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To His Dear One, Most Fondly

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To His Dear One, Most Fondly


To my precious love
For whom my heart flutters
Like a dove;
Why do you not stay?
Tell me,
What is it that drives
Thee away?

Can you not see
I desire you so?
That when you’re
Around my eyes
Light with a glow?

Or how my cheeks burn
With a passionate flame
When you glide nearby with
Your golden, glittering mane?

Yet, my darling,
Beg as a may,
You always refuse me
the warmth of your

It does not matter,
My lovely,
How much
You snub me.
I shall always cherish.
I shall always adore,
Until the raven declares
My life

And so I await
And prepare for the day
When forever by my side
You have chosen to stay.

Until then, faithfully yours
I bid you adieu.
Just always remember,
How much I love you.