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The Three of Us

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It was late at night, in a moonlit Restfield Cemetery. With her back against the mausoleum, Buffy looked at the ten vamps encroaching on her,” What a lousy time to lose Mr. Pointy,” she mumbled to herself. “This isn’t going to be anywhere near as easy as it looks.”

“Well, well, boys, it looks like there’s somethin’ special on the menu tonight.” The lead vampire smirked, “A little ‘Slayer du jour’”.

“I don’t know,” Buffy replied, “the main course may be a bit too tough for your liking, but you’re welcome to try.”

“I’m fairly certain we won’t have too much of a problem.” another vampire responded as he twirled Mr. Pointy. “It doesn’t look like you have anything left to fight with!”

“I don’t need that, I’ll just improvise and you’ll still be dust when I’m done.” Buffy glared. Using her Slayer senses, she started to track each of the vampires. ‘Giles said I should be able to do this, she thought, I just have to concentrate.’ As she picked up the sense of each of the vampires, she could feel something else. Another force unlike any demon or vampire she had ever felt before.

‘I don’t know what the hell that is, but I hope it stays on the other side of the wall.’ She thought.

Suddenly she felt two of the vampires head around to the far side of the mausoleum. ‘Okay,’ she thought, ‘if they get up on the roof, I can’t get too far out from the wall or they’ll get behind me and I’m really screwed. As long as I can feel them, I’ll know where they are. I should be able to handle this without too much trouble.’

Her head snapped up out of her stance as she felt the two vampires behind her disappear. She stretched her slayer senses but all she could feel was that unknown tingle. ‘Okay, two less vamps will help, but I really wanna know what the hell that thing is.’

At that moment all eight vamps stopped and stared up at the top of the mausoleum. Unable to look up and behind her, Buffy just looked at the vamps and readied herself to attack.

Atop the crypt, there stood a girl, silhouetted in the moonlight, wearing a long black duster. Her arms to her sides, raven locks floating on the light breeze, she looked down on the group of vamps with a slight smirk.

“Is this a private party or can anybody play?” came from behind Buffy in a low smoky voice. The girl shrugged the duster off her shoulders revealing her almost bare shoulders. The duster slowly slid off the roof of the crypt revealing the girl standing there, holding a slim sword in each hand. As Buffy started to turn her head, the duster landed open beside her. Nestled inside, were four stakes. Grinning and not taking her eyes off the vamps, Buffy picked up two stakes from the coat and said, “Let’s get this party started!”

“Get them!” yelled the lead vamp. Readying herself, Buffy was surprised when she saw the dark haired girl flip off the roof to land in front of her. The girl decapitated two of the vamps as she landed. As they exploded into dust, with the swords cutting the air around her, she sliced the arms off a third, when he stumbled towards Buffy, she said “Here let me give you a hand.” as she rammed a stake into his heart. The girl had dusted another vamp and cut one in half. “You don’t really have a leg to stand on.” Buffy said, staking him as his top half tried to crawl away.

Watching the fluid movements of the girl as she fought with the three remaining vamps, the moonlight reflecting off the flashing steel as the swords whirled around her body. The three vamps were staying outside the circle of flying steel, and trying to find an opening. As the girl moved forward towards two of them, the third got in behind her and tried to make a grab for her. Buffy lunged forward thrusting the stake through his back. Her eyes popped open in amazement as a sword skimmed up over her shoulder and past her ear, then came back around in front of the girl. With a feral growl almost lost in the whistling swords, she decapitated the last two vampires.

“Don’t do that.” She said quietly, “you could get hurt.” She stood there, in the moonlight, looking at Buffy; the swords in her hands lowered, but out a little from her sides. Buffy ran her eyes from her black heavy boots, up the black leather pants to the tight black tank top, to the full red lips and dark eyes framed in long dark hair.

“Umm, yeah.” Buffy mumbled. “You, ahh, you’re pretty good with those,” she said as she motioned towards the swords, “have you been using them long?” Buffy dropped her head, Oh God, she thought, ‘I’m starting to babble like Willow!’

The girl tilted her head to the side as she looked at Buffy, “Yeah, a couple of days actually.” She said sarcastically, as she moved to pick up her coat. Buffy watched as she gently laid the swords down, and then put her duster on. From somewhere inside she pulled a rag out, picked up one of the swords and started to wipe it down. Silently it disappeared into the duster when she had finished.

As she reached for the other one, Buffy asked,” What kind of sword is that, I’m not familiar with it?”

The girl furrowed her eyebrows as she stopped and looked at Buffy. “It’s Japanese, it’s a katana. Why?”

“I’m just curious, I’ve never seen one around here before” Buffy replied.

“You’ve seen a lot of swords around here?” the girl questioned, keeping the second katana in her hand as she turned to face Buffy. The girl’s eyes narrowed as she looked Buffy over. “What reason would you have for seeing a variety of weapons like that anyway? Where’d you learn to use a stake? There’s something about you that bothers me. I can feel a vamp from a long way off, but you’re giving me some weird kinda vibe and right now, I don’t trust you. Who or what, the hell are you?”

“Well, I’m.....”

“There you are slayer!” Spike yelled as he rounded the corner of the mausoleum. “I’ve been... ERK!” as he was brought up short by a sword in his throat. Looking at the glare from the dark haired girl holding the sword on him, “Slayer, a little help here, please?” he managed to squeak out.

“I’ll help alright,” the dark girl said, “I’ll help you straight to Hell!”

“Umm.... “Buffy said as she laid her hand on the girl’s outstretched arm, “I think he’s talking to me.”

“You?” was the cold response as the dark haired girls head snapped around to stare at Buffy.

“Yes, I’m Buffy Summers,” she said looking down, “The Vampire Slayer.”

“No, I’m the slayer.” The girl spat out.

“Well you see,” Spike interrupted.

“Shut up or die.” the girl muttered, pushing her sword into Spike a little harder, forcing him back and away from Buffy. Looking between the two of them, her eyes flashed with anger, and as she dropped her sword, she stepped into Spike and hammered him in the face with her fist, snapping his head back, and then kicked him in the balls. Spike, grabbed his balls as he dropped to his knees, and then slowly fell over sideways. He moaned, laying in the foetal position in the dirt, the blood from his nose slowly seeping into the ground.

“That should hold him for a bit.” she said as she turned to Buffy.

“Why did you do that?” Buffy asked.

“He’s a vamp, and I don’t know if the two of you are working together, so I just incapacitated him till I can figure out what’s going on, then I’ll dust him”

“I’ve known Spike for awhile, and since he got that chip, he’s a pain, but he doesn’t hurt anybody.”

“Wait, he’s a friend of yours?” the girl asked incredulously.

“Yeah, I guess.” Buffy replied. “He helps us out when we need it.”

“Okay, now I know you’re a demon of some sort. That explains the weird vibe and the Vampire friends.” the dark girl said as she started to raise her sword towards Buffy.

“No,” Buffy said as she put her hands on her hips, “I told you, I’m Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

 “What do you mean ‘You’re the Slayer’?” she asked, staring at Buffy.

“Well, several years ago I was called. In each generation one is chosen to...”

“I know all that crap. I got the same shit. What I wanna know is why you think it’s you?”

“I’ve been killing all kinds of vampires and demons in this town for the last five years. The Watchers Council told me I’m the Slayer, my Watcher tells me I’m the Slayer, and the demons and vamps call me the Slayer. So excuse me for thinking I’m the Slayer!”

“You’ve been a Slayer for five years?” the girl asked, as she lowered her sword. “I was called about two years ago. I thought the Slayer had been killed and that’s why I was called.”

“Well I definitely didn’t get that memo.” Buffy snarked. “Give me a hand with Spike and we’ll go see Giles.”

“Who the fuck is Giles?” the girl asked.

“He’s my Watcher.”

“Oh.” The girl hesitated, “yeah, okay I guess. But keep him in front of me where I can see him.” she motioned to Spike. “Even if he is your ‘friend’, he’s still a vamp, and I don’t trust either one of you yet.”