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magic touch

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as fingers press just so into the area around his knee, giving just enough pressure to comfort rather than hurt, andy’s eyes fall shut, lips curling up in a blissful smile. and as those fingers move, down his calves and up his thighs, he can’t help the small moan that slips out of his mouth. below him, he hears a snort.

“you really like this, don’t you?”

andy opens his eyes and glances down at richard, who sits between his opened legs, smirking up at him.

“you’re just... really good with your hands.” he says, a blush forming on his cheeks as he realizes the double meaning of what he just said. richard only laughs.

“yeah, just remember to make this up to me when i’m the one with a torn acl, alright?”

“don’t be a dick, dick,” andy says, smiling at his own joke while richard shakes his head. “your show isn’t nearly as demanding as mine.”

“who knows? maybe i’ll take over for you when you eventually leave the show,” richard says. “after all, we do take on a lot of the same roles - and i have been meaning to get back to the august wilson.” again, he smirks. now andy’s the one to shake his head.

“shut up.” he says. richard only smiles.

“love you too.” he says teasingly, and andy smiles back.