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don't ever let me come down from your love

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honestly, if you asked jungkook how it all started he would swear that the first time was just an accident.

it’s 2am one night and he has trouble sleeping because namjoon hyung was still out working late. it’s not that jungkook is afraid of being alone in the darkness of his dorm room, he just found comfort in listening to his roommate’s quiet, steady breathing lull him to sleep.

he grabs his tablet, stares at the front page of youtube for two minutes and then types “bts jungkook fancam.” he sometimes has brief moments of narcissism where he likes searching himself on youtube and twitter and reading the very distressed comments about his pants or how well his hair was styled that day. the fans screamed about how hot he was in a colorful combination of languages. jeon jungkook, international playboy , he thinks, smirking to himself.

he reads through the comments with a satisfied expression, and is about to turn off the tablet and sleep until a video on the sidebar grabs his attention.

151231 가요대제전 방탄소년단 perfect man JIMIN focus
jamjam park

one million views? what was it about this particular video that attracted so much attention? he clicked it without thinking, not knowing that he was willingly throwing himself down a rabbit hole.


two hours and fifteen videos later, he finds himself drawn to one of the less popular videos, a low quality fancam taken from a bad angle. jungkook doesn’t care as long as he has something to watch.

he doesn’t understand why he can’t stop watching jimin’s videos. what’s strange is that he was even closer to him than all of these fans filming from a distance, and he never felt whatever he was feeling right now. he focused too much on his own performance to really look around him on stage. it must have been the angle from which these videos were filmed. seeing his hyung look at the fans, teasing them, smirking at them, and even turning around and shaking his ass at them, was a really intense experience.

jimin is as charismatic as ever, smirking and licking his lips and thrusting his hips in that exaggerated way that he knew drove the fans insane. jungkook is about to click out because of the bad resolution of the video, he could watch his hyung’s glistening abs in better quality, thank you very much, when jimin’s eyes catch the camera.

his breath hitches in his throat as jimin winks and points at his crotch, and then directly at the fan, causing her camera to start shaking violently. the video cut off soon after that, and jungkook doesn’t bother wondering if the poor uploader passed out from that gesture because he’s having a crisis of his own. his cock has suddenly perked up and is now straining his worn out pajama pants.

is he about to rub it out to one of his hyungs? park jimin of all people? no one is there to see what he is doing, and it isn’t like his hyungs are mind readers who could figure out what nasty shit he liked to imagine while jacking off. blood rushes to his face anyway, the realization of the embarrassing situation he somehow ended up in finally dawning on him.

okay. okay this is a completely normal reaction. he’s not attracted to jimin or anything. war of hormone is a sexual song and their choreography was meant to incite this kind of feeling out of their viewers. he quickly closes the five (five!) tabs he has open and types pornhub dot com into the browser with shaky hands. he tries his best to ignore the video on the front page titled, “19 year old twink gets fucked by his ripped boyfriend.” that does not help with his definitely nonexistent attraction for park jimin.

fifteen minutes later, namjoon walks into their room to find jungkook already fast asleep, brand new crumpled tissues are in the trash can next to the door.




the next morning jungkook wonders if science has found a way to completely erase a few hours from a person’s life.

he was wrong to think that what he did the previous night was a shameful part of his past that he was never going to think about again. he almost chokes on the cereal he is shoving into his mouth when jimin walks into their tiny kitchen, completely topless.

this is a normal occurrence in their dorm, jimin is an exhibitionist who regularly forgets the existence of shirts. he groans loudly and throws his arms in the air as he stretched, his hair still messy and he looks like a very sleepy kitten. jungkook looks at him, jaw hanging down as he watches the muscles of his stomach clench and relax.

“jeon jungkookie,” jimin sing songs his name in his usual cute way. jungkook would usually reply with a big smile and an equally disgusting “jimin jimin jiminie” but.

all that he can think about while looking at jimin’s soft sleepy face is his embarrassing late night adventures on youtube. he avoids his gaze while mumbling a good morning and coughing corn flakes out of his throat.

he turns his focus down to his breakfast for the next ten minutes, and makes the mistake of looking up to find jimin pouting and furrowing his eyebrows because he has somehow gotten milk all over his bare chest. jungkook swallows slowly. was this god’s punishment for the sin he committed? he can’t help but think that this was straight out of an opening scene to a bad porno. he could hear the cheesy 70’s music blaring in his head.

oops , the bad porno version of jimin would say, his thick lips smacking together with a loud pop, how will i ever clean this mess up.

that’s where bad porno jungkook steps in, he is twice his real life size and has a moustache. jimin, who also got the size upgrade, grabs him by the collar of his shirt and smirks, asking him if he’s gonna be a good boy and help him ou-

“that’s disgusting, jiminie!” seokjin’s voice throws him back into reality and leaves him grateful that he was stopped before his brain went any further with these thoughts. what the hell was he even doing? he was supposed to nip this problem at the bud, not let it expand further into fantasies where he gets to lick things off jimin’s chest. that would be disgusting anyway because he has that ugly moustache and he would get milk all over it. this wasn’t even the first daydream he had where he had a moustache, but it was definitely the first one where it was a porno stache .

seokjin is now wiping the milk off jimin’s chest as he giggles, leaning back into the chair opposite jungkook’s, his whole body shaking. “are you five years old?” seokjin questions.

“i just got a little distracted.” jimin replies defensively, and jungkook could have sworn that his eyes landed on his for a split second. what the fuck?

it was going to be a busy saturday morning, their comeback date was approaching and jungkook was going to be forced to spend 6 hours in the practice room with jimin. not good.



jimin’s version of the blood sweat and tears chorus is neither family friendly or jungkook friendly. he’s, what, moaning the lyrics now? he was asked to make it more ‘sensual’ during an early recording session and it was almost as if jimin took that as a challenge. little did everyone know that his definition of singing sensually was sounding like he was getting his dick sucked, and once that image manifested in jungkook’s brain there was no way to shake it off.

he spends the next few days like this, obsessed with jimin’s voice, jimin’s smooth precise movements, jimin’s sultry dark eyes always catching his through the mirror, making his heart pound and his head spin. he’d sometimes have to excuse himself from practice and lock himself in the bathroom, embarrassed of the effect that jimin had on him. god, he didn’t know if he should be impressed or terrified at what his imagination was doing to him. he has this recurring fantasy where jimin would lock them in a bathroom stall, pins him against the wall, kisses him senseless, and then fucks him while they’re still in their practice clothes, the urgency and lust overriding everything else.

“okay everyone, let’s stop here for now.” their trainer yells on a particularly hot september day and they all collapse on the floor.

jungkook sprawls out like a starfish in the middle of the practice room, eyes staring directly into the bright lights above him, hoping that they’d somehow blind him so he wouldn’t have to think about his mouth around jimin’s dick anymore.

hoseok rolls next to him and props up an arm to support his head. “yo.” he says cheerfully, not a hint of tiredness in his voice. he always maintained the most stamina during their long gruelling practice sessions.

“yo.” jungkook mumbles back, his eyes still in the process of getting cleansed.

“wanna grab some coffee? my treat.”

the girl at the coffee shop next to their practice room greets them gleefully and starts preparing their usuals as soon as they walk through the door.

“so, what’s been on your mind today?” hoseok wastes no time and gets straight to the point. “bad dream, a weird call from home? whatever it is, you can tell me.”

jungkook shakes his head at both suggestions. “hyung, can i ask you something?”

“hey, don’t change the subject.” hoseok protests.

“i promise it’s related!”

“alright, shoot.”

“so your relationship with yoongi hyung-”

“the relationship that disgusts you so much that you sneer when we as much as hold hands?”

jungkook sinks into his seat, looking slightly guilty. “that’s the one. you guys d-do other stuff right?”

“you mean like sex.” hoseok looks like he’s about to burst out laughing, hand twitching towards his phone like he can’t wait to tell his boyfriend what he just heard.

“yeah like sex.” jungkook glares but hoseok is unbothered. “so like, imagine if you were at practice and you suddenly got in the mood, how do you deal with that?”

“sure, i mean it’s especially hard when we’ve fucked in that practice room multiple times bu-”

“you what?” jungkook spends more time in that room than his own bed. he feels like his home has been violated.

“oh my god, did you really think we stayed back after everyone left after practice.” hoseok covers his mouth in shock. “you’re adorable.”

“i could have walked in on you.” jungkook says, still horrified at the revelation.

“well now you know not to.” hoseok exhales. “what’s this about jungkook, you’re finally realizing your feelings for jimin?”

“i- uh- maybe...wait what do you mean finally?”

“wow you really are that dense.” his phone buzzes with a new notification, a message from their trainer telling them to get their asses back to the practice room. “maybe you should just be honest with your feelings.” he stands up and winks. “the answer might surprise you.”



add ‘jimin eating chicken” to the list of things that are most definitely not jungkook friendly.

“ah,” comes jimin’s muffled moan around the greasy, hot sauce slathered wing. who the fuck moans while eating chicken? after he finishes chewing, he closes his eyes and cranes his neck, his breaths coming out shallow.

“you already know you’re not good with spicy food.” namjoon says from across the small dinner table, furrowing his eyebrows. “why did you order the spiciest flavor they have if you’re just gonna spend the entire time whining.”

jimin’s cheeks are flushed, a soft and pretty pink spreading across his bare face. “but it’s so good,” he replies, staring at his next bite as if he’s about to start making out with it.

“i’m sorry, do you two need some time alone?” yoongi says as he stands up and carries his empty plate to the sink. jungkook still can’t look him in the eyes after what hoseok told him. his eyes needed to be cleansed once again.

“and you, jeon jungkook,” namjoon turns to him. “have barely touched your plate. are you sure you’re okay?”

“f-fine i just,” jimin is now gulping down an entire bottle of water in one go, and how is jungkook supposed to answer namjoon’s questions when his lips are wrapped around the bottle like that. “i don’t really feel like eating chicken today.”

namjoon blinks at him. jungkook always ate the most out of all of them, no matter what they were having for dinner. “i think i’m just gonna sleep early today. night.”

“good night jungkookie.” his hyungs answer in unison.

once he’s alone he asks himself a different question, who the fuck gets a hard on from watching someone else eating chicken?



jungkook finally allows himself to relax, days later on their early morning flight to japan. jimin’s head is on his shoulder, peacefully asleep. he flopped down on the seat next to him earlier before he could even voice a protest, but jungkook’s definitely not complaining now. with jimin asleep, he can bask in the warm comfort that comes from being this close to him, his soft hair brushing against jungkook’s neck, the sweet scent of his cologne filling the air around them.

he sighs and sinks into his seat slowly, careful not to disrupt jimin’s peaceful sleep. jimin never mentions it, but jungkook knows that he practiced alone until 4am that night, then snuck back into their room and pretended to wake up at 6 after sleeping all night along with everybody else. his heart twists, wishing he could be of help to him somehow.

the rest of the day goes by in a blur, the usual mess at the airport followed by an excruciatingly long car ride to the hotel, in which jimin continued his sleep, totally unbothered by the earlier commotion, and jungkook has to lead him to his room by the hand.

“good night.” jimin mumbles, waving at him at the door.

“it’s 5pm.” jungkook replies, resisting the urge to kiss him good night anyways.

the next time he sees jimin is early morning while they got ready for their hi-touch event. he looks well rested and energized, emitting the same confident energy that made jungkook fall for him in the first place.

jungkook cheerfully heads over to one of the tiny dressing rooms, and pushes the curtain away to reveal a half naked jimin, frozen halfway through putting on a crisp white dress shirt and blinking at him in confusion. it’s quickly replaced with an easygoing smile. “you missed me that much?”

“psssh.” is jungkook’s intelligent answer. he can’t even get himself to deny it, and he strolls inside the booth meant only for one person as if that’s what he’s been planning to do all along.

it’s stupid of him to feel this nervous around him when they’ve seen each other naked a million times, but his recently awakened attraction makes everything he does around jimin stupid. and so he turns and faces the wall while changing. it all goes well (if you ignore the awkward unusual silence between them) until jungkook begins to struggle with his tie.

“here, lemme do it.” jimin says, turning him around. the pace of jungkook’s heart quickens, excited to have jimin manhandling him somehow. he watches as jimin bites his lips and gets to work.

“all done.” he looks up at jungkook. “you look pretty good.”

they stay like that for a few charged seconds in which jungkook totally forgets how to breathe. jimin still has a tight grip around his tie, and he tugs on it tightly, pulling him closer and jungkook’s this close to finally losing all self control and closing the distance between them.

“park jimin! jeon jungkook! makeup, now!” their manager yells, jolting them apart.

jimin flashes him another smile and disappears behind the curtains, and jungkook doesn’t realize how wobbly his knees had been the entire time until he drops to the floor.

“holy shit.” he whispers, entirely to himself.


jungkook is foolish to think that things couldn’t get any worse for him, because that night, he has a dream.

he’s back in his dorm room, in the same position he was that first night, except his tablet is replaced by a very real jimin, wearing that tank top, pinning him down and showering him with kisses. jungkook takes a few seconds to register the situation he’s in but as soon as jimin slips his tongue into his mouth he sighs, leaning back into the pillow and cupping jimin’s face in his hand.

jimin’s body is warm, his skin slick and sweaty. the tank top is drenched and it clings to his chest in all the right places. jungkook muses that if he tries hard enough, he could probably rip it off of him with his fingers alone. instead, he grips it tightly and pulls jimin closer. “hyung,” he moans breathlessly.

“i’m right here,” jimin whispers back. he pulls away from jungkook’s red, quivering lips to press a soft kiss on his nose. jimin kisses him slow and dirty, licking down his bottom lip and grazing it lightly with his teeth. jungkook closes his eyes and tries to catch his breath, his fingers moving to lace around jimin’s hair. he wants jimin to absolutely wreck him.

jimin’s hands sneak down jungkook’s sweatshirt, running his fingers along jungkook’s defined chest and landing on his nipples. he thumbs along the sensitive skin, making jungkook hiss and arch his back off the mattress. it’s embarrassing how he reacts so strongly to every single one of jimin’s touches, but he doesn’t care. he’s wanted this for so long, longer than he could admit it to himself.

jungkook is a trembling, mumbling mess under jimin, the gap between his hips grows wider, his cock already painfully hard and his hips bucking up in a weak attempt to grind against jimin, desperate for any kind of friction.

“you’re so pretty like this,” jimin says with a smile, kissing him again and again, on his swollen lips, damp cheeks, teary eyes. “i can’t get enough of you.” jungkook responds with a pathetic whimper.

“hyung,” he exhales, shaky hands reaching to palm at his clothed erection. “hyung please.”

jimin is a beautiful mess of his own, breathless and heaving and visibly hard. jungkook swallows, he imagines how well jimin’s thick cock would fit into his mouth. he’s getting so needy, he just wants jimin to fuck him whichever way he wants.

“you’re so hard already, so impatient,” jimin teases before dipping down to lick the wet patch of fabric. jungkook shuts his eyes and thrusts upwards, letting jimin to suck the clothed tip of dick. his nails dig into jungkook’s waist lightly before finally taking his boxers off. his cock springs free, and he hisses at the sudden contact with the cold air of his room.

jimin doesn’t leave him unattended for long, pressing tiny kisses all over, occasionally interjecting with a few kitty licks, and fuck , jimin’s tongue feels a million times better on his dick than it did inside his mouth. it’s warm and wet and jimin, jimin just loves to tease him so much, resting his plump lips on one spot and sucking slowly, drawing out every single sound that jungkook made. he is sure he wouldn’t be able to last for long. his fingers are digging in the sheets, toes curling as he groans loudly. jimin looks up at him with hooded eyes.

“you’re not allowed to come until i’m inside of you. okay?” jimin sits up and pushes his shorts and boxers down in one go. he palms at his dick lightly,  

jungkook nods frantically. “please fuck me jimin, please please please.” his hole is already stretched and ready to be fucked, and he grabs his legs and spreads them wider for jimin. his eyes teary as he chokes back a sob. “please.”

he watches as jimin sits up, repositions himself and starts pushing in. his cock is so thick and jungkook cries out as it stretches him out further and fills him up. he looks up at jimin and starts sucking on his fingers. jimin is finally fully seated inside of him.

“shhh, i’ll take care of you,” he starts shifting slowly, hips moving in beautiful swift motions as he presses himself closer to jungkook.

his eyes are shut and his mouth is wide open as he increases his pace, unable to contain himself any longer. “you’re so tight around me jungkook, you’re so good,” he grunts.

jimin adjusts his angle so his hand could wrap around jungkook’s untouched cock, and starts pumping him. the new position allows him to hit jungkook’s prostate with every thrust, and his rhythm grows faster and more erratic as jungkook’s moans echo through the room.

“i’m about to come hyung, can i come?” jungkook begs, the overstimulation from having jimin inside of him while jacking him off was driving him over the edge. jimin just nods, his head thrown back, sweat trickling down his forehead and that shirt is clinging to him tighter than ever.

“ah, hyung!” he cries out as he comes, splattering all over jimin’s hand and his own stomach, and before he can watch jimin come undone as well, a loud alarm interrupts them and shoves him back into the real world.

he wakes up with a loud gasp. his face sweaty and flushed.



it’s concert day. today’s schedule? breakfast with jimin, rehearsal with jimin, concert with jimin, dinner with jimin.

how the fuck is he supposed to deal with whatever happened last night with his hyung glued to him at all times? he wonders if it was too late for him to leave bangtan sonyeondan and move back to busan permanently.

“jungkookie’s not eating again,” taehyung stage whispers to namjoon, who looks extremely concerned.

“i can hear you, you know,” jungkook shoves a mouthful of eggs into his mouth. “i’m fine!”

everyone just looks even more worried.

“you hate eggs,” namjoon says at the same time jin yells “why the fuck are you eating from my plate?”

“jungkook, do you wanna head to the concert venue together?” jimin asks cheerfully, and jungkook tries to ignore the hurt that flashes through his eyes when he says no and dashes away.

the two days of the concert go by like this, with jungkook running from every opportunity to be alone with jimin. scenes from his dream flashed in his mind every time their eyes met, working with him was just impossible. he decides that the best course of action is to avoid him until he can… down.



since cleansing his eyes didn’t work that one time, jungkook’s next solution was try and become one with his hotel bed. he practically ran there after the end of their concert. this was going to be his shelter until it was time for them to leave.

it only takes thirty minutes for people to notice that he’s gone. he ignores the insistent knocks on his door, it’s probably just their manager, so he waits for him to assume that jungkook’s asleep and leave.

his phone buzzes.

“jungkook.” it’s a text from jimin. fuck. “it’s me, open the door.”

guilt washes over him when he sees the worried look on jimin’s face. he never felt this distant from him before in all the years that they’ve known each other, and all over a stupid reason like this. jungkook wishes he could erase it all from his mind and pretend nothing happened.

but it is too late now, there is no going back.

he sits quietly next to jimin on the edge of the bed, wondering how he’s going to explain his dickassery from the past two days.

“i’m sorry.” his head snaps up to look up at jimin. this isn’t how he expected this conversation to go. “i must have done something to make you uncomfortable so, whatever it is, i’m sorry.” jimin sounds calm, giving the apology easily without a hint of anger and resentment in his voice.

“hyung i-” he starts, but is cut off pretty quickly.

“seeing you anxious and distant like that made me pretty worried.” jimin continues. “whatever’s on your mind, we can talk about it right?” he meets his eyes and smiles at him, and jungkook feels like crying.

“i had a wet dream about you.” he whispers, and jimin’s smile falls. “i’ve been feeling…..uh, this way for a while now.”

“oh.” he answers, swallowing thickly, his face rapidly changing color. “oh wow.”

this confession really didn’t go like he imagined. jimin is still sitting next to him (a positive sign), but instead of that confident smirk that jungkook always pictured on his face in this situation, he’s a blushing mess. the thought of jimin being just as nervous and embarrassed about this as he is comforting. he wants to lean close and kiss his rosy cheeks.

“i-i- didn’t think that you actually-” jimin starts, his hands clutching at his own shirt tightly, and jungkook’s brain, which seems to have one single purpose (get fucked by jimin hyung), still pictures how nice it would be if they were wrapped around his dick instead.

he coughs and tries to shake the thought away. jungkook stares at the ceiling in what might have been the least subtle attempt at avoiding jimin’s eyes. “well i didn’t think so either but here we are.” real smooth jeon jungkook, you just made yourself sound like a total dickhead.

“fuck i. what i meant was that i really want you. i want you and i don’t know what to do about it.” the words come rushing out of his mouth, as if he can’t spit them fast enough.

after a long moment, in which jungkook is completely sure that he just blew it all and jimin is about to leave and probably never speak to him again, jimin speaks again, his voice barely above a whisper.

“i’m going to kiss you now, can i kiss you jungkookie?”

jungkook swallows thickly and nods. he opens his mouth and tries to draw a long breath in preparation, but is interrupted when jimin’s soft lips land on his.

his eyes widen, he makes a strangled noise. his body stiffens for a second but relaxes instantly when jimin’s fingers gently stroked his face.

jimin is soft and warm and so good, his touches careful and guarded, gentle and full of love. jungkook can’t help but sigh into his mouth and pull him closer. he can’t believe this was real, he can’t believe jimin is right there, kissing him right back, and jungkook knows that he could do this forever, surrender himself completely to jimin.

the few initial kisses are relatively innocent, both of them blushing and smiling shyly at each other before leaning in for more. it’s all fine until jimin sighs the word “baby” into his mouth. jungkook stops and his eyes flutter open to see a panicked jimin hovering over him, probably thinking he fucked up.

but before he could stutter an apology, jungkook bites his already swollen, shiny bottom lip and asks him to say it again.

“baby?” ah, there it is. that mischievous smirk has finally found its way back to jimin’s face. jungkook is fucked. he peppers kisses all over jungkook’s flushed face, who scrunches his face and breaks into a fit of giggles. “you’re my baby.” he says again, more confidently, and jungkook melts into a puddle.

“what have you been doing this entire time then?” jungkook asks breathlessly, thinking about jimin in the dressing room, jimin’s bare chest with the milk spilled on it, jimin eating that stupid chicken.

“taehyung and i-”

jungkook covers his face. “oh my god.”

“look, i’m sorry! your google account was logged in on taehyung’s laptop and we were just trying to find this one trot song that he found a couple of days ago but forgot the title of but when we clicked the history page it was full of videos. of me.” jungkook wishes that jimin would at least try to attempt to hide the giddiness from his face.

“oh my god.” he says again.

“honestly, it’s cute.” his voice drops low and he moves down to leave gentle kisses on his neck. “i was doubting myself the entire time, not even sure if you were watching them for that reason.”

“i was, and i do want you.” jungkook asserts again. “preferably on top of me, with your shirt off.” he tugs at the hem of his black t-shirt, and jimin laughs and happily complies.

“so i pushed the boundaries a bit.” he says, watching as jungkook’s eyes took him all in. “guess i pushed too hard.”

jungkook pulls him down for another kiss, his nails digging into jimin’s shoulders. “you think? you ruined my entire life in a matter of weeks, i forgot who i was before i became constantly thirsty for your dick.”

jimin laughs again, not showing a hint of hesitation while he slips his hand under jungkook’s hoodie, kneading and squeezing at his firm but smooth muscles.

“so were you just teasing me then?” jungkook asks, trying and failing to remain calm as jimin’s hands roam his body. he’s not even sure he wants to hear the answer to that question

“jungkook, do you know how long i’ve waited to kiss you?” he shakes his head. “two years.” and his jaw drops.

jimin’s eyes turn serious. “i didn’t just kiss you for no reason, and i’m sorry about….everything i’ve done but,” his voice falters. “i saw an opening, the first opening in two years, the first sign that you like me back and i took it.”


“jeon jungkook, before we proceed i’m gonna ask you once and please, just answer me honestly.” jungkook’s never seen him look so serious in his entire life. “do you actually like me or not?”

jungkook knows that the answer has been there all along, in the way that jimin’s smile had always made him feel at ease, how he couldn’t sleep or wake up in the morning without jimin greeting him sweetly, how being in jimin’s arms had always felt like home. if anything the sudden attraction was just secondary to the feelings that he has been burying all this time and are just spilling out of him at once.

“yes,” he says, but the darkness in jimin’s eyes doesn’t waver. “yes, yes, yes, when you shyly introduced yourself the first day you came from busan, i liked you then. when we were trainees and you stayed back five nights a week to help me with my dancing, i liked you then. when i got sick and you fought every staff member in the company to let me rest for a few days, i liked you then. when i walked into the dorm one day and you were alone singing and dancing around the living room and you got embarrassed and made me promise not to tell anyone even though i thought you looked beautiful and dazzling there by yourself, i liked you then. i liked you then and i like you now and i’m sorry. i’m sorry that it took me all this time to realize it but i promise that i’m here now.”

jimin’s expression finally softens, easing into a tiny smile that makes jungkook wants to kiss him. so he does.

“i can’t believe this is all coming to the surface now,” jimin murmurs against his lips.

jungkook snorts. “and mainly because i realized that i want you to fuck me,” he wiggles in his place. “preferably now. please?” now that he’s able to voice out his desires, he just can’t stop anymore.

jimin sits up and hums, hand under his chin as he pretends to think hard. “no.”

“why not!”

“today,” jimin tries to spread jungkook’s thighs wide open, but realizes he doesn’t have to as jungkook pulls them apart the second he puts his hand on his knee, eager and ready. “we’ll take it easy. you don’t have any lube or condoms in your room do you?” he shakes his head. “thought so. we don’t have that much time anyways, if we don’t come downstairs for dinner everyone’s going to get suspicious.”

jungkook starts to grumble, but jimin shuts him down with a gentle kiss. he relaxes, and jimin smiles at him. “okay?”

“umhmm.” jungkook slides down the bed, letting the hoodie ride up and reveal his stomach. jimin tsks again and drags it further up. “arms.” he commands and they both end up shirtless, chests pressed against each other.

jimin throws whatever reservations he had earlier out of the window, kissing jungkook harder than before, more insistently, as if he was about to slip out of his arms any second. as if jungkook could even try, as if he would even want to.

“baby,” he whispers against his ear, and jungkook can’t stop a groan from escaping his lips, the feeling of his tongue inside jimin’s mouth was enough to get him hard, and the light brushes of jimin’s thighs against his crotch drove him insane.

when jimin finally takes jungkook’s dick into his mouth, he lets out a long strangled moan and arches off the bed. he grabs jimin’s head and pulls his hair lightly, which causes jimin to groan deep and low, mouth vibrating around his dick. he tries his best not to thrust into jimin’s mouth and hurt him, but the wetness and tightness enveloping him is overwhelming, the past few weeks did not prepare him for this. and jimin is incredible, hollowing his cheeks and sucking hard, making obscene sounds. his hands move down to palm his own hard dick.

“how am i doing?” jimin asks, more a demand than a request for reassurance.

“good, great, amazing, fuck.” jungkook blinked tears out of his eyes. “you feel so good hyung, better than i ever imagined.”

“so you’ve imagined me a lot?” jimin asks, his mouth off jungkook’s dick, letting his hands pump his slick, precum and spit covered dick instead while his tongue licked at the tip and jungkook writhes around, desperate to have him back in.

“y-yeah, yeah how could i not,” why is jimin expecting full sentences out of him right now. “have you even looked at you?” he gasps.

he threads through jimin’s hair again when he goes back down on him, screaming jimin and hyung and a nonsensical string of pleas, lightly thrusting into jimin as he grips his thighs and brings him closer, watching him fall apart with hooded eyes. he comes right as jimin’s mouth pops off of his dick and goes back to pumping him with a firm grip, his rhythm quickening until jungkook comes all over his stomach, thighs shaking, hair sweaty, and he’s completely breathless.

his eyes flicker open after a few seconds to see jimin with his dick out, quietly palming himself while biting his lips and breathing shallow. he isn’t putting on a show anymore, but he still looks beautiful as chases his own release.

he comes on jungkook’s stomach, then hops off the bed to grab a towel and wipes jungkook, who is still breathing heavily, looking at jimin with sleepy, hazy eyes. when he’s finally done, he pulls his boxers back on and drags jungkook’s limp body into a crushing hug.

“that was the best blow job i’ve ever gotten in my entire life.” he says sincerely, and leans in to kiss jimin, who smiles and returns the kiss with a peck on his nose.

“well there’s more where that came from.” he winks at him, and they both laugh.

“looks like we’re gonna have to skip that dinner then.” jungkook closes his eyes and buries his face into jimin’s neck, who hums in agreement.