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Escape with Chris Evans

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Meeting Chris Evans was never something you considered a possibility, yet here you were. A $25 donation to a great cause had made you the lucky winner of his Escape Room contest. The grand prize was playing the game with Chris, followed by dinner, and an overnight stay in Boston. You decided to bring your brother and his 2 children since they were all big Marvel fans, and you were very close to your family. Your niece had been praying you would win ever since you told her about the contest. Outwardly, she was the fan girl who was totally freaking out right now. On the inside, you were going more nervous than she was.

You were never one for superhero movies until you watched “The Winter Soldier.” The action, drama, and gorgeous leading man had you hooked. The more movies and interviews you watched featuring Chris Evans, the deeper in love you fell with this beautiful meatball. A few months ago you found some fanfic online and came across Tumblr. You happily joined in; it was nice to be part of a community of people who shared the same fun and passion as you did for Marvel and it’s actors.

Now the big day was here, and it was time to meet the man who had caught your eye and reeled you in with each smile he flashed.  Boston was a beautiful city, and you and your family had milled around the Common before heading to the Escape Room; letting the kids run around the playground for a bit, stopping by the fountain, posing for pictures by Frog Pond.  The walking had helped with your nerves, but you found yourself checking the time repeatedly, anxious for 1 pm to get here. It was a beautiful day, and you hoped that everything would go well with Chris. Your brother eventually suggested that everyone start walking towards the Escape Room to make sure you were on time, and within a few minutes, your family entered the building.  The event coordinator spotted you and came over to greet everyone.

"Hi, you must be Nicole Fraiser,"  she said warmly, offering handshakes and highfives to the kids.  "Welcome to Escape Games! I'm Amanda. We'll be starting in just a little while. If you follow me, I’ll bring show you to the lounge."   Your party was brought to an area where drinks, sandwiches and snacks were set up. They also had array of classic games like Clue (how appropriate), Connect 4 and Uno.

"Please make yourselves comfortable and enjoy some lunch. Nicole, when you're ready I need to steal you away for a bit to meet Chris and take some publicity photos. I'll come back to get everyone once we're ready to begin. Do you need a few minutes before we head over?"  

"Nope. Ready as I'll ever be," you replied, trying to keep the shakiness out of your voice..  Your nerves were frayed at this point, and you really didn't think you could eat anything, anyway.  The kids had immediately made a beeline for the games and quickly set up Connect 4. Looking at them centered you, and you exchanged big tight grins with your niece, and a wink and chin jut from your nephew. Your brother touched your elbow and leaned into you whispering, "Don't let him know you're a dork," earning him a slap on the arm in return. He knew getting you to laugh was the quickest way to calm you down.

While following Amanda down the long hallway the butterflies in your stomach were in a frenzy. Your fists were anxiously clenching and unclenching as you walked past several doors that led to different themed rooms. In your head you were preparing yourself, knowing there was no reason to be so nervous. He was just a person like everyone else.  But it wasn’t just anyone else, it was Chris fuckin’ Evans. You prayed you wouldn't faint or throw up.

Entering the back office, your eyes scanned the room for him while your hand pushed a lock of hair behind your ear. He was standing with his back to you in conversation with a small group of people. Amanda walked over and tapped his shoulder to let him know you had arrived.

When he turned and you got your first good look at him you blew out the breath you’d been holding, whispering "ho-lee shit" under it. You swallowed hard as you watched him stride across the room towards you like only Chris could. Did he do this crap on purpose or was he just that naturally sexy? Who the hell walks like that?

He reached you, and you introduced yourself, offered a hand for him to to shake.  He accepted it, returning a firm handshake before wrapping his left arm around you to pull you in one of his famous full contact bear hugs.

Ever have those moments in your life where everything seems to go in slow motion? A few seconds can feel like minutes? You tried to take in every detail your mind would allow. The hard muscles of his chest and arms against you, the softness of his blue henley against your face. The soft scent of cologne as you inhaled slightly by his neck. The top 2 buttons of his shirt were undone and you got a peak of the sexy clavicle tattoo.

"Congratulations, Nicole! I'm so excited to do this with you and your guests today. We're gonna have a blast!" he said after he pulled away, a huge goofy grin on his face.

You were still in a bit of shock and found yourself biting down on your lower lip to keep from grinning like The Joker. Finally finding your voice you managed to stammer out a quick, "Thank you. It's great to be here."  There was no looking directly at him, it would have been like looking into the sun. You didn't know how it was possible but he was even more handsome in person.

Your eyes kept darting around and Chris caught the nervous, slightly confused look that came across your face. Smiling at you, he chuckled lightly and asked, "Is everything alright?"

Damn you and your glass face! You couldn't hide your emotions at all! Everything you felt came across all the time. You could feel your cheeks burning as, with a shy smile, you answered, "Yeah I'm fine. It’s just...I'm having a hard time controlling my inner fangirl right now. I promise I'll get it under control in a minute. I just wasn't prepared for...this," you said, waving your hand around his face.

Chris laughed and folded his arms across his chest, biceps bulging and threatening the fabric of his shirt. He gave you a questioning look with his playful eyes.

"You weren't prepared for what exactly?"

You motioned towards him again and said, "For this! In my head I prepared myself to meet bearded Chris Evans. I wasn't prepared for Steve Rogers."

How could you have forgotten that Infinity Wars had started filming? Of course he would be clean shaven, at peak form for the start of the movie. You were seeing your dream version of Chris up close and personal. It was enough to make your ovaries explode. He was perfection personified. Taking a deep breath you willed yourself to calm down and focus.

Chris gave you that adorable smirk and said, "I'm still Chris, and trust me, you will have a much better time with me than you would with Steve."

You looked at him with your eyebrow raised and a smirk of your own. Suddenly, he straightened his spine and brought his shoulders back. He appeared a foot taller than a moment ago as he looked down at you with a serious, almost smoldering, expression.

"If you were doing this with Steve Rogers, he would be dead serious about the mission. Focusing on every detail to make sure it was successful. He would be methodical and no fun at all." He then relaxed his body and his face softened.

"With Chris, the focus will be fun first. I'm competitive so I do want us to beat the room, but win or lose, it won't matter as long as we have a great time."

The tension you felt lessened and you began to relax. Chris putting on the Captain persona and then being himself really showed how different they were from each other. However, Chris didn't know you had a serious kink for the Cap. That little exhibit sent your heart racing and your mind off to Fantasyland.

Smiling up at him you replied, "Alright, point taken, Steve and Chris are completely different." Not one to be out smart-assed you added, "Plus, you don't wear a size ‘smedium’ like Steve. Trust me, I'm not complaining, but seriously....who shops for that guy?"

Caught off guard, Chris turned a shade of red and shook his head a bit with a self-deprecating smile. He was biting his bottom lip, a little embarrassed. You had to look away, he was just too adorable right now. Your eyes flitted around the room that was bustling with people here for the event.

"This is surreal, I still can't believe I'm here." You looked up to meet his eyes and felt a sense of calmness flow through you. God, those lashes were unreal!

"Where are you from? I can tell from your accent it's not Boston."  You gave a little giggle and said "Noooo, not Bahston. I'm not too far away though. I'm from Long Island."

He caught your jab at his local accent and played along. "LonG EYEland," he said, emphasizing the G and I, the way a lot of people said it.  Wait, did you sound like that to him?

"Hey!" you said in mock insult and you elbowed him in the stomach. He jumped back a bit giving a giggle of his own.

"I'm just teasing," he said.  "I've been there a few times with friends. It's beautiful. The lighthouse and some of the beaches. I've even been to a couple of the wineries, too."

"Well, if you ever want a personal tour from a native," you said, motioning to yourself with your index finger, "I know a lot of great non-touristy spots where you won't be bothered. Plus, we got waaay better pizza and bagels. The cannoli’s from the pastry shops kickass-"

"Wait a second, just wait! You actually think that New York has better pizza and cannolis than Boston?" he asked incredulously.

You looked him straight in the eyes and said, "Yeah, I do, actually!"

Chris pointed a finger at you to emphasize his words, "That's it. We're going out later for pizza and dessert. I'll have you eating your words and begging for more before the night is through!"

Oh, what you wouldn’t do to be begging for more with him.  Focus, Nicole.

You quirked a brow at him and gave a quick shrug, "Hmph, we'll see."  Turning your face away so he wouldn’t see the smile trying to break through, you looked around the room and took in all the groups of people and different conversations going on. You could feel him staring at you and peeked out of the corner of your eye. Chris was looking at you with a tight lipped, crooked smile.

"Yeah.  We’ll see, feisty," he said in a low voice. The smile you were trying to suppress could no longer be held back and you laughed as you looked back at him and saw the playfully disapproving face.  

Amanda came back to say they were ready for photos. Stashing your small purse on a nearby chair, you joined Chris and the owners of the Escape room. The first rounds of photos were for their website and promotions. They started with some shots of just Chris, then brought you over to join. A lot of photos had him posed with an arm around you. You could actually melt into him, it all felt so good. Strange, but once you relaxed there was a comfort level with him like you had know each other for years. It just felt natural.  You doubted he felt the same way.

The next setup was for Omaze. They wanted some fun, goofy shots to put on their website. Chris tickled your side before one of the pics and you jumped, almost ruining the shot. You blushed and apologized, while he threw his head back laughing, grabbing his chest.

Making Chris laugh and do the famous left boob grab had been a secret personal mission and it felt wonderful to have accomplished it.  Unfortunately, by this point he realized just how easily he could get you to blush, and that became his not so secret mission. He would whisper a stupid word right before a photo was taken to get you to crack up, or poke you in various spots.

Between setups you decided to play dirty and put a musical worm in his ear.

"You know, every time I saw the tagline 'Escape with Chris Evans', I would immediately hear the song ‘Escape’. You know it right?”  You did a little dance, singing “If you like Pina Coladas, and gettin caught in the rain....”

You turned away with an evil grin. Sure enough, a minute later you heard him humming the tune. Your eyebrows were raised above an innocent look when he realized what you did.

“Aw c’mon dude!” He looked down, shaking his head with a boyish grin, realizing you just evened the score.

The last set of photos were for Christopher's Haven. You were honored to meet a family that was currently staying there, and some members of the organization. You loved children and just the thought of ever being put in that situation ripped your heart out.

Chris knelt down to get eye level with the young boy and told him how brave he was, how proud of him everybody felt, and what a great soldier he was. You couldn't hold back the tears that pricked your eyes. It was such a sweet, genuine moment and you loved him all the more for it. Chris posed separately with the family and Omaze people, then you joined in for a few shots.

The family said their goodbyes and received some big hugs from Chris. Meanwhile, George, from the Haven, asked to have a word with you.

"Ms. Frasier, I'm told you gave up the airline tickets that were part of the package and asked for the money to be put towards the charity?"

"Yes. We're only a few hours away by car. You have such a wonderful charity, I was happy Omaze agreed to the option. I felt the money could be put to much better use than our flights."

"That was very generous of you, and very much appreciated. We're small but we're hoping the publicity we receive, thanks to Chris and other friends of the charity, will allow us to grow and help many more families."

"What you offer is amazing. No one should have to go through cancer with their child, but you make it so much easier to deal with."

George shook your hand and thanked you again. He then reached for Chris and you realized that he had been standing behind you, listening to your conversation. Chris looked at you with a softened gaze and a warm, approving smile.

"What?" you asked him before looking away again. Why did you suddenly feel so shy? You brought your gaze back and he was still smiling at you, a little wider.

"You look like the cat that ate the canary. Why are you smiling at me like that?" Unnerved, you shook your head to help rid yourself of the sudden heat flooding your cheeks.

"I didn't know about the plane tickets. That was really thoughtful of you. Makes me even happier that you won. You deserve it.”

Now your cheeks were on fire and the air seemed to electrify between you. Chris noticed you turn a shade redder and his smile got even wider with just a hint of mischief. He was about to say something when the moment was interrupted by Amanda.

"Alright you two, the photos came out great and we can move on to the game soon. Nicole, I'll go collect your family and bring them back here, okay?"  You checked your phone for the time and saw it was already 2:45. Time really does fly when you're having fun.

Putting your phone back in your pocket, you looked back at Chris. "The kids are so excited to meet you!"

Chris looked at you with a furrowed brow, a small frown on his face. "The kids, are they yours?" he asked. You caught him glance quickly at your left hand then back up to your face.

"Nooo!" your eyebrows raising & hand waving dismissively. "No, they’re my brother's kids. I love kids, but..." giving a small resigned sigh while looking away, "Still single."

"What made you bring them instead of friends?" Chris asked curiously, crossing his arms across his chest.

"Well, they're fans, but I couldn't imagine anyone else appreciating this experience as much as they would. It’ll be a memory that lasts forever. They're my world.”  You rolled your eyes and threw your hands up in surrender, “Plus, it also kinda makes me the coolest Aunt ever!" you joked pulling your arm back and saying, “Yes!”

The expression on Chris’ face was one of respect and warm approval as he barked out a laugh. He gave a quick nod, closing his eyes for a second, "I understand completely, trust me," he replied with a smile that made him even more unbelievably handsome.

You felt that spark, that little electricity between you building up once more.

"You're doing it again," you said pointing at him.

He cocked his head to the side quickly, playing the game, "Doing what?"

Waving your index finger, you motioned towards his face. "That smiling thing!" There was no keeping a straight face, you had to look away. "You're killin me, Smalls!"

You heard him laugh at the movie line and hazarded a look back at him. Yep, still smiling, the son of a bitch!

What was taking them so long to come back? Your nerves were beginning to act up again with this big meatball smiling at you.  There was only way to calm them. Hello Sarcasm, my old friend.

"I hope the kids don't geek out on you too much. Although, you of all people understand how it feels to fanboy. I've seen videos of you with Tom Brady."

Chris stopped smiling, his whole body tensed up. His hands balled into fists at his side, eyes shut tightly and enunciating every word slowly, "I. Do. Not. Fanboy. Over. Tom. Brady."

You practically guffawed. Replying back with both your neck and finger wagging, "I have YouTube my dear, there are videos of you all over it in the locker room mooning over the guy. I can only imagine your reaction the first time you met him."

He relaxed, shaking his head and muttering, "Unreal."

Reaching up, you cradled his right cheek in your hand. Looking him in the eyes with a mixture of compassion and humor, your thumb lightly brushing over his cheekbone you said, "It's okay Chris, we all have our crushes."

What the fuck did you just do that for? Or more to the point, how the fuck did you just have the cajones to do that?! Whichever it was, he seemed more than okay with it as his face returned to his annoying megawatt movie star smile.

"Oh, for Christ's sake," you said, throwing your hands up in the air with a small laugh.  "You better watch out or your face may freeze like that buddy."

He shrugged his shoulders and gave his hands a little wave near his chest. His face did that adorable double eyebrow lift and he smile changed to a self satisfied smirk. This man could be the death of you.

You could hear footsteps approaching as Amanda was entering the room with your brother and the children. All of a sudden you felt like you’d just won the lottery, this as Chris stepped closer to you and put his left arm around your shoulder. He lowered his head and you tilted your ear up to him as he said soft and deep, "You better get used to my smile sweetheart. I get the feeling I'll be doing a lot of it today."