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Of Clocks and Caped Bald Men

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Time was running out.

She may have looked young, but she was damn near thirty. And no one could hear the biological clock ticking quite so loudly as Tatsumaki. It was enough to drive her absolutely crazy. Even more so was the idea that she had gone this long without fulfilling one of her deepest cravings – when she was usually not the sort of person to deny herself anything.

Except, in this case, it wasn't entirely her fault. Usually, when Tatsumaki wanted something, she would find a way to get it. But carrying the weight of an S-Class Superhero meant giving up a few indulgences every now and then. Maybe she wouldn't be in this position if other people would stop having problems – but there were problems in the world, and she took great pleasure out of kicking them in the teeth.

But she had gone long enough denying herself. She was going to get what she wanted, what she needed, and she was not going to let anyone get in her way. Every day that squeaked past was just more lost time. So much wasted life was behind her, and there was so much still she had to accomplish.

And of course, there were babies. Most people (wrongfully) assumed that she never wanted anything to do with children. Of course, most people still mistook her for a child. But she couldn't correct every idiot in the world.

That was what brought her to Baldy's doorstep. He was not only a baldy, but he was the biggest idiot of all time. And while it had been a while since she had seen him, she doubted he had done anything to improve that blank, listless stare that was arguably the most interesting part of his face.

He was nowhere near her caliber, but she was prepared to climb him like a tree and sink her nails into his back if that was what it took to wring what she wanted out of him. Hopefully, it wouldn't take long. She had been thinking about it all afternoon and it was enough to make her stomach queasy. She was already going to have to do her best not to vomit as soon as he dropped his pants. With her luck, she would keep her breakfast down and vomit feelings all over him instead.

That would be a joy. Genuine attachment to someone with a head like a ripe cantaloupe.

He opened the door. Tatsumaki did not even give him two minutes to process what was going on. She stepped forward, nearly trampling his feet, her voice escalating as her passion and anxiety swelled together.

"Look here, baldy – I'm not interested in what your excuses may be about all of the better things you have to do this afternoon. And by the way, I know you have nothing to do because this city is DEAD! Anyway, we are going to go into that room," she pointed ahead, not even bothering to determine whether or not it was actually the bedroom first, "and I am going to ride you like a big stupid bucking bronco until you give me what I need, all right? Because I am running out of time, damn it, and I am going to have a child. So lucky, lucky you. You get to donate to the cause of bringing a new esper baby into this world – and it will probably be able to easily out-match you by the time it's six months old. Well?" She put her hands on her hips.

He didn't say anything for a moment. Then he popped open his stupid mouth and let out the only retort he could have possibly conjured after letting the wheels turn for a full five and a half minutes. "Oh."

Pure genius.

Tatsumaki rolled her eyes, grabbing him by the wrist and pulling him towards the open bedroom door. He followed her without another word – which was something she supposed she could be grateful for.

She pushed against his chest, flinging him back down onto the bed. Saitama found himself sitting on the edge, his head tilted back as he looked up at her - something she knew he wasn't used to doing, the bastard.

She snorted in disgust, reaching out to work the buttons on the collar of his shirt.

"Really," she muttered under her breath. "You can't even be any real help…"

"Uh, Shortstack?"

"Hey, asshole! I'm trying to -"

He reached up and touched her wrists. Tatsumaki paused her beginning tirade in surprise, looking own at him and pursing her lips as if she didn't know what to make of the situation. She tugged on her hands to pull them back, but he held surprisingly fast. She swallowed hard and leaned over, finding her lips hovering just above his.

"You aren't even going to buy me dinner first?" he asked, a small smile spreading across his annoying face. He was far too pleased with his unfunny joke.

She wanted to smack him, she really did. "You think this is a game? I'll have you know that mmmpfh - - "

She hadn't noticed he had placed one hand against the back of her head, fingers getting tangled in her bright green curls and was gripping them at the base until he tugged her down, closing the distance between them and crashing their lips together.

Her initial gasp melted in a pleasantly surprised moan as her lips parted and she felt his tongue slide in, filling up her mouth with its hot, heavy bulk. His other hand came around to rest against the small of her back and she parted her legs easily, sliding up to straddle his thighs. His body felt alive underneath hers. She was already sinking into the oblivion of anticipation. It was easy to look past his bald head and stupid face when she could look past his shoulders and stare at the wall while getting a good feel of hard body…

Suddenly he wasn't Baldy and she was just a woman. Any hesitation she might have had left in her was slowly ebbing away.

Tatsumaki rocked back and forth, rubbing his bulge, her body responding positively to the stimulation. She let out a girly squeal that might have embarrassed her being any other time, just as a hot flush rose to her cheeks at the sound of his pants rustling and slipping off his body. His underwear soon followed. His thighs were so smooth. His cock sprang up as soon as it was free. The vein underneath was pulsing with need, the head already purple with a rush of blood. Tatsumaki licked her lips – if she was going to go all-in, she might as well make the most of it. She certainly didn't want to have to do this again, and maybe if it was really good the first time a peak performance might cause him to hit the bullseye.

She opened her mouth and her tongue played with the head of his cock. She probed at the slit, reaching up to grab hold of the shaft. She started to move the silky skin up and down, gripping his shaft so that she could feel every ridge with her steady strokes. Her tongue lapped at his head, moving around in fast, circular motions like she was licking a lollipop - or better yet a candy apple. She felt salty pre-cum touch her tongue and she spread it around enthusiastically, slipping her tongue all the way down to the ridge of his head before finally sliding her entire mouth around it, sucking on the tip and moving her hand up and down faster, feeling her fingers pick up some of the wetness dripping from her mouth and lubricating the handjob. She sucked on his head harder until her cheeks hollowed out, moving her mouth further down the shaft and letting her tongue do most of the work. He was thick. She found herself drooling all over his cock just from her own inability to take all of him at once. Her mouth felt too small, like the sides of her lips were in danger of splitting. She was working her way down his length, but she could already feel his head hitting the back of her throat. She choked a little bit, but she refused to give up. She was determined to take the entire thing. Tatsumaki opened up her mouth as wide as she possibly could and relaxed her throat, letting his cock slide further down until she had her lips wrapped around his base, her nose pressed against his groin. She could feel her own heavy, heated breath skate over his salty skin. She dragged her nails down his thighs, feeling them jump underneath her touch. He pushed his cock further down her throat, his hand holding her head firmly in place as he did so. She choked again, regaining control of herself as she closed her eyes, sucking on him until she could taste salty pre-cum again. She did not want him to ejaculate in her mouth, for obvious reasons. She purred, stimulating him with the vibrations from her throat. She challenged herself by going even farther, her tongue snaking out – she was able to drag the very tip over the line lining that separated his balls. At this point, they were all drawn up anyway and hard to reach, but one little touch from her tongue was enough to make his whole body tense up. If she had been able to, Tatsumaki might have smirked at having him like this – more malleable than warm putty in the palm of her hand. She slipped one cool hand between his thighs, wiggling her fingers until they were between his ass cheeks. She stroked between them, slipping her fingers up until she was touching that sensitive spot just behind his balls, teasing it mercilessly with her spidery touch until she thought his cock was going to burst inside of her mouth, it was so hard and needy.

Tatsumaki pulled herself off his cock slowly, savoring every inch before reaching the very end. She left his tip behind with a wet popping sound and she stood back up, her lips cherry red and a little swollen as she straddled his hips again, hiking up the cut slits of her black skirt and pushing aside the black thong she was wearing. She lowered herself down, resting her slick entrance against the head of his cock. She paused there, working her hips as she slipped back and forth over his head, grinning as she felt him quiver underneath her – his hands gripping her thighs, desperate to get inside.

The foreplay, while enjoyable given the circumstances, was taking a bit too long. Tatsumaki found herself growing impatient, and she let her knees buckle underneath her. He pushed the length of his cock inside of her and she took it all at once, her legs slapping against his thighs as her body crashed into his. She let out another yelp, grabbing hold of his shoulders and digging her nails into the flesh – rocking back and forth as she rode his cock. She squeezed her thighs around his, gasping – unable to decide whether she wanted to slide up and down or to let it stay buried inside of her for the duration. She did not have to make the decision alone. Saitama took hold of her waist, lifting her up and turning around, throwing her down onto the bed without his cock ever really leaving her. Her legs splayed apart and he seemed to sink even deeper once he was on top of her. Tatsumaki's hands were not sure where to land. She ended up clasping them against the back of his bald head and pulling him down, trying to keep him as close to her as possible.

Saitama took hold of her legs, running his hands down their length until he had reached her delicate ankles. He brought her feet up to rest on his shoulders and he leaned over, pushing down against the backs of her thighs as pulled his cock back. It was at an angle where she could feel every throbbing inch as it slid out and she let out a little cry of dismay, not wanting it to leave her. He teased her with it, pausing when the tip was at her entrance. He slipped it in and out, prodding, hips thrusting with unnatural speed as she felt the head bump against her clit, making her legs tremble with need.

"Saitama-!" She spat through her teeth, trying to convey just how much she was going to rip him apart if he didn't give her a damn orgasm…

He drove his hips down again, shoving himself deep and swiveling his hips, bucking against her while deep inside and dragging another throaty moan from her. Tatsumaki tried to draw her hips back, but he kept her pinned to the bed, rocking back and forth and letting his aching cock satisfy itself in her clenching, drenched entrance.

She was close. She was so surprisingly close. Tatsumaki did not want to edge herself any longer like this. She wanted to cum; she felt like she was on a hair-trigger and that it would be possible for her to explode at any moment. She felt his hips move again, and he pulled his cock back only a little. The movement was more than enough for her. Tastumaki screamed, feeling herself clench, and he drew himself all the way out. The tip of his cock hovered just outside of her entrance, and she threw her head back – damp green curls splaying out on the pillow behind her as her back arched, her fingers gripping the sheets underneath her. It was too much, she was going to…

He plunged back inside, grinding his hips against hers. That was it, she was done for. Tatsumaki screamed as she came, gushing around his cock and down her own thighs. The orgasm hit her in waves, causing her hips to roll with each one – each peak drawing a whimper from her fine throat. It was too much for Saitama to bear. His body fell against hers, his hands pushing her shoulders down, pinning her underneath him as his hips pounded against her. His face was pushed into the bend of his neck, his breathing rapid as he approached the edge of his own orgasm, unable to hold back.

One last thrust and he came, hard, cum exploding from the head of his cock and filling her up to the brim. She could feel every bit of it – hot, white, and thick as it flooded her insides. She moaned, shivering at the feeling, holding onto the back of his neck and not letting him up for several minutes after the orgasm had passed. He was still hard for a few seconds, and then she felt his cock start to go down. She did not let him go until his cock had shrunk almost back to normal and pulled itself out on its own accord. She could feel the head still drooling cum as it slipped over her thighs. She laid there for as long as she was able, sprawled out on her back and gasping for air – a thin sheen of sweat on her brow.

She felt him collapse into an empty spot next to her. She didn't think much of it until she felt an arm wrap around her chest and pull her close with almost crushing force. Tatsumaki's eyes widened but she did not struggle against the grip. She really should have turned around and socked him in the face, but her excuse for not doing so was just that she was too amazed at the fact that apparently – Saitama was a snuggler.

She let herself rest against his chest, waiting for his breathing to fall back to an even pace while her own senses caught back up with her. Come to think of it, she should deck him in the jaw. If for no other reason than appearance's sake.

She did not turn around. She was not going to push her face into his chest and breathe in his stinking cologne and be all soft and feminine just because she had been riding him into oblivion a few minutes before.

His chest rumbled – and she realized he was humming. Softly, dumbly. This guy was such a moron.

"So," he said, interrupting her line of thought. "What are we going to name the baby?"

Tatsumaki did not respond. She only furrowed her brow and reached around, jabbing him in the ribs with scolding fingers.

What was she going to name the baby, indeed? It didn't matter at this stage. What a stupid question.

Also, no matter what – boy or girl, she just hoped they were not going to lose their hair like their the Caped Baldy.