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Space Trippin'

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The low hum of the Milano’s engine reverberated against the thick steel walls, providing a slight distraction from the rustling of paper and Quill’s muttering under his breath. Tony leaned against the wall, arms loosely crossed over his chest, casting an impatient gaze over his friend.

Quill seemed unaware of Stark’s growing impatience, rather he retained his cautious searching method, flipping through the thick pages covered in some indistinguishable alien scribble. Knowing exactly what he was seeking out, yet it continued to prove illusive.

Beginning to consider the likelihood that Quill had perhaps jumped the gun on whatever it was, Tony thought of how quickly he might be able to excuse himself, with the message that he’d be willing to see whatever it was after it’d been recovered.

A few moments later, Quill paused, snatching a thin sheet, and turned, whispering a low, quick tone. “C’mere, I got it.”

Noticing his companion’s excitement, Tony felt his own deflate upon noticing the page was still incomprehensible. The look he showed, brief as it was, proved sufficient to remind Quill. “Oh, right.” Reaching over as he grabbed the electronic translator. Quill handed it to Tony, leaning close as he waited for the screen to flicker to life.

Yet in his haste, Quill began speaking as the letters took shape. “It’s a new planet, seems like it just popped up overnight.” Trying to focus on the still strangely worded document, Tony gave a slight nod, reading it in silence while gathering what little he could understand of it.

Once finished he cast a look towards Quill, in turn the other man asked firmly. “So, what do you think?” Despite fully expecting just that question, Tony gave a sigh before he hesitantly replied. “It’s not much, you’re sure this is all?”

Quill seemed to perk up again, his eagerness to see the situation resolved fuelling his optimism. “It’s the background. There’s been a lot of disappearances reported near it.” Tony gave a nod. “A cosmic Bermuda triangle.” Quill continued unaffected by Tony’s lingering doubt. “Looks like it, or…there’s something on there that someone doesn’t want anyone else to see.”

Now realizing what his friend’s intentions had been, Tony spoke in a gentle tone. “Quill.” Only to be either ignored or genuinely overlooked, Quill continued as his anxiety began to become more prominent. “I know it’s a long shot, I just thought that if anyone knew-”

Tony this time interjected. “Peter. I’ve talked to a lot of people, they’ve all given me different answers.

Infinity stones, gems, whatever they’re really called. It’s a myth, there may be a core of truth to it. I’m sure there’s unimaginably powerful items out there.

But if these really were from a God, we have no idea what we’re looking for.” The silence that then seemed to drag gave him pause to reconsider being so bluntly spoken. Yet another thought argued it was necessary, Quill was prone to unilateral action after all, someone had to reign him in.

Having been deeply immersed in his own thoughts, Quill then floated his newly formed theory. “Maybe the whole planet is the gem.”

Clenching his jaw, Tony tried to bite back on his anger but couldn’t keep an edge from creeping into his voice. “Don’t do this to yourself, do you want to be the next Don Quixote?” Quill seemed unphased, after a momentarily pause he flatly replied. “I’m not afraid about what people will think of me.” Then abruptly shifted to a nearly exasperated tone. “Stark, c’mon man, what if you’re wrong?”

In the following moment, Quill’s tone moved once again, now more contemplative. “I have to say it, the universe…it’s something else. I mean up here there’s more civilizations then there’s been in the whole history of earth, even my team has got-”

Tony offered a thin smile, resuming a less forward tone. “I don’t want anyone to go head first into a trap, it could be a lure.”

Yet Quill’s determination was apparent, from his tone to his body language. Whatever doubts he may have had were vanquished. “Then we’ll be ready.”