breath again he looked up to his rescuer. A tall alpha with blonde hair on top and brown underneath, he was wearing a bright yellow polo shirt, dark blue skinny jeans with white trainers. Even though Kenma was saved, his heart began to beat faster, he was alone with an alpha he had never met but… he felt safe.

“are you okay? Hello? Hello?”

Kenma snapped back in to reality and looked at the alpha who was looking at him worriedly

“oh… erm… yeah, I’m good now… thanks to you”

The alpha stood up straight and smiled

“well I’m glad!”

Kenma shyly looked down and then slowly back up to the alpha

“how did you know I uncomfortable?”

“well, at first I was checking out your OVERWATCH backpack, it’s sick by the way! I love OVERWATCH! I’m a Lucio main! What about you?”

“err… D… D.VA”

“sweet! Well yeah anyway, it was after I was checking out your bag that I noticed you didn’t look good, so I thought I would help you out”

The alpha smiled towards Kenma making him blush


Kuroo came rushing out the crowd and wrapped his arms around the omega

“I was so worried! I’m glad you’re okay!”

The alpha looked up, seeing the other alpha and glared

“who’s this?”

Kenma pulled himself out from the tight hold Kuroo had him in

“he helped me out of the crowd, this is…”

Kenma stopped himself and turned to the alpha

“I didn’t catch your name…”

The alpha smiled and pointed his thumb towards his face

“I’m Terushima Yuuji and you?”

“Kozume Kenma and this is Kuroo Tetsurou”

“I take it this is your alpha?”

Kuroo stood straight with a horrified look and Kenma quickly shook his head

“no! he’s my best friend since childhood”

Yuuji beamed a massive smile

“oh, I see!”

Kenma blushed

“oh, that act is almost over! I need to get going, my bands performing next! Hopefully I’ll see you again”

And with that the alpha ran off in to the crowd. Kenma watched as he disappeared from his sight and Kuroo looked at the omega with a cheeky smile.

The girls finished their song and had left the stage. The beta woman was back on stage clapping her hands

“well done girls! You did great! Our next act will be a band and they will be doing a cover of LUCIFER by SHINee! Please welcome Johzenji’s volleyball team!”

The stage was set up with the bands instruments quickly. Yuuji was the only one wearing something different, the rest of the team were wearing dark blue polo’s, yellow skinny jeans and black trainers. The music began and Yuuji grabbed the mic, soon as his voices escaped his lips Kenma was blown away, he pushed past Kuroo and took a few steps forward. Something about Yuuji’s voice was making the omega swoon, it was beautiful, magical and Kenma was captivated. The wind blew through the omegas hair and it was as if the alphas voice travelled with it. Kuroo looked at Kenma and knew exactly what he was feeling, he was feeling warm and at peace.

The band finished off their song, bowed and left the stage. The beta woman passed them on the way up the stage and smiled at them

“such talent has performed here today! But we must have a winner!”

Aoba Johsai looked over to Karasuno glaring at them, this time they glared back. Bokuto and Akaashi were stood awkwardly feeling the tension between the teams. The woman opened up the envelop she was holding


The two girls stood there in shock as the team bombarded them, jumping in excitement. Oikawa turned to his team

“well, they looked and sounded hot”

The omega shrugged and walked off, the team sighed and followed behind him. Karasuno were full of smiles and kept congratulating the team managers.

The crowd had managed to ease off a bit, so the team decided to go get something to eat, Bokuto and Akaashi had already left to try and find Kuroo and Kenma.

Kageyama approached Suga on their walk to find something to eat

“aren’t you cold Sugawara?”

“oh, no I’m fine”

The omega had his arms crossed around himself as he looked at the managers who had his trench coat over the top of them

“as long as their covered up I’m fine”

The setter smiled towards the other

They all sat around a long table and Suga went up to the stall to order a platter of Dango’s. The guy running the stall was an old beta man that had grey hair and wore a dirty white apron, he smiled at the omega

“you were good up there today, I saw your performance, very nice.”

Suga raised an eyebrow at him

~ bit creepy ~


“what can I do you for?”

The man said as he was looking Suga up and down. The omega tried hiding his exposed skin with his arms but to his fail he just placed his order.

“must have been thirsty work up there! Here, have a drink on me! There’s a special way of drinking this magic drink though!”

“magic drink?”

“that’s right!”

The man places 3 shot glasses down that had clear liquid in, followed by 3 bits of lemon and 3 pinches of salt.

“so, you have to take a shot, lick the salt and then bite on the lemon”

Suga was sceptical but picked up the first shot glass

“you have to do all 3 real quick”

As Suga was doing the shots the man licked his lips as he took each one back. The omega slammed the last glass on the side and gasped

“that stuff is disgusting! What is it?”



Suga’s eyes raised as he realised what that was



The old man smiled

“I’m under age you weirdo!”

The beta laughed as if it wasn’t an issue, Suga grabbed the tray of Dango’s and walked over to the table the team was sat around. He placed the tray down and everyone jumped to grab a stick, Suga slumped himself down next to Daichi and sighed

“you alright?”

“yeah Dai, I’m fine…”

The alpha frowned at him but grabbed 2 sticks for him and his mate. The four Tokyo boys walked up to the table, Tsukki greeted them and told them to take a seat. Kuroo introduced Bokuto and Akaashi to everyone and they chowed down on the food. A lot of laughter and stories were told, Yamaguchi looked at Tanaka who was quite obviously staring at him and sexually bit his lip, the alpha raised his eyebrows and quickly stood up, the team looked over to him

“me and Yamaguchi need to go, erm… Saeko wants us to do something at home”

Tanaka grabbed Yamaguchi by the elbow and dragged him away. Suga swayed in to Daichi

“hmmm? F’whats s’all that bouts then?”

Daichi frowned at his mate

“are you okay Suga?”

With bright red cheeks the omega looked up to him through droopy eyes

“imfinewhayou ask?”

“are you… drunk?”

“waaaahhh??? Nooooo, I’m under age… oh wait! Cha creepy old guy who swayed me… served me even, he gave me Tequila! And he was looking at shme weirdly”

Daichi growled before slamming his hands on the table and standing up, Suga looked at him with a confused face. The alpha stormed away from the table, Hinata quickly sat down at the side of Suga

“what’s the matter with Daichi?”

Suga was smiling at the first year for about 30 seconds before replying

“wait… what? did you say something?”

Hinata frowned towards the 3rd year

“yeah, I said what’s the matter with Daichi?”

“there’s something wrong shwith Dai?”

Suga stood from the table to go searching for him. Hinata frowned and turned to Kageyama

“hey, Bakageyama!”


“when did Yachi and Shimizu leave?”

“just a second ago, why?”

“shall we go home?”

The omega winked at his mate, Kageyama nodded quickly, he knew what that meant.

It didn’t take long for the rest of the team to leave and left around the table was Tsukki, Kuroo, Kenma, Bokuto and Akaashi.

Akaashi looked around from where he was sitting

“looks like this place is getting pretty empty now”

The others nodded in agreement.

“see you guys later!”

They turned their heads to see Daichi carrying an unconscious Suga on his back. The five of them looked confused but before they could say anything Daichi was out of sight.


The omega swung himself around quickly to see where his name just got called from. Yuuji was stood behind him out of breath

“I’ve been searching for you for ages, my team left an hour ago but… I wanted to see you again before I left”

The other four looked at each other before nodding and moving to the other end of the table to give the two some privacy. Kenma was blushing

“was you running?”

“yeah, I ran around everywhere because I realised that you’re not from around here and I didn’t want to miss you before you left”

“how did you know?”

“well, I’ve never seen you around here before and… you have Nekoma wrote down your leg. That’s Tokyo, right?”

Kenma hummed in response before looking down

“can I have your number?”

Kenma looked up surprised

“my number?”

“yeah! I would like to get to know you!”

The omega blushed and nodded. They exchanged contacts and Yuuji ran off happily, Kenma turned to the people he was with and they had giant smiles plastered across their faces apart from Tsukki, he just pushed his glasses up his nose, but in a weird way that can be classed as a smile. Half an hour had passed, Bokuto, Akaashi and Kenma had decided to go to the hotel they booked to get an early night. Kuroo looked at Tsukki

“and then there was two”

Tsukki grinned

“shall we go back to mine then?”

The alpha nodded.

As they stood from the table Kuroo did a mini jog to catch up to his mate and entwined his fingers with his, Tsukki looked at his mate who just grabbed his hand and smiled. They had a quiet walk home where barely any words were shared but they didn’t care, the fact they were finally with each other again was all that mattered.

When they arrived at Tsukki’s they were both greeted by the omega’s mum, they spoke for a moment but Tsukki complained about how his feet hurt and that he needs to rest. His mum knew damn well that he didn’t want to be stuck talking with his mum and that he would rather get the most out of the time he gets with his mate. They made their way to his bedroom and when they got there Tsukki held the door open for Kuroo to step in side

“your mum is really nice, I thought that it would be awkward meeting her for the first timggghhh”

Kuroo was cut short due to his omega embracing him in a passionate kiss. Tsukki shut the door behind him and continued to kiss the alpha. Kuroo pushed the omega against the wall and ran his hands through his hair, Tsukki striped the trench coat off and threw it to the side, Kuroo took a step back to look at his mate in the outfit but couldn’t handle their bodies being separated. He lunged towards him kissing his neck and running his hands up and down his back.

Tsukki pulled away, grabbing his mates hand and leading him to the bed, he laid down and pulled Kuroo on top of him. Their tongues battling for dominance and their bodies radiating heat between them, Kuroo pulled back and started to strip himself down. He manages to get all the way down to his boxers before Tsukki wrapped his legs around his waist and pulled him in close. The alpha begins to kiss down his body starting from his neck all the way to his ankle. He holds Tsukki’s leg up in the air and places kisses down the side of his calf

“this outfit looks so good on you, seeing you in heels really does it for me”

He looks up and down Tsukki’s slender legs and places the one he still has in the air on his shoulder, he begins to move his kisses further down until he reaches his inner thigh where he took small nibbles and long sucks leaving bite marks as he goes. This caused the omega to tremble underneath him, Kuroo smirks and releases his mates leg from his shoulder. He began to pull his black short shorts off followed by his underwear, the alpha growled in excitement when he saw Tsukki’s grown member. He threw the recently removed items on the fall and lifted both of his legs up by the back of his knees, exposing the omegas already slick hole. Kuroo leaned forward and placed his tongue over the circle of muscle causing Tsukki to gasp and grab a hold of Kuroo’s hair. He whimpered from the tease and trembled as his mate stuck his tongue in, the omegas eyes shot open and he moaned from excitement when Kuroo started moving his tongue and slurped at the slick.

The alpha sat back and lowered his mates legs, he forcibly placed two fingers inside him and this caused him to groan in pain and pleasure. Kuroo’s breathing picked up along with Tsukki’s, he spent a further 10 minutes preparing him and then striped his boxers off. He positioned his painfully hard manhood against the omega’s twitching hole and thrust himself all the way in, Tsukki gasped as his head flung back from the pleasure

“K… Kuroo”


“m… mo… move ugghhhh”

At the sound of his mate begging he thrust in and out of him at a fast pace. Tsukki’s eyes watered, the pain, the pleasure, the need for his alpha was over whelming. He let out little whimpers as the ecstasy of the intimacy between them was incredible. Tsukki wrapped his legs around the alphas waist and pulled him in deeper causing them both to tremble slightly, Kuroo ran his hands up his mates stomach and under his crop top pinching at his nipples, he leaned forward lifting the top up and circled his tongue around the bright pink little nubs before biting

“uggghhh uhh K… Kuroo. Please”

Kuroo smirked at him

“what do you want me to do?”

Tsukki grabs his mates hand and places it around his neck and then grabs his other hand placing it on top of his twitching member. Kuroo knew his mate liked to be choked but he always felt to scared to do it properly, so he applied a little bit of pressure around his neck and his mate moans whilst arching his back slightly. Seeing his omega in the state was sending Kuroo wild, his eyes began to dilate, his breathing became deep and sweat was dripping off him.

~ r… rut? ~

“n… no!”

Kuroo forces himself backwards but making sure he doesn’t pull out of his mate, Tsukki’s eyes widened

“wh… what’s wrong?”

The omega managed to breath out. Kuroo took a deep breath for composure

“I… th… think I almost went in… t…to a rut!”

Tsukki’s jaw dropped

“are you okay now?”

The alpha nodded and managed to mumble

“I think so”

Tsukki smirked and placed his hand gently on the side of the alphas face

“good, now make me weak”

Kuroo’s eye brows raised and he laughed slightly before thrusting deep inside his omega. Tsukki slumped himself on his back and grabbed the duvet beneath him, gripping so tight that his knuckles turned white.

Long, slow and hard thrusts driving the omega wild, Kuroo picked up pace and the slowed right down causing his mate to moan for more. The alpha leaned forward slipping his tongue in to his mates mouth and passionately made out with him, as he pulled away Tsukki gasped and swung his arms around his mates shoulders, Kuroo pulled his mate on top of him

“ride me, Kei”

Tsukki shivered to his alpha using his given name and started to bounce up and down, wiggling his hips and holding on to Kuroo’s shoulders

“ummm nngghhhh uhhh… K… Kuroo I…”

Kuroo smirked and pulled out of his omega, Tsukki whined as he now felt empty. The alpha flipped him on his front and pulled his hips up so that his mate was now presenting himself. He positioned his member at Tsukki’s hole and thrust straight in, Tsukki’s head raised at the impact and then fell between his elbows which were holding him up.

The omega was getting close to an orgasm and he could tell Kuroo was to, his knot had started to form inside him, and it was sending Tsukki wild. Gasps and moans were filling the bedroom

“Kei… I’m”

“do it… in… inside”

and with that Tsukki felt the inside of him stretch as his mates knot grew. Both of them shuddered as they reached their climax. The omega fell flat and Kuroo fell on top of him, both sweaty and out of breath they waited for Kuroo’s knot to go down.

Once his knot had shrunk he rolled on to his back bringing Tsukki to his chest to hold him in a tight embrace

“I love you Tsukki”

The omega still trying to catch his breath managed to mumble an I love you too, but was only just understandable. Kuroo smiled as they laid there in silence for a further 20 minutes.

“is it okay if I use your shower?”

The omega sat up and nodded towards his mate. Kuroo grabbed Tsukki’s dressing gown, wrapping it around him and leaving the bedroom. The tall blonde sat up and removed his heels placing them to the side of his computer desk, he then removed the rest of the outfit that sent Kuroo wild and placed them in the wash basket which was located in the corner of his room. He grabbed some tissues and wiped himself down before grabbing a white top and a pair of black tracksuit bottoms from the wardrobe and putting them on followed by spraying himself with deodorant. He sat back on his bed and looked around his room a bit dazed until something caught his eye, his guitar. He got up and walked over to where it was stood on a stand, he picked it up and made his way back to the bed. He crossed his legs and positioned the guitar, so he felt comfortable. He began to play the BOYCE AVENUE’s cover of ALL OF ME.

Kuroo finished off in the shower and made his way back to Tsukki’s bedroom. He stopped suddenly in the hallway when he heard the sound of a guitar, he peeked through the gap in the door and saw that Tsukki was the one playing, his eyes widened when he heard his voice.

~ is he singing in English? ~

Kuroo blushed and covered his mouth whilst stood listening to his mates beautiful voice. You could tell Tsukki was really feeling the music he was playing, as he let lose in his voice and his eyes were closed whilst still playing.

As his mate was coming to the end of the song Kuroo realised that he had tears running down his cheeks, his mate was beautiful, his voice made his heart melt and he looked so passionate whilst playing the guitar. The alpha quickly wiped the tears from his cheeks and rubbed his eyes with the sleeve of Tsukki’s dressing gown. After he managed to compose himself he walked in to the bedroom, the blonde turned in shock

“oh, that was a quick shower”

He stood and placed the guitar back on its stand.

“that was amazing…”

Tsukki turned and blushed

“wahh? You heard me?!”

The alpha didn’t have to say anything, he just stood there staring at his mate with a loving gaze, Tsukki looked to the ground and made his way to the bed, Kuroo joined by sitting opposite him.

“I didn’t know you can speak English? And where did you learn to play the guitar so well?”

The omega smiled

“well, I’m not a strong English speaker but, when it comes down to music and singing it’s quite easy to pick it up and go along with it. Akiteru caught be singing to what ever was on the radio in the morning whilst I was making breakfast and he told me that I sounded just like BOYCE AVENUE, and I had no idea who that was until he showed me, so I continued to cover more of his songs”

Kuroo was smiling towards his mate

“and as for where I learnt how to play guitar, the answer would be no where… I taught myself. Whilst I was on YouTube looking up BOYCE AVENUE I came across a band called OWL CITY and they were what inspired me to pick up the guitar… well them and THE SCRIPT”

The alpha was looking at the younger with an astonished expression

“that’s amazing Kei, your just full of surprises. I couldn’t ask for a better mate. I just want to listen to you play and sing for hours I can’t get over how good you are!”

Tsukki smiled and looked down, Kuroo placed his finger under his chin causing him to look up and placed a gentle kiss on his lips, they both blushed as he pulled away.

The mates stayed up talking until early hours of the morning, it really did feel great being back together.  

Chapter Text

The next morning Suga was sat on the edge of the sofa wrapped up in a fluffy white dressing gown that appeared to be to big for him, he had one leg crossed over the other and he was eating a slice of toast. He grabbed the remote and switched the TV on, it was a news report about the fund-raising event.

Yesterdays fund raising event for Sendai gymnasium managed to raise an amazing 1,218,000 Yen!

Suga raised his eyebrows. Daichi walked in to the living room and smiled at his tired looking omega

“how do you feel?”

“hmmm? Oh, I’m fine… just have a slight headache”

The alpha sat beside him and wrapped an arm around his shoulder squeezing him tightly before letting go. The omega smiled at him and took a bite from his toast

“a lot of money was raised yesterday”

“that’s good to hear!”

in other news, a man was found beaten at the side of the gymnasium earlier hours of the morning, people have reported that he was last seen at one of the stands at the fund-raising event selling Dango’s.

Suga frowned and lent forward slightly, Daichi’s eyes widened

If anyone saw what happened, we are asking people to come to the station and file a report

“hey Dai? Isn’t that?”


The alpha had turned the TV off before his mate could finish the question. Suga frowned

“I was watching that!”

“how about I run you a nice hot bath?”

Daichi skipped out of the living room in a hurry. Suga finished his toast and made his way in to the kitchen to wash up his plate. The alpha ran back down the stairs

“baths done”

The omega smiled and placed a kiss on his mates cheek

“thank you!”

He walked in to the hall way and the sound of something hitting the ground caught Daichi’s attention, he spun around and saw that Suga had dropped his dressing gown on the floor and that he was now in fact very much naked. Daichi tried to look away out of respect but couldn’t actually bring himself to do so. He made a slow walk towards his mate and wrapped his arms around him, stroking his bare back and cupping a feel of his arse

“Dai, stop that tickles!”

The omega shuffled backwards

“wanna take a bath with me?”

The alpha nodded enthusiastically

“oh! But no funny business, I have plans today!”


Daichi frowned at his mate

“yeah! I’m going shopping with Akaashi!”

“Akaashi? The guy from Tokyo?”


“when did you…?

“we exchanged numbers yesterday and we messaged each other this morning. You! Will be spending the day here with his mate Bokuto, also I think Kenma is going to stay here with you too, Akaashi said he offered but Kenma doesn’t really like to be around loads of people”

“I… ah… okay?”

Suga smiled at him

“so, about this bath?”

An hour had passed and Suga had decided to wear his favourite pair of grey skinny jeans, a plain black shirt and a dark grey overhead hoodie. Daichi had just thrown on some black track suit bottoms and a white polo shirt seeing as he was spending the day in the house. The mates were sat around the kitchen table drinking a coffee and having a laugh until they were both interrupted by the doorbell. Suga made a small jog to the front door

“hey! I’m glad you managed to find your way”

“phone Sat-Nav’s are amazing”

Akaashi bowed

“come in, come in”

Suga opened the door wider letting the three Tokyo boys in. Daichi came from the kitchen to greet the guests. They all made their way in to the living room

“were gonna get straight off, I have my phone on me. I’ll see you when we get back”

Suga placed a kiss on Daichi’s cheek, and the two omegas turn to leave


The omega turned to look at his alpha with an unamused glare


“do I not get a kiss goodbye?”

Bokuto pouted, Akaashi sighed before walking over to his mate and kissing him on the cheek. Suga grabbed his grey coat and blue scarf before placing his white high-top trainers on.


The two omegas left, slamming the door behind them. Daichi looked over at the remaining two, Bokuto appeared to be sulking and Kenma was on his phone.

“so… err. How was the hotel?”

“it was really cheap but so nice! The bed was super comfy, and I didn’t wake up once during the night!”

Bokuto exclaimed happily  

“It was warmer in the hotel then it is in my own room back at home”

Kenma quietly spoke, not looking away from his phone.

Daichi smiled at both

“how long are you staying for?”


Bokuto put his finger on his chin

“I think Akaashi said were staying for one more night”

“were leaving tomorrow morning, but I think Kuroo is planning on spending a few more days”

Kenma explained. Daichi raised his head up slightly before slapping his hands on his knees

“does anyone want a hot drink?”


Kenma stood up and the two alphas looked at him

“I’m gonna go meet Terushima”


Bokuto stood quickly


“Kuroo would kill me if anything happened to you! I don’t think you should go… you… you don’t even know him!”

Kenma rolled his eyes and made his way over to Daichi

“thank you for allowing me in your home”

The omega bowed and left, shutting the door so quiet that Daichi had to quickly check to see if it was actually shut. When he made his way back to the living room Bokuto was still standing but with a defeated look upon him

“I just got out right ignored?!”

The alphas shoulders slouched and Daichi began to laugh

“looks that way pal”

Daichi places his hand on Bokuto’s shoulder

“don’t worry about it to much, he has his phone he will call you if something happens”

The alpha tried to reassure the other.

“yeah, your right. Kenma is a smart kid anyway. So… I have an idea!”

Daichi frowned towards the alpha


“where’s the nearest shop?!”

Daichi raised an eyebrow and turned his head to the side slightly.


Kenma was looking down at his phone following the line in which his Sat-Nav was taking him. As he looked up from his phone to make sure he didn’t bump in to anything, he stopped at the sight of someone stood in front of him, as he raised his head further up he noticed that it was Yuuji, the alpha was smiling at him.


The omega shyly looked down and placed his phone in his pocket.

“h… hey, Terushima.”

“ahhh, skip the formalities! You can just call me Yuuji”

The alpha smiled at him and Kenma gave him a shy smile in return

“so, I was thinking I could treat you to lunch?”


“great! Let’s go!”

Yuuji grabbed the omegas hand and hurriedly made his way to the spot in mind.


Suga and Akaashi were walking close to each other as they made their way around the shopping centre.

“oh! Akaashi look at that top in the window!”

Suga grabbed Akaashi by the elbow and dragged him over to the shop

“wow, that’s really cheap as well!”

The younger said surprised

“this shop is amazing! Its always on a sale, you should get this top”

The older points to the manikin  


“yeah! It would really suit you!”

Akaashi looked back to the top through the window and contemplated what he would look like in it. The younger turned to Suga

“can we go in? I would like to try it on”

Suga nodded happily and they both made their way in to the shop.

Big red signs everywhere with white lettering that read ‘50% off all tops’ ‘everything must go’ ‘sale!’ the boys spent 20 minutes looking around and Akaashi had already picked up the top that was on display in the window. Suga had a basket full of different clothing items that he knew he didn’t need to try on, because what ever he liked he knew would suit him. The two made their way to the dressing room so the younger could try the top on and Suga waited for him.

“well, well, well, if it isn’t Mr Refreshing”

Suga sighed before he turned around, knowing full well who had just appeared without looking


“ahhh, don’t be like that”

the Seijou setter waved his hand

“I think I will buy this top”

Akaashi steps out of the changing room wearing a black button up shirt with white buttons, white cuffs and a white collar. Oikawa turns to see who Suga was accompanied by and his jaw dropped

“wahhh?!?! You’re so pretty!”

Akaashi blushed and looked down, Suga sighed and rolled his eyes

“Akaashi this jerk is Oikawa, Oikawa this is Akaashi he’s from Tokyo”


Oikawa dramatically stepped back with a shocked expression, placing a hand over his chest. Again, Suga rolled his eyes.

“it’s a pleasure to meet you”

Akaashi bowed towards the 3rd year

“it’s really not”

Suga scoffed and Oikawa frowned at him. Akaashi went back in to the changing room and came back out in his original attire. The two boys went and paid for their clothes and Oikawa followed behind them also paying for his items. As the three left the store Suga asked Akaashi where he wanted to go for a coffee, the 2nd year not knowing his way around shrugged

“have you tried the knew coffee shop that opened up next to the vintage shop?”

“there’s a new coffee shop?”

Suga turned to Oikawa

“you haven’t been yet!?”

The Karasuno setter shook his head and Oikawa stood in shock

“come with me!”

Oikawa grabbed Suga and Akaashi by their wrists and dragged them half way down the shopping centre. When they got there, he stopped and raised both his arms

“the coffee in here is amazing!”

“Starbucks? We have loads of these in Tokyo”

The 2nd year smiled

“the coffee in here is good”

“good?!?! I trained for an extra 3 hours after having one of these!”


Akaashi looked at him intrigued

“yeah, just like Mr. Refreshing here, I’m a setter!”

Oikawa gestured at Suga who didn’t look too impressed. Akaashi giggled slightly and the other two turned to him confused

“its funny how 3 setters are out shopping on the same day in the same stores”

Akaashi began to chuckle some more in to his fist. Oikawa raised his eyebrows

“wow! So, you’re a setter too?! Must be a setter thing… well apart from Kageyama!”

Oikawa grunted.

“what do you mean?”

Suga asked slightly pissed off

“well, were all good looking and were all setters!”

The Seijou setter winked, which just seemed to piss Suga off that little bit more

“so, your saying that my pup isn’t good looking?!”

Suga and Oikawa were pulling the same pout towards each other and Akaashi felt slightly awkward

“shall all three of us go for a coffee?”

The both turned to the 2nd year and simultaneously spoke

“all three?!”

Akaashi smiled and nodded

“no thanks, I’m good”

Oikawa turned to walk off but was stopped by someone grabbing his shoulders he turned to see Akaashi smiling

“come on, it will be fun.”

The 3rd year sighed


The three of them walked in to Starbucks and placed their orders

Oikawa ordered himself a Caramel Latte, Akaashi ordered a Caramel Frappuccino and Suga ordered himself an original milky coffee. They sat at a round table by the window. The atmosphere was awkward to start with, but it soon became lighter when Akaashi sighed at a text he just received from Bokuto and the other two could relate to how paranoid their mates get when they go out on their own. The omegas spent the next hour laughing and telling funny stories about their teams and mates.

“no trust me that’s nothing, Bokuto once dropped to his knees in the middle of the hallway screaming my name… well, I can only assume it was my name… it was rather distorted. All because I shared my drink with another student. He claimed I was 2nd hand kissing other people… he cried.”

The other two burst in to laughter

“okay, now that’s good”

Oikawa chuckled whilst wiping a tear

“Daichi once played a prank on me by switching the sugar with salt, so that when I had my morning coffee I almost threw up… I got him back though. I cut a massive circle in the arse of all his trousers and boxers so that he had no choice but to go out exposed to buy new ones”

The other two looked at Suga shocked

“what? You don’t mess with an omega and their morning coffee!”

They both nodded in agreement

“Iwa-Chan once screamed ‘GODZILLA’ when I thrust inside him”

Oikawa began to laugh, he was never meant to tell a single soul, but it was too gold not to share. The other two didn’t laugh they just sat there in shock, Oikawa looked at them confused


“did you just say when you thrust in to him?”

Suga lent forward

“err, yeah?”

“your alpha lets you do him?”

Akaashi sat up surprised

“well, only sometimes… I’m normally a bottom but sometimes we like to switch it up a bit…”

Suga and Akaashi’s jaws dropped

“I couldn’t imagine switching it up like that, I’m such a power bottom and Daichi likes it that way.”

“I couldn’t imagine switching it up either… I may not seem it but I’m proper submissive in the bedroom, plus Bokuto has way too much pride as an alpha to let me do him”

“Iwa-Chan has pride! It’s just… I dunno, we have known each other since we were young, so we have always been experimental with each other”

Oikawa blushed

“I think that’s sweet”

Akaashi smiled softly

The three-omegas carried on talking, laughing and teasing each other for a further half hour.

“oh, is that the time?”

Suga checked his phone

“we should probably get going”

Akaashi nodded at him and gathered his coat, scarf and bags

“I hate to admit it, but I actually had fun today”

Oikawa reluctantly mumbled. Suga smiled at him

“well, lets exchange numbers and we can do it again sometime”

Oikawa looked at Suga with a smirk


They exchanged numbers before gathering the rest of their bits and leaving the coffee shop. As the three turned the corner and walked out the entrance, little did they know if they were to turn around they would see Kageyama and Hinata stood in shock a couple of steps away from the entrance of Starbucks.

Hinata looked up to see Kageyama’s eye twitching

“why do you think they were together?”

The omega risked asking his alpha

“how am I supposed to know boke!”

Hinata flinched at the snap he just received, Kageyama looked at him with a slanted smile

“sorry, lets get a bus back to yours, I don’t feel like walking with all this shopping back”

Lucky for them the bus stop they got off at was only a 10 minute walk to the omegas house.

Once they got in the house, removed their shoes and placed the shopping down Kageyama was attacked

“Tobio! Tobio! Tobio, you came around!”

Kageyama smiled at the little ball of orange

“hey Natsu”

“will you play with me?!”

Kageyama looked to Hinata who shrugged

“alright, but only 20 minutes okay?”

Natsu smiled and dragged Kageyama to her room. Hinata carried some of the bags in to the living room where his mum was sat watching TV wrapped up in a pink dressing down and pink fluffy slippers

“oh! Shouyou, I see Natsu dragged Tobio off?”

“yeah. I have the bits you asked for here”

“thank you!”

His mum beamed a massive smile. Hinata placed the bags by her feet and decided to go retrieve his alpha from his sister’s room. When he opened the door Natsu was giggling and Kageyama had his back towards the door

“what’s so funny?”

The omega made his was in to the room. Kageyama turned to face the omega and Hinata couldn’t help but burst out laughing and pointing. The alpha had his hair put in to small pig tails and he had stickers all over his face, his face in which didn’t look amused as he was facing Hinata, but soon as he turned back to Natsu he was smiling.

“okay, that’s enough now Natsu, we have some course work to do”

The omega pulled Kageyama from the bed and began to leave her room

“Shouyou! Your no fun!”

Hinata turned around and stuck his tongue out before shutting the door behind them.

Kageyama slumped on Hinata’s bed and removed the stickers and hairbands that he got attacked with, he shook his head to make his hair fall back in place.

“our course work has to be in, tomorrow right? We should start that as soon as possible, I don’t really wanna face Daichi or Suga if we get another bad grade”

The alpha nodded towards his mate

“okay, I’m gonna quickly jump in the shower, you set up the text books”

Kageyama grabbed the bag with text books in but got distracted once Hinata had fully stripped down. The omega was oblivious to his alphas stare, he made his way to his wardrobe to grab a towel and turned once he had picked one

“wahh, what are you looking at?”

Hinata caught his alphas glare, he moved closer to the omega and turned him around, so his back was towards him, Hinata frowned

“what are you doing?”

The alpha wrapped his arms around his mates waist and rested his head on his shoulder.

“Ka… Kageyama, I need to get in the shower”

“Just give me a minute”

The alpha took a deep inhale of the omegas scent glands and moved his mouth to the back of his neck to where the bond mark was. He placed a kiss on the mark, making Hinata shiver. The alpha dropped to his knees and rested his head on Hinata’s tiny peach bum


“I love your arse, its just so small and cute”

Hinata blushed and spun around quickly, Kageyama’s eyes widened.

“well, if you wanted me to compliment your junior you should have asked”

The omega quickly covered his manhood and ran off to the bathroom, covering himself with the towel. Kageyama laughed through his nose and continued with setting up the text books.


Yuuji had decided to take Kenma on a lunch date to a quiet American themed diner. They were sat in a booth at the back, away from everyone else. Yuuji had ordered the ‘Luxury Meat’ which was a beef burger topped with 3 rashes of bacon and a thin slice of chicken, the bun in which it came in was glazed, the drink he ordered was a banana milkshake. Kenma had ordered a seeded bun beef burger and a strawberry milkshake.

“you should have ordered something more!”

Yuuji pointed to Kenma’s plate

“I don’t often eat big meals”

The omega shyly took a small bite from his burger.

“I’m glad you agreed to come on a date with me!”

“a date?”


“oh… I… I didn’t realise this was a date”

The omega blushed but hid his face with his hair by looking down

“would you have said no?”

The omega froze feeling the pressure slightly, but then realised he wouldn’t have said no and that he is more then happy to get to know the alpha. 

“I still would have met you”

Yuuji full teeth smiled towards Kenma’s answer

“I’m glad!”

The two of them spent the rest of their time eating, getting to know each other and Kenma was opening up more and more by the second. Yuuji was seeming more interested in the omega then he had before. The omega’s smile made the alphas heart beat faster and he wished to see the smile more often.

“so, you said you’re a D.VA main on Overwatch?”

Kenma hummed in response

“that’s awesome, what do you play on? Console or PC?”

“console… PlayStation 4. What about you?”

“pffft obviously a PlayStation 4!”

Kenma may not have shown it, but he was over the moon that Yuuji plays a game that he likes and that its on the same console, he will finally have someone to play with. They agreed to add each other on PSN when they get home so that their able to play and share games with one another. As the date continued there was more laughs, more talking and even cheeky smiles thrown back and forth. Kuroo and Tsukki were holding hands whilst walking to find somewhere to eat.

“oh! You have an American diner here?!”

The alpha excitedly asks his mate

“its right in front of you… why are you even asking?”

Kuroo glared at him and pulled his arm to get closer. He looked through the window amazed at what it looked like and amazed by the menu, as he kept looking he spotted his best friend sat at the back booth with someone


The alpha jumped back from the window and Tsukki grabbed him

“what is it?”

“K… Kenma is in there with that guy from yesterday… the alpha!”


“what do you mean and?! He doesn’t know him well enough to go out on his own with him! Where the hell is Bokuto?! I asked him to look after kitten whilst I wasn’t there! I swear to god I’m gonna kill him when I see him!”

Tsukki smirked towards the raging alpha, he put his hand up to his face and began to laugh, Kuroo turned to him with a raised eyebrow

“Kuroo, their probably just getting to know each other better. They seemed pretty interested in each other yesterday so…”

“hmmmm… I guess your right”

“plus, if they hit it off Kenma might get lucky tonight”

The omega winked as he walked off and Kuroo’s expression changed to a horrified one

“Tsukki wait!”

The alpha yelled after his mate as he ran in his direction


Suga and Akaashi finally arrived back home, the older was shuffling through his bag to find the keys

“I have them here somewhere”

Both boys giggled

“ahhh found them”

As Suga placed the key in the lock they both heard a loud bang come from inside, they looked at each other worriedly and the older began to frantically try and open the door. When they both burst through they ran straight to the living room, where they saw Daichi and Bokuto laying on the floor laughing surrounded by empty beer cans. The two omegas stood there with their arms crossed and an unamused look on their faces. Bokuto was laughing, he turned to look at the door and noticed their mates standing there, his smile dropped, and he coughed to get Daichi, who was laughing uncontrollably attention. Once the alpha noticed that the other wasn’t still laughing and that he had a sheepish grin instead he looked to the door where he had now noticed his mate and Akaashi standing there. The younger setter turned to Suga

“I am so sorry; this scene is clearly an act of Bokuto’s”

Suga smiled at the setter

“don’t mind. I’m sure they are both to blame”

He says glaring back at his alpha. Akaashi walked in to the living room and helped his alpha up

“where’s Kenma?”

“Kenma is… ermmm… he… errrrr”

“he went to meet Terushima”

Daichi answered for him whilst swaying on the floor. Akaashi gave Bokuto an unimpressed look

“well, you’re the one that has to deal with Kuroo…”

Bokuto stared at his mate

“AKAAAAAASHI! Heeeelp me!”

The younger sighed and turned to Suga

“I’m going to take Bokuto back to the hotel”

Suga beamed a sweet smile and nodded towards the mates as they left. The sweet smile soon turned to a glare directed at his mess of an alpha on the floor.

“Suga, I… I can explain…”

“hmmm… I bet you can…”

The alpha tried to stand the best he could without swaying off in to a different direction. He walked over to his mate and went to wrap an arm around him, in which he dodged out of the way. The omega tutted and made his way to the kitchen with his bags and placed them on the table. Daichi came following in behind him, this time he managed to wrap his arms over the setter’s shoulders. Suga could barely hold up his body weight normally, let alone a drunk swaying one.

“Dai, get off your heavy…”

“but I just wooooove you sooooo much!!”

Suga frowned trying to pull his mates arms off him

“seriously Dai, I can’t hold you up… your … wahhh ahhhh!”




The two mates were on the floor and Daichi tried to focus his swaying vision. Once he had he noticed that Suga was just laying on the kitchen floor not moving. The alphas heart sunk, and he rushed over to his mate. He picked his upper half up so that his mate was slightly sitting, his eyes were closed and his head fell to the side.

“oh, god… Suga! Did you hit your head?! Suga? Koushi?!?!”

The alphas heart began to race. He basically put all his body weight on his omega causing him to fall and his hit head, the guilt was washing over him, and he had his unconscious omega in his arms.

“Koushi… please”


The alpha jumped back slightly, letting go of his mate. Suga burst in to laughter

“oh Dai, you should have heard yourself! Hahaha Suga?! Koushi?!?!”

The omega continued to laugh at his mate. Daichi was looking at him with mixed emotions, worried, confused, scared all of which he had no idea which one to feel.

“Suga… you… how… what… but you… didn’t you hit your head?... you were unconscious?”

“no, I didn’t hit my head Daichi… I slapped the counter and moved my head in a way to make it seem like I did”

Suga managed to spit out before laughing again

“but, why would you do that? I was so worried!”

“oh, I dunno? Because it was funny?”

“it wasn’t funny at all! I thought I had seriously hurt you”

Suga’s lips slanted

“but you feel sober now right?”

The alpha frowned because he did in fact feel sober

“ye… yeah?”

The omega smirked

“okay! So that’s what it was then! It was a tactic!”

Suga smirked and helped his alpha up. Daichi wrapped his arms around his mate and smiled

“what are you like?”

Suga lent back

“me? I don’t go getting drunk!”

Daichi’s face was plain

~ wait what? ~


Suga asked looking sceptical. Daichi shook his head and smiled

“Dai, I never thought I would have to say this to you… but you need to go rest your head”

The omega chuckled slightly.

Daichi’s blushing face falls to the floor and Suga switches the kettle on


Suga pushes his mate out of the kitchen.

When he sits down with his coffee he smirks to himself

~ I love Daichi so much sometimes ~

Chapter Text

Two days later in the Karasuno gymnasium the team had been practicing for two hours nonstop, no rotations, no breaks and no team changes. With the whole dance routine taking up most of their valuable practice time it was the least they could do. But it was now taking a toll on their bodies and Ukai decided it was best for them to have a water break. Once he blew his whistle they made their way to the bench where Shimizu and Yachi handed them their flasks. Suga was talking to Yamaguchi at the side of everyone else when Noya decided to approach the 3rd year.

“Suga, can I talk to you?”

Both the omegas turn to the libero

“shall I go?”

Yamaguchi offered but Noya shook his head

“no, its fine, you probably already know”

“are you okay, Noya?”

Suga asked concerned but Noya smiled at the setter

“yeah, I am actually. I just want to explain something to you”

After 15 minutes the 2nd year had explained everything to do with his home life, his mum and how he kept everything a secret because he didn’t want to worry people. The older put his arm around Noya’s shoulders and reassured him that everything is going to be better for him now and that Asahi is one of the best alphas to be in the hands of.

“erm, so this alpha… did you happen to catch his name? if so, isn’t it worth reporting him?”

Yamaguchi curiously asked. Noya put his finger on his chin

“actually, yeah! His name was Jin”

Yamaguchi’s eyes widened, and he took a step back

~ park, scared, attacked, hurt, grass, alpha, dog tags, JIN! ~

Yamaguchi stumbled back some more, his breathing became hitched and his eyes began to water. He grabbed his chest and began to frantically look around at the floor. Suga and Noya stepped forward with an arm each stretched out towards the first year, and worried expressions plastered over their faces. This caught the attention of the rest of the team and Tanaka rushed over to his mates side, wrapping his arm around his shoulders


The alpha was worriedly holding him close to his chest. Once he had sorted his breathing out he explained about the alpha who attacked him in the park and that he was wearing dog tags around his neck that had the name Jin on it.

“w… what if it’s the same alpha?”

Yamaguchi was worried

The rest of the team had now surrounded themselves around him and Daichi stepped forward

“if it does so happen to be the same alpha that attacked both Yamaguchi and Nishinoya, then it is definitely worth reporting. It could prevent the same thing happening to another innocent omega…”

The team simultaneously nodded their heads in agreement

“okay, I will talk to Asahi’s mum later about reporting it.”

The libero spoke quietly.

“on a lighter note! Us three were planning on going to karaoke after school”

Narita spoke up

Suga turned to Ennoshita, Kinoshita and Narita with an intrigued look and then back to Daichi with a grin, clearly wanting to go as well. Daichi sighed knowing full well that he would get dragged along to sing a few songs against his will. Hinata turns to Kageyama with a full sun smile grin

“can we go as well!?!?!”

Hinata jumps in excitement


The alpha grumpily replies. Hinata stopped jumping and pouted at his mate

“why not?!”

“because I can’t sing.”

“and? Neither can I, but it will be fun!”

Kageyama sighed the same sigh as Daichi, defeated. He nods at his omega



Suga turned to ask if the others wanted to come, but everyone else had plans.


The coach blows long and hard on his whistle and the team scurry back in to position.

Another hour of practise went by and their free morning was over. Shimizu and Yachi were the first to leave because they agreed on studying in the library together before lessons start. Suga and Daichi had an exam they had to attend, the 2nd years only had one lesson to attend and the 1st years have lessons for the rest of the afternoon. Noya had decided to skip his lesson and go home with Asahi who had the afternoon free due to his exam being tomorrow.

When the mates arrived home, they were welcomed by Asahi’s mum. She made them both a hot drink each and asked them both to keep her company in the living room where it was warm before she went to the shop to buy bits for dinner. Whilst they were all sat in the living room Noya brought up the conversation of making a report about the alpha. Asahi’s mum was more than happy to help the omega with going with him to the station and filing a report.

The three of them watched some TV, drank their drinks, spoke some more and laughed about random things. Before they knew it almost 2 hours had passed, and the alphas mum stood abruptly

“oh my! I got carried away in chatting that I didn’t realise the time! I need to go to the shop!”

The woman laughed

She patted down her bob cut and made her way to the door, grabbing her coat and putting her shoes on. Asahi walked behind her holding the door open as she left

“be safe mum”

The beta turned to her son, smiled and nodded before walking off.

The shop was only a 10-minute walk around the corner. It was however cold outside, so she sped walked and made it in five. As she entered the shop she picked up a basket and placed it on her arm and began to scan the isles. She was walking down the meat isle and stopped at the gammon

~ oh, it’s been a while since we had a nice big bit of meat ~

She grabbed the largest one there and placed it in the basket. She jolted downwards slightly at the weight of it and decided that she didn’t want to be carrying something so heavy back home, especially if that’s not the only thing she’s buying. She placed the gammon back on the shelf and turned to walk on until she stopped herself in her tracks. She spotted a shorter woman down the isle who was trying to reach something from the top shelves, the woman was wearing a short tight dark blue dress and her streaked hair was half up

~ on second thoughts ~

The beta retreated her steps and placed the gammon back in her basket and walked up to the woman who was still struggling to retrieve the item on the shelf. She tapped the shorter on the shoulder

“excuse me, would you like some help”

The shorter turned

“oh, erm. Yes please”

The beta half smiled and grabbed the item passing it to the shorter

“Maaya right?”

The omega women looked confused

“yeah? Do I know you?”

The beta sarcastically smiled

“my names Chizuko, you don’t really need to know much about me apart from I’m Nishinoya Yuu’s mother”

The omega’s eyes widened

“excuse you! I am Yuu’s mum! What gives you the right to say you’re his mother?!”

The beta began to laugh

“what gives you the right to sell your sons body to clear your debt?!”

Maaya’s eyes sunk in to a glare but before she could say anything Chizuko placed her hand on the omegas shoulder

“its okay Maaya, we don’t need to speak much more”

The omega frowned in confusion at the beta, but before she knew it the basket that was resting on Chizuko’s arm was being swung around her head. The omega went flying in to the shelfs and fell on the floor. Everything was blurry and wavering, but she managed to see the beta woman walk towards her and crouch down in front of her

“if you ever think about coming near Yuu again, I will personally end you. He is my pup now! You hear me!”

The beta whispered to the almost unconscious omega

Security came rushing over and grabbed Chizuko by her arms and pulled her back, the other security guard knelt to see if Maaya was responding, which she was but only slightly.

“call the police and an ambulance!”

The security guard yelled.


Back at home Asahi was looking for Noya who had ran off and hid somewhere

“Noya, I will! Find you”

The alpha heard sniggering coming from their bedroom, he opened the door and made his way in. each step he made it caused the floor boards to creak and Noya to snigger a little louder. Asahi growled playfully and spotted a bundle of blankets on the floor to the side of their bed. He ponced on top of it

“got you!”

The alpha yelled as he pulled at the pile of blankets but frowned when Noya wasn’t there

~ wahh… what? ~


Asahi turned quickly and saw his omega jumping towards him, he moved out the way so that his mate fell on the blankets. Noya turned and pouted

“that’s not fair!”

The omega sulked. Asahi laughed and pinned the omega to the ground with his arms above his head

“erm… Asahi… what are you d… doing?”

The alpha looked down Noya’s body and licked his lips. He placed his legs either side of the omegas waist so that he couldn’t move his legs, all whilst he still had his arms pinned.

“I… I can’t move Asahi”

“that’s the point”

The omegas eyes widened, Asahi spotted Noya’s top had slightly raised and was now exposing his stomach, he lent forward and placed little kisses around his belly button, Noya giggled and tried flinching away.

“and now…”

Asahi spoke as he removed one of his hands from his mates arm. He raised the top higher, fully exposing his mates upper half

“3… 2…1!”

Noya burst in to laughter and tried squirming away as Asahi was blowing raspberries on his stomach.

The alpha let go and rolled off so that Noya could move again. They both burst in to laughter, which was short lived when the home phone started ringing, Asahi frowned before standing up and making his way to the living room to answer the call


“hello love”


“yeah, turns out we will be able to file the report sooner than planned”

“what do you mean?”

“well I got arrested for attacking Maaya in the shop”

“wait… what? Are you okay?”

“don’t worry about me, once they find out the truth I’ll be able to leave. Love you MUAH!”

Noya made his way quietly in to the living room

“Asahi, what was all that about?”

The alpha placed the phone back on its stand and turned to the omega with a sheepish smile, he places his hand on the back of his neck and laughs nervously.


At the Tsukishima residence

Tsukki had not long been home, his mum was at work and his brother was sat in the kitchen with Saeko.

Akiteru had just made Saeko and himself a bowl of soup each, as they sat and ate they spoke about their home life’s, college, friends and family

“yeah, sometimes I feel like I should leave the house and leave Ryuu and Tadashi to it. They need time to themselves ya know?”

“yeah, I get that. Well with Tetsurou here I’ve just been staying out of Kei’s way, plus I’ve had a lot to do at college”

“do you plan on staying at college for another year or so?”

“yeah, one more year. What about you?”

“nahhh, think I’m just gonna try and complete this year and be done with it. Studying really isn’t my thing…”

“hahaha well that’s fair enough”

Akiteru smiled at the alpha causing her to blush slightly.

Tsukki walked in to the kitchen causing the two to jump and carry on eating their soup. The omega walked past the two at the table and straight to what they call ‘the munch cupboard’ and piled lots of things in to his arms, packets of crisps, chocolate bars, sweets and a couple packs of Pocky. Without a word spoken to either of them he shut the cupboard and left back to his bedroom. He opened his bedroom door to see Kuroo sat on the bed with his guitar strumming randomly at the strings making an awful sound come from it. The omega winced at the noise and dropped the pile of munch on the bed in front of the alpha causing him to stop playing and look up at his mate

“oh wow! That’s a lot of junk”

“didn’t know what to grab so I grabbed most of it”

The omega smirked

The alpha handed Tsukki the guitar and smiled

“play me a song?”


“awwww come on!”

“maybe later”

The omega grabbed the guitar and placed it on its stand. The alpha pulled a sulky face but it soon disappeared when he noticed Tsukki had brought in packets of crisps. The mates started chowing down on all the munch

“how was practice today?”

“intense, well we haven’t been practicing much volleyball because we have been practicing a dance routine instead… which I’m glad is over now. So, we didn’t have many breaks, although when we did have a break we found out that the alpha that attacked Noya might be the same alpha that attacked Yamaguchi some time ago”

“no way! So like omegas are this guys pray?”

“seems that way. But we won’t know for sure until its reported and the reports gone through”

“yeah the long part”

The omega nodded to his mate as he placed a crisp in his mouth.

The mates continued to eat and talk about random things. Tsukki found out that Kuroo is a genius when it comes down to science and that he is in the top classes for most of his subjects, Kuroo also found out that Tsukki is top in all his classes and that he is particularly good in written English. They also learnt random things about one another like Tsukki’s star sign being Libra and Kuroo’s being Scorpio, the alpha is ambidextrous where as the omega claims that the left side of his body is next to useless unless its in volleyball or with his guitar. Lots of other random facts about each other were shared and a lot of the time they were laughing at each other’s traits.

Kuroo placed a Pocky stick in his mouth and winked at Tsukki, the omega looked at him with a ‘yeah right’ expression before telling him that it wasn’t going to happen. So Kuroo pulled the Pocky stick out from his mouth and placed it in Tsukki’s, the omegas eye brows raised as the alpha started crunching down at the stick until finally their mouths met. Tsukki closed his eyes and enjoyed the moment between them. The omega jolted back as Kuroo began to tickle his ribs

“what do you think you’re doing?”

“tickling you dummy, what does it look like?”

The alpha continued to poke at Tsukki’s sides

“no, you can’t do that.”

“why not? Are you like… really ticklish?”

The alpha smirked and Tsukki looked worried

“what? No”


Kuroo pounced on the omega causing him to full back on the bed and started attacking him with tickles, everywhere! Tsukki was trying to free himself but Kuroo was to strong that he couldn’t escape, the omega placed his hand over his mouth and was trying to hold back laughter.

“I see, your trying not to laugh huh? What about your feet hmmm?”

Tsukki turned to him worriedly and shook his head frantically, the alpha grabbed his mates foot and began to tickle


tears from laughter had formed in to the corners of Tsukki’s eyes, he begged his alpha to stop and eventually he did. The omega laid on his back trying to catch his breath

“that was awful. Don’t do that again.”

“no promises”

Kuroo smirked and Tsukki glared at him but then laughed through his nose. He couldn’t help but give in to his alpha.

“okay, so you want me to play you a song, right?”

Kuroo eagerly sat up straight like a well-behaved dog and nodded

“yeah! I really really! Want you to play a song, I was looking up Boyce Avenue whilst you were at school… and its amazing! How much you sound like him!”

“I don’t know if I’m as good as him, but I guess with more practice…”

“I think your as good as him! If not better!”

“okay, you’re just saying that”

“I’m not! I really do think it”

The alpha smiled at his mate

“okay, how good is your English?”

“I can understand when people are talking to me in English, I can read English but when it comes down to forming a sentence myself I’m a little slow. Why?”

“well, because obviously the songs I sing are in English… this one I want to sing you… means something”

“means something?”

Tsukki blushed and looked down

“it… its… how I feel…”

If Kuroo’s pupils could turn in to heart shapes that’s exactly what they would be right now

~ Tsukki’s gonna do a song about how he… feels? ~

Tsukki grabs his guitar and sits back on the bed with his legs crossed and the guitar positioned in-between, he clears his throat

“this song is called IN CASE YOU DIDN’T KNOW and when I listened to Boyce Avenue perform this… I felt as though I could relate and it would be perfect to sing to you…”

The omega blushed and Kuroo felt his heart get warm. As the omega began to strum on the guitar Kuroo got himself comfortable by crossing his legs and facing his mate.

“I can't count the times
I almost said what's on my mind
But I didn't

Just the other day
I wrote down all the things I'd say
But I couldn't
I just couldn't

Alpha I know that you've been wondering
ohh, so here goes nothing

In case you didn't know
Alpha I'm crazy bout you
And I would be lying if I said
That I could live this life without you
Even though I don't tell you all the time
You had my heart a long long time ago
In case you didn't know

The way you look tonight
That second glass of Sake That did it, mmm

There was something bout that kiss
boy it did me in
Got me thinking
I'm thinking

All of the things that I've been feeling
Mmm, it's time you hear em

In case you didn't know
Alpha I'm crazy bout you
And I would be lying if I said
That I could live this life without you
Even though I don't tell you all the time
You had my heart a long long time ago
In case you didn't know

You've got all of me
I belong to you
Yeah, you're my everything

In case you didn't know
I'm crazy bout you
I would be lying if I said
That I could live this life without you
Even though I don't tell you all the time
You had my heart a long long time ago
Yeah, you had my heart a long long time ago, mmm
In case you didn't know, know, know
In case you didn't know”

Once Tsukki had finished he looked up to Kuroo who had tears pouring down his cheeks and it didn’t take him long to full on ugly cry


The alpha jumped forward towards his mate, the omega quickly put the guitar at the side of the bed so that it didn’t get crushed along with him. The alpha landed on top of him and was plastering his face in lots of tiny kisses

“I love you so much Tsukki!”

The omega was smiling trying to get his mate off him

“okay, okay, okay I get it, get off haha”

Kuroo sat up on his knees and smiled, as Tsukki went to sit up properly Kuroo grabbed the back of his head and pulled him in for a passionate kiss, a kiss so passionate their tongues battled for dominance. As they broke free they gazed in to each other’s eyes lovingly, until Tsukki embarrassingly looked away, Kuroo hummed a laugh and laid on his back pulling Tsukki in to rest on his chest. The mates lay there happily in silence for a few minutes until Tsukki raised his head up slightly to look at the alpha

“I want to go back to Tokyo with you.”

Kuroo sat up in excitement causing the omega to slump to the side

“you do?!”

“yeah, well I have 3 more days left at school then we have a 2-week break before we go back and have exams”

“oh, I see! It would be amazing if you came back with me! I would actually love that!”


The omega smiles at his mate and they go back to laying on the bed with the omega resting on his alphas chest.


Daichi, Suga, Kageyama, Hinata, Kinoshita, Ennoshita and Narita had not long finished their time at the karaoke place and were walking down the street arguing over who should have actually won

“no! Daichi should have won he was really good!”

Suga winged

“I have to disagree, I think Narita had every right in winning! His voice was on point”

Ennoshita explained

“look, your all wrong. I should have won”

Kageyama smugly stepped forward

“now I will disagree with you there! You can’t sing at all! Why did you even come?”

Hinata moaned out

“because you made me boke!”

“I didn’t make you!”


Daichi began to laugh and grabbed their shoulders

“now now you two behave”

The first years turned with horrified expressions and apologised instantly.

“to be honest, I really liked Suga’s voice. He sounded like an angel”

Kinoshita spoke up.

Everyone turned to the beta and smiled before they turned to Suga and nodded.

“oh! Stop! You guys…”

The omega blushed

They carried on walking down the street and Daichi had to keep telling them all to be quiet as they were all being so loud where they were so hyped from singing for the past couple of hours, also their ears were still ringing so they couldn’t tell if they were being loud or not. The boys didn’t want to go home yet and discussed on different ideas of what they could do, of course Kageyama and Hinata had the idea of playing volleyball but the rest of them sighed and ignored them, Suga wanted to go shopping but Daichi had put a limit on how much he can go shopping a month and he had already exceeded the limit.

“hey, why don’t we go see Tanaka and Yamaguchi?”

Narita suggested

“actually, that’s not a bad idea”

Ennoshita agreed

The rest of the team agreed that it was a good idea and set off their adventure to the alphas home.

As the seven arrived at the destination they all walked through the drive way and to the front door, just as Kinoshita was about to knock he stopped as his Knuckle was an inch away from the door. The rest of the team looked at each other awkwardly

“uughhh uhh Ta… Tanaka…h… harder!”

The team’s jaws dropped, and a horrified expression spread across all of them

“ahhh ugggghh… ye… yeah!”

“OKAY! On that note we should go!”

Suga spoke as he gathered the team members and pushed them up the drive. As they got 5 minutes around the corner they all burst out laughing

“m…my pup!”

Suga expressed horrified  

“aww Suga, don’t worry about it, its natural!”

Daichi wrapped his arm around his mate

“that’s not the point Dai! Yamaguchi is meant to be pure!”

“yeah… pure filth”

Hinata sniggered and Suga’s eyes widened, Daichi was silently shaking his head at the 1st year and he retreated behind Kageyama

“lets er… maybe… go back to ours”

Daichi suggested and everyone was up for it.

On their walk back to the 3rd years the team except Suga were holding back small giggles.  

Chapter Text

4 days later and the school had broken up for the half term. That meant 2 weeks free time to supposedly revise and complete course work, although that never really happens in a half term.

“you’re going to Tokyo?!”

Yamaguchi asked Tsukki a little surprised

“that’s right”

Tsukki replied whilst he was packing his suitcase

“so, you’re going alone?”

“no, I’m going with Kuroo”

“no, I get that, what I mean is… so it’s just gonna be you and Kuroo?”


“is it really a good idea to go all the way to Tokyo when you don’t really know your way around and you’ve only been there once, like what if something happens to you?”

“shut up Yamaguchi”

“sorry Tsukki, it’s just I’m worried”

“you don’t need to be, I’ll look after him”

Kuroo winked towards the freckled omega. Yamaguchi looked at the alpha and frowned

“well I should hope so.”

Yamaguchi grunted. Tsukki rolled his eyes and continued to pack his suitcase.

So far, the tall blonde had packed enough clothes to last him a week. As the clothes piled on top of each other and grew bigger and bigger Yamaguchi was looking more and more worried at the fact his best friend is randomly going off to Tokyo.

“so, erm. Why are you in your volleyball kit?”

Kuroo asked the omega

“because Tsukki and myself have practice today…”

“oh, I’m not going”

The tall blonde stopped packing

“wahhh? You’re not? You know Suga-“

“yeah, I know, but it’s a one off… plus I’m still packing. I leave tomorrow morning”  

“tomorrow morning!! What time?”

“erm… what time was our train again?”

The blonde turned to the alpha. He grabbed his phone to check the train times

“our train leaves at 9am and it will get us to Tokyo for around 2pm”

Yamaguchi was still sceptical about the trip, but he figured that Tsukki is big enough to fend for himself and he has an older alpha mate to look after him. The three of them stayed in Tsukki’s room for an hour longer before Yamaguchi had to leave for practice

“well, if I don’t see you before you go… have a good time in Tokyo, send me pictures… and keep me updated!”

“yeah, yeah, yeah. See you later”

And with that the omega left.

“you know he smells… he smells like apple crumble…”


“yeah! He has a really strong scent”

The alpha laughed

“that’s quite funny actually, his favourite food is apple crumble”

The omega explained

“wait, so your telling me two omega best friends have scents of their favourite food”


“well, your strawberry shortcake”

The alpha laughed

“oh, shut up!”

The omega blushed and continued with his packing


At the Karasuno gym everyone was already there doing their stretches, coach Ukai couldn’t make todays practice session as there was no one to cover his shift at the shop, and the two managers were running late. The doors open, and everyone turns to see Yamaguchi, they greet him with a smile and Suga walks over to him

“I thought you and Tsukishima always walk together?”

“yeah… he isn’t coming today…”


The team turn to see the outburst and make their way over to the two omegas.

“Tsukki is busy packing so he can’t make it in, he said to say sorry”

“yeah right!”

Kageyama mumbled

“yeah I highly doubt Tsukishima is sorry for not turning up”

Noya grunted

Yamaguchi sighed to everyone’s responses

“I guess I messed up with covering for him huh?”

The team nodded

“so, I guess you walking to Tsukishima’s place was a waste of time then”

Tanaka spoke as he wrapped his arm around Yamaguchi’s shoulders

“nahhh, not really. At least I got to see him before he went to Tokyo”


Suga stepped forward

“who’s he going to Tokyo with?... is he going by himself?”

Yamaguchi nodded towards the older in response

“well, with Kuroo of course”

Suga spun on his heels and walked right up to Daichi and looked up at him, the alpha raised one eyebrow at his mate

“we have to go to Tokyo!”


The alpha replied in disbelief

“we can’t be having Tsukishima go all the way to Tokyo by himself! There’s no way!”

“wait no! your crazy Suga, we can’t just invite ourselves and tag along with Tsukishima”

“who said anything about inviting ourselves? Tsukishima doesn’t even have to know!”

“wait, so you guys are planning on secretly following him to Tokyo… and around Tokyo?”

Asahi spoke in disbelief

“that’s right!”

The setter replied to him

“but, surely he will notice?”

Hinata stepped forward.

“okay, no wait! If anyone should keep an eye on Tsukki, it should be me! I’m coming too!”

“so… were going to Tokyo?”

Tanaka asked his mate and the omega nodded in reply

“no fair! If you guys get to go to Tokyo, then we wanna come too!”

“who’s we? boke!”

“actually… it would be quite nice… to maybe come along as well?”

“Asahi! For real? Can we go too?!”

Noya jumped in excitement

The three betas stepped forward

“I feel as if we have missed out on enough, we wanna come too”

Narita spoke for the three of them

Suga smiled at everyone

“so… are we all going to Tokyo then?”

The 3rd year setter sounded more then excited and the whole team nodded towards him. Daichi felt as though this trip was going to be more trouble than ever, but didn’t argue the point because he knew he would lose. The doors to the gymnasium opened and the two girls walked in. The team discussed with the managers their plan to sneakily follow the first year all the way to Tokyo and make sure that he was safe, and that no funny business was to happen. The two girls agreed with each other before agreeing with the team, that their both more then happy to tag along. After the team played some volleyball and cleared the gym they all went home to ask permission to go to Tokyo and to pack their stuff for the trip.


The next morning Akiteru had offered to give his brother and mate a lift to the train station. He very nicely asked Saeko to borrow her car so that he could get them there safely, obviously she agreed and handed over the car the night before. Tsukki and Kuroo were packing their things in to the boot of the car whilst Akiteru had the engine running to warm it up. Once they had loaded their things Tsukki slammed the boot down and climbed in to the back, Kuroo called shot gun soon as the car was in sight, well soon as any car was in sight seeing as he didn’t know what car to look out for. Once they were all in they set off and made it to the train station in 20 minutes. Running a little behind schedule they quickly jumped out the car, grabbed their bits from the boot, said their goodbyes and made a slight job to the ticket office. They made their way through the barriers and sat waiting for their train on the platform. Kuroo placed the back of his hand on Tsukki’s knee for the omega to grab a hold of, he laced his fingers within the alphas and smiled at him. The mates waited for 10 minutes until the train arrived, Kuroo grabbed his mates suitcase and his own bag and boarded the train, the omega followed on behind him.

Little did they know that at the very end of the platform stood the rest of the Karasuno team and the two managers. All of them observing the mates from a distance and being sure not to be seen. The team boarded the train and managed to have the end carriage to themselves, so they were all able to sit down. On one side sat Daichi, Suga, Ennoshita, Noya, Asahi, Tanaka, Yamaguchi and opposite them sat Kageyama, Hinata, Narita, Kinoshita, Shimizu and Yachi. Their luggage was placed in the overhead storage unit, and with the amount of stuff Suga had packed and brought with him it’s surprising anyone else was able to fit their belongings in.

“so, remind me again why we’re going to Tokyo?”

Kageyama moaned

“to make sure Tsukishima is safe!”

Suga replied happily

“you mean to keep an eye on him…”

Kinoshita commented. Suga pouted towards the beta

“no! its to make sure no funny business goes on!”

“probably because Suga wants to shop”

Suga turned shocked as to what his alpha just said

“excuse me? I did not decide to go to Tokyo just to shop!”

“so, you won’t be doing any shopping over there than?”



“no, I won’t”

“at all, no shopping at all! For anything, you can’t buy a single thing…”

Suga started to sweat at the words and look around slightly

“are you trying to interrogate me Dai?”

“no… its just hard to believe”

The alpha laughed and Suga pouted at him.

“what’s wrong with shopping?”

Hinata questioned

“well, Suga gets money sent to him from his parents, an allowance if you like. Its meant to buy him things for school, food and anything else he may need. But he decides to spend 90% on clothes”

Daichi explained


Suga argued

“ha! No… 90%”

“its not 90%! More like 50%”

“if I had to say any lower…. 85%”

“I think your being unreasonable Dai, there’s no way that I spend 85% of my monthly allowance on clothes!”

“oh yeah? Last month… what did you buy with your money?”

“I bought things I needed!”

“which were?”

Suga began to sweat once again and he glared at his mate

“look, I don’t see why were having this discussion anyway! Were going to Tokyo for Tsukishima!”

Daichi pursed his lips to stop himself from laughing.

The train journey already seemed like it was going to be a long one, although an hour had passed and Yachi had fallen asleep resting on Shimizu’s shoulder and the she alpha had fallen asleep with her head resting on her mates. Kageyama had fallen asleep with his head back and mouth open. Kinoshita, Narita and Ennoshita were all reading the same book that they got given by their history teacher, because of course it would be them three to use the time off they have to revise. Tanaka and Yamaguchi were giggling quietly between themselves. Daichi was sat with his arm up on the side and his head resting in the palm of his hand, clearly bored but not much of a complainer. Asahi was drifting in and out of consciousness but tried to keep himself awake. Suga had his legs stretched out in front of him, one leg crossed over the other, his hands cupped together resting on his lap and his head tilted back to lean on the window, his eyes were closed but he wasn’t asleep, just resting. Hinata was poking at Kageyama’s cheek out of boredom, trying to wake him up.


Noya pounced in front of Hinata with his arm stretched in front of him and a fist clenched with his thumb sticking up, the 1st year looked at the libero in confusion before tilting his head and humming

“Shouyou… I challenge you to a thumb war! The loser will be penalised”

 “ohhhhhh, awesome!”

Hinata’s aura sparkled

He grabbed Noya’s hand and their thumbs raged towards, around, under and over each other for dominance. Eventually Noya won and jumped up in the air yelling from excitement, Suga twitched at the noise but kept his eyes shut.

“Shouyou, as the loser you must perform 10 push ups!”


Hinata dropped to the ground between everyone’s legs and proceeded to do 10 push ups, once he was done he jumped up in excitement

“now what?”

“now! We see how long we can hold ourselves off the ground on those two poles there!”

The older pointed at a bar either side of the carriage by the doors. Hinata nodded excited and ready to show off his monkey bar skills he had as a kid.

“the first one to drop and touch the ground will have to give the first go of the next game to the winner!”

“the next game? What’s the next game?”

“haha! You will have to see!”

Hinata was now nervous but grabbed the bar and lifted himself from the ground, Noya also heaved himself up. They both hung from the bars for a solid 10 minutes before breaking in to a sweat and going red in the face

“Nish… Nishinoya senpai… my hands are slipping!”

“mine too Shouyou!”

They both fell to the ground at the same time and sighed, they looked at each other in shock before realising they didn’t have a winner and burst in to laughter. Suga sighed and rolled his head to the side slightly, the omegas looked at him and quickly silenced themselves.

“we need to do rock, paper, scissors to decided who goes first on the next game”

Hinata nodded towards the older.

The 1st year ended up winning and got to go first

“okay, so the next game is slapsies”   


Hinata asked confused.

“you put your hands together like when you pray, the tips of our fingers touch each other’s, and basically you take it in turns to slap the others hands, but! If you flinch away and the other person didn’t go to slap the turn goes to the other person. Make sense?”

Noya explained

“I think so… how do you get a winner?”

“when the other cries out in pain”

The libero smirked and Hinata took a step back in worry

They started the game with Hinata giving the first slap to the back of Noya’s hand, the libero winched but smiled, he then slapped the back of Hinata’s hand and it caused him to yelp slightly but he took the pain and dished an even harder slap back to Noya causing him to yelp back.

“ohhhh I see Shouyou, you actually have a good slap on you”

The libero winked and Hinata smirked

They continued with the game for almost half an hour! By now the backs of their hands were red raw and they had teary eyes, but they refused to give up. Kageyama and Asahi were fully awake at this point, Kageyama woke up because he felt Hinata’s stress signals through the bond and Asahi wasn’t fully asleep anyway, so the sound of Noya yelping made him fully conscious.

“y… you guys should stop”

Asahi spoke worriedly


Noya spoke determined

Both of their hands began shaking and it was Noya’s turn to slap, Hinata closed one of his eyes waiting for the impact, when it came he cried out and quickly rubbed where it was sore. Kageyama pulled Hinata by the wrist and made him sit at the side of him, the alpha placed a gentle kiss on the giant red patch of skin on his omegas hand.

“HA!!! I WIN!!”

Noya yelled in excitement


Hinata yelled


Suga sat up finally eyes open and piercing through the omegas. Noya sat down and bowed his head, Narita and Kinoshita began chuckling behind their books and Ennoshita shook his head at the pair. Daichi put his arm around his mate

“rest your head on my chest and have a nap, you didn’t sleep well last night”

“I don’t want to sleep…”

“you were just drifting off”

“I was resting…”

“just shhh”

The alpha pulled his mate in close and let out some relaxing pheromones. But Daichi basically being head alpha on this trip caused the rest of the omegas to feel relaxed and sleepy. It didn’t take long for the whole team to fall asleep for the rest of the journey.


2pm and the train arrived in Tokyo on time. The team grab their luggage from above them a shuffled off the train, they all spot Kuroo and Tsukki get off the train further down and decide to wait a couple minutes until they had left for them to continue behind them. Following the mates was going easier then they thought it would, Kuroo was pointing at different things and Tsukki was looking in the direction in which he indicated. Everyone time that happened the team would shuffle themselves in the opposite direction.

Everyone had a rucksack on their backs apart from Daichi, he had a rucksack, two string bags on each of his shoulders, an over shoulder bag that ran across his chest, a hand ruck sack and a mini suitcase. Carrying all that and pulling a suitcase was making him sweat to say the least

“Suga… did you really need all this?”

The alpha moaned. Suga looked at him with a guilty expression

“I’m sorry Dai, I couldn’t decide on a lot of outfits so… I just packed most of them”

Daichi sighed. He loved his omega so much that he would even do this slave labour for him, he didn’t moan about him packing so much, he just smiled and laughed through his nose. Asahi tapped Daichi on the shoulder making the alpha turn to him

“what’s up?”

“those street lockers over there…”

Daichi turned to what Asahi was pointing at

“what about them?”

“well, there for public use… I was thinking that maybe erm… we could store our luggage in there whilst were following Tsukishima around, to make it easier to move around… I mean Tokyo is pretty packed with people… and you look like your gonna pass out”

Asahi raised his eyebrows and smiled at the captain

“your right, lets go store our stuff”

The alpha agreed.

Herding the team to the side, he put all the bags down and placed the suitcase to the side. Everyone picked a locker and piled their stuff in. Daichi had to use 3 lockers to fit all his luggage in.

“Dai-San… Hinata’s missing”

Kageyama spoke worriedly

Daichi and Suga turned in panic


They both questioned

“he… he was here a minute ago, I turn around and he’s gone! Wh… what are we gonna do! What if he’s been kidnapped!? I should have had a better eye on him…”

Kageyama began to panic and breath fast

“why are you breathing weird Bakageyama?”

Hinata appeared to the side of his mate. Kageyama turned his head slowly in disbelief


Suga smiled and placed his head on Daichi’s shoulder in relief

“there is a problem though”

Shimizu spoke softly

“what’s that?”

Suga stepped forward

“well, we have lost sight of Tsukishima.”


The team simultaneously yelled in realisation. They make a quick run in the direction they last saw them in 

“there they are!”

Asahi pointed. The two were walking hand in hand and Kuroo was pulling the suitcase with a bag on his back.

“were gonna need to keep a safe distance from them”

Yamaguchi suggested, and the team agreed


They walked for a good 25 minutes and ended up on a side road full of apartment blocks. The mates made there way up some metal stairs to the 3rd floor and across a small bridge that led to a row of 5 apartments. Kuroo pulled out his keys and opened the door allowing Tsukki to go first, the alpha followed in after him and shut the door.

The team had hidden themselves behind a wall a short distance from Kuroo’s apartment. They watched the closed door in silence for 10 minutes before Ennoshita turned to everyone

“that Kuroo guy, he’s actually quite hot”

“yeah, I agree…  Tsukishima got himself a catch”

Narita replied

“they work really well together, Tsukishima has really good legs and Kuroo has some meaty thighs”

Suga said with a smile on his face, Daichi looked at his mate

“meaty thighs? That’s what you say about mine…”

“oh, but Dai, yours are obviously better!”

“I like his eyes, there dark and mysterious”

Hinata commented, Kageyama turned to his mate

“Boke! You said my eyes are the best you have ever seen!”

“his height is probably the most appealing thing”

Yamaguchi joined, and Tanaka turned to him with a one-eyed glare

“so, I’m not tall enough for you?!”

“wahh? I didn’t say that! I meant for Tsukki! Because he’s so tall they fit well.”

“your all wrong, its obvious its the smirk that he does!”

Noya spoke whilst imitating the smirk, Asahi looked at him with a bashful smile

“I think your all acting a little over the top, your omegas are only complimenting your team mates alpha…”

Shimizu reassured everyone

“I quite like his hair”

Yachi smiled and Shimizu turned to her in shock

“right! Imma go shave his head!”

The she alpha paces towards the apartment but Daichi grabs her and throws her over his shoulder

“were trying to be inconspicuous, I don’t think barging in there and shaving his head will help”

The manager blushes and Daichi places her back on the ground once he gets back behind the wall, she pushes her glasses back up in place and hummed. Yachi was smiling whilst scratching the back of her head. The team turn and face the door again.

A further hour had passed, and the team realised that the mates were more then likely not going to come back out today

“I have a question”

Ennoshita spoke, grabbing everyone’s attention

“where err… where are we staying?”

The whole team’s eyes widened

“oh shit, we didn’t think of where WE were going to be staying!”

Tanaka burst out in to laughter after he spoke. Daichi sighed

~ the nightmare begins ~


The team retrieved their belongings from the public lockers and searched around for a hotel to stay in, but everyone they went in didn’t have enough room for all 13 of them. Eventually they came in to some luck and a hotel had enough room for all of them and they were able to all be on the same floor!

Kageyama and Hinata would have one room. Kinoshita, Narita and Ennoshita would share a room. Yamaguchi, Tanaka, Asahi and Noya would share a room. Shimizu and Yachi got their own room and so did Daichi and Suga.

Whilst at the desk paying for the room Daichi turned to everyone else

“okay so were staying here for 4 nights, each room for those nights will cost 30,455 Yen”

The team just smiled towards the alpha and he just knew straight away that no one had actually brought any money with them

“you lot didn’t bring any money?”

The team shook their heads

“actually, we brought money with us”

Yachi pointed out about her mate and herself

“oh, thank god”

Daichi sighed in relief

“anyone else?”

“well, our families gave us money that we had to join and split equally, but we can’t afford 4 nights… we could maybe afford 2?”

Ennoshita explained about him and the two other betas

“that’s fine, I’ll cover for the other 2 nights”

Daichi smiled but then glared at the rest of the team. He received money off the people who were paying and turned back to the man behind the desk. The alpha pulls out his wallet from his back pocket of his jeans, pulling out his credit card he reluctantly passed it to the man and paid for the rest of the rooms. Suga looked at Daichi who looked like he had just lost his soul and rubbed his back before whispering

“don’t worry Dai, I’ll make you feel better”

The alpha soon perked up and smiled towards everyone

“right, let’s go get settled in our rooms, shall we?”

The team crowded themselves in to a lift and separated when they got to the floor they needed.

In Daichi and Suga’s room the alpha dropped all their luggage on the floor and slumped on the bed, burying his face in to the pillow. Suga went over and sat beside him rubbing his back 

“what’s the matter?”

“this trip is already sending shooting pains through my head”

The alpha mumbled through the pillow, Suga smiled and placed his hand under Daichi’s top, running his hand over the alphas bare skin, he leans forward towards his mates ear

“how about I become your stress relief?”

The alpha rolled over to look at his omegas seductive mannerisms. The omega was leaning his top half forwards whilst now rubbing the alphas bare chest, and biting his bottom lip. Daichi nodded eagerly before grabbing the omega and placing him on top of his groin, a leg either side of his waist. Suga giggled and started to unbutton his light blue shirt, once it was fully open exposing his bare torso Daichi wrapped his arms around the omega and pulled him on top of his chest. Daichi had already pulled his shirt off and threw it to the other side of the room. Their bare chests now connected to each other’s, they passionately make out and Daichi runs his hand down his mates back and underneath his jeans cupping a feel of how he would explain ‘the greatest arse in the world’

Daichi pulls away from the kiss and Suga looks at him confused

“I can smell my own sweat… I’m gonna jump in the shower quick”

The omega laughs

“okay Dai, you do stink… but hurry up! I’ll be waiting”

The omega winked at his mate. Daichi nods quickly and runs for the shower

Suga buttons his shirt back up and begins to unpack their stuff, placing them in to the draws and hanging their tops up in the cupboard. He walks over to the mini fridge and checks out the complimentary stuff that the hotel provides, he notices a giant bottle of Sake. The omega pulls it out and reads the label

~ wow! 70%!... I wonder if it tastes bad ~

The omega opened the top sniffing it before taking a small swig. He cringes at the taste and puts it on the side

~ actually… it WOULD! Be a laugh if Dai and I had a little drink before getting jiggy with it… right? ~

The omega picks the bottle back up and smiles.

Daichi finished off in the shower and wrapped one of the white hotel towels they provide around his waist, he walks back in to their room and frowns


When he got no reply he instantly assumed that he was playing games and that he was hiding in the cupboard or somewhere obvious like that. The alpha approached the cupboard swinging it open quickly and yelling to make the omega jump, well that didn’t go to plan as he wasn’t in there. Daichi frowned and searched the rest of the room, with limited hiding options it didn’t take him long to realise he wasn’t actually in the hotel room anymore. The alpha ran his fingers through his wet hair in thought, and made his way to the side of the bed, noticing an empty bottle on the floor, he frowned and picked it up

~ SHIT! ~

The alpha panicked and quickly grabbed some clothes to put on, he searched the hand-held ruck sack for his phone and quickly scrolled through his contacts and pressed call on his mates name. he held the phone to his ear

~ pick up, pick up, pick up ~

The alphas heart dropped when he heard Suga’s ring tone coming from inside the room, he looked over to where the sound was coming from. The omega had left his phone on the bed, Daichi tried not to panic and get himself in a state, but his omega was in unknown territory by himself and drunk… again. The alpha grabbed the keys and left the bedroom banging on everyone else’s room doors. Once everyone answered their doors confused and slightly worried as to why Daichi was panicked

“Suga’s gone! He drank a whole bottle of Sake and he’s not in our room!”

The alpha explained

“okay, calm down. We’ll all help you find him”

Shimizu spoke.

The team grabbed their keys, locked the doors behind them and followed Daichi out of the hotel.

As they got outside they all stopped and looked around in every direction before deciding on a direction to go in. Daichi was going up to strangers on the street and showing his home screen picture on his phone, which was of Suga and asking them if they had seen him. With no luck they carried on searching, wondering down unknown streets and through shops that they knew he would be interested in. The three betas were going up to people in the shops and describing Suga’s appearance to them, but soon as they shook their heads the rest of the team that were waiting out side dropped their shoulders in defeat. Half an hour of searching and Daichi really was beginning to panic

“where’s Asahi and Noya gone?”

Hinata asked

“their other there!”

Yachi pointed towards the arcades. Everyone went over to see what they were doing and stood there amazed.

Asahi and Noya were on the double dance mat machine, hitting all the arrow stomps perfectly and by how fast the arrows were going they were on an expert level. Who would have known Noya would be able to keep up with Asahi?

Once the song was over the mates turned to see the team clapping and cheering, Asahi blushed but Noya stood proud and looked up with a smirk. The exciting happy aura changed rather quickly as Daichi made his way through the crowd of people with a deathly black aura

“sorry Daichi-San, we got side tracked… we will carry on searching for Suga!”

Yachi shouted as she wouldn’t have been heard over the noise of the arcades

“let’s go back to the hotel and call the police.”

Everyone felt upset for Daichi and worried for Suga, it really was a mix of emotions in the air. Daichi led the way back to the hotel and as they all walked through the entrance Daichi froze, everyone crowded around him confused and then looked over to where he was staring.

The sight was a rather unexpected one, Suga was sat at the hotel bar with Akaashi and Bokuto. Akaashi turned and spotted the team and waved them over, Suga looked at Akaashi then to who ever he was waving at and beamed a massive smile towards his distraught looking alpha. He went to jump off the stool he was sitting on but ended up going arse over tit and landing on the floor, but it wasn’t long until he jumped up on to his feet and wobbled over to his alpha. Daichi met him half way and wrapped his arms around him shoving his face in to his neck and sniffing at his scent glands

“oh my god, thank god your safe! Suga I was so worried”

The omega pulled out from the hug and looked at his mate through half shut eyes

“fwhat, haha whyyyyy”

Suga stumbled and Daichi put his arm out to hold him up. Akaashi approached them

“I’m really sorry Daichi-San. I don’t know your number I would have called you straight away”

“what happened?”

“Bokuto and myself were on a date and we noticed Suga sitting on a bench smiling and swaying side to side. We couldn’t believe our eyes if I’m honest with you”

“yeeeeahh!! Why didn’t you tell us you were coming to Tokyo?!”

Bokuto butted in and Daichi frowned at him slightly

“because it was supposed to be a secret”

“don’t worry Daichi-San. Suga explained the whole thing, just this idiot doesn’t listen…”

Akaashi glared at his mate and Bokuto laughed nervously

“we won’t tell Kuroo that you guys are here”

Akaashi smiled at the alpha and Daichi bowed in appreciation towards the omega

“one question”

Daichi asked confused

“how did you know we was staying at this hotel?”


Akaashi giggled before carrying on

“when we approached Suga he was holding a massive sign that hotels normally have in their windows to advertise their rooms”

Akaashi continued to giggle in to his fist

“yeah man that thing was massive! Like how the hell did he manage to take it without people at the desk noticing? The bloody thing is bigger than him!”

Bokuto laughed

“where is the sign now?”

Daichi asked whilst looking around them. Akaashi and Bokuto looked at each other

“shit. We must have left it somewhere”

Bokuto laughed once again and Akaashi sighed with a slight smirk

“erm, Daichi-San, your mate has fallen asleep on you whilst standing”

Daichi looked to the side of him, and Suga had! Fallen asleep standing. The alpha hummed a laugh before picking Suga up bridal style and thanking the two for bringing him back safe. The Tokyo boys bowed and left the hotel, Daichi turned and noticed his team mates were no longer behind him

~ they must have gone back to their rooms ~

When Daichi arrived back at their room he struggled to unlock the door with his mate in his arms, but eventually did it. He placed the omega on the bed and smiled at him. He ran his fingers through the omegas hair and kissed him on his rosy cheeks before climbing on the bed next to him and pulling him in to a tight hug.


Kuroo was in the kitchen cooking dinner for him and Tsukki, they both decided on Ramen and that so happened to be the best thing that the alpha can make so it was a win win. After the alpha had dished the food up he brought both the bowls in to the living room. Tsukki was sat under the Kotatsu keeping warm and Kuroo looked at him in awe before placing his dinner in front of him. Tsukki thanked him for the meal before picking up his chopsticks and chowing down. Kuroo climbed under the Kotatsu opposite his mate and smiled at him before eating.

“so, is there something you want to do tomorrow?”

“hmmm, there is somewhere I’ve always wanted to go in Tokyo”

“where’s that?”

“Tokyo tower”

The alpha gulped

“T… Tokyo tower?”


“okay, we will go there tomorrow”

The alpha smiled at his mate and Tsukki frowned slightly before smiling back.

“I’ll have to warn you now…”


“there may be some nights whilst you’re here that we get interrupted by unwanted guests”

“unwanted guests?”

“Bokuto. He comes around when ever the hell he wants”

“that doesn’t bother me”

The omega shrugged

“bothers me though!”


“because I want to be able to spend time with you without him pestering us”

“I thought he was your bro?”

“yeah, he is, and I love him to bits, but he drives me crazy”

The omega laughed through his nose

“my whole team drive me crazy…”

“but you love them?”

“I wouldn’t go that far. I just don’t… hate them”

Tsukki replied whilst slurping up some noodles. Kuroo laughed at his mates denial but didn’t play on it, he wanted to enjoy this dinner with him after all and didn’t feel the need to add extra salt.

After the mates had finished their dinner Kuroo collected the bowls and placed them in the sink. He grabbed the duvet from his bedroom and brought it in to the living room

“how’s about we watch a film?”

The alpha asked his mate, Tsukki looked up at him and nodded. He got out from underneath the Kotatsu and joined the alpha on the sofa. Kuroo grabbed the remote that was placed on a small table at the side of him and flicked through the film channels until he came across Jurassic park, at that point Tsukki nudged him as a sign to keep it on. The alpha smiled and held his arm out, the omega took full advantage and crawled over to him, resting his head on the alphas chest. They both laid cuddled on the sofa keeping warm under the duvet until the film had finished. It really was bliss.

Chapter Text

Quiet whimpers and soft cries filled the bedroom along with little shuffles under the duvet. Daichi rolled over and saw his mate wrapped like a cocoon, he removes the duvet from over Suga’s head and see’s the poor bundle of purity with red puffy eyes and a scruffy nest of hair. He smile sighs at him and brings him in to a tight embrace

“I f… feel hor… horrible”

The omega sniffled in to the alphas chest

Daichi knew exactly how Suga was feeling, it was seeping through the bond loud and clear and it made the alpha want to take extra care of him today. Daichi let go of his mate and jumped out of bed to the bathroom, he ran both taps and grabbed the bubble bath that had been supplied and poured near enough half the bottle in to make sure that his mate had loads of bubbles for when he got in. Once the bath was done he walked back in to the room and saw that his mate was shuffling slightly and whimpering still. He walked over to the bed and picked him up, Suga yelped as he got lifted and the alpha looked at him worried but proceeded to take him to the bathroom. He put him on his feet and stripped him down so that he could jump right in. Suga slowly lowered himself in to the hot well filled bubble bath, he put his head back and sighed in relief. Daichi sat on the edge of the bath staring at his omega who now had his eyes shut and sweat forming across his forehead.

“yesterday was very irresponsible of you Suga”

The omega opened his eyes slowly

“I… know”

“why did you even drink the Sake?”

“I didn’t mean to drink it all, I know that sounds stupid… but I really didn’t. I wanted both of us to drink it before we… ya know?”

The alpha frowned at his mate

“before what?”

“before we had sex Dai. I just thought it would be fun…”

“well, you should have waited for me to get out the shower. You know I was worried sick about you! Were in Tokyo, we don’t know our way around and anything could have happened to you. It was a good job Akaashi and Bokuto found you when they did”

“Akaashi and Bokuto found me?”

“… yeah? They brought you back to the hotel”

“oh my god I’m so embarrassed”

The omega covered his face with his arm  

“actually, you should be more ashamed of yourself. What you did was not putting a good example on our pups was it?!”


Suga looked at his mate with tears burning at his eyes, soon as he looked down in shame tears trickled down his cheeks. The alpha sighed and knelt beside the bath and ran his fingers through his mates hair, Suga leaned in to his alphas touch. He left his hand on the omegas cheek, running his thumb over his beauty spot.

“don’t cry, it hurts me too ya know!”

Suga looked up at Daichi who had teary eyes as well.

“I’m sorry Daichi… I was stupid, and I won’t do it again”

The alpha smiled and leaned in to give his mate a kiss on the forehead.

Suga’s body had stopped hurting and his headache was easing off, Daichi stood from his kneeling position and grabbed the shower head and began to wash the omegas hair for him. Suga felt relaxed and so did Daichi. Once they had finished in the bathroom Daichi wrapped his mate up in a towel and walked him back to the room and sat him on the bed, he grabbed the hair dryer and started to dry his mates hair whilst running his fingers gently through. Once he had finished he made his way to the cupboard and as he put his hands on the handle Suga jumped up

“that’s quite alright Dai, I’ll pick my own outfit”

The alpha laughed, there was no way that he could put an outfit together that Suga would wear, most of the time Suga was the one who would pick out what Daichi would be wearing for the day, today was one of them days.

He picked the alpha out a smart red button up shirt with black skinny jeans. He would be wearing the only shoes he had brought with him which were his black and white converse. The omega smiled at him

“you look hot as usual”

Suga complimented him before he shuffled through the cupboard and draws picking himself out an outfit.

He settled for a white shirt, a dark blue sweater vest and black skinny jeans. He walked over to the suitcase and as he opened it Daichi gasped

“what the hell Suga?!?!”


“that suitcase is just filled with shoes?!... your shoes…”

“well… yeah? Do you really expect me to wear the same pair of shoes with every outfit?”

“how many outfits did you even bring?”

The omega mumbled back an answer but Daichi didn’t quite hear him

“what was that?”

“26! Okay?!”

“26?! Were only here for 4 nights”

“yes, I know this but I couldn’t decide on what outfits I wanted to take!”

The alpha sighed. There was no point in arguing a point that he knew he didn’t understand. Finally, the omega picked himself out a pair of white high-top trainers and placed them on.

“were meeting everyone in the hallway in about 5 minutes”

Daichi explained

“okay, let me just brush my hair”

Suga grabbed the hair brush from the side and skipped over to the mirror.

Daichi grabbed Suga’s grey coat and blue scarf from the side and passed them to him, he then grabbed his black Karasuno jacket… not so inconspicuous but it keeps him warm. They left their room and met the rest of the team in the hall way.

“Yamaguchi, you need to find a way of knowing what Tsukishima is doing today”

Suga explained

“don’t worry! I have this covered. Before he left I told him to send me pictures and keep me updated, so I’ll just message him ask him how he’s doing and such.”

Yamaguchi pulled his phone out from his pocket and began his secret agent work



Yamaguchi: Tsukki!! How’s Tokyo? Are you doing okay?


Tsukki: Tokyo is nice, I’m yet to explore it properly. I was tired from the journey, so we just went straight back to Kuroo’s but today were going out.


Yamaguchi: that’s fair enough, what are your plans for today?


Tsukki: were going to Tokyo tower in about an hour


Yamaguchi: awesome! Okay well I’ll leave you to it, we got practice today so…


Tsukki: okay, enjoy.


Yamaguchi: you too!



Yamaguchi looked up from his phone and smiled at everyone, he placed his phone in his pocket

“their planning on going to Tokyo tower today”

“okay, can someone look up the directions?”

Daichi asked

Shimizu got her phone out and found out where it was and explained to everyone that they needed to get on a train because its located in a different district.

The team left the hotel and made their way to the closest train station, popping through a walk-through breakfast hatch so that they were all fuelled for the day, Daichi’s treat of course. Once they arrived at the train station there was no sign of Tsukki and Kuroo anywhere, but they stayed out of sight just in case. When the train arrived they all boarded and it only took 10 minutes to get to the district they needed. They all shuffled off the train and with no sight of the mates they continued to make their way to the tower. As they walked up the hill and approached the giant orange tower, Hinata and Noya started jumping around in excitement and everyone else looked up at it in amazement.

“erm, guys…”

Kinoshita tapped Daichi and Suga on the shoulders, as they turned he pointed behind them. It was Tsukki and Kuroo laughing and making their way up the hill


Suga turned to everyone in a panic but suddenly grabbed Hinata and Asahi, the closest ones to him and ran across the road to a hedge, the three jumped behind it and it wasn’t long after that the rest of the team joined them. They all peaked slightly above the hedge at the mates who were walking past on the other side up to the tower.

“that was a close one”

Suga sighed in relief


Kuroo and Tsukki approached the ticket office to pay for entry. The alpha looked up at the tower and began to sweat slightly

~ deep breaths, deep breaths ~

“shall we?”

Tsukki turned to his mate and he nodded to him in response

The two make their way in and get greeted by people dressed formally and guided towards the lift, once they were in, a woman in formal attire was giving an introduction and brief description of the tower and its history along with a wish of enjoyment on their visit. The lift reached the top and the doors opened, Kuroo took a deep breath before stepping out after his mate.

Tsukki was amazed! A massive sign that read ‘Tokyo Tower’ to the side of it lots of information about the tower and its history, a story about a mystery baseball and a pink glittery figure in a glass cabinet of the tower itself. The omega pulled his phone from his pocket and started taking pictures, he walked to the glass windows and wasn’t expecting to see Mt. Fuji in his view, he snapped a couple of pictures of that and carried on walking around but soon realised he had completely forget about his mate and turned to look at him.

Kuroo was stood in the centre of the building with sweat dripping from his temple down his cheek, Tsukki approached him with a confused expression

“are you not going to look around?”

“ahhhh, no… I’ve seen it all before, you go and enjoy it”

“hmmm… something doesn’t seem right...”

“wahh? Really?”

“tell me the truth… you haven’t moved from that spot since we got out of the lift”

The alpha turned to Tsukki with an almost guilty expression

“this is actually quite embarrassing… but you know when I took you on our first date… and I was… erm… I didn’t enjoy the ride”


“it wasn’t the ride I didn’t enjoy…”


“it was the height. I’m err… I’m afraid of heights”

The alpha looked down and Tsukki looked at him surprised

“so, why did we come to the top of Tokyo tower? You know this tower is 1092 ft tall.”

“yeah okay I get that! I came here because this is where you! Wanted to go and I wanted to make you happy”

“but you didn’t have to make yourself uncomfortable to please me, I would rather we both be happy and enjoy our day out together”

“I think I’ll be okay with staying here a little longer, as long as I don’t look down and just look straight out I can enjoy the views with you”

The alpha smiled towards his mate and Tsukki smirked

“okay, whatever you say”

Kuroo grabbed Tsukki’s hand and they walked around the building admiring the views and the alpha didn’t look down and was able to enjoy his time with his mate. They laughed, joked and even took selfies. Kuroo turned to Tsukki and kissed him on the lips, the omega pushed him back slightly and raised his eyebrows

“we’re in public…”


The alpha smirked

Tsukki blushed and looked down but quickly looked up at his alpha with a shocked expression

“what’s up?”

The alpha asked worried

“oh, err… its erm nothing… actually, I’m quite hungry can we go get some food?”

“not before you tell me what’s wrong!”

Tsukki just stared at his mate horrified and accidently let his eyes drop causing the alpha to look down. Kuroo had manage to accidently walk and stop on some glass flooring that gives visitors an idea of how high up they are by looking straight down through the middle of the tower itself. The alpha began to sweat, his breathing became shaky and so did his body, but he couldn’t take his eyes off the floor. Tsukki tried pulling him off the glass floor but his heels had already parked, and he wasn’t budging. His breathing became out of control and he grabbed at his chest looking for some sort of relief but with no luck the alpha crouched on the floor and held his head

“It… It’s… I… c… can’t”         

Tsukki quickly crouched down in front of him trying to get his attention away from the floor but with no luck in that department he did the only thing that he could think of to stop his alpha having a full-blown panic attack, which was slapping his mate hard around the face, Kuroo looked up at the omega in shock

“what was that for?”

The alphas eyes became watery

“it’s the only thing I could think of”

The omega replied slightly panicked

“now get up”

Tsukki pulled Kuroo by his shirt off the glass floor and around the side slightly where there was a café. He got him to sit on the chair until he had sorted himself out.

Tsukki rubbed Kuroo’s back until his breathing had evened out, when it had the omega went to get him a glass of water and placed it in his hand

“how are you feeling?”

“I’m better… sorry I’ve ruined this haven’t I?”

“no, just means I have something to use against you now”

The omega smirked

“oh great… thanks for that”

The alpha laughed.

“but I am actually hungry so…”

“right, what do you want? My treat”

Kuroo smiled at his mate.

Tsukki linked arms with the alpha and they decided to leave down the stairs.



“how long do you think their gonna be in there?”

Noya asked impatiently

“we haven’t even been here that long…”

Daichi replied

“where’s Tanaka and Yamaguchi?”

Narita asked

Everyone frowned until they heard some rustling from the wooded area behind them and saw the mates appear from behind a tree

“what were you guys doing?”

Hinata moved to the side slightly

“oh, Yamaguchi needed a wee, so I went with him”

Tanaka replied slightly red in the face. Everyone tilted themselves to the side to look behind the alpha and saw Yamaguchi slightly flushed and patting his hair down. The team frowned confused

“o…kay then…”

Kinoshita mumbled

“oh look! There they are!”

Asahi pointed and the whole team turned and ducked down once again. Tsukki and Kuroo had began their walk back down the hill

“wait! Why does Kuroo have a massive red mark on his cheek? You don’t think… you don’t think he tried it on with my pup against his will do you?!”

Suga began to rage but Daichi pulled him back down by his shoulders

“I’m sure its nothing like that, calm down.”

Suga pouted and looked over to the tower with a raised eyebrow

“hey, whilst were here why don’t we check out the tower ourselves? I mean we have ways of finding out where Tsukishima and Kuroo are… come on! My treat!”

Suga smiled, jumping over the hedge and running towards the tower. The team looked at each other, smiled and ran after him.



Back with Kuroo and Tsukki, the omega had pointed at a restaurant that caught his attention and Kuroo happily agreed to take him in.

The restaurant was shaped like an old shrine and it had gold pillars at either side of the door and a man in a black suite waiting by the door to greet guests. Once they were in and sat at a table they were given a menu each.

“oh, wow… its kind of pricey here. We can go somewhere else?”

“look, I don’t get to treat you much when I’m down your end because I don’t know where all the good spots are. But whilst you’re here I’d like to show you a good time, Tokyo style! So just because it’s kinda pricey doesn’t matter.”

The alpha smiled at his mate who grinned back at him

The mates decided on not getting a starter and just getting a main and a pudding. The waiter came over and took their orders from them and told them that it shouldn’t be a long wait.

The two shared some laughs and discussed on other things they could do whilst Tsukki was visiting. The omega received a text from Yamaguchi asking what he’s up to and the omega sighed, Kuroo laughed at how over protective his best friend was being but then thought to himself he would be the same if it was Kenma. Once Tsukki had replied he apologised to his mate for being rude and on his phone but he didn’t mind at all. After 20 minutes of waiting for their food and the restaurant getting more and more crowded, the waiter arrived with their dishes. Smoked mackerel was both of their choice, they smiled at the waiter before he left.

“oh, wow this taste really good”

“see! I know all the tasty places to go!”

“you’ve been here before?”

“yeah, we came here for Yaku’s birthday last year”

“oh, I see”

“actually, I think you would really like Yaku… not so sure about his mate though…”

“what’s wrong with his mate?”

“Lev… Lev isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, he’s a nice guy and a really good friend to have don’t get me wrong. But he can be rude without thinking and blunt without noticing he’s either upset or annoyed someone… actually on second thought… you might get along!”


Tsukki glared at the alpha

“haha, no he’s a good guy really and him and Yaku match each other… they bounce off each other well… okay well Yaku’s foot bounces off Lev very well”

Kuroo began to laugh

“your okay as long as you don’t mention his height”

“ha, sounds like most of my team”

The omega chuckled

“you are freakishly tall for a 1st year, kinda makes me worry that you’re gonna get taller than me”

Kuroo looked at his mate and made a dramatic gesture, Tsukki looked at him with a smirk

“yeah, I mean you don’t have long left of growing and yet I’m near enough the same height as you”

Tsukki smirked and Kuroo raised his eyebrows. They both broke in to a quiet laughter and continued eating their dinner. After finishing Kuroo piled the plates on top if each other and raised his arm to get the waiters attention

“how can I help sir?”

“we finished our main and would like our pudding”


The waiter bowed and took their plates

“things really work differently in Tokyo, don’t they?”

“what do you mean?”

The alpha asked confused

“well, with most things. For example, you have designated smoking areas in the street, I guess that’s because its such a crowded place and it keeps the path and roads clear, but other things as well like going up and down escalators… people always stick to one side. I don’t know its just the little things that are different that really intrigue me.”

“I guess I never really noticed things like that because that’s just what I’m used to. The things that I find strange in Miyagi are how empty the streets are a lot of the time and how the shops have shutting hours, where as here… always busy and the shops are open 24/7”

“yeah, how do you deal with all the noise constantly?”

“I don’t hear it”

The alpha laughed


“yeah for real, when I go to yours I generally think it’s derelict”

“haha, it is compared to here”

The mates smiled at each other and slowly lent forward but got interrupted when the waiter turned up with their pudding. A bowl of mixed flavoured ice creams to share, they both picked up a spoon and tucked in. Kuroo tried being all cute by feeding Tsukki some ice cream but the omega just looked at him plain faced and shook his head.

Once the mates had finished Kuroo paid for their meal and they grabbed their coats and left.

Soon as the bell chimed above the door when it closed behind them, the team that were sat around a massive table dropped their menu’s from hiding their faces and sighed in the relief of not being caught.

“well, their date seemed cute”

Yachi spoke

Everyone nodded

“when are we gonna admit why we’re here?”

Kageyama spoke

“what do you mean?”

Suga tilted his head

“I mean… coming to Tokyo to keep an eye on Tsukki was just an excuse… wasn’t it?”

“well… I… erm… yes. I really wanted to go away with all my pups together whilst we were on a half term and before we all became really busy with exams…”

Suga admitted with a slightly saddened expression

“well, to be honest Tsukki can look after himself, so I’m okay with treating this like a holiday instead”

Yamaguchi smiled, and everyone agreed that it would be nice to be able to go off and do their own thing.

“okay, well on that note let’s get go-“

“can I take your orders?”

Daichi was interrupted by the waiter, the alpha looked around the table at everyone and quickly at the prices on the menu

~ shit ~

“don’t worry Dai, I’ll pay for half”

Suga smiled at his mate



An hour had past and Tsukki was cleaning Kuroo’s living room, fluffing the cushions on the sofa, hoovering and polishing the sides. Kuroo stood watching confused as to why he was going on a mad one. Once he stopped he asked the alpha for a coffee and then sat down. Kuroo flicked the kettle on and prepared the coffee

“so… why was you cleaning?”

“is it a bad thing?”

“no, it’s just guests don’t usually clean for me”

The alpha laughed

“I don’t know, I just like things to be neat?”

“fair enough, so you have OCD?”

“I don’t have OCD I just like things to be clean”

“okay, okay”

“actually, speaking of clean can I use your shower?”

“of course!”

The omega stood, and the alpha squeezed himself in closer to the side to let him pass but jumped from the sudden contact his omega gave him. Tsukki was stood behind the alpha with his arms wrapped around his waist and his head leaning on his shoulder

“what’s with the sudden affection?”

The alpha leans his head back on to his mates but he received no reply, instead the omega ran his nose over his neck and sniffed at his scent glands, Kuroo took a deep breath before swinging himself around and pushing his mate up against the close wall behind him. Lips attached and tongues fighting through, Tsukki pulled his top over his head and then pulled at the bottom of the alphas. Both now topless, Kuroo runs his hand up Tsukki’s chest and around his neck pulling him in for a passionate kiss, the omega began to unbuckle Kuroo’s belt whilst not letting their lips part. Successfully unbuckled he pulls his own trousers followed by his boxers and steps out of them pushing them to the side with his foot, the alpha pulls his bottom half down enough to reveal his had grown cock and picks his mate up wrapping his legs around his waist. Tsukki was now lifted from the ground and was being held up by his mate and the wall behind him, the alpha positioned himself at Tsukki’s entrance and as he was about to thrust in there was a knock at the door


The alpha whispers and puts his mate down

“I swear to god if that’s Bokuto I’m gonna kill him”

Kuroo grunted. Tsukki stood embarrassed, not really knowing where to put his face he gathered his clothes back up and ran to Kuroo’s bedroom. The alpha pulled his bottom half back up and laced his belt back through the buckle. He grabbed his shirt from the floor and put it back on before answer the door

“Bokuto I swear to god if… oh Kenma!?”

The small omega was wearing a red onesie underneath his Nekoma jacket and he was holding a bag in his right hand

“mum sent me over…”

The alpha let his best friend in and shut the door behind him, Kenma placed the bag on the side.

“she said she made extra and to take it over to you”

“how nice of her! Tell her I said thanks and that I will be round soon to take care of the garden… it was just the grass that needed cutting right?”


“okay, kool”

“where’s your mate?”

“he’s getting changed in the bedroom at the moment”

“did I interrupt anything?”

“oh, errr… no.”

The alpha blushed profoundly and Kenma frowned at him

“okay, well I’m gonna go”

“wahh? Why you leaving already”

“Kuroo… I didn’t even wanna come round”

“then why did you?”

“I already said… mum made extra food and told me to.”

“at least stay for a coffee? The kettle has just boiled”


Kenma pretty much pushes past his best friend and slumped on the sofa, Tsukki now fully dressed again comes out of Kuroo’s bedroom and makes his way past the alpha and in to the living room, he bowed towards Kenma before taking a seat on the arm chair.

The three sat drinking coffee talking about everything and anything until Kuroo started annoying Kenma and he threatened to tell Tsukki every embarrassing story he knows about him.

“you wouldn’t”

“I would”

“you wouldn’t”

“I would”

The best friends glared at each other



“this argument is pointless, I’m going to find out anyway…”

Tsukki interrupted the two and Kuroo sulked

“on that note, I’m going home”

“why are you in such a rush to go home! I thought I was your best friend!”

“your also an annoyance to society…”

Tsukki sniggered at Kenma’s comment

“plus, I promised Yuuji that I would be online tonight”


“yeah, were gonna play some Overwatch, he said he needed help in Compet”

“fine… go play your games… I see how it is!”

“okay bye”

And with that Kenma left, slamming the door behind him. Kuroo turned to his mate in shock

“can you believe him?! He couldn’t wait to get away from me!”

“hmmm couldn’t think why”

The omega smirked

“ahhhh Tsukki! Why are you being mean to me too?”

The omega smirked and crawled on the floor over to where his mate was sitting and knelt in front of him. He spread his legs apart

“how about we pick up where we left off?”

Tsukki winked at his mate and his jaw dropped as he nodded eagerly. The omega undone the alphas buckle for the second time and pulled out his mates semi, he licked the tip before taking the whole thing in his mouth. Kuroo gasped from excitement and flung his head back as his mate was slurping and sucking on his manhood.

10 minutes of Tsukki showing how much talent he had with his mouth Kuroo ejaculated, shooting to the back of the omegas throat, Tsukki pulled away and wiped his mouth, Kuroo looked at him through dazed eyes

“Tsukki… that was amazing… now let me make you feel good!”

He stood from where he was sat, picking up his omega on the way and rushed with him in his arms to the bedroom. Safe to say that Kuroo will be receiving noise complaints from his neighbours.  

Chapter Text

Once Kenma got in he spoke to his mum about Kuroo. Explained that the alpha said thank you and that he will be around soon to help with the garden.

His mum was a beautiful beta woman who had the same hair style as him apart from it was all dark brown with lighter brown highlights. Her face was exactly like his apart from more feminine features, her signature look was the red lipstick she wore every day on her perfectly heart shaped lips. She was wearing her work uniform which was a grey skirt, white blouse with a grey jacket over the top and grey shoes with a slight heel, with those heels she stood just slightly taller than Kenma.

She kissed her son on the forehead and told him to be safe before she left the house and went to work.

Kenma always took full advantage of his evenings home alone. He would grab his PlayStation 4 from his bedroom and bring it downstairs and plug it in to the TV in the living room as it was a lot bigger than his in his room.

He ran to his room and took his jacket off, chucking it on the bed and crouching in front of his TV. He ejected the disk from his console and placed it in the right case before unplugging everything and picking up his Overwatch case. He brought all the items downstairs and plugged it all in before realising that he left his headset in his room, he sighed before running back upstairs and grabbing it and ran back down. The omega may seem lazy, but he has a habit of running up and down stairs and this has caused a lot of bruises that he has on his knee’s and elbows, many times he’s ran down the stairs whilst playing on his PSP and gone arse over tit. One time the omega even managed to fall over the banister half way down and sent his mum in to a panic attack worrying if he was okay, but he laid on the floor after the fall still playing his game.

The omega set the bits up and turned everything on and loaded Overwatch up, he placed the headset on and searched through the friends he had on PSN


*sent invite to [PartyyBoiii]*


*[PartyyBoiii] accepted request from [KittenPuddin]*






“what’s with your name? hahahaha”

“ugghh, when I first got the PlayStation Kuroo was with me and he choose my gamer tag whilst I was out the room… and you can’t change it.”

“hahaha! That’s brilliant!”

“yours isn’t much better… party boy…”

“okay okay but I chose mine! So, don’t make too much fun haha”

“okay, so where are you at in Compet… let’s check”

The omega searched through the options and viewed Yuuji’s career profile and sat on the floor in silence, shocked.

“Kenma? You still there?”

“haha erm yeah… you said you was good at Overwatch?”

“I am!”

“you’re in Platinum?”

“yeah? That’s good!”

“dude… I can’t even play with you…”

“what? Why?”

“because we need to be 500 points within each other”


“well your Platinum at 2650”

“that’s right…”

“I’m Grand Master at 4213”

“your what?!?! Wait… how good are you at this game?”

“I’m… average?”

“no. Kenma. Average players aren’t in Grand Master!!

“either way… I’m gonna have to switch to my alt account. I’ll be right back”



*[KittenPuddin] logged out*

*[NekoMagnet] logged in*

*[NekoMagnet] added [PartyyBoiii]*

*[PartyyBoiii] accepted*


“please, please, please tell me this is Kenma”

“its Kenma”

“oh my god! Hahahahahaha what’s with your name this time?”

“Kuroo has a bro… look that’s not the point, this account can play Compet with you, It’s in Diamond at 3112”

“wahhh man! That’s still pretty high!”

“shall we have a quick play game first to warm up?”



Before playing any Compet the two decided on running a couple of quick play games and that turned in to running some arcade games so that they could both get loot boxes. They did a few custom games where they could go 1 on 1 against each other, but ended up not being fun as Yuuji kept losing every round. Once they had warmed up and felt pumped enough to jump in they searched for a Compet game


Now arriving at Nepal


“ahhhh sweet! I love this map! So good for booping people off the edge!”

“I’ll agree with you on that one, although I prefer playing Pharah on this map”

“so, you’re not going D.VA?”


Once the game had started and Kenma got 4 kills right off the bat and the team was able to cap the point Yuuji realised why he played Pharah on this map. Round 1 complete and it was theirs

“I can’t even remember people picking such bad team comps, when your as high as I am people actually work together at making a good set up”

“yeah, its annoying. Sometimes when I’m playing I feel like I’m on form but then I just see people dying in the corner and not grouping up… it does my head in and I feel like that’s why I don’t level up”

“yeah, sometimes the group ratings are all over the place”

The 2nd round was a fail and there was only 1 round left, they had to win this round to win the whole match.

Lucky enough the whole team pulled their fingers out their arse and smashed the 3rd round. It was a win for Kenma and Yuuji. They decided to play a few more games, but the few more turned in to a lot more and they lost track of time

“so that’s 15 wins and 7 draws!”


“wow! I’m really climbing up! And its all thanks to you!”

“no, its not… you’re a good player too, you were just put in really bad teams”

They decided on playing another game and it was in Kings Row, it was such a close fight where both teams managed to take the payload and get it to the end line and both went in to over time to get it there for a 2nd time. Kenma was playing D.VA for this match and Yuuji was amazed with his skills

“Yuuji! Were in overtime don’t move from the payload!”

“I’m trying not to! Their Junkrat is on me!”

“not for long! Heal me up quick!”


Once Yuuji had healed D.VA with Lucio’s sound barrier, Kenma shot D.VA’s alt in to the opposing team and got a team kill! That bought enough time for their team to push the payload to the finish line and win

“wooooooooohooooooooo Yeeeeahhh! Kenma that was amazing! Your so awesome oh my god! Court me already! That was such a good game!”








“are you there? Is your internet bad? Can you hear me?”

“I’m still here…”

“what’s the matter?”

“you… you said”

“are you okay? You don’t sound right.”

“you said court me already… do… do you want to court me?”

“ohhh geez I’m sorry…”

“ahhh okay never mind”

“no, wait. I do really want to court you… I just wanted to ask you in a better way because… I think highly of you and I really really love talking to you and I think you’re a great person I wanted to ask you in person and present to you the courting gift I got you… I’m sorry I ruined that”

“you got me a courting gift already? So, you really were! Gonna ask me to court you?”

“of course, I was! I would be an idiot to let someone like you go! There’s no way I want you to slip through my fingers. I want to treasure you and protect you, I really find you amazing since the moment we met in the crowd”

Kenma was glad at that moment that he wasn’t in front of Yuuji because now, he was a blushing mess.

“I understand if you say no… I’m not the greatest catch but I would give my whole life to you”



“yes, I will court you”

“oh my god! You will? You have just made me the happiest alpha alive! I’m not even joking!”

Kenma laughed down the mic and a single tear escaped from the corner of his eye, he wiped it away with his sleeve

“Kenma, your laugh is beautiful… even down a mic. I really want to see you now and give you the biggest hug!”

“we might just have to arrange something for whilst the half term is here”

“I will come to Tokyo! But I will need to arrange things first, so I won’t give you a date yet”

“sounds good”

“I will need to research in to some hotels near you!”

“you can just stay at mine”



“wooohoooo I look forward to it even more now!”

“I’m glad, although I’m gonna be a bit of a kill joy now”

“whys that?”

“well, I just heard my mum’s car outside and I’ve set the PlayStation up in the living room… she doesn’t appreciate that much.”

“ahhhh I see, okay well you go do what you need to do and I will talk to you tomorrow!”

“okay, speak to you soon… Yuuji”

“speak soon Kenma!”


Kenma took the head set off, ejected the disk and put it back in the case and unplugged all the wires. He picked all his bits up and ran up the stairs. His mum came through the door and chucked her keys on the side and made her way in to the kitchen, she heard quick stomps down the stairs and smiled

“I can hear you a mile away”


“don’t be sorry, work sent me home early, I managed to file up everything that needed doing so… I thought I would come straight home and spend some time with you, I don’t get to do that very often”


“would you like a hot drink?”

“no thank you”

“hmmmm okay”

His mum turned and made herself a green tea and sat at the kitchen table, the omega joined her and they sat chatting for a little while



“I have an alpha”

His mum looked at him in shock


“he’s the same age as me and-“

“do I know him?”

“no… his name is Yuuji and he’s from Miyagi”

“so long distance? Is that really a good idea?”

“Kuroo is in a long-distance relationship”

The woman looked at her son worried

“okay baby boy, I’m happy if your happy”

“I am… I err… I really like him”

The woman stood up and wrapped her arms around the omega squishing his head in to her boobs

“you like someone baby? Now I’m even more happy!”

Kenma blushed and pulled away before he suffocated to death, she sat back down and continued to drink her green tea

“you know I always thought you would end up with Kuroo”

Kenma sat there with a face of disgust and his mum almost spat out her green tea from laughter

“okay, no need for that look”

She laughed

“Kuroo is my best friend and even though I’m an omega, I will always be there for him and I will always have his back. Even if there are days where I don’t seem interested in talking to him, that’s because he annoys me like a best friend should and I wouldn’t change that for anything. If Kuroo ever got upset or angry then I would be there… I’ve never seen Kuroo in any other way and never once thought of him as a partner. I love Kuroo but I’m not in love with him.”

“I completely understand that, I really do.”

The beta smiled at her son

“plus, Kuroo has a fated mate and they are perfect together and I am really happy for them”

The omega smiled, and his mum looked at him in awe

“if your dad was still alive he would be so proud of you”

She smiled

“thank you”

The boy blushed

“oh, Yuuji wants to come to Tokyo to visit and-“

“and you said he could stay here…”

The woman smirked

“how did you know?”

“because I know exactly what your like”

She hummed a laugh


“of course, he can! I would like to meet him!”

“please don’t bring out baby pictures”

“I can’t make any promises”

“ahhhh mum…”

The omega sulked and stood from the table

“what? I can’t help it, you were such a cute pup!”

“muuuum, that’s it I’m going bed”

“okay sweet pea, I love you!”

“love you too”

The omega ran up the stairs and jumped straight in to his bed, he grabbed his phone from the side



Pudding head: I’m courting with Yuuji


Kuroo: whaaaaat?


Pudding head: good night


Kuroo: what no! you can’t message me that and then sleep!! Since when???


Kuroo: Kenma!!


Kuroo: Kenma!!


Kuroo: you wait until I see you next!



Kenma laughed at the spam messages Kuroo was sending, he turned his phone off and rolled over

~ well you are meant to annoy your best friends… right? ~

Chapter Text

“okay, thank you mum, yeah I really appreciate it. No, I can’t do that back… because there are other people in the room… I can’t. Fine………………… MUAH!”

Asahi sighed before he placed his phone in his back pocket and turned to see Tanaka, Yamaguchi and Noya holding their laughter behind their hands. Embarrassed he walked over to Noya and sat on the bed beside him.

“so, I’ve arranged for us to do something today”


The omega sat up in excitement

“you will have to wait and see!”

“why was you on the phone to your mum?”

“oh, because I needed her to put someone money in my account”

The omega sat back with an O shaped mouth

“I really wanna know what we’re doing…”

“well, it’s a surprise, so your just gonna have to wait”

The alpha smiled and Noya pouted at him

“oh, Ennoshita and that lot are coming with us for a little bit as well”

“ahhh awesome!”

“they couldn’t decide on what to do today so their planning on doing a bit of everything with everyone”

“not us”

Tanaka spoke from across the room

“why not?”

Asahi asked

“well, me and Yamaguchi are planning on having a lazy day, were just gonna stay in the hotel… maybe go out later”

“Ryuu! Your sooooo boring!”

Noya stuck his tongue out at the alpha and he laughed in response

The mates got themselves dressed and had a pot noodle each before leaving the hotel room and knocking on the betas room door. The three were already ready to go with their coats and shoes on. The five boys made their way to the station and got on a train to a different district.

“I really wanna know where were going!”

The omega whined

“oh, so you still haven’t told him?”

Narita grinned

“wait… so you know where were all going?”


“yeah, and your gonna love it!”

Ennoshita explained

Noya sulked at the fact everyone except for him knew where they were going, a part of him wondered if he was even going to be interested in the plan at hand, but he sat back on his seat, sucked it up and didn’t ask any further questions. When the train had brought them to their destination they got off and made a 15-minute walk around the corner, Noya’s eyes lit up when he saw what was right ahead of him, a sign that read

‘Tokyo Disneyland’

The omega whipped his head around to face Asahi in disbelief. The alpha didn’t turn to look at his omega, he stayed facing forward knowing damn well that Noya’s eyes were now sparkling. Ennoshita smiled taking his expensive camera out of its case, he took a picture of Noya’s expression and the front entrance of Disneyland. The alpha finally looked at his mate

“guess what”

He spoke


Noya asked confused

“they have a section in this Disneyland that…”


“I don’t think your prepared for me to tell you…”

“Asahi what the hell?! You can’t just say that and then leave it… what is it?”

“okay, okay, I’ll tell you…”

The 3 betas sniggered at the mates. Asahi looked at Noya with a serious expression, almost intimidating, the omega frowned at him

“in this Disneyland… there is… a bit dedicated…to…”



The alpha smiled. Noya’s eyes widened and he stood in shock for about 30 seconds, which was just enough time for Ennoshita to snap another picture of the omega before he yelled in excitement and ran towards the ticket office. The 4 left behind laughed and ran after him.

“can we have 2 full day tickets and 3 explore tickets please”

The woman behind the desk wearing micky mouse ears smiled and nodded, she grabbed 5 wrist bands and placed them on the boys and handed the alpha a map of the land. The boys walked through and stopped in amazement. They had never seen anything like it before, they had seen pictures of Disneyland and thought that it looked amazing, but never did they think it would look exactly like it does when you type Disneyland in to Google. The place was crowded, rides everywhere, children playing, adults having the time of their life’s, mixed songs, moulded scents and people in costumes such as Mickey mouse, Goofy, Anna, Cinderella and Ariel. Narita took the camera from Ennoshita and took some pictures of their surroundings and of the five of them.

An hour had passed and the beta’s needed to leave because their next visit was to Rikugien garden to see Shimizu and Yachi. The boys said their goodbyes to Asahi and Noya then left to get the train.

Asahi pulled the map from his back pocket and unfolding it, his eyes scanned the piece of paper until he smiled and put the map back in his pocket, he grabbed Noya’s hand and began to walk

“we need to go this way now!”

The alpha grinned at his mate, Noya smiled and nodded whilst still looking around in amazement.

They approached the area where the omega was going to have the most fun; the Frozen world.

Noya was vibrating from excitement, he couldn’t believe there was an area dedicated to just Frozen his most favourite film in the world! He looked at all the rides and pulled Asahi along with him, the alpha went on every single ride the omega wanted to go on. He took pictures on his phone of all the characters walking around and he even ran up to someone in an Olaf costumes to take a selfie with him. Asahi was smiling the whole time, there was nothing better then when his omega was having the time of his life with a smile plastered across his face, laughter and even happy tears. Asahi just loved Noya to pieces and was so thankful that his mum agreed to send him money for this trip. The alpha bought Noya an Olaf hat and he put it on straight away, he grabbed Asahi and kissed him thankfully on the lips before taking his phone out and snapping a selfie with his mate. The omega smiled and set the picture as his home screen. Asahi rests his hands on either side of Noya’s shoulders and turned him so that he was now facing him, he placed his thumb on his chin and his finger underneath tilting his head up, he leans forward and gently kisses the omega on the lips

“you make me so happy Yuu”

Noya blushed at the whole situation and embarrassingly forced himself in to a hug with his alphas arms wrapped safely around his whole body, he rests his head on the tallers chest and smiles.

“so, were here for the whole day because there’s a surprise for you in the evening, so shall we go get something to eat?”

“wait. What? What’s the surprise?”

“it wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you”

“ahhh Asahi, you know I hate surprises and you’ve already surprised me once today!”

The alpha began to laugh

“okay, the surprise is that this so happens to be the day the firework display is Frozen”

“wahhh?! What does that mean??”

“it means that the castle gets scenes from Frozen light up all over it, with music, singing and fireworks.”

Noya’s eyes shined from Asahi’s description

“ahhhhh I can’t wait!”

“so, shall we get something to it for now?”


The omega jumped and linked his arm within his alphas and they made a slow walk to the Elsa food stall.



Shimizu and Yachi


Soon as you walk through the entrance of Rikugien garden you are complimented with the beautiful sight of mixed colours, colours from the fully in bloom flowers that surround the whole park. A beautiful lake that runs across your entire view, a pebbled path, benches and the beautiful sound of silence.

The two girls were sat on the edge of a small brick bridge that went over part of the lake, with their legs tangling over swinging to and throw. Bushes full of flowers on either side of them and arched trees of a bright green leaning over the top of them. Quiet giggles and cute glances were shared between them, they were in the middle of making each other flower crowns with the flowers they had picked up on their walk around the park. Shimizu had bent some sticks in to the shape of a circle and was pushing pink, green, yellow and blue flowers through the gaps, she proceeded to do that until the whole thing was covered in alternating flowers. The alpha turned to her mate to see how she was getting along and was shocked at how good Yachi was at making flower crowns. She had decided to use dark green vines to make in to a circle shape and was pushing through darker coloured flowers, purple, red, maroon and burgundy. She had also topped it off with a feather, a pine cone and three little cherries. The omega turned to look at her alpha and smiled when she realised that she had been looking at her the whole time she was finishing the crown off.


Yachi’s soft voice made Shimizu smile as the omega placed the crown on her head. The alpha wore the crown proudly and stuck her two fingers up in to a peace sign and Yachi quickly grabbed her phone out and took a picture of her mate.

“here’s your one, although I’m not very good”

The she alpha explained as she placed the crown on Yachi’s head. The omegas eyes widened as they watered slightly, she smiled whilst running her finger gently across the crown that was now on her head

“I love it, thank you!”

Yachi’s thankful tone made Shimizu blush and look away. She pushed her glasses back up in place and looked over behind her omega to see Ennoshita, Narita and Kinoshita walking up to them

“oh, you made it”

The alpha smiled and Yachi turned around to see that the betas were finally by them.

“yeah the transport around Tokyo is actually really quick”

Kinoshita expressed happily

“how was your time with Asahi and Nishinoya?”

Yachi asked and the betas smiled and nodded. Ennoshita got his camera out the case to show the girls the pictures they took, and the mates laughed at Noya’s sparkling aura. The three betas sat themselves down behind the girls and decided to also make flower crowns, although they didn’t really have any idea what they were doing, so instead it was leaves in each other’s hair along with random twigs, flowers and feathers. The friends laughed, and Kinoshita thought that it would make an awesome picture. So, he grabbed the camera from Ennoshita and got everyone to strike poses. Ennoshita and Narita pulled muscular arm poses, Shimizu and Yachi blew a kiss towards the camera and Kinoshita took an awful selfie that you couldn’t even tell he had stuff in his hair, it was more of a zoom in on his nose hair. Ennoshita asked a stranger who was also enjoying the luxury of the park if she wouldn’t mind taking a picture of them all with his camera, the stranger happily agreed, and so the friends bundled in with each other, sticking their tongues out and pulling at the bottom of their left eyes. The beta thanked the stranger and put his camera back in the case 

“who are you going to see next?”

Shimizu asked

“hmmm I think were gonna catch Kageyama and Hinata. They said their going to the arcade area just around the corner from the hotel”

Kinoshita explained

“I thought they didn’t bring money with them?”

Yachi asked slightly confused

“they didn’t, but apparently once Kageyama’s dad found out he didn’t take the money that he left on the side for him he phoned him up and said that he had transferred money in to his account.”

Ennoshita spoke

“ohhhh I see”

“actually, speaking of which we need to get on a train now if we want to be able to do a little something with everyone”

Narita laughed. The other two agreed with him and grabbed their stuff. They said their goodbyes to the girls and made their way out of the park.

Shimizu turned to Yachi and smiled

“you look really cute with a flower crown on”

Yachi blushed at the comment and the alpha leaned in and kissed her on the cheek, Yachi rubbed where she was kissed and smiled at her alpha.



Tanaka and Yamaguchi


For two people that claim to be having a relaxing day today, their actions say the complete opposite. Both Yamaguchi and Tanaka were laying on their backs in bed dripping in sweat, red faced and trying to catch their breath, Yamaguchi’s hair was a crazy ball of mess and he had love bites all across his shoulders, when Tanaka leaned over to grab the glass of water that he had on the side cabinet you could see scratch marks running from his shoulder blades all the way down to his tail bone. Yamaguchi tilted his head to the side as his mate leant over and his eyes widened, and he gasped covering his mouth with his hand, Tanaka sat up slightly to drink the water and looked at the omega


“I am so, so, so sorry”

“hmm? What for?”

“does your back not hurt?”

Tanaka frowned at the omega

“no… why?”

“oh… er… no reason”

A bashful smile appeared on Yamaguchi’s face. Tanaka passed him the glass of water and the omega sat up to take a sip. He passed the glass back to the alpha and he placed it back on the side.

“Yamaguchi… I just can’t get enough of you, its like since having a taste I’m now addicted.”

“well… erm… want another taste to satisfy your addiction?”

The omega blushed a smile and Tanaka sat up in excitement

“oh but… maybe… I should go… go on top?”

Yamaguchi offered clearly not wanting to be on the bottom worrying about whether he will mark his mates back any more than it already is. The alpha looked at his mate in pure excitement

“I would love for you to go on top, but won’t it be uncomfortable?”

“I’ll be fine”

The omega waves his hand and climbs on top of his mate, a leg either side of him and he pushes the alpha back so that he was now laying down. The omega takes a deep breath before reaching his arm behind him and positioning Tanaka’s quickly grown member at his entrance, he slowly lowers him self down but stops suddenly and bites his lip, a slight moan passes through and he carries on lowering himself down. The omega fits the alphas length half way in before he stops again and takes shuddery breaths, his eyes begin to watery slightly, not from pain but from complete pleasure. Tanaka’s breathing becomes deep and he can no longer handle the tease, his beautiful naked omega on top of him gasping from the pleasure of his dick in side him was sending the alpha insane.

“I’m sorry Yamaguchi, I can’t”

The alpha grabs his mates hips to hold them still and moves his own hips upwards, causing Yamaguchi to take all of his alphas length in one quick thrust. The omegas eyes widen as he whips his head back and gasps, a tear rolls down his cheek and his body shudders

“did you just cum… from me thrusting in?”

Tanaka questioned, and Yamaguchi looked at him embarrassed and slightly out of breath before he nodded

“that’s so hot”

The alpha complimented before he started thrusting his hips upwards once again

“ughh ahhh Ta… Tanaka… w… wait”

The alpha stopped slightly worried

“are you okay?”

“ye… yeah, I just wanted t…to do the work”

Tanaka’s heart rate increased at how erotic the omega was being

Yamaguchi leant forward, and Tanaka sat himself up slightly. The omega wrapped his arms around his mates neck for balance and started bouncing up and down on Tanaka’s swollen cock. The alpha groaned deeply and let out a seductive growl before biting the omegas shoulder leaving him another mark next to the many others. The omega yelped from the pain but proved he enjoyed it when he started clenching around Tanaka’s member. Yamaguchi kept bouncing on top of the alpha until the foreign feeling on the inside hit his sweat spot

“hnnnnnghnnu… I think… I’m… gonna c… cum”

“not just yet!”

Tanaka slipped him off so that his mate was laying on his back and that he was able to tower over him, he slips himself back in side his mate and starts thrusting hard and as fast as he could. Moans and gasps were the only thing that could escape Yamaguchi’s mouth, even when he tried to speak there was no luck. His eyes shot open as his cum spurted up his chest and his mates knot had formed. They both shuddered and Tanaka collapsed on top of the omega making sure not to move to hastily. Once his knot had stopped deswelling he pulled out and rolled on to his back, his chest dripping of sweat and breath almost to hard to catch, Yamaguchi on the other hand had passed out from exhaustion and was now peacefully purring. Tanaka smiled at his mate and jumped out of bed to grab tissue, he wiped his mate and himself down before running them both a hot bath. He picked his mate up once it was done and lowered himself with his mate still passed out in his arms in to the bath, Yamaguchi woke up from the sudden contact of hot water and turned to see his mate behind him with an arm each side of the bathtub and his head tilted back for relaxation. Yamaguchi smiled at him and leant himself back on to his chest so that his head was now resting in the crook of the alphas neck.



Kageyama and Hinata


The arcades were loud and busy, you could just about move in between the people it was that packed. Hinata stopped moving when he saw a claw machine that had multi coloured volleyballs in it that you could win, the omega got so excited that he ran over to it and started pointing excitedly. Kageyama turned to see his omega with a massive smile on his face and knew that he was going to have to win him a volleyball before they left. The alpha made his way over to the machine and got his wallet from his pocket, he placed two coins in the slot and moved the claw with the arrows, the claw dropped and picked up a green volleyball, Hinata cheered and the ball escaped the claws grip and bounced back down, Kageyama grunted at the machine and placed more money in the slot to try again. The omegas phone rang, and he walked to the side slightly to answer it, Kageyama stayed at the machine trying to win the item Hinata was so excited about. Five attempts later and he won a bright orange one, Hinata made his way back to the machine and the alpha hid the ball behind him

“Ennoshita, Narita and Kinoshita are on their way here, they shouldn’t be too long”

Hinata explained

“okay, I’m really sorry I couldn’t win you the volleyball”

Hinata’s eyes turned sad and his lip slanted

“that’s okay! Maybe another time”

The omega smiled, Kageyama smiled back and brought the volleyball around to his front to show his mate. Hinata’s eyes widened with happiness and he almost snatched the ball from Kageyama’s hands, he held it up in the air with amazement and looks back at his alpha

“thank you so much!”

“that’s alright…”

“but why orange?”

“I couldn’t grab the other ones, so I thought to myself ‘I wonder if I can pick up the orange ball just like I picked up the orange omega?’ and then it worked!”


“what Boke!? It worked!”

Hinata pouted but soon burst in to laughter, Kageyama pulled his mate in to a tight hug.

“are we interrupting something?”

The mates turn to see the three betas approaching them with smiles across their faces.

“oh hey!... what’s that in your hair?”

The omega asked confused

The three boys looked at each other shocked and quickly removed the random bits of nature from their hair and shoved them in Kinoshita’s bag

“we tried making flower crowns with Shimizu and Yachi just now… they didn’t go quite to plan”

Narita laughed

The five boys walked further in to the arcades and Hinata clutched on to his bright orange volleyball making sure not to lose it. They spotted a basketball hoop machine, the aim was to get as many shots as possible in 60 seconds, sounds simple enough but to these two first years they had to make everything a challenge. Instead of holding and throwing a basketball like you should they held it with one hand and attempted serving it in to the hoop. The mates turned to each other grabbing their wrists and fighting their watery eyes.

“wh… why did that hurt so much?!”

Hinata whimpered

“I… I don’t know!”

The three betas laughed

“you idiots… of course slapping a basketball with your hand is gonna hurt!”

Ennoshita laughed and the other two cracked up laughing behind him. Hinata and Kageyama frown pouted and turned back to the basketballs in determination whilst doing exactly what they just did but screaming during the process to cover up the pain. Surprisingly enough they were actually getting the balls through the hoop and gaining lots of points. Ennoshita was still laughing at the mates and grabbed his camera. He managed to take shots of Hinata in the same position as their volleyball post apart from Hinata’s face was red, his mouth was open, and tears were trickling down his face. Kageyama was looking as angry as he does when he sleeps but he was pushing through the pain. Once their time was up Ennoshita took a picture of their scores before laughing some more and putting his camera back in its case. The mates looked at each other with happy expressions and then at their hands with total misery, red raw and shaking

“maybe we shouldn’t have slapped the balls like that”

Kageyama explained

“no probably not… but I had fun!”

“erm, Hinata…”

Kinoshita approached the younger


“isn’t that… your volleyball at the back of the machine with the basketballs?”

Hinata looked back at the machine and his volleyball was in fact caged up with the basketballs

“ahhhh no! I must have thrown it towards the hoop without even realising! What am I gonna do?!”

“just leave it…”

Kageyama spoke dull

“leave it?! No!”

“why not? I’ll just try and win you another one”

“that’s not the point! You won me that one because it reminded you of me! That one is special!”

The omega winged before climbing on top of the machine and making his way over the top

“Boke!! What are you doing?!? Get down!”

“no! I need to get my ball!”

“ahhh, this is priceless, why did I even put my camera away?”

Ennoshita began to unzip the camera case and took pictures of Hinata climbing up, over, falling down on the other side, picking up the ball with a massive smile and then looking back at where he just fell from and realising there was nothing to help him get back over. Hinata was now stuck in the basketball machine whilst Kageyama was shaking it out of anger

“boke! What was you thinking? boke!”

“stop shaking the machine!”

Hinata stuttered out whilst trying to keep his balance

“Ennoshita, is there a record option?”

Narita giggled

In the end the boys had to get a member of staff to open the machine with a key to get the omega out. They got a firm telling off for their antics and were told to leave. As they left the arcades and walked down a street full of other arcades the mates smiled at each other

“we, need to go”

Narita spoke and Hinata turned to him confused


“well, you were stuck in that machine for half an hour and we have to try and make time to do something with everyone today, well everyone except Tanaka and Yamaguchi… their having a chill day today apparently, so I’m sure we will figure something out for tomorrow”

“oh okay, so who’s next on your list?”

“Daichi and Sugawara”

Ennoshita mumbled as he was scrolling down his contacts to call the mates.

“okay, well were gonna try and not get kicked out of these arcades”

Kageyama grunted and glared at Hinata who smiled with his tongue out. The betas nodded and walked off. Hinata turned to his mate who looked pissed off and then to the floor, the alpha held out his hand for the omega to take, the shorter looked up and smiled before lacing his fingers between his mates.



Daichi and Suga


The team mum and dad were walking around Tokyo Sky Tree, hand in hand and holding bags. Of course, they spent their free time shopping, of course Daichi was never going to stop him and of course the alpha didn’t complain once. The smile Suga had on his face whilst he looked in to shop windows and when he was trying on clothes was priceless and it was a smile that Daichi loved to see. To make the omega even more happy he agreed to let his mate dress him up and make him try on different outfits of his choosing. Obviously Suga was well up for the task and made his alpha go in to 7 different shops and try on 3 outfits from each shop. The poor alpha had to get undressed and dressed so many times that he was starting to think that walking around naked would be an easier option, the 3rd year tried on 21 different outfits and the omega made him buy 15 of them.

Suga had just got off the phone to Ennoshita who told them that they would be with the mates within about 20 minutes.

They decided to go to the 8th floor of the Sky Tree and buy little gifts for everyone

For Kageyama they got him a bottle of milk that had a volleyball court picture on it For Hinata they found a poster of volleyball quotes by Olympic champions A dark blue top that had the word Tacos in yellow written across it for Yamaguchi, as he spoke about one he owned as a kid and loved it until he lost it Socks with Dinosaurs all over them for Tsukki Factor 4 hair gel for Noya that came in an orange tub A special addition Fairy tail DVD for Tanaka Thick dark red fluffy scarf with matching gloves for Narita because he’s always complaining about being cold A massive bar of chocolate for Kinoshita to satisfy his crazy sweet tooth 1000 random facts book for Ennoshita and for Asahi they got him a lucky charm key chain that read ‘ACE’ on it

After all the shopping for everyone else, Suga stepped in front of Daichi and smiled, the alpha looked at him slightly worried as to what his mate has planned, but Suga pulled his arms round from behind his back and presented a little black box. Daichi frowned before taking it and opening it. The alpha looked up to his mate and his eyes began to water, it was cuff links that had writing on. On one of the cuff links it said ‘FUY’ and the other one said ‘UMI’ Fuyumi was the name of the alphas late grandma

“h… how did you…?”

“I went to the shop whilst you were in the changing room and asked if they were able to do it”

“this must of cost you a fortune”

“your worth it”

The omega smiled at his mate and Daichi dropped the bags and swung his arms around the setter

“thank you so much Suga, I love them!”

“your welcome!”

Daichi kissed Suga’s beauty spot causing him to close that one eye, the omega giggle and kissed the alphas lips.

“we always seem to walk in on cute moments”

Kinoshita said from behind them. The 3rd years turned around

“oh, hey guys, we just finished shopping actually and I gave Daichi a present”

“let’s see then”

Narita peered his head over and Daichi held his arm out presenting the open box

“who’s Fuyumi?”

Kinoshita questioned

“Fuyumi is the name of my grandma, the one who raised me and left the house for me”

The betas mouths opened in to an O shape

“that’s a really thoughtful gift Sugawara”

Ennoshita smiled at the omega

“thank you!”

He smiled

“can I get a picture of the both of you and Daichi holding the present?”

The 3rd years agreed and posed for Ennoshita to take the picture. The group of lads went further up the Sky Tree until they were at the top. The view from that height was amazing and the betas kept fighting over the camera to take pictures. Suga insisted he used their camera to take a picture of the three of them, the betas agreed and pulled a ridiculous pose. After an hour of shopping with Daichi and Suga the betas became really tired not only from their travels over the day but because Suga is really speedy at shopping, he is in and out of shops so quickly that it almost seems like he isn’t even shopping, but he comes out with bags full of stuff. They told Daichi and Suga that their going to head back to the hotel because they needed to rest, and the mates smiled and bowed to them as they left.

The alpha placed all the bags in to one hand and held his other hand out for his mate to grab

“where are we going?”

Suga asked as he grabbed a hold of the alphas hand

“I’m treating you to dinner”


The omega smiled and blushed

Once they had found somewhere and were given seats, Daichi placed the bags to the side and pulled the chair out for Suga to sit on, the omega smiled and thanked his mate. The alpha sat opposite him and held his hands out for the omega to place his within them. Both hands holding each other’s across the table, Suga blushed

“wh… why are you being so romantic?”

“because I don’t normally get a chance to make you feel special”

“you make me feel special every day Dai, you don’t need to take me out to fancy dinners”

“I would like to be able to treat you more often than not, and I thought whilst were over here I might as well seize the opportunity to spoil you”

The alpha smiled at his mate

“this place is beautiful, thank you for bringing me here”

Suga thanked his mate

The alpha leaned forward and gently kissed his mate on the lips. The rest of their meal together they got to enjoy peace and quiet, talk about random topics and things that had been troubling them recently, laugh about stupid things, make fun of each other and just generally not have to worry about anything. Part of them wished that they could stay in that carefree state for ever, but they knew that tomorrow was their last full day in Tokyo before they had to leave and go back to their normal life’s.

For now, the mates smiled at each other and enjoyed the rest of the time that they have alone.

Chapter Text

The sun blazed through the windows lighting up the hotel room, the alpha lay holding his sleeping omega in the cosy warm bed. The smell of rhubarb and custard admitting from the shorter was making the alpha feel at ease, he pulled his mate in closer causing their naked bodies to send a sort of electrical current run between them. The omega nuzzled his nose in to the tallers chest and purred in comfort. Kageyama was laying on his back with his precious mate curled up almost on top of him, his head resting just under his chin, he runs his fingers through the omegas orange locks and smiles. If Hinata saw the alpha smiling he would probably get scared and assume that he has a murderous play ahead of him, but right now; right now, he was loving and embracing his omega, and loving every moment of it.

He runs his fingers over Hinata’s back in soft gentle circles causing him to let off pheromones of easement, the alpha smiles at his sleeping mate once again. Hinata slowly opens his eyes and begins to blush when he realises he’s practically laying on top of his alpha

“good morning sleepy head”

Kageyama greets him whilst still twiddling his locks between his fingers

“m… morning”

Hinata croaks with his early morning voice and Kageyama laughed through his nose

Hinata rolled off him and placed his head on the pillows to the side of the alpha, Kageyama rolls on his side to face his mate. He uses the back of his fingers to stroke the omegas cheek softly and smile at him, Hinata looked at his mate in initial shock to begin with but purred to his alphas touch and raised his chin up slightly so he could get a better angle to stroke him in. 

After a moment of looking in to each other’s eyes silently, Kageyama places his hand on the side of his mates head with his fingers lacing through the orange main

“I love you”

He whispers and Hinata blushed

“I love you too”

The omega mumbled quietly in embarrassment

Kageyama pulled him in close. They were laying on their sides facing each other but now with their legs entwined with one another’s and the omega pulled in close to the alphas chest and held tightly by his mates grip

“I’ve been thinking”

The alpha spoke


The omega hesitantly replied, it wasn’t normal for Kageyama to think much in the mornings, usually he has to deal with an unresponsive alpha until he’s drank his morning milk. The omega chuckled to himself slightly before the alpha proceeded  

“when we get back to Miyagi… I want to take you out”

“we always go out?”

The omega responded confused

“no boke, I mean I want to take you out out… like on a date”

Kageyama blushed at his own words and Hinata sat up quickly and looked at the alpha in shock

“you wanna what?”

The alpha frowned and joined his mate sitting up

“I want to take you on a date, why are you so shocked by that?”

“I… er… I dunno, I guess it’s not something you would normally say… or want to do”

“why wouldn’t I want to go on a date with my mate?”

“because it doesn’t really seem like you’re in to that sorta thing”

The omega expressed

“well, believe it or not boke, but your my favourite person in the whole world and I want to make you smile”

Hinata smiled

“not that you don’t smile enough”

The alpha added, Hinata pouted towards his mate

“I’m just kidding”

Kageyama leaned to his mate and kissed him on the forehead, Hinata tapped on his lips hinting towards the alpha and Kageyama smiled at him. He placed his hand on the side of the shorters neck and leaned in slowly, the motion caused Hinata to blush and he felt the heat in his cheeks before the passion the alpha gave him through their lips alone, he pushed his tongue in to the omegas mouth and Hinata groaned in acceptance. He fell back on to his pillow beneath him and the alpha made sure not to lose contact as he towered over the top of his mate, Hinata ran his fingers through the alphas soft black hair whilst also not letting their lips lose contact. Kageyama ran his hand up Hinata’s outer thigh and all the way up his side and to his neck, the omega raised his leg and placed it on top of Kageyama’s bare back and moaned in pleasure. It was just a kiss but the passion between them spoke louder than words and the chemistry were one that couldn’t be explained.

The alpha pulled away and Hinata tilted his head with a grin. Kageyama playfully placed loads of mini kisses all over the omegas face causing him to giggle and try and push him away. The alpha rolled to the edge of the bed and swung his legs around sitting himself up, Hinata rolled over and rested his head in the palm of his hand.

“what are the plans today?”


The alpha leaned to pick his phone up from the side and frowned as he read a message

“looks like were going shopping…”

“hmmm? Shopping… why?”

“Sugawara text saying he forgot to grab 2 gifts yesterday and that because it’s the last day he wants us all to do something together”

“that’s fair”

The omega sat up and shuffled himself across the bed so that he was sat at the side of his mate

“even though the sun is shining through the window… sitting here naked… its cold”

Hinata shivers slightly and Kageyama smirks at him

“I have a way I could warm you up”

“you do? How… wait! No, I know what you mean!”

The omega lightly slaps his mates chest and grins at him

“maybe later”

The shorter smirks and Kageyama’s eyes glisten in excitement. There was a knock at their door and Daichi had shouted ’10 minutes’. Apparently, the text Suga had sent was sent an hour ago which would have given the mates more time to get ready, but because of their little antics they were now running late.

After the mates were ready the team headed out in to the busy city, Daichi made sure everyone had their phones on them and Suga made sure the team stayed close. Shimizu and Yachi walked behind the team making sure Suga’s life wasn’t too stressful. They jumped on a train to Shinjuku and got lost in the giant complicated train station, it took them 7 wrong turns and 4 times of asking people for directions until they were finally outside. The reason for choosing Shinjuku was Suga’s idea, he had done some online researching for the best districts in which the team could have a good time in and of course, the best place to shop. Once Daichi and Suga had got back to the hotel room last night, Suga realised that he forgot to buy Shimizu and Yachi gifts and pestered his alpha to go out and get them something, Daichi being Daichi he just agreed, what ever kept his omega happy.

Suga got extremely excited when he saw a Starbucks right outside the station that he took off without a notice causing Daichi to hit ‘shit fit mode’ and run after him halting him by his coat hood, the omega turned and pouted towards his mate. Daichi sighed with a smile and opened the door for his mate, Suga jumped in happiness and skipped off to order himself something extravagant. The team waited outside for the setter and he came out smiling holding a caramel Frappuccino with whip cream, caramel sauce and toffee chunks. The team looked at the drink and then at the team mum in amazement, Suga winked and sucked on the green straw. The omega told the rest of the team that a Starbucks had opened in Miyagi and that it was love at first taste, Daichi however said that he now knows where the omegas monthly allowance was going to be spent.

The team made their way down the road from Starbucks and crossed at a massive crossing that hundreds of people were crossing at once, Suga turned to make sure that everyone was still together and he spotted Shimizu with a plain face stick her thumb up, the omega smiled and nodded towards the she alpha and continued walking forward. Once they were on the other side they walked straight in to an all glass shopping centre without realising until they were all going up some escalators, confused expressions on all of them but they shrugged it off and enjoyed their time in the centre.

Asahi, Noya, Kinoshita, Narita, Yachi, Suga and Hinata went in to a music shop and bought themselves a CD each.

They moved on to a 100 Yen store where Daichi, Suga, Shimizu and Ennoshita bought themselves souvenirs to take back home with them, and some munch to eat in the hotel room once they get back.

After that it was a clothes store with a 40% sale that had Hinata, Suga and Yachi interested. The three omegas left the shop with a bag each.

“where next?”

Suga insisted

“Suga, you have bought something in every shop… shouldn’t you slow down before Daichi has a heart attack”

Tanaka laughs

“hmmmm, maybe your right”

The omega looks over to the alpha who was sat on the bench surrounded by bags.

“actually, I have an idea”

Suga chuckles to himself before grabbing all the omegas and whispering something to them, the alphas stood confused shrugging their shoulders at each other. The team mum led them all to a giant clothes store and told the alphas and three betas to wait outside, each looking at their omegas sceptical before nodded and letting them proceed with whatever they were doing.

Suga turned to the omegas as they entered the shop

“right! It’s on me, let’s do this!”

Daichi turned to everyone else who was forced to wait outside

“any idea what their up to?”

The alpha questioned

“no idea”

Asahi answered

Half an hour had passed, and the omegas were still in the shop, everyone else was getting restless with waiting. But before long the omegas appeared before them causing their jaws to drop, the omegas were all wearing an outfit in which their alphas would normally wear

“erm, Suga-“

The alpha was interrupted as his mate shoved a bag in front of him followed by the other omegas shoving a bag to their alphas.

“we are changing roles for a bit!”

Suga winks and Daichi frowns

“what do you mean?”

“what I mean is, you alphas can be omegas for the day! And us omegas get to be alphas!”

The omega giggles and Daichi smirks


The alphas take the bags from their mates and make their way to the toilets to get changed. The betas begin to laugh and Suga turns to them

“I don’t know what you guys are laughing at… we got you outfits too!”

The betas eyes widened before bags were shoved to their chests.

The omegas waited for 15 minutes until their alphas appeared wearing outfits they wouldn’t normally leave the house in. Yamaguchi begins to laugh and point at Tanaka

“y… you look good in skinny jeans!”

The omega just about says, and Tanaka raises an eyebrow

The rest of the omegas laugh at their alphas in skinny jeans and tops that really don’t suit their build. The alphas stood uncomfortable, looking at the ground

“pssst, don’t worry. You guys don’t have it bad”

Yachi whispered and pointed behind them, they turned and saw the three betas leave the toilets wearing a pink leotard, pink tutu’s, pink tights, pink dolly shoes and a sparkly tiara each. The team burst in to laughter at the three and they sulked in embarrassment.

“now this would make a great picture!”

Yamaguchi suggested winking at Tanaka who glared at his mate causing him to laugh.

“I swear you’re out to get me today Yamaguchi”

The alpha sulked

“ohhhh, only a little bit”

The omega pressed his finger to his lips to shhh the alpha

“no way!”

Ennoshita stomped his foot

“not with my camera”

He added

Suga walked over to the beta and pout frowned, the beta stood staring at the team mum for 5 seconds before he sighed and pulled his camera out. Suga clapped his hands in excitement and ran up to a passer by asking them to take a picture of the team.

They all posed for the picture and the stranger smiled after snapping the photo and handing the camera back to the omega, Suga thanked them and looked at the picture as he made his way back to the team

“perfect! Now we can change!”


Asahi asked confused

“what? I didn’t actually want to spend the day pretending to be an alpha… what’s the point in that? We just wanted a hilarious photo”

“but you wasted all this money on the clothes”

Shimizu spoke

“it wasn’t a waste when you had fun! Plus, I’m sure if we put all the clothes together we can all pick out some clothing that we would all wear”

The omega smiled at everyone

“you actually did this to treat everyone didn’t you?”

Asahi spoke towards the setter

“well… no…”

Suga blushed


“okay Asahi! You caught me! I wanted to treat everyone and have a laugh doing so!... it was actually Yamaguchi’s idea to get a silly photo”

The team turned towards the pinch server in shock, who would of thought Yamaguchi had this mischievous side to him. The omega stuck his tongue out at the team and everyone laughed.

Everyone made their way back to the toilets to get changed in to their regular attire, this just meant that Daichi had more bags to carry around with him, the alpha was used to that though it came as second nature.

After another hour of shopping everyone began to get hungry and so they searched outside of the shopping centre for somewhere to eat, they came across a small alley that was filled with different noodle bars, one in which was big enough to fit all 13 of them in. They all crowded themselves around a long table and ordered a bowl of Ramen each, everyone was shocked and making a fuss over the fact that Noya was using chop sticks perfectly and how quiet Kageyama is when he’s eating. When everyone had finished they thanked the chef for the food and Shimizu offered to pay for everyone’s dish.

As they left they made a walk up a hill surrounded by shops either side of them, until they were brought to a sudden halt as Tanaka and Yamaguchi stopped in their tracks staring up at a building in amazement

“wh… what is that!”

Yamaguchi stuttered

“is… is that a shop dedicated to just… just anime?!”

Tanaka asked in amazement

A tall building in front of them that had a sign across it saying ‘Animate’ the mates started vibrating from excitement. Noya smiled at the two and slapped Tanaka on the back

“you two go and enjoy yourselves! Call us when you’re done”

The two nodded towards the libero eagerly before running off hand in hand to the massive store

As they walked through the entrance their eyes sparkled in wonderment, the shop was unbelievable, and they felt like their had just walked through heavens gates. Manga, anime, posters, keyrings, bedding and pretty much everything you could think of was in this shop apart from better; it had anime plastered all over it.

Tanaka grabbed a basket

“I have a credit card for emergencies only… were in an anime shop with no money I’d class this as an emergency”

The alpha smirked and Yamaguchi grinned at his mate

The two wandered around the shop looking at everything, the shop has 5 floors and a ground floor, they were in there for a while. Just as they were about to leave the last floor Yamaguchi turned to the alpha

“oh! We should buy the new season of ‘Boku no hero academia’ and watch it as soon as we get back to the hotel!”

“ahhh that’s such a good idea!”

The alpha agreed and they ran off to the needed section.

Yamaguchi stopped suddenly and raised his hand in front of Tanaka’s chest stopping him from walking


The omega pleaded

“what’s wrong?”

The alpha asked concerned. Yamaguchi stood on his toes to get a better view of what he spotted and quickly whipped himself around to face his alpha, he grabbed his shoulders

“I could be wrong…”

“about what?”

The alpha looked over then back to his mate

“that guy over there, the one holding the DVD we want”

“what about him?”

“I think… hmmmm I dunno, I need to see his face properly”

The omega slowly walks over to the Boku no hero academia isle and leans slightly, just enough to see the omega man’s face, trying to be subtle until he all but completely fails when he gasps and cups his mouth. The man turns shocked and then smiles at the omega

“are you okay?”

The man puts his hand out, Yamaguchi just nods quickly not paying attention to the hand that was reached out in front of him

“your… your”


The man places his finger on his lips and winks


Yamaguchi blurts out and blushes cursing himself internally

~ what the hell Yamaguchi? Sort yourself out! Composure! Composure! ~

The omega looked back up to the beautiful omega man stood in front of him

“I can’t… your…”

~ dammit ~


“your V… from BTS?”

Yamaguchi whispers

“yeah, I am”

The man smiles.

“holy shit.”

Yamaguchi mumbles quietly and the man laughs through his nose

“I’m really sorry to bother you… the last thing you would want is someone like me coming over and harassing you”

“someone like you? You mean someone that likes anime? Why wouldn’t I want to be approached by someone with the same interests”

V smiles at the younger causing him to blush. Tanaka made his way over and stood behind Yamaguchi glaring at the company he was with


V bows towards the alpha and he nods towards the omega in response

“I wish Suga was here, he loves you!”

Yamaguchi sulked slightly

“Suga… loves me?”

The older frowned

“oh! No! not your Suga! Sugawara, he’s our team mum”

“oh, right I was gonna say”

V blushed wildly

“well, here”

The older pulled a piece of paper from his pocket

“do you have a pen?”

The beauty shuns from V as he smiled towards Yamaguchi

“n… no I don’t”

Yamaguchi could barely control his nerves


A voice called from behind them

“Kookie! Do you have a pen?”

“why are you talking in Japanese?”

The young alpha asked in Korean

“do you have a pen or not?”

The older omega asked

“erm, yeah… yeah?”

The alpha answered in both Japanese and Korean whilst grabbing a pen from his small over shoulder bag and passing it to the older

V grabbed the pen and began to write on the paper, he looked up at Yamaguchi

“what’s his full name?”

“s… Sugawara Koushi”

The older smiled and continued to write.

He folded the paper once he had finished and handed it to the pinch server

“how rude of me I didn’t catch your name”

“Yamaguchi Tadashi and this Tanaka Ryuunosuke”

The beautiful man bowed towards the mates

“It was nice meeting you… oh! Before I go”

V turned back to the mates


Yamaguchi and Tanaka paid for their items and left, the omega phoned Suga to find out where they all were. The mates made their way around the corner and up a high street to the benches where the team were sat. Yamaguchi approached Suga and explained who he had met in Animate and said that he had something for him, Suga opened up the note


Hi Sugawara Koushi,

I’m sorry I didn’t get to meet you, I heard you was a fan!

Here’s a gift, I hope it suits you like they suit our Suga!

Stay true to yourself, always!




Suga looked up from the note with teary eyes and then shock spread across his whole body when he saw Yamaguchi holding out a red bandana with a white swirly pattern.

“he took it off his head and told me to give it to you”

Yamaguchi explained


Suga jumped up screaming like a fan girl and wrapped his arms around the 1st year

“thank you so much Yamaguchi!”

The team mum cried in happiness and the younger smiled


An hour had passed, and the team had finished resting and decided to make a move to a different direction. Shinjuku was a really fun place and there is so much to look at and loads to do. Hinata spots a crepe stole and pulls on Kageyama’s arm to buy him one, when he reluctantly agreed he told the team what they were doing and that they will call them if they can’t find them.

The team wondered around the corner slightly and noticed a lane full of arcades, it was loud and there were crowds of people, but it looked fun and it enticed the team to follow the path ahead. The multi coloured lights were so beautiful that Ennoshita began to take pictures of everyone and their surroundings. Snaps of Suga laughing whilst linking arms with Daichi who had hands full of bags, Asahi who had a protective arm around Noya, Yachi who was taking selfies of her and Shimizu, Yamaguchi who was reading the back of one of the DVD’s he had bought, Tanaka who was glaring at anyone who looked twice at his mate. Ennoshita laughed as he snapped pictures of that. Kinoshita who was pointing out random things to Narita and Narita who was amazed at everything Kinoshita was pointing at. Ennoshita dropped his camera from his face and smiled at everyone having a good time, he then smiled at his camera before turning it off and putting it back in its case.

“hey, Dai! Let’s go over ughh-“

Suga was cut off before he continued as he accidently bumped in to someone

“sorry! I wasn’t looking where I was-“

Suga was cut off again, but this time by his alpha who put and arm in front of him and pulled him behind him. The alpha growled at the man who Suga just bumped in to

“Dai! What the hell?”

“step back.”

The alpha ordered his mate, Suga frowned at him but obediently stepped back to where everyone else was standing confused

“well, well, well, if it isn’t for the alpha who thought it would be funny to throw a punch my way!”

The alpha laughed at Daichi causing him to grit his teeth. Now wasn’t the time to let off pheromones, not with this many people around and especially with his team and mate right behind him.

“punch? What’s he on about Dai?”

Suga stepped forward but instantly stepped back when he recognized the man’s face. The guy that tried it on with Suga the last time they were in Tokyo and snuck out of the training camp. The omega cups his hands close to his chest and looks down, Tanaka frowned slightly and pulled the omega closer to him so that he was now between Asahi and himself.

“what’s the matter kid? Want a second round?”

The alpha tantalized the other, Daichi stepped forward

“I have no business fighting you”

The captain growled

“oh, why not? We could make it interesting!”

“no thanks, let’s go”

The 3rd year ordered the rest of the team and as they all walked past the man he grabbed Suga’s wrist causing the omega to yelp. Daichi swung himself around, Asahi and Tanaka stepped forward in a protective manner, the omega tried yanking his arm out of the alphas grip but with no luck he just stands and glares at the man.


Daichi barked

“how’s about we fight for the omega… this precious, beautiful omega”

He whispers the last bit whilst smelling at Suga’s neck

“get off me!”

The omega stomped on his foot causing the man to anger

“why you little!”

He grabs Suga’s shoulders in a hard grip before throwing him to the ground; well almost, Shimizu had manged to catch him and help him back to his feet, he thanked the manager and glared at the man. Daichi shoved past Asahi and Tanaka with his fists clenched and ready to swing until..


Kageyama spoke whilst walking around the corner with Hinata, both holding a crepe each. Daichi stopped in mid motion and looked at the 1st year alpha in shock


The captain spoke

“Tobio? Hahaha what are you doing in Tokyo?!”

The alpha swung his arm around Kageyama’s shoulders

“this punk is your uncle?”

Yachi spoke and Shimizu turned to her in shock from her out of character comment

“errr, yeah? Uncle these are my team mates, and this is Hinata Shouyou… my mate”

Kageyama pulls Hinata forward slightly, making sure to show him off with a smile. The omega bows to his uncle and shyly steps back

The man turned to the team who stood in shock and part disgust, he bowed towards them

“I am really sorry for how I acted, I didn’t realise you were friends of Tobio’s”

“oh, so if we weren’t friends with you nephew then you would have happily attacked us?”

Suga stepped forward


Kageyama questioned and his uncle turned to look at him with guilt dripping from his forehead

“oh… er… I may have acted inappropriately”


Daichi growled towards the older. He turned to Kageyama and explained the whole situation, the 1st year looked at his uncle with anger radiating from him, slight pheromones slipping causing Hinata to whimper and hide behind Asahi. The alpha stomped towards his uncle and like a flash of lightening his fist connecting with his face and he slumped to the floor holding his cheek but not standing back up

“you treated my mum… Suga disgustingly and my team mates with disrespect. You wait until I tell father that your behaviour hasn’t changed”


The uncle stands and begs, Kageyama clucked his tongue towards him

“I’ll… I’ll give you money!”

The uncle pleaded and Kageyama glared at him

“I don’t want your money!”

“I’ll do anything just don’t tell Mikado! Please…”



“on your hands and knees. Bow.”

A crazed look in Kageyama’s eyes, the crazed look he knows all too well.

The uncle gravelled and bowed towards the team

“I… I’m sorry.”

The team nodded their heads, confused as to what the hell was going on. Suga told the man to stand and that there was no need for that. Once the alpha stood he turned to his nephew

“your just like your father.”

Kageyama huffed at his uncle’s comment. The alpha bowed towards the team before returning to the club he came from. Almost like a switch Kageyama calmed down once Hinata linked his arm

“wh… what was all that about?”

The omega asks worried and the rest of the team look slightly frightened of Kageyama at this point. The setter turned to his mate and smiled before kissing him on the forehead

“my uncle has always been a jerk, I’m sorry you had to see that”

The alpha spoke towards his mate but turned to the team to notify them that he was sorry they saw it as well. The team smiled at him and waved their hands towards the alpha.

“okay, well erm… shall we think of something fun to do?”

Noya pipes up with a smile and it was like the whole team had let out a breath they didn’t realise they were holding in

“oh, I have an idea!”

Yachi smiled at everyone

“what’s that?”

Narita smiled

“we could go ice skating?”

The team raised their eye brows. A bunch of idiots that have never set foot on ice in their life and yet go to do it on blades, sounds like a good idea.

They all nod towards the omega, excited to see who has pure balance talent.

The team decided to get on a train back to the hotel to unload all their shopping before going anywhere. They also decided to eat in their rooms before leaving. Daichi had to phone to book a couple hours before turning up as there’s so many of them, just so turns out that the ice rink is usually empty in the early evening, so they will get a lot of free space.

After everyone had eaten they met in the hallway as usual and made their way to a train station. They were on the train for roughly 10 minutes before they arrived at the district they needed, and they walked for another 10 minutes until they were at the destination. The team huddled in through the entrance doors and made their way up to the front desk, a beta man that looked almost spitting image as Narita apart from maybe 5 years older greets them, the team turn to the beta then back at the guy behind the desk before laughing behind their hands, Narita pouted at them, he knew exactly what they were all thinking. They exchanged their shoes for ice skates and walked to the benches to put them on, the beta man smiled at Kinoshita before he left causing the betas cheeks to burn bright red. Once everyone was equipped they walked with a wobble to the entrance of the ice rink. It was empty and they all thanked god internally, because otherwise this could have been a very embarrassing evening.

The first to step on the ice was Asahi, he seemed to have gliding quite easily so Noya rushed on after him, but his arse soon came in to contact with the ice. Everyone laughed, and Asahi helped his mate back up on to his feet, the omega held on to the edge. Before long the rest of the team were on the ice but clutching to the sides for dear life, well most of them.

Yamaguchi and Tanaka were in the middle of the ice rink competing against each other, the team watched them as they skated around the rink mumbling something between them that the rest couldn’t hear

“trust me Tanaka… I’ll go Yuri on your arse!”

“Yamaguchi, you don’t have a chance! I’m gonna go Viktor on yours!”

The omega smiled

“well that means we end up kissing on the ice!”

“that kiss wasn’t confirmed!”

“oh, come on it was obviously a kiss!”

“Viktor’s arm was in the way, so it could have just been a hug!”

“you and I both know that it was a kiss”

“I’m sceptical…”

“I see how it is!”


“you just don’t want to kiss me on the ice”

Yamaguchi pouted towards his mate

“haha well you know that’s not true”

The alpha smiled at him and stopped skating, Yamaguchi glided himself around and back up to his mate. Tanaka placed his hand on the omegas neck and leaned in slowly

“get a room!”

Ennoshita shouted from across the rink and the mates smiled at each other

“okay, Tanaka… let’s have a competition”


“who’s the best skater!”

“you’re on!”

Yamaguchi skated off and prepared himself for a basic toe loop and pulled it off, the rest of the teams mouths were wide open in amazement. Tanaka followed him up with a triple salchow and landed it perfectly, Yamaguchi’s eyes widened

~ what the?! My mate can actually skate?! ~

The team cheered for Tanaka and Yamaguchi smiled at his mate

“you’re on alright!”

The two carried on with their competitive skating for a further 20 minutes and the team had forgot that they were also on the ice, the full attention were on the mates who apparently had watch Yuri on ice that many times they picked up on ice skating, impossible right? Apparently not for them.

Yamaguchi performed a triple loop and almost missed his footing at the end but managed to catch up with himself. Tanaka speed skated past the omega and landed a triple Lutz and raised his arms up in the air like a champion. The omega smiled and started to skate around the rink, his vision slightly blurry, he pushed it to the side and began a triple Axel. In mid jump everything went black and then back to normal, this threw the omega off and he went tumbling off, smacking his face on the side. The team gasped and tried making their way other to the omega as quickly as possible, but Tanaka made it to him first

“Yamaguchi! Are you okay?”

the alpha asked panicked

the omega sat up and blood dripped from his nose where he smacked it so hard, he began to laugh, and Tanaka frowned at him

“I really did go Yuri on your arse”

The omega continued to laugh. Suga rushed over to his side

“my pup! Are you okay?!”

He asked worried and Yamaguchi laughed

“yeah, sorry to worry you. I think I pushed myself a bit too much”

The omega reassures the team mum

“Yamaguchi, if that was the case Tanaka would be-“

Suga was cut off when Tanaka slumped to the ice

“pheeeew, I am beat! I don’t think I can stand, how do ice skaters have so much stamina?”

The alpha groaned

Suga looked at the mates and sighed

“what am I gonna do with you two?”

The setter laughs through his nose

“well, let’s start with getting them both off the ice”

Daichi appeared behind them passing Yamaguchi a tissue for his nose. Suga went with the mates as they left the ice rink to rest. The beta man from behind the desk rushed over with some ice

“happens all the time, people come in thinking their professionals and then push themselves past their limits”

The man smiled before handing Yamaguchi the ice


The omega bowed towards the beta before he left

The three of them decided to sit out and watch the rest of the team fail miserably on the ice. Yamaguchi burst in to laughter when he saw Kageyama go flying off to the other side of the rink with no idea on how to stop and Hinata going after him like a fish out of water. Suga began to laugh when Daichi’s face became pale from worry at their pups hurting themselves, Yachi was that trigger, she approached Daichi to talk to him but instead stacked it by his feet, Shimizu had tried skating over but mirrored exactly what happened to her omega. Tanaka laughed at the three betas attempting to skate in a line holding each other’s hands but failing because neither of them trusted each other if one fell. The alpha searched through Ennoshita’s bag for his camera and took photos of everyone on the ice, he smiled and quickly shoved the camera back in the betas bag as they all started making their way back.

The team looked exhausted and Noya complimented Tanaka and Yamaguchi for being able to pull off all those tricks before feeling fatigued. The libero felt way past that and begged Asahi to carry him back, of course the alpha agreed.

The team collected their belongings and exchanged the skate for their shoes. Kinoshita was the last to grab his pair, as he went to walk off the man called him back

“yeah, erm sorry. I just couldn’t help but notice how attractive you are”

The man admitted

“oh, er… thanks?”

Kinoshita responded shyly

“maybe I could erm… get your number and we could go for a drink?”

“I’m under age”

“a coffee then”

The man smiled

“I’m Azuma Banri”

“Kinoshita Hisashi”

They both bowed. The beta was happy that someone seemed interested in him but also felt down as he wasn’t from around here and wouldn’t be much point in getting to know him better and getting his hopes up

“sorry, Azuma-san…”

~ damn… ~

“but I can’t”

~ I wish I could… ~

“accept your offer”

Kinoshita looked down trying not to make eye contact with the man

“don’t worry about it! It was worth an ask… I would have beaten myself up if I didn’t even try”

The man smiled at the younger. It was such a sincere smile that Kinoshita felt his heart break a little

~ I’m sorry ~

Kinoshita bowed before he walked off to join his team.

Everyone collected their stuff and left the building laughing. They all complained their feet hurt on the way to the train station, not Noya though, he was asleep on Asahi’s back. But that made the other omegas want to be carried by their alphas, so in the end Kageyama, Daichi, Shimizu and Tanaka also had their omegas on their backs and it didn’t take long for them all to fall asleep either. It did make things awkward whilst they were on the train though, as none of them wanted to wake their mates up so they all stood for the journey home whilst the omegas stayed on their backs snoring, and it was a funny sight to be seen by the people at the reception desk in the hotel when the team walked in with almost half of them asleep.

They all parted ways when they reached their floor and it was safe to say that it didn’t take long for the alphas to pass out when they got in.  

Chapter Text

Kuroo was in the kitchen chopping some vegetables, Tsukki was in the living room setting the table. The radio was playing quietly in the back ground, and Kuroo was bobbing his head along as he sliced the carrots, Tsukki smirked at him before walking behind him and wrapping his arms around the alphas waist. He stopped chopping and turned to kiss his omega on the cheek. Tsukki grabbed the already prepared vegetables and placed them in the wok with the egg noodles, he then poured the sweet and sour sauce that Kuroo had made from scratch in and mixed it all together. The alpha leaned over to flick the switch on to a low heat and placed the lid over the top of the wok

“we might as well relax whilst we wait for our guests”

The alpha pulled the omega to the sofa by his wrist and sat him down between his legs. Tsukki positioned himself and lent back on his alphas chest, Kuroo wrapped his arms around his mate and ran his thumb over his knuckles, Tsukki smirked at the contact but made sure to keep that hidden from his mate.

“so, what made you decide volleyball?”

The alpha questioned

“hmmm well I guess because Akiteru was on the volleyball team and it got me interested I suppose…”

“because you know your tall enough to make a great basketball player”

“I’m also tall enough to block your arse”

The omega smirked

“is that so?”


“I accept that challenge! The next time Nekoma go against Karasuno we will kick your arse!”

“ha, you’re on”

The omega tilted his head to look at his mate cheekily and Kuroo whipped his head forward in a quick motion planting a kiss on his mates nose, Tsukki looked at him in shock and wiped away the kiss he just received

“Tsukki, Tsukki, Tsukki… can’t even block a kiss, how will you block a spike?”


The omega sulked and faced forward, Kuroo squeezed him lovingly

“do you think you will stick to playing volleyball when you leave school?”

Tsukki asked curious to what his future plans are

“I think I wont ever really stop playing volleyball, but it’s not something I want to pursue a career in… I would quite like to work with cars and bikes”

“so, like a mechanic?”

“yeah possibly!”


“gross? Why gross?”

“why would you want to get all oily and greasy for no reason?”

“well, it wouldn’t be for no reason”

Kuroo laughed

“I would be fixing cars and bikes for people”

The alpha continued

“hmmm, well as long as your washed before you come near me”

The omega laughed

“to get dirty again?”

The alpha joked and Tsukki tapped his chest with a smirk

“what about you?”

“what about me?”

“haha, what do you want to do when you leave school?”

“I would quite like to be a palaeontologist”

The omega answered

“wahhh that’s cool!”

The omega nodded in response

“have you not thought about doing something with your music?”


“not at all?”


“that’s mad! You’re so good though…”

“its never been something I’ve thought about to be honest”

“maybe you should!”


Kuroo smiled and leaned in to Tsukki’s neck smelling at his scent glands, the omega squirmed

“haaah, what are you doing?!”

“sorry Tsukki, you just smell so good that sometimes I can’t resist you”

The alpha laughed as Tsukki started going red from embarrassment

Tsukki leaned back some more in to his alphas chest and stretched his leg out almost knocking off a vase from the side

“oh, sorry”

The omega apologised 

“don’t worry about it, its shitty anyway”

“if you don’t like it why do you have it on display?”

“well, because it’s the first thing I made at a pottery class”

“you did a pottery class…”

The omega snickered

“yeah, I did. Problem?”

The alpha playfully acted stern

“hahaha, no, not at all… but why?”

“I went with Akaashi because he always wanted to go”

“why didn’t Bokuto go with him?”

Tsukki asked confused

“could you really imagine Bokuto taking a pottery class?”

The alpha laughed

“no… but I can’t imagine you taking one either”

The omega frowned at him

“well, I didn’t want to at first but Akaashi was talking about how much he really wanted to make something for his parent’s anniversary and he didn’t want to go alone, and I saw that Bokuto wasn’t gonna offer to go with him… plus I know Akaashi would be so done if he did go with him, so I offered. I actually enjoyed it! But I wasn’t good”

Kuroo laughed

“it’s strange… because I actually did a pottery class once…”

Tsukki admitted with his head down

“you did?! What did you make?”

“an awful vase like that one”

The omega laughed and Kuroo laughed with him.

Kuroo leaned over slightly and pulled the sofa blanket over them for warmth, Tsukki snuggled deeper in to the alphas chest and sighed in comfort. The smell of dinner was admitting the air and making the mates stomach growl, they both snickered at each other as it happened and continued to cuddle

“I was just thinking Tsukki”


“you have some really good friends. That Yamaguchi, he’s deffo someone to keep in your life”

“is that so?”

“hell yeah!”

“that’s good then, because I wasn’t planning on letting him go anywhere”

The omega smiled at his mate

“I think the same with your best friend, Kenma”


“yeah, and your bro and his mate are good people too”

“wow Tsukki, your actually saying nice things!”

“what? No, I’m not…”

The omega blushed slightly and looked down

“well you complimented 3 of my friends its now my turn!”

“no that’s quite alright”

The omega insisted and Kuroo raised his hand and shook his head

“let’s see… Daichi, your captain… he clearly see’s you all as his pups and the same goes for his mate. They are good people! Keep them close”

“wh… I… er”

“and next, hmmm I would have to say Hinata. He is a great person and he’s always so chirpy maybe you could learn a thing or two from him?”

“I think not”

“you don’t think he’s a great person?”

“I didn’t say that…”

“so, you like him?”

“I didn’t say that either…”

Kuroo laughed from teasing his mate who was now pouting at him

“well, you and your bro… you guys are so much alike its like watching unidentical twins get up to shenanigans, he makes you laugh so much you look like you’re in pain, and not just that… he makes sure to come around a lot”

“how’s that a good thing?”

“isn’t it obvious?”

“… no?”

“because you live on your own Kuroo. He’s clearly checking up on you and making sure your okay and not lonely… he cares so much for you that he would take time out of his own life just to make sure your well. Now that’s a friend slash bro that you need to keep around”

Kuroo stayed silent

“and as for his mate Akaashi, he may be so done with the both of you, but he still hasn’t gone anywhere…”

“Tsukki… you ARE! Being nice you realise this right?”

“if I admit to being nice… just this once then you have to admit that you are exactly like your bro”

The omega smirked

“I’m not like Bo at all!”



Kuroo raised his hand

“why did this turn in to an attack on how great our friends are?”

The alpha laughed and Tsukki raised his eyebrows before laughing with him

“your right… this conversation got gross”

The omega continued to chuckle. 

“our guests should be arriving any minute now!”

Kuroo sat up and Tsukki moved to the other end of the sofa and folded the blanket back up

“I wonder if they will like me?”


“no, I’m not nervous… I’m just not everyone’s cup of tea”

“don’t worry Tsukki. Yaku and Lev are really easy to get along with and they don’t judge people straight away”

Kuroo stood and made his way over to the kitchen to stir the food in the wok.

There was a knock at the door and the alpha placed the lid back on the wok before he answered

“Yo guys! Welcome to my humble abode”

The alpha opened the door full and held his arm out

Yaku steps through the door first pulling off his thick red scarf followed closely behind by a shivering Lev

“thanks for having us”

“sure, sure, sure no problem… so Yaku I see your still trying to figure out a way to become taller?”

“ha… ha… ha. Still being an arsehole?”

“yeah he is!”

Tsukki calls from the living room and Yaku smiles as he looks over to him. The mates remove their coats and shoes before walking in to the living room, they great Tsukki and Yaku was the one to introduce himself and Lev before they sat down on the sofa. Tsukki sat himself on the arm chair and Kuroo began to dish up the dinner.

Kuroo gestured for the three to sit themselves around the Kotatsu as dinner was ready to serve. Once the three had positioned themselves Kuroo placed everyone’s portions in front of them and they all thanked him for the food, the alpha bowed and sat himself between Lev and Tsukki.

The three-started eating and it was silent to begin with minus the fact the radio was still on quietly in the background

“so, Tsukki”


“right…you guys are fated mates right?! That’s so cool!”

Lev spoke with a smile

“that was a bit personal Lev, you can’t just randomly spring that up”

Yaku frowned at his mate

“hahaha its fine guys we don’t mind talking about, right Tsukki?”

Tsukki looked up after he finished slurping his noodles and nodded towards the mates

“seeeee Mori! They don’t care!”

“I hope you know that now you have told him you don’t mind the idiot will probably ask a lot of questions”

Yaku spoke towards Tsukki and in reply the taller nodded towards the older

“so, what was it like when Kuroo first touched you?”


Yaku punched his mate in the arm and Kuroo chocked on his noodles

“what? Not like that! I mean when he first touched you like skin on skin…”

The three-looked relieved

“like was there a spark?”

Lev continued

“well, actually the first time Kuroo touched me it made me feel sick and then I was rushed to hospital”

Tsukki slurped on his noodles as Kuroo nervously smiled. Yaku and Lev sat there for a moment before the omega started to laugh

“nice joke! I mean Kuroo turns most of our stomachs”

Yaku nudged Kuroo playfully

“joke? I wasn’t joking”

Tsukki looked at Yaku with a blank expression.


The omega continued

“there was certainly chemistry”


Yaku spoke excited

“yeah, like the kind you get when you mix nitric acid with hydrazine and get the chemical imbalance that causes an explosion…”

Tsukki explained

“hmmm, did you just explain our shit storm experience using science?... that’s so hot”

Kuroo bit his lip towards his mate and Tsukki glared at him

Yaku felt awkward in that moment of silence between the two mates and decided that the best way to cut the air was to change the subject

“so, Kuroo… gonna come back to school any time soon?”

Yaku asked in a stern manner

“I do go… I’ve just been busy…”

“you know if Kenma can get the energy to get up in the mornings AND do practice I’m sure you could at least show up… you are our captain after all”

“ahhhh come on that’s not fair, I show up to all the volleyball practices”

“that’s not good enough though… you need to set an example”



The two turned back to look at Tsukki and Lev who were holding back laughter behind their hands, Kuroo and Yaku burst in to laughter and tried to eat their dinners.

Two hours went by and Kuroo had also served them home made ice cream with wafer which they all enjoyed. The radio got switched off half way throw their meal due to playing really bad music, and Lev had knocked the vase off the side finally breaking it, not that it was much of a big deal in the first place. Tsukki spoke about life in Miyagi and how quiet it is compared to Tokyo and both the mates agreed to come visit on a holiday some time. Kuroo had cracked many short jokes towards the libero and just about got away with it with a glare from Yaku, although when Lev joined in on the small jokes he got more then a glare; a few jabs to the ribs and a kick to the back when he got up to use the toilet. Although Lev was used to his omega jabbing him, it still hurt but he would laugh it off anyway with the thought of ‘love hurts’. Lev is such a sucker for Yaku and it shows loud and clear to everyone around, everyone other then Yaku but Yaku knows how much Lev loves him and he likes to believe that Lev knows how much Yaku adores him back.

The four of them continued chatting with each other, mainly taking the piss out of Lev, Yaku being so done with the short jokes, Tsukki sassing Kuroo and Kuroo excepting it. Laughter filled the room until Tsukki yawned

“sorry, that was rude of me”

He spoke with his hand over his mouth

“no, no, no, its fine. Its gotten pretty late so we should probably be heading off now anyway”

“I’ll see you out”

Kuroo stood and walked the mates to the door. They put their coats and shoes on

“it was nice meeting you”  

Yaku called over to Tsukki before leaving

“you too!”

And with that the door shut behind them

Yaku blew on his hands for warmth and Lev grabbed his hand and smiled at him, the omega blushed but accepted the offer. The two made their way back to Lev’s house. Lev lived with his sister and himself, due to work becoming available in Russia his parents moved back but the siblings insisted on staying in Tokyo, especially now that they’re in education, made friends and have career plans. His parents were reluctant at first but agreed to it as long as they face timed every night and kept them updated on everything new.

Once they got back to the alphas they took their shoes and coats off and saw a note on the fridge from Lev’s sister saying that she’s going to be staying at a friend’s house tonight, Yaku smirked to himself and Lev crashed on the couch

“man, I am so full I don’t think I can move”

The alpha sighed

“really? You can’t move?... like at all?”

The omega pondered for a while before trotting off to the alphas bedroom. He rummaged through the wardrobe and pulled out some short black leather booty pants and smiled. The omega stripped down completely before putting the very revealing bit of clothing on, as he looked down he noticed that he had light brown bruises placed in random parts of his inner upper thigh and that if they were any lower then people would have noticed them while he was wearing his volleyball kit

~ dammit Lev ~

He cursed internally but smirked as he remembered that the night they first appeared on his skin was a very rough and anti-vanilla night. He walked back out in to the hallway and saw that his mate was holding a tablet face timing his mum as he was laying on his back, he was speaking in Japanese but some words were Russian, so the conversation he was having wasn’t make much sense to Yaku but he had been learning some Russian for the day he gets to meet Lev’s family so he just barely caught a few words that were shared. The omega stepped through the door way and in to the living room where Lev was laying, the alpha glanced over at Yaku briefly then back to the tablet, within a second his eyes widened, and he looked back over at the omega with his mouth wide open, Yaku winked at him and lifted his right leg up by his foot and leaned over to the left. If there was one thing that sent the alpha crazy it was how flexible the libero is. His mum called for his attention and Lev sat up quickly

“sorry mum, I need to go something popped up”

The alpha turned the tablet off and chucked it to the other end of the sofa, Yaku took a slow walk over to his mate

“was the thing that popped up…”

Yaku diverted his eyes to the bulge that had grown in the alphas trousers and bit his lip. Lev nodded eagerly before picking his mate up, he wrapped his legs around the alphas waist and began to violently attack his lips with his own. Lev slowly walked to the bedroom, not putting his mate down and making sure their lips didn’t lose contact. When he opened the door, he threw Yaku on to the bed in a rough manner, the omega sat up and bit his lip

“otshlepay menya”

Yaku whispered as he rolled on to his stomach. Lev growled before he processed what his mate just asked him to do

~ did… did Mori just ask me to spank him in Russian? ~

The sound of his mate speaking Russian was another thing that sent Lev wild, almost to the point of no return, and Yaku wasn’t one for normal sex, he’s a bit of a masochist and Lev loved that about him. He walked over to the bed and sat on the edge, he picked Yaku up like a ragdoll and placed him so that he was laying over his lap.

“how many times?”

The alpha asked

“tri. Myagkaya, sreda, tverdaya”

Yaku teased

Translated that meant three, soft, medium, hard. Lev had to gain composure before his alpha took over him and he wouldn’t be able to hold back. He placed his hand over Yaku’s arse and began rubbing over the leather he was wearing. The omega shivered from the touch and anticipation

The alpha raised his hand and slapped the omegas small arse, Yaku raised his head slightly whilst biting his lip as he felt the sting spread across his whole arse cheek. Again, Lev raised his hand and with a slightly harder force slapped the same arse cheek causing the omega to tense up and his eyes to water, he took a deep breath in to prepare for the last one, the hard one. Lev raised his arm even higher and with a quick whipping motion slapped the same place he had before. Yaku’s whole body arched a he groaned from the pain, it was times like that, that the omega remembered his mate is a spiker.

“Mori, the sound of your moans drives me crazy”

Lev moved Yaku from his lap and on to the bed

“then make me moan louder”

The omega said as tears fell from his eyes, Lev leaned over to him and wiped the tears with his thumb and smiled at his mate

“are you sure you want that?”

The alpha asked slightly concerned


The omega replied with yes in Russian and Lev lent forward and growled at his mate letting out pheromones causing the omega to sink in on himself slightly. The young alpha would often slip and let out intimidating pheromones rather then playful ones, but even though this scared Yaku it also got him excited. The omega shivered and grabbed on to Lev’s top letting the alpha know he was letting to much out and the alpha retreated slightly

“are you okay?”

“ye… yeah, now let me please you”

Yaku offered and within about 10 seconds Lev was completely naked. His mate excited him that much that he couldn’t hold back 70% of the time. Lev’s manhood was standing tall and the size of it matched the size of the owner. The omega gulped at the size, even though its not their first time every time Yaku struggles to take the whole thing and more often then not Lev can only put just over half inside the smaller.

The omega crawls to the edge of the bed to where his alpha was standing and sits on his feet opposite his mates manhood, his small hand wrapped around the base and he placed his lips around the tip slowly easing more and more of the alphas cock down his throat. Once he got to his limit and his eyes began to water he bobbed his head up and down, slurping, sucking and moving his tongue in quick flicks around the large intrusion in his mouth and throat. Lev grabbed hand full of Yaku’s hair as he throat fucked his mate. He groaned as he could feel himself getting close


The alpha breathed out, Yaku pulled himself away and laid himself on his back. Lev knelt at the side of the bed and grabbed his mates legs pulling him to the edge and placing them on either side of his shoulders. The alpha ran small kisses down the omegas inner thighs causing him to moan in excitement. Lev began to leave little bite marks just underneath the booty shorts, this sent Yaku crazy

“L… Lev… please”

The omega mumbled as he removed the leather pants

The alpha growled and opened the top draw grabbing the lube and condoms, he rips the silver foil with his teeth and rolls the condom on, he then forcefully flips his mate over and raised his hip to present himself. Lev still standing at the edge of the bed pours lube on to his hands and spreads his mates arse cheeks to pour some on top of his cute small circle of muscle. Yaku jumped from the coldness and begged his alpha to hurry up. Lev placed the lube on the side and forcefully shoved two fingers into Yaku without warning, the omega moaned from the pain and begged for more and as requesting the alpha forced a third finger in. Yaku cried out from the pain but it was the pain that was making him crave for more then just his mates fingers.

“Mori, I’m gonna put it in okay?”

“just do it”

The omega replied more eagerly then he wanted to sound and with that Lev placed his well-hung member at the smaller entrance pushing in slightly. The omega tensed at first but grew used to the intrusion and relaxed. Lev noticing the tensing relieving he thrusts himself further inside his mate. Yaku’s arms became weak from holding himself up and his upper half drops, he was now in the position of his waist up whilst resting on his torso with his head resting on the mattress facing the end of the bed. His mate starts to thrust in and out of him, his eyes became droopy as the ecstasy took over his whole body and the omega within him started to take over.

Yaku knew speaking Russian got his mate excited and turned him in to an animal but he never attempted speaking it during the thrusting process, he had been thinking about giving it a go for a while now and so he decided tonight was going to be the night.

~ how do I say harder in Russian again? ~

As the older felt himself getting close to his climax he turned his head as much as he could to face the alpha


The alpha was biting his lip and frowning as the feel of his mate around his manhood was intoxicating him. He answered the omega with a hum as a drip of sweat trickled down his bare chest.


~ I think that was right ~

The omega thought to himself. Lev’s eyes widened, he positioned himself thrusting fully in to his mate and repeatedly slams himself deep and hard into the omega

Yaku tensed up as his widened and tears streamed down his cheeks. He yelped and threw himself forward, Lev’s stepped back panicked

“what’s wrong? Are you okay?”

Lev crawled over the bed and up to his mate placing a hand on his wet cheek, the omega gasped slightly before looking up at his mate

“th… that. Don’t get me wrong, that was all great b… but I think that was a little too rough, even for me”

“oh my god Mori, I am so sorry!”

“no, no, no, its fine… just errr. Maybe we need a safe word?”

“a safe word?”

The alpha questioned as he sat himself at the side of his mate

“yeah, you know. Like if I think I can’t handle something or if it hurts in a way I don’t enjoy it I say the safe word and you stop”

“oh, I see. So, what could the safe word be?”

The alpha asks and Yaku sat in thought for a couple minutes

“oh, I know!”

The alpha sat up excited


Yaku questioned


Lev expressed happily

“what the hell is kot?”

“it’s cat in Russian!”

“in Russian…”


The alpha looked at his mate with a smug look. Yaku looked at his mate unamused

“yeeeeeah… no. let’s not use that. How about Neko?”

The omega offered, and Lev nodded

“okay great, where was we?”

The omega smirked before climbing on top of the alpha with his back towards him, he positioned the alphas member at his hole and lowered himself down to the point of taking in as much as he could, once that was done he started bouncing up and down. Lev’s head rolled back as he moaned, and he held on to the omegas hips so that he could keep his balance and not strain himself.

“d… do that thi… thing I like… nnghh”

Yaku begged

Lev sat himself up some more and pulled Yaku closer to him so that his back was fully against his chest, the omega let his head full back so that it was resting on the alphas shoulder. Lev reached one arm around and grabbed a hold of the omegas seeping manhood and the other hand he wrapped around the omegas neck an applied pressure, Yaku gasped for breath and in pleasure whilst his alpha gripped tighter around his throat. He began to move his hand that’s wrapped around his manhood in a quick up and down motion


Yaku gasped for breath, a single tear rolled down his check and over the alphas wrist. Lev began to lose his mind, letting off enticing pheromones as he left bite marks across Yaku’s shoulders

“uhhh… ga… ah… N… Neko!”

The omega cried out and Lev stopped instantly, he pulled out and laid his omega to the side of him, cupping the side of his face and running his thumb over his cheek bone

“M… Mori? a… are you okay?”

The alpha asked worried

Yaku began to giggle behind a clenched fist and Lev tilted his head to the side in confusion

“wh… what’s so funny?”

“I’m… I’m just so happy Lev, man you actually stopped when I shouted Neko”

“well of course I did! It’s the safe word…”

The alpha was still looking at his mate confused

“I was just testing the safe word… I wanted to see if you really would stop…”

Lev sat up, pulled Yaku on to his lap and pulled his head close to his chest

“of course, I stopped Mori. I want us both to enjoy these moments and there’s no point in doing it if you’re not. I would hate to think you weren’t enjoying yourself. I love you so much and a cherish your body, if at any point you don’t feel right I will do everything in my power to sort it. You mean everything to me”

Yaku’s eyes began to water and Lev felt his chest become wet


The older quickly wiped his tears away and looked up at his alpha with a smile. He then knelt in front of him placing a small gentle kiss upon his lips

“can… can we make love?”

The omega blushes and looks down, Lev smiled at him

“of course, we can”

Yaku laid on his back and Lev positioned himself between his legs and slowly pushed himself inside, Yaku grabbed the sheets beneath him and moaned with pleasure as his mate slowly thrust in and out of him. Beautiful quiet moans were shared between them along with soft passionate kisses, Yaku felt the alphas knot form and braced himself for the stretch. Just as it happened he came over his stomach and Lev dropped his head in to the crook of the omegas neck. Not many words were shared between them as their bodies were connected through a greater connection. Once Lev’s knot went down he rolled to the side and brought Yaku with him, having him lay on his chest he kisses his forehead

“I love you Mori”

“I love you too Lev”

Chapter Text

“Bokuto-San… Bokuto-San… Bokuto-San… Bo… Ku… to-San.”

The omega sighed as the attempt to wake his mate up was failing. He knelt on the bed and started shaking the alpha


With still no luck it caused for drastic measures. Akaashi pulled the duvet clean off his mate and threw it to the floor, revealing that he had in fact slept naked that night, the alpha snorted and rolled over. Akaashi sighed before grabbing his pillows from beneath him and hit him over the head repeatedly

“Bokuto! You need to get up!”

The alpha groaned before waking up

“what time is it?”

Bokuto mumbled to his mate

“its… ah, I’m really going to need to get a new watch. The crack in the screen from when you broke-“

Akaashi glared at the alpha as he had fallen back to sleep


Akaashi grabbed the pillows and began hitting him over the head again, the alpha sat up quickly and looked around the room

“what happened!?”

“Bokuto-San… you need to get up, we will be last otherwise”

The alpha held out his hand to grab Akaashi’s, the omega sighed before placing his hand on Bokuto’s. The alpha smirked before yanking his mate on to the bed and pulling him in to a tight embrace, Akaashi would sigh at this point but his mate was squeezing him so tight that he couldn’t mumble loud enough. Once he finally pulled his head out of the alphas chest he glared at him

“now if you wouldn’t mind…”

The omega raised his eyebrows and Bokuto whined before rolling over and sitting on the edge of the bed. Akaashi stood up and brushed himself down and straightened his clothes out.



“I have a text from Kuroo”

“what does it say?”

“thanks bro”

“what for?”

“I dunno”

The alpha places his phone back on the side

“are you not going to reply to him?”



The omega stopped himself from questioning him, god knows what goes on in that owl’s head. Akaashi looked at his watch and sighed

“were meeting my parents in an hour, you need to hurry up Bokuto-San”

“hey, hey, hey Akaaaaaaashi. I will be ready, okay?”


The omega sat on the edge of the bed crossing one leg over the other and folding his arms, Bokuto stood raising both his arms and grabbing his left elbow with his right hand whilst making a weird screeching noise as he stretched, Akaashi turned away from him and smirked in secret. Bokuto made his way out of the bedroom and in to the shower, once he was done he walked back in to the bedroom with nothing but a towel around his waist for decency, his wet flat hair swooping across his forehead and water still dripping down his chest, one drip in particular caught Akaashi’s attention as he watched it slide all the way from the alphas neck, down his chest, over his ripped stomach and disappearing in to the towel. The omega sat mesmerized biting his lip until Bokuto coughed to get his attention. As he snapped back in to reality he cleared his throat and stood making his way to the window, looking out at the distance he sighed to gain composure before turning to look at his now fully naked alpha

~ dammit, why does he have to be all wet and have flat hair uggghhhh ~

Bokuto looked at the omega confused as he grabbed himself a pair of boxers from the draws and placed them on

“everything alright?”

“ye… yeah fine, just get dressed”

The omega turned back to the window.

Bokuto had finally got himself dressed and gelled his hair up, the mates said their goodbyes to the alphas dad before leaving.

They made their way to a large park that was covered in greenery, flowers and a lake in the middle. There was no children and the park were rather quiet to say that its in the middle of a city, you could only tell if you looked up and over the trees you could see the tall city like buildings. As the mates made there was through the park they spotted Akaashi’s parents sat on a picnic blanket by the lake with the basket to the side and the food already spread.

“I still can’t get over how beautiful both your parents are, no wonder you came out all god like… such and angel”

The alpha wasn’t wrong. Akaashi’s mother is a female omega with flowing wavy black hair down to her waist that she kept back in a very neat pony tail with a wavy side fringe, her eyes are the same shape and size as Akaashi’s but a dark green, her smile is as big and beautiful as Hinata’s and it was constantly on show, there’s never been a time where she hasn’t had a smile on her face. She wasn’t tall nor short and she was always dressed smart as she worked in business for financial matters to keep local restaurants open. His dad is a female alpha who was also stunning, she had short brown hair that was styled like Akaashi’s but with a bit more length, her eyes again are similar to her sons and the same colour, she has a small smile, but it was always cheeky as her eyes would shut almost every time she grinned towards you. She was fairly tall for a female, but it suited her look which was also smart majority of the time. She would mostly wear a female suit due to herself ran business as a restaurant owner, the restaurant being so popular it has a michelin star and needs to constantly keep up its standards.

The mates made their way over to them, Akaashi’s mum turned around spotting them and beamed a massive smile as she waved them over, the omegas dad turned and smiled towards the mates.

“hey mum, hey dad”

“hello baby boy!! Your beautiful as ever!”

The omega woman wrapped her arms around her son, he stumbled backwards slightly before steading himself and hugging her back.

“hello baby”

The omegas dad wrapped her arms tightly around the setter. The parents turned to Bokuto

“Koutarou! I’m glad you could make it”

The omegas mum greeted

“good morning Akaashi Fuijko”

The alpha bowed towards the older

“yes, it’s always a pleasure Koutarou”

The female alpha greeted

“good morning Akaashi Hana, the pleasure is mine”

The captain bowed towards his mates dad.

They invited the mates to take a seat and help themselves to whatever they wanted to eat or drink.

Akaashi loved to spend time with his parents as he never gets to see them much these days due to always having course work, volleyball practice or spending time with his mate. Days like these he could really appreciate because he had the three people he loved the most in one spot having a nice time and getting along. His parents adored Bokuto and both agreed that he’s a good mate for their son and know that he will always be there for him, they could tell this by the way the alpha looked at him, it’s the same way the two females look at each other.

“so, Keiji. How is your education going?”

Hana asked her son

“it’s good, I’m mostly in top classes and I even help Bokuto-San with his course work”

“Bokuto-San? Keiji, why don’t you just call your mate Koutarou?”

The omega blushes towards his dad and looks down

“oh, erm… I don’t think that’s appropriate… we haven’t been courting for even a year yet”

The omega mumbles before glancing over to his mate who was stuffing his face with a rice ball and laughing along with his mum about god knows what. His dad looks at him and smiles as she notices a small grin appear in the corner of his lips

“I understand, you know your mum didn’t call me Hana until we were married”

“really? When do you think I will feel right calling him Koutarou?”

“well, when you become a Bokuto.”

The omega raised his eye brows and looked at his dad in shock from her words

“wha… dad!”


“oya? What’s so funny?”

Bokuto leaned towards his mate and Hana. Fuijko looked over and raised her eyebrows as she tried to chew the massive amount of rice she just shoved in to her mouth

“oh, its nothing. Keiji was just telling me a funny story”

The she alpha winked at her son and Akaashi sighed tilting his head to the side

“you know… I’ve always wondered. Did you two meet through work?”

Bokuto asked the parents intrigued. Hana laughed slightly

“well, sort of.”

“sort of?”

The alpha tilted his head

“actually, Hana was a family friend that I had a crush on since I was 9 years old!”

“9?! Mum!”

Akaashi expressed shocked 

“wait… mum you was 9? Dad would have been 15!”

The omega turned shocked to his dad

“you didn’t!”

“of course, I didn’t Keiji! What do you take me for?! Your mum didn’t express her feelings for me until she was 18! Lucky for her though, I fell in love with her when she was 16…”

“still didn’t accept me though!”

The female omega pouted and Akaashi frowned at her and then looked at his dad

“you didn’t accept?!”

“I… er”

“no, she didn’t accept! She said I was to young to know what love is”

“you were too young”

The she alpha pointed out

“I was 18! And you fell in love with me 2 years prior to my confession…”

“so, then what happened?”

Bokuto butted in whilst eating a sandwich and staring intently

“Hana… disappeared”

“disappeared?! Dad? Where did you go?”

The she alpha looked down

“I moved away…”

“you left mum… after she confessed her feelings to you?”

The omega looked at his dad sadly

“no, it wasn’t like that”


Akaashi pushed the subject

“your mother’s family told me that if I ever confessed my feeling to their daughter then they would make sure to arrange a marriage for her and move her far away, so instead I moved away because I didn’t want her to be forced in to something like that and seeing her everyday broke my heart more and more”

“but! When I finished Uni at 21 years old I moved in to the same area… I didn’t know of course that Hana was in the area I moved. But she ended up calling our company wanting to transfer finance instructors because hers were useless. I was the one who answered the call and I couldn’t even speak… she kept saying hello? Hello? Hellooooo? Hahaha, when I finally spoke she was the one that was silent. All I said was hello, and then she hung up without saying anything… I was sad, but it had been 3 years since I last saw her, so I just assumed I was acting childish by getting sad about it. When I left the building to go home it was raining and I stood under the shelter of the building waiting for the rain to die down, until this stranger placed an umbrella over my head. When I looked up it was your dad… smiling at me… she said”

“I love you”

The she alpha interrupted and the three turned to look at her. She had a smile on her face and love in her eyes as she gazed upon her wife

“and then you started courting… how sweet.”

Akaashi mumbled

“actually no”

His mum answered


“no. I played hard to get and made your dad work for my hand in courtship”

The female omega laughed, and Hana sighed

“its true! 9 months until your mum agreed to court me”

The she alpha laughed through her nose

“Akaaaaaaashi! You said I took long enough to ask! Your parents took waaaaaaay longer”

The alpha pouted at his mate and Akaashi looked at the alpha plain faced

When Akaashi was a first year at Fukurodani his aim was to join the basketball club, he arrived at the gym to apply but the volleyball team were practicing and that’s when he saw him. The streaky haired owl boy in mid jump spiking a ball over the net and slamming it down on the other side, the omegas eyes widened to the sight of the alpha, his heart began to race, his body began to shiver, and his mouth was agape. That’s when he knew that that alpha was the one for him. When Bokuto turned to see the stanger by the gymnasium doors butterflies circled around his stomach and he was awe struck. There could have been better ways to approach the newbie and shouting hoot at him wasn’t the right way to go about it, or was it? The omega blushed before he asked about applying for the volleyball team, the words ‘volleyball team’ just slipped out but it felt right. The two spent a lot of time together and the whole team new that Bokuto was absolutely besotted with the omega but was too scared to confess, because why would a beautiful omega… the angel of all omegas want a crazy over the top owl of an alpha for a court mate? Well because it was love at first sight for not just the alpha, but for the omega too.

When Akaashi became a 2nd year he said to himself over and over again that Bokuto didn’t even see him that way and to just get over it, if he liked him then he would have asked by now because there was no way in hell that the alpha was a shy person. Kuroo was the one to give the alpha oomph and made him go shopping for a courting gift for the setter. Akaashi couldn’t be more thankful to the Nekoma captain because finally! He was with the alpha he wanted to be with, it felt like it took him forever to ask and he doubted himself of being a good enough omega for the ace. So yeah, he moaned at Bokuto for taking his sweet arse time.

Bokuto looked at Akaashi as he was deep in thought and nudged him slightly to bring him back to earth, the omega blinked quickly before looking at his mate and humming

“are you okay?”

“oh, yeah I’m fine”

“you seem lost in thought”

Fuijko commented, looking at her son with a frown. The omega shook his head and raised his hand with a smile. Bokuto, Fuijko and Hana all looked at him with their jaws hitting the floor. The beautiful smile Akaashi has is enough to strike anyone.

“I know! Let’s tell stories on what Keiji was like as a small pup!”

Hana smiled

“no dad. Don’t.”

“ahhhh that’s a great idea!”

Fuijko beamed with a massive smile plastered across her face. Akaashi sighed and pinched his nose

“what was Akaashi like as a pup?”

Bokuto mumbled through some rice

“well!! He was sooooo cute! He was a chubby little baby and people were forever pinching his cheeks!”


“and he was always so quiet, we thought that he might have been a mute at one point. But then he broke his doll-“

“it was an action man”

The omega interrupted

“right, right, right. His ‘action man’ and he screamed for 20 minutes straight! He wouldn’t stop until I promised him a new one that day”

“she called me whilst I was at work with Keiji screaming in the background saying it was an emergency, and so obviously I was worried… that was until she told me he had broken his doll-“

“action man.”

Akaashi corrected his dad

“yeah… so after work I had to go and buy him a new Barbie”

“it was Ken!”

The omega blurted out and his parents began to laugh at their son. Akaashi pouted towards them

“okay, can we stop with the stories now?”

The setter pleaded

“awwhhh but Keiji!”

“no buts. I’m sure Bokuto-San doesn’t want to hear about it”

“oh no I do.”

Bokuto smiled at his mate, Akaashi glared at him

“no, you don’t”

He mumbled, and the alpha raised his eyebrows

“ahhh, okay, okay. Next time you come over Koutarou we will show you the baby albums”

The omegas mum smiled at the alpha. Akaashi sighed in defeat and picked up a rice ball.

The four of them continued with their picnic and it really was a perfect family scene. There was chatting, laughter, food being thrown, and drinks being spilt. Akaashi enjoyed the time he got to spend with his parents and vice versa, Bokuto always loved being with Akaashi and his parents because he got to see his mates smile more and the laughter that escaped along with it, which always made him secretly blush.

Once the picnic was over the two olders packed the paper plates and plastic cutlery away in the basket and folded the blanket up. Akaashi approached his parents with a smile

“do you need our help with taking the stuff home?”

“oh no Keiji that’s fine! You go off and have fun with your mate”

The she alpha smiled over to Bokuto and the alpha stood and waved

“are you sure?”


“okay, well thank you for the meal, I will be staying at Bokuto-San’s again tonight, but I will be home in the morning”

The omega bowed to his parents and they smiled at him. They all said their goodbye’s and parted ways.

Bokuto had always wanted to play mini golf with Akaashi ever since they opened the new crazy golf course 15 minutes around the corner from where he lives. The omega was reluctant to play as he’s never played golf in his life, but the look on his mates face, the glimmering eyes and the massive smile stretched across his face persuaded him to go anyway. As the mates got to the said destination they paid for one round and were handed a club each and a ball to share. The alpha raised the club in the air and then placed it on his shoulder whilst grinning at the omega

“ready to get whooped?”

The alpha smirked, Akaashi narrowed his eyes towards his mate before clucking his tongue

“we shall see…”

The golf course had 20 mini courses, the first 5 were meant to be easy but that was proven otherwise to the alpha. The further courses were meant to get gradually harder and that was what Akaashi was dreading, he wasn’t really in the mode to deal with Bokuto’s ‘emo stage’ but at the same time he was finding it funny every time the alpha missed, as he did get threatened to get whooped and yet it turns out the omega is really good at mini golf.

They made their way to the 9th section and it consisted of a mini windmill and 2 ramps, Bokuto sighed in defeat before even placing the ball down and Akaashi walks up to him, taking the ball out of his hands, smirking at the alpha, placing it down, raising the club and potting it on his first try. He turned to his mate and shrugged his shoulders with a sarcastic smile. The alpha huffed at his mate and grabbed the ball and placed it on the X. 13 attempts later and Bokuto had finally potted the ball, Akaashi was giggling behind his fist with his eyes closed, Bokuto looked at his omega and frowned. As they got to the last section Bokuto had dropped to his knees in defeat

“so, Bokuto-San… you were the one that got whooped”


 The alpha sulked

Once Bokuto got back on his feet he grabbed the club from Akaashi and took them back to the counter along with the ball he almost lost after hitting it so hard on the last course. The next thing to do on Bokuto’s short list was to go and have some fun on the paddle boats, although Akaashi refused to get in the same paddle boat as Bokuto because there was no way in hell he would trust him not to sink them. Akaashi climbed in to his own one which was in the shape of a swan and Bokuto stepped in to his own one that was in the shape of a duck. The mates were given 3 slices of bread each and then they were both pushed out in to the middle of the lake and were left to go off and do their own thing for half an hour. They found and area that no other boat was in and stopped to feed the ducks and fish

“how romantic is this Akaashi?!”

“it is rather cute, thank you Bokuto-San”

“what for?”

“for taking me out”

“hey hey hey! Its my pleasure!”

The mates continued to throw bread out until something shiny in the distance caught Bokuto’s attention

“bwahhhh!!! What is that?!”

The alpha pointing ahead of him, Akaashi frowned at his mate then looked forward at the thing that was sparkling

“Bokuto-San… that’s just-“

“let’s check it out!”

The alpha interrupted and began to peddle fast. Water was kicking up from the back of the boat he was on and he was causing that part of the lake to become very wavy, Akaashi had begged his mate to stop paddling so fast as it was rocking his boat, but the alpha didn’t listen, instead he tried going faster until he realised that his boat wasn’t actually going forward, instead it was going in circles where he was paddling so fast. Akaashi was looking at his mate in horror

~ what the hell is he doing? ~

“Akaashi!! Its not moving! Why isn’t it moving, I can’t seem to get closer to the shiny thing!”

The omega looked at his mate before he covered his mouth quickly, Bokuto stopped paddling and looked at his mate worried

“Akaashi? Are you okay?!”

The omega kept his hand over his mouth and waved at the omega in a ‘don’t mind me’ manner. Akaashi’s eyes began to water and his shoulders began to shake

“Akaashi?! You’re really starting to worry me”

The alpha slowly paddled his boat over to where his mate was.

Akaashi burst in to laughter, tears rolling down his cheeks and he leant himself forward. The sound of the omegas laughter was as soothing as the sound of pouring down rain whilst sat in the warmth drinking hot chocolate and being wrapped in a blanket. Bokuto smiled at his mate and waited patiently until he had finished laughing, times like these made the alpha feel warm inside, like his mate was so pure that it hurt but hurt in a good way. Once the omega had stopped laughing he wiped away a tear with his index finger and took a deep breath

“oh, I erm… sorry”

“no, no. don’t apologise for laughing… but what was so funny?”

“it… it was the way… the way you… pffft”

The omega covered his mouth and chuckled lightly

“I’m sorry Bokuto-San… you just looked like a complete idiot”

The omega laughed some more but this time through his nose as he tried to control it. The alpha looked at his mate with his famous shocked face


The omega added

“that shiny thing you got excited about…”


“was the sun reflecting off the water!”

The omega burst in to laughter again and the alpha blushed in embarrassment whilst sinking his head in to his chest.

Once Akaashi gained composure the mates made their way back to the dock and thanked the man for letting them use the boats and left.

They walked around for a little while looking in shops and stopping off for coffee, at one-point Akaashi lost Bokuto in the crowds of people but soon found him because the alpha wasn’t quiet about losing his mate and was shouting his name over everyone’s heads. Once they were reunited with each other Bokuto had a look in his eye, a look Akaashi was all to familiar with

“your thinking about annoying- I mean seeing Kuroo aren’t you?”


“don’t you think you should leave him alone for a bit?”


“well, because he has his mate over and they don’t get to see each other as often as they would like to, I’m pretty sure he goes back to Miyagi in few days so why don’t you go see Kuroo then?”


The alpha placed a finger on his chin in thought

“nahhh! Let’s go!”

Akaashi sighed before his alpha grabbed his hand and pulled him in a hurry through the crowd.

Bokuto made his way up the stairs to Kuroo’s apartment, he knocked once on the door


Kuroo shouted from inside

“waaahhh how did you know it was me?!”

“I can smell you, now go away I’m doing something”

“is that something Tsukki??”

The alpha chuckled


Bokuto slouched his shoulders and sunk his head as he turned and dragged his feet away. As he made his way down the stairs Akaashi was sat at the bottom looking at his nails

“told you, you should have left him alone”

The alpha pouted at his mate

“ahhh whatever I’m hungry anyway, shall we go get dinner?”

The alpha offered, Akaashi looked up at his mate

“go for dinner? Where?”

“how about we go to that restaurant you have been wanting to try out for a while?”

“really? But it’s quite expensive…”

The alpha retrieved his wallet from his back pocket and opened it to see how much money he had

“its fine, let’s go”

The alpha held his hand out to his mate, the omega smiled and grabbed his hand as he stood from the stairs.

The restaurant the omega had always wanted to go to was a wooden style building on the out skirts of the district, it stood quite tall with a pointed roof to one side and a balcony on the other, the wooden exterior ran from the drive way across the floor and to the entrance, the building was complimented with two fully bloom cherry blossoms on either side with tables for two situated underneath, five beautiful lanterns hung from under the balcony giving off a warm and welcoming vibe.

As the mates got to the restaurant Akaashi stopped and looked up at the beautiful building, the light from the lanterns reflecting off his eyes making them shimmer and the dark lit night with the cherry blossoms over him complimented his beautiful majestic aura, Bokuto smiled at his mate before gently grabbing his hand and getting the setters attention. Akaashi smiled at the alpha and they made their way in to the building where it was even more beautiful, if that was even possible.

The inside was spacious but cosy, there was a small log fire in the corner, the walls were painted with cherry blossom trees and that design spread throughout, the tables were all for two, so clearly it was a place to take your partner on a nice quiet date. The lamp shades were in the shape of a big bundle of black twigs and on each end of the twigs were small white light bulbs, so it gave off a dim lighting making it look even more calm and collective.

The mates were greeted by an older beta male who wore a traditional Yukata, he handed them both a menu each and guiding them to their seats, which ended up being to the side of the log fire

“we provide a starter dish, main course and a dessert. Whilst you look at the menu could I interest you in drinks?”

The waiter offered

“yeah! I’ll get a beer”

“I’m sorry Sir, I’m required to ask for you ID”

“oh, er… I seem to have left it at home”

The alpha began to sweat slightly

“then I’m afraid I won’t be able to serve you beer on this occasion. Is there anything else you would like?”

“er… I’ll get a coke please”

“absolutely, and for you Sir”

The waiter directed his attention to the omega

“I’ll have a glass of water please”

“certainly, I’ll be right back with your drinks”

The waiter bowed as he walked off

Akaashi looked at his alpha and couldn’t help but think he was the luckiest omega alive, he makes him feel relaxed and has proven that he can be himself around him no matter what, and of course he hoped that Bokuto felt the same way… but then again with the way Bokuto acts on a daily there’s no way that if he WAS putting on a front he would have chosen the crazy, dim witted, energic and almost irritating one. But the crazy, dim witted, energic and irritating side to Bokuto was part of him that Akaashi would never change, even if he seemed so done with the alpha 97% of the time.

The alpha was looking at the menu confused as hell, Akaashi looked at him and smiled slightly

“you have no idea what any of this stuff is, do you?”

“not a clue. I’ll just have what ever you decide to get”

The alpha smiled at his mate and the omega sighed

“well, if you paid attention at school you would be able to read the Kanji’s”

“Kanji is too hard!”

“well practice it…”

The omega glared at his mate. The waiter came over with their drinks and took their orders for all three sets so that he didn’t have to keep coming over and disturb them.

It was a quick service, they had only been waiting for 10 minutes and their starters were placed in front of them. They both had 3 bite size pieces of cordon bleu each. Bokuto’s eyes widened at the burst of cheese that happen in his mouth along with the magical juicy flavours of the meat. His eyes closed, and he smiled whilst he chewed. Akaashi frowned at the omega but shook his head and continued eating his. The omega wasn’t new to these foods as his dad would often cook these sorts of meals at home.

2nd on the table was their main course which was 5 bits of Yakitori, the alpha picked up one of the sticks with the chicken on it and his eyes widened

“it’s like a barbeque!!!”

“well, it is grilled the same way I guess…”  

The omega explained as he took a delicate bite from the top part of the chicken and wiped the corner of his lip with the serviette, all the while Bokuto started at the bottom and shoved all the chicken bits in his mouth in one go causing the sauce to splatter around his mouth and on his cheeks. Akaashi shook his head at the alpha but didn’t bother to say anything as he knows the owl doesn’t get to eat luxury food like this very often.

Once the boys had finished their main course the waiter came over to collect their plates and apologised as their desserts were going to take longer then planned. The mates didn’t mind because it gave them chance to actually talk to each other whilst they’re waiting.

“erm, Akaashi I bought you a present and I didn’t really know the best time to give it to you, but seeing as were not doing anything right this second-“

The alpha reached in to his coat pocket which was slung over the back of his chair and pulled out a black box that took up the whole of his palm

“what’s that?”

The omega asked

“it’s a present for you…”

The alpha blushed slightly as he passed Akaashi the box. The omega frowned at his mate but converted his eyes to the box and opened it revealing a beautiful watch that had two owls, a black and a white one in the face of it in the shape of a Ying Yang symbol, the strap was half black and half white. The omega looked up to his mate who was smiling

“Bokuto-San, this is… beautiful”

“that’s not all! Turn it over!”

The alpha grinned, Akaashi frowned at his mate but took the watch off the little white pillow it was wrapped around. He turned it over and on the back, it was engraved with ‘your owl I want’ the omega covered his mouth and looked up at his alpha through watery eyes

“Bo… Bokuto-San, this is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so so so much”

The omega removed his old watch with a crack in it and placed the new one on, Bokuto leaned over to tighten the strap and Akaashi leaned forwards kissing the alpha on the cheek

“thank you”

“it’s my pleasure, I owed you a new watch anyway”

The alpha smiled

“I also have a present for you”

The omega blushed and turned to his coat, when he turned back around he passed his mate a small card no bigger then his hand.

Akaashi had drawn him an ace of spades from a card pack but the spade had owl eyes and features followed by wings around the spade symbol, it was dark grey with a white background

“you drew this?! This is amazing Akaashi!”

“turn it over”

The omega smiled. Bokuto flipped the card over and on the back, it read ‘I’m hooting for you’ the alpha shot his head up and stared at the omega wide eyed

“you… you did an owl pun!”

“that’s right”

“ahhhhh Akaaaaaaaashi, you are deffo the one for me!”

The alpha beamed a massive smile and stood up to hug his mate, Akaashi squeezed his eye shut where he was getting squished against his alphas chest, but he smiled because he knew just how much that meant to the ace. When he sat back down the waiter came over with their desserts. They both had Dango’s drenched in a luxurious syrup.

Once they had finished their meals and Bokuto had paid the mates left.

“hey, did you notice that most of the thing we ate were on a stick?”

“oh yeah, I didn’t even think about that”

“I wonder if they used the sticks from the light shades”

The alpha sniggered

“oh man, you’re not even funny”

The omega grinned

“oh yeah? Then why are you smiling?”

“I’m not smiling”

Akaashi looked in the opposite direction.

Bokuto wrapped his arm around his mate and pulled him in close, he placed a gentle kiss on the omegas cheek and they made a slow walk home.

Chapter Text

Kuroo’s eyes flickered open as he lay in his cosy warm bed with fluffed up pillows and a crispy clean duvet, he stretched his arm out to retrieve his omega and bring him in close to him like he had done every morning since he had been there. He was dumbfounded as to where his mate would lay was now unoccupied, he sat up and rubbed the sleet from his eyes and tried to brush his hair back and out of his face, much to his fail it flipped back and laid across his eye.

Swinging his legs around and off the bed he reached for the alarm clock which read 8am, he yawned before chucking it back on the side and stood from his bed. The sound of the shower running caught the alphas attention and he made his way to the bathroom opening the door and revealing his naked omegas slender body under the hot fast flowing water, the alpha bit his lip as his eyes scanned rigorously over his pale skin as the soapy water ran all the way down his mates figure. The alpha let out a slight growl catching Tsukki’s attention, the omega looked over to his mate and glared at him

“you just gonna stand there?”

“well, I was planning on joining you”

The alpha winked

“well… what are you waiting for?”

Tsukki smirked at his mate and he perked up like a happy puppy, he stripped his boxers off chucking them behind him and climbed in behind the omega.

Kuroo wrapped his arms around his mates body and began running his hands over his wet soapy chest, Tsukki rolled his head back from the enjoyment of the alphas touch. The alpha rubbed up his chest and ran his fingers over his mates now hard nipples, he began to pinch at the little swollen nub and rub his face against the omegas neck smelling at his scent glands. Tsukki groaned from the contact, the captain now noticing his mates enjoyment by the way his chest was rising in a slow motion, he nibbles on his shoulder causing the omega to moan. He then slid his other hand that wasn’t busy pinching his nipple down to his waist, Tsukki raised his arms up and back to wrap around Kuroo’s neck as the alpha continued making small nibbles along his shoulder.

Tsukki’s scent alone was enough to send the alpha crazy as he ran his nose up and down the omegas neck. The alpha growled playfully at his mate making the omega weak, Tsukki shivered as Kuroo slid his hand further down gripping his rock-hard member

“K… Kuroo”

The omega breathed out as his mate began thrusting in an up and down motion around his manhood.

Both the mates fully wet and soapy connecting through just skin on skin contact alone. Tsukki rested his head back on Kuroo’s shoulder as the alpha ran small kisses up his neck causing him to become slightly wobbly on his feet. The alpha wrapped his arm around his mates waist to keep him stable and continued going to town on his manhood.

The omegas arms dropped down as he felt himself getting close, Kuroo felt his mates member begin to twitch. He placed his thumb over the tip of Tsukki’s seeping cock and bit his earlobe, the omega clenched his teeth and raised his head further back

“close, are we?”

The alpha teased and Tsukki looked his mate in the eyes as he nodded. Kuroo removed his thumb and began to stoke him in a quick motion, within seconds Tsukki let out his load covering the bathroom tiles in his thick hot cum. The water from the shower rinsed it away almost immediately, Tsukki sunk slightly and Kuroo grabbed him to make him stable. The heat from the shower and the foreplay caused Tsukki to go a bright red, Kuroo looked at his mate through loving eyes because to him, he is the perfect omega no matter what state he’s in.

Tsukki turned to look at Kuroo with a glare and the alpha smiled

“well, I must say this is one of the best showers I’ve ever had”

Kuroo blurted

“shouldn’t that be my line? You didn’t even put it in or cum…”

“yeah but its not like you would say anything like that, and plus I don’t need to put it in or cum, just as long as your satisfied so am I”

The alpha smiled

“hmmm, your right I really wouldn’t say something like that…”

The omega turned and grabbed the soap to re wash himself


The omega continued

“I will say that, maybe tonight… I’ll make you cum.”

Tsukki turned to smirk at the alpha and Kuroo gained a boner straight away with the thought of his mate making him cum, the hairs on his neck stood from the chill of excitement

“now get out the shower, I do actually want to wash…”

The omega said stern. Kuroo laughed and jumped out of the shower grabbing a towel on his way out of the bathroom. Tsukki smiled as his mate left and turned back to wash his hair.

Kuroo had already made plans for the day, he was going to make them a nice breakfast meal and then head out to a science museum. A place he knows him, and his mate can really enjoy together. Tsukki however doesn’t know the plan as he wanted to surprise his mate that he adores so much.

The alpha cracked four eggs in to the frying pan and left on a low heat whilst he began to chop some tomatoes and mushrooms, he threw some small hot dogs in to a saucepan full of water and placed them on the hob. He grabbed two glasses from the cupboard and grabbed the orange juice from the fridge filling both glasses to halfway and placing them on a tray, he then turned back to the hob and placed the eggs neatly on the plates he had also situated on the tray.

As Kuroo continued with making them breakfast he smiled to himself, the alpha just loved to have his mate stay at his and be able to cook him breakfast every morning after waking up to his peacefully sleeping face, although today being a different case he wasn’t going to complain about the outcome. The alpha shook his head from his thoughts when he realised he was grinning like an idiot and turned the radio on. He bobbed his head and slid from side to side as he continued cooking.

Tsukki came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist and one flopping over his head, he grinned slightly at Kuroo before making his way in to the bedroom to get dressed.

Once Kuroo had finished cooking everything he needed, he placed it neatly on the plates and smiled to himself knowing how much this is appreciated and how much he loves to do it. Tsukki made his way past Kuroo and sat at the kotatsu, the alpha turned to him

“breakfast is ready!”

The alpha half shouted and Tsukki smirked at him. As the alpha picked up the tray and made his way in to the living room Tsukki’s eyes widened as he was witnessing his alpha come hurtling towards him in slow motion, the tray slipping from his hands, his legs buckled, and he welcomed the floor with his face. The omega leaned over to the side slightly where the alpha was laying, and the food now spread across the floor.

“oh my god, Kuroo…”

The alpha looked up from the floor with watery eyes and a pout

“that’s such a waste…”

The omega continued

“oh! I’m fine by the way.”

Kuroo glared at his mate, Tsukki looked at the alpha and shrugged. They both burst in to laughter

“okay, well I guess we can’t eat this now… let’s just go out for breakfast, where do you wanna go?”

“hmmm, McDonalds?”

“Tsukki… you could have chosen anywhere, you choose McDonalds? Really?”

“well we don’t have a McDonalds back home and Lev was saying the other night that they do a good breakfast at McDonalds, so…”

“yeah, but Lev is… well Lev is Lev.”

“and I’m Tsukishima? I still want to go to McDonalds…”

“fine, fine, fine. We will go to McDonalds for breakfast. But we have to go now, they stop breakfast at 10am”

The alpha spoke as he stood, Tsukki nodded and got out from under the kotatsu.

They cleaned the mess and got ready to leave.

Once the two had their McDonalds breakfast and Tsukki complained about how salty it was and Kuroo making a sarcastic pun about the omegas personality they made their way to what Kuroo had planned for them both.

They jumped on a train to their destination and then it was a 5-minute walk from the station to the museum. Once they approached the old building Tsukki stopped and looked around, he grabbed his phone from his pocket and took a picture of the lake in front of the old building that had a fairly small tree on one side and small bushes on either. Kuroo smiled at his mate and took a mental note of how amazing he looked with the sun reflecting off his pale skin and short blonde hair. He grabbed the omegas hand and laced his fingers within the youngers pulling him out of his daze to the entrance. They bought their tickets and took a slow tour around the first part.

It was times like this Kuroo was over the moon that Tsukki had ask to come stay with him in Tokyo, it meant that he got to take him to all the places he knows he would love, spoil him like he had been wanting to for ages, hold him and just generally see his face and hear his voice on a daily basis. What he would give just to live that little bit closer to him.

Kuroo was once again lost in his thoughts about the omega that he didn’t even realise that said omega had been saying his name repeatedly for the past 5 minutes. The alpha snapped back in to realty and saw Tsukki staring plain faced towards him.

“I’m sorry Tsukki, what was you saying?”

“just that they gave a warning out saying this part of the building lifts, so you can get a view from the top…”


The alpha panicked whilst frantically looking around, Tsukki began to laugh

“I’m just kidding”

“wahh, no. that’s not even funny!”

Kuroo sulked before resting his forehead on his mates shoulder. Tsukki looked down at the alpha and ran his fingers through his hair with a small grin and a slight blush before he realised that they were in fact in public, he nudged his shoulder indicating for his alpha to stand up right. Kuroo grinned and grabbed the omegas arm pulling him to a specific bit. The space centre.

“oh wow, to think they thought that they could get in to space with that scrap metal”

The alpha gestured towards part of an old machine

“well, it was that bit of ‘scrap metal’ that made them realise it wasn’t going to work, so they built better things. It’s amazing really…”

The omega looked at the monument with a shimmer in his eye

“no, you know what is amazing”

The alpha smiled and Tsukki looked at him in question

“… what?”

“that if I had a star for every time you brightened my day, I would be holding a galaxy”


The omega looked at the alpha in disgust

“hahaha, your just jealous because I can think of all these cheesy lines and you can’t”

“oh really?”

The omega smirked

“yeah, really!”

The mates continued to walk around the museum

“you’re like an exothermic reaction. You spread your hotness everywhere”

The omega grinned and walked off all smug, Kuroo laughed and did a small jog to catch up with his mate

“okay, okay that was good, and I really didn’t expect anything like that to leave those amazing lips of yours, but I can do better!”

The alpha stopped, Tsukki turned and frowned at him

“oh really?”

“yeah, really!”

The alpha continued to walk

“well go on then big guy, show me what you got”

“okay, you must have 11 protons because your sodium fine!”

The alpha winked

“you’re basically calling me salty.”

The omega glared and Kuroo’s jaw dropped

“what? No! man you took it the wrong way”

The alpha pleaded as he waved his hands in surrender

“okay! I’ve got it!”

“oh, I really don’t think you do!”

“I do! Check this!”

The alpha jumped in front of Tsukki to stop him from walking

“I’m good at math”

The alpha continued

“U plus I = 69”

The alpha winked feeling he had achieved the most sleakest line possible. Tsukki smirked at him

“wait, that would mean that I = 59 because U sure are a 10”

The omega winked back, Kuroo stepped back in shock and you could see his mind going a million miles an hour. The alpha raised his finger

“no. U + I = 145 as the atomic number for uranium is 92 and the atomic number for I is 53 cause we got chemistry.”

Kuroo smirked at the now shocked omega


Tsukki nodded

“do I win?”

The alpha grinned

“we shall see who’s winning later”

The blonde smirked as he continued to walk.

“oho ho ho can’t wait!”

The alpha tapped his mate on the arse and skipped off in front of him, Tsukki glared as his mate trotted off in front of him.

Of course, the duo found the Jurassic area of the museum, Kuroo let Tsukki run off and do his own thing whilst he sat on a bench to the side. Watching as the omega takes pictures, smiles, wonders and intently read all the information on the signs that were around. Kuroo sat smiling at his nerd of a mate and thought to himself that he couldn’t imagine living a life without him, having him always by his side is something he knows he wants in the future. The blonde to make sarcastic remarks at him, tell him things he wouldn’t tell anyone else, share amazing moments with each other and generally live a life with him. Kuroo wanted it all, he wanted to be greedy and lock him up and never let him go (in a non-crazy way) He grabbed his phone from his pocket and realised he had an email


Your order has arrived. You can collect from the store today


The alpha smiled at the message

~ sweeeeeeeet ~

As he looked up he saw his mate standing in front of him with a silly little grin he knows that only he gets to see.

“did you have fun?”

The omega nodded enthusiastically

The two made a further tour of the museum and spent another hour there until they decided to leave and grab something to eat. The alpha had explained to the omega that before they go back home after they have eaten they need to make a pit stop at a shop that isn’t too far away from Kuroo’s apartment.

The two ate dinner at Subway, which again was one of Tsukki’s random choices. If it was down to Kuroo he would have taken him for a nice fancy meal and woo him off his feet, but the omega was adamant that Subway was where they were going to eat. Tsukki had Kuroo wrapped around his little finger without even realising it, the omega could call the alpha up and tell him he’s just killed someone and needs to hide the body and the older wouldn’t ask questions and just help him.

On the walk to the shop Kuroo explained that Tsukki had to wait outside for him because what he was collecting was a present for him and he didn’t want him to see it until they had got home. The omega reluctantly agreed to wait outside for him, but it did take a lot of convincing as the omega hated surprises. As they approached the shop Kuroo gave the younger a look to say, ‘you better wait outside’ and the alpha opened the door and disappeared inside. The omega sighed and leaned on the wall watching all the people pass by, he grabbed his phone from his pocket and swiped through all the pictures he had taken today until he was rudely interrupted by a yanking so hard to his arm he dropped his phone and was thrown around the corner to a side alley. Once he had adjusted himself he looked up to see someone so unexpected it left him speechless. Yamaguchi’s father Hiroten. Tsukki looked at the man with disgust before he was pushed against the wall behind him

“you! You’re my filthy sons best friend, aren’t you?! Don’t tell me I’m wrong! I recognise that disgusting scent of yours anywhere.”

“filthy? Disgusting? I’m sorry are you talking about yourself?”

The omega spoke through gritted teeth

“how dare you speak to me like that! Its because of that mutt and all his friends that I’m here in Tokyo not being allowed to step foot in Miyagi!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about”

Tsukki snapped back

“don’t play dumb with me! Maaya got arrested for hiring Jin and I get kicked out of Miyagi completely!! What’s with that shit?!”

“well, maybe if you didn’t hire someone to attack your own son you wouldn’t seem like a threat to everyone around you”

The omega glared

“how dare you talk to me like you have any rights to! You omegas should have never been given any rights! You should just obey alphas like you were born to do, and you should be wearing collars, so your filthy scents don’t leak and contaminate the air we breathe”

The alpha says as he reaches for Tsukki’s neck, the omega slaps his hand away and glares towards the older


The alpha screamed right before head butting Tsukki in the face causing the omegas nose to stream blood from both nostrils. Tsukki yelped and stepped back as far as he could until his back was met with the wall behind him. Hiroten began to let off intimidating pheromones

“well, if I can’t get to my mutt of a son personally then the best way to get to him is through his friends, right?”

The alpha continued as he snatched the omegas glasses from his face. Tsukki squinted towards the man and took a step forward to shove him, as he did the alpha jumped back and kneed the omega in the stomach winding him almost instantly. The omega fell to his knees and tried gasping for breath, Hiroten spat on his head and followed it with a kick to his side. Tsukki sat up slightly and glared at the blurry figure in front of him, Hiroten was now letting off extreme pheromones making it hard for the omega to breath. He wanted to get up, he really did, but the omega inside was telling him to bow and obey the alpha.

“you’re a disgusting excuse for an alpha”

Tsukki spat through the blood from his nose. The alpha laughed, a laugh that was clearly fake and dropped the omegas glasses on the floor in front of him, as Tsukki went to grab them they were met with the foot of the alpha, the omega winced from the sound of the glass shattering and looked up at the man.

“t… the only mutt h… here… is you!”

The omega barked

“still have attitude?! I’m an alpha ya know! How dare you even look at me let alone speak to me like that!”

and within an instant the omegas side was met with the alphas foot and he collapsed fully to the floor.

Meanwhile in the shop the cashier handed the bag over to Kuroo with a smile, the alpha smiled back at the older woman and thanked her for the item. He looked in to the bag and grinned, quickly shutting it as he reached the door and left the shop. He looked around to see where his mate would be waiting for him and burrowed his eyebrows as he realised he wasn’t in sight. As he took a step down from the step to the shop he kicked something, he looked down and saw that it was Tsukki’s phone. The alphas heart dropped slightly as he picked it up and looked around frantically, spinning himself in circles and scanning the area around him. The sound of yelping coming from the alleyway to the side of him sent horrible images through his mind

~ please no, god no… don’t be… ~

The alpha thought to himself as he rushed around the corner and down the alleyway. He stopped suddenly as the sight in front of him was his worst nightmare.

Tsukki was laying limp on the floor with some random man kicking him in the chest. Kuroo’s eyes dilated, his heart rate quickened, his breathing became shaky, he began to growl, and he saw red. That was it, within seconds he dropped the bag and Hiroten was tackled to the ground. 

Punches were thrown left right and centre, Hiroten was pinned underneath the younger alpha and was struggling to move. Kuroo grabbed the mans arm and pinned it so hard and far behind the alphas back, the crack it made was so loud that it echoed through the alleyway. The man yelled out in pain as that wasn’t where the 3rd year stopped, he continued laying in to the man, his knuckles becoming bloody from the damage he was doing to the olders face. It was as if nothing was going to stop Kuroo from laying in to this man, the only person that’s ever been able to hold Kuroo back in a fight has been Bokuto, and even then, it was a struggle. Kuroo doesn’t normally find himself getting in to scraps with people and if he did it was for a good cause, like this one. Someone had attacked his mate whilst he wasn’t around and that was something he wasn’t going to stand for.

Kuroo’s head whipped up as he heard a yelp, he turned around and saw that Tsukki was very wobblily trying to stand himself up, he slipped slightly but managed to catch himself. Kuroo stood from the body he was sat on a rushed over to his mate.

“Tsukki! Are you okay? Can you hear me properly?”

The alpha grabs either side of the omegas head, Tsukki slowly looks up and in to Kuroo’s eyes, blood still pouring from his nose and his breathing a little shaky

“at l… least I brought a spare pair of glasses”

The omega huffs a laugh, Kuroo looked at him shocked

“Tsukki, we should really take you to a hospital!”

“what this? Ahhh its nothing…”

The omega hummed a laugh

“what’s funny? Tsukki you have been seriously hurt!”

“actually, I can’t see but I think he got seriously hurt”

Tsukki pointed to Hiroten who was now unconscious on the floor covered in his own blood from a broken nose and a limp arm from where Kuroo broke it. The 3rd year laughed slightly and turned back to his mate, he wrapped his arms tightly around him

“I am so sorry I wasn’t here, I can’t believe I let this happen to you!”

The alpha spoke as he began to sent mark the omega, Tsukki chuckled slightly

“you didn’t ‘let’ it happen, I was probably pushing my luck… he is an alpha after all”

Tsukki smiled at his mate

“alpha or not. No one should ever treat you like that… let’s go home and get you cleaned up”

Kuroo picked up the bag he dropped, handed Tsukki’s phone back to him and wrapped his arm around the omegas waist to steady him on the walk.


Once they got back Kuroo sat Tsukki down on the arm chair whilst he ran to grab the first aid kit and a bowl of warm water. He began dunking cotton buds in the water and clear away some of the dried blood around his nose and chin, the alpha placed the cotton back in to the bowl and slowly undone the buttons to Tsukki’s blood stained shirt. His heart dropped when he saw the bruises that had already started forming on the omegas chest

“did you know that guy?”

Kuroo asked as he continued to clean his mate

“… yeah”

The omega winched as his chest felt a little tender under the alphas touch

Tsukki explained everything about Hiroten from the beginning, it took a long time to get through everything but when he did Kuroo had a disgusted look on his face

“so, what are you gonna tell Yamaguchi?”

“I’m not”

“you’re not?!”



“because… because Hiroten wants to get to Yamaguchi through his friends and I’m not going to let him… that’s why”

“wow, you really are a good friend”

Kuroo looked at his mate with a soft smile and Tsukki just clucked his tongue and looked away.

The mates both jumped as the door burst open


Bokuto smiled so big that his eyes were squeezed shut, once he opened his eyes and saw the state Tsukki was in his jaw dropped and he slammed the beer on the side


The raging owl stomped in to the living room

“what’s going on?”

Akaashi appeared from behind the door, as he turned from closing it behind him he gasped

“oh my god! What happened?!”

The omega rushed past his alpha and Kuroo to the blonde

“give me that”

Akaashi took the cotton buds from Kuroo and began soaking them in the water. The omega within the setter took over and Kuroo stood from where he was sitting and made his way over to Bokuto.

Bokuto was looking at Tsukki horrified whilst Akaashi was wiping away the blood

“he got attacked whilst he was waiting for me outside a shop”

“by who?”

Bokuto quickly snapped back

“by his best friends dad…”

“okay, that’s fucked up! Care to explain?”

Kuroo looked at his bro and nodded. He explained the whole thing to the owl mates whilst he cracked open a beer. The two listened intently and sighed by the end of it, Akaashi had finished cleaning Tsukki up. Turns out all the blood made it look a lot worse then it actually was. Tsukki’s nose wasn’t broken and he got away with a couple of bruises on his chest and arm.

“so, are you going to tell this Yamaguchi?”

Bokuto looked at Tsukki with a questionable expression  


The omega replied

“wahhh whyyyy?”

“Bokuto-San, did you not listen to a word Kuroo said? That man told Tsukki that he is trying to get to Yamaguchi through his friends”


The alpha replied to Akaashi confused

“if Tsukishima told Yamaguchi what had happened then it will upset him and thus that man would have won”

The setter explained and Bokuto looked at him surprised

“I see…”

“Tsukishima, do you have another pair of glasses with you?”

The owl omega spoke gently to the 1st year

“ye… yeah, in my suitcase”

Akaashi looked up to Kuroo and raised his eyebrows

“oh, right”

The alpha scurried off to the bedroom and retrieved his mates glasses, he passed them to Akaashi and the omega placed them on Tsukki’s face, the blonde smiled and thanked Akaashi with a slight bow.

“so seriously bro, the alpha that attacked your mate… where is he now?”

Bokuto glared at Kuroo

“passed out down some alley”

“wahhhh you must have GAVE him one!!”

Bokuto motioned a punch to the air


He continued as he held his hands up for a double high five in which Kuroo slapped with a smirk. The omegas looked at their alphas with an unimpressed expression before sighing.

“Bokuto-San, I think we should leave these two for tonight”

Akaashi spoke as he stood from Tsukki. Bokuto agreed and he wrapped his arm around his mates shoulders before opening the door and shouting goodbye to the mates. Once the door had shut behind them Kuroo turned to Tsukki and looked at him in awe.

He made his way over to the blonde and knelt in front of him

“I wish I could have got to you sooner… I’m such a shit-“

“don’t even say it”

The omega interrupted


“no buts either. We didn’t know it was going to happen, so you couldn’t have done anything to stop it. Plus, I’m fine and the swelling as already started to go down”


“stop feeling sorry for yourself”

“I’m not…”

The alpha pouted

“oh! That reminds me!”

Kuroo jumped up and ran over to the bag he picked up earlier

“here! This will make you feel better!”

He passed it to his mate, Tsukki frowned and then opened the bag. The omegas eyes widened so much that it looked as if his eyes would pop out, he pulled the item out of the bag revealing that it was a green dinosaur onesie

“oh my god”

Was all that could slip passed his lips as he stood to get a better look at it. Kuroo smiled at how happy his mate looked

“well, go try it on”

Tsukki nodded towards the alpha and jogged off to the bedroom, Kuroo stood waiting in the living room for his mate to appear as a dinosaur. Which he did about 3 minutes later, he had the hood to the onesie up and a long tail dragged behind him, the alpha smiled at his blushing mate, clearly this omega was over the moon with his present

“do you need a moment?”

Kuroo asked and Tsukki nodded happily. Next thing he knew the omega leaped on to him and caused them both to topple to the floor

“thank you so much Kuroo!”

The blonde placed a long passionate kiss on the alphas lips, Kuroo’s eyes widened from shock and placed his hand on the omegas cheek. The mates were interrupted from their happy moment by a knock at the door, Kuroo rolled his eyes

“I bet that’s Bokuto coming back for his beers”

The alpha sighed. Tsukki rolled off him so that he could get up.

As he answered the door two screaming omega males rushed through and wrapped their arms around Kuroo, one of them was jumping around in happiness with a massive smile on his face and the other had watery eyes that looked like they would leak at any moment.

“wh… oh my god! What are you doing here?”

The alpha spoke surprised with a massive smile plastered across his face  

“well, we left Australia a couple days ago and were making our way to Russia BUT! We had to stop off in Tokyo first”

“and of course, we were gonna stop by!”

The omega interrupted the other and they both smiled towards the alpha, Tsukki cleared his throat to gain his mates attention and the three turned to him

“oh, how rude of me. This is Tsukishima Kei, my mate.”

Tsukki stood and bowed towards the males

“Tsukki this is Kuroo Akito and Kuroo Isami… my parents”

Chapter Text

Tsukki stood shocked, Kuroo just introduced him in to his parents, the ones that were meant to be traveling? The omega wasn’t quite sure he heard the alpha right until he re played the past 10 seconds in his head. He blinked out of thought quickly and bowed towards the two.

“pleasure to me you”

The blonde spoke nervously

“ahhh the pleasure is all ours my boy!”

Akito came skipping over to the 1st year and wrapped his arms around him

“I was afraid we weren’t going to meet you until the wedding”

The older continued

“w… wedding?”

Tsukki stumbled over his words

“he’s just messing, he just thought with us traveling all the time that it would take longer to meet Tetsurou’s fated mate”

Isami approached the blonde and wrapped his arms around him in a tight hug, Tsukki nodded his head in understanding. Kuroo grabbed his parent’s suitcases from outside and brought them in placing them to the side of the kitchen.


The alpha offered and the three in the living room nodded towards him

“Tetsurou! Your drinking beer?!”

Akito placed a hand over his chest and stepped back in shock

“oh these? No there-“

The alpha stopped himself before explaining they were Bokuto’s


The alpha continued

“you’re not even of age! How did you get them?!”


The alpha cursed Bokuto internally

“took them from the back of a van…”


Isami blurted. Kuroo looked down and cursed Bokuto even more, Tsukki looked over to the three of them and sighed

“he’s joking”

The three turn to Tsukki

“I brought them with me from home, we have a cabinet and I just took a couple”

The blonde continued

“so! Do you take milk in your coffee’s?”

The alpha quickly attempted to change the subject, his parents turned to face him

“yeah, and 3 sugars!”

Akito smiled

“no sugar for me thanks, I’m sweet enough”

Isami grinned

Tsukki knew at that point which parent Kuroo took after.

After Kuroo had finished making the drinks he placed them on the kotatsu and they all sat around it for warmth

“so, Kei I’m really glad we get to meet you. Tetsurou has told us soooo much about you”

“yeah its true ya know. Every time he face-times us your all he talks about!”

“ahhh man don’t embarrass me”

Kuroo moaned at his parents and they began to laugh, Tsukki smirked towards the little family

“Kuroo has-“

The omega noticed the three of them tilt their heads

“Tetsurou… has really taken care of me on this visit”

Now that he was surrounded by two other Kuroo’s calling for his mate was going to get a little more complicated. Which it did, every time he began to talk about the things they have been up to he kept slipping and calling his alpha Kuroo instead of his given name. The four continued to talk and Tsukki felt like he was around a mix between Hinata and Noya in one person, except times two. Kuroo’s parents were very loud, happy and in your face type of people. Akito spoke a lot about all the designer shops they had in Australia and how when they go to Russia they will be on the hunt for even more designer shops to waste money in. Akito also spoke about he mobile hair dressing business and how he could really sort out Kuroo’s look, although the alpha really wasn’t having any of it even with the omega pulling and poking at his head. Tsukki found himself chuckling quietly to himself at his mates relationship with his parents. Isami was talking about how Akito still gets excited over the newest trends out, and that reminded Tsukki all too much of Suga and his fashionable ways. Isami was a little bit more calm and collective but with the personality of an over excited child.

Although Kuroo’s parents were very nice and Tsukki found himself having a good time around the two, especially when they told embarrassing stories about the alpha, and show pictures of him when he was younger

“wow, Kur… Tetsurou had some style when he was young”

The blonde smirked towards the alpha

“well, of course he did! I was the one dressing him. I couldn’t have him going out looking anything other than the best!”

Akito grinned

Kuroo Akito was a fashionable man who turned up this evening wearing all designer clothes, even down to his suitcase. His hair was short black and wavy that was styled so neat you couldn’t find a single hair out of place, his eyes were dark and seductive, and his smile would brighten up the whole room on a dull day, he wasn’t as tall as Kuroo but at a quick glance he didn’t look much shorter either. Kuroo Isami on the other hand is slightly taller than all of them and his hair is light brown and the same length as Kuroo’s apart from it was styed in a much neater way, his eyes were big, but his lips were small, and those features really complemented his look, he could probably get away with being a beta but defiantly not an alpha as his figure was slightly curvy and slender. Isami’s style in clothing was far less eccentric then Akito’s but still had the expensive look.

“so Tetsurou, how’s school?”

Isami smiled at his son

“well, I’m still in the top classes and being captain of the volleyball team has proven difficult at times, but I love every minute of it”

“that’s good to hear, see Akito, we had nothing to worry about”

“I wasn’t worried, I just hoped everyday that he was on the right track”

Akito pouted at his mate

“how’s Kenma doing?”

Isami questioned

“Kenma is good, still slightly lazy but he’s good”

“we were planning on going over and seeing him and his mum tomorrow”

Akito spoke

“oh, you should! He would like that”

The alpha smiled

“Kei, where is it you’re from again?”

The brown-haired omega asked


“oh, that’s such a nice area! Really quiet and peaceful”

“it can be”

Tsukki replied

“it’s a lot quieter then here”

The blonde continued

“Tetsurou why don’t you go live closer to Kei?”

Akito grinned as he took a sip from his coffee


The alpha mumbled shocked

“I said why don’t you go live closer to Kei? We will pay for you to get an apartment over there, then you two can live together! Its easier then traveling all the time, right?!”

“yeah but dad… I have school here and Tsukki is still a first year”

“and? Isami and myself were first years when we got together and moved in and look at us now! Happy as ever!”

The omega cheered. Tsukki looked between the two having a discussion with a slightly sceptical look

“were not even bonded yet dad, I think moving in is a big step”

“you’re not bonded yet? Why?”

Kuroo and Tsukki blushed at the question

“well… erm… we haven’t spoke about that yet and plus Tsukki hasn’t long ago had a heat so…”

“a heat?”

Isami tilted his head

“what’s a heat got to do with it?”

The omega continued

“well, Tsukki would need to be in a heat for us to bond so-“

“Kei doesn’t need to be in heat”

“what? Yes, he does! Otherwise its dangerous!”

The alpha spoke louder

“Kei is your fated mate, fated mates don’t have to be in heat to bond they can bond whenever they feel it’s right”

Tsukki sat there in shock with his eye brows raised and his mouth agape, Kuroo was near enough in the same stance as his mate, he looked over to the blonde who was now nervously looking around the table and looked back to his parents

“we haven’t spoken about bonding yet.”

Kuroo explained.

Tsukki’s heart rate began to race slightly and he could feel the sweat form across his forehead, he stood quickly from the kotatsu and the three looked up to him worried

“sorry, I err… need some air”

The omega rushed over to the front door, Kuroo jumped up and jogged over to him

“Tsukki, what’s wrong?”

The alpha whispered

“I just er… I need some air”

“I would rather you didn’t go out on your own”

“I’m just going to sit on the stairs outside”

“is it something I’ve done?”

“no, no, no. its just all that your parents have said… it’s a lot to take in.”

Kuroo nodded in understanding

“please don’t think that because they have said something that you have to do it or feel pressured to”

The omega nodded slightly towards his alpha. Kuroo wrapped his arms around his mate and kissed him on the forehead before he opened the door and left. The alpha turned back to his parents and sat beside them

“have we said something wrong?”

Akito spoke through a pout and Isami was frowning in worry

“no, you haven’t said or done anything wrong, Tsukki just gets a bit claustrophobic is all”

The parents looked at each other and sadly side grinned at each other as they placed their hands around their cups.

Outside the cold breeze made Tsukki shiver, he went to zip up his jacket but realised he was still in the dinosaur onesie, he rolled his eyes with a sigh and took a seat on the top step, he pulled his knees to his chest and rested his chin upon them as future thoughts were circling his head, things that Kuroo’s parents have said really struck a nerve and it made him think.  A fated omega doesn’t have to be in heat to bond, Tsukki could walk in there now and be bonded for the rest of his life, he didn’t have to wait, and it barely gave him any time to think.

In Tsukki’s head he knew there was time before his next heat to decide whether or not that was the time to bond with Kuroo, but now knowing that he doesn’t need to wait somehow feels like he needs to make a decision soon even though he doesn’t have to. Kuroo had explained that his parents can be over the top and they speak as if they suffer with verbal vomit, but also saying that they could live together right now was just another thing to add to Tsukki’s anxieties. All the things he had never thought about before as he knew he had plenty of time until he had to, have all become an option to grab with his bare hands right now. The omega didn’t know whether or not it was happiness he was feeling right now, because he could have it all or whether it was fear that his mind was running a fast pace.

The omega sat outside alone for a further 20 minutes with the cool breeze blowing through his short blonde locks, in silence, in his own thoughts. The door to Kuroo’s apartment opened and the alpha quietly stepped out and shut the door behind him, he silently sat beside his mate and didn’t say anything. He waited for Tsukki to ready his thoughts and let him speak first as he knows how frightening this news could be for him


The omega spoke not moving his chin from his knees. The alpha still silent looked at him and hummed

“I’ve been thinking… about us… and maybe”

Kuroo’s heart dropped from the omegas words, panicked raised in his chest and he took a deep breath preparing for the worst.

“maybe we should talk”

The omega continued, Kuroo’s eyes became shiny from the tears that began to well

“have they scared you off?”

Kuroo chocked slightly, Tsukki turned his head quickly and a frown was wavered across his features


“my parents… they have made you over think and now you feel forced to-“


The blonde interrupted

“Kuroo I love you. You’re my fated mate, no one can scare me off… I don’t scare that easily”

The omega laughed through his nose, Kuroo looked at him shocked with tears now falling down his cheeks

“oh, thank god”

Tsukki watched as the tears trickled down the alphas cheeks and he held out the sleeve to his onesie to wipe them away

“I was thinking about us because you’re the only person I can truly be myself around, being with you whilst in Miyagi and here in Tokyo has been some of the best days of my life… I sound out of character saying this stuff but its true. I couldn’t picture myself being this happy with anyone else and I would happily live with you because you make me happy and make me feel at home. I’m really at peace with you even though you do my head in at the best of times… your still my mate”


“I’m not done.”

The alpha nodded his mate to carry on

“maybe after you have finished school here in Tokyo, you can move to Miyagi and… maybe… maybe I could… stay with you?”

The omega looked down in embarrassment and didn’t attempt looking back up at his alpha, he waited for a response in which felt like forever

“I would love to live with you in Miyagi”

The alpha wrapped his arms tightly around the younger, Tsukki’s eyes widened from shock that the alpha didn’t even need to think twice about the offer.


“yes! Of course! Tsukki that’s like a dream come true!”

Tsukki’s eyes shimmered slightly from the tears that began to form but he blinked them away quickly


The omega continued

“I want to bond with you Kuroo.”

The alpha sat back slightly

“yeah, and I really want to bond with you. Whenever you’re ready”

“I want to bond whilst I’m here”

Tsukki mumbled quietly and berried his face in his knees to hide his blush. Kuroo’s eyes widened in excitement, he stood and grabbed the omegas shoulders causing him to look up

“I must seem like such a sappy alpha right now, but I really want to bond with you whilst you’re here too”

The alpha leaned in and kissed Tsukki passionately, the omega placed his hand on Kuroo’s wet cheek and smiled through the moment. As they pulled away from each other they both laughed in embarrassment, Tsukki stood from the step and wrapped his arms around his future forever alpha and Kuroo squeezed him tightly back.

“okay, well I want to set a scene. I want to treat you to a home cooked meal and I’ll woo you off your feet!”

“how lame”

The omega spoke through a chuckle and Kuroo sigh laughed at him

“I can’t believe were gonna do this”

The alpha smiled

“I know”

Tsukki leaned in for another kiss and the 3rd year happily accepted.

The mates made their way back in side and Tsukki apologised for quickly leaving, the parents smiled and waved it off. They both knew that they can sometimes say things at times where they shouldn’t be said, and it wasn’t a shock that Tsukki needed air to take it all in.

After the four spoke some more it had gotten rather late, Kuroo insisted on giving his bed up for the night for his parents to sleep on but they insisted they slept on the sofa bed. Once the 15-minute argument about who’s sleeping where was over Tsukki helped Kuroo make the two a bed in the living room. Well, all Kuroo did was pull out the bed, Tsukki took over with putting the sheets on and making it because the alpha was pretty useless in the department.

Once it was made and looked super comfy for the parents the four said their goodnights and went to bed.


In the morning Tsukki opened his eyes slowly as he was waking up, he was laying on Kuroo’s bare chest with the alpha running his fingers through his short blonde waves.

“good morning”

Kuroo greeted him with a smile

“m… morning”

The omega manged to mumble out in his morning voice. Kuroo leaned and grabbed the omegas glasses passing them to him, the younger sat up revealing his bare top half and placed his glasses on. Kuroo playfully growled at his mate as he ran circles with his index finger up the omegas back, Tsukki shivered and slapped the alphas hand away

“your parents are-“

The omega stopped in his tracks and smelt the air, Kuroo smirked

“I think their cooking breakfast”


The omega sounded surprised

“well either that or there talking about a different type of sausage over heating”

The alpha grossed himself out and Tsukki smirked at him before swinging his legs around and grabbing his dressing gown, Kuroo followed and copied him in the process.

The mates left the bedroom and saw the two males arguing over who’s doing what and almost burning themselves on the oven hobs. They both turned to Kuroo and Tsukki with massive grins

“we cooked breakfast!!!”

Akito skipped up to the mates and pulled them both in to the living room and forcefully sat them down at the kotatsu. The mates grinned at each other as Akito skipped back to the kitchen to dish up the breakfast. Isami helped his mate bring over the food and cutlery before sitting down and joining his son and Tsukki.

“so, Kei, I was gonna ask yesterday but I never got around to it but… why do you have bruising around the top part of your nose? I mean your glasses hide it pretty well, but I have a keen eye ya see”

Akito smiled as he took a bite from his toast. Tsukki’s eyes widened and Kuroo sat forward before he could speak

“dad, Tsukki got at-“

“a tad clumsy getting out the shower”

Tsukki interrupted his mate, Kuroo frowned at him and the omega shook his head at him. There’s no way in hell that Tsukki wanted Kuroo’s parents knowing about what happened in the alleyway, not only would that give off a bit of a bad impression, but it would also cause them to worry and over react

“oh, well that’s not good. Did you make sure to put ice on it?”

“err, no. But it got taken good care of”

The blonde smiled

“well, that’s good then”

Akito smiled at the younger

“we can’t stay for long this morning if we want to stop off and see Kenma before our flight. Its been amazing seeing you again Tetsurou, we miss you so so so much. It was also a pleasure meeting you Kei”

Isami smiled

“it was a pleasure meeting you too, and thank you for breakfast”

“yeah thanks dads”

The alpha smiled.

They laughed, argued, spoke and chit chatted for a further hour until they needed to leave. They said their goodbyes with tears streaming down their cheeks, grabbed their suitcases and left.

Akito and Isami stopped off at Kenma’s where the omega was really happy to see them along with his mum being over the moon and making them a packed lunch for their long flight ahead of them.

The setters mum left with Akito and Isami as she had work and kissed her son on the forehead before she left.

Kenma shut the door behind them and ran upstairs to grab his PlayStation and wires before running back down the stairs and plugging it all in to the living room TV. As he turned everything on and his PlayStation loaded up his phone began to ring, he shoved hid hand around his hoodie pocket and saw that it was Yuuji, the omega smiled before accepting the call



“I’m in Tokyo!!”

“wh… what?! Really?”

“yeah! I have no idea if I’m in the right part though”

The alpha explained where he was, and the omega laughed as he wasn’t in the right area or even close. Kenma snickered down the phone and told the alpha if their meant to be then he will find him and then hung up. Within 2 minutes Kenma’s phone was ringing again

“Kenma! That’s soooo not fair, I have no idea where I am! Tokyo is so confusing”

“okay, I’ll email you the map of where to go and what station to get off at”

“thank yooooooou!”

The omega hung up and sent the alpha the directions. He shoved his phone in his pocked, pulled his hood up, put his shoes on and left the flat. He made his way to the train station to meet Yuuji, who should be arriving in about 10 minutes.

The alpha got off the train and ran across the platform when he spotted the small omega waiting for him. He wrapped his arms around the setter and pulled him in tight to his chest, Kenma smiled slightly from the contact but pulled himself out as public displays of affection really weren’t his type of thing. Anything that draws attention to the omega in fact is something he really isn’t a fan of, but Yuuji just smiled at him, happy that he was finally with his mate.

Kenma reluctantly held his hand out slightly but placed it back down at his side, Yuuji noticing his efforts he grabbed the smallers hand, lacing his fingers through and smiled at him. The omega blushed and looked to the ground right before he made a quick escape with the alpha out the station and back to his.

Once they arrived home, Yuuji took his shoes off and the nerves of meeting Kenma’s mum struck him until the omega explained that she had gone to work and that he doesn’t have to worry about her for a little while.

Kenma made the alpha and himself a hot drink and put them on the small side table in the living room

“so, what we playing?”

The alpha sat himself on the floor next to the omega

“well, before you called I was gonna play overwatch… but its not a 2 player so I guess we could play…”

Kenma placed his finger on his chin in thought

“guitar hero?”

“you play guitar hero?”

“yeah, but I have the crappy new one they made for the ps4… if we wanted to play the older ones I would have to grab my ps3 and that’s just long…”

“if you don’t like the new guitar hero why did you buy 2 guitars?”

“Kuroo insisted… he’s really bad though”

The omega smirked before he ran up the stairs to grab the game and both guitars. Once he came back down he handed one to Yuuji and placed the game in the console

“I’ve never played the new one… but you said its crappy? Ohhhh errrr”

The alpha groaned in shock at the lay out of the guitar

“why are there no colours?!”

“because the creators thought it would be more realistic to have it so you play like chords rather then up and down the guitar neck, what they didn’t think was they have now taken all the fun out of guitar hero”

The omega shrugged.

The mates rocked out to guitar hero for an hour, Yuuji not being very good and Kenma not being much better.

They laughed and took the piss out of each other.

Kenma made them some snacks and they chilled to YouTube videos, mainly vines that Yuuji kept putting on.

The alpha smiled at the sight of the omega smiling and laughing, because every time he laughed to hard a little tear would escape his right eye and roll down his cheek, and the look of embarrassment as he wipes it away made Yuuji want to pepper his face in tiny little kisses. Yuuji couldn’t stop staring and smiling at his mate, Kenma turned and glared at him when he noticed that eyes were on him


“I’m sorry Kenma, you just look so cute”


The omega glared at his mate. Being called cute was something he really wasn’t used to hearing. The omegas eyes widened as he heard a car door outside, he grabbed his phone from his pocket to check the time and his eyes widened even further

“we’ve been watching vines for 3 hours?!”

“yeah, there pretty addictive right?”

The alpha smirked


The omega scurried to turn the console off and remove the wires, Yuuji watched in confusion as his mate frantically packed everything away

“erm… I dunno whether to ask if you need help or if your okay?”

The alpha raised one eyebrow

“oh… erm… take this and go upstairs, 2nd door on the right”

The omega smiled as he shoved both guitars and the game case into the alphas arms, Yuuji nodded as he sprinted up the stairs with the items. Kenma grabbed his console and wires before turning the TV off and running upstairs to his bedroom. The alpha was stood looking around the bedroom amazed at all the gaming consoles, posters and figures around, Kenma stopped and frowned at him as he put his PlayStation back in its original location.


“your room is amazing! If I put a single pin in my wall my dad would kill me”

The alpha laughed nervously

“yeah, my mum wasn’t pleased at first but once I carried on putting posters up she gave up moaning at me”

The omega smirked

“why did we rush back to your roo-“

Yuuji stopped himself as he heard the front door go and a woman’s voice shouting that she’s home. He looked at his mate with slight worry wavering his brows

“don’t worry, my mums pretty chill. Plus, she was looking forward to meeting you”

The omega grinned slightly.

Yuuji waited upstairs whilst his omega ran down to greet his mum.

“hey baby”

The woman kissed her son on the forehead

“mum, err Yuuji is here”

The woman turned in shock after placing her bag on the side

“well go get him”

She smiled and Kenma nodded nervously before running back upstairs. He returned with Yuuji stood behind him

“mum this is Yuuji, Yuuji this is my mum”

“nice to meet you”

The alpha held his hand towards the woman, she smiled as she shook it. As Yuuji spoke to the alpha her eyes couldn’t help but scan his piercings, the ones in both his ears and his tongue, her eye brows raised as she noticed the bar through the alphas tongue. She looked at her son and smirked, Kenma looked at his mum confused as Yuuji was still talking.

“well you sound like a nice guy, I’m sure you will please… I mean make my son very happy”

The woman laughed nervously as she rubbed the back of her head

“well, I have some paper work to catch up on. You kids have fun”

She smiled before picking her bag up and making her way to the small office room at the side of the living area. When Kenma turned to look at Yuuji he was bright red, the omega stepped back and looked at his mate worried

“are you okay?”

“I was so nervous man, meeting your mum has me shook”

The omega laughed at the alpha and pulled him back upstairs.

“Its my turn to do dinner today, you can help if you want?”

“yeah I’ll help but I have to warn you I’m a bit of a professional in the kitchen”

The alpha stood smug with his hands on his hips and his chin up in the air

“I didn’t know you was good a cooking”

“oh, I’m not. I’m a processional burner… everything I cook ends up black”

The alpha placed his hand on his neck as he chuckled, Kenma rolled his eyes as he went to the cupboard and pulled out an extra pillow, Yuuji frowned as the omega placed it on the bed next to his

“wh… where am I sleeping tonight? Do you have a futon I can set up?”

“in my bed”

The omega answered straight away

“then… where will you sleep?”

“in… my… bed?”

Kenma looked at his mate confused, the redness in the alphas cheeks reappeared as he stuttered something untranslatable, the omega frowned at him

“what’s wrong?”

“oh nothing… it’s just that I err… I didn’t think you would be comfortable sharing a bed this early in our relationship”


“I err… I dunno?”

The alpha frowned in confusion and Kenma was giving him the same look back.

Kenma laid on the bed grabbing his PSP and rolled on to his back as he loaded up a game, Yuuji smiled at him and laid on his back at the side of him watching as he was already at a boss battle. The omega saw Yuuji biting on his tongue bar in the flection of the little screen on the PSP, Kenma turned slightly to look at him and reached a finger out to touch the bar, the alpha laughed and pulled back

“what are you doing?”

Yuuji chuckled

“I just wanted to feel it”

The omega blushed

“oh, okay”

The alpha stuck his tongue back out for his mate to fiddle with it, which he did. Kenma was so intrigued with the piercing that he didn’t realise his fingers were all up in the alphas mouth, but once he did realise he snapped his hand back with wide eyes and apologised

“hahaha don’t worry about it, ill just fiddle with your tongue!”

The alpha joked as he placed a finger in the omegas mouth

“I… ugghh… nggh”

The omegas eyes watered slightly, and he pulled back in a blush whilst slapping his hand over his mouth. Yuuji looked at his mate in shock

“d… do you have a sensitive mouth?”

The alpha asked intrigued

“I… guess? I didn’t know that”

Kenma blushed some more

“can I do it again?”

“erm… sure”

And with Kenma’s approval Yuuji places two fingers in a V shape inside of the omegas mouth causing him to groan and moan. Kenma pulled back in embarrassment

“that’s really weird”

The omega looked down

“I think it’s awesome!”

The alpha smiled and wrapped his arms around his mate, he pulled him on to his chest and grabbed his PSP to hand back to him, when Kenma grabbed his console back he turned it back on and began to play. Yuuji smiled as he ran his fingers through his mates black root hair, soft purring erupted from the omega and Yuuji blushed

~ damn he is soooo cute ~

The alpha squeezed his arm tighter around his mate as they laid chilling on the bed until it was time to cook dinner

Chapter Text

“Kenma… Kenma… hey, Kenma wake up beauty”

Yuuji moved part of the omega’s hair out of his face.

They were both laying on the bed, Kenma resting on top of Yuuji’s bare chest purring in his sleep. The alpha smiled at his mate as he nudged him slightly to awaken. They both crashed hard after cooking and eating dinner, the alpha almost burning the house down and sending Kenma in to a frantic panic was enough to tire them both out.

Kenma sniffled slightly before blinking his eyes open, he looked up to his mate and quickly back down as he felt the burn of a blush begin to appear on his cheeks. Yuuji smiled at the omega as he sat up revealing that he slept in just his boxers, the alpha smirked as he watched his omega stroll off to grab his dressing gown. Yuuji had also slept in nothing apart from his boxers which is probably another reason as to why Kenma was blushing.

Yuuji sat up and raised his arms in a stretch, he swung his legs around and pulled on a pair of his jeans that he grabbed from his bag. Still topless and exposing his muscular body he grabbed Kenma from behind in a tight hug, the omega grabbed the alphas arms and squeezed tight around his mates muscles. A deep breath was needed by the omega to calm himself down from how sexy he found the alpha.

“you’re such a deep sleeper”

The alpha kissed the shorter on the head before retreating and continuing to get himself dressed

“yeah, I get told that a lot”

The omega mumbled back

“I heard Tokyo has a giant Sega shop! I really wanna go!”

Yuuji half cheered

“there is! Its not to far from here actually… we need to get a train to the next district”

“can we go today?!”

“oh… I errr, I normally go in the evenings when its less busy”

“ahh okay, can we go tonight?”

The alpha begged slightly.

The excitement in Yuuji’s eyes made Kenma feel slightly bad as the alpha really wanted to go sooner rather then later. Kenma slant smiled at his mate

“we can go after we’ve had breakfast”

The omega smiled at the alpha

“really?!?! Awesome!!”

Yuuji chanted as he rushed off to the bathroom, Kenma sighed but a shy smile appeared in the corner of his lips.

Kenma’s mum had already left for work so the mates made themselves breakfast before leaving and jumping on a train to Shinjuku. Once that had arrived Yuuji’s jaw dropped in amazement, so many shops and people that it was slightly over whelming but adrenaline pumping at the same time. Kenma grunted quietly as he tried to move out of people’s way. Being in such a crowded place was always something the omega avoided. Yuuji turned with a smile towards Kenma and the omega grinned at how happy he looked, Yuuji grabbed Kenma’s hand and they made their way through the populated area. Once they had got around the corner and it was a little less busy Kenma explained where abouts the Sega shop is. After that they made their way in the direction needed.

Yuuji’s eyes widened with the sight of the massive store in front of him, Kenma smirked at his excited mate as they walked over to the shop.

As the mates stepped through the front doors Yuuji gasped with amazement, isles and isles of different genre games, figurines, posters and cabinets full of exclusives. The alpha ran deeper in to the shop and Kenma sighed as he tried to keep up with his mate. A taller male stood in the way of the omega and being shy like he is Kenma tried to shuffle around him but much to his dismay there was no luck

“excuse me please”

The setter whispered

“excuse me please!”

He spoke slightly louder. The man turned and apologised for being in his way, Kenma bowed to the man before scurrying off to find Yuuji.

“Kenma! Look at this”

The alpha spoke with enjoyment

“I have that at home”

The omega smirked at his mate

“no way! You never told me! Is it the-“

“limited addition one? Yeah it is”

Kenma interrupted with a smile

“amaaaaazing! We have! To play it when we get back to yours”


Yuuji smiled at his mate before he placed the game back on the shelf

“shall we go upstairs?”


Upstairs was full of blue prints and sketched out teasers by the original creators of a thousand different games. The floor was crowded with people looking at each print carefully trying to suss out what was coming next or what the sequel to a certain game was going to have in it. Everyone’s faces on the floor was lit up with joy, including Yuuji’s. Kenma not so much as he usually comes to the Sega shop every Monday and Thursday evening to collect free DLC packs from the workers that are used to seeing the regular.

Kenma snapped out of a day dream he didn’t realise he was in and noticed that Yuuji was no longer in sight, he went to move but got slightly shoved by people trying to get passed. He frowned at them for not noticing him and turned to go the other way and yet the same thing happened again. He took a deep breath to stop himself getting frustrated and as he did a group of 7 people crowded around him to get passed. With limited area to move he felt trapped in a sea of people and no sign of an opening to escape. The omega began to panic as it felt like a wall of people gathering closer and closer in on him. He tried to push past the people but because they were all taller and wider then him he had no luck. His breathing picked up as he was entering a panicked state and his body began to tremble, the feeling of his lungs getting caged up and not being able to let in oxygen freely was freaking the omega out. He grabbed on to his shirt and gasped sharply as his vision began to blur so did the noise around him, turning in to nothing but a muffling sound and a distorted high pitch ringing rang through what felt like his skull. With his free hand he placed on his forehead to apply pressure hoping that it would ease the pain, his fingers ran partly through his hair and he held on for dear life. His body began to sway, and he could feel his eye lids becoming heavier and heavier until


The omega looked up quickly and saw Yuuji pushing people out the way

“move will you! Can’t you see my omega standing there! Your suffocating him!”

Yuuji frowned and yelled at the people surrounding his mate. Once he had got to Kenma he placed his hands on his shoulders and looked in to his teary eyes

“let’s get you out of here”

The alpha crouched down and placed Kenma on his back so they could escape the shop quickly. Upon leaving the shop Yuuji carried Kenma on his back until they got around the corner where there was barely anyone around. He placed him on the ground, but the omega was still a little light headed and stumbled back slightly, Yuuji reached his hand out and grabbed his arm to steady him.

“are you okay? what happened back there?”

The alpha asked his mate with worry, Kenma just looked at him with droopy eyes


Yuuji passed the omega a bottle of water from his bag, Kenma accepted it and took a small sip

“sorry, I’m just not very good in crowds”

“I didn’t think you would get this bad… why did you agree to take me here during the day if you find it hard?”

“because you looked really happy and excited… plus its not often your gonna be able to come to Tokyo”

Yuuji looked at his mate with a slanted smile

“the last thing I want is for you to feel uncomfortable, I want to be able to enjoy my time here with you. I’m here for another couple of nights before I have to go back, and I want you to feel as happy as I do in your company”

The alpha pulled Kenma who was blushing in to a tight hug, Yuuji kissed the top of his head right on the dark roots and whispered

“let’s go back to yours, we will come back tomorrow evening”

Kenma softly nodded in to the alphas chest and then looked up to him with a shy smile, Yuuji bent down slightly and kissed the omega gently on the nose.

“come on”

The alpha pulled Kenma by his hand and led them back to the train station.

On the train journey home Kenma still looked uncomfortable and Yuuji didn’t really know how to deal with the situation. The anxiety that Kenma felt in the shop and the way he looked just before he was saved scared the alpha, let alone how the omega felt at that point. Yuuji put his arm around the shorter and pulled him in close

“listen Kenma, you don’t have to tell me… but what actually happened back there, like… what was you feeling, because I tell you one thing now it really scared me seeing you like that”

The omega looked up to Yuuji shyly and then back down to his thumbs which he was twiddling within each other

“I get over panicked in small places and in crowds of people, its hard to explain but I feel suffocated, scared, useless and my mind shuts down, I can’t breathe properly, and I black out.”

“why do you think you get like that?”

“I don’t know to be honest. The feeling is horrible and as much as I try to push past it… it gets worse”

The omega frowned

“I hate it”

He added

“it makes me feel stupid… makes me look stupid”

“don’t say that!”

Yuuji interrupted

“Kenma, I’ve never felt like that in the situations you explained, and I don’t really understand it… but I get it and it’s a part of you I’m willing to help with. You don’t have to go through that on your own anymore, whenever you don’t feel right tell me… please”


“that didn’t sound convincing…”

“its just gonna be hard, I deal with it myself and have done since I can remember… I want to be able to overcome it, but I know I’m stuck like this. But I appreciate you willing to help so I promise I will try and tell you when I feel strange”

Kenma side smiled up at Yuuji and the alpha smiled back at him and kissed him on the forehead.

“thank you”

The alpha whispered as he kissed him again.

Not long after the mates got home Kenma found his limited addition game and put it in to his PSP, Yuuji was sat on the bed as he watched the omega tap on a few buttons and heard the starting music of the game

“come sit on my lap I wanna watch you play!”

The alpha offered, Kenma nodded and placed himself in between Yuuji’s legs. The alpha rested his head on Kenma’s shoulders and watched him play.

Yuuji began to lose focus on the game Kenma was tapping away on due to the smell of his mate, he placed his nose on the omegas scent glands and inhaled deeply

~ cookie dough ~

The alpha thought as he inhaled deeply once again, Kenma nudged his shoulder slightly but stayed focus on the game. Yuuji ran his nose behind the omegas head and through his hair smelling each part of him until he got to the other side of his neck and placed his chin on Kenma’s other shoulder. He began to run his hands up the omegas top causing Kenma to shiver as the alphas hands touched his bare skin. Yuuji quickly realising what he was doing sat up right and removed his hands

“sorry Kenma, maybe you shouldn’t sit on my lap… your scent makes me want to ravish you”

Kenma looked forward then back down to his PSP, he switched it off and chucked it to the other end of the bed. The omega swung himself around and placed a leg either side of Yuuji’s waist and removed his own top fully exposing his upper half

“then ravish me…”

The alphas eyes widened but he didn’t spare a second moment before his lips were latched around Kenma’s left nipple sucking and slurping at the little nub whilst he fondled and pinched at the other


Kenma whined as he tilted his head back. Yuuji ran his hand down Kenma’s back and placed his hand under the omegas trousers, the feel of Kenma’s small arse cheek fitting perfectly in the palm of the alphas hand was sending him weak, he squeezed a few times before his fingers headed for Kenma’s entrance. The omega whined as the tip of the alphas finger came in to contact with his small ring of muscle

“your twitching Kenma, you excited?”

The omega blushed and nodded in to the alphas neck, Yuuji ran his tongue over Kenma’s ear and the feel of the alphas tongue bar sent shivers up the shorters spine.

“can I push them in?”

Yuuji asked for permission, Kenma nodded slightly and with that the alpha forced two fingers in to the tight tunnel of muscle. Kenma gasped and flung his head back as the alpha was rubbing his insides with his fingers, the omega whimpered as a third finger was added.

Yuuji could feel the omegas slick begin to leak down his palm which was a massive sign that Kenma was enjoying the intrusion. 10 minutes had passed with the alpha teasing at the setters sweet spot, Kenma’s little whimpers and gasps as he lent over the alpha with his arms wrapped around his shoulder was turning Yuuji on more and more.

“uuggnnnhh please… I n… need you”

The omega spoke through broken breaths

“hold on a little longer for me”

The alpha teased as he continued to poke at Kenma’s sweet spot. He nibbled on the omegas already swollen nipple which caused him to shiver.

Kenma stood abruptly causing Yuuji’s fingers to leave the tight muscle. The alpha looked at him shocked as he pounced further on top of him making the alpha full fully on his back

“if you don’t put your dick inside me now I swear to god I’ll just use my heat toys”

Yuuji’s eyes widened and his jaw dropped at the omegas outburst

“w… well if you insist! Do you have a condom?”

The omega nodded and ran to his draws pulling one out and throwing it at the alpha, Yuuji stripped down and rolled the rubber on to his swollen cock, in the mean time Kenma had also gotten himself naked and waited patiently for the alpha to finish up. Yuuji smiled and went to sit up

“no! you stay laying down”

The omega had his hand held in front of him getting the alpha to stop in his tracks. Yuuji laid back down and watched as Kenma slowly made his way over to him and straddle his waist

“Kenma… are you sure you want to uggnnnnnnfff”

The alpha bit his lip as he was interrupted by Kenma lowering himself slowly on top of Yuuji’s pulsing member, the shorter whimpered by the size of the alphas dick entering him. Half way in and Kenma’s whimpering shaky body was sending the alpha wild, his eyes dilated, and he grabbed a hold of Kenma’s waist and pulled him fully down, the shorter gasped and pre-cum leaked from the tip of his dick and down the length. The alpha placed his thumb on the tip of Kenma’s pulsing dick

“don’t cum yet baby”

Yuuji smirked up at the omega on top of him, the omega that was blushing with watery eyes and trembling body.

Kenma began to bounce himself up and down slowly until he was comfortable and then he picked up pace, his moans filling the room along with Yuuji’s grunts. The alpha had his hands on the omegas hips keeping him balanced. Sweat began to drip down Kenma’s chest and form across his forehead, his eyes were closed as he was enjoying the intrusion inside him, he had his hands behind him on Yuuji’s thighs for extra balance, and the feel of the tight muscles as he tensed every now and then turned the omega on more and more making it harder for him to hold back.

“tell nnghh tell me what you haaah what you want”

The alpha grunted

“h… harder!!”

Kenma yelped out

It was like a switch was flipped and Yuuji pulled Kenma off him and flipped him over


The alpha ordered and Kenma got on his hands and knee’s raising his arse up in the air. Yuuji positioned himself at the entrance and rammed himself right in. The omegas head whipped back as his eyes watered from pleasure. Thrusting in and out of the shorter to get him to whimper beneath him Yuuji smirked and within a split second his face lit up as he remembered something. He reached his hand forward and placed to fingers in Kenma’s mouth


The omega moaned at the feeling of his mates fingers playing with his tongue causing dribble to trickle from the corner of his lip and down his chin. Yuuji grunted as he felt Kenma tighten around him

“haaah like that do we?”

Kenma nodded slightly in response


Yuuji thrusted in harder with his fingers still in the omegas mouth. Kenma leaned himself back slightly and the alpha sat on his own feet with his mate sat on top of him facing away, the alpha ran his fingers through the shorters hair and the setter grunted, Yuuji frowned slightly and gave the black rooted hair a bit of a yank.

“uuuuhnnnn ALPHA!”

Kenma called out as his hole tightened around the alphas large pulsing dick. Yuuji grunted at the squeeze and pulled slightly more on the omegas hair getting the same reaction once again.

With Yuuji pulling on Kenma’s hair and flicking his fingers around his tongue it didn’t take long for the omega to moan that he was getting close, but that was alright because so was the alpha. As Kenma was bouncing himself up and down he could feel Yuuji’s dick begin to swell quickly as his knot was forming, the omega grabbed his own hard member and began to pump up and down. Within about 30 seconds they both moaned out as Yuuji’s knot formed and Kenma came all up his stomach and chest. Yuuji kept a hold of Kenma tightly as he rolled them both on their sides to wait for Yuuji’s knot to go down. Both panting and sweating against each other’s bodies they sighed in relief.  

“baby… that was amazing!”

“y… yeah it was”

“you’re like a completely different person in the bedroom… I didn’t expect you to be so… kinky?”


The omega blushed. Luckily, he was facing away from the alpha, so he didn’t see the embarrassment plastered across his face.

Yuuji’s knot had gone down and he pulled himself free from the omega, Kenma grunted quickly from the empty feeling. The alpha pulled his mate in close and they both lay cuddled up enjoying the feeling of their bare skin against each other. Yuuji passed Kenma the tissues from the side so he could clean himself up and the alpha removed the condom. They then continued cuddling

“Kenma honey I’m home early!”

The omegas mum burst through the door and stood in shock

“oh my god mum!!!”

The mates quickly scurried and covered themselves with the duvet

“oh my god I’m soooo sorry!”

She quickly closed the door behind her. Yuuji’s face had gone bright red along with Kenma’s, they sat in silence for 10 seconds until there was a knock at the door


The omega moaned in embarrassment

“the tongue piercing ayyyy”

His mum called through the door to embarrass her son even more


Kenma hid himself under the duvet and his mum burst into laughter. After Yuuji heard her walk down the stairs he climbed under the duvet with his mate

“your mums funny”

He chuckled, and the omega frowned up at the alpha


At Kuroo’s small apartment he had prepared a romantic home cooked meal…

That he forgot about and it burnt so he ordered a pizza instead

The laughs from his omega in the background were loud as the alpha was wafting the thick black smoke that was pouring from the oven with his naked women styled apron. Kuroo turned to Tsukki and looked at him with all defeat written in his eyes, the omega tilted his head with a smile and kissed him on the cheek

“was worth a shot”

The alpha mumbled

The mates had been waiting 30 minutes cuddled up on the sofa for their pizza to arrive when there was a knock at the door. Kuroo waited for Tsukki to sit up before jumped on to his feet and ran to the door, he exchanged cash for the food and thanked the delivery driver. Kuroo placed the large box on the kitchen side and grabbed to plates, he put 4 giant slices on each plate and bought them over to the sofa.

“I can’t eat all this!”

The omegas eyes widened

“well, just eat what you can”

The alpha smiled and sat himself at the side of the blonde

Kuroo opened his mouth wide as he placed the point of the slice in his mouth and almost gobbled half of it up, Tsukki watched with a frown and his mouth agape


The blonde questions


The alpha looked at him confused with puffed out cheeks full of pizza, Tsukki laughed at the raven-haired male as he struggled to swallow

“bite off more then you could chew eh?”

The omega chuckled slightly as he took a small bite from his slice, Kuroo leaned to the side to grab the glass of water, downing almost all of it he offered the last swig to the omega, but he held his hand up and shook his head, the alpha shrugged and downed the rest.

“I really don’t want you to go home tomorrow”

Kuroo sulked

“I’ve had fun whilst being here”

“apart from when you got attacked”

Kuroo gritted his teeth as images of his mate lying on the floor flashed through his mind

“well, I had a big strong alpha that saved me”

Tsukki grinned and nudged his mate with his elbow

“well at least your bruising has gone down, and the slightly yellow bruising around your nose gets covered by your glasses”

“yeah, I’m sure by the time I have to go to school it will be fully healed”

“still not gonna tell Yamaguchi?”

“absolutely not”

Kuroo sighs as he sat back some more on the sofa

“look, I know you don’t get it… but if I tell Yamaguchi then he’s just going to blame himself, and it’s not worth it”

“no… I get it, just what happens if he finds out?”

“he wont”

“but if he does?”

Tsukki narrowed his eyes towards his mate

“well, if your big mouth is the reason he finds out… I will hunt you down and I will shove-“

“Okay! Okay! Okay! I wouldn’t tell him anyway”


“sorry Tsukki, I seem to have wound you up”

“no, you haven’t I just really don’t want Yamaguchi to know”

“that’s understandable”

Kuroo smiled and leaned in to kiss the omega on the cheek

“do you mind? I’m trying to eat”

The alpha laughed and Tsukki looked at him from the corner of his eyes with a grin.

The two finished their dinner, well; Kuroo finished all his, Tsukki managed 2 slices before giving up. The alpha grabbed both plates and placed them in the kitchen bowl and began to wash them up. Tsukki slid his way behind him and made his way to the bedroom, Kuroo turned quickly and reached for him arm

“No! wait! You can’t go in there!”

Tsukki frowned and looked down at where Kuroo was holding him

“why not? And… your getting my sleeve wet”

Kuroo let go and continued to wash up

“you can’t go in there because it’s not finished yet”

“what’s not finished?”

“the preparations, I said I want to make everything perfect… well I messed up dinner, so I want to make sure that everything is perfect in there”

The alpha motioned his head towards the bedroom but continued looking at the plates he was washing. Tsukki sighed and walked past the bedroom and to the bathroom instead.

When Kuroo had finished washing up he shouted to Tsukki not to come in to the bedroom until he says

10 minutes later Tsukki had finished off in the bathroom and made his way to the bedroom door giving it a light knock with his middle knuckle.

“come in!”

Kuroo called nervously from inside. Tsukki opened the door slowly to be taken back by what he saw

The room was lit by lots of little tea light candles, the bed was covered in red rose petals, there was soft music playing in the back ground and Kuroo was stood all shy in just his tight dark blue boxers. Tsukki’s eyes widened in amazement and he shook his head slightly

“where… where did you get all this?... and when?!”

“well, you know when I collected the pizza from the delivery guy?”


“it wasn’t a