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Coffee Cans and Energy Drinks

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Katsuki could feel every instinct he had going off at the look Shinsou's sister had. It was the same instinct that made him almost break the class prez's nose. Luckily, he didn't have that urge, but he was getting protective again. Shinsou answered the frequent questions his grandparents asked. About grades, people, progress getting into the hero course, and reassuring him that he'd make it eventually. Then the attention shifted to Katsuki. It was at least a distraction.

“So, Bakugou,” the grandmother asked. Katsuki nodded and Shinsou shifted at his side. When Katsuki glanced over at him, he just gave him a look. “What hero class are you in? What kind of people are in the hero course?”

“1-A,” Katsuki said. Shinsou leaned back and propped his elbow up on the arm of the couch. Katsuki looked back to the older couple in the arm chairs. The woman was smiling and the man looked intrigued. “We got some kids who are from hero families. Endeavor's son and Ingenium's brother.”

“Really!?” the woman gasped. Katsuki just nodded again. “Wow, it must be fantastic to work with them.”

“...Situationally,” Katsuki grumbled. Shinsou muffled a snort with his hand and Katsui elbowed him in the side. The woman gave them both a slightly confused look. “They don't stand out that much when ya got a whole class of people who can do that sh... stuff.”

“Still to have the son of the Number Two hero in your class has to be overwhelming,” the man said.

“Not really,” Katsuki sighed, crossing his arms and leaning back further into the couch. Okay the not cursing was getting a little hard, and he wasn't about to lash out and say exactly what he was thinking.

“Oh... well, is the course difficult?” the woman asked, changing the topic quickly. “I read in the newspaper that All Might was a teacher. Are all your teachers pro heroes?”

“The difficulty depends on who you ask,” Katsuki said. “But yeah, everyone that teaches is a pro.”

“Regardless it had to be hard to get into the hero course,” the man said. “What's your quirk? You'd have to score high on the entrance exam to get into A class.”

“I make explosions. And yeah, I scored highest on the exam,” Katsuki nodded.

Shinsou gave him a confused look. Oh yeah, he never told him. Katsuki just smirked a little, which got Shinsou to roll his eyes. The woman looked very excited at that and the man looked impressed. Katuski guessed that was a good sign.

Before the older couple could ask another thing, Shinsou's sister spoke up. All those instincts were going off again.

“I'm surprised he even managed to be friends with a hero student,” she said, giving a dirty look to Shinsou, who was now looking off at the corner of the room. Katsuki frowned and his hand twitched. Nope, no explosions and no smoke. “You do know the kind of things he can do with his quirk, right? Wouldn't you be more cautious with that?”

“Sayomi, behave yourself,” Shinsou's grandfather said sternly. The sister—Sayomi, then—just huffed and rolled her eyes, leaning in to her boyfriend. He looked like he wanted out of that situation as soon as possible.

“I'm just giving him a warning, Hitoshi's my brother, and I think anyone who even gets close to him should know what he does to people,” Sayomi said, acting like it was a given fact, or that she was entitled to it. She muttered the next part. “Quirk aside, I'm surprised anyone even thought about spending time with him.”

Katsuki's eyes widened and he looked over at Sayomi. She was turning on the TV, and not so much as glancing in Shinsou's direction. She settled on a news channel and leaned against her boyfriend—who was slowly getting more comfortable. The older couple seemed to reluctantly dismiss the situation and turned to the TV. Katsuki was just frozen and they started quiet conversation.

When he looked over at Shinsou, he hadn't moved at all and there was no obvious tensing up. Is the sister the reason his swear limit was so low? For what was basically a full day visit, Shinsou didn't give him a lot of room to... express himself. He probably knew this was going to happen, and set the limits in advance.

“Hitoshi, come help me?” Shinsou's mom called from the kitchen.

“Coming,” Shinsou said. He stood up and walked back to the kitchen. He gave Katsuki a look as he went that screamed 'behave', but the blond just frowned at him and then looked down at his feet.

He really doubted he could get away with yelling at Shinsou's sister, or any kind of punching. That cut off a lot of his usual retorts, so that sucked. But he wasn't about to let another person pick on Shinsou because of his goddamn quirk. If they were really that desperate to make fun of him, then choose something else. He was tired of hearing the “oh be careful of his quirk” or “he'll make you do things you don't want to” and especially the “he'll use you to get into the hero course.”

It's not like Katsuki could really do anything to get him into the hero class. Besides, from what Shinsou said it sounded like a teacher was at least trying to help. But, no because Shinsou had a friend in the hero couse, he was cheating his way to the top. Katsuki really needed to hear the rest of that story.

Soon, Shinsou's mom came out of the kitchen and sat on the other side of the couch. She looked a little tired, or annoyed. But she didn't act it. She started up a conversation with her daughter and her boyfriend—apparently new one, since she asked how they met. Katsuki listened only for a few moments. Sayomi said that they met a week ago, and pretty much went straight to dating. She was trying to bad mouth Shinsou and Katsuki's relationship? Katsuki might be biased, but a week? And she already dragged him out to meet the parents? Talk about rushing it. A part of his mind said that she only did because she heard Shinsou was bringing his.

Katsuki decided he was done listening after the week thing. He stood up and muttered an excuse me before walking into the kitchen. It was pretty nice kitchen. White tiles, white walls, marble counters and dark wooden cabinets. The stove was on, probably cooking whatever was going to be for dinner. Shinsou was leaning backwards against one of the counters. He had his arms crossed and was looking down at the floor. Katsuki walked over and leaned on the counters next to him.

“You gonna ask?” Shinsou sighed after a few moments of silence.

“If I did, I knew I'd curse,” Katsuki shrugged. Shinsou huffed out a laugh and smiled. “I'm keeping my ten.”

“Sure,” Shinsou nodded. Katsuki looked over at him, and the smile was a little bitter sweet.

“So what is going on?” Katsuki asked. Shinsou let out puff and pointedly looked away.

“She kinda hates me,” Shinsou said. He shrugged helplessly and sighed. “When my quirk first developed, we didn't know. So for almost six months? Maybe seven? I was controlling her on and off for little things. Chores and stuff like that. A few times, it got outta hand and my mom realized it was my quirk after a while, and we sorted it all out. She didn't talk for me for the rest of that year, only a few months but still.

“When she finally did talk, I was pissed that she refused to talk to me and did it again, just controlled her for a second but didn't make her do anything, you know? Just to show that I still had my quirk and that if she could use hers while upset, so could I. Didn't work that well, obviously. She... uh... she was never friendly to me after that. She wasn't that friendly in the first place, but any chance was crushed. I think she was the first person to call me a villain or villain in the making. People in school learned after. I tried to keep the specifics as secret as possible, but people learned and then... well you get the rest.”

Katsuki blinked in shock.

“You're shitting me,” he snapped. Shinsou smiled—forced and even more bittersweet—and pulled out the paper. He put it on the counter space next to him and made a tally with the others. “You couldn't control your quirk, that's a thing everyone goes through. I can't count how much crap I blew up when my quirk first developed. She hates you for that?”

“I think it's more the fact I did it again when we knew,” Shinsou said, making another tally. “I mean, when people know, they're always cautious. She was talking to me for the first time in months and what do I do? The thing she was ignoring me for.”

“So what, big deal, you have a quirk and you use it!” Katsuki growled. He gripped the edge of the counter and scowled. “Your own damn family--” another tally made “--Stop that.”

“I really want this ten dollars,” Shinsou said, smirking. Better. “And just for the record, no one else agrees. My mom and grandparents are super supportive, Sayomi's the only one.”

“Still stupid,” Katsuki huffed. Shinsou shrugged and Katsuki could hear him clicking the pen on the counter top. “I'm not getting involved with anyone that's being a villain. 'Cause I know you're not getting into that shit, and I'm tired of people saying it. You're a hell of a lot more capable than any of those assholes are.”

Shinsou was quiet. Katsuki was scared he said something wrong for a second until he looked over. It was the bittersweet smile that hurt a little to look at. Shinsou laughed a little, and Katsuki thought there were going to be tears for a split second. Good thing there weren't any, he sucked at dealing with tears. Instead, Shinsou rubbed a hand over his face and sighed. When he dropped his hand, the smile was gone but at least it wasn't a forced one.

“You know... the first time you said that to me was on the phone,” Shinsou said. Katsuki paused for a second. When was that. “Like our first one when I hit myself in the face with a notebook?--” Katsuki nodded. Now he remembered. It was way in the beginning, when Kaminari and Mineta were freaking out about the idea Katsuki had a 'girlfriend'. “--I had to sort of stop after you said that. We're both emotionally constipated, so this might sound cheesy. That shit actually meant a lot. Just so you know.”

“... What. Why?” Katsuki asked. Shinsou shrugged and shook his head—not believing his own words, almost. Katsuki didn't believe it either.

“Hell if I know,” Shinsou huffed. “You were a complete ass in the beginning, but I guess I sort of realized that you were... freakishly serious about being a hero? And that you honestly believed that I wouldn't end up as a villain in some way hit hard. Listen, I just told you so that you know, not understand why.”

Katsuki snorted and Shinsou snickered a little, making a few more tallies on the page Katsuki just laughed a little more at that.

“How many?”

“Nine, I think.”

They exchanged a look and started laughing again. Both of them kept it pretty quiet since they didn't want to be heard. They were standing in a part of the kitchen that couldn't be seen from the living room, and Katsuki was kind of glad. He might not know Shinsou's family that well, and they might already know about Shinsou and his relationship, but Katsuki liked keeping it private.

Shinsou folded up the paper and slid it into his pocket with the pen. He let out a sigh and let his arms hang limply. Katsuki took his hands off the counter, checking to make sure he didn't accidentally make and burns on the marble. No marks, so that was good. He was sure his palms were at least smoking when he was talking, but nothing. He hesitated in putting his hands in his pockets as and idea shoved itself to the front of his mind. He stopped himself from over thinking it and just went for it. He jammed one hand his his jeans' pocket and reached down with the other, grabbing Shinsou's.

Katsuki felt his face heating up and Shinsou tensed up. They just stood there for an awkward second before Shinsou grabbed back and the both laughed again. Shinsou covered his cheeks with his free hand and Katsuki looked off to the side.

“Holy crap we're so awkward,” Shinsou snickered. They glanced at each other and started laughing again.

“No shit,” Katsuki said. Shinsou reached into his pocket one handed and somehow managed to make another tally. “C'mon. Time to be social.”

"Just don't blow up my hand."

"Piss off."

"Does that count as a swear?"