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Why Not Both?

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It was three in the morning, Monday, when the smell woke Dean. He had been sleeping soundly in his dorm room when the urge to vomit struck him like a freight train. The acrid aroma of rotten eggs filled his entire building, and they had all been forced to evacuate. Apparently, there was a gas leak.

“This fucking blows,” Dean muttered to Charlie, his best friend, on their walk to the parking lot. “Like, how am I supposed to get my shit out of my room if we aren’t even allowed back in the building? What am I supposed to wear to class tomorrow? I don’t even have shoes!” Dean grumbled further. The fire alarm had sounded in order to have the building evacuated, and he hadn’t had time to grab anything, much less remember to grab some shoes, on his way out the door.

“Dean,” Charlie started, already fed up with Dean’s complaining. “I’m sure they will fix the gas leak soon and we will probably all be able to return by tomorrow anyways. Try and stay positive, yeah?” Dean tended to be relatively pessimistic with most things, and Charlie did her best to keep him from wallowing in it.

“Yeah, fine. Whatever.”


As it turns out, the gas leak was not fixed the next day, and so Charlie, Dean, and everyone else who lived in that dorm, were forced to go to classes in their pajamas (and barefoot for Dean).

They were also all assigned new rooms.

All of the dorm rooms in Dean’s building had been emptied, and students’ belongings were lining the parking lot. They had shoved everything into trash bags with the dorm room numbers written on them. Dean and Charlie walked back together after classes on Monday to retrieve their belongings, and as usual, Dean was complaining.

“I got reassigned to M21, on the 3rd friggin’ floor, Charlie. And, I have two roommates! How did I go from living on my own to sharing a bathroom with two other people?” Dean shouted in Charlie’s direction as they walked to grab their belongings from in front of their old dorm.

“It’s not so bad, I lived on the third floor my entire freshman year. That was pretty much the only exercise I ever got, and now I’ve got thighs of steel. Besides, you haven’t even met who you’re going to be rooming with, Dean. For all you know they could be totally awesome, like me!” Charlie said with a smug smile. “Do you know their names?”

“Uh, yeah. I think it’s Castiel and James, maybe? Or was it Jimmy…” Dean pondered, not remembering the names from the email he had received with his new living arrangements several hours before.

Charlie’s eyes shot up to Dean’s at the mention of his new roommates. “The Novak twins?” Charlie questioned him urgently.

Dean’s face scrunched in confusion. “Who?”

“Don’t tell me you haven’t heard of the Novak twins, Dean. They are basically famous around campus,” Charlie said with a skeptical look on her face. When Dean replied with a shrug of his shoulders, Charlie went into the story about who the Novak Twins were, and what reputation they held.

The Novak twins were Juniors like both Charlie and Dean, and had been attending this University since they were freshman. They were both 21, and were completely identical except that Jimmy liked his hair longer. They were always together, and some people say that they were ACTUALLY together, but of course Charlie thought that was just a dumb rumor. They were also apparently always getting into trouble, whether from getting caught with booze or staying out past curfew.

Oh, and they were both really fucking attractive.

“Well that’s just great. I’m gonna be living with a pair of identical annoyances,” Dean complained to Charlie.

“Hey, it might not be that bad!” Charlie tried.

Dean gave her a skeptical look and Charlie stopped trying to convince him otherwise. Instead they continued with their trash bags to their new dorms.


“Did you get the email?” Jimmy said frantically to Castiel while he was attempting to finish writing his paper that was due the next morning. He had just found out from his RA after getting a suspicious email that one of the dorms was being rehoused, and one such student from that dorm was going to be occupying the third bed in their room. He was less than pleased at the idea, and it seemed that Jimmy had just heard the news himself.

“Yes, Jimmy. I got the email. I already talked to Bart and he says there’s nothing we can do about it.” Castiel tells his brother with an air of annoyance in his voice. Castiel hated that he and Jimmy would now be sharing their room with a third. They had a strong desire for privacy when it came to their relationship, and having someone around all the time was definitely going to be a problem.

Jimmy groaned in mutual frustration at this news and got up out of his own chair and crossed the room to the door. It seemed he was going to try and talk to Bartholomew regardless of what Castiel said.

Several minutes passed, and Castiel had begun working on his paper once more. Jimmy returned noisily, slamming the door to their room upon his return, grumbling under his breath about how Bart could take his rules and shove them somewhere unpleasant.

“Jimmy, I already told you—” Castiel started to say, but was cut off when Jimmy walked over to Castiel’s chair, took his laptop and set it on the desk, and then swung his leg over Castiel’s, successfully mounting him. Jimmy hugged Castiel around his waist and laid his head on Castiel’s shoulder in an attempt to seek comfort. More than willing to oblige his brother, Castiel wrapped his arms around Jimmy as well and rubbed his back while whispering soothing words against the top of his head.

“It’ll be okay, little brother,” Castiel rubbed Jimmy’s long hair down. “We’ll be okay. No one is going to find out. Dean will never have to know anything, Jimmy.”

Jimmy shook his head where it remained on Castiel’s shoulder. Castiel felt dampness on his sleeve, signifying that Jimmy had been crying. “No, Cas. It’s not okay,” Jimmy muttered through his tears. “We already can’t be together in public or around any of our friends. Now we can’t even be together in private? I’m never going to be able to kiss you again, Cas. We can never make love, you can never tie me up and fuck me again. If not in our own room then where can we go?” Jimmy screamed at his brother, clearly not caring if he was heard through the walls. Jimmy started sobbing uncontrollably and Castiel decided he’d had just enough of it.

Castiel stopped rubbing Jimmy’s back and used both of his hands to cup Jimmy’s cheeks and forced him to make eye contact with him. “That’s enough, Jimmy. You will not think like that. You will not give up. We are going to be fine. I love you, Jimmy, but you have to stop this nonsense,” Castiel tried to emphasize the importance of his words with a chaste kiss to the lips, but in his desperation, Jimmy pulled Castiel back in when he’d tried to separate their mouths.

Their kiss was dominated by Jimmy’s fear and Castiel’s love for his brother. A breathy moan escaped Castiel’s lips when Jimmy swiped his tongue along Castiel’s teeth, seeking entrance into his mouth. Castiel, more than happy to oblige, opened his lips to let his brother’s warm tongue take over his mouth. They stayed like this, kissing passionately, for several minutes, Castiel biting Jimmy’s bottom lip hard enough to receive a broken “Cas,” from his brother.

Castiel was hardening in his pants, and by the way Jimmy was rutting against his stomach, his brother was just as hard.

“Jimmy,” Castiel said, voice low and ragged, when Jimmy transitioned from kissing his lips to sucking a bruise on the sensitive skin behind Castiel’s ear, still making small jerking motions with his hips in an attempt at some friction. Castiel groaned when Jimmy used his teeth to nibble at the skin, causing Castiel to rut back against his brother as Jimmy had been doing to him for some time.

“Jimmy,” Castiel tried again. “We really shouldn’t. Dean could be here soon.” Jimmy whimpered when Castiel used his hands to shove their bodies apart, and when Castiel looked at Jimmy’s face, he could see where the tear streaks had dried on his skin. He suddenly had the urge to kiss away all of Jimmy’s pain.

“Please…” Jimmy begged as Castiel placed soft kisses on the tear tracks on Jimmy’s face. “Who knows when we will get to do this again,” Jimmy said with tears beginning to fall anew. He hesitated slightly before saying, “I need you, sir.”

Castiel growled deep in his throat at those words, and he immediately stopped kissing Jimmy so he could concentrate on not dropping his brother when he stood up from his chair. Jimmy wrapped his legs around his brother’s waist and started kissing Castiel’s neck again while muttering his appreciation for Castiel’s change of heart.

When Castiel had walked far enough to be at the foot of his bed, he promptly released Jimmy and dumped him on his back in front of him. Taking off his jacket, Castiel crawled onto the bed and placed his legs and arms on either side of Jimmy, effectively crouching over top of him.

“What is it you need, Jimmy? Tell me exactly or I’ll give you nothing,” Castiel demanded, eyes gone dark with lust for his brother.

“Please, Cas…” Jimmy blushed, unable to look at his brother. “I need you to fuck me.” His voice came out as a whisper, but that was all Castiel needed to hear before he was ripping Jimmy’s shirt off. He started by grabbing both of Jimmy’s wrists and placing them over Jimmy’s head on the mattress.

“These don’t move, got it?”

Jimmy nodded in reply, clearly eager to please his brother. “Yes, sir.” Castiel grinned at this and promptly bent down and started placing wet, sloppy kisses down Jimmy’s torso, stopping at his navel and swirling his tongue around inside. Jimmy started squirming at Castiel’s ministrations, and his hands started reaching for his brother’s hair. This was promptly reprimanded with a slap to the stomach.

“Ah!” Jimmy yelped at the sudden, unexpected contact. Castiel let up kissing his brother for a moment to reply. “I told you not to move your hands, Jimmy,” and just as quickly he started back at Jimmy’s abdomen, kisses trailing further south until he reached the line of Jimmy’s pants.

Just as Castiel started undoing Jimmy’s button to remove his pants so he could continue torturing his brother with kisses, a loud series of knocks was heard from the door of their dorm room. Castiel quickly redid Jimmy’s pants, a frown now evident on his face from the interruption. Jimmy let out an almost pathetic whimper when Castiel started to get up, and the noise nearly broke Castiel’s heart in two. He swooped down to place a kiss on Jimmy’s lips before whispering in his ear.

“We will finish this later, Jimmy. Please put your shirt back on.” It was a command, though a heartfelt one, and Jimmy was putting his shirt on quickly as Castiel made his way over to the door. Castiel did his best to adjust his jeans and make sure his hard on wasn’t noticed by whoever it was at the door. When Castiel opened the door, a tall, brown haired, green eyed man was standing outside of it with a few trash bags full of belongings trailed behind him.

Castiel stood silent, giving the stranger a once over before choosing to speak. The stranger opened his mouth a few times, but words never exited.

“You must be Dean,” Castiel moved to the side, holding the door open so the stranger, probably his new roommate, could enter.

“Uh, yeah,” Dean replied, somewhat awkwardly. “I haven’t been given a key yet, and Bartholomew said you guys were in here, so, here I am.” Dean took a few steps forward into the room, dragging his trash bags along with him. At this point Jimmy had his shirt on and had walked to stand by Castiel, probably for emotional support, and his erection seemed to have disappeared completely from his distress coming back full force.

“I’m Castiel,” he said, sticking his hand out in Dean’s direction to shake. His hand was received promptly, Dean’s hand was firm in his. Castiel looked to Jimmy expectantly, but when he made no move to introduce himself Castiel rolled his eyes. “And this is Jimmy.” Jimmy nodded in Dean’s direction but made no move to look at him, instead pointing his eyes at the floor and stepping behind Castiel slightly.

Dean’s eyes squinted at Jimmy’s lack of hospitality, and he nodded back in his direction. “Right,” he spoke quietly to the room. “So, where should I put all this? I assume one of these beds is mine, and I see three dressers and three desks so… Just let me know which ones.”

Castiel stepped in the direction of the beds. Since they delivered the third mattress and frame this morning, they had moved everything so that Jimmy’s bed was on the right wall, and Castiel’s bed was on the left wall with Dean’s bunked on top of his. There were two desks between the beds, Castiel’s and Jimmy’s, while Dean’s desk was on the wall opposite. Two dressers were at the foot of each bed, and Dean’s dresser was in the wall of the closet. The bathroom entrance was on the right wall in front of Jimmy’s dresser.

“This bed is yours,” Castiel told Dean, pointing towards the only bunked bed in the room. “This desk, and that dresser in the closet. And you can have the empty shelf in the bathroom we cleared for you this morning.” Dean smiled at Castiel, grateful for the effort they had made at giving him some space in their room.

Castiel and Jimmy stood in front of the door, about a foot apart, for the entire time Dean was making his bed and throwing some things on his desk. There was an awkward tension in the room and neither twin was sure if they should speak, and Jimmy kept letting out little whimpers which earned him several stern looks from Castiel.

“Jimmy,” Castiel scolded him at a particularly loud one. Loud enough that it also startled Dean, who turned around and looked at the twins, confusion written on his face.

“Okay… Um, so, is it cool if I take a quick shower? Haven’t had one since like two days ago since I couldn’t get one this morning.” It was clear Dean was as uncomfortable as they were, and Dean taking a shower would at least let Jimmy and Castiel be alone for a few minutes.

Castiel nodded at Dean, not seeing a point in saying anything. It was Dean’s room now, too. He didn’t need to have permission to use the shower. Dean muttered a thanks and quickly gathered what he needed and headed into the bathroom.

The moment the water was running Jimmy’s little whimpers turned into chest-heaving sobs. Castiel turned towards his brother as soon as he heard Jimmy losing it again and pulled him into a tight embrace, Jimmy’s head resting against his shoulder as his tears stained Castiel’s shirt. He rubbed comforting circles on Jimmy’s back and placed his fingers in Jimmy’s hair, scratching at the base of his skull.

“It’s gonna be okay, Jimmy. You’ll see. I love you so, so much, and no one is gonna take that away from us. That, I promise you.” Jimmy only cried harder when Castiel started whispering soothing words in his ear, and grabbed onto Castiel with everything he had.

“I’m just so scared, Cas. What if he catches us doing something and reports us, or, or,” Jimmy hiccuped, “what if he thinks we are disgusting and then he tells everyone. I can’t go through that, I just can’t.” They stood like that, Jimmy still sobbing with Castiel’s arms wrapped around him, until Jimmy started shaking less and the sobs turned back into quiet whimpers. When Castiel heard the water from the shower turn off, he picked Jimmy’s head up from his shoulder, and held his brother’s face in his hands. He gave Jimmy a once over, and used his thumbs to wipe the tears from Jimmy’s cheeks. “You gonna be okay?” Jimmy nodded, and Castiel peppered several kisses to Jimmy’s face before grabbing his hand and giving it a small squeeze. “I love you, Jimmy.”

They parted ways and were both sitting at their desks, facing each other, when Dean emerged from the bathroom with only a towel around his waist, hair still dripping wet.

“I forgot my clothes,” Dean explained, cheeks flushing pink when both twins stared at him with wide eyes. He quickly walked toward his dresser in the closet, pulled out a few items of clothing and made his way back to the bathroom to get dressed. With the door closed, Castiel turned back to his brother and gave him a wide smirk and a raised eyebrow at Dean’s trek across the room with most of his wet, muscular body on display. Jimmy’s eyebrows knitted together and he grimaced a little, obviously still not in a good enough mood to enjoy Dean’s appearance with Castiel right now. Castiel gave up trying to cheer up his brother for the moment, and turned around in his chair to open his laptop and do some work. Dean took that moment to walk back out into the room, fully clothed this time. He mumbled something about having lunch with someone named Charlie and then quickly made his exit. Castiel waved him goodbye, figuring it best to make nice with Dean so that living together wouldn’t be a living hell. As Castiel sat at his desk, his mind kept thinking back to Dean, shirtless and dripping wet. He wouldn’t quickly forget what he had just seen, and he was sure that he’d be seeing a lot more where that came from.