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A Brief Treatise On Computer Security

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We are the Mechanisms, a band of immortal space pirates roaming through the universe on the starship Aurora. The crew consists of Gunpowder Tim, the master-at-arms; Ashes O'Reilly, the quartermaster; Drumbot Brian, the pilot; Baron Marius von Raum, ship's doctor; Raphaella la Cognizi, science officer; Ivy Alexandria, archivist and navigator; Nastya Rasputina, ship’s engineer; … the Toy Soldier; and myself, Jonny d'Ville, your Captain. [First Mate! — Ivy]

Today we’ll be weaving you a tale of warfare and weaponry — well, actually, it’s mostly about computer security, but that doesn’t alliterate as well, now, does it?

In any case, it features grenades. What, you didn’t know that explosives were named for pomegranates? Well, now you do.

Shall we begin…?