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One Day

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“This can’t be happening,” Josh muttered under his breath, “not today,”

Josh went through his pockets one more time before giving up with a tired sigh. He let himself slide slowly down the door and to the ground with a thud. He left his apartment key inside. Today just wasn’t his day.

Firstly, Josh had been late to work as he had fallen asleep the previous night with earphones in and by morning they were out of his ears therefore meaning he did not hear his alarm. Secondly, his boss was hungover and in an even crappier mood than usual, meaning Josh got the yelling at of the century. Thirdly, every second customer Josh served at the small record store was a complete pain in the ass and had some stupid ass complaint Josh could do nothing about. And Lastly to make everything even better, Josh clumsily slipped in a puddle walking home dropping his phone on the concrete with a nice smashing sound.

Let’s just say Josh wanted this day to be over. He wanted every day to be over. He wanted to slide into his bed and never wake up again. He just wanted peace in his head. But today just wasn’t his day. But then again, no day was ever Josh’s day he was the pinnacle of bad luck.

Josh pondered for a while his head resting solemnly on the door before tiredly deciding on a plan of action. He stood up and glanced at the two doors a small distance either side of his own. He had two choices.

Option 1 was to his left. Josh didn’t know her name but he referred to her as Orange. She was around the age of 50 and lived alone, she gained the name orange because she had a fake tan as orange as well... an orange. Josh didn’t like the idea of seeing her, she never seemed like a nice person.

Option 2 was to Josh’s right. Josh didn’t know his name either but he was nicknamed Blue. Josh wasn’t sure why he nicknamed his neighbours by colours, it was just easy to remember he guessed. Blue was around Josh’s age, so maybe 24 and would always smile at Josh when they passed each other in the halls. Blue was Josh’s favourite colour and possibly Josh’s favourite neighbour. Blue was always so joyful, a complete contrast to his name and Josh wanted to go to him and ask for assistance. He didn’t though, his nerves got the better of him, he didn’t want to destroy the perfect image he had in his head of the Blue.

He plotted over warily to Orange’s door but couldn’t bring himself to knock, what if she yelled at him, called him stupid for forgetting his key inside. She wouldn’t help him, so he backed away and headed for Blue’s door. What if this boy was mean too? What if he laughed at Josh? What if h-

The door opened.

Josh’s eyes met Blue’s and they both stared in surprise. Josh hadn’t even knocked, yet he was standing right in Blue’s doorway.

“Um… Hi?” Blue said a small smile on his lips.

“Sor- sorry, I was just gonna knock, but, I, uh, didn’t know if you’d let me, I’m sorry,” Josh stuttered he knew that didn’t make any sense,

“Uh? It’s okay, what were you wanting?” Blue asked gently, his brows were lightly furrowed in confusion.

“I forgot my keys inside my apartment and I never lock my balcony door, I was just wondering if, uh maybe I could hop over to mine seeing as they’re connected and all, it’s okay if I can’t, I’ll just work something else out,” Josh said staring anywhere but at Blue’s eyes which Josh thought were the perfect shade of brown.

“No, that’s fine, come in,” Blue insisted opening the door wide so Josh could enter. He lightly stepped in, hoping he hadn’t or wouldn’t make a fool out of himself. “How’d you manage to forget your keys?” He asked making conversation.

“I, uh, was in a hurry this morning. I missed my alarm and was late to work,” Josh admitted, he felt stupid, he hoped blue didn’t think he was stupid.

Tyler laughed, “oh man, the amount of times I’ve done that is ridiculous,”

Josh smiled genuinely, I guess Blue was as nice as he had seemed.

“My names Tyler by the way,” Blu- Tyler stated as they walked out towards the balcony door of Tyler’s apartment, which honestly was a lot cleaner then Josh’s.

“Josh,” the aforementioned smiled, it was nice to have a name to put to the face now, although Josh would always see Tyler as blue.

“There you go,” Tyler said as the two of them stepped out onto the balcony that connected to Josh’s with only a small railing type fence to separate the two. Josh always thought the idea to have all the balconies on each side connect was impractical, but right now it seemed an amazing idea.

“Thank you,” Josh smiled kindly before hoisting himself over the railing and to his side of the balcony.

“All good,” Tyler stated, “oh and if someone breaks into your apartment and steals your stuff you’ll know it’s me seeing as you told me you never lock the door,”

“Well good luck finding something worth stealing,” Josh laughed, he felt comfortable with Tyler, he liked Tyler.

“I guess I’ll just have to steal you then, aye?” Tyler smirked as Josh’s heart skipped a beat in his chest,

“Yeah, I-I guess so,” Josh stuttered his cheeks warming, had Tyler flirted? No that wasn’t flirting, was it?

“I’ll see you around Josh,”

“Yeah, thanks again Tyler,” Josh smiled,

“My pleasure,”

And with that Tyler headed inside leaving Josh feeling slightly happier than he did when he got home.

Maybe today wasn’t so bad after all.