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the kids are okay

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“Jesus Fucking Christ,” Evan Hansen watches in amusement as his only, and by default best, friend Jared Kleinman struggles to lug a particularly heavy box towards Evan’s new room, “what did you put in here? Rocks?”

“Crystals, actually,” Evan grins at his friend's scowl, holding the door of his bedroom open with one hand and holding his own, lighter, box in the other, “my mom used to buy me one as a souvenir whenever we visited my grandma up in Mammoth. They’re pretty, but, uh, not the lightest.”

“No shit sherlock,” Jared dropped the box onto the floor with little care for it’s contents. He looked around the room, pushing his glasses up, “we got everything in here yet? It’s getting late and I have better things to do on a weekend than help you move.” Heidi, Evan’s mother, had been ecstatic when this house had gone for sale a few months ago; it was far bigger than their previous home, which they had been renting, and was at a VERY reasonable price for the rather lavish neighborhood (Jared was convinced someone had been murdered in the house because it was so cheap, either that or it was haunted).

“Yeah, this should be all of it. Thanks for helping out,” Jared straightened himself up, pleased with the praise.

“Don’t sweat it--just, remember me fondly when I’m gone,” he posed dramatically. Evan snorted in laughter.

“You’ll only be gone for a week, Jared,” one of Jared’s distant relatives in Arkansas had passed away and the whole family was taking the upcoming week off to fly out and attend the funeral.

“Yeah, a whole week! Who could survive a whole week without my beautiful presence lighting up their life?” he shook his head, patting Evan’s shoulder sympathetically, “you’ll be a mess without me, Hansen.”

“Bye,” Evan had rolled his eyes lightheartedly, pushing Jared towards the door. The brunet pouted but didn’t resist.

“Whatever, maybe it’s good I’m leaving. How’s that saying go again? Don’t know what you have until it’s gone? Some shit like that,” Jared ruffled Evan’s hair, “alright, kiddo. You’re the man of the house now. They grow up so fast.”


Evan looked at the digital clock on his otherwise bare desk. The green letters blinked 11:35. He frowned. His mother took night classes at community college after her job, so it was common for her to get home well into the night, but usually she was back by 11. Evan had a hard time sleeping when his mother wasn’t home; he’d always worry that she got into a car accident (Heidi wasn’t known for being the best driver).

There’s probably just traffic, Evan thought, looking through his window at his new backyard, wondering if he should text Jared this late.

Evan’s friendship with Jared Kleinman didn’t actually start until a few years after they met; when they had first been introduced to each other at age 6 Jared hadn’t bothered to hide the fact that he thought Evan was boring and didn’t want to spend time with him--but still, their mothers were always forcing them to play together and eventually Jared learned to like Evan in the same way Evan learned to open up around Jared. Still, even though Jared had gotten past the whole "we're only family friends" phase, he treated Evan more like a little brother than a real friend. Sometimes he was eager to hang out with him and sometimes he made it obvious that Evan was just butting into his life and being a nuisance.

“--FINE!” the loud slamming of a door pulled Evan from his memories. Blinking, he looked towards the house next door.

The house next door was a pearly-shade of white and much more well-kept than the Hansen's. There were four windows visible from Evan’s room, which was ground level; two on the first story of the neighbors house, and two on the second. Both of the second story windows were lit up, one had the curtains closed and one without.

The shouting seemed like it had come from the window with the open curtains. Evan looked intently at the window, still a little surprised by the shouting, and even more surprised when a familiar figure appeared at the windowsill.


Evan didn’t know too much about Connor Murphy, other than the fact that he skipped classes to smoke weed behind the gym and threw a printer at his teacher in 2nd grade. Jared liked to whine about how they let him join the AP classes even though he skipped school half the time. He had always kind of intimidated Evan.

Does he... live there?

Connor was now sitting on the edge of his windowsill with what looked like a lit cigarette in one hand. Idiot. Of course he lives there! Why else would he-- Evan froze as he realized Connor's gaze was now fixated on him, his eyes narrowed. 

Shit. Was I staring? Evan's lips went dry and he fidgeted for a second before smiling nervously and offering a shy wave, not sure what else to do. Connor took a drag of his "cigarette", staring at Evan for a few seconds before quirking a half-smile of his own and waving back.