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Clarke often wondered how the hell her life had tuned out so shit at such a young age. Being born an omega in Arkadia, Oklahoma meant that from birth she has been treated like a second-class citizen, but being caught in bed with her boyfriend, 20-year-old alpha Bellamy Blake, when she was 18, just made everything even worse. Her and Bellamy had been forced to marry by their parents, because god forbid an omega should have more than one sexual partner in their life time, but whilst he was allowed to carry on going to college she has been forced to give up all of her dreams and stay at home like the good omega wife she should be. Luckily, she had a job doing the books at Sinclair’s Garage to help pass the time waiting for Bellamy to come home for the holidays, but now that he is home permanently she has also been forced to give that up as well.

Now, she is four days off her 21st birthday and miserable in her life. She has a husband who isn’t afraid to slap her around to get his own way and who regularly cheats on her. She isn’t allowed to have any other friends, except for Bellamy’s 18-year-old omega sister Octavia and isn’t allowed to have a job because that would create the impression that her husband, her alpha couldn’t support her financially, which of course Bellamy couldn’t allow.

The only things that have kept her sane over the past few years are her father, brother and the fact that even though her and Bellamy are married, they are not yet mated. Her father, Jake, knows exactly what being an omega in the small town of Arkadia is like and he has been her rock her entire life. She honestly doesn’t know what she would do without him and his constant support. Her brother, Aden, is a beta and he supports her just as much as her dad does. She knows that he will be leaving for college next year though, so he will not be around for her. As for the mating issue, well Bellamy wants to change that in her next heat. He plans on giving her, his bite, but not letting her bite him in return because that would mean that he wouldn’t have the desire to have sex with Gina from the diner and all of the one night stands he has whenever he goes to the bar, which is something that he will never stop doing. The only reason that he hasn’t bit her yet is because she would have gone into abandonment when he was away at college, but now that he is back there is nothing stopping him.

The last thing that she wants is to be mated to him or bare his children. She has two weeks to escape him this shit whole of a town. This is something that she has been planning for months and she is now counting down the days until she leaves. Everything is ready, all she has to do is last four more days and she is gone. Hopefully without a trace so no one can find her ether. She knows that she will only get one chance at this so she has made sure that the only person that knows about her plan is her dad, as he is the only one that she can trust not to tell anyone.

With it being Saturday night, that means that Bellamy is out, either at the bar or with Gina, she really doesn’t care anymore as long as he isn’t around her. Octavia has decided to spend the night in order to get away from her parents and she needs to talk to Clarke about something. She has been hiding something from Clarke for the past few weeks and she knows that the blonde has been hiding something from her as well. She has been biding her time for the last two hours and knows that they need to talk about this now or else they are not going to talk about it at all.

“So, when are you leaving?” Octavia asks nonchalantly, making Clarke freeze up. ‘This can’t be happening’, Clarke thinks. She knows that she has been so careful in her planning and she thought that nobody had any idea what she is planning. How the hell Octavia found out she will never know and she just hopes that she can try to hide the fact that she is intending to leave, soon.

“What are you talking about?” Clarke tries to shrug it off and make out that she isn’t going anywhere and doesn’t have any plans of leaving. If Octavia decides to tell anyone of her plan then she will never leave and will be stuck with Bellamy for the rest of her life which is something that she doesn’t think that she will be able to handle.

“I dropped by the other day to get that sweater that you borrowed and I couldn’t find it anywhere. I also noticed that your suitcase is gone, half of your clothes are missing, the box with your grandma’s jewellery is gone and all of the photos of you and your dad have been replaced by ones of you and Bell. These are only things that you would move if you are planning on leaving. So, I will ask you again, when are you leaving?” Octavia has always been to good at good at finding things out and if they lived somewhere else then Clarke thinks that she would make a great cop she just wishes right now that the younger omega wasn’t as intuitive. The only reason that she has been able to get most of her stuff out is because she knows that Bellamy is too self-absorbed to notice. She never counted on Octavia going into her closet and noticing her things missing.

“You can’t tell Bellamy please, he’ll kill me.” Clarke practically begs and starts pumping out distressed pheromones. She knows that if her found out what she is planning then he will be furious and it will only end up with her in hospital or dead. If he will slap her for his shirt not being ironed the way that he likes, then he will definitely kill her for something like this.

“I’m not asking so I can tell my asshat of a brother. I’m asking because I want to go with you Clarke.” Octavia knows that if she stays in this town then she will end up miserable and she want better from her life. This is her best and possibly only chance to get what she wants. She starts to pump out her calming scent to try and calm Clarke down, smelling the distressed pheromones pouring off the blonde.

“Wait, what?” Clarke was so sure that Octavia was going to tell Bellamy, that what the brunette has just said shocked her to say the least. Why would the brunette want to leave when she is going to be going away to college next year anyway? It doesn’t make any sense, she is going to be leaving without having to runaway into the unknown, like Clarke is having to do.

“Look, no offence, but I don’t want to end up like you.” Rather than be offended Clarke is just confused as she thought that Octavia was getting ready to go to college and just taking a year out so why would she end up like the blonde. Seeing the confusion of Clarke’s face the brunette elaborates. “My parents are making me take a year out of college because Atom told them that we have been sleeping together and that he wants to marry me, so now they are going to force me to marry him just like they did with you and Bell. They’re announcing our engagement to everyone next month when he comes back for thanksgiving. They aren’t going to let me go to college because I will have an alpha to look after me. If I stay here, then in a couple of years your life will be mine, everyone knows how much Atom idolises Bellamy so I’m screwed.” Octavia has tears in her eyes as she finishes speaking. This is not the life that she wants for herself, she has been dreaming of leaving Arkadia for as long as she can remember and now it is all being taken away from her.

“Fuck O, I get why you want to leave, like I seriously get it, but are you really sure. You know that if you come with me then you can’t stay in touch with anyone from here right? I mean it will just be me and you with a completely clean slate.” Before Clarke tells her what she has planned then she has to make sure that the younger omega knows exactly what she is getting herself into. “If you even want to come back here then there will be serious consequences when you get back as well.” There is no way that either of them will be able to come back to Arkadia without being severely punished so that all of the other omegas in the area know never to leave as they will never be treated well by the community again.

“I have no one here Clarke. I hate my parents, I only speak to Bellamy when I absolutely have to and all of my friends have gone to college and forgotten about me. You’re all I have, I want to leave, you want to leave, so let’s leave together and be done with this hell hole.” There is no way that Octavia is staying here. She will leave on her own if she has too, although she would prefer to leave with Clarke so that they are still together as the blonde is like an older sister and best friend all rolled into one to her.

“If you’re absolutely sure that this is what you want, then you can come with me, but you have to be certain Octavia, as in no doubts at all.” In all honesty, it will be nice to have someone with her and not be completely alone in a strange city. Taking Octavia with her won’t change her plan all that much, she will just need to get a place with more space is all. If anything, then it will help her as they will be able to protect each other rather than having to watch her back on her own.

“Oh my god, thank you, thank you, thank you.” Octavia jumps up and pulls Clarke into a hug whilst jumping around. She is just so happy that Clarke agreed to take her with her and that now she is definitely getting out of Arkadia. “I’m positive I want to leave, I promise you. When do we leave? Where are we going to?” Octavia asks in rapid succession. She wants out of here asap, but she knows that Clarke is one of the most level headed people that she knows and will have a proper plan so she will follow the blondes lead on this.

“Okay, okay let’s sit and talk about this properly.” Immediately Octavia sits down and Clarke sits next to her before continuing. “If everything goes to plan then we leave on Wednesday.” She knows that this is soon, but she has been planning this for months so if anything, it’s still too far away for her liking.

“Wait, Wednesday is your birthday.” Octavia can’t believe that they are going to be running away on Clarke’s 21st birthday. She thought that they would at least get that out of the way before making their escape. Surely everyone will notice if Clarke is missing on her birthday more than they would on a normal day.

“Exactly, it means that I can be out of the house all day without anyone being suspicious and it’s also the day that I get the $10,000 that my gran left me in her will when she died.” Clarke has been planning this for months with the help of her dad and has everything ready to go she just needs that money. She knows that her neighbours are nosy as hell and if she is out all day they will be ringing Bellamy to ask if he knows that his omega has been out galivanting all day as they have done it before.

“Yeah, I heard Bellamy telling dad about that, he said that he was going to buy a new truck with it, asshole.” Octavia has always dealt with the fact that her brother is a spoiled, arrogant asshole who expects to have the world laid out at his feet for him just because he is an alpha and she honestly doesn’t know how Clarke has dealt with him for so long. She has also seen the bruises on Clarke from time to time and she is sure that Bellamy is the one that has put them there, but she has never had any proof of that as Clarke just stays quiet on the matter.

“Well he thinks that the money is going to be transferred into our joint account in the afternoon, when in fact I have to go to the lawyers in the morning to sign some paper work and I will be given the money in cash there and then as per my grandma’s will.” There is no way that she is letting Bellamy spend her inheritance, from her favourite grandma on a new truck for himself. “That’s the money I’m using to start my new life with, well I suppose it’s the money that we are using now.” Clarke corrects herself. When her grandma had been alive she had wanted better things for Clarke as well and that’s why she left the blonde so much money as well as her jewellery in her will.

“I have $2,000 at home hidden away. I have been saving it from my tips at the dinner so that I could buy a car, so we’ll have that as well.” There is no way that Octavia is going to let Clarke pay for everything, she will scrape together as much as she can before they leave.

“Good, the more money we have, the easier this will be.” Clarke knows that they will need as much money as they can get to tie them over whilst they are looking for jobs. “My dad is going to pick me up after Bellamy goes to work and take me to the lawyers to get the money. Then the plan is for him to drive me Stillwater, a few towns over where I’ll get on a bus to L.A.” That was the original plan, but it will have to be changed slightly now that Octavia is going with her.

“If I stay here the night before then you won’t have to change the plan and I can just go with you in the morning. I can just tell my parents that I’m going to a birthday breakfast for you with you and your dad.” This would make everything easier and keep the plan as close to the original as possible so that they don’t have to start changing big parts of it that could get them caught.

“My dad already has my suitcase hidden in his car, so we need to get you packed and then get that to him as well. This way when we leave in the morning it just looks like we are going out for the day and not leaving forever.” The key to this plan working is that they need to make everyone believe that nothing out of the ordinary is going on and that no one is suspicious about them until long after they have already left. If her neighbours will ring Bellamy about her being out all day, then they will definitely ring to tell him that she has just left with a suitcase in her hand.

“My parents are out all day on Monday and I have my mom’s car to go and do errands with so I could meet your dad and give it to him when your mom is still at work and Aden is still at school.” Saying this makes Octavia realise that this is all real. She is really going to escape this shit hole of a town, with her best friend and be able to live her life freely.

“Okay I’ll ring my dad tomorrow morning when Bellamy is still in bed, if he’s even home, and tell him that you’re coming and when you will drop your thing off.” Clarke tells her knowing that she need to let her dad know the change of plans as soon as she can.

“What are you going to do about your marriage to Bellamy though?” She knows that Clarke won’t want to stay married to him, but she doesn’t know how she will get out of the marriage without Bellamy finding out where they are.

“Honestly, I just want to get away from him and this town, I don’t really care about a divorce. If I ever want to get married again then I will deal with it then, but I can’t see that ever happening. As far as I’m concerned as soon as we leave me and Bellamy are over, I don’t need a judge to tell me that.” Clarke couldn’t care less about a piece of paper that says that she and Bellamy are legally together, all she cares about is making sure that he doesn’t find her once she has left. She knows that one day she may meet someone and want to get married again, but that won’t be for a long, long time as she isn’t sure if she will be able to trust someone again so soon after escaping her abusive, cheating husband. If at some point, she does want to marry again, then she will file for a divorce then, with a partner by her side.

“So, we’re really doing this, we’re really escaping a life of shit for a life of possibilities?” Octavia has dreamt about this since she was a little girl and now she can’t wait for Wednesday to be finally free.

“We’re really doing this and as long as we’re careful then this will work. As long as everything goes to plan, then our biggest problem will be finding somewhere to live and getting jobs when we get to L.A.” Clarke knows that even though they are taking thousands of dollars with them, the money isn’t going to last long do they will both need to get jobs as quickly as possible. They will have to do this without any references, as the only job that Clarke has had is in Arkadia and someone ringing for a reference will let everyone know where they are straight away.

“Well I’ve worked at the dinner for the past two years and you worked at Sinclair’s Garage doing the books for like, three years, so at least we have some experience.” In Octavia’s mind, they will get jobs no problem as they have experience and there has to be lots of job opportunities in a city as big as L.A.

“Yeah, but we can’t prove that we have experience with references or we risk everyone finding out where we are. Our experience will count for nothing because we can’t tell anyone about it.” Clarke explains knowing that it’s going to be harder than what the brunette thinks.

“Clarke, we are both intelligent and you have to remember that LA isn’t Arkadia. Sure, there will be some assholes that look down on us for being omegas, but being an omega out there isn’t a bad thing like it is here. I’m sure that we will be able to find something to do, even if we have to do something crap until we can find a better job. We can do this, we will do this.” Octavia knows that this is going to be really hard, but it will still be a hell of a lot better than what they are doing now. At least they will be free to decide their own lives.

“You’re right O, we can and we will do this. Now we just have to get through the next few days until it’s time to leave. I just hope that Bell isn’t a complete asshole for the whole time before we leave.” Clarke doesn’t think that she has it in her to deal with the alpha being a tool, knowing that she is just days away from leaving him. Her biggest fear is that she will lose her temper and tell him that she is leaving him. If that happens than she is going nowhere except maybe the hospital.

“If you think about it it’s only three days now because we leave Wednesday morning. Tomorrow he will be hungover and probably not get out of bed for most of the day, if he comes home at all tonight and then he is at work all day Monday and Tuesday, so at most you will only have to deal with him tomorrow and Monday night because I will be here Tuesday night. Two nights Clarke that’s it.” Octavia knows that Clarke can last two nights, after all she has dealt with Bellamy for nearly four years.

“Yeah, I can do two nights, two nights is nothing.” Clarke knows that even with the alpha not being around much over the next three days they will still be the longest of her life, but all she needs to do is survive them and then she is free. She can handle three days when she has handled hiding this secret for months, three days is nothing.