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What kind of boyfriend will he be? 


Aymeric is the type of boyfriend you would love to bring home, not only to show off per say, but perhaps to ease those annoying questions of the usual: when are you getting married, how many kids do you want to have, you are not getting any younger, how would liberating Ala Mhigo helped in you getting married etc... 

Because Aymeric is so skilled in negotiations, he would easily deflect all those for you by talking them in circles. And charming them at the same time. You would think it's a feat so much greater than being called an Eikon Slayer really. Those people would have left your home happy, none the wiser. However, with just the two of you left, Aymeric would have turned back to you and say, "Shall we?", leading you confused to the kitchen and you thought nothing of it. Only when he turned around with that same disarming charming smile he used on your family, you now know there is something he wanted out of this. His silver tongue, in more ways than one, bribed you into willingly having hot kitchen sex with him. He won't make you do things you won't feel comfortable to, but you still feel manipulated. In a good way. 

Aymeric is also one who loves innuendos. He could say something completely innocent in his office, in front of all his subordinates, such as "Sending a contingent to storm relentlessly the secret fold of dissidents here and here", pointing the map and then singled you out by giving you the look

The intense smothering look that promise a lot more than simply sending a Warrior of Light to help quell unrest. You shivered uncontrollably and you were definitely feeling some stirring in certain regions, even as he already looked away continuing the briefing. He is such a tease. at all times. You knew you will be having a fun time in the bedroom that night. 



Haurchefant needlessly to say is an ardent lover. He is like an excited puppy, constantly seeking your attention and showers you with gifts and his affections.  It was only when you two were together, you finally noticed that despite his positive behaviour, the circumstances surrounding his birth had actually made life particularly difficult for him in Ishgard. Perhaps that is why he seems to prefer to be working in Camp Dragonhead, where he have earned the trust of his soldiers with hard work, and he is seemingly more open to deal with adventurers and Eorzeans who won't have judge him simply because of his birth. 

You were amazed despite this difficult childhood, he grew to be such an earnest, loving and honorable person. You understood that perhaps because of this vulnerability underneath it all, he constantly seeks your approval and affections. 

So. You spoil him senseless too. Or as much as you can, without neglecting on both of your duties. 

When it's not about work, and you two were just spending time together in a room, soldiers and assistants around you two would gag from the compliments you two will pay to each other, or how touchy-feely you two can be. Seriously, you two can act like teenagers in love sometimes. 

In some parties where Haurchefant had no choice but to attend in Ishgard, you stood tall and proud beside him as his date, glaring at those who would even so much as dare to move their lips to utter something shameful. Your beloved Haurchefant would only looked at you in love and amusement, he really couldn't care less what others think, but it definitely felt good to have the esteemed Warrior of Light to be on his side. 

And he definitely let you know just how much he appreciated you that night. In your bedroom. 


Your relationship with Estinien will start off a little strange at first. There will be no confirmation of your relationship status, and Estinien definitely didn't act any different. His barbed remarks had not changed for one. Neither did he subtly touched you nor talked to you in any context as your lover. What you didn't know however was underneath that blasted dragoon helmet, his eyes were always tenderly looking and slowly admiring you, even while he answers levelly to Lucia's questions in the war room. He knew how fleeting life is, and he was determined to commit your looks, your actions and behaviour in his memory. 

It's only through the little things that he subtly do that you realized he cared and adored you hundreds of times more than he actually shows. For example, when you finally arrived to your destination for your work and needed to call it a night at the local rundown inn, you were told by the innkeeper that someone had already paid for your lodgings and gave you the best room available. You won't have know who had paid it, until a sharp-eyed kid you met the next morning were bubbly with excitement talking about how he have seen the legendary Azure dragoon in person a few days prior.  

In another instance, Estinien knew in passing while you were talking to Alphinaud that you were fond of a certain food but simply didn't have time to be there to try. The next day, Aymeric sends you to that vicinity for some random work that you were pretty sure anyone else could have done it. The Lord Commander however only smiled at you dismissively when you asked, except that it only made it apparent it was your beloved Estinien who intervened on your behalf. 

On the rare occasions that you two get to spend time together, you finally noticed he do act a little bit differently. For one, you were frustrated how he never seemed to touch you, and out of the spur of moment, you grabbed his hand to maintain contact. You expected him to shake off your hand and berate you of such affections, but instead he tightened his grip and switch to lace your fingers together, like what you envision a loving couple would do. Both of you didn't comment further, you were blushing and perhaps him too. The silly couple just continued to walk in the snow in silence, hand in hand. At this moment, you finally understood that perhaps it isn't that he dislikes outwardly affections such as these, it's just... he simply doesn't know how to get around to do it. 


Once you two got through the bumbling and awkward confessions away, Alphinaud is awed and uncontrollably distracted by you. You even caught him pinching himself by the cheeks sometimes, and when you asked him about it, he babbled about just making sure whether this is reality. He is intelligent and mature, but when he begun to be increasingly distracted and unable to do work, Alisaie explained to you that he is still a teenager and has yet to be emotionally grown to handle both love and work together. When you followed up by asking did he not have a lot of encounters with beautiful girls in the Studium and how come it didn't affect him then; Alisaie only looked at you with an arched eyebrow. When you still couldn't comprehend, she finally explained that Alphinaud looked up to you too, bordering to hero worship. She proceeded to list out the numerous accolades and deeds that you have done, and how, perhaps to a teenage boy, it would have been pretty daunting and unbelievable that you would choose him out of so many others. 

You would then have marched into his room, startling him while he was reading up on strategy, and in no certain terms, did you spend the next hour or two, telling him just how awesome (and cute) he is. Alphinaud would be blushing furiously, and only after a long while, he finally got out what led to this sudden onslaught of compliments. A little ashamed that Alisaie had to step in to help him, and perhaps spur by innate bravery, he reached over and kissed you. 

And boy, is he a good kisser. Perhaps all that time spent impressing girls in the Studium had gave him plenty of practice. You noticed he tried multiple ways and angles with his tongue, and when he hit a particular spot that sent you deliciously moaning, you felt him smiling and he proceed to strategically attack make out with you, reducing you to a bumbling mess instead. 

After that one hot making out session, he seemed to have regain his confidence. He was back to the Alphinaud you knew and could focus on the task at hand. Your love life from then onwards however, will always be speckled with impromptu make out sessions like that, sometimes ambushed by him in a lone hallway, or at the back of the inn before a planned meeting with the scions, and the thrill of getting caught excites both you and him. He also proved to be an ardent and quick learner over time, knowing exactly which spot to touch, which spot to drag his lips over to send you reeling. As time goes on, you aren't sure if he's the one wrapped around your finger, or you around his.