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As It Has For So Many Years

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Kowalski opens the cabin door and in steps Vecchio, dressed for a Chicago winter, not for the Territories.

“Vecchio? What the….?”

Vecchio quickly glances at the Stetson on the hat-hook and the High Browns just inside the door, then hisses “shhh” and pushes Kowalski against the wall. He forces his tongue into Kowalski’s mouth and his hand into Kowalski’s pants.

Kowalski resists at first, but then his resolve crumbles, the scales tipping in Vecchio’s favor.

Fraser appears from the bedroom – his and Kowalski’s bedroom. He stares silently at the two Rays kissing...and touching...and rubbing.

A voice from beyond the grave murmurs disapprovingly that “those Yanks are such bastards”. Fraser turns towards the sound of his father’s voice as it begins singing “I told my kid a hundred times, don’t take the Rays for granted”. Fraser corrects him, saying “No, Dad, it’s ‘I told that kid a hundred times, don’t take the Lakes for granted’.” Whereupon Bob, undaunted, points at the Rays and sings “They go from calm to a hundred knots so fast they seem enchanted.”

Kowalski and Vecchio, still clutching each other, turn towards Fraser. Vecchio says, “If you want to watch, you go through the store to the back room. If you don't come alone, we won't be there.” Kowalski adds, “And Ben...bring some quarters.”

Fraser awakens abruptly, making an anguished sound that rouses Kowalski. Diefenbaker senses the wakefulness of his pack-mates and wuffles an inquiry to Fraser, who responds with “Yes, and it’s quite inexcusable.”

Kowalski nudges Fraser and says “Dief and I figure this is about a dream, right? And you’re blaming yourself for dreaming whatever it was, right? Well...don’t. Just let the dreamcatcher take it."

And as it has for so many years, that's what the dreamcatcher does.