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and one musn't tell lies

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"And then he went back all the way to the goal posts, he dodged a bludger and boom!" Taehyung slammed his fists on the library table where Yoongi was trying to study. (Keyword, trying.)


Kim Taehyung was Park Jimin's best friend (conjoined twin, soulmate, whatever they wanted to call it that day). Taehyung was also loud and enthusiastic and definitely not the company Yoongi wanted when he was trying to study.


Unfortunately, where Park Jimin went, Taehyung would go, and since Jimin was one of Yoongi's closest House friends...


(Yoongi could have ditched them both and gone to another corner of the library. Any nook in the stone walls of the school. Hell, even the Slytherin common room would be more quiet and yet he still put up with them, go figure.)


"I swear Jiminnie, it's only training session but he was so impressive!"


Yoongi rolled his eyes inwardly.


"I saw you rolling your eyes, hyung." Taehyung deadpanned.


Woops. Yoongi didn't mean to do it outwardly, but everyone gushing about Jung Hoseok in his hearing range made him want to groan hard. There was nothing impressive in adopting reckless behaviour and endangering people around him on the quidditch pitch. Especially when you were the team captain. Weren't you supposed to set an example?


Jimin turned to him and smiled sweetly. "You don't think he was impressive? You've already seen him play, though."


Yes he had. It was a flashy style, obnoxious just like him.


Jung Hoseok wasn't exactly Yoongi's nemesis. He was just someone Yoongi had always deemed annoying and loud, like Taehyung but with that infuriating confident and smug aura around him.


"I don't care if it's impressive or not, I'm trying to focus here."


Jimin came closer to him. "What are you studying by the way? You told me you were done with your last essay."


Yoongi closed the old book in a hurry. "None of your fucking business."


"Is it extra assignment? You're incredible." Jimin grumbled.


Yoongi squinted. Somehow, it didn't sound like a compliment at all. "What if it is?"


"You need to get a life, hyung. Even I'm not such a bookworm."


"And Jiminnie's dedicated. He makes Slytherin earn so many points it's infuriating."


"Thank you, Tae. You're not bad at earning points for Hufflepuff when you play quidditch either."


Taehyung faked an emotional gasp and put his hand on his chest. "Thank you, Jiminnie."


Yoongi groaned. He still had no idea why they weren't dating yet, they had been up each others' ass ever since their first year. "Go find the fucking room on demand, you're disgusting."


"You're not disgusting enough, hyung."


"And what the hell does that mean?"


"I'm sure you’ve never kissed anyone but your magical familiar."


Yoongi’s jaw was tense now. He didn't like where this conversation was going. "Still none of your business."


"Okay, what do you prefer, telling us about who you snuggled with or what you're studying here?" Jimin said, pointing at the book Yoongi was now holding close to his chest.


"Why the hell should I choose between one or the other?"


"Because I'm bored, humor us hyung!"


Yoongi gave a blank stare at Taehyung and put the book in his old leather satchel. "I'm not here to entertain you."


"Hyung, the cold and heartless slytherin image is outdated, you know?"


Yoongi flipped Taehyung a rude finger without looking back. There was no way he would start talking about what he did (or didn't do) with his mouth and other living creatures.


Then again, Yoongi would rather talk about that than what he was pretending was extra assignment a moment ago.

It's not like Hoseok wouldn't have done double the time of quidditch training. He always did, but he used to be alone on the pitch after his teammates had left at the end of their training. However, there was someone else training with him now.


"We're done for today, Jungkook!"


Hoseok still wondered if it was sabotage to train with Ravenclaw’s seeker.


"One last time?"


Hoseok slipped the bat under his arm and pulled out his wand to command the bludgers back to their trunk. "No way. My arm hurts from kicking all those bludgers at you."


Jungkook's main issue was he focused so much on finding the snitch that he often didn't manage to dodge the bludgers aimed at him. Jungkook often managed to catch the snitch before it became too much of a handicap, but still. The other teams had noticed and were using it against Ravenclaw.


("I still don't get why you don't train with your own teammates," Hoseok told him once, shortly after Jungkook had asked if they could train together.


"Oh, I do hyung. But I also wanna train when Ravenclaw didn't book the pitch."


Hoseok had blinked at him. "Makes sense."


"Besides," Jungkook added after a moment of silence, "I like your flying style."


Dongsaengs. Hoseok was weak to them.


Jungkook was often silent apart from when he hung out with Taehyung and Jimin and Hoseok had deemed him someone shy or reserved. He came closer to Jungkook with a huge, teasing smile. "What was that Jungkookie?"


Jungkook pouted just a little. "I like your style. It always looks effortless."


Hoseok looked at him seriously. "You gotta work twice as much to make it look effortless."


"I know." Jungkook nodded, determined. "Let me train with you."


Hoseok smiled and nodded.)


Training with Jungkook worked on Hoseok's stamina and improved his strength. Hoseok also liked to study how Jungkook was flying. Information was information, and Hoseok played to win. Being cunning and ambitious was not reserved to Slytherin students.


"You know I'm gonna tell Taehyung how you dodge bludgers?"


"Please do, I still have room for improvement."


Hoseok smiled. Jungkook often looked detached and very much into his own head (even if he was more animated around Taehyung and Jimin), but when he was driven by challenge and competition there was this fire in his eyes that made Hoseok want to encourage him. Maybe ruffle his hair a little bit.


They put their brooms back in their respective lockers and returned to the school ground.


"I'll go back to Ravenclaw common room, hyung. If you see Jimin-hyung and Taehyung-hyung, could you tell them to wait for me in front of the Great Hall for dinner?"


"Will do. See you later, Jungkook-ah."


Jungkook nodded and headed back to the Ravenclaw Tower. Hoseok wondered for a minute if he should go back to the Hufflepuff Basement to shower or if he should try to look for Taehyung and Jimin. At this hour they were either at the library (courtesy of one studious Park Jimin, a great influence on his best friend), or somewhere unpredictable like a random spot in the park or the stairs leading to the owlery.


Hoseok let students pass him by while he tried to make a decision when a familiar face came in his sight.


Yoongi was clutching the strap of his satchel and walking at a quick pace, hugging the walls like a shadow.


Now, Hoseok could ask him if he knew where Jimin was. Jimin and Yoongi were friends (for a reason Hoseok couldn't fathom because Jimin was the most adorable creature in the world and Yoongi was... Well. A human hedgehog).


Hoseok usually avoided being in contact with Yoongi because during all their years in Hogwarts, Hoseok had deemed him an expressionless icecube and he never knew how to deal with him. Yoongi apparently didn't want to be dealt with anyway.


However, it was in Hoseok's character to be always positive. Always trying, always giving people another chance.


"Hey, Yoongi-ssi."


Yoongi slowly stopped walking and looked at him suspiciously. Hoseok tried to not feel too insulted. At least he had stopped walking and acknowledged him, right?


"What?" Yoongi spat.


Hoseok felt his smile tense a little. He took a step closer. "I was wondering if you knew where Jimin is?"


Yoongi groaned like Hoseok had asked the most troublesome thing from him. "I'm not his fucking baby sitter."


And this is why Hoseok never talked to Min fucking Yoongi. "Chill, I was just asking, you're often together and--"


Yoongi grimaced and looked at Hoseok up and down. "You stink."


Okay, fuck giving people another chance. Hoseok made a bitch face and snapped. "That happens when you exercise, but how would you know."


"Yeah, I'm busy studying how to brew potions to cure rare diseases, I don't have the time to clown around with balls on a broomstick."


Hoseok opened his eyes wide. "Why d'you always have to be a jerk?"


Yoongi looked shocked. "You stop me in the corridor, you ask me annoying questions and you call me a jerk?"


"You said I was stinking!" Hoseok did not whine plaintively, that was not true.


Yoongi raised an infuriating eyebrow. "It's true though."


Hoseok closed his eyes. How could someone lack so many basic social cues? "Well, gold star for pointing it out and being an asshole. Again."


Yoongi rolled his eyes. "Are you done?"


Hoseok clicked his tongue with his palate and made an angry gesture with his hands while leaving in the general direction of the library.


He didn't really decide, he just needed to be away from Yoongi quickly or else he didn't know what he would do. Yoongi had a way to rub him the wrong way in the minimal timespan ever.


Really, fuck him.

Yoongi hurried to the Slytherin Dungeon and decided to skip dinner. Jung Hoseok had managed to spoil his mood in less than five minutes. Of course, the Golden Boy of Hogwart always had to do things better than everyone.


He got to his dorm and cast an anti-disturbance spell on his area of the room. He took off his shoes, hopped on his bed and closed the green velvety curtains.


Hoseok wasn't going to ruin today for him. It was a day he had waited for a long time.


Ever since he was a kid, Yoongi had always wanted to fly. He remembered how he had waited for his first year in Hogwarts because it wasn't suitable for high blood kids to fly on broomsticks, how he had expected their first flying lesson with an enthusiasm barely containable...


He didn't remember the incident. Well, he didn't remember exactly how it had happened (some other student close to him losing control over their broom and colliding with him apparently), but he remembered the fall, interminable, and the noise his bones had made when he had hit the ground.


Yoongi couldn't fly properly now. He was bad at it because he was terrified of falling now, holding the broomstick too tightly and throwing off his whole balance. Even watching a Quidditch game gave him weird anxiety vibes sometimes.


And yet, Yoongi still wanted to fly. He wanted to see everything from up high, he wanted to escape the reality of the ground, the unforgiving gravity. Flying had always meant freedom for Yoongi, escaping responsibilities and reality and rank for as long as you were up in the air.


The perks of being a bookworm without any history of causing trouble was that he had gained the trust of his teachers. With the pretext of studying rare plant properties, he had been able to ask his Potions teacher for a note to access the restricted section of Hogwarts library in his sixth year at Hogwarts. He had spent hours there, looking for anything that would allow him to fly, to reproduce the sensation of flying without having to ride a broomstick.


He had been through dozens of old and weird looking spellbooks without titles or references until he had finally found something close to what he was looking for.


It was a complex spell that separated the mind from the body. Nothing like a pensieve or a Horxcrux (Yoongi was not dealing with such frightening shit, thank you very much), it allowed your spirit to travel in the air freely. Basically, to fly. Your body became an empty nutshell.


From the little sources Yoongi could find in the free access part of the library, it was seemingly a heavy dark magic spell mixing mineral magic, spell casting and potions and used to be cast by highly trained spy wizards. It had been forbidden a few decades ago because of the dangers that splitting mind and body for too long had caused (there wasn't much information about that in any History book Yoongi could put his hand on, but it hadn't deterred him).


During his seventh year, Yoongi had asked his History of Magic teacher if he could do side research on the period of war during which the spell had been forbidden. His teacher was delighted and encouraged his study by granting him full access to the Restricted Section.


That's how he had been able to borrow that particular spellbook from the library. Translating from old Moon language had been a total pain in the ass but he had finally managed to decypher all of the process, gather the elements he needed and wait for the ideal day.


The ideal day was today. Tonight, to be exact.


The perks of being a bookworm without any history of causing trouble is that you could become a prefect. And being a prefect, there was nothing suspicious for him to be outside after curfew.

Yoongi loved wandering into the castle by night. It was calm, the silence only troubled by noises like the wind making the windows tremble, water dripping along the stone walls, Peeves cackling somewhere in the stairs and the echo of his steps in the empty corridors.


Yoongi had thought about where to cast the spell for some time. He needed to do it in a place where there would be minimal chance of being found by another prefect (or worse, Hogwarts caretaker). He couldn't do it in the outside either because any magical creature could wander and find his vulnerable body…


He had been left with two options, the Owlery and the Astronomy Tower. Sure, the Owlery was far from all the inhabited places of the castle, but there were the owls and Merlin knew what would happened if they messed with his installation while his mind was separated from his body.


The Astronomy Tower it was. Yoongi checked he had all the elements for the spell in his satchel and headed to the Astronomy Room. He climbed the steep spiral stairways quicker than he had ever done. His heart was pounding in his ears when he opened the door of the room and it wasn't due to the lack of exercise Jung Hoseok had brought up earlier that day.


He closed the door behind him softly and went in the middle of the room to put his satchel down. He took a minute to look around himself. Yoongi loved the atmosphere of the Astronomy Room. Ancient charts draped the walls and gleaming spheres of spun glass orbited one another in mid-air and planetary models and armillary spheres filled the room. Rays of light were cast on the walls and the ceiling, moving at the same time as the fake stars floating around. It was peaceful.


Yoongi took a deep breath and opened his satchel. He pulled the old spellbook out and opened it with care. He had read those old dusty pages covered in faded ink a billion times but still read each translated line slowly to prepare the spell.


Yoongi fetched the crystals he had purchased at Diagon Alley during the Christmas break. He placed the five huge amethysts in a circle and surrounded each of them by three quartz to magnify the properties of the crystal they were touching, and three selenite for the protective energy.


With a trembling breath, Yoongi knelts in the middle of amethysts circle and took his wand, directing it upward to cast the first needed spell.


Lumus Solem.”


The sun had been mentioned several times in the original text, saying that doing it in the sunlight was important. Yoongi had no idea why, had not been thorough about the origin of the spell, he already knew the history, the process and the risks. That was more than enough.


Bathing in the sunlight coming from the ceiling, he slowly unbuttoned his shirt and took it off to expose his skin. He ignored the chill he felt at being exposed like this and grabbed the potion he had prepared beforehand, a long brewing of calamus, mugwort, arnica and a fucking vial of stinksap from a Mimbulus Mimbletonia. That had been a little bitch to find, and even more to brew. It was also the reason why he had not been able to try casting the spell until now.


But tonight it was ready and he was going to fly.


Well, maybe not right now. Tonight was a test to check if the spell was working, so he wasn't going to open the door that led to the Astronomy Classroom on top of the tower. But later. Definitely.


Yoongi opened the potion flask and put his finger in it before he pressed it on his tongue. He instantly curled up his nose and grimaced at how bitter and salty this thing tasted. He hoped he had done it right.


Then he took his wand and pointed the tip below his belly button, tracing a slow line up to his sternum and his chin.




The imaginary line he had just traced started to glow a pink flesh shade. It was heating up.


Yoongi took a trembling breath and whispered.


"Corpusine Anima."


He waited, his eyes closed for a little eternity. He slowly opened them. He was still in the Astronomy Room, still in his body. He was afraid to move and fuck it all up but also started to wonder if the stinksap was good, if he had pronounced the spell right, if the stones were in the right order..


Yoongi was about to pronouce it again when the sunlight suddenly intensified and he felt something swell in his throat, right where he could still feel the taste of the potion. It was hot and prickling and it was making him choke. He put his hands on his throat and bent forward and heaved, trying to find a breath that refused to come. His whole head was burning and the light was blinding.


Fucking Merlin, he was going to die. He was going to die a painf--


"What the-- Yoongi? What the fuck, are you o--"


He was suddenly grabbed by the shoulders and yanked backwards and saw Hoseok's face.


The swelling in Yoongi's throat suddenly left his mouth in a flash of light and exploded in Hoseok's face.


They both fell on the floor and the only thing Yoongi could hear for a moment was his breath in his own ears. He slowly opened his eyes and looked around him. The sunlight was gone. His head was pounding, one of the closest gleaming spheres was swaying weirdly in the air. The stones had been scattered around and there was something under Yoongi's shoulder. He groaned and slowly reached behind his shoulder to shove it off.


A shoe. It was a shoe, with foot, and a leg.


Yoongi sat up like a spring, ignoring the horrible feeling banging inside his skull. Jung Hoseok was right fucking here, lying on the floor and unconscious.


Holy fucking shit.


Yoongi hurried next to him on his knees and shook him by the shoulders. "Hoseok! Hoseok, wake the fuck up." Panic was starting to flood him and his voice was becoming louder. He didn't care if they were discovered at this point. "Hoseok, please!"


Out of despair, Yoongi slapped him and Hoseok jumped awake, his ribcage heaving… Silently.


Yoongi frowned but helped him sitting up. Hoseok’s eyes were unfocused, clearly in shock, gaping and disheveled and then, finally, he focused on Yoongi. He slowly looked down and Yoongi was reminded of his naked chest, to which Hoseok had now full access.


He promptly grabbed his shirt on the side to put it back on and felt a blush rise on his skin. So like every time he felt flustered, he started to get defensive.


"What the fuck are you doing here at this hour Hoseok? You know I could report you to the teachers? Hell I could have you suspended for your next Quidditch match!"


Hoseok opened his eyes wide and his mouth even bigger to retort something probably outraged and angry but... no sound came out. His lips stopped moving and he stopped in shock to put his hand on his mouth, then his throat.


Yoongi blinked, his anger showered cold. "... Hoseok?"


Hoseok tried talking again. And again. At some point Yoongi knew that if he could have, Hoseok would have been screaming.


But Jung Hoseok had lost his voice.