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Coffee Cans and Energy Drinks

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Katsuki locked himself in his room when he and Shinsou got back. They left as soon as they were sure Todoroki wasn't hunting them down. Todoroki had been after them for a little while, but they were far enough away that he didn't really have a chance to catch them without wreaking havoc. Shinsou had used his quirk to keep Todoroki in place until Deku shook him out of it. After they deemed the distance far enough, they might have broken down in laughter outside the food court. Despite that delay—Shinsou had trouble breathing at one point, Katsuki almost hit the floor, and there were a lot of stares—they still got back to the dorms before Todoroki and Deku.

When the two did get back, Kirishima came and knocked at his door.

“Yo, Bakugou,” Kirishima said through the door. Katsuki grunted so Kirishima knew he was there and listening. “Um... Todoroki wants to see you. He looks pissed, what did you do?”

Katsuki clamped a hand over his mouth to keep from making any audible noises. He stopped the laughter that wanted to come up at the brief memory of Todoroki's face when Shinsou and he started running.

“Tell him piss off!” Katsuki shouted back.

“Um... okay, then,” Kirishima muttered, and Katsuki could hear him walking away.

Katsuki took a deep breath and let it out in a sigh. He rubbed the smiled off his face and went back the homework he pulled out for something to do—everyone else was putting it off until last minutes except maybe the creation-girl.

The blond worked quietly, tuning out the thoughts about how he sort of just wanted to go out and do stupid things like that with Shinsou again. Preferably if Todoroki was the butt of the joke, that was always a plus. Even if not, it was hilarious to be walking around with Shinsou, mocking whatever overly sweet thing Deku and Todoroki had been doing.

Then his phone went off. He jolted and cursed, before scowling at his own shock and picking up the cell phone. He didn't check the number, just answered.

“Hello?” he grumbled.

Katsuki, you should call more often,” his mother's voice said from the other line. Katsuki blinked in shock. Shit, did he miss a birthday? Or was she just being crazy. “It'll be nice knowing you haven't blown your own head off your shoulders.”

“The hell you want, hag?” Katsuki snapped. His mother let out a laugh and he could practically hear her shaking her head. There was a momentary pause and muffled conversation on the other line—his mom talking to his dad, probably.

Boyfriend, huh?” his mom said and Katuski froze. Shit shitty shit. “And before you freak out, your dad and I don't give a crap. I'm just happy you found someone that deals with your shitty attitude. Inko told us, because apparently she knows more about our son's life through Izuku than we do as parents! Call more, ungrateful brat.”

“Whatever,” Katsuki growled. He could feel his face heating up a little as he scowled off at a corner of the room. Of course Deku would tell his own mom, and then the word would spread to his. How the hell it happened so damn fast, he had no clue, but it was surprise—just not a pleasant one. If he wanted to look on the bright side, then it'd be that he wouldn't have to try and bring up the topic to his parents in some awkward way. This wasn't any less awkward, really, but it was better. “... You really okay with me dating a guy?”

Katsuki, you're our kid even if you are a brat,” his mom sighed. “Who you date doesn't matter to us as long as they don't treat you like shit, got it? What's his name? Looks? We know him?

“You shouldn't know him, unless you payed attention to Deku in the Sports Festival,” Katsuki said, turning so he could lean back against his pillows and stretch his legs out in front of him. “Shinsou Hitoshi. Purple-blue-ish hair, same color eyes, and bad eye bags. He's in Gen Ed.”

How did you get a friend in Gen Ed?” his mom snorted. Katuski frowned. “He's the one that fought Izuku in the first round-thing, right? What's his quirk?

“First, I can make goddamn friends,” Katuski said. His mom made a disbelieving noise, but he chose to ignore it. “Second, yeah he was. Third, his quirk's a mind control thing.”

Huh, haven't heard of a lot 'a quirks like that,” his mom said. Katsuki waited for the warning, or the advice to be careful around Shinsou. It never came. Instead, there was more muffled conversation before his mom went back to speaking into the phone. “Invite him over for dinner during vacation next week, alright? Your dad and I wanna meet the boy that tolerates you.”

“Oh... uh sure, yeah,” Katsuki stuttered out. Out of everyone he expected his mom or dad to be the ones dishing out warnings and shit like that.

What's the matter, brat?” his mom asked.

“... A bunch of assholes have said that I shouldn't be around Shinsou 'cause of his quirk,” Katsuki said quickly before he could over think saying it. “Like he's using me or some crap to get into the hero course.”

You're smart enough to notice that, though, right?” his mom huffed. Katsuki hummed a yes. “Then you're fine. Just don't let the rug get pulled out from under, ya, okay? Don't need your whiny ass back here.”

“Yeah, whatever, hag,” Katsuki scoffed.

Invite him, got it?


Don't be a shithead to him, okay? He might be the only willing to put up with your crap.”

“Piss off.”

Katsuki ended the call and tossed his phone onto his bed.


Hitoshi, how are you?

“Pretty good, actually.”

Hitoshi smiled a little at the smile on his mom's face. It was one of their rare Skype calls. Mostly the communication between the two of them was over the phone—calling or texting—but it wasn't too often. His mom just liked to hear about Hitoshi's life at UA and how his schooling was going. Hitoshi liked hearing his mom's stories about crazy customers or other situations that happened while she was working.

Any exciting news?” his mom asked before taking a sip from the mug of tea she head. Hitoshi hesitated only half a second before nodding. His mom hummed excitedly. “Ooh, do tell.”

“ I got a boyfriend,” Hitoshi said. His mom gasped and smiled sweetly. He knew that his mom never had problems with stuff like that, so he wasn't worried about that. But he also knew that his mom would bombard him with questions. “His name's Bakugou Katsuki. The one that won the Sports Festival? He's a lot less angry when you get to know him.”

Well I'd hope so,” his mom chuckled, placing her mug down. “As long as he doesn't treat you poorly, and you enjoy the relationship, I won't intervene. Except for the mandatory mom meddling, but you understand that, right?

“Yeah,” Hitoshi sighed, smiling as he tried to imagine Bakugou's reaction to his mom's prying. She was a calmer woman, but if it came to it she was just as much a little shit as Hitoshi. He'd think it was a family thing if it weren't for his sister. “Go east on him, though. He has a filthy mouth and short fuse.”

Sounds delightful,” his mom said. “He's in the hero course, correct?

“Yup,” Hitoshi replied, popping the p. He leaned back and picked up his laptop to rest on his bent knees. “No I'm not jealous or anything, before you start.”

How'd you two meet?” she asked instead.

“Long story,” Hitoshi snorted. “I'll tell ya later.”

Alright then,” his mom shrugged, taking another sip from her mug. “You should ask him if he wants to come and eat with us during vacation. Oh and by the way, your grandparents are coming by. You can still invite him, but keep in mind it'll be double the questioning.”

“Right,” he nodded. He hadn't seen his grandparents in a while, and they were the type to strike nerves by accident—asking over and over when he'd be joining the hero course. They didn't mean it, it's just the way they were and Hitoshi wasn't going to get mad about it. Sure, he'd get annoyed to all hell, but he wouldn't blame them. It was just that kind of thing. “If I do, we'll probably need to give them a fair warning for his language.”

Do you think you can get him to reel it in?” his mom asked.

“Maybe, I'll ask him 'bout it,” Hitoshi said.

...One more thing before we switch topics,” she quickly said, shifting in her seat. She smirked and Hitoshi knew he wouldn't like the question. “Is he cute?

“Mom, please.”

Well, is he?

“... yeah.”


Hitoshi felt like buying the energy drink was a bit nostalgic at that point. He smirked a little as he grabbed the can and walked outside. It was still cold as shit, but Bakugou was still out there running—just in long pants and sleeves. Hitoshi walked over to his bag and grabbed the thermos, putting the can next to the bag. He sat down right next to Bakugou's bag.

The blond rounded the corner and came to a stop where Hitoshi was sitting pretty quick. Bakugou grabbed the can and opened it, taking a large sip. He put it down with a sigh and turned to Hitoshi. Hitoshi just frowned and raised an eyebrow. Bakugou had that look on his face when he was trying to say something but was overthinking it. Hitoshi just waited for him to sort his own shit out—he did it fairly quick, usually. Eventually, Bakugou huffed and crossed his arms.

“My mom wants me to invite you over to dinner during vacation,” Bakugou said. Hitoshi froze and waited for Bakugou to finish. The blond sighed and scratched the back of his neck. “Deku told his mom, for whatever reason, and then my parents heard. It's kinda shitty, but she wants to meet you now.”

Hitoshi let out a small laugh. Bakugou gave him a confused look.

“I was literally talking with my mom last night, and she said to invite you over, too,” Hitoshi explained before Bakugou would jump to his own conclusions. The blond sighed and sat down next to him, rubbing his hands over his face in what Hitoshi guessed was frustration. He leaned back against the bench behind them and groaned. “We should probably sort the dates out and crap.”

“Right...” Bakugou grumbled.

“What's up?” Hitoshi asked, leaning back with the blond.

“My mom's gonna be annoying as shit,” the blond said.

“Looks like we'll both suffer then,” Hitoshi snorted, smiling. Bakugou shot him a look. “My mom is where I got my sense of humor and sarcasm, if you were wondering.”

“Oh great.”