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Warblers meet the Secret Life of Jeff Sterling

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It was a kind of-typical Friday Warbler meeting but this time Blaine was visiting because he had felt that he hadn't visited his friends in forever and he wanted to see how his friends were reacting to the news/rumor. Don't know what rumor/news that is, it's okay. The big news/rumor is that one of the members of r5 went to Dalton. Still confused? Apparently, someone who works with r5 spilt to the host of ET that one of the members went to Dalton Academy, though some people were skeptical it was still a big deal. So, everything was kind of-normal and they were just finishing up a vote on how to figure out if one of the members went to Dalton before they disbanded when suddenly, the doors locked and the TV went to static before a girl appeared on the screen.

"Hello, Warblers, Blaine. My name is Elizebeth. It has come to my attention that while you are trying to figure out who the person you are looking for is, you are looking in all the wrong places, plus you don't even know what the band looks like! So, I have come to help, and provide you with information. You are not allowed to leave this room until done with everything I show you, but don't worry time is stopped and you will be provided with anything you need. Any questions?" "Umm, what type of things are you going to show us?" asked one of the younger members, curious and wondering if the Lizzy would respond.

"It will be about the member of r5 that you are looking for and will help you understand them more. I will also pause the video if I seem fit for discussion. Oh! That reminds me," the girl snapped her fingers and a woman appeared. "This is Allison, she will come up in a minute or two, she already knows everything we have discussed. Now, any more questions?" When she saw, no one answer she continued," Okay then, Allison, please take a seat."

After Allison took an open seat next to Jeff, Elizebeth continued," We will start with Dancing With The Stars. Riker Lynch and Allison are featured this season. I think you should see how far they've gotten." At that everyone nodded and got ready for the show so Lizzy snapped her fingers and the TV grew big enough so everyone could see in perfect detail and then the show began.

Dancing With The Stars Celebrity Cast Reveal

"Allison, what's this?" asked Wes. "It's a segment on Good Morning America that airs the day before the show and tells everyone who the contestants will be." "Okay." /" Wait, he's been with show for 20 seasons?!" said Nick. / "THE Patti LaBelle!" Yelled Blaine. "The one and only." Said Allison. "How did we not know about this?" asked Blaine. "None of us watch Dancing With The Stars." Said Nick forgetting that Jeff ad occasionally put it on last year before realizing Nick didn't enjoy it as much as he did. / One of the lead vocalist of the hot new band r5. "Okay, so this is who we are looking for." Said Thad and all the Warblers attention went to the screen except for Jeff who was smiling with Allison. Second cousin of Derek "Add that to what we know about him." Said Wes. Riker Lynch and his partner Allison Holker. "You were his partner?" asked one of the younger Warblers. "Yes, I'm his partner." "What's he like?" asked another young Warbler by the name of Alex. "I bet he's a brat." Said Seb. "You'd be surprised." Said Allison before the rest of the Warblers from before turned back to the screen. Riker walks out.

Everyone but Allison and Jeff leaned forward in their seat trying to see what Riker looked like. Then Nick screamed, "Jeff!" as everyone got a good look at Riker's face. "YOU'RE Riker Lynch?" asked Nick in shock. "…Surprise." Said Jeff before dissolving into laughs with Allison. "I'm sorry, it's just your faces." He said as they laughed some more. "Why didn't you tell me?" asked Nick. "I wanted a chance at a normal life and being Jeff gave me that and being Riker gave me a chance at the stardom me and my sibling wanted." He explained. Nick wanted to ask more questions but was in shock and just turned to the screen hoping it would give him the answers he wanted. Lucky for him Liz's voice filled the room and said," Don't worry, everything will be explained." And so, everyone turned back to the screen. Riker dances a little Everyone chuckled a bit though they were still in shock from the revelation but did realize that Jeff seemed happy and at ease as Riker. Charlotte

"That's her name?" said James, a junior Warbler who spent a little too much time on the internet. "Yeah." Said Jeff and Allison. Michael Sam- hopefully the mirror ball trophy. At that Jeff and Allison shared a smile knowing what happened. Hunger Game Series at 14 she is our youngest contestant. "That's young." Said Thad as Blaine screamed," This is MAHOGANOY!" and everyone laughed. When Riker caught his breath, he said," She can hold her own though." Paid me in diamonds. Some people chuckled at that while some thought it wasn't very funny. The older Warblers knew that whether or not it was funny the people on the show laughed out of courtesy. I don't know. Once again, cue the courtesy chuckles. Hi, Riker "She sounds so unformal with you compared to Pattie." Said Allison. "That's cause I'm a chill guy." Retorted Riker and they laughed as the others looked on wondering how Jeff could be so confident with Allison and as Riker. "Nice to see you." "Well if we don't win the mirror ball you sincerely have a shot at the most awkward conversation award." Said Allison. "It wasn't awaked because I was there it was awkward because we had talked just a little while ago." Replied Riker. music video clip played "That's your song?" asked a freshman Warbler named Mark. "Yep. That was actually our first hit." Replied Riker. "Cool." That Huff DNA won't help at all

"I forgot, your related to the Huff's!" "Yeah." "That's so cool. Did it help you?" "I'd like to think I did it on my own though it certainly didn't hurt." Said Riker. I will definitely be looking for tips. Allison and Riker laughed thinking, if only I knew they were my competition. "Why are you laughing? Wouldn't that help?" asked Andrew. "Yeah, didn't he win the show before?" asked Blaine. "Yeah, he did, but you'll just have to watch." Said Riker and all the Warblers sighed unhappily. Is there a burger in the ad. Cue the courtesy laughs though Riker and Allison were kind of sad because of what Charlotte went through. You're an athlete, do you think that will help? 'If only he knew' thought Riker and Allison. Awkwardness before taking to youngest contestant. That was awkward. You are secretly nervous. "Oh, you know he was." Said Riker and Allison laughed. "Almost as much as her." said Allison and then it was Riker's turn to laugh. Golden mirror ball revealed. Allison and Riker shared a looked saying,' we got this' while the others just looked at the trophy in awe.

Contestant Reveal Part 2

Rumor Willis "THE Rumor Willis!" scream Blaine. "Yep." Said Allison. "She's really good." Said Riker. Rumor gets dipped. "Are they dating?" asked Andrew. "Not publicly." Said Allison. "So, they are?" asked mark. "Maybe, it means that we're pretty sure they are but they haven't said anything." Explained Riker. Noah's spin. "How did he do that one armed spin?" asked Kyle, a sophomore. "Practice." Relied Allison and Riker together. Party rocker is in the house tonight. "LMFO!" yelled three freshmen. Speedo- WOOO! Everyone laughed. "His reaction." Cried Nick while he was on the floor laughing. Ronald McDonald. Some people laughed at this. But more laughed when Redfoo repeated it in a high-pitched voice. She was crying. Cue courtesy laughs. Double amputee "How's he going to dance?" asked Kyle. "You'd be surprised." Said Riker. I mean they're really excited. "Doesn't sound like it." Said Nick and Riker and Allison busted out laughing remembering her dad. "Sorry, you'll get it later." Said Allison. Derek "Isn't he your cousin?" asked Wes. "Yep." "So, you competed against your cousin, who is a 5-time champion at this show?" asked Rick, a junior, as the freshmen looked on in awe. "Yep." Said Riker. What's up Riker, you didn't tell you were in the show. Everyone laughed and Riker said," To be fair, he didn't tell me he was in the show, either." "Well, I think the family rivalry was good." Said Allison. "Me too." Said Riker. 10thAnniversary, 20th season "How does that work out?" asked Fred, a senior. "2 seasons a year, duh." Said Thad. After the interview stopped another title appeared on the screen.

Dancing With The Stars Season 20 Week 1

"Guess it's time for the first real episode." Said Nick, excited.