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Message Sending

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Bold is Junhui
Italics is Minghao

[July 21, Thursday] 

(6:30PM) Don't forget to buy pizza on the way back.

(6:31PM) What?

(6:32PM) Pizza. For dinner. 

(6:34PM) Mom? Did you change your number? I'm just in my room.

(6:34PM) Very funny, Wonwoo. I promise I'll pay you my share for the pizza. 

(6:35PM) Ah, now it makes sense. I'm not Wonwoo.

(6:36PM) What do you mean you're not Wonwoo don't try and get out of this, it's your turn to bring home food!!! 

(6:36PM) I'm not Wonwoo!!!

(6:36PM) Prove it!!!

(6:37PM) [picture sent] 

(6:37PM) You're definitely not Wonwoo. 

(6:38PM) That's what I've been saying.

(6:38PM) You're cute though. 

(6:38PM) Gee, thanks, glad to know my right eye is cute. 

(6:39PM) I'm serious. You can tell a lot about a person by their right eye. 

(6:39PM) Like how I'm not Wonwoo?

(6:39PM) Exactly. So, Not-Wonwoo, may I know who you are? 

(6:40PM) Shouldn't you focus on getting that pizza request to Wonwoo first? Like get his number right? 

(6:40PM) All taken care of, I contacted Mingyu and he's with Wonwoo, of course, and they're coming over soon. 

(6:40PM) Right. I'm going to pretend I know who those people are. Or who you are, for that matter. 

(6:40PM) I asked that question first.

(6:41PM) Fine. Fair enough. I'm not telling you then. 

(6:41PM) What do you mean you're not telling me? 

(6:41PM) You might be a creep. Or a kidnapper. 

(6:41PM) You already sent me a photo of your right eye, and now you're cautious?  

(6:41PM) Maybe it's not my eye.

(6:42PM) Sure. Would it help if I introduced myself first then? 

(6:42PM) Yes.

(6:42PM) Unfair.

(6:42PM) Life isn't fair. 

(6:42PM) Fine. My name is Junhui. 

(6:43PM) That's a nice name. 

(6:43PM) Thank you.

(6:43PM) Feels fake.

(6:43PM) Are you kidding me. 

(6:43PM) HAHA I am, actually. I'm Minghao. 

(6:44PM) Now that feels fake too. 

(6:44PM) That's my joke, where's your originality? 

(6:44PM) Sorry, Minghao. 

(6:44PM) Apology accepted, Junhui. 

(6:47PM) Well, the pizza's here. It was nice accidentally texting you, Minghao. 

(6:47PM) Same here, Junhui. Enjoy the pizza! 


"What's with the weird smile on your face?" 


Junhui quickly stopped grinning. He threw his phone underneath the a couch pillow, but Wonwoo noticed the action because really- that wasn't the first time Junhui tried to hide something under a pillow. It was his usual move. Which could only mean that Junhui was definitely hiding something. Junhui himself realized that he was being obvious about it when he saw the scheming look that passed between Wonwoo and Mingyu. Next thing he knew, Wonwoo had easily slipped his hand under the couch pillow and brought his phone out. Before Junhui could get a chance to grab the phone, it was tossed to Mingyu, who caught it nicely.

Junhui pouted, "that's not fair, guys."

Mingyu tutted and shook his head, "what's not fair, Junhui, is you hiding something from us. So what's in the phone?"

"It's really nothing," Junhui said simply. "I accidentally texted somebody else because I got Wonwoo's number messed up."

"You're smiling because you texted a stranger?" Wonwoo said, raising an eyebrow. "I didn't think you were this desperate for social contact."

"I'm not, it was just an accident. It won't happen again. Besides, he introduced himself to me, so he's no longer a stranger. His name is Minghao."

Wonwoo's incoming 'stranger danger' sermon about how Junhui shouldn't just go around texting random people was cut off by Mingyu loudly cooing, "aw, Junhui made a friend!" Which was all Junhui needed before quickly snatching his phone back from Mingyu, who made no more attempts to fight back. The Chinese boy rolled his eyes and playfully shoved Mingyu away, while Wonwoo continued to keep his look of disapproval. The phone then disappeared into Junhui's back pocket.



[July 22, Friday] 

(1:02PM) I think we're out of cereal. 

(1:04PM) Why are you thinking of cereal at 1PM in the afternoon? 

(1:04PM) I need to eat something for lunch. Buy some on the way home. 

(1:05PM) . . . 

(1:05PM) What? 

(1:05PM) Junhui. 

(1:05PM) Yes? 

(1:06PM) Who am I?

(1:06PM) What kind of question is that, Wonwoo? 

(1:06PM) Do I need to send you my eye again? 

(1:07PM) Wait a minute... Minghao? 

(1:07PM) Good morning. 

(1:10PM) Or well, afternoon. 

(1:11PM) Okay, I finally got Wonwoo's number correctly. Sorry about that. 

(1:11PM) No problem. 

(1:12PM) I'm saving your number too, just in case. 

(1:12PM) I'm surprised you didn't do that last night.

(1:12PM) I got distracted by the pizza. 

(1:13PM) Of course. Pizza for dinner and cereal for... What is this, lunch? Did you just wake up? 

(1:13PM) Maybe... 

(1:14PM) You amaze me.

(1:14PM) I tend to have that effect on people, yes. 

(1:14PM) I take that back.

(1:15PM) Too late now. 

(1:15PM) Darn. 

(1:17PM) What about you, Minghao? Have you had lunch?

(1:18PM) Yes. And breakfast earlier today. Both at the proper time. Both actual meals. 

(1:18PM) Lucky. 

(1:19PM) I take it you're living away from home? 

(1:19PM) Yeah. Dorming, for university purposes. 

(1:19PM) Wait.

(1:20PM) Don't tell me you're either really young.

(1:20PM) Or really old. 

(1:20PM) Why else would you apparently still live with your mom? 

(1:21PM) I did remember that correctly, right?

(1:21PM) I'm 18, thanks for asking. 

(1:22PM) Oh. Cool, I'm 19.

(1:22PM) University near your house? 

(1:23PM) More like my parents just won't let me live alone or with friends.

(1:23PM) You get good food, at least. 

(1:24PM) I want to live on cereal and pizza for my college life too, you know. 

(1:24PM) Are you mocking my lifestyle?

(1:24PM) Just a little bit. 

(1:24PM) Ouch.

(1:26PM) Hey, this may seem a little sudden. 

(1:26PM) And maybe childish.

(1:27PM) What is it?

(1:28PM) You've seen my right eye. Can I see yours? 

(1:28PM) Is this your way of flirting? Sending photos of eyes? 

(1:29PM) Bye Junhui. 

(1:29PM) Kidding, kidding. 

(1:30PM) [picture sent] 

(1:32PM) Hm. 

(1:32PM) What? 

(1:33PM) Pretty nice eye. 

(1:33PM) Pretty eye* 

(1:33PM) Your ego amazes me.

(1:34PM) It should, I've got plenty. 

(1:34PM) I hope Wonwoo never buys you cereal. 

(1:35PM) Take that back!! 

(1:35PM) Never!

(1:37PM) You win this time. I have to get ready for class soon. 

(1:38PM) Get used to losing.

(1:39PM) So we're having more of this then?

(1:40PM) If you keep texting, I guess, yeah.

(1:40PM) Bring it on. 




"So, Junhui," Jisoo said, casually slinging an arm around Junhui's shoulder. "What's this Wonwoo is saying about texting strangers?"

Junhui froze.

See, it was one thing that Wonwoo was a caring friend. Now, Jisoo was a very caring friend. Too caring. Absolutely the most caring friend you could ask for. Also, well, extremely careful about everything and everybody. Which meant, while Junhui escaped Wonwoo's 'stranger danger' talk, he instead had to endure Jisoo's. It was a very tiring experience, even if Junhui liked Jisoo's voice to some extent. Thankfully, he was saved by Mingyu shouting about what to order for dinner.

"So," Mingyu said, entering Junhui's room with Wonwoo behind him, "it's chicken and fries. We only get one dip for the fries though. What's it gonna be?"


(5:50PM) My friends and I need a deciding vote. 

(5:50PM) Fries with honey mustard dip or cheese dip?

(5:51PM) Jisoo and Wonwoo wants to go with the mustard one, Mingyu and I say cheese. 

(5:53PM) Did you text the right number this time?

(5:53PM) Yes, Minghao.

(5:54PM) Do they know you're asking me? 

(5:54PM) Yes. They're impatient too. 

(5:54PM) Cheese. 


(5:55PM) Glad to help.



(7:20PM) Let me rephrase my earlier question.

(7:20PM) Do they know about me? 

(7:23PM) Oh, yeah. I had to explain why I couldn't contact Wonwoo. 

(7:24PM) And your friends are totally fine with you suddenly texting a complete stranger? 

(7:24PM) Well, I told them you were Minghao and that you had a cute right eye. 

(7:25PM) Really now. 

(7:26PM) Okay, maybe not the right eye part. They didn't seem to mind either way, after the fries dip thing. 

(7:26PM) Why? 

(7:27PM) No real reason, just curious. 

(7:27PM) What about you?

(7:27PM) What about me?

(7:28PM) Have you told anybody you're texting a guy named Junhui with a pretty eye? 

(7:28PM) You make it sound like you only have one eye... 

(7:28PM) Maybe... 

(7:29PM) I accept the one eye. 

(7:29PM) Awwwwww. Thanks. What a good friend. 

(7:30PM) Of course. 

(7:30PM) I magically have two eyes now. 

(7:31PM) Amazing. What a phenomenon. 

(7:31PM) You're dodging my question though. 

(7:32PM) Alright, you got me. Yes, I did tell someone. Just one. 

(7:32PM) Sooooo what exactly did you say? 

(7:33PM) I'm not telling you. 

(7:33PM) Why not? Did you compliment my good looks? 

(7:33PM) I insulted your eye. 

(7:34PM) You're right, no need to tell me then. 

(7:35PM) So what new fact will I learn about you today? 

(7:37PM) Sorry, was that a bit too creepy?

(7:41PM) Minghao?

(8:29PM) Sorry for the late reply. I took a bath. 

(8:31PM) It's been an hour. 

(8:31PM) I thought I said something wrong.

(8:31PM) I take long baths?

(8:32PM) Is that my new fact of the day? 

(8:32PM) Maybe.

(8:32PM) I'll take what I can get. 

(8:33PM) What about me? What do I get? 

(8:33PM) If you must know, I take very short baths. 

(8:34PM) Fascinating. 

(8:34PM) That's one of the words to describe me, yes. 

(8:35PM) I have to stop using compliments around you. 

(8:35PM) You'll be the first one to do so. 

(8:35PM) There is no winning against that ego, is there?

(8:36PM) Afraid not, no. 

(8:36PM) Anyway, it was nice accidentally texting you, and then deliberately texting you. 

(8:36PM) Mingyu's shouting that it's my turn with the dishes. 

(8:37PM) Wouldn't wanna get Mingyu mad. 

(8:38PM) Trust me. You don't know the half of it. 

(8:38PM) Alright, gotta go, bye. 

(8:39PM) See ya. 




[July 23, Saturday] 

(1:39AM) I am regretting all my life decisions. 

(1:40AM) Like dorming with Wonwoo.

(1:40AM) Like helping him get together with Mingyu. 

(1:41AM) Like allowing Mingyu to sleep over tonight.

(1:41AM) The banging on the walls won't stop, Minghao. 

(1:41AM) The screaming and shouting is killing me. 

(1:44AM) I also regret splitting with Wonwoo for that Wii. 

(1:44AM) They've been playing Mario Kart for 3 hours. I can't believe it. 

(1:47AM) I realize that you must be asleep. 

(1:47AM) Something I would be doing if it weren't for those two. 

(1:48AM) Oh well. Sweet dreams, Minghao.