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Moments with her; Turians.

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Grizz; Desire. NSFW.

The burning surge she sent down to his groin when he first saw her wasn’t new to him, she was everything he could ask for in a woman, beautiful body, brilliant eyes, thin and easily torn skin and damn she had an ass to die for. At first, Grizz thought it was lust, admittedly he hadn’t had a worthy woman between the sheets of his bed in a long time, at least not a human woman and as good as an Asari was in bed, human women were far more sensitive to touch and he’d found that the very tip of his talons could drive them crazy.

But when the feeling went away and then came back each time she left and returned to the club, he knew it wasn’t just lust.

He wanted her.

Normally it wouldn’t be an issue, he could have gone to Aria and asked for a few the rest of the night off and then spent a few hours flirting with the woman before taking her to his apartment and fucking her senseless for the night.

But this wasn’t just any woman that made his cock start twitching uncomfortably in his pants. No, this beautiful, mesmerising woman Grizz wanted, the woman who made it hard or him to focus on his job, was none other than the Great Commander A. Shepard, First Human Spector, Saviour of the Council.

A bit of a conundrum one might say, if they knew about it and so, Grizz kept it to himself and instead of trying to peruse the commander, he found a nice Asari dancer after every visit and had a LOT of cold showers.


Then it happened.

She’d walked in to the VIP club tonight earlier than most, right past his stand at the dance booths and made her way to the bar, dressed in a skin tight black pants with a thin white top that loosely hugged her shoulders, a pair of black high heels covered her feet and Grizz was sure he could see the smallest hint of a tattoo over her left shoulder as she sat with her back to him, chatting with the Bartender while her crew mates enjoyed the normal Afterlife and all it had to offer.

Grizz was quickly starting to despise his job, standing at the side of the privet dance booths, keeping the usual drunks and fools away from the dancers while they worked, watching Shepard out of the corner of his eye as she and the bar tender talked about something he couldn’t hear though judging by the way the bartender was mixing drinks and still holding a conversation with the Commander, he could guess it was either about mixology or drinks in general.

“Grizz.” Another Turian called out and Grizz gave him a look. He wasn’t due to come off shift for another hour. “Aria commed me in, said you had your eyes on a girl and wanted me to cover for you.”

“You are kidding me. Aria never cuts hours down.”

“She says you earned it.” The Turian chuckled spotting the Commander. “Nice choice,” he added, “Now hurry off and get her, before someone else does.”

Grizz gave a nod and would have put his gun away right away, but just to be sure he sent a text to Aria, quick and simple just to make sure he was really being relieved of duty.

The response was instant.

{“Don’t need to be Turian to know you have the hots for the girl. Enjoy your early vacation. You start work again when she leaves.”}

Grizz smiled and tucked his gun away on his back, told his replacement who had been trying to sneak past him for the last hour and half and then headed to the bar.

“-Straight up alcohol and you can stand up straight?” he heard the bartender ask, quickly shaking and then pouring a drink for one of the other customers.

“Moonshine is strong, but if you drink it enough, your body learns to fight the effects, just like all substances you develop a tolerance to it.” Shepard told him with a smile, her glass only half full. “But not many places serve it since it so fast acting, and can be deadly if not properly stored.”

“Might change that. If Aria likes the idea.” The bar tender chuckled and then looked at Grizz, “What’ll it be Grizz?”

“Something strong and hold the ice.” He ordered and flashed Shepard a lustful smirk. “Not on the clock Commander?” He asked, a deep growling in his chest from his sub vocals as he looked her up and down. The front of the top she was wearing was low cut, something he’d missed when she first walked into the club and the way it fell allowed him to see the black corset that hugged her breasts beneath, making the most wonderful view Grizz had ever seen of a human woman’s breasts.

“Haven’t been since we docked.” She smiled back to him and he saw the lustful look in her own eyes as she looked him up and down. “The Council is deliberately slowing the shipment of weapons and resources to my ship since we aren’t ‘docked in a safe place’ so I threw them a bone and said until they get my shipments right, I’m not going to leave Omega and if my shipments aren’t here within,” She paused checking her wrist and the thin chained watch that rested there. “Seventy hours, I am going to go to the Citadel, rip the Council a new ass hole and then personal oversee the transfer of my goods for at least seven years just to piss them off.”

Grizz chuckled. “So, you’re not expecting someone to come asking for help with anything while you are here?” he asked, wanting to know what her plans were now she was here and had Seventy hours to wait, though from the look of things her plans were on the same page as his own.

“Nope. My crew’s been needing time off and I needed a good drink, so I went to see Aria and asked her to direct anyone looking for me to Miranda, just to piss miss ‘I’m perfect’ off and then asked where a girl can get a drink that isn’t watered down she gave me the passcode for this place so here I am.” She smiled and then glanced at him. “And you? What brings Aria’s finest looking Turian to the VIP area?”

“I was on shift, keeping the drunks and scum away from the dancers, but I just got off shift.” Grizz chuckled nodding to the drink he had been served and lifted it in a toast. “To not working like dogs.” He toasted, knowing he had a good shot at getting her to come home with him when they’d done here.

“And having good company to waste time with.” She chuckled and clicked her glass to his before downing it, Grizz couldn’t help but notice how thin her neck was without the protective armour around it, or stop the idea of his teeth marking that soft white skin as he pounded her into the mattress.

They spent a long while in the VIP club, moving to a privet Booth when the night picked up around them and the need for privacy became apparent. “You done this before?” he asked as he pulled her into his lap talons of one hand already catching the fabric of her pants, desperate to pull them off as he pulled her closer.

“Had a few Turians in my time.” She admitted wrapping her arms around his neck. “Human men never did it for me. You?” she asked deliberately grinding her hips against his.

“I’ve no rookie.” Grizz assured with a deep growl, taking hold of her hair loosely and pulling her head back to expose her neck, “Though you are the first human I wanted from the first day you showed up.” He hissed softly and bit at her neck, not enough to break the skin, but enough to leave it red from his teeth.

“Your own fault.” She told him, tugging on his fringe. “I knew you wanted me.” She smiled and Grizz realized she’d been waiting for him to make the first move all along. “Like I said, you’re not the first Turian to chase me.”

“Vakarian?” He asked, tightening his grip on her body.

“As much as I adore the guy, he and Tali have been dancing about each other since I brought them together.” She admitted.

“Anyone I might know?” he asked.

She chuckled and shook her head as best she could. “Can you say C-Sec?”

Grizz smirked, “So the great Commander Shepard likes being restrained.” He growled, letting her hair go and pushing back softly. “I got cuffs back home.”

“Call me Anna, only my crew call me Shepard,” She told him.

“Alright than Anna,” he smiled, sending the credits to the bartender for their last round of drinks, “What do you say we leave this place and the go have our own party?”

“Thought you’d never ask.” She smiled and let him lead her out of the club.

He led her up a small narrow set of steps and then out into a clean, neatly tucked away set of apartment buildings. “Nice place.”

“Arai’s men and their families live in this area, we’ve got total privacy and section from the rest of Omega.” Grizz told her as he quickly led her to a smaller single person dwelling, pulling her into the alcove near the door and pressed his lips to here in a kiss, using his mandibles to tickle her face as he lightly nibbled her lower lip, one hand daring to slip under her top to fondle her breasts again while the other kept a firm hold on her waist, keeping her as close to him as possible.

“Lucky for us.” She managed to say as he pulled back reaching to unlock the door with one hand while keeping her waist firmly in his grip.

She smiled, leaning up as far as she could and caught one of his mandibles with her teeth, biting it with enough force to make it sting before he turned to face her, pulling the mandible from her teeth with wide, lustful eyes. If she had been with Turians before, she knew exactly what she’d just let herself in for, biting the mandible was the silent submission with Turians and Anna Shepard had just given that silent permission to Grizz.

He found it in himself to smile, though he wanted nothing more than to rip her clothes off and ravage her. “Are you sure you want to do that?” He asked. “With the way I feel right now I’m not sure I won’t hurt you if you give me all the control.”

“Maybe I don’t want you to be gentle with me,” she suggested, “the title Commander gets doors open for resources and money, but it doesn’t do me favours in the bedroom. Men always treating me like I’ll break if they aren’t careful with me. It drove me mad and is part of the reason I started looking for lovers in Turians,” She admitted as a smile that would have made a Krogan blush covered her face and she lead up again, kissing where she’d bitten his mandible.

“Now, are you going to have your way with me or do I need to bite you again?”

The door to his apartment couldn’t open quick enough.

No sooner did it part to let them in, Grizz had dragged Shepard inside and all but punched the door lock to close it again before he pinned her between himself and the wall, lifting her up and forced his tongue down her throat in a violent kiss while his talons ripped through her clothes.

The fact she wasn’t resisting and moaned at his actions only drove him on, feeling her legs wrap tightly around his hips to keep herself from falling while her hands clung to his shoulders, trying to find some purchase as he held her there, one hand tightly around her neck, holding her face still as he assaulted her mouth.

Not that she resisted him, her jaw went slack and gave him total access to explore her mouth and body as his talons scratched thin red paths over her breasts and side until he at last heaved her up again and carried her towards the bed room, ripping the ruins of her shirt and corset off as they went, leaving the ruins behind on the floor as his claws dug into her skin.

The armour around his chest and shoulder slacken and shrugged it off as she tried to find some part of him to hold onto as he slowly withdrew his tongue from deep inside her throat and trailed it down her neck, drawing those sweet little meowling whimpers from her as they ground their hips against each other, talons ripping the fabric of her pants and panties while her hands found the fastening of her lower armour, leaving them both wiggling and struggling to get out of their clothes without pulling away from each other.

“Ah!” She gasped, her body shaking with desire as she felt his length against her thighs. “Grizz… please…”

“So eager.” Grizz growled in to her neck as he bit down just enough to almost brake the skin as his hands found her wrists and pushed them down, stopping her from holding onto him as he trailed his tongue down from where he had bitten her.

“Grizz…Ah! Fuck… Don’t tease me! Please…” she panted trembling under him as he licked his way down to her breasts, flicking his mandibles against her nipples as she arched, trying to gain that physical contact she seemed to love so much. “Grizz please…”

“Shhh, shhh, shhh, patience babe.” He growled against her skin with a smirk, “I’ve got you.” He promised, pressing his length against her wet lips, smirking as she wiggled under him, teasing herself on his ridged thickness.

Before Anna could form words, Grizz pushed his cock inside her without warning and stretching her painfully tight around his cock. Her inner walls squeezing his cock so tightly he couldn’t focus on anything but her gasping pants and her sinful warmth.

“Fuck… Grizz…” She whimpered, though there was no pain to her voice as she found some strength to lean up and catch his mandible gently in her teeth again.

It was too much and Grizz lost was little control he had manged to keep until then. He moved his hips in a swift piston-like movement without pause, pushing Anna down into the bed again as he pounded her savagely, driven on as Anna whined and moaned under him, arching up into him to meet his thrusts, her smaller body couldn’t throw him off her or stop him even if she’d wanted to, her inner walls rippled sinfully around his length as he moved faster inside her, she managed to hook one leg over his hip spur trying to pull him deeper as any words she might have wanted to say were lost to the screams of pleasure that came past her lips the bed shaking under their actions as his teeth found her neck again, this time breaking the skin.

It drove Anna over the edge, her hips jerking as Grizz pushed her down into the bed as she ached again, this time almost enough to form a perfect bridge of her back, her insides clamping down so tight around Grizz it was painful, coating his cock in her warmth, going limp under him for a few seconds.

It drove Grizz harder, he let go of her wrists and grabbed her hips tightly, his talons almost breaking the skin as he held her against him, roaring as his cock erupted deep inside her, flooding her sensitive core with his seed.

He couldn’t keep his weight off her as he fell forwards, restricting her even in the afterglow of their passion, feeling her panted breaths against his neck as he struggled to regain control of his own breathing and get his arms to listen to his head so he didn’t squash her.

Though, the idea that he, a lowly Club bouncer on Omega and guard to Aria had just had total control over The Great Commander Anna Shepard, The First Human Spector and Saviour of the Council, a whimpering, trembling mess after just one round of wild sex did bring a smile to his face.

Eventually he had enough strength to roll them so he was on his side, with her loosely held in his arms. “Sorry.” He breathed softly.

“Eh?” Was the only response he got until he gently reached up with a trembling hand and touched her neck, near where he had bitten her, drawing his hand back to show blood. “Oh that…”

“Need anything for that?” he asked, “I got medic gel patches, in the bath room.”

“Maybe later,” She smiled, “When my legs don’t feel like jelly.” She admitted with a chuckle, wincing slightly as Grizz lightly used the bed sheet to clean up the blood from her neck. “Thank you, for no treating me like I’m made of glass.”

Grizz smiled, “We still got two days and some odd hours to kill, Anna.” He reminded, “I’m sure I can make you forgot all the fools that did treat you like glass.”

She smiled back. “Another reason I like Turian lovers.” She said and must to Grizz’ surprise, she rolled them again with her upper body, this time so she was atop him already working her pussy over his limp length again. “They don’t fall asleep after the first round.”

Grizz smirked. He was going to enjoy this.