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Gaston Lagaffe: Knight of Belgium

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Prunelle said that he was going to go and fight the Drakonians, but he hasn't come back in a few hours, and Gaston decided to go on a rampage... But is it really just a dream?

[Disturbed - Inside the Fire]

Gaston slashed Drakonians to bits with a claymore while on his motorcycle. "Damn Dragon Nazis!" He yelled, spilling their blood. "You are literally scum!" Blood spurted out onto him, dirtying his green jumper.

"I'll rescue you, Léon!" He yelled out, shooting various Drakonians with his tommy gun... that somehow he was able to carry as well as his claymore.

"Hahaha!" laughed the Drakonian leader, on a motorcycle beside him. "You'll never be able to defeat us! There's millions of us, and only one of you!"

Gaston snorted. "Yeah, but I'm a one man army!" He replied, slashing the Drakonian leader, cutting him in half, coating his green jumper, claymore, and motorcycle with blood.

There were more Drakonians blocking his way.

"One for the money..." Gaston cut the heads off of some of the Drakonians. "Two for the show..." He cut off more Drakonian heads. "Three to get ready..." He cut off even more Drakonian heads... "AND FOUR TO GO!" He sped on his motorcycle, driving through many Drakonians.

"Rogntudjuu! Help me, Gaston!" Prunelle cried out, defenceless and helpless, as he was being carried over the shoulder by a very muscular Drakonian.

"M'enfin?" Gaston looked at Prunelle. "Hey, you don't hurt my boyfriend like that!" He drove up to the muscular Drakonian, and shot him with his tommy gun.

The muscular Drakonian turned around, and dropped Prunelle roughly on the ground.

"Rogntud-" Prunelle squeaked out, before he landed face first in some blood.

The muscular Drakonian cackled, and then stared at Gaston. "Drano crush tiny human!" He yelled out, as he charged at Gaston.

Gaston slashed the head off of Drano. Some blood sprayed in Prunelle's face.

Prunelle yelled out another "Rogntudjuu!" as the blood sprayed on him.

Gaston smiled, and grabbed Prunelle by his boney, dark shoulders.

"Don't worry. You're safe now."

They embraced, and kissed.

"Gaston..." Prunelle moaned out sensually.

"What is it, Prunelle?"

"Gaston!" Prunelle started to look angry.

Gaston was woken up by Prunelle pounding on the table with his big, dark, manly hands.

"M-M'enfin?" Gaston yelped out as he woke up.

Prunelle glowered at Gaston.

"Gaston, get back to work."

Gaston's hazel eyes met Prunelle's dark brown ones.

"But why? I was having such a nice dream... You weren't as manly, and I was muscular, and I was killing Dragon Nazis with my sword..."

Prunelle scoffed. "Stop watching those weird anime, Gaston. It's infecting your psyche. I may be your boyfriend and all, but we'll keep stuff like that outside of work-"

Prunelle was interrupted by a loud explosion... and it didn't sound like one of Gaston's lab experiments.

"What the hell was that? Rogntudjuu!" Prunelle rushed out of the room like a skittish cat.

There was silence.

And then a scream.

"Léon?!?!?" Gaston yelled out, as he rushed outside the room.

There was a chaotic scene in front of him.

Lebrac was fighting what appeared to be an anthropomorphic dragon, not unlike the Drakonians from his dream.

Jeanne was already being carried over the shoulder by another dragon.

Gaston's cat was being caged by yet another Drakonian, ready to be sold off for a lab experiment.

"M'enfin? What the fuck is going on?" Gaston whined out.

Prunelle punched out a few dragons, and then backed into Gaston.

"Gaston! Leave! It's not safe here!" Prunelle yelled.

"But... why?" Gaston replied.

Prunelle shoved Gaston out of the way of the battle. "Just go! Run!"

Gaston nodded, and rushed out of the office. "I love you!" He yelled as he rushed out of the office.

Gaston walked back over to the office, and couldn't believe what he saw.

The office was no more. It was burnt to the ground.

Gaston dropped to his knees, bawling.

A hand touched his shoulder.

"There, there, dude." An unfamiliar voice said, patting his shoulder.

"M'enfin?" Gaston said, looking up at the unfamiliar person.

"Don't worry. Everyone was out of there before the Drakonians burnt the place to the ground." said a man with a long nose, big lips, and a Prussian war helmet.

"Wh-What the..." Gaston looked confused. "Wh-Who are you?"

Two more people came forward. A pale inkblot-like toon character with bright green eyes, and a young teenager with dark red hair, wearing what appeared to be a superhero outfit.

"Trevor Troublemeyer." The man said, smiling. "And these are Fanboy and Tom Van Beuren." He said, pointing at the other two.

Fanboy, being the young man in the superhero outfit, nodded, and then looked at the inkblot, presumably Tom Van Beuren.

Tom came forward, and smiled.

"We're here to talk to you about the Knight Initiative."