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Save me Golden Boy (I'll save you too)

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As soon as the second tremor rips through the city, Taehyung is already racing down the stairs of the office with his tape recorder in his pocket, his notebook stuffed in his bag and video camera hanging around his neck. Traditionally he should have had a cameraman but they were just so easy to leave behind when a homicidal maniac is trying to mow you down with his new favourite toy. Taehyung skids out of the building, running towards the people screaming and crying.

The giant contraption wrecking the city is a massive cluster-fuck of bulldozers and heavy swinging arms. Taehyung squints as he runs closer, looking for some kind of ray or a device that does more than just destroy. There is none. He starts a video with his camera, holding it steady while dodging running people and debris. He would have thought it was the work of a lesser, angrier villain, if not for the signature cat ears on the machine. How strange.

It’s clawing angrily at one building in particular: a recording label that had created some of the biggest names after they traded their originality for mass-produced pop love songs. Taehyung can’t say he’s all that devastated. He makes a mental note of it, brows furrowed in confusion. The top of the building sounds a loud crack as it begins to crumble and crush everything under it. Taehyung starts walking backward into the middle of the street to film a better angle. Destruction is really quite beautiful when you see it up close.

Suddenly there’s a burst of air from above and Taehyung allows the camera to follow without looking up to check what it is. He knows what it is. Golden boy in all his glory is soaring through the sky. He has Hope in his arms as he circles the machine to confuse it before dropping the other hero the metal head and disappearing in a flash. Hope lands in the classic hero pose that Taehyung would have scoffed at in movies but is awe-inspiring in real life. He quickly slides down the head, fearless even though he’s a hundred feet in the air, and grabs onto the neck of wires. His hands glow so brightly that even from the ground it looks like pure sunshine. The monster begins to melt and malfunction but Taehyung is distracted, looking for someone else.

Golden Boy is pressed up against the side of the record label, pushing the top back inch by inch. He might not be able to realign it but at least he can force it to fall on the robot instead of the apartments around it. Taehyung could imagine the straining muscles and deep grunts as a focused the camera closer.

He always hated perfect people, they made him uncomfortable, and he was fully prepared to hate Golden Boy all those years ago too. For weeks all he heard was bullshit about Seoul’s new perfect Golden savior and his perfect body and perfect smile. Everyone had fallen in love with him and honestly? It pissed Taehyung off.

He never expected that on his first time seeing the boy he would be so hypnotized by the sight that he couldn’t move. Not even out of the way of a collapsing and burning hospital wall. He also didn’t expect to be whisked away in those perfect arms that were so warm and real he could cry. Or to be so close to the perfect face he could see every crease of strained determination and every drop of sweat rolling down his jaw. To this day, Taehyung maintains that it was a spiritual experience. His only critique is that paralyzing attractiveness isn’t the best trait to have while trying to keep people out of danger.

A scream rips out from the building and Golden Boy stops. Taehyung holds his breath, knowing he can’t just let the building drop and save the lady stuck inside. Golden Boy waits for a moment for the next shrieking ‘Help me! Somebody!’ and his head pivots to where the sound comes from. In a moment, he pushes the building in the direction of the metal monster with all his might and disappears inside. The building sways dangerously downward but as soon as it crashes, Golden Boy swoops out of the other side with a women crying in his arms. He flies away from the wreckage to put her down safely and Taehyung chases after them.

“Where do you think you’re running off to, little mouse?” A dangerously smooth voice calls out from above him. He looks up quickly and see’s the city’s most feared super villain, complete with cat ears and a Cheshire grin, hanging from a light pole. Taehyung keeps running.

“Fuck no, man. I need this shot.”

The infamous Kinetic Kitty just cackles before catapulting himself off of the pole. Everything goes black.



Taehyung groans as the bag is pulled over his head, “Did you have to hit me that hard?”

Kinetic Kitty’s face is unsettlingly close to Taehyung’s as he smirks. He leans pack and throws the black bag across the room, “Did you like the destroyer?” Taehyung is propped up on a chair in what looks like on of the villain’s hideouts.

“I always thought mind control, world domination and theft was more your thing, not demolition. What did the recording studio ever do to you?” Taehyung watches the villain curiously.

“Ah… you noticed that? Of course you did,” he mutters to himself, “Would you believe I just wanted to see you?” Kitty wraps his legs around one of the many poles in the lair and hangs his head back to look at the reporter. His black body suit clings to him like a second skin in all the sinfully wrong ways.

“Never,” Taehyung smiles back.

“Alright, don’t laugh, though,” His mouth twists before he drops to the ground, “They rejected Yoongi hyung when he was younger. When he was telling me the story I could just feel how much it broke him, you know? Those bastards deserved it.”

Taehyung laughs his ass off. “Tae! You promised you wouldn’t laugh,” Jimin whines as he slips off his mask.

“Oh my God, you’re crazy. Knowing you it was like five years ago, too.”

“Eight.” Jimin mumbles. Taehyung laughs harder.

Yoongi is a broke ass grad student majoring in music theory who was unlucky enough to catch the eye of Seoul’s Killer Kitty one day. Kitty was robbing an art museum, lazily picking some out for his new room as people cowered in fear. Yoongi was just staring at him slink around in his body suit, pirouetting onto benches to look at the art from up higher and generally being his overdramatic self. Kitty turned around when he heard his minions shouting at someone. He saw Yoongi, fearless even with a gun to his head, staring directly at him.

“What are you looking at, Darling?”

“The Art,” Yoongi answers, never taking his eyes off of Jimin.

The super villain giggled, latched himself onto Yoongi and hasn’t let go since. (Taehyung has heard the story at least seven times: “Do you get it Tae? He meant that I was the art.”)

“Look, I’m not that bad,” Jimin huffs.

Taehyung rolls his eyes, “No babe, you’re so obsessive you’d probably make a machine to get him to fall in love if he wasn’t already gay as fuck and soft for you.”

Jimin’s eyes widen and he picks up his phone, face red and flustered. Taehyung’s eyes narrow, “What are you doing?”

“Telling Joonie to cancel plans on the Gaydar,” Jimin says offhand as he texts.

“Was it to see if Yoongi was Gay? Chim, you could have just asked him.”

“Uhhhh more like a radar strong enough to turn the whole city gay as collateral damage. Just to be sure before I did anything.”

Taehyung stares for a long while before wheezing in laughter, “Well I can’t say I’d be against that.” Not many things made him happier than his best friend’s hopelessness. Jimin’s face burns red and Taehyung wipes tears from his eyes and sighs, “What about this dude has your panties in such a twist? 

Jimin groans and drags a hand through his hair. He throws himself gracefully onto a pole, twisting up to release his frustration. He relaxes when he reaches the ceiling, hanging upside down from his knees. “I took him home to my lair and showed him my inventions, my artwork, even-even my room of treasure, Taehyung! And what does he say?” Jimin mimics Yoongi with an exaggerated shrug, “It’s alright,” He drops and lands perfectly on his feet, “Like, no sweetie, even the toilet paper is designer, it’s a little more than alright,” Jimin hisses. “Just what does it take to impress this boy.”

Taehyung had met Yoongi before. Jimin slinks around the room like a cat while he talks, hangs from pillars and poles and generally hates standing still. Yoongi is the opposite. On the kidnapping they first met, Yoongi was sitting in the corner smoking a cigarette and watching coolly as Jimin practically jumped off walls trying to get a rise out of him. He would just smirk while Jimin got more and more frustrated by the lack of verbal praise or acknowledgement.

Taehyung thought they were sickening together, how Jimin tried way too hard and how Yoongi would low key do anything for him too. Unsurprisingly, the three got along like a house on fire. Taehyung mused once it’s because Jimin doesn’t care about societal rules so he fucks everything up for fun and evil, Taehyung doesn’t care about societal rules so he spends his life questioning them and revealing the truths for the greater good and Yoongi just flat out doesn’t care. They were a dangerous trio.

He chuckles softly at his friends misery, “Chill, babe. It’s a good thing he’s not into your riches. It means he actually wants to be around you and your horrible personality.”

Jimin’s spirit lightens instantly, “I am despicable.”

“You could start with something he actually likes.”

“Like what?” He pouts in thought. “He likes me, obviously. Ramen noodles at four thirty in the morning… Music? Yeah he likes music, but he only he only has a shitty keyboard and—“ Jimins eyes widen comically, “That’s it! Taebaby, you’re a genius! I’ll steal him a grand piano- the best! Oh, and I’ll clear out a whole room for it and fill it up with all the instruments he wants,” he sweeps around the room with his eyes bright as stars, already planning everything in his mind, "And computers! All the button-y sound things–"

Taehyung scoffs with a small smile, “You’re such a klepto, kitty. Tell me how it goes.”

Jimin smiles back, “Look at you being all understanding and caring, as always. Don’t look at me like that, you know you’re a saint. Someone already as perfect as Golden Dick doesn’t deserve you.” Taehyung feels his neck burn as he glares. “Speaking of, your lover boy should be here soon.”

Jimin swipes his mask off the floor and puts in back on. He begins to tie Taehyung up and connects him to a cable from the ceiling. This is a pretty average Tuesday evening for both of them. He pulls the lever on the side that lifts Taehyung into the air 

They met during Kitty’s ‘kidnap all the civilians’ phase. It was a fun power play and it pissed Golden Boy off, always a plus, but it was pretty exhausting unless he used mind control. Also exhausting. Kitty would hang people from apartments, malls and bridges- one time he even started a game of hide and seek in the sewers. Well, it was more hide the people and watch the heroes follow the melodramatic shrieks. More often than not, Taehyung was the one hanging from ridiculous places and preying for his life because he was just always there. At the front lines of the action no matter what and the easiest to pick up by far (he was less likely to scream and kick for his life, and more likely to whisper a quiet ‘fuck, not again’). By the time Jimin got bored of messing with real people, they were already inseparable. Hours spent gossiping and condemning the government will do that.


Jimin also noticed quickly how flustered Taehyung got when golden boy came to save the day. He even encouraged him, “Come on Tae, haven’t you noticed that it’s always Goldie Locks that comes to save you and never Hope?” Taehyung was powerless over how quickly his little crush turned into a soul crushing infatuation. He keeps telling Jimin, and himself, that he just puts up with all this to get the good interviews. Not because he gets manhandled by his wet dream.


Jimin doesn’t buy it but keeps kidnapping Taehyung because, hey, what are friends for? He’s also bored a lot. Every once and a while he’ll kidnap some other poor motherfucker to make it look less suspicious and Taehyung thinks that’s pretty sweet. In an evil, super villainy, kind of way.

As if on cue, Golden Boy bursts through the window. He lands in the superhero pose. Taehyung wants to groan in secondhand embarrassment but his body wants to groan in a different way and, honestly, he feels personally attacked. The sun shines on him through the window in warm beams that make his golden suit glow and Taehyung’s pissed. How is it fair that he even has the sun on his side? He pretends to catch his breath while he analyses his surroundings. When his eyes meet Taehyung’s, suspended in the middle of the room, he smirks and stands up slowly 

“Dial back on the sexual tension, darling. Arch nemesis, right here,” Jimin smirks and stalks across the room, beginning lazy circles around Golden Boy.

“Kitty. What a surprise to find you here with the hostage,” Golden boy watches him from the corner of his eye, relaxed and focused. When Jimin is directly behind him, the cat pushes off the wall and catapults himself towards the hero, claws out.

“Shocking turn of events, I know,” Jimin shoots back sarcastically. He's thrown across the room as Golden Boy blocks him, landing on his feet without a hair out of place, of course.

“You’re always so unpredictable,” he watches Kitty leap from a pole to the rafters, eyeing him from the darkness.

Kitty lets out a giggle that sounds more like Jimin than the unsettling laughter Kinetic Kitty is known for, “Truly.” He disappears from sight in the mess of roof but they all know the hero can hear him, “Quickly, little Golden Retriever. Your damsel is about to be fed to the sharks.”

Taeyhung remembers he exists and tries not to die of embarrassment.

In a second, Kitty drops behind Golden Boy and throws him to the ground with precision and speed. There’s a reason people are terrified of him, with or without his plans and tech. When Golden Boy retaliates, he overacts a defeat, throwing himself out of the window with a light, “Oh no!” It’s mortifyingly obvious but Jimin’s never been one for subtlety.


An amused chuckle bubbles out of Golden Boy and he turns his attention beck to Taehyung. Face red and hanging hopelessly.

He raises a brow, “Are you gonna untie me or what?”

“Hmm,” Golden Boy looks around and shrugs as if he’s thinking about it. “Why do I always get the feeling you’re not a damsel in distress?”

“What? Look at me. I’m the poster child of distress. I’m hanging from a ceiling over a chalk drawing of sharks, you Golden ass.” Taehyung struggles a bit to prove his point, not caring how strange he must look doing the worm in mid air. 

Golden Boy only laughs, leaning leisurely against the wall, “Are you not important for the real sharks any more? 

Taehyung tries not to pout (he totally pouts), “Guess not. They were always more for visual power than anything though, even Kitty admits that. 

“Fraternizing with the enemy again,” Golden boy tsks, “This doesn’t look too good for you. 

“Just get me down.”

“Magic word?” Tae glares. Golden Boy deflects it with a dazzling smile.

“Please save me, Golden Boy” Taehyung deadpans. He only stares back. After a ridiculously short amount of time, Taehyung gives up and tries again with a whine, “Pretty please?”

The hero finally pushes himself off the wall, “You know, as often as we meet like this, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to seeing you all tied up and pretty for me.” 

Taehyung is a flustered mess in an instant and doesn’t have time to collect himself before a pair of lean and muscular arms wrap around him and sever him from the rope he’s hanging on. They don’t land immediately. Instead Taehyung is whisked out the window. He grips onto the hero for dear life when he notices they’re flying out of one of the tallest towers in Seoul – until he remembers, hey, it’s Golden Boy, Taehyung could literally fling himself off the building and he’d be fine.

Instead of going down, they land on the roof. Taehyung stumbles a bit before steadying himself. When a gust of wind hits, a strong arm keeps him from tumbling off the building and he smiles in thanks. He sits down and untangles himself, not wanting to risk death by breeze.


Seoul is spread out in front of them, intricate and bustling with a winding river Taehyung can just make out in the distance. There are a couple of crumbling buildings and construction sites, a side effect of being a huge metropolis in a world with villains and superheroes. Taehyung wonders for a moment if the workers at the construction sites know how important they are. That if they didn’t exist, the whole city would be in ruins all the way out to Incheon. He should probably do an expose about it for the paper… Heroes in the Wreckage? The City Saviors? He grips onto the camera on his neck and begins to capture the view, beautiful, alive and now a moment solidified in time–


“Forget about me already?” The voice is whispered way too close to his ear and Taehyung yelps, camera jumping out of his hands in surprise. He fumbles to catch it, heavily breathing and ears burning. The super boy laughs, nose scrunched under his mask and bunny teeth showing in the most endearing way. Taehyung takes a photo in a daze, another moment beautiful and alive and frozen on his camera. It’s funny how much the city’s hero looks like a boy here, bright eyed and real. He knows immediately he’ll never show the photo to anyone else, never use it for an article like all the others with powerful stances and an untouchable smile. No, this one is for him.

Eventually Golden Boy is just staring at him, smiling slightly with that look in his eyes. That look that always reminds Taehyung there’s something unspoken between them. Something between the fleeting touches and teasing that he can never quite pin down. A dark part of Taehyung whispers that maybe he never will.

“So, uh, interview?” He manages to wrench himself out of his thoughts, already holding the camera in between them.

“Interview?” Golden boy raises a brow, amused and not giving him a break.

Taehyung nods, conclusively, choosing to ignore Golden Boy completely, “Interview.”

“With how many times you ask me that question, I would have thought you’d be a bit better at it,” Golden boy teases, “At least when we met you could get the full sentence out.”

Taehyung huffs, not responding, and wills himself to calm the fuck down. He sinks into focus. Golden Boy used to stay well away from media but Taehyung prides himself on being as honest and least sensationalised as possible. While that didn’t help at all climbing up the rungs of journalism, it did get him exclusive rights to interviews with the illusive Golden Boy. All it took was a little trust. Some honesty. And maybe his pretty face, but that’s beside the point.

The interview is short and sweet, as always. Golden Boy assures people the streets are safe again and he will always be looking out for them, answering all questions with his shoulders straight and chin strong. Taehyung signs off the video with his signature boxy smile.

As soon as he shuts off camera, the Golden Boy he knows is back, laughing cheekily and a total ass. He takes the camera out of Taehyung’s hands in a flash and he falls forward trying to get it back. The hero takes a couple shots of him, probably glaring in indignation, before holding it out of his reach. Taehyung grasps for it, gripping on to the other’s shoulder for leverage.

Much too slowly, Taehyung realises what kind of position he’s in, straddling Golden Boys lap and pushing against his chest to reach further. Before he can crawl off spluttering, the hand that’s not holding the forgotten camera brushes against his waist. It’s not a strong grip, not even a grip, because the both know Golden Boy could hold him down in any way he wanted to. It’s gentle, timid and barely there and goes against everything Golden Boy seems to be, but somehow it fits. It’s so him, the boy with the bunny teeth and goofy laugh and God, Taehyung is so endeared.

Their faces are inches apart and once he realises Taehyung isn’t moving away, his smirk is back and his grip on the others waist gets firm, pulling him down closer. Taehyung moans at the contact. It isn’t the first time he’s fantasized about the Hero holding him down and taking control as Taehyung gets fucked into oblivion but he shudders at how real that fantasy could become.

He pushes himself down experimentally and feels Golden Boys unsteady breath against his lips. His eyes never look away from the ones behind the mask and he knows this is the closest he’s ever seen them, dark and lusting. Just for him. He leans forward until their noses touch, breathing entwined like they are each other’s oxygen supplies. Everywhere Golden boy is touching him is simmering with electricity and he cant get enough.

He grinds down against something hard in Golden Boys lap and takes pride in the way his eyes grow lidded. They sit caught in their own world, held together by a tension they can taste on their tongues, waiting for the other to make a move and push them both over the edge.

A stronger current of wind swirls around the tower and throws Taehyung to the side before Golden Boy reaches out and steadies him. They stare at each other for a moment before breaking down into breathless laughter. The tension dissipated.

Taehyung drops down on his back and they sit side by side looking out at the view. After he catches his breath and unwinds, Golden Boy tosses the camera into his lap with a nonchalant, “Here,” and Taehyung laughs loudly.

“God, why do I put up with you?” He looks over at the boy staring at him. Their hair is blowing wildly but everything else calm, the city too far away to be anything louder than a pretty view.

“Is it the muscles? It’s always the muscles.” Golden Boy jokes easily, reminding Taehyung of the arms wrapped around him to save him from more angry wind. All he can manage is a breathy laugh.

That isn’t it, though. It never really was. There’s a glow in his eyes every once and a while that’s so precious, like it needs to be protected from the world. It was like a beacon of light and Taehyung was a moth, trying to get closer and closer to something. He has no idea who the person behind the mask is but he knows it sure as hell isn’t the man in his interviews. He can feel it so strongly but he can never scratch past the surface. It kills him a little sometimes.

“There’s something soft and beautiful about you, Golden Boy. I wish you would let me see you,” His words are soft spoken but sure. Unwavering.

There’s a pause where Taehyung is struck in the heart because Golden Boy’s mask falls away for the first time, and not the shiny latex one. He looks caught in headlights, wide eyed, like that moment scaling a mountain where your foot slips and for a terrifying couple of seconds you’re sure you’re about to fall to your death. He looks vulnerable.

“Maybe if things were different, Tae.”


Taehyung feels his breath catch and his heart drop. In a moment, Golden Boy is back with a dazzling smile and Taehyung is oh so lost.