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Coffee Cans and Energy Drinks

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Katsuki discreetly unlocked his phone under the lunch table. Sero and Ashido were going on about the new episode of the same show they did the last time. He didn't get how they could just got on and on, but if it let him stay quiet then he'd deal with it. Kaminari was sitting across from him, not-so discreetly taking pieces of food from Katsuki's tray, and Kirishima was next to him.

Shinsou H: Hey

Shinsou H: Hello

Shinsou H: Oi

Shinsou H: I will spam you to all hell message me back

Shinsou H: You're leaving me on read?

Shinsou H: If you don't respond, this is war

Shinsou H: I have 45k people willing to annoy the living shit out of you, do not test me

Me: what

Shinsou H: I need coffee

Me: wtf get it yourself

Shinsou H: You owe me

Me: do not

Shinsou H: How about being a decent person? I know it's different for you, but there's always time to change your ways

Me: ignoring that, shithead. y do u need coffee its lunch

Shinsou H: Your lack of grammar concerns me.

Shinsou H: I digress. But seriously. Coffee. Now. Please.

“You texting your girlfriend?”

Katsuki looked up and scowled. Everyone at the table was looking at him. Ashido and Kaminari had shit-eating grins on their faces. The pink haired-girl was leaning over Kirishima, who was sitting next to Katsuki to try and look at his phone. Katsuki shifted back and hid his phone screen.

“Show! Show! Show!” Ashido chanted, trying to reach and grab his phone. Katsuki growled and smacked her hand back, pushing her back across Kirishima and into her own seat. “Come on~”

“I don't have a girlfriend, asshats!” Katsuki snapped.

“I dunno, you're being suspicious...” Kaminari muttered, smirking slyly and glancing down at Katsuki's phone. “If you don't, why don't you tell us what you're talking about?”

Katsuki looked down at his phone and frowned.

Shinsou H: Blasty, goddammit. I need coffee. I'm outside the machine near the gym area

Shinsou H: Save a life

“Just the shithead from a few days ago,” Katsuki grumbled under his breath. He shoved Kirishima. “Move.”

Kirishima frowned but got up, pushing Ashido slightly so she did the same. The two of them stood up, letting Katsuki slide out, grabbing his bag. He got up and hit the buttons roughly.

Me: ppl r asking questions now u owe me

Shinsou H: Sacrifices must be made for my sanity.

“Later, asshats,” Katsuki said, walking away.

“Say hi to your not-girlfriend for us!” Ashido said after him.

Katsuki glared over his shoulder, shoving his phone in his pocket. He flipped her off, but the girl just grinned and waved. Sero laughed, hand over his mouth. Kirishima smiled and rolled his eyes and Kaminari just stared after Katsuki suspiciously.


Hitoshi shifted from foot to foot next to the machine. He was probably putting his minimal sleep schedule off by getting coffee in the middle of the day, but he was ready to pass out and he needed to stay awake for a test later on that day. He hated tests, but he wasn't stupid enough to avoid it and end up taking the make-up—which was usually far more complicated.

He leaned against the wall, playing with his fingers just for something to do. His eyes were half closed, and he stifled a yawn. Why the hell was he so tired? He smacked either side of his face with his palms. It woke him up a little bit, but he knew from experience trying to use that as a solution would dull the effectiveness until it was just a nuisance.

His head was a little foggy, too. Foggy enough he didn't hear the people walking straight up to him. He jolted awake further, bag falling to the ground as a hand covered his mouth. He was nowhere near awake enough to fight back a lot, but he instinctively tried to rip the person's hand off his mouth.

It was the same guys that had been looking to corner him during lunch when Bakugou scared them off. They had grins on that would fit street thugs more than students at a prestigious school. Hitoshi scratched at the wrist attached to the hand covering his mouth. The person—the biggest one in their little group—only winced at the pain and grabbed Hitoshi's shoulder, slamming him into the wall roughly. That hurt.

Hitoshi tried to curse, but the hand was doing it's job at keeping him silent. He kicked out one of his legs, trying to hit the guy pinning him in the shin—but it would never work enough to do anything to help him get out of the situation.

“Wow, for a villain kid, you're still freakishly weak,” one of the others said, laughing bitterly. Hitoshi frowned under the hand, going still. It was useless trying to really hit them back—he was outnumbered and he doubted he could even fight the smallest one that just watched. “Seriously? You're a useless piece of shit without your quirk. Hero my ass.”

“You're lucky that hero kid took some kind of pity on you,” the small one said. Hitoshi narrowed his eyes. He was still exhausted, but now he was awake enough to keep his eyes open. “He doesn't even know you're controlling him, does he? God, what a pathetic excuse for a hero student.”

“Did you actually need me to buy you coffee, shithead, or am I saving you again?”

The group all looked over their shoulder and Hitoshi's eyes went wide. He blinked and pointed to the hand holding his mouth. Bakugou rolled his eyes. He had just walked around the corner. He scowled and narrowed his eyes at the group. They glanced at each other, confused and scared.

“Dude, let's just get out of here,” one of them said, nudging another.

“Hell no, we can take a fake hero student,” the other said.

“You wanna run that by me again?” Bakugou snapped. He set off an explosion. The hall was pretty much abandoned since everyone was focusing on lunch and last minute projects, but the sound still felt like it could draw attention. “You wanna do this shit?”

The big one let go of Hitoshi enough that he could slip out of immediate danger. The others were looking back and forth between the two. Eventually, a few of them walked past Bakugou as fast as they could, until it was only the big one and their little leader.

Bakugou raised an eyebrow at them as he walked over. He glared down his nose at them, even though the big one was taller than him and the other was his height. The one his height flinched back and started to walk away. The big one was stupid enough to try and smack Bakugou. He just went for a straight punch, but the blond easily blocked it and hit him in the gut—right under the ribs. The other coughed and hacked as he tried to catch his breath. Bakugou snarled and shoved him out of the way, towards where the smaller one was starting to run away. The two of them only spared one look at Bakugou's pissed expression before running.

Hitoshi smirked after them, but was snapped out of it by Bakugou hitting him on shoulder.

“The hell you smiling about?” the blond asked, still scowling. “If it weren't for me, you'd have another black eye.”

“And with you, I don't and soon I'll have coffee,” Hitoshi said, rubbing were he knew there'd be a bruise where Bakugou hit him. “Silver linings.”

Bakugou scoffed and rolled his eyes. He pulled out a dollar from his bag after digging around. Hitoshi took it with a smile. He walked over to the machine and put the dollar in, hitting the button for coffee. He picked up his bag from where he dropped it and grabbed the can.

“Happy now? People are starting to think I have a girlfriend or some shit,” Bakugou said. Hitoshi nodded and opened it, immediately drinking a huge gulp. He winced at the taste and gagged a little. “Crap, you're high maintenance with coffee.”

“I'll take that as a compliment considering the utter garbage the rest of the Gen Ed drinks,” Hitoshi said after a few seconds of getting over the taste. He wondered if he could convince Bakugou to go get him some from the hero dorms. He doubted he could get away with using his quirk for it and still get good coffee in the mornings. Not a chance he was willing to take. “It's horrible but it does it's job. What's worse is coffee that tastes like shit and doesn't even wake you up. I've had too many experiences with that.”

Bakugou snorted and shook his head. He looked down the hall where the group vanished, frowning. Hitoshi blinked at his expression. It was different from the usual pissed look, more... neutral?

“Are you thinking?” Hitoshi asked. Bakugou glared at him “Sounds dangerous if you are.”

“Screw you,” Bakugou snapped, looking back down the hall. “... You shouldn't take their shit.”

“We've been over this, I value my life,” Hitoshi sighed.

“Wear gym clothes tomorrow,” Bakugou said, going to walk away.

“I'm sorry, what?” Hitoshi sputtered, walking after him. The blond didn't so much as glance over his shoulder at him. “Of course you're not going to tell me, why did I think otherwise? If you make me run like you do, I'm suing.”


“So... uh what's up with you and the Shinsou guy?” Kirishima asked.

Katsuki looked up from where he was looking over a worksheet the other just finished. The red head had a hesitantly curious look on his face, obviously scared of setting Katsuki off when some of his grades depended on the blond.

“Mind. Your. Own. Shit,” Katsuki said, marking something down. He leaned his elbow on the table and balanced his chin in his palm. “Why the hell are you and Deku so nosy?”

“To be honest, it's weird,” Kirishima admitted, shrugging helplessly. Katsuki frowned and raised an eyebrow. “I mean, you only talk to like... four other people in the class? You act like you hate everyone, then we find out you're... sort of friends with a Gen Ed kid. One that seems to be more antisocial than you.”

Katsuki slid the paper back over to Kirishima, looking off to the side where the glass door to the veranda was. It was starting to get dark, just barely, so there were still voices coming from outside the door.

“Then we figure out that you're bringing him coffee,” Kirishima continued after a period of silence, doing over some of the problems. “And he's getting you drinks... and you're talking with him without shouting, he lets you watch whatever he was doing on his phone. It's just... weird, 'cause it sort of came out of nowhere on our end.”

“He just showed up one day, got it?” Katsuki interrupted. He could practically feel Kirishima preparing to ramble on and on about why it was weird. He didn't want to hear it. The red head watched him, stopping what he was writing. Katsuki grumbled and looked back over at him. “Shit happened, and we tolerate each other. I'll say it for the fourth time. Mind your own shit, shitty hair.”

Kirishima frowned, realizing he wasn't going to get anything else out of the blond. He nodded and went back the problems. Katsuki stared out the window, fingers messing with a few strands of his hair near his ear just to do something. He knew that Hitoshi and him had a weird friendship going on, but so did half the other hero students like the tentacle guy and bird head. He tapped his foot against the other and his frown deepened as he stared off.

He was snapped back to the moment by Kirishima sliding the paper back over to him. He looked down and picked up the pen again.

“How the hell did you get this wrong, I just told you how to do this shit.”