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Little Lucifer

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Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Everything belongs to their rightful owners and I am not making any profit from this.

So, after watching Lucifer I had a desire to write a story about the kinder, loving, protective side of him, and I thought that the best way to do that would be to introduce a sibling of Lucifer's that he truly cares about.

You may have questions, but I promise they'll be answered, hope you enjoy. SPOILERS FOR LUCIFER 2X15.

Also I haven't read the comics that Lucifer is based on so I apologise if I write something that majorly contradicts what is cannon in the comics.

So, I felt like I should post this chapter, and while I have written a lot of future chapters I'm not sure when the next update will be as I leave tomorrow for a week of conventions, where during one, I'll be meeting Tom Ellis.

After his mother left the night before, after his failure to keep Azrael's blade ignited, Lucifer and his oldest brother actually spent time together where they weren't fighting one another, and rather actually enjoying one another's company, something which doesn't often, actually basically never, happens.

As he is dealing with things at the bar at Lux, before he leaves to meet Detective Chloe Decker Lucifer hears footsteps that he knows don't belong to Maze, Amenadiel or his mother.

"We're closed. Come back later." Lucifer requests, without turning around.

"Luci." A female British voice says, full of pain, and the second he hears it Lucifer freezes, and then slowly turn around.

Once he turns around Lucifer sees, standing on the stairs, a young woman, that looks a lot like him, though with long hair, that looks like she can't be older than sixteen, wearing a long dress that looks more like robes, and honestly there is a part of him that can't believe what he is seeing.

"Ari?" Lucifer says, in disbelief, having recognized her right away.

"Yeah…" the woman, Ariel, says as she tries to take a step forward, but because she is clearly weak and hurt she stumbles and falls. Seeing that Lucifer rushes towards her and caches her before she can hit the ground.

''I got you." Lucifer tells his baby sister as he holds her.

"I found you." Ariel says, sounding glad, though in pain.

"Yeah, you did." Lucifer assures her sister as he looks down at her face, "What happened Ariel? Who hurt you?"

"Family." Ariel says, clearly struggling to talk, "Michael…. Raphael…. Others." Ariel says, struggling even more.

"Dad?" Lucifer asks, knowing that Michael, Raphael and other siblings of theirs are bad enough but if God hurt Ariel too then he might not be able to help.

"No." Ariel answers, to Lucifer's relief, "Sammy, I'm tired." Ariel reveals, as her eyes flicker open and close, "So tried."

"I've told you not to call me that." Lucifer tells his sister, pushing down all the anger he usually feels at hearing that name, though Ariel is the only being that has been able to call him that without him getting angry at her since he changed his name, as his sisters' eyes continue to flicker open and close, "You need to stay awake Ari, keep your eyes open." Lucifer says, as he stands up with his sister in his arms, and starts to hurry upstairs, "Keep talking Ari, stay awake."

"Missed, you…. Luci." Ariel says, as they arrive at the elevators, and her eyes keep flickering open and close.

"Yes, I missed you too, just stay with me Ari." Lucifer asks, there being an undertone of begging to his voice as before his father kicked him out Ariel was the sibling that he was closest to, in fact he practically raised her, "Ari? Ariel?" Lucifer asks as he realises that Ariel isn't talking, and as he looks down at his sisters face he realises that his sister eyes are closed, "No, no, no." he says, as the elevators doors open, and as soon as they are open enough for him to get through Lucifer hurries out and towards his bedroom.

Once he is in his room Lucifer lays his little sister down on the bed and to his relief he realises that his sister is still alive, just unconscious.

"What have they done to you?" Lucifer asks his sister, before checking to see whether she has any injuries.

After a few minutes Lucifer realises that his sister has some bruises on her torso, but apart from that she seems fine, so Lucifer assumes that she is just exhausted, unless the injuries are worse than they look. As he watches the rise and fall of his sisters' chest Lucifer knows he can't leave her, but he also knows that he's meant to meet Detective Decker at the station, and after what happened a few weeks ago he knows that Chloe won't react well to him not showing up, and so Lucifer pulls out his phone and steps out of his bedroom.

"Decker." Chloe's voice answers after a few rings.

"Hello Detective, I'm just letting you know that I won't be able to work with you today." Lucifer reveals.

"Lucifer? Is something wrong?" Chloe asks, not being able to help her concern, "Has something happened?" she asks as it is extremely odd for Lucifer to call to say he can't do something, usually he just doesn't show up.

"My sister showed up." Lucifer reveals as he doesn't lie, but he doesn't always tell the complete truth, "My younger sister, Ariel. She isn't okay, and I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving her alone." Lucifer reveals, explaining so much as it is the way to end the conversation quicker.

"You're sister? You're sisters here?" Chloe asks surprised as she didn't even know Lucifer had a sister.

"Yes." Lucifer confirms, "I should go, just thought you should know why I won't be there today." Lucifer reveals, before hanging up without another word.

"Lucifer?" Chloe asks, but all she hears is the dial tone, "Of course you just hung up." She mutters before heading back into the kitchen where Maze and Trixie are.

"Monkey go get your bag, you've got to get to School." Chloe tells her daughter.

"Yes Mommy." Trixie says, before heading into her bedroom.

Honestly as Trixie leaves Chloe's mind isn't actually on what she's doing, rather it's on the call she just got from Lucifer.

"What's up with you?" Maze asks, being able to tell that something is wrong with Chloe and even though she doesn't want to hear about it she knows that she should at least ask as she is trying to do better.

"Maze, do you know Lucifer's sister?" Chloe asks, knowing that Maze will know more than her at least, even if it's not a lot.

"Which one? Lucifer has a lot of sisters." Maze reveals, stressing the lot, wondering why Chloe would suddenly be asking about Lucifer's sisters.

"Um, his younger sister, Ariel." Chloe explains, "That was him on the phone, apparently she's in town and she's not okay."

"Are you sure he said Ariel's not okay?" Maze asks, actually looking worried which shocks Chloe as she is pretty sure that she has never seen Maze worried, "Could he have maybe said Azrael or Aniel?" she asks as either one of them not being okay, either of them threatening war, would be better than Ariel not being okay.

"No, I'm sure he said Ariel. What's going on?" Chloe asks, and Maze just continues to eat breakfast, in a clearly avoiding manner, "Maze, you look worried and you're never worried, what's going on?" she asks and as she does Maze feels torn between her loyalty for Lucifer and her concern for him, "Maze?" Chloe asks, giving Maze an expecting look.

"Ariel is Lucifer's youngest sister, the youngest of all his siblings actually." Maze reveals, looking up, trying to decide what to say next, "You'll have to ask Lucifer for the details, but he was what you'd consider a teenager when Ariel came into being, and at the time things between his parents were far from okay." Maze reveals, feeling that she is getting very close to revealing too much, "Because of that Lucifer took it upon himself to look after Ariel. He practically raised her, did raise her more than either of his parents." Maze explains, "Lucifer hasn't seen Ariel for a long time, and I was there the last time he did… let's just say it wasn't an easy goodbye, or what Lucifer really wanted, and was definitely painful for him." Maze explains, "If Ariel's not okay, then Lucifer won't be either."

"Lucifer raised his sister? Lucifer hates kids, he's not even remotely comfortable around them." Chloe says shocked, as from everything Maze just said that seems the least believable.

"Did you ever wonder why that is?" Maze asks curious, knowing that she has to be very, very, careful what she says next.

"Are you saying Lucifer hates kids because of Ariel?" Chloe asks, trying to make sense of what Maze said, but Maze just gives her a look, "No, that's not it." she realises, being able to assume that from Maze's look, "He's the way he is around kids because he had to say goodbye to her." Chloe realises, as lot of things fit into place.

"I didn't say that." Maze informs Chloe.

"You said enough." Chloe tells her, "Thank you Maze."

"Like I said, I didn't say anything so you really don't have to thank me." Maze assures Chloe, "But this has been enough emotional talk to last a month." She says, completely meaning that.

"Mommy, I'm ready." Trixie says, walking out from her room, with her bag.

"You know, I can take your offspring to school, if you have somewhere else to be." Maze says, being able to tell from Chloe's face that she wants to go see Lucifer.

"That's would be great, thanks." Chloe says, heading around to Trixie where she kneels in front of her daughter, "Monkey, Maze is going to take you to school if that's okay." Chloe says to her daughter.

"Okay Mommy." Trixie says and Chloe just hugs his daughter.

It has been a little while since Lucifer hung up the phone with Chloe and ever since Lucifer has been sitting in a chair, right next to his bed, just watching his sister, waiting for her to wake up.

As he watches his sister Lucifer hears the elevator ding and honestly he hopes that it's not his mother or Amenadiel as he would prefer to talk to Ariel alone before talking to either of them.

"Lucifer?" A voice asks and to his relief it isn't his mother or brother, but rather Chloe, and hearing that Lucifer gets up and heads out to the room where the Detective is.

"Detective? What are you doing here?" Lucifer asks, from the steps into his bedroom, surprised to see her, though glad at the same time.

"I thought I'd come see how you are doing." Chloe explains, "How's your sister?"

"Ari's through here, she's unconscious." Lucifer says, turning towards his sister and as he does Chloe walks over.

"Maybe you should take her to the hospital, I can drive you." Chloe offers.

"Thank you Detective, but I don't believe Ariel is hurt, just exhausted." Lucifer reveals, as he just stares at his sister, knowing that he can't take her to the hospital, even though he may like to.

"You look a lot alike." Chloe notes, as even though Ariel is unconscious she can tell that.

"I've heard that before." Lucifer reveals, as even when they were in Heaven and Ariel was quite young other angels would say that the two of them look very similar.

"How long has it been since you saw your sister?" Chloe asks, as even though she knows what Maze said she would like to hear Lucifer's answer.

"A while." Lucifer says, an undertone of sadness to his voice, and because she notices that Chloe looks up at Lucifer.

"Lucifer, are you okay?" Chloe asks concerned, and Lucifer doesn't answer, "You know you can talk to me, right?"

"I know." Lucifer tells his partner, "Ari was so young the last time I saw her." Lucifer reveals as the last time he saw his baby sister Ariel was the equivalent of about ten years old in human years.

"When was that?" Chloe asks curious.

"A long time ago." Lucifer answers, vaguely, "It was after dear old Dad threw me out, Ariel would come to see me, all on her own, even though she wasn't supposed to." He explains, as even he was amazed that Ariel managed to make it down to hell all on her own, "The last time she did Amenadiel and one of our other brothers came to get her. I knew she needed to go home, that it was for her own good, even though I didn't want her to, and after Michael took her back Amenadiel made it clear that I wouldn't see her again." He reveals, being pretty sure that with the pain he feels remember that he may have been able to light the flaming sword, for a little while.

"I'm sorry, Lucifer." Chloe says, "I can't imagine how painful that would have been for you." She reveals as she can't imagine how much it would hurt if someone told her that she wasn't allowed to see Trixie again.

"I always looked after Ariel." Lucifer reveals, finding himself unable to stop now that he started, "Her first word was my name, her first steps were walking towards me." He explains, knowing that it was the same for Ariel's first flight, "I've missed her, a lot." He reveals, resisting the urge to say that telling Ariel that she couldn't come to see him anymore was one of the hardest things he has ever done.

"What about your parents? Where were they when you were looking after Ariel?" Chloe asks curious, feeling that if Lucifer is being open then she should take advantage.

"Busy." Lucifer says, there being an undertone of bitterness to his voice, "Mum and Dad were at war with each other." He says, knowing that he isn't being overdramatic, "I always suspected that they decided to have Ariel to try to make things better between them, but it didn't happen." Lucifer reveals, "By the time Ari came into being my dear parents were so focused on fighting each other that they barely noticed their kids, Ariel included." Lucifer explains to Chloe.

Honestly as Lucifer being so open is completely strange to her, especially considering that she can tell that Lucifer is in pain Chloe reaches out and squeezes Lucifer's arm.

"I'm sorry Lucifer." Chloe says sadly, and the two of them drift into silence.

For a couple of minutes Lucifer and Chloe just stand in silence as Lucifer stares at his sisters' face.

"Before she lost consciousness did your sister tell her what happened?" Chloe asks curious.

"Not in detail." Lucifer reveals, "I asked her who hurt her and she said that it was our brother, Michael, and some of our other siblings." He explains.

"Your siblings hurt her? I know you and Amenadiel have fought but do you really think your siblings would have hurt Ariel?" Chloe asks concerned as from everything Lucifer has said, and what Maze has said she is pretty sure that if Lucifer's siblings hurt Ariel then he's going to go to war with his family.

"I wouldn't have thought so." Lucifer admits, "Ari is the youngest out of all of us, the baby of our family, we all used to protect her." He explains, as that's part of the reason he told Ariel that she couldn't visit him anymore, because he thought it was safer for her.

"If Ariel's the youngest where do you fit in?" Chloe asks curious.

"I'm the third oldest." Lucifer reveals, "Amenadiel's the oldest in case you were wondering."

"I wasn't." Chloe says, being pretty sure that explains a lot, though now she finds herself being curious about just how many siblings Lucifer has so she decides to just ask, "How many siblings do you have?"

"Fourteen brothers, ten sisters including Ari." Lucifer reveals, counting Uriel even though he is no longer alive.

"You have twenty-four siblings?" Chloe asks, sounding completely shocked.

"I've told you, I come from a big family." Lucifer explains, not at all surprised that Chloe is so shocked by that.

For almost a minute Lucifer and Chloe stand in silence, as Chloe is attempting to deal with Lucifer's revelation, but then the silence is broken by Chloe's phone going off.

"I've got a case; I've got to go." Chloe reveals, once she checks her phone.

"Then you best be going Detective." Lucifer comments.

"If you need anything, just call." Chloe tells Lucifer.

"Yes, Detective." Lucifer responds, then pauses before saying, "Detective, if you happen to see him I would appreciate it if you didn't tell Amenadiel that Ariel is here. I want a chance to talk to her myself before she is overwhelmed by our brother." Lucifer requests.

"Of course." Chloe says with a nod before she leaves and walks several steps away, but before she gets too far she turns and looks back at Lucifer. "Lucifer." Chloe says, turning him to turn around, "If you do find out that one of your siblings did hurt Ariel please call me before you do anything." Chloe says before leaving, not giving Lucifer a chance to answer.

Once Chloe leaves Lucifer walks back over to his seat and once more sits down right next to his sister, and as he stares at her he can't help but think back to that last time he saw her.

Hell- Many years ago.

"Lucifer, you've got a visitor." Maze said and Lucifer looked up to see his right hand demon walking in with his baby sister.

"SAMMY!" Ariel, who looked quiet young, said as she ran towards her brother and Maze stayed where she was.

"Ari." Lucifer said, having sounded very glad to see her, and once his little sister was close enough Lucifer hugged her, "It's really good to see you, but I've told you that's not my name anymore." Lucifer reminded his sister, the only being that he wouldn't get angry at for calling him that, as he no longer considered his name to be Samael and he knew that he never would again.

"Sorry… Luci." Ariel corrected as they broke apart.

"That's better." Lucifer informed his sister, "What are you doing here, Ari? We've talked about this; you're not supposed to be here."

"But I wanted to see you, and maybe see where Mum is." Ariel admitted, having looked worried as she admitted that.

"You're not going to see Mother." Lucifer revealed, there having been no room for questioning in his voice, "But I think we can spend some time together before anyone notices you're gone." He said and Ariel grinned from ear to ear at that.

For a little while Lucifer, Ariel, and even Maze enjoyed their time together but as he played piano with his little sister in his throne room Lucifer heard the sounds of wings and he turned to see Michael and Amenadiel standing in the doorway to his throne room.

"Ari, I need you to stay with Maze." Lucifer said, as he stood up.

"Okay Luci." Ariel said in response and as she did Lucifer gave Maze a look which Maze recognized and so she just nodded.

"Amenadiel, Michael." Lucifer said to his two older brothers, "What could you to be doing here? Are one of you taking over by any chance?"

"You know why we're here Lucifer. Ariel needs to come back home." Michael said.

"I think that should be Ariel's choice, don't you?" Lucifer told his brothers, having known that Ariel would have chosen to stay with him.

"We're not asking brother." Amenadiel said, "Ariel is coming with us. We will take her by force if we have to, and I know you don't want that." He said, as he took a step towards Lucifer, "She doesn't belong here, it's not the place for her, I know you know that."

"It's time you think about what's best for Ariel, rather than what you want." Michael said as he also took a step towards his younger brother.

"I've always thought about what's best for Ariel." Lucifer said, having sounded angry.

"I know you believe that little brother, it's time you prove it." Amenadiel said, "I don't want to force Ariel to come with us, but I will if I have to and who knows what will happen to her then." He said and honestly Lucifer didn't doubt that.

"Give me a minute." Lucifer said before he turned away from his brother and walked towards his sister, knowing what he had to do, "Hey, Ari." Lucifer said as he kneeled down next to his sister.

"I'm getting better Luci. Do you think I could play like you one day?" Ariel asked curious.

"Maybe." Lucifer answered as he gave Maze a look to go away, which she did, though she only went far enough to give Lucifer and Ariel some privacy, though she could still see and hear everything, "Ari, Michael and Amenadiel are here to take you home."

"But I don't want to go home. I want to stay with you… and Maze." Ariel revealed.

"I know, I'd like that to, but you have to go home." Lucifer revealed, "It's time." He told his sister.

"Fine." Ariel said having sounded less than happy, "I'll come back soon." Ariel assured her brother and as she did Lucifer took a deep breath.

"You can't." Lucifer told his sister, "Ariel you can't come down here anymore."

"but… but… but, I want to. I want to see you!" Ariel told her brother as she started to get upset.

"Oh I know, but you don't belong down here." Lucifer said as he reached out and pushed his sisters' hair out of her face before he took both her hands in his, "I love you Ari, and I would love to spend time with you, but you can't come down here anymore, and if you do either me and Maze will send you back as soon as we see you." Lucifer said, honestly it basically killed him to admit that but he knew it was what he had to do.

"No! I want to see you!" Ariel yelled, "It's not fair!" she said as tears came to her eyes.

"It's not." Lucifer admitted, "But it is for the best." He said, having believed that as he was pretty sure that it wouldn't take long before their dear old Dad started to react badly to Ariel visiting hell.

Having heard that, and as she knew that Lucifer never lies to her, Ariel just threw her arms around her brother and hugged him tightly.

"I love you, Luci." Ariel said, through her tears.

"I love you too, Ariel, so much." Lucifer promised his sister, and for a little while the two of them hugged until finally Lucifer stood up, and as he did Ariel wrapped her legs around Lucifer waist and Lucifer walked them over to their brother.

"I'll take her now." Michael said once Lucifer and Ariel were close enough.

"NO! NO! NO!" Ariel yelled, "I'm not going!" she said, trying to fight her brothers, but they were all stronger than her.

"You have to Ari." Lucifer said and between him and his brothers Ariel is moved from Lucifer's arms to Michael's.

"NO! NO! NO! DON'T MAKE ME GO! LUCI, DON'T MAKE ME GO!" Ariel yelled as she screamed and cried, and with a flapping off wings Michael disappeared with his sister in his arms, and as he saw his sister Lucifer felt his heart break, hating that he did that to her.

"Ariel will not be coming down to here again. You won't see her again, Lucifer." Amenadiel revealed.

"I wouldn't be sure of that, brother." Lucifer said as he took a step towards Amenadiel, "But I do know that if you don't look after her I will make you regret it." He said, having meant that completely.

"I believe that." Amanadiel said before flying away, leaving Lucifer alone in a place where he had never felt so alone.

End of flashback.

"I'm sorry I made you go. I thought it was what was best for you." Lucifer says, as he takes his little sister's hand.

It has been a while, hours, since Chloe left and ever since Lucifer has been sitting with his sister and as he watches her Lucifer notices when her eyes start to focus,

"Ari? Ariel, can you hear me?" Lucifer asks, and Ariel's eyes flicker open,

"Lucifer?" Ariel asks, looking like she can't believe what she is seeing.

"Yeah, it's me." Lucifer assures his sister, "How are you feeling?"

"Stronger." Ariel admits.

"That's good, that's really good." Lucifer says, meaning that, "Ari, what happened?" he asks, needing to know.

Hearing the question Ariel knows that she needs to answer, but she also knows that her brother isn't going to react well and so she takes a deep breath before finally speaking,