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all the smiles that are ever gonna scar me

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When her head hits the ground, she thinks of a smile.

The cheerful smile of Benzedrine as he lifted her tiny six-year-old self up.

this was the worst decision I ever made and I do not regret it one bit.

The empty smile on the exterminatior's face when he took her to the city.

The sugar-sweet smile that followed her everywhere she went.

oh, sweets, it won't hurt an inch. you'll be fine.

The spreading smile on his face when he hears the broadcast.

The pained smile on Lane's face as he stays in the burning building.

tell jen i miss her

the smile on his face as he plants a silent kiss on her cheek

the optimistic smiles as the sinners play and mess up and just live

lay us down, we're in love

She looks around. The afterlife is a green pasture with mountains and a clear-blue river. It looks like a postcard, idyllic and unachievable.

There's a boat on the river and it has her friends in it, plus a long-gone friend from further zones. Jupiter, she thinks.

Hey, he says. Care to join us? We've been waiting.

She says yes.

things are shaping up to be pretty odd

If this is heaven, she wouldn't really mind.

She smiles.