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Tale's Of A World Travailing Witch

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Chapter One: The Other World’s Singularity


Wisteria Lily Potter had odd luck some would say. Wisteria would just say that Fate and Luck were conniving little bitches that loved to see shit happen to her and would then proceed to find the first place with alcohol and get dead drunk. After the end of the wizarding war Steria as her friends called her had waited for things to change, such as the law’s on magical beings and creatures. What she didn’t expect was that nothing would change at all. Though in hindsight the black haired girl would admit that she should have known better by then. It would be up to her to change it and she did, with extreme prejudice.


It all started when five months after the war she was sitting in Grimmauld place one overcast morning nursing a rather horrific hangover. This was sadly about the norm for her. The small woman had decided early on after the whole war was over that alcohol was one of the finest inventions ever and would drink until she passed out at least once a week.


Usually wednesday.


Today was tuesday and she was suffering from her overindulgence. The five foot one seventeen year old was clenching her tea cup like her life depended on it and waiting for the hangover cure to start it’s magic when an owl came swooping in and dropped the morning paper on her table. Blinking blury green eyes at the aforementioned paper she very carefully reached out and grabbed it. Narrowing her eyes lightly Wisteria read the front page.


And proceeded to spit out her tea which she had been drinking.


There in big bold letters was the title ‘Minister for Magic signs in a new bill, All Wizards and Witches over the age of seventeen must marry.’


The last Potter reread the Title once again hoping beyond hope that Luna was just screwing with her and had written the article. She checked the writer's name. Nope, not Luna. Now rather infuriated by the article that basically was saying something to the tune of ‘Because of the war and unfortunate loss of life PureBlood houses were down to the last members and must pair to reproduce more magical children.’ The article said nothing of the ‘mundane’ borns as they were now called, only those who belonged to noble houses. Halfbloods and Purebloods in other words.


Growling faintly to herself Wisteria carefully stood from her chair and walked over to the kitchen fire place. Grabbing the green powder out of a small jar on the mantelpiece she tossed it in and clearly stated “The Rook.” and proceeded to wait for an answer. Several minutes later a young blond woman with large gray eyes appeared in the fire.


“I see you must have read the paper already.” Luna Lovegood stated in her signature dreamy voice. “Is it time to implement plan number Twenty Three?”  


“Yes, I’ll meet you at the Ministry in about an hour can you call everyone and arrange a wizengamot?” Wisteria asked. The woman in the fireplace nodded and disappeared, the fire returned to it’s regular color not a second after.


The last Potter sighed and looked down at the floor. She really did not want to do this but she had no choice. It was time to drag the wizarding world kicking and screaming into the twenty first century whether it wanted to or not.


Wisteria closed her eyes and centered herself. She could do this. No, She would do this. Opening her eyes the black haired girl gave a determined nod and drank the rest of her tea. It was nearing the time and she had to be ready.


What followed would go down in history as the most bloodless takeover in the history of the wizarding world. At precisely twelve o’clock that day Wisteria Potter took the center stage of the Wizengamot and called in every life debt that was owed to her. The Potter Heiress then proceeded to tear down the old government and re establish it where one could not take a Government Office without a very complicated vow on their magic that basically amounted to ‘For the People by The People’ and some others about not accepting bribes or allow for one to be controlled by magic. ( Some people would latter look at this and wonder why no one had thought to do so before as it basically made the Imperious impossible. ) It goes without saying that this gave Wisteria many new enemies. Some were appalled by the fact that blood purity meant virtually nothing now except for the fact that they retained their nobility. Others just were outraged that she managed to make it impossible to influence the government without some serious consequences. It was this that started the end of her life in that world. Oh, she did not die of course or there would be no tale to tell but none the less it would be her last time in that world.


Now it had been about three months after that day in the Ministry and Wisteria was being cautious or in her friends opinions over pairanoid. The new Ministry was going great and most loved it with the old bloodlines being one of the notable exceptions. The last Potter was taking every precaution she could think of up to and including taking a shrunken trunk full of things such as potion ingredients, books, clothes, and to her friends astonishment the entire Vault of the Potter family. ( She had left the Black Vault to Teddy her godson and his grandmother Andromeda. ) Hermione had called her pairanoid and offered to take her to a psychiatrist while Luna had given her some presents to go in the trunk with the instructions to ‘Open them when it happened.’ That last statement had made her start to question once again if the ditzy blond was able to see something others couldn't. Her other friends had just shrugged and thought that she was making something out of nothing. ‘After all,’ they would say ‘What can the Purebloods do without making things worse for themselves.’


This day however would prove them all wrong. Wisteria had come to work for the Unspeakables after the non hostile takeover. The hooded people had actually liked the changes she had made and decided to recruit her. She had agreed after getting them to sign a document that stated that they could not experiment on her or get anyone else to do so. Now it had been a month sense Wisteria had started working there and she would freely admit that she enjoyed it. Finding out new things about magic was amazing to her. The seventeen year old had decided to work in the department of experimental magic and she was having a great time finding out new spells and which way the magic actually worked. For example Magic itself was sentient but not in a way that was easily understandable. It was like trying to talk to someone that spoke ancient Latin while you were speaking today's Latin. In other words it was similar but so different that you could only get the gist of what one was saying.


Today The last Potter was working on an ancient version of a Portkey. She was to compare it to the spell that was used now. The black haired young woman was working at her station completely fixated on what she was doing.


That was a mistake. For she did not see that one of her fellow workers was acting quite different than usual. The tall blond haired man was usually shy and never really looked anyone in the face. That day however the man stood tall and held a sneer on his face whenever he looked in her direction. It was only when his wand was pointed at her that the woman looked up feeling someone with ill intentions. The man uttered a spell just as the portkey activated hitting the small wood carving of a bird that she had been using as a portkey.


The results were... odd. His curse had meant as an early version of the banishing spell and was generally used to send people, not items flying. The old version of the portkey spell however had been made to take one form one place to another just as the ones of today did but had been scrapped after almost killing someone by dumping them in the ocean twelve weeks in the past. This all combined made the magic highly unstable and magic being sentient had cut that piece of magic and flung it. Now this would usually just kill the one holding the portkey by rendering them into nothingness but you have to remember that Fate and Luck had it out for Wisteria.


Well that and a rather disgruntled Magi in another dimension happened to have a memory like a leaky sieve and in his temper at a certain Purple haired King mispronounced a word during his spell practice and dumped a entirely different Singularity into the world.