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A New Life

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It was a week after John had come back and told Dan Torrance that he found his watch. It was another Thursday night and Dan couldn't help but keep looking at Gemma. Not out of attraction; she was an extremely unpleasant woman. It wasn't pity either; god knows Dan had done awful shit too. But he couldn't help wonder whether he could help Gemma.

Dan’s shining wasn't so much stronger or weaker these days as it was more controlled. He knew from Doctor John that the ability he possessed as a child to find things and extrapolate information from memories was as strong as it ever was. Maybe, if he could get Gemma to think about the hit and run he could give her the name of the victim so she could make her amends. Or at least he could tell her if the poor guy was still alive when she drove off. He could do that.

But that would mean asking her to think in great detail about the worst night of her life so he could pull some psychic shit on her and tell her things Dan couldn't possibly know. That didn’t seem like a great idea. Plus it would mean reaching into her past and he might not want to know what slept there.

He thought about this all night look at this woman, wondering what he should do. He decided not to approach Gemma as soon as the meeting ended which is exactly when she approached him.

“Is there something you want to say?” There was nothing rude about how she asked it and the question was accompanied by a flirtatious bump into him.

She had been wondering if the looks he stole meant a reciprocity to the crush she had developed on the attractive young man. But she had also wondered if it was about the story she told in an act of not so total honesty. Between those fears and the bump, Dan was able to garner the shine he was hoping for.

“You're from Ergastulum, not Somerville,” Dan said. It was the first thing he noticed because the lie involved in her telling of the story was what worried her the most.

“My half brother is, well probably was, a twilight.” Now she was thinking back. It was the accident that incited Gemma to leave. Her brother was stuck there but she wasn't. If she left it would all start looking up for her. Little did she know, her addiction would follow her across the Atlantic.

“That's where you ran over the man.” Dan’s hand was on her arm. Physical contact help when trying to do stuff like this.

Dan continued, not paying attention to the ethereal quality now present in his voice. “His name was Leonard Theo. He was in Med School.”

She stared at him angrily, an expression less foreign to her face than the flirty one she wore earlier. “How could you possibly know that?”

Dan shrugged. “I just do. He has a practice there. You might find him online.”

Gemma looked ready to cry. “And what to I do with this.”

“Make amends I suppose. And if he asks how you found him, don't mention my name. In fact, avoid mentioning this in general.”

Gemma hugged him. She wasn't crying about the hit and run Dan knew. She was crying because it was the first time she's thought of her brother in 4 years. He couldn't imagine having a sibling and not sparing them a thought every once and awhile. Also, what the hell is a Twilight?