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Hello, Mr. President

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Rich sat on his cot as he talked to his husband, Jake, over skype. They were talking about the upcoming election as it wasn’t far away. Rich wasn’t exactly sure he even knew when it was, after staying in the south east for so long everyday just tends to become sand and nothing. Jake’s laugh sang from the speakers of the computer. Rich smiled at the screen at his husband. Jake’s really had a sort of glow-up since high school. He went from the high school douchebag to a charismatic politician. Now Jake was running for president. Neither of them could believe it was happening. Jake continuously talked about how much it sucked that he didn’t have any “arm candy” since Rich was deployed in the Marines. Rich was mad that he couldn’t be with Jake, but he felt like he couldn’t really complain, at least he was able to talk to Jake, it was better than nothing.

“Yeah babe, when you win I’ll have to wait till the week before inauguration till I can fly back. I mean I am one of their best Sergeants so they want me here as long as possible,” Rich joked, putting on an arrogant smile. Jake laughs over the skype call, his head tilting back slightly. Jake told him every time they called that Jake wouldn’t have the morale to finish this race without Rich’s support, but Rich always felt like he should’ve been doing more. Or at least he could’ve if he wasn’t stationed in Afghanistan.

“Yeah and that’s just if I win. If I don’t then you’re still going to be there for ten months instead of just two.” Jake sighed, Rich could tell that he was anxious. He couldn’t blame him, if he didn’t win he’d come out with more publicity, yes, but more people would dislike him. Rich wouldn’t lie, he was anxious too, but he was sure Jake would win.

“Don’t worry, You will win, the Republican party has dwindled since we were in high school,” Rich points out. Jake scoffs and bobs his head down.

“You know, despite what you might think that doesn’t make me feel any better,” Jake pushes back his hair. It was one of Jake’s several nervous ticks. Rich has noticed more and more of Jake’s nervous ticks since Jake started running for president.

“Jake you’re like ten times more qualified than Squip,” Rich smiles, giving Jake two thumbs up. Jake smiles sheepishly. Rich smiles again and watches his husband.

“What?” Jake laughs.

“I just can’t wait to see you in January,” Rich smiles. Jake laughs and watches the

computer screen carefully.

“You’re so,” Jake thinks for a second, “hopeful.” Rich laughs, covering his mouth with the back of his hand.

“Is that a good thing or a bad thing?” Rich smiles.

“Good, definitely good,” Jake smiles, nodding. “Oh! I forgot! Guess what!” Jake says eagerly. Rich smiles warmly at his husband, Jake got excited so easily.

“What?” Rich goes along with Jake’s story. Jake jumps up from the couch, where his computer was facing and Rich could hear Jake scavenging for something. Rich could hear Jake shushing something then he finally comes back on screen. He was holding their orange tabby, Mango. Rich got Mango when Jake and him started dating. Mango latched onto him when he first picked him up. When Rich showed Mango to Jake he didn’t like him. Though Mango didn’t like very many people, the only person Mango liked, besides Rich, was Michael.

“Mango lets me pick him up now!” Jake cheers over the computer speakers. Rich smiles and scrunches up his nose when he sees Mango. He slips out of Jake’s arms and walked up to the screen, sniffing it when he noticed Rich on screen.

“Hey Mango, how are you, you pretty kitty!” Rich cooes. Jake laughs pulling Mango back onto his lap.

“So, I feel like we’ve only talked about me, how are you?” Jake asks, petting Mango. You could tell Mango didn’t want to be there, he was extremely dramatic cat and it was funny seeing him with someone he wasn’t fond of.

“Well today I woke up to a trumpet, cliched right? I patrolled for a while, ate mashed potatoes so hard that I broke my plastic fork, and then I patrolled again,” Rich answers sarcastically. Jake smiles warmly at Rich’s laugh.

“Sergeant Goranski,” One of his soldiers walk into the room, saluting him. Rich sighs tiredly and snaps to attention.

“Hold on,” Rich says to Jake muting himself. “Yes Greene?” He asks getting up and moving towards the woman standing in the door.

“We have reports of suspicious activity near the left flank.We request orders,” Greene reports. Rich looks longingly back to his laptop, but quickly focuses back on the soldier.

“Okay, hold on, I’ll be right out.” She turns around, leaves, closing the door. He walks back over to his bed and rubs his face turning the sound back on.

“What was that, Babe?” Jake asks, concern painting his face. Rich smiles and shakes his head.

“I’m sorry, I have to go. I love you,” Rich says. He hated when he had to end the call like this, he knew Jake  would worry, he just didn’t know how to assure him he’d be fine.

“I love you too, be safe.” Jake nods and hangs up the Skype call and closes his computer.

-back in the states-    

Jake closed his laptop slumped back against the couch. He rubbed his eyes and picked up his phone, checking his missed messages (he always kept his phone on ‘Do Not Disturb’ when calling Rich).Plus tonight he didn’t want to have his phone or any social medias up. He was even too nervous to turn on the TV.

It was fucking election night, he didn’t tell Rich, he forgot to. He didn’t want to talk about the election Jake was almost certain he’d lose, no matter how much Rich said he would. Jake refocused on his phone, it was a text from his VP, Chole. He knew she was watching, she and Brooke probably would’ve died if they weren’t watching.

The text flashed on his screen. Turn on your TV!