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Coffee Cans and Energy Drinks

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The first days back at school were a little rough. Katsuki kind of missed eating whenever he wanted—he didn't stuff his face, no way in hell, but it was nice having snacks and shit when he felt like it. Kirishima asked him how hanging out with Shinsou was. He got kick out of Katsuki being a relationship for whatever reason, and was really curious. Ashido did, too, but was more invasive. Kaminari was convinced there was something else going on, but he was pretty much in denial.

It seemed almost the entire class agreed Todoroki would be the first to start dating any—pretty boy, rich family, hero student, et cetera. Katsuki knew it was kind of crappy to see his and Shinsou's relationship as a way of winning, and that wasn't all of it. But damn if it didn't feel good.

Shinsou ended up out of town for the rest of the vacation—some family thing with his cousins—so he and Katsuki didn't spend any more time with each other that week. They texted regularly, and Shinsou vented about annoying, conservative family members that didn't like the idea of him dating a guy. Shinsou dismissed every offer Katsuki made to come up there and slap sense into people, but Katsuki was still kind of pissed Shinsou had to deal with ridicule from that side, too.

When they all went back to the dorms, hero students had to be there earlier for some special class, so Katsuki didn't see him all day—because of course the class didn't finish and had to continue into lunch. Katsuki had thought he'd stand out with a bag that he hadn't left with. His mom made him bring more of his clothes, since she didn't want to keep seeing them in the wash because somehow they ended up there. Almost everyone in his class had a bag when they walked in to put their stuff away before the class. When the four idiots found him on the way in and walked with him to talk, he learned that Kirishima's parents did almost the same thing, as well as Deku and a few other people in their class.

Katsuki dumped most of the contents of his bag into his closet for later sorting. Usually, he would've just tossed the bag in and left, but there was another thing in the bag. The dog plush. He left it in the bag and put it near the pillows on his bed. Kirishima walked out of his room a second before Katsuki, so the redhead made sure to keep him company on the walk there.

After the day, Katsuki shut himself away in his room. Ashido complained she didn't get to brag about her awesome vacation yet, and Sero said the same thing. Katsuki just yelled at them that he was tired, went upstairs and locked the room behind him.

The dog plush was taken out of the bag and he looked around the room. He usually kept the door locked, but he swore that one time Kaminari picked the lock when they tried to prank him by getting into his room and drawing on his face. That incident ended with Kaminari pinned to the ground of the common room and Katsuki scribbling things on him. Regardless, Katsuki was now cautious and locked the door that lead into the building and the veranda doors, just to be sure. Still, he was on edge about the four idiots getting in somehow, so he didn't know where to put it.

Katsuki brought it with him because he did like it—and he'd probably only ever admit that to himself, maybe Shinsou, but unlikely. But if Kaminari or Ashido, maybe Sero if he felt up to it, found out it'd be hell. He'd never hear the end of it. So a semi hiding place was necessary. Katsuki climbed onto his bed on his knees and started to rearrange the pillows. He only had a few, along with a bunched up blanket near the head of the bed because he didn't know where else to put it. He put the dog plush on the corner of his bed, where the wall bordering Kirishima's room met the one that had the door to the hall. He moved the pillows so the plush was mostly hidden, and if anyone noticed, it would be passed off as another pillow or blanket. Good enough.

He stayed there the rest of the day, and he and Shinsou started texting after they both finished homework. Apparently Shinsou lost his voice when out of town, so he wasn't up to skype or talk on the phone.

In the mornings, Katsuki and Shinsou realized going outside in the gym area was a bad idea with the cold, and Shinsou kept complaining, so Katsuki relocated to one of the indoor gyms used by everyone. There were a few more people there. People from 1-B working out, but not the ones that tried picking a fight with Katsuki ages ago. Some kids from other departments were there talking, too, just hanging out in the space until classes start. A few looked over when Katsuki and Shinsou walked in. Most ignored them as just other people using the space, but the others stared. There were three tiered bleachers set up against the walls either side of the door. Shinsou went over to the bleachers on the left—everyone else was over on the right in their little groups. So that was their new place until the cold went away. One girl from 1-B—a girl with orange hair—greeted Katsuki, but that was it. No one else tried to approach them on any of the days that week they went into that space.

The rest of the week passed without any abnormalities. Shinsou's voice was still gone. He could speak, full sentences at least, but still sounded like shit and didn't want to talk much because it could get worse. So no phone calls and on skype calls, he didn't talk that much as they watched whatever show they picked out.

Friday night, Katsuki avoided the 1-A movie night before they even started getting set up and locked himself in his room. Shinsou had given him his account information for an anime streaming site so he could catch up on one of the longer series while Shinsou wasn't around or up to watch with him. So that's what he was doing. It was one with over four hundred episodes, so Katsuki figured it wouldn't hurt to keep watching them on his own. He got hooked even if he complained about it at first. He got settled lying down on his stomach on the bed, laptop in front of him, using the dog plush as a chin rest.

It was in the middle of an intense episode moment when a knocking came on the door. Katsuki jolted and hurriedly paused the episode so he didn't miss anything. He yanked his headphones off and sat back.

“What?!” he shouted at the door.

“Bakugou, let us in!” Kaminari's voice said. Katsuki scowled and looked down before he stood up. Shit the dog thing. He grabbed it and jammed it back in the corner a little rougher than necessary. He tossed the bunched up blanket on top of it and pushed the pillows around it. It took longer than he thought to make it look natural. “Bakugou! Hello?”

“Give me a damn minute!” Katsuki snapped. He decided the pillows were put in a decent enough position. He sighed a little and closed his laptop before answering the door. He slammed it open and glared at the two outside. It was Kaminari, who jumped at the sudden motion, and Kirishima, who just snorted at Kaminari's reaction. “What do you want?”

“Dude, chill,” Kaminari said. He smirked a little. “We interrupt you in your boyfriend talking or something?”

“I'll throw you down the stairs, discount pikachu,” Katsuki growled. Kaminari held his hands up in mock surrender and took a step back. “Now just tell me what the hell you want.”

“There's like a festival-party thing going on downtown tomorrow,” Kirishima said. “It's supposed to be pretty warm, so we thought it'd be cool to go. Ashido's bringing Hagakure, and they want you to bring Shinsou.”

“...I'll ask him, but tell those annoying asses to piss off,” Katsuki said.

Kirishima laughed and nodded. Kaminari and him walked away, Kirishima wishing Katsuki a good night before they went down stairs. Katsuki went back into his room and closed the door. He sat back down on his bed and pulled out his phone, opening up Shinsou and his conversation.


Me: the four idiots invited us to a festival-party thing dwntwn tmrw

Me: i know ur voice is shit rn but raccoon-eyes is bringing invisigirl and she's ur fangirl

Hitoshit: I heard of that thing, and sure as long as they know I'm probs not gonna talk.

Me: u carry ur phone everywhere anyway

Me: just type shit

Hitoshit: Gasp

Hitoshit: Be the shinra to my celty

Me: wtf

Hitoshit: Shit you haven't seen that

Hitoshit: We're watching Durarara when I don't sound like crap

Me: whatever

Me: night

Hitoshit: Night


It was warmer the next day, enough that Katsuki only had a jacket on over normal clothes. When he and the other four were going to leave, he texted shinsou to tell him. He got no response, so he said that he and Shinsou would meet them there. It was a little under an hour when Shinsou answered him.


Hitoshit: Omg sry I was sleeping

Hitoshit: U still there?

Me: yeah

Me: don't worry the four idiots and invisigirl went ahead

Hitoshit: Dammit, I'm sorry

Me: chill

Me: just tell me when ur rdy

Hitoshit: Give me ten minutes, meet you at the gate?

Me: sure


Katsuki sorted out a few things in his room for a couple minutes. Then he left and waited by the front gate. A few other students were going in and out of the campus. Soon, Shinsou showed up. He was wrapped in his giant black coat and purple scarf pulled above his nose. He had actual boots on, the kind you're supposed to wear in winter, and dark pants. He walked up to Katsuki and pulled out his phone. He opened a writing app and typed a message and showed it to Katsuki.


“Seriously?” Katsuki sighed. He could tell Shinsou was smiling even without seeing his mouth. Shinsou slid his phone back into his coat pocket. “C'mon, let's get going then.”


The group was hanging out near some stone surrounded tree plot. A lot of kids from other schools were walking around. There were booths and little carts set up, selling food. It was some out of nowhere celebration that Katsuki probably should've known, but he didn't really care. Kaminari and Sero already had food in their hands, eating. Kirishima had some hot drink. Hagakure and Ashido weren't there, and Katsuki guessed they were off filling their arms with food somewhere.

Katsuki stopped before they went over to them and got some food with Shinsou at one of the carts. Shinsou got a hot drink, telling Katsuki that he heard it helped with losing his voice, Katsuki got something spicy. Katsuki felt kind of shitty for asking Shinsou to come with them, since he knew Shinsou was really sensitive to cold and it could make his throat worse. He asked about it once as they walked over, but Shinsou dismissed it and said it wasn't that big of a deal. Katsuki shoved off any hesitation he had and held his hand out. It Shinsou a second before he pulled his hand out of his pocket and grabbed Katsuki's. Shinsou's hand was cold as hell, but Katsuki's were a lot warmer than normal people's. It balanced out, at least. Katsuki smiled a little but crushed it down as they walked towards the group.

“'Sup assholes,” Katsuki said as greeting when he and Shinsou stopped next to the group. Kirishima looked over and smiled.

“Hey!” he said. “Cool to see you again, Shinsou.”

Shinsou nodded. Kirishima looked confused for a second and Katsuki jumped in before any insult was accidentally taken.

“He lost his voice,” Katsuki explained. Kirishima's eyes widened and he nodded in understanding quickly.

“Damn that sucks,” Kaminari said. “I got sick and lost my voice over vacation.”

“Good, no one had to hear the shit you try to say,” Katuski said immediately. Shinsou snorted, mid sip of his drink and coughed a little. Sero chuckled and Kirishima laughed at Kaminari's expression.

“Stop doing this shit to me, man,” Kaminari whined. “Why me?”

“You make it too damn easy, shitty pikachu.”

Before anything else could be said, Ashido and Hagakure popped up. The second Hagakure saw Shinsou, she squealed. Like Katsuki guessed, they had at least four trays of food each. Hagakure rushed to put hers on the small stone wall around the tree plot that Kaminari was sitting on. She did it badly and it almost fell off a few times, but once it was stable she turned to Shinsou and bounced eagerly.

“Oh my god, oh my god!” she said quickly. Shinsou looked confused for a second. He glanced down at Katsuki and the blond mouthed 'fangirl'. “You're Insomi-cat. I love your blog so much. You're so cool. Oh my god, does that mean Bakugou's Blasty? I should've recognized his hair.”

Shinsou snickered at that and Katsuki gave him a dirty look. Hagakure gushed for a minute and she took out her phone—bear case and cutesy charms.

“Can I get a picture with you?” she asked. Shinsou paused a little before nodded. Katsuki could tell by the look on his face that he wasn't expecting that. Shinsou leaned down slightly as Hagakure turned and held up the camera to get a picture. When it was done, Hagakure bounced back and started hitting buttons on her phone. “Do you mind if I post this?”

Shinsou shook his head and waved the hand with his drink in it slightly to basically say go for it. Hagakure thanked him and went back next to Ashido, who was sitting on the stone thing next to Kaminari, typing away on her phone.

They stuck around there for a bit. No one asked about or pointed out Katsuki and Shinsou holding hand. They probably didn't notice, because they would definitely point it out if they did and teasing would ensue. Hagakure got over her over excitement pretty quickly and seamlessly joined one of the conversations the four idiots started up. Everything was good, in all honesty. Shinsou's hand wasn't ice cold but Katsuki's wasn't sweating so there was no risk of explosions. Katsuki made some comments about people walking by to Shinsou to break the silence—it was the comfortable kind, but it was still kind of weird without Shinsou talking about something.

“Hey, Bakugou,” Kaminari piped up. “There're some game booths down the street. I bet I can beat you at one of them.”

“When I win?” Katsuki asked.

“You mean if?” Hagakure said.

“When,” Katsuki repeated.

“If you win,” Kaminari began. Katsuki rolled his eyes. “I'll do your homework.”

“Hell no, you suck at that shit,” Katuski snapped. Kaminari looked vaguely insulted. “But I'll kick your ass for free. Let's go.”