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A week after Jake had come back from his latest mission, he and Claire had taken Hannah to the local fair.  She had been excited to see her Uncle Jake again and hang out with Claire after some time apart.  They let her run ahead of them a ways to look at the sights while they walked behind her, holding hands and carrying her game prizes.

Jensen had a look of distaste as a group of loud teens rushed by them.  “This fair has gotten way too crowded.  When I was little—“

“You mean back in your day, old man Jensen?”

“Don’t laugh.  I used to bring all my girls here and show them a good time.  See that ferris wheel over there? I almost got to first base, but then I threw up.”

“Oh wow, that’s bad.  Too much fair food or nerves?”

“That’s why I can no longer eat cotton candy and corn dogs.  I puked on my sister and her boyfriend beneath us.  He tried to beat me up and she punched him.”

“Wow!  Don’t mess with Jess!  So what happened to your date?”

“She left me for some other kid that night.”

“Well I would have gotten you a soda to calm your tummy.”

“I believe you.  You always take care of me.”

“Yup.  What would you do without me?”

“I don’t even want to think about it.”  He said, lowering his voice as he stopped and pulled her to him for a kiss.

Hannah ran back to Jake and grabbed his hand, pointing to a carnival game.

“Can I try for another goldfish?”

“I think one’s enough kiddo.  Let’s see how this one does first, then we can go to the pet store.”

“Alright.”  Hannah grumbled.  She lifted the bag up, looking at it closely.

“What do you think I should name him?”

“Gill?” Jensen suggested.

“Bubbles?” Claire offered.

Hannah had a look of concentration as she studied the fish and then looked up.  “I like Sherman.”

“Well what do you say we get Sherman home so he can see his new digs for an hour or so before he kicks the b—“

“Stop that.”  Claire interrupted quickly, scolding Jensen before looking over at Hannah.  He took her hand again and laughed.

“Ah baby, I was just kiddin’.”  He teased.

“That’s not funny.”  She elbowed him playfully as he leaned over and kissed her cheek.

“No, it’s not.  The price we paid for those games to get one fish, it had better live through at least the night.

“Alright.”  She said shaking her head.

“Who wants some more funnel cakes?”  He said loudly, Hannah cheered and raised her hand.

“How about you, my love?”  He asked Claire fishing for his wallet and grinning at her.

“Ugh, no! I’ve had enough fair food.  Where do you fit all of that junk food?”  They stopped at a funnel cake stand and looked at the menu.

He came up behind her putting his chin on her shoulder. “I need my energy for later.”  He said quietly, kissing her cheek again.

“For when you take out the trash?”

“Nooo.”  He said, wrapping an arm around her.

“For when you set up Sherman’s new fish bowl?”


“Well I have no idea what you’re talking about then.”

“Oh ha ha.”  He stood behind her with his arms around her waist and felt a sudden shove on his shoulder.

“Hey asshole, some of us are in line here!”  A loud man behind them snapped at him.

Jensen stood shoulders straight and slowly turned his upper body to face the loudmouth behind him, his face expressionless and intimidating.  Even Claire looked a little nervous.  She’d seen him agitated only once before.  He hid his anger by being quiet, but if someone pushed enough, he’d push back harder.

The loudmouth slunk down a little and looked away before looking back at him, “Hey sorry, didn’t know you were in line.”

Jensen turned back around and Claire looked up at him, he looked at her and mellow Jake was back.

“Ooh, take me now, soldier man.”  She whispered, leaning her head on his arm.

He smiled down at her.  “See why I need my energy?  You can’t resist me.

“Don’t forget Hannah and I have a girlie night tonight, so you need to go away later.”

“Again?”  He lowered his voice.  “I’m ready for a Claire night.”  He said holding her tighter.

“Yeah Uncle Jake.  Go see Pooch.”  Hannah said, looking at her fish.

“Fine, fine.”  He held up his hands in defeat and stepped away, “You both go wax your hair, trim your nails, clean your ears and all that other girl stuff you do at slumber parties.”

“Well that’s just wrong.”  Claire said, making a face, “We only wax when the moon is high.  Don’t you know anything about women?”

“My mistake.”  He said with a grin, adjusting his glasses before stepping up to the counter to order their snacks.