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Coffee Cans and Energy Drinks

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Hitoshi would never get used to dorm life. Being around everyone he went to school with was painful most of the day. People had always been cautious with him because of his quirk. He kept it quiet about it after he left middle school. There wasn't a point in talking about it. After the Sports Festival came and went, and the rest of his class learned about his less-than-heroic quirk, almost none of the friends he made during his time at the school talked to him confidently anymore. The few that had called him a “hero” of the Gen Ed were nice to him, and then it stopped. A few people talked to him now and again, but it was a lot quieter now.

There was also just the living in the dorms on its own. He was used to his privacy—small family, average house, and he was always kind of reserved anyways. At least at home, he could get conversation out of his parents when they ate dinner. Now? Silence from almost everyone. He got small words and phrases if he was lucky.

The coffee machine sucked, too. He bought his own stuff, but that ran out far quicker than expected because the new place didn't help his sleep problems. All his stuff was there, but he could always hear people talking through the walls when he tried to go to sleep early in an effort to get decent sleep at all.

Hitoshi grumbled into his pillow and kicked the blankets off him. He dragged himself into a sitting position and looked at the clock sitting on the end table next to his bed. It was at least human hours. By human he meant the crack of dawn. Better than midnight. Waking up at midnight was the worst. He rolled out of bed and set his clock so the alarm he set wouldn't go off. He didn't know why he set it at all. He sighed. It was probably because he hoped one of these days he'd actually sleep until it went off.

He stretched his arms out over his head and yawned. It was before five, which was almost two hours before everyone else was supposed to get up and start getting ready. He got dressed in his school uniform, and double checked his bag. There was a couple vending machines in the school building that had hot coffee in them. That was the best bet. Sure it was from a vending machine, but it was a lot better than the trash that the Gen Ed students drank. He'd tried every mix they brought, and he could see why those types don't run out, but his did. It was the worse thing he ever tasted. That's probably where his coffee went—selfish jerks.

The building was mostly silent. There was some talking but no one was out of their rooms. Hitoshi hopped down the stairs, lazily strolling out of the dorms towards the main UA building. The campus was completely silent. The few people that were up and around were quiet ones. They all had some kind of agreement that silence was bliss and they'd preserve it until the masses swarmed the building

Hitoshi passed a girl in the hall and they just nodded at each other in acknowledgment. No words, which he was thankful for. He was always tired, even with coffee, but without it the tiredness was worse. He walked down the large hall towards the entrance to the outside gym.

This one was opened to all the students, a place that most kids just hanged out around and didn't actually use for exercise. There were white bleachers either side of the door that lead out of the building. A red and white track ring circled the area and there were a couple of fields inside it and around it. Two vending machines were pressed against the wall next to the exit.

Hitoshi walked up to the one on the left. It had all the hot things. He skimmed over the... meals? Seriously? Shaking his head, he pulled out money from his bag and fed it into the machine. He hit the button and grabbed the canned soda when it fell. The exit door clanged open and he glanced up. A person had a towel on their head, dressed in work out clothes with a duffel bag on their shoulder and an empty, crushed water bottle in their hand. Hitoshi raised an eyebrow when he recognized them as the explosive blond from the hero course. He didn't bother remembering anyone's names from the hero course, except for Midoriya and that was only because the green-haired boy made it a point to say hi to him every chance he got.

The blond only glanced at him once before going to the other machine. Hitoshi opened the can and took a large gulp and sighed as the warmth went down his throat and spread through his system. He was probably exaggerating, but got punched a few times the day before, so he blamed this particular level of exhaustion on the energy he had to use to make the bruises. The blond got his own can of some sports drink and leaned against the wall.

Hitoshi looked at him for a moment before walking away without a word. He knew the other was staring at him for whatever reason, but the feeling went away halfway down the hall and he heard the doors open and close again.


When he woke up even earlier than yesterday, he cursed out loud. Screw the rooms next to his if the people in them were awake. They didn't exactly shut up even if Hitoshi asked them to keep it down a little bit. Hitoshi dragged himself out of bench, set the clock again, got dressed, grabbed his bag and money, then left.

The school was still quiet. He didn't pass the girl that day. He made his way to the machine and payed, hitting the button and grabbing his drink. He opened it and leaned against the wall next to the machine. The blond walked in again, towel on his head, dressed in work out clotehs, and duffel bag over his shoulder again. He dug around in it for a second before he started cursing and digging around more frantically. Hitoshi watched the display with a slightly shocked expression. The blond cursed loudly and smacked his hands against the machines. He turned, dug his fingers into his hair, yelled and paced away from the machine.

Hitoshi glanced in his own bag. He still had some money. Normally he'd save it, but it was pretty obvious just from the Sports Festival that the blond was always angry, and that'd probably be worse on the other hero students if he was already upset that early. Hitoshi frowned at his own idea, looking over at the blond again. He was growling not-so-quietly to himself about stupid vending machines with a lot of curses in between. Hitoshi decided it would be best to just help him out to keep any of the students who didn't know how pissed the blond could get not be murdered when they tried to calm him down.

Pulling the money out, he walked over to the machine. The blond looked over his shoulder and went silent.

“What do you want?” Hitoshi asked flatly, putting the money in the slot. The blond blinked then scowled.

“What makes you think I want your goddamn help?” the blond hissed. Hitoshi rolled his eyes.

“You want something or not?” he asked again. The blond turned to fully face him, glaring at him with his arms crossed. “If you don't say anything, I'll get something for myself and I won't try to be nice to you again.”

The blond frowned at him for a few seconds before looking to the machine. He angrily pushed the button and grabbed the drink that fell. He still was glaring when he looked back at Hitoshi.

“Thanks,” he grumbled. It was barely audible. Hitoshi really wanted to make fun of him there, but decided that it was already good that the blond accepted him paying for the drink. “Who're you?”

“Who are you?” Hitoshi said right back. The blond snarled.

“You don't recognize me from the shitty Sports Festival?” the blond said, eyes narrowing. “It's Bakugou Katsuki.”

“Shinsou Hitoshi. And just for the record, I do recognize you, I just didn't know your name. I was in the Sports Festival tournament, too, you know? You don't know me, though.”

“...Wait you're that mind control guy who got beat up Deku,” Bakugou said suddenly, jolting. He looked shocked only for a second before it turned into anger again. “If you control people, how the hell did you lose to him?”

No idea,” Hitoshi sighed, taking a sip from his coffee. “He broke his fingers... somehow. I'll count that as a win.”

“He always breaks his damn fingers,” Bakugou snarled. He opened the can and took a large gulp. “Shitty Deku can't even control his own quirk.”

Hitoshi snorted and hid his smirk by drinking more. He glanced up at the clock above the door that led outside. There was still a lot of time before anyone else showed up. He sighed and turned on his heel, going towards the library where he could sit down and read something. Bakugou didn't say anything else and neither did Hitoshi. They didn't even really acknowledge the other leaving. At least Bakugou seemed to pick up on the idea of a mutual silence in the building after his cursing fit.


Hitoshi was forty minutes earlier than the past two days on the next. After he got his coffee, he opened the exit door. Bakugou was running along the track ring. His stuff was sitting on one of the tiers of the bleachers. The bottle sitting next to it was probably one sip away from being empty. Hitoshi watched as Bakugou kept going, not even glancing in Hitoshi's direction.

The purple haired boy frowned at the thought that crossed his mind. He sighed, thought and decided to go with it. He placed his can on the bench above the one with Bakugou's things and walked back into the building. He fed a dollar into the cold machine, hit the button Bakugou hit yesterday, and grabbed the drink. He held the can behind his back as he walked back outside.

Bakugou was slowing down as he reached the place where his things were. He frowned and glared suspiciously at Hitoshi. He stopped in front of his things and picked up the water bottle. Hitoshi waited for him to realize there was nothing left—which was pretty instant—and Bakugou curse, crush the bottle in his hand.

“Catch,” Hitoshi said, throwing the can at him. Bakugou reacted immediately, snatching the can out of the air with ease. He blinked at the can before turning to glare at Hitoshi again. Hitoshi grabbed his coffee and took a sip calmly.

“Why the hell d'ya buy me this?” Bakugou growled as he opened it.

“It's called kindness,” Hitoshi answered blankly. Bakugou rolled his eyes and sat on the bench of the bleacher next to all his stuff. “You know, I thought you'd curse a lot more.”

“I'm tired, shithead, piss off,” Bakugou snapped.

Hitoshi snorted. He lifted himself up onto the bench where he had put his can and sat down, leaning back against the one behind him.

“The hell you out here for, anyway?” Bakugou asked after a long minute of silence. He stood up and started stretching out his arms.

“Can't sleep. Plus, there's a giant project due like... tomorrow, so library's full of people trying to get it done,” Hitoshi said. He narrowed his eyes bitterly at the thought of that usual silence getting interrupted. He passed that girl in the hall again, and they both exchanged a look that shared the same annoyance. “Too many people for the crack of dawn.”

Bakugou grunted as he stretched his arms over his head, leaning a little as he did so. Hitoshi stared up at the sky. It was barely sunrise, so the sky was still dark and that meant the area was, too. There were a few lights around the campus that were on at all times, just in case something happens. The outdoor gym was only a little better lit than the space near the dorms.

Hitoshi watched as Bakugou threw the now empty can in the trash and started running again.

“You're welcome,” Hitoshi said, loud enough for Bakugou to hear even as the blond ran down the track. Bakugou looked over his shoulder, face twisted up in a scowl. He shouted something similar to a threat, setting off a small explosion in one of his palms, and went back to running—even faster. Hitoshi snickered and took a slow sip of his coffee. “Ass.”


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“The hell you always out here for?”

Hitoshi glanced up from his phone, digging around in a potato chip bag he bought with the two drinks. Bakugou had stopped at the bleachers again. His face was a little red and his breathing was slightly heavy from the laps he'd run already. He didn't even hesitate to pick up the energy drink can that Hitoshi put down next to his things.

It had been almost a week. Hitoshi just found himself outside everyday. He told himself it was because the coffee machine was there, and it was just convenient. The people who started showing up in the mornings, even after the Hitoshi thought everyone was there for was over with, avoided the outside gym area like the plague after one of them tried to talk to Bakugou. It didn't go well to say the least. Now, no one even came near the area except for the vending machines occasionally.

“Wifi works,” Hitoshi shrugged, eating a handful of chips and licking his fingers clean. “It's quiet, and no one who values their life comes out here after you scared that guy.”

“Wimps,” Bakugou said. Hitoshi snorted and kept swiping through the suggested on his phone.

He lost himself in the shitposts and pictures of cats people tagged him in. He smirked at one of the particularly stupid ones. The loud clang of the metal bleachers made him jolt. Bakugou was standing on the bench where his feet were resting. He held a fist full of dollars out to Hitoshi, looking off to the side.

“What?” Hitoshi asked, raising and eyebrow and frowning.

“For the drinks, shithead,” Bakugou spat, pushing his hand forward. Hitoshi hesitantly took the money, and looked over it. All ones, and it actually looked like what Bakugou would owe him if Hitoshi was really keeping count. “Dunno why the hell you do it, but thanks.”

Hitoshi grinned smugly. “Aw, you're welcome, asshole,” he said. Bakugou scoffed and turned around, jumping down the bleachers back to the ground. “Just for the record, you can pay me with decent coffee.”

“What makes you think I got any of that shit?” Bakugou said, looking over his shoulder.

“You got a lot of guys related to pros, right?” Hitoshi explained, shoving the money in his bag. Bakugou just gave him a look that neither confirmed or denied the statement. “Some of 'em gotta have decent coffee... I'm begging you, I will die if I keep drinking this trash.”

“Then why the hell're you drinking it?” Bakugou snapped, scowling.

“Because it's better trash compared to the stuff the other Gen Ed kids drink,” Hitoshi said like it was obvious. “And if I buy anything they all drink it.”

“Tell 'em off, idiot. Not that hard.”

“I value my health, thanks.”


Hitoshi frowned suspiciously at Bakugou's look of confusion. He rolled his eyes, crushed the now empty potato chip bag and tossing it in the large garbage barrel next to the bleachers.

“We might not be heroes, but they still hate people who seem like they'd make a good villain,” Hitoshi sighed, tossing in the empty coffee can after the bag. “Two black eyes later, and I've learned it's not worth it.”

“You seriously let some pricks beat you up like that?” Bakugou asked, seeming offended. Hitoshi shrugged as he hopped down the bleachers. The official school day was starting only a half hour. “You can control people with your mind. You might've let shitty Deku win, but that's just he's a freak. How the hell did they get the jump on you?”

“They need to respond to me for it to work, asshole,” Hitoshi said. He raised an eyebrow at the look on Bakugou's face—a mix of anger, insulted, and confused. “Cover my mouth and they can't respond if I can't talk.”

“Then don't let them, shithead,” Bakugou hissed. He tossed his stuff in his bag, zipped it closed, and slung it over his shoulder. He threw the crushed energy drink can at the barrel. It clanged against the side as it went in and Hitoshi winced at the noise.

“People think I'm already gonna be a villain, doing it to stop them from taking coffee? Won't help that, smart one,” Hitoshi sighed. He walked back towards the building. “Might work for you, but I can't fight."

Bakugou rolled his eyes exaggeratedly and strode past him, shoving him lightly. Hitoshi frowned at his back. They both walked into the building, Bakugou off towards the locker rooms and Hitoshi towards his classes.


Hitoshi hated everything. Well, maybe not really, but still. This was the earliest he'd waken up since he was a kid. He was still tired—when wasn't he—but he now he was tired and pissed at being tired. Not a fun combination. The least fun combination of emotions. There probably was something worse, but he tired goddammit he didn't have energy to think about it. It wasn't much earlier than a few days ago, but that night he was up later. He had an excuse for that though. It was a lot harder to make an impromptu ice pack out of actual ice, plastic bags, and towels.

His eye still hurt. And he thought the broccoli head from the Sports Festival flipping him was painful. He would never try to “stand up” like that again. He'd rather suffer through shitty coffee and insults than get punched again.

When he dragged himself out of bed, he walked into the bathroom and checking out his eye. He's pretty sure he had some kind of concealer somewhere in his room from when he attempted to hide the permanent eye bags he had. The key word is attempt. He probably had half the case of it, but he didn't think that'd be enough to cover up the color of the bruise. It was big and purple-blue. There were tints of yellow, too. Luckily, it wasn't swollen, but there was no hiding that.

Hitoshi frowned and poked at it. He flinched and sighed. He resigned himself to more stares than usual and went to get dressed. He was starting to consider actually just hating everything. It'd be easier. He'd keep coffee though—only the good kind.


“Holy shit,” Bakugou said when he stopped at the bleachers where Hitoshi was starting to sit everyday. Hitoshi looked up, frowning and eyes narrowed. He'd already chugged the coffee, and was trying to use a water bottle from the machines as an ice pack for his eye. “The hell happened.”

“Mistakes,” Hitoshi muttered, going back to his phone, scrolling through the suggested posts. Bakugou climbed up on the bleachers—still breathing a little heavily from the series of laps he'd already run. Hitoshi honestly didn't know how he did it—he would've died half way through the third one. Bakugou forcefully grabbed his face and made him look up. “What.”

Bakugou swatted the hand holding the water bottle to his eye away and Hitoshi grumbled under his breath and just let the blond do whatever he was doing. He looked off at where he could see the garbage barrel over the edge of the bleachers. Bakugou was holding his face still and examining the black-eye. Hitoshi winced and he felt his eye twitch when the blond pressed on part of it—not even the part he was icing with the bottle.

“You done, yet, Doctor Blasty?” Hitoshi asked after a long period of silence of Bakugou just poking and prodding the bruise.

“Piss off,” Bakugou mumbled, pressing harder with his thumb. Hitoshi tried to smack his hands away, but it did absolutely nothing besides making Bakugou flicking him. “This isn't even that bad. Why the hell're you acting like you broke something?”

“My pride is broken, doc,” Hitoshi said, continuing the dry tone. “Got anything for that?”

“I'll blast your damn face off, answer the question, shithead,” Bakugou replied, glaring at him in the eyes when Hitoshi looked back up.

“I don't do physical stuff,” Hitoshi sighed, slumping his shoulders and looking straight up at the sky. “Like, at all? Not in the hero course, not gonna make it until I can do any kind of fighting which isn't gonna happen.”

“The hell kinda excuse is that?” Bakugou snapped. He purposely pressed down harder on the bruise and Hitoshi yelped, kicking his leg. He hit the blond in the shin and Bakugou cursed quietly, moving backwards. He frowned down at Hitoshi, who instantly pressed the cool water bottle to his eye with a sour look. Bakugou scowled and shifted, crossing his arms and drumming his fingers on his elbows. He looked off to the side and grumbled incoherently. Hitoshi watched him carefully.

Bakugou eventually turned around, jumping back down the bleachers and grabbing the energy drink can and opening it. Hitoshi rolled his eyes and unlocked his phone, going back to the app from where he'd somehow ended up on the home screen from when Bakugou grabbed his face. Bakugou went back to running. Hitoshi seriously didn't get how he has that much energy in the morning. He barely drags himself out of bed every morning. To each their own, he guessed.


Hitoshi yawned as he walked up to the machine. Sleeping during classes wasn't the best idea for him, but his grades were decent. Plus, doing that somehow let him actually sleep a decent amount that night. His eye still stung like hell, but silver linings.

He put the dollar in the cold machine, hitting the button for the energy drink. As he went to go for his coffee after grabbing the other can, a hand slammed against the machines. He jolted and jumped back with a gasp, staring wide eyed at Bakugou who came out of nowhere. He let out a loud sigh, feeling his heart thumping way too hard from the scare.

Bakugou scoffed and smirked. “Wimp,” he said. Hitoshi scowled and sucked his teeth in annoyance. “Here.”

Hitoshi blinked once, frowning as the blond pulled out a thermos from his gym bag. Bakugou held it out for him and Hitoshi took the thermos a bit hesitantly. It was a little warm and Hitoshi glanced at Bakugou suspiciously. The other frowned sharply and pushed off the machine. They stood there awkwardly for a minute, before Hitoshi opened the cup. He sniffed it and his eyes widened.

“Oh sweet coffee,” Hitoshi mumbled.

“For those drinks,” Bakugou started, reaching over and grabbing the can from Hitoshi's hand. “It better be good. I don't drink that shit, but the Class Prez makes sure we always have it. They won't miss it.”

Hitoshi took a sip, and immediately hummed in pleasure. Bakugou frowned and raised an eyebrow, opening his can and little it fizzle.

“This... is fantastic,” Hitoshi said.

“Hope so, that ass kept asking questions and trying ta' give me advice on it,” Bakugou grumbled, looking down at the can in his hand. “He's gonna corner me in class now to continue whatever the hell he was talking about.”

“Thank you for your great sacrifice,” Hitoshi said dryly, mouth still against the opening of the thermos. Bakugou scoffed.

“Yeah whatever, shithead,” Bakugou declared. He grabbed Hitoshi's shoulder and started pushing him towards the door. Hitoshi stumbled as he was forced to move. Bakugou walked with him. “Praise me later, okay, ass? You might not want to after this.”

“Should I be concerned? Are we gonna do something illegal? Are you buying my silence with coffee? If so, payment accepted.”

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Hitoshi regretted agreeing to doing what Bakugou told him to. Good coffee be damned. His eye still hurt, but now there were aches and pains all over his hands and forearms. He flopped down onto the ground, lying on his back with his arms out. He was starting to wonder if dealing with black eyes and the occasional other bruise was worse or better than this.

“Come on, shithead, this is nothing!” Bakugou said angrily. He had his hands planted on his hips, barely breaking a sweat besides the fact it was warm outside and that he'd been trying to teach Hitoshi how to block a basic punch and give one. “Become a hero my ass! You're doing worse than Deku when he was quirkless.”

“Hey,” Hitoshi said.

“Gonna try and defend yourse--” Bakugou started, stopping as his face went blank and he froze.

“Fall face first on the ground,” Hitoshi sighed, sitting up slowly. He crossed his legs and propped up his head in his palms, elbows on his knees. He watched with a small smile as the blond did exactly as he said without the slightest hesitation.

Bakugou snapped out of it the second his face hit the ground. He sputtered and spat out some of the dirt that ended up in his mouth. He scrambled back into and sitting position and cursed loudly, wiping the dirt off his face.

“You little shit,” Bakugou hissed, glaring at Hitoshi viciously. “You goddamn mind controlling ass. Don't you dare try that shit on me again, I will murder you.”

“What about being the number one hero? Murder isn't a good thing for that,” Hitoshi said, smiling smugly. Bakugou kept his mouth shut. “Ouch, no response, you're hurting my feelings.”

“Try that shit again,” Bakugou started after a minute of silence. Hitoshi let him speak without interruption. “And I will destroy you.”

“Get in line,” Hitoshi snorted, rolling his eyes. Bakugou squinted at him and smirked.

“And I won't get you any more of that shit coffee,” the blond said. Hitoshi gasped and glared back at him, offended.

“You wouldn't dare. And take that back.”

“Get back on your feet and make me, shithead.”


Shinsou kicked Katsuki in the shin for the third time and the blond cursed him out. The purple-haired boy grinned innocently.

“You are... a little shit and I'm never gonna help you again,” Katsuki growled out, shoving Shinsou's hand away from where he was making sure no real damage was done. His knuckles were red from hitting Katsuki's palms. “Screw tryin' ta' be nice.”

“Try harder, Doctor Blasty,” Shinsou said, smirking at Katsuki's pissed glare. He bent his fingers, they still stung but less than the black eye and bruises on his forearms. “How do you hero students do this without gloves or something to soften it? That hurt like hell.”

“You do it enough, you get used to it,” Katsuki said. He grabbed his sports bag. He'd ended up spending the entire morning time trying to teach Shinsou how to do basic self defense, in between “mandatory” coffee breaks for Shinsou. It was annoying, but he told himself that he went through with it because if Shinsou got beat up, he wouldn't get free drinks any more. He shoved the now empty thermos into his bag. “You're just a weak little shit.”

“You made the little shit part clear, but I will make you humiliate yourself,” Shinsou said, face blank as and rubbed over some of the new bruises. “Don't test me, Blasty.”

“Right back at ya, ass,” Katsuki snarled. He stomped back inside the building.

There was at least half an hour before people normally started showing up, so he was caught a little off guard when he almost slammed into another blond. Shinsou came back inside behind him, glancing over the two curiously. Katsuki's face dropped into an even more vicious scowl. He knew the other person—that copy-and-paste guy from the cavalry battle. The other recognized him, too, but instead of moving back in fear, he just grinned.

“Bakugou, interesting seeing you out this early,” the other blond drawled. Katsuki just grit his teeth to keep from shouting. “Are you here to work out? You know, 1-B have permission to use the gym areas, no need to get so offe--”

“Why don't you mind your own business?” Shinsou's voice cut in. The other blond looked over at him. He didn't recognize Shinsou and it was written all over his face. “We're just leaving, and if you think this is early, you're weird.”

Katsuki let himself relax a little, turning and marching off to the locker rooms, but stopped. The copy-paste guy was chuckling at something, obnoxious and smug. Katsuki whipped his head around, glaring at him angrily.

“WOW! The 1-A kid needed a Gen Ed kid to protect himself,” the copy-paste guy said, grinning at Katsuki with a shit-eating grin. Katsuki felt sparks start up on his palms and he let out a quiet huff.

“Hey, Blasty,” Shinsou piped up.

“The he--”

“I'm going this for your own good. Turn around and go to the locker room,” Shinsou commanded. Katsuki numbly listened, face blank the second the beginning of a sentence left his mouth. Screw the drinks, Shinsou wasn't getting away with controlling him twice. “Slap yourself when you're in there and snap out of it. See ya around.”

The copy-paste guy watched with wide eyes as Katsuki walked away into the locker room without a single protest or curse. Katsuki could feel the eyes on him before he turned the corner. Almost the moment he stepped inside the room, he involuntarily slapped himself across the face. He cursed loudly and threw his bag on the bench. He slammed his hands against the lockers, just to hit something and glared down at the ground. It was too damn early to deal with the copy-paste guy, and he probably would've blasted his face off if Shinsou hadn't intervened but that guy deserved it. He growled to himself before pushing off the lockers and unzipping his bag, pulling out his uniform.


“Hey... do you think Bakugou's been more... mellow, lately?” Midoriya quietly asked Kirishima before the blond joined Kirishima for lunch and Midoriya went off with Iida and Uraraka. Kirishima gave him a confused look. “I mean, like. When we first got into the dorms, he shouted a lot at night or early morning, but he hasn't recently.”

“That's just 'cause he works out in the morning,” Kirishima said. “He's always out early.”

“Yeah... but even in class, he hasn't yelled at me in a while,” Midoriya muttered, rubbing his chin and looking off to the side. “Not like I mind not being yelled out, but it's just weird. Do you think something happened?”

“You're overthinking it,” Kirishima laughed, but now he was thinking about it and the blond seemed a lot less scream-y in the past few days. “It's Bakugou, come on.”

“I guess so, but maybe he met someone...”

“Like a girlfriend?”

“M-Maybe. Keep this between us? If we're wrong and it spreads to the class, he'll kill us.”

“Lips are sealed! Later.”


Katsuki understood why Kirishima hung around him, but he really didn't get where the other three came from. He glanced around the table, taking a bite out of his burger as Ashido and Kaminari talked avidly about some TV show they watched the other night. Sero added a few things to their conversation, and so did Kirishima. Other than that it was the other two filling the silence that would've taken over their table if it weren't for them.

“Bakugou, you so gotta watch this show!” Ashido said, turning her attention to Katsuki. The blond just frowned and raised an eyebrow. Kirishima gave him a slightly confused look, but it vanished the second Katsuki notice it. “You'd love it!”

“Whatever, raccoon-eyes,” Katsuki grumbled, taking a huge bite of his food to avoid answering any further question. The four at the table didn't even flinch at the names Katsuki gave them anymore. Kaminari complained, sure, but the others just accepted it at that point.

Sero started up another conversation with Kaminari and Ashido about some other thing that happened. Katsuki wasn't paying attention, so he didn't know if it was show-related or now, but he really didn't care. He looked out at the cafeteria. That copy-paste guy was still on his mind and he just wanted to blow something up to get it out of his system. Luckily, hero training was coming up and that should give him enough leeway to really wreck some shit.

1-B students sort of avoided 1-A, so Katsuki didn't see the guy, but that didn't help. Seeing him would probably be worse. He bounced his leg just for something to do and turned back to the table. Now all of the other four were deeply invested in whatever conversation they were having. He glanced back and forth between them all as they talked about the show. Maybe he should watch it just so they all didn't sound like crazy people when they talked about it with him around.

Katsuki jolted as a finger poked him in the shoulder. He whacked it away and glared at the person it belonged to. He relaxed a little when he noticed it was just Shinsou.

“Calm down,” Shinsou scoffed. “Just came to tell you I overheard that 1-B guy saying he'd 'join' you in the mornings when your working out and stuff.”


“Yeah, I know. But that was it, later, asshole.”

“See ya, shithead,” Katsuki said as Shinsou started walking away. He didn't even give it a second thought until he noticed the entire table was staring at him with curious eyes. “The hell you starin' at.”

You have other friends!?” Kaminari blurted before anyone else could. Katsuki felt his eye twitch and Kirishima was already trying to calm him down as Ashido and Sero made an excuse to leave the table by grabbing all the trays.

Katsuki lunging across the table was stopped by Kirishima's arm, guarded by his quirk.


“Wait you're hanging out with Shinsou? From the sports festival?” Midoriya asked, walking up to where Kirishima and Katsuki were standing in the kitchen. Katsuki just glared at him and Kirishima shrugged. “Purple hair and eyebags?”

“Why does this matter, again?” Katsuki growled, leaning back against the counter and crossing his arms. “He just sits on his ass in the bleachers next to where I run. Not a big deal.”

“How long?” Kirishima asked.

“A month? I dunno this shit,” Katsuki snapped.

“And you're... nice to him?” Midoriya asked hesitantly. The second it finished leaving his mouth, the regret was on his face. “Oh wait--”

“Shut the hell up, Deku, and mind your own shit!”


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Katsuki crushed the empty water bottle and tossed it in the garbage barrel. He sighed, digging through his bag to see if he still had any money in there from when he bought his own drink. It was weird not shooting insults back and forth with Shinsou. That was probably why he hadn't yelled at Kaminari as much recently as he used to, and Shinsou didn't take it seriously or personally. He refused to admit he liked the other in any way, shape, or form, or missed him.

No money, but the thermos with fresh coffee was there. Katsuki cursed. He climbed over his bag and flopped down onto the second tier, leaning back against the one behind it. He glared up at the sky, trying to figure out if he could blast open the vending machine without getting in any trouble. He groaned and rubbed his palms over his eyes. He could probably get away with not finishing his usual workout for one day. Those 1-B asses had said they'd be trying to take over Katsuki's time there, but not a one of them had shown up. He wouldn't question it, as long as those extras stayed out of his way. He closed his eyes and let his arms spread out behind him.

“Slacking off, asshole?”

Katsuki jolted, arm going up defensively on instinct. He narrowed his eyes at Shinsou, who came out of nowhere, standing next to the garbage barrel. He scowled as Shinsou walked over to his bag, and took the thermos that was sticking out. His glare lessened when the other tossed the energy drink can at him. Shinsou climbed up the bleachers and sat down next to him.

“You're late,” Katsuki growled, opening the can.

“Oh sorry, didn't realize I had an appointment,” Shinsou said instantly. He opened the thermos and sniffed it, sighing happily. “Do I have to reschedule, Doctor Blasty?”

“Piss off.”

Shinsou snorted, taking out his phone and sipping from his coffee. Katsuki leaned back against the other bleacher and kicked his legs up on the one in front of him. There was silence as Shinsou messed with his phone and Katsuki stared up at the still dark morning sky.

“Okay, am I actually like super late, that you're already done with your whole work out thing,” Shinsou began. “Or are you just stopping early.”

“Not worth getting into the back half when those 1-B asses show up,” Katsuki spat, frowning at the thought of the copy-paste guy again. “The hell they think they are!?”

“It's still a public place, just cause you got here first doesn't mean it's yours,” Shinsou said calmly. Katsuki grumbled under his breath. “Let them do what they wanna do, and ignore them.”

“That copy-paste bastard ain't gonna let me,” Katsuki hissed. “I'll kill him.”

“Just make sure you hide the body well and get a cover story,” Shinsou shrugged. Katsuki felt the corner of his mouth twitch in a smile, but he shoved it down into his normal frown. “Also, I hope you know I'm being completely sarcastic and do not condone you murdering people in any way.”

“Shut up, shithead.”

“Just being clear.”

Katsuki rolled his eyes and sat up, glancing over at the door to the building. No sign of the 1-B kids. They'd probably show up when the copy-paste guy did yesterday, so there was still a while. He grumbled and took a sip from the can.

He looked over at Shinsou, who was holding his phone up close to his face, squinting and zooming in on something.

“The hell're you always doing on that?” Katsuki asked. Shinsou lowered his phone, glancing over at him.

“Blog stuff,” Shinsou said.

“People are actually interested in your life?” Katsuki muttered.

“Ouch, thanks, shithead,” Shinsou snorted. Katsuki frowned and looked off to the side. He hadn't meant it that way. “But I don't post personal stuff. It's cats, aesthetics, shitposts, memes, and more cats. Occasional selfies with like the entire bottom half of my face blocked by something.”

“So they see your freak hair and still follow you?” Katsuki asked. Shinsou quietly looked him in the face for a second, glancing up at Katsuki's hair for only a moment and going back to his phone. Katsuki shoved him in the shoulder. “You are such a little shit!”

“I didn't say anything,” Shinosu said, trying his best to look innocent even though a grin was showing up on his face. Katsuki scowled and shoved him again.

“You might as well've, shithead.”

“I have no idea what you're talking about,” Shinsou sighed exasperatedly. “But yeah, its just things I find cool.”

“How many people are interested in that?” Katsuki asked, drinking from the

“Um...” Shinsou hummed, drawing his eyebrows together as he switched windows on his phone. “45.”

“The shitty grape-head has more followers than that,” Katsuki snapped, glaring at him.

“You... are far too quick to insult me, and didn't let me finish,” Shinsou said. He turned his phone so Katsuki could look at the screen. “It's 45 thousand.”

Katsuki's eyes widened and he stared at the screen in shock. Sure enough, the number was displayed in the right box under the blog name.

Insomi-cat?” Katsuki said. “You're really being thorough with the cat shit.”

“It's a great name, asshole, what's yours, then?” Shinsou challenged, frowning at him.

“My goddamn name, shithead.”

“God, that's boring.”

“You didn't even spell insomni right.”

“It was taken, but Insomi looks better anyways. Silver lining. But seriously, what's your URL?”

“You're gonna follow me?”

“Curiosity. Now tell me before I stalk my way to it.”

Katsuki narrowed his eyes at him before snatching the phone. Shinsou tried to grab it back, but Katsuki just smacked his hands away and held them down by the wrists. He typed in his URL and made it so Shinsou's account was following his. He gave the phone back and Shinsou gave him a sour look.

“Never take my phone again,” Shinsou muttered, double checking if Katsuki tried anything else in the few seconds.

“Yeah whatever, shithead,” Katsuki said, standing up and chugging the rest of the drink. “I'm getting out of here before the 1-B asses show up."

“I'm surprised there not more swearing on here,” Shinsou commented as Katsuki jumped down the bleachers and grabbed his bag. The blond just gave him a flat look before walking away, inside the building.


Katsuki didn't mind waking up early in the morning, it just gave him time to be grumpy from getting snapped awake. He blinked his eyes opened and mumbled incoherently even to himself. He rolled over and grabbed his phone sitting next to his bed. He pulled the blanket over his head and clicked it on. He cursed at the light and turned down the brightness as fast as he could.

He blinked rapidly as his eyes adjusted and grumbled. The clock displayed on the top edge of the screen. It was way to early. He opened the blog app and hit the notifications. Shinsou's account name was at the top of it. Katsuki didn't post a lot, and it was mostly short text posts and stupid pictures. He clicked on the account name and hit follow. He frowned down at the follower count. Seriously, what the hell?

Katsuki glanced up at the blanket over his head. He should probably sleep, but there was no way that was happening now. His brain was awake, and that meant no sleep for him. He started scrolling through Shinsou's posts and resigned himself to suffering in the morning. Maybe he'd try the coffee Shinsou was so in love with. As he swiped through it all, he realized it was almost exactly as Shinsou described. There were a lot of cats, memes, cat memes, and shitposts. The occasional selfie came up, and as the other said, his face from the nose down was covered in each one.

As he went through them all, he noticed he was smirking at some of the stupid things and cat pictures. He was probably being weird, but he could practically hear Shinsou saying some of the plain text posts, layered with sarcasm. He kept scrolling. He didn't like anything, mostly because he didn't want Shinsou knowing. That shithead was already smug enough.

Katsuki didn't pay attention to the time until his alarm clock went off. He sat up straight, cursing when his foot hit the wall next to his bed. He hissed at the pain and hit his alarm clock roughly, a small explosion going off. Thank god for all the specialty quirk items, more specifically the blast-proof ones.

He rubbed his eyes as he turned on the lamp. He blinked slowly at the time on the clock. Holy crap. He through his phone across the bed. Two hours going through Shinsou's account. Katsuki stared at the phone like it personally offended him. He let out quiet curse and buried his face in his palms.



Chapter Text

Hitoshi really hated lunch sometimes. He loved food—it was the best thing next to coffee and sleep—but he could deal without the people. That day, earlier in class, he spoke up and used his quirk to get one of the guys who pushed him around a lot to leave him be until class started. He regretted it when he removed the effect as the teacher had walked in, and knew it'd lead to what was happening.

He rushed through the line, trying to put as much distance between him at the guys looking for him as possible. He grabbed his tray and glanced around the room. He frowned and walked out of the building. Outside was safer than even the most populated area. The guys were the same ones that gave him the black eye that was almost fully healed, and they wouldn't hesitate to give him a new one right over it just because people were around. Yet, they didn't go outside at lunch most of the time so it was just the safest bet.

Hitoshi sighed when he got into the courtyard. The sky was mostly clear, and the few clouds out there were pure white and fluffy. He glared up at the sky briefly and walked over to a set of trees. He sat down at the base of one of them and leaned back against the trunk. It was good to stay out of the sunlight, and there were only a couple of people out and around in the courtyard area.

He only poked at his food, and stared off into space at the ground. Sweet silence. That morning was the usual—Bakugou running laps, energy drinks, and free good coffee. He wanted more coffee, but there was no way in hell he'd be walking across the entire campus for that trash in the vending machine. He took a few bites of his sandwich before deciding he wasn't hungry any more and slouched back against the tree.

The conversations of other groups floated over, and he caught a few words but ended up tuning it all out. Sweet silence . Then he felt the eyes. He always thought it was just one of those things that authors used in stories to rush the story along by having people realize whatever's going on by a feeling. He was very wrong though. He could actually feel the eyes staring a him, and while it happened once with Bakugou before, he'd written it off as him being weird about the whole thing. But no.

Hitoshi glanced over at the building. Those guys were there, near the door and looking around. He cursed in his head and prepared to move away as discreetly as possible. But nope, not happened. One of them saw him, nudged his buddies, and they all turned to look at him. He sucked his teeth and acted like he hadn't seen anything. He knew they wouldn't lose interest, but he could hope and dream.

Foot steps got closer, only one set, though and he braced himself for someone to grab him by the shirt. He got nudged only a little rough instead. He looked up and blinked at Bakugou standing next to him. The blond was scowling—as per the norm.

“Scoot over,” Bakugou said. Hitoshi frowned but didn't question it, moving over enough for the blond to sit down next to him, leaning back against the tree with him. “Those assholes're staring at you. What d'ya do?”

“Use my quirk to get them to piss off for the morning,” Hitoshi sighed, nudging his tray away and bringing his knees up to his chest.

“Good job, shithead,” Bakugou snorted, eating his own lunch. “They're definitely ignoring your ass now.”

“They are now,” Hitoshi mumbled, glancing over Bakugou's shoulders to where the group still was. They were speaking quietly but rushed, gesturing and continuously looking over at Hitoshi and Bakugou. “You scared them. That's actually hilarious.”

“You making fun of me, shithead?” Bakugou snapped. Hitoshi gave a small smirk before sliding his back down the tree so he was on the ground. “The hell you doing?”

“Taking a nap, wake me up when lunch is over,” Hitoshi yawned. He lied down fully on the ground and curled on his side, facing towards Bakugou. “Don't have to do anything besides that. Apparently you're scary .”

“Piss off.”

“Thanks, asshole.”


Katsuki had only sat next to Shinsou because the ones he usually sat with at lunch were off working on some paper with the creation-girl. He glanced down at where Shinsou was already out cold. For someone who couldn't sleep at night and demanded coffee every morning, he fell asleep extremely fast. Katsuki grumbled to himself and shifted back against the tree. He looked over to where the guys near the building were still standing.

They looked scared at least. He had to guess that they were the ones that gave Shinsou the black eye, which he didn't get. They looked like wannabe tough guys, cliche and stupid. It was already obvious that Shinsou wasn't exactly scared of them like they were of Katsuki, but it still was annoying to think that those guys are the ones that hit Shinsou hard enough to give him a bruise that lasted as long as it did. Katsuki flinched when Shinsou shifted next to him, rolling over a little, his arm bumping against Katsuki's leg. The blond tensed up a little but Shinsou was completely unconscious. He huffed and leaned back against the tree, looking over at where that group still was.

The one that was standing at the front of it met his eyes. Katsuki set off a small explosion, and the other stepped back. The group eventually went off, disappearing into the building. Shinsou grumbled something and Katsuki froze again. Shinsou would probably be pissed if Katsuki woke him up before he had to. Luckily, the purple-blue haired boy was still asleep. He needed it, and even Katsuki wasn't about to ruin that for him.

Katsuki ate his lunch silently. He hadn't been hoping for conversation, he never is at lunch, so it's not like he was upset. He looked around the courtyard. It was mostly empty, just a few kids he's never even seen before in the hero course. Some gave him and Shinsou glances, but looked away quickly. He knew that a lot of people in the school were kind of scared of him after the sports festival, but he didn't think it was so prominent.

He glanced back down at Shinsou. His arms were folded close to his chest, hands acting as a sort of pillow. His hair was still sticking up fairly straight despite being on the ground. Katsuki frowned at the thoughts his brain tried to bring up to the forefront of his head and looked back out at the courtyard. One of his classmates stood a few feet away, watching with wide eyes.

It was one of the quieter students, and Katsuki could've sworn he's seen him hanging around the bird head and tentacle guy. Katsuki didn't know his name, but he tensed up and prepared to jump up and hit him. The other jolted at Katsuki's movement and waved his hands placatingly. He gestured zipping his mouth shut and Katsuki narrowed his eyes.

“Breathe a word of this, and you're dead,” Katsuki hissed. The other nodded frantically and quickly walked away.

Katsuki eventually relaxed back against the tree. It was a good thing that the one person who actually found him was probably one of if not the most quiet person in his class. He scowled at the thought of anyone else finding him. He doubted they'd be able to keep their mouth shut. He huffed and tilted his head back, knocking it against the tree. He frowned at the sky and sighed.


“Wait up, Bakugou!”

Katsuki paused in tying his shoes and looked up. It was the regular time for him to leave for the gym area. Kirishima stood in front of him, dressed in work out clothes with his bag over his shoulder. Midoriya came up behind him, dressed similarly and hopping forward as he pulled on his sneakers. He had his bag on his shoulders, too. Katsuki saw where this was going and didn't like it.

“No,” he snapped, finishing the knot and standing up. He marched towards the kitchen.

“You didn't even know what I was gonna ask!” Kirishima whined, throwing his bag down and following after Katsuki. “C'mon Bakugou.”

“I said no , shitty hair,” Katsuki said louder.

The class prez was sitting at the counter, eating cereal, and gave a glare when Katsuki came into the kitchen. He went over to the coffee machine, grabbing the thermos that got washed last night. He had no idea about all the technical things the machine could do, only bothering to pay attention to when the class prez said how to make a plain cup. He screwed open the thermos and put on the base, hitting the button and letting it fill.

“We just wanna get in a work out, too,” Kirishima said. Midoriya walked in behind him, nervously glancing between the other three. “It's not a big deal.”

Katsuki scowled at him and crossed his arms.

“Kacchan, if you really don't wan--”

“Nope! We're going,” Kirishima interrupted, putting his hands on his hips. Katsuki growled near silently and looked away at the coffee machine. “I was going to ask if you were okay with it, but we were gonna go anyways.”

“Then what was the goddamn point of even trying to ask!?” Katsuki shouted.

“Please watch your volume!” the class prez ordered, even if his voice was almost as loud. “People are trying to sleep!”

“Watch your own volume, ass!” Katsuki snapped back. The two of them glared at each other until the buzzer of the machine went off. Katsuki grumbled as he turned it off and and grabbed the thermos. He screwed on the cover tightly. “Fine do whatever the hell you want, I don't give a shit.”

“Good,” Kirishima said, smiling at him despite the dirty look Katsuki was shooting in his direction. Midoriya smiled anxiously and turned to walk out of the kitchen. “Let's get going then.


Chapter Text

When Hitoshi walked out into the outside gym area, he almost turned on his heel and went back inside immediately. He only stopped when he saw Bakugou's sour look. The blond looked the most pissed Hitoshi had ever seen him in the morning—but at least he could see the reason. Bakugou was running across the part of the track he could see from the exit of the building. Then two others after him. Hitoshi frowned instantly. He walked out of the space between the bleachers. He put the energy drink can next to Bakugou's bag—there were two other bags next to it—and grabbed the thermos.

Hitoshi climbed up to his usual spot on the bleachers and sat down, legs kicked up on the bench in front of him. He watched the three others run, and his frown deepened. He instantly recognized the head of green curly hair, and he had a vague idea of who the red-head was—someone who normally sat with Bakugou at lunch.

Bakugou was running ahead of the other two, probably on purpose, but they still kept up. Hitoshi snorted to himself, leaning back and pulling out his phone. He took a long sip of the coffee and slumped down happily. He'd have to get Bakugou to figure out the name of the brand—even if he'd never buy it for himself for obvious reasons. He went over to the blog app and started scrolling through his feed and notifications.

The three rounded the track and Bakugou slowed down, stopping at the bleachers and opening up the energy drink. No words to Hitoshi as he did, so Hitoshi assumed that he wasn't interested in being social around the other two. Speaking of...

“Oh, hey!” the green-haired one said, smiling as he stopped next to Bakugou. “I know you from the sports festival, we fought in the tournament. Shinsou, right?--” Hitoshi looked over the edge of the thermos and blinked slowly. Bakugou smothered a smirk by taking a long drink from the can. “I'm Midoriya.”

“I know,” Hitoshi murmured. “Hard to forget the guy who broke his fingers and gave me back pain for a week.”

Midoriya looked down at his bag guiltily and pulled out a bottled water. “Yeah... s-sorry about that,” he said, smiling nervously. “It was spur of the moment.”

Hitoshi just hummed noncommittally and went back to his phone. The red-head stopped next to bleachers soon after.

“Hey!” he said. Hitoshi looked up again, frown deepening behind the thermos. “I'm Kirishima, one of Bakugou's friends.”

“Shinsou Hitoshi...”

“Cool to meet ya!”

Hitoshi blinked at him, keep his face carefully blank. Kirishima looked only a little put off, turning to Midoriya. The two of them chatted quietly while they took a break. Hitoshi looked over at Bakugou, and the blond was looking back at him. The blond frowned, almost apologetically. Hitoshi glanced at the two talking happily, now, and rolled his eyes—over exaggerated and exasperatedly. Bakugou stifled a snort and turned away, putting the can down and going back to running.

Midoriya and Kirishima both looked surprised when the blond just took off. Kirishima quickly went after him and Midoriya scrambled to put his bottle back before following.

“Wait up, Kacchan!” Midoriya called.

“You dragged yourself out here, keep up shitty Deku!”


Katsuki scowled as his phone went off in his bag. He finished changing and pulled it out before slinging the bag over his shoulder.

“Who's texting you, Bakugou?” Kaminari piped up as Katsuki went to leave the locker room. It was after their last class—a hero training one. “You get a girlfriend?”

“How'd he get one before me!?” the grape-head's whiny voice could be heard from behind one of the rows of lockets.

“Shut it, discount pikachu,” Katsuki snapped. Kaminari hit his head against the locker and Sero laughed, trying to make him feel better. Kirishima snorted, but covered it up by pulling a shirt on over his head.

Katsuki stormed out of the locker rooms and started walking back to the dorms. He unlocked his phone and frowned at where the notification came from. He opened the blog app and was even more confused when he saw it came from the private message part. He hit the button and opened the chat.


Insomi-Cat: Yo it's Shinsou

Insomi-Cat: Just wonderin what happened with those two tagging along this mornin

Me: hell if I know

Me: they invited their own asses

Insomi-Cat: Jus checking bc you certainly didn't look like you invited them

Insomi-Cat: Also, send me ur phone number

Me: y tf would I do that

Insomi-Cat: Bc I get a lot of notifications/messages and it'll be easier, smart one

Me: whatever


Katsuki sent his phone number and shoved his phone into his bag again, ignoring when it went off again. Kirishima caught up to him, and started walking along side him, talking about something. Katsuki glanced up at him and frowned. The red-head noticed that and gave him a confused look.

“What's up?” he asked. Katsuki just scowled and looked away pointedly. “Are you pissed at me or something?”--he stubbornly said silent “--Come on, man just tell me.”

“I told you to mind your own shit, and ya didn't, okay?” Katsuki snapped, snarling at him. Kirishima looked even more confused. “There's a goddamn reason I didn't ask you and shitty Deku to follow me in the morning. 'S called privacy, shitty hair! So I'll say it again, since clearly you didn't get it the first time. Mind your own shit .”

Katsuki walked faster, trying to put as much distance between him and Kirishima as possible so he could be pissed alone.


“Hit them back shithead.”

Black eye is better than broken bones, asshole.

“I thought they were scared of me .

You weren't there, smart one.

“Piss off. I know that, but shouldn't they get worried or some shit that I'll come and kick their asses?”

Unless you actually do it, 'fraid no one's gonna think that—YOW!

Katsuki jolted and looked down at his phone where it was sitting next to him on his bed on speaker.

Shit shit shit, that hurts like hell.

“What'dya do?”

Paper cut on my face, medicine stings ,” Shinsou said. “ Why does the medicine that works either hurts or tastes completely gross? Like who decided this?

“Assholes that keep all the good shit to themselves, probably,” Katsuki said, going back to his homework.

I hate that you're probably right ,” Shinsou groaned and there was rustling in the background. He cursed as something probably fell over, making a crash. Katsuki smirked at the sound of Shinsou repeatedly cursing as he picked up whatever fell over. “ I hate everything .”

“How'd you get a paper cut on your face, anyways?” Katsuki asked.

Mistakes were made, okay? ” Shinsou snapped, grumpily. There were a few more crashes in the background. “ I was trying to sort shit out in my room and I hit myself in the face with a notebook.

“How the hell do you do that?”

I have no clue, but it happens a lot to me .”

Katsuki snorted and shifted, moving to lie down on his bed, pushing his books forward. He moved his phone so it was closer. Shinsou slammed something shut. Katsuki continued writing as Shinsou moved things around.

“What kinda shit you Gen Ed guys got for homework?” Katsuki asked.

More than hero students ,” Shinsou said.


You superior hero students get less homework because you're busy training and shit ,” Shinsou explained. The sound of his bed creaking slightly under his weight could be heard through the phone. “ We don't. Plus everyone assumes you guys're gonna be heroes, so you get less of the normal homework so you have time to do your hero shit .”

“That's... some stupid shit,” Katsuki said. “They do know you guys could become heroes anyway, right? Are they tryin' to force you into normal shitty jobs?”

I mean, probably? ” Shinsou sighed. “ But... like... You can't blame them? It's shitty, obviously, but none of us are getting any of that hero training. It'd be a lot harder to reach the level that you guys'll be at when we graduate. Have you seen some of the shit the third years pull off? I stopped by their part of the Sports Festival after I lost and holy shit is it intense.

“Still, 's kinda shitty of them,” Katsuki grumbled.

People are shitty, it's a fact of life ,” Shinsou said. “ Still, though, I'm not gonna complain if I still get good grades.

“You've had two black eyes in the last week, shithead,” Katsuki snapped. “You have goddamn right to complain.”

Shinsou laughed bitterly and Katsuki could hear him flopping down on his bed. Katsuki closed his books and pushed them further to the edge of his bed. The two of them were quiet for a few minutes, Shinsou messing around with something else and Katsuki relaxing into his blankets.

The asshole that hit me said something shitty, too ,” Shinsou started after a while. Katsuki grunted to show he was listening. “ He said that... it's ironic the two villain kids started hanging out after we showed out 'true colors' in the Sports Festival .”

“...Seriously?” Katsuki said. He felt like shouting, but he was tired and if he was loud, people would start asking more questions—especially with Kaminari bringing up the idea he had a girlfriend. Mineta would never let that go. “Doesn't that ass realize I'm in the hero course, and he isn't? That's stupid.”


“And you're not being a villain, either, got it shithead? I'm not being friends with someone if they're gonna be a villain, so they can piss off.”

Shinsou was quiet, stopping whatever he was doing. Katsuki looked over at his phone, crossing his arms under his chin and frowning at it. Shinsou let out a single quiet laugh-sigh,

Thanks, asshat. See ya tomorrow .”


Hitoshi smiled at his phone after they hung up and laughed quietly to himself. He pressed the heel of his hand to the eye wasn't bruised. The guy hit him enough for it to start swelling this time, but luckily it wasn't swollen shut. Despite the pulsing pain, he actually felt good. He sat back up, putting his phone down on the table next to his bed. Sitting against the pillows, he pulled out his laptop from its place next to his bed, grabbing his headphones from off the end table. He opened the computer, powering it up and still smiling faintly.

He'd take it as a compliment.


Chapter Text

“Oi, Bakugou,” Shinsou said, getting Katsuki to look over at him. He had his phone held up, camera facing the blond. “Say cheese.”

Katsuki scowled, turning away and giving him the finger. Shinsou just snorted and there was the flash of the camera. Katsuki frowned, climbing up the bleachers to look over Shinsou's shoulder to see the screen. He crouch on the bench Shinsou was leaning back against, energy drink in his hands.

Shinsou had already finished the coffee, and the thermos was haphazardly put in Katsuki's bag. Midoriya and Kirishima were there today, too, but Katsuki had let them run ahead of him so he could stop without them following him. So the two of them were going around the first corner, and it would be a little bit until they got back to the bleachers. It had been a later start for all of them—Shinsou included—so they might have been cutting it a little close with when the rest of the students showed up.

Katsuki shook his head to clear the thoughts and looked down at Shinsou's screen, moving so he was sitting next to where Shinsou's upper back was against the bench. Some other app was open and Shinsou was drawing with his finger on the picture he took of Katsuki. He had it zoomed in on Katsuki's face and was drawing what looked like a poorly done surgical mask to hide the bottom half of his face.

“Why?” Katsuki asked, leaning closer like it'd help him figure out what Shinsou was doing.

“Are... Are you telling me you don't look at every post I make?” Shinsou said, acting fake insulted and glancing up at Katsuki while putting a hand to his chest. He tutted and Katsuki rolled his eyes. No way in hell was he telling Shinsou that he did look at almost everything—save for a few odd ones. “I am insulted. I mentioned you a few times, no names or anything, but enough apparently. People are curious.”

“Then I'll send you a decent picture when I'm not sweaty and shit,” Katsuki protested, flicking Shinsou in the side of his head. “And when I'm not flipping you off.”

“Nope,” Shinsou said, popping the p and swatting Katsuki's hand away. “Accuracy of your personality is important.”

“Oh screw you,” Katsuki huffed. He took a sip of the drink and looked over at the track. Kirishima and Midoriya were just past halfway around, and Midoriya was picking up the pace—probably realizing that Katsuki was alone with Shinsou. He scowled. “I don't get why the hell they're still sticking around.”

“Maybe they fear for your safety,” Shinsou shrugged, switching over to the blog app and starting a new post. “Or mine... probably mine.”

“I don't hit people unless they piss me off, then they earn it,” Katsuki said. Shinsou snorted as he typed. “And you might piss me off a little but not enough to earn getting the shit beat out of you.”

“You tried to 'teach' me, and I'm using the word very loosely here,” Shinsou started. “To fight and might as well've beat the shit outta me. My arms hurt worse than my eye when that happened.”

“That's 'cause you were a wimp,” Katsuki grumbled. “But... sorry and shit.”

“Little late, but thanks, asshole,” Shinsou said. He reached up and patted Katsuki on the face without even looking over. Katsuki frowned at the hand casually tapping him on the cheek, but Shinsou had both hands on his phone again when he went to smack it away.

Katsuki looked back up as Midoriya came to a stop next to the bleachers. He glanced up at Katsuki and Shinsou only for a second, catching Katsuki's glare then looking back at his bag quickly. Kirishima was a few seconds behind him, Katsuki's look didn't stop him from giving Shinsou and Katsuki a confused look.

The red-head was smart enough not to say anything, but still gave them a look. Katsuki looked back down at Shinsou's phone. If he really didn't want Katsuki looking at his, phone he would've turned the screen away, instead he had it tilted towards to the blond. Shinsou had the picture and text in the post that Katsuki couldn't read. He leaned in closer, squinting as he tried to read it as Shinsou kept typing. If Shinsou was shifting the phone as he typed, he would've been able to make it out, but he doubted Shinsou would stop just so he could read it before he posted.

Shinsou only stopped one second to proofread it, before hitting the post button and switching over to his feed. Midoriya and Kirishima were talking about whatever, and Katsuki was glad for their chatter because it drowned out the sound of his phone going off in the bag with the notification Shinsou posted something. He told himself it was because the app automatically set it up and he didn't know how to change it even if he could look it up. He'd look at the post in the small gap before class or at lunch.

“Well look who's still here!” a new voice said. Katsuki looked over and glared. The copy-paste guy and few other guys from 1-B had walked into the area. Maybe they were out there later than he thought. “Were you trying to hide? That's not very heroic of you, but at least you have your friends tagging along now.”

Katsuki growled and set off a small explosion in the hand without his drink. Shinsou jolted at the sound so close to him, but then relaxed.

“Hey, you're Monoma,” Kirishima piped up, interrupting what ever kind of staring contest the two of them were having. Katsuki took a long sip from the can. “I know you have a grudge or something, but no need to pick a fight. You're out here to run like us, no big deal.”

Monoma scoffed and one of the other 1-B students looked at Kirishima angrily.

“I could make him piss himself right now,” Shinsou whispered to Katsuki.

The blond choked on the drink he still had in his mouth. He coughed loudly, slamming a fist against his chest as he gagged. Shinsou grinned smugly, going back to his phone like nothing happened. The others there all turned their attention to him. He put the can down as the coughing slowed to a stop.

“Bakugou, you alright?” Kirishima asked.

“I'm fine, shitty hair,” Katsuki snapped, waving his hand as he caught his breath. He let out a sigh and then smacked Shinsou on the shoulder. The purple-blue haired boy snorted loudly, covering his mouth and keeping his eyes on his phone. Katsuki leaned forward, putting his face in his palms and his elbows on his knees. “God dammit .”

Midoriya and Kirishima went back to talking with each other. The 1-B students went over to the other bleachers, one of them holding back Monoma from making any more comments. Katsuki glared at Shinsou from between his fingers and the other gave him smirk.

“Well, I'm gonna get to class, later,” Shinsou said, jumping to his feet and grabbing his bag. He leaned down to Katsuki and whispered again. “Seriously, just give me the go ahead. I'll do it at lunch.”

Katsuki closed his eye and bit his bottom lip against the grin that was trying to spread across his face. Shinsou hopped down the bleachers and headed back inside the building. After a minute or two, Katsuki got up, grabbing his bag and throwing the can away. He went inside without a word to Kirishima or Midoriya. They barely paused in their conversation as he passed them.

Pulling out his phone, he unlocked it and opened the blog app. The first thing on his feed was the post with the picture of him.

In response to popular demand, have a lovely picture of blasty. I told him to say cheese. He told me to take a better picture when he wasn't sweaty but accuracy is important .

Katsuki rolled his eyes and hit the button to look at the comments. Half of them were variations of “same” and “me.” There were a few talking about them loving Shinsou's account, and some complimenting Katsuki's appearance even if they couldn't see any part of his face. Then was one that caught his attention.

kopfa5673: he does have hair like an electrocuted pomeranian.

He stopped in the middle of the locker room and frowned. He switched over to Shinsou's contact and quickly punched out a message.


Shinsou: Ah, I've been found out.

Shinsou: I have no regrets.


The power of friendship? ...You're kidding me .”


Hell no... You call me an angry pomeranian I'm complaining .”

“Bakugou I swear to god.”

“... Fight me, shithead .”

Hitoshi groaned and paused the show, burying his face in his hands. It was his idea, and now he had regrets. Bakugou's quiet laughing could be heard despite the so-so quality of the audio through Skype . It had seemed like a decent idea, skyping Bakugou so he could make the blond watch an anime Hitoshi had been watching. The share-sharing made it so they both saw it at the same time without having to be in the same room.

Bakugou didn't want the other hero students being nosy, and Hitoshi didn't want to be near any of them more than he had to, so they wouldn't meet at Bakugou's dorm. They also had a mutual agreement that it would be a bad idea for Bakugou to go over to Hitoshi's dorm.

The blond only sat through four full episodes, before he started commentating. Even during the first four, Hitoshi got him to shut up, but at this point Bakugou just wouldn't shut up. Plus, from where Hitoshi could see Bakugou from the blond's webcam, he was getting tired. Almost on cue, Bakugou yawned and stuffed a pillow under his chin where he was lying down on his bed, facing the laptop.

“If you're going to mock my show, then just sleep,” Hitoshi said, taking a deep breath to keep from snapping. “You're tired and being more of an ass than usual.”

Hell no... If you can stay up, then I can ,” Bakugou mumbled. “ 'Sides, it has to suck being up with no one to talk with...

“I'm swooning, trust me, but seriously,” Hitoshi sighed, rolling his eyes. He crossed his arms and propped himself up. He had his legs bent up behind him, blanket pulled over him and laptop set up in front of him. “You have hero training tomorrow which actually has risk of broken bones and fatal injuries. Just sleep and don't die tomorrow.”

I'll be... fine .”

Hitoshi raised an eyebrow at him and Bakugou grumbled, burying his face in the pillow. Hitoshi bookmarked the page he was watching his show on and made sure it was on the bookmark-bar.

Keep watching your stupid show... Power of friendship, dragon roar, ice and shit ,” Bakugou said, yawning halfway through the sentence.

“Nope,” Hitoshi said, glancing at the clock in the corner of his screen. It was a little before midnight. “If you want to stay awake and talking to me, I won't hang up. No more show though, that kinda stuff keeps you awake.”

D'ya study that... shit or something? Try ta figure out why ya can't sleep ?”

“I tried, but then I learned it was insomnia. Or probably was.”

What ya gon do then ?”

“Work on a paper due in a few days.”' that don't keep you awake ?”

“It won't keep you awake,” Hitoshi said, turning off the screen sharing. Bakugou glanced up at the screen. Hitoshi watched as his little box in the corner switched over to the image of him from through the camera. Just the light from his laptop illuminating his face. “Crap I look like a ghost.”

Bakugou smiled, half burying his face in the pillow again to cover another yawn. Hitoshi looked at the image of him, and frowned.

Yeah, ya do... 'specially with that lighting .”

“Gotta work on my contour.”

Bakugou snickered, arms shifting around the pillow. Hitoshi smirked and opened the document. The blond yawned again, grumbling incoherently before slumping down, face still half buried in the pillow.

Hitoshi moved closer to the laptop and kept typing where his paper had left off. It was some history essay that he already wrote the entire outline of because he had nothing better to do. Bakugou's eyes were slowly closing, but he was obviously trying to stay awake as Hitoshi went on with his paper.

How the hell 're you not tired yet ?” Bakugou mumbled, words starting to blend together as his eyes fully closed.

“Insomnia,” Hitoshi answered simply.

Bakugou grunted and then went quiet. Hitoshi looked over at the box where Bakugou's picture was. The blond's shoulders were rising and falling evenly. Hitoshi smirked a little and rolled his eyes. He kept typing with the call still on, waiting until Bakugou started snoring lightly. He moved the cursor over to the end-call button. He hit the button and the call finished, giving the little time marker. He frowned a little at the high number, but dismissed it.

He typed a quick message in the chat bar and sent it.

Me: Night, asshole. Hope your laptop was plugged in. Maybe bring coffee for yourself in the morning, looked like you'll need it. Also, you snore like a kitten


Chapter Text

Katsuki discreetly unlocked his phone under the lunch table. Sero and Ashido were going on about the new episode of the same show they did the last time. He didn't get how they could just got on and on, but if it let him stay quiet then he'd deal with it. Kaminari was sitting across from him, not-so discreetly taking pieces of food from Katsuki's tray, and Kirishima was next to him.

Shinsou H: Hey

Shinsou H: Hello

Shinsou H: Oi

Shinsou H: I will spam you to all hell message me back

Shinsou H: You're leaving me on read?

Shinsou H: If you don't respond, this is war

Shinsou H: I have 45k people willing to annoy the living shit out of you, do not test me

Me: what

Shinsou H: I need coffee

Me: wtf get it yourself

Shinsou H: You owe me

Me: do not

Shinsou H: How about being a decent person? I know it's different for you, but there's always time to change your ways

Me: ignoring that, shithead. y do u need coffee its lunch

Shinsou H: Your lack of grammar concerns me.

Shinsou H: I digress. But seriously. Coffee. Now. Please.

“You texting your girlfriend?”

Katsuki looked up and scowled. Everyone at the table was looking at him. Ashido and Kaminari had shit-eating grins on their faces. The pink haired-girl was leaning over Kirishima, who was sitting next to Katsuki to try and look at his phone. Katsuki shifted back and hid his phone screen.

“Show! Show! Show!” Ashido chanted, trying to reach and grab his phone. Katsuki growled and smacked her hand back, pushing her back across Kirishima and into her own seat. “Come on~”

“I don't have a girlfriend, asshats!” Katsuki snapped.

“I dunno, you're being suspicious...” Kaminari muttered, smirking slyly and glancing down at Katsuki's phone. “If you don't, why don't you tell us what you're talking about?”

Katsuki looked down at his phone and frowned.

Shinsou H: Blasty, goddammit. I need coffee. I'm outside the machine near the gym area

Shinsou H: Save a life

“Just the shithead from a few days ago,” Katsuki grumbled under his breath. He shoved Kirishima. “Move.”

Kirishima frowned but got up, pushing Ashido slightly so she did the same. The two of them stood up, letting Katsuki slide out, grabbing his bag. He got up and hit the buttons roughly.

Me: ppl r asking questions now u owe me

Shinsou H: Sacrifices must be made for my sanity.

“Later, asshats,” Katsuki said, walking away.

“Say hi to your not-girlfriend for us!” Ashido said after him.

Katsuki glared over his shoulder, shoving his phone in his pocket. He flipped her off, but the girl just grinned and waved. Sero laughed, hand over his mouth. Kirishima smiled and rolled his eyes and Kaminari just stared after Katsuki suspiciously.


Hitoshi shifted from foot to foot next to the machine. He was probably putting his minimal sleep schedule off by getting coffee in the middle of the day, but he was ready to pass out and he needed to stay awake for a test later on that day. He hated tests, but he wasn't stupid enough to avoid it and end up taking the make-up—which was usually far more complicated.

He leaned against the wall, playing with his fingers just for something to do. His eyes were half closed, and he stifled a yawn. Why the hell was he so tired? He smacked either side of his face with his palms. It woke him up a little bit, but he knew from experience trying to use that as a solution would dull the effectiveness until it was just a nuisance.

His head was a little foggy, too. Foggy enough he didn't hear the people walking straight up to him. He jolted awake further, bag falling to the ground as a hand covered his mouth. He was nowhere near awake enough to fight back a lot, but he instinctively tried to rip the person's hand off his mouth.

It was the same guys that had been looking to corner him during lunch when Bakugou scared them off. They had grins on that would fit street thugs more than students at a prestigious school. Hitoshi scratched at the wrist attached to the hand covering his mouth. The person—the biggest one in their little group—only winced at the pain and grabbed Hitoshi's shoulder, slamming him into the wall roughly. That hurt.

Hitoshi tried to curse, but the hand was doing it's job at keeping him silent. He kicked out one of his legs, trying to hit the guy pinning him in the shin—but it would never work enough to do anything to help him get out of the situation.

“Wow, for a villain kid, you're still freakishly weak,” one of the others said, laughing bitterly. Hitoshi frowned under the hand, going still. It was useless trying to really hit them back—he was outnumbered and he doubted he could even fight the smallest one that just watched. “Seriously? You're a useless piece of shit without your quirk. Hero my ass.”

“You're lucky that hero kid took some kind of pity on you,” the small one said. Hitoshi narrowed his eyes. He was still exhausted, but now he was awake enough to keep his eyes open. “He doesn't even know you're controlling him, does he? God, what a pathetic excuse for a hero student.”

“Did you actually need me to buy you coffee, shithead, or am I saving you again?”

The group all looked over their shoulder and Hitoshi's eyes went wide. He blinked and pointed to the hand holding his mouth. Bakugou rolled his eyes. He had just walked around the corner. He scowled and narrowed his eyes at the group. They glanced at each other, confused and scared.

“Dude, let's just get out of here,” one of them said, nudging another.

“Hell no, we can take a fake hero student,” the other said.

“You wanna run that by me again?” Bakugou snapped. He set off an explosion. The hall was pretty much abandoned since everyone was focusing on lunch and last minute projects, but the sound still felt like it could draw attention. “You wanna do this shit?”

The big one let go of Hitoshi enough that he could slip out of immediate danger. The others were looking back and forth between the two. Eventually, a few of them walked past Bakugou as fast as they could, until it was only the big one and their little leader.

Bakugou raised an eyebrow at them as he walked over. He glared down his nose at them, even though the big one was taller than him and the other was his height. The one his height flinched back and started to walk away. The big one was stupid enough to try and smack Bakugou. He just went for a straight punch, but the blond easily blocked it and hit him in the gut—right under the ribs. The other coughed and hacked as he tried to catch his breath. Bakugou snarled and shoved him out of the way, towards where the smaller one was starting to run away. The two of them only spared one look at Bakugou's pissed expression before running.

Hitoshi smirked after them, but was snapped out of it by Bakugou hitting him on shoulder.

“The hell you smiling about?” the blond asked, still scowling. “If it weren't for me, you'd have another black eye.”

“And with you, I don't and soon I'll have coffee,” Hitoshi said, rubbing were he knew there'd be a bruise where Bakugou hit him. “Silver linings.”

Bakugou scoffed and rolled his eyes. He pulled out a dollar from his bag after digging around. Hitoshi took it with a smile. He walked over to the machine and put the dollar in, hitting the button for coffee. He picked up his bag from where he dropped it and grabbed the can.

“Happy now? People are starting to think I have a girlfriend or some shit,” Bakugou said. Hitoshi nodded and opened it, immediately drinking a huge gulp. He winced at the taste and gagged a little. “Crap, you're high maintenance with coffee.”

“I'll take that as a compliment considering the utter garbage the rest of the Gen Ed drinks,” Hitoshi said after a few seconds of getting over the taste. He wondered if he could convince Bakugou to go get him some from the hero dorms. He doubted he could get away with using his quirk for it and still get good coffee in the mornings. Not a chance he was willing to take. “It's horrible but it does it's job. What's worse is coffee that tastes like shit and doesn't even wake you up. I've had too many experiences with that.”

Bakugou snorted and shook his head. He looked down the hall where the group vanished, frowning. Hitoshi blinked at his expression. It was different from the usual pissed look, more... neutral?

“Are you thinking?” Hitoshi asked. Bakugou glared at him “Sounds dangerous if you are.”

“Screw you,” Bakugou snapped, looking back down the hall. “... You shouldn't take their shit.”

“We've been over this, I value my life,” Hitoshi sighed.

“Wear gym clothes tomorrow,” Bakugou said, going to walk away.

“I'm sorry, what?” Hitoshi sputtered, walking after him. The blond didn't so much as glance over his shoulder at him. “Of course you're not going to tell me, why did I think otherwise? If you make me run like you do, I'm suing.”


“So... uh what's up with you and the Shinsou guy?” Kirishima asked.

Katsuki looked up from where he was looking over a worksheet the other just finished. The red head had a hesitantly curious look on his face, obviously scared of setting Katsuki off when some of his grades depended on the blond.

“Mind. Your. Own. Shit,” Katsuki said, marking something down. He leaned his elbow on the table and balanced his chin in his palm. “Why the hell are you and Deku so nosy?”

“To be honest, it's weird,” Kirishima admitted, shrugging helplessly. Katsuki frowned and raised an eyebrow. “I mean, you only talk to like... four other people in the class? You act like you hate everyone, then we find out you're... sort of friends with a Gen Ed kid. One that seems to be more antisocial than you.”

Katsuki slid the paper back over to Kirishima, looking off to the side where the glass door to the veranda was. It was starting to get dark, just barely, so there were still voices coming from outside the door.

“Then we figure out that you're bringing him coffee,” Kirishima continued after a period of silence, doing over some of the problems. “And he's getting you drinks... and you're talking with him without shouting, he lets you watch whatever he was doing on his phone. It's just... weird, 'cause it sort of came out of nowhere on our end.”

“He just showed up one day, got it?” Katsuki interrupted. He could practically feel Kirishima preparing to ramble on and on about why it was weird. He didn't want to hear it. The red head watched him, stopping what he was writing. Katsuki grumbled and looked back over at him. “Shit happened, and we tolerate each other. I'll say it for the fourth time. Mind your own shit, shitty hair.”

Kirishima frowned, realizing he wasn't going to get anything else out of the blond. He nodded and went back the problems. Katsuki stared out the window, fingers messing with a few strands of his hair near his ear just to do something. He knew that Hitoshi and him had a weird friendship going on, but so did half the other hero students like the tentacle guy and bird head. He tapped his foot against the other and his frown deepened as he stared off.

He was snapped back to the moment by Kirishima sliding the paper back over to him. He looked down and picked up the pen again.

“How the hell did you get this wrong, I just told you how to do this shit.”


Chapter Text

Hitoshi was scared the next day. He did what Bakugou told him to, but he didn't have a lot of clothes to chose from. It was sweatpants and an old graphic t-shirt with a stain that he thought was from paint. He had no idea where the paint came from, but it wouldn't wash out so he dealt with it. He shoved his regular school uniform into the bag—he'd deal with wrinkles if it meant he didn't have to lug around another bag or try and shove it in a locker and remember it being there. He had an idea of what Bakugou would be making him do and he brought one of those shake-able ice packs and a few Band-Aids for good measure.

When he got to the gym area, he put the can down next to Bakugou's bag as per usual and grabbed the thermos where it was sticking out of the duffel. There weren't any other bags next to his. Hitoshi looked over and saw the blond rounding the corner towards the bleachers. Bakugou slowed down to a stop in front of his bag.

“Ready?” he asked, breath a little heavy as he grabbed the can and opened it.

“Physically? Probably not. Mentally? Never am,” Shinsou sighed, taking a long sip from the coffee. “I brought stuff though.”

“What kinda stuff?” Bakugou asked. He watched curiously as Hitoshi put his bag on the bench and took out a plastic shopping bag. Hitoshi opened it and let Bakugou look in. “You're kidding.”

“It's for my safety,” Hitoshi said, like it was obvious. Bakugou rolled his eyes as he drank from the can. Hitoshi put the plastic bag next to his school one and downed as much of the coffee as he could. “Now are you going to beat the shit out of me or teach me how to do the shit beating?”

“The plan is the second one, at least enough so you know how to defend your ass,” Bakugou explained. “But if you try to use your quirk on me, the first one.”

“You need to work on your comfort methods,” Hitoshi sighed. He rubbed his eyes and groaned. Bakugou shrugged and put the can down on the bleachers. “I'm not getting out of this, am I?”

“Not unless you can run faster than me, which you can't.”



Shinsou squawked and dropped into a crouch to dodge a kick that looked like it could break ribs. Katsuki put his leg down and frowned at him. The blond grumbled angrily and stepped back. Shinsou fell back and flopped on the ground, supporting himself with his palms on the ground. Strands of his hair fell in front of his face and he tried to blow them out of the way. His chest was rising and falling quickly, already tired from only a half hour of basic hand-to-hand.

Katsuki held out his hand. Shinsou took it without hesitation and the blond pulled him to his feet. Katsuki stepped back again as the other rested his hands on his knees and caught his breath. He tapped his foot and crossed his arms. He was itching to just get past the basics. He really didn't want to see Shinsou with another black eye or any kind of injuries from those assholes who held themselves so high-and-mighty. He'd take whatever punishment they dish out on him when he knocked those assholes to the brink of death if they tried that shit with him around.

Shinsou looked up at him, confusion and shock written all over his face.

“You do this shit, everyday?” Shinsou asked, still a little out of breath. His eyes were wide and he looked geniunely floored. Katsuki just frowned and nodded. “Crap, man. I probably do have to start exercising. Can't I just ride a bike or something like that?”

“...Yeah, but I'm not making you just work out,” Katsuki snapped. He held his hands up and fell into a basic ready stance. “Now hands up.”

“Hold up, dying here,” Shinsou said, pointing to himself. He took a few moments, just breathing heavily before he stepped back and held his hands up. “Okay, okay. Let's not decapitate me this time. No attempts on my actual life.”

“That would not 'ave hurt, shithead,” Katsuki snarled, rolling his eyes again.

“Be careful, you do that any more and your eyes'll roll right out of your head and I will laugh at your misfortune.”

Katuski lunged forward and Shinsou yelped, jumping backwards. The purple-haired boy successfully managed to block the punch—better than the first one that he just ran away from. He had a look of self-pride on his face for a second before Katsuki pulled back and swung again. Shinsou took a step away, so it missed him, and then pushed Katsuki's arm the other way. He went to hit Katsuki in the stomach. The blonde knocked his hand away, side stepped, grabbed his wrist, and pulled Shinsou forward. He felt a smirk on his lips at the look of blank shock on Shinsou's face as he tripped forward.

Shinsou grunted as Katsuki got him in a hold, arm pinned in an uncomfortable place. He tried to pulled himself out of it, but the blond was much stronger than him. Katsuki smirked as Shinsou struggled, cursing quietly and repeatedly from the pain. Shinsou paused one second and then stood up straight. Katsuki's smirk vanished as Shinsou started just leaning backwards, using his greater height to his advantage

“What the--”

Katsuki's question was interrupted by one of his feet being knocked out of place. He glanced down and Shinsou had got his foot behind Katsuki's with enough room to push his foot off balance. Katsuki felt himself starting to fall, and went to support himself, but Shinsou decided then to put his full weight on the blond.

“Crap!” Katsuki shouted as he fell down. Shinsou laughed as he landed on top of him. Katsuki roughly pushed the other off of him. Shinsou just curled up a few feet away, snickered and looking up at Katsuki. “I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU ACTUALLY PULLED THAT SHIT OFF!”

“N-Neither can I, holy crap,” Shinsou managed between his laughter, making him sound more out of breath than before. “You looked so shocked, oh my god. That was good...shit, that was good. Ooh boy.”

Katsuki groaned loudly and flopped down on his back, kicking the ground angrily. He stared up at the sky as Shinsou calmed down, taking deep breaths around the snickers. He looked over. Shinsou's hair was pretty messed up now, more parts hanging down and around his face. He had his face towards the ground, one arm propping up his forehead and the other sprawled out in front of him. Katsuki sighed and rolled over onto his stomach, jumping to his feet.

“Well if you somehow pull that off with those assholes, you run before laughing,” Katsuki said once Shinsou had collected himself enough to talk and breathe normally.

“R-Right,” Shinsou breathed, still laughing a little. “Crap that was the best fight I've ever had without my quirk. Oh... god.”

“That's never gonna work again, ya' know,” Katsuki said. Shinsou looked up, still smiling faintly as he sat up, cheeks a little red from the exercise and laughing fit. Katsuki felt his stomach dip a little but mentally shoved it in the corner with the other shit he thought about Shinsou that was beyond what he wanted to deal with.“And I'm not letting you go just 'cause you knocked me down. We're doing this shit tomorrow.”

“But that's the weekend, smart one,” Shinsou pointed out, now back to his usual facial expression. He stood up slowly and tried to slick his hair back into its usual position.

“Fine, Monday then,” Katsuki grumbled, shrugging. He walked over to the bleachers and grabbed his bag. The coffee and energy drink were long gone at that point. He threw the can away and shoved the empty thermos in his bag. Shinsou followed him, shoving the plastic shopping bag back into his school one and slinging it over his shoulder. “Just don't think this is it.”

“I thought as much,” Shinsou sighed as they walked into the building together and to the locker room. “Still on for a series binge tonight?”

“Yeah, might be a little later than usual,” Katsuki said. “Everyone decided tonight is always movie night or 'bonding' night, some shit like that. I never hang around anyways.”

“Sheesh, is it like that in every dorm? Gen Ed has movie night every Friday, too.”

“It's a common thing, idiot. People have movie nights.”


The Skype calls were becoming a regular thing. Mostly at night, when Shinsou couldn't sleep and Katsuki was trying to stay awake like it was some kind of challenge. He always fell asleep, though, and Shinsou sent him a message right after every time.

The designated move night in the 1-A dorms was lively as always. Katsuki usually just sat on the far corner of the couch, watching whatever they voted for disinterestedly. It was a time waster for him, a way to fill the time gap between after dinner and when he slept, so he never paid attention. This time, he didn't even pause as they listed off the names of the movies and voted. He grabbed a soda bottle from the fridge, a box of food, a fork, and marched up the stairs to his room.

“You're not sticking around, Bakugou?” Ashido piped up just before he went up the stairs. “It's a really good one!”

“Don't care, piss off,” Katsuki said, not even hesitating as he climbed the stairs. Ashido huffed and went off towards the main area where everyone else was gathered with blankets and pillows to watch the movie.

Katsuki kicked open his door and knocked it closed with his back. He only had the bedside lamp on, so it was dim in the room. He tossed the food onto his bed and grabbed his laptop from his desk. The cord was plugged in near his bed instead of near the desk now—it was more convenient at this point. He sat on the bed, opening the soda and putting it on the end-table. The laptop was just asleep, so when he opened it and plugged in the charger cord, he just tapped the track pad. The message he got a little earlier was still opened. As he plugged in his ear buds and slipped them on, he reached over and sent a quick reply.


Shinsou H: Message me when you're ready

Me: k rdy


The app played the call noise and he hit the answer button almost instantly. The video feed came in fuzzy at first before clarifying. Shinsou was hunched over his laptop, as per usual, with a stuffed animal-pillow in his lap to rest his elbows on. The room behind him was dim, too, only lit by a small lamp next to the bed.

Would it kill you to use vowels?” Shinsou said as way of greeting, turning and digging for something from under his bed. He had blue over-head headphones on, like in every other call.

Y's a vowel,” Katsuki muttered, settling himself against the pillows behind him

Only occasionally, don't act like you proved a point,” Shinsou sighed, pulling DVD cases from under his bed. “You get that software thing?

“Yep,” Katsuki said, opening up the plastic case he got from the kitchen and grabbing the fork. “Had to get the damn discount pikachu to help.”

The dude with lightning bolt hair?” Shinsou asked, sorting through the cases. “Can he charge phones? Is that a thing?

“He doesn't want to, but not like he has a choice,” Katsuki snorted, mixing up the food in the container. “He's weak as hell when it comes ta' protesting that shit.”

...A... Are you about to eat salad in my presence?” Shinsou mumbled after a pause. Katsuki frowned and looked back at Shinsou's picture. He had a blank face, just raising an eyebrow and looking down at the salad container.

“How the hell you do that eyebrow thing?” Katsuki snapped. “And it's healthy, shithead. Hero student.”

I'm not upset, just disappointed,” Shinsou said, shaking his head and going back to looking through the cases.

“Don't use that on me,” Katsuki grumbled. “I'll stab you with the damn fork.”

Can you reach that high?

“It's five centimeters, asshole!”

Can't hear you up here.”

“...Little shit.”

Anyway!” Shinsou said, tossing one of the cases off to the side. He jolted at a crash somewhere else in his room and looked over where it came from—a place Katsuki couldn't see. “Shit. One sec--” Katsuki snorted, looking down at the salad and stifling the rest of his laughter. Shinsou took his headphones off, put the cases to the side along with the stuffed animal he had in his lap. He hopped off his bed, going off the screen. The blond stabbed the salad started eating while he waited. Eventually, Shinsou came back and put his headphones on again. “--Nothing important. Just some books I haven't touched in ages. Okay! Choices, choices.

“None of that shit from last time,” Katsuki piped up, opening up the browser that was opened up to the website Shinsou told him. It was a free site that let them watch the same thing that Shinsou played on his laptop but they didn't have to use the screen-sharing. “That seriously sucked.”

I know that's why I showed it to you,” Shinsou nodded. “As a friend, I'm obligated to make you suffer.”

“I didn't sign up for this goddamn hassle,” Katsuki said.

There was a brief moment of silence with Katsuki stirring his salad and Shinsou skimming over the DVD cases. Then they both broke out into snickers. Shinsou grabbed the stuffed animal-pillow, shoving his face in it and letting out a muffled scream. Katsuki snorted loudly and covered his mouth, looking off to the side of his room.

My life is a joke, it's fine. Everything is fine, what are you talking about,” Shinsou said after, still smiling but not freaking out anymore. “Okay, it's a school life slash sports anime day, or at least that's what I grabbed first. We got... Your Lie in April, Hyouka, Haikyuu, and Free.”

“The hell're they about?” Katsuki asked, shoving more salad in his mouth.

Not saying, that's the part of this that's fun for me,” Shinsou chirped, smirking and looking over the DVDs. “I've seen all of them, but basic descriptions are okay, I guess. Your Lie in April is feels and music. Hyouka is mysteries and some trippy imagery. Haikyuu is dorky boys, volleyball, and some minor feels that turn into major feels. Free is swimming and... let's just say drama.

“Feels is emotions, right?” Katsuki muttered, shifting further back against the pillows. Shinsou nodded and hummed. “Lota 'feel' options.”

I do have... um...” Shinsou said, leaning over to dig around on the side of his bed. “Trickster. It's a newer one, but good feels and a guy who can't die. Pretty fascinating. There's...oh shit Deadman Wonderland didn't know I had that. Not watching that, damn.

“Why not?” Katsuki asked, tilting his head like he could see anything else

...You know what, never mind, we're watching it,” Shinsou declared. He put all the other cases down the side of his bed and held up the right one. It had the title on the cover with a picture of who Katsuki guessed were the main characters. “We're only stopping between episodes, not pausing it and if you miss shit, tough shit.

“What if I have to shit?” Katsuki asked as Shinsou opened the case and took out the DVD. Shinsou paused, before snorting and shaking his head, putting the DVD in player of his laptop.

You go in between episodes.”

Katsuki nodded and they were quiet as Shinsou loaded up the show and put it through the website. Shinsou shoved his laptop forward and put the stuffed animal-pillow near it, turning off the lamp. His room flashed dark for a second before the lighting shown on the screen fixed itself. He lied down, pulling the blanket that was off to the side over him as he rested on the pillow. The blanket got pulled over his head, squashing his hair down messily.

Shinsou hit the play episode button and it started. Katsuki gave a confused look at the start.

“What the hell, man?” he snapped. “You said horror.”

Wait for it.

He waited.

“Holy... shit.

Chapter Text

Bakugou K: oi shithead

Me: Yes, asshole?

Bakugou K: piss off

Bakugou K: trying to be nice here

Me: Should I be concerned?

Bakugou K: u shld if u keep interrupting

Me: Vowels are your friend, do not be afraid of them

Bakugou K: ok fine then


Hitoshi snickered at his phone, turning around in his desk chair. He had homework spread out on his desk. He was one of the few people in the Gen Ed dorm that didn't go out on Saturday the second they could. He thought it was better to get it all done first, then chill out for the rest of the weekend until he dragged himself to school again.


Me: Okay, sorry, continue whatever you were saying

Bakugou K: ur lucky im so nice rn

Me: Truly blessed, now what?

Bakugou K: a new horror movie came out a few days ago

Bakugou K: after the deadman wonderland shit, thought u'd be interested


Hitoshi stopped his spinning and blinked at his phone in shock. He smiled a second later and looked down at his homework. He could finish it at night, plus he wanted to get some stuff.


Me: Hell yea. What time?

Bakugou K: noonish at the mall

Bakugou K: go to the thing together or meet there?

Me: I got some shit to pick up, so your choice


“Why the hell do you need a thermos? The one I have works fine.”


Katsuki snorted and shook his head. Shinsou looked through the selection of cups lined up on the shelves. They were in some store that sold manga and American comics, along with the merch that went with them. There was also a lot of odd things that looked cool but didn't go with the any of the franchises, but still somehow matched the feel of the store.

Shinsou hummed along with the song playing in the store—one that Katsuki probably heard on the radio station Kirishima made them listen to during their study sessions. The blond didn't get why Shinsou was taking so long picking out a stupid thermos, since they'd all do what they were supposed to and he already had one.

Katsuki looked over towards the front of the store. The mall was busy, thought that was obvious since it was the weekend. Little clusters and single people walked past the store. A few of them came in, but most just went by on their way to some other place. He noticed some people he could've sworn he'd seen around the UA campus—not that weird—but it still put him on edge. He hadn't said anything to Kirishima or the other idiots about where he was going. They didn't ask though. He was nervous that one of them would show up and be an ass about the situation. Shinsou could fend for himself in layers of attitude if any of them tried the “intimidation” technique to see if he was “worthy” of hanging around Katsuki—Ashido would probably try and fail miserably.

“Just pick one goddammit,” Katsuki grumbled.

“You rush me, and I'll take longer on purpose,” Shinsou muttered, only half paying attention to what Katsuki said as he crouched down to see the bottom shelf. Katsuki frowned down at him before going back to looking through the glass walls of the storefront.

It was a little weird hanging out with Shinsou outside of school, and seeing him without the uniform on. He'd only ever seen him in the UA uniform outside of the Skype calls and yesterday. Even with those instance, it was the kind of clothes you didn't care if they got ruined—old t-shirts, sweatpants, the like. So Katsuki wasn't exactly mentally prepared.

Shinsou wore black skinny jeans with some rips at the knees and dark purple converse that looked old and used—scuff marks and worn soles. He had a gray t-shirt on with an anime character on the front—someone from the first anime Shinsou made him watch—hugging the little black cat with the sick ass sword from the same show. He had a black jacket on over it that looked like it was leather—Shinsou said he didn't know since he found it at a thrift store—and a beige messenger bag with a shield insignia with a blue and white wing on it. He hair was the same as always, though.

Katsuki hated to admit it, but Shinsou had an understanding of how to coordinate clothes. He felt like he was outdone and he hated that even it was with something as stupid as clothes. He was just wearing cargo shorts and a dark green pull over sweatshirt with old black high-top sneakers.

Shinsou stood up, holding one of the thermoses. He spun it around his hands before nodding. It was a simple galaxy design.

“'Kay, I'm good,” Shinsou said, nudging Katsuki in the shoulder as he went towards the front counter. “Let's go.”

Katsuki grunted and followed him to the counter. There wasn't a line, so they went straight up. Shinsou payed and said all the little pleasantries a normal person would. The cashier took the hint of Katsuki avoiding eye contact and not trying to say anything.

As they were leaving, Shinsou shoved the thermos in his bag and they walked down the line of stores towards the escalator.


“Hey,” Shinsou piped up while they were waiting in the concessions line. Katsuki looked up and flinched as an arm was slung around shoulders. He looked up, where Shinsou was holding his phone up with the camera open. “Say cheese.”

Katsuki flipped off the camera again and Shinsou smirked as he hit the button. Shinsou lowered his phone and shifted on his feet but didn't move that arm on Katsuki's shoulder. The blond watched as he edited the picture, drawing the usual things on the bottom half of their faces, making sure Katsuki's finger wasn't blocked.

“I thought you said you don't post personal shit?” Katsuki asked, looking back up at the menu above the counter. There were only a few more people in line.

“Occasional personal shit,” Shinsou corrected. “Besides, you're a fan favorite, apparently. They like the stories and your pomeranian hair.”

Katsuki scoffed and shook his head, crossing his arms. Shinsou hummed the same song from the store under his breath.

“You're gonna get that song stuck in my head, asshole, shut up,” he said, elbowing Shinsou in the ribs. The other winced and moved his arm from around Katsuki's shoulders to hold his ribs.

Shinsou snickered and grinned as he kept typing things on his phone, hand sliding in the pocket of his jacket. They moved up in the line and Katsuki looked around the area. He usually didn't go out, didn't like crowds or anything like that, but this part of the mall was no where near as crowded as the rest of the place, so that was good. What did Shinsou repeatedly say? Silver linings or some shit?

When the last person in front of them finally got whatever they ordered—taking too godamn long for it—Shinsou took over the ordering. Katsuki took out some of the money he brought over got a soda. Shinsou paid for his own stuff. They stepped away from the counter and Shinsou went over to the butter pump. Katsuki hadn't even noticed it when they walked in. Shinsou went over and held the button down.

“Before you criticize my health through my popcorn habits,” Shinsou said as Katsuki walked up next to him, glancing up at him. Katsuki snorted as Shinsou practically drowned the popcorn in butter. “I never go to theaters, and I'm indulging.”

“Holy crap,” Katsuki laughed quietly. “Wasn't gonna say a word, but that is more butter than popcorn.”

“Then it's perfect, hold this,” Shinsou said quickly. He shoved the bag into Katsuki's arm and put his drink on the counter. The blond gave him a confused look. “Gotta hit the bathroom, be right back.”

“Whatever, just hurry it up.”

Shinsou gave him a thumbs up and walked off, down a side hall with a sign above the entrance that said “restrooms”. Katsuki frowned ans adjusted the bag and soda in his hands, making so he could grab the other drink and move out of the way. He found one of the garbage cans with a surface above the basket and put the stuff down. He opened the soda bottle as he waited for Shinsou.

The crowds moved around him and a few other people stopped near the walls, likely waiting for someone like he was. One group walked by, 3D glasses on their heads. Shit he almost forgot. Katsuki reached into the pocket of his sweatshirt were he shoved the 3D glasses they got with the tickets. He opened one of the packages and put the other next to the food. He threw the wrapper away and put the plastic glasses on his head, pushed up into his hair.

He looked down at his feet and waited. That damn song was stuck in his head now, playing the one part Shinsou kept humming on repeat. He didn't know the rest of it, so it was just that piece. That was worse than the whole thing.

“Bakugou? What're you doing there?”

Katsuki jolted and looked up, eyes wide. Kirishima walked up to him from the crowd—coming out of nowhere. Shit shit shit. Kaminari, Ashido, and Sero were right behind him. Katsuki tensed up. Goddamn perfect timing.

“It's a movie theater, shitty hair,” Katsuki growled out, looking off to the side. “The hell d'ya think?”

“Yeah, well you didn't tell us, man!” Ashido said. “You here with someone.”

“Ooh! Are we interrupting a date with your not-girlfriend?” Kaminari drawled, grinning. Ashido gasped and moved closer to Katsuki. Sero gave him a sympathetic look and Kirishima sighed, exasperated.

“O-M-G! You do have a girlfriend!” Ashido whisper-screamed.

“I don't have a goddamn girlfriend!” Katsuki snapped. He jammed both hands in the pocket of his sweatshirt and looked off to the side. “Mind your own shit and go watch whatever the hell you're going to.”

“We're seeing the new horror movie,” Kirishima said. He pointed a thumb over his shoulder to where the theaters were. “Doubt you're seeing any of the others here, if you wanna come along.”

Katsuki sucked his teeth and looked off to the side. He saw Shinsou come out of the bathroom, looking around the area. When the other spotted Katsuki, he immediately noticed the others there. He hesitated.

When Katsuki didn't say anything, Kirishima shrugged and the four of them walking away. A few seconds later, Shinsou appeared at his side. He didn't ask any questions, or say anything at all. He grabbed his popcorn, drink, and 3D glasses. He ripped open the package, threw the wrapping away, and put them on his face.

“Are we avoiding them at all costs? Or...” Shinsou asked as they walked towards the theater.

“Hell if I know,” Katsuki grumbled, looking down at his feet. “Two of 'em are damn persistent.”

“Discount pikachu and the one with horns?”


Shinsou hummed and nodded. They went into the theater and up the ramp. Katsuki really hated his luck. It was full, or almost at least. He could see the four he was dead set on avoiding in there going up the stairs to the only available seats. He cursed under his breath and shot Shinsou a look.

“You want aisle seat?” Shinsou asked, leaning down to whisper it to him.

“Crap... no, they'll question the shit out of you and it'll annoy me,” Katsuki grumbled, starting up the stairs.

“I'm so glad you care this much for me,” Shinsou snorted.

Katsuki just rolled his eyes and stepped into the row. Sero was in the seat next to the empty one, then it was Ashido, Kaminari, and Kirishima. As Katsuki sat down, Sero glanced up and smiled. He was the only one that kept his mouth shut about Katsuki's weird behavior, save for a few jokes with Kaminari. Shinsou sat down next to him, crossing his legs. He pulled out his phone and turned it off.

“Will you survive?” Katsuki asked, leaning over. Shinsou pushed his head away with two fingers, smirking. He slid his phone away.

Luckily, Kaminari and Ashido didn't notice Katsuki and Shinsou on the end until right before the movie started. Katsuki knew he was delay the inevitable, but he'd take it if it meant quiet. The movie played on. The beginning was tame compared to the previews—more atmosphere establishing. As soon as it got to the scary stuff, there were a lot of screams. Katsuki looked over at Ashido and Kaminari as they both screamed. He frowned at the screen, it wasn't even all that scary yet.

Shinsou was silent, eating the popcorn and only wincing slightly at jump scares. Katsuki poked him in the shoulder and he jolted a little. He looked over, cheeks stuffed with popcorn. Katsuki stifled snort and pointed to the popcorn and himself. Shinsou did an exaggerated sighing motion before moving the popcorn between them, letting Katsuki take a handful and shoving it in his mouth.


Chapter Text

“They're frozen in shock,” Shinsou whispered as the movie ended—credits playing with eerie music. Katsuki looked over at him. “I suggest if you want to avoid them, we run.”

“Shit, you're right, go go,” Katsuki grumbled, nudging Shinsou. They grabbed their things and started down the stairs quickly—taking two at a time.

The four in the seats didn't even seem like they looked up until Shinsou and Katsuki cleared the corner, and where heading down the hallway to the lobby area of the theater. Shinsou threw everything in the trash, putting the 3D glasses in the pocket of his jacket. Katsuki threw his soda bottle away and kept the 3D glasses pushed up on his head.

They went for the exit without a word to each other as the rest of the people started exiting the theater. With that kind of crowd, there was no way Katsuki's friends would be catching up as long as they kept going.

“You know, that wasn't that scary,” Shinsou said, pulling his phone out and turning it on. He looked over at Katsuki. “Just jump-scares 'n gore.”

“Yeah, it sucked,” Katsuki sighed. He jammed his hands in the pocket of his sweatshirt as they walked out into the food court area—right outside the theater. “Thought it'd be at least a little better than that shit pile.”

“The only good character was the dog,” Shinsou mumbled, shaking his head. Katsuki nodded and hummed agreement.

The crowd leaving the theater was all stopping in their own little groups, all breathing heavily with anxious looks on their faces. Katsuki frowned. The movie really hadn't been that scary. In the trailer, they showed maybe the few good scary parts. The rest was just needless gore and jump-scares from a not-so scary villain.

“There's a burger place across the street,” Katsuki said, looking back over at Shinsou.

“Says the guy who ate salad when we were binge watching a show,” Shinsou snorted, scrolling through his notifications quickly. He paused for a second, eyes widening. Katsuki gave him a confused look as they climbed on the escalator to head back to the first floor. “Oh crap, I just hit 50k followers.”

Katsuki blinked in shock as Shinsou unlocked his phone and opened the blog app. “Why is that a crap?” he asked, leaning forward to look at Shinsou's screen. The other willingly tilted it in his direction.

“Because, that means another 10k and it's a face reveal,” Shinsou explained, opening a post dated almost two years ago. “And at the rate this is going, that won't take too long.”

“Then just don't do it,” Katsuki shrugged.

“You do not understand the fury I will face if I do,” Shinsou huffed, putting his phone in sleep mode. “Damn. I'm happy, but it sucks.”

Katsuki snorted as they stepped off the escalator. It was silence between them as they walked out of the mall and crossed the street to the burger place. Luckily it was cheap food, so they ordered quickly, payed and took their stuff and took a seat in one of the booths near the window.

Even bigger crowds were out walking in the plaza. Business men and women who were working over time walked by in suits and pencil skirts. Older teenagers went by with their friends, some coming into the burger place and ordering. Younger ones ran around with parents and their own friends, stopping at toy and candy stores. It was still bright out, only around two in the afternoon, so the sun was still relatively high in the sky. A bunch of pairs—people on dates probably—walked by, almost all of them dressed nicely.

In the center of the plaza was an open fountain. There were no walls, so little kids were jumping around in the water, splashing their friends and parents even. A few teens were doing that, mostly the ones on dates. Even a few adults were joining in on it. The fountain spouts shot water in the air at intervals, while a few just kept the water going. There was cement pillar in the middle that shot water out at arcs. Parts of cement on the corners and at spaces along the sides did the same—around head level. It honestly wasn't that shitty for a cheesy fountain display—even if a few really young kids got “trapped” by the ones going off at intervals.

They didn't order much, just small burgers and fries. Katsuki would never admit Shinsou was right when he said the popcorn was perfect, but he would admit that because he and Shinsou ended up splitting it that he wasn't that hungry.

“This is the greasiest burger I think I've ever eaten, shit,” Katsuki said. Shinsou gave him a confused look.

“You have not really lived, man,” Shinsou said, shaking his head a little as he took a huge bite of his own. “But with your whole hero thing, I doubted it.”

“Whatever, shit head.”



“I don't get it,” Katsuki grumbled.

Shinsou looked up from his phone where he was liking the posts of people saying that he was close-ish to 60k and reblogging that old post. He glanced over at the fountain area that the blond was giving a grumpy look. They stopped a far enough distance away not to get splashed by accident.

“Get what?” he asked.

“Why run through the fountain thing?” Katsuki said, looking up at Shinsou. “Like, hell yeah, let's just get soaked for the shits and giggles.”

“Hell if I know,” Shinsou shrugged. He clicked his phone off and put it in the pocket. “Just feel bad for anyone with phone cases that aren't waterproof.”

“You got a waterproof one?” Katsuki asked, giving him a surprised look. Hitoshi nodded. “I got a shitty blast-burst-proof one, but it works with water for whatever reason, too.”

“How many phones have you broken?” Shinsou snorted.

“Too goddamn many, would've broken this one if it wasn't explosion proof,” Katsuki hissed, patting where his phone was in his shorts' pocket.

“Did you break the vowel buttons?” Shinsou said, grinning evilly.

Katsuki scowled and glanced back over at the fountain. His scowled vanished as an idea crossed his mind. He turned back to Shinsou with a shit-eating grin. Shinsou immediately realized something was about to happen and went to back away. Katsuki grabbed his forearm and when Shinsou tried to pry his hand off with his other one, grabbed that one too.

“Bakugou, I swear to god,” Shinsou protested as Katsuki started dragging him towards the fountain. He tried digging his heels into the ground but it was flat concrete so there wasn't exactly a foot hold anywhere. “Don't even. No, no, please, seriously. My hair. Bakugou, my goddamn hair, please have mercy. I'll get you double energy drinks, I'll never insult your fear of vowels again, have mercy.”

Katsuki just grinned as they got closer. Shinsou might've been taller and heavy enough to knock him down, but Katsuki could probably carry him princess-style without breaking a sweat. Shinsou kept saying pleas for mercy, trying to walk backwards against Katsuki's pulling, but it was too late. Katsuki adjusted his hold to further up on Shinsou's arms and swung him around, right towards the path of one of the arched water streams.

Shinsou squawked as he was tossed right into it. He caught a glimpse of the grin on Katsuki's face as the blond let him go. He grabbed the baggy sleeve's of Katsuki's sweater and pulled him in. The blond cursed and tripped on the slightly raised platform to keep the water inside. Katsuki slammed into Shinsou's chest. Shinsou feet slipped on the slick ground and Katsuki tried to stabilize himself with no success. They both went down.

Katsuki somehow ended up slipping sideways and caught himself on his palms. Shinsou managed to catch himself, too, but the water stream pretty much hit him straight on the head. Katsuki grumbled as he got to his feet and looked down. He burst out into laughter the second he saw Shinsou. The purple-blue hair was all down now, the front covering Shinsou's eyes and almost his nose, the back and sides falling near his chin. Shinsou reached up and pushed his hair back and frowned pointedly. Katsuki just kept laughing, snorting a few times. Shinsou eventually smiled with him, laughing slightly. He grabbed Katsuki's ankle and pulled it forward. It knocked the blond off balance again and he fell down hard on his butt. One of the cement pieces along the sides of the platform decided then that one of the arched water streams was needed, hitting Katsuki right on the head.

Shinsou burst into laughter then, hair falling back in front of his face as he hunched over. The stream hitting him turned off as the one hitting Katsuki turned on. Katsuki cursed, and saw a parent nearby giving him a dirty look. He subtly flipped them off and they huffed exaggeratedly, taking their child away from the area. That just made Shinsou laugh even more. Katsuki gave him a dirty look, but he really couldn't keep it when Shinsou's hair was looking like a mop.

Katsuki moved out of the way of the stream, splashing water at Shinsou. The other yelped, but did it right back. Some couples were doing similar things, just a lot gentler. They managed to get to their feet at some point. Katsuki cupped his hands, gathering water in them, and dumped it right on top of Shinsou's head, ruffling his hands through Shinsou's hair. Shinsou scoffed and quickly did the same, making Katsuki curse through his laughter and try to swat his hands away. Katsuki ended up knocking him to the ground again, and Shinsou pulled the blond down with him.


“Holy... crap,” Shinsou breathed when they sat down on a bench away from the fountain.

They were both soaked. Shinsou had taken his jacket off, and tied it around his waist. The shirt under it wasn't as wet, but still too much for comfort. Katsuki pulled his sweatshirt off over his head and tried to wring it out somewhat. The tank top he had on under it was no where near as soaked, but the sweatshirt was drenched. Shinsou was attempting to manage the mess his hair became, the natural waviness of it showing now that it wasn't slicked up. He pushed it out of his face, tucking pieces he could behind his ears but most of it was pushed back.

Katsuki tried to put his hair back up into its usual style, but it was refusing to do anything. He looked down at his palms and wondered if he could dry his air with an explosion.

“I know what your thinking, and don't even try,” Shinsou said, looking up at him. Half of his hair was covering one of his eyes. Katsuki looked off to the side and went back to wringing out his sweatshirt.

“No idea what you're talking about.”

“Yeah, sure.”

Katsuki snorted and leaned back against the back rest of the bench. Shinsou gave up on his hair, resigning himself to only having half his face clear of hair. He pulled out his phone, thanking all gods that his case was completely waterproof. He turned it on and opened the camera. Katsuki didn't even flinch this time as Shinsou slung an arm over his shoulder and pulled him closet so they were both in the frame. The blond still had traces of a smile on his face and Shinsou grinned. He took the picture.


New Post: Insomi-Cat

Day with Blasty went in a drenched direction. [photo attachment]

Chapter Text

Katsuki was pacing. Back and forth across the floor of his room, changing the path a little so he didn't actually make a groove in the wood. He alternated between scratching at his scalp, setting off small explosions, and punching his hands together. He was very screwed.

Shinsou had sent him that photo from after they got soaked in the fountain—the copy without the scribbles blocking their faces. Katsuki hadn't even realized he was smiling at his phone when he was looking at it until Uraraka gasped. It had been in the main room, just the two of them in the afternoon after the day with Shinsou at the mall. So it was obvious when she gasped—but it was loud, too. He had looked up, scowling, and Uraraka had a floored expression on her face. When he growled out a question, she just said he was smiling like a normal person—a nice person.

That's what made him storm up to his room. He had looked at the photo again, and now that he was aware, it was obvious to him that he was really smiling—like the genuine kind. His phone got tossed on his bed and then the pacing started.

Katsuki cursed under his breath repeatedly and slapped his hands on his face. He stopped for a second, just trying to calm down from the feeling that was making his face and ears red. There was no goddamn way. He shouted and went back to pacing, stomping his feet onto the floor hard. He'd probably be more conscious of the noise he was making if there were other people in the dorm. He knew for a fact Kirishima, Kaminari, and Ashido had stuck around the mall—a flurry of texts from the latter two. Deku his little group of weirdos was out, too. He sure a majority of the dorms were out, right now, so he let himself be a louder.

He kicked a pile of books across the room, making a loud crash against the wall. He cursed even louder as the force he did that with shot pain up his foot—right on the toes, shit. He limped over to his bed and clutched his foot. That hurt like hell.

Katsuki rolled over, burying his face in his bed sheets and screamed. His head was buzzing with thoughts that he shoved to the corners of his mind for a reason, because he really did not want to deal with it. He messed up one friendship by being an ass—he admits it at this point—and he wasn't about to mess up another because of emotions that had no place being in his head. Hero first, social shit later. He let himself go limp on the mattress. No use breaking his toes kicking shit. He grumbled and rolled over onto his back, staring up at the ceiling.

There was a knocking on the door. Katsuki jolted and looked over, scowling.

“The hell you want!?” he shouted.

“It's Sero,” a voice said. “Can I talk to you for a sec?”

Katsuki huffed and pushed himself up. He marched over and yanked open the door. Sero flinched a little, but smiled like he always did.

“What,” Katsuki spat, scowling. He was already having a bit of a crisis he didn't need the one person that kept his mouth shut suddenly wanting to question him.

“Can I come in?” Sero asked, glancing at the door to the right of Bakugou's. “'ll keep it as quick as possible?”

Katsuki rolled his eyes and stepped out of the way. “Whatever.”

Sero grinned and walked into the room, putting his hands in the pockets of his jeans. He spun around in the center of the room and looked the room up and down. Katsuki shut the door, making it slam. He walked over to his bed and stood next to the side of it.

“Okay, so here's how this is gonna go,” Sero started, clapping his hands together. He pointed to Katsuki. “You're going to stay quiet and listen to all that I have to say. Okay?--” Katsuki just frowned and sat on his bed, arms crossed. “--I'll take it as a yes, great.”

Sero cleared his throat and looked off to the side. Katsuki growled impatiently under his breath and bounced his leg. Sero pressed his hands together and tapped his chin in thought. He took a deep breath and let it out in huff, looking back at Katsuki.

“Do you... like the guy with purple hair?” Sero asked. Katsuki froze completely, and his eyes widened. He immediately moved to jump up, but Sero interjected. “NOPE! Listening, remember. If you're wondering how I know, he did sit next to you at the movies. Pretty obvious there, bud.”

Katsuki blinked and slowly relaxed a little more—still tense but less so. He watched Sero with narrowed eyes, and the other calmed down when he saw Katsuki wasn't going to put him in any danger.

“What about him?” Katsuki hissed.

Listen,” Sero snapped. He frowned a little before going back to a neutral expression. “It's not like it's weird in this place. Have you met our class? I think there are like... three completely straight people in 1-A? Everyone else is gay or somewhere in between. We can't exactly make fun of you for it. Hell, I'm the least qualified to judge you, since I don't get the whole attraction thing—I'm aroace—but if you seriously think we're gonna make fun of you or something because you like a guy, you're very wrong. Kirishima's pan, Kaminari's bi, and Ashido's pan, too, I think. Even if you don't want to tell the whole class, we are your friends and we'll help you through this shit. Kaminari rants to me all the time, emotions suck.”

Katsuki looked down at his feet. He played with his fingers, just to do something and avoided looking at Sero at all. Sero leaned down and caught his eye. He smiled sympathetically.

“Seriously, though,” Sero continued. “If you don't want to tell Kiri and the two problem children, I'll listen. I won't get it, but I will. Kirishima'd listen, too, even if he was convinced he was gay for you after the entrance exam.”

“You're kidding,” Katsuki blurted, stifling a snort. He had a vague idea in the beginning of the year the Kirishima was interested in him, but like the stuff that was shoving itself to the front of his mind, it was pushed to the side.

“Yeah, he's over it, now,” Sero laughed, scratching the back of his head. “He'll probably be upset that I told you he even had one, no matter how little he says it was. But uh... back to topic. It might be awkward trying to talk to Kirishima now, but um... Shouji and Tokoyami are dating I'm ninety percent sure. Probably more awkward to ask them for advice, but keep it in mind, okay? I'll keep my mouth shut about it towards the other three, but it's up to you.”

Katsuki nodded slowly. He went back to fidgeting silently, messing with his hands and leg bouncing. Sero stood up straight and waited for him to say something. Katsuki's phone went off with a notification and he quickly grabbed it from it's place on the bed. It was a notification from the blog app—Shinsou tagging him in a post. He opened it up, forgetting there was anyone else there.


New Post: Insomi-Cat

Drenched direction aftermath. Blame blasty. [photo attachment]


It was a picture of Shinsou's jacket in what looked like a sink, obviously soaked through and a darker shade of the black it had been. Katsuki felt himself smiling again and shoved it down. He liked the post and put his phone down on the bed. Sero wasn't giving him a shit-eating grin or anything like what one of his other friends might do. He just had a neutral expression, but he was obviously curious.

“Just... keep this shit quiet,” Katsuki mumbled. Sero smiled a little and nodded. “...Thanks.”

“No problem, dude,” Sero said as he went to leave. “But there's seriously no reason to freak out about it. We're... like, the queerest class in UA at this rate.”

Katsuki snorted as Sero stepped out of the room. The door clicked closed behind him quietly and Katsuki slumped his shoulders. He flopped back on his bed and spread his arms out to either side. He picked up his phone and opened the pictures. He really couldn't stop himself from smiling at the picture from the fountain place. The both looked ridiculous with their hair flopping down around their faces. He swore that Shinsou was two inches shorter without his hair on end.

He dropped it and closed his eyes. His head was still full of those unhelpful thoughts—the sound of Shinsou laughing as hard as he did, and the fact that Shinsou's hair was naturally wavy. It hit hard, and it hit home. He didn't know why he didn't get it and he didn't care at this point. He wanted this shit resolved so he can decide whether to be pissed to all hell or happy that he had closure. But he didn't have that so he went with at least a little pissed.

Kirishima would probably be his best bet to talk to, but it definitely would be weird asking him for relationship advice now knowing that the vague idea was a solid fact. Then there was fact if it all came out to Kaminari and Ashido, it'd spread through the class like wildfire. He didn't want to deal with the chaos and questions that would follow—probably a lot of assurance from the girls who think he'd need it. He might, but like hell he'd admit it to anyone but himself at inhuman hours in the morning. He curse, loud and long and pressed the heels of his palms to his eyes, rubbing hard.

He was very screwed.

Chapter Text


Katsuki shouted and cursed as his door room shook in its frame—some banging on it from the other side very hard. First thing he noticed was the alarm going off, blaring in his ears enough to make him wince while He got to his feet. He quickly swung open the door and almost got punched by Kirishima who had been frantically hitting the door.

“Fire alarm's going off, let's go!” Kirishima explained quickly after giving a brief apologetic look. Katsuki cursed and followed him as the redhead spun and went down the hall.

The other 1-A students were dragging themselves out of their rooms, heading down the stairs as fast as they could without actually sprinting. Katsuki climbed down the stairs with the rest of them. The front doors were held open already, letting them all out without slowing down. A cold wind blew in and Katsuki regretted going to sleep in just a tank-top, sweatpants, and socks. He would've normally worn something else since it was starting to get to the colder months, but the dorms had great heating so he never really noticed. But now? Oh he was noticing and he was pissed at himself.

Katsuki grumbled, grabbing his arms tightly and curling in on himself in an effort to stay some semblance of warm. All the dorms met out in one of the bigger courtyards during this time, so as they went that direction, he could see people from other departments merging with the crowd. Luckily, the courtyard wasn't too far away, but then the cold really was setting in.

When they came to a stop, Katsuki looked around the crowd to see if anyone found a way to stay warm. Deku, moon-face, class prez, the creation-girl, and a few others he couldn't see were all gathered around Todoroki, who's left side was steaming. Others from 1-A were huddling close together. Shouji had Tokoyami and the rock-face wrapped up in his arms, sitting on the ground. He cursed to himself. Kirishima had gone over to Todoroki, as did the rest of 1-A once they realized what was happening. A few bold people from other classes went over to use the warmth, too.

Katsuki looked in the direction opposite them. Like hell he'd ask half-and-half for help even if he was cold as shit. He saw a flash of purple hair and leaned to the side to peer through the crowd.

Shinsou was sitting on the ground, leaning against a tree, wrapped in a dark purple blanket. He had it pulled up over his nose, but the blanket was huge and covered his entire body with extra space. His hair was still down, and Katsuki immediately shoved down the smile as he went through the crowd. He activated his quirk only a little bit so his hands were at least steaming. It gave a little warmth, but no where near enough. Explosions were good for a burst of heat, but that wouldn't really help.

Katsuki stopped in front of Shinsou. Shinsou's eyes were closed so Shinsou kicked him lightly in the leg through the blanket. The other jolted and looked up. He blinked once and then moved his arm, opening a spot under the blanket next to him.

“Want in?” he asked,, voice muffled by the other corner of the blanket still over his mouth.

“Hell. Yes,” Katsuki hissed. He took the place, sitting on the blanket. Shinsou drew his arms back and Katsuki took the corner, pulling it tight over him. To cover himself completely, he and Shinsou were pressed tightly side to side. “Shit it's cold.”

“I'm too tired for this,” Shinsou grumbled. He buried his face in his knees and groaned, pulling the back of the blanket over his head. “It's cold, my feet hurt, and my hair is a disaster.”

“It really is.”

“Shove it, angry pomeranian.”

Katsuki rolled his eyes and scooted back further into the blanket. He kept the hand he wasn't using to hold the blanket over him. Shinsou was mumbling nonsense under his breath and slowly leaning towards Katsuki. Eventually, Shinsou gave up on trying to stay awake and was out. His body flopped against Katsuki, head tilting to the side and landing on Katsuki's shoulder as his body slid down the small bump they were on.

Tensing up instantly, Katsuki nervously glanced over. His face wasn't cold anymore—and he knew for a fact it was bright red. He pulled the blanket higher to cover most of his face, moving the back part of his head and Shinsou's. The other was clearly down for the count, eyes shut peacefully, and chest rising and falling with steady breaths. Katsuki's chest got tight and he felt a spark on his palm. He immediately turned his quirk off to keep any accidental explosions from happening. He slapped his free hand to the ground to keep still, but it did almost the exact opposite. Shinsou's free hand was lying there and he ended up brushing hands far too close to comfort. Katsuki only tensed up even more at that, expecting Shinsou to pull back or something—then he remembered if Shinsou was asleep, he was asleep and you're not waking him up without extreme effort.

Katsuki ignored it, but it was hard now that he knew it was pretty obvious—at least to Sero. That and the fact his face was probably as red as a tomato. He hated tomatoes. The rest of 1-A was all huddled around Todoroki last time he saw, so he didn't exactly have to worry about any of them finding him. Some Gen Ed students he recognized vaguely looked their direction, but ultimately dismissed it.

Letting out sigh, Katsuki pulled the blanket up over his face so he completely covered by it except for some of his hair sticking out the top. He closed his eyes and tried to calm the way his chest felt way too tight. His heart rate barely spike during horror movies, or when he was shocked awake by Kirishima almost knocking the damn door down. The only thing that did this to him was fighting and the adrenaline rush.

Crap. Sero and Kaminari were right. Emotions suck.


Turned out the alarm only went off due to some error with the new security system. Almost three hours after they first rang, the students were told they could go back to their dorms and sleep. Except now it was barely an hour before school started officially for the day. Most had fallen asleep like Shinsou, lying on the ground and curled up for heat. Only a few others had blankets, so a lot of people tried to share them.

Katsuki glanced back over at Shinsou as the teachers explained what happened with the system—a bunch of nonsense to him, really. He could probably get it if he listened, but he was busy trying to think of how to get Shinsou awake without hitting him. Sure, a slap might work, but he was really out cold. That one time he fell asleep at lunch what seemed like ages ago, Katsuki was able to wake him up with just a rough shaking for a few minutes. He knew that there was no way something that easy would wake Shinsou up this time.

Carefully shifting, he moved the arm that Shinsou had been leaning on. It had gone numb at one point since he didn't want to move it and risk Shinsou falling, but the feeling in it was back. He moved it back and around Shinsou's shoulders. People around them were starting to talk, loud and mostly complaining, so he could get away with it. His movement made Shinsou shift, too. Enough so that he was one more shift away from being in Katsuki's lap. The blond could feel his face heating up again and scowled. He rested his hand near Shinsou's head and set off a small explosion.

“Shit!” Shinsou gasped as he was shocked awake. He jolted and shifted enough to fall right into Katsuki's lap. His breathing was quicker than usual as his eyes went wide. He was looking around frantically, trying to remember where the hell he was. Purple hair was hanging in front of his eyes in places. He looked up at Katsuki and frowned. “First, the hell was that for a wake up call?--” Katsuki just snorted and pretended to wipe something off his face to hide the bright blush on his cheeks “--Second, the hell time is it.”

“Three hours later,” Katsuki grumbled. Shinsou sat up and huffed. His hands went to his hair and he pushed it all back away from his face. “We have like an hour until school starts.”

“Best sleep I've got in a week,” Shinsou sighed. He picked up the blanket. People were going back in their separate directions. “Sorry if I drooled on you.”

Katsuki nodded, avoiding eye contact as he stood up. Shinsou did the same, and pulled the blanket around himself again. Katsuki winced at the cold biting at his arms again and growled. Shinsou had the blanket pulled up to his nose again, eyes peering over the top edge.

“Sorry, 'bout leaving you out in the cold. But you did set of an explosion in my ear.”

“Whatever, see ya around.”

Katsuki spun and walked away. He was so screwed. Now he couldn't even snap back at Shinsou without smiling. Especially with that situation that just happened, he wasn't risking Shinsou making fun of him for his face being red. He'd blame it on the cold if any other 1-A students asked. They didn't have to know it was because he was gay as hell for a sarcastic, insomnia-induced, antisocial Gen Ed kid. He froze in place at his own thought.



“How would I ask that kind of crap!?”

“Oh hey man, you like dudes or not?”

“That's not how it works, goddammit!”

Sero gave a mock offended expression and lied down on the floor of Katsuki's room, eating from a bag of chips occasionally. Katsuki was pacing... again. He had his hands dug into his hair, pressed right to the scalp and pulling slightly. He didn't even bother keep his stomping down—he really couldn't control it. He had avoided Shinsou at all costs. Opposite of productive, Sero told him. When they got back to the dorms, he waited until most of the people went off into their dorms before grabbing Sero and dragging him to his room.

Katsuki knew that asking Sero wasn't the best. He had spent his free time that day researching sexualities to figure out what the hell was going on—and to know what was what with his friend group, at the very least. Now he knew why Sero said he was unqualified, but he was desperate. He might be a little dense, but he wasn't dense enough to actually try going to Kirishima—he'd had too much awkwardness that day alone—and he was nowhere near close enough with Tokoyami or Shouji to even try.

“GODDAMMIT!” Katsuki shouted. He stopped and looked down at his bare feet. “No way in hell will that kind of shit work. He's a sarcastic little ass wipe and half his blog posts are self-deprecating.”

“Ask him through the blog, then,” Sero suggested, tossing chips in his mouth.

“He follows me, not gonna work,” Katsuki growled. He threw himself down on his bed and rubbed his hands over his face.

“Isn't there like an anonymous thing?” Sero asked, sitting up and looking over at the blond. “Send a question on that, and they can't trace it to you. Easy.”

“Do you know how weird it'd be to get a random ass person asking if he's gay?” Katsuki spat. He peered out from under hand, glaring at Sero.

“Wait for a Q&A thing, then,” Sero shrugged, pouring the remaining crumbs into his mouth. He crumbled up the bag. “If he has a following, then it wouldn't be that big of a deal if someone asked his sexuality.”

“...What if he figures it out, though?”

“He won't. You've gotten anonymous messages, and you have no idea who they're from.”

“You don't get it, he's had this thing for... like... four years. If there's a way to figure it out, he knows it and what if there is!?”

“He won't!”


There was a quiet knocking on the door. It interrupted what would probably be a shouting match. Katsuki groaned and rolled further onto his bed. He shoved his face in the pillows and waved his hand for Sero to get it.

Sero sighed and rolled his eyes. He dragged his feet and opened the door a crack, peering out.

“Oh hey, Kiri,” Sero said, opening the door up more. Katsuki groaned louder, punching the mattress a little. “Sorry, just talking with Bakugou. What's up?”

“You mean screaming.”

“Same difference. What's up?”

“Just wanted to ask what was going on in here,” Kirishima's voice said. “Sounds crazy at least.”

Sero leaned back and looked over at Katsuki, who didn't even bother to move his head, just grunted. He sighed and rolled his eyes again.

“Up to Bakugou if he wants to say,” Sero said. “Can I tell him?”

“Hell no.”

“I'm your best friend!” Kirishima said indignantly.

“And I said no!”

“Bakugou... You do realize if I tell him, it's not Kaminari and Ashido.”

“N-O. No!”

“... Sorry, man, promised I'd keep it quiet unless he wants.”

Please, Bakugou.”

“FINE! I don't give a shit, just make sure pikachu and raccoon-eyes don't hear. And get the hell out of my room.”

Katsuki listened as Sero and Kirishima left, closing the door behind them. He stayed face down in pillows for probably too long before he moved so his chin was resting on the pile. Eventually, he reached over to his bedside table and grabbed his phone.

Shinsou had only sent him a message to ask if he was okay, and he replied that he was fine but just in a piss poor mood. That was their only communication for the day. Katsuki knew he needed distance to sort whatever was going on, but it sucked that he wasn't hanging out with Shinsou. He missed the unfiltered comments.

He dropped his phone next to his head and rolled over onto his back. Using the anonymous feature would probably work. He hoped it did. When they were on the way back from the mall, Shinsou had mentioned he'd probably do a Q&A to celebrate 50k followers. He'd just have to wait then, he guessed.

Katsuki cursed under his breath and put the heels of his palms against his eyes. He didn't think he wanted to be that distant for however long that was. Shinsou'd probably get the wrong idea. That would be worse than just getting rejected. Emotions really sucked.


Chapter Text

“This guy's blog is impressive,” Sero commented, finger sliding across the screen of his phone.

Katsuki hummed noncommittally as he scrolled through Shinsou's recent posts. He had told Sero and Kirishima—who once being told about what was happening demanded being in on the planning as “best bro”--what Shinsou's blog was. They were all sitting on the floor of Katsuki's room, phones in hand. Katsuki was catching up on the things he missed while trying to sort the shit out, Sero was gawking at the stats and most popular posts, and Kirishima was quiet as he scrolled through it.

“Kiri stop being quiet it's creeping me out,” Katsuki snapped. Kirishima jolted and gave him a sheepish smile.

“Are you okay with me helping out here?” Kirishima asked he scratched the side of his jaw and looked off to the side nervously. Katsuki raised an eyebrow. “I mean, Sero did tell you I used to have a crush on you, right?”

“You're over it, though,” Katsuki said. “Right?”

“Obviously!” Kirishima assured, waving his hands like it would dismiss the small tension there was. “Best bros, only--” Katuski nodded slowly and went back to his phone “--But it's just weird seeing you get feelings like this...”

“No shit,” Katsuki hissed. He slumped back, leaning against the side of his bed. He propped up one of his arms on it and rested his head on his hand. “This sucks.”

“Bright side!” Sero piped up, leaning over and showing Katsuki his phone. “It says here that he's doing a Q&A in honor of 50k. Questions can be sent in now, so do it.”

Katsuki blinked. He really hadn't expected it that quickly, and he was ready to wait—to do it later when he had worded it the way he wanted. He knew for a fact he was being a little overly delicate about it, especially with how he usually was. Relationships were supposed to be... caring and kind. The kind of people others dated were loving and usually unhealthily attractive. He was the exact opposite and he knew it.

Even if Shinsou was into guys—a long shot at best in his eyes—who the hell said he'd like him?

Katsuki reluctantly opened the ask window. He immediately hit the anonymous button so he didn't forget it before typing in the question.



guys or girls


“You don't have to word it like that,” Sero sighed. He and Kirishima were now peering over Katsuki's shoulders as he finished typing it.

“Then how the hell should I do it?” Katsuki growled.

“Maybe capital letters?” Kirishima offered.

“Make it look like you're not a creeper. Elegantly ask it,” Sero said, shrugging.

“I'm not sending him some goddamn prose shit!”

“At least capitalize it? With punctuation, too.”



Guys or girls?


Sero murmured something and Katsuki groaned. He whipped around and glared at him.


“...Nothing, just send it.”

Katsuki huffed and turned back to his phone. Then he hesitated. Shit. What exactly he was about to do hit him. However Shinsou replied would be crucial if he ever wanted get rid of that stupid feeling in the back of his head. He couldn't hit the damn button and he hated himself for it.

Kirishima reached over and hit the enter button and then send. Katsuki blinked and stared at his phone.

Ask sent to Insomi-Cat! showed up at the bottom of his screen.

“You're welcome,” Kirishima said. “I'm getting a running start.”

The redhead jumped to his feet and dashed out of Katsuki's room as fast as he could. Someone shouted a question at him, but it was interrupted by Katsuki setting off massive explosions in his hands. The boom echoed slightly, and was followed by the blond sprinting after him. Whoever asked the question got their answer as Katsuki started cursing Kirishima out and chasing him down the stairs.


Katsuki was nervous as hell the rest of the day. He checked his phone as Shinsou sent out answers to the questions he got. There were a lot. Shinsou had also said in the announcement post that he wouldn't answer questions if they were really creepy or personal. Was Katsuki's question too creepy or personal? Would he even get a goddamn answer?

“Shitty shit crap,” Katsuki hissed as he slammed his dorm door shut behind him. He changed into baggy clothes and unloaded his books onto his bed.

Normally, he talk to Shinsou to calm down with sarcasm and shows he'd never watch normally. He pulled out his phone and opened the blog app. Shinsou had answered a bunch new questions now that school was out and every few minutes the app announced there were new posts and to refresh it. Katsuki went through them.

Things like favorite color, favorite show or anime, whether or not he had siblings—apparently he had an older sister—were asked multiple times. He answered the repeat questions all in a single post so he didn't have to make a punch of posts for the same question. There were ones he thought was weird, like hedgehog or groundhog—the answer was hedgehog. Then there was the occasional one that was just really out there—those usually had to do with a show he didn't get, or some other reference he didn't get. He refreshed the page and saw his question on the top of the post.

“Shit shit shit.”


New Post: Insomi-Cat

Anonymous asked... Guys or girls?

Well this was inevitable, I just thought it was gonna be sooner honestly

TBH I don't care. Guys are good, girls are good but if I had to choose, guys right now.


Katsuki almost dropped his phone in shock, but he did fumble with it accidentally. He had no idea what Shinsou meant by “right now” but the answer was guys. Guys. Better than nothing. He grinned and silently fist bumped, biting his lip slightly. He wouldn't get too excited but damn if he wouldn't be happy there was a chance. A small as all hell chance, but still a chance. He'd freak out about Shinsou not liking him back later.

A goddamn chance and he'd take it.


Hitoshi hated to sound conceded or obnoxious in any way, but doing a huge Q&A thing kept making his phone light up with notification after notification and it was getting a little annoying as he tried to do homework. The questions coming in and the flurry of likes and comments on each answer he gave out. He liked the attention, don't get him wrong, and it was kind of flattering that so many people actually cared about him telling them stuff. The weird-funny ones were the best. He actually almost laughed out loud at some of them. Others were creepy as hell, but those didn't get answers.

What shocked him then was the notification that Bakugou liked a post. Hitoshi always scrolled through all the notifications and replied to all the comments he could, so of course he noticed Bakugou's username popping up among the list of ones he didn't completely recognize but knew. Plus, unlike all the other people that liked every single answer all at once, it was a lone answer post.

The one on guys or girls.

It was a question he had been expecting to be one of the very first he got asked, but surprisingly, no. A lot of the people that followed him said that they'd probably date him if they knew what he looked like and who he was, so they'd probably have to be curious. The comments on that answer all said they were too nervous to ask, even on anon, a few anon asks came in saying the same thing.

Hitoshi frowned a little at the phone. He wasn't going to let himself over think one measly like as more came in, but he had to wonder. Nope. He clicked his phone off and put it down on the desk carefully. He propped his elbows up on the table and rubbed his eyes and forehead. Not over thinking this. Hitoshi had to have messed something up in the past few days, that's why Bakugou was avoiding him. He wasn't stupid enough to think otherwise. There was no way in hell.

Sighing, he went back to his homework, ignoring the sound of his phone going off with notifications. Hitoshi worked solidly for an hour and then his homework was done. He was still thinking about it.



“Bakugou chill.”

“He has no chill with this.”


“Deep breaths, man.”

Katsuki scowled at Kirishima, who was making over exaggerated motions to try and encourage Katsuki to take slow breaths. The two of them started shouting at each other—Katsuki far louder and Kirishima trying to calm him down as much as he could.

Sero rolled his eyes and look back down at his phone. It was opened to the answer post Shinsou made to Katsuki's question. Sero really didn't see the big idea. He might get the whole attraction thing in either way, but such a simple answer like that didn't make much sense to him. A chance was a chance, and while there was a possibility of it working it out for the better, there was a possibility it wouldn't. Sero only really saw TV shows about it, and he knew they weren't the most accurate thing to go off of, but rejection when you know there's a chance seemed worse than just denial because of preferences.

Sero looked up at where Kirishima now had Katsuki's arms pinned to his sides as the blond struggled and set off explosions to try and escape. He didn't doubt Shinsou was a cool guy, but he never met him. Sero was just thinking in the long run. If Katsuki got denied, Sero had a rough idea of how he'd react. Anger, more anger, a couple tantrums here and there, and then he'd shut down. Katsuki was hard enough to talk to as it was, but like that would be far worse, and the anger fits in between the moment and the shut down would have casualties for a fact.

Sure it was a chance, but if there was a positive side to that chance, then there'd be a negative side to that. Sero doubted Katsuki would let anyone near Shinsou until he sorted the shit out himself, he was stubborn like that. Sero sighed near silently and stood up.

“I'm heading out,” Sero said. “Later.”

Katsuki and Kirishima were distracting each other enough so that Sero could get out without much hassle. Sero closed the door behind him. He really wanted to tell Kaminari and Ashido so they could try talking some sense into Katsuki that were was a big chance it wouldn't work. He also had his own personal concerns—mostly that Shinsou was pulling some shit to get into the hero course, but he'd keep that to himself until the moment arose. Katsuki wouldn't take that kind of thing, but Sero would have his doubts as his friend.

Just like he didn't get what was like to get rejected, it also meant he had no idea how it felt to have a chance. Sero hated being the super serious one in their group—it was usually Katsuki, despite how much he hated being the voice of reason—but he guess he'd have to be. Sero didn't get it, but he knew that it was supposed to hurt like hell if it went wrong, and that it would feel fantastic if it all worked out. He hated being negative, and he was overjoyed that Katsuki was starting to show emotions other than anger a few other miscellaneous ones. Kirishima seemed pretty happy with Katsuki being interested in someone—his little crush on Katsuki might have been the first one he had on a guy, but it ended in two weeks,

But, a chance was just a chance, and there's no getting around that.

Chapter Text

Katsuki was walking out to the gym area, the school silent in the morning. He hadn't see Shinsou for days after the Q&A thing started. The other was avoiding him now, it seemed. In the mornings, Katsuki would do his laps and when he stopped there was the energy drink can there and the thermos was gone. Then somehow, by the end of the day, the thermos was back in his bag, empty. He didn't get how Shinsou did it, but it was... kind of impressive if he was being honest.

A few times, he got a glimpse of Shinsou in the mornings, but whenever he looked the other was gone. It was kind of creepy, too. And a little disappointing. Now that he had confirmation, he was a little excited—yeah, he was celebrating early, but he couldn't give a shit. Still, he was upset that Shinsou was avoiding him like he was diseased or something. Not in the morning, or any other time during the day. He didn't even get any messages, through the blog, Skype, or phone. Not a goddamn word.

Sero told him not to worry about it, and that Shinsou might've been sorting something else himself. Katsuki tried to listen and tried not to worry, but he was royally screwed anyways. He was scared shitless that him distancing himself put them back to square one—that Shinsou was shutting down, in a way. He saw Shinsou do it before, closing himself off in an instance, when Kirishima and Deku were nosy enough to follow him in the morning. Katsuki didn't want that to be happening, because goddammit if he didn't enjoy Shinsou talking to him. Shinsou was pretty funny—hilarious, really—when he wanted to be, or when he was with someone he could just talk around. Katsuki liked making fun of people together, as bad as that sounds.

Why did he even think he had a chance, again? Shit, now he was doubting himself. But even he knew his personality wasn't ideal for a squishy, romantic, or sweet relationship—he was stubborn not stupid. Shinsou probably realized that, too, and that's why he was avoiding him. Maybe he realized that Katsuki would see the answer that he liked guys and would be pissed? Did he figure out who asked it? Crap crap crap.

Katsuki shook his head to clear it, trying to stop himself from over thinking it any further. It was a little too late, but there was no need to make it worse. He walked outside and put his bag down on the bench. He paced a little and rubbed his palms over his face, groaning quietly. With a sigh, he fell into his normal stretching, trying to tune out his own thoughts. He had his back to the door, and so he didn't notice until there was a quiet metallic clang.

The blond jolted and turned around. Shinsou was grabbing the thermos from his bag. He stood up straight, thermos in hand. He opened it and took a sip. He eventually glanced up and saw Katsuki staring at him.

“Hey,” Katsuki said after a moment of silence. “Haven't... seen you around that much.”

“Mhm,” Shinsou hummed, nodding slightly. He closed the thermos and went to leave. “Bye.”

“...Yeah, later,” Katsuki muttered. Shinsou walked back into the building without another word.

Katsuki frowned down at his feet and sighed. He kicked the bench and growled a little. Cursing, he slapped palms against his face and glared down at the ground. He had to have messed up at some point. The hell did he do?!


Hitoshi sighed as he payed for the energy drink and hit the button. He didn't know why he kept doing this. It'd be better to just ignore Bakugou completely, but he couldn't make himself do it. He told himself it was because of the coffee—he's had to pull some spy shit to get the thermos back to Bakugou by the end of each day without making contact.

Letting out a huff, he grabbed the can and walked outside as quiet as he could. Hitoshi tried to look around the track so he could get an idea of how long he had until Bakugou stopped next to his bag. He didn't see the blond, but his bag was there. Hitoshi frowned and carefully put the can down and grabbed the thermos—the one he got at the mall what felt like ages ago. A hand grabbed his arm and covered his mouth.

Hitoshi tried shouting something as he was pulled to the space under the bleachers and between the wall of the school. He winced as he hit the wall and was released. He scowled and glared down at his “attacker”. The scowl vanished and he froze. Bakugou frowned at him and crossed his arms as he took a step back. Hitoshi nervously looked off to the side. He couldn't exactly run away, even if he did know a bunch of short cuts through the school, Bakugou was a hell of a lot faster than him and would catch up in no time. The confrontation was unavoidable, and Hitoshi just wished it could have been later—maybe a couple months, or years... any delay, really.

“Are you pissed at me or something?” Bakugou asked. Hitoshi tensed up and blinked a him. The blond's face a scrunched up a little, pouting and giving Hitoshi a mixed expression.


“You're avoiding me like the goddamn plague!” Bakugou snapped, glaring off to the side. “I know I haven't exactly tried to talk to you but that's 'cause I thought you hated my guts or something. Did I mess up or some shit? Tell me what the hell I did so I can apologize, okay? Don't have to get pissed.”

Hitoshi blinked. “I... You were the one avoiding me, genius,” he scoffed. He knew he shouldn't start with the attitude, but like hell he was about to let Bakugou pin it on him. He'd heard this speech before, and he knew the direction it was going. The blond would apologize but still pin the anger on Hitoshi even though he wasn't pissed. Well, now he was but that was different. Bakugou gave him a confused look. “You essentially vanish out of goddamn nowhere and you think me not chasing you is because I'm pissed? You're the one that backed out, first, asshole! Don't pin you're internal tantrum on me.”

“W-When the hell did I say it was your fault!?” Bakugou said. Now they were both almost shouting, glaring holes at each other. Hitoshi thought if he were anyone else, he might have been afraid of Bakugou's glare, but he wasn't. “I needed some space for a while, then I tried to start talking to you again, and you ran away! Don't pin this on me either!”

“You're the one who started it!”

“Oh, don't pull that shit on me! You sound like brat.”

“And you are one if you think everything'll just be rainbows and puppies because you want it. You ignored and avoided me completely!”

“Just because I wanted some space, now you're pissed at me?! That makes no goddamn sense!”

“I'm pissed because I didn't get an explanation!”

“Neither did I!”

Hitoshi scoffed and rolled his eyes, leaning back against the wall. He shook his head and frowned. Bakugou growled and rubbed his hands over his face.

“Well this was productive, thanks for the enlightening talk,” Hitoshi started, waving the hand not holding the thermos dismissively. “I'll be going n--”

“What are we doing...” Bakugou mumbled. Hitoshi stopped and watched him carefully. He had his eyes covered with his hands and head tilted up. His shoulders were tense but Hitoshi couldn't see his expression. “Goddammit this is so stupid. We're both idiots, and have no communication skills... I'm sorry for whatever shit I did and it's not your fault, I wouldn't blame crap like that on you. I know started it, so just... sorry and shit. I'm stupid, you're stupid can we just agree on that?”

“I'll agree that you're stupid,” Hitoshi shrugged.

“Stop right there,” Bakugou interrupted again, holding out one hand to silence him. He peered out between his fingers, pouting. If Hitoshi didn't know better he'd thought he saw blush on his face. “We're not doing this shit, not right now, not about this. We can fight about some other crap later. And don't tell a goddamn soul that I said sorry, I'll break your ribs.”

“This is your apology for ignoring me?” Hitoshi asked. Bakugou huffed and looked down, digging his fingers into his hair. “I'll accept it, so you can stop being sappy, it's freaking me out a little.”

“I'm trying to be nice, it's called kindness, shithead.”

“That is the only time you called me shithead in this conversation, congrats on containing yourself.”

“Okay, okay, we get it. You're a little shit that has a default setting of sarcastic as hell. Can we stop avoiding each other? It's annoying and I miss the shitty conversations. And don't tell anyone I said that, I'll kill you.”

“Two death threats in a little under a minute, new record,” Hitoshi said. He knew what he was doing, and it was probably a bad idea to revert to being obnoxious and making fun—but he couldn't exactly help it. Bakugou glared at Hitoshi and lowered his hands. Any blush that Hitoshi thought he saw was long gone, replaced by annoyance. “But yes, we can stop avoiding each other, and go back to the usually scheduled program of sarcasm, shitty jokes, and free coffee. For me at least.”

Hitoshi shrugged and took a long drink from the thermos. The tension in Bakugou's shoulders went away and he sighed. He jammed his hands in his pockets and huffed.

“'Kay, good,” he grumbled. “...How the hell d'ya get the thermos in my bag everyday?”

“I didn't use my quirk, if that's what you're asking. Had to use some sick ass ninja moves.”

Bakugou snorted and shook his head. They walked out from behind the bleachers and towards where the blond's bag was sitting. Hitoshi climbed up a few rows and sat down, leaning back and digging his phone out of his bag. Bakugou went back to his bag and pulled out his own phone and ear buds. He slipped them into his ears and hit play on his music. Hitoshi glanced up when Bakugou started running.

They didn't say anything else for the rest of the time. Except for a goodbye when they went off to their different classes. Hitoshi still had the thermos with him when classes started. It had been an agreed challenge that Bakugou was going to try and catch Hitoshi slipping the thermos back into his bag. Hitoshi shoved the smile that wanted to show up on his face down. He'd never admit it, but he missed the conversations, too. It was better to complain about things with someone else there, plus Bakugou knew how to shoot back when it came to insults.


Katsuki shoved his homework off to the side and huffed. Three hours later and he was done. He picked up his phone and opened the blog app. Shinsou had a bunch more questions answered, since apparently it was the last day he was going to do it.


New Post: Insomi-Cat

Anonymous asked... So if you like guys and girls are you bi? Type of person?

Hell if I know but right now it's just guys. I'm like eighty three percent sure it's demi or that shit when the smarts are attractive. I can't think of the word and I'm lazy. And as for type always someone that can shoot back with sarcasm and shit. No fun to be around someone that can't throw your jokes back at you and or someone who can't take a joke

Chapter Text

If I die, make sure that my cat back at home gets fed.

“I don't know your address, and why the hell are you dying?”

Look up, smart one,” Shinsou said. Katsuki rolled his eyes and looked at the screen where Shinsou's video was. His hair was down—now that Katsuki had seen him with his hair down, he didn't seem to particularly care—and pulled into a really tiny ponytail, but the shorter strands in the front hung loosely. He waved a mug that Katsuki already knew was filled with coffee and a can of Red Bull. “I'm probably gonna die but I'd rather be wide awake than tired but sleepless. If-when I do, feed my cat and attend my funeral?

“Sure, whatever, but dibs on your laptop,” Katsuki snorted, going back to his homework.

Just delete my shit,” Shinsou said. He pulled out another mug from somewhere Katsuki couldn't see. He put it in his lap and poured the coffee into it. “Do you think 5-hour energy would be better? Or would all three be best?

“Do you want to die?” Katsuki asked.

No, but I need maximum energy, maybe get through two days with only a cup or two of coffee,” Shinsou shrugged. He struggled a little opening the Red Bull but managed it and dumped it in the mug with the coffee. “Besides, this coffee is the cheap shit the other Gen Eds drink, so if anything the Red Bull would just bump it up to my standards. Should I mix this or just chug it?

“Just mix the crap.”

Shinsou nodded and dug around off screen. When he came back, he had a plastic spoon and began mixing the disaster in the large mug. He stirred it slowly, looking up and leaning around like it would help him see what Katsuki was doing just out of view. He eventually gave up and decided the disaster was adequately mixed.

Ready?” Shinsou asked, lifting the mug hesitantly. He sniffed it and winced a little. Katsuki propped his elbow up on his knee and rest his chin on his fist. He wanted to see Shinsou's reaction, but he wasn't about to tell the other Kaminari tried something similar when he and Kirishima were pulling an all-nighter. “3... 2...1.”

Shinsou lifted the mug and chugged. Katsuki bit his bottom lip to hold back a smirk and watched as Shinsou slowly lowered it and wiped his mouth with back of his hand. He opened and closed his mouth a few times before he gagged.

Holy shit! Shit, I'm gonna throw up. Shit that's horrible! Oh my god!” Shinsou sputtered. He flung his headphones off and clamped a hand over his mouth. He slipped off his bed, almost tripping, and ran to the bathroom. “Holy crap!

Katsuki broke out into cackles, leaning back against his pillows. He could vaguely hear Shinsou cursing and heaving in the background—very faint but still there. He tried to stop laughing before Shinsou came back, but he just couldn't. The purple haired boy came back into frame, sticking his tongue out and looking completely disgusted. He pulled his head phones back on.

“Well, you're alive,” Katsuki managed to say with out laughing again. He knew he still had big smile on his face.

Barely,” Shinsou hissed. “I regret so much. Don't laugh at my pain--” he opened and closed his mouth again “--Crap I can still taste it.”

“You did better than dunce face,” Katsuki commented as Shinsou grabbed a water bottle off the bedside table and chugged it. The other stopped and slowly lowered the bottle and gave Katsuki a glare.

You know someone who tried that?” he asked.

“Yeah, he threw up in the goddamn middle of movie night.”

So what I'm getting is you knew how bad it was and let me do it anyways?

“I'm your friend, I'm obligated to make you suffer, right?”

Oh piss off, asshole.

Katsuki cackled a little more and went back to his homework. Shinsou kept grumbling things as he piled the Red Bull can and the mugs on the bedside table. They went back to peaceful silence between them as Katsuki finished off his homework and Shinsou replied to comments. Katsuki was just happy they were back to normal.

Sure it'd be better for him if it was little more, but the argument a few days ago just proved what he already knew. If he tried to somehow make anything Shinsou's fault that wasn't, or tried to talk his way out of a situation, Shinsou would crush him. Strong wasn't a word for Shinsou when talking about athletics, but mentally? Katsuki knew that given the change, Shinsou would be a freakishly good at manipulating people. Luckily Shinsou was so set on being a hero, he wouldn't even try behaving in a villain-esc way, so Katsuki didn't have to worry about being tricked into anything. He kind of wanted to see if any of his other friends could be tricked by Shinsou without his quirk—with it, sure, but that's not what he was talking about. He knew for certainty if he tried to pick fight of words with Shinsou it'd be quick, but he wanted to see if anyone else could keep up with the other.

Katsuki found himself smirking at the thought of Kaminari getting super confused at a vague insult then finally realizing it. Or better yet, that half-and-half bastard. That would be entertaining.

“Hey, shithead,” Katsuki asked as he tossed his books at his bag across the room so he remembered to pack it. Shinsou hummed to show he was listening without looking up. He now had his knees to his chest, a pillow in between his legs and chest. “The four idiots, Deku, and half-and-half are dragging me out to the mall tomorrow. A big sale or some shit. I need someone with sanity.”

Afraid I lost most of that a while ago, Blasty,” Shinsou snorted. “But if you're asking me to come along, sure then. Not worried about, as you say, the four idiots asking questions.”

“They ask anyway, 'sides, some of them are too damn curious for their own good,” Katsuki said. “Plus I need someone to make fun of half-and-half's dead obvious crush on shitty Deku.”

Katy Perry has a crush on Midoriya?” Shinsou asked, looking up in confusion.

“K-Katy Perry?”

Oh, that's what I call him in my head. You know... you're hot 'n you're cold et cetera.

“... I'm never gonna forget that, holy shit. I'm calling him that now. But yeah, he's head over heels, it's kind of disgusting.”

I see, well I was gonna agree anyways, but hell yeah I'll make fun of someone with you. Also... speaking of nicknames...” Shinsou trailed off, shifting a little. Katsuki was instantly on edge. “Can I change your contact name to Catsuki with a C instead of a K? I've had it stuck in my head for the whole day I need approval.”

Katsuki blinked before scoffing. He leaned back into the pillows behind him and stretched his arms above his head. He grabbed his phone from next to him and opened the contacts.

“Only if I get to change yours to something else, too,” Katsuki said.

What'll it be?” Shinsou asked, already changing the name. Katsuki paused. Half of him had expected Shinsou to just dismiss it and move one, but the other hadn't come up with an idea yet. He paused, looking at the contact. It still didn't have a picture, but he might just grab one from Shinsou's blog.

“...Hitoshit,” Katsuki mumbled after a while. Shinsou snorted loudly at that, covering his mouth with his hand.

I don't know what I expected but it wasn't that. Fine, though, go ahead.”


Me: where r u

Hitoshit: 3rd floor, check it [photo]


Katsuki shoved down a smirk at the picture. It was Shinsou crouching in front of a pile of giant cat plushies with that stupid grin he got when laughing at a shitty joke.


Hitoshit: Drown me in these plz

Me: ltr u have to make fun of katy perry w/ me

Hitoshit: Shit u right, u right

Hitoshit: Where are u guys heading, I'll meet you there after deciding if I want one of these

Me: u don't

Hitoshit: but I do

Me: u rly don't

Me: raccoon-eyes is dragging us all to some shitty clothes store on the 2nd floor bc gravity girl decided to follow us and now “we have to go to a store for them”

Hitoshit: The big one?

Me: yea

Hitoshi: Tell me where you guys are when you get there.


“Are you messaging Shinsou?”

Katsuki clicked off his phone and glared at Deku. They were walking down the line of stores, heading to the escalator so they could head up to the next floor. Uraraka and Ashido were leading the group, Kaminari, Sero, and Kirishima chatting with them. Katsuki, Deku, and Todoroki were walking a few steps behind them. Todoroki was standing so close to Deku, Katsuki's surprised the didn't bump into each other. Deku had been trying—and failing—to read the messages on Katsuki's phone.

“You have other people you talk to?” Todoroki asked, face blank but Katsuki could practically feel the smugness. “Are we sure they actually exist?”

“Piss off, half-and-half,” Katsuki spat, shoving his phone away and jamming his hands in the pocket of his sweatshirt. He had to change what he usually wore out in public since it was getting cold fast. He had dark jeans with a few rips here and there, a black sweatshirt, and the same shoes he had on last time he went to the mall—when he and Shinsou went into the fountain—except dry. “He said he's gonna meet us in the shitty clothes store.”

“He's joining us?” Deku asked, sensing the tension and trying to disarm it. Katsuki grunted and nodded. “Oh, that's... cool. I—uh... I thought you didn't want us to be around him."

“I never said any shit like that,” Katsuki snapped. “And you and shitty hair already met him, not a goddamn big deal.”


Katsuki huffed and shoved his phone in his pocket, slumping against an empty space of wall. Shinsou said he'd be there in a little bit, but Katsuki was already bored out of his mind. Ashido and Uraraka were looking through dresses and Kirishima, Sero, and Kaminari had gone off to find somethings for themselves. Todoroki followed Deku around, and Deku was looking through stuff near where the girls were. Katsuki just resigned to waiting by the door to the changing rooms, somewhere between where the girls were gathering dresses and where Deku asked Todoroki for his opinion on things—even though half-and-half mostly just agreed with what Deku said.

The blond recognized the song playing—another shitty pop song he heard on that stupid radio station Kirishima made him listen to. He decided soon that waiting on the wall was worse. He pushed off it and wandered through some of the rows. He needed a new jacket anyways, and they were close to where Deku and Todoroki were so it wasn't far. He went over and started looking through them. He'd barely been there a minute when he saw purple hair

Shinsou saw him first, and was already heading over. Katsuki felt outdone in terms of clothes again. Shinsou had black skinny jeans on again, with no rips this time, and short black lace up boots that went just over his ankles. They made him taller—even if it was only an inch. He had on a galaxy pattern shirt with black long sleeves and a dark purple jack tied around his waist. The messenger bag was the same as last time.

Katsuki frowned a little as Shinsou started digging in the bag as soon as he stopped.

“I have poor self control,” Shinsou said, holding up a smaller version of the giant cat plushies. It was a pale blond color with a nub tail. He held it over the bottom half of his face, so the cat was 'looking' at Katsuki. “But it's soft as hell. Touch it.”

Katsuki rolled his eyes and glanced around. Todoroki was listening intently to whatever Deku was saying, and their backs were to Shinsou and him. He hesitantly reached up and ran his fingers over the belly of the cat plush. His eyes widened.

“Holy shit,” he whispered. He rubbed it a little rougher. That was soft as hell.

“I would willing drown in these,” Shinsou said, moving the plush down and rubbing his own fingers across the fabric. He put in back in his bag a few seconds later, and Katsuki jammed his hand back in his pocket. “But maybe later. Where's the rest?”

Katsuki nodded over his shoulder at Todoroki and Deku. “The girls are looking at dresses, and shitty-hair, soy-sauce, and pikachu are somewhere else,” he said. Shinsou nodded.

Deku chose then to turn around and he paused before smiling brightly. Todoroki was obviously confused and looked over, getting even more confused when he saw Shinsou. Deku lead him over. Katsuki reverted back to his normal frown and he practically feel Shinsou making a judgment on Deku and Todoroki.

“Shinsou, it's cool to see you, again,” Deku greeted. “This is Todoroki Shouto. He's in the hero course with Kacchan and me.”

“Hello,” Todoroki mumbled when Deku looked up at him. Katsuki barely resisted rolling his eyes.

“Shinsou Hitoshi,” Shinsou replied with a sigh. He looked back down at Katsuki. “You were right, it's hellishly obvious.”

“What is?” Deku asked, glancing between the two of them.

“None of your damn business, Deku,” Katsuki snapped. He gave Shinsou a 'told you so' look and the other snorted. “Let's just hurry up here so we can do some shit that's actually interesting.”

“Speaking of, there's an arcade nearby,” Shinsou said. “Ten bucks says I can kick your ass at DDR.”

Katsuki grinned evilly and snorted.

“You're gonna lose so hard,” he said. Shinsou smirked and Katsuki walked off, leaving a shocked Deku and an even more confused Todoroki behind.

Chapter Text

“What the hell!?” Katsuki shouted as he watched the point and combo numbers go up. “H-How the shit!?”

Simply put, Shinsou was destroying him. He had near to every move perfectly timed, and Katsuki kept fumbling at the even slightly difficult set. Katsuki had been confident and insisted on setting it at the normal difficulty, despite Shinsou giving him fair warning that the machine difficulty levels were harder than they said. Katsuki then made the mistake of chosing one of the harder songs—Shinsou once again warning him that it was harder than it said. Once it all began, and got to the first run of the chrous, Katsuki regretted his choices.

“What do you think I do when I'm not online?” Shinsou laughed, feet moving with practiced ease while Katsuki almost tripped again.


“Pfft, hell no. Use to play this shit all day. You basically screwed yourself.”

“Piss off!”

Katsuki determinedly tried to catch up, but he really did screw himself. Shinsou was freakishly good for how unathletic he was. It made sense he knew what he was doing, but still. His points just kept going up and Katsuki snarled at the screen. Shinsou's side was lighting up with: Perfect! Good! Perfect! Appearing. Then on Katsuki's side: Good! Bad! Miss!

Shinsou smirked and glanced over at Katsuki. The blond growled and reached over. He tried to shove Shinsou off balance. Shinsou swatted his hands away, slipping up only once because of it. Katsuki smirked and kept trying to push him, barely doing the motions on his side.

“HA! Suck it!”

“You're still losing, stop acting like you did something! Get your hands off me!”

“Stop being a whiny little shit!”

“Stop being an asshole!”

“Bite me!”

Katsuki managed to push Shinsou off the platform. Shinsou yelped as he almost fell on his ass. Katsuki grinned and turned back to start racking up points in the game. Then GAME OVER! flashed on the screen as the song ended. Shinsou snorted loudly and Katsuki cursed, hitting the dashboard of the game with his fists.

The final scores appeared, and Shinsou's was almost double Katsuki's. The blond kicked the machine and marched off the platform, arms crossed as he grumbled. Shinsou stepped closer and held out his hand. Katsuki scowled at him.

“Ten dollars, pay up, pay up.”

Katsuki huffed and pulled out his wallet. He slapped ten dollars into Shinsou's hand. Shinsou winced a little but put the money in his bag with an overly sweet smile.


The others didn't even make it to the arcade by the time Katsuki and Shinsou played the games they wanted. They had collected all the tickets they could and got a worthless prize—full experience, Shinsou said. Shinsou kicked Katsuki's ass at half the games, and the blond made Shinsou promise not to say anything on threat of blowing up his laptop and phone. The only game Katsuki won was skee-ball and that was only because he had good hand-eye coordination and aim from all the hero things.

Katsuki got a text from Kirishima saying that they were still in the store, but finishing up, and that Sero and Kaminari went back to the dorm because they forgot a project. Shinsou and him took their meaningless prizes and went towards the food court. They grabbed food from one of the many stores along the walls of the giant area—fast food, because apparently Shinsou took it as a personal mission to get Katsuki to eat greasy food like a “regular” teenager. Katsuki frowned at the tray. He could smell the damn grease of it. Shinsou ignored his disgusted look and directed him over to a corner booth in one of the rows of booths in the center of the food courts.

Shinsou crammed himself in the very corner where the two padded benches met, and Katsuki sat next to him, scowling at the tray. Shinsou stabbed the straw into his drink and popped a fry in his mouth.

“You're shitting me,” Katsuki grumbled. “You really expect me to eat this crap?”

“Yes, obviously,” Shinsou said. “It's an all time tradition. Now eat, asshole.”

Katsuki rolled his eyes and reluctantly started eating. It wasn't that he hated fast food, or didn't eat it at all. It's not like he was on a hardcore diet, or completely avoiding bad carbs, but he had a body to maintain and usually ate stuff like this in moderation. He enjoyed eating it, and it wasn't completely shit taste-wise. He quickly sent out a text to Kirishima that they were in the food court, now, and eating, but that they weren't going to pay for any of the others food. Kirishima almost instantly sent back a message saying that they'd be there in a few.

Shinsou spoke a few times while they were eating. Katsuki listened silently, grunting and nodding where appropriate. At some point, Shinsou pulled out his phone and started scrolling. Katsuki leaned back and read with him over his shoulder, making small comments on whatever posts came up in Shinsou's feed.

“The hell they all sayin' happy birthday for?” Katsuki grumbled, pausing to glance out at the room around them. “Is it your birthday?”

“Nah, that's July first,” Shinsou said. “It's my account anniversary. Four years, today--” he pressed a hand to his heart and gave an over-dramatic proud expression “--I feel like I raised a child. They grow up so fast.”

Katsuki smirked and let out breath-laugh. He shifted over again and leaned his elbows on the table. Shinsou was still mindlessly eating from the large fries they ordered. He saw the red-and-white head approaching, and wiped the smirk off his face. The others walked in, and Kirishima lead them over to where Katsuki and Shinsou were sitting.

Ashido put herself next to Shinsou, and Uraraka sat next to her. Kirishima slid in next to Katsuki. Todoroki and Deku sat in the two regular chairs at the table. They all settled down and put their bags next to them, then Uraraka and Todoroki went off to get food for them all.

Kirishima, Ashido, and Deku all chatted together, talkning about something Katsuki didn't bother picking up on. Todoroki was listening, and adding to it occasionally. Shinsou leaned forward onto the table slightly, enough so that Katsuki could read the posts without being too obvious. Katsuki propped his head up in his palm and watched as Shinsou scrolled through, reposted and liked things, and made comments on a few. Eventually, Todoroki and Uraraka came back and passed out the food.

“I swear to god if I lose to shitty Deku because you made me eat fast food, I'm destroying your DVDs,” Katsuki hissed quietly so only Shinsou could hear while the others kept talking. Shinsou glanced up and immediately saw why—Deku had a salad in front of him.

“The fact he's eating that here makes him lose immediately, trust me,” Shinsou sighed, at the same volume. Katsuki rolled his eyes and fought back a smirk. “Plus the fact he can't tell Katy Perry's crushing on him way too hard to be healthy.”

Katsuki snorted and immediately stopped himself. Kirishima gave him a look and Ashido stopped whatever she was saying.

“What's so funny?” Ashido asked, pouting a little.

“Katy Perry,” Shinsou said. Ashido and Kirishima were even more confused. The other three looked over at that point, too. Katsuki huffed. Eventually Uraraka and Deku started talking again and Todoroki joined in. Shinsou shifted closer to Ashido and whispered quietly to her. “The hot'n'cold song by Katy Perry--” Ashido's eyes widened and she gasped, smiling “--Hot and cold quirk.”

Ashido burst out laughing while Shinsou leaned over Katsuki to tell Kirishima the same thing. He started laughing, too. That left the other three extremely confused. Shinsou went back to scrolling through his phone and Katsuki looked over his shoulder like nothing happened. Kirishima dismissed any questions Deku had and Ashido waved off Uraraka's. Todoroki just fixed Shinsou and Katsuki with a suspicious look and kept eating.

Conversation went on with the others as they ate. Soon they all fell relatively quiet and just relaxed. Kirishima eventually started talking with Katsuki and Shinsou leaned back in the corner of the benches, continuously going through his feed. Deku and Uraraka were talking quieter

“Hey, Todoroki,” Ashido piped up. Katsuki looked over and Shinsou glanced up as the girl poked him in the leg. “Have you kissed a girl and liked it?”

Todoroki looked more confused than ever. Deku's cheeks went red and Uraraka choked on the words he was saying. Kirishima blinked a few times in shock before laughing awkwardly. Katsuki's eyes went wide and he glanced between Shinsou and Ashido when he saw the smirk on both of their faces.

“I... what?” Todoroki sputtered.

“The taste of her cherry chapstick?” Shinsou added, grinning evilly. Todoroki blinked slowly, mouth opening to say something as his face started to heat up.

“Did you kiss a girl just to try it?” Ashido said, in a teasing sing-song voice.

“Hope your boyfriend don't mind it?” Shinsou continued, glancing at Deku. The green-haired boy was looking away awkwardly, face bright red just from the conversation topic. Todoroki face lit up and Katsuki could've sworn he saw actual smoke coming from his left side.

“...Is that a goddamn Katy Perry song?” Katsuki asked after a pause.

Ashido and Shinsou exchanged a shit-eating grin. Kirishima sputtered out a laugh, before he was cackling and snorting. Katsuki clapped a hand over his mouth and muffled his own laughter. Deku and Uraraka exchanged baffled looked and Todoroki blinked slowly as he forced his blush to die down.

“'Cause you're hot then you're cold!” Ashdio sang, slightly off pitch and mocking. “You're yes then you're no.”

“What?” Todoroki said flatly, narrowing his eyes.

“Your new name,” Katsuki said, staring back in the same way Todoroki was at him. “Enjoy.”

“...Can we just go back to half-and-half bastard?” Todoroki grumbled, looking down and rubbing his forehead angrily.

“No way, Katy.”

“Kacchan, isn't that a little... mean?” Deku mumbled, glancing between Katsuki and Todoroki. “You already call him a name, why change it?”

“Not my idea, shitty Deku,” Katsuki said, glancing over at Shinsou. The other smiled in that overly sweet way and propped his chin up in his palms.

“You've known me for a day, and you're already calling me names?” Todoroki hissed.

“I've known your name for a day, actually,” Shinsou shrugged, going back to his phone. “The nickname thing has been going on since the Sports Festival, sorry not sorry, but a good reference is a good reference.”

“Why didn't you bring him along sooner, Blasty?” Ashido laughed. “I like this guy. Welcome to the Baku-squad! By courtesy of me!”

Shinsou snorted and grinned. “Okay, then,” he said.

“The what?” Katsuki snapped.

Chapter Text

Hitoshi had excused himself from the group when they were getting ready to move out. He explained he had to use the bathroom, and Bakugou, Ashido both decided they had to go, too. Midoriya and Kirishima went to some small shop near the food court to grab something, and Uraraka and Todoroki waited outside the bathroom area.

It was going surprisingly well. Hitoshi stays quiet for more reasons than the whole prejudice against his quirk. He didn't like a lot of people, and wasn't the social one by a long shot. Ashido was cool, and even though she was a lot more energized than he usually likes his people, but wasn't over the top. Kirishima was protective, obviously, and cautious of just welcoming someone else into their little group—also, Baku-squad was hilarious even if Bakugou was pissed about it. Hitoshi didn't really care that Todoroki didn't seem to like him, or that Midoriya and Uraraka were still in between about whether or not he was good. From what he understood, Kirishima was the one who asked Midoriya and his friends to come along and Bakugou was against it completely. He'd have to ask for the whole story with Midoriya at some point, but he didn't think Bakugou was open enough to tell him yet.

Hitoshi threw the paper towels in the trash and walked towards the entrance to the bathroom—a weird hall thing.

“I'm only saying that we should be cautious around him.”

Hitoshi stopped just before he walked out, taking a step back.

“Todoroki, you're just upset 'cause he made fun of you,” Ashido's voice said. Hitoshi decided he'd eavesdrop and leaned against the wall, out of sight of the people waiting just outside. “Shinsou's a nice guy.”

“You saw what he could do, and what he did do with that quirk of his,” Todoroki said. “Aoyama and Ojiro were under his control for an entire round in the Sports Festival. It made Ojiro drop out of the tournament and Midoriya almost gave up against his will. We won't even know if he's using his quirk until it's too late, he can control multiple people at once.”

“Aren't you jumping to conclusions?” Uraraka piped up. Hitoshi frowned stared down at his shoes.

“Maybe, but we don't know anything about him, so we can't trust him,” Todoroki continued. “I'm only saying to be cautious around him.”

Hitoshi jolted at footsteps approaching. He looked up and went back to a blank face. Bakugou frowned at him and gave a confused look, hands jammed in his pockets. Hitoshi pushed off the wall, and hoped that Todoroki would keep his mouth shut until he and Bakugou were out of earshot.

“He could be using Bakugou to get into the hero department, somehow,” Todoroki said. Bakugou's shoulders stiffened and he scowled. “We can't just accept him with no question. I mean, you have to be suspicious in someway. With a quirk like that, there's no telling what he could be doing.”

Bakugou glanced at Hitoshi before going to stomp out. Hitoshi sighed and grabbed the back of his hood before he could. Bakugou whipped his head around and glared at him. Hitoshi frowned and shook his head. Bakugou swatted Hitoshi hand away and marched out. Hitoshi cursed in his head and hesitantly followed after him.

“What exactly were you saying, shitstain?” Bakugou snapped. Hitoshi stopped a few feet behind where Bakugou was staring down Todoroki. The other looked a little shocked, while Uraraka was a little frightened and Ashido was looking guilty. The pink skinned girl grabbed Uraraka's arm, muttered an excuse us and rushed off into the girls' restroom. “You're joking, right? It's a goddamn joke.”

“...Why do you care?” Todoroki asked, giving him a dirty look. “I'm just saying what I was thinking. What a few of us were thinking, actually. We're not stupid, and we know to be cautious around someone that can use people at will with almost no effort.”

Hitoshi sighed and shoved a hand in his bag. He pet the cat plush now buried in the bottom of it before grabbing his phone again. He couldn't see what expression Bakugou had, but Todoroki had his eyes narrowed.

“Bakugou, not worth it,” Hitoshi interrupted. The blond turned around and scowled at him. Todoroki frowned over at him. “I need to grab some shit, you wanna come or not?”

Hitoshi started to walk away backwards, making sure to watch and that the blond wasn't about to start a fight in the middle of the damn mall. Bakugou grumbled and stepped back. He paused, hands twitching. He cursed and spun on his heel, following after Hitoshi. Todoroki blinked in shock and opened his mouth like he was going to say something just to close it again. Midoriya and Kirishima were walking towards them, going back where they said they'd be meeting.

Kirishima gave them a confused look and Midoriya seemed to realize something was wrong.

“Picking some crap up, see you back at the dorms,” Bakugou snapped before either of them could say anything as they passed. Hitoshi nodded in their direction before going back to his phone and opening up the list he made ahead of time. Vacation was coming up and he wanted to grab some things for his cat when he went home, plus a few things for the human family members.

“Oh ok! See ya!” Kirishima said, waving with a grin. Hitoshi did genuinely like Bakugou's friends. They didn't pry.


“You're not eating lunch with us?” Kaminari asked when Katsuki started walking in a different direction than the cafeteria.

“Ooh! Are you gonna eat with Shinsou?” Ashido asked. Sero gave Katsuki a shocked and confused look. Katsuki nodded slightly. “Can I come?”

“No, piss off,” Katsuki snapped. Ashido pouted and reluctantly nodded. Sero still stared in shock and Kaminari not-so-quietly asked Kirishima who Shinsou was. “Later.”

Katsuki walked off. He had his own lunch that day, along with a few other things. The others waved and said what they had to before walking into the cafeteria. Katsuki went through the halls, against the flow of students that was going to the cafeteria to get food. He side stepped to avoid some people that weren't looking. He wasn't in the mood for a fight or anything. He didn't sleep that much.

Todoroki crossed a line in his head. He didn't care if Shinsou was okay with it, or if he was used to it. It was messed up. He was getting protective for no reason—yeah, he liked him, but that didn't mean he had a right to just start intervening with Shinsou's life or how he deals with shit. When he had gotten back to the dorms, Kirishima asked why he was pissed. He didn't give an answer, and the redhead left it at that. Deku almost spoke to him, but ended up not. Todoroki avoided him entirely. As Katsuki lied down to try and sleep an hour after he usually did, he realized how deep he was. He doubted it was a good thing to already be so protective—but shit, he couldn't help it.

Katsuki shook his head to clear it and stepped outside into one of the courtyards. It was one of the warmer days that week, so enough for a good crowd to be out there. Shinsou had told him ahead of time where he usually saw, so Katsuki didn't have to wander around aimlessly. Katsuki walked right over and sat down next to Shinsou under a tree.

Shinsou looked up and nodded as greeting. Katsuki just grunted and knocked his head back against the tree. Shinsou finished whatever he was doing on his phone and put it in his pocket, picking up the food he brought.

“You okay?” Shinsou asked, leaning back slightly. He pulled his knees up and curled up a little as he ate. Katsuki groaned and slapped his hands over his eyes.

“No,” Katsuki muttered. “I feel like shit and we got some big hero training thing later today.”

“I got cookies,” Shinsou said after a while, pulling his bag up one handed and pulling out a plastic bag. Katsuki looked down, confused and shocked. The small bag was tightly packed with small chocolate chip cookies. He put it on the ground in between them and kept eating. “I grabbed 'em at the mall when you weren't looking. You can have some if you want.”

Katsuki hesitated for barely a second before grabbing the bag and opening it. He popped a cookie in his mouth and savored it. He knew that getting all the bad carbs in his system wasn't that good, but he was in a shitty mood and he'd indulge.

“Thanks,” he grumbled as he shoved another cookie in his mouth and put the bag back down where Shinsou had it. He grabbed his own lunch and started eating like he was supposed to. The two of them were silent for a while—the comfortable kind they usually had—then Katsuki hesitantly spoke up. “Listen, that shit Katy Perry said isn't true, got it?”

Shinsou looked up, mid chew. He finished the mouthful and cleared his throat.

“I... yeah I get it, man, trust me,” Shinsou said. He smirked and snorted a little. “Honestly, I think you're more upset than me.”

Katsuki grumbled and slouched down further, looking away pointedly. He didn't like people calling him out. He could do it to himself, sure, but if someone else noticed then he was upset. Shinsou didn't make a sound or any reaction that Katsuki heard, just continuing to eat. Katsuki crossed his legs and shifted further back against the tree. He glanced over at Shinsou again, and the other was just eating, looking down at the food.

The blond frowned and grabbed the bag of cookies and shoved it in his bag. He couldn't give a shit right now, and the cookies were good. Shinsou glanced over and smirked. Katsuki hesitated slightly when the other raised an eyebrow at him.

“I'm not gonna stop you, go ahead,” Shinsou said, waving his hand dismissively. Katsuki nodded and left the cookies in his bag as he went back to his actually lunch. “I have the rest of the pack at home.”

Katsuki nodded. He hesitated again before saying something else. He wasn't the kind of person to over assure someone about whatever—him comforting anyone was a rare thing on its own. If these stupid emotions made him this sappy and shit, he definitely wanted it to be over with sooner rather than later.

“You shouldn't have to deal with that crap, 'specially with me around,” Katsuki mumbled. Shinsou looked over, shocked.

“... Seriously, I've dealt with that kind of stuff since my quirk developed,” Shinsou said, packing up the leftovers of his lunch. Katsuki frowned. He knew that, but it didn't mean he'd like it. “Don't pick a fight with the other hero students over some stupid stuff like that, okay? Their little opinions don't matter to me, and I literally couldn't give less of a shit. Is that seriously what's bothering you?”

Katsuki frowned and looked away again. Shinsou sighed and poked him in the shoulder.

“You're acting like my cat when I refuse to feed her early,” Shinsou commented. Katsuki tensed up and smacked his hand away. “Just calm down, it's not worth it.”

Katsuki grunted noncommittally and buried his face in his knees. He was so screwed and he knew it. Shinsou stopped trying to get him to look over at him and instead shoved his own lunch in his bag. They still had a while left for lunch, and Katsuki wished it would be over now—so he wouldn't have to deal with the awkwardness he made in the first place.

Shinsou managed to break that tension and got them looking at the most reason shitposts Shinsou got tagged in. Katsuki snorted and grinned at a few of them, but mostly it was just the two of them scrolling through and letting out breath-laughs. Shinsou had scooted close to Katsuki so they could both see the screen at once and he didn't have to flip it around to show the blond whatever was there.

Pressed shoulder to shoulder, the two of them read over the stupid posts and made fun of a few of them. Katsuki didn't care what the hell Shinsou thought, and he hated being sappy so it sucked for that, too. Dammit, shit like this was worth it.

Chapter Text

Hitoshit: Hey I need you to rate my selfies [photo] [photo] [photo]


Katsuki frowned opened the pictures. 1-A had gathered in the main room for movie night and Katsuki was forcibly dragged into it by Kirishima. He had pressed himself into the corner of the couch, and took two cushions for himself and a blanket.

It was a lot later and they only just finished voting. With vacation coming up in a week, everyone decided it was okay for them to be up later than usual—the class prez, too. Everyone also agreed that if anyone fell asleep, no one was responsible for what was drawn on their faces by Kaminari, Ashido, or any other person.

Katsuki shifted, pulling his knees up and the blanket up. He looked at his phone discreetly, because class prez would yell at him if he was caught using his phone during the movie. Two screaming matches already happened about that and Katsuki didn't want to start another. He opened up the photos Shinsou sent him.

The first was a basic one, just from the front at eye level. Shinsou had a smirk on his face and... goddamn cat ears sticking out of his hair with whiskers drawn on his face. The ears on his head blended in with his normal hair a little too perfectly, looking like they actually belong there. The whiskers were just black marker drawn on his cheeks. With the way the picture was taken, you could see the hood of a dark purple sweatshirt at the bottom edge.

The second was from a higher angle, and Shinsou had a neutral expression. Nothing really stood out about it, just your cliché selfie, with maybe slightly better lighting.

The third one was Shinsou sitting on his bed, whole body in the shot. He was wearing a gray sweater that had to be at least two sized too big and black shorts with mix-matched socks on. He had his tongue sticking out and head tilted to the side, hands placed like he was framing his face.

Katsuki glanced up at the people around him. Everyone was getting settled, food and drinks ready. The tentacle and bird guy were on the other side of the couch sitting close, and Katsuki could tell was Sero was “ninety percent sure” they were dating. No one else even tried to sit on the couch, curled up on the floor with pillows and blankets. Todoroki and Deku were next to each other leaning back against the couch.

Todoroki seemed to notice Katsuki looking at them and looked back. Katsuki just scowled at him and went back to his phone, shifting further into the corner. Todoroki blinked, confusion written over his face, and then went back to talking with Deku quietly.


Me: first is good, second is cliche, third is good if u zoom in

Me: the hell dya get the ears tho

Hitoshit: No idea, I found them while cleaning

Hitoshit: Good though, right?

Me: i guess

Hitoshit: Thanks for your feedback

Hitoshit: What's going on over there?

Me: movie night against my will

Hitoshit: Aww poor antisocial u

Me: piss off

Hitoshit: Good luck

Me: wait y u need the pics

Hitoshi: 59k and counting


Katsuki put his phone away in the pocket of his pants and pulled the blanket up to his chin before flopping sideways. He settled on his side, covered by the blanket up to his nose and resigned himself to a night of a boring movie he probably never saw and never wanted to see.

The class prez stepped out in front of everyone and said the rules. No phones, no interrupting, no being obnoxious, and just generally be respectful to the others in the room that were enjoying the movie. When he was done, and got everyone to say a “yes” in weak unison, he rushed over to turn the room lights off, sat down near Deku, and hit the play button on the laptop that was hooked up to the big screen.

Katsuki's phone went off, the buzz of the vibration drowned out by the loud intro. He discreetly grabbed it and hid his head under the blanket to look at it. The brightness was already down, so he didn't burn his eyes out.


Hitoshit: Officially 60k, set off the party poppers cause I'm regretting my choices

Me: good luck


Katsuki drummed his fingers against the counter he was leaning on as he waited for the microwave to finish. Ashido and the invisible girl were sitting behind him, Ashido telling the other about the whole Katy Perry thing.

“But yeah, Bakugou's just selfish and doesn't want to share his friend,” Ashido huffed.

“Shut up, raccoon-eyes,” he grumbled, glancing over his shoulder. Ashido grinned innocently.

“Aw~ c'mon Bakugou,” Ashido laughed.

Suddenly, invisible girl gasped loudly and started squealing. Ashido yelped when invisible girl started hitting her on the arm in excitement. Katsuki frowned at the display as the microwave went off. He opened it and grabbed his food as invisible girl started gushing gibberish and Ashido tried to calm her down.

“What?!” Ashido snickered. “Hagakure, actual words! Why are you so excited?”

“You know that blogger I was telling you about? Insomi-cat?” Hagakure said, after taking a deep breath. Katsuki tensed up and turned around, knocking the microwave closed and grabbing a fork. “He reached 60k followers and did a face reveal! Look! Isn't he in UA!?”

Hagakure turned the phone over to Ashido and the pink girl pouted curiously. Katsuki stabbed his fork into the pasta he heated up and angrily mixed it. Ashido's face slowly changed into surprise.

“That's Bakugou's friend!” Ashido exclaimed. She turned to Katsuki. “Did you know!?”

“Of course I knew, asshat,” Katsuki grumbled before shoving a forkful of pasta in his mouth. “Don't make a big deal out of this shit.”

“What's his name!?” Hagakure asked eagerly, jumping up from her seat. Katsuki just frowned and raised his eyebrows.

“Why the hell would I tell you?” Katsuki snapped. Ashido frowned and drew her eyebrows together in thought.

“Wait, he never told us his name,” Ashido muttered. She jumped up next and leaned forward to stare at Katsuki with wide eyes. “Tell us! Tell us!”

Katsuki flipped the two of them off and walked out of the room. Hagakure snapped indignantly and Ashido went to chase after him. He ran up the stairs two at a time and rushed to his room. Kirishima was just leaving his when he got there. The redhead smiled and opened his mouth to greet Katsuki, but the blond ignored him, yanking open his own door and slamming it shut behind him.

With a sigh, Katsuki slumped against the door. He didn't expect someone in 1-A to follow Shinsou with such loyalty. He grumbled to himself. This was just gonna mean another person tagging along. Could he reset the shitty recent stuff, so that they wouldn't be after Shinsou? He was being possessive, and he knew that, and it pissed him off, but dammit he was the one with a huge ass crush on Shinsou and—shit. Katsuki angrily shoved more pasta in his mouth and sat on his bed. The sun was just setting, and he and Shinsou had agreed to binge another show that morning.

His laptop was on the bed already—it lived next to his bed at this point—and his earbuds were out. Carefully balancing the pasta in his lap, Katsuki slipped the earbuds in and woke up his laptop. Shinsou's contact on Skype said he was on, so Katsuki hit the call button. It took a few rings and Katsuki stared at Shinsou's profile picture in surprise. He never really bothered to look at it since it was always small.

It was a picture of Shinsou with a cat. The cat had black and white spotted fur and was sniffing at the camera closely with Hitoshi smiling in the background. It was sickeningly cute—well, Katsuki guessed if he wasn't in as deep as he was, then it'd be sickening, but now it was just extremely cute.

Shinsou picked up a second after Katsuki realized that, and the blond tried to rub the blush off his face and picked up his pasta. Shinsou was pulling a brush through his hair that was dry and hanging down. It looked... fluffier than the other times Katsuki had seen him with his hair down.

I blowdried my hair, so it like... expanded,” Shinsou said. Katsuki snorted, giving him 'seriously?'. Shinsou stuck his tongue out and changed to brush the other side of his hair. “Come on, your choice.”

“What d'ya got?” Katsuki asked before eating a mouthful of pasta. Shinsou frowned for a second and shifted. He pulled some cases from out of frame with the hand not holding the brush. He held them up so Katsuki could see and kept brushing his hair. “Death Note?”

Detectives, potato chips, and magical note book that kills people,” Shinsou explained. He hissed when he accidentally pulled his own hair.

“Sounds good enough,” Katsuki nodded. Shinsou carefully dropped the case in his lap and tossed the others out of frame. He opened it one handed and put the DVD in his computer, setting it up through the software it need to be through so Katsuki could see it. “Hey, when school starts up again... uh, you interested in that crappy little combat training thing I made you do?”

Shinsou paused and blinked a few times. He looked genuinely shocked that Katsuki cared enough to ask, and that made something in Katsuki's stomach twist.

You're serious about teaching me how to defend myself?” Shinsou asked hesitantly.

“No shit,” Katsuki said, deadpan. Shinsou snorted and went to brush the back of his head. “But, yeah. You're not gonna be a pro hero if ya can't kick ass on your own.”

Yeah, okay,” Shinsou chuckled, looking down at his lap as he put the brush down and picked up a black hair-tie. He pulled almost all of his hair back into a short ponytail, except for a few shorter hairs in the front. He pushed the remaining strands behind his ears. “Tomorrow morning, then?

Katsuki nodded. Shinsou grabbed his usual blanket and pillow, setting up his computer so his could lie down in front of it on the pillow with the blanket over his head. Katsuki leaned back and crossed his legs. Shinsou started the show, and Katsuki went back to eating as it played. He pointedly ignored the part of him that said Shinsou was even cuter with his hair up than in the picture with his cat, and the part that tried to convince him to touch Shinsou's hair the next time they saw each other in person—it looked super soft, and he knew from the fountain that it was decently soft when soaked, but it looked fluffy. He almost slapped himself to snap himself out of it but instead just focused entirely on the show to try and block out his own thoughts.

Chapter Text

It was harder to avoid someone you couldn't see than you'd think. Katsuki was usually good at staying out of sight, but Hagakure popped up out of nowhere. She was invisible and it meant Katsuki had almost no idea of where she was ninety percent of the time. Luckily, she was easily distracted and after bargaining with Ashido, Katsuki got the pink girl to agree to stall Hagakure enough so that Katsuki could get out of the dorm without anyone on his tail. A few others in the dorm knew about Shinsou's blog, but they weren't close enough to Katsuki's friend group to catch the news. Until Hagakure because she couldn't keep her mouth shut.

One day, when Katsuki was tutoring Kirishima in the common room, the creation-girl was having her own tutor session across the room. Hagakure was there, and being annoying as all hell. Katsuki couldn't get her to shut up. Every time he thought she was done, and his rage and died down a bit, she was back and persistently asking to meet Shinsou.

After one of the louder outbursts, the creation-girl hesitantly asked what was going on. Hagakure immediately said it, and creation-girl looked shocked. Turned out she was a fan of the blog, too. Ashido then complained that Katsuki wouldn't tell them Shinsou's name—she never asked for it at the mall, and no one said it. Then, Kirishima just told them and Katsuki smacked him on the side of the head with one of the textbooks—he had his quirk ready, though. Creation-girl asked if it was the same guy who went up against Deku in the Sports Festival, and Kirishima nodded. Katsuki punched him in the gut—no quirk to protect him that time so he curled over with a grunt. The blond then just walked off, ignoring any of their questions.

It was a chaotic the short rest of the day for him. He got up early to go and work out. When he was going to get the coffee, class prez was standing in front of the machine like some kind of guardian. Katsuki scowled and tried to get past him, but the other wasn't giving any ground.

“Is it true you've been hanging out with a General Education student?” class prez asked. Katsuki narrowed his eyes. He couldn't blame anyone specifically for the word spreading, but he chose Deku since class prez and him were so close. “The one with the brainwashing quirk from the Sports Festival?”

“If it is?” Katsuki growled, crossed his arms. The class prez fixed him with a serious look.

“Be careful, we do not know the very specifics of his quirk, and he may be using it on you,” he said after a moment of staring. Katsuki's shoulders tensed up. “It sounds crazy now, but it could become relevant and I want you to be aware of that.”

Katsuki blinked slowly at him and scoffed. The other looked confused as Katsuki shook his head.

“You're the second damn person to say that shit to me,” Katsuki snapped. He stepped forward and poked the other hard in the chest. “And I'm already tired of it. If you really think I'm stupid enough to fall for crap like that, I'll beat the shit out of you. I don't care what you or any of the other assholes say about this. Mind your own damn business and piss off!”

“There is no need to be so aggressive about it,” class prez said, huffing indignantly. “We're simply trying to warn you of the inevitable.”

“Inevitable my ass!” Katsuki scoffed. He shoved the class prez to the side roughly, managing to get him to stumble out of the side. “Tell me this shit when something actually happens. Until then, stay out of my crap, got it? It's not your business, so I'll say it again. Piss. Off.”

“His quirk is extremely dangerous, and he could use you to pull himself into the hero course!” the class prez said, stepping in front of Katsuki again. “People with ambitions like that will do anything if capable, and he is!”

Katsuki was growled and glared at him. They stared each other down tensely. The class prez eventually stepped back and let out a sigh to try and relax the tension in the air.

“I don't mean to be rude in any way,” he said. Katsuki frowned at that. If he wasn't trying to be rude, he would've gone away already. “But, we don't know anything about him. Being so nice to him could lead to him taking advantage of you and your quirk. You need to be careful around someone with a probable future in villainy!”

Katsuki didn't hold back as he punched him right in the face.


Hitoshi tapped his foot a bit nervously. He checked the time on his phone and sighed. He didn't have gym clothes, so at first he was happy he didn't have to explain that it was too cold, but Bakugou was always there earlier than him. He knew that Bakugou always went all out with everything and it wasn't like him to be late at all. So something way probably wrong. The second was when Bakugou did show up.

Hitoshi was waiting by the door, busying himself with a game on his phone while he waited. He looked up when he heard footsteps, and Bakugou rounded the corner and was walking down the hall. He had a black jacket on and the hood pulled over his head. His head was turned down and he had his shoulders up and face almost completely hidden. Hitoshi instantly recognized that kind of walking and face hiding.

When Bakugou reached him and went to say something, Hitoshi reached over and knocked the hood back. He cursed quietly under his breath and Bakugou went back to pull the hood over again. Hitoshi smacked his hands away and poked the bruise over Bakugou's eye. It was worse than any of the black eyes Hitoshi's had in the past, but it made sense since he probably got it from someone in the hero course. There was also a small cut on his cheek with small droplets of blood on it and another thin cut on the side of his nose. Bakugou winced at Hitoshi's prodding and tried to back up while avoiding eye contact.

“What did you do?” Hitoshi grumbled. Bakugou pouted and grabbed Hitoshi's wrists and pushed them away before letting go.

“Not a big deal,” Bakugou murmured. He jammed his hands in his pockets and stepped back. “Let's just forget the training shit.”

Hitoshi sighed and grabbed his wrist. Bakugou obviously wasn't in the mood to put up much a fight because Hitoshi was easily pulling him into the locker room. He sat down on the bench and patted the space next to him for the blond to sit. Bakugou muttered incoherently before he sat down, leg on either side of the bench. Hitoshi turned and dug inside his bag. He knew he still had that plastic bag with bandages and ice packs from a while ago—almost nothing ever left his bag, it made it easier to keep track of it all.

Bakugou snorted when he saw Hitoshi putting the plastic bag on the bench in between them. Hitoshi put his regular bag on the floor and pulled the ice pack out. He shook it roughly and shoved it into Bakugou's hands.

“Shake it and it'll get colder,” Hitoshi explained as he opened up the box of colored Band-Aids. Bakugou frowned and just looked off to the side. “Just shake the damn thing. Black eyes heal faster if you ice them, personal experience.”

“And this is nothing,” Bakugou spat. Hitoshi glanced up at him, raising an eyebrow. Bakugou scowled. “Personal experience.”

“Just accept my damn help, okay?” Hitoshi huffed. He didn't do shit like this because people were always suspicious when he offered help. He gave Bakugou a semi-pleading look. The blond tensed up and before grumpily slumping his shoulders and reading the instructions on the ice pack. Hitoshi sighed and grabbed two Band-Aids from the box as the blond started shaking the pack. “It's the crack of dawn and you already got into fight. What happened?”

Bakugou bit his bottom lip and didn't look at him. Hitoshi scooted closer and turned so he was right in front of Bakugou. He tapped his chin and Bakugou moved his head so it was tilted up. The blond still was pointedly looking anywhere but Hitoshi as the other unwrapped a bandaid. Hitoshi wiped off the small bit of blood before putting the Band-Aid on top of it. He pressed down so it stuck and Bakugou hissed. He did the same with the other cut, but got a muffled curse since it was so close to the bruise. Speaking off, it was a big one. Purple, red, and yellow mixed together. It wasn't swollen, so Bakugou could keep his eye open and still see.

Hitoshi reached over and felt the ice pack to see if it did what it said it would. It was cold now, and Hitoshi grabbed it from Bakugou who just let him. Something was definitely wrong. Hitoshi put the ice pack against Bakugou's black eye and frowned. The blond reached up to hold it in place, looking down at his lap.

“Are you actually not telling me what happened?” Hitoshi asked, disappointment evident in his voice. Bakugou bit his bottom lip again and his leg started bouncing. “A hint?”

“It's not my damn fault,” Bakugou muttered, hand not holding the ice pack going to drag fingers through the front of his hair. “The asshole class prez talked shit about you and took it too far. I decked him in the nose and crap got outta hand.”

Hitoshi's eyes widened before he sighed and shook his head. He put the Band-Aid box back in the plastic bag. He dropped the wrappers in the garbage can at the end of the bench and shoved the plastic bag back in his school one.

“I told you that it isn't worth it,” Hitoshi said. Bakugou looked up at him, confused and something Hitoshi didn't recognize. Hitoshi rested his bag between them and looked right into Bakugou's eyes as he shook his head again. “That kind of shit isn't worth getting beat up for. It's not hurting me, and you shouldn't be beating people up because they do it to me. That's not a big deal.”

“Of course it's a big deal!” Bakugou snapped. He slammed his hand against the bench and an explosion went off. It made a small burn mark in the wooden bench, but Bakugou didn't seem to care. He was scowling and definitely was pissed, but there was still that other emotion Hitoshi didn't know. “People shouldn't talk shit about you! You're one of the few damn decent human beings in this crappy world, and that's a lot coming from someone like me. The only reason you're not kicking ass in the hero course is 'cause the exam works against you! The only reason you're not kicking their asses is 'cause you know how to control your temper and get that if you do it'll only make your rep even more crappy! So don't try to sell me the shit that assholes like that stepping out of line by picking on you isn't a big deal!”

Hitoshi blinked slowly and his mouth opened a little in shock. Bakugou took a few deep breaths before freezing and slapping his hand over the side of his face without the ice pack. His shoulders were rising and falling as he breathed a bit heavily. Hitoshi was glad that Bakugou couldn't see him because he could feel his face heating up. He let out a loud breath and rubbed his cheeks, willing it to go away as fast as possible so Bakugou wouldn't see it. It was one damn like.

“Shit, sorry...” Bakugou eventually said after a long moment of silence. “I just... crap. Dammit. This sucks.”

“...What does?” Hitoshi asked quietly.

There was no damn way. It was one stupid like, and he was overthinking it. He always over thought shit and just because someone liked a post about your sexuality didn't mean shit. Just because Bakugou was getting defensive didn't mean anything and he needed to stop that train of thought right there.

Bakugou tensed up again, completely still and head tilted down. His face was covered by his hand and the ice pack. Slowly, he moved his fingers and looked up at Hitoshi from between them. Hitoshi could feel his face heating up again and dammit he was blushing like a shitty school girl from an anime. He acted like his was wiping his mouth and tried to hide the redness. On the other end, Bakugou looked slightly panicked and quickly redirected where he was staring to one of the lockers.

“Shitty shit shit,” Bakugou was saying under his breath. “Crap. God dammit.”

Hitoshi managed to collect himself in the almost silence and hesitantly put his hand down, hiding clenched hands behind his back. He was ready to dismiss the situation and walk off. He could probably get a quick nap in the library before class started, or study one of the things he already knew.

“Screw it!” Bakugou suddenly exclaimed when Hitoshi was about to open his mouth. The blond slammed both hands on the bench this time and the ice pack was dropped to the side. Bakugou had his eyes shut tight and his cheeks were pink. “This is stupid! Screw the waiting and screw these stupid butterflies. They're not paying rent, the little shits--” Hitoshi couldn't help but snort at at that. Him making noise made Bakugou peer up at him, smirking slightly as he realized what he said. “--If you don't agree, just tell me I'll get over it...”

Bakugou stopped, and seemed to hesitate nervously. He bit his bottom lip and his leg started bouncing again while his palms were starting to smoke. He jolted back and wiped his palms on his pants before letting out a rough sigh.

Hitoshi was frozen in place. His nails were digging into his own palms and he'd probably have indents when he looked later. His brain was going too fast to have a coherent sentence of thought. All he could hear in his head was shit shit shit.

“I don't' know what the hell I am attraction wise, but dammit I like you,” Bakugou said quickly. It was rushed and the blond let out a loud huff of breath when he was done. He glanced up at Hitoshi anxiously and winced back. “Dammit, you don't like me, do you? Shit, crap I messed it up, forget I said anything. This was stupi--”

“Nope, stop right there!” Hitoshi snapped. Bakugou flinched again and Hitoshi was almost shocked still again at how nervous he looked. Nervous like that was not a good look on him. Hitoshi held his hands up for Bakugou to stay quiet. He knew his cheeks were red, and probably a bit of his neck. “Sorry if I was a little shocked, you're not exactly the most emotionally sharing person--” Bakugou laughed a little and Hitoshi found himself smiling. He let out a small laugh and then a low breath. No stuttering, and no mixing up words. “--Okay, okay. You actually like me, for like my personality and shit.”

Bakugou nodded hesitantly, before a shit-eating grin showed up on his face. The effect was a little ruined by the fact his was bright pink. “I was surprised, too,” he said. Hitoshi paused before he snickered.

“I walked into that,” he laughed. Bakugou started chuckling, too. Hitoshi took a deep breath and let it out in a sigh. “But seriously--” Bakugou nodded this time without hesitating “--Like, this isn't some elaborate plot?”

“No,” Bakugou sighed. He rubbed his hands over his face and winced when he pressed too hard on the bruise. “Some kids in 1-A apparently follow your blog thing and the face reveal went up. It was one of Ashido's friends that spread that I knew you and... I got possessive for no damn reason. Now they wanna meet you and I don't want shit like that to happen 'cause they're annoying as hell and I just... Dammit. I like hanging out with you and admitting that makes me sound stupid but--”

“You're rambling,” Hitoshi pointed out. Bakugou stopped, grumbled something and went silent. “And it doesn't make you sound stupid, it's called a crush--” Bakugou's face went redder, like hearing it was worse. Hitoshi smiled. “--But if it makes you feel any better, I like you, too.”

“... You mean hanging out with me?” Bakugou asked quietly.


Chapter Text

Katsuki was on a roll all day. The multiple tests they had been studying the night before were easy to him, and he felt like he knew everything. Even Hagakure annoying him at lunch wasn't anywhere near as annoying as it should've been. When their hero training came up, he couldn't even hold the grudge against the class prez when they were forced to team up. Word had spread through the class and so people were trying to keep them separate, but Eraserhead took no shit and put them together.

Both of them had bruises and scratches, but Katsuki was the only one with a black eye. He also got a few weird looks from his friends when they saw the Band-Aids—a hot pink one on his cheek and blue one on his nose. He doubted Shinsou planned on doing that, since he took the Band-Aids without really looking, so he got over it quickly. He used the ice pack for the first half of the day until it got warm, then he tossed it in the bottom of his bag. The class prez had bandages, too, but the more medically proper ones from Recovery Girl and an ice pack, too. So Katsuki got even more weird looks, especially when they stood next to each other before beginning.

But, like said, Katsuki was in too good a mood. If he knew that saying that shit would feel this good—and that Shinsou would say yes—then he would've gotten it out of the way a while ago. Even when he got knocked through a wall by Deku right before the round was called to an end, he didn't get as pissed. Deku's surprise at that was plain as day when Katsuki just pulled himself out of the rubble and walked to where the other students were.

When they went back to the dorms, Kirishima caught him in the kitchen and stopped him.

“Hey, Bakugou,” Kirishima said as he leaned on the counter next to Katsuki. The blond was washing out the galaxy thermos. He glanced up and hummed to show he was listening. “Something happen?”

“Why?” Katsuki asked, keeping his face blank. He put the thermos where the other cups were drying and stepped back, crossing his arms.

“You were smiling at lunch when Ashido complained you wouldn't let us hang out with you and Shinsou,” Kirishima explained, shrugging. Katsuki glanced around the room. Everyone was in the common room, their own dorms, or still outside using the training grounds until it closed. “No offense, but you like... never smile like that at all.”

Katsuki bit his bottom lip, but he knew a smirk was showing on his face. That made Kirishima even more confused. Katsuki was probably way too happy about this, but as far as he knew, he was the first person to start dating anyone in 1-A.

It was a stupid thing, but damn if it kind of added a layer of excitement. That...and it proved Sero wrong. Sero tried to say that he should wait and see if Shinsou showed interest first, and while it was spur of the moment, it worked at least. He smirked and looked back at Kirishima. The redhead looked even more eager to know, now, but Katsuki stayed silent.

“Come on!” Kirishima whined. “Just tell me!”

“Not a word?” Katsuki said, lowering his voice. Kirishima looked confused but excited to know. He nodded rapidly and leaned in closer. Katsuki paused when thinking how to phrase it. Screw it. “I have a boyfriend.”

Kirishima blinked before gasping loudly and laughing. He practically tackled Katsuki in a hug and patted him roughly on the back. Usually Katsuki would push him away and start cursing him out, but he was way too happy. Instead, he snickered as Kirishima congratulated him and shook him back and forth roughly. Eventually, he stopped and gasped again.

“We have to tell Sero!” he said, dragging Katsuki out of the kitchen by the wrist and into the common room. There was a cluster of students, including Kaminari talking with Kyouka and Ashido and Hagakure sitting on the floor. “Where's Sero!?”

“Uh... his room,” Kaminari answered. “Why're you guys looking for him?”

Kirishima glanced back at Katsuki with a hopeful look. Katsuki immediately got what he was asking and nodded. The redhead grinned and turned back to the others.

“Ashido, Kaminari, you guys come, too! Baku-squad meeting!” Kirishima said. Ashido shrugged and hopped to her feet and followed as Kirishima dragged Bakugou up the stairs. Kaminari eventually came up after them. When they reached the fourth floor, one below Sero's, Kirishima just shouted up the stairs. “SERO! GET DOWN HERE!”

“STOP SHOUTING!” Sero called back, voice muffled. There was the sound of a door opening and closing before Sero appeared at the top of the stairs. “What?”

“Baku-squad meeting!” Kirishima said. He rushed down the hall to Katsuki's room and ran in the open door. Katsuki cursed as he almost smacked right into Kirishima's back when the other stopped suddenly. The redhead apologized and stepped back to give the blond room to move. Ashido stepped into the room, curiously looking it over, and Kaminari walked in after her. Sero eventually showed up, frowning curiously as he closed the door. Kirishima turned to Katsuki and grinned. “Tell 'em!”

Katsuki hesitated again. He was happy—definitely happy and willing to brag—but it felt weird just saying it outloud.

“I have a boyfriend,” Katsuki said quickly. The tension in the room was thick before Ashido squealed and Kaminari gasped. Sero looked completely floored and Kirishima started squealing with Ashido.

“What!?” Kaminari asked. “Who!?”

“You actually asked him out,” Sero said, laughing a little in disbelief. “Oh my god...”

“Hell yeah, and I don't care if it was soon, because it worked!” Katsuki said, grinning. “I have no damn clue how it did, but I'm not asking questions!”

“How'd you get one before anyone!?” Kaminari exclaimed. Ashido and Kirishima were bouncing and still making excited noises while Sero was just shaking his head with a shocked but relieved look on his face.

“No idea!” Katsuki cackled. “But I did, and you can suck it!”

“OH MY GOD!” Ashido cheered. She jumped on Bakugou's back and squeezed him in a tight hug. “I'm so happy for you! Our boy Baku discovering his sexuality and getting some! We have to add another person to the baku-squad!”

“You already invited him, asshat,” Katsuki said as Ashido ruffled his hair aggressively and squished his face. The girl froze and gasped loudly.



The feel of their relationship was the same. Katsuki thought there'd be some big change, but he realized that something like that isn't something either him or Shinsou would agree to. There was just the knowledge that they actually were dating and it was official added. Shinsou didn't try to be affectionate and Katsuki didn't either. Katsuki was not complaining, though. If they had just jumped in the deep end and gone all out with their relationship—PDA, hugging, kissing, et cetera—he'd probably shut down. So he was happy Shinsou wasn't forcing that, and that whatever they had now was moving at the same pace their friendship did.

Still, he had no idea what was supposed to happen next. People didn't exactly like him that often, and anyone who ever had crushes on him and had the guts to confess were shot down in the past. He didn't have any experience, and he knew better than to trust TV shows or any advice the four idiots gave him.

They had their usual Skype call that night, a little later since Katsuki got roped into explaining why he got into a fight with the class prez, and how it lead to having a boyfriend. He didn't say much, and kept whatever he did say vague, before kicking the four out of his room and slamming the door behind them. Word would spread pretty quickly, since Ashido would tell Hagakure and Kaminari would mourn to grape-head. Hagakure couldn't keep her mouth shut, as stated, and Mineta would whine loud enough for the other guys to hear and then they'd start talking.

“,” Katsuki began after they had gotten ten minutes into the call. Might as well get it out of the way while he was still mostly awake so he didn't say anything stupid. Shinsou hummed to show he was listening as he kept typing something—a paper due in a few days. “I know we agreed to the whole dating thing, but I have no idea what the hell I'm doing here.”

You mean that no one's asked you out in the past? A ball of rage and short fuses? Shocking,” Shinsou said, laying the sarcasm on thick and obvious. Katsuki frowned and Shinsou glanced over at the video on Skype, smiling innocently. “But in all seriousness, neither do I. Kind of hard when no one talks to you.”

“At least we both don't know what we're doing,” Katsuki sighed. Shinsou snorted and went back to typing. “What're you writing?”

I told you, paper,” Shinsou said.

“Specifically, shithead,” Katsuki grumbled, rolling his eyes.

Some LA thing,” Shinsou shrugged. “I'm BS-ing my way through it, so who knows.”

Katsuki chuckled and leaned back against his pillows, stretching his arms out over his head. Ashido had jumped on his back a little too hard, and now his shoulders hurt. He let out a muffled groan and rubbed his hands down his face. He was already pretty tired, but that was maybe because he'd gone all out all day. When he looked back at the screen, Shinsou was staring at his video feed. He quickly looked away and Katsuki smirked.

“What'cha looking at?” Katsuki asked, smugly. Shinsou gave him a deadpan look.

I don't know what you're talking about,” he said. Katsuki just smirked again and rolled his eyes. Shinsou didn't change expression as he went back to typing, but Katsuki was pretty sure he saw the flicker of a smile.

“...So, uh. Should we have a first... date or some shit?” Katuski said after a period of silence between the two of them. Shinsou paused in his typing and he turned his attention back to Katsuki's video feed. “'Cause I don't know what to do for that. We practically went on shitty dates before and now--”

Rambling,” Shinsou pointed out. Katsuki shut his mouth and put his chin in palms, elbows on his knees. Shinsou let out a small huff. “I don't know what to do either, so... why don't we just split a day? Like I chose what we do for the one half, and you chose for the other. We'd split prices, too.”

Katsuki paused a moment, thinking it over before nodding. “What's your plan, then?” he asked. Shinsou looked vaguely guilty for a second and Katsuki was on edge instantly. Shinsou sighed and shifted.

Okay, hear me out first,” Shinsou started, smiling a little nervously as he pushed some of his hair out of his face

“I'm scared already,” Katsuki mumbled, smirking. Shinsou gave him a look before continuing like Katsuki never spoke.

There's a new place that opened nearby, and I've wanted to go, but going alone would make me look like a weirdo,” Shinsou said, gesturing a little with his hands. “I already am one, but anyways! It's like a cafe thing but with cats, Bakugou. Cats.”

“Oh shit, I've seen that place,” Katsuki grumbled. He remembered it pretty well when he passed it, mostly because he never even heard of a Cat Cafe. It wasn't the overly pink-pastel places that they got the reputation for, and from what he saw through windows, it wasn't like the Maid Cafes with costumes and shit. “The one that looks normal?”

Yeah, and I've read some review and shit on it,” Shinsou nodded. “It's literally just a restaurant but with cats roaming around, and some cat trees and toys here and there. No where near the creepy-pervy rep a lot of places like that have.”

“... Fine, but just don't act like a kid when we're there,” Katsuki grumbled, but he was smirking a little. Shinsou snorted and grinned.

No promises,” he said. “Now your turn for ideas.”

Katsuki frowned and drummed his fingers on his chin. He didn't really have an idea. He wanted to do something different from when they went to the mall or arcade. He didn't know a lot of places, either. Shinsou's idea would probably equal lunch, so food wasn't an option—not that he ate out at restaurants a lot.

“Dammit I don't know,” Katuski hissed. He moved his hands up to his hair and grumbled under his breath. Shinsou didn't say anything, just went back to typing. “Would you be mad if I said we go back to the arcade at the mall?”

Of course not, it was fun and I'm always up to kicking your ass at DDR,” Shinsou said. Katsuki snorted and moved his hands back to under his chin. “Plus, hanging around in the mall is kind of what teenagers do, so I'm not gonna get pissed 'cause it's what you think up. No big deal.”

Katsuki nodded and sighed. Well at least that was settled.

“This Saturday?” he asked.

Sounds good. Just try not to get another black eye, or make that one worse, okay?

“Piss off.”

Chapter Text

Katsuki was greeted by the class prez in the kitchen again the next morning. He was exhausted already—the conversation with Shinsou had gone on longer than usual when they started debating something really stupid that he couldn't even remember. The bruise on his eye was almost gone and the Band-Aids were practically falling off, so he removed them. The cuts were just little marks, now, just a slightly paler version of his normal skin tone. So he was already a little pissy. He could've dealt with just the class prez, but then Deku and Todoroki popped up. Kirishima was there, too, but he just looked concerned while the others obviously were going to tell Katsuki something.

When he walked in, he stopped in the door. Then Deku and Todoroki walked in, followed by a worried Kirishima. Katsuki turned and went to walk back out of the room, but Kirishima grabbed the back of his shirt and dragged him in.

“Kacchan, we just want to talk about you and Shinsou!” Deku explained quickly before Katsuki could start walking away again.

“I know, and you're gonna say shit like I shouldn't trust him,” Katsuki said. When Todoroki and the class prez looked away guiltily, he knew that was at least partly true. “Or some other kind of crap like that. Say what you need to, but try to say anything like that? Your brains'll be on the walls.”

“R-Right,” Deku sighed. He glanced between Todoroki and the class prez, frowning when neither of them went to say anything. He elbowed Todoroki in the ribs the other winced before huffing.

“We're sorry for what we said about Shinsou,” Todoroki grumbled. “We were only concerned that he might be using you to get into the hero course.”

“Watch it,” Katsuki snapped. Kirishima shifted next to him, obviously ready to hold him back if Katsuki decided to start throwing punches.

“I am sorry if I offended you somehow,” the class prez said. “I was not aware of your... relationship with him.”

Katsuki raised his eyebrow, frowning. Word spread a little faster than he thought, then, or someone went straight to Deku with it. The class prez did at least look genuinely sorry. Todoroki just looked upset, maybe even annoyed. Katsuki rolled his eyes and blamed it on jealously.

“Okay! Thanks for listening,” Deku said, smiling. Katsuki just scowled at him and he took the hint.

Deku grabbed the class prez, and nodded for Todoroki to follow him. Kirishima smacked Katsuki on the back and went after them. They'd probably try to get an hour or two more of sleep before they had to get ready for the day. Todoroki stayed where he was staying a second before going to follow them.

“Katy,” Katsuki said. Todoroki winced and turned back to look at him with a frown. He looked even more annoyed. Katsuki resisted snapping at him and just sighed. “Ask the damn idiot out. He's too stupid to realize it until you say it.--” Todoroki's face lit up with blush and he opened his mouth but Katsuki kept talking “--It's disgusting seeing you jealous, just go.”

“I... uh...” Todoroki stuttered. Slowly, he nodded. “T-Thanks, I guess.”

“Yeah whatever,” Katuski waved it off as he walked over to grab the thermos. “Just make it sort of cheesy, he's always been a sucker for that shit.”

“Really?” Todoroki asked.

“Ask gravity girl if you don't believe me,” Katsuki said as he started up the coffee machine. Todoroki glanced at the door Deku and the other two walked out. “He's not gonna reject you, so just go.”

“How do you know that? Get a boyfriend and suddenly you're an expert?” Todoroki scoffed.

“No, 'm just not as damn oblivious as you two.”


“Go now, Katy.”

“Stop calling me that.”


“You do realize you could've made it worse, right?” Shinsou said.

“At least it'd be over with,” Katsuki shrugged.

The light flashed, and the crowd they were in rushed forward to cross the street. It was midday, and a lot of people were out to enjoy their free weekend. Most of them were out to enjoy it, at least, some workaholics stood out in their formal clothes as they briskly cut through the crowd. Shinsou was leading the way for the two of them—Katsuki was starting to realize it was that way a lot, and usually he had to be in charge, but he wasn't bothered by it for some reason.

Shinsou directed them down one of the side streets. There were less people, but it was still fairly crowded. There were a lot of little shops on either side of the street, and very few cars driving through.

“Still, what happens if they do get together,” Shinsou asked. “You won't be the only one dating someone anymore.”

“I'm still first though,” Katsuki said, looking over at the other. Shinsou snorted. “'Sides, Katy's being jealous as all hell. He's annoying anyways, now it's just stupid as shit.”

“It's kind of funny hearing you say this,” Shinsou said, grinning. Katsuki frowned. “Considering you avoided me like the plague when you realized you liked me—” Katsuki cursed under his breath and pointedly looked down at his feet. “--Or liked that post.”

“...What post?” Katsuki asked. He had no damn idea and judging by Shinsou's expression, he probably should've.

“Some anon asked me if I liked guys or girls,” Shinsou explained. Katsuki tensed up a little—at least Shinsou didn't know it was him. “And you liked it. Like on the blog thing.”

“Shit,” Katsuki muttered. “I dropped my phone and must've liked it by accident. Shit. Crap. Is that why you avoided me, too?”

“In part.”

“Dammit! Shit.”

Katsuki was a little scared for a second that Shinsou was going to get mad about it, but then again, it was Shinsou and considering half their early conversations were cursing at and insulting each other? He wouldn't get offended or upset that easily. As expected, Shinsou just snorted and shook his head in amusement.

“Comforting to know I was freaking out over nothing,” Shinsou said after a pause. Katsuki looked off guiltily.

“Sorry...” Katsuki grumbled. Shinsou shrugged. “But I am happy about the whole liking guys crap.”

“Well, damn, I'd hope so.”

Katsuki let himself relax a little. He didn't want Shinsou mad or upset since it was kind of a big day. Not major or anything, and other people would write it off, but Katsuki thought it was a pretty damn big deal.

He had spent almost an hour trying to find something that didn't smell like nitroglycerin. It wasn't like he never washed his clothes—he did, probably more than some of the other guys in dorms—but they all still reeked like nitro. He didn't know how the hell it happened, or whether the soap just didn't get the smell out, but it was a lost cause. There were no traditionally classy or nice clothes in his closet, mostly because he didn't care—still didn't, not about that at least. But they were going someplace with animals and he didn't want the fact he always smelled like smoke and burnt things to scare them off. It's happened in the past.

It took some minor help from Kirishima, since he didn't smell the nitroglycerin as much as others did. Apparently, if he thought his clothes reeked of it, to people who weren't surrounded by it all the time it was even worse. So it was yet another lost cause. He just tried to grab stuff that smelled the least.

Regardless of the inevitable stink of fire, Shinsou once again outdressed him. Katsuki should probably get some things that would meet that kind of standard, but he'd rather be comfortable. Katsuki had on old jeans, a black hoodie, the same beat up sneakers he usually wore out, and a green and black jacket. It was starting to get really cold, and Katsuki didn't get how Shinsou managed to look so damn nice when it was that cold.

Shinsou had on a big black coat that ended near the middle of his thighs. He had black skinny jeans on, the dark purple converse from the first time they went to the mall, a gray sweater, and a light purple scarf on, too. Katsuki really didn't get how he kept it so together. Then again, the blond probably got into a lot more physical fights or incidents where he fell or got knocked around in the last two months than Shinsou had in his whole life. Plus he didn't smell like explosions, so that probably helped him since he didn't have to go through his clothes to try and find something that didn't reek.

They were quiet as they continued on to where the place barely stood out. The only obvious indicator it was anything but a restaurant was the sign above the door. A few other people went in and out, but Katsuki still felt a little weird going in. Shinsou had no such hesitation, and just slipped in when another couple was walking out, holding the door open for Katsuki. The blond followed after a pause and was greeted by the warm air of the building.

The space was relatively small—compared to some of the other restaurants in the area, it was. The floor was an beige carpet and the walls were a pale yellow with white outlines around some of the wooden structures on the wall. A few cats were climbing across those. There were couches and coffee tables in the center of the room. More traditional tables were along the front windows, booth seats back to back. Booths like that were also around the perimeter of the central room. A door was in the back that had a small sign above it that said “kitchen”. The wooden structures along the walls connected to small cat trees placed at the end of the booth rows. There were a lot of cat toys and things, but more importantly—at least to Shinsou—cats.

Katsuki was actually a little shocked at how many there were. But then again, their main attraction was cats, so he should have expected it. The animals were pretty much everywhere. Some laid across tables, others played around with the people already seated, but most just walked around, mooching treats off the people.

Shinsou's gasp was audible when they walked in. Katsuki gave him a look but Shinsou ignored it. He turned to Katsuki was a smile.

“Look at all the cats, Bakugou,” he said quietly. There was conversation from the other people in the room, but it was still pretty quiet. Katsuki just frowned.

“Yeah. They're... cats,” he shrugged.


A sign near the front desk told them to sit anywhere, and that someone would be with them shortly. Katsuki immediately chose a booth near the back, but in the corner opposite the kitchen. Out of sight of the window and out of the way enough not to be pestered for conversation by anyone else. He was psyched for the date, sure, but that didn't mean he didn't have a sort of reputation to uphold. Shinsou didn't protest, though, since it was near one of the larger cat trees.

They both sat down on opposite sides of the booth. Katsuki took off his jacket immediately and shoved it in the empty space between him and the wall. Shinsou did the same, but not before giving Katsuki a “seriously?” look. Katsuki frowned a little when he saw that the sleeves of Shinsou's sweater covered his hands and part of the collar was sliding down his shoulder. He had a black shirt under it, but Katsuki... was stopping that train of thought right there.

It wasn't long before a woman dressed as your typical waitress came by. She was on the older side, but didn't ask questions or imply anything when she noticed it was two guys. Katsuki was kind of grateful for that. They ordered drinks and the woman left a menu on the table. The blond chose the thing he recognized, and got ready to just wait out their time there.

Then there was a weight in his lap. He managed to stop himself from jumping and looked down. A calico cat was looking up at him with big eyes. It had a paw in his lap, before it carefully jumped up. Katsuki froze. He didn't know what he was supposed to do. He looked up and Shinsou was leaning forward to look at what Katsuki was freaking out about. Shinsou just snickered and sat back.

“You've been chosen, how do you feel?” Shinsou asked, smirking. Katsuki looked between him and the cat that was completely settled now. “Don't think about moving that cat, I will actually hit you. It won't hurt, but I'll do it.”

Katsuki sighed and hesitantly reached down to pet the cat on the head. A few others were starting to approach their table—the ones that just wanted attention and food.

“It feels fluffy,” Katsuki eventually mumbled. Shinsou rolled his eyes as a cat hopped up onto their table. Shinsou scratched it on the head.

“Well no shit, Sherlock."

Chapter Text

Turns out Bakugou really was chosen. Soon he had a small group of cats around him, and Hitoshi was so close to dying of laughter. When they ordered food, and it came, Bakugou had been kind of eager to start eating when one of his “fans” put their nose in his food. He had snatched it away and the cat whined at him. Hitoshi wasn't even upset that he was the one who suggested the place and he was getting the least cat attention. It was much better to watch Katsuki try to move and keep his food away from the cats while also not disrupting any of the ones in or half in his lap.

Hitoshi was content petting the sleek black cat that had walked over to him in the beginning. The cat had flopped down on the table, just off to the side of where Hitoshi had his food now. Bakugou was grumpily eating while keeping his eyes on a pair of near identical cats that kept going for his food in turn.

“It's not your food, piss off, cat!” he hissed as one of them went for it. There was still a cat comfortably lying across his lap, and another had joined it, so it's not like he could move that much. The cat going for his food mewed innocently and sat back like nothing happened. Then the other one went for it. Bakugou turned so the cat's paws just hit his arm and scowled. He looked over at Hitoshi. “What. The. Hell.”

“I have no idea, but it's fantastic to watch,” Hitoshi said, smiling. He scratched the edge of the table and one of the near identical cats looked over at him. He reached over at pet it on the head. Soon, it was pushing into his palm and moving closer to him. “Maybe you smell nice?”

“I smell like nitroglycerin and fire, that's not exactly the best,” Bakugou grumbled. He relaxed a little since now it was only one cat actively after his food. Said cat decided to go the cute method, and sat on the table and rolled over cutely. The blond made a face at the cat as he took a big bite of his food. Hitoshi snorted and bit his lip to stop any other abrupt noises. “Who knows, they're little devils, maybe I smell like home.”

“It's an explanation,” Hitoshi said, shrugging. The cat he drew away from Bakugou—a pale brown one—soon hopped off the table and went over to one of the tables where new people just got their food. “Not gonna lie, though. Going where the unsuspecting food givers are? They got their priorities straight.”

Bakugou rolled his eyes as the other pale brown cat—with a darker spot on its back—left the table and went where the other was. He put his food down on the table and gratefully started eating normally.

“You're not upset I was chosen or some shit?” Bakugou asked after a second.

“Not at all,” Hitoshi said, shaking his head. He smiled overly sweetly. “Watching you fight cats is actually great.”

“Their fault,” Bakugou grumbled.

“Of course it was.”


When they went to leave, Bakugou had the task of getting the cats out of his lap without making them to upset. Hitoshi watched with amusement as the blond tried poking and prodding them so they'd move on their own. It didn't work.

The black cat Hitoshi had been petting was nudging him for attention. Hitoshi scratched it behind the ears as he waited. Bakugou growled something under his breath and just picked one of the cats up completely and put it on the table. It meowed loudly, protesting getting moved from the spot. Bakugou did the same thing to the other one and stood up almost immediately to keep either of them from trying to get comfortable again. Hitoshi applauded him quietly and Bakugou gave him a dirty look as he grabbed his jacket.

They split the bill and paid at the counter. Then they put on their coats and walked out. Hitoshi wrapped his scarf around his face. It was way too cold for him. Bakugou seemed unbothered by the temperature, but then again he was practically a space heater. They set off down the street towards the mall. The crowds outside had died down a little.

“Any idea of what we're gonna do?” Hitoshi asked as they walked in. It was pretty cold in the mall, too, so Hitoshi just took off the scarf but left his coat on. Bakugou shook his head as he removed his own jacket and tied it around his waist.

“Arcade?” Bakugou shrugged.

Hitoshi nodded and they made their way to the escalator. There were a lot of people their age around—and a surprising amount of faces Hitoshi recognized from around UA. Most of them were in large groups, goofing off and causing some trouble. He even saw one of the groups get snapped at by a security guard for doing something particularly stupid and dangerous. He nudge Bakugou and nodded over to it. Bakugou looked over and snorted.

“One of them tried to parkour near the little store cart and almost knocked it over,” he said quietly as explanation.

“If they're gonna do shit like that, at least do it right,” Bakugou mumbled. Hitoshi smirked and raised an eyebrow.

“And you would?”

“Hell yeah.”

Hitoshi snickered and shook his head. Bakugou smirked as they stepped off and went up the next one. Hitoshi slid his phone out of his pocket, opened the blog app, and started scrolling through his feed. Bakugou glanced around as they waited to reach the next floor. When they did, they went off in the direction of the arcade from the last time with the others.

It was a short walk, but Bakugou hurriedly stopped Hitoshi before they could walk in and stepped back. Hitoshi jolted a little gave him a confused look. Bakugou pointed around the corner that lead into the arcade, shock written all over his face. Hitoshi frowned before he peered around. He immediately pulled back, mouth open in shock.

Todoroki and Midoriya were there. They had been standing with their backs towards the entrance, but it was hard to not recognize the red-and-white and green heads of hair. They were standing close next to each other, and it looked like Midoriya was directing Todoroki on what to do.

“Holy shit,” Bakugou said. “That's already sickeningly sweet to look at. I'm gonna puke.”

“Not in my direction, please,” Hitoshi said off handedly as he peered around the corner again. Definitely vomit-inducing sweet. They were holding hands, and Midoriya was giggling. Giggling. When Todoroki turned his head to look at him, Hitoshi could see the overly fond smile on his face. Hitoshi quickly leaned back when Todoroki glanced in the direction of the door. “Crap I think he saw me.”

“That's so... gay,” Bakugou muttered,

“... We're literally on a date,” Hitoshi pointed out. Bakugou looked up at him for a second before leaning over to glance back at where the other two were.

“Still pretty gay,” he said.

“You're not wrong.”

“It's been a day and they're already sickeningly domestic, what the hell?”

Hitoshi leaned over to look with Bakugou. Todoroki and Midoriya were playing the claw game—Todoroki controlling it and Midoriya pointing where to move it. If Todoroki had seen him

“Let's spy on them,” Hitoshi said.

“What. Why?” Bakugou asked, giving him a confused look.

“To make fun of them. Blackmail. Why else? Do you see them it'll be hilarious?”

“... Shit, fine.”


It was pretty hilarious and sickeningly domestic.

Katsuki and Shinsou pretty much followed them around all day. Doing that was nowhere near the idea that Katsuki had to spend time at the mall, but to be honest, it was a lot better. Todoroki and Deku pretty much went anywhere that was expected of a classic mall date. All the while being too domestic for a first date.

It's not like Katsuki was upset or mad at them to go such a cliché route with their date. It was just so hilarious to make fun of them knowing how pissed Todoroki would be if he found out. He was kind of surprised Todoroki hadn't yet, but Shinsou was pretty good at sneaking around and staying just out of sight. Regardless of Shinsou's “ninja skills” as he said, they did almost get caught a few times from laughing because of a particular comment.

Todoroki and Deku had gone up to the top floor of the mall, into one of the bigger department stores. Katsuki and Shinsou went in after them, staying off to the side and blending into the groups of people that walked by. They put their hoods up to hide from either Todoroki or Deku recognizing them on a basis of hair color or style. The two had stopped while looking for new jackets—or Deku was at least, Todoroki was his own heater. They were being less affectionate in the open place, and Shinsou thought it was a good moment for a break.

“I'm gonna hit the bathroom, if they go somewhere, text me and follow them,” Shinsou said quietly.

They were standing in an aisle a few away from Deku and Todoroki, enough so that they wouldn't get looked at. Katsuki nodded and Shinsou walked off, just going around the corner behind them. The blond waited near the end of that aisle. He glanced over at Deku and Todoroki. Deku was laughing at something Todoroki said as he looked through the rack of coats.

Katsuki knew that compared to the shit Deku and Todoroki were doing, he and Shinsou were in the middle of a really weird date. It strangely worked though. It wasn't ideal by the normal standards, but dammit if it wasn't entertaining. There were a lot of snide comments from both of them.


Katsuki stiffened and looked up. Shit he'd been noticed. Deku looked confused as he walked over to Katsuki and Todoroki looked vaguely annoyed.

“What are you doing here?” Deku asked. Katsuki was tense now. Todoroki was going to be very pissed when he figured it out.

“It's a mall, dumbass,” Katsuki said flatly.

“I mean what're you up to?” Deku clarified, smiling nervously. “Are you here with Shinsou?”

“None of your damn business,” Katsuki snapped.

Almost on cue, Shinsou came back around the corner. He didn't look up and notice Todoroki and Deku until he was next to Katuski. When he did, he froze and glanced over at Katsuki. They exchanged a brief panicked look.

“Shit,” Shinsou whispered. “We've been caught.”

“Caught?” Deku asked.

“You were following us?” Todoroki asked. Definitely pissed. He glared between the two of them. “I thought I saw you, but seriously?”

“Abort!” Shinsou said. Katsuki nodded and followed after Shinsou as he ran off.


Chapter Text

Katsuki locked himself in his room when he and Shinsou got back. They left as soon as they were sure Todoroki wasn't hunting them down. Todoroki had been after them for a little while, but they were far enough away that he didn't really have a chance to catch them without wreaking havoc. Shinsou had used his quirk to keep Todoroki in place until Deku shook him out of it. After they deemed the distance far enough, they might have broken down in laughter outside the food court. Despite that delay—Shinsou had trouble breathing at one point, Katsuki almost hit the floor, and there were a lot of stares—they still got back to the dorms before Todoroki and Deku.

When the two did get back, Kirishima came and knocked at his door.

“Yo, Bakugou,” Kirishima said through the door. Katsuki grunted so Kirishima knew he was there and listening. “Um... Todoroki wants to see you. He looks pissed, what did you do?”

Katsuki clamped a hand over his mouth to keep from making any audible noises. He stopped the laughter that wanted to come up at the brief memory of Todoroki's face when Shinsou and he started running.

“Tell him piss off!” Katsuki shouted back.

“Um... okay, then,” Kirishima muttered, and Katsuki could hear him walking away.

Katsuki took a deep breath and let it out in a sigh. He rubbed the smiled off his face and went back the homework he pulled out for something to do—everyone else was putting it off until last minutes except maybe the creation-girl.

The blond worked quietly, tuning out the thoughts about how he sort of just wanted to go out and do stupid things like that with Shinsou again. Preferably if Todoroki was the butt of the joke, that was always a plus. Even if not, it was hilarious to be walking around with Shinsou, mocking whatever overly sweet thing Deku and Todoroki had been doing.

Then his phone went off. He jolted and cursed, before scowling at his own shock and picking up the cell phone. He didn't check the number, just answered.

“Hello?” he grumbled.

Katsuki, you should call more often,” his mother's voice said from the other line. Katsuki blinked in shock. Shit, did he miss a birthday? Or was she just being crazy. “It'll be nice knowing you haven't blown your own head off your shoulders.”

“The hell you want, hag?” Katsuki snapped. His mother let out a laugh and he could practically hear her shaking her head. There was a momentary pause and muffled conversation on the other line—his mom talking to his dad, probably.

Boyfriend, huh?” his mom said and Katuski froze. Shit shitty shit. “And before you freak out, your dad and I don't give a crap. I'm just happy you found someone that deals with your shitty attitude. Inko told us, because apparently she knows more about our son's life through Izuku than we do as parents! Call more, ungrateful brat.”

“Whatever,” Katsuki growled. He could feel his face heating up a little as he scowled off at a corner of the room. Of course Deku would tell his own mom, and then the word would spread to his. How the hell it happened so damn fast, he had no clue, but it was surprise—just not a pleasant one. If he wanted to look on the bright side, then it'd be that he wouldn't have to try and bring up the topic to his parents in some awkward way. This wasn't any less awkward, really, but it was better. “... You really okay with me dating a guy?”

Katsuki, you're our kid even if you are a brat,” his mom sighed. “Who you date doesn't matter to us as long as they don't treat you like shit, got it? What's his name? Looks? We know him?

“You shouldn't know him, unless you payed attention to Deku in the Sports Festival,” Katsuki said, turning so he could lean back against his pillows and stretch his legs out in front of him. “Shinsou Hitoshi. Purple-blue-ish hair, same color eyes, and bad eye bags. He's in Gen Ed.”

How did you get a friend in Gen Ed?” his mom snorted. Katuski frowned. “He's the one that fought Izuku in the first round-thing, right? What's his quirk?

“First, I can make goddamn friends,” Katuski said. His mom made a disbelieving noise, but he chose to ignore it. “Second, yeah he was. Third, his quirk's a mind control thing.”

Huh, haven't heard of a lot 'a quirks like that,” his mom said. Katsuki waited for the warning, or the advice to be careful around Shinsou. It never came. Instead, there was more muffled conversation before his mom went back to speaking into the phone. “Invite him over for dinner during vacation next week, alright? Your dad and I wanna meet the boy that tolerates you.”

“Oh... uh sure, yeah,” Katsuki stuttered out. Out of everyone he expected his mom or dad to be the ones dishing out warnings and shit like that.

What's the matter, brat?” his mom asked.

“... A bunch of assholes have said that I shouldn't be around Shinsou 'cause of his quirk,” Katsuki said quickly before he could over think saying it. “Like he's using me or some crap to get into the hero course.”

You're smart enough to notice that, though, right?” his mom huffed. Katsuki hummed a yes. “Then you're fine. Just don't let the rug get pulled out from under, ya, okay? Don't need your whiny ass back here.”

“Yeah, whatever, hag,” Katsuki scoffed.

Invite him, got it?


Don't be a shithead to him, okay? He might be the only willing to put up with your crap.”

“Piss off.”

Katsuki ended the call and tossed his phone onto his bed.


Hitoshi, how are you?

“Pretty good, actually.”

Hitoshi smiled a little at the smile on his mom's face. It was one of their rare Skype calls. Mostly the communication between the two of them was over the phone—calling or texting—but it wasn't too often. His mom just liked to hear about Hitoshi's life at UA and how his schooling was going. Hitoshi liked hearing his mom's stories about crazy customers or other situations that happened while she was working.

Any exciting news?” his mom asked before taking a sip from the mug of tea she head. Hitoshi hesitated only half a second before nodding. His mom hummed excitedly. “Ooh, do tell.”

“ I got a boyfriend,” Hitoshi said. His mom gasped and smiled sweetly. He knew that his mom never had problems with stuff like that, so he wasn't worried about that. But he also knew that his mom would bombard him with questions. “His name's Bakugou Katsuki. The one that won the Sports Festival? He's a lot less angry when you get to know him.”

Well I'd hope so,” his mom chuckled, placing her mug down. “As long as he doesn't treat you poorly, and you enjoy the relationship, I won't intervene. Except for the mandatory mom meddling, but you understand that, right?

“Yeah,” Hitoshi sighed, smiling as he tried to imagine Bakugou's reaction to his mom's prying. She was a calmer woman, but if it came to it she was just as much a little shit as Hitoshi. He'd think it was a family thing if it weren't for his sister. “Go east on him, though. He has a filthy mouth and short fuse.”

Sounds delightful,” his mom said. “He's in the hero course, correct?

“Yup,” Hitoshi replied, popping the p. He leaned back and picked up his laptop to rest on his bent knees. “No I'm not jealous or anything, before you start.”

How'd you two meet?” she asked instead.

“Long story,” Hitoshi snorted. “I'll tell ya later.”

Alright then,” his mom shrugged, taking another sip from her mug. “You should ask him if he wants to come and eat with us during vacation. Oh and by the way, your grandparents are coming by. You can still invite him, but keep in mind it'll be double the questioning.”

“Right,” he nodded. He hadn't seen his grandparents in a while, and they were the type to strike nerves by accident—asking over and over when he'd be joining the hero course. They didn't mean it, it's just the way they were and Hitoshi wasn't going to get mad about it. Sure, he'd get annoyed to all hell, but he wouldn't blame them. It was just that kind of thing. “If I do, we'll probably need to give them a fair warning for his language.”

Do you think you can get him to reel it in?” his mom asked.

“Maybe, I'll ask him 'bout it,” Hitoshi said.

...One more thing before we switch topics,” she quickly said, shifting in her seat. She smirked and Hitoshi knew he wouldn't like the question. “Is he cute?

“Mom, please.”

Well, is he?

“... yeah.”


Hitoshi felt like buying the energy drink was a bit nostalgic at that point. He smirked a little as he grabbed the can and walked outside. It was still cold as shit, but Bakugou was still out there running—just in long pants and sleeves. Hitoshi walked over to his bag and grabbed the thermos, putting the can next to the bag. He sat down right next to Bakugou's bag.

The blond rounded the corner and came to a stop where Hitoshi was sitting pretty quick. Bakugou grabbed the can and opened it, taking a large sip. He put it down with a sigh and turned to Hitoshi. Hitoshi just frowned and raised an eyebrow. Bakugou had that look on his face when he was trying to say something but was overthinking it. Hitoshi just waited for him to sort his own shit out—he did it fairly quick, usually. Eventually, Bakugou huffed and crossed his arms.

“My mom wants me to invite you over to dinner during vacation,” Bakugou said. Hitoshi froze and waited for Bakugou to finish. The blond sighed and scratched the back of his neck. “Deku told his mom, for whatever reason, and then my parents heard. It's kinda shitty, but she wants to meet you now.”

Hitoshi let out a small laugh. Bakugou gave him a confused look.

“I was literally talking with my mom last night, and she said to invite you over, too,” Hitoshi explained before Bakugou would jump to his own conclusions. The blond sighed and sat down next to him, rubbing his hands over his face in what Hitoshi guessed was frustration. He leaned back against the bench behind them and groaned. “We should probably sort the dates out and crap.”

“Right...” Bakugou grumbled.

“What's up?” Hitoshi asked, leaning back with the blond.

“My mom's gonna be annoying as shit,” the blond said.

“Looks like we'll both suffer then,” Hitoshi snorted, smiling. Bakugou shot him a look. “My mom is where I got my sense of humor and sarcasm, if you were wondering.”

“Oh great.”

Chapter Text

Katsuki was nervous. Could you blame him, though? He always thought the whole meeting the parents deal was kind of bullshit, but this wasn't just parent. Shinsou explained that his grandparents were there for vacation, and that he should be prepared for a lot of questions about the hero course and their relationship as a whole. All that, and Katsuki should try to turn down the cursing to at least, in Shinsou's words, “one shit per minute.” He wasn't sure he could turn it down, since it was almost a habit at that point.

Nerves weren't good for him. He was almost happy for the cold. It meant he wouldn't sweat as much which meant less chance his hands would go off on accident—even if it made hero training harder. He just hoped he wouldn't get embarrassed or on edge enough to set off an explosion that might do real damage. He told himself he had enough control to stop that, but he was still worried in some far corner of his mind. Shinsou seemed calm about it when he mentioned it to him. The other even laughed and said his grandparents might get a kick out of it, “always up for flashy quirks” he said.

The planning on who was going when where was difficult, too. Mostly since it took forever for either of their mom's just to ask for the other's number. Shinsou said it was dangerous letting them speak, after Katsuki gave him a short description of his mom. Katsuki said the same when Shinsou gave a description of his own. The two of them were probably a disaster waiting to happen.

Still, it all worked out in the end. Katsuki would be going over to Shinsou's house first, and then the next day it'd be the other way around. They were also going straight there from the dorms, so once again Katsuki was ripping up his closet looking for clothes that didn't smell. The second time around it was even more of a lost cause. Again, he just grabbed something he hadn't worn in a while—though he swore the smell spread just inside the closet—and decided it would have to work.

It ended up being a really old gray t-shirt someone from middle school got him as more of a joke and jeans that were a little tighter than he usually wore. “Bomb Squad” was written on the front of the shirt with a insignia for that under it, then in smaller print under it was “If you see us running, try to keep up.” He'd never admit he genuinely liked it or found it decently funny. As for the jeans, they weren't uncomfortable or able to cut of circulation like Shinsou's probably could. The rips were a little worse, but he figured that it was better than smelling like a bomb or really baggy ones. He only owned like two pairs of shoes, and they were similar enough that it wouldn't matter. So that part was easy, at least.

Remember when he was happy for cold? It wasn't even as cold as it had been. A little warmer and he wouldn't even need a jacket—yeah, he'd be a little cold but still. So maybe the whole not blowing things up was a long shot, since the heating would probably be on. He'd still hope that it wasn't on too high.

Shinsou met with him near the gates. Everyone else had left or was leaving for vacation. Katsuki had gotten a few questions when he said he wouldn't be on campus during break. Last time, he just stuck around and did extra training. Ashido was first ask if he was hanging with Shinsou, and Kaminari was the one that made some kind of implication and got punched first. Kirishima and Sero just wished him luck. All of 1-A was going home for the week, surprisingly, so at least Katsuki wasn't the only one.

When Katsuki walked up to Shinsou, he was leaning on one of the trees as everyone else walked by, on his phone as per usual. He cut through the crowd and up to Shinsou.

“Ready to go?” Katsuki said as he walked up. Shinsou looked up and nodded. He did a double take, squinting a little at Katsuki's chest. The blond glanced down and Shinsou snorted. He had his jacket unzipped so Shinsou had read the shirt.

“That is... a great shirt and I'm kinda jealous,” Shinsou said. Katsuki rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, whatever,” Katsuki huffed. “Let's just get going.”

“Right,” Shinsou sighed. He put his phone away and jammed his hands into the pockets of his coat. “Try to remember where it is, 'kay? I suck at telling directions.”

Katsuki just nodded and they walked out into the crowd. It lead onto the street and Shinsou lead the way towards the main street. He had the circulation canceling jeans on again—without rips—and Katsuki was really confused as to how Shinsou even got them on. He didn't think he'd ever be able to wear jeans like that and not pass out or have his legs go numb. Besides that, Shinsou looked good as usual—a red shirt that was probably a little bigger than necessary tucked into his pants, and a black jacket. Katsuki would only admit that to himself at that point. Now that half the shit was sorted out, he was willing to just say that he recognized that. Never out loud though. Not a chance in hell.


The building they walked up to was pretty average. Shinsou walked up to the door and knocked. Nerves were starting to hit Katsuki pretty hard. Katsuki shifted from foot to foot a little and then the door opened. It was woman with black hair and glasses who answered the door. She had purple-blue eyes, so Katsuki was pretty sure it was Shinsou's mom.

“Hitoshi, it's great to see you, in the flesh,” she said.

“You, too,” Shinsou said. They had a brief hug and Shinsou turned back to Katsuki. “And this is Bakugou Katsuki.”

“I remember you from the sports festival, now,” the woman hummed. Katsuki nodded slightly, and stepped up next to Shinsou. He bowed a little and the woman smiled. “Pleasure to meet you. Come on inside. Hitoshi, your grandparents are already here and your sister has her boyfriend over, too, so behave, will you?”

“No promises,” Shinsou huffed. His mom laughed a little and walked in. Shinsou stepped into the door and looked back at Katsuki. He nodded for Katsuki to go in ahead of him. The blond hesitantly stepped in.

Dammit this wasn't the time for him to get nervous. He's jumped head first into situations that were a hell of a lot more dangerous than this. He pinned a villain down at USJ. He went through being kidnapped by villains, and fought during the camp in the mountains. This wasn't anything compared to that. Those butterflies still weren't paying rent.

The inside of the house was, as expected, warm. Luckily, it wasn't too hot so explosion possibility was at a low. The floors were a dark wood and the walls were an off white. There were a few pictures on the walls here and there, but mostly it was bare in the entrance. Shinsou shrugged off his coat and Katsuki followed his example of hanging it on a row of hooks on the wall.

“Prepared to be bombed—no pun intended—with questions?” Shinsou asked. Katsuki huffed and shrugged. “I seriously like that shirt. It's a good joke alone, but with you, it's also a reference. Can't get better than that. Where'd you get it?”

“Gift from someone ages ago,” Katsuki mumbled, looking down at it. “Hell if I know.”

“I'm gonna keep a tally of how many times you curse, hold up,” Shinsou said, grabbing a pen from a small table under the hooks. There was a pad of paper there, too, and he ripped a sheet off. He started writing. Katsuki looked over his shoulder. “Bakugou's swear counter. And one tally.”

“Hell is a place, not a swear,” Katsuki said, crossing his arms. Shinsou just made another tally before folding the paper up and putting it in his pocket. “You're not counting that shit.”

Shinsou pulled the paper out again and made a mark. Katsuki gave him a flat look and Shinsou smiled.

“Oh I am, every single one I hear,” Shinsou said in a sing-song voice. He patted Katsuki on the head and quickly walked down the short entrance hall before Katsuki could smack his hand. “Come on, time to be social.”

Katsuki rolled his eyes and jammed his hands into the pockets of his jeans. He followed Shinsou into the living room.

The floor was the same and so were the walls. There was a large white carpet in the middle of the living room. A three seat couch directly faced a flat screen TV, with two arm chairs on one side and a two seat couch on the other—making a square. There were a few window behind the TV to the right of the entrance, and bookshelves between them. There were a good amount of books, but it was mostly random things and a few more pictures. There was a hall opposite the entrance, with doors on either side and one at the end of it. A half wall was to the left, and there was a gap on the side that lead into the kitchen. There was a table of to the side of the kitchen, too.

Two elderly people were sitting in the two armchairs. The older woman lit up a little when she saw Shinsou, but both looked over at Katsuki with blatant curiosity.

“Hitoshi! It's so good to see you!” the woman greeted, smiling widely. “Who's your friend?”

“Good to see you, too,” Shinsou said. He nudged Katsuki in the shoulder and the blond bowed a little. “This is my boyfriend, Bakugou Katsuki. He's in the hero course at UA.”

“Nice to meet you,” Katsuki muttered as the two just sort of looked at him.

“I think I recognize you from the Sports Festival,” the man said, nodding slightly. “You won the tournament, didn't you.”

“Yeah,” Katsuki said. Shinsou tugged the edge of his shirt and moved him over to the large couch. The two of them sat down on the end closer to the two armchairs.

“That's really amazing to do such things when you're so young!” the woman said sweetly. Katsuki shrugged and he caught Shinsou giving him a small smirk. Dammit he fought villains he wasn't gonna be scared about getting questioned. “You're a first year with Hitoshi?”

“Yeah, same year, different classes,” Shinsou answered for him. Katsuki nodded and settled back into the couch. Maybe he could get away with minimum talking and short answers? Probably not, but at least Shinsou wasn't making him answer anything.

“Still not in the hero course?” the man asked, frowning. Shinsou nodded without hesitation. “Shame, hasn't that teacher contacted you?”

“Nothing set in stone,” Shinsou said. Katsuki gave him a confused look and Shinsou waved it off. “Tell ya later.”

“That's too bad,” the woman sighed. She gave Katsuki a smile. “Think you could pull a few strings for Hitoshi?--”

“Grandma, stop,” Shinsou interrupted.

“--Fine... We're Hitoshi'ss grandparents, by the way.”

Katsuki nodded and muttered a greeting. The older couple went back to talking with each other like they had been before Shinsou and Katsuki walked in. Katsuki had an itching feeling that once he got settled, he'd be questioned. He'd take the delay. Now that Shinsou was keeping tally, it was a competition. He nudged Shinsou and the other looked over at him.

“Ten bucks says I keep the tally under thirty,” Katsuki whispered. Shinsou smirked and held out his hand.

“Deal,” Shinsou said back, just as quiet. Katsuki smacked his hand lightly and they grinned at each other. “You will fail and I will laugh.”

“Hel--” Katsuki started, catching himself. Shinsou gave him a poorly restrained grin. Katsuki frowned and took a slow breath. He was not losing those ten dollars. It was a challenge, now. “Heck no.”

“Smooth,” Shinsou chuckled, shaking his head and rubbing a hand over his forehead. “This is gonna be good.”

Another pair of people walked into the room. A girl who could only be a few years older than them and another boy the same age. The girl had black hair and the boy had brown hair. Katsuki guessed the girl was Shinsou's sister. Except... neither of them said a word to each other. Shinsou didn't even look up as she passed by and went over to the smaller couch with the boy. Katsuki could feel the tension over his own awkwardness and felt like if things went the way he thought it might, the tally marks would fill the page.

Chapter Text

Katsuki could feel every instinct he had going off at the look Shinsou's sister had. It was the same instinct that made him almost break the class prez's nose. Luckily, he didn't have that urge, but he was getting protective again. Shinsou answered the frequent questions his grandparents asked. About grades, people, progress getting into the hero course, and reassuring him that he'd make it eventually. Then the attention shifted to Katsuki. It was at least a distraction.

“So, Bakugou,” the grandmother asked. Katsuki nodded and Shinsou shifted at his side. When Katsuki glanced over at him, he just gave him a look. “What hero class are you in? What kind of people are in the hero course?”

“1-A,” Katsuki said. Shinsou leaned back and propped his elbow up on the arm of the couch. Katsuki looked back to the older couple in the arm chairs. The woman was smiling and the man looked intrigued. “We got some kids who are from hero families. Endeavor's son and Ingenium's brother.”

“Really!?” the woman gasped. Katsuki just nodded again. “Wow, it must be fantastic to work with them.”

“...Situationally,” Katsuki grumbled. Shinsou muffled a snort with his hand and Katsui elbowed him in the side. The woman gave them both a slightly confused look. “They don't stand out that much when ya got a whole class of people who can do that sh... stuff.”

“Still to have the son of the Number Two hero in your class has to be overwhelming,” the man said.

“Not really,” Katsuki sighed, crossing his arms and leaning back further into the couch. Okay the not cursing was getting a little hard, and he wasn't about to lash out and say exactly what he was thinking.

“Oh... well, is the course difficult?” the woman asked, changing the topic quickly. “I read in the newspaper that All Might was a teacher. Are all your teachers pro heroes?”

“The difficulty depends on who you ask,” Katsuki said. “But yeah, everyone that teaches is a pro.”

“Regardless it had to be hard to get into the hero course,” the man said. “What's your quirk? You'd have to score high on the entrance exam to get into A class.”

“I make explosions. And yeah, I scored highest on the exam,” Katsuki nodded.

Shinsou gave him a confused look. Oh yeah, he never told him. Katsuki just smirked a little, which got Shinsou to roll his eyes. The woman looked very excited at that and the man looked impressed. Katuski guessed that was a good sign.

Before the older couple could ask another thing, Shinsou's sister spoke up. All those instincts were going off again.

“I'm surprised he even managed to be friends with a hero student,” she said, giving a dirty look to Shinsou, who was now looking off at the corner of the room. Katsuki frowned and his hand twitched. Nope, no explosions and no smoke. “You do know the kind of things he can do with his quirk, right? Wouldn't you be more cautious with that?”

“Sayomi, behave yourself,” Shinsou's grandfather said sternly. The sister—Sayomi, then—just huffed and rolled her eyes, leaning in to her boyfriend. He looked like he wanted out of that situation as soon as possible.

“I'm just giving him a warning, Hitoshi's my brother, and I think anyone who even gets close to him should know what he does to people,” Sayomi said, acting like it was a given fact, or that she was entitled to it. She muttered the next part. “Quirk aside, I'm surprised anyone even thought about spending time with him.”

Katsuki's eyes widened and he looked over at Sayomi. She was turning on the TV, and not so much as glancing in Shinsou's direction. She settled on a news channel and leaned against her boyfriend—who was slowly getting more comfortable. The older couple seemed to reluctantly dismiss the situation and turned to the TV. Katsuki was just frozen and they started quiet conversation.

When he looked over at Shinsou, he hadn't moved at all and there was no obvious tensing up. Is the sister the reason his swear limit was so low? For what was basically a full day visit, Shinsou didn't give him a lot of room to... express himself. He probably knew this was going to happen, and set the limits in advance.

“Hitoshi, come help me?” Shinsou's mom called from the kitchen.

“Coming,” Shinsou said. He stood up and walked back to the kitchen. He gave Katsuki a look as he went that screamed 'behave', but the blond just frowned at him and then looked down at his feet.

He really doubted he could get away with yelling at Shinsou's sister, or any kind of punching. That cut off a lot of his usual retorts, so that sucked. But he wasn't about to let another person pick on Shinsou because of his goddamn quirk. If they were really that desperate to make fun of him, then choose something else. He was tired of hearing the “oh be careful of his quirk” or “he'll make you do things you don't want to” and especially the “he'll use you to get into the hero course.”

It's not like Katsuki could really do anything to get him into the hero class. Besides, from what Shinsou said it sounded like a teacher was at least trying to help. But, no because Shinsou had a friend in the hero couse, he was cheating his way to the top. Katsuki really needed to hear the rest of that story.

Soon, Shinsou's mom came out of the kitchen and sat on the other side of the couch. She looked a little tired, or annoyed. But she didn't act it. She started up a conversation with her daughter and her boyfriend—apparently new one, since she asked how they met. Katsuki listened only for a few moments. Sayomi said that they met a week ago, and pretty much went straight to dating. She was trying to bad mouth Shinsou and Katsuki's relationship? Katsuki might be biased, but a week? And she already dragged him out to meet the parents? Talk about rushing it. A part of his mind said that she only did because she heard Shinsou was bringing his.

Katsuki decided he was done listening after the week thing. He stood up and muttered an excuse me before walking into the kitchen. It was pretty nice kitchen. White tiles, white walls, marble counters and dark wooden cabinets. The stove was on, probably cooking whatever was going to be for dinner. Shinsou was leaning backwards against one of the counters. He had his arms crossed and was looking down at the floor. Katsuki walked over and leaned on the counters next to him.

“You gonna ask?” Shinsou sighed after a few moments of silence.

“If I did, I knew I'd curse,” Katsuki shrugged. Shinsou huffed out a laugh and smiled. “I'm keeping my ten.”

“Sure,” Shinsou nodded. Katsuki looked over at him, and the smile was a little bitter sweet.

“So what is going on?” Katsuki asked. Shinsou let out puff and pointedly looked away.

“She kinda hates me,” Shinsou said. He shrugged helplessly and sighed. “When my quirk first developed, we didn't know. So for almost six months? Maybe seven? I was controlling her on and off for little things. Chores and stuff like that. A few times, it got outta hand and my mom realized it was my quirk after a while, and we sorted it all out. She didn't talk for me for the rest of that year, only a few months but still.

“When she finally did talk, I was pissed that she refused to talk to me and did it again, just controlled her for a second but didn't make her do anything, you know? Just to show that I still had my quirk and that if she could use hers while upset, so could I. Didn't work that well, obviously. She... uh... she was never friendly to me after that. She wasn't that friendly in the first place, but any chance was crushed. I think she was the first person to call me a villain or villain in the making. People in school learned after. I tried to keep the specifics as secret as possible, but people learned and then... well you get the rest.”

Katsuki blinked in shock.

“You're shitting me,” he snapped. Shinsou smiled—forced and even more bittersweet—and pulled out the paper. He put it on the counter space next to him and made a tally with the others. “You couldn't control your quirk, that's a thing everyone goes through. I can't count how much crap I blew up when my quirk first developed. She hates you for that?”

“I think it's more the fact I did it again when we knew,” Shinsou said, making another tally. “I mean, when people know, they're always cautious. She was talking to me for the first time in months and what do I do? The thing she was ignoring me for.”

“So what, big deal, you have a quirk and you use it!” Katsuki growled. He gripped the edge of the counter and scowled. “Your own damn family--” another tally made “--Stop that.”

“I really want this ten dollars,” Shinsou said, smirking. Better. “And just for the record, no one else agrees. My mom and grandparents are super supportive, Sayomi's the only one.”

“Still stupid,” Katsuki huffed. Shinsou shrugged and Katsuki could hear him clicking the pen on the counter top. “I'm not getting involved with anyone that's being a villain. 'Cause I know you're not getting into that shit, and I'm tired of people saying it. You're a hell of a lot more capable than any of those assholes are.”

Shinsou was quiet. Katsuki was scared he said something wrong for a second until he looked over. It was the bittersweet smile that hurt a little to look at. Shinsou laughed a little, and Katsuki thought there were going to be tears for a split second. Good thing there weren't any, he sucked at dealing with tears. Instead, Shinsou rubbed a hand over his face and sighed. When he dropped his hand, the smile was gone but at least it wasn't a forced one.

“You know... the first time you said that to me was on the phone,” Shinsou said. Katsuki paused for a second. When was that. “Like our first one when I hit myself in the face with a notebook?--” Katsuki nodded. Now he remembered. It was way in the beginning, when Kaminari and Mineta were freaking out about the idea Katsuki had a 'girlfriend'. “--I had to sort of stop after you said that. We're both emotionally constipated, so this might sound cheesy. That shit actually meant a lot. Just so you know.”

“... What. Why?” Katsuki asked. Shinsou shrugged and shook his head—not believing his own words, almost. Katsuki didn't believe it either.

“Hell if I know,” Shinsou huffed. “You were a complete ass in the beginning, but I guess I sort of realized that you were... freakishly serious about being a hero? And that you honestly believed that I wouldn't end up as a villain in some way hit hard. Listen, I just told you so that you know, not understand why.”

Katsuki snorted and Shinsou snickered a little, making a few more tallies on the page Katsuki just laughed a little more at that.

“How many?”

“Nine, I think.”

They exchanged a look and started laughing again. Both of them kept it pretty quiet since they didn't want to be heard. They were standing in a part of the kitchen that couldn't be seen from the living room, and Katsuki was kind of glad. He might not know Shinsou's family that well, and they might already know about Shinsou and his relationship, but Katsuki liked keeping it private.

Shinsou folded up the paper and slid it into his pocket with the pen. He let out a sigh and let his arms hang limply. Katsuki took his hands off the counter, checking to make sure he didn't accidentally make and burns on the marble. No marks, so that was good. He was sure his palms were at least smoking when he was talking, but nothing. He hesitated in putting his hands in his pockets as and idea shoved itself to the front of his mind. He stopped himself from over thinking it and just went for it. He jammed one hand his his jeans' pocket and reached down with the other, grabbing Shinsou's.

Katsuki felt his face heating up and Shinsou tensed up. They just stood there for an awkward second before Shinsou grabbed back and the both laughed again. Shinsou covered his cheeks with his free hand and Katsuki looked off to the side.

“Holy crap we're so awkward,” Shinsou snickered. They glanced at each other and started laughing again.

“No shit,” Katsuki said. Shinsou reached into his pocket one handed and somehow managed to make another tally. “C'mon. Time to be social.”

"Just don't blow up my hand."

"Piss off."

"Does that count as a swear?"


Chapter Text

Katsuki and Shinsou walked back out and sat down on the couch. They both agreed to hide their hands for their reasons, and managed to pull it off. They ended up sort of hiding it between them. It was a little awkward trying to hide it but not obviously, but it worked. Katsuki had his other arm thrown over the back of the couch and Shinsou had his elbow on the arm of the couch, holding his chin in his palm. Katsuki knew it was kind of stupid, but Shinsou's hand felt good.

All the hero students did work with their hands. So all of them had calluses and rough spots on their palms—especially idiots like Deku who kept getting themselves hurt from their own quirk. Shinsou wasn't one of those, though. So it was weird to feel the general soft and smoothness of a hand without it. He had a feeling when Shinsou got through to the hero course, his hands still wouldn't have that many marks with how his quirk works. It was pretty nice. He just sort of hoped his own hands weren't too jacked up because of all the explosions and impacts they had to go through.

When they got settled on the couch, Shinsou's sister was still going on and on about how she and her boyfriend met and hit it off instantly. She was being over enthusiastic about a one week relationship in Katsuki's opinion.

“We pretty much started dating the second we saw each other, right babe?” she finished, looking back at her boyfriend. She was leaning on him with his arm wrapped around her. He nodded, obviously feeling a little awkward with his cheeks going pink. “Aww, don't be shy--” she turned back to her mom. Shinsou's mom was leaning back in the couch, legs crossed and hands in her lap. The older couple in the arm chairs were listening, too—the TV volume turned down so they could all listen. The woman was smiling and the man looked at least satisfied. “--It might be a little fast, but when it happens, it happens.”

“Very sweet, Sayomi,” Shinsou's mother said, smiling. Sayomi reveled in the praise and grabbed her boyfriend's hand. Shinsou's mother turned to face her son and Katsuki. “And what about you two? I don't think we've had a chance to hear your story.”

“Ooh~!” the woman of the older couple cooed, eagerly turning to face them. Sayomi gave Shinsou another dirty look. Katsuki frowned in her direction. Was she seriously jealous? She told her damn story, so who cared. She noticed him looking at her and narrowed her eyes. Katsuki scowled slightly, but quickly shoved it down and looked away. He'd be vicious later. “How did you two meet?”

“It's a... uh...” Shinsou started, laughing a little. He looked over at Katsuki helplessly and the blond just pointedly looked elsewhere. “Oh, I see how it is. Well, um, we met a while ago... maybe... five months--” Katsuki nodded. That sounded right to him at least. Probably more considering how long there was minimum contact with them in the beginning “--But official dating was maybe a week or two ago.”

“And how did that happen?” Shinsou's mom asked, smiling a little.

“Didn't you punch someone in the face?” Shinsou said, smirking. Katsuki scowled at him as the room stared at him in shock. Shinsou just smirked wider. “Ingenium's little brother if I remember correctly.”

“I regret letting you tell this,” Katsuki grumbled. The older couple was staring at him with wide eyes. The woman was shocked silent and the man looked vaguely impressed again. Sayomi was blinking in surprise and her boyfriend looked a little nervous. Shinsou's mother stared for a second before laughing a little. Shinsou just smiled overly sweetly. “It was a bad day, okay? He crossed a line so I tried to break his nose.”

“Yup,” Shinsou hummed, going on casually. “And that's basically what spurred that on. I'm not saying details so he doesn't blow anything up--” Katsuki kicked his leg and Shinsou winced a little, but still smiled “--But yeah. We talked for a while before anything really happened.”

“How did you two actually run into each other?” the woman of the older couple asked. “Hero course and Gen Ed only have lunch together, right?”

“Since we're all in dorms now, there're a bunch of people who use the campus for studying and stuff in the morning before classes start,” Shinsou explained. “He was using one of the outside areas and since a majority of people were scared of him from the Sports Festival, I used it for silence. Then more stuff happened and yeah.”

“Well it certainly isn't orthodox, but I'm not sure what I expected,” Shinsou's mom said, smiling. “It's interesting, though. I'm glad you brought him, Hitoshi. And thank you for coming, Bakugou.”


The rest of the time was pretty uneventful—mostly. There were more questions about Shinsou and Katsuki's relationship, but Sayomi pretty much forced attention to her and her boyfriend. Katsuki didn't get how she was talking so much with only one week as a topic. Sure, he and Shinsou could start talking but they valued some privacy—which clearly, Sayomi did not, or at least didn't seem so.

When the buzzer of the stove went off, Shinsou's mom went and started to set up the table and put food out. The older couple got up and went over to help. Shinsou soon stood up, and said he was going to do the same. That meant Katsuki had to let got of his hand which he was didn't want to do, but he did. Katsuki was contemplating getting up to go and help everyone else set up the table when Sayomi turned to her boyfriend.

“Go and help, please?” she asked. Her boyfriend nodded and got up, disappearing into the kitchen. She stood up and walked over to Katsuki. She had a carefully neutral look on her face when she spoke. “Can I talk to you?”

Katsuki frowned and stood up. Sayomi lead him into the hallway silently. Katsuki spared a glance over at the kitchen. Shinsou was busy talking with his grandmother, so Katsuki just went and followed Sayomi. They only went far enough to be out of sight of where the other people were in the kitchen. Shinsou would be upset

When Sayomi stopped, Katsuki did, too, and crossed his arms. There was a tense silence where they just stared at each other. Sayomi took a deep breath and let it out in a sigh. She seemed to steel herself before she started.

“Listen,” she sighed. “I'm not saying this because I don't want Hitoshi to have a life, but it's my job to warn you. Sometimes he uses his quirk to get what he wants, and you seem like decent person. I think you should cut it off early before it gets too serious. He's manipulativ--”

“Stop,” Katsuki growled. Sayomi instantly shut her mouth and blinked in vague surprise. “I'm on a curse limit, and knowing him, he'll somehow figure out I went over even if he doesn't hear it. So this might sound a lot nicer than it would've. I. Don't. Care. I don't have any siblings, so if this is some sibling shit? Fine. But if this is seriously you holding a damn grudge, then you're more petty than half-and-half. We're not talkin' about your little relationship, so keep your shitty opinion out of ours. And leave him alone. I don't care who the hell you are, or if you're his family or not. He gets enough of this at UA and from everyone else. You try this shit? Shit'll go down and you better hope either you or your little boyfriend can take a punch or five.”

Katsuki walked out of the hall and into the kitchen quickly. He only really caught a glimpse of Sayomi's reaction, but he didn't care. If she didn't get it, that was her fault. She might be family, but if her boyfriend was as stupid as he sounded, then he'd agree to a “spar” and be fair game. That was enough for Katsuki to work with.

Shinsou's grandparents were already sitting, and Katsuki walked in just in time to see Shinsou take a seat. His mom was putting the final plates of food out on the table. Katsuki walked over and sat down next to Shinsou. Sayomi's boyfriend was sitting across from him, the seat across from Shinsou empty for Sayomi. Shinsou's mom then sat at the head of the table as Sayomi walked in. She seemed collected and when she sat down, she avoiding looking up. Shinsou noticed it and turned to Katsuki as everyone else started grabbing food and serving themselves.

“What did you do?” Shinsou whispered. Katsuki frowned a little as he grabbed some of the meat on the table and put it on his plate.

“Just add six tallies,” he muttered. Shinsou's eyes widened and he glanced over at his sister. She ignored him and the others at the table started conversation with each other. Shinsou sighed and pulled the paper out, marking down six more.

“You will be telling me what the hell you did later,” Shinsou sighed and reached to start filling his own plate. “...but if you're defending me, then thanks.”



When it was getting dark outside—after Shinsou's grandparents were gone—that's when Katsuki figured he'd stayed long enough. Shinsou's mom thanked him for coming and his sister gave Katsuki a blank look when when he walked by. Yeah, Shinsou's sister was an ass, but she knew when to shut up at least.

Shinsou walked him out. It was early night. Not that dark, but that time in between sunset and full night darkness. There were a few other people out on the streets—people who worked overtime and and were going home late, or shoppers. It was colder, too. Katsuki pulled on his jacket and huffed, his breath coming out as a little blur of steam. Shinsou had his coat on, too, even if he only walked down to the sidewalk.

“You need to stop doing that, you know,” Shinsou said. Katsuki raised an eyebrow and frowned at him. “Flattered, really, but if you keep picking fights with people over the stupid quirk thing, you'll never stop. Not like you would anyways, but still.”

“... I've just heard it too many damn times,” Katsuki grumbled. “And now my curses don't count, I'm not inside. So shitty shit crap.”

Shinsou snorted and rolled his eyes. “Fine, I'll pay you tomorrow,” he sighed. Katsuki smirked triumphantly and Shinsou shook his head. There was a moment of silence. Shinsou frowned before speaking again. “Seriously, I'm not being self-deprecating when I say that it's not a big deal. I'm desensitized to that stuff. Doesn't matter to me.”

“It does, you're just a shithead who doesn't want to admit it,” Katsuki snapped. Shinsou kept his face blank. Katuski sighed and jammed his hands in his pockets. “I'll ignore the small stuff, but if it's repeated, I'll kick the ass of whoever said it. We agree we're both stubborn, so you can be stubborn 'bout how that crap doesn't bother you and I'll be stubborn about beating the shit about anyone who says it. Deal?”

Shinsou smiled a little and let out a small laugh. “Fine, deal,” he agreed. There was another pause of silence. Shinsou looked down at his feet and Katsuki heated his palms up a little to get his fingers warm. “Get home safe, okay?”

“Yeah, see ya,” Katsuki nodded. Shinsou waved and Katsuki started down the street. He heard the door open and close again before he glanced back, making sure Shinsou actually went inside and didn't try to be annoying at watch him go.


The second Hitoshi walked into the living room, his mood was crushed.

Bakugou was right when he said they were both stubborn, but regardless, it still felt nice to get protected like that. It was stupid, and he knew that, since most people hated getting stood up for like that. Other relationships were built on mushiness and mutual affection. He and Bakugou weren't like that at all, and it was good for him. So he was in a better mood when he walked inside the house. He got rid of his coat and went into the living room, ready to call dibs on the shower first and then go to bed—or at least try to.

Sayomi was standing with her hands on her hips in front of their mom. Her boyfriend looked a little on edge, scared to get caught up in the family argument crossfire.

“He threatened me and my boyfriend!” Sayomi said. “He's going to be a bad influence on Hitoshi! Hero course or not, it's risky to let someone that dangerous be around him.”

Hitoshi heard that before he walked into a spot they could see him. Sayomi turned to him and glared at him. His mom looked a little bewildered and looked over at him.

“Is that true, Hitoshi?” she asked, going back to a patient and serious expression.

“How am I supposed to know? Probably?” Hitoshi shrugged. He scowled. “All I know for sure is whatever he said is because Sayomi's still holding a grudge against me and saying I'll be a villain. If she did get threatened, she should be considered lucky. He punched the last person who said that in the face.”

“Exactly what I mean, mom!” Sayomi exclaimed. “Bad influence! We want Hitoshi to grow up and be a hero, we can't let him be around people like that.”

“What about people who keep saying I'll be a villain!?” Hitoshi snapped. Dammit he hated losing his temper. It wasn't pretty most of the time. Sayomi startled at him raising his voice and his mom's eyes went wide. He took a deep breath. “Bit of hypocrisy, there, don't ya think? He wouldn't have threatened you if you kept your stupid mouth shut about that. So why don't you do just that, and I won't criticize your boyfriend who's obviously not your boyfriend. Isn't that the guy your friend was having an anniversary with...yesterday? Nice job stealing the spotlight.”

Sayomi opened and closed her mouth a few times. She didn't say anything, though, and her cheeks started to go red as her “boyfriend” had a similar reaction. Hitoshi knew the second he saw him that it wasn't real, mostly because his mom made sure the whole family had connections on social media—different than the app he had Insomi-cat on—and he saw a picture Sayomi liked. Specifically a picture of her friend and said boy celebrating a year anniversary.

Shinsou's mom was equally as shocked and looked between Sayomi and the “boyfriend”. Hitoshi snorted and rolled his eyes.

“I'm showering and then going to bed,” he announced, walking off down the hall.

When he turned the corner into his room to grab clothes, he could hear his mom scolding Sayomi and apologizing to the “boyfriend”. Hitoshi felt himself smirking a little bit. His sister would hate him even more for outing her like that, but now she had no room to badmouth him and Bakugou. That was good enough.

Chapter Text

Hitoshi was cursing the weather. It was below freezing the next day, and it was already snowing a little outside. The news said it was only going to get heavier, and that people might end up being snowed in. His mom just said that if it did come to that heavy a downfall, he could stay the night at Bakugou's house if his parents agreed and sent him off. Sayomi didn't look in his direction at all the entire time he was there.

Regardless of that, what really sucked about the cold was that all his winter stuff was still buried somewhere. So no gloves, or proper boots, or big coats. Maybe he could get Bakugou to let him sap his body heat—he was practically a space heater. Hopefully.

A little after noon, Bakugou showed up and knocked on the door. Hitoshi said goodbye to his mom—and sister, who didn't even glance back—and made his way to the door. He had the warmest clothes he could find on. A giant black sweater that he bought a size too big for maximum comfort—and to hide his hands in the sleeves as a replacement for gloves—and black sweatpants. He knew that wearing sweatpants wasn't good for a first impression, but dammit he wasn't going to suffer for appearances. He managed to find a pair of boots, not the ones he should wear in snow, but close enough. Plus they were galaxy print, he thought he lost them ages ago, and he didn't look like that much of a slob when he tucked the sweatpants into them.

When he opened the door, Hitoshi was assaulted by cold hair and grabbed his coat and scarf. Bakugou had on a coat that looked barely warmer than the one he had yesterday—and it was quite a bit colder. He had earmuffs and a scarf on, though, and it was almost funny to look at. He looked grumpy just from seeing his eyes alone his hair was trying to consume the band of the earmuffs. Hitoshi bit his lip to stop himself from bursting out into laughter right there.

“The hell you smiling about?” Bakugou snapped.

“N-Nothing,” Shinsou managed as he wrapped his scarf around his face and pulled on his coat. “You look cozy.”

“It's my mom's damn fault,” Bakugou grumbled, looking off to the side. There were a surprising amount of people out, but it was decent out if it wasn't so cold. The snow clouds had passed, and there were clear skies. “Let's just hurry okay? Apparently she thought it was perfectly non crappy idea to invite shitty Deku and his mom. And he's bringing Katy.”

“Well this'll certainly be interesting, then, huh?” Shinsou snorted. He grabbed the messenger back he packed earlier from its place next to the door. He stepped out and shouted another goodbye to his mom, who shouted back, before closing the door. Shinsou locked the door and felt a hand wrap around his free one. He looked over at Bakugou, who just kept his head down, before looking down at his hand that Bakugou was grabbing tightly. He didn't have gloves either, but his hands were still warm. “I didn't take you to be a the clingy type.”

“Shut up,” Bakugou said. “Do you want to or not?”

“Of course, you're a space heater. I'll take advantage,” Shinsou said, smiling. Bakugou looked up and frowned. “And you're my boyfriend and I enjoy it.”

Bakugou's face went red—more so than what it already was from the cold—and he looked down at his feet.

“Just.. Just shut the hell up and let's go,” Bakugou grumbled, walking down the steps. Shinsou snickered and pulled the scarf over his mouth and nose, before following. “Shithead.”



Bakugou's house was in a more suburban area than Hitoshi's, and the house itself had to be at least double the size. Hitoshi let out a low whistle when they started up the walk. Bakugou gave him a confused look and Hitoshi just waved it off. Bakugou hadn't let go of his hand at all the entire time they walked there. No one on the streets cared about two teenagers going by as long as they were minding their own business, so it wasn't like anyone gave them funny looks. Bakugou would've growled at them if they did, probably. Hitoshi didn't mind even if his hand did get a little too warm, but it was better than being cold. And it was kind of nice to feel the difference between their palms. Hitoshi had kind of guessed that Bakugou's palms would be scarred and callused that they'd feel like sandpaper, they were, but it wasn't nearly as bad as he thought.

When they went inside the house, Hitoshi was so thankful for heating. He knew that his cheeks were red from the cold—nose and ears, too, probably, even if he pulled his scarf over them. Bakugou practically threw the earmuffs and scarf off like they personally offended him. Hitoshi snorted at that and got a glare. Bakugou showed him where to put his coat and shoes and then they walked into the rest of the house.

Yup. At least twice the size of Hitoshi's house. The entrance was big on its own. There were two three cushion couches facing each other with a coffee table in between them. A book shelf was behind one of them—filled with pictures, papers and certificates in frames, and other miscellaneous things. There was a desk on the other wall with a computer on it, and cushioned swivel chair in front of it.

Hitoshi's observations were cut off by Bakugou shouting.

“I'm back, old hag!” the blond announced as he kept walking into the house. Hitoshi had jolted at the sudden noise but followed after him.

They entered the living room. Another three cushion couch positioned in front of a television with a coffee table between them. Two smaller couches on either side tilted a little to face the screen better. The floor changed to full carpet. There was an archway to the left of the doorway they walked in through, leading to a kitchen. Across the room, the beginning of a staircase could be seen as it went up and around a corner to the second floor. A closed door was next to that.

A woman with ash blonde hair walked in from the kitchen. She had an angry look on her face and Hitoshi could instantly tell where Bakugou got his hair and eye color from.

“You don't have to shout!” she snapped. Her expression softened when she noticed Hitoshi and she walked up to him. “You must be Shinsou. I'm Katsuki's mother. Nice to meet you.”

Hitoshi nodded and smiled a little nervously. And there were the nerves, shit. He knew he wouldn't be able to keep his cool. Bakugou's mom just smiled up at him before stepping back and hitting Bakugou on the back of the head.

“Don't just say you're back when you bring guests!” she said. Bakugou growled and glared at her, but just got hit on the head again. “You have to say you brought someone when you come back, brat!”

“I said I was getting him when I left, you hag!” Bakugou snapped back. Hitoshi snorted quietly and covered his mouth with his hand. Bakugou's mom scoffed.

“It's called manners!” she shouted. “Now behave!”

“Shut up!” Bakugou shouted back.

“You, too, ungrateful brat!” she said before marching off into the kitchen. Bakugou growled something under his breath. “What was that!?”


Bakugou huffed and turned to Hitoshi, ready to apologize for what just happened, probably, but Hitoshi just started laughing. It was just snickers, but enough to get Bakugou to give him a confused look.

“What?” he asked, frowning.

“Your relationship with her is...” Hitoshi managed, still laughing. “T-That was better than I thought. Oh my god. Shit. Gimme a second.”

Bakugou rolled his eyes and Hitoshi calmed himself down. Bakugou went over to the couch, and threw himself down, one arm over the back of the couch. He grabbed the remote and turned on the TV to a channel showing a movie.

When Hitoshi wasn't giggling anymore, he took a deep breath. He walked over, put his bag next to the couch, and sat down next to Bakugou. The blond moved over a little so Hitoshi could sit right next to him. Hitoshi smirked to himself and took advantage of Bakugou's arm still being over the back of the couch. He settled himself in the crook of Bakugou's arm and smiled at him innocently. Bakugou blinked a few times before his cheeks and ears went red again and he pointedly focused on the TV. He didn't protest though, so Hitoshi made himself comfortable, and eventually Bakugou relaxed enough to let his arm rest around Hitoshi's shoulders.

“Better than that yawning trick, right?” Hitoshi whispered to him. Bakugou rolled his eyes and huffed.

A couple minutes passed with them like that, and then a man with light brown hair and glasses walked in. He was followed by Bakugou's mom, so Hitoshi guessed that was his dad. Bakugou's mom smiled when she saw them sitting on the couch like that, and his dad a similar expression.

“You're Shinsou?” he asked.

“Yes, pleasure to meet you,” Hitoshi said. It was kind of hard to act formal curled up like that, but he was comfortable and wasn't moving if he could.

“I'm Katsuki's dad,” the man said. He glanced over at his wife as she sat down on one of the other couches with a mug of something hot—steam coming off it. “I'll guess you met my wife already. I heard the shouting.”

Hitoshi just nodded, giving him a sympathetic smiled. The man sighed a little exasperatedly and sat down next to Bakugou's mom. She took a sip from her drink before putting it down on a small table next to the couch. Hitoshi heard small footsteps and frowned slightly. Bakugou seemed to notice that, and glanced around.

A small calico cat walked into the area and Hitoshi gasped. Bakugou jolted at the sight of the animal and frowned. Hitoshi was grinning and he shifted so he could reach forward and pet the cat. It pushed into his palms and Hitoshi bit his lip to keep from making any stupid noises.

“You didn't tell me you had a cat,” he said. “I'm taking this as a personal attack. I love cats. Oh my god, look at the little kitten.”

“I didn't know we had a cat,” Bakugou snapped, turning his head to glare at his parents.

“He's a lot better company that you,” his mom said. Hitoshi snorted at that and picked the cat up, holding him in his arms. “Doesn't whine and cleans himself without screaming.”

“What's his name?” Hitoshi asked.

“Kaen,” Bakugou's mom answered, smiling.

“I love him,” Hitoshi said flatly. “Sorry, you've been replaced Bakugou.”

Bakugou just scoffed and shoved Hitoshi's shoulder. Hitoshi grinned at him before leaning back where he had been, now with the cat placed carefully in his lap. His day was good, he could deal with Midoriya and Todoroki coming in without protest. He had a cat. Goals complete.

“Now, how did someone nice end up dating an asshole like my son?” Bakugou's mom asked after a moment of silence. Bakugou scowled at her and Hitoshi snorted.

“He got me good coffee,” Hitoshi said. Bakugou shoved him a little again and Hitoshi just smirked at him. “What, that's literally the only reason I talked to you in the first place?”

“No shit, but you suck at telling this crap,” Bakugou grumbled, pouting a little and putting his elbow on the arm of the couch to put his chin in his palm. “I punched someone in the face, shit happened, okay? That's all you're hearing about it, got it?”

“Stop being a brat!” his mom snapped.

“Shut up, old hag!” Bakugou shouted.

“Calm down you two, we'll be having more guests over, so please try to keep it down?” his dad said, trying to keep the peace. Hitoshi just grinned and pet the cat in his lap.

This was going to be interesting at least. Plus he had a cat, and that was good.

Chapter Text

Midoriya, his mom, and Todoroki showed up about an hour later. Bakugou's parents seemed to understand that Hitoshi and Bakugou weren't up to talk about their relationship, and that was nice. They didn't question that much or push any buttons. Unlike with Hitoshi's family, Bakugou didn't have to hold back with his anger and language. He had no reason to not yell at them if they pushed too far. That was sort of bad because if he did lose his temper, it'd scare the cat away. Hitoshi really liked the cat. Small fluffy and sweet.

When Bakugou's mom went to answer the door, his dad went off into the kitchen—saying he was going to go get some of the dinner started. Hitoshi could hear Bakugou's mom talking with another woman, and he guessed that it meant Midoriya and Katy had arrived. Bakugou guessed that, too, and grumbled under his breath. He scooted further into the corner of the couch—between the arm and back of it. Hitoshi was a little surprised when Bakugou tugged him when he moved, but he just settled down in the new position a few inches to the left. The cat didn't like it though, and Hitoshi quickly soothed him, but then Bakugou's mom and a woman Hitoshi guessed was Midoriya's mom walked by into the kitchen. The cat bounced off his lap to go investigate the new people. Hitoshi cursed quietly and Bakugou snorted, which earned him an elbow to the ribs. Bakugou shouted a curse and rubbed where Hitoshi hit him.

“Shit your elbows are pointy,” Bakugou grumbled.

“Never make fun of me and cats,” Hitoshi said, giving him a look. Bakugou just rolled his eyes, smirking a little as he settled back in the corner. Hitoshi looked over the back of the couch sadly as the cat walked into the kitchen. He still got his cat time, and he wouldn't complain, but he wanted more cat time. It was a small dilemma. He sighed and leaned back where he had been against Bakugou. “Dammit that was a good cat.”

“Didn't you say you had one?” Bakugou asked. Hitoshi nodded. “Where was it?”

“First of all, Natsu is a girl,” Hitoshi said, smiling at the flat look Bakugou gave him. “Second, my grandad's like super allergic. She stays with the neighbor when he's over.”

“... You named your cat after an anime character?” Bakugou hissed.

“No, smart one,” Hitoshi sighed, rolling his eyes. “I got her on my birthday. Which is in summer. And Natsu means summer.”

“Thank god...” Bakugou muttered in relief. Hitoshi snorted a little at that and Bakugou snorted.

Midoriya and Todoroki walked into the room. They were both dressed casually, although Midoriya was dressed for the cold and Todoroki was just in a t-shirt and jeans. Any quirk with heat involved had to come in handy when it was so damn cold. Midoriya said something over his shoulder into the kitchen as they walked over, and Todoroki glared at Bakugou and Hitoshi. Todoroki glanced them up and down suspiciously and Midoriya looked like he was about to sit on the other end of the couch. Hitoshi “yawned” and stretched his legs out to block the cushions. He didn't have anything against Midoriya or Todoroki, but he was comfortable and the close they were to Bakugou, the more likely the blond would be to move—making Hitoshi move in the process.

Todoroki glared at him and Midoriya gave him an apologetic look. They sat down on the other two cushion couch opposite the one Bakugou's parents had sat on. Hitoshi watched them out of the corners of his eyes, waiting until they were comfortable before folding his legs up again. Todoroki took the seat closer to Bakugou and Midoriya put himself on the other side. They almost immediately leaned into each other, and Midoriya was suddenly half in Todoroki's lap.

Hitoshi looked up at Bakugou and blond made a gagging face. They snickered together, but clearly not discreet enough to have it ignored.

“What?” Todoroki asked. He was still pissed, obviously.

“You two are so domestic, it's kinda gross,” Hitoshi explained nonchalantly. Midoriya's face started to light up with a red blush and he buried his face in Todoroki's shoulder a little. Todoroki just grabbed his hand, rubbing it soothingly. “Case in point.”

“How long have you been together?” Bakugou said. “A week? Less? Thanks to me telling you to get off your ass, too. You're already acting like a damn married couple.”

“Then again you were practically dating for... how long since the sports festival?” Hitoshi said, smirking. Bakugou snickered at that and Midoriya blushed even harder. Todoroki grumbled incoherently under his breath and pointedly looked away. “I'm kidding, be domestic, just turn it down, will ya? I rather not get a cavity.”

“I could say the same thing to you,” Todoroki said, acting high and mighty. Hitoshi felt Bakugou tense up against him and just snorted. “... What now.”

“Sorry, Katy Perry reference in my head,” Hitoshi laughed to himself. Todoroki narrowed his eyes and Midoriya looked confused. “Doesn't she wear like... candy clothes?”

“Why would I know that shit?” Bakugou asked. Hitoshi could feel him relaxing at the subject change, and just rolled with it. He grabbed his bag and pulled his phone out, unlocking it and searching up Katy Perry. Sure enough one of the first pictures was her in a candy skirt. “Holy crap, it's real.”

“Thought so, my sister was trash for her when she was really little and made me help her put up posters,” Hitoshi said, nodding and locking the phone again, putting it back in his bag. “Y'know before she became an ass. Faking boyfriends and shit.”

“Wait, really?” Bakugou asked. At that point, Todoroki and Midoriya weren't listening anymore, absorbed in their own little thing. “That boyfriend was a fake? And she told you?”

“Nah, I knew when I saw him,” Hitoshi sighed. “My mom likes keeping the family 'connected' with social media. Different platform than the blog, though. She liked a picture her friend posted of some relationship anniversary and that guy she brought was the boyfriend of her friend.”

“That's so... stupid,” Bakugou muttered.

“Yup, just to take attention,” Hitoshi nodded. “She's like that. You're an only child, so you wouldn't get it.”

Bakugou hummed slightly and relaxed back into the couch. Hitoshi turned his head to watch the TV. Another movie was starting up, and it was one Hitoshi had seen. A good one, too, so he shifted a little to get more comfortable. He saw Midoriya even more in Todoroki's lap. Seriously, if he scooted over only a little, he'd actually be sitting in Katy's lap. At least Hitoshi had shame, but he wouldn't blame him. Todoroki and Midoriya were just the kind of people that were like that. Bakugou and Hitoshi weren't, but that was fine, too.


Most of the evening was otherwise uneventful. Hitoshi got the cat back in his lap at one point, but soon after that, the parents called them in for dinner. Dinner was pretty calm, too. Midoriya's mom was so pure, and that's all Hitoshi really noted about her in their brief introduction. Then again, he was a little preoccupied because dammit the food was great. It made him wonder if Bakugou could cook, which he probably could—it was like him to try and be the best at everything he could.

There weren't nearly as many questions asked compared to Hitoshi's family, but it was pretty obvious that Bakugou's parents were keeping the evening as peaceful as they could. It was a good idea. There was no ongoing bet to keep Bakugou's swearing and temper down, so he didn't exactly have to hold back. Although, Hitoshi sort of noticed that the few times Bakugou spoke to Midoriya's mom, there was only one or two swears. Maybe her innocent-purity was realized by everyone.

Soon after dinner, the Midoriyas and Todoroki left. Hitoshi probably should've left then, to beat the storm. It was snowing down pretty heavily at that point, and Hitoshi really wished he had better judgement. In his defense, mostly to himself, no one else warned him that it would get even heavier. Only half an hour after the Midoriyas and Todoroki left, there was no way Hitoshi would try to get through that snow. Not like he could, anyways. So when Hitoshi went to look out the window so he could guess how long it would take to get home, he knew he was screwed.

Bakugou had looked out the window when Hitoshi cursed. He had the same reaction, just louder. That drew the attention of Bakugou's mom as she was passing to go up the stairs.

“What's the matter?” she asked.

“That's... a lot of damn snow,” Bakugou said. His mom walked over to the door and Hitoshi moved to the side so she could see.

“Oh my... god,” she breathed in surprised. Hitoshi sighed and stepped back. His mom predicted this and would brag about it for a month. “You should call your parents.”

“My mom already... uh, sorta guessed this would happen?” Hitoshi explained as he went over to his bag and pulled out his phone. He unlocked it to call his mom. “She said that it was cool for me to stay the night if it snowed too hard if you say it's okay. But uh... she'll probably want to talk to you regardless.”

“Is your mom psychic or some shit?” Bakugou asked. Hitoshi shrugged as he hit the call button.

“Hitoshi? What's the matter?” his mom answered.

“You were right, brag later, do you need to talk to Bakugou's mom to... confirm everything?” Hitoshi said.

“Oh, yes, hand her the phone, please,” his mom said.

“Right,” Hitoshi nodded. He handed the phone to Bakugou's mom and she took it, holding it up to her ear.

“Neneshi? Good to hear from you!” Bakugou's mom said into the phone as she walked out of the room.

Hitoshi's eyes widened and he blinked in surprise. He looked over at Bakugou, who also looked slightly concerned.

“First name basis,” Hitoshi said. “Not sure if that's good or bad.”

“Bad,” Bakugou said, standing up from the couch. Hitoshi hesitated a second before nodding. “C'mon, she'll agree no matter what, help me get blankets and shit.”

Hitoshi followed him as he walked over to the entrance area and into a closet. There were a bunch of blankets and other extra sleeping things piled inside it. Bakugou grabbed some of them and nodded for Hitoshi to grab some of the others. He did and they walked back out into the living room. It was already kind of late, so it made sense to just set it up now. Bakugou dropped the stuff on the ground and pushed the coffee table closer to the TV and out of the way.

The two of them set up the place fairly easily and quickly. There was one moment in which that Hitoshi just couldn't resist throwing one of the blankets he had on Bakugou when he was crouching and fixing one of the others. Bakugou flinched when it covered him, paused for only a moment, before frantically swatting it off himself. He glared at Hitoshi, who just snickered, before putting the blanket on top of the rest.

Hitoshi sat down on the makeshift bed and Bakugou shoved him slightly as revenge. Hitoshi was happy he was wearing such comfortable clothes since he'd be sleeping in them. He didn't want to ask Bakugou to borrow any of his clothes. He'd deal with smelling a little funky in the morning.

The TV was on a different channel, which was having some kind of marathon for thrillers and horrors. Probably not the best thing to watch at night, but it was entertaining.

Bakugou's mom came back into the living room, smile on her face as she handed the phone back to Hitoshi. She told him it was perfectly fine if he stayed the night before excusing herself to going upstairs. Bakugou's dad was still cleaning up some of the dishes in the kitchen, but he came out soon enough, wished Hitoshi and Bakugou good night before going upstairs, too.

Hitoshi looked back at the TV screen. It was showing the movies that would be playing next, all ones Hitoshi heard were frightening. He smiled a little and turned to Bakugou who gave him a suspicious look.

“Ten bucks says I stay awake longer and I don't get as scared as you,” Hitoshi said, smirking. Bakugou's eyes widened before grinning determinedly. “Lights off, and everything.”

“You're so on.”

Chapter Text

“Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit.”


“Your hands are trembling, shithead.”

“No idea what you're talking about. Don't go upstai—and she went upstairs, idiot.”

“How the hell are you so calm!?”

“'Cause it's stupi--”

Hitoshi cut himself off with a muffled screech as the monster jumped out of nowhere to attack the main character. Bakugou cursed repeatedly and jolted, kicking the couch behind him which made him curse even louder.

They both took deep breaths to calm down, and Hitoshi could feel his heart trying to escape and blood rushing to his head. Bakugou didn't look any better, and Hitoshi swore he saw Bakugou making smoke in his palms like he was ready to attack something if it showed up. They were lying down on the bedding they had set up Hitoshi next to each other. Bakugou had his shoulders and head out of the blankets, but Hitoshi had them pulled tight over his head, blanket tucked under his feet. He didn't want to feel any cool air on his body—it would freak him out and then he would start thinking about demons grabbing his ankles. No thank you. Bakugou didn't seem scared of that, but he was fidgeting and rubbing his palms together, sparks flashing briefly like he was checking if his quirk still worked.

Bakugou eventually scooted further back under the blanket, moving it up so it rested on the back of his neck and curled up a little bit. Hitoshi snuggled deeper under the blanket, pulling his legs up a little and the blanket down further on his head. Dammit horror was a bad idea. He didn't think either of them would sleep.

“You're muttering,” Bakugou said, glancing over at him.

“This was a horrible idea why did I suggest this I regret so much,” Hitoshi mumbled loud enough for him to hear clearly. Bakugou snickered a little and turned his attention back to the movie. “Neither of us are gonna sleep. I regret everything.”

“We're not quitting now,” Bakugou snapped indignantly. Hitoshi turned to him in shock, giving him an incredulous look. The blond just scowled determinedly and looked back at the screen. “There's half an hour left. We're finishing this damn thing even if we don't sleep. It's a goddamn challenge now.”

“...Of course it is,” Hitoshi whined. He buried his face in the pillow he had under his head. “Why do you have to put me through this? I vote we watch a rom-com. Kaen'll agree.”

“The cat's vote doesn't count,” Bakugou said, tensing up a little. The main character was trying to leave the building, and small things were happening in the background when she was looking away.

“His vote is totally valid, don't discriminate,” Hitoshi said, face still in the pillow, voice slightly muffled.

“Shut up, shut up, shut up,” Bakugou mumbled as the scene was slowly escalating.

Hitoshi couldn't resist looking up, so he did so carefully with one eye. Bakugou cursed under his breath repeatedly as the tension and music kept rising to make the situation even more stressful. Hitoshi pulled the blanket even further down on his head, hair starting to block some of his sight. Less he saw the better. Bakugou was staring the TV down like it insulted him personally. He was seriously taking it as a challenge to live through the whole thing.

All the lights were off in the room, except for the TV and faint light coming through windows from streetlights outside. That didn't help Hitoshi's internal panic. Emersion was Bakugou's idea in his defense, and he hated letting that happen.

“Don't do it,” Hitoshi said, criticising the character. It was cliché, but the scares and tension was real. She was about to open the door that anyone with common sense wouldn't. She did it. “Oh my god, you idiot.”

There was a heavy silence as the character entered the room and looked around. The door slammed closed behind her and then the lights flickered on. Bakugou cursed loudly, moving further under the blanket. His hands were smoking again and he carefully kept them away from the bedding so nothing caught fire or anything. Hitoshi slammed his face in the pillow as the character screamed and the monster attacked from where it jumper out of nowhere.

“Dammit. Half an hour, I can do this shit,” Bakugou hissed to himself.

“I'll give you the ten dollar if you turn it off,” Hitoshi begged.

“Hell. No. It's a matter of pride now, goddammit.”

“Screw it, I'm gonna have a heart attack.”

“You're fifteen. You'll be fine.”

“And you're gonna blow something up!”

“Twenty minutes! Suck it up, shithead.”

When the movie did end, both of them were regretting it all. Hitoshi felt out of breath and he didn't even do anything. Bakugou was cursing into a pillow and Hitoshi was completely under the blankets, trying to calm his heartbeat. Why did he let Bakugou get his way with movies? The second the credits started rolling, Hitoshi grabbed the remote, blindly, and changed it to a family movie channel—he had tried to change it earlier, but Bakugou had taken the remote and said he was chicken if he didn't watch it. He stayed under the blankets as the movie went on with stupid jokes.

Hitoshi gathered himself and carefully peered out from under the blanket. Bakugou had his face in his palms, propped up on his elbows.

“Was it worth it?” Hitoshi asked quietly. Bakugou slowly looked over at him and frowned.

“Yes,” Bakugou stated flatly. Hitoshi rolled his eyes and scooted close to him, poking him slightly.

“If I have nightmares, I'm gonna hit you,” Hitoshi murmured he could feel himself getting tired and falling asleep a little. He was pretty determined to get his ten dollars back from the swearing bet. “I'll stab you with my elbows.”

Bakugou rolled his eyes and rested his chin on the pillow under his head. Hitoshi looked up at the new movie. It was definitely a better change to try and sleep with. Hitoshi scooted closer to Bakugou and the blond gave him a look.

“The hell are you doing,” Bakugou grumbled.

“You're a space heater, let me indulge,” Hitoshi said, moving closer. There were a few inches between them—enough for Hitoshi to get the warmth out of Bakugou.

Bakugou and Hitoshi were both getting tired and falling asleep. Hitoshi could feel his head starting to slump down and stubbornly leaned on Bakugou's shoulder in an effort to stay awake. Bakugou didn't say a word, probably because he was also on the edge of sleep. Who knew getting scared shitless took so much out of you? Hitoshi could feel his eyes closing and he glanced up at Bakugou. Both of them were almost asleep. Neither of them knew who lost the bet when they both fell asleep.


Hitoshi woke up warm. Like warmer than he usually was when waking up after sleeping in a blanket cocoon. He fairly easily recognized he wasn't in his house, and then remembered the impromptu sleep over. After that settled in, Hitoshi went to move and realized he was a little... wrapped up. Out of all the things Hitoshi expected from Bakugou, being a cuddler in his sleep was the opposite of them.

Bakugou had his arms wrapped around his shoulders, face pressed into Hitoshi's hair that was in horrible disarray. Both of them were more curled up, so their legs ended up slightly tangled together. Hitoshi had his arms curled into his chest like usual, but Bakugou had him held tightly. One of his hands was slightly wrapped in Hitoshi's hair, too. Regardless of the surprise of Bakugou being a cuddler, Hitoshi was happy with the heat. It'd also be pretty fun to embarrass the shit out of Bakugou later, but he'd save that for when he really wanted something.

It was still early, if the number on the digital clock on the TV system was accurate. Just after sunrise, so more light was flooding into the room than before but no one else was up. Well, maybe the cat, but he wasn't accounted for.

Hitoshi tried to wriggle his way out of Bakugou's hold, but the blond grumbled something incoherent and grabbed his tighter. Hitoshi bit his lip to keep from giggling. He carefully grabbed Bakugou's arms and tried to move them, but Bakugou growled and his hands twitched. Hitoshi didn't doubt that Bakugou could control his quirk, but he was still asleep and who knew what could happen. Bakugou accidentally pulled his hair a little and Hitoshi winced. He frowned and elbowed Katsuki in the ribs.

Bakugou jolted awake with a gasp, shoving Hitoshi away and sitting up, hands up like he was ready to fight. Hitoshi rolled over onto his stomach after landing on his back and shoved his face in the pillow.

“Oh... wait. Shit,” Bakugou muttered.

“You pulled my hair, ass,” Hitoshi said into the pillow, words muffled.

“I—what?” Bakugou asked. Hitoshi turned his head and rested his cheek on the pillow to look up at Bakugou. The blond was blushing a little.

“You pulled. My hair,” Hitoshi said slowly. Bakugou's face heated up a little more. Hitoshi smirked, rubbing his eyes a little before flopping his arm down next to him. “Cuddler, huh?”

“...Shut up,” Bakugou said quickly, jumping to his feet. “Not a goddamn word. I'll kill you.”

“Aww... C'mon it's adorable,” Hitoshi laughed. He sat up and pushed all his hair backwards, off his face. Bakugou just scowled at him, but it was ruined by the red ears and face. “Relax, I won't say anything, but I get to sap your body heat when I want.”

Bakugou paused and glared down at him, frowning as he glanced around the room. “Fine, but you have ta' ask before you try shit,” he spat. Hitoshi nodded agreement. Bakugou didn't say he needed approval to do it, just ask. Loophole.

The blond ran his hands through his hair, yawning loudly. He stretched his arms over his head, tilting back a little. Hitoshi glanced him up and down and stifled a smile. He'd admit it with no shame now, but Bakugou was hot. No shame with that. Other people in Gen Ed admitted him and other hero students were extremely good looking, but they would never try to approach any hero students for either fear of them or just nerves. Hitoshi would consider himself lucky he didn't care about that, as well as the fact all the events that lead to their relationship happened. Maybe when they got over their awkwardness, Hitoshi could subtly brag about having a boyfriend like Bakugou—not just the hero course factor, but the hot as hell factor, too.

Hitoshi yawned and slapped his face lightly to try and wake himself up. Bakugou vanished somewhere else in the house. Hitoshi stretched his back a little and pushed himself to his feet. He checked the smell of his clothes. They didn't smell as bad as he thought—just vaguely of nitroglycerin and heat. He could tolerate that for a day. There was the flush of a toilet and Bakugou walked back into the room.

“Please tell me you have coffee,” Hitoshi said.

Bakugou squinted a little before nodded slowly and walking into the kitchen. Hitoshi followed him. He had seen the machine earlier, but had no idea where the coffee was. Bakugou opened some of the overhead cabinets, searching through some of them that had boxed. Hitoshi walked up next to him and helped him look.

They found the boxes fairly quickly, along with some herbal tea that Bakugou opened up. Hitoshi glanced at him, but he couldn't find the energy to be snarky. He needed coffee. He looked through the boxes. There were two of the shit brands that people in the Gen Ed dorms drank, then what he thought were just meh, and only one he'd drink normally. It was full, too. Hitoshi took one of the packets out as Bakugou grabbed two mugs from another cabinet. He gave Hitoshi a blank black one and kept a weirdly dyed one for himself. The both busied themselves with making their own drinks.

When they were done, they went back out to the living room. The TV had automatically turned off after lack of activity, and Bakugou grabbed the remote and turned it back on. He switched it to the news and got comfortable near the middle of the couch. Hitoshi sat next to him and leaned on him slightly. Bakugou didn't protest, if anything he started leaning into Hitoshi, too. The coffee was kind of shitty and whatever Bakugou was drinking smelled a little weird. But honestly? It could've been worse.


Chapter Text

Hitoshi hadn't had too much opportunity to check on his blog and the face reveal responses since he posted it. He was kind of busy with the whole Bakugou thing, and teachers decided to drop a shit ton of papers and assignments on them. So while he and Bakugou were sitting on the couch, he pulled his phone out of his bag and opened the blog app.

There were a lot of notifications. Hitoshi opened them up and started scrolling through. Bakugou was just watching the news, still partly asleep. Hitoshi thought he was going to nod off again for a while, but he stayed awake.

The photo that he chose for the face reveal was the one with cat ears. He had planned to use that one before he asked Bakugou, but as second opinion was always good. Most people had just freaked out—strings of gibberish and exclamation points—at first, then it was excitement and congratulating him on hitting 60k, and then came the gushing about how he looked, along with an odd few expressing love for the cat ears and asking where he got them. Hitoshi liked most of them, and deleted a few creepy ones. There were a few people that said they thought they recognized him, and a few DMs that asked if he was from UA. He answered them with a simple response that said he didn't want to share any private information. Then there was the people that reblogged it, leaving comments in the tags. He read through all of those, too.

He started a new text post, and made a brief apology for sort of vanishing without an announcement. He hesitated a bit before he explained why. Should he mention that he was actually dating someone now? And that it was the infamous “Blasty.” Since Bakugou had gotten mentioned quite a lot of his posts, some of his followers wanted to see him, too.

“Hey,” Hitoshi said. Bakugou hummed to show he was paying attention. “Do you mind if I tell my followers that we're dating? I haven't posted in a while, so I need to tell 'em where I went.”

Bakugou looked over and muffled a yawn. He shrugged.

“Like, didn't you say some of your classmates follow me?” Hitoshi asked.

“Everyone knows already,” Bakugou mumbled. “Don't care.”

Hitoshi nodded and typed out the message. He could feel Bakugou looking over his shoulder as he did so. He finished it up, reread for any grammar mistakes—he did that once, and didn't want to relive that—and posted it.

“The hell is that,” Bakugou grumbled. Hitoshi held the phone towards him so he could select whatever he was questioning. He pointed to one of the posts that Hitoshi hadn't seen yet since it appeared when he just refreshed the page. Hitoshi frowned and scrolled down and his eyes widened at the post. “What's a InsomiBlast?”

“...That is called shipping, and not the mailing kind,” Hitoshi said, laughing a little. Sure he saw a few mentions of it, but never a full out post with him tagged in it. Bakugou mumbled something that was probably a question. “It basically means they like the idea of us in a relationship, and want it to be true. Usually it's fandoms, but people get it done to them, too.”

“Well they'll be over the damn moon,” Bakugou snorted. Hitoshi smiled and shrugged, liking the post and reblogging it as Bakugou put his now empty mug on the floor.

The post was a picture, and judging by what the person was saying in the caption and tags, it was done before the face reveal. Hitoshi wondered how he missed a post like that. He was usually on top of that. The main part of the post, was the picture though. It was a drawing of Hitoshi and Bakugou, wearing actually well drawn surgical masks over the bottom halves of their faces, holding hands with a few little hearts in the space around them. The content was innocent, and Hitoshi was grateful. He doubted he'd have been able to come with a good explanation if it was one of the more... not... innocent ones. Bakugou probably would've freaked out, maybe not as much since he seemed so tired, but still.

Bakugou put his chin on Hitoshi's shoulder to watch as he scrolled through his feed. The news got ignored as it went into one of those “life hack” segments. Hitoshi finished off the semi-shitty coffee and put the mug down next to Bakugou's.

“Why the name though?” Bakugou asked. “InsomiBlast?”

“Ship names,” Hitoshi said. “They combine the names of the two people and then it usually just gets referred to as that. So looks like it's either InsomiBlast or Blasti-cat.”

“That's kinda weird,” Bakugou mumbled.

“We're dating, though.”

“Yeah, but they didn't know that. So it's freaky they imagined that shit... What's with the damn psychics recently.”

“Maybe they were always there, but you just didn't notice.”

“Don't say that crap. Even more freaky.”


Bakugou's parents came downstairs about an hour later. It was his mom first, and she yawned a good morning as she went into the kitchen. She shouted that she was making breakfast. His dad came down soon after that, and waved at the two on the couch before moving on to the room near the entrance.

Hitoshi had nodded and waved at them both respectively, but Bakugou just grunted when his mom shouted and didn't seem to notice his dad at all. They stayed on the couch, Hitoshi scrolling through his feed and suggested with Bakugou looking over his shoulder. Compared to the slightly chaotic beginning of the previous night, it was weirdly calm and quiet. Maybe it's because Bakugou was still in the process of waking up. Hitoshi didn't get that either since at school, he always seemed super awake in the morning. Probably because he went to sleep at human hours there, instead however late they ended up staying up that time.

It was also a little weird with how affectionate Bakugou was being. Hitoshi was not complaining, since it meant he got to use Bakugou's body heat, but it was just strange. Bakugou would deny everything if he tried to bring it up. Still if he was an angry pomeranian most of the time, right now he was a puppy pomeranian.

“Oh, wait,” Hitoshi said. Dammit he almost forgot. Bakugou grumbled when he moved and grabbed his bag from where it was sitting. Hitoshi pulled out a plastic bag he threw in there the day before. “I meant to give it you yesterday, but better late than never.”

Bakugou frowned as Hitoshi handed him the plastic bag. He was more awake now, and Hitoshi was glad for that. The reaction wouldn't be nearly as funny if Bakugou was half asleep. Hitoshi put his messenger bag back on the ground and sat back to watch Bakugou open it.

“I'm already scared,” Bakugou muttered as he opened the bag. There was something squishy in the bag, wrapped it white paper. “That's lame ass wrapping.”

“I didn't have time,” Hitoshi rolled his eyes. “It's for a dramatic reveal. C'mon this is one of my greatest achievements.”

“You realize I have to get you some shit now?” Bakugou asked.

“You might not want to after it, just open it,” Hitoshi said, nodding at it.

Bakugou rolled his eyes before hesitantly unwrapping the thing. Hitoshi watched eagerly as Bakugou held it in his hands and stared with wide eyes. He had found it on one of his random trips through an area with small shops. He'd been looking to pick something up for his mom, but when he saw the thing, he had to get it.

“The hell... is this?” Bakugou hissed.

“They didn't have electrocuted pomeranians, but I think it works,” Hitoshi said, grinning.

It was a dog plushie that was roughly the color of Bakugou's hair. The face was kinda small, little black eyes with a small muzzle, and the body was a ball with little nubs for legs. The “fur” on it stuck up in different directions, like Bakugou's hair. There were two ears above the face and a puffy little tail.

Bakugou gave Hitoshi a flat look and the other grinned innocently. Hitoshi couldn't help but start giggling when Bakugou turned the plushie over in his hands. He looked completely done with the situation and huffed.

“You're right I don't want to get you crap,” Bakugou said. Hitoshi laughed and covered his mouth with one hand. He picked up his phone and opened the camera.

“Hold it up?” Hitoshi said. He held hiss phone in front of him and Bakugou gave him an even more exasperated look. The blond reluctantly did as told, faint smile on his face and held it up under his chin. Right before Hitoshi went to take the picture, Bakugou gave a sarcastic smile and flipped the camera off. “Dammit, how do you always do that right before I take the picture?”

“Are you posting that?” Bakugou asked, ignoring Hitoshi's question. He leaned back against the couch and tossed the dog plushie in the air a little.

“Nah,” Hitoshi said, shaking his head. He kept the picture though. “Do you love it?”

“...Wouldn't say that,” Bakugou grumbled, tossing the dog to the side.

Hitoshi laughed again. It was more of a gag gift than an actual one, just to be a little annoying. He had actually gotten it over a week ago, before he and Bakugou started dating, so he never found an opportunity to give it to him. Now wasn't any special occasion, so it might've been out of the blue, but it worked.

Bakugou stretched again, back arching as he reached his arms out over his head. Hitoshi moved back so he was sitting next to him and switched back to the blog app. People were already flipping their shit about the whole boyfriend, since he mentioned it in such an offhand way and reblogged the art. Yeah he'd need to post a more in depth explanation at some point, but that point was not now.

“They freaking out?” Bakugou asked, looking over his shoulder again.

“Their shit is flipped, definitely,” Hitoshi snorted, liking some of the comments that weren't just complete gibberish or 'it's canon' in all capitals. Did canon even apply to real life? That was a question to ask the internet when there wasn't a risk of not-so-innocent thing popping up and Bakugou blowing a fuse. “Congrats, you're gonna need to do a face reveal, too.”

“What,” Bakugou said.

“Yup, they're already demanding, see,” Hitoshi nodded, showing him some of the comments that were begging and demanding to see Bakugou's face now so more fanart could be drawn. “How does it feel being semi-internet famous?”

“Why the hell do they want to draw me?” Bakugou grumbled. “Can't we just post some pictures and they'll be happy?”

“Because I highly doubt you want me to post us doing some of the things that they'll draw.”

“... Should I be scared?”



Shinsou left an hour after they ate breakfast. Katsuki's mom hugged him before he left and Katsuki's dad wished him a good day. Shinsou had all his stuff back in his bag and they cleaned up all the bedding from the living room.

Then, he and Katsuki both spent a time in the bathroom trying to fix their hair so it wasn't going crazy everywhere. It was a horribly lost cause for Shinsou, and he said he was suffering as he tried to get his hair back. Katsuki watched his fruitless efforts with a grin. He got the knots out of his own hair and then shook his head until it stuck up on its own. Shinsou gave him a dirty look at that as he gave up trying to style his hair. Katsuki just snorted at his expression when Shinsou stared in the mirror of the bathroom from under the hair that fell in front on eyes. Shinsou ended tying his hair back with one of the hair ties he carries around. Apparently he started bringing three around with him at all times after the “fountain incident” in case a similar thing occurred—he said it was an “occupational hazard” while dating Katsuki.

Katsuki walked Shinsou out. Shinsou said he was going to nap for ten years before he waved and walked away. Katsuki rolled his eyes and waved back at him as he went down the street. It was still cold, so Shinsou had himself wrapped up in his coat and scarf like it was far below freezing. Katsuki just walked out in a sweatshirt. Shinsou was probably right about the difference in their body temperatures, but he didn't really notice when—

Nope not thinking about that. He didn't want to think about whatever he must've done while asleep. The fact he somehow ended up pulling Shinsou's hair was enough information he needed.

Katsuki went back inside when Shinsou got around a corner. He wandered back into the living room. He picked up the plastic bag and paper the dog plushie was in and threw it out. He picked up the plushie and went upstairs to his room. When he got inside, he kicked the door shut behind him and sat down on the bed with the plush in his lap. He turned it so he looked it in its little face. It was super soft and honestly adorable. He'd never say any of that outloud. Especially not that he actually really did like it.


Chapter Text

The first days back at school were a little rough. Katsuki kind of missed eating whenever he wanted—he didn't stuff his face, no way in hell, but it was nice having snacks and shit when he felt like it. Kirishima asked him how hanging out with Shinsou was. He got kick out of Katsuki being a relationship for whatever reason, and was really curious. Ashido did, too, but was more invasive. Kaminari was convinced there was something else going on, but he was pretty much in denial.

It seemed almost the entire class agreed Todoroki would be the first to start dating any—pretty boy, rich family, hero student, et cetera. Katsuki knew it was kind of crappy to see his and Shinsou's relationship as a way of winning, and that wasn't all of it. But damn if it didn't feel good.

Shinsou ended up out of town for the rest of the vacation—some family thing with his cousins—so he and Katsuki didn't spend any more time with each other that week. They texted regularly, and Shinsou vented about annoying, conservative family members that didn't like the idea of him dating a guy. Shinsou dismissed every offer Katsuki made to come up there and slap sense into people, but Katsuki was still kind of pissed Shinsou had to deal with ridicule from that side, too.

When they all went back to the dorms, hero students had to be there earlier for some special class, so Katsuki didn't see him all day—because of course the class didn't finish and had to continue into lunch. Katsuki had thought he'd stand out with a bag that he hadn't left with. His mom made him bring more of his clothes, since she didn't want to keep seeing them in the wash because somehow they ended up there. Almost everyone in his class had a bag when they walked in to put their stuff away before the class. When the four idiots found him on the way in and walked with him to talk, he learned that Kirishima's parents did almost the same thing, as well as Deku and a few other people in their class.

Katsuki dumped most of the contents of his bag into his closet for later sorting. Usually, he would've just tossed the bag in and left, but there was another thing in the bag. The dog plush. He left it in the bag and put it near the pillows on his bed. Kirishima walked out of his room a second before Katsuki, so the redhead made sure to keep him company on the walk there.

After the day, Katsuki shut himself away in his room. Ashido complained she didn't get to brag about her awesome vacation yet, and Sero said the same thing. Katsuki just yelled at them that he was tired, went upstairs and locked the room behind him.

The dog plush was taken out of the bag and he looked around the room. He usually kept the door locked, but he swore that one time Kaminari picked the lock when they tried to prank him by getting into his room and drawing on his face. That incident ended with Kaminari pinned to the ground of the common room and Katsuki scribbling things on him. Regardless, Katsuki was now cautious and locked the door that lead into the building and the veranda doors, just to be sure. Still, he was on edge about the four idiots getting in somehow, so he didn't know where to put it.

Katsuki brought it with him because he did like it—and he'd probably only ever admit that to himself, maybe Shinsou, but unlikely. But if Kaminari or Ashido, maybe Sero if he felt up to it, found out it'd be hell. He'd never hear the end of it. So a semi hiding place was necessary. Katsuki climbed onto his bed on his knees and started to rearrange the pillows. He only had a few, along with a bunched up blanket near the head of the bed because he didn't know where else to put it. He put the dog plush on the corner of his bed, where the wall bordering Kirishima's room met the one that had the door to the hall. He moved the pillows so the plush was mostly hidden, and if anyone noticed, it would be passed off as another pillow or blanket. Good enough.

He stayed there the rest of the day, and he and Shinsou started texting after they both finished homework. Apparently Shinsou lost his voice when out of town, so he wasn't up to skype or talk on the phone.

In the mornings, Katsuki and Shinsou realized going outside in the gym area was a bad idea with the cold, and Shinsou kept complaining, so Katsuki relocated to one of the indoor gyms used by everyone. There were a few more people there. People from 1-B working out, but not the ones that tried picking a fight with Katsuki ages ago. Some kids from other departments were there talking, too, just hanging out in the space until classes start. A few looked over when Katsuki and Shinsou walked in. Most ignored them as just other people using the space, but the others stared. There were three tiered bleachers set up against the walls either side of the door. Shinsou went over to the bleachers on the left—everyone else was over on the right in their little groups. So that was their new place until the cold went away. One girl from 1-B—a girl with orange hair—greeted Katsuki, but that was it. No one else tried to approach them on any of the days that week they went into that space.

The rest of the week passed without any abnormalities. Shinsou's voice was still gone. He could speak, full sentences at least, but still sounded like shit and didn't want to talk much because it could get worse. So no phone calls and on skype calls, he didn't talk that much as they watched whatever show they picked out.

Friday night, Katsuki avoided the 1-A movie night before they even started getting set up and locked himself in his room. Shinsou had given him his account information for an anime streaming site so he could catch up on one of the longer series while Shinsou wasn't around or up to watch with him. So that's what he was doing. It was one with over four hundred episodes, so Katsuki figured it wouldn't hurt to keep watching them on his own. He got hooked even if he complained about it at first. He got settled lying down on his stomach on the bed, laptop in front of him, using the dog plush as a chin rest.

It was in the middle of an intense episode moment when a knocking came on the door. Katsuki jolted and hurriedly paused the episode so he didn't miss anything. He yanked his headphones off and sat back.

“What?!” he shouted at the door.

“Bakugou, let us in!” Kaminari's voice said. Katsuki scowled and looked down before he stood up. Shit the dog thing. He grabbed it and jammed it back in the corner a little rougher than necessary. He tossed the bunched up blanket on top of it and pushed the pillows around it. It took longer than he thought to make it look natural. “Bakugou! Hello?”

“Give me a damn minute!” Katsuki snapped. He decided the pillows were put in a decent enough position. He sighed a little and closed his laptop before answering the door. He slammed it open and glared at the two outside. It was Kaminari, who jumped at the sudden motion, and Kirishima, who just snorted at Kaminari's reaction. “What do you want?”

“Dude, chill,” Kaminari said. He smirked a little. “We interrupt you in your boyfriend talking or something?”

“I'll throw you down the stairs, discount pikachu,” Katsuki growled. Kaminari held his hands up in mock surrender and took a step back. “Now just tell me what the hell you want.”

“There's like a festival-party thing going on downtown tomorrow,” Kirishima said. “It's supposed to be pretty warm, so we thought it'd be cool to go. Ashido's bringing Hagakure, and they want you to bring Shinsou.”

“...I'll ask him, but tell those annoying asses to piss off,” Katsuki said.

Kirishima laughed and nodded. Kaminari and him walked away, Kirishima wishing Katsuki a good night before they went down stairs. Katsuki went back into his room and closed the door. He sat back down on his bed and pulled out his phone, opening up Shinsou and his conversation.


Me: the four idiots invited us to a festival-party thing dwntwn tmrw

Me: i know ur voice is shit rn but raccoon-eyes is bringing invisigirl and she's ur fangirl

Hitoshit: I heard of that thing, and sure as long as they know I'm probs not gonna talk.

Me: u carry ur phone everywhere anyway

Me: just type shit

Hitoshit: Gasp

Hitoshit: Be the shinra to my celty

Me: wtf

Hitoshit: Shit you haven't seen that

Hitoshit: We're watching Durarara when I don't sound like crap

Me: whatever

Me: night

Hitoshit: Night


It was warmer the next day, enough that Katsuki only had a jacket on over normal clothes. When he and the other four were going to leave, he texted shinsou to tell him. He got no response, so he said that he and Shinsou would meet them there. It was a little under an hour when Shinsou answered him.


Hitoshit: Omg sry I was sleeping

Hitoshit: U still there?

Me: yeah

Me: don't worry the four idiots and invisigirl went ahead

Hitoshit: Dammit, I'm sorry

Me: chill

Me: just tell me when ur rdy

Hitoshit: Give me ten minutes, meet you at the gate?

Me: sure


Katsuki sorted out a few things in his room for a couple minutes. Then he left and waited by the front gate. A few other students were going in and out of the campus. Soon, Shinsou showed up. He was wrapped in his giant black coat and purple scarf pulled above his nose. He had actual boots on, the kind you're supposed to wear in winter, and dark pants. He walked up to Katsuki and pulled out his phone. He opened a writing app and typed a message and showed it to Katsuki.


“Seriously?” Katsuki sighed. He could tell Shinsou was smiling even without seeing his mouth. Shinsou slid his phone back into his coat pocket. “C'mon, let's get going then.”


The group was hanging out near some stone surrounded tree plot. A lot of kids from other schools were walking around. There were booths and little carts set up, selling food. It was some out of nowhere celebration that Katsuki probably should've known, but he didn't really care. Kaminari and Sero already had food in their hands, eating. Kirishima had some hot drink. Hagakure and Ashido weren't there, and Katsuki guessed they were off filling their arms with food somewhere.

Katsuki stopped before they went over to them and got some food with Shinsou at one of the carts. Shinsou got a hot drink, telling Katsuki that he heard it helped with losing his voice, Katsuki got something spicy. Katsuki felt kind of shitty for asking Shinsou to come with them, since he knew Shinsou was really sensitive to cold and it could make his throat worse. He asked about it once as they walked over, but Shinsou dismissed it and said it wasn't that big of a deal. Katsuki shoved off any hesitation he had and held his hand out. It Shinsou a second before he pulled his hand out of his pocket and grabbed Katsuki's. Shinsou's hand was cold as hell, but Katsuki's were a lot warmer than normal people's. It balanced out, at least. Katsuki smiled a little but crushed it down as they walked towards the group.

“'Sup assholes,” Katsuki said as greeting when he and Shinsou stopped next to the group. Kirishima looked over and smiled.

“Hey!” he said. “Cool to see you again, Shinsou.”

Shinsou nodded. Kirishima looked confused for a second and Katsuki jumped in before any insult was accidentally taken.

“He lost his voice,” Katsuki explained. Kirishima's eyes widened and he nodded in understanding quickly.

“Damn that sucks,” Kaminari said. “I got sick and lost my voice over vacation.”

“Good, no one had to hear the shit you try to say,” Katuski said immediately. Shinsou snorted, mid sip of his drink and coughed a little. Sero chuckled and Kirishima laughed at Kaminari's expression.

“Stop doing this shit to me, man,” Kaminari whined. “Why me?”

“You make it too damn easy, shitty pikachu.”

Before anything else could be said, Ashido and Hagakure popped up. The second Hagakure saw Shinsou, she squealed. Like Katsuki guessed, they had at least four trays of food each. Hagakure rushed to put hers on the small stone wall around the tree plot that Kaminari was sitting on. She did it badly and it almost fell off a few times, but once it was stable she turned to Shinsou and bounced eagerly.

“Oh my god, oh my god!” she said quickly. Shinsou looked confused for a second. He glanced down at Katsuki and the blond mouthed 'fangirl'. “You're Insomi-cat. I love your blog so much. You're so cool. Oh my god, does that mean Bakugou's Blasty? I should've recognized his hair.”

Shinsou snickered at that and Katsuki gave him a dirty look. Hagakure gushed for a minute and she took out her phone—bear case and cutesy charms.

“Can I get a picture with you?” she asked. Shinsou paused a little before nodded. Katsuki could tell by the look on his face that he wasn't expecting that. Shinsou leaned down slightly as Hagakure turned and held up the camera to get a picture. When it was done, Hagakure bounced back and started hitting buttons on her phone. “Do you mind if I post this?”

Shinsou shook his head and waved the hand with his drink in it slightly to basically say go for it. Hagakure thanked him and went back next to Ashido, who was sitting on the stone thing next to Kaminari, typing away on her phone.

They stuck around there for a bit. No one asked about or pointed out Katsuki and Shinsou holding hand. They probably didn't notice, because they would definitely point it out if they did and teasing would ensue. Hagakure got over her over excitement pretty quickly and seamlessly joined one of the conversations the four idiots started up. Everything was good, in all honesty. Shinsou's hand wasn't ice cold but Katsuki's wasn't sweating so there was no risk of explosions. Katsuki made some comments about people walking by to Shinsou to break the silence—it was the comfortable kind, but it was still kind of weird without Shinsou talking about something.

“Hey, Bakugou,” Kaminari piped up. “There're some game booths down the street. I bet I can beat you at one of them.”

“When I win?” Katsuki asked.

“You mean if?” Hagakure said.

“When,” Katsuki repeated.

“If you win,” Kaminari began. Katsuki rolled his eyes. “I'll do your homework.”

“Hell no, you suck at that shit,” Katuski snapped. Kaminari looked vaguely insulted. “But I'll kick your ass for free. Let's go.”

Chapter Text

The “games” were the rigged kinds at carnivals. Everyone in their little group realized that but they still payed up to play. First it was just Kaminari against Katsuki, but then one way or another, it ended up being Kaminari, Ashido, and Hagakure against Katsuki and Sero. The guy running it looked a little helpless as they started shouting at each other. Shinsou and Kirishima stood back and watched the chaos. Kirishima said encouragements a few times, only to be flipped off by Katsuki.

After the third attempt, Katsuki was taking it as a matter of pride to get one of the prizes. He snapped at the group that they were all teaming up to get a prize. They agreed, and soon it was Katsuki controlling and the other shouting things in his ears that were supposed to help him. It wasn't a good plan and Katsuki regretted his choices. They did win, and Ashido tried to take credit since she was the one to say something just before Katuski beat it. She ended up taking the shitty prize as a trophy. It wasn't like Katsuki wanted it, so he didn't care, winning was just a matter of pride so he was content with that. Then Kaminari said he could beat all of them at another game. That continued for a while.

It was starting to get dark when Katsuki stopped playing. Lights were going on in the area and it got a little colder. Kaminari tried to call him chicken, but Katsuki said he was tired of kicking all their asses. The others kept playing and Katsuki kept shouting stuff at them even if he wasn't involved. Kirishima and Shinsou followed them around, but didn't get involved. Eventually, yelling at the idiots playing the games got boring, so Katsuki watched as they failed miserably.

Katsuki looked back at where Kirishima and Shinsou were standing. Kirishima was saying something. Katsuki couldn't hear it—Ashido was screaming about something and there were different conversations everywhere. Shinsou nodded and smiled at whatever Kirishima said. Katsuki relaxed marginally at that. He really didn't want Shinsou to get messed with when he was already sick, and while he doubted Kirishima would do any of that on purpose, he still had to worry. Kirishima said something else, a nervous smile on his face, and that's when Katsuki felt like it went to shit. Shinsou's smiled dropped and he nodded slightly. Kirishima kept going with whatever he was saying, gesturing with one of his hands dismissively. Shinsou's expression didn't change and he looked down at his feet, just nodding again. Then he pulled out his phone for the first time that night, unlocking it and going through the motions to open the blog app.

Something definitely went to shit. Katsuki left the group at the game booth and walked over to them. They were standing at another one of the short stone walls around a tree plot. Shinsou was half sitting on it and Kirishima was just standing next to it. Katsuki stopped in front of them.

“Hey, Bakugou, what's up?” Kirishima asked.

“They suck, not worth kicking their asses any more,” Katsuki said, glancing over his shoulder at where the others were losing their shit over some part of the game. He looked down at Shinsou, who looked up one time before going back to his phone. “What ya talking about?”

“Not much,” Kirishima shrugged, smiling. “Just how it is to deal with you.”

Katsuki growled at him and Kirishima laughed. He excused himself and went over where the others were to join in on their chaos. Katsuki sat down next to Shinsou and looked over at his phone. Shinsou was going through his feed.

“You okay?” Katsuki asked after a long moment of silence. The others were moving onto a different game. Kirishima looked over at Katsuki and Shinsou, but Katsuki just waved him off and they went without the two. It wasn't that far, and it wasn't like they'd be lost. Shinsou paused, looking over at him before nodding. He adjusted his scarf to be over his nose and mouth again and went back to his phone. “Y' sure?”

“Jus' feel bad,” Shinsou said. His voice was scratchy and rough, and he winced a little when he finished saying it.

“Shitty throat?” Katsuki asked. Shinsou nodded again. “Do you... wanna head back to the dorms?--” Shinsou hesitated and then nodded. Katsuki pushed off the wall and stood up “--C'mon I'll head back with you.”

“Ya don't have to do that,” Shinsou muttered. He stood up next to Katsuki. “I can go back alone, no big deal... Hang out with your friends.”

Katsuki stared at him for a second. Something was wrong. Katsuki knew that expression from when Shinsou and him weren't talking after his mini-crisis. He wanted to know what it was this time, but Shinsou couldn't talk well enough to explain anything and he didn't want to make Shinsou's voice any worse.

“They're lame anyways,” Katsuki said. He grabbed Shinsou's freehand where it was hanging at his side. Shinsou grabbed back a little hesitantly. “Ditching them's not a big deal. Invisigirl got her picture, so she'll stop being an annoying ass now. Wanna get something for your throat?”

“...You sure you wanna leave?” Shinsou asked quietly. It was a little hard to understand it with how his voice was, but it was also pretty quiet away fromt the game booths, so Katsuki didn't have to ask him to repeat it.

“I wouldn't ask this shit if I didn't want to,” Katsuki shrugged. Shinsou looked over at him, putting his phone in sleep mode and putting it in one of the pockets of his coat.

“They're your friends, you really sure?” Shinsou said. Katsuki sighed and looked over at where the group was huddled together.

“They're assholes,” Katsuki snapped. Shinsou let out a laugh that sounded a little like a cough. “And you're my boyfriend, you take priority. 'Sepcially when you sound or feel like crap. So stop somewhere to get some shit for your throat?”

Shinsou was quiet before he nodded and tightened his hold on Katsuki's hand. Katsuki dug his phone out of his pocket and they started walking away from the cluster of game booths. Shinsou had his out again, and Katsuki could see he was searching up things for his throat. Katsuki shot a message to Kirishima.


Me: shinsou's feeling sick i'm taking him back 2 dorms

Shitty-hair: K then! See u later!


Katsuki shoved his phone away and Shinsou found some restaurant that supposed to have stuff that usually helped with stuff like that. They looked at the map and went in that direction. It wasn't too far and Katsuki already knew where it was. Ashido took him and the others with her when she tried to do a “cleanse” she saw online because the restaurant had some of the stuff that the instructions said to drink—she only lasted half a week. Shinsou laughed a little when Katsuki told him that, but it broke out into coughs.

They reached part of the streets where less people were. Most of them were just clustered at the booths and carts. That area was decorated heavily, and Katsuki still had no idea what it was for when they turned the corner down the street with the restaurant on it. They were quiet the entire way.

The restaurant was small and looked like a place where you'd meditate or some spiritual shit like that—at least in Katsuki's opinion. Dark walls, mahogany floors, booths with dark red padding and small tables scattered around the center of the room. The lights were dim and there were a few other groups of people sitting around. There were abstract paintings that Katsuki guessed were supposed to be “relaxing” but he didn't get it, and the quiet music was instrumental—violins, he thought, other things he had no clue about, and some chimes.

There was a dark haired woman at the counter, wearing a dress with the name of the restaurant on it and a name tag. She was older with some gray in her hair. She hadn't been looking up at the door when Katsuki and Shinsou walked it. A few people sitting at the tables glanced up, but just looked away after that initial reaction was over. The woman at the counter looked up, cheery smile on her face as she looked them up and down. Her smile fell as they came up to the counter.

“Hello,” she said. She smiled again, but it was strained. “How can I help you?”

“Table for two,” Katsuki said.

“Booth, please,” Shinsou added.

The woman nodded and reached down to grab menus from behind that counter. Katsuki narrowed his eyes a little bit. She looked like someone insulted her, and Katsuki noticed she was looking down at their hands a few too many times to be natural. He resisted from rolling his eyes. There was no way in hell they were about to get yelled at by some damn conservative woman they didn't know.

She led them to a table near the back of the restaurant. A booth pressed against in the corner of two walls. Katsuki sat on the side that had a wall behind it and Shinsou on the other. The woman gave them their menus and asked them for their drink orders. Katsuki just got water and Shinsou read the drink he found online off his phone. The woman nodded, wrote it down, and walked off.

“What were you and shitty-hair talking about?” Katsuki asked after they both picked out their food. Shinsou leaned back and just looked down at his lap. He shrugged.

“Told you, nothing,” Shinsou said. Katsuki really didn't want to make him talk with a throat that bad, but he wasn't screwing up again. Shinsou over thought crap all the time, and if Katsuki let him they'd end up not talking again. They just sorted it out, and he didn't want to go back to square one.

“It wasn't nothing, shithead,” Katsuki sighed, rolling his eyes. “What did he talk to you about?”

“...He had a crush on you in the first few weeks,” Shinsou muttered after a tense moment. The other conversations were louder and people in them too invested to notice the two of them, but Katuski didn't think either of them really wanted to talk about this here. Katsuki didn't want the two of them out in the cold in case Shinsou got more sick. He didn't whine or complain about it, but still. “That right?”

“Apparently,” Katsuki said, crossing his arms and leaning forward and resting his elbows on the table. “He said he's over it, though.”

“Said that, too,” Shinsou said nodding slightly. He still had his scarf up over his face. He sighed and shook his head. “'M overthinking it, just forget it.”

“What,” Katsuki started. “Are you overthinking?”

Shinsou stayed quiet and looked down at his lap, messing with his hands. He was quiet for seconds that felt a lot longer.

“You never liked him back,” Shinsou said, more like he was telling himself more than anything. Katsuki frowned. He had an idea of where it was going, and he did not like it. “Right? That's... that's how it was?”

“Yes,” Katsuki said. Shinsou looked up at him and Katsuki could tell he was nervous or something like that. “I wasn't even thinking about dating anyone back then... But what else? There has to be more, you wouldn't let that shit get to you so fast unless there was something else.”

“...Are you sure?” Shinsou asked. Katsuki just waited for him to elaborate and Shinsou huffed. “I'll admit it with no shame, he's hot and if he knew what the hell to do with his hair he'd be even hotter. So are you sure?”

“I wouldn't say it if I wasn't,” Katsuki stated. The woman came by and dropped off their drinks with a quiet 'enjoy' and they ordered. She walked away quickly, and Katsuki was actually a little grateful for that. “What else?”

“You... god you're so stubborn,” Shinsou grumbled. He took a long sip from his drink and settled a little deeper into the booth seat. Katsuki just raised both his eyebrows and waited for Shinsou to keep going. It was contradicting that he didn't want Shinsou's throat to get worse, but they were not going back to square one. No way in hell. “You do realize that he'd probably better than me, right?--” Katsuki blinked slowly. He held back the immediate comments he wanted to make because he knew Shinsou wasn't done “--Like, in every way? You guys are gonna graduate and go pro, and if you're with him instead of me, you guys could be like... the ultimate team and power couple. So sorry if I'm a little put off by the fact he had a damn crush on you. I'm sick, maybe my body is messing with my head, but why be interested in me when you have people like him?”

Shinsou's voice cracked a little at the end. Katsuki didn't like the sound of that in the context. He slumped his shoulders forward and drank his drink through the straw it came with. He looked anywhere but Katsuki across the table. Katsuki stared at him blankly before he frowned.

“Because I am,” Katsuki said. He kept his volume in check, so that it wasn't heard above the chatting of the other people. Shinsou still didn't look up at him, and just shifted. “What other proof do you need? I'm dating you, not him. Who cares what the hell might happen if I did? I... I told you when we first sorted this shit out that I don't know what I am attraction wise, and that I liked you. Because I do. And realize that I'm not gonna repeat this crap since it's cheesy as hell, but I. Like. You. I know you're not happy with not being in the hero course, and I know you've been with those asshole family members of yours that're still against relationships like ours. But it doesn't matter with us. Got it? I couldn't give less of a shit if you're in the hero classes, or if your family doesn't like the idea. I wouldn't be dating you if I didn't want to or mean it when I say I like you.”

“I think that's the most you've ever said to me about this,” Shinsou said quietly. The scarf was down now, and he was smiling faintly but still looking down at his lap. “But... You're sure? Like one hundred percent? I can get annoying and clingy and I know we're still in that honeymoon stage, so I'm warning you now.”

“Have you seen the idiots I hang out with?” Katsuki snorted. “I can take annoying. Plus I'm gonna drown you in crappy affection until you get over this shit."

Shinsou laughed a little and he started coughing again. He cleared his throat as best as he could and let out a sigh.

“Works for me, but I'll still give you crap for it,” Shinsou said, smiling a little wider. Katsuki smirked and snickered a little. “...I'm still gonna worry, though... so sorry if I get possessive or any of that.”

“I punched someone in the face,” Katsuki stated. Shinsou grinned. “I doubt you could do worse.”

Chapter Text

It was the next Monday, and Hitoshi was still slightly emotionally exhausted. His voice was still kind of shitty, but it was getting better. A few more days and he'd be fine, he thought. As long as there weren't any sudden talking sessions with Bakugou, he'd be fine. Hitoshi put himself on a strict minimum speech policy, and he told Bakugou about it, and the blond agreed. But other than that, it was business as usual.

Hitoshi met Bakugou in the halls on the way there, and fell into step next to each other. Bakugou grabbed Hitoshi's hand as they walked, and Hitoshi smiled a little at that. Bakugou did say he was going to be “drowned” in that kind of thing, but Hitoshi doubted it'd get as intense as other people might had laid it on. Regardless, Hitoshi would take it with pride considering how almost all the people in UA felt about Bakugou.

The indoor gym had the usual people, with a few more Gen Ed kids Hitoshi recognized. One of the girls that specifically had a fear of his quirk was walking towards the door. She jolted when she saw Bakugou, who walked in first, and then she froze when she saw Hitoshi. She stared at them like a deer in headlights. Hitoshi had a rough idea of how it probably looked—one of the most dangerous hero students with a literally explosive temper, and the kid that could make you do whatever he wanted if you slipped up hanging out. She looked them up and down nervously. Bakugou ignored her and Hitoshi glanced over at her once before going back to his phone. She paused in her slight trembling and the fright changed into confusion.

A few other people glanced over at them as they walked in, but the people that were usually there just signed them off as new regulars, and left them to their own thing. It was a unsaid agreement that everyone minded their own business and didn't try to be too buddy-buddy. The orange haired girl said hello every now and then, but didn't push for conversation, and she did that to almost everyone. The new ones stared a second too long—enough for Hitoshi to feel it and shoot them a glance. They were Gen Ed, and they didn't try to look again.

Hitoshi and Bakugou put their stuff on the empty half of the bleachers. Bakugou got out his earbuds and phone for music. Hitoshi settled himself down on the second tier of the bench and stretched his legs out with a yawn. He grabbed the thermos from Bakugou's bag, and the other already had his own drink.

The morning passed without any craziness and they went their separate ways to classes after Bakugou changed. Hitoshi didn't finish his coffee, so he kept thermos and would drop it off at lunch.

When Hitoshi walked into his room, he was one of the few there and just sat down at his desk as more people flooded into the room. The girl from the morning was talking to her group of friends and Hitoshi felt them look over at him a few times. He ignored it—sometimes they just talked, so it wasn't too important—and when the teacher came in, he put his phone on silent and shoved it in his bag.



Hitoshi looked up, caught off guard. The teacher just stepped out of the room to get some things and conversation erupted. Hitoshi accepted that he'd never really be part of that, so he wasn't expecting it. He looked over to his side. The girl from the morning was diagonally in front of him on the right. She was turned in her seat to face him. The other two around him—the guy in front and another girl to his right turned to her in surprise that she was even talking to Hitoshi.

He nodded to show he was listening and the girl hesitated. She glanced back at her friend that sat next to her and the others that were further in the front of the room. They were all looking back with eager faces. Other conversations were going on around them, but all of her friends seemed to be trying to listen in.

“Ar... um... Are you gay?” she asked quickly. Hitoshi's eyes widened and the guy in front of him turned to face him. The girl next to him gawked. He dug in his bag and pulled out his phone and opened a writing app. He typed something and showed it to her.

Why do you ask?

She read it outloud under her breath and shifted in her seat. She probably didn't want to be talking to him at all—she was one of the ones that feared for her life with Hitoshi around. She played with her hands, and glanced around. The other guy and girl were now listening intently, and the person in front of the guy seemed to be listening in, too.

“T-This—I... I'm just curious,” she stuttered. Hitoshi frowned and took his phone, typing out another message and showing it to her.

Demi or somewhere on the bi spectrum. Your point?

She read it in a mutter, and the guy in front of Hitoshi leaned over to read it. The girl next to him did the same, but patiently waited the rest of the . The guy gave Hitoshi a mixed look—surprise, confusion, and something else.

“Well... I, uh, saw you and explosive g-guy from the hero course...walking together and...” the girl said. A few other people seemed to listen in when they heard that. Hitoshi nodded slowly, pulling his phone back. The girl looked even more nervous and she glanced back at her friends again who just mouthed 'go for it'. She turned to Hitoshi again and took a deep breath before blurting it out. “Are you dating him?”

Hitoshi's eyes widened and he knew his face was heating up a little. Shit she saw them holding hands. There was a tense moment in their conversation where everyone listening turned and made it obvious. A few more girls were staring than the original's friend group. Hitoshi knew why. All the hero students were a bit adored by them, and he overheard way too many conversations of them gushing about who they'd want to date. Bakugou got talked about a lot, but most of them agreed on the same thing—he was too aggressive and violent.

A small smile appeared on Hitoshi face and he snickered a little. He raised an eyebrow and smirked.

“Jealous?” he asked quietly, but enough so that the people just around them heard.

The girl gasped loudly, and nodded frantically back to her friends who started freaking out, too. The other girl next to him's mouth fell open and she stared with wide eyes. The eavesdroppers hurriedly told their own friends that didn't hear it and Hitoshi could feel more and more eyes turning towards him. The guy jumped to his feet and slammed his hands down on Hitoshi's desk.

“You're dating a hero student!?” he shouted. Everyone was looking now. Hitoshi rolled his eyes. The guy stared down at him. “How the hell did you end up with a hero student?!”

Hitoshi just smiled innocently. It was funny seeing the people freaking out and wanting to hear more explanation, but not getting any. The guy looked particularly annoyed in confused and growled under his breath. The teacher came back, and everyone sat down if they were standing and turned to face the front of the room. Hitoshi quickly put his phone away and started thinking about how he could get out of there without getting stopped when lunch came around.


Catsuki: eat lunch with me and the four idiots?

Me: Yeah, okay

Me: Btw I'm hiding in the bathroom rn bc my class found out that I'm dating u

Catsuki: they freaking out?

Me: Oh yeah

Catsuki: cuz ur dating a hero student or that im a guy

Me: Hero student mostly, but some r weirded out by the guy thing

Catsuki: rub it in

Me: Trust me, I did

Catsuki: good

Catsuki: shit like that is y I date u

Me: aww sweet

Me: Meet me outside cafeteria?

Catsuki: yeah k

Me: Remember I'm on a minimum talk thing

Catsuki: i'm not stupid

Hitoshi put his phone away and left the bathroom. He had gone there in an effort to throw off the people that were trying to question him. Normally, he'd just answer, and they'd go silent out of fear, and answer with a nod or shaking their head before leaving. But now, it seemed their curiosity overrode any hesitation they had around him.

Hitoshi quickly made his way to the cafeteria, and Bakugou was outside like he said he'd be. When Hitoshi walked up next to him, they went into the cafeteria. Bakugou led him to the table with the others. It was a booth table. Kaminari, Ashido, and Sero were on one side, and Kirishima was on the other. Bakugou glanced over at Hitoshi and nodded to the seat, offering him the spot next to Kirishima. Hitoshi nodded and sat down, putting his bag by his feet, and Bakugou sat down next to him.

Bakugou was at least trying to be considerate with Hitoshi small jealousy. He doubted that Bakugou told Kirishima what happened, and what he did wrong, but if anything like that came up again, Bakugou probably would go off. Hitoshi didn't hate Kirishima, or any of Bakugou's friends, really, and he wasn't going to subject any of them to that kind of rage. So he didn't make a big deal out of an offhand comment.

When Hitoshi and Bakugou sat down, the others barely acknowledged them as they sat down. Bakugou already had his lunch and Hitoshi had his own packed, so he took it out and started to eat. Gen Ed kids from his class walked by and stared, or stared from nearby tables. Bakugou noticed it when the third person walked by, staring at them. He looked over at Hitoshi, who had a small, smug smile on his face.

“Gen Ed kids?” Bakugou asked quietly. Hitoshi nodded, and Bakugou snorted, shaking his head with a smirk. “Damn.”

“You still sick, Shinsou?” Ashido asked. Hitoshi went back to a neutral face and nodded. “That sucks... How long you think you're gonna be sick?”

Hitoshi leaned down and dug his phone out of his bag. He opened the writing app again and typed.

A day or two. Just not talking today so it doesn't get worse.

“Hmm, guess that makes sense,” Ashido nodded. “I wanted to make Katy Perry jokes though...”

Sorry, maybe later. I'm always up for making fun of Katy.

“Awesome!” Ashido laughed. “Oh and thanks for taking that picture with Hagakure, she was super excited even if you guys left early!”

“You didn't have to come with us, you know?” Kaminari said. “I know like Sero and I didn't meet you until then, but like... If you were that sick, you didn't have to.”

Nbd. I got free food, so it's cool.

Kaminari snickered at that and Ashido smiled. Sero and Kirishima were having their own little conversations—they were sitting across from each other. Bakugou grabbed Hitoshi's wrist and turned the phone screen to him so he could read the message. He rolled his eyes and let go when he did, and Hitoshi smiled.

“Oh, and by the way,” Ashido started. “Yaomomo is a fan, too. And now she's like... lowkey jealous of Hagakure. Just a heads up, if you start hanging out with us more she might walk up to you.”

Hitoshi nodded and put his phone away, going back to his lunch. The others went off on their own conversation and Hitoshi and Bakugou stayed quiet. A few other people gave them weird looks—people from the other Gen Ed, a few 1-B hero students—but just kept walking. People from Hitoshi's class still stared at them at different points. It only seemed Bakugou and Hitoshi were aware of them, as the other four just kept talking to each other.

It was almost the end of lunch when Hitoshi brought his phone out again and typed a message to show Bakugou a little under the table. Bakugou looked down when he saw Hitoshi showing him the screen out of sight from the other four.

Is it annoying? The stares and shit.

Bakugou reached down and typed out his own message as the four started cackling about something.

Nah. Don't matter anyways. They were gonna find out anyways.

Hitoshi shrugged, closed the app and put his phone away. Bakugou rested his elbow on the table and put his chin in his palm. Hitoshi grabbed his other hand that was down on the seat as nonchalantly as possible. Bakugou glanced back at him and Hitoshi just smirked a little. Bakugou rolled his eyes, faint smiled on his face before he forced it down and snapped some insult to Kaminari. He didn't try to move his hand though.

Chapter Text

It was a 1-A outing to celebrate... whatever. Katsuki didn't pay attention to that part. The class prez announced it loudly before movie night, and before Katuski got a chance to go upstairs after grabbing some food and a drink. They'd be going to the movies and mall, altogether to see one of the new movies. It was so sudden, Katsuki didn't get a chance to message Shinsou about it. Shinsou and him didn't talk that night—a giant project for Gen Ed that he had to work on with some other people—and Katsuki thought he'd remember to text him the following morning. He didn't. Then, the class prez made some huge deal about how phones were not allowed unless someone else called or messaged first. Katsuki didn't want to deal with him yelling about Katsuki texting someone in the middle of the mall, so he didn't text Shinsou at all. Shinsou didn't' text him, either, so he assumed that other was busy.

The mall was pretty crowded, but it was mid-day on the weekend, and it was expected. So maybe the class prez could have figured out a better time if he was going to make everyone go and hang out together at the mall. The class split off into their own little groups, and the class prez made sure at least one responsible person was in a chat that he'd use to tell them when to be at the theater. So in a group of Katsuki, Ashido, Sero, Kaminari, and Kirishima, Sero was put in the chat and was in charge of getting them there on time for them to all get seats together and food.

None of them had anything specific they wanted to do or get, so they just roamed around. Eventually, Ashido said she needed to go get more makeup in one of the big department stores. Sero, Kirishima, and Kaminari made some excuse about how they wanted to get something else in another store. Katsuki somehow ended up getting dragged with Ashido since she needed someone's feedback who wouldn't be afraid to hurt her feelings. It wasn't incorrect that Katsuki fit that description, but it was just annoying. The other three ran off in some other direction and Katsuki gave up fighting Ashido's grip and just followed her. Not like he had anything else to do. She eventually let go and they made their way to the store.

“So, Shinsou's feeling better, right?” Ashido asked. Katsuki nodded. “Do you know what he had?”

“He just lost his damn voice, don't make a big deal out that shit,” Katsuki grumbled.

“Then why'd you guys leave early at the festival thing?” she asked, frowning a little. “Something happen?”

“Kirishima's just a dumbass and no you're not hearing more,” Katsuki spat.

Ashido looked disappointed, but accepted it and started ranting about how most “proper” makeup stores never had her skin tone. In a world of quirks where a good number of people didn't have normal human skin colors, you'd think there'd be more “out there” colors for those people. But no, they had to have over one hundred shades from pale to dark brown. That's what Ashido said at least. Katsuki didn't know that shit except for the small things he picked up from Ashido and his mom complaining about it.

The department store had a lot of people inside. Katsuki was surprised by the amount of middle or elementary school girls flooding the clothing sections—usually with one or two very exasperated looking moms. There was some even younger kids, and that's when he saw the sale sign. A discount on kid's clothes. Ashido seemed unfazed by it and led the way through the aisles and rows, avoiding the little groups that went by.

The makeup section wasn't that big, but not small by any means. A smaller sale was going on for that, too. Ashido immediately led him to a section filled with unique skin tones and started looking through stuff. Katsuki just hung back, hands in the pocket of his sweatshirt and letting Ashido do her thing. She was talking mostly to herself about the different shades of pink she managed to find—five of them. She asked his opinion on two of them, but he really had no idea, so she just settled to try and figure it out herself.

A group of middle school girls—although some of them looked like they'd fit in better with elementary—showed up in the makeup section. They acted like they were older than Katsuki or Ashido as they checked out makeup. Katsuki could've sworn a few of them looked over at him and batted their eyes. He scowled and avoided so much as glancing at them. It was a joke, right? He might only be in his first year of high school so it wasn't like he was that much older, but that was just plain weird.

As he was busy trying to erase the image of the look one of them gave him from his head, Ashido held the small cases of makeup up to her face, looking in one of the small mirrors on top of the shelf to see if it matched. She didn't seem to notice the girls at all. Katsuki zoned out, tapping his foot to the shitty pop song playing. It felt like a long time passed before Ashido put two of the shades back on the shelf, declaring they didn't work.

Then someone bumped into Katsuki as they rounded the corner Katsuki was standing near a little too quickly. Katsuki cursed as he stumbled to the side a little and turned his head, ready to shout at whoever it was. Except it was Shinsou, in his dark coat and purple scarf. Shinsou looked ready to snap at whoever it was, too, but stopped when he noticed who exactly who it was. Ashido turned to ask if Katsuki was okay, and stop any shouting that might've happened. When she saw Shinsou, she gasped and wrapped him a quick hug.

“Shinsou!” she giggled. “We didn't know you'd be here!”

“Oh... yeah,” Shinsou said, still a little frozen from the sudden hug. Ashido let go and just smiled up at him. “Just here to grab some concealer.”

“You wear makeup?” Katsuki asked, frowning a little. He wasn't going to have a problem with it, Shinsou could do whatever he wanted, but he was confused now Shinsou shrugged.

“Not often, just if I need to hide these,” Shinsou said, pointing to the dark eyebags. “I had some stuff, but I guess I accidentally left the case open last time I used it? Something happened and now it's garbage. Need a new one.”

“Ooh that sucks,” Ashido said. Shinsou nodded. “Well at least you don't have to find pink. It's hard to find a place that even has skintones like that.”

“Damn, I have trouble getting something as pale as me, that has to be a nightmare,” Shinsou snorted. Ashido sighed and nodded solemnly. Katsuki didn't get whatever they were saying, and just let them talk. Shinsou turned to him as Ashido went back to the now three pink shades she had to chose from. “You wouldn't come here just for that, so what's going on?”

“Class prez ordered the whole class to come here and see that new crappy movie,” Katsuki explained. “I was gonna message you, but you were busy with that project and I forgot in the morning. Then he bans us all from using phones unless someone calls first, and I'm tired of his damn yelling.”

“I heard the movies supposed to be at least a little decent,” Shinsou shrugged. It was then Katsuki noticed the coffee cup in his hand, from some place downstairs. Shinsou took a sip from it. “Dammit. This is great. I wish I had money, and I'd get this every day. Especially if they sold like packets to make it in a machine, I'd buy all of them.”

Katsuki rolled his eyes and Shinsou shoved his shoulder. Shinsou went down the row of skin tones, to the normal human ones. He didn't look farther than the first four palest. The group of girls still there, but towards the middle and darker tones, were giving him weird looks. Katsuki walked up next to him—Ashido could handle sorting between the now two skin tones she had to chose from, not that he helped in the first place. Shinsou picked up one of the cases and held it up next to the inside of his arm. Katsuki was a little shocked to see it was too dark even with how pale the contents of the case looked. He knew Shinsou was freakishly pale, but damn.

Shinsou just casually grabbed one of the paler ones and held it up. Just a little darker than his skin. He grabbed the second palest one and held it up like the other two. It was a perfect match. Shinsou grabbed the case and stepped back. He looked up at Katsuki and frowned at his shocked look.

“What?” he asked.

“You're pale as shit,” Katsuki said. Some of the young girls gasped and the others looked over at him with wide eyes. Shinsou glanced between the group and Katsuki before smirking at the blond.

“Watch your language, there are children present,” Shinsou said. Katsuki could sort of tell why he said that.

Most of the girls looked down right offended, like Shinsou just did something absolutely horrible. Katsuki smirked and snickered at that. The girls looked even more annoyed that he was agreeing and some of them stormed off, or at least tried to act it. Eventually, the whole group left. Shinsou and Katsuki walked over to where Ashido was still trying to decide.

“Help, I can't choose,” she said when they stopped next to her. She held the two cases up next to each other. Katsuki felt he was missing something because they looked the same to him.

“Aren't they the same...?” he muttered. Ashido and Shinsou both shook their heads simultaneously and Shinsou leaned forward a bit to get a better look.

“Did you check with your arm?” Shinsou asked.

“Arm?” Ashido said, confusion filling her face as she lowered the two cases. Shinsou leaned back.

“The inside of your arm,” Shinsou said, pointing to his own arm. “It's always your natural skin tone since it doesn't get sunlight to tan or anything. I never tan, anyways, but I just use that.”

Ashido nodded slowly and held up the cases to her arm. She decided on one and put the other away. Then she paused.

“Oh no, Sero was the one in that chat, we don't know when to go to the movie place,” she said.

“They're not gonna be hard to find,” Katsuki shrugged. He turned his head to Shinsou. “You wanna come?”

“Is that okay?” Shinsou asked. Ashido shrugged helplessly and Katsuki did the same.

“Why not?” Katsuki said. “But you gotta buy your own crap.”

“Well no shit.”


Sero, Kirishima, and Kaminari were even easier to find than Katsuki originally guessed. They didn't have anything bought, and Katsuki realized they said it to get out of makeup shopping. Assholes. They were also a little surprised to see Shinsou with Ashido and Katsuki, but Ashido explained. Finding each other was almost perfect timing. Sero's phone went off and he read the class prez's message out loud. It was just saying that they should all be making their way to the theater.

They went up the escalator, and another 1-A group joined them—tentacle guy, bird head, rock face, and the guy that was always making cakes at the crack of dawn. Katsuki stood next to Shinsou as they went up, and was confused to hear him and bird head start up a conversation. Bird head seemed a little surprised that someone recognized the band logo on his shirt, but seemed fine enough to talk about it with Shinsou. Katsuki would take it as a good sign that Shinsou was getting along with other 1-A students, even if it was over something he had no idea about. That and bird head was dating tentacle guy, so Katsuki didn't have to worry about him realizing how great Shinsou was and trying to steal him.

Deku and his little group was already standing outside the theater, as well as the last group—grape head was there, too, and Katsuki didn't want to spend energy thinking about which group that one ended up in. They walked over there, and Ashido started talking to Hagakure about how she was actually able to find makeup that matched her skin. The class prez made a big deal about counting if all of them were there, but stopped when he got the right number, but Shinsou was still there.

“Oh, Shinsou, are you joining us?” he asked, more quiet as the other students started paying for tickets and going into the lobby.

“That a problem?” Katsuki growled, narrowing his eyes at the class prez.

“Of course, not,” he said, giving Katsuki a dirty look. He huffed and crossed his arms. “I'm not sure if Bakugou told you what I said, but I am sorry for it. I judged you strictly on your quirk and fight with Midoriya, and I apologize.”

“He didn't tell me what you said exactly,” Shinsou said, shrugging slightly. “But yeah it's fine. Don't worry about it.”

The class prez seemed relieved at that and walked up to the counter where Deku and his friends were waiting to get their tickets. Katsuki's friends were already inside and getting food. That was expected, but they were still assholes. Shinsou nudged Katsuki's hand with his own and the blond turned to look at him. Shinsou raised an eyebrow and did it again. Katsuki frowned and glanced at the class now in the theater, all getting their food and drinks as they prepared to go into the theater. Bird head and tentacle guy were holding hands, and so were Deku and Todoroki. Katsuki nodded and they grabbed each other's hands as they went up to counter. Shinsou capped his coffee and and hid it in his bag before the girl could see it.

They bought their tickets and got in line for food. Shinsou got another giant thing of popcorn, and Katuski just got a soda. The popcorn was practically drowned in butter, again, and they walked over to where the rest of the class was waiting. Once everyone had their things, they went into the theater. It was empty, and Katsuki wondered if one of the richer ones bought it out. Or if class prez made sure they were there extra early.

The entire class seemed to agree on sitting in the middle of the space and they all filed in. Katsuki and Shinsou sat on the edge of a row. Katsuki didn't really care who was around them, since the whole class knew already. Shinsou put the arm of the seats in between them up and placed the popcorn bucket between them.

As previews were wrapping up, the class prez stood from his place at the front of their group—which was still the only one in the theater somehow. He started shouting something about being quiet and respectful during the movie. Shinsou leaned over to Katsuki.

“He does realize, like, no one was talking, right?” Shinsou whispered. “Is he always like this?”

“Every second of the damn day,” Katsuki grumbled. “Even in the morning. It's annoying as shit.”

Shinsou snorted and leaned back into his seat. He brought the cup of coffee out again and opened it, taking a sip.

“Drown me in this coffee,” he hummed, settling down slightly. He let out a happy little sigh and Katuski fought back the blush that was trying to show up on his face. Dammit. He'd blame Kaminari for bringing up that kind of idea in the first place.

The movie started playing, and everyone fell silent. Katsuki didn't know what it was about, so he just relaxed in the seat, eating the occasional popcorn. He and Shinsou were still holding hands, so Shinsou was switching between his coffee and the popcorn one-handedly. Katsuki might have felt bad, but he liked Shinsou's hand more.

Chapter Text

The movie was boring as shit. So Katsuki was happy when it was finally over. He wasn't happy that it mean he and Shinsou had to move, but he'd deal if it meant he didn't have to sit through that crap again. The class prez seemed to want to exit in some kind of orderly fashion, but the ones in the front were already up and moving. He luckily seemed to realize that and gave up, leaving as Deku and that group did. Katsuki and Shinsou got up as one of the first, too, and sort of rushed out of the theater. Shinsou tossed the bucket and now empty coffee cup in the garbage bin. Katsuki threw his soda bottle out, too.

The class prez was forcibly gathering them all in a small just outside the theater. Shinsou seemed to see it coming, and made Katsuki slow down so everyone else got gathered first.

“If we run fast enough into a crowd, he can't catch us,” Shinsou whispered to him before they exited the theater. Katsuki barely hesitated before nodding. “Ready? Three... Two... One. Go!”

Katsuki and Shinsou broke out into a sprint on the first step they took outside the theater. The class prez shouted for them to stop, but Katsuki flipped him off as he and Shinsou rounded a corner. Shinsou wasn't as fast as Katsuki, but they were both a bit slowed down by laughing. Shinsou slowed into a walk when they hit a crowd, and they weaved through the people. Katsuki felt his phone go off and he pulled it out of his pocket. It was hard to respond as he kept moving.


Shitty-hair: dude Iida's flipping out where did u go???

Me: tell him piss off

Shitty-hair: I just did and he's saying that's not a valid answer

Shitty-hair: Plz just tell me so he can stop freaking

Me: idk

Me: shinsou n me just ran

Me: i'll get back eventually

Shitty-hair: Fine but you're getting yelled at, not me.

Shitty-hair: Have fun


Katsuki shoved his phone back in his pocket and Shinsou kept leading him through the crowd by his hand. Katsuki didn't like getting dragged like that, but once again, he liked holding Shinsou's hand more. It was contradicting, but true.

Shinsou dragged him to a spot that wasn't too crowded, and off to the side so they wouldn't be in anyone's way. It was some weird side hall that was probably supposed to be for employees doing maintenance, but it was empty, so it turned out to be a decent hiding spot. Shinsou leaned against the wall, and Katsuki did so, too, next to him. Shinsou wa breathing a little heavily, and Katsuki just let out a huff. They glanced over at each other and Shinsou started giggling. Katsuki felt a smile crack on his face and he started letting out breathy laughs. Shinsou fell into a crouch, covering his mouth as he kept giggling—it was cute and Katsuki kind of hated it.

People walked by the opening that led into the main space, but not one of them though to look down that small side hall. It was kind of refreshing. No friends that would make fun of them for laughing like idiots. No uptight family members with fake boyfriends—Katsuki didn't think he'd even get over that.

Katsuki slid down the wall and sat next to Shinsou, who was hunched over a little. He had his forehead on his knees that were brought up to his chest. His shoulders were shaking a little as he laughed. Katsuki smirked at that and took a deep breath to stop himself from any embarrassing laughs. Shinsou eventually calmed down enough to lift his head and he looked over at Katuski. They both were smiling like idiots and Shinsou rubbed his eyes.

“Holy crap, what are we doing,” Shinsou muttered.

“I don't know,” Katsuki breathed. His phone when off again and he pulled it out.


Shitty-hair: Ok so now Iida said he's going to look for you

Me: wtf stop him

Shitty-hair: Midoriya's got it

Shitty-hair: Ok everythings cool. We're heading back to the dorms.

Me: k see u there


Katsuki shoved his phone away again and sighed. Shinsou looked over curiously.

“Who was it?” he asked.

“Shitty-hair, saying class prez was going to chase us,” Katsuki sighed. He stretched his legs out in front of him. No one was going to go that way—the door at the end looked like hadn't been used in years. The lights were dim and hid Katsuki and Shinsou enough from any passerbys that they didn't get noticed, or in trouble. “Deku calmed him down, and they're heading back to the dorms.”

“Crap, does that mean we should head back, too?” Shinsou said. He was still breathing a little heavy, more from the laughter than running. Katsuki shrugged.

“Hell if I know,” he said. He ran a hand through his hair just to do something. He turned his head to face Shinsou. “But that was damn good idea.”

“One of my better,” Shinsou snickered, resting his chin on his knees. “Did you see his expression? That was great.”

“Shit it was,” Katsuki laughed. The class prez had looked so shocked and insulted, even. Katsuki only got a glimpse of it when they rounded the first corner, but damn if it wasn't a good one.

Katsuki shoved down any hesitation he might've had and wrapped his arm around Shinsou's shoulders. He wouldn't have tried it if they were standing. It could've ended up a bit embarrassing with that height difference not matter how small he said it was. Shinsou laughed a little and willingly leaned into him. It was probably stupid to do that there, but Katuski didn't care. His head was a little foggy and if he wasn't as fit as he was, he might've blamed it on the run. But no, it was all thoughts running wild and telling him to grab Shinsou and hold him tight while they giggled over something stupid. Shinsou buried his face in the junction of Katsuki neck and shoulder, still laughing quietly. Dammit.

Shinsou eventually lifted his head, seeming to have fully collected himself. Katsuki was really tempted to just go for it, but that was probably pushing it. He just went for a close second, instead, and quick before he second guessed and outdid himself in hesitation. He pressed a chaste kiss to Shinsou's cheek.

There was a tense second as Katsuki leaned back a little and waited for Shinsou to react. Shinsou had just tensed up, and frozen in place. Then, Shinsou's face lit up in a bright blush. He made an incoherent noise and slapped his hands over his face in effort to hide his red face.

“Good... or bad noise?” Katsuki asked.

“G-Good,” Shinsou muttered. “Surprised but good. Oh my god. Wh-Why? What? I-I just... nevermind.”

Katsuki smirked even though he knew he was blushing a little, too. Doing something like that was probably pushing it a little fast, and it probably wasn't even a good time to try stuff like that, but dammit Katsuki just had to. That was a little stupid, he knew that, but he got over the stupid feeling a while ago.

Shinsou was still making incoherent noises and he buried his face in Katsuki's shoulder again. He hit Katsuki's side feebly, and Katsuki smiled a little. He took the arm still wrapped around Shinsou's shoulders and reached up, running it through the hair near Shinsou's neck. He looked out at the main space where people still just kept walking, probably not even thinking to look in that direction.

It was a little over a minute before Shinsou quieted down and gathered himself again. He moved his head so the side of it was on Katsuki's shoulder.

“You,” Shinsou started, pausing a little. “Are an asshole.”

“Thanks,” Katsuki said, turning his head to put his chin on top of Shinsou's head. “Don't act like you're upset.”

“I am a little,” Shinsou shrugged. Katsuki felt some part of him started to worry, but he should know that when Shinsou started a sentence like that, it would be something else. “I wanted to make you blow up something up by kissing you first. That would've been hilarious.”

“Beat ya to it,” Katsuki mumbled, smiling. “... We should probably be getting back soon...”

“Food first?”

“Hell yeah.”


Katsuki and Shinsou got back to the dorms around six. They had gotten food at the cat cafe again, this time thoroughly enjoying petting the cats with no shame—there weren't that many people, just and older couple, so Katsuki allowed himself to do so. After that, they just took their time getting back to the campus. The curfew was nine, so it wasn't like they were late in any way, but Katsuki knew class prez would throw a hissy fit when he walked in.

Shinsou went off in the direction of the Gen Ed dorms, smiling. Katsuki was in really deep, so he'd admit to himself that Shinsou looked good with any smile—sarcastic, mocking, laughing, or just being silly—but the genuine ones hit him hard. It kind of felt like a punch to the gut.

Katsuki pulled his phone out as he focused on how to avoid a lecture when he walked into the dorm. He didn't really have the time to be internally freaking out over how much he liked Shinsou.


Me: i'm back where's prez

Shitty-hair: He's actually waiting near the door

Me: distract him

Me: im going straight to my dorm

Shitty-hair: Tell when ur outside


Katsuki arrived at the doors to the dorms and shot Kirishima a text that said that. A minute later he got a text back that just said “GO”. Katuski opened the door and ran across the common room. He might have jumped over the coffee table as he rushed to the stairs.

“Bakugou!” the class prez called after him. Footsteps were starting to follow him, and Katuski picked up the pace to two at a time.

“Piss off!” He shouted back as he reached his floor. He felt his feet skid a little on the ground as he bolted to his door. He slammed into it to open it, but then remembered he kept it locked. He unlocked it as quickly as he could, just as the class prez appeared at the end of the hall and started towards him. Katsuki opened the door and went through, slamming it closed behind him. He held it in place as he locked it again, and felt who he guessed was the class prez try to open it as he did so. Katsuki let out a sigh. For some reason that got adrenaline pumping—and it was pretty hilarious.

“Bakugou! Open the door!” the class prez ordered.

“Kiss my ass!” Katsuki shouted back, extra loud just to annoy him.

“Th-That is vulgar, please watch your volume!” the other snapped.

Katsuki cursed, as loud and long as he felt like. The class prez huffed when Katsuki shut his mouth and he could be heard stomping down the hall again. Katsuki cackled to himself, stumbling back a little. He felt a little high off the adrenaline and emotional shit still left over from him and Shinsou in the mall and at the cat cafe. He kept the giggles that followed quiet and flopped down on his back on his bed.

Taking a deep breath, he let it out in a long sigh to collect himself. He reached over and grabbed the dog plushie from it's place in the corner of his bed. He held it up over his face, looking at it's tiny angry face. He smiled again covered his face with the plush. Dammit he was in deep.

Chapter Text

It wasn't supposed to get there. They weren't supposed to somehow find him online and bring it there. Hitoshi didn't even know who it could be, but just the small comment has his stomach dropping. It was just an anonymous ask, so no one but him saw it in the end. And yet it was getting under his skin as he deleted it. Like every one of his followers saw it and were judging him for it.

look at the villain kid, trying to make friends through the internet? freak

That kind of thing wasn't the worst he'd heard in the past, either, so another reason it shouldn't be bugging him that badly. It was just the setting and the circumstances. He knew that Hagakure, and a few others in Bakugou's class, knew about his blog, so it wasn't too far a stretch to think someone in his class would, too. He thought someone might've mentioned it to him, actually, but he didn't think it would happen like that and so suddenly. It hit a lot harder than he'd expected and knocked down whatever positivity he was feeling from the weekend before with Bakugou.

Hitoshi thanked whatever god existed that the projects and big tests for that term were done. He doubted he could deal with anybody at the moment. His head was clouding and throat closing. It was one anon ask. One, goddammit. If it was more, he'd let himself freak out a little without protest. He tried to justify his own panicking. One ask meant that someone knew, and they could tell their friends that would spread the word until everyone knew. One ask meant that his little bubble was popped, so to speak. The blog had started as an escape from that stuff way back in middle school. A way to talk and share opinions with people without them fearing for their lives. Online, no one knows who you are until you make a stupid mistake like he did with the face reveal. He knew he should have backed out, even if people got upset about it. It would've been better than this. There was no way that this didn't get worse, and that was what was probably making him freak out.

Thoughts like that had Hitoshi curled up under his blankets and trying to sleep through midday light. Sleep kept his head quiet. He had dark curtains, that blocked most light out, but some still slipped through. Hitoshi's phone was on the end table, even if that was the thing that caused him to start crashing and burning, as he referred to it—it's what it felt like, too. Hitoshi was tucked into a small ball, clutching the cat-pillow he had tightly. The blankets were pulled over his head and tucked under his head and feet so he was completely covered.

Voices of the other students passed by outside. Hitoshi ignored them, and focused on the silence. Silence was better, especially when it applied to his brain. What he wouldn't do for some mental silence.

His phone went off with an actual phone call, which was rare, and he reached one hand out from under the blanket to answer it. He checked the caller ID and was a little surprised to have “Catsuki” show up. Bakugou never called. He hesitated. And that shouldn't have happened. They were dating, Katuski kissed him, they've held hands, met the parents, and all that shit. He shouldn't be scared to answer the phone when he knew Bakugou was going to be on the other line, even if they didn't do it often. He swallowed against the lump in his throat and readied himself to talk with the steadiest voice he could manage.

“Hello?” he answered quietly.

“Yo, it's Bakugou,” the other said. He sounded like it was just another day, and Hitoshi realized that it was. If he could just keep his mouth shut, then Bakugou would go through the day without a care. That was probably better. Hitoshi was used to dealing with this kind of thing on his own, and he'd do it again if it meant Bakugou didn't have to deal with that shit. “I was wondering if you wanted to go somewhere today.”

“Sorry, I uh... got sick again,” Hitoshi said. He was decent at lying, and he hoped some of Bakugou's stubbornness transferred into obliviousness, too. “Just not feeling up to it.”

“What's wrong?” Bakugou snapped after a heavy silence. Hitoshi winced a little. They had been dating, so it was natural Bakugou could pick up on stuff like that. He should've known better.

“It's nothing--”

“The hell it is! What dorm building are you in, I'm coming over.”

“Bakugou, please, I'm fine!” Hitoshi pleaded. He was choking up and his voice cracked again. Dammit he was tougher than that. “It's no big deal. I can handle this.”

“I don't give a shit, I'll just ask around unless you want to tell me where your room is?”

Hitoshi bit his lip. Bakugou would actually go ask around and without Hitoshi there to stop him when someone badmouthed him, chaos would ensue. It was a pretty easy decision, in theory. Let Bakugou over, and save a few lives. Hitoshi just didn't want to deal with someone continuously asking what's wrong. Even if he told him, there was nothing Bakugou could do. It was already under his skin and already wreaking havoc on his head.

“I... second building... third floor, fourth room from the stairs,” Hitoshi eventually muttered. He curled up closer in on himself and took a deep breath. He could hear Bakugou doing things in the background of the call. “Just don't try to fly up here, okay? Or anything like that, just say you're visiting someone and come up. The class president'll answer the door and that'll be it. Don't make a show, and don't hit anybody.”

“Fine, fine,” Bakugou growled. “But you're giving me an explanation... The best you can, at least. And if you can't, you gonna get drowned in goddamn affection, got it, shithead?”

“Y-Yeah,” Hitoshi whispered.

“Good, see you soon,” Bakugou said. He didn't hang up. Hitoshi did, instead.

He just couldn't... deal with that right now. Bakugou would be coming over, and there was no avoiding that. He sent a quick message to his class president—she had handed out her number to everyone so they had it in case of emergency—and told her that a blond from the hero course would be coming by to see him. If he told the class president not to let the blond in, then Bakugou would find a way to get in through the veranda. Regardless, he'd take his time to mentally and emotionally prepare himself for whatever Bakugou had planned.


Bakugou took less time than Hitoshi thought he would. There was a knock on his door maybe only ten minutes later. It felt like a lot longer, but still not long enough.

“It's open,” Hitoshi said. The door opened and he hesitantly peered out over his blankets. Bakugou walked into the room, glanced at him, and closed the door, locking it. “You didn't have to lock it.”

“Don't want any of those assholes marching in here,” Bakugou shrugged.

Hitoshi glanced him up and down as he dropped his coat on the floor. Bakugou had on a plain gray t-shirt and black sweatpants. He also had a bag with him, a large generic white plastic one. He looked around the room, seeming to take note of how Hitoshi tried to block out sunlight. Hitoshi adjusted the blanket so it was up to his nose and over his head. He didn't try with his hair or getting changing out of his pajamas that morning, since he got the ask before he had the chance. He had been on and off sleeping for the better part of that morning, only for really short periods of time, though.

Bakugou walked up to the bed and poked Hitoshi in the side.

“Move, scoot,” he said. Hitoshi didn't make noise as he shifted back and up into a sitting position. “Before we get into this shit, here--” Bakugou held the plastic bag out and Hitoshi took it. Trying to hide in the blanket was given up on, but Hitoshi was getting to the point of crashing and burning where he frankly didn't give a shit. “--For the dog thing.”

Hitoshi smiled a little at that and nodded. Bakugou sat down next to him and kicked some of the bunched up blankets down out of his little space. It was weird having Bakugou there. One of the first things they talked about when they were still only friends was stay out of each other's dorms. It would cause too much hassle and commotion. Dating sort of changed things, and now both their classes knew. Surprisingly, people in Hitoshi's were pretty chill about him dating a guy, save for a few, but they all never talked to him anyways, so nothing changed. A few people asked him what it was like to date a hero student, which he wouldn't know the difference, but that was it. Now, though, more people would probably be asking questions.

Hitoshi reached into the bag, and found a weird shape wrapped in white paper like he had done with the dog. It was a much different shape. The dog was about the size of a basket ball, and it was hard to wrap. This one was a flat rectangle thing, and the wrapping was almost perfect. He was dealing with a perfectionist, so that was a given, but still. Hitoshi gave Bakugou a look at the wrapping but the blond just smirked. Hitoshi huffed and went to unwrapping, ripping it off. His head a clearing a bit from the distraction, but Bakugou would ask and that would bring it back. He gasped at the gift, though.

It was a black pullover hoodie with. Kind of average, really. Black base, purple around the ends of the sleeves and bottom of the middle part, except it was definitely a size or two too big. What stood out and made a smile break out on Hitoshi's face was the hood. Cat ears. Like sewn in cat ears right on the hood. They probably wouldn't stand up properly on their own, but he didn't care.

Bakugou was smiling—that small one that made Hitoshi kind of want to hit him and hug him at the same time. Hitoshi found himself snickering a little. He pushed down the blankets still on his torso and pulled the hoodie on. Big and comfortable. He adjusted it and tugged it down to his hips. If he was standing, it would probably go past his butt. That's how big it was, and that's what he called comfort clothes. He pulled the hood over his head and felt the ears. They stood up a little, not a lot, but enough to be noticeable as cat ears. The lump in his throat was going away and he knew he smiling a bit uncontrollably. He kind of wish he didn't have to tell Bakugou, so he could just enjoy to warmth of the hoodie and maybe sap some of Bakugou's body heat. It smelled of nitroglycerin a little, he noticed, which meant Bakugou had probably either washed it or it just had hung around his room for a while. Either way, it was kind of nice, too.

“This is the best gift I've ever gotten,” Hitoshi muttered. The sleeves went well over his hands and that was great. Sweater paws were fantastic to have especially when it was cold. “Thank you so much.”

“No problem,” Bakugou said. He pulled his knees up and propped his elbow up on them, hand in his palm. Hitoshi picked his pillow up and hugged it to his chest as dread started to set in again. “You wanna talk about this shit?”

“N... Not really,” Hitoshi whispered. His throat was right back to closing up, and he wished he could sound a little more stable. Bakugou deserved someone that could hold his own against this kind of shit.

Bakugou reached over and grabbed his shoulders. Hitoshi avoided eye contact and Bakugou just sighed.

“C'mon,” he mumbled, nudging Hitoshi down. “Just lie down.”

Hitoshi did as he said, and got settled with his cat pillow gripped tightly For whatever reason, the hoodie already made him feel stable. Like those clothes that you've had for ages and wear when you need to be relaxed or assured even if they smell funny or have holes and stains.

Bakugou shifted and lied down next to him, and pulled the blankets up a little. It was still kind of cold in Hitoshi's room, so it made sense. Hitoshi curled in on himself and he felt like hiding in the hoodie. Bakugou put his arm out, and Hitoshi moved so it went under his head. He might've moved in closer on his own a little, but Bakugou pulled him in close and wrapped him in a hug. His other arm just rested across Hitoshi's shoulder. He put his chin on top of Hitoshi's head, too.

“A hint?” Bakugou said quietly. People were still walking by, talking and laughing, but other than that it was still silent in Hitoshi's room. It was like Bakugou was trying to preserve that. Hitoshi gulped and sighed. Bakugou deserved to know in case something like this happened.

“Someone in my class found the Insomi-Cat blog and... messaged, calling me the villain kid,” Hitoshi explained as quickly as he could. Bakugou just let him finish even as he paused. “I...I made that thing back in middle school when people were really picking on me, so ya'know, safe place, whatever. And...I just didn't... I can't deal with... that there.”

“It's okay,” Bakugou muttered, petting the back of Hitoshi's head. Hitoshi's shoulders were shaking a little and his throat and chest were tying in knots. He felt like he might cry, but like hell that he would let that happen over something stupid. “Calm down. They're the same as the assholes out here, you've dealt with worse shit, right? You can handle this crap.”

“Can I?” Hitoshi laughed, voice cracking. “I always had a... somewhere to go and avoid all that. But that won't work any more, will it.”

“I'm here, shithead,” Bakugou said. Hitoshi froze and stopped the rambling he was about to start doing. He bit his bottom lip and tightened his grip on the pillow. “Don't say you don't got anyone to talk with and avoid the crap. 'Cause you do. I won't get sappy, so if you want that sorry.”

“No,” Hitoshi said, smiling a little even if Bakugou couldn't see it. “That's good. That's... good. Thanks.”

Bakugou grunted and Hitoshi rested his forehead against Bakugou's chest. They lied in silence for awhile until Bakugou's hand on Hitoshi's head stopped and he seemed to tense up. Hitoshi just stayed quiet. Bakugou usually had a reason for stuff like that, and he wasn't going to question it. But he didn't say anything and Hitoshi was surprised to feel trembling. Hitoshi moved and looked up at him. Bakugou was biting his bottom lip hard, and his eyes were narrowed and staring at nothing. That wasn't good.

“Sorry,” Bakugou grumbled. He closed his eyes completely and Hitoshi frowned in concern. Bakugou just took a deep breath. “Just some shit from before dorms that I shouldn't be thinking of... dammit. You're the one that's upset.”

“Hey,” Hitoshi said. He poked Bakugou on the cheek and the blond opened his eyes a little. Maybe it was a shitty idea to try and jump right to it. They had one cheek kiss, and that was it. That was the furthest their physical affection had gone. What Hitoshi's gut was telling him wasn't too far a jump, but that didn't mean he wasn't a little anxious. He just gestured to himself and mentally shook off any worries.

“You don't have to tell me,” Hitoshi muttered. He lifted one of his hands and brushed it over Bakugou's cheek and into his hair. He messed with some of the strands. “But don't get pissed at yourself 'cause you're getting upset, too. Maybe it's contagious. If you need to, though, I'm right here, okay? Your problems matter, too. C'mere.”

Bakugou leaned closer and Hitoshi just went for it. He tilted his head up and pressed a kiss to Bakugou's lips. The blond stiffened instantly, and Hitoshi pulled back, pressing another to Bakugou's cheek instead. It was kind of weird being that affectionate, but it felt good, too. Bakugou's face was red, and Hitoshi knew he was blushing, too. He smiled as reassuringly as he could. Bakugou seemed speechless.

“... Wh-What was that?” Bakugou eventually managed.

“Affection,” Hitoshi said, smiling a little more. Bakugou stared down at him and damn Hitoshi kind of forgot how intense the red irises were. He only really felt it when they were first talking, and he ignored it in the middle, but now that feeling was back. The effect was kind of ruined, too, now that he knew Bakugou wasn't nearly as nasty as he acted.

“Do it again,” Bakugou muttered quietly. Hitoshi snickered and kissed his nose. Bakugou was grinning now, too. He giggled a little and it made Hitoshi giggle, too.

They stayed there laughing about nothing in particular for probably a little longer than normal, but neither of them cared.

Hitoshi wrapped both his arms around Bakugou's neck and kissed him on the mouth again. This time, Bakugou was expecting it and kissed back. It was awkward and inexperienced, but it kind of fit.