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The Colour AU for Aromantics

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At first you start to understand yourself over why you haven’t found your soulmate yet. And then you start to realise that there may never come a time that you’ll experience colours. And because of that you start to hate yourself because you wonder what the colours actually look like. You want to experience colours.

As years go by you begin to accept yourself, you’ve realised you’ve lived so long without colours that it’s okay that you won’t experience them. Because you don’t know what you’re “missing out” on because you’ve never seen them. You start to love yourself, you begin to love and accept yourself so much, forgetting about the world and their so called colours. 

One day you wake up and you see a flicker of something you’ve never seen before. At first you think it’s just your eyes playing tricks on you. But as the day goes on something gets brighter, the world gets more beautiful. And then you understand something. You’ve begun to see the world in colour. But you live alone, you never touch anyone, so you ask yourself how? how is this happening?

And then you understand. You love yourself. You have accepted yourself in every way, shape and, form. You love being aromantic, and you accepted that maybe you’d never see colours. But because of that, because you learned to love yourself for who you truly are, you became your own soulmate. So slowly each colour seeped through the black and white world and made your world bright and beautiful. Not that it wasn’t beautiful before. But there was something special in the colours that you suddenly became to see. It was the colours that showed you acceptance. And surprisingly enough love.

You accepted yourself as aromantic, so so did the world. And so you understood that being your own soulmate is something special.