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The Disk

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It was the label that grabbed his attention.  He picked it up to examine it more closely.  It looked no different to the others.  Small and black with nicely printed glyphs on the side.  Nothing unusual.  He didn’t often find many interesting reads on these small disks.  It was usually statistical data.  Very boring.  However, on the odd occasion he had uncovered some useful information.  Tonight, he thought, was one of those nights.

Curiosity threatened to boil over as Brainstorm quickly subspaced his treasure and made his way out of his rivals lab - remembering to carefully lock the door behind him.  As he entered his own he was bouncing on his pedes, a sinful smile under his faceplate.  So why would Perceptor label the disk “DRIFT?" 

Could it be some kind of anagram, a code name perhaps to a huge breakthrough in science?  The label may have been an attempt to confuse, to keep safe from sabotage attempts.  OK, that sounds kind of stupid…  Who would want to steal his research anyway?  Oh yeah.   

Wingtips quivering with barely contained anticipation Brainstorm shoved the disk into his drive.  He strummed his digits idly on his bench top.  There were a lot of files on this disk, all with quite peculiar names.  Shrugging he clicked open the first one.

It was a video.   The scene was of a very dimly lit room.  The camera was focused in on an extra large recharge slab in the center, where to Brainstorms astonishment, lounged Drift.  He was lying in a very seductive manner.  He looked quite different to what he did now.  No swords, a lot less armor and no fraction symbol.  Younger looking.  Although, he still appeared every inch as curvy and enticing.  If you were into that sort of thing of course.  Brainstorm had no particular interest for sports car models, however, what he was seeing in front of him now certainly begged for his consideration.

As he watched another mech entered the room.  The mech looked larger than Drift and a bit boxer in frame.  He immediately crouched between Drifts legs and stated caressing his inner thighs.  Drift let out a theatrical wine and spread his legs further apart letting his helm fall backwards.  The larger mech started to slowly lick his way up his thigh panel towards his pelvic region.  The camera then focused in on Drifts panel opening and…

Brainstorm sat up quickly.  What the frag?  He clicked out of the file and scanned the rest.  They all had – now that he had a good look at them – very scandalizing titles.  “Wet in the Washracks”... “Bound in the Berth”, “Imminent Interface”…  Oh for the love of Primus…  What was Perceptor doing with a large stack of porn?  And of none other than the TIC himself!

After much internal debate, Brainstorm came to the conclusion he needed to view all the contents on this disk.  Just to make sure there was no hidden research of course. 

Well he had nothing else planned for tonight…