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A Case Of Bad Diction

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This is the official link to the print copy of A CASE OF BAD DICTION --


Tell all your friends! I am working on  its sequel, A CASE OF DOUBLE VISION, the first chapters should appear here by early spring of this year :D.


Thank you so, so much to everyone who was dedicated enough to stick with this story and its experimental premise and who were open minded and cheerful enough to give it a go.  You helped my muse in  more ways than any of you can possibly imagine, for writing is a very lonely business and knowing there are people who do enjoy my stories (especially this one!) and connect with the characters so strongly has cemented my own belief in their universe.  I have lots of plans for these fellows, and it's all thanks to the wonderful encouragement of those who are kind enough to comment and leave kudos and in general chat with me about the nature of family and murder and happiness and crime.  

Thank you so, so much, from the very bottom of my being. And thank you, Mr. Arthur Conan Doyle, from whom none of our obsessions could be possible without your wondrous creation. Mr. Doyle was himself impressed with Wilde and did not believe his imprisonment was warranted or fair.  Being a social crusador himself, I like to think he would find the subjects within this work unobjectionable.  This book is a love letter for those who couldn't write them.