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i am betrayed...

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goodnight she say


i missed it..


two minutes later i say to you no dont leave


i grab on your leg


you no reply..


i cry out to u


i cry for you


but you not there anymore..


i stared at ur leaving back..


u got smoler and smoler as u got farther and farther


i felt emoty inside,,,


so empty.. and lonely.. and sad.. and and




goodbye friend...


friendship.. must be treasured... dearly..


dont waste the times u bond with ur other frens...


becos when they leav..


you will be filled with rugrat and



so treasuer tyour frens...


now i am here


standing on a mountaintop


thinking over the life choices i made...


were they right


were they wrong..


i do not know


i cannot 






yes of course



do you ever feel..

like a plastic bag..

drifintg thru the wind..

wanting to start again?


well do not fear..

for now you can finally



mcnuggets with a free laundry bag...


only for $36.75...

free shipping


except to antarctica..


because polar bears scare the couriers...


but bears are cute dont worry..


so call




qnd receive


the best life renewal of your new life...