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Eggcellent Customer Service

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You couldn't wait to get out of this grocery store. You groan sweeping the last line of dirt into the dustpan. On your way to the garbage can on achy feet do you sharply look up at the big, round clock above the automatic doors. 10:00 P.M., oh yes. Only one more hour until you leave this hell. 


Thankfully, there were no scragglers coming through tonight because of that big baseball game. You weren't one for sports unlike the other people in Z-City, so it was no skin off your back that you'd miss it.


In your peripheral vision you notice the manager waving to you to get your attention. "Hey, Y/n! When you're done please be sure to check the produce. I need everything in order for tomorrow morning. After that you'll be closing up tonight."


"Okay!" You yell back. After you put away the broom and dustpan, you go wash your hands so that you can check the produce aisle. You are happy to be wearing your jacket. You hated this part of the grocery store the most because of the cold. But soon enough the annoying cold temperature is tossed aside after you round the corner.


There's a tall, totally bald guy with a basket, picking through cucumbers. What the hell is he doing? Yeah, he's getting his grocery, but seriously? At this hour? 'Ugh' is ringing through your mind. Walking closer do you start to realize how fucking attractive he is.


You gulp, now only a several feet away. You slow down abit to analyze what he's wearing and observe how nice his arms and legs are in a lame Hawaiian t-shirt and dull, khaki shorts. Such tacky clothes on such a handsome fellow kinda pisses you off. You then focus in on that serious face as he picks up a cucumber and studies one before placing it back.


"Excuse me, do you need help?"


Your voice visibly startles him but he offers you a lazy smile almost immediately. 'Holy shit, he's cute. But holy fuck, his head is smooth.' Vaguely, do you think of that scene in the spongebob squarepants movie where all the fish people scream about how bald King Neptune is.


"Hey. Nah, I'm fine!" He chirps. But you push forward, even with achy feet bothering you, you just couldn't pass up this opportunity.


"Oh." You're next to him now, glancing between him and the green oblong fruits. "Are you sure? Picking cucumbers can be tricky and I'm sure you'd want to get quality for this price."


Saitama raises his eyebrows and looks at said price. " are right." He says, thoughtfully. "Did the price go up again?"


"Yup." You say, but honestly you don't fucking know for sure, you're just talking.


"Dang..." He mumbles, turning his full attention to the cucumbers again. Before he can pick up another, you're right up next to him, your arm brushing against his, and you make a mental note of how good he smells. Body wash maybe? Whatever it is, it's nice.


Saitama passes a glance at you, his breath quickening alittle at your closeness. Your hand brushes his accidentally while tenderly grabbing one. He thinks you have nice hands...




"Yeah, this one looks nice, right?" You ask, turning it in your hand. You make a show of lightly running a thumb up and down its shaft. A friendly smile on your face as you test it's firmness with a squeeze.




"You see, sir--"


"It's Saitama." He corrects. Saitama glances down at your name tag. "Y/n. Huh...Nice name you got there. It's pretty.."


"Ooh, thank you!" You grin abit, giving him a coy look before you draw attention back to the sizable object in your hand.


"You see, Saitama, the firmer it is, the better. And you always want it to be big and juicy..."


Saitama swallows, nervously, and embarrassingly enough he can't stop his mind from wandering. "Y-yeah.." He says, abit quietly. He can feel the blood rushing to his face as you continue.


"I love thick cucumbers and it's really wonderful when you can nick a long one before anyone else. Did you know they are packed with protein?" Saitama nods, the pink dusting cutely across his face as clear as day. You can't help the smirk crawling it's way onto your face.


Saitama's eyes narrow then. He stutters, embarrassed. "... Ahh--are you-- wait, that was a dirty joke wasn't it!?" He asks, turning his body fully to you. You mimick him, a innocent look on your face.


"What? I'm just trying to provide excellent customer service."


Saitama looks comically suspicious. "...I've never met someone so well informed about cucumbers..."


You sigh and shrug your shoulders. "Okay, ya got me! But what's a girl to do when such a cute guy walks in late at night?"


"Y-you think I'm cute!?" He stammers, clearly caught off guard. He's obviously not use to compliments like those. 


"Mhmm." You hum, suggestively. "Very. Sexy even." Saitama takes that exceptionally well, pink turning to red.


"Jeez, thank you... That means alot coming from such a pretty girl!"


"It's no biggie." That cucumber has given you an idea. "So, you in a hurry?" You inquire, intently watching him. He shrugs.


"Not particularly. Why?"


The answer you give him almost makes him drop his basket, but worse happens. It's poor handle ends up mangled in his tight grip and he looks utterly speechless.


"A quickie right here, a blowjob. You can't lose!" You try to be convincing. Saitama feels abit apprehensive. He looks up, eyeing the various cameras and you notice. "Don't worry nobody checks those!"


He looks at you, silent for a moment before he nods his head. "Ok."


You almost jump for joy. Finally, you'd get off this dry spell and with a really cute guy no less.


You tell him to wait a moment, so that you can check to see that your boss is gone. When you come back, with a pep in your aching step, he's leaning against the stand where the oranges are, his basket on the floor nearby. He looks at you, face calmer than before. You offer him a playful smile as you get closer.


Once in front of him you squat down, your hands quickly going to the pockets off his cargos, to tug them playfully. Looking up, you're almost in awe of how handsome his profile is from this angle. "Ready?"


"Y-yeah..." He says, softly with a pause. "We're totally alone?"




"...And you don't want this in the...bathroom or--"


"No, no, no. I rather do it here. Fresh air, great lighting, plenty of space..." You run your palm up to where his dick would be and teasingly grope him through his shorts. Saitama clenches his jaw and it's the sexiest thing you've ever seen. 


"And...every and any noises you make will echo in here." You finish, squeezing his hardening package once more before you unzip and unbutton his cargos. You're more than glad to see them slide down his gorgeous legs.


In actuality, you really like doing this stuff in the open, its thrilling.


His goofy boxers will be the next to go, but you want him to take off that shirt or atleast open it. His eyes are lidded and he certainly looks like hes enjoying himself. 






"Take off that awful shirt..."


He frowns. "Its cold through..."


You sigh, lightly. "Alright. Atleast unbutton it. I wanna see what else you're hiding, ya feel me?" You say, happily, dipping fingers at the tops of his boxers. Saitama softly moans his understanding and unbuttons his shirt, but not fast enough.


Your mouth starts to water as his torso is fully revealed. With trembling, suddenly dry lips, you bite the bottom one. If you weren't fully turned on before, you definitely were now. Saitama blinks, unknowingly. 


"Everything okay down there?"


"Uh--uh-huh...everything is perfect." You stutter. "You're perfect..." 


Saitama raises a brow but smiles all the same. "Um, thanks. And you're...really nice. I mean, thanks for this." 


You hum briefly and place a kiss on his abs. He groans softly as your promising mouth trails butterfly kisses down to his boxers. They are pushed down to his ankles along with his cargos. His erection springs free; its slightly curved and deliciously veiny, longer than the cucumbers from earlier and most definitely thicker. 


Saitama eyes narrow when the tip of your tongue makes an appearance to wet your lips. His knees almost buckle when you take him tip first into your hot, wet mouth. 


You weren't lieing when you said noises would echo. Saitama can't contain his as you take as much of him as you can. He feels the caress of your free hand on his side, before nails lightly rake down to his hip then to his taut thigh.


What you can't fit into your mouth, you work over with your warm hand. The warmth you provide is a fantastic contrast to the chilly grocery store. Saitama tries not to buck into your mouth, not wanting to cause you discomfort. However, that doesn't last long when he unexpectedly hits the back of your throat. 


The next sound that leaves him is a mix of shout and a deep, masculine moan. It's a wonderful sound that really tempts you to push your hand into your own pants. Saitama's fingers curl into your hair and you can't help but to stare up at his desperate expression. Mouth ajar and face cutely flushed as he watches your mouth with every bit of self control to keep his eyes open.


His fingers tighten little by little with every bob of your head. His quiet breathes turning into pants. You let go off his thigh to undo your jeans and touch yourself. Its hard not to with someone so gorgeous coming undone above you and at your very hand, and mouth.


Saitama's cock leaves your lips noisily and lewdly, although you tug it with a even paced pumps to keep him dazed and ridden with desire. You want to try something else, something you've wanted but haven't tried before.


"How about a titjob?" You ask, softly, glancing up from his wet, swollen, and pulsing member. Saitama's eyes widen, mouth set in shock.


"R-Really!? Y-y-yes...! Please!" He says, excitedly, smile wider than before. Wow, he's a cutie.


"Alrighty." You mumble, letting go of him and removing your hand from your panties to unzip your jacket and take off everything covering and holding your breasts. 


Saitama watches closely as your beautiful chest comes out on display. It's a mouth watering sight and he's so very tempted to just trade places with you and suck, kiss, bite, and lick them for as long as he can. But he settles for fucking your breasts because that was a new and very thought about experience for him.


He almost melts when the soft and warm embrace of your breasts engulf his leaking cock. The choked off whimper that escapes his lips is music to your ears. You need more.


"You like that?" You ask, sultry and low, watching his eyes shut and his brows furrow. His body radiates heat and he's covered in a light sweat. His hands clamp down on the railing behind him as he leans back abit, head tilting to the side with his hips pointed in your direction. His thrusts against you are controlled but strained, his cock, slick with saliva and pre-cum, easily slide up and down between your breasts. 


You bow your head just to lick the tip and the reaction you get is just lovely. 


Saitama voices his pleasure loudly and his thrusts quicken. The way he's fucking your breasts is driving you crazier and crazier by the second. Saitama groans loudly when you cover the head with well timed, frantic licks and sucks.


You pant, licking up the never ending salty pre-cum he has, so turned on from how hes using you to reach his release.


The last words that leave your sinful mouth are what brings this to a sooner, but inevitable end.


"Yes, fuck my breasts--don't hold back, Saitama...please, finish-- cum in my mouth...!"


He growls a curse as he loses himself; spurts of hot and thick cum hitting your cheek, chin, and chest. You moan appreciatively, milking him for all he's worth until he's softly begging you to stop; he's oversenstive. 


You give him a teasing lick anyway before releasing him. Saitama quickly recovers, his breathing evening out quietly and he fixes himself up. Although, the blush over his cheeks is still present. Hes staring almost in a trace as you pop a finger covered with his essense in your mouth. He's lost for words as you moan thoughtfully.


"What do you eat?" You ask, curious. "This is surprisingly not awful!"


Saitama blinks. "Well, I try to eat healthy..."


You smile and hold out a cleaner hand so that he can help you up. He tries not to stare at your chest too much as you talk to him. "I'm gonna go clean up in the bathroom. Um, you can have your groceries free of charge!"


His eyes light up. First a awesome blowjob and now free groceries!? You were his favorite person in the world right now. But it was technically stealing, so he had to ask, "Are you sure...?"


"Yup, don't worry. No one will know!"


Saitama's lazy smile returns. "Will...can we meet again? I mean, normally?"


You grin. "Sure--if you want you could come to my place..."


"Yes. Please." He says, abit hurriedly. He'd love to have a go at your breasts again and your entire body in a more comfortable setting.


 You will never have another dry spell again.