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Jeongguk loves the buzzing sound of the tattoo gun. Every time he turned the machine on and the sound started filling the room it relaxed his nerves and transported him in to a world of happiness and calmness. It gave him such peace that he could spend hours and hours tattooing without pausing, may he not had to look for his clients’ well-being and comfort. Not everyone could take pain as easily, there were times when he could tattoo a whole piece on a girl’s ribcage, four hours straight of session with the girl still calm and talking to him, and there were other times when a grow up man couldn’t bare simple letters on his shoulder.

The tattoo art is a wide, wast world, with a lot of different styles and techniques, and he loves to do them all, always practicing with the tattoo machine or drawing with a pencil on paper. Jeongguk could take everything, from classic and old-school designs to the most modern trend currently on the street. And that’s why he is one of the best in town. Key word one of since Kwon Jiyong is currently taking the position of the best. Jeongguk has heard a lot of times he would be surpassing his mentor soon, but Jiyong’s still young and has a lot to offer to the world and Jeongguk is still willing to learn from him, he still has a lot to do to be at Jiyong’s level. 

The older took care of him since Jeongguk came at the age of eighteen for his first tattoo at his tattoo parlor, eyes bright, excited smile and design already on hand drawn by himself. Jiyong saw the raw talent hidden in his drawings waiting to be polished and offered the younger the chance to learn by his side, Jeongguk obviously accepting the chance to be the apprentice of someone like Jiyong. 

And that’s how now, at the age of 24, he has a waiting list of people wanting to be tattooed by him for the next month. He loves his job and it portrayed on his tattoos and designs.

His parents weren’t that happy of his job choice at first, thinking anything related to art wouldn’t put warm food on his mouth, but Jeongguk proved them wrong by working hard to improve his drawing skills and spending hours to no end practicing with the tattoo machine. And he’s so proud now of his big apartment at the center of town, his beautiful car and the amount of money on his bank account.

Jeongguk’s satisfied with his life, his job is his passion and that makes it perfect for him to go happy to work every single day. Well, he doesn’t go around with a happy smile plastered on his face everywhere because he has a cool image to maintain, but the happiness is still there, on the inside. 

His personal life it’s not bad either. He has a lot of friends, 90% of them being professionals of the same profession as him, but older too, just because the youngsters close to his age were jealous idiots that couldn’t take well good competition. 

Having the large circle of friends he has, allows him to go out a lot of nights, spending hours at bars drinking between laughs and jokes and having some snacks, or going to clubs to dance and take home a cute girl or a handsome boy.

So Jeongguk can easily say his life is perfect.

Taking all this in consideration, that’s why Jeongguk felt his world crumble at the words of his cousin.

“Hyung, I don’t know…” said Jeongguk with uncertainty, hand rubbing at the back of his neck. That was an old habit he had since he was a kid whenever he felt nervous about something. And this situation was making him really, really nervous.

“Come on Jeonggukie” He knows Seokjin used the pet name to persuade the younger, “Sungjae’s just a kid, it won’t be difficult.” at the mention of his name, Sungjae stopped coloring the paper on the table to look at his father to smile, Seokjin brushing the brown locks of hair out of his young face.

Jeonguk sighed, eyeing the kid carefully. Seokjin was a single father, his girlfriend got pregnant by accident, both Seokjin and her being irresponsible and dumb enough to have unprotected sex, making them introduce themselves into the parenthood world too soon. She got scared of having a life under her responsibility and left them when the kid was still a new born baby. Seokjin’s parents tried to convince him of giving the baby in adoption to guarantee the kid a good future since Seokjin was too young and didn’t have a proper job, but the young man couldn’t abandon his son too like his mother did. It was difficult, he went through a lot of hardships and tough moments, but he managed to raise his son properly and Jeongguk respected him a lot for that.

Jeongguk had to babysit Sungjae sometimes when Seokjin had to work until late, but taking care of the four-years-old kid for this long was another story.

“What about your parents?” questioned Jeongguk, he didn’t say no but was still reluctant at the idea. The kid was back at coloring the house printed on the sheet of paper the waitress gave to him when they where choosing what to eat, painting the walls of it an ugly green, but what can you do when you are only offered three cheap crayons to paint with.

“Dad’s health is not that good and mom is taking care of him. I can’t give them more trouble…” Seokjin had his pleading eyes by now and Jeongguk had always been weak at those. The two of them had always been close, even if they are five years apart, Seokjin had always taken care of Jeongguk and was the one who supported him the most when he wanted to pursue tattoo art.

“Come on, it will only be for six months…”

“Only… Hyung, six months it’s a long time.” Jeongguk exhaled through his nose trying to calm his nerves and readjusted the black beanie on his head. “My lifestyle is complete different to yours, I can’t take care of a kid for six months straight.” It’s hard to reason with his hyung when he’s looking at him like a sad puppy. “Are you sure you can’t take him with you?”

“I can’t do this to him, Jeongguk. I can’t make him pack his things and go to a different and strange place for six months and then make him pack again to turn back here.” Seokjin looked at his son then, the kid oblivious at the adult’s serious conversation. “He has all his friends and things here. He’s too young, I don’t want to stress him.” Seokjin looked pleadingly at him again. 

The older’s boss asked him to go to Japan for the next six months to supervise and control all the deals they had with the Japanese enterprise they were planning to merge with. It was a great opportunity for Seokjin to get promoted and get a salary rise, and of course Jeongguk was happy for him, but when his hyung dropped the bomb of Sungjae staying here with him, Jeongguk had to restrain himself from running out from the dinner.

“You know I wouldn’t ask you if I had another choice.” every time Seokjin opened his mouth it was getting more difficult for Jeongguk to say no. “You don’t need to do anything specific. You just have to drop him at the daycare in the morning and pick him in the afternoon. Make sure he’s fed and bathe him every night.” at Jeongguk’s silence Seokjin got more hopeful. “I will talk with his teacher at the daycare so they will help you out if you need anything. Sungjae has been in your house before so he won’t be uncomfortable to sleep there, but if you don’t want him to mess with your things you can move to our house.” the older started rambling excitedly about all the pros of having a kid in your life.

“Okay, hyung” Interrupted him with a flat tone at mid sentence, “Okay, I will take care of him.” He felt bad for his hyung, it was really a great opportunity and wouldn’t want to make Seokjin miserable because he was being selfish.

“Oh my God, really?” no, wanted to say Jeongguk, but the other’s face looked so happy that he couldn’t backtrack his words now. Jeongguk swallowed away his negative feelings and nodded with a tiny smile and looked at Sungjae, who was now looking at Seokjin and smiling too at seeing the bright and happy smile on his father’s face. 

Jeongguk rubbed his hands on his face, what a mess he’d got himself into… Just thinking of what his life will be for the next six months made a headache appear.






Jeongguk slams hard at his clock to stop the alarm, groaning loudly at the bright red numbers blinking at him mockingly, marking 7:30 in the morning.

He is not used at waking up this early, he usually goes to work around ten because nobody raises early from their bed to get tattooed, but the day for Sungjae starts at this hour, classes beginning at nine sharp in the morning.

Seokjin told him it would be better to wake up extra early to have spare time to drop the kid at school, because apparently it was a difficult task to wake up a kid so young, fed him and prepare his clothes and bag for school in only an hour. Jeongguk would like to differ, Sungjae is just a little kid and easy to move around, but according to Seokjin, it wasn’t the same to look after a child for a couple of hours in the afternoon when his energy is already drained than have to deal with the grumpiness of a baby in the morning who is more happy sleeping than being raised from bed at such ungodly hours.

He sits up, throwing his legs to the side of his bed to plant his feet on the carpeted floor. Jeongguk rests his elbows on his knees and tries to rub away the sleepiness in his eyes.

Proud of managing to open his eyes two quarts of its size, he marches to Sungjae’s room. It was previously a tiny studio for him to draw and paint but he had to transform it into Sungjae’s room now that the kid was staying with him. It only has a tinny bed, a closet not much bigger and a table in the middle of it so Sungjae can do there his things. It wasn’t much, but enough for a kid his age.
Jeongguk shakes gently the child’s shoulder and when the kid looks at him Jeongguk sees murder in his eyes. How is possible this scary-looking Sungjae is the same gentle and caring child he knew? 

Sungjae pouts and rubs at his eyes sleepily with tiny fists, clearly disturbed that he got awaken.

“Come on Sungjae, it’s time for school.” The kid whines and turns back to his previous position, giving his back to Jeongguk and sneaking under the blanket, making the older sigh. 

Okay, so apparently it was true it’s difficult to wake up a kid.

“Look I’m not happy either to be standing in the world at this hour, but you have to go to school.” Why is he trying to reason with a toddler? It may be because his brain is still asleep. 

The kid’s still not budging from his position so Jeongguk throws away the blanket covering him and tries to force the kid to sit up, but fails miserably as the younger kid whines even louder and fists his tiny hands on the bed sheets. For a tiny body he sure is strong.

“Fuck Sungjae, don’t do this to me.” grumbles out Jeongguk, swear words slipping from his lips unconsciously. He’s desperately still trying to pry away the kid’s tiny but strong hands from the blankets without hurting him. “If you don’t go to school you father will kill me.” at this the kid stops his loud wails and stares at Jeongguk with wide eyes, looking at him like he just said the most atrocious thing in the world.

“Papa won’t kill you, he doesn't do those things.” defends his father the poor kid, thinking Jeongguk was speaking literally about Seokjin.

“Uh- I know, it was a way of talking…” the kid looks confused, eyebrows furrowed and corners of his mouth down. “Look, I know Seokjin-hyung wouldn’t kill me, okay? Sorry about that.” he feels bad now for making the other think he was saying blasphemies about his father, “but you need to go to school.” the kid is still looking at him weirdly but at least he let go of his firm grip on the bed sheets, distracted for a moment when he tried to defend his father’s honor, so Jeongguk takes it as his opportunity to lift the kid in his arms and go to the kitchen to prepare breakfast and get him ready for school.

It’s ten past nine, and Jeongguk's running with the kid secured in his arms trying not to slip in the snow-covered street. He didn’t take the car because the daycare was really nearby and thought they could get there in no time, but he was so wrong. The kid has short legs so for every stride Jeongguk does, Sungjae has to do six to catch up with him. So he decided to lift the kid and do the walking for him.

Also, It took him forever to make Sungjae eat what he prepared for breakfast, make him brush his teeth, dress him and grab his things for school. He’s glad he took Seokjin’s advice about waking up earlier, or else he would probably be still at home trying to put the socks on Sungjae’s constantly-moving feet.
He finally gets there at twenty past nine, panting and with droplets of sweat on his forehead, and it’s embarrassing because it’s February and he’s not supposed to be sweating that much in such a cold month.

He takes off his scarf and opens the collar of his jacket a bit, breath coming out of his mouth in rushed pants. Opening the metal fence that guards the daycare, Jeongguk spots a young man at the entrance of the building across the big patio, so he makes his way towards him.

The male is shorter than him, light brown locks of hair messily pointing at everywhere, but it still looks as he styled it like that on purpose. The brunette offers him a kind smile when he spots Jeongguk and the kid on his arms.

“Good morning” says the shorter with a sweet voice and a polite bow. Sungjae smiles wide too at the image of the other male, so Jeongguk assumes they know each other.

“Good morning!” replies back the child, cheerfulness suddenly appearing in his voice. Apparently the kid saves all his awful mood for only Jeongguk. The shorter male’s smile widens at Sungjae’s happy face and then directs his gaze to Jeongguk.

“You must be Jeongguk-ssi, Seokjin-hyung told me everything. I’m Jimin, Sungjae’s teacher.” Does this boy ever stop smiling? Jeongguk guesses it’s part of his job to look always cheerful as to not scare the kids.

“Yes, I’m Jeongguk. Nice to meet you.” he gives the male a bow that is returned immediately. “Sorry we are late.”

“Don’t worry, I guess it was difficult to handle this young man.” Jimin reaches forward to ruffle Sungjae’s hair, “He’s a troublemaker, he makes us all go crazy sometimes.” despite the complaint Jimin keeps smiling. “I was about to head inside and call you, Seokjin-hyung gave me your number before he left, but now that you are here…” Jeongguk offers a polite smile and passes the kid to Jimin’s already opened arms, happy to get rid of the little demon for today.

“I will try to make him be on time tomorrow.” Jimin chuckles and nods, readjusting the kid properly in his arms. Sungjae, the little monster, is smiling with angelic features and looks like he’s on heaven there, secured on the loving arms of his teacher.

“I gotta go or I will be late for work. See you later, okay kid? Be good.” Jeongguk says, ruffling Sungjae’s fluffy hair and offering Jimin another bow as farewell.

“See ya’!” says cheerfully the child, waving his hand enthusiastically. Jimin smiles and waves too at Jeongguk’s retreating figure.

They stand there until Jeongguk is out of sight, and then Jimin looks at Sungaje, “Should we head back inside? You friends are waiting for you.” Sungjae nods fiercely and buries his head on his favorite teacher’s neck.



“Wow, what’s with that face” laughs Donghyuk the moment the younger crosses the door and spots his tired eyes. Jeongguk only groans as response and plonks his ass on the chair at his desk. It’s just Sungjae’s first day and he’s already tired.

Jiyong stops cleaning his table to look at the younger boy with an amused expression.

“It’s because of the kid? Are you already that tired? You haven’t been together for more than 48 hours.” now everyone is laughing at Jeongguk’s misery, great. He slams his head on the table and groans. Jiyong grimaces and goes to him to pat his shoulders out of pity.

“Come on, it can’t be that hard, don’t let a kid get on you so easily…” Jiyong tries to comfort him, and Jeongguk appreciates the effort, he knows his hyung is bad with emotional things.

Jeongguk sighs and braces himself for the long day he has ahead.






Jeongguk is late. Again. He’s supposed to pick up Sungjae from daycare at six but it’s almost seven. It’s not that he has forgotten about the poor child, but he got stuck in work, working on a beautiful piece on a boy’s back and lost track of time.

When he gets there, the girl at the reception desk explains to him where is Sungjae’s classroom so he heads there with heavy steps, tired of the long run he had to do.

The warriors it’s the name of the class where Sungjae is. Such a fitting name for Sungjae

The door’s already opened, so he peeks his head to see the child laughing at something his teacher is explaining to him. What was his name again? Jamy? Ji-something.

He knocks on the door to get the occupant’s attention, “I’m so sorry I’m this late…” he starts with an apology as Sungjae rises from his seat and rushes to hug at Jeongguk’s knees. “I got stuck at work and…” he gives a ninety-degree bow to the teacher.

“It’s okay. We don’t close until past eight anyways.” reassures the teacher with a kind voice, “But next time call so we won’t worry too much, okay?” Jeongguk feels small at the reprimand of a teacher, even if they are about the same age.
The teacher goes to grab Sungjae’s things while Jeongguk helps him put on his jacket and scarf, it’s pretty late and at this hour of the afternoon the temperatures decrease a lot.

“Well, then, see you tomorrow Sungjae” the short male gives a wide smile to the child, who responds with one as wide. It seems the kid really likes his teacher. “See you tomorrow too, Jeongguk-ssi.”

“Uhm, yes. I’ll try to be punctual tomorrow.” he gives another bow and forces the kid’s head down to do the same. “Thanks, and sorry again for the trouble.” he finishes with, but Jimin shakes his head reasurringly.

“Bye seonsaengnim!” Jeongguk grabs Sungjae’s hand and wave goodbye to the teacher.





The next morning Jeongguk is only late for ten minutes. He doesn’t know how he did it but feels proud enough.

Jimin is waiting again at the entrance of the building, coat zipped up and hands on his pockets. Jeongguk feels bad for making the teacher wait outside with this cold weather.

“Good morning.” pants the taller boy. “Sorry we are late again.” The short male shakes his head and offers a small smile.

“Jimin-seonsaengnim, morning!” says cheerfully Sungjae. Right, Jimin.

“Good morning.” replies back as cheerfully the teacher. “It’s okay Jeongguk-ssi, you weren’t so late today.” He laughs again. Doesn’t his cheeks hurt from smiling all the damn time?

“You shouldn’t wait here outside, it’s cold.”

“Don’t worry, I like to wait here until all the kids show up. If I’m here waiting for them, their parents can leave the kids there at the door if they are in a rush and I take care of them.” Jimin explains pointing with his chin at the opened metal fence. “Well, I’m sure you need to head to work, so…” Jimin offers his hand to Sungjae, who takes it happily. “remember to call if you are going to be late again.” Jimin chuckles at the blush spreading on Jeongguk’s cheeks.





It goes like this for the next month.  The days pass by slowly but fast at the same time with Jeongguk waking up at ungodly hours in the morning to prepare everything to drop the kid at school, head to work and then pick up the child. Do some grocery shopping, go home, help Sungjae with homework, bathe him, make dinner and go to sleep. And the next day, repeat.

He’s drained, Sungjae has a lot of energy and it’s difficult to bear with it sometimes, specially when it’s late at night and Jeongguk wants to sleep but the four-years-old has other thoughts, running and playing around the house. 

Most mornings, Jeongguk has to lift the still sleeping boy from bed and carry him everywhere in his arms. He’s stubborn to no end and the adult struggles a lot to make Sungjae do simple things such as washing his hands before dinner or doing his homework before going to bed (not that the kid has to do much though, it’s usually painting some drawing or simple mathematic problems).
Jeongguk feels his body get drained even more as the days pass on. He doesn’t even have the energy to go out with his friends, hitting the mattress like a corpse almost every night. 

But having Sungjae around has its good things too. The innocence in everything he does makes Jeongguk feel like a kid sometimes too, his high-pitched voice and careless laughs liven up the emptiness of his apartment. And even if they quarrel a lot about stupid things (“Hey Sungjae stop using my art supplies, those are not yours to play with! AH! No, no! Stop crying- Ugh, okay, you can use these…” or “Gukkie-hyung I want pancakes!”, “You can’t have pancakes for dinner Sungjae”, “I HATE YOU!”), they are starting to get along pretty well. Sungjae is just a kid and Jeongguk is learning to be more patient with him.

Seokjin calls for a quick conversation almost every evening, not having much time on his packed schedule to spend so much time talking with his son, but there was that afternoon when Seokjin finally got time to make a proper call to have a long chat with his son, making the child whale and cry out loud because papa I miss you so, so much. Jeongguk ended up crying his eyes out too while hugging the sad toddler, and Jeongguk crying was a rare sight even to his mother.






Jeongguk is surprised at the noise around them this morning. He’s usually running late to drop Sungjae to school, so normally when they get there the gates are still opened but the patio that leads to the entrance of the building is always empty, only Jimin waiting for them. But today there’s still moms and dads lingering there, talking with a teacher or saying goodbye to their children, kids running everywhere saying good morning to his classmates.

He takes out his phone to check the time, it’s quarter to nine, and this makes him stop dead in his spot. He feels his chest puff and a wave of pride grows in there at the fact that he managed to get Sungjae to school early. That’s why when they make their way to Jimin, he’s portraying the most wide grin he has ever mustered.

“Good morning seonsaengnim!” hollers the kid loudly and goes to hug Jimin’s knees, the teacher looks surprised at the unexpected weight on his legs and stops his conversation with the man at his side.

“Oh! Good morning Sungjae, you’re early today.” he looks up from the kid and locks eyes with Jeongguk, who’s still smiling in self-satisfaction. 

“Good morning.” Jimin can’t help but chuckle at the smug face the younger has. “Did you bribe him with candy to make him wake up early?” jokes the teacher, Sungjae’s ears perking up at the mention of candy.

Jeongguk shrugs casually, smug face still there, “I’m starting to get the hang of this.” The male beside Jimin ruffles the child’s hair, making him giggle cutely. Jeongguk eyes him from the side; he’s tall, almost as tall as Jeongguk, black hair, long face with a sharp jawline but with soft features and nice smile, but not as warm as Jimin’s (maybe this one it’s just Jeongguk’s personal opinion). He must be another teacher.

“I’m Hoseok-seonsaengnim. I’m the teacher of the class of The Gladiators.” introduces himself the other male, both bowing to each other politely. “Our Jiminnie here has talked about you and Sungjae a lot these days.” he pats the mentioned boy’s back, who’s currently blushing at his words, making the taller laugh loudly. “I mean, he’s explained to me the situation and all that.”

“Hyung, shut up…” laughs nervously Jimin, elbowing him gently on his side. Jeongguk chuckles awkwardly too, not knowing what to do.

“Yeah, I give him a lot of trouble.” he coughs not making eye contact with the teachers. “Uhm, I should be heading to work…” trails off Jeongguk, trying to escape from this awkward tension this Hoseok guy has managed to create.

“Yes, yes of course…” nods Jimin quickly. The younger says his farewells to Sungjae and the two teachers and leaves for work with a weird sensation at the pit of his stomach.

“You like him.” says Hoseok, when Sungaje has left them too to go play with some friends.

“W-what” splutters flustered Jimin, “I- I don’t lik- I don’t know what you are talking about.” scoffs Jimin, trying to sound as casual as possible, hiding his hands on his pockets to play nonchalance. But Hoseok has known him for years now and his eyes are trained to see clearly through Jimin’s facade.

“Jeonngguk... Come on, you are all smiles and blush like a teenager in front of his crush.”

“Shut up hyung!” he whacks his old friend on the arm when he lauds loudly at Jimin’s denial. Some parents are looking weirdly at them now, so Hoseok leaves it there, choosing to tease Jimin another time.






Sungjae is happily drawing on the sheet of paper Jimin gave them at the begining of the class. The teacher wanted them to draw what they loved the most. It could include persons, things or animals, but it had to be those they most cared about, so the child didn’t hesitate to choose the colors he wanted to use and started drawing.

“Wow, Sungjae you are a true artist!” exclaims Jimin seeing the picture the kid is still working on. Jimin can clearly recognize Seokjin, Sungjae draw him with exaggerated broad shoulders and height, big and warm smile on the face. Jimin recognizes himself on Sungjae’s other side, and the teacher feels a fond smile appear on his face, happy that the kid included him in his drawing of most beloved people in the world. Sungjae has drawn himself between the two adults, his hand on Seokjin’s.

At Jimin’s other side and pretty close to him, there’s another man, and by the fact that he’s tall with broad shoulders and black hair with a straight face, Jimin deduces it’s Jeongguk.

“Thank you!” exclaims the kid excitedly, dropping the yellow crayon on the table and picking up the blue one. “Gukkie-hyung is teaching me how to draw.” the child sticks out his tongue in concentration and starts drawing clouds above the four figures.

“Oh, really? Does he like to draw too?” asks Jimin curious. Jeongguk is really a mystery to him, honestly. He usually can read people pretty fast and knows how to act to make them like him but with Jeongguk he’s a bit lost. He has this cold aura around him that makes it difficult for Jimin to approach, and even though the black-haired boy smiles warmly from time to time, his dark eyes make Jimin retreat.

“He paints on people.” says the kid, and this vague explanation leaves the teacher confused. “It’s his job.”

“Paints on people? Like, with make-up?” questions Jimin, but the kid is concentrated on the task at hand, furrowing his lips in a concentrated pout to not paint past the line of the big mountain behind the figures.

Sungjae shrugs his shoulders at the question, “He paints on people, like the drawings he has on his arms.” Oh. A tattoo artist. Wow, that’s hot. Jimin blushes at the sudden thought of wanting to see how many tattoos has the younger hidden under those clothes.

“Ah..” he nods in understanding. “Well, if you keep drawing like this maybe you’ll be like him someday.” the kid smiles happily and beams at him.

“Really? I want to do it too, it’s cool.” Jimin chuckles and pats his head. Sungjae is still young to even understand what Jeongguk does for a living and will probably change his mind in no time, but he already looks up to him and that’s really cute. Jimin can tell the relationship between those two is developing well and will grow more tight for the next months they have to spend together. He can’t wait to tell Jeongguk about this and see his reaction.






This time Jeongguk called to inform that he would be late, so this time Jimin is prepared to entertain the young kid while they wait patiently for the other to arrive.

The black-haired man shows at the door around seven, flushed cheeks because of the still cold temperatures at the street, and knocks on the door softly.

“Hello.” he says with a small smile and approaching the tinny table Sungjae and Jimin are sitting on with a book opened there. Jimin was probably reading a story to entertain the kid. “Sorry for being so late again.” the child is giving him a wide small and Jeongguk ruffles his hair. “Ready to go home?”

Sungjae nods and jumps to his feet to go put on his coat, Jimin raising too from his seat and smiling at the fond stare Jeongguk’s directing to the kid. Yes, those two have grown pretty close in these past two months.

“Ah! Today I made them do a special drawing” says Jimin, snapping the younger out of his thoughts and making him look at the teacher with curious eyes. “Sungjae-ah, why don’t you show your hyung your drawing?”

There’s a sparkle in the youngest’s face at the memory of his beautiful and very cool drawing, as he explained to the class earlier, and goes to his backpack to take out the mentioned picture to hand it to Jeongguk.

Jeongguk can’t help the wide grin that splits on his face, bunny teeth showing and eyes crinkling beautifully. He can recognize everyone in the picture, Sungjae, Seokjin, himself and even Jimin is there.

“This is really good, Sungjae” he says, ruffling the child’s hair and messing the locks even more.

“He said you are teaching him how to draw” adds Jimin, smiling too at the younger’s contend expression. “He said too that he would like to paint on people’s bodies like you do.” laughs Jimin. This surprises Jeongguk, he didn’t know Sungjae thought that. Heck, he didn’t even know Sungjae understood what was his job, but apparently the kid knew enough to say he wants to be like him.

He looks down and locks eyes with Sungjae, who’s clinging into his legs and smiling, head tilted back to properly look up at the adult.

“I’m hungry hyung.” the kid breaks the beautiful moment just like that and the two adults can’t help the laugh bubbling out their chests. Trust a kid to make you feel all giddy inside one moment to pop the bubble the next.

“Okay, let’s go home then.” Jeongguk helps the kid button up his coat and grabs his backpack, ready to head home. “Thanks again Jimin-seonsaengnim.” bows politely Jeongguk.

“uhm, there’s something…” Jimin manages to say before the younger can leave, “I don’t know if you are informed about the little break the kids have from school starting next week.” Jeonggguk shakes his head. “Tomorrow it’s the last day and then they don’t have to come again for two weeks.” keeps explaining the teacher. Great, that means he will have to take care of Sungjae while having to work. “I thought you should know so you can plan beforehand what to do with him.”

“Ah, yes…” Jeongguk nods absentmindedly. “I’ll see how to take care of it, thanks again seonsaengnim.” Jimin presses his lips together, internally cringing at the formality used by the younger. Would it be crossing the line to ask Jeongguk to call him hyung? Probably.

“Of course not!” chirps Hoseok later when Jimin formulates the question at him. They decided to go for some beers before heading home, both had an exhausting day and thought that maybe some alcohol could help them get rid of some stress.

They’ve been here for two hours, munching on snacks and drinking jars of beer, so probably Hoseok’s statement isn’t at all what you would call sober advice.

“I don’t know hyung.” Jimin furrows his lips in a pout, “He is so- so…distant, and cute too.” Jimin’s words are bit slurred, gestures a lot with his hands and doesn’t even know what he’s saying. Cute is not the word he would use to describe Jeongguk. Hot, handsome, perfect, would be more accurate. “I don’t know what he thinks about me and trying to be too friendly with him could scare him.” the younger drops his head on the table, scrunching up his nose at the smell that hits his nostrils. Do the owners ever clean the tables? 

He raises his head again, rubbing his hand on his cheek and using his napkin to clean a bit.

“Jeez, you never stop to consider if being too friendly with someone can be scary… You must like him a lot.” laughs Hoesok at his friend’s misery. “If I’m honest with you, I think you should try. Jeongguk doesn’t seem too creeped out by you yet.”

“Wow, thanks hyung…” Jimin is regretting talking to the older about this. 

“No problemo, man.” says Hoseok with a bit grin before drowning in one gulp what’s left of his beer. He slams the jar down in the table and wipes his mouth with the back of his hand before letting out a big contented sigh. “Come on, next round is on me.”

Yes, he definitely regrets talking about this with him.






Jimin has a horrible headache the next morning. It was a terrible idea to go drinking having work the next day, but Jimin still likes to feel like he’s young and can do stupid things like this with his friends. The adult side of him regrets it immediately the next day, though.

He’s rubbing at his temples, eyes scrunched shut tightly, the loud voices and high-pitched screams of the kids aren’t being helpful at all to lighten the throbbing in his head.

“Are you okay, seonsaengnim?” asks Jeongguk’s low and manly voice, awakening Jimin suddenly and making him jerk his head rapidly to his direction. Movement he instantly regrets doing so, because it worsens his unstable mind and Jimin feels the nausea in his stomach.

“Uh, yes…” he tries to sound cheerful as always, but his voice comes out a bit hoarse, so he clears his throat a bit and tries again. “Good morning, you are early today again.”

Jeongguk is eyeing him carefully. It’s obvious something’s wrong with Jimin because his eyes don’t have their usual twinkle and hasn’t even smiled.

“Does your tummy hurt seonsaengnim?” Asks Sungjae, worry evident in his eyes at his favorite teacher’s expression.

Jimin forces out a chuckle and ruffles his hair, touched at the younger’s concern. “I’m okay, don’t worry.” 

Sungjae pouts, not really convinced but shrugs it off and bids farewell to Jeongguk to go inside to play with his friends. But Jeongguk is still standing there, eyes closely watching every move Jimin does. 

“Are you sure you are okay? You are a bit pale…” in another moment Jimin would be flipping out at the obvious concern Jeongguk is showing towards him, but right now his pounding head is numbing all his surroundings and is concentrated on not to throw up his breakfast in front of the younger.

“Yes, it’s a simple headache don’t worry.” There’s no way he’s telling anybody he’s experiencing one of the worst hangovers he had in his life. Probably Hoseok is suffering the same as him right now, so he will make the older’s life a hell later for convincing him to go out.

Jeongguk nods with a little crease in his eyebrows, still not believing at all Jimin’s words, but who is he to question the teacher?

“I’ll pick him up a bit late today again. I had a client cancel yesterday his appointment and asked for the next hour I had free, so…” Jeongguk doesn’t know why he’s explaining so much to Jimin, the other probably doesn’t care and he’s surely worsening his headache by talking too much.

“It’s okay.” the older replies with a flat tone, not saying much more after and Jeongguk starts to feel a bit uncomfortable at the silence between the two. Normally Jimin would be talking his ear off, Jeongguk only nodding or humming to show the other he was listening, but today he has to be thankful if Jimin spared him a glance. Maybe he doesn’t have a headache and it’s just an excuse to distance himself from the younger. Maybe he’s tired of putting up with Jeongguk clumsiness and Sungjae’s antics. 

Jeongguk wonders why he cares so much.

“I’ll be leaving then…feel better soon seonsaengnim.” Jimin offers him a warm but tired smile and bids him farewell too.





“I’m gonna kill you” groans Jimin when he plonks his ass on the chair he dragged outside of his classroom. Hoseok is sitting there too, head hanging between his shoulders and supporting its weight in his hands, massagin his temples with gentle fingers.

The kids are taking a nap, the halls and classrooms enveloped in a calm and silent wave that will be broken in an hour or so. It’s the only free time they have in all day and Jimin is really thankful for that, specially today.

shh” hisses Hoseok, “you are too loud.”

“It serves you right, I have the worst headache today and it’s all your fault.” Jimin tilts his head back and closes his eyes, the dark his eyelids provide him is enough to numb a bit his throbbing temples.

“I didn’t put a gun in your head to make you drink those beers.” is the sneaky remark he gets back, so he kicks with his foot at Hoseok’s chair, making the older groan at the movement and the noise.

“How are things between you and Mr. Hot tattoo artist?” says Hoseok after a while. “I saw you two talking this morning.” Jimin doesn’t have to open his eyes to know Hoseok is smirking.

“As always… He looked a bit concerned though, he asked me if I was okay. Isn’t he cute?” he squeals and regrets it instantly as his head throbs painfully.

“And that’s it?”  inquires the older teacher.

“Well, what did you expect?” Jimin still has his eyes closed, breathing slowly and fighting back his sleepiness.

“I don’t know, maybe some action. Has the talk we had yesterday been erased from that little pretty head of yours?” Hoseok asks sarcastically.

Jimin groans and opens his eyes to look at his friend. “I wasn’t in the best state this morning to flirt with him, you know? I was fighting the urge to puke on his shoes.”

“Gross.” Hoseok scrunches his nose in disgust. “But seriously, you should think of doing something today because you won’t see him in two weeks.” adds the older in a soft voice.

And this statement makes Jimin’s head throb even more painfully.






Jeongguk crashes into someone when he turns at the corner on his way to Sungjae’s classroom.

“Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.” he apologizes quickly.

“Oh, Jeongguk-ssi” a nasal voice reaches his ears, and is met with Hoseok smiling eyes. He looks a bit tired too, like Jimin that morning, with purplish bags under his eyes. Maybe there’s a flu going around and they both caught it. “ You here to pick up Sungjae-ah?”

It’s a stupid question to be honest, why other motive would he have to be here? He guesses the other boy isn’t in his best mind right now to make proper small talk.

The younger nods and takes a step to the side, “I’m not keeping you more entertained then. See you in two weeks.” Hoseok smiles to him and waves his hand, disappearing around the corner not waiting for Jeongguk’s reply.

When he enters The Warriors’ classroom he immediately softens at the image. Jimin is sprawled in an awkward angle on the tiny table, eyes closed and mouth hanging a bit open, snoring softly. Sungjae is sitting in the chair next to him, petting the teacher’s head.

Jeongguk steps closer waving with his hand at Sungjae when the kid looks at him, and sees an opened book under Jimin’s chest, he was probably reading it to the child before falling asleep.

“Go grab your things.” He mouths to the kid and tries to fit his butt on the small chair in front of the teacher. He can’t help the tug at the corners of his mouth at seeing Jimin like this. He looks so cute with his eyes closed and his messy brown hair.

He taps gently the teacher’s stretched hand, Sungjae still on the back of the classroom putting on his coat. Jimin stirs in his sleep, mumbling softly something that Jeongguk can’t really catch, but doesn’t open his eyes.

“Hey seonsaengnim…” he taps his shoulder then with a bit more of force. The teacher scrunches his nose and moves his head to rest his chin on the arm he’s using as a pillow, probably numb by now, and rubs his eyes with the other hand before finally opening them to blink slowly. Jeongguk waits patiently for his eyes to focus and be conscious of where he is.

Jimin blinks again and looks at Jeongguk’s amused and angelical expression and smiles, taking in Jeongguk’s beautiful features. Wait, when did Jeongguk get here?

He jerks up suddenly and wipes rapidly at his mouth praying all existent gods that he wasn’t drooling. He has a red patch on the cheek that was resting on his bicep and his hair is probably a mess. Nice way to embarrass himself in front of the younger.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry…” his cheeks are burning, it’s the first time something like this happened, but what if the younger thinks he falls asleep when he’s alone with the kids or something. What if he reports it to the principal and-

His thoughts are interrupted by Jeongguk’s low chuckles, he looks like he’s enjoying Jimin’s misery. Sungjae approaches them then, and throws himself on Jeongguk’s back smiling widely at Jimin.

“I guess you were really tired seonsaengnim.” Jeongguk, the bastard, is still laughing at him. “I guess these next two weeks will be more useful for you than for the kids.”

“Uh, yes, I’m sorry.” the teacher still rubs at the cheek that was pressed down in his arm trying to erase the marks that are on his skin, but this only makes it look even more red. “It’s just that I had a terrible headache because Hoseok-hyung is stupid and the painkillers started doing its effects… not that I take pills during the day, well I don’t usually take pills anyways, I just-“ He’s really flustered trying to explain himself, his tongue is still not connected to his brain and the words that fall from his mouth don’t make much sense.

“It’s okay seonsaengnim, at least you look less dead than this morning.” says Jeongguk, amused at the teacher’s embarrassment. Jimin is really cute. 

Jimin clenches his jaw, almost bitting his tongue in order to stop talking and embarrassing himself in front of Jeongguk.

“We should head home and let you rest, shouldn’t we, Sungjae?” Jeongguk stands up and adjusts his pants, Jimin following suit and feels a bit intimidated by Jeongguk’s heigh. Not that he didn’t notice before that the black-haired boy was almost one head taller than him, but after what has happened he feels even more small in the other’s presence.

Sungjae makes grabby hands to the adult, who chuckles and lifts him in his arms. “Well, see you in two weeks seonsaengnim.” Jeongguk readjust the child in his arms and hangs his backpack on his shoulder.

“Bye seonsaengnim!” Sungjae waves cheerfully at him with one hand, the other grabbing Jeongguk’s shoulder securely to not fall. 

Jimin waves back at the two and sees them leave. He stands there for a couple of seconds before heaving out a long sigh while running his fingers through his hair. Nice impression you left there, Jimin. At least his headache has disappeared. 

He puts his hand on the front pocket of his apron and his fingertips make contact with the piece of paper he put there before falling asleep, remembering he wanted to give it to Jeongguk.

He rushes out of the classroom and runs to catch up with Jeongguk, but the younger has long legs and is already almost leaving the building.

“Wait!” He screams a bit too loudly, making Jeongguk stop in his tracks and turn back. Jimin runs to them and hands the folded paper to the younger.

“Sorry, I forgot to give you this.” Jeongguk takes the paper and sees a number scribbled there with neat handwriting, Sungjae looking at it with curious eyes. “It’s my personal number. I thought I could give it to you in case something happens…” he trails off, fingers scratching the baby hairs at his nape.

“Oh, uhm… I don’t want to give you any more trouble-“

“It’s okay, really. I won’t be going anywhere and- It’s not that I don’t trust you or anything, but I thought… well-“ How many times does he has to make a fool of himself in front of Jeongguk? “I-I don’t know, it’s just-just in case you need help.” 

Jeongguk nods and pockets the folded paper in his jeans. “Thank you seonsaengnim.”





The first three days were great, they spent the weekend playing around in the house and going out to eat. Sungjae behaved pretty well in public places considering his age, there were a lot of kids older than him that would scream or cry out loud in a restaurant. Those kids always made Jeongguk dread have children, but having such a well-behaved son like Sungjae would make him consider the idea.

Well, that is until Sungjae refuses to do something Jeongguk tells him to, like, for example just now not wanting to take a bath. The little demon scurried away from Jeongguk’s grip when the adult turned his back to him to check the water’s temperature, Sungjae escaped from the bathroom laughing maniacally loud while running naked everywhere.

After twenty minutes of chasing a little naked butt, Jeongguk finally catchess him when the kid tries to hid under the table, lifting him up leading him to the bathroom.

“Damn it Sungjae, you are too fast for me.” the kid wiggles in his arms with cute giggles falling from his mouth. Jeongguk has to admit he had fun chasing the child.

An hour later, when the kid is relaxed from the bath and has his tummy full of food, Jeongguk tucks him in to bed, wishing him a good night and goes to his bed, feeling the tiredness of the day on his aching muscles.

He falls asleep not much long after.

On Monday, Jeongguk asks Jiyong for permission to bring Sungjae with him at the tattoo parlor. He didn’t have anywhere or someone to leave the kid with so he has no other choice but to let the child come with him and hope he behaves.

At first, Donghyuk and Jiyong distance themselves from the loud and happy child, but Hyuna instantly takes a liking to him and Sungjae is more than pleased at the attention the pretty noona is giving him.

“You are so cute~” squeals Hyuna squishing Sungjae’s cheeks together making the child laugh. Jeongguk laughs at the fish face of the youngest.

“Yes, he’s cute now that you are here, but he’s a little monster at home.” at this the younger giggled making the two adults laugh at his cuteness.

He doesn’t have much work to do today, so gladly Jeongguk can spend all the afternoon playing around with the younger, even lending him some paper and some of his utensils to draw to kill the boredom when Hyuna has to stop playing with him to go do some work.

“Oh, you are a lucky one, kid, Jeongguk doesn’t lend his material to anybody.” says Jiyong, sitting with them and peeking curiously at the child’s drawing.

“I will paint on people when I’m old too, just like hyung.” explains the kid with a wide smile, one of his front teeth fell the day before making him talk with a bit of a lisp and adding bonus to his cuteness.

Jiyong looks at Jeongguk in amusement before barking out a loud laugh, even Donghyunk chuckles in the distance. It seems that Sungjae still thought Jeongguk was cool and hasn’t changed his opinion about his future, the tattoo artist really hopes that the younger won’t change his mind in a couple of years. It makes him feel proud that the child was looking up to him so much.

Jeongguk puffs his chest proudly, “You see hyung, I’m a role model for his generation.” Jiyong reaches his hand forward to ruffle the kid’s hair with a smile.

“I hope you can be as good as your hyung when you grow up.” this makes Jeongguk’s chest puff out more, the words his mentor has said making butterflies appear in his stomach, happy that Jiyong talks about him with so much pride gracing his tone.

The rest of the afternoon Sungjae glues himself to Jeongguk, sitting put on a chair when the tattoo artist has job to do, looking at him with amazement and his mouth hangs open when the tattoo machine starts buzzing, curious eyes following the motion of the gun when he started drawing on the skin.

And like this, the first week of vacation happens with not much accidents. Jeongguk takes the young child with him and the other is enjoying every single minute of it.






Jeongguk is a bit scared, panicking almost. Sungjae has been all day with snot running down his nose, teary eyes and coughing. It could have easily pass it as a cold, which is probably what it is, but it’s getting late and Sungjae’s fever is rising, having the poor kid shivering in his bed with flushed cheeks. 

The kid probably caught it from that day that Jeongguk had to chase after him when Sungjae decided that running naked was more fun that taking a bath. Or maybe from those three hours they spend at the park near the tattoo parlor playing on the swings.

Wherever is it coming from, Jeongguk is scared and doesn’t know what to do. He has never taken care of a sick kid, his small body is feeble, not like an adult’s, so he probably won’t be taking in a cold like Jeongguk would.
He has tried to feed him some soup, but the child wasn’t hungry and didn’t want to force his tummy in fear of making him feel worse.

He cradles his fingers in his hair desperately. He had thought of calling Seokjin, but the poor man is miles away and can’t do much anyways from there, he doesn’t want to unnecessarily worry him. Besides, it’s just a cold, he’s a responsible adult and can take care of it himself. Right?

Sungjae has a fit of cough again, breathing harsh through his mouth when it stops and his cheeks are even more flushed than before.


Jimin’s words suddenly hit him like a rock. He said if anything happened he could call him, right? It kind of hurts his pride to have to ask for help, but Sungjae’s condition is worsening, so he can swallow down a bit of his arrogance once, just for the kid.

He marches to his room, searching for the black jeans he was wearing that day, and swears under his breath because all his pants are black. Damn his love for dark clothes.

After a while, he finally fins the crumbled paper under a pile of clothes and unfolds it, grabbing his phone and dialing Jimin’s number with shaky fingers.
After the third ring Jimin’s sleepy voice answers the phone, Jeongguk eyes looks at the clock resting on his nightstand and instantly feels bad for calling the teacher at past midnight.

“Hello?” asks Jimin groggily, snapping Jeongguk back to reality.

“Uh, seonsaengnim? It’s me, Jeongguk.” he says trying to calm his heart, he’s so fucking nervous right now. He hears a rustling noise on the other line, so Jimin was probably sleeping and the younger feels even more bad for waking him up. “sorry for calling this late but…”

“Don’t worry, is everything okay?” he sounds alarmed now, and Jeongguk hears a click, probably Jimin opening the lights in his room. 

“I-it’s Sungjae, he…” he swallows hard the lump in his throat. He’s an adult dammit, he can take care of this. “he has a really high fever and I- I don’t know-“

“I’m comming.”

Half an hour later Jimin finds himself in Sungjae’s room, sitting on the floor next to his bed changing the wet cloth on his warm forehead. On his way to Jeongguk’s apartment he stopped at a pharmacy to buy some medicine for kids and gave it to Sungjae after making sure the kid ate something.

He changed Sungjae’s bed sheets while Jeongguk bathed him, getting rid of the microbes and sweaty beddings, replacing it for warm and clean ones.

And now, the child is sleeping, breath evened, but still a bit harsh, and warmly wrapped in a fluffy blanket.

Jeongguk is watching the scene from behind, arms folded and hands fisted so tightly his knuckles are white, feeling horrible for having Jimin here to take care of Sungjae when it’s his responsibility.

Jimin stands up then, and turns to Jeongguk with a tired smile, “We should leave him to sleep. His fever has calmed down so he’ll be okay.” he mutters to the younger, his soft tone instantly calming down Jeongguk too.
The younger nods and steps out the room, leaving the door almost closed when Jimin is out too and heads to the kitchen.

“Thank you so much for this seonsaengnim” Jeongguk goes to the stove and opens a clipboard to grab a plate to serve himself some of the soup he made before. He was so worried for Sungjae that he hasn’t eaten at all. “You hungry?” he asks to Jimin, who has followed him, the clinking of the plates resonating in the silent room.

The teacher shakes his head and takes the plate from Jeongguk’s shaking hands, “He’s okay…” he mumbles softly for only Jeongguk to hear. Not that there’s anyone else in the room, but he doesn’t want to disrupt the pace on the silent apartment.

“I know, it’s just…” Jeongguk goes to sit on a chair, resting his elbows on the table and rubbing his face. “I got scared, that’s it.” he feels stupid for feeling like this, for not knowing how to react when Sungjae needed him, and for asking Jimin for help.

Jimin settles the now full plate of soup and a glass of water in front of Jeongguk and sits on the other chair facing the younger.

“It’s normal, Jeongguk. You have all the right to get scared, that makes you human.” Jeongguk grabs the spoon and starts eating without another word. He’s not really hungry but it’s better to not go to sleep with an empty stomach.

“Thank you again seonsaengnim…” Jimin huffs and pouts.

“Stop being so formal, call me hyung” it slips from his mouth without thinking. Jeongguk looks a bit distraught and tired, it isn’t the right moment to talk about throwing away the formalities between them, “I mean, if you want…” he corrects himself.

Jeongguk blinks dumbfounded for a second at him, the teacher’s words took him by surprise, but a smile starts appearing on his mouth, bunny teeth showing.

“Okay,” he nods looking with fondness at a blushing Jimin, “ Jimin-hyung.”  The teacher has never had a special liking to his name, but being mouthed by the younger’s lips with that low voice Jimin wouldn’t mind being called another one hundred times.

He clears his throat when he notices he has been staring at Jeongguk like an idiot and starts to stand up, “I should be leaving-“

“Can you stay?” at the end of the question Jeongguk’s voice has gone so low it can’t barely be heard, but in the quiet of the house Jimin heard it like the younger said it directly to his ear. “I mean, just in case Sungjae’s condition worsens.” he’s not looking at Jimin, spoon playing with the contents of the soup. He knows it’s a terrible excuse, Sungjae is fine now and probably will sleep all night and the day after, but he doesn’t want to be alone right now, Jimin is a reassuring company at the moment.

The shorter sits back again nodding slowly, both settling in a comfortable silence while Jeongguk finishes eating. Jimin’s eyes study him, trying really hard to not stare too indiscreetly at the younger’s body. With the rush of the events he didn’t pay much attention to the younger, more worried about Sungjae and not entirely conscious that he was in Jeongguk’s apartment at midnight, but now that they are alone and there’s nothing else to worry about, Jimin’s eyes roam down Jeongguk’s body.

The black-haired boy is wearing a pair of baggy gray sweatpants, hung low on his hips and a black and worn out shirt that does not much to hide Jeongguk’s beautifully tattooed collarbones. He has something scribbled there with romantic letters and Jimin sees the traces of something bigger under the letters on the other’s left pec, that probably covers big part of his chest.

Also, his muscled arms are tattooed too. But he doesn’t have all his skin covered in ink, there’s something that looks like a tiger at the inner skin of his right bicep and a symbol on the wrist of the same arm. The left one is more covered, some japanese signs covering his forearm with curls and flames and something that looks like a dragon and flames going up from the crack of his elbow to his shoulder. It’s beautiful, and Jimin wishes he had permission to take a look more closely and trace all the lines with his fingers. Jimin is marveled too at the size of those arms as it seems the younger works out at the gym. Jimin is sure his tiny hand wouldn’t be able to envelope the taller’s bicep fully.

Jeongguk notices Jimin’s stare, making him self-aware of his appearance. He’s used by now at those judgmental stares that follow him wherever he goes, grannies always looking at him like he’s a murderer just for the fact that his body is covered in ink. Heck, the other day at the park a mother went to Sungjae to ask him if that scary man kidnaped him. At first, it upsetted him that people would think bad of him just because of his looks, but as time went on he learned that he shouldn’t care of other’s people opinion if he was happy and content with himself, he didn’t need a stranger’s approval to be happy about his appearance. Now he found himself making faces to scare more at the grannies that grabbed with more force their bags at seeing Jeongguk.

But somehow, Jimin’s stare makes him feel disappointed and self-conscious, almost wanting to cover his arms. Jimin knew he was a tattoo artist, so it surprises him a bit that the shorter is judging him. There aren’t a lot of tattoo artists out there that aren’t covered in ink with such profession, and honestly, he isn’t that much tattooed if you compare him with others.

But as he likes to be respected for his passion for tattoos, he respects those that are opposed to them, and maybe Jimin wasn’t really okay with seeing them.

“Uhm, should I cover my arms?” he asks shyly, hiding his arms under the table. This snaps Jimin out of his trance and looks surprised at Jeongguk.

“W-what? No- it’s fine…” he splutters, moving frantically his hands, “sorry for staring it’s just that your tattoos caught my attention and- sorry If I made you uncomfortable.” he ducks a bit his head, embarrassed at being caught staring.

“No, no I though I was making you uncomfortable” Jimin raises his head confused at Jeongguk’s words.

“What? Why? I was the one staring.”

“Yeah, but there’s people that doesn’t like tattoos and thought that maybe you-“

“Oh no, I find them cool, it’s cool.” he explains quickly, “it makes you look even more attractive.” shit, did he say that out loud? Apparently so, since Jeongguk is looking at him with wide eyes. Shit, shit, shit. 


Jimin has never felt before the urge of wanting the earth to swallow him whole and never resurface again so vividly, and he has been in some embarrassing situations before where his friend Taehyung and the term public scandal were involved.

“Uhm, thanks” breaks the uncomfortable silence Jeongguk fighting up the smile threatening to form on his lips, taking in now that Jimin’s blatant stare was different from what he thought it was. 

Jimin takes a glance at the clock hanging on the wall, glad he can use the excuse that it’s getting late to escape from this awkward situation.

“Maybe we should go to sleep, it’s past two am and we are both tired.” he mumbles, wishing he could kiss away the smug expression off the younger’s face, he looks really pleased at the compliment that slipped from Jimin’s mouth.

Jeongguk decides to not make a big fuss of it and not tease Jimin and stands up with a smile refusing to disappear from his mouth, leaving the plate on the sink -it can wait until morning to be washed- and makes his way to his room, leaving Jimin sitting on the spacious couch on his living room and internally arguing with himself for being so stupid.

The younger reappears five minutes later with two fluffy black blankets and a pillow.

“I’ll take the couch, you can go sleep in my room.” He says to Jimin, dropping the objects in his hands on the couch.

“wha- no, I’ll take the couch.” Jimin debates, “There’s no way I’m stealing your bed.”

“But you are my guest I can’t let you sleep on the living room.” Jeongguk is known for his stubbornness, not even his mom can win an argument with him when he gets an idea struck in his head.

“No, it’s your house, your bed.” Jimin can play this game too. He grabs one of the blankets resting at his side and lies down.”I’ll take the couch gratefully. You are already doing enough letting me stay.”

Jeongguk opens his mouth to argue back but Jimin is already covered by the blanket and has his head resting on the pillow. He’s tempted to lift the shorter in his arms and drop him at his bed, it would be really easy considering Jimin is tiny and looks like he doesn’t weight much more than a feather, but that would be a bit awkward for both ends. He heaves out a sigh and scratches at the back of his neck, unpleased that Jimin has won so easily.

“Okay, but if you need anything don’t hesitate to tell me. You know where’s my room.” Jimin nods, offering a small smile as the warmness of the blankets are already lulling him to sleep; he’s so tired he could sleep on the table. “Good night, hyung.” 

He turns off the lights, Jimin mumbling a tired good night back to the younger, and goes to his room after checking Sungjae’s still peacefully sleeping.

The next morning he jumps surprised at the unfamiliar lump on his couch, remembering after an embarrassing little squeak that Jimin spend the night there. He’s glad nobody around was awake or his tough image could have been ruined at the noise that came out from his mouth.

He gets closer to the sleeping form to verify if the teacher is still sleeping, he can’t see much apart of a bundle of messy hair peeking out from under the blanket, but the rhythmic breaths that make the piece of cloth covering him raise and fall evenly confirms that the other boy is still in dreamland. Jeongguk leaves him alone to make his way to the kitchen to make breakfast, he’ll wake him later when everything is ready, he disturbed the teacher enough the previous night.

After calling Jiyong to explain the situation and informing him that he won’t be at work today, Jeongguk goes to Sungaje’s room to find the kid already awake, probably because of the smell of food.

“Hey, kid.” Jeongguk approaches the bed and sits there, right hand reaching up to move away the locks of brown hair that fall ont the younger’s half-closed eyes. “You feeling better?”

Sungjae is still breathing through his mouth, the tip of his nose a bit red due the amount of sniffing, but Jeongguk is happy to not feel a fever anymore.
The child nods slowly, traces of sleep still remaining on his body and stretches on the bed, sprawling on the mattress his short limbs.

When they get back to the living room, Sungjae stops walking at the unfamiliar lump on the sofa, stoping in front of it and his tiny hand points at the figure resting there with questioning eyes directed at Jeongguk.

“Jimin-saenseongnim stayed the night to take care of you.” the child smiles and jumps on the sleeping Jimin before Jeongguk can even blink, “yah don’t-“ he’s interrupted by what sounds like a groan amongst the child’s squeals of Jimin’s name.

Jimin’s head peeks out from under the blanket, tired eyes barely opened and trying to focus on the loud child above him. He rests his head back on the pillow, throwing his right arm across his face to hide from the bright as the light sneaking from the curtains is too much for his recently opened eyes.

Jeongguk feels sorry for the tired teacher, and grabs the energetic kid from his lap, “Good morning hyung. Sorry about that” he apologizes, lifting Sungaje on his arms.

“G’morning,” he replies with a husky voice that surprises Jeongguk, that voice sounded really sexy. Jimin’s rubbing his hands tiredly across his entire face tiredly, trying to wake up a bit. “Well I’m glad he’s feeling better.” he chuckles despite everything, as if a kid didn’t jump on him painfully to wake him with a loud high-pitched voice. Jeongguk would have murdered someone.

Jimin sits back, and tries to smooth down his messy hair. It kind of reminds Jeongguk of a puppy, there’s a lot of things about Jimin that do so; his bubbly and cheerful persona, the shit-eating grin that’s always plastered on his face as if he was always happy, the warm and comfort of his presence.

“I made breakfast.” Jeongguk says, feeling awkward at his own thoughts. He puts the kid back down on his feet and makes his way to the kitchen as Sungaje throws himself again at Jimin, who’s prepared this time to catch him properly and hug him.

They sit at the table, enjoying the food Jeongguk prepared, Sungjae has a fit of cough from time to time and keeps sniffing, making the tip of his nose redden even more, but the kid looks happy sitting on Jimin’s lap while the teacher feeds him. Jeongguk is sure the child has a crush on the teacher.

“You staying tonight too, ‘saegnim?” blinks cutely the kid at the adult. Since he was sick the previous night he couldn’t stay awake to play with his teacher, and that’s really unfair.

“I’m sorry, Sungjae-ah…” Jimin chuckles, ruffling his hair as the kid pouts, “I can’t stay tonight. You should rest, okay? So you can be healthy again to start school next week.” the kid’s pout deepens and turns his body to hug the teacher.

“You can play with me Sungjae, I don’t have to go to work today” chides Jeongguk, tone happy to cheer up the saddened child.

“But I wanna play with Jimin-saenseongnim…” Sungjae buries his head on Jimin’s neck, shaking it and adding more drama effect with a little whine.

“Yah, kid! You see Jimin-hyung everyday at school…” Jimin just sits there trying not to laugh at Joengguk’s evident jealousy “Play with me today and I’ll make you pancakes later.”

At this, Sungjae’s head perks up, looking at Jeongguk’s smirking face analyzing the amount of truth in that promise. The kid has the nerve to pursue in thought his lips, considering if the offer it’s worth it or not, making Jeongguk’s eyebrow twitch in annoyance.

“if you wanna play with me so bad I guess I accept your offer.” says Sungjae in a mocking condescending tone making Jeongguk splutter incoherent words in surprise. Jimin, though, barks out a loud laugh that resonates through the walls of Jeongguk’s apartment; these two are so cute for their own good.

“Aish, this kid seriously.” laughs Jeongguk too, Jimin’s dorky laugh is really contagious.






“Who are you talking to?” questions Donghyuk wiggling his eyebrows seeing Jeongguk so focused on his phone. 

“Why do you care?” interferes Hyuna from her side of the studio, “It’s not of your business.” Se gives him a smirk, eyes scanning her long nails.

The three are bored this afternoon, not having much work to do. Even Jiyong left them to go run some errands seeing the lack of things to do in the tattoo parlor. The only one who looks like he’s not dying of boredom is Sungjae, drawing and painting in a sketchbook Jeongguk bought for him a couple of days ago.

“I’m only worried for my beloved donsaeng…” says Donghyuk with a pout, hand on his heart to emphasize how hurtful he feels at Hyuna’s cruel words.

This makes Jeongguk snort loudly, “Like you care much about my personal life…” Donghyuk laughs and nods.

“Okay, Okay. I admit that I’m not that friendly hyung who asks about your personal life but saying I don’t care about you…” Jeongguk side-eyes him, but refocuses back to his phone when it pings loudly, signaling he got a new message.

“He’s right, though.” says Hyuna, now looking at the younger, “New girlfriend?” she asks curiously, eyes sparkling at the possibility of gossip to kill her boredom.

Jeongguk rolls his eyes at their sudden interest. “I haven’t been out much lately as you may know” he says, pointing with his head at Sungjae, “I’m talking with his teacher.”

“Wow, you already on the texting stage with him?” Jeongguk drops hip phone on his lap to look at his hyung.

“It’s not like that,” he tries to defend himself, but this only makes Donghyuk laugh, “Sungaje got a cold and he came home to help me, that’s it.” he mumbles softly, still a bit upset at the fact that he had to ask for help. But the two sunbaes interpret it differently from what Jeongguk truly meant.

Hyuna and Donghyuk exchange glances, amused smirk on their lips and approach Jeongguk, wearing depredatory grins on their face while they sit down next to the younger.

“Oh? So you invited him to your house?” Hyuna flutters her eyelashes, hand fisted and resting her chin there. “Hmm~ Are you two already that close?”
Jeongguk opens his mouth to defend himself again, but Donghyuk beats him,

“It’s cute. It’s a bit cliché but a romance between you two would be cute. The innocent teacher of your cousin’s son and the badass tattoo artist who has never cared for anyone else in his life, deeply in love with each other…” Says Donghyuk with dreamy eyes and big smile.

“Cut it.” hisses Jeongguk with gritted teeth, “It’s not like that…” both laugh at Jeongguk obvious blush, that it only accentuates as the ping of his phone sounds again.

“Wow, he’s thirsty” laughs loudly Donghyuk patting his shoulder, “Keep like this and you will have him in your bed in no time.” Hyuna giggles, covering her mouth with her hand as Jeongguk stares deadly at the both of them, trying hard not to think about Jimin naked on his bed. If he’s honest with himself, he finds Jimin quite attractive. Jimin seems to be pretty fit if the muscular thighs he can sense through the other’s skinny jeans are any indication of it, and his ass is glorious, round and firm, the younger is sure it would fit perfectly on his hands. 

He shakes his head, trying to get those thoughts out of his mind. Jimin is Sungjae’s teacher, it wouldn’t be appropriate if something happened between them.

“I do not like you” He stands up while the other two laugh at him and goes to sit with Sungjae, apparently the only human being that’s nice to him today.






School starts three days after, Jeongguk is not happy to have to wake up early again, and clearly Sungjae’s either, but both of them muster up all the courage they can and let the alarm wake them up to fall back again into their routine.

Jeongguk makes his way towards a happy looking Jimin, observing from the distance as the teacher welcomes all his other students with the same warm smile he offers both Jeongguk and Sungjae.

Sungaje releases Jeongguk’s hand and runs to the teacher with a cheerful good morning slipping from his lips, returned easily by Jimin.

“I see you are completely okay now, hm?” the kid nods, making Jimin chuckle at his enthusiasm. “Great, that means you can play with your friends today.” the toddler hollers happily and turns his body to Jeongguk to wave him goodbye and rushes inside to search for his friends.

“Good morning” muses Jeongguk, he feels a bit awkward at the presence of the teacher remembering Donghyuk and Hyuna’s comments about their relationship.

“Good morning.” replies Jimin, pink tinting his cheeks. Jeongguk looks specially good today with red beanie covering his dark hair, white tee under only a black hoodie now that the weather has warmed up as spring is settling, fit jeans and red sneakers. Jimin swallows hard, trying to not get much distracted.

The two of them have been texting casually these days with the pretense of Sungjae’s health condition and nothing else, but Jimin wishes he would have the courage to be more direct with the younger, to make Jeongguk warm up to him already and forget all this awkwardness that seems to follow them in every situation.

“How have you been doing?” asks Jimin to break the silence, almost all the kids are already on class, so Jimin hasn’t much time to spare here talking with the younger, but Jeongguk looks so good today he refuses to leave just like that.

“Good” he coughs awkwardly in response. Why is he like this? Jeongguk is a flirt, he knows what to say and how to act to have people melting in front of him, so he feels a bit frustrated Jimin reduces him a to an awkward puddle of hormones. “And you, hyung?” 

The last word has Jimin internally squealing, it sounds so right coming out from the younger’s mouth. He nods with a smile, not trusting his voice to speak now.
They fall silent again, locking gazes for a second before staring away. It’s weird, they were so comfortable before Donghyuk and Hyuna pointed out how good it would be to have Jimin moaning underneath him with flushed cheeks and-

No. He has to stop this.

“Uhm, I should be leaving I have work to do and don’t wanna be late so if something comes up you know my number so call me, well if you want or-yeah, so bye.” Jeongguk turns on his heels and leaves the building with rushed steps, wishing it wouldn’t be too weird if he stopped right now to slap himself on the face for his stupid rambling.

Jimin is left there, speechless, waving at Jeongguk’s retreating figure with a sad face.





Jimin looks again at his phone, making sure this was the street where he had to make a turn to the left, and tugs a bit at Sungjae’s hand to make him walk again when the kid got distracted looking at a blue car that passed by. According to his phone, the tattoo parlor where Jeongguk works at is some meters ahead of his position, so he lets out a sigh of relief at managing to get there without getting lost. 

This is not his job, he shouldn’t be accompanying Sungjae to Jeongguk’s work place, but the younger called desperate to ask for his help because it was past eight and had work to do that couldn’t wait, and Jimin was too deep to say no to that pleading voice.

He finally reaches the studio and takes a deep breath, nervous to be here because this is unknown territory and is afraid to do or say something stupid in front of the younger that will end in horrible self-embarrassment again. Jimin will have the chance to witness Jeongguk on his habitat, where he feels safe, secure and confident, and the older is not sure if he’ll be able to handle a sexy Jeongguk.

He opens the door, little bells ringing loudly to signal someone’s entrance to the shop, and a petite girl looks up from the counter in front of him.

“Hello.” she says with a happy tone. She’s really pretty, with blonde long hair around a soft face with big eyes and red lips. “How can I help you?”

“Uhm, I-“ but before Jimin can say anything else, Sungjae makes clear his presence by yelling what Jimin assumes to be the girl’s name.

“Oh! Sungjae.” Hyuna stands and circles the counter to go lift the kid on her arms, who immediately hugs her tightly. Hyuna’s smiling eyes fall on Jimin, and the teacher remembers it would be polite to introduce himself.

“I’m Jimin, his teacher. Jeongguk asked me to drop the kid here.” Hyuna smirks, eyebrow going up and Jimin feels her eyes check him out shamelessly.

“I see…” she mumbles before letting out an amused giggle. “You are more cute than I imagined.”

“Excuse me?” he blinks confused at her words, but she only shakes her head with a wide grin.

“Nothing, let’s go see Jeongguk.” she turns on her heels and makes her way to the door at her left where a soft buzzing can be heard. Jimin is not sure if that statement included him but since she didn’t add anything else he follows the two of them.

The teacher can feel her eyes on him, and this makes ask himself if his appearance is that amusing to her.

“How old are you?” she questions suddenly, her voice is really sweet and velvety like, really pleasant to listen to.

“I’m 26.” and she hums and nods. Sungjae is still on her arms, looking as pleased to be there as he looks when he’s on Jimin’s arms.

“Two years older.” she mumbles under her breath and Jimin is about to ask her what she meant when they reach a room with four room dividers, one of those reclining black chairs in every one with a desk on a side. It’s a big  and spacious room with colorful furniture and walls decorated with drawings and paints.

There’s a boy sitting at the big table positioned near the door that looks up to them when they enter the room, his dark eyes scrutinizing Jimin from head to toe.

Jimin swallows hard and nervously, he feels like a sheep who’s been thrown in front of two big wolves.

“Jeongguk-ah, you have guests!” she screams, and Jimin sees Jeongguk's head look up from the body he was tattooing and their eyes lock immediately. The younger stands up, mumbling something to the man resting on the black chair and makes his way to the door. Hyuna lets go of the kid, who throws himself at Jeongguk with a big smile.

“Hey kid.” he  takes off the rubber glove of his hand before ruffling the kid’s soft hair, smiling softly and then locks gazes with Jimin again, who looks really uncomfortable to be standing here, but who wouldn’t be when there’s two strangers looking at you intensely without no reason. He immediately feels terrible for asking Jimin to came here.

“Thanks for this hyung.” Jeongguk side-eyes Hyuna, who’s still standing near them with a brig grin. She looks at him with a knowing stare before winking, and Jeongguk already knows the amount of teasing he will have to endure once Jimin steps out of the studio.

“N-no problem, it’s close to my house anyways so..” he trails off nervously.  He points with his thumb to the door and gives him a tiny smile. “I should be going, it’s late.”

Jeongguk nods and before he can open his mouth to say something Donghyuk’s voice interrupts him.

“Why don’t you stay for a while? Jeonggukie is busy and someone has to take care of the kid.” Jimin feels intimidated by his fierce eyes, the boy is tall with a cold stare and there seems to be a permanent smirk on his lips, so he doesn’t look precisely friendly.

“There’s no need, hyung. Jimin-hyung takes care of Sungjae all day and I don’t think noona was doing anything important anyways.” he gives Hyuna a pointed look, who just shrugs and giggles. 

Jimin is sure tired, the kids were wild today, maybe because it’s Friday and everyone wanted to go home and play, already anticipating the weekend, so he’s dying to get home, take a long warm shower, order pizza and watch TV while drinking beer, but anyways feels a bit disappointed that Jeongguk seems to want him to leave so soon.

“Really hyung, don’t worry.” says Jeongguk in a soft tone directed at Jimin, “You look tired, go home and rest.” and Jimin can’t help the fluttering on his chest at the younger’s words, happy and contented that Jeongguk cares so much about his well-being.

“Oh, you are so kind Jeongguk.” Hyuna says with an innocent face and teasing tone, “You worry so much about him, you two must be really close.” and then she looks straight at Jimin, the poor teacher getting all flustered.

“Well, kind of?” it comes out of his mouth with a squeaky voice, tone uncertain because even if it’s true they’ve been talking a bit more casually lately, Jimin isn’t really sure about their relationship.

Jeongguk huffs annoyed, Hyuna and Donghyuk are being jerks and Jimin it’s not one of his hook ups that they can tease and make fun of, the teacher doesn’t deserve such treatment. He grabs Jimin by the arm and leads him out of the room, where they can talk privately, but not before he throws an annoyed glance at the other two.

“Sorry if they made you uncomfortable, they are idiots.” he apologizes quickly, “They are always like this, I don’t know how I still put up with them.”

“It’s okay.” Jimin smiles, but it seems a bit forced. Jeongguk moistens his lips nervously while scratching the back of his neck.

“Thanks again for this, I owe you so much.” Jimin smiles more genuinely this time, the joy actually reaching up to his eyes and the younger gets captivated quickly, getting lost on those sparkling brown orbs. Damn, this is getting out of control, it’s more than sexual attraction.

“See you on Monday, then.” says Jimin already opening the door, the bells at the top of it jingling cheerfully. “have a great weekend.”

Jeongguk nods offering a warm smile and stands there a the door until Jimin turns at the corner at the end of the street, completely forgetting he’s supposed to be tattooing now.





Jeongguk leaves the knife on the countertop and rushes out of the kitchen at the sound of the phone ringing. It’s almost nine in the evening, so it must be Seokjin for his daily call.

“Hello?” he answers the phone, motioning with his hand at Sungjae to distract him from the cartoon playing on the TV screen and get ready to talk with his father.

“Hey Jeonggukkie!” comes Seokjin’s cheerful voice from the other side of the line, “How are you doing?”

“Good, good. What about you? You sound really happy today.” Seokjin enthusiasm is contagious, and Jeongguk finds himself smiling too.

He sits on the couch, Sungjae instantly sitting on his lap with bright eyes and Jeongguk puts the speaker on the phone.

“Yeah, I have great news” Seokjin exclaims, Sungjae loudly says hi to him after hearing his voice. “Oh! Hey kid, papa has great news for you!”

“What, what, what!” Sungjae bounces on Jeongguk’s lap, excitement difficult to hide by now. He always gets so bouncy and cheerful when Seokjin calls.

“I’m coming home next week!” the toddler lets out a happy yell, making both Seokjin and Jeongguk laugh at his excitement.

“Really, hyung? Isn’t that a month early?” Asks Jeongguk after calming down Sungjae’s scream in order to keep the conversation still going.

“Yes, but everything is going really good here so my boss thinks I can manage everything’s left from home.” Seokjin sounds really happy, he can finally return home after being away for so long. “So next week I’ll be there! Just in time for your birthday kid!” Sungjae screams even louder, a mix of an excited yell and laughter fill the apartment and Jungkook grabs the phone and puts it in normal speaker again to talk quietly to Seokjin.

“Do you want me to go pick you up at the airport, hyung?” Sungjae tries to steal the phone away from his hand, but Jeongguk easily dodges his tiny hands.

“Nah, it’s okay. I’ll stop by the office before heading home to drop some documents.” his cousin explains. “but we can meet later and pick up Sungjae from school.”

“Yeah, okay, sounds good.” Sungjae makes grabby hands to Jeongguk with a big pout, still trying but failing to get the phone, anxious to talk with his father.

“I’m gonna let you talk with Sungjae, your son has a lot of things to explain.” He chuckles and the kid lets out a yelp of joy when the device finally falls on his hands.

Jeongguk stands up from the sofa and goes to the kitchen to keep preparing dinner, leaving Sungjae talking over the phone to his dad, words rushed and excitedly relating the events of today at the mall center.


The week passes by rather quickly, Sungjae’s enthusiasm is evident for everyone and it makes it really difficult to deal with him either at home or school. Honestly, Jeongguk is happy this thing is ending, he’s had the hardest months of his life and has reached to the conclusion that kids don’t suit his lifestyle at all because he kind of has the mentality of one in some aspects, and arguing with someone who has the same brain age as you it’s not easy, both stubborn to no end. But, at the same time, he admits he’s going to miss spending so much time with the younger, they have grown fond of each other somehow, specially after knowing Sungjae’s interest for drawing and art. It’s cute, and the kid is bearable at those moments, the adult finds himself anticipating the moment Sungjae appears at the corner of his eyes with sketchbook and crayon colors on his tiny hands to ask for help because ‘Gukkie-hyung knows a lot and I want to learn from the best’. At those moments Jeongguk feels accomplished, as if he won an important award, his chest puffing out with pride and joy.

Jeongguk is going to miss the loud yells and laughs at his apartment, it will be silent and peaceful again. Maybe Jeongguk can invite the toddler for sleepovers from time to time.

The bells at the top of the door jingle softly, snapping Jeonggut back to reality. He looks up to the door from behind the counter to see Seokjin planted in front of him with a big grin on his face. The younger’s brain takes a couple of seconds to assimilate his presence, but when it finally sinks in that Seokjin is finally here, he stands up quickly, knocking his knee hard against the table, and circles it to wrap his cousin in a tight hug.

“Wow, that happy to see me?” chuckles Seokjin, passing his arms around Jeonguks torso to reciprocate the hug, because he’s missed his little cousin too.

“I didn’t expect you this early, hyung.” Jeongguk has a wide grin on his face, the bunny teeth he’s always felt hung up about showing without much care. 

“Yeah I decided to catch the early fly back and now I’m free if you wanna go for lunch together.” Seokjin smiles that warm smile that makes his eyes crinkle in happiness, his fit teeth showing and it feels so right to see this face again. Jeonguk didn’t know he missed his cousin that much.

“Of course! let me grab my things and we’re ready to go.” He makes his way to the back to the studio, to the big room where Jiyong and the others are and lets them know he’s leaving, grabs his jacket and both cousins leave the tattoo parlor chatting animatedly.

They spend the rest of the afternoon together, talking about the trip to Japan, Jeongguk’s work and how Sungaje’s been doing. The younger finally musters up the courage to tell the other about the incident in which he had to call Jimin for help.

“You should have called me.” says Seokjin in a half-worried tone, Jeongguk stops drawing to look up at him.

“I know but I didn’t want to worry you…” he says, talking about it now makes him feel a bit more stupid than before, having to admit out loud he had to ask for help.

“It’s okay though,” comes Donghyuk’s deep voice, attracting Seokjin’s attention to him. “I heard he called for help to that cute teacher.” Jeongguk squints his eyes at the older, choking to death the little shit on his brain.

“Oh? Jiminnie?” questions Seokjin curiously, eyes back again at his cousin. Jiminnie? are they that close? Jeongguk swallows nervously at the mention of the teacher’s name and tries to nod as casually as possible to not make obvious how flustered he gets when Jimin’s pretty smile appears from nowhere in his brain.

“Yeah, they are pretty close I’ve heard.” says Hyuna, resting her elbow on the table where the cousins where sitting alone five seconds ago. “They’ve even exchanged phone numbers.” she wiggles her perfectly defined eyebrows suggestively, Donghyuk laughing his ass off at her side.

“It’s not like that.” tries to defend himself the tattoo artist, but it’s useless, frankly speaking, because he has been repeating this to everyone, even to himself, this past month and nobody listens.

Seokjin gets the hint, he catches the little blush on Jeongguk’s cheeks, and okay, this is weird because Jeon Jeongguk never gets flustered. The older laughs, covering his mouth with his hand when Jeongguk sends him a murderous stare.

“You have a crush on him?” and Jeongguk groans, dropping his head to the table and covering it with his arms, the other two laugh and Seokjin giggles, trying to be discreet.

“I don’t!” comes the muffled whine, but the other three don’t listen, Hyuna and Donhyuk think it’s funny to explain Seokin when Jimin was here to accompany Sungjae and Jeongguk spent five minutes at the door like an idiot after Jimin left.

“He’s really cute, you two look good together.” she says, patting gently Jeongguk’s hair. The younger pursues his lips in an angry scowl (because Jeon Jeongguk doesn’t pout), resigned already to try to defend himself, because who’s he trying to trick, he has a crush on Jimin.

“He’s really nice,” says Seokjin in a gentle voice, “he’s a sweetie and has all the kids and parents eating out of the palm of his hand.”

“Jeongguk would like to eat something else.” mutters Donghyuk under his breath, but it was heard clearly making everyone but Jeongguk laugh out loud.

“Enough!” he slams his hand on the table, making everyone shut up, “It’s not like that and I don’t like how you two-“ he points with his finger at Hyuna and Donghyuk, “-talk about him like he’s another one of my nightstands, because it’s not like that at all, it’s not simple sexual attraction, okay?” he’s breathing hard at the end of this, even Jiyong, who tries to stay out of their personal lives, has stopped his business on his desk to look up at the younger.

Donghyuk is looking at him dumbfounded, because in those four years he’s known the younger, Jeongguk has never snapped like that; Hyuna has her lips pressed on a thin line, apologetic eyes looking at him.

“Sorry…” they all mumble, Jeongguk stands up and goes to sit on his desk to finish the design he’s been trying to get done for the past hour.






“Hey, sorry if our comments made you uncomfortable.” says Seokjin. The younger sighs and moistens his lips nervously and locks down his gaze to the pavement. They are on the way to Sungjae’s school, to surprise him with his father’s arrival.

“It’s not that I was uncomfortable…” Jeongguk feels Seokjin studying him from the side, that’s why he refuses to make eye contact. “It’s just that I’ve been trying to convince myself that I don’t like Jimin-hyung like that.”

“Why?” questions the elder, genuinely surprised at the younger’s words.

“Jimin-hyung is too…too nice to be just a one night stand.” he explains. Jeongguk buries his hand on his jeans’ pockets, to feel more protected now that his feelings are brought to light.

“Then do things properly and ask him out.” suggests Seokjin, as it were the most obvious thing to say.

“I don’t do relationships, hyung…” Seokjin furrows his eyebrows, angry because Jeongguk is evading and ignoring something that can make him happy.

“You are so stupid, kid. I thought I taught you better.” Jeongguk snorts while rolling his eyes as he picks up his steps, wishing the daycare was closer. “Are you conscious you won’t be seeing him now that I’m here?”

No, Jeongguk didn’t stop to properly think about that, about what Seokjin’s return may change again on his daily lifestyle. The realization that Jimin’s bright smiles on the morning, the only thing that could brighten up his mood for the day, is now getting snatched out of his life feels like a slap on the face. Jeongguk suddenly feels his shoulders weight a ton more.

“So? It’s okay.” he lies, shrugging his shoulders to play nonchalance. He knows Seokjin wants to question him further, if the scowl on his face and his opened mouth is anything to go by, but Jeongguk can finally see the gates of the school, and accelerates his steps again to reach there as soon as possible, in part to avoid the conversation to keep going, and also because he feels the sudden urge to see the teacher.

There are parents here already to pick up their children, tired kids wishing to go home already and then Sungjae’s cheerful yell can be heard, the kid has spotted them and runs -flies- to go hug his father, jumping on his arms with tears already falling from his eyes. Seokjin lifts up the kid from the floor, bringing him closer for a tight hug, wide grin on his face and tears on his eyes, and Jeongguk has to swallow hard the lump on his throat to prevent himself from crying at the image of the emotive reencounter.

Jeongguk spots Jimin at the side, eyes red and teary but a beautiful smile is gracing his lips, that face awakens a protectively instinct towards Jimin, making the younger want to go hug the shorter in a tight embrace. But just when he’s about to go say something to the teacher Hoseok appears from nowhere and passes his arm around the shorter’s shoulders, wrapping him in a side-hug, so Jeongguk clenches his jaw and glances away from them, focusing on Seokjin and Sungjae who are still hugging tightly.

Seokjin approaches Jimin, wiping away his tears with one hand, the other securing on his arms Sungjae, who hasn’t stopped crying and is clinging to his father to death.

“Welcome back, hyung.” greets Jimin with a big smile, Hoseok says hello to the parent too and Seokjin responds with one of his wide smiles.

“You are so happy right Sungjae?” asks Jimin ruffling the kid’s fluffy brown locks, but Sungjae refuses to let go of Seokjin, not even to spare a glance towards his favorite teacher, the kid nods with his face still buried on his father’s neck.

Jimin looks at Jeongguk when Seokjin and Hoseok tangle themselves in a conversation, Hoseok’s curious nature asking for the other’s trip and Seokjin seems pretty pleased to satiate said curiosity. Jeongguk is standing a bit to the side with his hands buried deep down the front pockets of his jeans. The teacher clears his throat softly to catch the younger’s attention, and smiles when his chocolate eyes focus on him.

“It’ll be really peaceful now, won’t it?” Jimin tries to start casual conversation, like always, but Jeongguk has those cold and distant eyes he had when they first met, making Jimin reluctant to say something.

“Yeah…” replies the other softly, averting his eyes to his cousin. He can feel Jimin’s eyes on him, studying him and his face, maybe he has noticed his cold behavior and wonders if it’s okay to keep talking.

“Will you keep bringing Sungjae to school from time to time?” Jimin’s tone kind of sounds hopeful, and Jeongguk sees big eyes looking at him when he darts a glance at the other.

“I don’t know, now that hyung is here it would be better if he does it.” responds Jeongguk with a matter-of-factly tone.

“Well, then maybe we can keep in contact and-“

“Uhm, I don’t think that would be appropriate.” Jeongguk cuts the other before it can be even more difficult to say no to those eyes. It sounds like a lame excuse even to himself, because he’s not the kid’s parent so no one would say anything about them, but it was the best he could come up with.

“Okay” Jimin recognizes a rejection when it’s said, and it hurt his pride a bit Jeongguk has turned down his offer so easily, he thought they kind of had it going but apparently Jimin read the signs wrong.

The teacher doesn’t say anything else, and when they finally leave the school Jeongguk crosses the gates with a weird sensation on his stomach. He feels suddenly empty.





“You look like a moody teenager.” says Donghyuk with an exasperated tone, looking with disgust at Jeongguk’s hunched down form on his chair. The younger peeks from under his black hoodie with a cold stare that makes Donghyuk shiver, retreating immediately to go hide behind Hyuna.

“I don’t.” he responds flatly and pushes his hoodie down to cover his eyes again and keeps on with his doodles of skulls in the paper sheet has has resting on his desk.

It’s been three weeks since Seokjin came back and the first days were good; he went to sleep late and slept in a couple of hours more in the morning; he also could eat crab food without having to worry if it was healthy for a kid’s diet or not, and didn’t had to rush to go pick up Sungjae from school. But he missed the company, Sungjae brought up a lot of joy in his empty apartment and he hadn’t noticed how lonely he was until the kid left. It was weird to come to his house now and see it deserted and silent, that’s why Jeongguk contacted with his friends and went out almost every night to have some fun. But it wasn’t the same as before and the quietness was still there. Jeongguk came to the realization that he didn’t enjoy loneliness as much as he did before. 

And also Jimin, he tried to not think too much about the teacher but somehow, the image of Jimin’s smiling face came to him at the most inappropriate moments. Seokjin mentioned his name a couple of times, and even suggested that Jeongguk could go pick up his son at school and see Jimin, but Jeongguk changed topics quickly, his cousin took the hint and didn’t mention the name anymore.

Jeongguk sighs, adding shades at the skull he’s currently drawing and Hyuna and Donghyuk leave him alone, scared he might murder them, but Jiyong feels bad for him, and approaches his dongsaeng carefully as he drags a chair to sit next to him.

“You okay?” Jeongguk stiffens a bit at the voice of his mentor and looks at him shyly as his hand moves away a bit his hoodie.

“Yeah” it doesn’t sound convincing, not even to himself, but points extra for trying. Jiyong looks at him skeptically and usually he would let it pass, but he’s tired of seeing Jeongguk moping around the shop with his hoodie pulled up his head and ignoring everyone.

“Why don’t you admit already you miss the cute teacher?” both Hyuna and Donghyuk stare dumbfounded at the other while holding their breaths, afraid it will be the last time he opens his mouth to speak, but Jeongguk is unable to look with cold eyes at his mentor and simply presses his lips together and keeps doodling, shrugging his shoulders.

“You are being an idiot Jeongguk.” Jeongguk sinks in on his seat even further, feeling like a little mousse trapped between a wall and a furious cat, feeling so small at the reprimand of his hyung. “You clearly have feelings for him, and neglecting them won’t do you any good.”

“You don’t understand…” he trails off with a small voice, Jiyong is losing his patience at the younger’s attitude, he’s acting like a spoiled little kid.

“Then explain it to me.”

“I- I don’t know if he feels the same.” Jiyong scoffs while rolling his eyes. He pushes Jeongguk’s chair back a bit to make the younger face him.

“Well, taking in consideration his attitude when he was here I would say, 100% sure, that he has a thing for you too.” Jeongguk bites his bottom lip. Yeah, he knows that, Jimin hasn’t been so subtle as he thinks he was throwing glances at him, Jeongguk knows Jimin feels the same, but he thought it was a great excuse to make his point.

“He’s Sungjae’s teacher, it wouldn’t be appropriate.” this time Jiyong laughs while shaking his head and the younger furrows his eyebrows at his reaction.

“He’s the teacher of your cousin’s son…” Jiyong states with a serious face after calming down his laugh. “Plus, he doesn’t own anyone any explanation of who he dates.” Yes, Jeongguk knows that too, it was another lame excuse.

“Why don’t you tell me the truth Jeongguk.” it’s not a gentle request, that tone was demanding an explanation Jeongguk feels terrified to admit.

“I- I just… “ he sighs, Jiyong is looking at him with those eyes he uses every time someone has done something wrong in the studio and no one wants to tell him the truth. It’s intimidating, he’s always felt small when Jiyong uses that stare. He squirms uncomfortable in his seat and darts his tongue across his lips nervously.

“I’m afraid of this, hyung. I’m used at fooling around with someone and not see them ever again. It scares me that I can hurt him, that I can’t be good enough and not be able to give him what he deserves.” he admits finally, Hyuna and Donghyuk understand now why their teasing was affecting so much the younger.

Jiyong sighs and pats his knee, “I understand that, and it’s okay to be scared but you are letting pass by an opportunity to be with someone that makes you happy, that completes you and, honestly, that’s a stupid move. Besides, the fact that you worry so much about this means you care a lot already, so I don’t think you should worry too much about not being good enough for him.” Jeongguk peeks at his hyung from under his hoodie with red eyes, containing with all his might the urge to cry. Jiyong is right, just because he’s scared doesn’t mean he shouldn’t try, Jimin is awesome and has a lot of good things that Jeongguk is so willing to have in his life, and he knows Jimin’s worth the try.

“Thanks hyung.” he sniffs, using the sleeve of his hoodie to wipe at his nose, trying to act as if he isn’t about to cry. Jiyong laughs, and pats his knee again before giving it a squeeze.

“No need to.”




“Jeongguk!” Seokjin’s voice snaps Jeongguk back to reality, blinking confusedly at his cousin. The older sighs, annoyed at the younger.

“You weren’t listening?” Jeongguk bites his lip and throws an apologetic stare at the older while shaking his head. Seokjin sighs again, the younger has been distracted a lot lately and it kind of worries him because Jeongguk has never acted this way before.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes hyung, it’s just that I have a lot of things in my head. Were you saying?” Jeongguk tries to be focused this time, Seokjin is one to be scared of when he’s angry.

“I was telling you that I’m planning a party for Sungjae’s birthday and I thought you could help me settle everything up.” Jeongguk perks up at this, he completely forgot Sungaje’s birthday was coming up, he was so distracted and drowning on his self-pity and misery he shut off everything else.

“Oh, right! Of course, hyung.” Seokjin smiles gratefully at him, but still shows concern at Jeongguk’s obvious weird attitude, but considering Jeongguk’s been moping around lately and now finally is smiling Seokjin lets it pass this time.

“I’ll make a home-made cake, Sungjae loves those, and maybe decorate the house a bit and invite some of his classmates.”

“Sounds nice.” Jeongguk beams at him excited, already thinking what present to buy the younger kid. Maybe some art supplies and a new sketchbook so he can practice more his drawing. “I’ll help you with the house, then.”





The day of the party is crazy, Seokjin woke up early to bake the cake and got caught at this task the whole day, leaving Jeongguk to settle everything else for him and it turns out to be a really difficult thing to accomplish because Sungjae is excited and jumps around Jeongguk distracting him every five minutes.

The first guests start to arrive not much after they managed to finish preparing everything, Sungjae welcoming them at the door with a big grin and excited yells. Jeongguk grimaces at the amount of kids running around the house, taking care of ten kids yelling loudly and playing is not how he thought he would spend a Saturday evening.

“Don’t worry.” says Seokjin at seeing his worried face as he handles the younger a plate full of sandwiches. “I called for some help.  A couple of parents are coming too.” Jeongguk sighs relieved and gives his cousin a little grin.

“Cool, if Sungjae alone was a headache I don’t know how I would survive with nine more like him.” he chuckles walking out of the kitchen and laying the food in the table they settled in a corner of the room. At the sight of food, the kids reunite around the table with excited yells and picking up the ones they like more. Just when Jeongguk is about to head to the kitchen to keep on helping Seokjin with the food, the doorbell rings, and Jeongguk changes his trajectory to go open the door.

Who he sees at the door has him freezing and stiffing immediately. Jimin looks a bit surprised for a second at seeing him too, but quickly hides the expression behind a polite smile.

“Hello.” Jeongguk is still rooted on spot, gaping like an idiot and Jimin rises an eyebrow at him. “Uhm… I’m here for the party.”

“Yeah, yeah, of course.” he steps aside to let the teacher in, swallowing nervously and a bit disappointed as Jimin rushes inside without sparing him a glance.

The teacher is bombarded with affection the second the kids see him, happy to see their favorite teacher, and Jeongguk stops at the frame door to look at the scene, still a bit dumbfounded.

“Sungjae invited him.” Jeongguk jumps in surprise as Seokjin talks softly in his ear. The younger turns his head to look at him, and sees a trace of worrisome in his eyes.

“It’s okay.”

“You sure?” no, but Jeongguk needs to man the fuck up and face this. He’s been thinking the best way to approach the teacher since his talk with Jiyong, but he was scared and didn’t know how to, but now that Jimin is here maybe he can clear things up with the teacher.

He nods, remembering Seokjin has asked him a question, and offers him a reassuring smile when Seokjin looks a bit uncertain.


An hour later, Jeongguk finds himself sitting in a corner with a tiny pout on his face, looking from the side as the kids play around with Jimin. They haven’t let the teacher sit still for more than two minutes, the parents that were present were just looking from the side and let the teacher take care of the hyperactive kids, so Jeongguk didn’t have much opportunities to try to steal Jimin's attention for himself and every time he was close to it Jimin gave him the cold shoulder. And okay, maybe Jeongguk deserved it for being a jerk, but it still sucks because he was trying to fix things and luck wasn’t on his side.

He sinks down on his chair, still fumbling, when a glass with juice appears in front of his face. He looks up to see Seokjin with a smirk adorning his lips, and accepts the drink before taking a sip.

“You are cute.” Jeongguk almost spits out the drink when he chokes, coughing loudly and patting at his chest. He has tears on his eyes and blushes embarrassed when Jimin directs him a worried glance. Seokjin, though, only laughs at his misery.

“What was that for?” whines Jeongguk, mad his hyung has tried to murder him.

“Oh, come on!” seokjin laughs again as he drags a chair to sit next to him,

“You’ve been sitting here and pouting for half an hour.”

“I’m not pouting.” argues back the younger, because Jeon Jeongguk doesn’t pout. He’s tough and manly and absolutely doesn’t pout.

Seokjin rolls his eyes and takes a sip of his drink too.

“You need to talk to him.” Jeongguk hides his face behind his glass, averting his eyes to where Jimin is playing with the kids. Although he’s been at it for the past hour the teacher looks happy, his smile not flattering even for a second.

“I don’t-“

“Stop, you are not fooling me.” cuts him Seokjin with a serious voice, “I’ll distract the kids so you better take your chance. If you mess this up I’m kicking your butt and you know I’m serious about that.” Jeongguk looks at him with uncertain eyes, he doesn’t feel he’s ready to confront Jimin but it’s the only thing he can do for now. He nods, and Seokjin stands up to go to the group of loud kids to gain their attention.

Jeongguk observes from the side as Seokjin says something to Jimin, the teacher nodding and making his way to the kitchen after explaining the kids he needs to go do something. The older throws a look to Jeongguk and points with his head to the direction the teacher has left and then focuses his attention on the kids asking him to play with them.

Jeongguk raises from his seat and makes a bee-line with slow steps to the kitchen, where Jimin is opening a package with candles inside.

“Uhm,” Jimin jumps in surprise at hearing his voice and turns around and before he can say anything to reject the younger again, Jeongguk speaks up. “I need to talk to you.”

“I’m kind of busy here.” the teacher turns around to focus at the task on hand. Jeongguk takes in a deep breath and closes the door to have more privacy and leans on the counter next to the teacher.

“It’s important.” he mumbles watching as Jimin takes out all the candles from the package and goes to the refrigerator to take out the cake Seokjin baked that morning.

“I’m sure it can wait until later, Jeongguk-sii.” Jeongguk cringes at the formality, Jimin was the one who asked to be friends and now treats the younger as a stranger. Jeongguk admits that stung a bit.

The taller boy grabs Jimin's wrist to stop the other and turns him to face Jeongguk. Jimin looks angry at him with eyebrows furrowed but the angry scowl on his face reminds Jeongguk of a puppy, and has to resist from cooing at how adorable the sight is.

Focus, he tells himself, this is important.

“Let me go, Seokjin-hyung told me to-“

“No, I need to explain some things. Hyung was the one who forced me to come talk to you now, so please hear me out first.” Jimin closes his mouth, a bit intimidated at the demanding tone of Jeongguk’s voice, and the younger takes it as his cue to start speaking.

“First of all, I know I was a jerk the last time we saw each other so I’m sorry for that.” He hasn’t let go of Jimin’s hands yet, but the grip is less firm, now he’s just holding them and playing with his fingers nervously. “It’s just that I- I… I was kind of scared of this…of you” Jeongguk sighs exasperated, he had the words on his brain, he knew what he wanted to say but with Jimin looking at him like that he doesn’t know how to formulate proper sentences.

“You were scared of me? Why? I’ve been nice to you all the time.” questions Jimin, offended of what Jeongguk said, and the younger rushes to explain himself before he can mess everything up more and make Jimin hate him.

“No, not scared of you- I mean, I was scared of my feelings for you…” he pauses, licking his lips nervously as Jimin looks him with a confused face. “It’s the first time I’ve met someone that makes me feel this way and it was scary at first and I didn’t know how to react but- but now…” Jimin’s still not saying anything, just looking at him with owl eyes and Jeongguk decides in this moment that if Jimin wants to reject him now at least he has tried.

“Now, what?” murmurs Jimin softly, interlocking his fingers with Jeongguk’s and pulling him closer to him.

“I’m not scared anymore.” he admits blatantly, “I’ve came to the conclusion that I like you a lot and I don’t want to lose you. These past three weeks without seeing you have been really hard for me.” Jeongguk feels as if a weight has been lifted off his shoulders now that he has let his thoughts and feelings spring free, now that Jimin knows how he feels.

“If you want we could try this.” Jeongguk says, hopeful lilt in his voice. He observes as Jimin’s eyes look at him, searching for something that tells him if the younger is being honest or not, as he opens his mouth and then closes it, not sure of what to say, but his hands squeeze Jeongguk’s and the younger is sure he sees his eyes get a bit glossy.

“I- I thought you didn’t want anything to do with me…” he says finally with a shaky voice, making Jeongguk feel bad once again. He’s about to apologize again but Jimin’s voice cuts him. “I like you a lot too, almost since the first day I saw you.” laughs Jimin a bit embarrassed as he blushes at the memory of the first time they met. This statement makes hope grow inside Jeongguk, because the teacher hasn’t rejected him yet, but says nothing and waits patiently for Jimin to make his decision.

“I also want to try this.” Jeongguk heaves out a sigh of relief as a wide smile appears on his face, the joy and happiness he feels at Jimin’s approval spreads a warm sensation on his chest.

“Really?” he breathes out and when Jimin nods, Jeongguk pulls him against his chest and locks lips with the shorter male without a second thought. Jimin lets out a squeak of surprise at the sudden movement, but quickly adapts and finds himself kissing back immediately.

They move lips against each other slowly, savoring the contact and all the sensations that make their bodies tinggle in happiness. It feels so good, so perfect. Jeongguk thinks perfect is not enough to describe this feeling. Jimin’s lips are soft and plump, tinted a beautiful red now that they’ve been abused. It feels so good to finally kiss him that Jeongguk thinks he could pass out from the simply contact.

When they pull apart, both of them are breathing a bit harsh against each other’s mouths, foreheads pressed and Jeongguk rubs his nose against Jimin’s, making the other chuckle adorably.

When Jimin opens his eyes Jeongguk is looking at him with such adoration he feels overwhelmed, his chest gets filled with a warm feeling and joy comes flowing out from his pores.

They stare at each other, a couple of brown eyes focused directly to the other's honey-brown orbs, and when they are leaning in to kiss again the door of the kitchen gets opened suddenly, the yells and high-pitched laughs from the children invading the previous quietness of the kitchen. 

The two young boys pull apart immediately at the intrusion, both blushing at being caught kissing in a kids party. But it’s Seokjin, who simply smirks at them with a mischievous glint on his eyes.

“Oh~ Sorry for interrupting but the kids were getting impatient with the cake.” Jeongguk clears his throat as he scratches the back of his neck nervously, Jimin has turned around and started to put the candles atop the cake with shaky fingers after a mumbled apology at forgetting he was supposed to bring the cake. Soekjin laughs, amused at their cuteness.

The rest of the party goes smoothly, Jeongguk glues himself next to Jimin with sneaky fingers touching everywhere, and Jimin getting all flustered and blushing as the other keeps his ministrations rather shamelessly. Seokjin watches them amusedly, they are so cute.

When the party finally ends and all the kids and parents have left, Jeongguk and Seokjin start cleaning as Jimin puts Sungjae to bed. The kid was so excited to play all afternoon with his friends that when they left he almost fell asleep immediately on the couch due to exhaustion.

“I see it went well.”  Seokjin elbows the younger softly with a knowing smirk, Jeongguk’s cheeks tint a cute pink and gives his hyung a side-glance, shy to look at him properly.

“Yeah… Thank you.” Seokjin shrugs it off casually, patting the younger’s back with a warm smile.





Jeongguk parked his car just in front of Jimin’s building, since it was late in the evening he was lucky enough to find a spot to stop his car and take his time to kiss the older goodbye.

Jimin groans when Jeongguk’s hand squeezes hard at his thigh, really close to his crotch, his own hands tangled on Jeongguk’s hair to stop him from moving away, as if the younger would want to pull apart form those sinful lips. This kiss is more passionate, with tongues touching, nibs and tugs and so, so good.

Jimin tries to lean back to catch some fresh air to fill his lungs with but Jeongguk follows him forward to catch his bottom lip between his teeth, pulling at it until it slips back into place, grinning wide at Jimin’s lust-filled face. Jimin drags one of his hands on Jeongguk’s hair down his neck and moves away the offending fabric that covers Jeongguk’s beautiful collarbones as he leans down to leave an open-mouthed kiss there, sucking hard as Jeongguk lets out growl of satisfaction.

Jimin gives him a last kiss before pulling away definitely, laughing as Jeongguk tries to get closer but fails as he hits his knee with the handbrake. It’s difficult to make-out in a car.

“I should go back inside.” whispers Jimin with swollen lips, they’ve been a it for half hour and although it feels good it’s kind of cramped here inside the car. “We can meet tomorrow and go on a date, maybe?”

Jeongguk pulls him in for another short kiss before nodding and whispering with rough voice a yes that makes Jimin want to curl beside the younger and kiss him senseless.

Jimin, finally, steps out the car ten minutes later after sharing a long goodbye kiss, and throws a glance over his shoulder to see Jeongguk looking at him from inside the car with intense eyes, so he gives a little wave and directs his steps to his front door. 

Jimin uses the minutes in the elevator to calm his beating heart and dares to look at himself on the mirror, grinning wide as he sees the mess he’s right now with swollen and red lips, cheeks flushed and locks of hair pointing everywhere. Jimin can’t wait to see Jeongguk again.

He jostles his keys out of his pocket and just when he’s about to open the door he hears rushed footsteps from behind him. He has no time to turn around by himself to see who’s making his way towards him, because in a blink of an eye, he finds himself with his back pressed flush against his door, trapped under a giant body and lust-filled eyes giving him such intense stare he could melt right now.
Jimin tries to open his mouth to ask Jeongguk why he’s here, he’s supposed to be on his way to his apartment, but the younger cuts him before he can inhale air to start speaking, locking their lips in a heated kiss, so urgent and needy. Jimin moans enthusiastically, beautiful sound going straight to Jeongguk’s member, the same that has been pulsing inside his pants for the last hour, yelling at Jeongguk to give it some attention.

When they pull away, both are breathing harsh and Jimin’s heart has picked its peace again and, really, he’s afraid he’s going to pass out before he can even start to do anything with the younger.

“Sorry, I just- I couldn’t-“ Jeongguk is trying hard to formulate words but he’s horny, all his blood is located south, and it’s kind of true boys can only think with their dicks.

“Let- let me open the door at least.” laughs Jimin turning around. He’s surprised to find the keys still on the palm of his hand taking in consideration the brutallity in which Jeongguk maneuvered him around, and with shaky fingers searches for the right key that will open the door and will let them fuck senseless all night. Jimin shudders, not sure if it’s for the mere thought of finally having Jeongguk on his bed, or because the younger has pressed his hard-on on his butt as one of his hand has sneaked under his shirt and started to trace patterns on his lower belly. Jimin is doing a poor job at concentrating, he can’t properly fit the key in the lock when Jeongguk starts to suck on his neck, just under his jaw. It feels so good that Jimin considers letting Jeongguk fuck him right here in the halls for everyone to see, but that wouldn’t leave a good impression to his neighbors and Jimin has worked so hard to make them think he’s a responsible and nice young man.

He lets out a loud whimper of relief when the door clicks open and Jeongguk pushes him inside, closing the door with his foot, the loud thud echoing through the silent apartment.

The younger presses Jimin’s back against the wall in front of them and starts grinding, rotating his hips slowly and sensually against the other’s crotch, the friction making both males groan in unison. Jimin fist his tiny hands on Jeongguks shirt while opening his mouth to let Jeongguk push his tongue inside to dance with his, gasping when one of Jeongguks hands squeezes his ass-cheek hard, almost painfully, and Jimin is sure that when he looks at himself in the mirror the next morning Jeongguk’s fingertips will be imprinted beautifully red against his pale skin.

“Room.” growls the younger when they pull apart to breath, Jimin using the distance created to get rid of the taller’s shirt, throwing it aside without caring where it lands on. He hangs his index finger on Jeongguk’s belt loops and starts to walk to his room, never disentangling their lips form the messy and desperate kiss they are sharing.

It’s a short trip to the room full of tripping and almost falling moments, but when they finally get there, Jimin pushes the younger to the mattress and straddles his hips, grinding his ass down the prominent bulge on Jeongguk pants. Jimin’s hands rest on the other’s chest after pulling off his own shirt, his hands burning at the contact with the soft and heated skin underneath them. He promises himself to stop later to study properly that big tattoo that covers entirely the other’s chest. 

Jeongguk is almost lost in those brown orbs that look back at him darkened with lust, and rests both his hands on the other’s ass, pushing him down to cause more friction, making deep groans fill the room.

Jeongguk pushes himself up to suck at Jimin’s neck, but not with enough force to leave a mark, just enough to make a soft whimper scape form Jimin’s lips. The younger rolls them around and pushes Jimin’s body on the mattress, Jeongguk hovering above him with a predatory stare.

The teacher’s hands lock themselves on Jeongguk’s hair as the younger starts to trail down the length of his body with rough kisses and nibbling here and there to stop at the hem of Jimin’s jeans, amazed at the older’s taunt muscles. He’s not as ripped as Jeongguk, because the younger likes to go to the gym a lot, but his stomach is flat with the hint of abs, a sinful v line and prominent hip bones, firm pecs and biceps that bulge at the right size.

Jeongguk licks a long line on Jimin’s hipbone as he pops open the button of his jeans, earning him a gasp when his tongue travels a bit more down his groin. The younger pushes the jeans down alongside the underwear without breaking eye contact with the teacher, and smirks as Jimin licks his lips when he starts to undo his own pants.

He hooks his thumbs under his jeans, pushing the tight fabric a bit down his hips slowly, knowing full well how much Jimin wants to see.

“You are a fucking tease.” growls Jimin, pulling himself up to help the younger take off his pants. Jeongguk laughs but lets Jimin do as he pleases and makes him lay back down once the jeans get thrown away at some corner of the room. This Jimin is so different from the innocent and playful teacher he’s used to but, damn, he loves this side of him a lot.

Jeongguk uses his big hands to pull apart Jimin’s legs, making enough room for himself to fit between them and leans down to lick again at his groin, sinking his teeth there before sucking hard, Jimin gasps and tangles his fingers on black locks of hair at the sting on his lower region. Jeongguk sucks another mark next to the first and when he’s satisfied with the size he leans back to look at his work of art. He licks his lips in arousal at the image of Jimin breathing hard under him, legs spread wide and dick hard, ready to be touched. He grabs the base of Jimin’s cock and gives it a tentative squeeze, making Jimin moan, happy to have finally some contact where he wants it the most.

“Look at me, hyung.” demands Jeongguk with a rough voice, and Jimin obeys instantly breathing out a shaky moan as Jeongguk’s mouth gets closer to his dick and licks at the tip. He moans loud, and grips the bed sheets to restrain himself from bucking his hips up, but it turns out to be difficult task when Jeongguk licks a long stripe from the base to the tip of his cock, flattening his tongue at the tip. The fingers of his free hand start to travel down between the crack of his ass and pushes the meat apart to tease at Jimin’s entrance.

“Lube.” says Jeongguk, fist pumping slowly Jimin’s shaft.

“W-What?” Jimin is too far gone in pleasure to hear or comprehend anything.

“Where do you have the lube.” Jeongguk stops his ministrations on the other’s member, earning him an angry but adorable turned-on teacher, but he needs Jimin to be concentrated now. 

The teacher stops, trying to remember where he last saw the bottle of lube.

“Uhm…” Jeongguk quirks up his eyebrow, confused at the horrified face the teacher has. “I- I forgot to buy when I ran out of it…”

Jeongguk laughs, hands freeing completely his hold of the older’s member.


“Well, I don’t have exactly an active sexual life…” Jeongguk shouldn’t be amused at this but Jimin’s face is hilarious, cheeks flushed red because of embarrassment. “Don’t laugh idiot.” he whacks his arm in annoyance, but he’s smiling too, chuckling at the ridiculous situation. Jeongguk leans in to kiss him, making Jimin relax a bit.

“The store may be still open, I can go-“

“Don’t worry hyung, I’ll go.” says Jeongguk already pulling apart and standing, searching for something to cover his naked body.

“No! It’s my fault I’ll go and-“ but Jeongguk kisses him, efficiently shutting him up and making him swallow any complaints he was about to say.

“it’s on me, hyung.”


Jeongguk returns ten minutes later after and awkward moment at the store. The man at the cash register rose an eyebrow at him, amused at the fact that a young boy had to come this late at the store to buy condoms and lube. When he payed for his purchase the man gave him a creepy wink accompanied with a smirk that made chills run down his spine, and Jeongguk swears he’s not going there never again.

Jeongguk finds Jimin where he left him, sitting cross-legged under the bed sheets with a tiny pout, and approaches him while stripping from his clothes.

“You still on the mood?” asks Joengguk playfully, throwing the plastic bag next to the teacher, who blushes and averts his eyes from him, still embarrassed for making a fool of himself.

Jeongguk laughs softly, grabbing his chin to make Jimin look at him and pecks twice his lips. “It’s okay hyung.”

“Sorry…” Jimin mumbles but Jeongguk kisses away any trace of worry easily.

Jeongguk manages to have Jimin gasping for air and moaning his name ten minutes later with two fingers already buried deep his tight entrance.

“F-fuck” breathes out Jimin, thrusting his hips down in an attempt to make those long fingers go deeper inside of him. Jeongguk is moving them, scissoring his entrance to stretch the other enough to put in another finger.

Jeongguk pulls his hand away, making Jimin whimper at the feeling of being empty, and puts them back inside after lubing them more. This time three fingers stretch Jimin’s hole open, and the younger moves closer his face to Jimin’s groin again, sucking another hickey next to the other three he has already left there.

“Delicious.” groans Jeongguk with a husky voice, making Jimin’s breath hitch at the effect that voice has on his dick, twitching where it lays on his stomach, demanding some attention. Jeongguk complies, breathing hard to send hot waves of air while his fingers keep moving in and out with deep thrusts every time. 

Jimin is a mess, a beautiful one if you ask Jeongguk, and doesn’t know what to do apart from moan and grip at the younger’s shoulders with a bruising grip, his nails breaking a bit the skin there.

“J-Jeongguk- fuck” he wants to tell the younger to stop teasing him, to fuck him already but the way those fingers move in and out repeatedly makes impossible to say anything. He’s lucky Jeongguk is desperate by now, maybe another day when he’s in the mood to play the younger will make Jimin cum with only his fingers, but today the only thing he can think of is penetrating that pink hole already, so he pulls out his fingers slowly as to not hurt the elder, a dissatisfied sound escaping from Jimin’s lips as his hole clenches around nothing.

Jeongguk grabs the pack of condoms, slipping one down his length easily with experienced fingers and then goes for the bottle of lube half empty already because of the amount they used, mentally reminding himself to buy a bigger bottle for the next time, and lubes himself quickly while Jimin spreads his legs wider to accommodate the giant body that is about to wreck him. Jeongguk holds one of Jimins thighs up with one hand while the other directs his member to Jimin’s welcoming entrance, and both groan in pleasure as the tip of his cock starts to enter slowly.

Jeongguk only stops when he’s balls deep buried inside Jimin, hardening the grip he has on the other’s thigh as his mouth kisses the base of Jimin’s neck. The teacher is gasping, his arms thrown across Jengguk’s shoulders to have something to hold onto.

“M-move” Jimin gasps, nail scratching the taller’s shoulder blades. Jeongguk licks away the sweat accumulated on his upper lip and hoists Jimin’s thighs up to have a support as he starts to pull out just to thrust in again when he was almost out. He repeats the movement again and again as Jimin’s gasps fill the room, slowly rolling his hips  in between some hard thrust to search for that spot that will turn Jimin into a moaning mess. 

He knows he’s finally found it when Jimin lets out a loud and long moan, fingers tightening his grip on the younger’s back, and Jeongguk starts thrusting faster and deeper, trying to hit that sweet spot every time he thrusts back in, groaning in pleasure when Jimin clenches around him. 

“You are so- so tight.” stutters out Jeongguk while his hips keep hitting Jimin on his prostate wildly.

The heat enveloping him feels so good, Jimin is moaning directly in his ear and this makes him moan out loud too as his hips fasten its pace, ramming deliciously into Jimin. 

Jimin trails down his hands, feeling under his fingertips as the muscles at Jeongguk’s back move and clench at the ticklish sensation and stops to grope hard at Jeongguk’s ass-cheeks to push him down with every thrust he makes. The two are too fare gone to even kiss, only breathing hard into each other’s mouths and eyes half closed in pure bliss, Jeongguk’s thrusts starting to come a bit erratic as he feels heat pool at the base of his abdomen, he’s reaching his climax too fast, he knows, but Jimin is too sexy for his own good, so before he can lose track of where he is, one of his hands starts to pump Jimin’s member in rhythm with his thrusts, hard and fast.

Jimin moans, fingers tightening on the other’s butt and doesn’t feel sorry at all if he’s marking the skin there. He pushes his hips up to meet Jungkook’s half-way and starts clenching around when he can feel his orgasm approaching. By the way he gropes at him and moans out loud Jeongguk knows he’s close, just like him, so he quickens his movements of both his hips and hand until Jimin comes all over himself with a guttural moan, clenching hard around his shaft and throwing his head back, Jeongguk’s thrusts skip a beat or two before he comes inside Jimin with an animalistic growl that sends shivers running down Jimin’s spine, rolling his hips as the two ride out their orgasms.

They come down of their high a couple of minutes later, still breathing hard and Jeongguk still buried deep inside him.

“Wow” breathes out Jimin spreading his legs as Jeongguk starts to pull out his softened shaft slowly to not hurt him. The younger gets rid of the condom and cleans himself and Jimin before laying next to the elder with a satisfied smirk stuck on his mouth. The younger leaves a trail of kisses up Jimin’s neck as his fingers trace the marks he’s left on the other’s groin.

“You got a bit wild there.” laughs Jimin, moving his arm to pass it across the other’s shoulders so Jeongguk rests his head on his chest.

“Yeah, I’m a bit possessive.” admits Jeongguk without any trace of remorse.

“Then you should have marked my neck for everyone to see I’m taken.”

Jeongguk chuckles and pecks his chest. “I prefer marking places where only I can see.” Jimin shakes his head with a laugh at the smug expression Jeongguk makes, he’s a dork.

They fall silent after, fingers tracing skin gently, some kisses here and there, and Jeongguk feels so cozy and warm enveloped in Jimin’s arms he regrets taking so much time in taking the final step with the older. He feels complete, happy, and it’s only been three hours since they got together. He gives Jimin a glance to see the older already asleep with lips slightly parted and chest raising and falling along with his even breaths. Jeongguk curls around him tightening his hold around his torso and closes his eyes, drifting off to dreamland.


Jimin wakes up at the feeling of fingers tracing patterns on his back gently. He stirs, the joints of his body popping with the movement, and groans at the protest of his sore muscles.

“Good morning.” Jeongguk mouths at the base of his neck while his fingers trace down his back, stoping at the crack of his ass, middle finger teasing the skin between his cheeks. Jimin pushes his hips up against the fingers, whining as Jeongguk darts his hand away quickly with a chuckle.

Jeongguk makes the other turn around to plant a kiss on his mouth, a sweet morning kiss that has Jimin’s toes curling and sigh out a breath of contentment.

“Morning.” replies Jimin with a rough voice as his hands reach up to pull Jeongguk down to cuddle with him. “Why are you up so early?”

Jeonggok laughs at the crook of the other’s head as one of his hands smooth down the curvature of Jimin’s ass. “I was hungry so I made breakfast.” Jimin jerks away to look surprised at him with half-closed eyes, the adorable face making Jeongguk laugh at him.

“Why do you look so surprised.” says Jeongguk in half-offense, scrunching his face in a sad and exaggerated pout. Jimin kisses away the sad face in amusement, he didn’t know the cool and tough tattoo artist could be this adorable and dorky.

“I’m going for a shower first.” he raises from bed and gasps in surprise when Jeongguk slaps his ass, turning around to look with big eyes at a laughing Jeongguk.

“Sorry but you have a glorious ass, I couldn’t resist.” shrugs off casually the younger.

“Well, then join this glorious ass in the shower so it can give your little gukkie a morning kiss.” counters back Jimin already making his way to the bathroom.

Jeongguk has never raised so fast from bed.





“So… are you two a thing now or not?” asks Hyuna with big eyes looking at him with interest. Jimin licks his lips, nervous at the stare he’s receiving from Jeongguk’s co-workers, regretting coming here to pick up the younger form work.

The school has closed its doors for summer break and now Jimin has a lot of spare time for himself, that’s why he thought it would be nice to go see Jeongguk earlier than the hour they were supposed to meet, but Hyuna and Donghyuk started flooding him with questions the moment he put a foot in the studio, not even letting Jeongguk know he is here.

“Yeah, you should tell us.” adds Donghyuk with a sparkle on his eyes Jimin can’t quite figure it out. “Jeonguk came two days ago with a big-ass hickey on the neck and hasn’t told us much about it.”

“W-well, yes, I guess we are together.” admits Jimin, blushing as Hyuna boosts in joy.

“HA! Told you so, pay me.” she offers her palm to Donghyuk, who reluctantly takes out a ten dollars bill from his wallet to smash it on the other’s hand.

“Did you-“ Jimin’s voice gets cut as Jeongguk appears form nowhere and passes his arm around the shorter’s waist, nuzzling his neck.

“Why didn’t you call me before coming? I could have spared you meeting these two idiots.” Jimin smirks satisfied as the two mentioned growl their protests offended at the younger’s words.

“It was supposed to be a surprise.” Jimin kisses the other’s jaw, the only place he can reach without tiptoeing and offers him one of his blinding smiles. Jeongguk leans down to kiss him, ignoring the gagging sounds coming from the other two. When they pull apart, Hyuna and Donghyuk have left them alone so Jeongguk leans down for another kiss.

“What’s that?” asks Jeongguk eyeing curiously the plastic bag on Jimin’s hand.

“Oh, since we are supposed to take care of Sungjae this afternoon I thought I could buy his favorite cookies.” explains Jimin with a smile.

“So you bought cookies for the kid and nothing for me?” Jeongguk gives him a pout and Jimin snorts while rolling his eyes.

“Who do you think I am, Jeon Jeongguk? Of course I bought your favorites too.” he shakes the plastic bag on his hand to prove his point even though Jeongguk can’t see through the white plastic. The younger chuckles and gives the shorter another kiss.

“Okay then, let me grab my things and we can go.”

They leave the studio after ten minutes of Hyuna and Donghyuk teasing, even Jiyong joined them this time, making the younger blush and scowl at them with threats of never coming to the studio ever again.

Jeongguk interlocks his fingers with Jimin while they walk their way to Seokjin’s house, swaying his hands a bit when it suddenly hits him he forgot something really important. He stops abruptly, making Jimin stop too and turn around to look at him with worried eyes.

“You okay?

“I forgot to ask you something.” 

Jimin rises his eyebrows, wondering what is that so important that’s made the younger look so troubled. “What?”

“I never asked you to be my boyfriend.” Jimin opens his mouth, surprised because although they haven’t talked much about it he thought it was already clear they were together.

“Do you want to be my boyfriend?” Jimin blinks at him once, twice, with a poker face and then bursts out laughing, a fit of giggles darting out his mouth loudly and the younger looks offended that Jimin is laughing when he’s being serious about this. “Okay, you don’t need to laugh at me.”

“You are so cheesy.” Jimin wipes out the tears of his eyes as he steps closer to the younger, arms reaching up to the rest on his shoulders and Jeongguk averts his eyes, blushing at the smile Jimin is giving him, so adoring and full of love. It makes him feel warm, contented and happy, he has never felt like this before. 

“Of course I want to be your boyfriend, dummy.” Jimin stands on his tiptoes to kiss him and Jeongguk passes his arms around him tightly to hold him up. Jimin laughs again on his mouth, and Jeongguk finds himself cracking a laugh too, eyes creasing in happiness.

Jeongguk wants to laugh at the thought he had before about his life being perfect, because now that he has Jimin’s sunshine-like smile to brighten up his life he would like to talk with his past self and tell him that right now, with Jimin by his side everyday, his life is perfect.