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There had been glimpses. Glimpses of a world before the war, memories that flashed before ones eyes. Emotions that flickered and lingered in fragments across ones circuits. Something felt.. warm about this. Something that kept the mind away form its troubles. It felt so tempting to linger there, so inviting..

A white light enveloped the senses. A young voice called out in the silence.

"I'll go with you."

The light suddenly faded and became a jet black. A whirring noise rang in the ears...

"2B?" A familiar voice called out to her. "2B, Wake up."

Modules within came alive as she awoke from her dead slumber. Sitting up, she looked around her. Where was she?

"Welcome back to hell." A2 spoke curtly, standing above her. "Bet being revived wasn't on your list."

It wasn't hell, but it definitely wasn't heaven- or any otherworldly concept either. Where she lay was just an overgrown rooftop with her and A2 on it. As she looked around a little more, she noticed: there was nothing else here; No Pods, No Machines, No visor, No... She wiped off some moss that had grown attached to her hair and looked up at A2.

"I see you're alright... " She gave a small smile, but her voice gave a concerned note. "But... Where is 9S?"

A2 looked away and kicked a rock off the roof. There was a long pause, and before 2B could break the silence, A2 sighed. She turned away and walked towards a barely visible flight of stairs. "He's... here. Sorta."

2B stared at the other android for a moment and, after adjusting to her legs again, she followed behind A2. Her mind buzzed with questions, but when she asked, A2 only gave her silence. They went down another couple flights of stairs and a few mossy hallways. Soon they stopped at what looked to be an entrance to a room. A2 pointed into the room, her back turned to 2B. "He's there."

As 2B walked into the entrance, light flooded her vision for a moment. As her eyes refocused, the soft sunlight that shined through the cracks of the old building made it look almost surreal: There lay the young Scanner at rest, a familiar black pod hovering around him. She stood there for a moment, looking at him from afar.

Slowly, she approached him. The pod took note of this and silently floated towards A2.

9S looked so serene and at peace, and yet... He was lying still. A stillness 2B knew all too well, one that caused her very core to shake. She kept composure as she knelled next to him and picked him up, holding him in her arms. Her expression fell soft as she gingerly ran her fingers through his hair, cupped his cheek in her palm, looking at him like he was the world. "Nines...?" She spoke to him, her voice barely a whisper, "Nines, can you hear me...?"

A creaking noise came form behind her as A2 leaned against the doorway. "Even though his black box is giving off a signal, He... hasn't woken up yet. Edge Pod whatever here confirmed it." She clinked her knuckles against the floating pod.

"I... do not understand why Unit 9s has not awakened." The pod chimed in, its metallic voice sounding more of an androids than before. "We have preformed routine maintenance as scheduled. We have also attempted hacking his system for further information, yet yielded no results. There is only one conclusion."

2B's looked at the two in disbelief, then back to 9S. That... can't be...

Pod 153 floated over to 2B and confirmed in a somber tone. "Unit 9S's consciousness data has been lost."