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Hoist the Sails

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I'm NeoSalle trash. Never have I written two stories in such a short span of time. I think its about time we have an interesting Alternative Universe story. :)) Out of the College experience sure, but a new take on the characters! Hope you enjoy this and please do comment!

WARNING: Not sure if it will but just in case I'll put in trigger warnings as it implies, some dubious content. Nothing happens but everything is only implied.


Hoist the sails


His crew didn't have a chance really. It was hard enough as is that their ship was tasked to chase down the infamous Green Archer, the ship that would wreak havoc wherever it went. Looting all the poor ships that crossed its way.


When Neo was assigned this mission, he was given the best ship that the Spanish armada could give him, the Blue Eagle. Fast and sleek. Decked out with new canons. All the bells and whistles. It should have taken down the Green Archer easily. would have if the Green Archer was alone. Because while there were rumors that the captain of the Green Archer had a twin. They didn't mention that the twin was manning a ship of her own.


Only shock rippled through his men as another ship, colorful and graceful sailed towards them just as they were about to engage the Green Archer. With the help of the Burning Star, they were easily subdued. And easily captured, Neo thought this over as the rope started to dig into his arm.


Singled out from all of his men, it was only Neo who was tied to this post, at the center for all to see. All of his men were bound and bundled together to other posts on the Green Archer. Immobilized, the only thing Neo could do was school his face into an impassive look, after all he was still a man of Loyola. He still had his dignity and no jeering from the pirates, from both the Green Archer and Burning Star, was going to take that away from him. All he had to do was wait.


He didn't have to wait long as the jeering of the crowd stopped and what remained was the noise of creaking wood. Sounding out the footsteps of the captain, who he was tasked to chase down. Creak. The footsteps thudded as a man in a green long coat finally made his way in front of him. It took all of Neo's willpower to not let his breath hitch. Because pirate or not, the man held a presence. Full of charm. Full of confidence. And unfortunately, his physical features could only further enhance his allure.


"I must say!" The captain spoke out in a baritone voice. Charm practically dripping from his voice. "I should be flattered that they had to send the great and prodigious, Napoleon Loyola to come after me." The man's grin twisted in humor. "Cess! What was his nickname again? I remember that it was quite adorable." The raven-haired man called out not lifting his gaze off the Blue Eagle's captain for a second.


Popping out from behind the man looming in front of him, a short girl with purple hair was grinning at him, practically vibrating with excitement. "They call him Neo, Salle!"


Neo's smile twitched up in amusement. Knowing inside information? Should have only been possible if there was a mole in their midst. He was sure his crew were sizing each other by now. Never mind that. He had more pressing matters to attend to.


"It really is a pleasure to finally meet you both, Salvador and Cessarina Baptiste." Neo had proclaimed, garnering as much confidence as possible for someone stuck to a post. "The Spanish Armada has spent quite a long time hunting you down. Nice to know that your reputations are up to par."


The dark-haired man could only chuckle as he took in Neo's way of address. Most men would be bargaining for their lives by now. Neo however had shown no sign of weakness whatsoever. "Oh please. Call me Salle."


"I much prefer Cess or Cessie" the captain of the Burning Star followed up cheekily.


Salle continued on speaking, amusement clearly dripping into his speech. "Speaking of reputations Neo--"


"I never said you could call me so casua--"


Unable to follow the movement, as it happened so quickly Neo's face was tugged upwards, forced to stare into the green eyes staring back at him.


"As I was saying, Neo, I believe your reputation is quite below you. Truly!!?" Salle then grasped his chest as if what he was going to say was a personal affront to him instead. "I had heard not a single word ever mentioning anything about your smothering beauty."


Cess had started to giggle, inciting the laughter and jeers of all the pirates surrounding them. Neo's face couldn't help but color in embarrassment. What was the green-cloaked man intending?


The man’s smug grin had only widened as he took in Neo’s new shade of complexion. “My oh my! And here I thought you were already a beauty” The man blew out a whistle. “I wonder. How far exactly does that blush travel?”


Neo, feeling his blood boil, shook his head out of the captain’s grip. His eyes now glaring at him, clearly dripping with distaste. “How about we start taking this seriously? I don’t have the patience for such tasteless games!”


His words had only incited the jeering even further. Clearly mocking his words. Salle was almost bent up from laughing at Neo’s statement. “Oh Cess! Look at him making demands when he’s in no position to bargain.”


Cessie was still laughing as she shook her head and patted Salle on the back. “Looks like he’s a feisty one, Salle. You’ve got your hands full with this one.”


Salle had stopped his laughing, his face now donning a smile once more. A bit fond if you asked Neo. A bit too fond. Salle then walked up to Neo, peering into his blue eyes. “No complaints from me. It’s a challenge I’m excited to take”


Neo strongly forced himself not to give Salle an eyeroll. They were clearly getting off track. “How about we start discussing what you want to do with me and my crew?” Neo uttered out, trying not to let the frustration get the best of him.


Once again Salle had taken ahold of Neo’s chin, pulling it up so that Salle could get a good look at his face. “Hmmm” he hummed out, his voice now taking on a different tone, causing Neo’s body to shiver. Sultry was the only way to describe it. “Indeed, what exactly should we do with you.”


Neo tried to shake his head out of Salle’s grasp once more but Salle made sure to tighten his grip this time. “Those blue eyes. That beauty mark. Your slim waist.” Salle made it a point to have a quick glance at his body as he said that, only to have it return back up. “Your fair complexion. And your thin, plump, satin lips.” Salle said as he ran his thumb over them. “You’ll surely pick up a pretty penny if we sell you for certain services.”


Neo’s eyes narrowed as no one on the ship, not even his men misunderstood what kind of services, Salle would sell him to. It definitely wasn’t for hard labor that was for certain.


Swallowing up his pride, Neo took a deep breath and tried to stay composed. “You can do whatever you want with the ship or even with me. Just as long as my men are able to make it home unharmed!”


Neo could hear his men now arguing. Showing their sign of disagreement. Howling and screaming that they won’t leave him behind. Salle took one look at Neo, assessing him and his gaze went up behind him. Looking at where his men were probably tied up. “Oh all of you shut your traps!!” His voice sounded throughout the boat, effectively silencing everyone up. Salle’s gaze went back to Neo, a grin now on his face. “Can’t you see that we’re striking a deal?”


Cessie practically skipped her way towards Salle’s side, leaning her weight on him as she tugged on his sleeve. “Oooh!! Salle!! Isn’t that great. He’s so loyal, isn’t he?” Cessie practically cooed. “Almost like a pet. Maybe you should keep him instead?”


His men didn’t appreciate what Cessie was saying as they scoffed at what she said. Neo didn’t appreciate it either as his face twisted into a scowl. He refused to be anyone’s pet.


Salle however just found amusement at the new emotion that was running through his face as he tutted his tongue at him. “I don’t know Cess. Looks like this one has a rebellious streak in him.” The captain’s eyes leering at him, Neo felt his throat go dry. It really was hard to not react to Salle’s gaze. Neo didn’t even have a chance to edge away as Salle’s hand ran through his hair, leaving his hand resting at the back of his head. “I don’t mind breaking him in though.”


Causing a hitch in his breath, Salle’s hand then drifted towards the blue captain’s throat as Salle’s eyes seemed to darken with, what Neo can presume, arousal. “I’m sure that you would look good with a collar around your neck.” The green-eyed man whispered as his hand traced along the blue-eyed man’s neck, as if plotting the area where the collar would lay. Neo’s face felt like it was burning as the image tried to seep into his mind. No. He couldn’t lose focus. He couldn’t screw this up. And Salle wasn’t helping.


Invigorated by his frustration and anger, Neo felt his patience go thin.


“Don’t touch me!” Neo hissed out as he finally got his bearings. “If you think I’m going to sit around and play as your precious pet you have another thing coming! I had enough of your games and I will not be made fun of any longer! You have no need for me. Go ahead take our ship! Use it as your trophy for all I care. Or sell it and leave us on a marooned island! We’ll find our way back! Now are you going to release us or not??!!!”


A few seconds after his outburst resulted in dead silence, only the sound of the crashing waves permeated the quiet. Salle took a second to look at him then turned towards Cessie. The two of them looked at each other, clearly communicating with one another through glances and shakes of the head. Ugh. Twins.


After a suspenseful minute or so, Salle turned back to look at him. Throwing him a no-good smirk It sent Neo’s heart to a stop. “Cess and I decided!” Salle exclaimed, his voice carrying over, clearly calling the attention of all his men. “We wouldn’t be so stupid enough to steal a whole ship, one so recognized as the Blue Eagle. As, we wouldn’t be able to go around unnoticed in an obviously stolen ship. Not to mention we don’t have enough man-power to take care of three ships.” Salle explained to his men, turning and pacing around to look at his crew as if giving them all a pep talk.


Neo could only raise an eyebrow at what Salle was saying. Everyone was probably wondering what game the dark-haired man was playing at. “Are you implying that you’re just going to let the Blue Eagle go??” The blue-eyed man couldn’t help but let his curiosity get the best of him.


Salle turned back to look at him with a mischievous smile etched unto his face. “Well we are pirates after all. Sure we can’t take the whole ship with us. But…I didn’t say all of your cargo wasn’t ours for the taking.” Before Neo could say a word of protest, Salle’s voice boomed out in command.




With his command given, all of his and Cessie’s crew scattered about, making their way to the Blue Eagle, looting everything in sight. It was a sight any captain was disheartened to see happen to their own ship. Neo couldn’t help but feel his own heart twinge.


“You’re taking all of our supplies??!! Not even a morsel of food in the middle of the ocean?!!” Neo protested, struggling in the binds that held him. “How do you expect us to survive??!!”


Salle could only shrug out in disinterest. “It’s either your men sail quickly to civilization. Or! They can find themselves a nice deserted island and use the ship’s wood as kindling for a signal fire.” Cessie who decided to stay instead of help her men loot the ship, let out another cheeky laugh.


“Why am I even surprised?” Neo scoffed at the twins who were acting smug at the way things played out. “Shouldn’t have expected any different from you damn pirates.” Neo huffed out. By now all he wanted to do was get out of these bonds, his arms were starting to go numb. “I can’t wait to leave and never see your faces again.”


At his words however, Salle and Cessie had suddenly broke out into laughter, clutching their gut as they continued to laugh hard and heartily. Neo and his own crew were left to watch as the two continued on with their fit. “What’s so funny?!” Neo asked through gritted teeth.


After having a last chuckle or two, Salle had finally straightened himself, once again throwing Neo a grin that screamed that he was up to no good. “Oh my dear captain. I’m afraid you can’t avoid seeing our faces again. After all, we’re taking you with us.”


Neo’s eyes widened as he slowly absorbed Salle’s words, leaving him speechless for a second or two. His men however had started screaming bloody murder. It took a while until Neo was able to finally say something. “I don’t understand. You won’t take the ship but you’ll take me instead?! What’s the point? Why bother doing this??” He protested once more struggling in his binds.


Salle however shook his head and tutted. “Oh Mr. Loyola, you were the one that gave us the idea in the first place. Keeping the ship would be too hard to do, with it being too big to hide and handle. You however, are much easier to keep on board. I mean, sure! As much as we want to keep the ship as a trophy like you suggested, it’s just plain unreasonable!” Salle’s then slinked towards him, his face inches from his own as he leered at him with a provocative smile. “The famous and prodigious captain of the Blue Eagle would just have to do then.”


Neo felt his face redden as he spat at Salle with as much hate as he could muster. “You bastard!”


Salle had only chuckled at his curse, looking at him as no dangerous as a puppy. “Now, now. That’s no way to treat somebody who’s only treated you with such hospitality and kindness. I mean, I’m letting your men go after all!”


“Oh! By leaving them in an empty ship? Don’t kid yourself, you scum. No one’s buying your nice act.”


Neo was left seething, completely helpless with what was going to happen. His eyes looked at the men who were going back and forth between the two ships, lugging crates, barrels and furniture on board. It was only a matter of time till his ship was completely left bare.


Laughter however pulled his eyes back towards Salle. His face was now much closer to his own and Neo tried to make sure that his face didn’t color from the close proximity.


“Oh come now. I’m a nice man. I’ve been way to kind if you ask me. In fact! I’m going to give you some considerate options right now!” Neo’s chin was pulled up again by Salle’s hand, their faces so close that their breaths intermingled with one another. Breath hitching, all of Neo’s attention was drawn towards the man in front of him. “Now Neo” the blue captain shivered as his name was called in such a sultry manner. “Tell me. Would you prefer to be chained behind bars? Or chained to my bed? Your choice.”


I'm planning to write a small Bonus after this. (No. There's no NSFW stuff. I don't know how.) Just posting this in case I don't have time to do a bonus chapter! Hope you enjoyed!!