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It could be worse

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After the alien queen was dead they realized quickly that this was just half a win; despite all hopes, the nightmare wasn't over. Her death had set free a virus which had killed most of the adults within only some weeks.

Casey couldn't believe it; for a short moment they had praised him as the hero who had saved the world, and it had felt good finally to be accepted. But then everything around him broke down, like the adults, and the children were left behind alone and helpless. It was his fault... all just his fault.

As ever it was Zeke how kept a clear mind.
„It could be worse,“ he said.

„I've killed half of the population of the world. It was me who set the virus free by killing the alien queen.“

„What would have been the alternative? Taken over by aliens? To end as their meal? All this doesn't sound very appealing to me.“

„And this is better? The end of the world?“

„The end of the world we knew,“ Zeke agreed and put a hand on Casey's shoulder.
„But I'm not giving up so easily. We are still alive; we can build a new one.“