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Te buyacir, te lightning bal te orar

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The Battle is not dying down. The alarm wails a panic song all over the ship. The med deck is in organized chaos with Kix directing his staff to care for the patients. He hadn’t expected to see anyone but Clones. However, when Fives rolls in General Kenobi - blood dripping from a head wound - Kix already knows that this battle is about to go downhill fast.


That, however, is not his worry. He waves the hover-cart over to a corner. They stabilize it. All the beds have been used so far and more are getting brought up from storage. If that part of the ship hasn’t been taken out. Kix pulls out his scanner. He would have done a longer one, but the short scan already brings up a concussion, two broken ribs and a wrist.


He has no time for cursing as he sets about taking care of their injured General. It’s only when the alarm gets shut off that he looks up at the viewport. Stars are sliding by at a fast pace. Hyperspace then. They’re retreating from the battle. Good.


He sighs. His patients still need seeing too. Kix, however, gives General Kenobi a hypo-spray of a sedative. Because that man needs rest. He doesn’t need to be seeing to the aftermath. Skywalker can do that.




Waking up was a chore in and of itself. Obi-Wan’s head felt as if it were a cracked egg and was getting fried for breakfast. His brain beat in time with his heart. A weird staccato drum beat. He blinked his eyes open next. Felt a dry mouth, and frowned.


“Ah, there you are, General.” Kix frowned down at him. Obi-Wan heard quiet mutterings around him, but only had the vision for Kix.


“What happened?”


“Cody said you took a direct hit. I’m surprised you came out with only a concussion, broken ribs and a wrist.” Kix said dryly. Not at all impressed. Obi-Wan wasn’t either.


“That all?” he asked. Not trying for a joking tone at all.


“Yes. Lucky Jedi.” Kix shook his head.


“And the others?”


“From what Skywalker said, at least three hundred, but the official count hasn’t come in yet. I have forty injured. They have advanced healing though so should be out of here by mid-day. You on the other hand are staying the week.”


“Oh.” Obi-Wan frowned tiredly. “That bad?”


“You have a high tolerance for sedatives, you shouldn’t even be awake.”


“I have to give a report…”


“Skywalker is doing that.” Kix said, “and I have an order from the High Grand General Yoda. He says for you to stay here,unless otherwise ordered.”


Obi-Wan looked askance at that. Kix queued the message up on his data-pad. For all intents and purposes it detailed what would happen if Obi-Wan so much as put a toe over line and Kix had to forcibly sedate him again.


Obi-Wan finally nodded; “I guess I’ll just be here then.”


“Indeed you will be, sir.” Kix shut the pad down. “Now. I am going to give you a full check up. No complaints. If you’re a good boy you will get a treat at the end.” Kix sounded as if Obi-Wan were five. He scrunched up his nose but nodded.


The next half hour was Kix performing various tests, taking blood samples and redressing wounds. The bruises were in full coloration now. From sickly pea green, to blue, purple and black. It ranged from Obi-Wan’s left shoulder and down his side. Small scratches were purified and bandaged and then Kix rechecked the broken ribs.


“That’s as good as it’s going to get.” Kix said, he had a cup of water for Obi-Wan who drank the entire thing without being told. He lied back when he was done. Kix took back the cup.


“Go back to sleep.” Kix said. “I am not shy about administering anything to you right now.” he wasn’t joking. Even if Obi-Wan chuckled a bit around a yawn.


“Okay, I don’t feel like getting up anyway.” Kix pat Obi-Wan on the head, as if he were a young Padawan again.


“Good.” then he left Obi-Wan to drift off into dreamland.




“What do you mean I can’t see him?” Anakin asked. “Is he dying?”


“No.” Kix stood in front of a private room just off the main. “He’s sleeping, he needs rest and he does not need to know exactly how many clones died, or how many were wounded, how many we lost. They’re sending out rescue teams yes?”


“Well, yeah but…”


“No butt’s. General Kenobi will be no use to anyone if he doesn’t get better.” Kix said.


“Now, you can march your own butt right off this med deck. And you can keep Ahsoka off as well. General Kenobi will see you when I let him leave.”


Anakin sighed, shrugged and said; “Fine.”


Kix watched him leave; then turned to go into the room. Obi-Wan was awake. He had probably heard everything he and Skywalker had said. Great.




“I’m tired, of everything.” Obi-Wan replied. His head listed a bit to the side. The sedative was wearing thin. Kix almost decided to give him more but Obi-Wan needed to sleep naturally, without help of meds.


“I know. I think we all are.”


“I keep seeing the futures….”


“Futures?” Kix asked.


“I drove Qui-Gon nutts. You know. He was more into the Natural Force. Nature and Life and such. I got visions of the future. Sometimes of the past. But, I wasn’t at all good at staying in the moment.” he sighed.


“And?” Kix encouraged.


“I keep seeing Clones dead…...and the end of the Galaxy, the Republic.”


“I see. Is it the same every time?” Kix sat on the edge of the stationary bed. Obi-Wan’s blankets were rumpled, as if he’d been tossing and turning. Kix straightened it up. Tucked the General in.


“Sometimes. I can’t figure out who’s actually behind the Fall though.”


“But you know?” Kix asked.


“I have a guess, but that isn’t proof.” Obi-Wan replied.


“What about the you-know-what?” Kix proded.


Obi-Wan blinked, then nodded. He had kept that bit of information to himself. Gotten his and Anakin’s men’s chips deactivated but there were too many Clones, and too many ways for the enemy to find out. If his theory was true, whoever was directing the Republic was also directing the Seppies. It was a long stretch to say the least. Half the reason he hadn’t even said a word to Anakin about any of it.


“I will look into it again, later.” Obi-Wan promised.


“Good. Now, are you hungry?”


Obi-Wan frowned; “a little but not….”


“We’ll start with something bland. Soup?”


“Sure.” he agreed.




Hours later, Kix looked in on his number one patient. Obi-Wan had his soup and more water. He had showered with Scalpel’s help, gotten new sleep clothes, new bed clothes and as soon as Scalpel tucked him back in, had fallen asleep.


Kix watched Obi-Wan for a while counting each breath the Jedi took.


He felt something within his chest unwinding. Their General was safe. Or as safe as he’s ever going to be. And for now, that was all he really needed.