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Bully & Bullied

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Typing on her keyboard, Kenmochi Shiena was desperately trying to concentrate on her work. The brunette was currently hacking one of the future target of the group she was part of, Collective Dismissal. The info that she could hack about the target could be used to elaborate an eventual assassination plan for her group.

But the brunette had something else on her mind, which also reminded her what happened during Class Black couple of months ago. Shiena couldn't tell that she was proud of what she had done during her time at Myojo Academy. Before she could have done anything, she was eliminated from the competition by one of her rivals, Kirigaya Hitsugi. Poisoned, to be exact, and it forced her to stay in a hospital for a while. The worse part about that was that Hitsugi had another reason to poison her other than taking her out of the competition. The real reason was, according to Hitsugi, Shiena had a crush on Namatame Chitaru. She poisoned her to keep her away from Chitaru. The brunette couldn't believe she was poisoned over a petty jealousy from a prepubescent-looking assassin. It was true that she admired and found Chitaru pretty handsome and beautiful, but she wasn't in love with her like Hitsugi thought she was.

But in hindsight, Shiena wondered that if it was really a bad thing what happened to her. Not that she liked being poisoned, but if Hitsugi haven't done that, she would have tried to assassinate Ichinose Haru. From her time passed in Class Black, Shiena knew that Haru was a nice girl. Could she really have been able to try killing an innocent person? Unlike everyone else in Class Black, Shiena wasn't an assassin strictly speaking. She was just a normal girl who had got herself mixed with all this because she was part of a group that sometimes carried assassination. So maybe it wasn't a bad thing that she was eliminated before she could have tried to kill Haru…

Shiena put herself together. Of course it was a bad thing! Even if Haru was an innocent person, she had to kill her. It was for the greater good, her death could have been really beneficial for Collective Dismissal with the wish granted by Myojo Academy. Shiena tried to convince herself that it was indeed was she was truly thinking.

The hacker tried to go back to her work, in vain. The thing on her mind was still there. With a sigh, she rose up and left her bedroom, to go see the thing that bothered her so much.

Takechi Otoya was currently sleeping on her couch. Shiena still had some difficulties to process that it was actually happening. Sooner today, the brunette received an unexpected visit from her old roommate, who had once again escape from jail. The serial killer had asked her to let her stay in her apartment for couple of time, which Shiena initially refused, obviously. But, the brunette couldn't continue to say no while Otoya was making her sad puppy face. Or maybe she just said yes because she was scared to get stabbed with scissors. Whatever the reason, the result was the same. She had accepted to let the serial killer came inside her apartment.

But there was another reason why she let Otoya stay here. Holding a knife, the brunette approached from the sleeping girl. It would be so easy to kill her right know. It would also do a big favor to the world if she got rid of Jack the Ripper of the 21st Century. With this resolve in mind, Shiena raised her knife, ready to strike.

But she couldn't do it. Shiena dropped her weapon and fell on her knees, near the couch. The brunette uttered a bitter giggle.

"It's pathetic. And I thought that I could have killed Ichinose…how could I have killed an innocent girl like her if I don't even have the guts to kill a monster like Takechi…" Shiena thought.

The hacker raised her head and watched Otoya, who was still sleeping. While she was asleep, she looked like a normal girl. If Suzu didn't told her about the fact that she was a serial killer, Shiena would probably never have deduced it by herself. The brunette couldn't deny that the first time she met Otoya, she found her quite pretty. Indeed, the purple haired girl was really a beautiful girl. But that, it was before that she noticed her vile personality.

Suddenly, Otoya opened her eyes. Shiena blenched, but she couldn't help herself from gazing into her greenish-blue eyes. They were really pretty, like turquoise mineral. At first, Otoya gave her a kind expression, she was even showing a friendly smile. But it was only a matter of seconds before her expression changed. Her eyes were now expressing madness, and she was smiling in a malicious way. The serial killer was now looking like a predator who had spotted a prey, with the intention of playing with it before eating it.

Shiena tried to recoil, but she had been too slow. A sharp blade suddenly brushed against her cheek, enough to leave a slight cut. She could feel her blood rolling down her injured cheek. The brunette rose up and step back, realising that Otoya was armed with a pair of scissors.

"Takechi, what the heck…!?"

The serial killer stood up, and looked at the floor and spotted the knife. She then gazed at Shiena with clear bad intents.

"So you were really trying to kill me, Shiena-chan…"

"W-Wait! Yes it was my intention, but I have changed my mind!"

"Oh, you changed your mind? Good for you. I didn't." Otoya replied with a sadistic grin.

The purple haired girl suddenly rushed toward her. Shiena only had the time to turn back with the intention of running away. Otoya grabbed her from behind and she suddenly felt a sharp pain in one of her thigh and uttered a scream of pain. She realised that she had been stabbed in the thigh with a scissor.

"What a nice voice you have, Shiena-chan. I want to hear more of it."

The brunette succeeded to push the serial killer away and tried to escape. Unfortunately, Otoya was faster than her. It didn't take a lot of time before the scissors touched her again. This time, the serial killer at cut her on the arm. And then on her belly. And after that, on her leg, and on her back. The brunette moaned from pain at each cut, which seemed to please Otoya. The serial killer then grabbed by the collar and pushed her with strength on the wall. Shiena collided violently with the wall and fell on her butt.

She wanted to rise up, but a scissors near her face dissuaded her to move. Otoya was standing in front of her with a menacing aura, closing and opening repetitively her scissors in a taunting way. Shiena felt that her entire body was in pain. Her injuries were minor, but it was still quite painful. She began to shake from fear. She never had been so terrified in her entire life. No bullying she had undergone in the past was as awful as her current situation.

Otoya looked like a wolf who was about to sink her teeth in a rabbit. Shiena was convinced that it was the end, she was about to get killed. She closed her eyes and raised her hands in front of her face in a futile attempt of protecting herself. Tears began to roll from her eyes and she began to sob.

Nothing happened. Slowly, Shiena opened her eyes. Otoya was still in front of her, but she wasn't pointing her scissors at her anymore. The serial killer looked confused. The brunette couldn't understand why, but she didn't care. She had to take advantage of the situation to escape. Shiena rose up and tried to run away, but she only managed to fall on the floor. Otoya had made her trip, which resulted in Shiena lying on her belly. Before that she could rose up, the brunette felt a significant amount on pound on her back. The serial killer was probably restraining her on the floor.

"That's not good, Shiena-chan. You shouldn't have tried to run away. Now I'll have to punish you."

Shiena was petrified by fear. She was expecting to be cut again with the scissors. But it didn't happen. Otoya grabbed the brunette's tie and undone it. She then used it to tie Shiena's hands in her back and forced her to stand up, before putting her scissors under her throat.

"Don't try to do something stupid again, or I'll slice your throat. Got it?"

The brunette nodded to show that she understood. Shiena was too terrified to speak. She didn't know what Otoya had planned to do to her, but she could only imagine the worse.

"Good girl. Now let's go to your bedroom so we could continue our little fun time." the serial killer commended.

Too scared, the brunette obeyed. Slowly, she headed to her bedroom, followed by Otoya. They both went inside. The serial killer then threw her on the bed and climbed on top of Shiena.

"So, let's continue, shall we? Where am I going to cut you this time…"

Otoya raised her scissors, ready to injure her even more. Shiena let out a scream, anticipating the pain she was about to feel. But when the scissors was about to stab her shoulder, Otoya froze. The serial killer had the same confused look than earlier.

"I see. It wasn't my imagination. I'm not in the mood to kill you."

Shiena wasn't sure to understand what happened, but she knew that she maybe had a chance to survive after all.

"T-Then let me go Takechi, please. You don't have to kill me if you don't want to." Shiena begged.

"Oh, but I want to kill you. I'm just not in the mood right now. And it's out of the question to let you go. I'm not done with you." Otoya replied with a cruel smile. "You know, when we were still roommate, I tried to kill you once. But I changed my mind. You're not exactly my type of prey. Sure you're cute, but more the kind of cute you want to tease and play with, not the gorgeous type that give me the urge to slice. I wanted to save you for later and wait until you grow up a little, but it seems that I couldn't wait after all. What a shame…"

Suddenly, the serial killer began to gently stroked her hair and patted her head, which made Shiena shivered in fear.

"But, even if you're not my type, you have caught my interest. I kind of like you. But despite that, I'm not feeling like killing or hurting you right now. How strange. I wonder why…"

Out of the blue, Otoya suddenly kissed her on the lips. At first it was a chaste kiss, but it became quickly a French kiss. Shiena was too afraid to resist, so she let Otoya slide her tongue inside of her mouth and played with hers. It could have been an enjoyable kiss if it wasn't with Otoya. The worst about this situation was that it was Shiena's first kiss, and it had been shared with a monstrous person.

The serial killer finally broke the kiss, to Shiena's relieve. The brunette desperately needed to catch her breath. She noticed that Otoya was now gazing her with lustful eyes, and she was even slightly blushing, which worried Shiena.

"I think it's the best kiss that I ever had! Yeah I'm sure now, I definitely like you Shiena-chan. I want to taste more of you."

Otoya continued to stroke her hair, she even leaned closer to Shiena to be able to sniff them.

"Your hair is so fluffy, perfect to pet. I always wondered if you were also fluffy down there." the serial killer said.

Shiena felt Otoya's hand touching her thigh, which made her freak out.

"W-What are you doing!?" the brunette exclaimed.

"Well, since I don't feel like slicing you up, I'll enjoy your body in another way."

Suddenly, Otoya raised once again her scissors, and cut Shiena's shirt, exposing her chest and belly. Tears began to form in the brunette's eyes and rolled on her cheeks, which seemed to somehow bother the serial killer.

"Aww Shiena-chan, no need to cry. I'm not gonna hurt you." Otoya said with a sweet voice, while gazing Shiena's body. "You poor thing, it must have hurt. Don't worry, I'm going to comfort you gently."

She wiped Shiena's tears and the blood on her face that was coming from the cut on her cheek. She then began to slowly slide her hand under the brunette's skirt.

"Wait! You…you can't do that! Because…it would be a rape!" Shiena protested.

The serial killer gazed at her with an emotionless expression for few seconds, before stabbing the pillow, just next to Shiena's face, which made the brunette screamed of fear and surprise. Otoya then burst into an insane laugh.

"That's a good one! Poor Shiena-chan, so naïve. You know me, you know how many people I had killed. You should know that when I want something, I take it. Consent has never been an issue for me." Otoya said while taking Shiena's chin with her fingers, forcing the eyes contact. "So it will happen regardless of either you want it or not. All you can do now is being obedient and it won't hurt."

Shiena wanted to protest, but she knew that it was a lost cause. So she resigned to her fate and remained quiet, while Otoya's hand suddenly slipped under her panties.