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No Hero Yet No Villain

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There was a time in this world when heros and villains saw each other as pure evil. If you were a villain, no matter what crimes you could have committed to gain the title ‘villain’, you were treated as low as dirt, maybe with a bit of respect if you were strong enough. If you were a hero, almost the same applied. It didn't matter what you did or how you did it, as long as you helped to get rid of those considered villains, you were to be treated with the utmost respect and admiration.

Some nice people had become the most evil of villains by accident this way, and some terrible people were also treated as kings or queens by the public because of their hero status.

In this world, there was also the odd phenomenon of what most called a ‘soulmate mark’. This was simply a trait a person was born with that helped them to find their soulmate, such as being colorblind until making eye contact with a soul mate, a colorful band on one's wrist, first words spoken to one another on each other's body, a small symbol on one's body, and lots of other things.

For unknown reasons, the quirks one got around the age of four and one's soulmate mark were two in the same, meaning that if one did not have a quirk, there was a chance that they would not have a soulmate mark. Which left little to nothing in the cruel world for those unfortunate enough to be born what was later dubbed ‘quirkless and soulless’.

In this cold, complicated world, two boys were born. One who seemed to be born with everything, and another who seemed to be born with nothing. They both led the best lives that they could, not yet knowing of each other's existence, until the age of four and five, when one’s life seemed to be determined for him with no freedom, the others plans breaking as he found out they could never be true. The age that they got their quirks and soulmate identification.

The first boy, born with everything, gained power with greater potential than even his already powerful fathers. A mixture of fire and ice, one that any person looking to become a high up member of this twisted society would love. Up until four, to be honest, so had the boy. Yet there was one thing. The boy reached the age of four and gained his quirk, but no soulmate identification. By the time he was seven, no identification remained. His father grinned wildly, happy that this his son would not be dragged down by stupid love, and could instead focus on the plan he had set up for his son.

The second boy, born with nothing, reached the age of four with no soulmate identification and no quirk. “Wait a year, dear, I'm sure you're just a late bloomer” his mother said, smile wavering a little bit. Age five came and almost went, when the doctor told him he would never have either. At first, he couldn't believe it was true. It was too rare to be true. But it was. Bullying started soon after word got out, yet none of it ever hurt as much as the look his mother now gave him when he said he would someday be a hero. A look that didn't believe.

Though both boys didn't know it, in the next decade their fates would go crashing wildly into each other as they met, throwing each other onto completely new tracks as one after another they barged into each others lives. They would not only affect the other's life to a great extent, but also the lives of all those around them.

Both these boys would change the way that the heroes and villains looked at eachother in this world for a long time to come, destroying the notion that all villains were pure evil, and all heros were pure good.

The reason that they would affect both these worlds so harshly? Well, because when they were young, before hey met, fate shaped out a cruel path for both of them. Both didn't have great youth, and things happened. Because one of them world become a grand hero, and the other, a grand villain.