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Coffee Cans and Energy Drinks

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Katsuki shouted and cursed as his door room shook in its frame—some banging on it from the other side very hard. First thing he noticed was the alarm going off, blaring in his ears enough to make him wince while He got to his feet. He quickly swung open the door and almost got punched by Kirishima who had been frantically hitting the door.

“Fire alarm's going off, let's go!” Kirishima explained quickly after giving a brief apologetic look. Katsuki cursed and followed him as the redhead spun and went down the hall.

The other 1-A students were dragging themselves out of their rooms, heading down the stairs as fast as they could without actually sprinting. Katsuki climbed down the stairs with the rest of them. The front doors were held open already, letting them all out without slowing down. A cold wind blew in and Katsuki regretted going to sleep in just a tank-top, sweatpants, and socks. He would've normally worn something else since it was starting to get to the colder months, but the dorms had great heating so he never really noticed. But now? Oh he was noticing and he was pissed at himself.

Katsuki grumbled, grabbing his arms tightly and curling in on himself in an effort to stay some semblance of warm. All the dorms met out in one of the bigger courtyards during this time, so as they went that direction, he could see people from other departments merging with the crowd. Luckily, the courtyard wasn't too far away, but then the cold really was setting in.

When they came to a stop, Katsuki looked around the crowd to see if anyone found a way to stay warm. Deku, moon-face, class prez, the creation-girl, and a few others he couldn't see were all gathered around Todoroki, who's left side was steaming. Others from 1-A were huddling close together. Shouji had Tokoyami and the rock-face wrapped up in his arms, sitting on the ground. He cursed to himself. Kirishima had gone over to Todoroki, as did the rest of 1-A once they realized what was happening. A few bold people from other classes went over to use the warmth, too.

Katsuki looked in the direction opposite them. Like hell he'd ask half-and-half for help even if he was cold as shit. He saw a flash of purple hair and leaned to the side to peer through the crowd.

Shinsou was sitting on the ground, leaning against a tree, wrapped in a dark purple blanket. He had it pulled up over his nose, but the blanket was huge and covered his entire body with extra space. His hair was still down, and Katsuki immediately shoved down the smile as he went through the crowd. He activated his quirk only a little bit so his hands were at least steaming. It gave a little warmth, but no where near enough. Explosions were good for a burst of heat, but that wouldn't really help.

Katsuki stopped in front of Shinsou. Shinsou's eyes were closed so Shinsou kicked him lightly in the leg through the blanket. The other jolted and looked up. He blinked once and then moved his arm, opening a spot under the blanket next to him.

“Want in?” he asked,, voice muffled by the other corner of the blanket still over his mouth.

“Hell. Yes,” Katsuki hissed. He took the place, sitting on the blanket. Shinsou drew his arms back and Katsuki took the corner, pulling it tight over him. To cover himself completely, he and Shinsou were pressed tightly side to side. “Shit it's cold.”

“I'm too tired for this,” Shinsou grumbled. He buried his face in his knees and groaned, pulling the back of the blanket over his head. “It's cold, my feet hurt, and my hair is a disaster.”

“It really is.”

“Shove it, angry pomeranian.”

Katsuki rolled his eyes and scooted back further into the blanket. He kept the hand he wasn't using to hold the blanket over him. Shinsou was mumbling nonsense under his breath and slowly leaning towards Katsuki. Eventually, Shinsou gave up on trying to stay awake and was out. His body flopped against Katsuki, head tilting to the side and landing on Katsuki's shoulder as his body slid down the small bump they were on.

Tensing up instantly, Katsuki nervously glanced over. His face wasn't cold anymore—and he knew for a fact it was bright red. He pulled the blanket higher to cover most of his face, moving the back part of his head and Shinsou's. The other was clearly down for the count, eyes shut peacefully, and chest rising and falling with steady breaths. Katsuki's chest got tight and he felt a spark on his palm. He immediately turned his quirk off to keep any accidental explosions from happening. He slapped his free hand to the ground to keep still, but it did almost the exact opposite. Shinsou's free hand was lying there and he ended up brushing hands far too close to comfort. Katsuki only tensed up even more at that, expecting Shinsou to pull back or something—then he remembered if Shinsou was asleep, he was asleep and you're not waking him up without extreme effort.

Katsuki ignored it, but it was hard now that he knew it was pretty obvious—at least to Sero. That and the fact his face was probably as red as a tomato. He hated tomatoes. The rest of 1-A was all huddled around Todoroki last time he saw, so he didn't exactly have to worry about any of them finding him. Some Gen Ed students he recognized vaguely looked their direction, but ultimately dismissed it.

Letting out sigh, Katsuki pulled the blanket up over his face so he completely covered by it except for some of his hair sticking out the top. He closed his eyes and tried to calm the way his chest felt way too tight. His heart rate barely spike during horror movies, or when he was shocked awake by Kirishima almost knocking the damn door down. The only thing that did this to him was fighting and the adrenaline rush.

Crap. Sero and Kaminari were right. Emotions suck.


Turned out the alarm only went off due to some error with the new security system. Almost three hours after they first rang, the students were told they could go back to their dorms and sleep. Except now it was barely an hour before school started officially for the day. Most had fallen asleep like Shinsou, lying on the ground and curled up for heat. Only a few others had blankets, so a lot of people tried to share them.

Katsuki glanced back over at Shinsou as the teachers explained what happened with the system—a bunch of nonsense to him, really. He could probably get it if he listened, but he was busy trying to think of how to get Shinsou awake without hitting him. Sure, a slap might work, but he was really out cold. That one time he fell asleep at lunch what seemed like ages ago, Katsuki was able to wake him up with just a rough shaking for a few minutes. He knew that there was no way something that easy would wake Shinsou up this time.

Carefully shifting, he moved the arm that Shinsou had been leaning on. It had gone numb at one point since he didn't want to move it and risk Shinsou falling, but the feeling in it was back. He moved it back and around Shinsou's shoulders. People around them were starting to talk, loud and mostly complaining, so he could get away with it. His movement made Shinsou shift, too. Enough so that he was one more shift away from being in Katsuki's lap. The blond could feel his face heating up again and scowled. He rested his hand near Shinsou's head and set off a small explosion.

“Shit!” Shinsou gasped as he was shocked awake. He jolted and shifted enough to fall right into Katsuki's lap. His breathing was quicker than usual as his eyes went wide. He was looking around frantically, trying to remember where the hell he was. Purple hair was hanging in front of his eyes in places. He looked up at Katsuki and frowned. “First, the hell was that for a wake up call?--” Katsuki just snorted and pretended to wipe something off his face to hide the bright blush on his cheeks “--Second, the hell time is it.”

“Three hours later,” Katsuki grumbled. Shinsou sat up and huffed. His hands went to his hair and he pushed it all back away from his face. “We have like an hour until school starts.”

“Best sleep I've got in a week,” Shinsou sighed. He picked up the blanket. People were going back in their separate directions. “Sorry if I drooled on you.”

Katsuki nodded, avoiding eye contact as he stood up. Shinsou did the same, and pulled the blanket around himself again. Katsuki winced at the cold biting at his arms again and growled. Shinsou had the blanket pulled up to his nose again, eyes peering over the top edge.

“Sorry, 'bout leaving you out in the cold. But you did set of an explosion in my ear.”

“Whatever, see ya around.”

Katsuki spun and walked away. He was so screwed. Now he couldn't even snap back at Shinsou without smiling. Especially with that situation that just happened, he wasn't risking Shinsou making fun of him for his face being red. He'd blame it on the cold if any other 1-A students asked. They didn't have to know it was because he was gay as hell for a sarcastic, insomnia-induced, antisocial Gen Ed kid. He froze in place at his own thought.



“How would I ask that kind of crap!?”

“Oh hey man, you like dudes or not?”

“That's not how it works, goddammit!”

Sero gave a mock offended expression and lied down on the floor of Katsuki's room, eating from a bag of chips occasionally. Katsuki was pacing... again. He had his hands dug into his hair, pressed right to the scalp and pulling slightly. He didn't even bother keep his stomping down—he really couldn't control it. He had avoided Shinsou at all costs. Opposite of productive, Sero told him. When they got back to the dorms, he waited until most of the people went off into their dorms before grabbing Sero and dragging him to his room.

Katsuki knew that asking Sero wasn't the best. He had spent his free time that day researching sexualities to figure out what the hell was going on—and to know what was what with his friend group, at the very least. Now he knew why Sero said he was unqualified, but he was desperate. He might be a little dense, but he wasn't dense enough to actually try going to Kirishima—he'd had too much awkwardness that day alone—and he was nowhere near close enough with Tokoyami or Shouji to even try.

“GODDAMMIT!” Katsuki shouted. He stopped and looked down at his bare feet. “No way in hell will that kind of shit work. He's a sarcastic little ass wipe and half his blog posts are self-deprecating.”

“Ask him through the blog, then,” Sero suggested, tossing chips in his mouth.

“He follows me, not gonna work,” Katsuki growled. He threw himself down on his bed and rubbed his hands over his face.

“Isn't there like an anonymous thing?” Sero asked, sitting up and looking over at the blond. “Send a question on that, and they can't trace it to you. Easy.”

“Do you know how weird it'd be to get a random ass person asking if he's gay?” Katsuki spat. He peered out from under hand, glaring at Sero.

“Wait for a Q&A thing, then,” Sero shrugged, pouring the remaining crumbs into his mouth. He crumbled up the bag. “If he has a following, then it wouldn't be that big of a deal if someone asked his sexuality.”

“...What if he figures it out, though?”

“He won't. You've gotten anonymous messages, and you have no idea who they're from.”

“You don't get it, he's had this thing for... like... four years. If there's a way to figure it out, he knows it and what if there is!?”

“He won't!”


There was a quiet knocking on the door. It interrupted what would probably be a shouting match. Katsuki groaned and rolled further onto his bed. He shoved his face in the pillows and waved his hand for Sero to get it.

Sero sighed and rolled his eyes. He dragged his feet and opened the door a crack, peering out.

“Oh hey, Kiri,” Sero said, opening the door up more. Katsuki groaned louder, punching the mattress a little. “Sorry, just talking with Bakugou. What's up?”

“You mean screaming.”

“Same difference. What's up?”

“Just wanted to ask what was going on in here,” Kirishima's voice said. “Sounds crazy at least.”

Sero leaned back and looked over at Katsuki, who didn't even bother to move his head, just grunted. He sighed and rolled his eyes again.

“Up to Bakugou if he wants to say,” Sero said. “Can I tell him?”

“Hell no.”

“I'm your best friend!” Kirishima said indignantly.

“And I said no!”

“Bakugou... You do realize if I tell him, it's not Kaminari and Ashido.”

“N-O. No!”

“... Sorry, man, promised I'd keep it quiet unless he wants.”

Please, Bakugou.”

“FINE! I don't give a shit, just make sure pikachu and raccoon-eyes don't hear. And get the hell out of my room.”

Katsuki listened as Sero and Kirishima left, closing the door behind them. He stayed face down in pillows for probably too long before he moved so his chin was resting on the pile. Eventually, he reached over to his bedside table and grabbed his phone.

Shinsou had only sent him a message to ask if he was okay, and he replied that he was fine but just in a piss poor mood. That was their only communication for the day. Katsuki knew he needed distance to sort whatever was going on, but it sucked that he wasn't hanging out with Shinsou. He missed the unfiltered comments.

He dropped his phone next to his head and rolled over onto his back. Using the anonymous feature would probably work. He hoped it did. When they were on the way back from the mall, Shinsou had mentioned he'd probably do a Q&A to celebrate 50k followers. He'd just have to wait then, he guessed.

Katsuki cursed under his breath and put the heels of his palms against his eyes. He didn't think he wanted to be that distant for however long that was. Shinsou'd probably get the wrong idea. That would be worse than just getting rejected. Emotions really sucked.