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Coffee Cans and Energy Drinks

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Hitoshi really hated lunch sometimes. He loved food—it was the best thing next to coffee and sleep—but he could deal without the people. That day, earlier in class, he spoke up and used his quirk to get one of the guys who pushed him around a lot to leave him be until class started. He regretted it when he removed the effect as the teacher had walked in, and knew it'd lead to what was happening.

He rushed through the line, trying to put as much distance between him at the guys looking for him as possible. He grabbed his tray and glanced around the room. He frowned and walked out of the building. Outside was safer than even the most populated area. The guys were the same ones that gave him the black eye that was almost fully healed, and they wouldn't hesitate to give him a new one right over it just because people were around. Yet, they didn't go outside at lunch most of the time so it was just the safest bet.

Hitoshi sighed when he got into the courtyard. The sky was mostly clear, and the few clouds out there were pure white and fluffy. He glared up at the sky briefly and walked over to a set of trees. He sat down at the base of one of them and leaned back against the trunk. It was good to stay out of the sunlight, and there were only a couple of people out and around in the courtyard area.

He only poked at his food, and stared off into space at the ground. Sweet silence. That morning was the usual—Bakugou running laps, energy drinks, and free good coffee. He wanted more coffee, but there was no way in hell he'd be walking across the entire campus for that trash in the vending machine. He took a few bites of his sandwich before deciding he wasn't hungry any more and slouched back against the tree.

The conversations of other groups floated over, and he caught a few words but ended up tuning it all out. Sweet silence . Then he felt the eyes. He always thought it was just one of those things that authors used in stories to rush the story along by having people realize whatever's going on by a feeling. He was very wrong though. He could actually feel the eyes staring a him, and while it happened once with Bakugou before, he'd written it off as him being weird about the whole thing. But no.

Hitoshi glanced over at the building. Those guys were there, near the door and looking around. He cursed in his head and prepared to move away as discreetly as possible. But nope, not happened. One of them saw him, nudged his buddies, and they all turned to look at him. He sucked his teeth and acted like he hadn't seen anything. He knew they wouldn't lose interest, but he could hope and dream.

Foot steps got closer, only one set, though and he braced himself for someone to grab him by the shirt. He got nudged only a little rough instead. He looked up and blinked at Bakugou standing next to him. The blond was scowling—as per the norm.

“Scoot over,” Bakugou said. Hitoshi frowned but didn't question it, moving over enough for the blond to sit down next to him, leaning back against the tree with him. “Those assholes're staring at you. What d'ya do?”

“Use my quirk to get them to piss off for the morning,” Hitoshi sighed, nudging his tray away and bringing his knees up to his chest.

“Good job, shithead,” Bakugou snorted, eating his own lunch. “They're definitely ignoring your ass now.”

“They are now,” Hitoshi mumbled, glancing over Bakugou's shoulders to where the group still was. They were speaking quietly but rushed, gesturing and continuously looking over at Hitoshi and Bakugou. “You scared them. That's actually hilarious.”

“You making fun of me, shithead?” Bakugou snapped. Hitoshi gave a small smirk before sliding his back down the tree so he was on the ground. “The hell you doing?”

“Taking a nap, wake me up when lunch is over,” Hitoshi yawned. He lied down fully on the ground and curled on his side, facing towards Bakugou. “Don't have to do anything besides that. Apparently you're scary .”

“Piss off.”

“Thanks, asshole.”


Katsuki had only sat next to Shinsou because the ones he usually sat with at lunch were off working on some paper with the creation-girl. He glanced down at where Shinsou was already out cold. For someone who couldn't sleep at night and demanded coffee every morning, he fell asleep extremely fast. Katsuki grumbled to himself and shifted back against the tree. He looked over to where the guys near the building were still standing.

They looked scared at least. He had to guess that they were the ones that gave Shinsou the black eye, which he didn't get. They looked like wannabe tough guys, cliche and stupid. It was already obvious that Shinsou wasn't exactly scared of them like they were of Katsuki, but it still was annoying to think that those guys are the ones that hit Shinsou hard enough to give him a bruise that lasted as long as it did. Katsuki flinched when Shinsou shifted next to him, rolling over a little, his arm bumping against Katsuki's leg. The blond tensed up a little but Shinsou was completely unconscious. He huffed and leaned back against the tree, looking over at where that group still was.

The one that was standing at the front of it met his eyes. Katsuki set off a small explosion, and the other stepped back. The group eventually went off, disappearing into the building. Shinsou grumbled something and Katsuki froze again. Shinsou would probably be pissed if Katsuki woke him up before he had to. Luckily, the purple-blue haired boy was still asleep. He needed it, and even Katsuki wasn't about to ruin that for him.

Katsuki ate his lunch silently. He hadn't been hoping for conversation, he never is at lunch, so it's not like he was upset. He looked around the courtyard. It was mostly empty, just a few kids he's never even seen before in the hero course. Some gave him and Shinsou glances, but looked away quickly. He knew that a lot of people in the school were kind of scared of him after the sports festival, but he didn't think it was so prominent.

He glanced back down at Shinsou. His arms were folded close to his chest, hands acting as a sort of pillow. His hair was still sticking up fairly straight despite being on the ground. Katsuki frowned at the thoughts his brain tried to bring up to the forefront of his head and looked back out at the courtyard. One of his classmates stood a few feet away, watching with wide eyes.

It was one of the quieter students, and Katsuki could've sworn he's seen him hanging around the bird head and tentacle guy. Katsuki didn't know his name, but he tensed up and prepared to jump up and hit him. The other jolted at Katsuki's movement and waved his hands placatingly. He gestured zipping his mouth shut and Katsuki narrowed his eyes.

“Breathe a word of this, and you're dead,” Katsuki hissed. The other nodded frantically and quickly walked away.

Katsuki eventually relaxed back against the tree. It was a good thing that the one person who actually found him was probably one of if not the most quiet person in his class. He scowled at the thought of anyone else finding him. He doubted they'd be able to keep their mouth shut. He huffed and tilted his head back, knocking it against the tree. He frowned at the sky and sighed.


“Wait up, Bakugou!”

Katsuki paused in tying his shoes and looked up. It was the regular time for him to leave for the gym area. Kirishima stood in front of him, dressed in work out clothes with his bag over his shoulder. Midoriya came up behind him, dressed similarly and hopping forward as he pulled on his sneakers. He had his bag on his shoulders, too. Katsuki saw where this was going and didn't like it.

“No,” he snapped, finishing the knot and standing up. He marched towards the kitchen.

“You didn't even know what I was gonna ask!” Kirishima whined, throwing his bag down and following after Katsuki. “C'mon Bakugou.”

“I said no , shitty hair,” Katsuki said louder.

The class prez was sitting at the counter, eating cereal, and gave a glare when Katsuki came into the kitchen. He went over to the coffee machine, grabbing the thermos that got washed last night. He had no idea about all the technical things the machine could do, only bothering to pay attention to when the class prez said how to make a plain cup. He screwed open the thermos and put on the base, hitting the button and letting it fill.

“We just wanna get in a work out, too,” Kirishima said. Midoriya walked in behind him, nervously glancing between the other three. “It's not a big deal.”

Katsuki scowled at him and crossed his arms.

“Kacchan, if you really don't wan--”

“Nope! We're going,” Kirishima interrupted, putting his hands on his hips. Katsuki growled near silently and looked away at the coffee machine. “I was going to ask if you were okay with it, but we were gonna go anyways.”

“Then what was the goddamn point of even trying to ask!?” Katsuki shouted.

“Please watch your volume!” the class prez ordered, even if his voice was almost as loud. “People are trying to sleep!”

“Watch your own volume, ass!” Katsuki snapped back. The two of them glared at each other until the buzzer of the machine went off. Katsuki grumbled as he turned it off and and grabbed the thermos. He screwed on the cover tightly. “Fine do whatever the hell you want, I don't give a shit.”

“Good,” Kirishima said, smiling at him despite the dirty look Katsuki was shooting in his direction. Midoriya smiled anxiously and turned to walk out of the kitchen. “Let's get going then.