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The sound of crunching leaves resounded throughout the stillness of the seemingly empty forest, for it had lost any diversity it carried to the feasting of man eating creatures that wiped out 3/4 of Japan's population and now the disease was spreading to Europe and North America and soon the whole world will witness as innocent humans turn into man eating monsters that have no logic other than to catch prey.

Through the brush was a small man who seemed to be about 18 in age but was actually 30. Kisa Shouta was his name.

Kisa had been a normal working man at Marukawa where he worked in the Emerald Department making Shoujo Manga. Now however, Marukawa doesn't exist anymore. It's merely a building that houses at least 100s of those damned flesh eaters and Kisa Shouta, while he seemed like he couldn't fend for himself, had actually mastered the technique of slicing and dicing.

He walked slowly towards the river, the forest's quietness making it easier for him to listen for any approaching moans and groans. Yet he secretly wished he could hear the birds chirp again and the slight movement of trees as a deer passed by.

Finally a sound pierced his ears, the sound of the flowing river.

He quickly ran towards the noise, preparing his sword.

Then his eyes opened wide.


Back a few miles into the forest sat a circle of tents and a little pile of logs where fire had clearly been burned. 4 men walked around, each occupying a different task in order to survive.

"Should we have really let Kisa go out alone? I could've gone" said one of the young men, Onodera Ritsu was his name.

Another taller man stood beside him, black hair and glasses glinting in the sunlight before facing his shorter counterpart.

"Onodera, I told you I'm not letting you fight those damned things, you saw what they're capable of."


"No" he said sternly before going back to his task of boiling some water to burn any germs that could be harmful.

Onodera huffed angrily and turned to walk away, kicking a small stone as he did, accidentally sending the small hard rock right at Hatori's head.

"Ow" said the tall light brown haired male, rubbing the side of his head.

"H-Hatori-san! I'm so sorry!" Onodera shouted before running to him to aid him and make sure there wasn't any bleeding or anything. Hatori pushed him away slightly and assured the smaller male he was okay.

"I'm so sorry..."

"Listen it's fine..."

Onodera still couldn't help but feel guilty but before he could say anything Takano interrupted their conversation.

"Onodera stop just sitting around and do something."

Onodera groaned and shot a glare at the man.

Then he turned and muttered.

"I'll go find some berries."

Because at least if he's in the woods picking berries he'll be away from Takano.


Flesh eaters, about 20 at the very least all circled around a dead man's corpse. His corpse slightly drifting in the river as whatever guts and blood wasn't devoured started to make its way into the water. Kisa Shouta watched in horror, they can't drink this water not like this..

Then he lifted his sword, the sound it made as it was pulled from its case was enough to alert the flesh eaters that another meal was behind them.

He lifted it and slowly the flesh eaters limped mercifully towards him, the smell of their awful breath attacked Kisa's senses. Lifting his sword slowly, waiting for them to get close enough.



Hatori sighed as he wiped some stray sweat drops off his forehead, looking down at his feet.



He muttered under his breath. Chiaki and him had been separated when this all started and Hatori didn't even know if he was alive, all he knew is that the last place he was right when this happened was back at his house and Yuu happened to be over there...



"Go find Onodera and stay with him, I don't trust him being alone in the forest"

Hatori sighed and rubbed his temples "Can't you?"

"I would but I'm trying to get this water safe enough to drink so we don't die from dirty water"

Hatori silently did as instructed, picking up a small handgun and pushing his way into the overgrown trees and wilderness. The sound of dead leaves cracking under his feet and snapping of limbs as he pushed away branches from his face was the only sound that he could hear.

"Onodera" he said in a slight yell but not too loud since he wanted to prevent his voice from echoing which would only lure the beasts towards the camp.

Hatori eventually heard the slight sound of plucking berries and ran to the sound, meeting with Onodera who sat in a clearly angry like mood as he picked berries, throwing them messily into a bucket.

Onodera turned when he knew someone was watching him and gasped upon seeing Hatori, although he was happy it wasn't Takano.

"W-what is it Hatori?"

"Takano sent me"

Onodera growled and turned light pink "Of course he did."

After that, quiet silence filled the air, so quiet that both males could hear the ringing in their ears.

"Now that I think about it, Mino has been gone for a while" Hatori muttered looking up at the sky "I know he went into town for antibiotics but it's been an hour, it shouldn't take that long."

"We'll wait 48 hours, if he doesn't return then we'll have to go ourselves." Onodera assured, honestly glad that Hatori had broken the quiet air since it only made him uncomfortable.

"I told him I'd go with him but he refused to let me go...I don't know what he'll do if he runs into a herd."

Onodera simply sighed and stood up, keeping his head down as he walked past Hatori knowing that he was following close behind.


"Takano~" Kisa cheered, approaching the taller man who sat crouched in front of a pot of water.

"Kisa what the fuck-"

Kisa stood holding a head of one of those creatures as if it was a jewel, smiling widely as he played with its hair that was drenched with blood.

"He was a feisty one, I thought I was gonna get bit but I guess I was lucky~"

"What's the purpose of bringing this though" Takano said pointing at the mangled head.

"Oh so I can do this."

Before Takano knew it, Kisa took a nail and hammer that they had rummaged through an empty store a couple months back and started hammering the head onto a tree, blood splattering with each hit.


"Takano, this will help lead them away from us because if they smell their own kind they won't think we're here."

Takano just sighed loudly and sat down again.

"We're back" Onodera muttered, his gaze on the ground before he caught notice of Kisa's head deal.


"This will keep them away, or it'll help, just be quiet"

Onodera stared at him for a moment like a deer in the headlights before quietly pretending as if Kisa wasn't hammering dead zombie heads to trees.

Then Kisa took his bag that he had swung over his shoulder and guess what.

He had more zombie heads.


The fire crackled and the usual chirping of crickets was gone which was normal for the men now, but they sometimes wished it would come back.

Kisa sat perched high in a tree, watching for flesh eaters and any signs of Mino's return, keeping a small bag of old peanuts as he sat.

Onodera sat curled in a blanket while struggling to keep his eyes open while he stared at the fire, its warmth only lulled him to sleep even more. Eventually the melatonin took over and he closed his eyes-

Well until a pair of arms lifted him off the log he had been laying on.


"Sssshhh" Takano said, holding the boy cradled in his arms as he carried him. Onodera was dark red and whisper yelled.

"Hatori is right over there!"



Then a bright light penetrated through the trees and everyone faced the source of the light.

It was Mino.

"Hey!" Kisa waved, sitting in the passenger side of the car until they pulled up.

All men stared in awe at his arrival.

"Here's the antibiotics I managed to scavenge, I got some food too and some water-"

"What the hell took you so long?"

Mino went quiet for a moment and everyone stared, waiting for an answer, even Kisa.

"Men with guns."


"They attacked me..."

Silence fell into place, fire crackling as everyone awaited a better thorough explanation of what Mino meant.

"They were dangerous, I saw, killing innocent women and men simply to take their things it was awful..."

"They tried to kill you?"

"Yeah, I got shot in the shoulder but I'm fine, I patched myself up"

"How did you escape them?"

"Eventually I killed them all, I didn't want to but if I didn't they'd follow me and only kill us all here."

Kisa seemed utterly shocked and quickly ran to his side.

"Let me see your shoulder."

He sighed and exposed the wound, the wound was dark red that was almost brown, clearly very swollen.

"Dammit the bullet is still in there."

Mino sighed "What can we do about it? None of us have experience in medical procedures"

"True but we have to do something about it."

"Like what?"

"How deep is it?" Kisa asked, taking some gloves.


It had been a traumatic 30 minutes of poor Mino suffering as Kisa tried to use his own hands to pull out the bullet, and no one could even begin to describe the sickness in their stomach as loud screams and shrieks of pain and "Stop!" Echoed.

Kisa knew it would allure flesh eaters so he ended up taking his belt off and telling Mino to bite down tight.

Onodera ended up throwing up about 10 minutes into the procedure and Takano told him it would be best to look away and go in the tent.

Kisa thankfully stomached it very well and was able to finish the procedure without vomiting all over his "patient."

It thankfully hadn't gotten the bone but it had been buried pretty deep in tissue and now the wound was bleeding bright red, the strong smell of iron invading Kisa's nose as he quickly put some ointment on a bandage and wrapped it up thoroughly.

Mino was practically sobbing after it all which was new for everyone and kind of heartbreaking considering he usually smiles all the time.

"Don't move your arm for a while, it needs to heal." Kisa said, taking the gloves off.

Mino nodded shakily and was helped to his tent by Hatori due to shock and loss of blood.

The night went deadly silent after that.


The fire ended going out itself and Hatori felt his heart sink at the now complete silence, he stared forward and closed his eyes.

There stood Chiaki, smiling and commenting how good his cooking is, his smile...

Hatori felt his heart lighten at the very thought of that smile but then he remembered.

"What if he's dead?"

He growled under his breath and that smile kept haunting his thoughts making his vision spin and anger and sadness all collect at once making him feel as if any control he had was lost.

"Those fuckers..." He muttered.

Then he snuck out of his tent and peeked into the other's tents, they seemed to all be sleeping, so he took his bow and arrow and lantern and made his way into the deep dark woods that held those nightmares.