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Never Giving Up

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Matt Kean walks into the dark apartment. He sets his keys down on the table next to the door, which position he's memorized. He's been living here for a little over a decade, how could he not?

He could get out of there and get a house, a dog, and get Shay to movie in with him or something, but he doesn't consider it. Shay's been acting extremely odd lately. Something was off. He didn't have that quirky, dorky spark he used to have in him. Matt really did miss him.

At first, he assumed it was PTSD. After all, the whole thing with Denis scared the shit out of him.

He sighs, and immediately heads to his room to get changed. He quickly puts on a hoodie and some sweatpants, heading into the kitchen to grab something to eat. He was expecting to eat a proper meal, but then he realizes he cant cook and Shay had been the one cooking his food all along.

He sighs once again, missing the joyful glow his best friend gave him.

He had just come back from visiting Jack Fowler in the hospital. He's gotten quite close to the guys he saved all those months ago. He helped pay for Jack's medical bills, as much as Austin refused to let him. In return, they're helping him keep an eye on Shay. He was his only concern. He just wanted Shay to be safe, even if it means leaving Matt out of his life forever.

Matt's ringtone bursts out loudly on the counter. He almost jumps and drops the cold burrito in his hand. He sets the burrito down, looking at the caller ID. Alan's name flashed across the screen.

He picks up, "Hey Alan, what's up?"

"Matt," He slurs, "Where's...whaaaaaaa-"

Matt's eyes widen in surprise. "Are a party?"

"Do you...I don't know." Alan trails off, completely ignoring Matt's question.

"Where are you?"

Alan makes an I-don't-know noise, "Sorority. Dunno."

"I'm coming to get you. Stay inside the building," Matt says.

Alan makes a noise of confirmation. Matt hangs up and decides, fuck it, he'd go just like that. He grabs his keys off the doorside table, shutting the apartment door behind him.


"Jesus Christ Alan." Matt groans as he helps the ginger hold back his long hair as he threw up in a bush.

That was the start of a whole new ride.